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  1. Prymont

    Project Canamo

    To: Greggor Ivanoff, Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of @Ahrana From: George Duval, President of the United States of Prymont Secretary General, As I'm sure you're aware, the United States prioritises environmentalism in its policies and law making process to create a better, cleaner future for tomorrow's world. The United States has led the way in environmental innovation, and has so far created a global seed bank to which your country has free access, constructed an unprecedented scientific research base on Antargis with the Trans Continental Science Initiative, and are investing in thorium nuclear reactor research to produce greener, more efficient energy. Alongside this, my government has enforced fishing quotas in the Canamo Sea to remedy the effects of decades of overfishing and to prevent further damage to the delicate marine ecosystem. As part of the government's plan to promote environmentalism both nationally and internationally, I would like to invite you to the University of Canastota to discuss fishing policies, as well as a host of environmental and political concerns. I believe it would benefit both of our nations greatly to discuss some key issues regarding this, and as such, I would like to show you the work that many intelligent teams at the university are doing to reverse the effects of climate change and global warming. Potentially we could discuss the sharing of academically researched information too. It is of utmost importance to the United States' political situation that we host this meeting as soon as possible. Regards, George Duval President of the United States of Prymont
  2. Prymont

    Project Canamo

    Parliamentary Chambers, Halsham House | 1056hrs 23rd April 2018 New Halsham Courtmarsh "Settle down, ladies and gentlemen, settle down! I apologise for the delay in starting today's proceedings, but alas we can begin. The Chambers recognise George Duval?" The Speaker of the Chambers' voice carried a lot of weight in parliament. Historically, the Speaker was the man with the deepest, loudest voice; however, in recent years, the position had been opened up to men who were qualified more for the office work of the position than the yelling. Despite this, it was mandatory that the Speaker could be heard above all, and today his voice had a sharp edge, quickly settling the chaotic crowds into a silent intrigue. "Thank you Speaker." President Duval rose from his central seat on the front row, clearing his throat as he gathered his speech papers. Cameras at the rear of the room zoomed in on the leader, broadcasting the feed across the country and the world. This speech had the potential to make or break Prymont's economy, and so was considered a global political event. Analysts worldwide would be watching with a keen interest. "First and foremost, I too would like to apologise for the delay, and would like to thank my honourable friends and colleagues of the House for their patience. Speaker, if I may start with the National Party's decision on the future of fishing quotas in the Canamo Sea?" The Speaker nodded his consent, allowing the President to forgo the traditional beginnings of such a speech and begin at the business end. "Thank you Speaker. There has been much debate and controversy surrounding the conservative fishing quotas placed on fishermen working in the Canamo Sea. Personally, I welcome such debate and conversation, as it allows the National Party to focus on bills and laws that matter to the people of Prymont. This paves the way for making our country as great as it can be. One day, we will regulate a country in which everyone is happy, in which everyone earns a good living and lives a good life. We're not quite there yet, but it's of utmost importance to me and my cabinet to get there." Some members of the parliament, namely independents from the banned socialist Freedom Party seated at the rear of the room, booed their discontent. Many politicians in the room wanted to hear the President's decision now, and didn't care for empty promises of a better future. Only those with little to lose vocalised their unhappiness. "May we have some quiet, please?!" The Speaker rose his voice once again, his piercing grey eyes picking out the dissenters and forcing them to tug nervously at their collars. "Thank you. Mr Duval, please continue." "Thank you Speaker. I understand that many working men and women are unhappy with the current fishing quotas placed upon their territories in the Canamo Sea, and believe that their livelihoods are being hindered by such impediments. Such a historic, economically important industry like fishing must continue to ensure that families across the country can earn a living doing what they love, and to provide jobs for future generations who wish to honour their family's past and make a living for themselves. Like many of you, I have seen the images of empty fish markets at Canastota docks, markets which are usually bustling throughout the day now stand empty by noon. Industry experts have approached me to discuss their concerns, and working fishermen have seen out strikes to make their voices heard. I say now that I hear you, my party hears you, and we're here to help." "We want to do what is best for the United States as a whole. We have the country's best interest at heart, and I have spent much time contemplating the best course of action with my cabinet, with fishing experts, company owners, and employees, all of whom are affected by the quotas. It must be understood that I was elected into this position I hold on promises to promote a strong sense of environmentalism in the United States, and to ensure that the country is a global leader by the end of my current term in environmentalism. To keep this promise, the United States have been a founding member of the Trans-Continental Science Initiative, which, together with key leaders in all corners of the globe, aims to combat global warming, promote recycling, and reduce plastic waste. With the Prymont Environment Agency, the government has funded the successful construction of a global seed bank, which aims to store over one million unique seeds from varying climates around the world as a back-up of the world's crops. All businesses operating within Prymont, no matter how big or small, are responsible for the safe disposal of their waste. Households across the country are being given ever-expanded options to reduce, reuse, and recycle their waste. Prymont is a global innovator in reducing waste and finding new ways to reuse and re-purpose it." "However, I do understand that, in a blind attempt at pushing environmentalism, it has cost the country dearly. Hundreds have already lost their jobs because of our strict fishing quotas, and thousands more are at risk unless we act now. I assume that everyone here understands the importance of preventing overfishing, an act that rapidly reduces the livestock of fish in the Canamo Sea and will quickly see the extinction of all desired fish in the area. I understand that Prymontians are very proud people, and wish to buy locally and nationally sourced foodstuffs to feed the economy and create more jobs. However, this cannot get in the way of the ultimate goal, which is allowing the reduced fish numbers to repopulate and return to their once great heights of decades ago. Years of careless overfishing have caused our surplus to be depleted, and now we are at risk of losing all fish-related jobs because of this. This wasteful act has to stop." "After reviewing numerous case studies and government-published reports, it has come to my attention that our neighbours in the Socialist Federation of @Ahrana also fish excessively in the Canamo Sea. Their backwards way of thinking and corrupt government sees no wrong in overfishing, and promotes it recklessly to ensure short-term job security and immediate funds. No care for the future of both jobs and the environment is present in Ahrana, and it is time the United States acted accordingly." "From June, the United States will be reducing the current quotas by 75%, allowing for a far greater number of fish to be caught per trawl per day. In turn, the United States of Prymont Navy will be patrolling the south of the Canamo Sea to ensure that trawls are catching the correct amount of fish. While the United States set the example in the Canamo area of introducing quotas and allowing the fish populations to regrow, Ahrana destroyed all of the progress that we had made and therefore must reconsider. I will call for an urgent meeting with Ahrana's Secretary General to make sure his country does their part for the future and prosperity of Canamo fish. For too long, Ahrana has spread propaganda of being a great, productive country, and now must be exposed for the shambles that they are. For too long, they have disrespected the United States in all areas of politics, economics, and culture. For too long, they have claimed that socialism is the way forwards, and that we are hindering them. Well, I say, no more! No more will the United States stand aside for Ahrana's toxic agenda, allowing their filthy people to commit serious war crimes in innocent lands such as Xara and then go on to claim them as their own. No more will the United States tolerate such vermin in our vicinity. No more will the United States permit Ahrana to spread their dirty socialist lies! No more, I say! No more!" During his speech, hundreds of members of the National Party had applauded and cheered on the President. Support around the room quickly escalated as he promised to reduce the quota and hinder Ahrana instead, to the point that, when he paused for the reaction, he was met with cries of joy and support. Only the few independents, who supported socialism and had been disappointed at the country's turn to capitalism, remained deathly silent, resenting every word Duval spoke. However, they did not matter. What mattered were the vocal ones, the majority of the room yelling their encouragement for their leader. What was meant to be a speech of review, had quickly turned into a rally of hatred and scapegoating. "Settle down, ladies and gentlemen, please! Quiet in the Chambers! Let us allow George Duval to continue!" "Thank you, Speaker." Duval allowed himself a moment to compose and recollect, sipping a glass of water and shifting through his notes to prepare for the next segment. Having grown quite passionate and empowered previously, it was time again to settle down and proceed with focus. "Now, I would like to move on to the United States and her supposed rising levels of aggression. Many of you, alongside national and international critics, have noticed that recently, the United States is partaking in a growing number of military activities this year. So far, we have sent peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts to the war-torn Hellenic Rus to allow their country to get back on their feet and return to glory, been a co-founder of the Tricontinental Defence Treaty, and enacted a naval blockade with our new TRIDENT allies in the Verde Sea to prevent Ahranaian ships from moving towards Xara. Late last year, we also created a blockade at the mouth of the Canamo Sea, to reduce the amount of inbound ships intended to supply the Circle of Death terrorist group and to ensure our neighbourhood is safe. Finally, we have sent naval vessels to Andalla, to participate in Exercise Atgeir, a joint TRIDENT training mission. I would like to confirm and endorse these actions publicly, and provide reasoning as to why they have occurred." "Tensions have been rising suddenly in central Argis. States such as Ahrana, the Eurofuhrer, Greater Serbia, Poland-Lithuania, and the Hellenic Rus all employ forms of socialism. Thankfully, the Hellenic Rus collapsed at the end of 2017, and we can now work on restoring the country with a more liberal form of democracy. However, the same cannot be said for other mentioned nations. Recently, Ahrana and a southern hemisphere nation, Asgeirria, have formed The Confederation, a collection of socialist countries that, like ATARA, hopes to benefit from one another and improve trading relations, among focusing on military prowess. We also have the rogue state of Derthalen in southern Argis, who has shot down Lysian planes and caused innocent civilian casualties. Derthalen has also threatened Mauridiviah with horrifying acts of violence if their citizens are found in Derthaler territory, and the country is reportedly planning a military training event with Astriedan. It saddens me to say that Argis is no longer a safe haven from the terrors of the Old World. More nations are taking an increasingly aggressive militaristic stance in the continent, and we have seen Ahrana, Poland-Lithuania, and the Eurofuhrer invade surrounding lands to expand their borders in a violent, hostile manner. Ahrana are also working closely with the Derthalen rogue state, which is terrifyingly close to home. Unfortunately, the United States is in the middle of this, and there is nothing I can do to change our geographical positioning. Therefore, we have to take a stance." "With our TRIDENT brothers, we aim to decrease the risk of the socialist bloc in central Argis, providing a safe place to live for tomorrow's generation. This cannot be done with diplomacy and handshakes, as I've experience first hand with Ahrana's Secretary General. For their countries to realise that there is extreme opposition, we must take a physical, equally aggressive stance. If we do not, we risk allowing these socialist nightmares free reign over our area, opening up the possibility of Prymont one day falling back into socialism. This isn't something that I will allow to happen. The United States will resist these changes. The United States will resist the increase of socialism in central Argis. The United States will resist the spreading of corrupt political ideologies, under the false pretence of creating a better, more united tomorrow. When we live in such a world, we have to take action, or we risk being left behind. Since the uniting of the Prymontian states, our nation has been a productive one, that paves the way for future innovation and trendsetting. We will not fall behind to socialist extremists who believe their deceitful policies are superior!" "The only way that we can stay as a positive, peaceful nation, is to arm ourselves and defend. We will not go on the offensive against our socialist opposites. The Verde Blockade was with the intention of defending the innocent Xara natives who were being ruthlessly slaughtered by Ahranaians. It pains me to confirm that the Ahranaian Secretary General confirmed that these actions were legal under Ahranaian socialist law. What kind of a world do we live in, where war crimes are legal and accepted? It's that kind of disruptive, chaotic thinking that makes the New World a laughing stock amongst the larger, more powerful nations. We have to stand up and show that we're not backwards creatures." "As such, I would like to announce the declassification of Project Canamo. Commencing from December 26th 2017, Project Canamo saw the United States launch peacekeeping initiatives in the Hellenic Rus to stabilise the region and prevent their downfall from causing our own. Since then, our dedicated men and women have secured the capital of the country, Salonica, and pushed the criminal Circle of Death plague away. For now, their numbers are low, and their stragglers remain in hiding. The second phase of Project Canamo will see the United States set the scene for elections in the Hellenic Rus later in the year. Currently, we're overseeing the rebuilding of vital infrastructure, such as logistics routes, essential community buildings, and the sending of life's necessities to the country. Volunteers are working day and night to get the Hellenic Rus back up on their feet, and we are eternally grateful for their hard work and support." "With Project Canamo, the United States will take the Hellenic Rus under her wing, and guide her in the right direction for the future of not only her country, but for the neighbourhood. The Hellenic Rus will set the example of liberal democracy on the doorstep of the socialist bloc. In the Canamo region, Ahrana will be the only one employing socialism. Ahrana will be exposed for the abhorrent country that they are!" President Duval finished his speech, to thunderous applause from party members and opposition alike. The President remained stood for a moment or two, taking in the praise and support with a firm smile. Dozens of TV cameras focused on his face, displaying a symbol of true leadership in a troubled country. George Duval was the man that Prymont needed, after years of destructive socialism.
  3. Prymont

    Project Canamo

    Defence Minister's Office | 0952hrs 23rd April 2018 New Halsham Courtmarsh "Yes Varg, but I do feel as though you haven't been campaigning nearly enough to get the vote. You and I have seen the prediction polls. It'll likely be a seat wasted on those United Prymont Future Party fools. Sharpe didn't lose his life for the National seat to be lost too!" On the morning of the President's highly anticipated speech in Parliament, where he was due to make several announcements regarding key issues such as fishing quotas and Prymont's forthcoming military aggression, the Defence Minister should've been preparing his supplementary notes. He was expected to explain the outcome of the Verde Blockade and what the government had learned, issue a response to Ahrana's ongoing war crimes in Xara, and provide updates on the situation in the Hellenic Rus. The session wasn't due to open until half past ten, but Hunter himself was fatally unprepared. A phone call to Varg Alme was made at nine on the hour, to ready the billionaire crime lord for the final stages of his election campaign for the vacant Cadwell seat. Back in January, a covert inside operation had been organised to assassinate the useless MP of Cadwell, Archie Sharpe, and replace him with Varg Alme, setting the drug king up for his eventual run for Presidency when Duval had been taken care of. Alme had been issued an incredibly detailed campaign folder, which would guide him through the run and guarantee him enough votes for the result to be rigged and still seem feasible. A dedicated team had been created in a vacant basement office in Halsham House, beneath the Chambers, for Varg's campaign. Grey had even gathered secret service soldiers and sent them to infiltrate Cadwell and gather support for Alme. However, the Defence Minister had a nauseating feeling in his flabby gut that it would all be for nothing. The two had been arguing back and forth for nearly an hour; Grey urged Alme to see the campaign through and up his game at this crucial last moment, while Alme couldn't care less. At the half hour mark, Grey had delegated his speech preparation to his office secretary. Throughout 2018, she'd been overwhelmed enough, and so a simple speech for her was like a university maths student learning how to count. She'd have it done in no time, but it was whether or not Grey would be ready. "Hunter, you're still not understanding. I don't care about the election. Find somebody else to stand for the party." The voice on the other end of the phone was cool, calm, collected, and probably smoking a pack of cigarettes. On this end, Grey was fuming. Sweat dripped from his temple, collecting in an uncomfortable pool along the tight collar around his neck. He felt as though he was on a leash, led along by Varg. "No!" He slammed his fist down on the table, sending a pot of pencils sprawling across the desk. "No, Varg, I've had enough of your games! You've done fuck all in this election so far, so you're going to pull your fucking socks up or forget being President!" Spit flew from the minister's mouth, landing on his computer screen. He wiped it away with his sleeve, muttering curses under his breath. "Remember Hunter, I never wanted to be President. You came to me with that proposition. If I wanted the job, I'd surely have it by now, don't you think? My little henchmen are far more efficient than yours. While you've got braindead morons murmuring my name in Cadwell, I've got murderous criminals who can actually get the job done. It would've been much better for you to pay me to use my men. They pull the right strings, kick the stragglers back into line, and we have us a 100% vote. But no, you didn't use that option, you've proven yourself to be a useless buffoon who isn't worthy of any sort of redeeming career, and now you're going to pay through angry taxpayers and losing a seat. I'm not standing for election." Grey was seething. His blood boiled, eyes bulged, fists clenched into a tight ball. He was in a state of utter disbelief. How could a criminal speak to a man of worth like that? "Before you have one of your little outbursts, let me explain. Rule number one of running for election, you have to want to be the MP. I don't want that. Rule number two, you have to live in the constituency. I live nowhere near Cadwell, and have no intention of moving. Rule number three, you have to be a desperate, pathetic liar. I'm a truthful man, one that sticks to his word. I couldn't be a politician if I tried, Hunter." "You've led me on for this long, making me think that my time and money was going towards a good cause, only to let me down at the eleventh hour? Do you know how disappointing that is?" "Once again, you came to me with no idea of whether or not I would follow your lead. You came to a criminal mastermind, a man that is already the president of Prymont's underworld, and expect me to follow your command? I'm not someone to be ordered around like that, Hunter. I think you've underestimated me." "So you're just going to let all that money go to waste?" "Yes. But this time, I'm going to give you a proposition. The Hellenic Rus is a big, untapped market for me. People are desperate for something cheap to dull the hunger and keep them going. It's perfect for a man like me! And what's the one thing I hate? Filthy politicians getting in my way, under false pretences and crippling public demand. So, instead of giving me the Presidential run for Prymont, we hop over the sea and look at more vulnerable, suitable shores..." The line went dead. Grey had hung up the phone. Right now, he needed to calm himself down and focus on the upcoming speech. But his mind would keep ticking, considering the cards which Alme had laid on the table. In this game of poker, they were very tempting indeed.
  4. Prymont

    Prymont News Network

    Naval blockade at Verde Sea called off by President PORTO ALTARIA, IVERICA - The controversial naval blockade at the mouth of the Verde Sea has come to an end after orders from President Duval, according to the USP Navy. Called the 'Verde Blockade' by naval and political analysts, the defensive manoeuvre rallied TRIDENT members together with the aim of preventing @Ahranaian ships from moving through the Verde Sea to Xara, where the Socialist Federation holds an internationally unrecognised claim. Initiated only two weeks ago, the move saw heavy criticism and support both in and around the United States. Many found fault in how aggressive the United States were being, alongside disapproving of the immense cost of the operation, whereas others applauded Prymont for taking decisive action and preventing Ahrana from carrying out further war crimes in Xara, which are legal under Ahranaian law. The blockade came to a close as Ahrana sent its Xara-bound fleet to @Asgeirria as a military gift to strengthen relations. While considerable aerial units were sent, vessels of the United States never actively participated in the blockade, but did reach the @Iverican coast this evening and will be stationed there on standby until the threat of militarised ships heading towards the Mediargic Sea has passed. USPAF Sparrow F-Ds heading towards Iverican shores. Fishing industry strikes to pressure government into decision after months of uncertainty CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - President George Duval and his National Party cabinet will be feeling the pressure more than ever to relax fishing quotas and revive a dying industry, after tens of thousands of fishermen went on strike throughout the week. A primary objective of the National Party promised during the 2017 elections was to pave the way in global environmentalism and promote a strong sense of national pride. In doing so, President Duval made the risky decision to introduce strict fishing quotas that hope to eliminate the effects of overfishing and allow the at-risk fish populations to reproduce and continue to provide a living for thousands of Prymontians. The effects of the quotas were immediately apparent, with usually bustling fish markets empty before midday and employers cutting hundreds of jobs due to dwindling profits. The fall of the fishing industry also risks the fall of one of the government's biggest companies, the nationalised Ostport Shipbuilding Co, who maintain extensive fleets for various trawl companies alongside constructing state-of-the-art ships for new customers. This provides an incentive for the government to step in with decisive action, as one of their largest income generators will be at risk. The President is expected to make a speech regarding the matter upon the opening of next week's parliament on Monday. A fish market at Canastota Docks which had been emptied by 11am - usually, the markets are full throughout the day. New Halsham stock exchange officially opens; Circle of Death terrorist group blamed for 2017 Courtmarsh bombing NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - The New Halsham Stock Exchange has officially opened in the heart of the capital, replacing the site that was once home to the Courtmarsh Stock Exchange. This comes after nine months of uncertainty and silence amongst the suspects of the 2017 CSE terror attack, which saw suicide bombers drive a bomb-laden bus into the historic building. The final death toll numbered 237, with over 300 people hospitalised with severe injuries. The stock exchange will reopen on Monday, providing a new permanent home for Prymont's capitalist interests. The New Halsham Police Department has also announced that the Hellenic Russian terror group, the Circle of Death, are to blame for the July attack. It is unknown whether the group are responsible for near identical incidents in @Great Burlington and the @Sunset Sea Islands. Since July, the United States have created a naval blockade to prevent the Circle of Death from receiving new members and equipment by sea, and have sent peacekeeping groups to the Hellenic Rus to quell the group from within. Defence Minister Hunter S Grey has stated that "the United States will stop at nothing to protect her people from the evil of the world, and will continue to pursue the long-awaited end of the Circle of Death terrorist scum." The New Halsham Stock Exchange, with a memorial to those innocently killed in the 2017 CSE bombing in the middle. The United States lays claim to northern Hellenic Russian islands STJØRDALSSTAD - After probings by the Extreme Climate Division, the United States of Prymont have laid official claims to the former Hellenic Russian frozen islands of Stjørdalsstad and Sønderkilde. Since the collapse of the Hellenic Russian government in late 2017 due to rising violence from the Circle of Death, the United States' peacekeeping and humanitarian groups have been investigating the stability of Hellenic Rus' political situation, and evaluating whether or not it is feasible to hold democratic elections by the end of the year. Upon further investigation in classified government storage banks, it was discovered that the Hellenic Rus laid claim to two frozen islands in the Argic Ocean. It has since been confirmed that Hellenic Russian scientists were researching and developing nuclear weapons on these islands, an act that was forbidden in the Salonica Treaty after the Argic Missile Crisis of 1997. While these weapons were never used by their owners, the precedent was set that the Hellenic Rus held no respect for the United States. The United States have promised to legally, safely, and ethically dispose of these weapons, and will use the islands for future training purposes for the Extreme Climate Division. The Stjørdalsstad Research Village, now on United States territory. @Variotan Arktise Legioen to undergo harsh training regime on Horizon Island HORIZON ISLAND - The newly formed Arktise Legioen, or Arctic Legion, a branch of the @Variotan armed forces, will undergo a strict training program in the harsh winter climate of Horizon Island. The northern island at the mouth of the Canamo Sea, which was reactivated as a military base last year, sees much colder weather than the majority of the inhabited mainland. Primarily, the island serves as a naval and air force base for the USP armed forces, but northern sectors have seen the Extreme Climate Division training to enhance their abilities in the unforgiving Argic tundra. Variota's Arktise Legioen aims to equip the Variotan armed forces with suitable combat skills in such conditions. Already, one hundred men and women have signed up to the division, which relies on a voluntary application process. Over the coming weeks, these soldiers will be flown in to Horizon Island to train with the ECD, Prymont's hardest and toughest cold climate experts. Military critics believe that this is a clever strategic move by the Alharun nation to form a closer bond with the United States, who historically have a high success rate in northern Argic weathers. Soldiers of the ECD training on Horizon Island
  5. Prymont

    A New Mother

    For much of her political life, Lorraine Duval had fallen aside in her brother's shadow. While he had gone on to become President in the June elections of 2017, Lorraine was left to be elected as MP of a small constituency in Maplebank - one that, all things considered, was irrelevant to the running of the country. While the politicians of larger constituencies in Courtmarsh and Ostport carried a lot of influence in parliament, Lorraine often found herself on the back benches, her ideas and thoughts discarded to those considered more important. And so, when inducted as President, George Duval gave his little sister her time to shine, and handed her a mighty position in his cabinet. The Foreign Minister hadn't attended any significant external meetings as yet; there had been minor discussions in @Iverica to renegotiate deals for manufacturing plants that were considered important to the economy, but so far, Lorraine had found herself underwhelmed. However, when news spread that Kaitaine's Reverend Mother, a holy and influential religious leader, had sadly passed, she wasted no time in organising a flight and clearing her calendar to attend the funeral. Being able to commiserate the loss of such a powerful, wonderful lady at the heart of a feminist country was one of the highlights of Lorraine's career yet. A small private jet wouldn't be able to make the flight in time and the Presidential plane was reserved only for her brother, so Duval was left to book a business class flight on a Montair route to Kaitaine. When the rest of the passengers had disembarked, the plane pulled up to the terminal at which several key figures were keenly awaiting her arrival. Dressed simply in a black dress with a blazer, she handed over a bouquet of freshly cut flowers to give her condolences to the grieving. It then came as a pleasant surprise that, while the Kaitaine people had grieved, they were now celebrating the life that the Mother had led, and were enjoying the legacy that she'd left behind. The trip in the limousine was enlightening, to say the least. Naturally, Duval had done her research before setting off to a country that held vastly different cultural beliefs than Prymont, but it was still a great lesson to learn from those living such a life. While water was considered at times to be a pain in the arse in Prymont, with flooding a regular occurrence in winters due to excess frozen water having nowhere to go upon thawing, it was a refreshing contrast to hear how these people held the necessity in high regard. Once inside the school's Great Hall, Lorraine took a moment to hold her breath and marvel at the ancient architecture. It was inspiring to say the least, that thousands of young girls would be educated in such a historic building, learning intricacies of their past and forging the foundations of a feminist tomorrow. She took the time to appreciate giant paintings of female leaders of yesteryear, telling a rich story of past Reverend Mothers and enhancing the experience. While most of the world held male-dominated societies, Kaitaine was quite the opposite, and as a woman it was only something to applaud. Lorraine had initially been sad at the loss of such a lady, but was now thankful for the work she'd done and the ideals she'd left behind. Prymont would certainly have to interact more with this wonderful nation in the future. Unfortunately, her feeling of wonder quickly crumbled when Duke Niklaus spat at the feet of @Morheim's monarch. It was replaced with one of repulsion and disgust, and the cultural explanation and apology didn't remedy that. Despite the country being so obsessed with water, spitting to show respect seemed a little excessive. Nevertheless, this was not a time to be disrespectful and comment on how back home, the Duke would be ridiculed and considered childish; she was here to honour the life of a religious leader, and hid her emotions behind a warm, welcoming facade.
  6. Prymont

    The Verde Blockade

    To: TRIDENT members From: George Duval, President of the United States of Prymont Respective TRIDENT leaders, As those have done before me, I would like to offer my humble, sincere thanks to you all for your unwavering support in the Verde Blockade. With tensions ever rising in the red fog of central Argis, and with Ahrana now paving the way for the unification of all socialist states under one confederation, it is of utmost importance to our everyday values and ideals that we prevent the unsteady progress and violent expansion of these dangerous nations. A main aim of the United States is to promote peace and safety within Argis, and it is only because of TRIDENT that we are able to do this. Once again, I thank you all. It has recently become apparent that the threat of Ahranaian ships travelling through the Verde Sea towards the Mediargic Sea and the final destination of Xara is no longer imminent. With several ships of their southern fleet now flying the Asgeirrian flags, and others returning to recognised Ahranaian ports in the Canamo Sea, it is a waste of our resources to continue pursuing this blockade. Prymontian naval vessels that are currently arriving at the mouth of the Verde Sea will be redirected to various Iverican ports for refuelling and rest. The United States will remain in close contact with the Republic of Iverica to act swiftly in case an emergency ever arises again in the near future. I would like to remind TRIDENT members to remain vigilant and aware of the ever escalating situation around us. Thus far, we have asserted our superiority over sub-par socialist forces, but I have no doubt that they will continue their effort to spread their reaches and inflict pain and conflict upon our neighbourhood. Yours sincerely, George Duval President of the United States of Prymont
  7. @Iverica @Variota @Girkmand @Ahrana @Asgeirria @Andalla @Gallambria @Orioni suggested that I make this thread in order to make our communication more efficient and to organise everything into one place - while Discord is great, I understand the importance of having more structure to our discussion. To sum up what's happened so far: Currently, as I understand, Iverica and Girkmand have naval vessels at the mouth of the Verde, who are accompanied by aerial units from Iverica, Prymont, and Gallambria. Variota has a tentative blockade at his end of the sea, which does have a name that currently escapes me. Reason I say tentative is because I'm unsure what exactly he's doing, whether his presence is physical right now or it's more like "we have a 123km radius that Ahrana can't go into - if they do, we send ships". Clarification on that would be great. has anti-ship land measures, a physical presence in the Keelpijppassage, and a 300km cordon sanitaire from the coast against Ahranaian ships. Ahrana is sending a Southern Ahranaian Fleet to Xara, in which an aircraft carrier has turned around to return home and the remaining vessels are flying the Asgeirrian flag. Unsure whether they're still going to attempt entry into the Verde Sea or are instead heading to Asgeirria. A sizeable Prymontian convoy is in hot pursuit to join the blockade. Asgeirria is sending an armed but not aggressive naval convoy to Xara to help modernise infrastructure. It is believed that Iverica will allow this convoy entry into the Verde. After discussing this with Orioni, I've been informed of something that will be quite the issue. Currently, the Argic Ocean will be frozen over due to its cold climate. It's unclear how global warming is impacting our version of the world, so clarification around that would be nice but not vital. Iverica and I are currently working on retrospectively creating an initiative that dates back a few decades, that basically works to clear cargo routes through the Argic Ocean during winter months so Prymont, Ahrana, and The Hellenic Rus don't see economic disaster every winter. I'd like to work with Iverica and Ahrana to discuss past relations with this initiative, and future possibilities. Anyway, these icebreakers would've been working throughout the winter to create safe routes for cargo ships to import and export goods to and from the Canamo region. This will mean that there is a somewhat safe route through the Argic Ocean; Prymontian naval vessels will be escorted by a fleet of icebreakers to ensure their safe passage, but I'll need to know from Ahrana how he's getting his ships through safely. This also ties in with my recent letter to Iverica requesting that I move some of my fleet to a more permanent location on his shores, to avoid this issue in the future. Any further input from anyone is welcomed, alongside hints and tips of who is planning on doing what.
  8. OOC: Please excuse my mega pun game. Ferry = very, it's a maritime deal... I'm sorry. To: Almirante Aqbarr of the @Iverican Armada From: Admiral of the Fleet Jørgen Lassen of the United States of Prymont Navy Almirante, I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits. First and foremost, I would once again like to send you my sincerest of thanks for your continued support and assistance of the Prymontian cause. Our two great countries have a rich, fantastic history together, and it gives me great pride to see that our friendship only grows and strengthens through common interests and shared aims. I trust that you and your men are rallying behind the course of the Verde Blockade, and wish that your waters continue to remain untainted from the socialists we aim to subdue. On the matter of the Verde Blockade, a significant dilemma has arisen that requires immediate action. As you are certainly aware, our countries share a continuous operation in the Argic Ocean during the colder months to break the ice and allow our shipping routes free, unobstructed passage through otherwise lethal waters. Despite investing heavily into reinforced ships to withstand contact with icebergs and the likes, I was made aware of the imminent danger of sending our valuable naval vessels through such dangerous waters, where icebergs can easily damage our units and turn the tides against us in the Verde Blockade. Currently, several vessels are en-route to Iverica, escorted by USPN dedicated icebreakers. However, I believe a more permanent solution is favourable in case a situation such as a blockade ever arises in the future. Therefore, I propose to you an initiative that will see eighty two USPN vessels move to a permanent location at the Iverican Súbic naval base - you will find the details of said vessels in the attachment. To create additional infrastructure in the base to accommodate the Prymontian ships, soldiers, and materials, the USPN will seek to contract local Iverican construction companies to carry out the necessary improvement work. The USPN will also dedicate itself to the protection and safeguarding of Iverica's shores, by carrying out regular, thorough patrol missions to deter illegal activity and ensure the safety of Iverican vessels. Finally, the USPN will offer to lease the land from Iverica for eighty million Prynds for ten years - half will be paid in the Prymontian Prynd, and the remaining half will be paid in the Iverican Velle. Funding for this move has already been secured from the government, with additional funding available if necessary. The USPN believes that it is quintessential to relocate these vessels, to ensure the safe future of our units and to act swiftly in the case of international emergency. If these terms are found to be agreeable, the USPN aim to start the initiative by August 2018. Yours sincerely, Jørgen Lassen Admiral of the Fleet United States of Prymont Navy
  9. Prymont

    The Verde Blockade

    To: TRIDENT members From: Jørgen Lassen, Admiral of the Fleet of the United States of Prymont Navy Esteemed TRIDENT members, Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your eagerness to participate in our Verde Blockade operation. It is of utmost importance to the United States that Ahrana's reign of fear and terror does not spread into the Mediargic Sea, and we are deeply humbled by your willingness to assist in our cause. As for our @Andallan colleagues, we appreciate your neutral stance and respect your choices thus far. As long as you do not choose to assist the evil in this world, the United States finds it tolerable that you remain unbiased. Now, as for the movement of our socialist points of interest, I'm confident you're all aware of their recent announcement to fly the majority of their southern fleet under the Asgeirrian naval flag. As to whether this is a ploy or not, we remind our members who are currently at the blockade location to remain vigilant. On behalf of President George Duval, I hereby issue executive orders to refuse militarised Ahranaian and Asgeirrian ships entry into the Verde Sea. It is understood that, while sailing under the Asgeirrian colours, the former Ahranaian ships are still staffed by dedicated socialists who are eager to fulfil the Secretary General's malicious agenda. I thank you for your continued support, cooperation, and dedication to the cause. Yours sincerely, Admiral of the Fleet Jørgen Lassen
  10. Prymont

    Andallan Foreign Relations

    Historically, it makes sense for Prymont and Andalla to be close friends as we share cultures. Plus, nowadays we have ATARA and TRIDENT, so IMO it'd make sense for us to have embassies and good trading links.
  11. Prymont

    Expansion: Prymont

    @Orioni Large is Stjørdalsstad, small is Sønderkilde
  12. Prymont

    Project Canamo

    Stjørdalsstad Research Facility | 1630hrs 31st March 2018 Stjørdalsstad Hellenic Russian Northern Argic Territory Time slowed down in the Argic Circle. Due to the natural tilt of the planet, the sun rarely set or rose. As such, days in Stjørdalsstad merged into one, an everlasting circle of sunlight and snow. An island, surrounded by miles upon miles of ice, could surely not host human life. Such land as this, one of eternal winter, was in fact home to deep, dark, Hellenic Russian secrets. Conquered in the 1950s in the aftermath of the First Argic War, the frozen, barren wastelands were used to test upcoming weaponry of mass destruction in peace. No other nation would bother observing lands that were so cold, so inhospitable, that it was the perfect guise. During the Second Argic War, activity at Stjørdalsstad was heightened to increase the development of these WMDs and turn the tide in their favour. Unfortunately, their attempts were too little too late, and the war was ultimately lost. With nuclear sanctions placed against the country during the Argic Missile Crisis, development seemingly stopped. However, in the frozen north, the government continued to pay scientists, who would store Hellenic Rus' nuclear armament until a time came when it was needed once again. When The Hellenic Rus fell, so did it's future as a socialist source of evil in the Canamo region. Prymont were quick to step in, seemingly the heroes of the hour, but their intentions were just as dark. The Hellenic Rus would become dependent on it's capitalist neighbour in the coming years, and in turn, would be used as a political puppet in an ever-growing tense atmosphere in central Argis. A rich history of war and anger with the Prymontian territories would dissolve instantly, but it would take much longer to rid the world entirely of the legacy that The Hellenic Rus had left behind. Upon the discovery of alarming documents in an apparently innocent communications facility on the east coast, Field Marshal Theodore Houston ordered for the Extreme Climate Division to scope out the two northern islands, retrieve any workers, and claim the land under the Prymontian flag. From there, it would be a task of disposing of any remaining weapons and re-purposing the islands to fit current needs. After months of rigorous training, the ECD were primed for deployment. Imagery taken from supersonic F-E Robin runs painted a previously unknown picture to the Prymontians, one of extensive secret bases in unforgiving lands. Once they were confident in their findings, and when the weather permitted, the ECD parachuted onto the larger of the two archipelago, Stjørdalsstad. This allowed for a quick, unexpected penetration, catching any leftover Hellenic Russians off guard and allowing easy passage into the facility. Due to the risky, slightly questionable nature of the mission, the operatives would go unnamed. The professional nature of the ECD betrayed the underfunded, comically unprofessional traditions set by the majority of the USP Ground Forces. Instead, these were men of precision, of discipline, of simply a higher echelon than those that traipsed the measly Ground Forces. Insertion was seamless. As expected, remaining Hellenic Russians were caught by surprise. Alarm bells were sounded, but no help would arrive. An attempt at resisting was formed, but it was no more than an attempt. Quickly, the scientists were subdued and arrested. Coordinates were sent to an evacuation helicopter, which would take the criminals to lifetime isolation in a top secret military prison on Horizon Island. In the blink of an eye, the United States had control of weapons that they'd banned The Hellenic Rus from having. The world would be told that they'd be expertly disposed of, but the world would be lied to. The tales of Stjørdalsstad would paint a picture of a not so magical north pole, one where The Hellenic Russians once carried out their evil acts of disobedience and betrayal, but now was unused Prymontian territory. However, the real story laid with those that liberated the island that day, and those that received top level clearance, permitting them access to the most hidden of files. Stjørdalsstad would continue its reign as an icy, unknown hellhole, in which weapons of mass destruction were developed and tested. Stjørdalsstad would one day protect Prymont. But nobody knew it.
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    Prymont News Network

    United States requests TRIDENT naval blockade at Verde Sea; Operation Atgeir postponed NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - Defence Minister Hunter S Grey sent a letter to members of the recently founded Tricontinental Defence Treaty earlier this morning, requesting the formation of a naval blockade at the mouth of the Verde Sea, which @Iverica borders. This comes as a quick reaction to the recent news of @Ahrana halving their naval fleet in two, and sending one half to the Mediargic nation of Xara, which they have unrecognised claims in. President Duval met with the Socialist Federation's Secretary General Greggor Ivanoff early last week, to discuss several key matters regarding the two neighbouring nations. It is reported that the meeting became heated and little was agreed upon. Duval has promised to discuss sending a peaceful investigatory force to Xara in Parliament this week, although says that Ivanoff refused such a group entry into the country. Duval claims that war crimes being committed by Ahranaian forces in Xara were confirmed legal by Secretary General Ivanoff, which is a major reason for the blockade. The United States' primary interest is to prevent further disruption in Xara, and to promote peace - something he believes that the arrival of Ahranaian ships will only aggravate. Iverica has committed to the blockade, alongside @Girkmand, @Variota, and @Gallambria. @Andalla has confirmed that, unless Ahrana shows hostile behaviour upon encountering the blockade, they will not be participating. Meanwhile in Andalla, the equatorial nation has postponed its Operation Atgeir, which sees the collective training efforts of TRIDENT's naval fleets. Prymontian ships arrived at the country's docks during last week, and are to remain there on standby in case the situation with Ahrana escalates. This morning, a large convoy of Prymontian ships departed the Canamo Sea for Iverica, and USPAF squadrons have been arriving at Iverican air fields during the day. One of two Prymontian Class 04 Corvettes, departing the Canamo Sea for Iverican waters. Northern Prymont Railway Company to be taken to court over neglect and manslaughter charges AGRICOLA, WHITEVALE - The NRPC, the company responsible for the north Prymontian line on which a cargo train derailed on March 25th, will be taken to court by the families of those who lost their lives in the incident. In late March, PNN aired the story that a train driver and a conductor had been killed when a cargo train headed for Canastota veered off of icy tracks and plummeted several hundred feet into a frozen lake. The NRPC will also be sued by expectant customers of the cargo for losses, expected to be in the tens of millions of Prynds including the trial. The Northern Prymont Railway Company is notorious for neglecting its employees, and it is believed that the company failed to issue speed limits on the icy section of track where the train derailed. Strict time deadlines issued by the organisation forced the late employees to maintain high speeds on dangerous parts of the track, resulting in their untimely deaths. The PNN have discovered that if the employees failed to meet the deadline, they would be forced to contribute to the payment of the fine issued by customers for the late delivery of their products. The NRPC court date is scheduled for August 9th, 2018. Photograph of the cargo train, taken as it left the station on its fatal journey to Canastota. Wildenesse nature reserve state incorporated into Ostport CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - The nature reserve state of Wildenesse, founded in 1995 alongside the formation of the United States, will be incorporated into Prymont's largest state, Canastota, by the end of May. Created by the Freedom Party in 1995 to promote a national sense of environmentalism, Wildenesse took large chunks of land from both neighbouring states of Ostport, Aelmount, Southfort, and Maplebank. Ostport's local government have promised to keep the land of Wildenesse as a nature reserve, prohibiting residents from living in the area and maintaining strict tourism quotas to preserve the natural beauty and ecology of the area. Inspired by the recent merging of Linkeep and Fayford to form Vannskog, politicians debated the incorporation on Friday as one of the longest issues of the day. The end vote was 157-25 in favour. The move sees Ostport receive a substantial increase in its annual environmental budget, which is believed will be partially directed to other areas of the state too. Politicians in favour of the move cited the artificial creation of the state, an unconventional name to appeal universally to tourists, and poor infrastructure in the state as reasons to merge it into Ostport. The natural snowy beauty of Wildenesse, which attracts millions of tourists to the country every year. Ostport police confirms investigation into cult town Happyville HAPPYVILLE, OSTPORT - A recent documentary, aired on The Natural World in March, caused controversy throughout the country due to concerns of paedophilia, neglect, and religious indoctrination. Happyville, an unrecognised Ostportese town, is home to religious cult His Favourite Children. The documentary showed images of village 'Elders' marrying girls as young as eleven, as well as a generally harsh attitude towards young males born into the group, who are sent unprepared on perilous 'missions' in the Ostport wilderness. President George Duval was amongst the outcry on social media after the airing of the program, insisting that an investigation would occur. Today, Ostport have confirmed that several local police forces will work together to probe into the happenings of Happyville to ensure that national Prymontian laws are being adhered to. Cult leader John One, who holds an online presence, has since deactivated his social media accounts after receiving death threats. Image of women in His Favourite Children, taken in the 1960s. Extreme Climates Division to host @Variota's Arktise Legioen in training exercise | Varinco and Aamotech to collaborate on UAV development HORIZON ISLAND - Prymont's Extreme Climates Division will host Variota's newly founded Arktise Legioen (Arctic Legion) in a training exercise on Horizon Island. Founded on March 29th, the Arktise Legioen aims to improve Variota's knowledge of combat in cold, harsh climates, an area that the ECD specialises in. ECD commanders will welcome members of the AL in the coming weeks, who will undergo strict training regimes, specially designed to ensure the soldiers work at maximum efficiency in dangerous, cold weather. This news accompanies a recent announcement from Aamotech's CEO Lucy Aamot, who revealed that her company was working with Variotan arms manufacturer Varinco to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle. Aamotech, who lack any sort of UAV in their current lineup, will provide aerial expertise and funding from parent company KAG, while Varinco will offer essential weaponry knowledge. This announcement marks a growing military relationship between Prymont and Variota, who already share a rich history together. ECD soldiers training in the Paranoff Mountain Range, January 2018. Critically acclaimed 'Canastota' episode leads to increase in masked violence CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - Noah Marshall, the creative genius behind hit TV comedy Canastota, and also the man behind award-winning rapper Foolish Bandit, released what many consider to be his best work yet last Thursday. Airing weekly, Canastota is halfway through its second season, which is thought by many to be a major upgrade over the first. The most recent episode, Laurits Hølland, sees Marshall undergo extensive cosmetic work to become an aging, troubled pianist of the same name. The episode, considered a masterful work of horror, quickly garnered praise online from its extensive fanbase and critics alike. While many fans were able to enjoy the episode for what it was, some took their fandom of the show to illegal extremes. Crude masks of the face of Laurits Hølland were donned by criminals who have robbed homes and businesses, committed acts of unprovoked violence in cities and towns across the country, and have even broken into homes and stood by the beds of innocent citizens to watch them while they sleep. Police forces have asked the public to make sure their homes are locked up securely at night, and are actively searching for suspects. Noah Marshall had the following to say on his social media accounts: "Yeah, I get expressing yourself freely, and I get that people like my show, but don't be stupid. It's fiction at the end of the day. We don't need f£%&#d up people like Laurits in real life." Laurits Hølland, played by Noah Marshall in 'Canastota'.
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    The Verde Blockade

    To: @Iverican Armada, TRIDENT members ( @Andalla @Girkmand @Variota @Gallambria ) From: Hunter S Grey, Defence Minister of the United States of Prymont To whom it may concern, As you may be aware, the Socialist Federation of @Ahrana have recently launched a sizeable convoy of militarised ships along a route that will take them to Xara, a nation in the Mediargic Sea that Ahrana claims to control. As of late, growing tensions within the Canamo region have led the United States to become increasingly wary of the actions of the Socialist Federation, such as the formation of the Confederation of Independent Socialists, allowing an autonomous region controlled by @Derthalen, and of course, succumbing to a questionable communist regime. As you will also know, the Socialist Federation faulted on providing assistance to our joint operation within The Hellenic Rus, causing our forces significant casualties and great difficulties in bringing the stricken nation out of its downward spiral. Ahrana has repeatedly disappointed and failed the United States, and relations are unfortunately deteriorating. I'm sure that you will understand my worries regarding their naval movement to Xara; currently, the United States is confident that Ahranaian forces are committing war crimes in the nation, which Secretary General Greggor Ivanoff confirmed was legal by Ahranaian law in a recent meeting with President Duval. The United States believes that the movement of these vessels is to further strike fear into the hearts of innocent Xara nationals, and to further destabilise the country so as to allow less resistance to an Ahranaian invasion. With your great nation being a close ally and firm friend of the United States, we humbly ask of you to support us in preventing Ahrana from having their sinister way. I ask of you to enact a naval blockade in the waters of the Verde Sea, therefore preventing Ahrana from progressing towards their destination. The USP Navy are currently preparing ships for deployment to assist in this blockade, and I ask that fellow TRIDENT members also prepare for involvement. The spreading of Ahrana's twisted, corrupt ways must be prevented at all costs to ensure the safe futures of our people. I hope that you will assist the United States in their aim. Yours sincerely, General Hunter S Grey Defence Minister of the United States of Prymont
  15. Prymont

    Frozen Summit

    "I can understand your government pursuing equality, but striking such influential deals with corrupt nations takes the idea too far." Duval let out an audible sigh, resisting the urge to regurgitate what he'd just said. Clearly, Ivanoff was having none of it. In his mind, he was right, and nothing could sway that. "I'm sure you're familiar with terrorist policies in the United States, but for confirmation, we have a zero tolerance policy. This policy is the reason why we're becoming so involved in the situation in The Hellenic Rus, and is why we enacted our prior naval blockade in the first place. Terrorism is a plague that needs eradicating from this world, and the United States will go to no end to fulfil this line of thought. You claim that your government holds a no-negotiation policy with terrorists, and yet you've allowed Derthalen an entire autonomous region in your lands. Either you don't have a sufficient grasp of your own country's politics, or your policies are contradictory and idiotic." The President paused momentarily, reviewing his plan mentally to decide on where to next take the meeting. All of his routes had been covered so far, and little progress, if any, had been made. "Secretary General, I'd once again like to thank you for hosting such an important summit. These discussions have been greatly helpful in allowing me to further understand Ahrana's stance on several critical issues, and will influence future decisions made within Prymont. Unfortunately, I believe we've made little progress here today. For the United States, we will refuse to recognise your claims in Xara. I will be discussing the possibility of sending a peaceful investigatory force to the area to learn more about what is happening. We will be awaiting the arrival of your FKI in The Hellenic Rus, and I'm also eager to hear your decision on further action to be taken upon your autonomous region. As far as I'm concerned, this meeting is over, unless you have further points to raise."