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  1. Derthalen

    Hello, from the Dordnadians

    Welcome! I see you are a Fallout inspired country based off of the New Eden and Brotherhood references.
  2. Location: Moskovo, People's Palace Time & Date: 0332018.M3 (May First, 2018) On the first day, there was mistakes; Mr Schnipser looked upon this and saw it was all right. Again on the first day, there was weird people; Mr. Schipser looked upon this and saw it was distressing. Yet still on the first day, there was a comfy room; Mr. Schnipser looked upon this and saw it was best. Now that he had been shown to his room, he quickly took advantage of the free time he had been given. He pulled out his favourite records from the gift baskets, and very quickly got to finding a the record player to enjoy them on. He lunged into those containing foodstuffs and the stocked kitchenette and began making up his favourite foods and snacks in a mad dash. Finally, done with that, he headed to the bathroom with a tray of snacks and with his favourite sort of music playing, and he took a nice scolding bath while eating his meal and reviewing the relevant documents to this ceremony again... At least, that was the plan. Upon inspection of the music available, he realised that all of it was either nursery songs or music aimed at children between the ages of ten and fifteen. No problem! 'I can still have a nice meal and a bath.' With that thought in mind, he made for the foodstuffs. To his utter and almost complete devastation, he discovered three forms of pickled fish in assorted sour tasting creams, some oozy stick things, insects, shelled creatures, crackers, and very thinly sliced and oddly spiced meats. Almost completely dejected, he took the crackers and the thinly sliced meats along with documents into the bathroom. There his last sliver of hope was crushed. Rather than finding a nice copper bath, he found a black tile shower with nozzles all over the place and a seat. He stepped into the shower with his crackers and meats (he could not bring the document for they would become wet), and had a very sad shower. A few hours later he would discover a red button, which when pressed allowed him to communicate with someone who would get things for him. He did note that except for the first and second time, the rest of his requests had been met with grumbling and annoyance. He generally wrote that off as the staff not liking their jobs, though there was one odd occasion when he was asking for an extra blanket when he got someone who sounded just like Ivanoff, and even had the same name! What a small country this is.
  3. Derthalen

    Map v4: Applications & Releases

    @Sunset Sea Islands, I thought I might as well get the internal map out of the way. I think you have already seen one of the flags for the states.
  4. Derthalen

    The Emperor's Road

    From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of State, Karl Helgi Drake To: His Imperial Majesty's Deputy Transitional Officer of Heilig, Francis Schnipser Emperor be with you, Despite the current state of low level anarchy that Heilig is currently undergoing, it has been decided that in concordance with our rights over infrastructure, that construction of the Emperor's Road shall begin from Heilig as well now. It is my understanding that the communist population of Heilig do not use currency in the same sense that we do, as such it is strongly advised that your attempts to recruit labourers be framed in such a way as to paint this as for the good of the people and their party. As this is actually to benefit them, that task should not be too difficult to do. That said, you are to receive approximately three-billion Thalers and some odd change to fund your part of the construction. The following are to be expected: The main line (simply referred to hence forth as the Trunk) is not to pass through @Poland-Lithuania, but should instead head straight for Beograd in @Greater Serbia. Beograd must be reached within five months of construction starting, with both ends of the Trunk being expected to meet just south-east of the Serbian border in the following three months. Secondary lines (hence forth referred to as Roots) are to be constructed after the Trunk has been completed. These will be lines further branching off of the Trunk and heading to countries that are not between Derthalen and Ahrana. Finally, current estimates on the completion of all spill lines are showing that they are to take another half a year to complete. The sourcing of materials, personnel, and of tools is to be your government's responsibility for the sections hereby handed to you. Imperial personnel will be available upon review of the reasoning for them. It should be noted that that Roots are to be built only once the Trunk is done, and that all personnel and resources should go to the Trunk until its completion. A full list of specifications and technical requirements along with timetables will be attached to this letter. To conclude this letter though, you are also to begin drawing up plans for a re-education and a full blown inquiry into the thoughts and beliefs of the Heiliger. While we are more than happy to welcome your kind back into the fold, your prolonged exposure to the foreigners has made members of the Imperial government question your people. I believe it would be in all of our best interests for you to dispel these thoughts, and prove that your kind are truly worthy of the Emperor's eternal love. Long live the Emperor, long may Heilig bask in his radiance. Thought for the day: Faith grows from the barrel of a gun. * All right, so now with the new situation in Heilig, I can now begin construction from both ends! This should cut down construction time by half for the main line, which I am really happy about. That leaves us with the remainder of this current year, and then half a year more to finish the Emperor's Road completely. Thanks to Morheim for agreeing to build their section of the line, that helped a lot by cutting down on construction time. @Greater Serbia, were you the other one who wanted to build their section? If so, please send me a message.
  5. Derthalen

    Appeals & Proposals Inbox

    //Appeal Number 001 - In Regards to the Representative of Derthalen Taking the Floor// The representative from Derthalen wishes to take the floor of the assembly in order to put forth a proposal by which the procedure may be amended so as to allow for greater transparency in actions and deliberations within the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association. The reasoning behind this is that while the procedure and charter do not state that representatives can not hold closed door meetings and votes, that it does not say that representatives can and that such actions go against the spirit of the charter. //Appeal Number 002 - In Regards to the Representative of Derthalen Taking the Floor// The representative from Derthalen wishes to take the floor of the assembly in order to put forth a proposal by which a new status might be added that would economically promote integration into the organisation and further cooperation. Its effects would benefit all those that are within the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association, and promote prosperity for all involved. This action would be the establishment of a new category of nation hereby referred to as 'fully compliant'.
  6. Location: Moskovo, People's Palace Time & Date: 0332018.M3 (May First, 2018. 0832 Local Time) Schnipser was terrified. To be more precise, he had no idea what was going on. First he had been accosted by security as part of a joke by the Ahranan leader, then he got to watch the Prymontian delegate shout at the Ahranen leader (not that he did not understand the desire) while being completely in the dark as to what was being said due to the language barrier, though he was fairly certain it was something entertaining due to the sudden spike in flashes from all of the reporters. Finally, he met the most overly friendly person around. The Andallan delegate had practically burst through the doors once he had reached the top of the stairs, and then practically charged over and started shaking hands. Not wishing to be rude, Mr. Schnipser felt compelled to try and speak with the odd person and thus began what can only be described as one of the most laborious conversations in his life. To begin with, he had no idea how to speak the Andallan language, and doubted that the Andallan knew his language, and as such had to resort to speaking very broken Ahranaian Latin. His next issue was that despite his mastery of deception and of reading people, he had one great flaw. He was horrible of thinking up topics of conversation. After talking about the weather, the decorations, making a couple of comments on the reporters, and finally saying 'I want (he meant to say like) your shiny shoes.', he came up with an idea! As apparently the Ahranans derived humour from how he was retrieved from the parking lot, he began to relay his story to the Andallan delegate. 'Ey vas hearing to music in my car, wan dey securitytruppen begat barking at mey. Ey vas so cunfused dat ey fel like Ey nearly break my neak turning eet. Dey gat me ouit, en' put clangen tings (does not know the word for handcuffs, so makes up words) an my wrists just to taken dem ouit en' vhisper im my ears 'de President sends hes regards.' en' to point oop at de man standing in de vindow. Abter dat ey git my flashes, en' de President grated me en' sayed sorry fur de jest.' Schinpser ended his story with a smile while pointing out to his car, and then noticed the face that looked back at him. It was a face that seemed full of questions, confusion, and a small amount of despair. Realising that his telling of the story had been lacking, Schnipser broke out in a cold sweat. His desire to end this torture intensified further, which led to him shaking hands with the Andallan again and posing for some pictures. Thankfully, after that the strange man and his quiet follower left him alone. He went off to find a nice quiet corner where he could wait in until he was shown to his room. Hopefully the worse was over.
  7. Derthalen

    Map v4: Applications & Releases

    - First off, I would like to request that @Orioni name that body of water circled in red the Bay of Morthal. It was a name agreed upon by myself and Morheim. I would like for a lake and river to be added to that area, and for in the middle of the delta created by said lake and river for the large coloured in area to be named Morthal (the city) as well. For the record, we wish for the surrounding countryside to be marsh and swampland. The smaller dot is where I want my capital to be. Finally, I have created an internal map for my empire once it is complete, showing how it should be broken up. I will likely be adding more states to my empire due to the fact that my first attempt at internal borders created too many large kingdoms. The area in white will be Junkerberg (Ignore the green circling in there). The purple areas all over the place are to be the Free Cities of Steinhauser. A coalition of city states and small duchies. The area in black is to be the Realm of Uttamar, get what I am referencing and you get a digital cookie. The area in light orange is Kingdom of Widumar. The Area in dark orange is the Kingdom of Onabega. The areas in dark grey are just to be labelled as 'the Duchies'. Basically, small duchies that are too small and numerous to actually bother displaying on a map. The area in light grey is to be the Ecclesiarchy. Basically, all of the lands where the Church actually does handle local governance directly. The areas in pink are to be the Condominium of Rukonen & Konn. The area in light green is to be the Grand Duchy of Sturmland. The area in dark green is to be the Kingdom of Östragrel. The areas in red (ignoring the sea) are to be the Kingdom of Vestragel. The area in dark blue is to be the Grand Duchy of Oberbergen. The area in pale blue is to be the Republic of Plattland. The long border area marked out in orange is to be the Imperial March of Meinitzmark. Finally, the areas in light blue are to be the Kingdom of Derthalen. I will be working out city locations and names later. I am going to have fun populating the place with a various road and train networks, while also having to add in major cities.
  8. The Younger Uddomar This is the tale of Otto the Peaceful, or as he was known at the time, Uddomar. The God Emperor who crushed the skulls of his enemies, and created great bonds of kinship and friendship with those that were willing to hear him. Hear these words and bask in his light, for without Him our world and people would have sunk into the waves of our enemies. Long before he had unified our peoples and created our great empire he was a young princeling, full of wanderlust and thirst for conquest. 'Uddomar! Stay near!' The sound of swords and the crash of axes rang out through the valley. Uddomar's raiders continued to pile into the ambushed host, forming an encirclement and pushing the defenders into the valley's river. The young princeling the ever growing glory hound had insisted leading the centre, for where else would one prove their mettle? His eagerness had placed him in imminent danger though. Despite the warnings of his more experienced comrades, he had urged his men to keep on pushing, and he had found himself in an unstable salient which could collapse at any moment. Seeing the danger, his second in command, a Goth named Wendel, had ordered the men from the reserves into the centre to replace those that had fallen due to this folly. With the influx of fresh warriors, the centre line began to stabilise again and the men pushed forward as a uniform force. Within a three hours the last of the ambushed host lay dead on the ground, or had drowned trying to escape across the river. No slaves were to be taken today, as even those that had laid down their arms had been killed afterwards; the raiding host could not afford to take prisoners with them. 'Bring the bodies into the woods, we can not afford for anyone to notice what has happened here.' Despite the tiredness of the warriors, they all had to help collect the fallen and hide them out of sight. It was crucial that no one should discover that they had won a battle here. 'My lord, Hrothkar sends his praise, and wishes for me to inform you of a meeting that is to take place and of his wishes that you attend.' The Princeling was ecstatic; despite being told months ago that he would have his father's favoured retainer with him, he still could not get over the fact that his idol was calling for him to join in a meeting after battle. The Princeling had spent many a winter's night gathered with his siblings hearing tales of Hrothkar's exploits, and his bravery in leading the defence of the Kingdom thirteen years ago when the Plattengotts had tried to claim our rich mines while the King and his army were busy else where fighting in a far off war. The man was now quite venerable, being aged around forty-three years. 'I will go to him immediately then, thank you for bringing me this news.' The Uddomar barked a few orders to his men and began running off to the forest camp to join the meeting. When he got there, the mood was rather sombre though. His second in command and Blood Brother, Wendel was nervously sitting at one end of a table looking like he had seen a fish jump out of water and talk to him, while Hrothkar looked absolutely furious. You could practically see his beard curling up in anger as the Princeling entered the tent. 'What were you thinking by pushing that far you cretin! Our encirclement was nearly broken thanks to your stupidity, and we lost over thirty men in the centre alone because of it!' Taken aback, Uddomar started stammering excuses about taking the initiative and pushing the advantage before realising that he was the leader and starting to shout back. He was cowed nearly in an instant. 'I do not want to hear it milksop! Of the ninety men who followed you, only forty-eight are still in fighting condition. Ten men are viciously injured, and the rest are dead. That is not counting the men from the reserve Wendel here had to send for you.' The Prince sat down quietly and did not try to defend his actions further; with that the meeting began in earnest. 'All right then, now that you have hopefully learnt your lesson we can start. Despite losing fifty-three men, we still have three-hundred and seven men left. That should be enough for our purposes, and then some.' Wendel followed it up with good news 'The men we fought here appear to have been mostly peasant levies, but a good portion were from the garrison of the castle we are after. Your plan of harassing the local villages has worked. Judging by how many we fought here, the castle should have some fifty or so men left defending.' 'I would advise that we march immediately for the castle once we are done looting and hiding the dead. If we move quickly, we will be able to attack it tomorrow night and take it before news of our location spreads!' After two hours of debate, a plan was decided upon. They were going to march on the castle right away while having a thirty man warband break off and harass villages. Reports of the warband's continued attacks and harassment would filter back to the castle within a day and would give the defenders the false idea of their enemies being far off, and with luck would draw more of them out to go get request help. Sorry for the short post, but I lost most of what I was writing and decided to just do this.
  9. Location: Moskovo, People's Palace Time & Date: 0332018.M3 (May First, 2018. 0710 Local Time) 'Eh, a little late.' While the Derthaler delegate certainly wished to get there on time, he could not help it due to the traffic. Amazingly enough, there was a car crash between the hotel he was staying in for the night and the People's Palace. While arriving a day early might seem a bit odd, it is important to note that he had, had to drive all the way from Heilig to attend this, and as such needed time to rest. As he got out of his automobile, he noticed two things. One, he seemed to have arrived a bit too early, as when he left the parking lot he noticed that the reporters were all still getting ready. The second thing he noticed, was that despite being sent here as a delegate, no one seemed to recognise him. Feeling a tad bit silly and put out, he climbed the stairs to the People's Palace and wandered around for a bit looking for a toilet to use. After relieving himself, he struck up a conversation with a photographer who seemed to be from Heilig as well. 'So, how long have you been waiting here for the delegates to arrive?' The photographer bored out of his mind welcomed his new company 'Me and the rest arrived here around six to set up and get all of our equipment checked. Really though, I had to arrive three days ago to get my security pass and equipment list approved by security.' Nodding understandingly, the Delegate could easily relate to the hassle that was getting screened by security and having to arrive early to an event. 'Why are you here?' Not wanting to admit to his screw up with the time, the Delegate quickly thought of a witty and totally believable lie. 'I am a school teacher from back-country of Heilig, and I was sent here by the principle to see whether it would be worth organising a school trip to the People's Palace!' Noticing the way the Delegate was dressed, and knowing that he had needed a security pass to enter the building today the photographer was incredulous. 'You are a school teacher you say?' 'Yes.' 'And you can afford clothes like that?' 'Yes.' 'And they let you have a pass?' 'Yes.' Seeing how desperately the Delegate was lying and how nervous he seemed, two options popped into the photographer's mind. One, he was a terrorist. Or two, he was a really bad undercover member of the secret police, and was afraid he was going to lose his job. After a split second of considering it, he decided that a terrorist would be a better liar and went with the latter. Dropping the matter, he decided to ask something else. 'Seeing as you are such a good teacher, would you mind if I took your picture? I need to see whether or not I need to use the flash.' The Delegate congratulated himself on his mastery of lying. The photographer had bought his story about being a school teacher completely! Agreeing to the request, the Delegate pushed his chest out and tried to make the most respectable pose he could. 'Perfect. Thanks a lot friend... What is your name actually?' 'I am Schnipser. Mr. Schnipser.' The Delegate realised his mistake too late... Having told the photographer his name, he would surely be found out now! He needed to get away quickly before the man realised who he was. 'Oh no! Look at the time! I am sorry for having to leave so suddenly, but I need to meet a friend soon. Before I leave though, what is your name?' The photographer was completely certain that this member of the secret police has accidentally given out his real name. He struggled not to laugh at the robotic movements and the extremely fake tone of voice he had just heard. For Heaven's sake, Mr. Schnipser had not even actually looked at his watch! He had just raised his arm pointing to it and then put it down. 'Kuril. It was nice to meet you.' 'Same to you!' Mr. Schnipser sped off down the hallway, and back to the parking lot. He was going to sit quietly in his car listening to music until the other delegates arrived, and hopefully the photographer will have forgotten about him by then.
  10. Derthalen

    UENA Nations League

    I will take part as well.
  11. Derthalen

    The Imperial Derthaler Military News Service

    This is the Alemannisch language news service at 09:00. In the Reichskommissariat @Ahrana there has been a rather unprecedented event. For the first time since the foundation of the Empire, a new Imperial State has been added. The Reichskommissariat Ahrana is no more, and in its place is now the newly formed Socialist Republic of Heilig. Two Heiliger Senators are expected to be dispatched to the Imperial Senate shortly to begin their duties in government. Imperial officials are currently being recruited and assigned to the new state as well, and a thorough accounting is being conducted of it to establish a proper level and form of taxation. New regiments are likely to be formed from the local population soon as well. Due to this fact, three unnamed regiments alongside support elements, are being prepared for garrison duty in Heilig to ensure the peace and order of the new state. Due to the large addition of Heiliger listeners and expected servicemen from Heilig, a new Heiligen news service is to begin broadcasting on 85.1 - 87.3 FM. Also, due to time zone differences, there will have to be two of each broadcast. Broadcasts for Heilig will go out two hours after the usual Derthaler times at 1100 and 2300 Derthaler time, while Derthaler broadcasts will continue on as normal with the addition of the Heiligen service. It should be noted that whenever making a telephone to or from Heilig, that there will be a need to adjust by two hours now as well. For reference future reference, all times given unless stated otherwise shall be in Derthaler time. Finally, a new Derthaler football team has been created to represent the Empire against other nations. Their away uniforms consist of long sleeved shirts with large gold and blue stripes, white collars, two smaller white stripes on the inside edge of the blue, and a pair of blue shorts with a golden stripe going down the sides. Their home uniforms use the same shorts, but use long sleeved shirts with thick blue stripes and thin golden stripes. They also have white collars. Lastly, the goal keeper's uniform is an inverse of the home uniform. A long sleeved shirt with thick golden stripes and thing blue stripes, along with a white collar and golden shorts with blue stripes going down the sides. The first game has yet to be decided, but it is expected that it will likely be against @Orioni due to their team currently being used as an international benchmark of quality. Any persons wishing to try out must report to their nearest military bases where they will be required to prove their fitness against the local soldiers. Pay for players is currently set at one Thaler and three Pfennigs a week. This has been the Alemannisch language news service.
  12. Derthalen

    Song Contest Signup

    I will host if no one else wants to. Performer(s): Oom Jan (from @Variota), Franz Lang Fahnenmast (Derthaler), Juan Luis Eduardo Remonda (from @Iverica) Song: Ygros Song Ygros Song Derthaler: In a little boat, we are kissing Iverican: In the middle of Ygros, two gays in love are sitting Derthaler: A moment of lovemaking in Ygros Iverican: Kiss me with your full beard mouth Derthaler: Sure my Iverican friend CHORUS Derthaler: We’re hanging out on the Ygros, it’s our secret tradition Iverican: We cuddle a bit, and snuggle gently Derthaler: and taste a bit on each others’ sausages, taste the sausage of mine Iverican: Hey, now what is that? There’s a boat coming closer Variotan: See the Variotan flag Derthaler: There’s a lone man in the boat Variotan: Hello there, my name is Jan, can I join in tonight? Iverican: Yes, yes, of course CHORUS Derthaler: We’re hanging out on the Ygros Variotan: It’s good to be three, the boat sways a bit Ivercan: We f*ck gently Derthaler: And surely we get it in the straight All: In the straight CHORUS Derthaler: Yes we’re hanging out on the Ygros Variotan: Can I blow your worm? Derthaler: Yes polish my knob so it gets clean Ivercan: Hold me and say that I’m your hugging bear Variotan and Derthaler: Our hugging bear Instrumental part (mostly saw) CHORUS All: Yes we’re hanging out on the Ygros Variotan: We have big gay get-together Iverican: You’re so beautiful Derthaler: Do I get to see your c*ck? Variotan: Surely, I don’t wear any pants Derthaler and Iverican: No pants CHORUS All: We’ve banged out on the Ygros Iverican: And practiced butt gymnastics Variotan: We’ll meet again Derthaler: Goodbye my friend All: Next Saturday we’ll bang on Ygros, once again, once again.
  13. Derthalen

    War on Violetist Liberation Army

    The Progress of the Afropan Campaign so Far Despite heavy initial resistance and waves a sickness amongst the men, Derthaler forces were able to build three fortresses within formerly rebel held territory. One great fortress which acted as the centre of command for the Afropan Expeditionary Forces, and two lesser ones meant to provide safe staging areas and supply depots for forces operating in their areas. These fortresses also served a greater purpose, in that they not only projected a sense of power and stability to the locals, but also acted as economic hubs and conversion hubs due to their tendency to attract refugees from the war torn areas. Eisengard, a small fortress sitting on what was known to Derthaler forces as the river Eisen. Kannondorf, a small town of a fort and largest of the three. Its imposing size warping local trade around it. Dschungel Rückzug, a relatively new one built after rebel forces managed to reverse one of our advances. Its name being rather clear about its nature. Many of these refugees who were converted were formed into new units of Derthaler trained soldiers known as Askari. These men were used mainly to patrol conquered territories, but had also earned the distinction of having one of their regiments places on the front lines alongside more professional Derthaler soldiers. Despite their irregular nature, the Askari managed to prove themselves worthy through successful scouting and ambush attacks on enemy forces. Their uniform was a simple one, with their members choosing to wear any camouflaged gear they could find, while also wrapping their heads in black cloth so as to both intimidate their foes and help differentiate themselves from others. Following a missile strike from an 'unknown' enemy aerocraft on a forward operations base, two platoons were severely injured with fifteen deaths from the local staff, an Askari platoon, and a Jungle Fighter platoon. The wounded were evacuated with all haste back to one of the fortresses for immediate attention, but it was unknown how many of them survived. For now the attack has been taken as a warning to increase vigilance towards all vectors of attack, and as such new and much more strict anti-aerocraft protocols have been put in place. Specifically, any aerocrafts that fail to answer challenges be them expected or unexpected, are to be shot down at once. These new procedures are to be put into effect at once, with an increase of look outs also to be expected in case of an enemy offensive. *All right, so I posted this after not getting a response for a while. I will edit details as needed, but for now this is my official update.
  14. Derthalen

    Expansion: Derthalen

    By the way, seeing as you allowed Fleur de Lys federation could it be possible for me to do something similar? To my knowledge, his federation is actually more centralised than I am supposed to be.
  15. Derthalen

    Illegal Occupation by Derthalen

    Time: 0820 Derthaler Time Location: Dolch-See Aboard: Boarding Boat 'I feel like we have been taken prisoner by pirates...' The Head Delegate said to no one in particular. While the ship looked modern and well maintained, the lack of proper uniforms was a bit disconcerting to say the least. The Adapten marines and sailors had appeared to be wearing various different styles of dress, with only a few insignia and markings showing a unified connection between all of them. Despite the blind folds and restraints, this was turning into a rather pleasant experience so far. They had been taken off of that dingy patrol boat, placed into a smaller boat judging by the effect the sea was having on it, and were now being transported to some unknown ship judging by the growing sound of machinery and men. So far he had not had to talk to any peasants, trudge through snow, or been asked to attend a seven course dinner with a bunch of inbred nobles. The rough treatment was unpleasant, but that was still better than dealing with local 'delicacies'. That said, he was also trying to keep the idea of them just preparing to throw him into the ocean out of mind. Truth be told, he had no idea how to swim and felt that the restraints would not be conducive to learning... Really, the only thing making this experience pleasant was the fact that he was very good at deluding himself and was also taking enjoyment from the imagined (and very likely real) discomfort and uneasiness of his colleagues. The boat seemed to slow and then start going upwards as some winches must have worked to bring it out of the water. Afterwards they were suddenly pulled to their feet, and pushed and pulled into a place that was extremely loud. 'Wait, is that an aerocraft engine?' the delegates wondered. Were the Adaptens planning on flying them elsewhere? No, that would have been rather unlikely... Unless they really were pirates? 'Excuse me, but you do belong to the Adapten military correct? We have not been captured by pirates and are now being taken prisoner for ransoming right?' No response was forth coming, but they were all pushed down onto their knees. The older two delegates began threatening and cursing the Adapten personnel. 'I will bite off the next hand that pushes down upon my shoulder! You damn foreigners have no sense of hospitality, and your gods are worthless pieces of imagination! How could any civilised people push an old man with bad knees onto the ground like this!' 'Take your hands off of me you damn dirty Xeno! I will beat the next one of you upstarts to a pulp who dares touch my hat! Your flesh shall be used as feed for the fish, and your bones for decorations by some octopus!' In all fairness to the man, his hat was magnificent with its beautiful embroidery and gold trim. Its silver front plate depicting a scene of enlightenment. The only thing taking away from its aesthetic was a rather ugly and short feather bloom at the top, that seemed to be there only to artificially increase the height. A man burst into the area shouting greetings and bellowing orders, and making platitudes, and then practically leading them by the nose as they got their sight back and their hands free. The man was strangely archaic looking in armour, and wore a helmet with a truly bizarre plume. Calling it a plume was almost inappropriate, as the thing traversed his scalp from front to back and seemed to be doing everything it could not to flop to one side. It might have been intended to imitate the appearance of a mane? Then again, it probably did not matter. The thing was impressively odd, and it was in that grey area where you are not certain if it looks ridiculous or stylish. As the thoughts about the headdress subsided, no small amount of insult was taken by the fact that they were being received by someone openly carrying a sword on their hip despite being guests there to talk of peace. The only way this reception could have been any ruder would have been if he had drawn the sword and laid it upon his lap! The idea was firmly starting to cement itself into their collective mind that the Adapten people were barbaric and had no concept of hospitality or manners. The 'host' had led them down into the hull of the boat, and then into a small hall. Thankfully, one of the marines had seemed to have the presence of mind to grab their folders and briefcases and carry it all this way. He deposited his burden onto the ground and left without a word. The delegates took a side on the table with their stuff, and then produced a small list of points hand moved it into the middle of the table. 'Shall we sit down and begin negotiations, or would you prefer to start this after a meal?'