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  1. Don't really understand why the region needs new members, as there has been a solid core of great writers from when I first joined, and that's only grown since. Sure, it's nice to welcome new people, but not everybody stays and it's often the case that spots on the map get taken up by people who complete the map placement requirements and then leave. For whatever my opinion is worth, I say that the way things have been for a while are fine. Let people join as and when they please. We all know that the admin and mod teams are in no fit state to handle a bunch of new people joining when, as @Adaptus pointed out, there are far more important matters to be considered first. Get your shit into gear first, and then worry about welcoming newcomers.
  2. @Alenveil I'm happy for someone to mention archaeologists from Prymont visiting to inspect. If anyone wants to go into a bit more detail, they're more than welcome to message me on Discord to discuss it. Sorry I'm not around to write about it, it seems an interesting RP.
  3. You joined the region a month ago and already want an expansion? First of all, they've got to be earned. You can't do that in a month. It takes time and patience. Firstly, I'd like to see you write about your existing land. You haven't touched your news feed since getting on the map, and only wrote the required 3 posts to get onto the map. I think you should focus on that before looking at more land. Let's see what Kirvina is all about, first. Secondly, I'm quite concerned about the timescale. You want to add at least a third more land in three months? I hope you realise that, once Kirvina has consumed this Duchy to your south, you're not done and dusted. Integrating a new territory into an existing country takes more than three months, and completing the expansion by then would only result in a rushed, disappointing thread. Take a look around at some examples of other expansions and see how long they've taken for the land they've acquired. Here are just a couple: I get that you've got big aspirations for this Aurelian League, but that doesn't have to be done by tomorrow. This is a region that prides itself on quality writing and great storytelling, neither of which can be done in a handful of months. Take some time to write about the land that you've already been given before plotting out more.
  4. Bit of an iffy time for Prymont right now. With the elections coming up in February, it'd be awkward for a President to slice the land up one way, as the parties are against each other to win more seats and would cause a right ruckus about it. I'm also stupidly busy IRL and don't have much time for checking the forums, never mind writing, so having the thread right now wouldn't work on my end. If people (just the three of us, as FdL is gone and Eurofuhrer is very AFK) are happy to wait until around February, I'd be happy to crack on then. If not, I don't mind it being elsewhere.
  5. Prymont

    Project Canamo

    Fort Sarov | 1510hrs 30th November 2018 Port Sarov The Prymontian Rus OPERATION OVERLORD: PART I "USP Air Force reports have just come in, sir. They match up with SO/AR's intel. Looks like the swine really is hiding in Lozovre." A slim brown folder was placed on Thor Rønning's desk, his slender hand reaching out to slide it across. The gentleman brushed aside a few stray locks of his silky golden hair as he peeled the contents out, splaying them across the surface before him. There were a few enlarged, grainy photographs, accompanied by a brief report from the USPAF. Just a handful of documents were enough to put a smile on his face, something that Arkady Gorshkov hadn't seen in a long time. "This is definitely him?" "Yes sir. The Air Force checked it over several times. All of the pictures confirm exactly what SO/AR told us a few weeks ago. You can see a few soldiers stationed outside that farmstead, and we've reason to believe that something important is being held in the barn, probably some weaponry and loot." Gorshkov leaned across the table to point this out for his superior, who nodded along to the comments. "The heightened militant presence isn't something we've seen since Salonica. They're not Sarov boys; they're only along the canal and in Kedrovy right now. There's nobody else it could be." "Of course. And the Air Force won't authorise an air strike?" "Doesn't seem likely, at least from the conversations I've had with them. They say it's our problem now. They don't have the funding for it, and with their elections, I doubt more military spending would be a popular move." "Even though it's a cleaner, safer way for it to happen. f*ckers." "I know. There's no other support we can call in. It's going to have to be on us. Shall I get on the phone to Yegerov, ask for some money?" "You're going to have to. It's the only way." As Rønning began digesting the report, a plan began to unravel itself in his mind. The Battle of Salonica had been the bloodiest fight the Sarov had ever seen, and hadn't been successful without civilian casualties. Combined with the Pokrovsk massacre and the murder of a telecommunications expert in Zolotinka, the public were very tense concerning military action. Even though the Sarov Resistance Army, now the Prymontian Rus Sarov Army, weren't directly to blame for any of those incidents, the public didn't know any better. The Prymontians had steamrolled into the country, acted without thinking, and ingrained an everlasting sense of fair into the general public. Whenever they saw the uniform, curtains were closed and doors were locked. Terrified mothers would call for their children when soldiers were out on patrol, shops would be locked up and barricaded - people would even rather hide in their car boot than be seen by an army man. What the USPGF did had ruined the Sarov's reputation in their own country, and instead of being seen as who they were, the protectors, they were seen as the spawn of hell. It was as if they'd assumed the roles of the very terrorists they'd set out to kill, all through actions they couldn't control. And now, the very people responsible for that fear, that horror, wouldn't help them. The Prymontian armed forces were on damage control after quelling the threats in the former Hellenic Rus, and were essentially grounded until the election took place in February. The National Party were too afraid of spending another penny in the military budget, so as not to hurt their chances of re-election, so for the time being, the Prymontians were of no help. The PRSA hardly had any funding of their own either, and had to request it on a case by case basis from the office of the Premier himself. Yegerov was still too busy securing his own position to declare his cabinet, which meant everything had to go by him, from transport proposals to welfare appeals to foreign affairs. A political bottleneck ensued, and so the PRSA found themselves as useless as the USPGF. Nevertheless, such a lead was not going to be given up to political spaghetti so quickly. Plans for an operation of this importance, of such magnitude, had been in the works since day one of the coalition's involvement in the broken country. The end goal of Project Canamo was to clear out the Circle of Death and revive the country, and while that'd been largely accomplished, this would be the icing on the bloodied, battered, and bruised cake. A small portion of money had been set aside for this very day, and while it wasn't much, it'd at least be a start. Surely, they could make some moves, enough to be noticed by Yegerov, which would pave the way for further funding and allow for a clean, swift action. For now, the equivalent of a few thousand Prynds would have to suffice. As Arkady disappeared from the portable cabin that acted as the commander's office, Thor would make some calls of his own. His first point of contact would be to one of the several Canamo Camps, where a large majority of the Sarov soldiers were stationed. Perhaps fifty from each camp would be requested, a quota that would easily be met by the eagerness of the troops to participate in such an operation. Once he had a firm number from there, he'd get in touch with Colonel Nilsen of the USPGF at Camp Kedrovy, where most of the Prymontians were based. He'd request some assistance from his men, for an 'urgent operation'. This request would be denied on the grounds of being too vague, and not wanting to waste resources when the Sarov were responsible for military operations now. This was to be expected. Rønning purposely kept his cards close to his chest, knowing that help would be denied. Keeping the mission quiet would prevent Prymontian intervention, and considering how that eventuated in the Battle of Salonica, Prymontian intervention was the last thing he'd want. If the job was successful, he'd then have the pride of showing the Prymontians that the very Slavs they'd rounded up to do their dirty work were now the superior force in the country. With three hundred men travelling from the Canamo Canal, and a further two hundred from Port Sarov, any losses to the army would be minimal. However, based on their intelligence, five hundred would be overkill. Many of the remaining Circle of Death stragglers had fled to the southern countryside after their defeat in the capital, and had presumably regrouped at Lozovre. While the intelligence would usually be trusted, Rønning was anxious. Dorshuyar Medvedova, the leader of the Circle of Death, was not a man to be underestimated.
  6. YETIS IN 5TH AFTER FORFEITING MATCH AGAINST @Derthalen The Prymontian Yetis have slipped away from the top of the ANAFA standings during the current round robin stage, after forfeiting their match against Derthalen. They are currently tied on 16 points with @Limonaia and @Variota, but are the last of the three due to a lower goal difference. Despite a recent drop in performance, the team secured a place in the quarter finals after their match against @Fulgistan, which ended in a draw. Upon their victory in a heated derby match against @Ahrana, team manager Nojus Fauskanger declared that his squad would not play against the southern Argic side. His reasoning for this was to prevent further injury to his players, as star midfielder Fillip Roth injured his ankle against Variota. The Derthaler team are known for their aggressive style of play, as was demonstrated in the World Cup earlier this year. Since the announcement, fans across the United States have rallied against Fauskanger, calling him "a disappointment to Prymontians and to football". Some have even gone as far as calling him a cheat, as missing this match allows his players to rest and recover for a longer period of time than others, giving them a greater chance of winning in their final round robin match against league leaders @Iverica later on today. In a public statement released this morning, Nojus attempted to quell these rumours and encouraged the team's fans to join his side as they prepared for the quarter finals. "First of all, I'd like to thanks all of the fans that have stood by the Yetis during this time, and those who continue to do so. This move was made in the best interest of our beloved players, who have worked so hard to guarantee a place in the quarter finals against an array of excellent teams. One of our great players, Fillip Roth, has already been sidelined until at least January due to a broken ankle, and I made the decision with full support from the team and the rest of the board to forfeit the match against Derthalen to prevent further injury." "We've already done incredibly well to make it this far. Reaching the quarter finals is always a special event for a team like ours, and this year we've really gathered a brilliant squad together. None of us wanted to waste the opportunity of winning the cup due to injuries, and so we decided against playing Derthalen due to their aggressive style of play. It also gives our team some much needed down time, as we're nearing the end of the round robin stage and the matches are now closer together. Several players raised concerns at the start of the tournament when the dates were finalised, as there's an incredibly short window from one match to the next for training and recovery. It was in the best interest of my players to skip this match." "To the fans who are questioning this decision, and rightfully so, I apologise. I understand that you want to see your team play, and we likely would've won against Derthalen, considering the impressive calibre of our current lineup. However, I hope you understand that it was simply a risk nobody was willing to take. If the boys really wanted to play, perhaps things would've been different, but there was a clear stance in the changing rooms and that had to be respected. To the critics who are accusing me of forfeiting this match for extra recovery time to prepare for the important match against Iverica, I want them to try and understand where I'm coming from. We have a great side this year, and there's a real chance of us taking this to the end and winning. When one of your key players is already injured, you don't want to run the risk of more of them sustaining injuries against a team that is known to play violently. I want to maximise the chances of our boys being able to succeed, and minimise the chances of them acquiring any injuries. Injuring your leg or foot in football is a challenging time, as they're your most important assets in your career, and you may never be the same again after that injury. There are so many factors to consider, and in the end, skipping this match was the best option." "I hope you'll all come to support our team in today's match against the Ivericans, and continue to do so as we enter the quarter finals. This is a chance for us to make history, to rise through the ranks and become one of the best teams in the world. I don't want any of you to miss it." Starting lineup for next match:
  7. To: Reemy Loopentlant, Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant From: Iskander Yegerov, Premier of the Prymontian Rus To Minister Loopentlant, I thank you kindly for your warm letter of congratulations. It is incredibly humbling for myself, my party, and my country to receive such a genuine letter from a respected country, as Het Huisselant very much is. The advice and encouraging words you have provided are greatly received and appreciated - it is important for me to heed that advice, as it has clearly done wonders for your great nation. It is now vital that, in these early stages, opportunities are taken to form great bonds and bring the Prymontian Rus out of it's sad, impoverished state, and into an era of prosperity and power. As the last foreign minister of the former Hellenic Rus state, I would like to take the opportunity to apologise for the actions of my former country. They were hopeless, brash, and frankly ridiculous. It came as no surprise to see the state finally fall to what was only meagre opposition in the Circle of Death, but after months of hard work and determination, that plague has been ridden from the land and we can now start anew. As mentioned, it is deeply humbling that Het Huisselant has taken the first steps to correct our mistakes, and I will gladly relish this chance to create something magnificent between our countries. It is true that my people have suffered, and they are suffering still. It has been a trying year for them, but it is promising to see them remain so determined and motivated to succeed and play their part in rising their nation from the ashes. Despite the best efforts of myself and my party, there are still millions of people enduring hardships, whether that be through unemployment, loss of family members, lack of opportunities in life, or a combination of all three. I now have the opportunity to mould the Prymontian Rus into a country that rewards it's citizens and gives them something powerful and redeeming. I thank you for offering to take this step with me. The prospect of working together with Het Huisselant is a very tempting one, and one that ultimately cannot be passed upon. The Prymontian Rus has many things to learn from such a diplomatically experienced country, one rich in strong political decisions that only hope to improve the lives of their people. The economic gains also cannot be ignored; I understand that there are Variotan companies waiting to invest in my country, which has great potential to return profit and provide cheap labour. Many of my people are struggling with unemployment, and it would be rather selfish and ridiculous of me to deny them jobs with such prestigious companies as yours. As such, it would be my honour to allow a Variotan embassy in the Prymontian Rus. I will raise this matter with my fellow representatives in the coming weeks, and will inform you of any progress in due course. For now, I wish you only the best. To our great Alharun friends, Iskander Yegerov Premier of the Prymontian Rus
  8. @North Dniester No problem with that on my end, now that the civil war isn't going ahead. Makes it easier for me and @Ahrana to whip you into place.
  9. YETIS SECURE PLACE IN QUARTER FINALS OF ANAFA 2018 Prymont 1 - 1 @Fulgistan Bogd Gioro, Fulgistan ... And that's it for the Prymontian Rallycross Championship, now moving on to football. The biggest headline this morning is Prymont's success in the ANAFA 2018 League, being amongst the first two teams to secure a place in the quarter finals. The Yetis have done this despite receiving a controversial red card in a 1-1 draw against Fulgistan, which saw them play with ten men for the majority of the match. In the thirteenth minute, rookie Aksel Bratberg was sent off following a tackle against the Fulgistanis. Commentators at the stadium quickly dismissed the tackle, as "very inspired but eventually disappointing", as Bratberg failed to win possession of the ball. The opposing player was tripped, but not aggressively so, leading to the surprise of fans and players alike when Bratberg was given an immediate red card. Team captain Alan Strand was quick to stand up for his defender, but the referee refused to reverse his decision. Critics noted that, despite being disadvantaged early on, the Yetis were dominant throughout the entire game. It is to be remembered that manager Nojus Fauskanger decided to play a mostly B-team squad to rest key players for future games. The team conceded a goal in the 48th minute, but continued to play well, and Morten Torgersen scored the equaliser in the 71st minute. This result guarantees Prymont a place in the quarter finals alongside @Iverica, who now top the standings, as they currently have thirteen points. @Soreana, who are currently ninth, only have three points. With three games remaining, Prymont cannot drop below eighth, even if they lose every following match and Soreana win all three. @Ahrana face the same fate, as they're currently sat on a single point in last. The Yetis will face them in the next round, in what is expected to be a heated local derby. Fauskanger congratulated his players for earning themselves such a position at this point in the tournament, and holds the depth and talent of his players as testament to their success. Even though the team are safe at this point, Nojus is still eager for his squad to return to their winning ways. In the post-match press conference, Nojus also announced some shocking news. Here's a replay of what happened... "I also have something to announce for our game after Ahrana, against @Derthalen. Due to the overly aggressive nature of the Derthaler team, which was especially apparent in the World Cup earlier this year, the Yetis won't be playing their match against them. We've already had one of our players injured this tournament, and I cannot risk further injuries that would jeopardise our future success. Unless the Derthaler team shows that their play style has calmed significantly, we won't be running that risk." The room erupts in a flurry of shock and commotion. The manager is illuminated by a sea of camera flashes as reporters squirm against one another to get the first question. "Nojus, your team has just secured their place in the next stage of the tournament and you're playing some top players against Ahrana in the next game. Is this a ploy to get your guys most rest before an important match against the Ivericans?" "No, bullsh*t. It's a great bonus that we rest our players, sure, but the important thing is their health heading into the quarter finals. We've already lost Roth until at least January, and I don't want to see more players facing a similar fate." "Why are you playing people like Sæther and Bakken against Ahrana then? Surely they need to rest too?" "Neither of them played against Fulgistan, they're fully rested now. It's important that we win this derby match against Ahrana. No more questions." Starting lineup for next match:
  10. @Neo-enclave You're not going to be chosen for this. Conserve your efforts for proper writing, something we're yet to see from you.
  11. I'd love to get involved in this somehow, as it seems like a cracking RP rife with good writers, but Prymont wouldn't be able to justify more military action after taking over the Hellenic Rus and then the Verde Blockade earlier in the year. Hopefully we get a solid conflict RP that doesn't crumble in the early stages like others have. What I'm interested to know is who @Derthalen will call on for support. 4 vs 1 will already be an almost insurmountable challenge, but if it becomes 6 vs 1, Derthalen stands no chance. I understand @Rihan could get involved but even then, 6 vs 2 doesn't go. Anywho... anyone need some planes?
  12. Here are a few city request for the United States and Prymontian Rus, although they're not urgent. @Tagmatium Rules has also mentioned this in a separate thread, but it'd be nice to have the Prymontian flag by the northern islands of Stjørdalsstad and Sønderkilde.
  13. @Neo-enclave Being sarcastic won't get you anywhere, pal. You know full well that you copied the idea from the existing Dolch See thread. This is a poorly executed imitation. Stop it.
  14. Here's some consultation then. Don't. Come up with your own idea. Don't copy paste from others. You have been given tips, pointers, and advice about your writing multiple times by multiple members, myself included. Your writing has not improved. Take some time to look around the forums at the quality of writing expected, and try your best to imitate it. Currently, you're at a very low level of writing, which means very few people will want to write with you. Copying the idea from an existing high quality thread further reduces the amount of prospective writing partners. Listen to the advice people give you.
  15. YETIS LOSE FIRST ANAFA 2018 GAME TO @Aluxia Prymont 1 - 2 Aluxia Lusankya Stadium, Aluxia ...Next on PNN Sports, we'll be joining reporters in the Lusankya Stadium for the post-match press conference of the Prymont-Aluxia game. The Yetis experienced their first loss in the tournament this year against Aluxia, with some fans calling for the Prymontian Football Association to refuse to play in the country again. We'll join the conference now, where team manager Nojus Fauskanger and captain Vincent Borge are speaking to the press. "Nojus, coming to you first, this is Prymont's first loss this tournament, which must be a hard pill to swallow. What weren't you doing right today, and how will you recover from it?" "Yeah, it's not easy to accept a loss, especially when it's the first one for this tournament. We've been playing really well so far and that showed in the results, and even today the boys played their best but it clearly wasn't enough. Obviously, losing Fillip (Roth, injured midfielder) has been detrimental to our play style as he's crucial in his position, but Magnus (Herheim, replacing Roth) did a brilliant job to step in for him, and the rest of the team tried really hard too. We haven't played Aluxia since 2013 and that was with a completely different team, so we were very unsure what their strengths and weaknesses were going into this game. I think everyone will move on quickly from it. We've got a great team with very determined players, who will see this as an opportunity to be even better than before and win the next game." "Vincent, moving on to you, you played the entire match today and got to see how your team coped with the Aluxians. Is there anything in specific that you think could've been done better to secure the win?" "It was a very aggressive game, as we were eager to keep our streak and the Aluxians were eager to end it, and so I think everyone was a bit tentative to avoid injuries and such. Our defenders did a great job, perhaps a bit sloppy as they picked up three yellow cards, but by around the sixtieth minute everyone was tiring and that's when they took advantage. We tried to come back but the energy and the passion wasn't there, it was just kind of desperate and unorganised. To have a better chance of winning, we should've taken our chances earlier in the game and made them stick. We were playing very well in the early stages but couldn't take advantage of any opportunities, which is where we went wrong." "You mention being desperate to keep your winning streak, but by the end of it all you're still leading the table. Isn't that what matters?" "Yes, the points at the end is ultimately what's important, but we're all very proud footballers and really find happiness and reward in winning. We have one of the best squads I've ever been part of this year and the first four matches really showed that. Everyone today knew that we could win, and we were determined to prove ourselves right. I think it's important now to remind ourselves of what's important, which is the standings, and just focus on staying in the top eight rather than keeping a streak going." "Nojus, we understand it's been very tough for your players to get settled in to Aluxia. The fans here have been relentless, unforgiving, and it's hard to ignore the effect that's hard on the team. Supporters at home are calling for the Yetis to never return to Aluxia. Do you agree with that?" "No. I think it's more of a general football problem than something unique to Aluxia. Fans everywhere, Prymont included, will get very serious about the sport, and that enthusiasm is something to be proud of, but we should be channelling it into kindness for each other rather than tormenting. We're all here to play and enjoy the same game. I don't really think it was a problem for my players as they've had lots of mental and psychological training to block out that sort of thing. It's just like Vincent said - we didn't take our chances early on, and paid the price." "It's common knowledge that you'll be resting top players like Sæther and Bakken for the two upcoming games against @Fulgistan and @Ahrana. How will this affect your team's morale and performance?" "I don't think it'll hurt much. We have some promising players on the sidelines that I'm keen to see play in an experimental lineup, and playing against two of the maybe weaker teams in the tournament is a great opportunity for them to show their skills with minimal risk to the standings. It's very important for us to rest the top performing players for the final two matches of this segment against @Derthalen and @Iverica so we're playing at our best and don't get eliminated. Our team is constantly evolving and improving, so it's a really good chance to see how some of the less experienced players hold up." "Even with this loss, critics are expecting the Yetis to progress to the quarter finals in December. This is perhaps Prymont's best chance at winning their first ever tournament, so how are you preparing for that outcome? I understand that Fillip won't be healthy until at least January, so can we expect more disappointing performances like these?" "We're not thinking any further ahead than our next match. We're still a small team and we need to take this one step at a time. Getting through to the quarter finals is priority number one right now. That alone is an achievement to be proud of, especially for a team with a history like ours. The boys know what's at stake and are training hard to make sure we get through. We're doing everything we can. Losing Fillip in the way that we did for such a long time won't help the squad, of course, but we have very capable players to stand in for him and I don't doubt their abilities for one moment. If we won the whole tournament, that'd be brilliant, but we're not there yet." "I'd just like to add that, while Fillip is a great player, he's not the single key to our success. The key is how we work as a team, how we play with one another, how dynamic and flexible we are, how good we're adapting to different challenges. Not having on the team isn't great but it's not the end of the world. I've been playing for the Yetis since 2000 and I can safely say that this is the best team I've ever played with. Everyone works hard and has the talent to perform at the top level, and that's worth some applause. We've got to recognise everyone's hard work, as that's the best way to get every ounce of performance out of everyone." It's great to see two very important figures in the team so confident and assured in their side after this defeat. It lends very well to how they've been trained and their confidence in themselves to come back from this loss as a better team. PNN Sports will be reporting the aftermath of the next game against Fulgistan on the 13th of November. Now, moving on to news about the upcoming KAP World Grand Prix Series... Starting lineup for next match:
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