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  1. Happy birthday young Sir. Many happy returns! 

  2. PRYMONTIAN RUS SPECIAL Oil companies lobby for government to consider boundary review POINT KANAMOI - Leading oil companies in the Prymontian Rus have joined forces and written to the government to request that they formally review the northern border. Prime Oil, Husky Energy and SF Energy have been utilising the rich oil and natural gas deposits in Point Kanamoi which borders the Canamo Sea, but are unable to utilise further generous deposits in the northern lands due to the lack of an official territorial claim. The existing Prymontian Russian borders prevent resource exploitation throughout the entirety of the Canamo Bay, and it's understood that executives of the energy companies are keen to interrogate the inland sea just north of the Prymontian Rus as well. The letter, written initially to the Commissariat of Energy, has received an official response from the Commissariat of Internal Affairs. Matthew Sergeyev has promised to review the situation in close cooperation with his Energy counterpart Eugene Matveyev, but has made no further comments and declined to elaborate when probed by PNN. Expanding a nation's borders is not as simple as proclaiming sovereignty over a slice of land anymore, and matters are worsened by the fact that the crumbling, twisted Germanic Staat maintains a questionable claim over the area in question. Drilling activities in Point Kanamoi have been a driving factor in bringing down fuel and energy prices in the Prymontian Rus and the United States since 2018, and the benefits have also been seen across Argis with cheap energy being sold throughout the Canamo neighbourhood while @Iverica maintains a presence in energy collection. While the United States continues to push renewable solutions such as wind and solar energy and promotes greener lifestyles, the Prymontian Rus continues to rely on traditional methods of power as it regains its place on the wurld stage. An off-shore drilling rig, operated by Husky Energy in the Canamo Bay, pictured in January 2020. Prymontian Rus Sarov Army opens doors to female soldiers CAMP KEDROVY - Women and equality supporters across the country are rejoicing after the government introduced a landmark act allowing females to serve in the Prymontian Rus Sarov Army. The Armed Forces Equality Act was passed by Leopold Evdokimov, the Commissariat of Defence in a bid to increase numbers of the army. Five hundred soldiers have already been deployed to Estaria as part of the coalition PRUSPET project with the United States and a further two thousand have been earmarked for future deployment. With the Canamo Canal still requiring patrols and Circle of Death pockets continuing to pop up in the southern regions, a greater military is required to protect the nation. β100 million has already been set aside for the construction of segregated barracks, unique training regimes, and to fast-track proficient soldiers into commanding positions. It's understood that women will be able to serve in the same ranks as men and will be seen as genuine equals by law, although the reality in such a male-dominated sector is yet to be seen. Women will also be free from the compulsory two years of service required by men when they turn 18. It's not sure why this is, but it has caused unrest amongst certain male equality groups who claim that if women are seeking equality, they must adhere to the same set of rules as men. While the act only applies to the army, it's understood that similar motions are being forwarded for the navy and air force if there's enough interest to justify such expansions. Equality campaigners have praised the government for implementing the decision directly rather than allowing it to be congested through parliament, and now urge the government to take further steps and ensure equality across the entirety of the Prymontian Rus' armed forces. Women have previously served in the Sarov Resistance Army, albeit in an unrecognised capacity. New Pokrovsk high-rise housing estate approved POKROVSK - The war torn city of Pokrovsk is on the rise, and is set to receive a significant boost from the government after plans were approved to construct a new housing estate consisting of six high-rise apartment blocks. Much of the city's architecture was brought to the ground during the war against the Circle of Death in 2018 - Pokrovsk was the centre of several scuffles between coalition forces and the terrorists and saw tens of thousands of civilian deaths. After his election success in 2018, Premier Iskander Yegerov promised to resurrect Pokrovsk from the ashes, and is now following through on his pledge. Plans were revealed earlier in the week to construct a group of six tower blocks, each housing 217 flats. The blocks will soar almost 100 metres into the sky, offering prime views of the revival of Pokrovsk and what is earmarked to be an area of mass development as the Prymontian Rus itself rises from the ashes. The estate will cost an estimated β240 million, with a further β40 million set aside for leisure and retail units. The towers will introduce a more modern standard of living for Pokrovsk residents while also taking up very little land compared to standard terraced housing. Preliminary work has already begun on the site, and the first building is expected to be complete in 2023. A model of one of the towers shown to local civic planners, featuring an external elevator and stair shaft.
  3. I think we've reached a fair compromise then. I'm happy with the points raised by @Orioni. There's still an air of uncertainty regarding the definition of EOS and how that fits into the treaty though. As long as EOS backs down and allows equal zone management as proposed, I don't think there'll be any problems since there have been no issues thus far. However, since Wayanor has agreed that EOS is predominantly a military organisation, if anything fishy were to happen in the future there'd be a strong case to boot EOS out altogether. This allows EOS to remain involved in Antargis, but also allows future drama and hostility. In conclusion, all sounds good. Remmen will be pleased.
  4. Michael Gove as Oliver Remmen, Minister of Energy & the Environment.
  5. Things are getting heated regarding the frozen continent. Remmen has made some direct points, although I've tried not to word them too harshly. @Orioni, where is the room for compromise? As it stands we're at a stalemate. EOS is breaking one rule while enforcing others. Perhaps it'd be an easier pill to swallow if you had two segments of Antargis to manage rather than the proposed one? Ultimately I don't see it as acceptable for EOS to maintain such a stronghold over the continent, as interesting a plot point as it is. This should be fair for everyone. As much as I'd love for the HQ to be in Prymont, Remmen would accept it going to Orioni - as long as it resolves the issues.
  6. As soon as Remmen took a seat his aide leaned over with a sly grin. She was already in deep shit for her lackluster editing of the wurld map to display the zone management propisition, so she may as well continue digging her own grave. "What about the Seylosian?" she whispered as Salvia's Dr Varazzo rose to speak. "Why didn't you tell me that before I'd finished?" Remmen groaned as he wondered how to remedy the fatal error once he next spoke. "You seemed to get into a rhythm, I didn't want to disturb you." Remmen gave her the cold shoulder as he took note of Varazzo's amendment, which was very fair all things considered. His proposal was short and sweet, and Remmen was ready to get up and support the proposal when @Orioni's Tobiya Wayanor took centre stage. What came out of the delegate's mouth was the largest, fattest piece of tripe he'd ever heard. Remmen recalled the tripe his grandmother made; it was a favourite dish of hers, but to him it was vile and repulsive, much like what he was hearing from Wayanor. The man was shooting down valid proposals on the foundation of EOS taking advantage of a very vacant audience in the previous meeting. Unfortunately for him, Remmen was not about to roll over and obey his every command like a dog. Oliver Remmen took to the podium, cleared his throat, and began his response. "Thank you Dr Varazzo, and Mr Wayanor for your comments. Before I make any response I hope you don't mind if I briefly apologise to Commodore McKellar. The treaty would wholeheartedly support Seylosian involvement and the morals and focus of your government fall in line with the aims of the treaty. We'd be very honoured for you to become a fellow signatory today. I would be interested to speak with your scientists in Llalta regarding the discoveries they've made about ice breakup in the north pole. Since we're effectively in the north pole now, there's room for some research collaboration that could be very useful in comparing how climate change is affecting the north and south poles. Furthermore, I'd like to remind you that while farming tests on a very small scale would be fully acceptable in Antargis, we would prohibit anything on a larger scale in the fear of it disrupting the environment. Overall, we'd be happy to have you. My apologies again. Now Dr Varazzo, your suggestion is something I can get behind and would support as long as it is supported by the others. However, we may have a hurdle to overcome before we can get that far." Remmen turned his attention to Wayanor and stared at the man for a moment as he contemplated his response. He leaned forward slightly on the podium, his piercing scowl an attempt to unnerve a man who had... well, a lot of nerve spouting such rubbish. The Seylosians and the Salvians had come with excitement and anticipation to join what was a great treaty, and while he was certain those pesky Variotans had sinister motives they were outwardly just as warm and receptive as the others. Tobiya bloody Wayanor had the nerve to throw a spanner in the works, when Remmen was making progress in leaps and bounds. Even his own aide, who had been difficult and careless in her role, squirmed in her seat. The atmosphere in the room had turned from one of hope to one of hostility. The Minister had to take a further moment to compose himself and swallowed the strong urge to throw an insult. He was not Julian Nordeng. He would use his words to overcome his opponents rather than belittle them, although he wished he had Nordeng by his side to unleash a barrage of insults anyway. "Mr Wayanor... I'd like to point out that you have failed - no, refused to redefine the EOS. As it stands, the organisation continues to be seen primarily as a military alliance, and that strictly contradicts point 2.4 of the treaty, as I've already pointed out." The prohibition of any military projects on the continent of Antargis "I appreciate that you respect the rules of the treaty, and as such I know you'll agree with me when I say your stance against reorganising the zones based on points 6 and 8, as you kindly pointed out to us, is completely invalidated by point 2.4. A military organisation has no place on Antargis as agreed by all signatories. You're also keen to remind us that President Duval was a founding member of the treaty, and in turn, I shall remind you that he has not been a member of parliament for over a year. President Duval made many mistakes, and allowing the treaty to develop in such a way is one of them. I hope that today we can correct that mistake." Remmen took a moment to collect himself and regain his professionalism. He took a sip of water, referred back to the notes he'd scribbled during Wayanor's ramble, and resumed. "Moving on, I disagree that the TCSI needs its zone reducing. We've made leaps and bounds since we first arrived on the continent and our progress isn't stopping yet. I acknowledge the setbacks that we have faced recently, particularly a string of failures with launching weather balloons which has disrupted our observations of the local climate. These setbacks are unfortunate and frustrating and have been pinpointed to older technology and a lack of adequate funding. Today I would like to announce that Prymont will be contributing an additional β5 million directly to the Simon Station as an act of faith and confidence in the good, honest work that the scientists carry out there. Additionally we're considering increasing the funding for the University of Canastota's environmental sciences department, which has sent many students and professors to the Simon Station, and if ratified by the budget review panel, will be available for the 2021-2022 financial year. "Finally I would like to reveal plans for the TCSI to construct a seed bank in Antargis. Prymont has already seen the successful construction of a seed bank in our northern lands which currently holds over 500,000 samples from around the wurld. This structure is essential in preserving the vital crops of Eurth, and an additional bank in Antargis would be another failsafe. A further β5 million will go towards this project directly from Prymont's pocket, and we encourage our fellow TCSI members to contribute to a vital piece of environmental preservation and protection. May I note that the EOS is yet to set foot on the continent, despite having the largest zone. Perhaps they're concerned about their abilities to succeed in such unforgiving climates? The TCSI and the United States will continue to thrive under the pressure and will not be deterred in the ugly faces of adversity and uncertainty. "Mr Wayanor, everybody here wants equal zone management." Remmen gestured to his peers who had been supportive of his proposal to divide Antargis into equal portions, and the @Salvians had even offered improvements. "Your current position is counterproductive and, by assuming such a stance, you are preventing the widespread, fair protection of Eurth's last frontier. Let us protect these unspoiled lands together." He took another mouthful of water and gathered his notes. His response was complete, but there was one last comment he wanted to make and he couldn't quite help himself. "At the end of the day, Mr Wayanor, a child can see that EOS is going against what ARTHA stands for. Let's not ruin what we have."
  7. Prymont

    Doom of Ceris

    Subic Military Port | 1300hrs 20th June 2020 Subic @Iverica In the past two weeks, the Subic Military Port had become a bustling hive of activity. A deal in 2018 between the Prymontians and the Ivericans saw the regeneration of Subic into a joint-armed forces base which would host over half of the USP Navy's vessels. This avoided maintaining an expensive icebreaker fleet to navigate the treacherous, frozen Argic Ocean whenever the USPN wanted to mobilise their forces, and also provided Prymont with a sprawling military base in a strategic strong point near the mouth of the Verde Sea. Hundreds of millions of Prynds had gone into the redevelopment of the port and while it placed Prymontian forces physically further away from Ceris, it gave them access to an established route straight into the heart of the fragmented region. PRUSPET would be taking advantage of existing Iverican supply chain routes that passed by Ceris as they served the Cussian humanitarian mission. Foreign Minister Julian Nordeng had called ahead to his Iverican counterpart to check that these routes could be utilised by PRUSPET forces in preparation for his document, which had been incredibly cohesive and detailed in an uncharacteristic move for the minister. The investigative report had also detailed the deployment of forces, both armed and humanitarian, and plenty had been passing through Subic in the past week on their way to Estaria. Two black unmarked Esé Vidorra's arrived on the scene. The Vidorra was a KAP K6 SUV with a redesigned face to fit the Esé brand and a β5,000 price drop. Tinted windows protected the occupants from prying eyes, now rendered unnecessary within the safe confines of the military port. Defence Minister Fabian Thorvaldsen and Foreign Minister Julian Nordeng exited the vehicles as they parked up underneath the shade of some cargo containers by the docks. These containers held food, clothing, and structural supplies that would be used by PRUSPET's humanitarian forces to rebuild and reinvigorate Estaria. It would be an almighty task to rebuild a nation on the verge of collapse with the ever-present threat of a terrorist group, but it was nothing the Prymontians hadn't already dealt with in the former Hellenic Rus. Nordeng cast his eyes over a Sarov company as they boarded an Iverican ATD. Rugged 4x4s and camouflaged trucks were driven onto ro-ro ships while overhead cranes worked to load the cargo into holding bays on sealifts. It was a well-oiled operation and Thorvaldsen watched in shock and awe as he tried to comprehend that this was the brainchild of Julian Nordeng. The man had proven himself to be utterly useless in his term up until now as he busied himself with insulting close allies, neutral neighbours and any nation with a hint of socialism. How he'd landed the role of Foreign Minister had bewildered not just Thorvaldsen but the entire country, and perhaps it'd caught Nordeng off guard too. Now he was unprepared and unprofessional no longer. The wurld would see Nordeng in a different light from today. The air hung hot and heavy around Subic as the cabinet ministers emerged from their cars. A sticky, lingering humidity made Nordeng long for the refreshing air conditioning he'd just left behind in the Vidorra, and before the doors were closed behind them he threw his suit jacket into the back of the SUV. Meanwhile Thorvaldsen, as cool and collected as ever, donned a pair of sunglasses and basked in the summer heat. "I still can't quite believe you did all of this," Thorvaldsen said as the cars drove away. Nordeng wasn't quite sure if it was a compliment or an insult and faltered slightly before responding. "Well, I, err, you know... thank you for helping. I don't think Frey would've taken me seriously if you hadn't have read the report." "I still don't think he's entirely sold on the idea. This could turn very expensive very quickly." "Don't worry about that, the foreign aid budget is covering the humanitarian response and the defence budget is more than adequate for fighting off the Sentists. Plus we have the Ivericans lending a hand, I know they have some new toys they want to play with. We'll be in and out within a year, don't you worry." "I'll hold you to that Nordeng. Have you read your script?" The pair began walking towards an Iverican frigate, the backdrop of which would be used for a PNN interview. While the nature of the visit to Subic was to oversee preparations for the arrival in Ceris, it was also to be used as a sly propaganda campaign in reassuring the people of Prymont that this wasn't to be a deadly war that they were entering. PRUSPET was purely a humanitarian and peacekeeping effort, despite the vast military presence that was planned. Taxpayer money would not be going to waste. "Yes, of course I have, it's -" Nordeng felt for his notepad, only to realise his jacket was now in the back of a car he might not return to. "Bollocks, I left it in the car. Oh well, I'll be fine." "You'll be fine as long as you're not yourself." Thorvaldsen's words were harsh but true. Countless times had Nordeng embarrassed the Ostport Independence Party and the Prymontian government with his absurd interviews, often throwing in tangents about eradicating socialism and promoting good, honest Prymontian values throughout Argis. PRUSPET was a step in the right direction towards a new, refined Julian Nordeng, but the man had not proven himself yet. Nordeng scowled at the comment but didn't take the bait. He was well aware of his public perception, and was keen for this operation to take him from the butt of all political jokes to a well-respected figure in Argic politics. They approached the camera crew who were setting up their equipment in front of the frigate. Thorvaldsen shook hands with the reporter and made small talk while Nordeng relished in the shade that the frigate provided. He took a moment to appreciate the giant hulk of refined metal and high-tech electronics before him. This vessel was one of many that was making his idea a reality. He recalled the phone conversation he'd had with Iverican Foreign Minister Desdemona Tomas-Morra to arrange the collaborative effort. Oh, what a woman she was. Boldly spoken, strikingly confident, and ever so endearing. The day he met her at the inaugural ATARA conference was a day to remember. Back then he was merely a delegate, a nobody, but now he was her equal. Not only would he impress politicians back home with his organisational skills and mastery of foreign politics, but he'd impress Ms Tomas-Morra too. Ultimately, that was his only goal. Nordeng was torn from his dream-like state by the piercing shouts of an Iverican naval officer. He'd been stood in the way of something, and while he couldn't speak a word of the language beyond nachos and salsa he could understand flailing arms and an angered voice. He skipped out of the way, returning to the safety of Thorvaldsen who had stifled a chuckle at his predicament. "Minister Nordeng, Victoria Iversen. Pleasure to meet you." The reporter offered an outstretched hand which Julian accepted with a warm smile. "Thank you for coming. Err, you can edit out my sweat stains can't you? Too bloody hot this country, I tell you," Nordeng lifted his arm to reveal a growing damp circle. He recoiled at the stench and held his arms tightly against his body. He wished he'd kept his jacket. "We'll be going live in just a moment minister. I'll start with how this operation came to be as we discussed." "Yes that's fine. Fab, do you have a handkerchief I can borrow? I left mine in my jacket." Before Thorvaldsen could even deny Nordeng's pleas the reporter informed the Foreign Minister that they were going live in seconds, leaving Julian Nordeng to appear sweating like a pig on national TV. "Thank you Jesper. I'm here at the military port in Subic, Iverica where PRUSPET has joined forces with the Ivericans as they prepare to make landfall in Ceris. I'm joined by Foreign Minister Julian Nordeng, as well as Defence Minister Fabian Thorvaldsen," The reporter addressed the camera with a calm, collected ease, brushing aside the sweltering sun that made Julian drip with sweat. He stood by uncomfortably, suddenly unsure of where to look while Fabian waited besides him, as cool as ever with a confident expression behind those sunglasses. "Foreign Minister, let's start with you. Why exactly is the United States joining forces with the Prymontian Rus to enter the conflict in Ceris, and why is that mission starting from here in Iverica?" "The Foreign Office has been keeping a close eye on the ongoings within Ceris since the conflict started last year. We believe that there may be links between the Sentist terrorist organisation and the Circle of Death, which we have worked tirelessly to quell in the Prymontian Rus. The Sentists continue to grow in size and power and no longer could we stand back and refuse to help. We've already dealt with the Circle of Death, and very successfully might I add, so it made sense to offer a helping hand to one of the more struggling Ceriser nations while simultaneously joining the combined effort to defeat a vicious terror group. We're working with the Prymontian Rus, who are providing soldiers from the Sarov Army, since they have recent, first hand experience in fighting the unpredictable, unorganised Circle of Death. If the links our intelligence reports claim are true, then the Sentists won't be much different. "As for kickstarting the operation here, the Iverican foreign office got in touch with us to discuss the landscape around Ceris and to offer logistical support, since there are existing routes used by the Armada in the area. Ultimately the operation was always going to begin here considering the vast military presence the United States maintains in Subic; the Ivericans lending a hand is just an added bonus, and an opportunity to work with a close ally that we couldn't deny." "Why have you chosen to move into Estaria? @Variota has implemented itself within Zaspa - wouldn't it make more sense, and be much cheaper, to provide assistance there?" "If we only worked with the Variotans then somebody else would have to step up and help Estaria. It's a small country suffering from mass overpopulation and widespread famine, alongside political instability from a crumbling dictatorship. Much like we did with the Prymontian Rus, we're stepping in and helping a falling nation to get back onto its feet and overcome threats from terrorists. It's a situation we're familiar with, and it would be morally and ethically wrong to ignore their cries for help. While we're on the topic of Zaspa, I'd like to say that we will be helping the Variotans too. It's another chance to work with another great friend of the United States, and to bring stability to Estaria we must ensure the neighbours are stable and peaceful too." "The people of Prymont are very aware of the promises made during the People's Party's election campaign of not raising income tax throughout the duration of this parliament. Prymont's involvement in the Hellenic Rus cost the country billions. How will Estaria be any different?" "Well, both myself and Mr Thorvaldsen are not from the People's Party and we didn't make those promises so maybe you'll have to ask the Prime Minister about that one," Nordeng chuckled at the chance to make a dig at his party's coalition partners, "but we would not be carrying out this operation if it were not financially viable. Many lessons were learned from the Prymontian Rus operation and many mistakes made then will not happen again. PRUSPET has been financially ratified by the Treasury, and we're utilising assistance from the Prymontian Rus and Iverica to reduce our own public expenditure. I understand the good people of Prymont are concerned about where their tax money is being spent, and I can assure you that operation reports will be made public once PRUSPET withdraws from Estaria, detailing where every last penny has been spent and showing the people that we are not throwing money down the drain." "What is the end goal in Estaria? What exactly will PRUSPET be doing, and what's the expected timeframe?" "The end goal in Estaria is to bring peace and prosperity to a struggling nation, and to eradicate the threat of the Sentist terrorists. PRUSPET will be working with the Estarian government to keep the people of Estaria safe while rebuilding the country from the ground up. There will be a significant humanitarian effort since Estarian public services have effectively been dissolved over the past twelve months, and we will be reintroducing a sense of democracy and order in the country to allow Estaria to thrive and prosper. As for the timeframe, I don't see this taking any longer than twelve months." "Finally Foreign Minister, why is it Prymont's responsibility to help Estaria?" Nordeng paused for a moment to consider his answer and wipe the sweat that was now pouring from his forehead. Being interrogated by the media was not how he'd have liked to spend his time in Iverica, particularly under the belting heat of the summer sun, but it was a necessary evil in gaining public trust in PRUSPET. "Any responsible, thoughtful nation would help people in need. We've already seen countries from across the wurld come together to provide aid to Ceris. We are joining them because we care." Victoria Iversen turned her attention to Thorvaldsen while Nordeng scurried away to find a cold, wet rag to wipe himself down with. Ideally he'd also find an icy cold beer to celebrate a successful interview. For once, he hadn't berated the commies. He truly was a reformed man, and this reformed man would produce a reformed Estaria.
  8. Coalition task force formed between United States & Prymontian Rus to deliver aid to Estaria RETTENMYR - In a press conference in Vanndal House this morning, Foreign Minister Julian Nordeng sat with Prymontian Rus' Commissariat of Foreign Affairs Leonti Degtyarev to announce the formation of a coalition aid organisation that will provide humanitarian support and political stability to the Ceris state of Estaria. The Prymontian Rus - United States of Prymont Estaria Taskforce (PRUSPET) will also include assistance from the Prymontian Defence Office and the Prymontian Rus Commissariat of Defense, who will be providing military protection against the Sentist terrorist group that is currently overwhelming Ceris. PRUSPET will promise food, clothing, and construction materials for shelter, as well as political and economic stability to the 17 million inhabitants of Estaria, who are currently undergoing overpopulation and famine crises. With the looming threat of Sentist disruption, PRUSPET has been formed to step in and bring a sense of reassurance and calm to the area. PRUSPET will soon depart for the Prymontian military base in Subic, @Iverica, before making footfall in Estaria. Foreign Affairs Minister Julian Nordeng had the following to say regarding the operation: "These are tough times for the people of Ceris, who have been struggling against the ever-growing Sentist threat. With the recent detonation of a bomb in Liechnenfax, it was my moral responsibility to make a move and promise help to Ceris. The state of Estaria is particularly vulnerable, and as the Sentists move westwards, we need to act fast to protect the island from succumbing to these despicable terrorists. With our friends in the Prymontian Rus, PRUSPET will ease the problems of overpopulation and famine in Estaria while providing some much needed protection against the Sentists." A super high density tower block in Estaria, built to shoddy safety standards to accommodate the ever-worsening overpopulation crisis. Aamotech's Nålestråle grounded indefinitely as safety investigations continue RETTENMYR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - Aamotech Aerospace CEO Lucy Aamot has confirmed that Montair's six grounded Nålestråle supersonic jets will remain on the tarmac for the foreseeable future as her company works to investigate and fix the plane's flaws. An April flight from Intreimor to Rettenmyr saw an electronic failure which prevented use of the canards, causing an unstable and precarious landing. The Nålestråle project has been hit with setbacks from the very beginning, and this could be the final nail in the coffin for what has ultimately been an unsuccessful attempt at rivalling Aerospatiale's Concorde. Aamotech engineers are reportedly bewildered and have had to call in help from @Gallambria's GAe Systems, which provided engineering and financial support in the final phase of development. Aamot was unable to provide a timeline of when the problem could be fixed and the plane's returned to airworthiness. Prymontian flag carrier Montair is now said to be moving towards legal action to recover lost costs surrounding the grounding of the plane, including ticket refunds and drafting in substitute planes. Prymont's last remaining aircraft manufacturer was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2018 before being saved by a merger with Erik Bruun's KAP Group, forming the formidable Kaldestad Aamot Group which has gone from strength to strength. Bruun has noticed that Aamotech is failing to meet business targets and is threatening to pull the plug on the company altogether if changes are not made. Recent setbacks with the Nålestråle could mean the end for Aamotech, making it essential that a solution to this problem is found sooner rather than later. One of the six grounded Nålestråle jets at Rettenmyr International, which may not return to the skies again. Review of Prymontian armed forces commissioned to Iverica INTREIMOR, IVERICA - PNN has learned that Defence Minister Fabian Thorvaldsen has commissioned the Iverican Ministry of Defence's Office of Strategic Study to carry out an external review of the United States' armed forces. The Office of Strategic Study will be given free reign to poke around the Army, Air Force and Navy to suggest cost-cutting measures in time for the highly anticipated budget review in October. Despite the announcement of PRUSPET which will unexpectedly be a costly manoeuvre, the Defence Ministry is looking at reducing funding for the next budget to streamline the armed forces for efficiency. Prymont shares a rich, close military relationship with Iverica. The countries came together in the Argic Wars and the Mediargic Missile Crisis. The Canastota-Intreimor Missile Countermeasure Initiative went on to become WARD, a staple of Western Argic aerospace defence, and have continued their relationship through TRIDENT and most recently the Verde Blockade and the founding of the joint military base in Subic. Defence Minister Thorvaldsen said "when it was decided that we'd be extensively reviewing the military, it made complete sense to me to commission the Ivericans. They've one of the best armed forces of the New Wurld and there's plenty we can learn from them." The Office will be closely following the progress of the Prymontian forces in Estaria as they seek to restore order and fight off the Sentists. Notes will also be taken from the Hellenic Rus intervention which saw Iverican forces working closely with the USP Ground Force and the now-disbanded Elite Prymontian Defence Force. It's rumoured that the Prime Minister is seeking to free at least β10bn from the military budget while keeping the United States adequately armed - certainly a formidable task for the Ivericans. The Battle of Salonica, 2018, which flared relations between Prymontian and Iverican armed forces. "We'd like to hit our targets early", says Transport Minister Jakob Bakketun when questioned about fossil-fueled transport VANNDAL HOUSE, RETTENMYR - Transport Minister Jakob Bakketun has told his peers that he'd like to hit Prymont's green transport targets early. The minister was questioned about the progress of Prymont substituting its diesel-powered trains for electric replacements and went on to discuss other modes of transport too. 60% of trains running in Prymont are powered by renewable means, according to the United States Rail Company which manages the country's railroad network, with the remaining 40% being diesel-fuelled internal combustion engines. Bakketun informed his fellow ministers that the USRC were reviewing the benefits of the electric trains and discussing budgeting and replacement plans for the remaining diesel locomotives, but was unable to provide further insight. Bakketun then went on to discuss cars, of which 22% are now powered by green means. The Ministry of Transport has been pouring money into widening its electric recharging network across the country, and has been issuing grants to KAP to develop batteries with longer ranges to rival distances capable by traditional means. The previous government promised that the United States would have an entirely green road network by 2035 and Bakketun has informed ministers that this government will keep that promise, and ideally beat it. Currently there are several incentives for purchasing new electric cars, such as zero VAT, zero road tax, and free home charging point installation. However, the Transport Minister acknowledges that more can be done, and has promised that further changes will be made for the 2021-2022 budget which is currently being discussed by the review council. The minister said "it's important for us to ensure that Prymont remains at the forefront of environmentalism, renewable energy, and low pollution levels, and that means reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible and ensuring that as many vehicles in the country as possible are powered by pollutant-free means. We're promoting the research and development of not only electric batteries, but hydrogen fuel cells too, and we hope to bring you further developments and good news very shortly. Prymont is already a healthy place to live by air pollution levels and we're dedicated to improving that even further." The Transport Minister hopes that such scenes of pollution and smog will be a sign of the past sooner rather than later.
  9. Prymont

    Doom of Ceris

    Cabinet Meeting Office | 0940hrs 9th June 2020 Rettenmyr House Rettenmyr United States of Prymont "... and we'll be commissioning a review of the armed forces very shortly. It's looking like that'll be handed over to the @Ivericans. The budget is all sorted for that, I've set aside just short of β2.5 million." "Good, what did we say, around the end of June that'll start?" "Yes Prime Minister, it'll be underway by July." Prime Minister Felix Frey nodded as he added the military review to his schedule for the last cabinet meeting of June. He'd check back up with Defence Minister Fabian Thorvaldsen to make sure everything was proceeding as promised, but the entire cabinet had quickly learned that Thorvaldsen was a man of his word. He knew his industry well, having served in the armed forces for several years before moving to a career in arms manufacturing, and not once did Frey doubt that he was the right man for the job. He was certain he could essentially ignore the Ministry of Defence for the rest of his term and at the end of it all, they'd come in ahead of schedule and under budget. With cuts to the defence budget looming, this was exactly the calibre of minister he wanted in the position. "Excellent, thanks Fabian. Err, I think that rounds things up, so unless anyone has anything else they want to discuss then we can head off to the canteen - they've got these fresh cream cakes in, you won't want to miss out on them." The Prime Minister closed his laptop and began collecting his notes as the room rose from their seats and erupted in pockets of discussion. One minister remained seated and attracted the room's attention upon clearing his throat. "I have something else so sit back down you greedy buggers, you're not paid to eat cakes." A collective moan came from the cabinet as they settled back into their seats, their satchels still slung over their shoulders as a reminder of their desperation to snag a cream cake before they sold out. "Yes, Mr Nordeng?" Frey acknowledged Julian Nordeng with exasperation, hoping that they weren't overdue another tirade about how communism was sweeping over Argis and how they had to act fast and send him on lavish holidays disguised as diplomatic meetings so he could feel important. "I've been reading the news lately, and-" a few ministers made no attempt to stifle their laughter at the thought of Julian Nordeng paying any attention to current affairs, "thank you gentlemen, and it's hard to ignore the crisis in Ceris. I know it's beyond our sphere of influence but it got me thinking - it doesn't have to be beyond our sphere." Frey leaned forward in his seat as a wave of disbelief overcame him. Was Julian bloody Nordeng about to speak sense? "What are you getting at, Julian?" "Well, I know we're meant to be cutting the defence budget and all, and we've got important stuff at home to worry about such as the canal, but I thought we could maybe step in and lend a hand in Ceris. There's one country in particular, Estaria I think it is; massive famine sweeping over the country in the midst of a population crisis. The place is going to shit I tell you now, but we have a good chunk of the foreign aid budget left and it'd get me out from under your feet for a while..." "Sorry Julian, are you suggesting that we throw away millions, possibly billions of Prynds at a problem that's nothing to do with us? Did you learn nothing from what happened in the Prymontian Rus? Getting ourselves involved in situations like that is bad news, especially when we have election promises to meet. Reducing our expenditure doesn't mean spending more money. If you have leftover budget, bloody save it." "Prime Minister, with all due respect I don't think you understand what's at stake. Countries from far and wide are getting involved in Ceris. You've got @Tagmatium Rules, you've got @Seylos, and you've got more commies than I can count. Clearly Argis is the place to be and we're in the middle of nowhere. We get ourselves a slice of the pie, look like the good guys who are helping to ease overpopulation and resolve a famine, and we get a nice little seat smack bang in the middle of a political hotspot. Here, I've done some homework, you read through this and tell me what you think." The Foreign Minister pulled a thick wad of paper from his briefcase, slapping it on the table and sliding it towards the Prime Minister with a proud grin. The front page was rather bland for Nordeng. When he got excited on a project he often went overboard with WordArt and ClipArt, but this was simple bold lettering prefacing a genuine document. He was ready to delve into further explanation when Felix Frey held up a hand, stopping him in his tracks. "Julian, I won't entertain this. We don't have the money and we're not getting invol-" "I will," Thorvaldsen piped up, reaching across the table and retrieving the paperwork. "Err, if you don't mind, Prime Minister," his eyes met Frey's as he sought approval from his superior. He realised that by accepting the documents he was subverting the leader of the land, and that was a move that may not play in his favour. However, after a moment's consideration Frey nodded almost reluctantly. If a man as competent as Thorvaldsen was willing to dedicate the time to slog through the mess that Nordeng had concocted, who was he to refuse? If approved, this would undoubtedly be a monumental operation for the Defence Office. If Thorvaldsen gave it the nod, then surely it was worth it. "Thank you, Fab. I can call you that right? I'll buy you a cream cake for this. Would you rather a scone or a chocolate eclair?" The Hawk's Office | 2245hrs 9th June 2020 The Capitol Building Salonica Prymontian Rus Premier Iskander Yegerov stifled the umpteenth yawn of the night and reached for his coffee in a futile attempt to stunt the exhaustion that was sweeping across his body and making his eyelids feel like they were made of lead. The role had no set working hours, but his personal rule of never working beyond six o'clock in the evening had quickly gone out of the window. Bringing the country from its knees back to the global stage had been a task Yegerov didn't really think he was capable of, but somehow he was managing it. A large part of that was down to his working hours which he didn't feel he was fairly compensated for. Every living, breathing moment of his day was spent running this godforsaken hellhole. There was no respite, no time for golf, no time to see his children, not even any time to smoke a cigar with his trusted advisor and right hand man Varg Alme. Work ran through his veins and crippled any life he'd held before assuming the title of Premier of the Prymontian Rus and he was beginning to resent it. The piercing trill of his phone ringing shook him from his quasi-slumber. His secretary had long gone home - she was lucky to have set working hours - and very few people had a direct line to his office. His blurred vision was unable to interpret the number, but someone bothering him at this time of night had to be important. He clawed for the phone and brought it to his ear. "Who is it?" His dull, monotone voice asked. "Good evening Premier, it's Fabian Thorvaldsen, Defence Minister." "You're not my Defence Minister." "Of course I'm not, don't play with me. I don't call you very often, Premier. Please spare me just a moment." "What do you want? Why are you calling me at this time of night?" "I appreciate that it's late but I don't particularly want to delay this conversation any longer than necessary. This morning our Foreign Minister -" "Julian Knobhead?" "Yes, he handed me a file that caught my attention. I'm sure you're aware of the crisis in Ceris and we've identified a candidate for assistance -" "You're going to assist them like you assisted us? Shall I call ahead, tell them to expect massacres and incompetency in return for handing over their freedom and self-respect?" "Premier, stop interrupting me and f*cking listen. Pull your head out of your arse. You're running the shitty Slavic version of Prymont, you're in no position to piss me about." Thorvaldsen took a moment to gather himself after his uncharacteristic outburst, a moment which was filled with silence. For once, Premier Yegerov hadn't interrupted. His words had been harsh, but he'd earned the respect of the man he sought an audience with. Insulting the Premier and getting away with it was a luxury typically only awarded to Varg Alme and Yegerov's wife, but Thorvaldsen was not to be trifled with, especially when his bed awaited. "Excuse me for that... I appreciate that it's late and you'll want to retire shortly so I'll save you the details. In fact, I'll forward you the email now... there we go, you can read that at your leisure. In essence, we need to rally the troops and form some sort of Estarian Task Force, Estaria being the country we've set our sights on." "We? Why do you need my help?" Yegerov saw the pop-up notification appear on his screen and scanned through the email as he listened to Thorvaldsen. "Frey is only approving the operation as long as we keep spending as low as possible, and that means I can't deploy as many troops as I want to. I don't suppose you'll have, say, five hundred of your Sarov boys lying around waiting for some action?" Yegerov breathed a prolonged, heavy sigh. He knew exactly where this was going. Perhaps it was less to do with budgeting and more to do with the Sarov being the higher skilled force, but Thorvaldsen wanted his help and he had no good reason to refuse. Deploying the Prymontian Rus Sarov Army would help keep them slick and ready for any conflict at home, and they weren't doing much other than lazing about the Canamo Canal and gallivanting after imaginary pockets of Circle of Death survivors in the south. A change of scenery and pace would do them good, but Yegerov wouldn't let them go easily. "You're cocks and I hate working with you. What's in it for me?" "Oh I don't know Premier, your men stay fighting fit and you get some recognition for doing some good in the wurld once... Plus, the country is suffering from some incredible overpopulation. We can take the @Variotan route and send some of them over here, give you a bigger workforce and more innocent souls to scam some taxes from?" Thorvaldsen was playing all of the right cards. It didn't help that Yegerov yearned for his bed and this phone call was the only thing between him and an all-too-short sleep, but he couldn't hold out any longer. "You're lucky I'm in a good mood. You'd better hope this email isn't full of shit. Get a flight over here and we'll talk." "Thank you Premier. Sweet dreams." The line clicked and Yegerov let out another sigh as he set the phone down. He rubbed his weary eyes and sat back in his chair, wondering what he'd just committed to. It'd been a tactical move from Thorvaldsen, a man who had been trained to know his enemy and to target any weaknesses. It was no secret in the elite circle of Prymontian politics that Yegerov was a grumpy fart that often worked late into the night, and catching him just before he left the office was part of the plan. Leave out the details, secure a promise, and figure the rest out in person. Yegerov would struggle to sleep as he thought back on the conversation and the contents of Nordeng's plan while Thorvaldsen would be the one having sweet dreams.
  10. I've planned to claim the land south of the Prymontian Rus shortly for the Canamo Canal so that would make me an interested party in this. I was going to say that due to other RP activities I didn't really want to get involved since I'd be too busy to dedicate some time to it, but then a certain @Iverica said this I'd be interested in getting involved in the capacity of the pirates being sheltered in the Prymontian Rus. It's already a dodgy country and that only adds to the questionable antics. Perhaps the pirates could find a safe haven in the Prymontian Rus as long as the government receives a share of the stolen goods. Of course, any involvement would be denied by the government but it allows the angle of a bad guy in the RP, which I'm happy to assume.
  11. Could New Halsham be renamed Rettenmyr, and Manitou removed altogether for the next update?
  12. Oliver Remmen was delighted to see such participation. Unfortunately the United States had been unable to attend the last Antargic Council meeting due to cabinet issues immediately after the election, but he'd seen on the news that it was effectively an @Orioni echo chamber. Clearly the treaty had needed a change of pace, and bringing the meeting to Prymont had been a step in the right direction as far as interest went. Mr Wayanor from Orioni had made some interesting comments; progress on their icebreaker fleet sounded positive, but Remmen and his aides were saddened to hear the news of the passing of a Walter Sandiego. Remmen wasn't quite sure who that was or why he was so important, but it was not good news nonetheless. Their simulations on the future of Antargis were rather concerning, and the Minister made sure to draw particular attention to that in the debrief after the meeting. Delegates from @Salvia and @Seylos largely said the same thing - they were interested in moving to Antargis, establishing research bases, and playing a role in the treaty. To that effect, Remmen felt little need to address many points regarding those two nations. However, the Seylosian commodore did mention crop research, but that was nothing a little clarification couldn't settle. Finally there was the woman - at least, he thought it was a woman - from @Variota. The Variotans were good friends of Prymont, but they were bloody weird. They were also rather concerning, and not just because they were strange people. Time and again their actions had proven to disregard the environment in favour of political and economic gain. Minister Remmen recalled two incidents that stuck out in his mind - the completely barbaric practice of whale hunting, and the rather absurd suggestion of creating new landmass in the sea with rubbish. While Dr Fantuitlant hadn't said anything outrageous just yet, her intentions were edging towards being regarded as questionable and he was keen to nip that in the bud before their wacky ideas progressed into reality. The Minister of Energy & the Environment remained silent after the Seylosian had sat down, taking the time to sort his notes and allow another diplomat to take the spotlight. Once nobody else took the opportunity Remmen himself rose, straightening his suit and shuffling his notes before beginning. "Thank you all for those very thought-provoking, insightful points. I'm glad to see nations across the wurld are taking this treaty seriously and are excited to join us on this journey of exploring and preserving Antargis. Now before we talk about the TCSI or zone management, I'd like to address some points raised by each of you. "We'll start with Mr Tobiya Wayanor. Firstly I'd like to congratulate the Orionese on the development of your icebreaker fleet. Your supply vessels have been crucial in delivering goods to the TCSI's Simon Station and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To see such collaboration between so many nations is very promising for the future of not only Antargis but the wurld. As for your helicopter problems I'd be happy to refer you to Aamotech, who I'm sure will have an answer for you. Drop me an email afterwards and we'll look into that. "Regarding your simulations... err, they're a bit confusing, to say the least." Remmen rubbed his temples as he recalled the simulations Mr Wayanor had presented. Complete and utter nonsense, although he couldn't quite say that. "I wonder if there is some inaccuracy in your technology? We have been stationed on the continent through the TCSI for almost two and a half years and we've not noticed anything that drastic. Our own simulations also do not correlate with yours, so there's some further investigation to be had there. Regardless, it does make a very good point of reinforcing what's at stake. If we are not careful, Antargis will end up looking like those simulations. An increase in global temperature, rising sea levels, and a decrease of Antargic landmass is not good news for our collective future. We must tread carefully and protect this continent at all costs. "There was also a question regarding non-signatories I'd like to address. The TCSI maintains a zero tolerance stance on non-signatory involvement on Antargis, whether it's in line with the treaty or not. The treaty is here for a reason - it ensures we're all playing by the same rules and working towards the same goal. Any nation or entity working on Antargis without the approval of the treaty will be condemned appropriately." His voice had turned stern and determined as he spoke about the action against non-signatory involvement on Antargic land. Naturally it was something the Minister was very passionate about, and his tone remained as he moved onto his next point. "I'd now like to ask you a question, Mr Wayanor. Before this meeting myself and my team searched through the national foreign affairs archives and we got in touch with the Orionese embassy. Neither were able to provide us with a satisfactory answer so I'll ask you directly. The only way I can see the EOS being defined is as an organisation that is predominantly focused on military activities. To be blunt, I don't like this. Antargis should be free of any military involvement, and as per the treaty," Remmen paused while his aide flicked to the appropriate page in the ARTHA booklet she'd brought, "take your time... here we are, err... prohibition of any... yes, the prohibition of any military projects on the continent of Antargis. Could you either clarify the ultimate overarching goal of the EOS for me, or if not, promise me today that the EOS will remove itself from the treaty and any future involvement in Antargic matters?" It was a bold move to call the Entente out to their face, but it baffled Remmen that nobody else had done the same before now. The EOS went against everything the treaty stood for, and despite their actions being productive and adhering to the treaty so far, he was worried about any ulterior motives. A military alliance working its way into a strictly scientific situation could only mean one thing, and Remmen wanted to make sure nothing shady happened on his watch. After a sip of water and turning a page in his notebook he was ready to continue. "Err, Dr Varazzo, I'll come to you next. Let's just say the treaty would be honoured to have Salvia join us. It's been wonderful to see the country grow and prosper since you've rejoined the global political stage and while I'm sure this will be a big moment for your country, it will also be a big moment for the treaty. The United States and the TCSI would fully support a Salvian research base and we'd be happy to share with you the lessons learned from the Simon Station. We'll get to zone management later, but I don't think I could walk away from this meeting without sorting something out with how the land is split up. Currently I admit it is very unfair, so don't worry, we'll get to that. "Now we'll go to the Variotans and Dr Fantuitlant," Remmen glanced down at his notes and had to stifle as laugh, bringing a fist to his mouth and forcing a cough to recover the momentary lapse in professionalism. Upon seeing the doctor rise from her seat to talk he'd written 'what the bloody hell is she wearing' and not much more. Fortunately his aide had been better prepared and covertly slid her notes over to help. "Sorry, just getting my notes straight... ahm, it's reassuring to hear that you are eager to protect Antargis with fervour upon signing the treaty and being allotted a slice of the pie to manage. I do support what Commodore McKellar has said about the continent, in that it is not to be viewed as a new piece of land under your own flag, and instead as a loan from mother nature. We promise to protect and preserve Antargis, and nothing more. Here, write that down," he gestured to his aide, tapping his finger on her notepad, "that'll make a good headline. We're here to protect and preserve Antargis." "I don't think it'll make any headlines, Oliver." "Just write it down please. Sorry doctor, where were we? Yes, erm, the Antargic Treaty welcomes one and all, as long as their actions are strictly scientific and do not harm the environment. The treaty will not be changed to allow any other sort of involvement and I'm sure you'll understand and appreciate why that is. As I've already said, any wrongdoing on the continent will earn itself an appropriate response. I'm sure Variota will do the right thing and join us today to ensure no harm comes to Antargis." With all queries and comments hopefully settled, Remmen was ready to press on with the agenda. Despite having updates regarding the TCSI's progress in the Simon Station and their future plans for the continent, zone management was clearly more important, and what better way to tackle the elephant in the room than head on? Oliver paused briefly, pondering the best way to truly fight an elephant, but dismissed the thought as quickly as his mind had conjured it - he was the environmental man of the cabinet. He'd leave fighting matters to the defence office, and would probably grumble that elephants should be left alone rather than fought head-on. "I think now is a good time to move on and, since it has been mentioned by some of you already, we should probably look at how we manage Antargis." He snapped his fingers at his aide who worked frantically at her laptop's keyboard to pull up an image. "Any time today, don't worry, not as if we have important people here... yes, here we are." A map of the wurld appeared on the screen behind Remmen and he wished he'd never turned around to see it. It was crudely made, as if his aide had only spent five minutes on it and didn't care for professionalism or making good impressions. He shook his head in dismay before returning to his notes, muttering curses under his breath in Standard Prymontian and hoping that his guests weren't too knowledgeable on the local words of expression. "Well, that's something isn't it? You'll have to excuse my aide's graphic abilities. Despite how it looks this treaty won't be invading Aurelia or Marenesia anytime soon. Look, you get the idea. We split Antargis up into twelve easy, equal blocks. Everyone gets their fair share this way. Currently there are seven signatories of the treaty, and if we induct three nations today then we reach ten. The TCSI already has an operational base on Antargis so we'll make that eleven, leaving one empty space which, ideally, we do exactly that - leave it. It can be left for a future signatory or if not, I doubt there'd be many issues with the TCSI assuming a watchful eye over the remaining zone. "The benefit here is that everything is equal so nobody can complain. Well I suppose you can complain since the landmass isn't all that equal but it's not like we're going straight to the south pole, right? All we need is some coastal access and you can have yourselves a nice research facility. What this also allows is for us to create a further twelve zones by splitting the existing zones up equally, so if there was ever an influx of signatories we could handle it no problem. If a current signatory wasn't maintaining a presence on their zone then it could be split up to allow another signatory a piece of the puzzle. It's clear, it's simple, and it's equal. I don't see a better way of going about it." Remmen took a seat at last, satisfied with how he'd handled the various comments and remarks and rewarding himself with a fresh glass of water. His aide, on the other hand, would be getting nothing but a bollocking afterwards.
  13. Prymont

    The Canamo Canal

    The Canamo Canal is set to be one of Prymont's most significant economic achievements in modern times. The country's economy had skyrocketed after abandoning socialism in 2017 and trade agreements with countries across the wurld were established. While the takeover of the former Hellenic Rus had been questionable at the best of times, it did mean the United States could significantly lower fuel prices due to the new access to copious amounts of crude oil. The Prymontian Rus also granted them access to the Mediargic Sea, which was something the country so sorely needed. A canal was a new dream - no longer would the United States have to rely on an expansive fleet of icebreakers to work through the unforgiving waters of the Argic Ocean, and once captains began refusing to sail to Prymont, they had to turn to air and road cargo. Finally, there was the potential to link the Canamo to the Mediargic and forget the woes of relying on the road networks of @North Dniester and @Ahrana or the high cost that came with air cargo. Sea trade was a possibility once more, and with a promising economic outlook, it was coming at the perfect time. At least, that's what the Ministry of Transport told the people. They conveniently left out that the economy had slowed as the estimated completion date of the project came and went while the canal was nowhere near ready. The icebreaker fleet had been retired for over a year, meaning that sea trade in Prymont was virtually dead. The country needed this canal but it just wasn't coming together. The blame was initially placed on building contractors. They'd come from mainland United States and refused to work in the Prymontian Rus when health and safety standards began to fall. Firm nudges from the Prymontian Rus Sarov Army were unsuccessful and a legal battle loomed. Fortunately there was an abundance of unemployed workers in the Prymontian Rus who were chomping at the bit to get back to work and earn some money. They were trained up, new machinery was purchased, and construction continued, albeit at great expense. Construction of the southern portion of the Canamo Canal by the Mediargic Sea. Recently, the troublemakers had shifted from homeland workers to local villagers. The canal was set to carve through countless towns and settlements and while the people were constantly reminded of the eventual benefits due to the upturn in footfall and the potential to create 'canal cities', there was still significant unrest. Homes were destroyed, communities torn apart, families turned on their heads, and for what? So one country could access the rest of the world? The people of the canal had been open to discussion and consideration, but when their planning committee meetings and objection tribunals were ignored by the Prymontians, they turned vicious. The Sarov were already having a tough time policing the area. They could do without the risk of a civil war. To make matters worse, the money was drying up fast. The canal had turned into a financial sinkhole and now the government had committed this much there was no turning back. Money trickled in from @Iverica and @Girkmand but the vast majority of the project was paid for by the Prymontian taxpayer, and cuts were being made wherever possible to ensure election promises were met of freezing income tax. The Prymontian Rus had ruled out any funding from the start since they already had access to the Mediargic, as did Dniester and Ahrana, and there was nobody else to benefit from the canal. Prymont had to pick up the slack, but they themselves were slacking. Political and economic commentators had picked up on the slowdown of work carried out on the canal. Criticism was thrown at the government left right and centre for committing to an overwhelmingly expensive project that was unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, since the Prymontian Rus had Mediargic access. The scheme was dubbed an excellent way to burn money and drown the hopes of the taxpayer in a better, cheaper tomorrow. Petitions with tens of thousands of signatures were submitted to the government asking for reviews and explanations only to be forgotten about through filibustering. Interviews were sidetracked as journalists queried representatives on the canal's progress, only for empty promises and vague answers to be issued. We're on track, we'll get there eventually, the opening of the canal will mark a great day for the United States. Many words could describe the canal, particularly those of a colourful vocabulary, but 'great' was not one of them, at least in a positive context. Perhaps a great failure, or the People's Party's great scam, but certainly not a great day for Prymont. Up to now, the canal had been a great waste of time, money, and effort. Would putting it right be worth it, or would it be best to leave as an eyesore, a permanent reminder of the incompetence and impossibly high hopes of these lowly northern dreamers?
  14. As briefly discussed yesterday on Discord, I think I'd let to get involved in this RP. Thanks to the help of @Seylos I've set my sights on Estaria. Prymont will be searching to increase its social and political standing in the wurld by increasing foreign & humanitarian aid efforts. Estaria is described as a massively overpopulated country suffering from famine and political unrest. Prymont will form a coalition with the Prymontian Rus to step in and assist - Prymont will be the majority funder in the operation by providing financial support and will participate in propaganda campaigns and politicking in Estaria to persuade the populace to side with them, while also providing military support to fight off the Sentist threat. Prymontian Rus will also provide minor military support and will be providing crops from southern farmlands to help remedy the famine. We'll be starting off in Zaspa to help the @Variotans reinforce their control in the area and to provide any required assistance against the Sentists. From Zaspa we'll quickly move west to Estaria and begin the campaign there. Assistance will also be provided by @Iverica - Prymont has a naval base in the country and Iverica has existing military supply routes in the area. Intelligence opportunities will also be offered by the Ivericans - I'll let him expand on that if he wishes to. This will hopefully soothe relations between the Prymontian and Iverican armed forces which were significantly hurt during the takeover of the Hellenic Rus (see: the mess that was the Battle of Salonica). Once established in Estaria the coalition will ease overpopulation by offering new opportunities in Prymont & Prymontian Rus, the former of which is suffering particularly from a small population. We'll also look to establish trade agreements with nearby nations to overcome the famine and promote domestic farming with tax incentives. A puppet government with roughly an equal level of autonomy compared to the Prymontian Rus will be set up (with elections obviously rigged to get Prymontian-backed candidates into power). Meanwhile we'll be building factories for Prymontian companies to seek cheap labour and creating military outposts so the Prymontian armed forces aren't so bloody far away from everyone and everything. Our close proximity to the ICEB also allows us to laugh at the commies and their farcical handling of a humanitarian crisis, because they're commies and can't do anything well. Yes, this means Julian Nordeng is back. Questions, critiques, advice etc is welcomed. I'll be looking at making my first post sometime next week.
  15. I'm not entirely against the idea of reducing Antargis in size as it will still be hospitable through research stations but I don't know why we need to drastically change how it looks other than "ew it's ugly". Perhaps some better reasoning would change my mind but as it stands, I'm for a size reduction of current Antargis. Additionally we don't need warm currents for colonies either. Beyond research facilities nobody has mentioned a desire for this in the OOC or IC threads, but I don't know how much this would affect ocean currents for something that isn't currently a major issue.
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