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  1. Cultural Views of Derthalen Social roles based off of caste: Those of noble birth are expected to act according to their place. They shall live and die under the duty that is their title. A duty that those of lesser birth might never know except for those who have proven themselves worthy of it. All others are free to do as they wish. Social roles based off of class: The peasants toil, the burghers craft, the nobles rule. Social roles based off of sex: Women are expected to birth and raise children. Men are expected to provide for their families and to die for them if the Emperor calls upon them. A woman is generally expected to listen to her man as that is how it has been and probably always shall be. Views on sexual promiscuity: Highly discouraged and illegal in many ways. It spreads disease and corruption of the morals. It is too risky to allow or ignore. Views on queers: A sickness that is to be treated. Failing that, they are to be put to work in whatever way they are deemed useful (women being made into concubines and men into slaves). That said, those that indulge in such perversions but still have families are generally left alone, as they are providing for lives. As we all know, lives are the Emperor's currency. Views on transsexuals: See the previous answer. Views on homosexuality in general: Highly deviant and a wasteful. It is to be stamped out. Views on what constitutes homosexuality: Intercourse between members of the same sex to the exclusion of all others and thus the exclusion of children. Views on transvestism: It is odd, but quite funny. Good for a laugh or a joke, otherwise seen as inappropriate or eccentric when done because the person actually wants to dress like that all the time. Can be punished by the law. Views on alcohol: We are taught how to drink it and how to moderate it. As the song goes 'beer, beer, beer, tiddly, beer, beer, beer!' Views on tobacco: If you can afford it, you can go on right ahead. It is generally rude to purposefully blow smoke in someone's face, but smoking is quite common in most settings when the people in question can afford it. Views on cannabis: Highly illegal. The repercussions for possessing, using, or selling any of the breeds of the narcotic kind will get you into serious trouble. Views on other drugs: See the last answer. That said, also note that those which are prescribed or are for medical use are allowed, as long as taken properly. Views on polygamy: It is allowed, but generally seen as strange. Not very common unless a large number of men have died recently. Views on adultery: Men are generally ignored as long as the women in question are not of high standing, married, or engaged (in which case there are a whole slough of charges that can be brought to bear) and as long as the bastards produced from these activities are not favoured over legal issue or are believed to be taking away from legal issue. If a wife wishes to though, she can of course bring charges against her husband. It is just that most prefer not to. Women committing adultery is a serious offence. Married or otherwise engaged women will not only be considered fallen, but will have to pay for their actions however the husband and court deem fit. Unmarried girls are simply considered fallen and will likely just be thrown in jail for a short stay time before being turfed onto the streets. Views on pregnancy: It is the only goal of sexual relations and the duty of all couples. It is considered an honourable and joyous event if the parents are upstanding individuals of good moral character and standing. Even if they are not, the child might prove himself one day in service to the Emperor. Views on marriage: A duty and joy expected of all. Often it is arranged by parents long before the people in question have learnt to speak. Views on what constitutes a household: The head of the house, his wives, his sisters (should their father have died before they could be married), his brothers and their wives and children (should they be unable to acquire land of their own), his children, and his parents (should they be unable to maintain headship of the house). Views on family importance: Family is near paramount. Only loyalty to ones betters and country can trump it, and that can be by a slim margin at times. Views on familial ties: Kinslayers and traitors aside, family ties are absolute. Those who you are related to are owed by you varying degrees of loyalty and compulsion. In turn, they owe you such as well. Views on what constitutes intimacy: Kissing, embracing, sexual activity of any kind, and prolonged body contact are all considered acts of intimacy. Beyond that, calling a person by their given name is usually considered a sign of close friendship and is generally not done. Calling someone by a nickname is considered extremely personal. Titles and family names are often used instead. Views on intimacy in general: intimacy is something to be treasured. There will be few in your life you can truly be close with and as such you will only act intimately with them. It would be rude to those you treasure to act the same with others and it would cheapen you. Views on public displays of affection: It depends on the time and place. In private it is fine as long as it does not violate and laws or as long as you are not doing things beyond your station, but otherwise it is generally frowned upon in most situations. Greeting someone with a hug or a peck on the cheek is considered fine and so is using a personal name as long as you two are actually close to one another, but besides that you are expected to act properly in public. Also, depending on where and the situation you are you may be broken up and reprimanded, if not end up in trouble with the law. Views on abortion: Illegal in all cases not involving rape, miscegenation, severe deformity, a credible risk to the mother's health, or incest. It is highly looked down upon and is considered an extremely serious crime. It is seen as way of denying the Blood Tithe in most cases. Views on contraceptives: Illegal in all cases. You should keep it to yourself if you do not want children and you should not be consorting with strange people. All sex is ultimately for the creation of new subjects. Views on whoring: Varies. In recent times, greater pushes have started to be seen to outlaw prostitutes completely in quite a few cities. As such, actresses and common prostitutes have been receiving greater pressure recently. The profession itself is considered low beyond a doubt and those who engage in it are usually treated as the scum they are. Views on going to war: Going to war is a glorious affair. To fight and die for your Emperor is seen as one of the highest honours one might attain. Views on starting wars: Starting a war can be and is often seen as a means to an end within itself. Wars provide us with new lands, peoples, resources, work, and experience. As long as there is something worth gaining, war is an option which we will considered with relish. Views on the merits of war: War is a glorious affair in itself. To conquer new lands and bring them under our sway is beyond a doubt something which we must always strive for. Of course, we must always pick when and where to start them well. Lest the enemy get the better of us. Views on the treatment of prisoners: If there is no agreement between us and the prisoners (or their people), then the treatment they get is what they get usually. If they are being kept for ransom, they will usually be treated well enough. Otherwise, they should count themselves as lucky. Views on executing criminals: Entertainment. Those who have transgressed against the law to such an extent to be deemed worthy of death are to be reviled and their deaths are to be enjoyed. Views on loyalty to ones liege/state: This is paramount. Traitors shall be killed. Views on revenge: Revenge within reason. That said, it is every man's right to take revenge lest it be for something deserved. Views on duty: Something which all of society is built upon. Views on honour: Death before dishonour. Views on animals as food: Perfectly normal. Views on what makes an animal a pet: Whatever someone chooses to take as a pet. Views on the treatment of animals: As with any tool or resource, they are to be treated well as long as they serve a purpose. Views on foreigners: Dangerous and not to be trusted. Views on the importance of religion: The Imperial Truth is a cornerstone of our society. Religion is like water. No one can truly live without it. Views on foreign religions: Dangerous and obscene. Things to be hated and destroyed. Views on proselytisation: Through word or by sword, the faith shall be spread. Views on the importance of education: Each shall be taught according to their purpose in life. To do more or less would be wasteful. Only those that can prove themselves academically shall be allowed to continue beyond where they are. Views on the types of education: Any education that can be turned to a use beneficial to the Emperor is considered a good one. A wasted education is a shame. Views on personal hygiene: Most aim to take a bath at least twice a week. Showers and other forms of bathing are to your needs. Views on cleanliness of homes: Homes should be clear of pests, mould, and other forms of infestation. While you might be looked down upon, there are practically no formal laws governing how the interior of your home should be. That said, if someone can show that what is going on inside your home is pouring over into their property or into public, you may very well receive a knock on your door and be brought before a judge. Views on cleanliness of public places: All public spaces are expected to be clean. It is an affront to the Emperor and a mark of shame upon society if the public should become filthy. Views on death in the family: Occasions of great personal sadness. It is considered common for people to wear black and other mourning apparel for a period ranging from a couple of months to years depending on the relation. Views on death in a community: Unfortunate occurrences. Usually treated with respect. Views on death in general: A part of life. The only redeeming factor is that if they lived by the Emperor, they will join his eternal host. Views on euthanasia: Administering the Emperor's Peace is a serious matter. If a person can no longer serve and if they are truly in pain, then it is only right to allow them this. Many of been given it when to live on would be... Unpalatable and detrimental. It is a tragedy. Special customs regarding death: Mourning attire is to be worn after an important figure's death or a relative's. The requirements are generally lighter for men as they are expected to work, but pieces of jewellery known as memento mori are commonly worn along with other things as a lighter way of showing ones mourning. Some will mourn for years while others just for months. The body of the dead will usually be interred in a family crypt, in their own cairn (or other appropriate monument), or into a public catacomb. Skulls and bones feature heavily in our iconography and architecture so as to both remind us constantly of that Humanity in its purest form is perfection within the universe and also to remind us all of the ultimate fate we all shall share. As a note, there is a common occurrence where girls end up living their entire lives in mourning clothes due to members of their family dying before a period of mourning can be finished, as such dark colours are featured rather heavily along with veils and skulls in female everyday fashion. It is seen as inappropriate for girls and women to wear colourful and bright clothes when they ought not to be. Special customs regarding funerals: The customs vary wildly. Some will leave the body up in a high place to be picked clean by birds so as to leave nothing but the bones, others will cremate the body, others will mummify it, and some will bury it whole. The common factors throughout though is that remains will be interred into a burial ground, monument, catacomb, or crypt. The dutiful and loyal dead are honoured in the end. Special customs regarding bathing: Except for taking a bath, none other than have a good conversation and be polite by offering to help one another. When taking a bath, it is generally considered extremely rude not to have washed before hand. Baths are regarded as a sign of civilisation. As such, wrestling, splashing around, and so on while acceptable nearby the bath in bathhouses, are generally frowned upon heavily while in the bath. That said, eating and drinking in the water is fine. Oh, and in case it was not abundantly clear, there is no prohibition against bathing together. Special customs regarding meals: Some choose to pray before meals, others choose to say nothing. In general though, it is the head of the house or group that starts the meal after making certain that all others have received a good portion before lastly taking his own. Meals are considered practically sacred and to start an argument or fight during one is not taken lightly. Special customs regarding duelling: All duels must be approved by a local court before taking place and with clear rules in regards to how they are to be conducted. Witnesses are a must. Special customs regarding courtship: One must first receive permission from their own head of the family before then going forth and seeking the approval of the girl's family. Once all is done and agreed to, the courtship will begin. It is a wildly accepted fact and custom that the couple are to be attended at all times by assigned to watch over them and protect them. If the courtship goes on for too long, there are laws requiring that marriage occur. Otherwise, it is common practice for the family of the girl to beat the boy or kidnap him and force him into a marriage. If either person is believed to have wasted the other's time, it will usually end with one family taking the other to court for either compensation or a marriage to occur, or sometimes both. Breech of promise (breaking off an engagement without a good reason) is also heavily frowned upon and punished. Special customs regarding social standing: Proper forms of address are expected by all. Polite pronouns and terms such as 'you', 'sir', 'young master', 'miss', and 'woman' are generally required when speaking to someone with whom you are not familiar with, are in a professional relationship in, or who is your superior. Otherwise, the impolite pronouns and terms such as 'thou', 'boy', 'girl', and 'wench' are allowed. Also, bowing, doffing ones hat, and other such practices are expected as well. It goes by station, then by age, and then by gender (with men showing deference to women). Other special customs: Most households will have a piece of iron nailed in over the main door. This is said to scare off bad spirits and elves. Other such superstitions run rampant as well. Other special customs: Stores will generally be closed for half a day and then a whole day once a week. If you need something, you are sweet out of luck.
  2. Derthalen

    Civil War Raging!

    Military Activity: Location: The City of Morthal, the Kingdom of Derthalen, the Holy Empire of Derthalen Local supply depots have received orders to transfer stockpiles of weapons, equipment, and supplies to the port's warehouses ahead of deployment. Roughly forty-thousand small arms are being prepared for transport to the Dniester in order to help arm anti-communist forces along with ammunition and surplus winter uniforms. The process is expected to take a full two weeks to complete as needed items are being trained in from Meinitzmark. One destroyer, the Canticle of the Victorious, has been ordered into port as well so as to receive provisions for an extended stay without resupply. It is to act as an escort for the ships bringing 'aide' and 'volunteers' to the south. Addendum: Extra supplies and provisions have also started to be diverted from other stockpiles to warehouses along or near the Emperor's Road. The amount being demanded being enough to supply a force of around eight-thousand men for six months. No new troop movements have been announced yet making these preparations odd. Officers have begun launching inquiries as to purpose of this, but have yet to be informed why. Speculation is high. Location: The Himmelazzen Mountains, the Kingdom of Östragrel, the Holy Empire of Derthalen Two regiments stationed at the border have just arrived in the mountains to begin training for winter warfare, insurgency tactics, and rough terrain. They are expected to reach proficiency in winter warfare and dealing with rough terrain rather rapidly (as they have to deal with these where they live), but learning to carry out a operations from the position of insurgents is expected to take several months. Whether they will be fully ready by deployment is yet to be seen. They will benefit from having a small force of Imperial Guardsmen and Inquisitorial Stormtroopers attached to them for the duration of training, with them also expected to be sent to the Dniester as well.
  3. Derthalen

    Dniester Civil War

    You shall support the communists?
  4. Derthalen

    Dniester Civil War

    All right, I am thinking that I will be sending four-hundred Imperial Guardsmen (elite troops) along with a hundred Inquisitorial Stormtroopers (plus Inquisitors, thus making this another hundred elite troops). I would like them to be working with an Imperial Army regiment consisting of a battalion of riflemen and a tank company. If possible, I would like to send a second regiment as well, is this all right? Bringing in a second regiment would put my forces over two-thousand and five-hundred men strong. My forces would be supporting the monarchists and conservatives.
  5. Derthalen

    Civil War Raging!

    Time: 0139 Derthaler Time Location: Unknown 'The situation within North Dniester has continued to destabilise. Fighting has erupted onto the open streets of one of their cities, with monarchist forces attempting to oust the socialists. Reports from the Imperial Inquisition indicate that other forces have mobilised their forces as well. The situation is about to break down into a rather bloody civil war.' The Imperial Ministers gathered contemplated the situation for a moment. While this provided an excellent opportunity for them to influence this foreign state to become more closely aligned with Imperial interests, it had come at an inopportune time. The Imperial Army was preparing for a major offensive in Afropa, while large numbers of men were still required to guard the Emperor's Road. This left the numbers of troops available rather low... 'We can not afford to split our forces further, it would leave the homeland vulnerable. If we are to capitalise on this opportunity, we will need to attach our forces with another volunteer force sympathetic to our goals. I say we use this incident to test the waters further with @Rihan, and offer to work together with them if they were to ever happen to send volunteers to this conflict. We might be able to spare some equipment for their men, and happen to let them keep it as a sign of our admiration for them.' 'Organising this will take at least two months for us... At least with the railway, we will be able to bring equipment to the warzone rather easily once we have established a foothold so to speak. We will have the Inquisitors reach out to factions leaders there. The conservatives and monarchists there should be pliable to our advances, and would appear to be natural allies in this... If we are lucky, we might be able to make them a client state once their civil war is won.' All things considered, this was a small investment if things could be organised correctly. The Imperial government would be opening up a new country to its influences while also setting up the possible opportunity for if not a client state, a good friend. Once the war in Afropa was concluded, should the civil war still be ongoing, the Imperial Army could bring more of its weight to bear in favour of the backed side. 'It is decided then? I shall begin writing a letter immediately to our counterparts in Rihan's government in regards to getting them to join the war. I shall leave the necessary preparations on our side to the two of you then. Yes?' 'Agreed.' 'Yes.' With that, the Ministers continued their meeting and discussed other matters of import before breaking up to start organising what had to be done. [Encrypted Communication] From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: Praetor Mathon Terix Greetings Golden people, Recent reports from our operatives have indicated that the government in North Dniester is currently losing control of its country. As you are probably already aware, there have already been a couple of armed clashes between two of the opposing factions as of last night. It is for this reason we wish to discuss a possible partnership with your most esteemed nation. With the possibility of a civil war erupting there all but assured, we would like to work together with your government to send volunteers to help stabilise the situation within this country. Our agents are currently busy making contact with leaders of two factions which we believe to be pliable to both of our interests; who if they were to work together, would stand a good chance of winning this conflict already if it were not for the threat of other parties intervening. As you are no doubt already rather conscious of, the government of our former client state known as @Fulgistan is of a revolutionary nature. It is our belief that they will be having similar thoughts to those which we are now expressing to you and will be sending volunteers of their own to try and install a radical communist government. One which would no doubt be hostile to both of our great lands. This can not pass. As such, we hope that you will accept this proposal and join us in our efforts to bring true governance to this broken country and show them a better way of governing themselves. Thought for the day; Courage burns in the hearts of the pious. Heretics burn on the stake.
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    Derthaler Trade & International Dealings

    From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: Praetor Mathon Terix Golden people, We would like to enquire as to whether your kind would like to trade embassies with us; the goal of this would be to encourage closer diplomatic ties between our nations and to promote cooperation in the future. This will allow for easier communications as well naturally. The terms proposed are as follows: Both embassies shall be housed upon an area of dry and flat land no greater and no smaller than twenty acres. Both embassies shall be housed within fortified citadels of an area not exceeding six acres. Both embassies including the land they are house upon shall be treated as the sovereign territory of the nation to which they belong to in all cases except ones in which they are being used to conduct illegal activity within the host nation, harbour fugitives guilty of crimes within the host nation from the host nation, or in the eventuality that diplomatic relations may sour and the host nation may no longer find it desirable for the embassy to occupy said land. Both embassies shall be afforded a period of time no less than two months to peacefully evacuate (with full guarantees of the staff's material and mental safety, as well as that of all equipment and property belonging to them) in the eventuality of an expulsion unless the embassy has been proven to be engaged or have been previously engaged in active military activities against the host nation thus invalidating all protections. Amendments to the terms can of course be made should these not be acceptable. If so, please send back revised terms so we might begin negotiations immediately. Otherwise, we eagerly await your response. Thought for the day; Death, war, genocide, destruction—none of these things can stop the hope that humanity will survive another day.
  7. From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: The @Variotan Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Trade, et cetera Greetings and well wishes cousins. In accordance with our obligations to begin suppressing the international trade of slaves and bonded men, we would like to request permission to carry out routine patrols through your territorial waters and through the Keelpijp and beyond. Our vessels would be carrying out standard stop and search of merchantmen and privately owned vessels in order to ascertain if their cargoes were Human or not. We would of course also deal with any activities of an illegal nature that we would come across. Ships found to be carrying out smuggling operations would be reported, boarded, and then handed off to the relevant authorities in whatever country they were attempting to compromise so as to help and uphold the law. We would also like to inquire as to whether or not it would be possible to refuel our vessels from your ports and whether we will be able to hand off slaves to your government until we can organise for them to be transported. Due to the nature of our warships, it would be most difficult to transport large numbers of slaves aboard them. As such, we would require places for them to be left in care while we organise for proper transport vessels so that we may process them in an organised fashion. Finally, we would like to offer you a set of emergency frequencies which shall be attached to this message. If a vessel comes under attack from pirates or is in immediate distress, emitting a distress signal on these frequencies will alert all Imperial vessels in the area who will in turn be obliged to render aid. As our vessels will hopefully be spending a good deal of time in these waters, we have felt it prudent to give you these. Thought for the day; Peace is Hell.
  8. Derthalen

    Summit On The Existence Of Artificial Beings

    (OOC: @Sunset Sea Islands, @Prymont, @Orioni, @Fleur de Lys. All right, this whole thing stalled. Thanks to Prymont though, it was brought back to my attention on Discord. I ask now, do we have the time to get it going again and finish it?
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    The Geography Game

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    Exercise Shield Wall

    From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: His Majesty the Emperor Syra Aïl III of the United Houses of Astriedan, et al. Greetings, We happily accept your proposal of a joint military exercise and would be more than happy to send soldiers to take part in this. We will of course be holding our soldiers to only the highest levels of professionalism and skill for this. Any criticism of their abilities or practices is of course welcome, should there be any sign of deficiency in them. As was discussed, we have provided a full list of the units that will be taking part in these events. From the 2rd Clan, 18th Warhost: 2nd Combat Group 2nd Gebirgsjager Staff (100 men and officers) 1st Infiltration Warband (45 men) 2nd Mechanised Infantry Staff (270 men) 2nd Outrider Group 2nd Reiter Warband (45 men) 1st Support Group 1st Engineers Staff (125 men) 10th Assault Infantry Band (15 men with anti-material weapons) 5th Heavy Weapons Hand (5 men) From the Support Clan: Military Intelligence Support Group Joint Intelligence Centre (50 men) Attached Kommissars (100 men) Operational Intelligence Cell (50 men) Signal Group SIGINT Warband (50 men) Signal Operations Warband (50 men) Radar Band (20 men) +150 Imperial Guardsmen, +100 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers If any further information is needed, we will happily provide it. The men will be briefed on your ranks and military structure before departure of course, with bilingual phrase books & dictionaries being issued as well. Thought for the day: On the battlefield, valour is the lifeblood of victory.
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    The Geography Game

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    The Geography Game

    I did not find that one, so I think you meant Grindelwald. Doggerland.
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    The Geography Game

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    The Geography Game

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    The Geography Game