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  1. I really like that. I am cool with that too.
  2. Maybe Catholicism originated in ancient Aroma? Christianity per se may be originated somewhere around Konstantinopoli Sea.
  3. Obrigada, querido amigo!!
  4. 🎉 A very happy birthday to you! 🍾

    1. Cristina


      Obrigada!!! 🤩

    2. Orioni


      I wish you the best day today. 🤩 That all your wishes and dreams may come true.

    3. Cristina


      Today's gonna be a great day!

  5. (OOC: Cristina offers logistic and personnel help but decides to stay as an observer Member )
  6. (OOC: Cristina endorse the proposal. I will try to write something tomorrow)
  7. Hmmm, sounds Interesting...
  8. Good job, you guys! Since there is no geographical distinction between the Kingdom of Cristina and City of Cristina, the population and area of the city is the total population and area of the kingdom.
  9. Full Name of Country/Region: Regno di Cristina (Kingdom of Cristina) Representative Signing (and date): signora Rosana Giannini, Ambasciatore a Fleur de Lys - 2018/08/03 Ratification by (and date): Ministry of Foreign Affairs, August 3rd, 2018 Continent: Europa First Language(s): Cristinese Second Language: Esperanto Additional Languages: Mantellan, French, English
  10. Hello! Be welcome to Europa!
  11. To: Giovanni Sagletti, CEO of Fabbrica Limona Auatomobili Celano From: Carla Sandrine, CEO of Draco & Domini S.p.A. Salutations, Firstly we thank you for the contact and for constantly believing in the cooperation between our two companies just as we do. We also believe that the creation of a 50/50 joint subsidiary would take this successful cooperation to a new level, not only allowing us to break through some old barriers inherent to the market but also to suply this same market with competitive and quality products. The Draco & Domini understand Flac's concerns about the location of the FDD headquarters and we came to agree with your proposal on makeing its main seat in Cristina, though we also propose the establishment of another main commercial base in Limonaia, near to the production activities and industrial bases. We look forward to the concretion of this new enterprise. Sincerely, Carla Sandrine
  12. Cristinese views on the three groups are much like that of Tagmatium, but more in a corporate way than religious.
  13. REGNO DI CRISTINA Reĝlando de Cristina Kingdom of Cristina Your Highness,  With greatest respect and honor, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Your Highness on this most glorious day. The occasion of your impending ascension.  Your House’s love for the Seylosian people, endless service and wise leadership has brought great political, economical and social success to Your Highness' country, making it prosperous and peaceful. As a result, Your Highness' people are happy and may revere their future King with love, respect and praise. Hence, the world holds Your Royal Highness's future formal reign with high regard. On behalf of the good people of the Kingdom of Cristina I and the remainder of the Royal House of Korvini, Her Highness Princess Carolina, my daughter, together with Cristinese Chief of Government, Minister of State signora Adriana Monadic, thankfully accept your invitation to attend the coronation ceremony.  In glory and majesty, we extend our congratulations to the people of Kingdom of Seylos on this grand occasion. May Our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bestow His precious blessings upon Your Highness and all the Seylosian people. Highest Regards, Nova Maxima Korvini Casata Reale di Korvini
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