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  1. Prymont's cold.
  2. Due to how far away Faramount is and how the new government is meant to be reducing military spending, Prymont will just watch from afar for now. We're no strangers to political meddling though, or covering up war crimes, so if any of those are useful, give us cold boys a shout.
  3. OSTPORT LEGALISES CANNABIS FOR RECREATIONAL USE CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - The state of Ostport has moved to legalise cannabis for recreational use, in a move that is expected to please voters of all ages. It’s one of the first campaign promises that has been met by the government and has been prioritised to immediately satisfy the public while lengthier issues, such as increasing funding for various public sectors and lowering taxes, are processed in Parliament. The legalisation will be trialled in Ostport for three months and, if deemed successful, will be rolled out nationwide. Cannabis has been legalised in the United States for medicinal purposes since 2018 after the benefits were reviewed by the government and legalised to offer an alternative method of pain relief for patients. Campaigners have since pushed for recreational legalisation, and their appeals have now been heard. Parliament voted 130-81 in favour of the law. This marks the first of many instances in which Ostport will be prioritised under the coalition government, a move which was negotiated by the Ostport Independence Party before they joined with the People’s Party to establish a majority. The largest state in the country has historically been favoured, but will also be favoured by law under written agreements between the coalition parties. Recently, Ostport has been the first to remove motorway speed restrictions and lower the voting age from 18 to 17. Cannabis is strictly regulated in the United States and will be taxed to generate further revenue streams for the government, which is promised to eventually play a significant role in tax cuts. Citizens must apply for a cannabis card which will be granted by the state and can only purchase the drug in certified stores. Cardholders must also be of age 17 or above. Anyone found in unlawful possession of cannabis, or to be distributing it without a licence, will be prosecuted under the full force of the law. Customers will be able to identify a legal store by government-issued certification stickers displayed in storefront windows. GOVERNMENT VOTES TO BAN FOSSIL FUEL-POWERED VEHICLES ENTIRELY BY 2035 BREMANGER, SØRFORT - Parliament has voted to ban fossil fuel-powered vehicles throughout the United States by 2035. With the backing of 206 MPs, vehicles powered by means other than electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells will be outlawed within two decades as the country continues to pursue and reinforce its strong environmental stance. A vast majority of the government were in agreement on the issue, which will remove a large contributor of polluting gases from Prymont’s air. The country has already made significant progress in moving towards vehicles powered by renewable energies and is working on establishing the necessary infrastructure and incentivising travellers to ditch internal combustion engines in favour of non-polluting vehicles through tax reductions and lower purchase prices. Electric vehicles already make up 18% of all registered modes of transport in the country, with hybrids and hydrogen-powered cars adding onto that statistic. The Ministries of Energy & the Environment and Transport are working together to create and implement fast charging ports across the country, and are also promoting the installation of hydrogen pumps as well. The country’s leading automotive manufacturer, KAP, is receiving government grants to research and develop faster ways to recharge car batteries and to extend their range. 60% of trains in the United States are powered solely by electricity, and buses across the country are moving towards hybrid and electric power. Currently, owners of electric or hydrogen cars do not pay any purchase tax on their vehicles, which already come at a reduced price as there are no import tariffs. There is no road tax to pay as there are no harmful emissions, and electric car owners will receive free installation of charging ports at their homes. Analysts believe that these freebies will not last for long as more people move to take advantage of the savings, and the government will inevitably start making a loss as fossil fuel-powered cars are phased out. However, for now, commuters are encouraged to purchase these environmentally friendly vehicles while the savings last. Heavy polluting vehicles are already being restricted from the country's roads, with bans being implemented in major cities during peak pollution times. FIVE MONTHS ON FROM THE YETIS’ HISTORIC ANAFA WIN KAP STADIUM, OSTPORT - Back in December, the Prymontian Yetis won the 2018 ANAFA Cup, beating league favourites such as Variota and Iverica to mark their first ever international win. The victory was met with incredible celebrations at home, with December 18th being made a public holiday to eternally remember the occasion. Five months on, and the country has revitalised its love of football. Prior to the ANAFA Cup, football viewing and attendance figures were at an all-time low in the United States. Fans had grown disoriented with the sport as the Yetis faced loss after loss. New management for the team was introduced in Nojus Fauskanger, who selected key veterans to play alongside promising youngsters in the hopes of mixing up the team and improving results. The change worked, as the Yetis went from strength to strength on the world stage. While their World Cup campaign ended prematurely in the group stages, they fought back harder than ever in the intercontinental trophy and demonstrated a fantastic turnaround that saw Fauskanger hailed a national hero. Top goalscorer Ollie Sæther is now regarded as the greatest player in Prymontian football history and looks back on the success with fond memories. “It was a brilliant time for Prymontian football, and I still can’t quite believe that we actually won. It’ll go down as the best campaign the Yetis have ever had and will surely be remembered in sporting history forever. We were the underdogs going into that tournament and managed to beat some of the best teams in the world. I had fun with some of my best mates and we’ve made some everlasting memories. It’s also had a great effect at home with the kids, who are taking up football like never before. They’ve got goals now, they’re keeping fit, and they’re having fun. That’s what matters.” A record amount of youngsters are participating in grassroots football, which is receiving government grants for improved facilities, equipment, and coaching.
  4. 3rd February 2019 | 0840hrs PTV Broadcasting House New Halsham United States of Prymont Soon-to-be-President Felix Frey hadn’t slept all night. His limbs ached, dark circles clung around his eyes, and copious amounts of coffee couldn’t stop the yawning. It was a credit to PTV’s makeup team that he was so presentable and fresh as he appeared on live morning television, just hours after his party had won the 2019 general election. Despite his amiable appearance, Frey felt like shit. He’d disappointed his party. The celebrations had gone on late into the night at constituencies throughout the country, but one looming question hung above their heads like a thick storm cloud. Who would be their coalition partners? It was a question Frey had considered throughout the night after the election results were confirmed and his party ended with just 42% of the vote. They had a majority, but it wasn’t the one they needed. A cursory media briefing had been sent to all elected party members before sunrise, detailing the coalition shortlist and outlining the official party stance. There were two technical options, but only one made sense. Felix had the honour of declaring that on national TV, sleep deprived and all. His electorate were counting on good news, and he had to give it to them straight. “So Mr Frey, where do we go from here? Last night you were reluctant to tell us anything regarding the future of the Prymontian Parliament. Has any progress been made overnight?” The direct question brought him out of his daze, back into a reality of everlasting media responsibilities. His every move would be scrutinised, every word, every emotion. There would be questions galore, some intrusive, some stupid, but each one had to be handled with respect and tact. He was the figurehead of not only his party but the entire country, and his first impression would be memorable. The onus was on him to make it memorable for the right reasons. “While I’ve not had the chance to sit down with every candidate and thoroughly discuss any potential cooperation, last night was full of discussion and debate within the party of who to side with. As you will know, Prymontian law mandates that a coalition cannot be formed with the opposition, so that leaves just two eligible parties. The Ostport Independents and the Liberals both have the number of seats needed to create the majority, and we will work hard to come to a quick conclusion with one of them.” “So between the Independents and the Liberals, which is sticking out at you the most? Overnight, our correspondents deliberated over every party and predicted that a deal would best be made with the OIPs. Do you agree with that decision?” “I’m reluctant to tell you anything without discussing it with my party with a clear head. Last night was full of overwhelming emotions and we’re yet to come to a conclusive agreement. Both of those parties have their benefits and drawbacks, and over the coming days, I will be carefully deciding between them. Regardless of my choice, negotiations with our preferred coalition partner will begin on Thursday. The goal is to make this a quick, effective transition between governments, so everyone in the party will be working at maximum capacity to deliver a satisfactory result.” It was a response that didn’t particularly reveal anything at all, but what more could he do? Making empty promises that couldn’t be fulfilled just for short-term support was exactly what had lost Duval the Presidency. The last thing Frey had on his mind was losing the support of the people just hours after he’d won it, and if that meant giving vague answers for the time being, then so be it. One thing was for certain. Cross-party meetings would begin on Thursday. Felix and the People’s Party had three precious days to correspond with the OIPs and Liberals, determine their preferred candidate, and organise the first meeting. It would be a media frenzy, and the pressure was on to provide a rapid solution so the country could return to normality and improvements could be made. Frey was willing to cooperate, but the candidates were the ones with the power. They held the key to the majority and to claiming his rightful rule over the country, but any delay in an agreement would fall on him. In the space of a few hours, Frey had gone from child-like elation at winning the Presidency to resenting the responsibility and backlash that naturally came with the job. “One last question, if I may. We asked President Duval this at the beginning of his term, and it’s only fair to ask you the same. What are the three biggest objectives of the People’s Party for the duration of your Presidency?” “This was all discussed in great detail throughout our election campaign, but for you I’ll reiterate. Our primary objective is to right the wrongs of the National Party. We will not make promises that we cannot keep, we will listen to the people, and we will create and maintain a strong, thriving country. So I suppose that’s objective number one. We hope to revive the falling industries of the country or, if that fails, create and support the growth of new ones to create more jobs and strengthen a stagnating economy. There are also intentions to increase the funding and quality of several crucial public sectors, such as health, transport, and emergency services, amongst many others. There are many services in this country that are worth paying for, and it’s our goal to ensure that they have adequate funding to provide those services at a satisfactory standard.”
  5. OOC: This RP will be taking place in the past, although I figure it's recent enough for it not to be in the history subforum. This RP will cover the 2019 Prymontian general election, from the revelation of the vote counts on February 2nd 2019 to the declaration of the government on April 26th 2019. Expect news coverage of all important aspects, alongside undercover meetings, violent public protests, political backstabbing, and the rise of a new era of Prymontian politics. 2nd February 2019 | 2153hrs PTV Broadcasting House New Halsham United States of Prymont “- and that’s why the communists have to go, they simply --” “I’m sorry Julian but we’re going to have to cut you off as we have some breaking news. George Duval, the President of the United States from the 2017 elections, has lost his seat. This marks the fatal blow of the National Party’s dreadful 2019 election campaign, as the party leader is beaten in his home constituency by Markus Olsen of the United Prymont Future Party. The Nationals will surely have to elect a new head now. We can go live to the East Bremanger constituency, with our correspondent Anders Randen. Anders?” “Yes Julia, we’re live here in East Bremanger, having just witnessed George Duval losing his seat to Markus Olsen. The National Party ranked fourth overall here, behind the Liberals, the People’s Party, and of course the victorious UPFP. Mr Duval was gracious in his defeat, but we expect that the end is near for the National Party as they deal with losses throughout the country. In a historically National constituency of eight thousand people, Duval lost his overwhelming majority and received only nine hundred votes. “Despite this amazing win for the UPFP, we don’t believe it’ll be enough for them to take the challenge to the People’s Party, who are currently in the lead with 39% of the seats throughout Prymont. There aren’t many constituencies left to reveal their vote counts, meaning that both the UPFP cannot overcome the gap to the People’s Party, and that the People’s Party have not reached the majority threshold to claim the government.” “Thank you Anders. We now go to Rock Island North, where our correspondent Helena Antonsen is with the People’s Party leader Felix Frey.” “That’s right Julia, we’re here with Felix Frey who, if he can find a coalition partner, will likely be the next President of the United States. It’s been a great success for you in your home constituency Felix, but unfortunately for your party, the statistics aren’t in your favour and you most likely won’t have enough for an outright majority. Where do you go from here?” “It has been a great success and I feel very honoured and lucky to have been voted as the representative for Rock Island North. I would like to thank the voters throughout the country who have unwaveringly supported the People’s Party, and want to tell you all that we’re dedicated to bringing you a better Prymont. Your voices will not go unheard. As for where we go now, we will wait until all of the constituencies have been finalised before taking the next step. I understand we won’t have enough for a majority on our own. The US has never been in this position before so as we enter these unchartered waters, we will need to tread carefully and be straightforward with the voters. That’s our utmost priority right now.” “Are there any parties in particular that you’ll be hoping to side with, and any to avoid?” “Like I said, it’s hard to say until we know the full story, and I don’t want to tell you something without being sure of it first. The people of Prymont have been lied to enough over the past year and a half of George Duval and his cronies, and we have every intention of laying out the entire truth to our voters, who naturally deserve nothing less. The People’s Party will work quickly and we will work hard to find a suitable partner that mirrors our views and will ensure that the people’s voices are heard. We have every intention of doing things right and quickly creating a government so we can get to work.” “Some very neutral words there from Mr Frey, which unfortunately doesn’t tell us a great deal. What we have learned tonight though is that Prymontian politics will never be the same again. The People’s Party will be scrambling to find suitable coalition partners before their month is up, by when the country will be sent to the polling stations once more in the hopes of creating a majority government. Be sure to stick with us here on PTV1, as we bring you live updates from constituencies across the United States.”
  6. Travel bans issued to @PyeMcGowan and @North Dniester amidst violence and civil unrest CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued travel bans against PyeMcGowan and Dniester. The recent report of fourteen assassinations in the former, with a coup building in the latter, means that the United States no longer feels that it can guarantee the safety of any tourists that visit those countries. Refunds for holidays already booked are being issued, and Prymontian nationals currently holidaying or residing in these nations are being offered free return travel at the earliest opportunity. The Foreign Affairs office has been busy in the handful of days that the government has been active, with Minister of Foreign Affairs Julian Nordeng criticising a recently published "propaganda" piece from Dniester, ranking local and relevant countries by their freedom. The report is heavily financed by Dniesterian organisations and many have accused it of severe bias. Nordeng sent an open letter to President Zieminski yesterday and quickly received an unsavoury response. It is believed that this souring of the already tense relations between Prymont and Dniester contributed to the issuing of the travel ban, but the official statement places full responsibility on the ongoing civil war. A travel ban still exists to Poland-Lithuania, which was implemented over a year ago in March, after violent protests swept the nation. Travel agencies fear that the ban will never be lifted, and have expressed concerns regarding the length of the two new restrictions. Nordeng has assured travellers that the ban will only be lifted "when the country is deemed entirely safe and rid of any risks that could pose a danger to the safety of Prymontians". No planes will be departing the United States for PyeMcGowan or Dniester, as travel bans are issued with immediate effect. Prymontian recycling companies offer to take @Variotan waste BREMANGER, SØRFORT - The CEO of the Prymontian Waste Company (PWC), Kevin Hoem, has extended a deal to Variotan 'trash king' Hennie Mankepoot which, if agreed upon, would see thousands of tonnes of Variotan waste being brought to the United States to be dealt with in an environmentally friendly, efficient manner. Mankepoot made Variotan headlines recently after proposing that the country creates artificial land in the Keelpijppassage by placing cubes of compacted rubbish into the waters. Mankepoot wants to bridge the gap between the Variotan mainland and the Lukinagrad dependency, but Hoem stresses that this could have dire environmental effects. "The idea that such an advanced and intelligent country could even consider this proposal is very worrying. I've been at the forefront of waste management and recycling for two decades with PWC and the benefits are clear for all to see. Less than 1% of waste in Prymont goes to landfills, and that's because companies like PWC are taking in waste to recycle it and dispose of it in a green, environmentally conscious way. Everyday products in the United States can be made from recycled materials that we create from everyday waste, items ranging from pencils and paper to coffee cups and clothing. There's the potential for us to go to Variota and show them how it's done, but they've got to be aware of the damage that careless waste disposal has on the environment, and more importantly, they've got to care enough to change the mindset of the people and be proactive in recycling." The PWC, which is 20% owned by the government, wants to receive Variotan waste to keep their Prymontian factories running. The United States' recycling and waste disposal plants are having to send workers home early as there's simply not enough rubbish to process. While recycled materials can go on to make other products, they can also be used to generate electricity, reducing the need to rely on harmful coal and nuclear power plants. Disclosed reports from senior PWC personnel also shows a desire to expand abroad in the hopes of getting rich from rubbish. PWC employees sort through a batch of waste, sending different materials to be used for different recycling purposes.
  7. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to apologise for any language below that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive. The following is an open letter from the United States of Prymont's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julian Nordeng, to the country of @North Dniester. President Zieminski, A recent publication emerging from your country, the ‘Dniester Freedom Index’, has been brought to my attention. After a careful review of the ranks and their reasoning, I would like to clarify some confusion that you may have. In the Dniester Freedom Index, or DFI, the great United States of Prymont has been ranked ‘third least free’, with the simple reasoning of “evil imperialist”. While the United States may be perceived as a country that practices imperialism, I would like to inform you of our official stance, which states “the United States of Prymont is dedicated to ensuring peace and prosperity throughout the Canamo neighbourhood, the continent of Argis, and the entire world”. Labelling such a free, welcoming, supportive country as an evil imperialist is a sad case of misinformation and ignorance. However, it is to be expected from a country as belligerent and backwards as your own. I also note that the DFI ranks the United States below countries such as Bulgenstaz (or Bulgenstatz, as you prefer to incorrectly call it), Faramount, Ahrana, and yourselves. I would like to take the opportunity to point you towards the Mundus Liber Institute’s own Freedom Index which, while also corrupt, ranks the United States as the third freest country, behind our equally free friends Variota and Iverica. Perhaps you may find it beneficial to open a communication channel with the Institute, to share knowledge and gain a greater understanding of how to collate and rank information that defines a country’s freedom. I am certain that you will need the help. Additionally, it’s important to recognise the sources of funding for the DFI. Organisations such as the Dniesterian Presidental (sic) Foundation, the Bulgenstatz (sic)-Dniester Friendship Foundation, the Dniester Army, and other Dniester-based groups all contributed towards this malevolent propaganda campaign. The fact that you would willingly disclose this information is laughable, but the typing errors and overall amateur appearance of the report is utterly embarrassing. I would like to thank the writers, editors, and proofreaders of the DFI, for exposing your country for the pathetic liars that you are. I strongly suggest that you rescind your report, and I expect an apology to be issued promptly. May I remind you of the prominence of the United States in the Canamo neighbourhood, and that severe consequences await those who spread fake news and false propaganda. Your friend, Julian Nordeng Minister of Foreign Affairs
  8. @Alenveil I'm happy for someone to mention archaeologists from Prymont visiting to inspect. If anyone wants to go into a bit more detail, they're more than welcome to message me on Discord to discuss it. Sorry I'm not around to write about it, it seems an interesting RP.
  9. You joined the region a month ago and already want an expansion? First of all, they've got to be earned. You can't do that in a month. It takes time and patience. Firstly, I'd like to see you write about your existing land. You haven't touched your news feed since getting on the map, and only wrote the required 3 posts to get onto the map. I think you should focus on that before looking at more land. Let's see what Kirvina is all about, first. Secondly, I'm quite concerned about the timescale. You want to add at least a third more land in three months? I hope you realise that, once Kirvina has consumed this Duchy to your south, you're not done and dusted. Integrating a new territory into an existing country takes more than three months, and completing the expansion by then would only result in a rushed, disappointing thread. Take a look around at some examples of other expansions and see how long they've taken for the land they've acquired. Here are just a couple: I get that you've got big aspirations for this Aurelian League, but that doesn't have to be done by tomorrow. This is a region that prides itself on quality writing and great storytelling, neither of which can be done in a handful of months. Take some time to write about the land that you've already been given before plotting out more.
  10. Bit of an iffy time for Prymont right now. With the elections coming up in February, it'd be awkward for a President to slice the land up one way, as the parties are against each other to win more seats and would cause a right ruckus about it. I'm also stupidly busy IRL and don't have much time for checking the forums, never mind writing, so having the thread right now wouldn't work on my end. If people (just the three of us, as FdL is gone and Eurofuhrer is very AFK) are happy to wait until around February, I'd be happy to crack on then. If not, I don't mind it being elsewhere.
  11. Prymont

    Project Canamo

    Fort Sarov | 1510hrs 30th November 2018 Port Sarov The Prymontian Rus OPERATION OVERLORD: PART I "USP Air Force reports have just come in, sir. They match up with SO/AR's intel. Looks like the swine really is hiding in Lozovre." A slim brown folder was placed on Thor Rønning's desk, his slender hand reaching out to slide it across. The gentleman brushed aside a few stray locks of his silky golden hair as he peeled the contents out, splaying them across the surface before him. There were a few enlarged, grainy photographs, accompanied by a brief report from the USPAF. Just a handful of documents were enough to put a smile on his face, something that Arkady Gorshkov hadn't seen in a long time. "This is definitely him?" "Yes sir. The Air Force checked it over several times. All of the pictures confirm exactly what SO/AR told us a few weeks ago. You can see a few soldiers stationed outside that farmstead, and we've reason to believe that something important is being held in the barn, probably some weaponry and loot." Gorshkov leaned across the table to point this out for his superior, who nodded along to the comments. "The heightened militant presence isn't something we've seen since Salonica. They're not Sarov boys; they're only along the canal and in Kedrovy right now. There's nobody else it could be." "Of course. And the Air Force won't authorise an air strike?" "Doesn't seem likely, at least from the conversations I've had with them. They say it's our problem now. They don't have the funding for it, and with their elections, I doubt more military spending would be a popular move." "Even though it's a cleaner, safer way for it to happen. f*ckers." "I know. There's no other support we can call in. It's going to have to be on us. Shall I get on the phone to Yegerov, ask for some money?" "You're going to have to. It's the only way." As Rønning began digesting the report, a plan began to unravel itself in his mind. The Battle of Salonica had been the bloodiest fight the Sarov had ever seen, and hadn't been successful without civilian casualties. Combined with the Pokrovsk massacre and the murder of a telecommunications expert in Zolotinka, the public were very tense concerning military action. Even though the Sarov Resistance Army, now the Prymontian Rus Sarov Army, weren't directly to blame for any of those incidents, the public didn't know any better. The Prymontians had steamrolled into the country, acted without thinking, and ingrained an everlasting sense of fair into the general public. Whenever they saw the uniform, curtains were closed and doors were locked. Terrified mothers would call for their children when soldiers were out on patrol, shops would be locked up and barricaded - people would even rather hide in their car boot than be seen by an army man. What the USPGF did had ruined the Sarov's reputation in their own country, and instead of being seen as who they were, the protectors, they were seen as the spawn of hell. It was as if they'd assumed the roles of the very terrorists they'd set out to kill, all through actions they couldn't control. And now, the very people responsible for that fear, that horror, wouldn't help them. The Prymontian armed forces were on damage control after quelling the threats in the former Hellenic Rus, and were essentially grounded until the election took place in February. The National Party were too afraid of spending another penny in the military budget, so as not to hurt their chances of re-election, so for the time being, the Prymontians were of no help. The PRSA hardly had any funding of their own either, and had to request it on a case by case basis from the office of the Premier himself. Yegerov was still too busy securing his own position to declare his cabinet, which meant everything had to go by him, from transport proposals to welfare appeals to foreign affairs. A political bottleneck ensued, and so the PRSA found themselves as useless as the USPGF. Nevertheless, such a lead was not going to be given up to political spaghetti so quickly. Plans for an operation of this importance, of such magnitude, had been in the works since day one of the coalition's involvement in the broken country. The end goal of Project Canamo was to clear out the Circle of Death and revive the country, and while that'd been largely accomplished, this would be the icing on the bloodied, battered, and bruised cake. A small portion of money had been set aside for this very day, and while it wasn't much, it'd at least be a start. Surely, they could make some moves, enough to be noticed by Yegerov, which would pave the way for further funding and allow for a clean, swift action. For now, the equivalent of a few thousand Prynds would have to suffice. As Arkady disappeared from the portable cabin that acted as the commander's office, Thor would make some calls of his own. His first point of contact would be to one of the several Canamo Camps, where a large majority of the Sarov soldiers were stationed. Perhaps fifty from each camp would be requested, a quota that would easily be met by the eagerness of the troops to participate in such an operation. Once he had a firm number from there, he'd get in touch with Colonel Nilsen of the USPGF at Camp Kedrovy, where most of the Prymontians were based. He'd request some assistance from his men, for an 'urgent operation'. This request would be denied on the grounds of being too vague, and not wanting to waste resources when the Sarov were responsible for military operations now. This was to be expected. Rønning purposely kept his cards close to his chest, knowing that help would be denied. Keeping the mission quiet would prevent Prymontian intervention, and considering how that eventuated in the Battle of Salonica, Prymontian intervention was the last thing he'd want. If the job was successful, he'd then have the pride of showing the Prymontians that the very Slavs they'd rounded up to do their dirty work were now the superior force in the country. With three hundred men travelling from the Canamo Canal, and a further two hundred from Port Sarov, any losses to the army would be minimal. However, based on their intelligence, five hundred would be overkill. Many of the remaining Circle of Death stragglers had fled to the southern countryside after their defeat in the capital, and had presumably regrouped at Lozovre. While the intelligence would usually be trusted, Rønning was anxious. Dorshuyar Medvedova, the leader of the Circle of Death, was not a man to be underestimated.
  12. To: Reemy Loopentlant, Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant From: Iskander Yegerov, Premier of the Prymontian Rus To Minister Loopentlant, I thank you kindly for your warm letter of congratulations. It is incredibly humbling for myself, my party, and my country to receive such a genuine letter from a respected country, as Het Huisselant very much is. The advice and encouraging words you have provided are greatly received and appreciated - it is important for me to heed that advice, as it has clearly done wonders for your great nation. It is now vital that, in these early stages, opportunities are taken to form great bonds and bring the Prymontian Rus out of it's sad, impoverished state, and into an era of prosperity and power. As the last foreign minister of the former Hellenic Rus state, I would like to take the opportunity to apologise for the actions of my former country. They were hopeless, brash, and frankly ridiculous. It came as no surprise to see the state finally fall to what was only meagre opposition in the Circle of Death, but after months of hard work and determination, that plague has been ridden from the land and we can now start anew. As mentioned, it is deeply humbling that Het Huisselant has taken the first steps to correct our mistakes, and I will gladly relish this chance to create something magnificent between our countries. It is true that my people have suffered, and they are suffering still. It has been a trying year for them, but it is promising to see them remain so determined and motivated to succeed and play their part in rising their nation from the ashes. Despite the best efforts of myself and my party, there are still millions of people enduring hardships, whether that be through unemployment, loss of family members, lack of opportunities in life, or a combination of all three. I now have the opportunity to mould the Prymontian Rus into a country that rewards it's citizens and gives them something powerful and redeeming. I thank you for offering to take this step with me. The prospect of working together with Het Huisselant is a very tempting one, and one that ultimately cannot be passed upon. The Prymontian Rus has many things to learn from such a diplomatically experienced country, one rich in strong political decisions that only hope to improve the lives of their people. The economic gains also cannot be ignored; I understand that there are Variotan companies waiting to invest in my country, which has great potential to return profit and provide cheap labour. Many of my people are struggling with unemployment, and it would be rather selfish and ridiculous of me to deny them jobs with such prestigious companies as yours. As such, it would be my honour to allow a Variotan embassy in the Prymontian Rus. I will raise this matter with my fellow representatives in the coming weeks, and will inform you of any progress in due course. For now, I wish you only the best. To our great Alharun friends, Iskander Yegerov Premier of the Prymontian Rus
  13. @North Dniester No problem with that on my end, now that the civil war isn't going ahead. Makes it easier for me and @Ahrana to whip you into place.
  14. @Neo-enclave You're not going to be chosen for this. Conserve your efforts for proper writing, something we're yet to see from you.
  15. I'd love to get involved in this somehow, as it seems like a cracking RP rife with good writers, but Prymont wouldn't be able to justify more military action after taking over the Hellenic Rus and then the Verde Blockade earlier in the year. Hopefully we get a solid conflict RP that doesn't crumble in the early stages like others have. What I'm interested to know is who @Derthalen will call on for support. 4 vs 1 will already be an almost insurmountable challenge, but if it becomes 6 vs 1, Derthalen stands no chance. I understand @Rihan could get involved but even then, 6 vs 2 doesn't go. Anywho... anyone need some planes?
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