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  1. Derthalen

    The Story of Otto the Peaceful

    The garrison was tired. Villagers from all over the place had come begging for help against raiders, and the Amtmann had already left with most of the men to try and fight this encroaching force. Now there were reports of another band attacking further north with impunity, and they simply did not have the men to spare. Instead they were having to maintain a full time watch of the pass to keep anymore raiders from getting through. It was nearing midnight when the alarm was raised. One of the houses in the small village had caught alight and the fire had spread to one of the fields. The castle's guard started rushing out with buckets of water and dirt to keep the rest of the fields and houses from catching fire. Thankfully it was but a small one, so it would not hurt the harvest much. Thirty-two of the men worked tirelessly to get the blaze under control, and managed to save the field. Feeling quite proud of themselves, they were completely dumbfounded when they saw some of them with arrows sticking out of their chests and shoulders. While they had been tiring themselves out with the fire, an army had snuck through the fields; they were under attack! Before the gates could be closed, Uddomar charged his men through the first gate and began their attack. They were met bravely by fifteen men carrying pikes and who managed to form a cohesive line at the second gate. Despite the overwhelming numbers advantage that the attackers had, they could not simply push through a bottleneck when they did not have the reach to get at the defenders. Nor could they pepper them with arrows, as all the archers with with Wendel slaughtering those that had gone outside. Instead the attackers formed a phalanx with their shields and made to advance on the pikemen while those behind them lobbed stones and the occasional francisca. The pikes jabbed at the legs of the advancing men trying to provoke one of them to break formation and create an opening. Each jab came with risk though, as the second rank would try to grab the weapon and pull the wielder towards their axes. The two lines squared off with three yards between. The pikemen held fast as their allies organised behind them. They continued to stand up to being pelted with stones as even a slight opening would be all it would take for the attackers to rush them. Uddomar looked upon this and grew frustrated. In his irritation, he ordered the whole of the second line to throw their axes at once to try and break the defenders. The axes felled five of the pikemen, and made the rest flinch. This was all that was needed, as the first line crashed into them and hacked them to pieces in short order. While this did work, it had taken too long. The third gate had been shut by those further in, and anyone who went onto the bridge was killed by archers. Meanwhile, the slaughter in the village continued without a hitch. Wendel's archers continued to attack the thirty men who had come out to stop the fire. Most of them had left their weapons and shields behind, and posed little to no threat, but they attempted a charge anyway. Some of the villagers seeing this, rushed out of their homes carry poles and tools as weapons to try and help the soldiers. Outnumbering them three to one, Wendel simply had his men come out of the field and stand their ground.The villagers and desperate soldiers were met by the bite of steel and iron weapons and shattered once they realised how outnumbered they were. The defenders started to run, and so were chased down. Those that surrendered were herded into a large storehouse, and were kept there to be sold off as slaves later. The rest were shown no mercy. None escaped.
  2. It would appear my country works in this simulator.
  3. Recognising the Prymontian delegate, av Kål turned to address him. 'It would be completely voluntary on their side, though it would come down to the Panel to decide whether or not to accept the status. The idea of forceful compliance is also rather simple. Should a state fail to enact certain policies, their participation in other programs and policies could be then limited or outright revoked by the Panel, or if there are high value assets at play, be grounds for a possible embargo. Finally, while it is not for my state to decide this, I would hope that if this idea is accepted, it would be implemented in such a way that the Panel would have executive authority to the granting of the status, and that they would need to justify its revocation, as doing so without reason hardly seems in the spirit of cooperation.' *Prymont, he is not representing just the Kingdom here, he is representing the whole Empire.
  4. Derthalen

    Mundus Liber Questionnaire #1 (LGBT Rights)

    1. What is your country’s general views on homosexuality? We do not talk about it. 2. Do your laws protect or discriminate against homosexuals? Please explain how. They are first subjected to evaluation and reeducation, if they are deemed beyond saving the females are render unable to derive pleasure from beastly acts and sold off as concubines while the men are gelded and sold off as slaves for their transgressions against the Emperor. If they prove unruly, they are subjected to conditioning and pacification surgeries to make them more amicable to their new lots in life. 3. What is your country’s general views on bisexual individuals? We do not talk about it. 4. Do your laws protect or discriminate against bisexual individuals? Please explain how. Please refer to the second answer. 5. What is your country’s general views on transgender individuals? These do not exist. 6. Do your laws protect or discriminate against transgender individuals? Please explain how. If it is just some girl pretending to be a boy, we generally ignore them and let them go their merry way so that their husband or father can sort them out. If they carry out unnatural acts though or if they cause trouble by refusing to marry and/or do their Emperor given duties, we carry out two rounds of psychiatric treatment. Failing this reeducation and conditioning is attempted, before we finally move onto surgical procedures. 7. Why does your country take these stances on LGBT individuals? Please explain thoroughly. They are unnatural and need to be treated. Men need to father children so that they might be replaced in time, women need to carry these children and rear them so that they might live, and until an economical solution can be found which renders childbirth an inefficient means of reproduction and troop replenishment, we will continue to carry out our methods of treatment. Lives are the Emperor's currency, spend them well. 8. Any more notes on the way the LGBT community is treated in your country? Getting up on a stage in a dress and some make up does not make a man a woman or in any way, shape, or form lead to punishment or medical attention unless done so in inappropriate settings and times. Having some stupid fun like that because the prettiest thing around is the ass about to be butchered for your week's food is considered normal and healthy behaviour, and it is also not uncommon for men to play female roles as there has been a sharp decline in actresses since more conservative elements have started calling for the outlawing of prostitution in most places.
  5. Johan av Kål had been waiting for over a month now to make this appeal and proposal. If it succeeded, it would bring him no small amount of prestige, and it would also increase the economic importance of the Free Cities. Not only did they have access to two free trade areas with Ochsenland through the treaty ports with Adaptus, but they also stood to gain massively from refuelling and trade routes that already passed through or near their waters. If there was a treaty allowing for easier trade; it was only natural that ships would beginning stopping in the ports. The Chair had recognised him, now was the time to speak. He rose proudly. 'We believe that despite observers not being full members, that they should be granted the option for a full compliance status that would allow them to be treated as full members in everything but voting and speaking rights. This would mean that resolutions and policies held by the Regional Association would be applied automatically to said state, lest they lose their full compliance status and be returned to being a basic observer. This would be an optional choice, and in no way would force people into taking it. Finally, it would fall to the Panel to decide whether a state would need to become forcefully compliant. This is important, as it would allow those that wish to be engaged in economic activities and bear more responsibilities within the Association, but that are incapable or for various political reasons not desirable to give the vote to, to be able to gain these responsibilities and take part in agreements. This would benefit the Association by increasing the area affected by policy changes and promoting greater connectivity and reliance between states while also allowing the existing members to limit the influence a possibly dangerous or untrustworthy state might have. In conclusion, I hope that the delegates present will see the benefits this will bring to the Association and vote in all of our best interests.' With his appeal lodged, he braced himself for the questions to come.
  6. Derthalen


    @The Theodorian States, going by your name, it sounds like you are Greek, right? How would you like to be a West-Argic nation? We used Greek names to name the waters around that area.
  7. Derthalen

    ATARA: First General Assembly

    A locomotive drawn train travelling through the countryside, and the Imperial Derthaler Embassy Ship to Iverica. The Most Honourable Steward of Pengar, Johan av Kål was tired; extremely tired in fact. While he had, had misgivings about boarding a flying machine and going to another country, he had not realised exactly how long the journey was going to take by ship. Due to the fact that the Imperial government was already planning on sending this ship to Iverica to act as a floating embassy of sorts, it was decided that rather than put him on a merchant or military vessel, he would go with the embassy to Iverica. It had taken three weeks, but finally his destination was in sight. He was standing on the deck of the Delta Queen, and just staring longingly at the land which he had been told was called 'Isla Altaria' by the locals. Rather than go back inside and wait, he had instead decided to sleep on the deck with his bags so that when they docked in Porto Altaria, he would be the first one to jump ship. It was not that he did not like the vessel, it was simply that he was absolutely terrified of drowning on it. A couple of hours later, and he charged down the gangway and just lay down on the concrete pier. He did not care what they said, he would rather fly home and risk death from falling for a few hours than take that boat home and risk death from drowning for a month again. With that decided, he said to no one in particular 'All right, time to get drunk!' and set off to find the nearest public house.
  8. Derthalen

    2018 UENA World Cup

    Special News Report on the World Cup This is the Imperial News Service reporting after the fact on the first game of the Union of National Football Associations World Cup. The game was rife with violence, as both teams played on the offensive from the start. A player from Orioni was the first to be awarded a yellow after one of their players swept the legs out from under Corporal Saint-Thor after he had already passed the ball. The ball had been Haraldson who brought it up to near the goal. As the other team's players closed in on him, he managed to pass the ball to Hendriksen who had moved up to just off the goal, who in turn scored the first goal of the game with a powerful strike in what seemed like near silence. After the ball hit the back net, the crowd of soldiers watching the game broke out in wild cheering, with some of the fans chanting mockingly 'beached whales cannot swim' at their counterparts. After this initial success, the Golden Boys managed to keep control of the ball for most of the first half. Borlo Fylk was able to get control of the ball from the Orioni team, ran it up to the goal only to take a shot for corner and miss. The ball flew wide by a few inches and he was denied his glory. Following that display, Corporal Dix was given a yellow after he accidentally headbutted an opposing player while trying to get the ball. Neither player sustained severe injuries, with the Orca Ratman Jain only suffering from a bloody nose. The next few minutes became filled with intense bitterness from the two teams. An Orca player in an attempt to stop Fylk from trying to take another shot, was carded for accidentally punching him in the gut after the two collided. This interception inspired similar acts of accidental violence from the Golden Boys, who proceeded to become extremely aggressive in their tackles and body checking of Orcas who tried to take the ball. Fylk made another attempt at scoring a goal, but the goalkeeper for the Orcas, a Mr. Paredes was able to slide in and stop it; hollering could be heard from the stands as Paredes' name was cheered out. The referee was forced to issue two more yellow cards to the Golden Boys, while the Orcas only received one more when one of theirs tripped and dragged down one of our players.The Orca player Julio Hoffmann showed an impressive level of foot work, as he managed to gain possession of the ball and with the help of another team mate get it up to the Imperial goal. Despite his show of skill, Altmann was able to stop the ball from going in. Shortly after that, half time was called. During the half time, both teams had their injuries seen to. The Orca coach Guus Hiddink was seen animatedly talking with his team, and it would appear that whatever he said was important. After the half time was over, the Orioni team began focusing more on passing and was able to evade all attempts by the Boys to get the ball. Julio Hoffmann showed his skill yet again, and was able to kick the ball into the net faster than you could blink. The fans from Orioni went wild, letting out chants in their native tongue. A small scuffle occurred in the seats, and apparently went on for a full fifteen minutes before it could be broken up. Tensions were running high now, as both teams needed a single goal to win. The Golden Boys made to blitz, with Fylk and Schneider passing the ball between them constantly and running at exhausting speeds. Their gambit did not pay off though, as Paredes was at the top of his game. It was like the ball was attracted to him, as the first shot from Fylk was deflected away from the goal, and the second one from Schneider was actually caught by him despite its speed. After that, av Widuwald was given a yellow card due to crashing headlong into another player, and the Orioni team was able to get the ball again. They managed to yet again pass it between their players and bypass the defence, but when they took their shot it went wide of the goal. The sense of relief was palpable. With time running out, another attempt was made to get a goal against Orioni. Despite their attempts though, the players had slowed down noticeably from the last try and were unable to get close enough to take a good shot. Another two shots were tried, and both went wide. Before the game ended, a small fist fight occurred between of the players. A yellow card was given out. The game ended with a score of 1-1, and with a great deal of excitement for the rest of the World Cup. Great results are expected from both teams, as they will be playing two more matches in the qualifying round. As a side note, it has come to our attention that spectators from @Iverica have taken to calling the Golden Boys 'Fully-Ottomatik' due to their admiration of certain players. We thank those Ivericans for coming up with such a creative nickname, and wish them luck in their games.
  9. Derthalen

    Illegal Occupation by Derthalen

    Time: 0740 Derthaler Time Location: Dolch-See Aboard: FIS Plato The meal was... Strange. Despite the ornate nature of their surroundings, they had been obliged to eat with their hands and sit near the floor with low stools. Peasant like... Nay, barbarian practices were engaged in. The Adapten officers would partake in far too much food to be healthy, and then would take a draught of an odd elixir which would then compel them to excuse themselves. Once done, they would engage in more of their gluttonous behaviour before repeating the same activities over again. It was only through the unfortunate imbibing of the liquid by one of the delegates that it was found out that the concoction while sweet tasting and smelling, was in fact designed to force one to retch and that the officers had been going into special rooms for this purpose. That said, the surroundings were beautiful. The ceiling itself was possessed though by the queerest lights.They imitated the movement of the stars, and it appeared that they rotated relative to the ships bearing and movement. Whether this was accurate, and whether it was done through a cogitator and screen or if it was mechanical in nature was unknown. It was very pleasant to view though. The marble and stone surroundings instilled a rather odd response unfortunately. Due to the solid and land like nature of their surroundings, a couple members of the delegation seemed to suffer from a conflict of the senses, and as such had to be rather careful while they ate and drank. With the meal concluded, the table was cleared and parchment and documents spread out on the even surface. The negotiations began in earnest and all of the Imperial delegates suppressed any feelings of sickness or of drunkenness and focused on the task they had come here for. The initial volley of proposals thus began, with the first volley consisting of both sides making ludicrous demands. The Adapten demanding that all slavery be stopped in the region along with the handing over of too many ports for their ships. In return, our demands were for the Adapten navy to withdraw completely from our region and for them to pay compensation for the inconvenience caused by their presence. With both sides using similar negotiation tactics, it did not take long for them to cut out the false goals and get straight to the point. The Derthaler delegates stuck to their guns with maintaining slavery within the empire, but as there was no oversea slave trade it was a more than easy and logical concession to make to them as it. To make this clause more advantageous to the Imperial government, it was added that the Derthaler government would give military assistance in stopping slave trading vessels thus harming the economies of foreign nations and would also allow the Adapten navy to use special naval bases for their ships to operate out of. After a couple of hours, an agreement was made as to how the bases would be operated. While the foreign ships and personnel would have free reign within the bases, they were to be guarded by Imperial soldiers and contraband brought off of their ships were to be seized. That said, all non-illegal items were to be allowed to be traded freely for currency and other products without any taxes being levied. The bases were to operate as free trade zones, for the benefit of both nations. Finally, a last agreement was signed. All slaves taken and captured in the process of stopping the slave trade were to be given the full protections and benefits afforded under Imperial law to slaves. With these agreements made, the delegates began writing up a final full form of the treaty. It would be taken back to Adaptus, ratified by their government, and be brought into full effect as soon as it was announced.
  10. Derthalen

    UENA Nations League

    The Imperial Military Football Team The Golden Boys Team nickname: The Golden Boys/Der Goldjungen Team colours: Gold and Blue Team coach: Colonel Grendel Felding Team players: 1 - Konrad Johann Altmann - GK 2 - Gerhard Otto Carius - RB 3 - Karl Friedrich Dix - CB 4 - Rupert Hans Mayer - CB 5 - Hermann Jakob av Widuwald - LB 6 - Thurman Aldo av Widuwald - LW 7 - Mendel Hendriksen - CM 8 - Jak Sebastian Saint-Thor - CM 9 - Johannes Haraldson - RW 10 - Borlo Fylk - ST 11 - Adolf Schneider - ST Team kit: Team Lineup:
  11. Derthalen

    Ahranaian Foreign Ministry

    From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: The Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana RE: The previous letter to the Imperial Government Greetings. All terms are in order; we will begin our withdrawal process immediately. Any acts by your government or your military to hinder our activities under this agreement shall be considered both a breach of treaty along with an act of war. Be aware, the company being charge with the management of the economic zones shall be a newly formed subsidiary of the kaiserliche Fulgis Handelsgesellschaft (known as the 'kFH'). Any and all actions taken by this company shall be with the authority of the Imperial Government within the confines of the new treaty and within these economic zones. Their operation is expected to proceed unhindered, and their property and personnel unmolested. Jan Utikar, Minister of Foreign Affairs. Thought for the day: Knowledge is power, hide it well. Just a reminder Ahrana, all the previous messages are not being considered canon anymore. This is a new series of exchanges, as those previous ones would still require me to return your challenge with war.
  12. Derthalen

    All The Sultan's Men

    Meanwhile in a nearby street... Three Company Men were busy watching the unfolding scene. They had been walking to their favourite worker's cafe for lunch when they had noted an odd disturbance taking place nearby with the locals. Rather than get closer to find out what was being said, they had opted to hang back and watch what happened. This had evidently been the right choice. While they could not hear what was being said clearly, the words 'foreign devils' and the swinging around of a sword were enough to tell them that they were not welcomed. One of them crept closer to see how the crowd was reacting better and then froze in his tracks. Local soldiers had appeared and were making their way through the crowd. In a matter of crystal clear clarity, he rushed back to his fellows and said this 'Inform the head office of peasant unrest here and also tell the manager to have the guards be deployed to protect our assets, the situation is ripe with tension, and it appears that those native soldiers are about to light the tinderbox. We need to get back to work now!' With that, the three men began a mad dash back to their respective compounds and offices in order to alert the troops to possible trouble. The first one worked near the centre of town in an administrative building, despite its central location the building had been made like an old fashioned build hall. In order to enter the building you had to pass through some metal gates into a small courtyard with a single heavy double door and lots of windows surrounding it. It was ideal for defence as long as the attackers were not interested in burning the whole place down. As he arrived, he noted that there was already an odd murmur in the air. He practically slammed into the nearest guard and shouted 'Lock down hall and do not allow any locals in!' before sprinting into the building to report to his boss and to use its telegraph line in order to pass on the warning. Thankfully, his superior was in his office when he came rushing in and instantly bellowed for the remaining guards to take up defensive positions and to prepare for a siege. He set to having the telegraph operator relay his message right away. The second man was less fortunate, he worked alongside teamsters. His entire workplace was filled with native labourers, and it only had three guards there in order to check the workers for stolen items at the end of every shift and to stop any would be horse thieves. As he came in sight of the building, he slowed to a light jog so as to appear more casual and carefully made his way to the office. His luck was absolutely rum. Due to the need to quickly dispatch labourers and transports, the whole place was designed for quick and easy access. The only two areas which were remotely defensible, were the stables (which were filled with flammable material) and the office where he worked itself. There were only two windows, plenty of desks, and a small area with iron bars separating it from the rest commonly referred to as the strong room despite its open appearance. What came next was a mixed blessing. His boss had gone out to lunch, and with his early return he was the one in charge there. He quietly informed his coworkers about the situation, and then informed the guards. A plan was formulated. Two of the guards would stay in the office and set up firing positions and cover behind the door, while the third kept watch at the entrance to the teamster area and kept up appearances. As soon as the first signs of trouble appeared, he was to run to the office and while his comrades fired out at anyone who tried to follow. If all went well, everyone would be safe and sound in the office with the local savages having to cross a wide open area to try to get at them. The only problem was ammunition, the guards only had around thirty rounds each. Hopefully things were going to be fine. The third man worked at the docks keeping track of exports, arrivals, and various other figures. His run was by far the longest, as his place of work was right next to the water. Around halfway there, and he could already hear the first sounds of gun fire coming from part of town he had left. As he ran he saw fellow Derthalers and shouted at them 'Get back to you work places, there is a riot!' before continuing on in his long sprint back to the docks. He was lucky in a way, as his workplace was the most well armed and protected of all three. The docks dealt with large quantities of valuable materials and money, and as such required a sizeable force of armed guards to keep would be thieves from attempting anything. As long as he could make it there and not get caught outside during the riot, he would be fine. With this in mind, he continued down the streets running, and running, and running until he was almost there. A couple hundred more yards and he would be safe. Really, his entire journey had been quite stupid though. He laughed to himself as he realised that the guards at the docks would have gone on alert as soon as the sounds of weapons fire were heard. Realising this, he could not help but have a wry smile on his face as he clarity dawned on him again. He would have been much safer following one of his friends to their workplaces, but no matter, he was almost there...
  13. Derthalen

    Ahranaian Foreign Ministry

    From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: Whom ever it might concern. RE: The previous letter to the Emperor. In my left hand I hold peace, in my right hand I hold war. If you you follow through with this, we will not act in the sinister way. Thought for the day: It is through the Destruction of our Enemies, that we Earn our Salvation.
  14. Derthalen

    Guten tah

    Welcome. How do you feel about organised religion and feudal countries that have a communist state?
  15. Derthalen

    The Emperor's Road

    From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: Foreign Minister of the United States of Prymont, Lorraine Duval Emperor's blessing northern cousin, My government is pleased to hear of interest in the railroad and cooperation and would be glad to accept your offer, but we would not be able to accept giving you a fifty percent discount on all travel. Instead, we would like to offer a sixty percent discount on all travel along the Trunk and a seventy-five percent discount for all Branch lines. The segments of line inside of your territory will be placed under your authority, and border stations will be set up so as to allow for customs inspections as well. If you accept those terms, construction of your part of the line will be able to take place almost immediately. It should only take us a month to transfer and hire the necessary workers needed to begin construction of it. Due to its length, the estimated time till completion should be around five months. May this be the beginnings of a monumental friendship. Thought for the day: Know your destination before you set out.