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  1. Project Canamo

    Kedrovy | 0555hrs 21st January 2018 6 miles east of Salonica The Hellenic Rus "Yes Colonel, the intel provided from the @Iverica SO/AR units match up with our own aerial reconnaissance imagery. Highway E2 into Salonica is clear for penetration." "And the rest of the city?" "Right now, that's unclear. We're awaiting on the Ivericans to rendezvous with us for further information before proceeding with planning. The only thing we're certain on is the east entrance." "So we wait for them. How long until they arrive?" "Last we heard, they were fifteen minutes away. They're travelling by land, so I believe they're taking their time to avoid any IEDs." "Good. Get the camp ready for them." Colonel Nilsen sent the soldier on his way, quickly returning to the papers on his desk. The brigade had made good progress since arriving at Port Sarov, and had spread aid and safety across several major towns along the way. With funding from the government, the people of The Hellenic Rus were now regularly receiving food and medicine. Construction workers had been drafted in to rebuild homes and community centres to reinstate structure and normality, and even nurses and doctors from the United States had been flown over to staff the hospitals. Generally, their Canamo neighbours were welcoming and receptive, and were eager to integrate into the Prymontian way. The only issue was Pokrovsk. That had been a complete disaster, but the less said about that the better. The men involved had been disciplined accordingly, but there was no way of telling whether the locals would eventually warm up to the Prymontians after what had happened. At best, it'd be a town with strained relations to the capital. At worst, they'd rise against their assailants and cause more trouble than they were worth. Propaganda would only do so much. Their memories weren't short. Once arriving at Kedrovy, the last stop before Salonica, the remainder of the supplies had been spent establishing a sizeable camp. This would be used as the HQ for the Salonica takeover, and would be where Elite Prymontian Defence Force soldiers would be landing in a couple of days time. Resistance was to be expected in Salonica, despite the best efforts of the Ivericans, and the standard Ground Forces could only do so much. Such a huge undertaking would require the big guns. Camp Kedrovy had been established on the outskirts of the town. It was surrounded by a simple wire fence, with barbed wire here and there - they'd quickly realised when arming the fort that they were comically short on defence measures, and had to make do. As such, tanks and cannons were set up around the perimeter, warding off any terrorists and brave citizens. To any regular, educated person, it'd be obvious how desperately underfunded the USPGF were, but thankfully the terrorists who thought sending suicide bombers around the country and subsequently losing members was a good idea were short on brain cells. But, they did have guns and fingers to pull the triggers, and so a defence had to be made. Air units were slowly moving in from Port Sarov. Their time in the land of napalm, terrorism and general discourse had been easy and slow, but now they were actually required for assistance. A nearby abandoned aerodrome had been secured by Sarov Resistance militia and was being utilised to store the planes until they were needed. For now, they lay in waiting, fuel tanks full and armed to the teeth, ready to unleash all hell on an already slaughtered city. Captain Moore approached the barrier at the checkpoint, raising his binoculars and peering towards the horizon in search of their inbound western friends. His blue, numbed hands shook violently, the air icy and thin from the constant snowfall which had subsided in the past few hours. He cursed whoever thought it was a good idea to invade in the middle of the worst bloody winter in years. Lowering the binoculars, he joined a guard in the metal shelter of the checkpoint, taking shelter from the biting wind. The guard was armed with a semi-automatic rifle and a radio, which probably didn't work due to the weather. He'd spent his time twiddling his thumbs and smoking cigarettes, occasionally looking up for visitors. "There are some guys due soon, about ten minutes or so. They're SO/AR. Check their ID and let them in." "What are they for?" "They're bringing cheese sandwiches and orange juice." "Really? SO/AR are bringing that?" "Ask stupid questions, get stupid answers. They're helping us with Salonica." "We're actually going ahead with that?" "Yeah, why wouldn't we?" Moore regarded the man with confusion, wondering why there was such scepticism. Salonica had always been part of the plan. "Dunno, there was talk of the Defence Minister calling it off because of some... I don't know, someone mentioned some sh*t going down and it might reach Duval." "No. Everything has been fine. It'll be a piece of cake." His words oozed confidence, but deep within, Moore knew that they were f*cked.
  2. Project Canamo

    Varg Alme was always destined for great things, even if they were on the wrong side of the law. Growing up in the Prymont Republic in the late 60s and early 70s, a little Varg grew a granite-like shell. He was impenetrable from a young age, always casting steely glances and managing backroom deals. Little is known about his formative years, other than in school, he ran a very successful snack business during lunchtimes that pocketed him roughly ß30,000 in his senior year, his food empire spanning over almost one hundred schools across the state. He opted out of further and higher education, instead pursuing an education of different sorts - of how to survive dark alleyway stabbings, and how to broker multi-million Prynd deals with the slimiest of drug dealers. By his early twenties, even the @Variotan dealers feared him. Come 1977, and Varg was introduced to the Menchaca family of @Iverica. It was during a standard business trip to Manille, one that would lay out the plan for somewhat legal car imports. The Menchaca family were well known in the trade world, and had learned many useful but questionable ways to avoid tax and get what you wanted on the cheap. Varg quickly came to learn that they'd be useful assets, especially in such an opportunistic country as Iverica. Establishing strong ties with them would be vital to lining his pockets with green for many years to come. And so, when the opportunity arose to integrate into their family and inherit their wealth, the sly Prymontian didn't hesitate. Even if it did mean marrying a thirteen year old. Blanca Menchaca was the only child in the family, thanks to her father's comically low sperm count, which had been publicly exposed when his warehouse was raided the year prior and sensitive documents were sold to tabloids for extortionate amounts. The girl had been mollycoddled her entire life, kept safe in the guarded compound that the Menchacas resided in, nestled deep within the lush Iverican countryside. Her childhood was spent with a tutor, learning with ease what those twice her age would struggle with. To say that Blanca was gifted would be a criminal understatement - but, in short, she knew her sh*t. However, she did grow up a daddy's girl, and would do whatever he said. If that meant marrying a charming Prymontian with lots and lots of money, who was she to protest? Her husband would quickly learn that she wasn't to be manipulated. In turn, she quickly learned that there was more to Varg than met the eye, and the two grew very close organically. Upon his return to Prymont with a young teen latched to his side, the press started asking questions. One brave reporter dared to venture to the Alme residence, in the hopes of spying on the inhabitants and snapping a few exclusive photographs for his bosses. The questions quickly stopped when the reporter went missing, and a few days later, body parts were found in rivers across the country. It was rumoured that the journalist's head was delivered to the chief editor of the press organisation on a silver platter, although this hasn't been confirmed. As Varg and Blanca grew ever closer, naturally she fell pregnant at fifteen. When Blanca was seen in public with an obvious baby bump, politicians were pressed to intervene and accuse Alme of the unspeakable. Politicians are weak folk however, and were quickly bent any which way Varg wanted when he flashed some cash before their eyes. Their first child arrived nine months later, a baby girl in perfect health, born to two very proud parents. A brother followed a couple of years later, and then another daughter, before the couple decided to refocus on their business. Varg's family tree grew with his crime empire. The Isbrytere earned their name in the mid-1980s, with the higher-ups wanting to take credit for their best work when it was reported in the media. The name also offered organisation and structure, allowing the money to flow even faster, and the whip to crack even harder when people stepped out of line. If there was one thing that Varg was good at, it was punishment. Rats that ran to the press were quickly poisoned of, sometimes with rat poison, other times by a very sad, inconvenient car crash which oddly left the victim with a body full of holes shaped just like bullets. Those that followed Alme's every word were subsequently rewarded, often receiving yachts and flashy watches. The late 80s were a breeze for Varg and Blanca. While he dealt more with the deals and transportation, she focused on human resources. It was surprising how easily men would do as you said when you flashed a bit of skin and fluttered your eyelashes. Despite their romantic interests, Varg and Blanca both understood that business came first, and acted accordingly. Thus, their empire grew exponentially, covering from the far reaches of @Orioni and @Adaptus to troubled socialists closer to home, such as @Girkmand and @Greater Serbia. However, their reign of terror over Prymont wouldn't last forever. Upon the formation of the United States in 1995, the government finally cracked down on the Isbrytere, targeting them directly where it hurt - right at the helm. Arrest warrants were issued for Varg and Blanca Alme, with their children being offered immunity if they handed them in. They were raised better than that, undoubtedly, but that didn't stop their parents from fleeing to the safety of @St Francoisbourg, who's laws prevented those residing within their borders from being deported, even if they were the most vile, filthy scum on the entire planet. With them, they took their newborn child, a certain Emrik Alme. Born in 1993, Emrik was raised in the lap of luxury, having free roam of a penthouse suite in Saint Preux. They weren't exactly sure why, but Varg and Blanca felt compelled to teach Emrik everything they knew and more, moulding him into a life which would see him one day replace them at the top of Prymont's most elite. And although they weren't at home to oversee their orders, his parents would run the family business from the comfort of St Francoisburg, thanks to the internet and mobile phones. It was probably because of his upbringing in the home of the rich and tax-free that Emrik was better cut out for running the shop, while his older siblings would get stuck into the nitty gritty and get their hands dirty. Growing up with money meant that, while he was sensible with his spending, Emrik knew how to have fun. It would be many more years before he would be asked to settle down and help run the Isbrytere, so he spent his teenage years as any teen would want - surrounding himself with fast cars, hot women and pure cocaine. While he was out there enjoying himself, Varg and Blanca returned to Prymont on the low down. Purchasing an ancient castle in the middle of nowhere helped them to remain secluded and alone, running their operations in peace. The eradication of communism only boosted their profits, and with more money than they knew what to do with, they were set for life. A spanner was thrown in the works in 2018, when a certain Defence Minister approached Varg with a ludicrous offer. His engineered invasion of The Hellenic Rus was almost designed to go wrong, leaving President Duval as the perfect scapegoat. General Grey had always thought of Duval as being slow, boring, and generally a crappy leader. General Grey also knew that Varg Alme was absolutely f*cking loaded, and his eyes lit up when he realised that, if he played his cards right, he could dip his hands into that sweet, sticky pot of Alme gold. Varg saw this as an opportunity. As President, every last Prymontian would be in the palm of his hand - officially this time. It was what he'd always wanted! It was a chance to cement the Isbrytere into the backbone of the United States, weaving them into the very fabric that ran the country. And, as President, who could stop him? Times were changing for the Alme family. Varg would let Grey do what he needed to do, implementing him as a politician and setting him up to eventually replace Duval. In turn, he'd do the same for his son - Emrik was called back home from a lavish holiday in @Magnaeus to calm him down and set him up to take over from his father. Varg had let him off his leash for too long. The boy had potential, and he needed to utilise it.
  3. Prymont News Network

    Heavy blizzards cut off Linkeep, Fayford, and north Ostport OAKFIELD, LINKEEP - The most severe blizzards in over thirty years have cut off access the majority of towns in Linkeep, Fayford, and northern areas of Ostport. Overnight, harsh northern Argic Ocean winds blew in from the icy Paranoff Mountain Range in Whitevale, bringing twenty feet of snow in the worst cases. The government has contacted state and capital authorities to establish a list of the worst hit towns, with contact in the far northern areas unavailable. The USP Ground Forces are currently working with search and rescue groups to save those who have been trapped in their own homes, provide relief, and clear motorways and railways for humanitarian access. Gale force winds were able to knock out power across Fayford and Linkeep, forcing them to rely on power reserves from the south. Thousands of homes are still without power, and anybody that is reading is advised to stay inside, stay warm, and ration their food supplies sensibly until help arrives. Many northern homes were issued with wind-up radios in the early 2000s to enable them to receive updates and news in the case of entrapment, although it is unknown if these are still in use. This harsh weather is a result of global warming, of which the ISTC aims to combat in the coming years. The effects of this were particularly noticeable in 2012 and 2013, when there was minimal snowfall in historically at-risk areas. The rising temperature of the globe produces unpredictable weather changes, with atmospheric satellites only noticing this sudden change at the last moment. Researchers at the University of Canastota are currently investigating these changes, and will hope to be able to prepare citizens better in the future. Volunteers in Fayford working to clear the snowfall from vital access roads. USP Navy finally brings Canamo naval blockade to an end HORIZON ISLAND - The naval blockade, enacted by the USP Navy at the mouth of the Canamo Sea, has finally been fully called off. The blockade was first enforced on November 20th, to prevent Circle of Death terrorist group members from entering the region and causing further chaos and disruption. Now, USP Ground Force specialists carrying out humanitarian aid missions within The Hellenic Rus have declared that the CoD fears are no longer substantial enough to continue enforcing the blockade. The ships that have now returned to Prymontian shores will continue safeguarding Prymont's coastlines. @Ahranaian inbound ships will be allowed free passage once again into the Canamo Sea, bringing to an end almost three months of strict checks and patrols. Since the enforcement of the blockade, the Circle of Death has been neutered within The Hellenic Rus, reducing their incoming numbers significantly and blocking weaponry that they have illegally imported by sea. Defence Minister General Hunter S Grey has confirmed that, if fears arise once more of the Circle of Death or any other terrorist group, the USP Navy will not hesitate to react accordingly. Prymontian officials displaying illegal weaponry seized from ships headed to The Hellenic Rus, likely to supply the Circle of Death. A1 motorway improvement project completed NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - The β30bn upgrade project for the A1 motorway has been completed ahead of schedule. The scheme, which started mid-2017, focused on upgrading the majority of the motorway to six lanes either side, with a minimum of four throughout. Lengthy delays were expected, with road users taking advantage of a variety of diversions which worked to ease the excess traffic through different routes. Most of the work was carried out overnight, meaning that the reduced traffic weren't affected as severely and officials could work faster. President Duval has praised the work of the companies involved, calling the project "a great success and a large step in the right direction for Prymont's roads." The system also implemented the @Sunset Sea Islands' Synapse system to create 'smart' motorways, which forewarn drivers about upcoming dangers such as incidents, roadworks and weather changes, alongside easing congestion and observing speeds. It is hoped that, if this method is successful, Synapse will be used across Prymont's motorways to replace speed cameras and hand out speeding tickets more efficiently. 'Smart' motorway overhead signage, informing drivers to slow down to prevent queues due to incidents ahead. KAP to return to Argic Touring Car Championship with K2 CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - KAP Limited will make its return to the Argic Touring Car Championship with a modified K2. KAP last appeared on the ATCC grid in 2007 with a works team, which was deemed too unsuccessful to continue into 2008 and beyond. Before that, the team won titles in 1983, 1994 and 1995, with the latter two being in dominant fashion with the Coral. This year, the car will be run independently by Grateson Motorsport, but will have factory support. Grateson Motorsport have only ordered one car, which will be driven by Harvey Grateson, son of team owner Harold Grateson. While KAP Limited won't officially sponsor the car, the Kaldestad Aamot Group are encouraging KAP dealerships across Prymont to get involved with the project. KAP and Grateson are setting their expectations low, with the hopes of making progress this year and next before evaluating whether or not to continue. Harvey Grateson testing the K2 before the start of the 2018 ATCC season.
  4. Request: Ahrana

    If it was roleplayed, I'd certainly get involved one way or another.
  5. Project Canamo

    Town Square | 0840hrs 15th January 2018 Pokrovsk The Hellenic Rus The 12th Infantry Brigade had arrived at Pokrovsk at dawn, and were immediately overwhelmed by the struggling citizens wanting food, shelter, and medicine. As the trucks rolled up in the town square, thousands of diseased, malnourished Hellenic Russians mobbed the convoy, pushing and shoving to get to the front so they could get a handful of bread and a cardigan. Quickly, the Ground Forces realised that they were severely unprepared and called for the Air Force to drop extra supply packages a few miles down the road so they could be picked up and distributed. The rush had started almost two hours earlier, and was showing no signs of dying down. It was fair to say that every single citizen within these borders had been massively let down by their government. When the Circle of Death firebombed the governmental buildings in Salonica, politicians and public servants fled to central Argis, seeking shelter and safety in @Ahrana, @Girkmand, @The Eurofuhrer and @Greater Serbia. They left little behind, and that was quickly gobbled up by the terrorists. What was left for the people was crumbs; barely enough to last the rest of the day. Imports were cut off by the naval blockade established by the USP Navy, and air and ground cargo refused to enter an unstable country. Thus, the people had turned to primitive times, fighting for homegrown foodstuffs and trying to establish their own hierarchies (which were doomed to fail from the beginning). The USP aid was the first external contact they'd had in weeks, and while they were extremely grateful for the help, they didn't go about showing it in the best way. People fought in the crowds to get closer to the trucks. Paramedics were unable to reach the fallen as the masses couldn't be penetrated. The lives of some were ended by those that had stronger bodies and more willpower to surge to the front and continue living. When the trucks inevitably ran out of supplies, the crowd turned on their helpers. Vehicles were overturned, Molotov cocktails were launched, and punches were thrown. Gunshots fired into the air in an attempt to disperse the crowds went unnoticed. Despite Colonel Nilsen's orders to remain peaceful, the guns turned horizontal and were fired directly into the horde. Soon enough, there were more people fallen than standing, and the few that remained quickly left when the tanks finally arrived. What was meant to be a humanitarian aid mission had quickly dissolved into a war crime. The first thought that crossed Colonel Nilsen's mind was where to hide the bodies. Mass graves were quickly dug out on the edges of the town. Hundreds, most likely thousands of bodies were thrown into the backs of trucks and dumped into the dirt, hiding the cruel reality of what had happened. In the media at home, it was reported that the military had stumbled upon thousands of dead bodies, thought to be a result of disease and starvation, and they were humanely disposed of. Soldiers were blackmailed into keeping their lips tightly shut - if President Duval caught wind of what'd really gone down, he'd call the operation off entirely. He already disapproved of what his men were doing here. Learning the reality of what they were doing would send him into madness. By mid-afternoon, the dead were taken care of and reinforcements had arrived. The town square was restructured into a hub of operations, from which Pokrovsk would be rebuilt. Food, water, building materials, clothing and medicinal supplies would now arrive regularly, and would be fairly and equally handed out by the USP soldiers. Tanks would escort troops around the town, patrolling the area for misconduct and swiftly rectifying it. Locals would speak in their mother-tongue around their 'saviours', and developed code names to warn others of when they were coming. They hid in the shadows, squirming in fear at the mere sight of the Prymontian military uniform. Their day had turned from a blessing to a massacre, and the people wouldn't quickly forget that. But so what? Who cared if their brothers, sisters, parents and children had been wrongly slaughtered by trigger-happy brutes? They were being looked after now. Their homes were being rebuilt. Routine and normality was returning to their lives. Prymont had saved the day.
  6. To Spear a Pike

    Dona Ellena | 1300hrs 22nd January 2018 Mediargic Sea The call to assemble had come somewhat unexpectedly, but had certainly caught Prymont off guard at that specific moment. Tensions had been rising considerably lately, especially in Argis around the old socialist states; throw in a rogue, isolated nation that still favoured slavery, and another that also liked slavery but was a bit more modern, and you had an international dilemma on your hands. Typically, this would require the utmost urgency from the President, but he was busy back in Prymont with... other matters. The Defence Minister, Hunter S Grey, was also tied up with more important issues, such as getting rid of his President and invading a hopeless country, so he was unable to attend too. That left Peter Lafleur, Vice President of the United States of Prymont. Lafleur's term as Vice President had been very bland so far, the highlight of which was a discussion between several key global players in regards to the progression of artificial intelligence. Usually, his days were spent in his office, working with employees on constituency problems, attending speeches at universities and other political events, doing a bit of paperwork for Duval and twiddling his thumbs. The role of VP wasn't quite what Lafleur had expected or wanted, but he had a nice bank balance each month and he was building up a cushy pension. As far as he was concerned, there was no reason to complain. If being Vice President meant sitting in his office getting fat and talking to a few empowered students now and then, he'd be VP for life. An emergency call came early in the morning, arriving at President Duval's desk alongside his third cup of coffee. With matters in The Hellenic Rus and at home escalating, he was too busy and had to divert his workload. The call was then sent to Lafleur, who eagerly arranged for the presidential Aamotech Fettstråle to prepare for take-off towards @Girkmand. From there, he'd take a leisurely trip to the coast, enjoy the sights a bit, and fly via helicopter the rest of the way until reaching a cruise ship that wasn't really a cruise ship. The morning flew by, and as the Vice President enjoyed his mid-flight lunch, emails were being sent to prepare him as best as they could. During the car journey to the coast, he read said emails, taking in the little information his assistants could gather about the meeting. The request had been brief and simple. There was a larger document, of course, but Lafleur didn't have time to read that - nor did he have the patience or want. Some assistant would probably explain it to him later, which was much easier than digesting it on his own. The helicopter flight was the shortest of all three modes, with his unmarked chopper landing neatly on the helipad of the boat. With his suit and hair blowing wildly in the pressurised wind of the blades, the chubby politician hurried indoors, mumbling greetings to agents and assistants he met along the way. Finally, he met with Ferran-Arnau Macharius, a lovely @Iverican chap who seemed to have organised this whole shebang. A firm handshake was exchanged and Lafleur took a seat, gladly taking the weight off his feet.
  7. Who Will Post Next?

    henlo sunny boi pls
  8. Timezones

    @Synturia We can go with that. We'll make our own standard time, with blackjack and hookers! Ha!
  9. Prymont News Network

    Politicians debate over recent return of foreign aid NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - Politicians from across the country gathered in Parliament on Friday evening to debate the return of foreign aid. Recently, President Duval streamlined the policy's return to send troops to @The Hellenic Rus to assist the country in recovering from the collapse of their government. Despite the intentions of the move being positive and helpful, many politicians are criticising Duval in using his overruling presidential powers instead of running the controversial move through Parliament. While members of the National Party are being advised to stay loyal to Duval and his stance, many are opting to go against their leader, with some suggesting that a new leader be elected. Foreign aid was abolished in 1996 to redirect funds back into Prymont, which was struggling to reduce the cost of living under the new formation of the United States. Ostport, a state which has historically always been against foreign aid, was influential in the decision to reduce foreign funding to 0%. As of January 10th, a total of five billion Prynds were set aside for the mission in The Hellenic Rus, with two billion of that being made immediately available. The mission sees several thousand Prymontian soldiers making footfall in the Canamo territory, which has fallen into corruption and anarchy since the rise of the Circle of Death terrorist group and the subsequent failure of the government. Prymontian forces currently aim to provide humanitarian aid to Hellenic Russian people and to implement a new, healthy, modern government. In an unofficial poll on Friday night at the end of the debate, politicians reportedly voted 159-23 in favour of cancelling the foreign aid and returning the funds to Prymontian shores. A second unofficial vote was held to abandon President Duval, but the results have not been made public. Public and political opinion of President Duval continues to fall, after the recent news of the Common Fishermen Company begging for government intervention went ignored by the leader, who enabled strict fishing quotas at the start of his reign. The country waits with baited breath for the next move of Prymont's controversial president. Politicians debating the foreign aid funding on Friday night. Northern seed bank ISTC project completed AGRICOLA, WHITEVALE - A seed storage bank, hidden deep in the harsh, snowy mountains of Whitevale, has finally been completed. The project, which was started in August 2017, was funded primarily by the government of the USP, with contributions from the Prymont Environment Agency, and ISTC members @Sunset Sea Islands, @Magnaeus and @Fleur de Lys. The bank will be used to store up to 1 million seed samples, in an attempt to 'back-up' the crops of the world. The bank is part of Prymont's national and global environmental strategy, which aims to promote environmentalism, reduce the negative effects of global warming, and promote scientific research, development, and general interest. The vault will be accessible to ISTC members immediately, with non-associated countries being able to provide samples from 2020. Prymont will fund the day-to-day running of the vault itself. The Prymontian Global Seed Bank, the location of which is undisclosed. Prymontian public targets @Variotan social media over whaling documentary CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - Over the weekend, a wildlife documentary, funded by the PEA, aired on PTV2, focusing around Prymont's history with whaling, whale conservation, and other nations that currently participate in whaling, which has been made illegal in the United States since 1995. Narrated by wildlife legend David Botnen, the documentary largely covered the current status of whaling in Variota, with images captured in 2016 and 2017 being shown. Several vocal members of the public have since gone online to attack the Variotan government, criticising them for continuing and funding an outdated, illegal (in Prymont), and cruel practice. Below are a few examples of what social media users had to say: "Absolutely disgusting! Variota should be ashamed of itself for hunting whales! What horrible human hunts those lovely creatures? I've never bought whale products, and now I'm boycotting Variotan products too!" @Amanda772410 "wtf @DinaDiva ????????????? ffs, whaleing is really stupid and needs 2 stop NOW" @felixlovesanimals3 "My sister lives in Variota, and every year I visit her. She goes to watch whales at the beach, and then goes home to enjoy grilled whale steak. The smell is vile. She even dresses up as a whale sometimes and goes and makes stupid noises to attract them, so the hunters catch more whales. What a dumb cow." @PhilipOsberg1981 A Variotan ship hauling up a newly caught whale. KAG launches historic division for vintage cars NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - The Kaldestad Aamot Group has launched the Kaldestad Classic division, a company under the KAG umbrella that cares for vintage KAP, Visto, and Esé cars. Kaldestad Classic aims to provide classic car enthusiasts with specialist care, including restorations, assistance, repairs, and genuine parts. As of March 2018, owners of KAP, Visto and Esé vehicles made before 1994 can visit their local showroom to deal with all aspects relating to their classic car. This will come as very good news for owners of older KAP and Visto models, both of which are known for their styling and performance rather than their reliability. The service includes dedicated specialists who have worked with older models for decades, the new manufacturing of older parts via TechMan, and global events for enthusiasts to show off their pride and joy. The service only requires that owners are already members of their respective official owners club, with a lifetime membership for Kaldestad Classic now included in the general package. A department for Altvarna Automotive is expected for 2019. The KAP Jonquil, a car available for the Kaldestad Classic service.
  10. Timezones

    In the true spirit of British stubbornness, I don't care who I'm in a timezone with and what 'works' politically. In the case of -3 being CAT, I'll stick with the entirety of Prymont being in -2 and vote for Prymontian Standard Time.
  11. Timezones

    @Synturia If you count the zones as shown in the image at the top of this thread, there are four zones either side of UTC-2 that include Argis. Therefore, I see it that UTC-2 is in the centre of Argis.
  12. Timezones

    Posting the idea of Central Argic Time again for UTC-2. I'll have my entire country in that one zone. @Orioni @Synturia
  13. Quest for 10.000.....

    I'm tempted to write all of my posts in Comic Sans from now on. Such a legendary font should always be utilised.
  14. [HELP] Currency?

    1 Prynd = $1.7279 Prynd stronk. In seriousness, I'd be happy to use the ION as a 'base' currency.
  15. Project Canamo

    Wahl's Coffee Shop | 1159hrs 12th January 2018 Canastota Ostport Hunter Grey stomped his feet on the door mat as he entered Wahl's Coffee Shop, the snow falling from his boots. He'd only walked two metres from the government vehicle that dropped him off outside the café, but the snow was so heavy it was like walking for miles in Antargis. The old man rubbed his hands together, embracing the comforting warmth of the high-end coffee shop. It was immediately obvious why Varg had picked here over anywhere else - it was expensive. Light classical music played softly from hidden speakers, enhancing the upper class atmosphere. Grey approached the counter at the side of the store, delicately removing his leather gloves as his eyes darted over the variety of cakes and sweet treats in the glass cabinet. A spirited young waitress greeted him, her apron oddly pristine for a food environment. "Ah... a cappuccino. Medium." "And where are you sitting today, sir?" "I'll wait here." Hunter stood to the side of the counter as the barista worked her magic. Vintage coffee machines let out high pressure steam, which was quickly whisked away by a tricky air ventilation system. As he waited, Grey took the time to observe his surroundings, keeping an eye out for a certain flamboyant someone. He spotted his target soon enough; an ageing man, hidden behind a broadsheet newspaper, was sat in the corner of the bar. Grey craned his neck slightly, trying to peer around the telegraph that encapsulated the mobster. Luxurious leather evening shoes flowed freely onto white chinos, with a light pink sweater completing a gentle yet rich look. Deep brown eyes were hidden behind designer sunglasses, his salt and pepper hair slicked back with copious amounts of gel. This was Varg Alme. The barista interrupted Hunter's observation, handing him his coffee. Money was handed over, with the waitress keeping a generous tip, and Grey strode over. As he took a seat, Varg lowered the papers before him, making a dramatic show of flicking his wrist, peering down his nose at his watch, and scoffing at the Defence Minister's tardiness. "You're late." "I had to get my coffee." "Arrive earlier." The minister took a deep breath, biting his tongue to prevent him from saying anything unsavoury. While he held an official government position, Varg was much more powerful than him. Upsetting this man would never end well - as had been seen recently in the news, with the deaths of three teenagers for drug debt owed to the Isbrytere. "Tell me then, Hunter. Why am I here?" "I'd prefer if we could discuss this somewhere more private." "People here know better than to talk. You have my attention. Use it." Hunter reached into his briefcase, withdrawing a plain yellow folder and sliding it across the table. "I won't say much here, but that file has everything you need to know. I trust you're aware of our... activities, in The Hellenic Rus?" "Humanitarian aid? From Prymont? Who are you trying to kid?" "It's a good diplomatic cover. We can't exactly go out there and say we're invading a broken country, can we?" "What has this got to do with me? Is Duval resigning?" "Not exactly... he doesn't know the plan yet." Grey took another sip of his coffee, glancing up at his guest as he awaited an interruption. Nothing came. "Well, our Ground Forces are severely underfunded, and we're asking a lot from them. It'll be hard for international radar to ignore our aerial activity in the region. Questions will be asked, flimsy answers will be given. We need someone to step up when Duval takes the fall." "You're scapegoating him. Does he know about this?" "Naturally, no. He doesn't particularly approve of the invasion either. You see, Duval is weak. You can bend him whatever way you want, and there's barely any resistance. The negative stigma that he sees of invading The Hellenic Rus is quickly surpassed by the positive consequences of helping to restructure a broken country." "You take me for a very stupid man, Hunter. Cut to the chase." The Defence Minister shifted uneasily in his seat, looking around to make sure they weren't being listened in on. The cloaked figure leaned forwards, lowering his voice to barely a whisper. "We can't invade a country with no backlash. There are two million people that we'll be taking in as our own. It's an offensive move, and it won't be received well in the international community. When threats are made, Duval will take the fall. I'm offering you the opportunity to replace him. Think of your image - the people will love you when they find out you're the man helping to repair The Hellenic Rus! Plus, you have the leadership experience. Just give me the chance to get you involved politically, and we can make it happen." "Why me? What do you get from this?" "I can't be President. I like what I'm doing now. I don't trust anyone else in this job. But you... we can work together, Varg. You live in that bloody castle because you're scared of being caught. When you're running the country, nobody can catch you. You have the brains, I have the manpower. We can make Prymont great again."