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  1. Prymont

    Aamotech Technologies

  2. Prymont

    A Great Europan Collapse

    @Seylos Fleur de Lys is an inactive nation that I would like to invade, if we were to go ahead with this plan. If you want something constructive, @Adaptus has mentioned going to war with any New World nation that wants involvement in Europa. I don't fancy that. It'd be interesting to hear a definitive administrative stance on where we stand with CTE'd/old, unused nations, though. With the current issues surrounding Vocenae and Fleur de Lys, I'm hesitant to make a final decision on whether I'd want to be involved, because it could just bring people who have long left the region out of the woodwork to ruin some good RP. That's not fair at all. I'd wait to hear the executive decision on where the community stands with such an issue before progressing.
  3. Prymont

    A Great Europan Collapse

    I'd like to invade Fleur de Lys.
  4. Prymont

    Trackname Game

    Rudimental - Feel The Love (Woz remix ft. Childish Gambino) Proper jam, this is.
  5. Prymont

    Coronation Celebration

    To: Prince Aidan Redmond of @Seylos From: Foolish Bandit, voted Best Party-Goer of the Year 2009-2017 Aight Posh Boy, My man Georgie D (George Duval, President of the United States) linked me up with your invite after he couldn't attend. Said he was too busy babysitting his neighbour's cat or something, so he's sending Prymont's next best thing, which is your boy. Officially I don't have any of these fancy titles, although it's a bit shocking that I haven't been given one yet. Doesn't matter though, as everyone knows me as the Prince of Prymont, and any successful party needs me. Congrats on being the first kid your mum plopped out. I'm told that being a king isn't too hard - all you need to do is sit in your big chair and go smile at people now and then. No big deal. You say you're already with a lass, but I'd keep an eye out for those mad ones up your north. They're a bit wild, and not in the good way. I wouldn't be surprised to see them kidnap your girl and send their own in her place, but if that happens, don't worry. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy in Asgeirria that does some back alley genetic modification, and they'll have any imposter looking like your girl in no time. Mates rates too, innit? Get my man a good deal. I'm down to nip over to Seylos when you have your big do and hang out for a bit. Bandit's got you covered too, big presents on the way. Would've liked more notice so I have more time to buy and ship them over, but I'll do my best. Got in touch with the unpaid workers from Fulgistan and made some deals to get the sh*t moved. If it comes early, and you'll know when it does, just throw some meat out for it and clean up any sh*t. It gets mad if it's dirty. Anyway, I'll see you in a bizzle. This was at some other royal party last year. Don't remember who it was to be honest, or anything from that night, but that's when you can tell it was a good night.
  6. Prymont

    EurthVision Song Contest 2018

    The entire audience held within the OstportX Arena watched on with baited breath, joined by the millions tuning in around the globe, as representatives from each participating nation declared their votes. The images were displayed on the large screen on centre stage, which had been utilised by several acts throughout the night. At the end of every points declaration, the audience cheered and clapped as natives supported their country. As the night progressed, it was turning out to be a very close race. The inaugural EurthVision had been a fun, vibrant night, despite the low participation. However, it was incredibly promising to see that only six contestants had filled out the OstportX Arena, with a capacity of 20,000, and it was reported during the night that tens of millions of viewers were watching at home. A lighthearted song contest had quickly involved into an international spectacle, one that the United States were proud to be the first hosts of. After the Prymontian delegate, the Digital, Media, Culture, and Sports Minister Brooke Weitz had announced the scores given by the country, hosts Natalie Rødland and Jonas Riis took centre stage once again to confirm the results, announce the winner, and round up the show. After waiting a few moments for the applause to die down, Rødland directed their attentions once again towards the projected images behind them. A blank table was shown, with six ascending slots - this would finalise the positions of the participants, and eventually declare the winners. "In sixth place, the first result of the night is... the Kingdom of @Cristina! Insanguinata and their heavy rendition of Vendetta netted Cristina ten total points. What a valiant effort!" "Next up in fifth place, receiving seventeen points overall... is Mannfred and his song, Looking For Freedom, representing @Girkmand!" "Now, here's where the results get very close, ladies and gentlemen. In fourth place, only two points behind the winner, with twenty two in total is... Kokega, singing Give It To You for @Orioni! Go girl power!" Rødland is delighted for the girl group, and will later go on to celebrate with them in the after party. "And the first contestants on the podium, after an enthralling, unique performance, will be... SYSTEM EURTH, performing for the @Sunset Sea Islands with their song Synthetic Society! Congratulations on earning yourselves twenty three points!" "What a fantastic show by the SYSTEM EURTH guys, right? Now, finally, in what is an unbelievable event at the top... the two remaining contestants, Foolish Bandit of the United States of Prymont and Hete Henk of @Variota both tie for first with twenty four points! I'm being told that, because we're the hosts, the win will be graciously awarded to the Variotan, who put on one steamy show to best show off his country and attract those votes!" A still slightly greasy Hete Henk, now clothed, joins the hosts on the stadium, soaking in the raucous applause and wolf whistles to celebrate his well deserved victory. As mandated, the hosts quickly depart the stage after congratulating him to allow him to perform the song one last time. Once finished, the crowd goes wild, marking the end of a historic night in the world of music and entertainment. Join us all next year, to see Variota host EurthVision 2019!
  7. Prymont

    ISTC OOC Discussions.

    @Fleur de Lys
  8. Prymont

    ISTC OOC Discussions.

    At the end of the day, FdL had left the region for a period of time that indicated he'd moved on. While his nation remained part of the ISTC, he wasn't active. How can we consult him about changes when he's not in the region? For example, do I have to contact someone who hasn't been in the region for 10+ years, just to ask if Foolish Bandit can date someone from that country? No, because they've left the region. SSI and I made the decision in the ISTC channel, which FdL is not part of. That's not our fault. I'm not going out of my way to contact him. If he wants to be part of the ISTC, he can make a full-time return to the region, grow the f*ck up, and be part of the community. In answer to your questions @Orioni: I assumed that, while FdL had left OOC, he was still present as an NPC IC and continued working normally as part of the group. In my mind, relations weren't affected. In this case, the only solution I see is to merge IC and OOC happenings. SSI and I, as the two remaining active members of the ISTC, made the executive decision to bring more activity to the group and open it up to new members. FdL had left the region at this time, and can get lost if he wanted to be part of that decision process. Let's assume that the SSI and Prymont have now invested the most amount of money into the ISTC, and thus made the executive decision IC to welcome new members. If FdL wants to dispute this, which he has, then that's fine. @Sunset Sea Islands and myself can work on our own IC response. Personally, the reason I joined the ISTC was to get involved in a group of people in the region and write some fun RP. So far, that's what we've done. SSI and @Magnaeus are two fantastic members of the group, and I've enjoyed writing with them so far. I don't really care about FdL. Before he left the region, I tolerated him as part of the ISTC and separated my OOC opinions of him from my IC opinions of him. I could have foreseen ending up in the current situation as he's an arrogant prick and I don't like him. De-escalating the situation is difficult when he's involved because he's an arrogant prick. Current events do stand in the way of us getting along, as he's an arrogant prick. I don't like him and was happy that he left.
  9. I don't think that's fair. Sure, Vocenae was here a long time ago, was an influential player, and has a legacy to be honoured, but he's long left the region now. I don't see why he can throw his weight about to disrupt a perfectly fine RP. It's not like Andalla was severely altering Vocenae's history or anything. As far as intellectual property goes, it's not as if this is the next big product that'll change the lives of billions and will make the creator a trillionaire. We're roleplaying countries, for goodness sake. It's for fun. Demanding that writing be removed on the grounds of violating intellectual property is childish.
  10. Prymont

    ISTC OOC Discussions.

    @Fleur de Lys I needed no courage at all to tell you to f*ck off. You clearly lack respect for anyone that opposes you, which is an awful trait to have. I hope you one day receive the mental help you so desperately need. For now, get the f*ck off your high horse and grow up. It seems you have trouble writing in English. It's been so hard to understand you most of the time because of your complete failure at the language. I'd suggest taking some lessons from someone to teach you the basics - that is, if you have the intelligence to comprehend it. You're burning all the bridges that you have remaining here. It's clear that, despite your recent 'participation' in the region, you don't want to be here. I assume you're only responding to further boost your ridiculously inflated ego and to hope to eventually prove that you're right. Well, truth is buddy, you're not. I know that'll be a hard pill to swallow, so it's best to grab some snails and cuddle up tight to them so you feel better about yourself. Who knows, maybe their slime matches your awful attitude. Please read carefully the words in which I am writing, which are echoed by two members of the mod team (see how pedantic I was to make sure to use the right label?). You are in the wrong, and you are not welcome here. Please leave.
  11. Prymont

    ISTC OOC Discussions.

    @Fleur de Lys What a complete, utter lack of respect. SSI is as much of an administrator for Europa as Adaptus is. He moderates the Discord, processes map requests, provides graphical support, and does a whole host of behind-the-scenes things that me and you aren't aware of. With no disrespect to Adaptus intended at all, one could argue that SSI is more of an admin than him, as I've not seen Adaptus process map requests like others have. Regardless of what tasks they do and don't carry out, SSI is very much part of Europa's administration, and I find it incredibly ignorant and arrogant of you to downplay his role in running the region. Yes. Please.
  12. Prymont

    ISTC OOC Discussions.

    @Fleur de Lys The problem has only occurred OOC. SSI and myself discussed the new additions to the ISTC OOC. You're clearly unhappy with these additions, but as you're not part of the Discord and largely not part of the community, you weren't part of these discussions. The problem lies in your absence in the region and on Discord, not for IC purposes. Look. I appreciate all of the work you've done for the ISTC; I remember that you wrote the charter of some sorts, and you were a good, contributing member of Europa in the past. However, you've since moved on as far as everything is concerned. Your nation on NS only rejoined Europa yesterday. That's why you weren't part of the discussions - because you weren't here. SSI and I aren't going to go out of our way to include someone that has left the region. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is. As for rules and regulations, according to you we're lacking. Whether or not the admin team resolves this isn't to do with me, but perhaps this region isn't for you if you're going to constantly pick fault with everything the mod team does. Adaptus and SSI have agreed upon their stance, which is definitively against you. You can argue all you want - their stance won't change. Moaning about that further doesn't look good on you.
  13. Prymont

    Prymont News Network

    Prymontian national team knocked out of UENA World Cup at group stages O'POLIS, @Orioni - At the surprise of few, the United States of Prymont's national mens team have been knocked out of the 2018 UENA World Cup. The team were drawn in Group D, alongside group winners @Sunset Sea Islands, runners up @Cristina, and Morheim, who failed to win a game. Prymont's first game was against the eventual group winners, which ended in a draw. The team then lost against Cristina, who were favourites to win the group. Unfortunately, their victory in the final game of the group against Morheim wasn't enough to secure them a position in the quarter finals. Despite their early elimination, the team can take some pride and satisfaction in their performances. Currently, Prymontian striker Ollie Sæther sits atop the goalscorers leaderboard with three goals; only two other players, Kevin Thu of the Sunset Sea Islands and Mark Milligan of @Gallambria, have been as successful. Head coach Nojus Fauskanger didn't expect his team to qualify at all, and was deservedly delighted that they got so far. Regardless of their loss, the team are being hailed as heroes back home for doing their nation proud and locking horns with some of the biggest names in international football. Ollie Sæther, scoring his third goal of the tournament against Morheim. Prymont ranked second best in the world for LGBTQ+ rights NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - In a recent global study by the Mundus Liber Institute of @Mauridiviah, the United States has been ranked second best for accepting, promoting, and defending the rights of the LGBTQ+ population. Beaten only by @Adaptus, a country which heavily promotes the freedom and enjoyment of sexuality, Prymont continues to enjoy a positive streak of rankings by the institute. Previously, in the first published report, Prymont were ranked third overall on the freedom index. Since the creation of the United States in 1995, all individual states have slowly been working towards the acceptance of alternative sexual orientations. Ostport led the way in 1999 when it introduced the Orientation Freedom Act, which was soon adopted by all other states. Upon the election of the National Party in 2017, several rights movements have occurred, positively influencing further integration of LGBTQ+ philosophies into the laws of the land. Currently, members of said community enjoy the same national freedoms that are granted to heterosexuals. Two elderly gentlemen enjoy a 2017 LGBTQ+ parade in Canastota. Aamotech Technologies' Nålestråle finally sees commercial release RETTENMYR AIRPORT, COURTMARSH - Friday the 6th of June was a day to be a proud Prymontian, as Aamotech Technologies finally released their supersonic commercial airliner, the Nålestråle. The jet, which will compete with the Aerospatiale Concorde, was due to be released in December 2017, but was delayed for several months due to government funding cuts. At the eleventh hour, @Gallambrian engineering giants GAe Systems stepped in, providing the necessary funding and labour to complete the project. At 1400hrs local time, Prymontian flag carrier Montair saw their first Nålestråle take off. It would land in Intreimor, @Iverica before 4pm, setting the record for the quickest flight between the two capitals. Montair have ordered a total of five units, with many more international orders expected in the coming months. Aamotech, owned by the Kaldestad Aamot Group automotive conglomerate, is also developing a supersonic bomber based on the Nålestråle, while completing the construction of two new Mach 3.5 Soniskstråle aerial reconnaissance planes, ordered by the USP Air Force, as the company turns it's attention towards supersonic flight. The Nålestråle during it's maiden commercial flights to Intreimor. Kaldestad Aamot Group purchases liquidated car companies, plans to release specialised sports cars CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - The largest automotive company in the world by annual sales, the Kaldestad Aamot Group, has purchased the naming rights of two historic Prymontian car brands. Vestre and Skrova went into administration in the early 2000s due to poor sales, as the companies were failing to release new models in time to appease customers and shareholders. However, as KAG's leading sports car specialist brand, Visto Cars, sees an upwards trend in global sales, KAG CEO Erik Bruun has seized the opportunity to capitalise on public interest and start production of more unique sports cars. Vestre, founded in Ostport in the 1960s, has a history of producing incredibly fast but unreliable high speed vehicles. The company amassed a cult following during it's lifetime, before folding in 2006 due to crippling debts. Skrova, however, only turned to high performance vehicles in the latter stages of it's life, having focused on low-cost, decently powered cars for many years. Skrova closed it's doors in 2003, after a year of a total of three sales. Now, they've both been brought back to life, with their old factories being renovated and new and old employees sought after. Vestre have already released a digital render of their first new car, the Zeta, which will enter production in 2019. A digital render of the Vestre Zeta, which will feature the hybrid power of a turbocharged V8 and high performance batteries.
  14. Prymont

    ISTC OOC Discussions.

    We're not here to abide by the supposedly definitive hand of someone who has essentially left the region. I do note that you rejoined yesterday, but there was a substantial absence before that. Again, you had left the region for a significant amount of time. If you have a friend group and someone stops being part of that group, do you still have to invite them on days out? No, because they're not part of the group anymore. We're not going to consult you on IC changes when you're not here. Well clearly you're not reading it correctly, or are acting dumb to fit your narrative. The start of the IC thread was the beginning of the roleplay that would eventually incorporate Iverica, Gallambria, and Fulgistan into the ISTC. That's the end of that. You had left the region and only rejoined yesterday. Check NationStates before chatting absolute sh*t. BS means bullsh*t. He knows. He's referring to the fact that you were also disrespectful IC of the death of Prince Simon, by renaming the Simon Station in your language. Just as I was supposedly disrespectful IC to you. I do believe that the moderators discussed, on Discord, that the exoskeletons introduced by Synturia are future tech and are thus disallowed. However, you weren't part of the region when the issue arose so you have no right for roleplay-changing input. It's because of a certain someone trying to change the ongoings of a region they're not involved in, that such things happen.
  15. I'll chip in on this too. @Vocenae, I don't think you're being wholly fair on @Andalla. While he could've been better in his attempts to contact you and agree upon a plan of action, you're long gone from actively participating in the region. As much as it's fair and respectful to honour the legacies that the 'elders' have left behind, you've done just that - left Europa behind. You're not here anymore. Andalla has gone through the effort of planning an aerial route, and has started a good roleplay about it. It'd be hard to avoid your nation in this route. The situation has to be tackled, and he's done what I think is fair in your absence. To add some further context, I've been writing a thread since late December called 'Project Canamo'. It involves my complete takeover of a neighbouring country, who left some weeks before the thread started. Take into consideration that they weren't very active while here, rarely participated in group roleplays, and left without notice. I doubt they're coming back, but by your standards, my entire thread and expansion is completely invalidated. If you do hang about here regularly as you say, you'll surely have noticed my thread and seen what's going on. I'm taking over The Hellenic Rus without any permission from them. Nobody in the region is against this, including you. I've made plans to allow them to take full control of their land if they return, but that's unlikely. However, it begs the question; if you so strongly disagree with people using the IP of others without consent, why didn't you mention this to me? Making demands like this when you're no longer a part of the region is unfair. Andalla isn't completely changing the history of your nation and creating an RP mess. He's doing his best in your absence, and that has to be appreciated. If you want to argue with his use of Vocenae, feel free to rejoin the region and build a stronger case.