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  1. @Seylos, these things are meant to be organised events. I was fine with this being between myself, you, Limonaia, and Fulgistan, but now it is just spiralling out. I probably going to just back-pedal and change what happened at the rate things are going.
  2. Time: 2156 Derthaler Time. Location: Listening post south of Irvingshost. 'An unknown and unauthorised broadcast was picked up at... Twenty-One, Fifty-Six. It was on a medium wave band, with a frequency of... Seventeen-Hundred and Seventy-One and a half Langtakts. Its contents consist of a series of the same note being played at steady intervals interrupted by gaps lasting no longer than a second. Two code breakers are currently comparing it to known telegraph standards to figure out the contents of the message. We will begin broadcasting a response momentarily.' The Watchstander finished noting down the activity in his log. With that done, the head Funker ordered a challenge be given. Derthaler Challenge -.-- --- / -- .- -. --..-- / .-- .- ... ... ..- .--. ..--.. / .-- .... --- / -.. .- - / - .... . .-. . / .--. .-.. .- -.-- .. -. --. / - .... --- ... . / .-- .- -.-. -.- / .--- .- -- ... / -.-- --- ..--.. / -.. .. ... / .. ... / -.. .- / -.. . .-. - .... .- .-.. . .-. / .--. --- .-.. .. ... ... ... -.-.--
  3. An Overview of the Educational System of the Holy Empire of Derthalen: As Recorded by the Ministry of Education All male children must be submitted upon the year of their sixth birthday (except for those whose birthdays fall closer to the beginning of the next academic year) for inspection by a local educational authority. Those that are found not to be severely deficient mentally or physically are to then begin receiving mandatory and free instruction for the next eight years fully unless their family can show that they can provide a suitable education through private means. The children are then expected to learn for the next four years the skills of reading & writing, numbers (mathematics), science, history (is a mixture between history and music, and traditionally a lot of the older history is taught using epic poems, songs, and so on), and geography, with one long subject in the morning and two subjects in the afternoon. They are also expected to begin their early physical education, with them being required to learn archery, wrestling, and to run miles twice a week in order to prepare them mentally and physically for more intensive training later on and to keep them fit and energetic (the belief being that a fit body is healthier and will have a mind more able to learn). After the first four years a passed, the educational focus shifts from equipping the children with the tools required for coping and comprehension towards intensive study. In their fifth year, each class is broken into three strings and forced to compete against each other for merit. The string with the greatest grades and physical prowess receive more privileges than the group below them and authority over them. While numbers remains an important study, reading & writing is switched for rhetoric & debate, where the children begin receiving instruction on how to speak in public places, argue points, and learn proper etiquette towards others. Their creative writing skills are encouraged, as often times they are meant to construct stories as well to support their cases. Their physical education is intensified over time as well, as the amounts they have to do is increased. Besides that though, they are made to learn unarmed combat followed by armed combat once they are deemed sufficiently skilled, and are required to begin playing sports and conducting exercises that help teach them how to operate in units, with strings forming their own teams and units often times. By the end of the eighth year, all students are required to take a finishing examination. The examination is designed to break down the students and find only the most skilled so that only the top thirty out of each hundred may be allowed to enter into the purely academic secondary education. The examination does not only test their knowledge and ability though, but also looks into what they are suited for. Examiners decide based off of what they see and reports from the primary education what sort of educations students are suited for and then decide whether they are to be allowed to proceed into a military school, trade school (also including apprenticeships), a scientific school, or whether their free mandatory education is over. The school week consists of five full days of education, one half day, and then one day of rest. Those who come from families that are too poor, live in isolation, or who might try to keep their children away, are placed into boarding schools, where they are expected to divide chores amongst themselves and learn to cook, clean, farm, and collect wood under the supervision of the teachers. Those that volunteer for military service before their primary education is complete receive a more specialised education for the branch of their choosing.
  4. In case no one comes forth, I am proposing my own. A man who lived in the mountains got it into his head to try and design the most unsinkable boat possible. His design involved a central canoe within which to sit, with two pontoons attached to it by large stabilising wings. He also decided to attach a large set of propellers to this boat so as to allow it to travel up and down stream with ease. In order to test his creation, the man decided to take it down the largest river he could find. It was a fairly lousy boat, and failed to fight against the current, and was promptly swept off a water fall. Thankfully for him, once out of the water, the propellers with the help of gravity managed to propel the boat into sustained flight. Thus, the first flying boat was created. Amazed by his miraculous survival, he made a few alterations and took his invention on the road and made a living amazing people with his flying canoe boat. Due to the Imperial Government not recognising the potential of this new technology, it was allowed to spread unimpeded throughout the Empire and without, with it even being showcased in far off lands such as Fulgenland. The idea was quickly picked up by foreigners after seeing it.
  5. Hello all! On the suggestion of @Variota, I have created this thread so that people interested may propose stories behind how they invented the aeroplane, so that we may as a community decide amongst the interested parties who gets the honour. On the request of @Andalla, we are also asking for those who want to claim the honour of having the first commercial jet liner propose their stories as well. We will vote using the trophy reaction I suppose, may the best story win!
  6. The northern pass had been secured. With the fall of the castle guarding it, the road into Östragrel was open for the army of Derthalen now; thirty-three years before, the Eastern Goths had invaded the Kingdom of Derthalen and had taken most of the Kingdom's farmland and access to the Got-See in the east. They had even dared to march into the mountains and try to take the silver mines that had formed the basis of power for Derthalen. Thankfully, they had never experienced winter in the mountains before. Their armies were allowed to march unopposed through the passes and deep into the territory of the Derthaler, the castles that stood in their way had been stripped of supplies and their defenders long gone. It was during the winter solstice that the counterattack finally came. The Goths were only four leagues from Jomsberg (what would become Heinrichstadt), and were preparing to lay siege to the city. Their massive army of fifteen-thousand had slowly made their way through the valleys stripping them of food in order to deal this final blow and take the capital of the mountain men. The day they were to march on the city, disaster struck them. Teams of men had climbed the mountains and played their horns and drums as loudly as they could, bringing down white death upon the invaders. Avalanches struck the Gothic foemen trapping them where they were. They could not advance, nor could they retreat. Of the fifteen-thousand, only three-thousand made it out of this disaster. They were without supplies and with only a few of their leaders. In their flight from the mountains, they were harassed ceaselessly by the Alemanns whom they had sought to subjugate. They brought back with them stories of powerful magics being wrought by the folk of the mountains, and of how in the dark of the night, snow-wraiths would appear in their camps to take them never to be seen or heard from again. Despite this, the war did not end. The mountain men were few in numbers and without much food to get them by, and with enemies rousing in the flatlands as well. Seeing the failure of his vassals, the King of Östragrel sent forth his own army to seize the passes and make sure that their work was not undone. Over the next five years, skirmishes and battles saw them gain a foothold in the mountains, but never getting the silver that they so wanted. An unsteady peace was created, as neither kingdom could sustain the war any longer without their other neighbours taking notice and invading. Although there were minor raids and skirmishes, between the nobles living along the border for the next twenty years, Östragrel turned its eyes towards the south and into Rukonen. They trusted in their sense of superiority and waged war to their south while leaving their western frontier largely unguarded. All that was left were a few minor lords and their levies to protect them from incursions from the mountains. It was this opportunity that started us off on this path to unification. The young Prince Uddomar was tasked by his father to set forth with some men to test the strength of the Gothic presence and clear the way for the army to advance undetected. Having succeeded in his mission, an army of six-thousand men were now to follow his raiders and burn the countryside to bring about a famine. Even while Östragrel was busy fighting Rukonen, the chances for a victory were slim. Their only hope for the future was cripple the enemy's ability to feed their armies so that they would not face a renewed campaign against them in the coming years. For the first two months of their campaign they had moved relatively unopposed. While the lords and stewards of the fiefdoms they moved through organised defences, they could not stand up to the sheer numbers of the Derthaler forces. After coming out of the mountains, they had swept through countryside like a plague locusts. The summer of that year was an especially hot one, with the crops sowed in the spring growing strong already. As such, it was truly devastating for the peasants in western Östragrel to see what was promising to be a great bumper harvest turned to ashes before their very eyes while many of their sons and fathers were gone to the south to war. The dispossessed were driven from their villages and to the towns, creating great strains on the food reserves and farmland that the marauding army had left untouched so that they could move on to softer targets. While all this transpired though, riders had gone to the king's host in the south to call for aid; while it was slow, it was surely coming and the first of the Eastern Gothic army would be back to challenge the raiders soon.
  7. Time: 2312 Derthaler Time. Location: Dolch-See Aboard: Haufen-class Destroyer, the Three Prefects ~~This is Commodore Lauf von Regenbogen of the Gratuitous Malediction, calling the Three Prefects, please respond.~~ ~~This is Captain Ösland of the Three Prefects, receiving you clearly.~~ ~~The Vengeful Widow has been out of contact for three hours, their last report indicated that they were intercepting a merchantman heading for Seylos. We would like you to investigate their disappearance after you are finished with that with what you are currently doing.~~ ~~We will be underway again in half an hour sir, but please be aware that we are running out of ratings; we had to send a prize crew of a hundred men to secure a Limonaian ocean liner. Even at half-capacity, there are a thousand and twenty-two prisoners aboard it. This is on top of a freighter we took four hours ago. We will find the Widow, but we request that we receive assistance from another ship and be allowed to return to port afterwards, as we are missing half our crew.~~ ~~Very good, we will beg reinforcements for you then, and you are granted permission to return to port once the Widow has been found. May the Emperor be with you.~~ Time: 2330 Derthaler Time. Location: Near the port of Tsalmonsturm on the Dolch-See Aboard: Dietrich-class Cruiser, Magic is Heresy 'We have been charged with rendering assistance to our forces currently engaged in search and destroy operations against unknown pirates. One of our destroyers, the Vengeful Widow, has failed to report in after attacking a merchant ship heading towards Seylos. We are to meet up with another destroyer, the Three Prefects, in order to assist them in case the Widow has been taken by enemy forces or is currently suffering from massive failures. After we have found our ship, we will begin carrying out search and destroy operations as well and get to earn ourselves a nice bit of prize money. If there are no further questions, we will be getting underway.' None of the officers said anything. 'To your stations then, dismissed.' Notes: I asked both @Limonaia and @Seylos for permission to take their ships, so thank you for allowing me this. This should give us plenty of reasons to deal with each other in future. I might be out of contact again in a bit, so I made this post in a hurry. For the record, I have two cruisers in the Dolch-See, one destroyer with half its crew missing, and another destroyer in an unknown condition. If you want to do something with these ships, feel free to. I give @Seylos permission to decide what condition the missing ship is in. Please do not destroy my other three ships. Have a good Halloween in case I am not around. Oh, and sorry for all the talking in this post. For those confused, quotation marks (') are used to indicate actual speaking now, while two tildes (~~) are being used to represent radio communication.
  8. Time: 1700 Derthaler Time. Location: Near the port of Dorminhavn on the Dolch-See Aboard: Dietrich-class Cruiser, the Gratuitous Malediction 'Our patrol craft picked up a distress call from a Seylosian merchantman three hours ago now. To our knowledge, they were attacked by unknown vessels. Naval intelligence is currently chalking this up to pirates, as there have been no unusual movements from the Ochsenlanders or other groups in recent months. Our objective is to search the area alongside the Vengeful Widow and the Three Prefects and to capture the pirates if at all possible, or sink them should they resist. While we are doing this, we have been given special permission to use the uncertainty to pirate along the sea lanes discreetly, only vessels sailing under an Ochsenlander or Imperial flag are exempt. Prize money shall be awarded using the standard scheme.' The commodore scanned the room for questions. Noticing a look of consternation on his master-at-arms. 'Master Rosatorte, do you have any concerns?' 'Yes sir, what are we to do with prisoners sir? Our ship's hold will likely not be able to take on both goods and slaves should be take a ship sir.' 'Ships that are captured are to keep their cargo aboard them and are to be sailed back to shore by a skeleton crew from one of our ships, we will be keeping the prisoners under guard inside of our hold until we get back to port, though if we have to scuttle a ship and choose between either taking slaves or cargo, we will simply take the cargo and kill the prisoners. Is there anything else?' This time no one answered and all the faces seemed clear. 'Dismissed then.' The officers all stood and left to see to their duties. Master Rosatorte went down to the marines and began organising the distribution of small arms to the crew, it was going to be a fun mission. Time: 2000 Derthaler Time. Location: Dolch-See Aboard: Haufen-class Destroyer, the Vengeful Widow The Vengeful Widow was now tracking a lone freighter in the middle of the sea. They had failed to find any pirates as of yet, but now had the ideal opportunity to earn some prize money. The freighter lay low in the water, its holds promising valuable loot and its hull being made of good scrap. The captain of the Widow strolled over to the navigator and peered down at the display 'This should be far enough from help. Send a message to the Commodore. Inform him that we are about to take first blood and that we will be jamming radio waves for the next two hours, current heading east by southeast, travelling fourteen knots towards Seylos.' A quick coded message was dispatched, its reception being confirmed. 'Signalman, tell the ship to heave-to or face our full cannon shot. Gunners, prepare to fire a warning shot over their stern.' A quick series of flashes were fired off five times with no reply. The unknown merchantman began to accelerate away. 'Gunner, fire!' A great plume of water exploded near the ship. It changed its heading turning north by northeast before cutting engines and striking its colours. 'Helmsman, bring us alongside. Marines to the boats, prepare to board the ship.' The Widow closed on its prey, the deck gun training upon the ship's tower the whole time. The boarding boats set off once the ship had cut its engines. Twenty marines with weapons at the ready should the crew prove hostile. They quickly climbed up the sides of the ship and onto the deck. No men were there to meet them, the whole ship was as silent as the grave now. The marines split up into four teams and began clearing the deck and control tower. The bridge was empty, no papers, no chairs, nothing except for the consoles. It looked as if everything had been taken out of it, except for the bare necessities. The panic room was also empty, with its doors missing. The marine in charge radioed back. ~~No signs of a crew so far, the deck and tower are devoid of life, with all the furnishings missing and no indications that anyone has actually been in here. We are preparing to sweep below the deck now and ascertain the status of the engine. The lack of a crew is... Disturbing.~~ The marines gathered around the hatches and stairwells, and began to sweep the decks. Each deck was cleared, but no signs of anyone alive were found. The hold was filled with cargo containers. The marines opened a few of them and found books, robes, silver daggers, and in one of them, large numbers of already stamped envelopes. Nothing out of the ordinary was found, so they moved on. When they cut the bolts sealing the engine room, they found it in near perfect working order, except for the first sign of someone having actually been aboard. In great white letters the words 'IT MUST BE SENT' were scrawled over the back walls and the floor in the Seylosian dialect of Anglish. There were also puddles of dark fluid on the floor, making slipping a danger. The ship was a complete mystery. As the skeleton crew were transferred aboard it, sounds of gun fire broke out from within the ship. The marines tried to call for help but all that came through was broken and filled with static. ~~Engaging hostiles forces -dakadakadaka- they -zrzrzrzrz- puddles, requesting -silence-~~ The captain got up and moved to the nearest window and looked over before shouting out the order 'Get the rest of the marines over there immediately!', but they had bigger problems to deal with. Boarders were scrambling over the Widow's deck now, they had somehow snuck aboard without anyone noticing. There were already reports of fighting in the hallways. The hunters were now being attacked. Notes: All right, so for firstly, in my military the term 'commodore' refers to anyone who is not an admiral who is in charge of more than one ship. It just denotes the captain of the Gratuitous Malediction as being in charge of the squadron. Next, other than the Malediction, the other two ships are both destroyers. Also, the master-at-arms is the one responsible for enforcing the law aboard ship, training the seamen in use of their weapons, and just in general responsible for the ships arms. Finally, when a prize ship and its cargo are taken into port, the money given by the government for it is split up amongst the crew of the ship that took it. Enlisted seamen all receive one share, officers receive three shares, and the captain receives six shares. The marines are given two shares due to the fact that they are the ones who are actually going over to the enemy ship, with their officers being given four shares. That is the standard scheme.
  9. This is the Heiligen language news service at 09:00. The River Kos has been frozen now for the last three days. The general mood of the denizens of Morthal has quickly gone from one of widespread irritation due to traffic drying up on account of the river being solid, the streets being filled with unexpected snow, and the marshes being easy to walk through, to one of merriment as the ferrymen, fishermen, and dockworkers have all begun setting up tents on the river and a massive impromptu fair. Thousands of people can be seen on the ice now, as fears of it thawing and giving way have subsided after a rather public display of herding a group of cattle along the river to be slaughtered and roasted for the festivities. A tourney has been set up, with knights riding ponies in jousting competitions and fighting each other with brooms while having bells tied to their bodies. The overall state of affairs can be described as saturated with cheap drink, food, and plenty of entertainment. A warning to all soldiers and sailors thinking of taking part. Disruptions and keeping order are being handled currently by the fishmongers, as the city watch has refused to patrol the fair due to the chances of increased burglaries while people are distracted. Because of this, those that are caught causing trouble may face unusually steep fines, be stripped down to their small clothes, and then made to wrestle for the entertainment of the crowds as a form of punishment by the fishmongers. For your own sake and that of the military, please do not be among the numbers already having to do this. Also, be aware that due to the coldness of the ground, fog is expected to be settling in thick for the foreseeable future. Please be mindful of your surroundings and of pickpockets. Besides the entertainment though, local government officials and businessmen have begun to worry about the economic impact of the river freezing so early in the year. Weather forecasts do not seem to indicate temperatures warming up above sixty degrees in the near future, and as such it is doubtful that the river will thaw. Due to this, large numbers of workers have been seen on the lower river breaking the ice past the Admiral's Bridge so as to allow for limited economic activity to return to normal. Teams of horses and men have started to pull freight along the ice as well, so as to utilise the new highway that has naturally formed. This has been the Heiligen language news service.
  10. The Holy Empire of Derthalen confirms its participation in all events.
  11. The Feat of Strengths are slated to begin on the feast day of Militant-Saint Rommel (which falls upon fourteenth of October in-universe, we will be doing the events in the past*). This post will be covering those who have already expressed interest in participating, what events we will be having, and expected dress. The slated participating countries are the following: @Rihan, @Derthalen, @Mauridiviah, @Sancti Imperii Catholico, and the @Neo-enclave. Any others wishing to join should do so by posting in here. Teams will be expected to participate in nothing but loincloths and paint for all of the events except for those requiring special equipment or armour; those shall be marked in colours with the expected dress being listed in brackets. The champions will be competing for wreaths birch, olive, and mistletoe. Expected events are as follows: Archery, jousting (contestants will be expected to wear steel armour and arming doublets), wrestling, honourable combat, swimming (due to the risk of abrasions, loincloths will not be used during this event and paints are to be removed so as to avoid clouding the water), running, and palluf**. *We will sort out a time amongst ourselves as to when we will start writing, but be aware that all events will be taking place in the past. **Palluf is a sport where two opposing teams consisting of thirty men must fight for control of a single pole in the middle of a field. The pole starts out laying flat on the ground between the two teams. For a team to win, they must get the pole standing underneath the centre of the field (which will usually require most of the team to hold it steady) while a member climbs it to grab an item being suspended above them.
  12. This is the Heiligen language news service. Special News Bulletin. Victory for the Golden Boys was achieved today over the savages playing for Fulgenland. Overall, it was a rather uneventful match. The horsemen were as uncivilised as ever, and attempted to hound our players like dogs desperate for a bone throughout the game. Despite their persistence (and quite possibly because of it), their players were unable to score a single goal throughout the entire game. It was a bit past the halfway that Schneider managed to score a goal against the opposing team. Loud expletives could be heard coming from the supporters. Whether these were aimed at the Fulgenlanders, our boys, or both teams is unknown. The rest of the game went by rather unremarkably, except for an incredible string of four failed attempts at scoring a goal by four of Fulgenland's players. The first shot went wide, hitting the left post of the goal and bouncing out only to have the ball intercepted by a second player who kicked it back for it to this time go too high and hit to the top of the goal, where it was quickly head butted by a third player directly into the goalkeeper's fist, where it was finally kneed once more towards the goal for the goalkeeper to catch it. This has been the Heiligen language news service.
  13. Public Announcement: To All Intending to Compete The Holy Empire of Derthalen shall be entering into this competition. The fylkirliche Fulgenland Handelsgesellschaft (fFH) has been given special dispensation and a charter by the Imperial Senate, to operate within the Aurelian nation of @Rihan. Designs and technical specialists are to be handled by the Derthaler Engineering Corporation (DEC) in partnership with the fFH. These companies shall provide only the most sturdy and reliable of products, creating iron-horses with an aim towards long lasting components and easily sourced spare parts. While the initial work is expected to be done by Derthaler specialists and workers experienced in the fields or railway construction and surveying, the fFH promises to establish local training centres so as to help improve the economy of Rihan by outputting skilled labourers and technicians capable of handling further construction, maintenance, and running of what we create. We expect great things from those not deterred by this. From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: Praetor Mathon Terix Golden people, On top of that initial pronouncement, we have it in mind to also offer a trade deal for weaponry and other military equipment on top of our building your infrastructure for you. Please keep this in mind while reading what is to come. The case for this railway is quite simple; the easier it is to get goods to market, the more money can be made by producers. With the spread of better infrastructure, you will also be able to cheaply ship finished consumer goods to areas that would have previously been harder to access and also be able to begin developing them more economically. While this might lead to villages and towns away from the rail lines becoming more depopulated as people move closer to them for easier access, it will be overall beneficial to your economy in our estimation, as you will now have more centralised pools of labour in towns that will be requiring more and more housing to accommodate new arrivals. This should provide plenty of economic incentive for this railway to be built. As for collaboration, we will do what we can. We will need to firstly train and work with your personnel first before we can start trusting them, as we will need to first learn how competent they are at their jobs. Of course, we will be training them to our standards, as we have promised, but this may take time. We will ask that you be patient as we do this. As such, we have no issue with collaborating on route feasibility and also using your surveyors once we have been able to learn of how reliable they are. Of course, while my personnel keep eyes and take notes on yours, yours shall likely be doing the same to mine. As such, I would suggest that we keep one of your government officials on hand so as to have someone to arbitrate early disputes. For recommended rolling stock for these possible lines, we of course suggest ones using our own gauge, but locally manufactured if possible. The gauge is widespread on our continent allowing for easier importation of train cars and such from Argis if we find that setting up local manufacturers is not possible and it also offers more stability than the narrower gauges used by nations such as Fulgenland, as the weight of the cars will be spread out over a wider area. All other matters will likely have to wait until we have begun surveying and consulting with local counterparts, as to make any predictions and quotations now would be premature. We await your reply. Thought for the day; There is no better millstone for success than that of adversity.
  14. I am not so sure about that. The 'Old World' never wiped out the 'New World', so except for the colony states, the monarchies here can be fairly ancient.
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