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  1. Prymont

    Request: PyeMcGowan

    Adding some feedback and suggestions for @PyeMcGowan as I've been mentioned here. The above link is my expansion plans for the next couple of years. As you can see, points 2 and 3 see me taking over the left side of the Canamo Sea, as it's been barren and void of RP since the new world was created. That doesn't leave much room for you around the Canamo, unless you want to slot in between myself and @Ahrana - however, @North Dniester was also interested in that area but he's been a bit inactive as of late, so you may want to discuss that with him. On the right, I've planned a massive expansion that'll take up lots of unused space, that is mostly uninhabitable - quite a large portion of it will be like Siberia. As it stands, a large part of Prymont is already too cold for year-round inhabitation, which is part of the reason why I'm expanding southwards, so slotting in somewhere northeast of my current location doesn't make much sense either. You've also mentioned being a Celtic nation, and the area around central Argis is quite Scandinavian/Slavic/Germanic, so you'd stick out like a sore thumb there. If you want to keep a cold, northern climate, there's lots of space in eastern Argis, around @Theodoria and @Astriedan.
  2. Prymont

    Thawing Summit

    The situation in the Hellenic Rus had always been a tricky one, regarding Ahrana's involvement. Initially, there had been a promise to assist from the south, which had not come to fruition. Once the Ahranaians had finally arrived in the country several months later, Duval had engineered a way that would force them out of the country in a matter of days. This was done to damage Ivanoff's reputation, and to create expenses that would hurt their taxpayers and their budget. Truly, the relationship between the two nations had previously been very toxic, and now it was time to make amends. "We're very grateful for your recognition of the United States as the rightful leaders of the new Prymontian Rus. It's been an incredibly costly exercise, and we're now seeing the drawbacks in tax hikes and funding issues. Any help that you could provide at all would be greatly received. While the capital and the surrounding areas are rising to sufficiency once again, large parts of the country are still struggling, especially the south where we're still cleansing the country of Circle of Death remnants and restoring order. Embarrassingly, we underestimated how costly this manoeuvre would be. Many charities have been established in the United States to raise funds and send aid to the needy, but we're still in need of more. The upcoming winter will be harsh, and we're quite thankful indeed for your offer. I'd be happy to take you up on that." Core then took the delegation by surprise, with her attempts at negotiating a right of passage in the Canamo Sea. The choke point between Horizon Island and the western tip north of the Prymontian Rus was vital for Prymont to retain control of those waters. Tens of millions of Prynds were spent every year breaking the ice in the Argic Ocean and creating a safe route for ships to navigate, and the government found that Ahrana were paying significantly less for the same benefits. If they wanted right of passage, it'd have to be earned. "I understand your concerns regarding the mouth of the Canamo Sea, and I'm glad you've brought it up. The former incident with Ivanoff is one that we'd rather forget. Our countries went through a tough time, and now we're on a new path, so it's time to set things right. The United States would be happy to grant you the right of passage from the Canamo Sea to the Argic Ocean without fear of blockage or invasion, so long as the Federation significantly increases the sum it pays to create a safe route through the icy ocean waters. Currently, Prymont and @Iverica utilise an extensive icebreaking fleet to navigate the waters safely, which costs upwards of thirty million Prynds annually. If Ahrana were willing to pay their fair share of the price, I see no reason as to why we can't come to an agreement. Next year, the Canamo Canal will be completed, and you will no longer need to pay for the icebreakers. Instead, the canal will create a permanently safe path from the Canamo Sea to the Mediargic Sea, which will drastically reduce shipping times and ensure that ships are safe from natural damage such as icebergs. When the time comes, the United States would be delighted to negotiate a discounted rate for the Federation to use the canal."
  3. Prymont

    The Canamo Canal

    Canamo Camp Bravo | 1212hrs 18th September 2018 Krylov River Southern Prymontian Rus "It does not look much like a canal." "That's because it's not ready yet, comrade." Sergei and Vlad, two soldiers of the Sarov Resistance Army, were enjoying their sandwiches during their lunch break as they overlooked the early progress of the Canamo Canal. Along with four thousand others, they'd been sent to the Krylov River to act as glorified security guards for the Prymontian, @Iverican and @Girkmandian workers. Their days were spent patrolling the river, handling disputes from angry locals, teaching Ivericans how to swear in Prymontian, and trying not to go insane from the boredom of it all. After fighting the Circle of Death in the war torn capital for months, patrolling a canal was quite the step back. Many soldiers struggled to stay awake during the day, and were often found snoozing under the shade of trees in the afternoon when they'd dozed off during their lunch breaks. Instead of being barked at by their commanders and forced to do press-ups as a punishment, they simply received glares and mutters of disapproval from the workers. They could live with that. Such an expensive international project required armed protection. The spearheads of the project were unable to provide that themselves, as the USPGF were still busy bringing aid to the unsettled southern lands. Sending more soldiers to the canal would raise costs further, and the public were already unhappy with the recent tax increases. So, the only solution left were the Sarov Resistance Army, who had been established in mid-2017 when the country began to crumble. Quickly they'd been rounded up and organised by Iverican intelligence forces, and were now controlled by Prymontian politicians in Salonica, who took orders from military officials in New Halsham. The chain of command was quite long, but at the end of it, the Sarov men were left to do as they pleased, so long as they didn't delay construction. Progress so far had been slow. Thousands of previously unemployed nationals sought cheap, unskilled work around the canal. While the more executive, highly skilled jobs were left to the three funding countries, the locals sought to widen the existing river and implement temporary flood defence measures to protect coastal villages. Many were trained to use heavy machinery, providing them with skills for life. Further on, engineers and geographical experts created the foundations for state-of-the-art locks and spillways, while the Muzhi gorge to the west was excavated and dredged. It was still only early days, and due to the monumental scale of the project, progress would be rather slow. "How is your cat?" "She is fine. People at the camp feed her meat from their sandwiches. She is learning to catch fish from the river. She is a happy kitten." Sergei posing with his kitten. "Have you decided on a name for her yet?" "Damian, the little boy from the village, you know? He likes to come and play with her in the evening. He calls her Tiger." "She is grey though." "She is a cat. She does not care what she is called." Sergei had adopted Tiger upon arriving at Canamo Camp B, having found her as a stray. She had been sat by the river, shaking and thin, when he scooped her up, wrapped her in his coat, and took her to his tent to share some tinned tuna. Since then, she had become a staple of the camp, entertaining the kids that visited daily from the neighbouring village and keeping Sergei cosy at night. Many pets resided in the camp, with inhabitants adopting local strays or even bringing their own pets from home. In fact, the atmosphere in Canamo Camp B was very friendly indeed, as the workers, volunteers, and soldiers all found that, while they were just here to do a job, it was better to make friends and pass the time. Prymontians brought their iconic sloe whiskey, and were the first to hand out spare warm gear on the colder nights. They told tales of being snowed in for days, and fantasised over the warmer shores of the Mediargic Sea that they'd be reaching next year upon the completion of the canal. The fiery, cheerful Ivericans were keen to share fruity wines and luxury craft beers, their vibrant accents heating up the camp in the evenings. Even the Girkmandians joined in on the fun, with their traditional ales being a cheap, easy way to make new friends and encourage some sleep. Together, the people of the canal were taught Standard Prymontian by their ever patient hosts, who would do anything to help the newcomers settle in and work to full capacity. While the ulterior motives of completing the canal for the economic and political gains loomed ahead, everyone here had quickly realised that there was more to this project than endless work. As small, diverse communities were established along the river, friendships were too.
  4. Prymont

    Flag Change: Andalla

    Prymontian cross
  5. Prymont

    Request: Karillia

    If option 1 were to go through, I'd be happy to work with @Karillia to establish some historic links between the country and the former Hellenic Rus. They've taken on a role as the 'bad guy' in the area, being on the losing side of the Second Argic War and a perpetrator of the Canamo Missile Crisis - see if that works with you. The area may also soon be plagued by a civil war in North Dniester, so it'll be quite a troublesome time. Option 2 could also work. Central Argis is filling up nicely and is also full of turmoil. Both areas would be fun to write in.
  6. @Rihan That sounds good to me. We can say October 8th, gives people 3 weeks to write about their teams and organise friendlies, and the organisers enough time to set up any behind-the-scenes workings. Regarding that, I'm happy to help run the leagues, and I'm sure @Limonaia is too. The three of us could look into making a simple ranking system, in which we take the UENA World Cup results and form some sort of ranks, so the teams that competed there perform based upon their results. For example, Iverica, who went to the finals I believe, would be more likely to beat Prymont, who failed to get out of the group stages. We can then work on updating this scoring system as we play more matches, whether it be manual or automated. The website that Orioni used to simulate results was a good starting point, but only works if teams are all on a level playing field. It's something we'd have to look into, to find a suitable replacement that takes into account team rankings and provides results fairly.
  7. Prymont

    Law of the Sea Convention

    @Faramount Judging from past experience, schedules don't work in practice. I've been part of both the ATARA and CIS founding ceremonies, as well as some ATARA lobbying event, and all of them struggled to progress despite clear schedules. The more people you invite, the worse it'll get - life gets in the way, people forget to write, they suffer from writer's block, etc... It often leads to a sloppy, half-finished RP, that only a few people remain dedicated to.
  8. Prymont

    Expansion: Prymont

    @Orioni I've already roleplayed my expansion southwards of the Hellenic Rus, as seen here: The above topic will be receiving further posts shortly.
  9. Prymont

    Project Canamo

    H3499 Motorway | 1020hrs 15th September 2018 Chekurovka Southern Prymontian Rus "f*ck. Lucas is dead." "Hm?" "Zotov. You know, the one that was covering Samburg, not far south of Salonica. Had a funny haircut, bit podgy." "You mean the one that refused to wear a ballistic vest because it messed up his tie?" "Yeah, Lucas Zotov. Shot by a rogue Circle of Death guy on the streets. The Sarov's gunned him down quick enough, but they couldn't do anything for Lucas." "I thought they'd cleared Salonica of the Circle?" "Me too. Apparently they left a few stragglers. We'll have to go up tomorrow and check it out." "We're not bringing his body back, are we? I don't want a corpse in the back of my truck." "No no no, we'll just fill the coffin with wood or something and tell his family it's too gruesome for an open casket. That's if they can afford a funeral at all, poor sods." Lucas Zotov, Samburg reporter for the Chekurovka Daily Telegraph, had been shot dead. The journalist had been reporting on the Battle of Salonica earlier in the year, and was currently travelling with Sarov Resistance soldiers to track down any remaining terrorists. His job was to report on their progress, and gather information on their motives before they were executed. Unfortunately, they'd gotten to him before justice could be served. Chekurovka was one of the largest cities in southern Prymontian Rus, home to over two hundred thousand former Hellenic Russians, and several thousand former Ascorians who had relocated to the city for work when part of their country had been bought by the Prymontians for a canal. Stanislav Nevzorov, chief editor and popular public figure, was in transit to Urengoy, not far from Samburg, to pick up a stranded reporter and meet with media experts from Salonica to discuss investment into the Telegraph. Alongside him was Max Zaitsev, a lowly photo editor for the Telegraph and the only person in the whole company who had a truck in good enough condition to get to Urengoy without breaking down, and a big enough fuel tank to make the urgent trip without stopping. Typically, Zaitsev spent his days in a claustrophobic office, reviewing photographs taken by journalists during reports and selecting which ones to insert into the Telegraph. He was oblivious to the danger his boss was usually in; Nevzorov had substantial power over what was and wasn't published, and as such, often received many demands and threats. Those from the United States were quickly obeyed, but small local pressure groups had to fight a bit harder to be heard. If that meant planting car bombs or paying for masked youths to abuse the editor's home, then so be it. Nevzorov tried to ignore the pettiness, but for a very sheltered Zaitsev, ignorance was hard to achieve. To pass the time and ease his nerves, Max found himself talking to his senior about a variety of topics; first his home life, then the particulars of photo editing, his opinions surrounding recent publications of the newspaper, and now the death of one of their colleagues. Granted, Zaitsev knew little of Lucas Zotov, but found it saddening that people were still falling victim to a crumbling terrorist organisation. For years, the Circle of Death had wreaked havoc over the Hellenic Rus. Thousands of innocent civilian lives had been lost as the group sought to disrupt the norm and push their extreme ideologies through violence and fear. Public protests were frequent and equally as disrupting before the collapse, as the people demanded more military funding for their protection. Their voices went unheard as the government struggled to source such funding, and before long, they were the next targets. As the spineless politicians fled the country to safer shores, their voters were left to struggle as they hid from evil and awaited a saviour. Fortunately, the CoD lacked any sufficient structure, and were easily dismantled by Prymontian and Iverican forces. The rescue wasn't quick however, and the infrastructure of the country was destroyed as the heroes fought for control. Jobs were lost, income disappeared, and people were left homeless and hungry. Through all of this, the Chekurovka Daily Telegraph continued printing, with their goal of providing the latest critical news never lost during the storm. The Telegraph was attacked on several occasions by the Circle of Death, mostly to cover up the carnage and spread propaganda, but Stanislav Nevzorov stayed stubbornly strong. As his staff were slaughtered, he sent images and articles detailing their ends, spreading the cruelty of terrorism and reminding his readers that help was on the way. That help arrived quickly, and order would soon be restored after the elections. The upcoming elections were a topic of mass debate within the new country. Many were unsure of who to vote for; political views were uncertain, debates were unorganised, even a definitive voting day was yet to be confirmed. Nevzorov regularly attempted contact with candidates for the Premiership, but his pleas for exposure went unnoticed. This trip to Urengoy would help to establish his outlet in the capital city, and hopefully spread some truths about the various campaigns. "You know who you're voting for?" "For Premier? I don't even know the candidates." "I'm planning on a special issue nearer the end of the month, running through everything to let people like you know." "Weren't they meant to be pushing it back a month? Something to do with the Prymontians?" "Rumour has it they want both elections to coincide. Of course, they're backing Yegerov, and probably wanted more time to rally support over the sea for him. That's where he's been hiding for the past few months. He seems very cosy with their Defence Minister." "Yege-who?" "Yegerov. Used to be our Foreign Minister. For some reasons, the Prymontians liked him enough to fund his campaign. If you went to Salonica, you'd see billboards with his face plastered across the city. I bet he has ten times the money of any other candidate." Young people like Zaitsev were common in the south, particularly in the New Lands. The north had been at the forefront of the USP expedition, but only now were the south receiving aid and assistance. The canal would bring much needed attention to the area, where the Circle of Death were regrouping and rearming, but public knowledge surrounding the ongoings in Salonica and the upcoming elections was shockingly limited. Zaitsev had something of an advantage, due to his employment at a media outlet, but millions of others weren't as fortunate. As the truck progressed north, it became increasingly apparent that this was where the money was being spent. Homes here had already been rebuilt, and normality had been restored. Towns had clean, running water, proper sewage systems, open grocery stores, and smoothly paved roads. Everyone had a job, and the streets were rather empty as all of the kids were busy in school. A north-south divide was becoming clear, and while Nevzorov heard that the canal would bring much needed funding to the south, he knew it was another politician's empty promise in the hopes of getting elected. "Who are our candidates?" "Ben Yevseyev, he's part of the National Rus Party, one of those new parties funded by the US. Daniel Abramoff is with the Socialists, I think, and Kuzma Sozonov is an independent. Not much choice in the south." "Who do you think will win?" "There aren't any polls to tell you. Nobody has a clue. It'll probably be Yevseyev, in with the f*cking Prymontians." "You don't like them, do you?" Nevzorov's silence spoke a thousand words. Initially, he'd seen the USPGF as a welcome force, one that would restore law and order, pump a bit of money into the country, reestablish the police, and then leave the country alone. Of course, he'd been blinded by his own stupidity, and before he knew it, Prymont had their feet firmly under the rug and weren't going away. It was true that they brought lots of positives with them when they arrived at Port Sarov back in January, and had worked wonders to turn the nation around in such a short timeframe. Naturally, this didn't come without suffering, and nobody knew suffering better than those in the south.
  10. Prymont

    Dniester Civil War

    @North Dniester As I mentioned on Discord, wouldn't it make more sense to put this RP on hold until you have an official map placement? I'd like to know if I need to get involved or not. If you're going to be placed between Ahrana and the Hellenic Rus, I won't be too happy with an international civil war happening on my doorstep, and will need to take measures.
  11. Prymont

    Thawing Summit

    "I appreciate the concern for your people. Thinking of them in such a way shows a great example of leadership, one that your predecessor was substantially lacking in. If you do find yourselves in the negative regarding your stock, and if we have a surplus..." Minister Schmidt turned to the President, with the two quickly sharing an understanding nod, "then, as an act of goodwill and friendship between us, the United States would be happy to sell some fish to you at a heavily discounted rate. We cannot allow people to starve, but our people must also be paid. I hope you see this as a suitable compromise, and a thanks for your cooperation." As planned, Defence Minister Grey began to talk, but was immediately cut off by the President. Grey's sharp stare went unnoticed, as Duval repositioned himself slightly to avoid him. The atmosphere in the room had started off very happily, with both sides coming to satisfactory agreements. Duval sensed that Core had been made uncomfortable with the fishing proposal, and while making the decision to allow it, the jolly mood had dropped noticeably, replaced by one of uncertainty and awkwardness. Not wanting to assault the Secretary General further with Grey's aggressive military stance, Duval aimed to calm the room once again, and placed the ball in his counterpart's court. "I understand that we've done a lot of speaking so far, and I'm thankful for the attention you've given us. Now, Secretary General, is there anything in particular you'd like to discuss?"
  12. Prymont

    Dniester Civil War

    The United States of Prymont, and more specifically Julian Nordeng, seconds this statement.
  13. @Soreana If you end up near @Limonaia as suggested, you'd qualify for the Argic & Northern Alharu league. I'd be more than happy to drop the Prymontian Rus team for you.
  14. I'll happily lead an Argic league. There are several active nations on the continent and communism seems to be a pretty popular ideology, so there will always be participants, especially in and around central Argis. I'd suggest merging Alharu, Aurelia, and maybe even Marenesia together due to the low amount of countries in each. Not too sure about Europa, as there are plenty of countries but very few are active. We'll leave that to the elders to decide. Edit: Limonaia and I have been talking in PMs, and have devised an equal system that could work with everyone's approval. ANA - Argis & Northern Alharu @Iverica United States of Prymont Prymontian Rus / @Soreana (Soreana is pending a map placement, otherwise it'd be Prymontian Rus) @Ahrana @Sayf @Derthalen @Seylos @Limonaia @Variota @Fulgistan SATAM - Southern Alharu, Thalassa, Aurelia & Marenesia @Mauridiviah @Faramount @Sunset Sea Islands @Kipan @Asgeirria @Rihan @Shffahkia @Andalla @Gallambria @Pallamara Most of these guys either participated in the World Cup, or are regularly active enough to be able to participate and write about it now and then. Of course, this depends upon everyone's approval, but we figured it'd be a good starting point.
  15. Prymont

    Prymont News Network

    Six dead, sixteen injured from plane crash at 84 South Street; structure damage deemed "not critical" OSTPORT, CANASTOTA - Six people have been confirmed dead after a light private plane crash at 84 South Street, the high-rise luxury commercial building which was due to be completed in early 2019, while sixteen construction workers have sustained non-life threatening injuries. The crash, which was caused by a technical fault and pilot illness, killed all four on-board the plane, as well as two construction workers who were on the 37th floor upon impact. All six funerals will be funded by the state of Ostport. While investigators work to recover the plane's black box and any remaining pieces of the vehicle, structural engineers have been studying the building to determine whether it needs to be demolished and rebuilt or not. Preliminary reports show that the β700 million project sustained extensive damage on floors 37 and 38. Zeckenhauer Construction, the company managing the construction of the building, have decided to remove all floors above the 34th, and continue from that point. Zeckenhauer have also confirmed that this will delay the completion of the structure until at least the end of 2019, and will bring the total cost of the project to over one billion Prynds. The company will seek insurance compensation from their insurers and the company that owned the crashed plane. An example of an L-20 Ravn, owned by Sky High Aerial Tours, that crashed into 84 South Street. Travel ban issued to @Greater Serbia, tourists advised against visiting @Sayf NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - The Foreign Affairs Office have enacted a nationwide travel ban against Greater Serbia, a central Argic country that's currently at the centre of mass controversy and criticism. Due to allegations of the Greater Serbian government killing Bosniak citizens in their borders, several countries have taken an aggressive stance against them and have promised military intervention to ensure the safety of the persecuted. @Adaptus are spearheading military action, with @Sayf declaring war against Greater Serbia. The Foreign Affairs Office have also issued travel advisories against Sayf, due to the tense military situation, but are yet to fully prohibit travel. Flag carrier Montair have stopped flights to both countries under both Montair and their luxury airline Aspelund & Horne, while their budget subsidiary Superjet will run a reduced schedule to Sayf. Greater Serbia will be the third country that Prymontians can not currently travel to. A ban was implemented earlier this year against @Poland-Lithuania as their soldiers sought to violently expand eastwards, and a long-standing ban against @Derthalen has been in place since 1996. President Duval recently met with the Poland-Lithuanian crown in hopes of improving tensions, but the ban was not uplifted. It is also believed that politicians will be debating the lifting of the Derthaler ban in the coming months, as the two countries seek more neutral relations. The Holy Empire is currently constructing a railroad that will span central Argis, and will connect the United States to dozens of countries by rail. Scenic Greater Serbia; Prymontians will no longer be able to enjoy these sights due to the travel ban. Quieter, faster, safer, more efficient engines already being developed for Nålestråle, says Aamotech FORT KANACKY, VERANDI - Aamotech Aerospace's Nålestråle has become a global phenomenon since its release in June, as the fastest commercial airliner to ever soar our skies. Faster than the Concorde by 200mph, it has broken records for the fastest flights between Prymont and several other countries, such as Iverica, Girkmand, Variota, St Francoisbourg, and Limonaia, and will be attempting many more in the near future. However, many concerns were raised about the plane, specifically surrounding its engines. In collaboration with @Gallambria's GAe Systems, who helped develop the Nålestråle, Aamotech hope to drastically improve the four turbojet power units used on the jet by 2020. Noise will be reduced so flying over residential areas will be more appropriate, speed will be increased to further cement the jet as the fastest commercial plane in existence, emissions will be reduced to minimise damage to the ozone layer, and efficiency will be improved to use less fuel and lower ticket prices. Aamotech CEO Lucy Aamot says "there are very exciting times ahead for Aamotech. Supersonic travel is such a fascinating reality, and we're determined to make it work like no other." The Nålestråle landing at a Lysienne Republic airport, breaking the Lyrie - O'polis record previously held by the Concorde.