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      Welcome to Europa. This site is part of the region of Europa in the online game NationStates. The region of Europa is a diverse community of nations, with a wide range of political and ideological values, working together through various institutions and alliances - at least when they're not threatening to go to war with each other. Whether you want to play it safe with a liberal democracy, set up a communist regime, or rule your citizens with an iron fist and the threat of turning them into dog food, Europa is a great region to play in. As one of the oldest regions in the game, everybody who's anybody wants to try their hand at ruling their own country right here in Europa. Just head on over to the Forum and have a read through the sticky threads. If you're curious about how all of this work, we've included some helpful links to get you started. A good place to start is our Hitchhickers Guide to Europa. Roleplayers will be glad to see our honest and fair RP rules. Check out our map versions and discover how to apply. Experiencing problem with this website? Our helpdesk is always open. Have fun! -- The Europans Team


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  1. The Anthem of the Holy Empire of Derthalen Der Morgige Tag Ist Mein Performed by Imperial Army's Third Army Choir Die sonnige Wiese ist sommerlich warm Der Hisch läuft in Freiheit waldein. Doch sammelt Euch alle, der Sturm ist nah Der morgige Tag ist mein. Das Lindengrün leuchtet, die Blätter sie wehen sein Gold verströmt meerwärts der Rhein Doch wenn geht ein Stern auf noch ungesehen Der morgige Tag ist mein. Das Kind in der Wiege liegt selig im Schlaf, die Blüte lädt Bienen sich ein. Doch bald sagt ein Flüstern: „Wach auf, wach auf!“, der morgige Tag ist mein. O Vaterland, Vaterland, zeig uns den Weg, Dein Gruss soll das Wegzeichen sein, Der Morgen kommt wenn der Welt ist mein Der morgige Tag ist mein.
  2. [HELP] Currency?

    Most of our countries should be able to grow rice.
  3. [HELP] Currency?

    Hmm... I produce tea... Actually, tea is a great currency!
  4. [HELP] Currency?

    The blocks of tea were a Yuan and Ming thing last I checked. Pretty smart of them, but a man can not live off of tea as long as he can off of the equivalent weight of rice.
  5. [HELP] Currency?

    Why not call the universal curreny the Loaf and base it off of the worth of a loaf of bread (without seeds)? The Japanese use to use a years worth of rice as the basis for their currency, and the Chinese had a similar standard in several of their regions too.
  6. The Imperial Derthaler Military News Service

    This is the Alemannisch language news service. Special News Bulletin. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Imperial Senate have announced the start of a new tripartite military pact with the nations of @Ahrana and @Greater Serbia. In response to this, the government has announced an official end to limited armament and has begun the process of raising approximately 180,000 men who shall constitute the bulk of a new field army for this alliance. Further more, the Minister of War has announced plans for the immediate construction of eight new joint military bases which shall be garrisoned by allied troops, along with plans to increase the number of men in the reserves by double. Similar bases are expected to be constructed overseas in due time. All regional armies will be expected to give up a third of their veteran reserves for immediate use in the near future; assignment to training facilities will be coming through shortly. Due to the stability seen in the coastal region of @Sa Hara, the military high command and government no longer feel it necessary to maintain our naval presence there any longer. For this reason, all ships currently patrolling the area along with troops attached to said ships will be recalled immediately once they have finished resupplying for their journey home. These forces will be expected to arrive home in approximately four weeks time, and as such preparations are underway for their return. Maintenance and refitting will commence right away. Finally, on top of ongoing restructuring efforts, it has been announced that a further four companies will be placed into rotation for guarding and securing the Emperor's Road. Ongoing skirmishes along the line are expected to become more intense as time goes on, and as such all units will be equipped with heavy weapons teams to further bolster effectiveness. Proper unit cohesion is expected to be achieved within three months of the composition change, any units struggling to adjust will need to be pulled from duty immediately for inspection. This has been the Alemannisch language news service.
  7. Map v4: Applications & Releases

    Orioni, I believe you got this the wrong way around. Sweden is smaller than it appears on maps due to how far north it is and how distorted it becomes. *http://www.geography.hunter.cuny.edu/~jochen/GTECH361/lectures/lecture04/concepts/Map coordinate systems/Map projections and distortion.htm
  8. The Traveller's Guide to Local Fauna: As Recorded by the Ministry of Education Although many of these animals are likely to be familiar to the more travelled amongst the readership, it is still important to remain informed of the various types of animal that might be found throughout the Empire, and their characteristics. For this reason, the Ministry of Education has commissioned this pamphlet so as to help protect you from possibly deadly situations. The Splay-Hoofed Horse: While being commonly used for domestic purposes, the splay-hoofed horse is a rather dangerous beast to come across in the wild. While not naturally aggressive, they have been known to attack hikers who attempt to get too close to their foals, usually within forty or so yards. They are mostly solitary animals, and live in small herds of around twenty members normally. Unlike other equines, they are much more resistant to injury thanks to their stronger bones and thick leathery skin, and have developed claw-like hoofs that allow them to more easily find traction and purchase in their natural mountain environment. Safety Warning: If attacked, you are advised to curl up on the ground and attempt to cover your neck with your arms. The animal's claws are very sharp, and will rip through cloth clothing. Once on the ground, you should attempt to roll away from the animal. The Greater Forest Deer: Standing on average seven feet tall, the Greater Forest Deer is commonly found to live near the periphery of forests, preferring to graze on the tall grasses of the plains and hills, and on the young saplings of the forests. Like most deer, they are known to migrate south from the great northern expanses to the more temperate regions along the coast each year. Some groupings having even been tracked originating near the foreign land of Astriedan. The young stags of the species are known for being extremely aggressive during rutting season, and are commonly seen locking antlers with each other and even attacking more predatory animals. Despite this, it is unusual for them to succeed in mating as the older bucks tend to be victorious. Due to the need for older bucks to keep the younger ones from causing harm to the does and their fawn, the hunting of the venerated deer is highly restricted during the spring and must follow government quotas. Safety Warning: The juvenile deer are not to be approached during the spring, as they are very likely to take such an action as a challenge. If attacked, your best options would be to either climb a tree or dive into a large body of water as the the juvenile stags are unlikely to stop attacking until you have either died, or they have been seriously injured. If neither option is viable, stabbing the beast in its throat or gut would be your next best chance for surviving. The Lesser Woolly Mammoth: Despite its name, the Lesser Woolly Mammoth is in fact only distantly related to the now extinct Greater Woolly Mammoth. Belonging to a separate genus all together, the modern creature is an almost exclusively forest dwelling animal found in the northern territories. Due to its immense size, the animal spends over seventy-percent of its time grazing and rooting for food. It has a total of three stomachs that it uses to process the large amounts of roots, branches, and other various shrubbery that it feasts upon on a regular basis. The animal tends to live in family groupings of five, usually containing one bull, two cows, and their offspring. These herds remain in areas for large periods of time and are considered rather docile when interacting with Humans. For this reason, many communities have taken to training these beasts for manual labour and shave them during the warmer months in order to harvest their wool-like fur for clothing. Their tusks are commonly used by the animal to help it root through the dirt, but are also rather strong. As such, they have been a favoured tool making material for centuries. Safety Warning: Due to the animal's heavy build, it is advisable not to startle it. Despite being docile, they have been known to on occasion trample people to death when running from something. The Feathered Forest-Rat: These medium sized flightless birds are commonly found throughout the country. They primarily act as scavengers, subsisting on fruit, insects, and the kills of larger animals, but have been known to hunt small rodents when in large groups. Despite being flightless, they use their beautiful wings to great effect by flapping them while running up an incline. By flapping their wings, these pests are able to push themselves against a vertical surface allowing them to quickly run up walls and trees with little issue. Oddly enough, scientists have drawn parallels between this creature and other much more impressive ones that have been discovered to have lived millennia before Man rose to greatness. As such, these creatures along with the tropical Crocodile species are thought to be the last remaining surviving land animals from that time period. Safety Warning: Please remember to store food away properly. These animals are rather intelligent and fast, and have been known to cause distractions in order for a second team to steal food while campers are busy. And so ends this simple guide to just a few of the amazing creatures that you might encounter along your travels. Please remember the information contained within and travel safely.
  9. The Emperor's Road

    From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: The all whom it might concern May your nations find the Emperor's light, We come to you today not with an offer of friendship nor a declaration of war, but with an announcement. From this day forth we wish it be known that we shall be constructing a railway the likes this world has never seen, for it shall span rivers and valleys, and it shall conquer mountains and treacherous bog! In short, it will be a great road that shall span our continent connecting us to our most distant colonies and it will be the Emperor's road. For those wishing to use it, you must only ask and we will be more than happy to build branch lines to your nations to facilitate trade and travel. That said, miltiary usage will be reserved to sections either within your territory or to those with prior permission from our government. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thought for the day: Only the works of the faithful may know glory.
  10. Timezones

    @Orioni, I am not sure if you caught my comment, but could you shift my whole country into Zulu time? I am going to have year round summer time due to the fact that I do not like changing my clocks, and it has fewer downsides than not having summer time at all.
  11. The Emperor's Road

    From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: Secretary General Greggor Ivanof Secretary General, We assure you that no such plan exists to set up a colony in the Hellenic-Rus, and as such there will be no need to worry about that matter. On the matter of free labour, I must admit to confusion. We have no issue with assuring you that no free labour will be transported over your section of the line, but that is because we know of no such concept. We pay for all labour in one way or another, and as such would be rather interested in how we might be able to find free labour. To my knowledge, labour in exchange for room & board is not considered free so it can not be that, but I digress. I take it you will not be accepting military aid then. As for the second set of conditions, we will be fine with accepting them. That said, we will require that the Ahranians be from the colony in question. Other than that, all should be in order. Thought for the day: If you cannot speak well of your Master, be silent!
  12. The Emperor's Road

    From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: Secretary General Greggor Ivanof Emperor be with you Secretary General, We wish to approach you with two proposals which will benefit both of us greatly. Firstly, we would like to request permission to build a railroad through your territory connecting with the Reichskommissariat @Ahrana. This will allow for easier trade and movement between our nations, and will provide revenue in the form of access fees. Secondly, we wish to offer to send volunteer forces to help with the occupation of the Hellenic-Rus in order to bring stability to the region. The number of troops we will send will be dependent on how many you need to supplement your own. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thought for the day: Look upon the Emperor's Works and tremble!
  13. The Chapterhouse Lectures

    From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar To: Missionara Lidia Ericsson, Board of Scholars, PHD, MD, BCD, CIPM, CTFA, STD, TTSD, YMCA, CNN, AC, DC Dear Miss Ericsson, It is our government's understanding that one of your Chapterhouses is in need of lecturers and would like to extend an offer to send Mother-Militant Leudesindal to preach to the girls our faith. We are certain that they will be able to benefit from exposure to the Imperial Truth, as it has acted as the moral basis and guiding foundation of our nation for over three-thousand years. Her sermon shall cover the basic principles of our religion, and its various beliefs in regards to the natural order of things, creation, and the Spiritual. She will be arrive at the end of next weekend if you so choose to accept. Thought for the day; Reason begets doubt; Doubt begets heresy.
  14. Internal Revenue

    Inside of the Imperial Army High Command Member of the General Staff: *flop* I have retrieved the troop readiness reports you asked for sirs. Would you care for me to read them out? General on the right: Yes, please proceed. Member of the General Staff: The Third Infantry Division reports that of their six regiments, only two were capable of passing inspection. The fifth, third, second, and first regiments appeared to lack combat experience with their weapons, with one colonel being unable to form a proper firing line once the soldiers had been exposed to small arms fire during a live fire exercise. Several of the officers have complained that the sudden increase in the number of regiments being formed and the longer periods spent in the rear lines has hampered their ability to properly train and condition their soldiers. Several of them have even gone so far as to request that their units be transferred to the Afropan Expedition for combat experience. Instructors from the Imperial War Academy say that the four year officer training course could possibly be compressed into three years, but they do not believ- General on the right: *raises hand to stop him* As you can hear already, we have a problem. Our old models for expansion were not designed for these numbers, and are currently floundering. As such, I have drawn up a plan on how to increase our military activity overseas while placating the politicians. General on the left: All right, what is this miracle plan then? General on the right: I am glad you asked. After receiving reports of the ongoing civil unrest in the Hellenic-Rus and the foreign invasions, I have drawn up a proposal -*passes over a large document*- in which we will solve our current issue by offering to send volunteers there. To get around the issues with transporting our troops by sea, we will have to construct a railway to @Ahrana, which will have the added benefits of securing a trade route and also allowing greater connectivity with our colony there. We will also need to secure an agreement from them for the construction of the line into their territory, but that will be for the politicians to deal with. I have also added in proposals for multiple extension lines being built to the other local nations. They will provide revenue through access fees, and should allow the railway to pay for itself over the following years. General on the left: This is all fine and good, but how does this solve our immediate problem exactly? It will take five and half years at the minimum for us to build this thing. In that time, we will have probably already gotten past our current bottleneck by then. General on the right: Protecting the line as it is being built, subduing local tribes, and pacifying unruly factions along the way will provide our troops with plenty of experience! With roughly seven-hundred leagues of line to protect, we will be fighting off barbarians to our hearts' content. General on the left: All right Georg, but who is going to convince the Senate of this? We are already using most of the army's budget on rebuilding our border regions. They are not going to take kindly to us asking for more money. General-Brigadier Georg van der Oosthuizen: I will present it to them personally if I have to! I just need you to sign off on this, if it has your blessing it is sure to be heard out. General on the left: Go forth then and spread this headache. *scribbles a signature and a note* *This is a list of references I have used to justify this project: http://www.historytoday.com/richard-cavendish/trans-siberian-railway-completed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)_in_the_nineteenth_century http://factsanddetails.com/russia/Education_Health_Transportation_Energy/sub9_6d/entry-5156.html http://blogs.umb.edu/buildingtheworld/railways/trans-siberian-railway-russia/ http://www.encyclopedia.com/places/commonwealth-independent-states-and-baltic-nations/cis-and-baltic-physical-geography/trans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Siberian_Railway *Quotes from those sources: 'In 1904, except for the section around Lake Baikal, the Trans-Siberian was completed. The greatest engineering feat of its time, it employed 70,000 workers who moved 77 million cubic feet of earth, chopped down 108,000 acres of forest and built bridges over half a dozen major rivers. To put the achievement in perspective the 1,934-mile Baikal-Amur Millennia Railroad, which parallels it, took 35 years and cost $18 billion to build.' 'Moreover, the estimated costs in U.S. dollars ranged from $770 million to $1 billion, which represented one-fifth of Russia's national debt at the time. During its construction, the Trans-Siberian was a serious drain on the Russian economy and, between 1914 and 1916, on the war effort. Despite the criticism, the great railway more than paid for itself during the twentieth century. Still the only transportation artery to span Siberia and the Russian Far East, the Trans-Siberian has solidified Moscow's hold on Russia's eastern periphery.' 'The longest railway in the world, the Trans-Siberian project was mired in controversy from the moment Tsarevich Nicholas shoveled an inaugural spade full of dirt into an awaiting wheelbarrow in Vladivostok on May 31, 1891, until the completion of the Amur River Bridge at Khabarovsk in 1916. A technological marvel at the time, it soon bore the reputation of "a monument to bungling." The rails and crossties were too light, causing frequent derailments; the wooden bridges were flimsy; and, since the builders were mostly exiles and convicts, there was justifiable reason to believe that much of the line had been sabotaged.' 'Russia's systems for agricultural production influenced the attitudes of peasants and other social groups to reform against the government and promote social changes. “At the beginning of the twentieth century, agriculture constituted the single largest sector of the Russian economy, producing approximately one-half of the national income and employing two-thirds of Russia’s population”.[6]' *Now just a word from me: According to Iverica, the distance between me and Ahrana is only 2,100 miles give or take in comparison to the 5,772 miles of the Russian Trans-Siberian Railroad. The main line of the railroad started construction in 1891 and was finished on July 21st, 1904. As such, I decided that the construction of the main line between me and Ahrana would take a bit less than half of the time the Russian main line took to account for the decreased distances. Before anyone starts about my GDP, I wish to direct you to my second source. The Russian GDP in 1890 was roughly 106 billion strong, in comparison to mine which is 227 billion strong. Anyway, that is all I have to say on this.
  15. ATARA Application Thread

    APPLICATION FORM FOR MEMBER/OBSERVER STATE STATUS Specify Desired Status: Observer with Honours Sponsor State: N/A Nation Name: The Holy Empire of Derthalen Current Government Type: Theocratic Elective Monarchy Brief Background of Policy: The Imperial Government's current focus is that of religion, foreign relations, trade, and continued military rearmament & growth. - Defence Policy - As of last year, the Imperial Military has been entrusted with the most holy of tasks; helping to spread the Imperial Truth to the unenlightened foreigners. To this effect, the military has been actively operating in foreign theatres such as Afropa with the goal of bringing stability and religion to the local population. In the homeland the government has begun a process of fortifying our borders once more, and increasing military spending with the aim of returning the military to its antebellum state. - Foreign Policy - The Imperial Government wishes only to ensure the peace and sovereignty of its territories. To this effect it has begun to engage in cordial diplomatic exchanges with other governments in the hopes of forging lasting trade, military, and research treaties. That said, it will not suffer any undue interference in its internal affairs from interlopers. Specify Reason(s) for Application: To ensure the protection of trade and the stop of destructive Europan influences. Headshot/Passport Photo: Name of Delegate: The Most Honourable Steward of Pengar, Johan av Kål Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Born in the countryside of Steinhauser in the Winter of 1938 to a couple of cabbage farmers, he managed to make a name for himself by becoming a pedlar and moving thousands of jars of Saurkraut to various cities after their cabbage harvests simultaneously failed due to a mysterious plague of caterpillars and other insects appearing in the fields. From that, he earned enough money to pay a guild membership fee and joined the Jomfurt Merchant Guild. He has since then made his way through their ranks to become one of the most well respected men in the Free Cities, and has now been chosen by the Imperial Government to represent its interests in this organisation. Previous Tenure: Cabbage Farmer (1938-1951) Pedlar (1951-1974) Town Merchant (1974-1978) Factory Owner (1978-Present) Town Steward (1987-1993) Mayor (1993-2010) Guild Master (1985-2013)