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  1. Prymont

    Request: Dniester

    @North Dniester No problem with that on my end, now that the civil war isn't going ahead. Makes it easier for me and @Ahrana to whip you into place.
  2. Prymont

    2018 ANAFA League Cup

    YETIS SECURE PLACE IN QUARTER FINALS OF ANAFA 2018 Prymont 1 - 1 @Fulgistan Bogd Gioro, Fulgistan ... And that's it for the Prymontian Rallycross Championship, now moving on to football. The biggest headline this morning is Prymont's success in the ANAFA 2018 League, being amongst the first two teams to secure a place in the quarter finals. The Yetis have done this despite receiving a controversial red card in a 1-1 draw against Fulgistan, which saw them play with ten men for the majority of the match. In the thirteenth minute, rookie Aksel Bratberg was sent off following a tackle against the Fulgistanis. Commentators at the stadium quickly dismissed the tackle, as "very inspired but eventually disappointing", as Bratberg failed to win possession of the ball. The opposing player was tripped, but not aggressively so, leading to the surprise of fans and players alike when Bratberg was given an immediate red card. Team captain Alan Strand was quick to stand up for his defender, but the referee refused to reverse his decision. Critics noted that, despite being disadvantaged early on, the Yetis were dominant throughout the entire game. It is to be remembered that manager Nojus Fauskanger decided to play a mostly B-team squad to rest key players for future games. The team conceded a goal in the 48th minute, but continued to play well, and Morten Torgersen scored the equaliser in the 71st minute. This result guarantees Prymont a place in the quarter finals alongside @Iverica, who now top the standings, as they currently have thirteen points. @Soreana, who are currently ninth, only have three points. With three games remaining, Prymont cannot drop below eighth, even if they lose every following match and Soreana win all three. @Ahrana face the same fate, as they're currently sat on a single point in last. The Yetis will face them in the next round, in what is expected to be a heated local derby. Fauskanger congratulated his players for earning themselves such a position at this point in the tournament, and holds the depth and talent of his players as testament to their success. Even though the team are safe at this point, Nojus is still eager for his squad to return to their winning ways. In the post-match press conference, Nojus also announced some shocking news. Here's a replay of what happened... "I also have something to announce for our game after Ahrana, against @Derthalen. Due to the overly aggressive nature of the Derthaler team, which was especially apparent in the World Cup earlier this year, the Yetis won't be playing their match against them. We've already had one of our players injured this tournament, and I cannot risk further injuries that would jeopardise our future success. Unless the Derthaler team shows that their play style has calmed significantly, we won't be running that risk." The room erupts in a flurry of shock and commotion. The manager is illuminated by a sea of camera flashes as reporters squirm against one another to get the first question. "Nojus, your team has just secured their place in the next stage of the tournament and you're playing some top players against Ahrana in the next game. Is this a ploy to get your guys most rest before an important match against the Ivericans?" "No, bullsh*t. It's a great bonus that we rest our players, sure, but the important thing is their health heading into the quarter finals. We've already lost Roth until at least January, and I don't want to see more players facing a similar fate." "Why are you playing people like Sæther and Bakken against Ahrana then? Surely they need to rest too?" "Neither of them played against Fulgistan, they're fully rested now. It's important that we win this derby match against Ahrana. No more questions." Starting lineup for next match:
  3. Prymont

    Royal Family looking for home

    @Neo-enclave You're not going to be chosen for this. Conserve your efforts for proper writing, something we're yet to see from you.
  4. Prymont

    [OOC] Reap the Whirlwind

    I'd love to get involved in this somehow, as it seems like a cracking RP rife with good writers, but Prymont wouldn't be able to justify more military action after taking over the Hellenic Rus and then the Verde Blockade earlier in the year. Hopefully we get a solid conflict RP that doesn't crumble in the early stages like others have. What I'm interested to know is who @Derthalen will call on for support. 4 vs 1 will already be an almost insurmountable challenge, but if it becomes 6 vs 1, Derthalen stands no chance. I understand @Rihan could get involved but even then, 6 vs 2 doesn't go. Anywho... anyone need some planes?
  5. Prymont

    Prymont Cities Request

    Here are a few city request for the United States and Prymontian Rus, although they're not urgent. @Tagmatium Rules has also mentioned this in a separate thread, but it'd be nice to have the Prymontian flag by the northern islands of Stjørdalsstad and Sønderkilde.
  6. @Neo-enclave Being sarcastic won't get you anywhere, pal. You know full well that you copied the idea from the existing Dolch See thread. This is a poorly executed imitation. Stop it.
  7. Here's some consultation then. Don't. Come up with your own idea. Don't copy paste from others. You have been given tips, pointers, and advice about your writing multiple times by multiple members, myself included. Your writing has not improved. Take some time to look around the forums at the quality of writing expected, and try your best to imitate it. Currently, you're at a very low level of writing, which means very few people will want to write with you. Copying the idea from an existing high quality thread further reduces the amount of prospective writing partners. Listen to the advice people give you.
  8. Prymont

    2018 ANAFA League Cup

    YETIS LOSE FIRST ANAFA 2018 GAME TO @Aluxia Prymont 1 - 2 Aluxia Lusankya Stadium, Aluxia ...Next on PNN Sports, we'll be joining reporters in the Lusankya Stadium for the post-match press conference of the Prymont-Aluxia game. The Yetis experienced their first loss in the tournament this year against Aluxia, with some fans calling for the Prymontian Football Association to refuse to play in the country again. We'll join the conference now, where team manager Nojus Fauskanger and captain Vincent Borge are speaking to the press. "Nojus, coming to you first, this is Prymont's first loss this tournament, which must be a hard pill to swallow. What weren't you doing right today, and how will you recover from it?" "Yeah, it's not easy to accept a loss, especially when it's the first one for this tournament. We've been playing really well so far and that showed in the results, and even today the boys played their best but it clearly wasn't enough. Obviously, losing Fillip (Roth, injured midfielder) has been detrimental to our play style as he's crucial in his position, but Magnus (Herheim, replacing Roth) did a brilliant job to step in for him, and the rest of the team tried really hard too. We haven't played Aluxia since 2013 and that was with a completely different team, so we were very unsure what their strengths and weaknesses were going into this game. I think everyone will move on quickly from it. We've got a great team with very determined players, who will see this as an opportunity to be even better than before and win the next game." "Vincent, moving on to you, you played the entire match today and got to see how your team coped with the Aluxians. Is there anything in specific that you think could've been done better to secure the win?" "It was a very aggressive game, as we were eager to keep our streak and the Aluxians were eager to end it, and so I think everyone was a bit tentative to avoid injuries and such. Our defenders did a great job, perhaps a bit sloppy as they picked up three yellow cards, but by around the sixtieth minute everyone was tiring and that's when they took advantage. We tried to come back but the energy and the passion wasn't there, it was just kind of desperate and unorganised. To have a better chance of winning, we should've taken our chances earlier in the game and made them stick. We were playing very well in the early stages but couldn't take advantage of any opportunities, which is where we went wrong." "You mention being desperate to keep your winning streak, but by the end of it all you're still leading the table. Isn't that what matters?" "Yes, the points at the end is ultimately what's important, but we're all very proud footballers and really find happiness and reward in winning. We have one of the best squads I've ever been part of this year and the first four matches really showed that. Everyone today knew that we could win, and we were determined to prove ourselves right. I think it's important now to remind ourselves of what's important, which is the standings, and just focus on staying in the top eight rather than keeping a streak going." "Nojus, we understand it's been very tough for your players to get settled in to Aluxia. The fans here have been relentless, unforgiving, and it's hard to ignore the effect that's hard on the team. Supporters at home are calling for the Yetis to never return to Aluxia. Do you agree with that?" "No. I think it's more of a general football problem than something unique to Aluxia. Fans everywhere, Prymont included, will get very serious about the sport, and that enthusiasm is something to be proud of, but we should be channelling it into kindness for each other rather than tormenting. We're all here to play and enjoy the same game. I don't really think it was a problem for my players as they've had lots of mental and psychological training to block out that sort of thing. It's just like Vincent said - we didn't take our chances early on, and paid the price." "It's common knowledge that you'll be resting top players like Sæther and Bakken for the two upcoming games against @Fulgistan and @Ahrana. How will this affect your team's morale and performance?" "I don't think it'll hurt much. We have some promising players on the sidelines that I'm keen to see play in an experimental lineup, and playing against two of the maybe weaker teams in the tournament is a great opportunity for them to show their skills with minimal risk to the standings. It's very important for us to rest the top performing players for the final two matches of this segment against @Derthalen and @Iverica so we're playing at our best and don't get eliminated. Our team is constantly evolving and improving, so it's a really good chance to see how some of the less experienced players hold up." "Even with this loss, critics are expecting the Yetis to progress to the quarter finals in December. This is perhaps Prymont's best chance at winning their first ever tournament, so how are you preparing for that outcome? I understand that Fillip won't be healthy until at least January, so can we expect more disappointing performances like these?" "We're not thinking any further ahead than our next match. We're still a small team and we need to take this one step at a time. Getting through to the quarter finals is priority number one right now. That alone is an achievement to be proud of, especially for a team with a history like ours. The boys know what's at stake and are training hard to make sure we get through. We're doing everything we can. Losing Fillip in the way that we did for such a long time won't help the squad, of course, but we have very capable players to stand in for him and I don't doubt their abilities for one moment. If we won the whole tournament, that'd be brilliant, but we're not there yet." "I'd just like to add that, while Fillip is a great player, he's not the single key to our success. The key is how we work as a team, how we play with one another, how dynamic and flexible we are, how good we're adapting to different challenges. Not having on the team isn't great but it's not the end of the world. I've been playing for the Yetis since 2000 and I can safely say that this is the best team I've ever played with. Everyone works hard and has the talent to perform at the top level, and that's worth some applause. We've got to recognise everyone's hard work, as that's the best way to get every ounce of performance out of everyone." It's great to see two very important figures in the team so confident and assured in their side after this defeat. It lends very well to how they've been trained and their confidence in themselves to come back from this loss as a better team. PNN Sports will be reporting the aftermath of the next game against Fulgistan on the 13th of November. Now, moving on to news about the upcoming KAP World Grand Prix Series... Starting lineup for next match:
  9. Prymont

    Project Canamo

    The Hawk's Office | 0913hrs 7th November 2018 Salonica The Prymontian Rus Iskander Yegerov's first four days in power had been surprisingly quiet. The first weekend had been easy work - vote counters had been forced out of the election stations and replaced by Sarov soldiers, who altered the votes in support of Yegerov and the National Rus Party. He'd met with advisors and his potential cabinet to discuss what would become the 'official' figures, to censor news outlets, and to write their own history. He'd spoken to the crowds on Monday, established the Prymontian Rus News Network, and began laying the foundations of his plans to revive the country. Tuesday had been a visit to the canal, which would likely become the biggest contributor to the country's economy in the coming years, and had met with Emil Maslow, the Southern Representative, on the way. All of that had been easy work. On the fifth day, he'd receive his first challenge. It came in the form of a phone call, directly to his personal mobile. Work calls were strictly redirected to his secretary, who would then prioritise and have Yegerov call them back at a more suitable time. Anything straight to his phone was family, or something more important, and the number calling wasn't that of his wife. Hesitantly he answered, listened to the few works spoken, and hung on to the constant beep once the line went dead. His first move was calling Varg Alme. It would be wrong to call the Prymontian his right hand man, or campaign funder, or critic silencer. Rather, Alme was his equal, although with more money and less official authority. They'd engineered his election success together, and would rebuild together. It was only right to have him in the office to discuss this critical revelation. Once Varg had arrived and was comfortable, Iskander replayed the call for him. Intelligence showed that the number's coordinates lined up with an @Iverican SSO listening camp near Kedrovy, just a few miles from the capital. For over a year, the SSO had worked with Prymontian forces to completely lock the former Hellenic Rus down, establishing communication camps across the country to intercept every phone call, every email, every letter sent and received. Now the Ivericans had officially withdrawn from the country, but the SSO remained, acting as a back-up plan until Yegerov was ready to implement his own countermeasures. Thankfully, they'd caught this fateful email, and were poised to act immediately. "Call them back. Tell them not to bother. I'll handle it." Alme's voice was silky smooth, betraying both the severity of the situation and the many decades he'd spent filling his lungs with the best imported tobacco. "What are you going to do, kill the @Fulgistani's?" "I'll do you one better. I'll kill the reporter. Have his head delivered to their camp." "That's avoiding the problem a bit, don't you think?" Yegerov would much rather have the recipients killed directly, eliminating the threat and sending the Fulgistani's home early. Keeping people that knew about Pokrovsk alive was very dangerous business. "Have faith, Iskander. We can watch the airports, make sure they don't leave - or don't bring anything in. Have SSO keep tabs on them too, make sure they don't spread the footage." "What if they send someone to investigate? Once the snow clears, it'll be easy to find the graves." "That won't be for months. We have time to cover it up. Build houses there, or some barracks. Make it so they can't get to the graves without going through us. How is Thunderstorm coming along?" "Slowly. The Prymontians are reluctant to fund it too much because people will start questioning where the money is going, and with the elections coming up they're essentially sending nothing. Most of the burden is on us." "I'll send some help their way." Operation Thunderstorm had been the allocated code name for the nuclear development program in the frozen Argic Ocean island of Stjørdalsstad. Very basic developments had been inherited from the former Hellenic Russian engineers, much against the agreements following the Argic Missile Crisis. Despite funding development for almost two decades, the warheads created by the Hellenic Rus were very primitive and lacking. It was a start, however, and the Prymontians would not waste that opportunity. The WARD system, which fights off incoming missiles with incredible accuracy, defends the homeland, but serves no further purpose. Something more was needed as a deterrent, and with the ever rising tensions in central Argis, the United States had to be one of the top powers. It would take time for the weapons to be ready for use. Not only was the project currently being starved of funding, but it was being worked on by a skeleton team of unprepared scientists and engineers in harsh, unforgiving conditions. Keeping such a controversial, dangerous project in isolated territory was for the best, but it wasn't without major drawbacks. Premier Yegerov questioned the future of the operation if Duval failed to win the Prymontian election. The United States had far more money to funnel through than Alme did, and so the entire operation's future rested on their uncertain shoulders. Yegerov had dropped hints of helping to rig the mainland elections too, although they were vehemently rejected. The people of Prymont deserved better than corrupted elections, apparently. "I hope you're not thinking of threatening to use them. Perhaps we can reveal the operation to the world when we're ready, through a tangled web of leaks and lies, letting them know what we have, but actually pointing it towards them? That'd be suicide, even with TRIDENT on our side." "I bet they're working on something. You can never be too safe. Having Thunderstorm on our side gives us a great advantage. The effects would be devastating. I doubt anyone would dare challenge us." "That'd risk... everything. We're still leaning on the US, we can't risk them disowning us just because you want to exercise your power trip and point some nukes at Fulgistan." "You know what's on the table. They know about Pokrovsk. We can't have that getting out. Let me take care of it." Varg Alme had grown to be something of a feared legend in the United States. His time as a crime lord had hardened him exponentially, shoving him into the worst of scenarios and bringing him out stronger and grittier. If someone crossed him in his younger years, they could expect a sloppy yet gruesome gunfight, their bullet-riddled body abandoned in some derelict dockyard in Canastota. As he aged and matured, his methods become more refined. Arrogant drug users reckoned they could tackle him thirty years ago, but now, even the most aspiring henchman quaked in his boots at the mention of Alme's name. The man had far outgrown the small confines of Prymont, and was now enjoying stretching his legs overseas. Unfortunately, Iskander Yegerov had little faith in him. Sure, he was one of the most feared drug lords in Argis, but there was another steep learning curve for him to endure and adapt to in the world of politics. Throwing money at nukes and pointing them haphazardly at your enemies was not how Yegerov wanted to develop his country. And yet, he too feared his counterpart. The Sarov were now on Iskander's side, and would do his bidding, but Varg had brought hordes of mindless henchmen to the Prymontian Rus. Anything the Sarov could do, the Isbrytere could do better. They had more money, more expertise, more support, and what they were lacking in size, they were recuperating every day through new recruits. Taking advantage of the Alme coin would do the Prymontian Rus well for now, but when the time came to dispose of the loose canon, Yegerov would have to tread very carefully. Eventually, there would grow a certain coldness between the United States and Fulgistan. But for now, Yegerov had a cold man to deal with right beside him.
  10. Prymont

    Rebuilding the Air Fleet

    To: Minister Neville Avice of @Seylos From: Jenny Erlandsen, Sales Executive of Aamotech Aerospace Minister Avice, I am pleased to confirm that your ten refreshed Aamotech VTOL units, project name Harrier IIIA, have been upgraded and completed on schedule. Having received payment for this refresh, the units are now en-route back to Seylos. The relevant preparatory information documents have also been dispensed, to educate your pilots and engineers on the changes and any changes in procedure. These units will be with you by the end of the week. To provide an update on the new VTOL successor, project name Harrier IIIB, the research and development process has come to an end. Aamotech will use existing surplus VTOL units as test beds, for safety and procedure testing. If all goes to plan, the manufacturing of the final approved units will begin in March 2019, with the first of them being delivered approximately in May 2019. Aamotech aims to have the entirety of this order completed by September 2019, barring any perceived delays, of which there are none. Upon the completion of this order, Aamotech Aerospace would like to offer to collect any unwanted VTOL units, project name Harrier II, that you may have. This will allow for these unwanted units to be deconstructed and recycled as per Aamotech's end of life guidelines, and I am pleased to offer this service to you for free. We hope you are satisfied with the refresh units provided. Regards, Jenny Erlandsen, Sales Executive
  11. Prymont

    Project Canamo

    ISKANDER YEGEROV VOTED AS FIRST PREMIER OF THE PRYMONTIAN RUS SALONICA, THE PRYMONTIAN RUS - News is emerging from polling stations across the country that the National Rus Party are the dominant political power in the newly formed Prymontian Rus. The leader of the party, former foreign minister Iskander Yegerov, was successful in securing his seat in the North Salonica constituency, the most populous constituency in the country. Official figures are showing that approximately thirteen million people turned up to vote, out of a possible sixteen million. The Socialist Party and the Hellenic People's Party also have a handful of seats between them, while the right leaning United Party and Democratic Independent's Party end the campaign empty handed. While the full figures are yet to be published for all constituencies, it is safe to say that the National Rus Party have completely whitewashed the elections. They will stand as the leading force in Salonica House, the political chambers of the nation, and will have free rule over the country. Many will see this as a positive step for the country, as the party are backed by the National Party of the United States, who currently stand in a similarly powerful position. However, the National Rus' Prymontian funding could come to an end soon, as mainland elections are due at the end of the month, with early polls suggesting that the National Party will lose their advantage. Premier Yegerov appeared in Salonica to thank his people for showing their support, and to promise a brighter future under his reign. Yegerov and the National Rus Party aim to revive the Prymontian Rus over their five year term, and hope to create a budget tourist paradise that offers similar activities and experiences to the United States. The country will use profits from oil sales from Point Kanamoi, and usage fees from the Canamo Canal in the future, to fund the creation of alpine sports resorts in the north, and cheap Mediargic coastal resorts in the south. Yegerov claims that these objectives will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and has been in talks with foreign companies such as @Variota's Varinco for further opportunities. Despite these inspiring promises, many are questioning the legitimacy of the National Rus' support. Voters were quick to identify the masses of Sarov Resistance Army soldiers present at the polling stations, specifically so in the southern half of the country. The time taken to count the votes and release the results is also being called into question - despite the struggles and corruption of the former Hellenic Rus, it was unprecedented for election results to take longer than twenty four hours to be confirmed. While it is clear that the National Rus party have been successful in winning a majority, the precise results are still yet to be released, leading many to believe that the government are waiting for publicity concerning the elections to die down before releasing what will likely be biased, untrue results. In addition to his election promises, the Premier has also announced that the Sarov Resistance Army, which fought hard to put an end to the Circle of Death, are to be integrated into the government budget to become the official Prymontian Rus Sarov Army. This will vastly reduce the start-up cost of reviving the former Hellenic Russian armed forces, as the Sarov currently own and maintain their own equipment. It is believed that conscription will be enforced for 2019, with the Prymontian Rus News Network believing that sixteen year old males will be required to enrol for a minimum of two years. The Prymontian Rus Navy will use what remains of the Hellenic Russian Navy, which includes the THRS Ottograd. The USP Navy will lend its forces in securing the Canamo Canal and patrolling Prymontian Rus waters. The Prymontian Rus Air Force will be equipped with old USPAF stock, until further funding is acquired for the purchase of newer equipment. As promised, a Southern Representative has been elected. Emil Maslow, also of the National Rus party, will represent the south in both national and local governments, ensuring that the region receives a fair portion of funding and resources to ensure development and prosperity. Maslow will be directly responsible for the progress of the Canamo Canal, which will be a vital source of future income in the region upon it's completion in late 2019. Maslow will also oversee the development of seaside resorts on the Mediargic coast. Detailed election results are expected later in the week, including Yegerov's cabinet, Maslow's southern cabinet, specific voter turnout, individual constituency results, and further insight into the future of the Prymontian Rus.
  12. Prymont

    Expansion: Rihan Republic

    I'll throw in my opinion for what it's worth. The proposed expansions are large, sure. However, it's not a popular area like Argis is. We've seen several new additions to Argis in the past few months, and less than a handful to Aurelia and Alharu. Even then, it's not as if the plans are to take up 99% of the continent and leave any future newcomers with a tiny bit of worthless land. I'm not saying this simply because my large expansion has been generally approved, but out of a general overview, it's a fair expansion. If people were wanting to settle in Aurelia in the future, there is still plenty of land in the northwest near Little Flau, and swathes of empty land in the south. I have confidence in @Rihan's writing ability, as I'm sure we all do. We can safely say that it'll be a well written expansion, and therefore well deserved. The New World is sorely lacking larger nations, which isn't realistic when compared to the real world. This shouldn't serve as a precedent that everyone can expand to disproportionately huge sizes, but right now, there are few settlers in Aurelia, and even including this proposal, there's still plenty of space. I'm fully supportive of our region's best writers aspiring to fill the niche of larger countries in the New World. If some poorer writers were to make this proposal then I'd understand the opposition, but as it stands, I'm happy for this to go ahead, as much as my opinion is worth.
  13. Prymont

    Sandbox RP forum for newcomers

    People here are mentioning that a factbook and a newsroom should come before RP, and I can see that point, but they're also vital parts of our roleplay. We interact and trade with nations depending upon their factbook, and learn about them in their newsroom. I understand that these are requirements for the map to show activity and writing level, but they shouldn't be requirements for outright entering the region. They're RP components, just as diplomatic threads or blockades are. Over the past year and a half or so I've grown to love this community. The high writing level is one of the reasons why I like it here - there's so much skill present, and so much thought and worldbuilding that goes on behind the scenes. I, as I'm sure many others do, come here to have fun with equally skilled writers to create fun, unique stories and give ourselves a challenge. I don't want to come here and see the forum clogged up with poorly planned, two sentence posts. That adds nothing to the advancement of our stories and just irritates me, as people are just coming here for a place on a cool looking map with minimal effort. I won't name specific names, as this sort of thing has happened multiple times for as long as I've been here. We shouldn't be a community that supports poor writing. I've spoken with @Orioni about this idea on Discord and I'm a big supporter of it. Calling it a sandbox seems a bit childish but we can work past that; the main idea is that we're given 'early access' to a newcomer's way of writing. There can be just two or three writing prompts that they have to complete, and for a seasoned writer that will be no issue. Even from the first post, if we see that they have the skill we can speed up the process for them and get them in quick, so as to minimise annoyance on their side for having to complete beginner's challenges, and to bring another great writer into our community. For the writers with less skill or experience, it's a great opportunity for us to seek how they need help and provide them with the assistance that they need. As it currently stands, lacking newcomers are filling the forums with poor writing. We can remedy this before it even becomes a problem through this screening process, as it'll be non-canon if it's not good enough and doesn't hurt our universe. Sure, perhaps it'll turn a few people away as they won't want to spend time going through customs and showing their visas and whatnot just so they can get onto our forums, but I firmly believe that we're worth it. This is such a historic community that is rich with quality writing and great people. Completing this first step to gain entry into the region not only helps us in seeing if there are any writing problems, but helps the new person in identifying if this region is for them because of the high writing level required. I'm bored of seeing bad writers come along and thinking they run the place because they've met the map requirements with sh*tty posts. We have the opportunity here to not only bring in more skilled writers, but to help those that are lacking a bit and bring them up to a level where they're writing with other great writers, which is so much fun.
  14. Prymont

    2018 ANAFA League Cup

    VICTORY OVER @Variota OVERSHADOWED BY ROTH INJURY Prymont 3 - 2 Variota KAP Stadium, Prymont A scoreline of 3-2 over the World Cup finalists Variota would be something for Prymontians to celebrate deep into the night, but many forgot about their glory as star winger Fillip Roth currently recovers from a broken ankle sustained during last night's game. The right wing was the first to score for Prymont, in the 57th minute. Alex Bakken had sent a high ball in from the left side, with Sæther's shot on goal hitting the crossbar. Roth accompanied the forward in the box, and headed the rebounded ball into the goal, drawing the Yetis even. However, he landed awkwardly on his right foot, and was left writhing in pain while he should've been celebrating. Medics were quick to take him to the medical centre of the KAP Stadium, and he was then transferred to the nearby Central Canastota Hospital before the end of the match. Much to the dismay of the rest of his team, Fillip will not be able to participate in any football games until at least the start of 2019. The typical recovery period for a broken ankle is six weeks, but doctors advise Roth to take extra time as he injured his dominant foot, and they also suspect tendon and ligament injuries. If agitated, these additional wounds could aggravate his foot further, extending his recovery period and affecting the performance of the main squad. The worry for their teammate's injury didn't slow the Yetis down though, as Sæther scored five minutes later, before Borge sealed the victory with a brilliant strike in the 69th minute. The Variotans were ever persistent, and scored a second goal in the 88th minute, but it was not enough to equalise, handing Prymont their forth win in a row. This victory cements them at the top of the ANAFA League table, with the Yetis now the only team to only win their games in the tournament. Pundits were very positive about the result, commenting that "if the Yetis can beat Variota, they can beat anyone!" Nojus Fauskanger avoided complacency in the post-match press conference, showing concern for one of his star players as well as for his team's form in their next game against @Aluxia. "Losing Fillip for the rest of the year isn't great for the team's dynamic, but we'll adapt and overcome it. What's important now is the fact that we won against one of the best teams in the world, which gives me great confidence going into the rest of our games during this stage of the Cup. Beating Variota was unexpected, but shows that we've got an amazing team that can do the impossible." Team captain Vincent Borge, who recorded his 104th cap and 13th national goal in the game, was much more sombre. "Everyone knows how important Fillip is to our team, and to our style of play. He's one of the best right wingers in the game right now and losing him for the foreseeable future will really hurt us. I have faith in the rest of the team and know that we can still perform, but it's gutting to see such a promising talent out for what might be the rest of the tournament. You can never be too sure with these injuries and he might not play the same again. We can only hope for a speedy, full recovery." The Yetis will have to remain on form in their next match against Aluxia, before receiving some breathing space in the subsequent games against @Fulgistan and @Ahrana. Fauskanger is expected to take those two games as time to fully rest star players, before mounting attacks on two strong teams at the end of the round robin stage: @Derthalen and @Iverica. Prymont currently stand atop the table with 12 points. Starting lineup for next match:
  15. Prymont

    Council of Deopolis

    @Sancti Imperii Catholico Prymont doesn't particularly enforce religion, but the official state religion is whatever our IC version of Protestantism is, and there's certainly a large portion of citizens who are religious. I don't mind not attending, but it'd be fun to do so regardless.