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  1. OOC: It can be closed and turned into old lore.
  2. Cristina

    Dniester Civil War

    The same for the Kingdom of Cristina
  3. Cristina

    Wiki Pages

    Good job, you guys! Since there is no geographical distinction between the Kingdom of Cristina and City of Cristina, the population and area of the city is the total population and area of the kingdom.
  4. Full Name of Country/Region: Regno di Cristina (Kingdom of Cristina) Representative Signing (and date): signora Rosana Giannini, Ambasciatore a Fleur de Lys - 2018/08/03 Ratification by (and date): Ministry of Foreign Affairs, August 3rd, 2018 Continent: Europa First Language(s): Cristinese Second Language: Esperanto Additional Languages: Mantellan, French, English
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    Hello! Be welcome to Europa!
  6. Cristina

    Flac-Draco and Domini

    To: Giovanni Sagletti, CEO of Fabbrica Limona Auatomobili Celano From: Carla Sandrine, CEO of Draco & Domini S.p.A. Salutations, Firstly we thank you for the contact and for constantly believing in the cooperation between our two companies just as we do. We also believe that the creation of a 50/50 joint subsidiary would take this successful cooperation to a new level, not only allowing us to break through some old barriers inherent to the market but also to suply this same market with competitive and quality products. The Draco & Domini understand Flac's concerns about the location of the FDD headquarters and we came to agree with your proposal on makeing its main seat in Cristina, though we also propose the establishment of another main commercial base in Limonaia, near to the production activities and industrial bases. We look forward to the concretion of this new enterprise. Sincerely, Carla Sandrine
  7. Cristina

    Faramount Foreign Affairs

    Cristinese views on the three groups are much like that of Tagmatium, but more in a corporate way than religious.
  8. Cristina

    Coronation Celebration

    REGNO DI CRISTINA Reĝlando de Cristina Kingdom of Cristina Your Highness,  With greatest respect and honor, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Your Highness on this most glorious day. The occasion of your impending ascension.  Your House’s love for the Seylosian people, endless service and wise leadership has brought great political, economical and social success to Your Highness' country, making it prosperous and peaceful. As a result, Your Highness' people are happy and may revere their future King with love, respect and praise. Hence, the world holds Your Royal Highness's future formal reign with high regard. On behalf of the good people of the Kingdom of Cristina I and the remainder of the Royal House of Korvini, Her Highness Princess Carolina, my daughter, together with Cristinese Chief of Government, Minister of State signora Adriana Monadic, thankfully accept your invitation to attend the coronation ceremony.  In glory and majesty, we extend our congratulations to the people of Kingdom of Seylos on this grand occasion. May Our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bestow His precious blessings upon Your Highness and all the Seylosian people. Highest Regards, Nova Maxima Korvini Casata Reale di Korvini
  9. Cristina

    Fishing for Firepower

    Luca Dagoberto, Chief of Sales of Maxan Elicotteri Siena Fleet Systems 15-A, Valdi Lane, Santi Cristo Ward, Kingdom of Cristina. July 19 - 2017 Salutations. Maxan Elicotteri, a subsidiary of Siena Fleet Systems, expresses the interest in the tender put forth by the Bureau for Defense of the People's Republic of Fulgistan for the supplementation of the nation’s air power with modern attack rotorcrafts. Siena Fleet Systems is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide, offering an extraordinary portfolio of capabilities and technologies for applications from undersea to outer space and into cyberspace. The company provides logistics solutions supporting the full lifecycle of platforms and systems for global defense and federal-civil customers, delivering innovative, technology-driven solutions and services to enable cost-effective improvements for customer mission effectiveness. Through its subsidiary Maxan Elicotteri, Siena Fleet Systems is a reputable and trusted producer of helicopters for civil and military use. We are glad for the opportunity to present In this tender proposal one of our most successful product, the HA-129 - a capable and highly modernized attack helicopter that can be used in anti-tank warfare, armed reconnaissance, ground attack and close aerial support. Following its maiden flight in 1983, a fifth prototype flew in 1986 and impressed the Mantellan armed forces to such an extent that they ordered 60. Deliveries commenced in 1990, and the helicopters remain in service, with the helicopters undergoing upgrades to reach the multirole CBT standard. Cristina and Mantella remains the only operators, with ten HA-129 deployed in the Cristina-Mantella conflicts of the last decade before the Mantellan withdrawal, with documented distinction. Twenty units of the modern CBT variant of the helicopter are currently in operation in the Reale Aeronautica di Cristina. The gunship has presented an excellent ratio capabilities/costs in comparison with others rotorcrafts around the world. We are proud to announce that Maxan’s service structure is all ready to meet any production demands to offer the Republic of Fulgistan with the best product, a reliable and capable low cost attack helicopter. Attached document to this letter presents the core specifications for the consideration of your parties. Best regards, Luca Dagoberto, Chief of Sales of Maxan Elicotteri _____________________ Maxan HA-129 CBT Multirole Attack Helicopter The HA-129 CBT perform operate day and night in “extreme weather conditions” and low observability characteristics. The helicopter presents flight endurance of 2,5 hours and a payload of 1,400 kg - 1,600 kg. The HA-129 CBT can be used in the anti-armour, armed reconnaissance, ground attack, escort, fire support and anti-aircraft roles. For the anti-ground mission the helicopter can employ various armaments, such as up to eight AGM-114 missiles. In the air-to-air role, the FIM-92 missile is used. The HA129 can also be equipped with 81 mm or 70 mm (2.75 in) unguided rockets; the Draco & Domini* M197 three-barrel 20 mm cannon is also installed onto a nose-mounted D&D TM-197B turret. By 2017, fourth-generation anti-tank missiles had been added to the HA-129's arsenal. *Draco & Domini (D&D) is a subsidiary of Siena Fleet Systems active in the defence sector, with factories in Cristina and 10 other countries. The Mod 56 pack howitzer, in service throughout the world, and the 76mm naval gun, adopted by many navies and installed on over 1,000 naval vessels, are among Draco & Domini's best-known weapons. A) General characteristics: Crew: 2: pilot and weapon systems officer Length: 12.28 m (40 ft 3 in) Rotor diameter: 11.90 m (39 ft 1 in) Height: 3.35 m (11 ft 0 in) Disc area: 111.22 m2 (1,197.25 ft2) Empty weight: 2,530 kg (5,575 lb) Max. takeoff weight: 4,600 kg (10,140 lb) Rotor systems: 5 blades on main rotor Powerplant: 2 × Gem 2-1004D (license built by Siena Fleet Systems) turboshafts, 664 kW (890 shp) each B) Performance Maximum speed: 278 km/h (148 knots, 170 mph) Cruise speed: 229 km/h (135 knots, 155 mph) Range: 510 km (275 nm, 320 mi) Ferry range: 1,000 km (540 nm, 620 mi) Service ceiling: 4,725 m (15,500 ft) Rate of climb: 10.2 m/s (2,025 ft/min) C) Armament Guns: 1× 20 mm (0.787 in) three-barrel Gatling-type cannon (500 rounds) in a D&D TM197B Light Turreted Gun System Rockets: 4 pods with 38× 81 mm (3.19 in) unguided rockets or 76× 70 mm (2.75 in) unguided rockets or 12.7 mm (.50 in) machine gun pod Missiles: 8× 45 kg class air-to-ground precision weapon or tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided anti-tank missiles 4-8× infrared homing anti-aircraft missiles
  10. Cristina

    A Great Europan Collapse

    A large scale war in the region would destroy Cristina, which seeks to be a major international transport hub in the continent and the main gate to Central Europa. The Free Port probably would remain neutral and align with whoever that would work for stabilization of the region, but it would also align with Adaptus since Cristina would not want to see Europa dominated by western nations too. My little city-state would be located just in the middle of the chaos and there will be the fear that it would be the next one to be annexed. Although the proposed scenarios presented here would lead to a great RP, I fear for the final results on map. I would not like to see, for instance, those old nations (that would be played as NPCs by the region administrators) being replaced for more empty no named lands or turned into colonies, provinces or overseas territories of far away nations. In my opinion it would be a waste of potential interesting NPCs.
  11. Cristina

    Reteua Cristina de Novas - RCN

    Ex-Minister of Public Administration Accused of Corruption; Arrest Ordered July 09, 2018 1:07 PM CITY OF CRISTINA - Prosecutor Caio Valacci says arrest warrants have been issued Monday for former Ex-Minister of Public Administration Julio Pozzi and 12 others from his inner circle on a host of corruption charges for allegedly siphoning $300 million from public coffers, the Royal Attorney General’s Office announced Monday. Julio Pozzi: Accused of siphoning $300 million from public coffers from 2012 to 2014 The 13 arrest orders include Pozzi’ private secretary, his long-time partner Silvia Daneza, his ex-wife Regina Sandre and three of Pozzi’ sons. “In the administration of Julio Pozzi there were serious and outrageous cases of corruption in which they extracted $300 million from public accounts,” said Royal Prosecutor Caio Valacci. Pozzi immediately mounted a defense via social media, taking on charges one by one and asking “where was the crime?” and “what does that have to do with me?” “It stands out that the (Royal Attorney General’s Office) has only made incriminations without presenting a single piece of evidence against me,” Pozzi wrote. Valacci said that Pozzi stole $230 million from Cristina’s mortgage bank alone, including millions carried out as cash in plastic handbags. Horatio Minori, head of the Royal Attorney General’s financial investigation unit, said that Pozzi’ partner, Silvia Daneza used some of the diverted funds for cosmetic surgery in @Variota. Silvia Daneza: funds diverted for cosmetic surgery. Pozzi held office from 2010 to 2014 under the government of former Minister of State Paolo Canavari as a high-member for the leftist Union for Cristina party, and has been living in @Magnaeus since 2016. He has alleged that the government of conservative Rally for Cristina party Minister of State Adriana Monadic is trying to settle political scores in pursuing him. Valacci said prosecutors had alerted international policies that Pozzi was “a person of interest” and the government would seek his extradition from Magnaeus. Valacci also declined to respond to Pozzi’ assertions that the moves against him were a political vendetta. “Former minister Pozzi is a suspect, accused of corruption crimes, a fugitive from justice,” he said. “Everything proven with technical, witness and other evidence.” Authorities said they captured Giorgi Jalecci, a public engineering empresario and former president of Cristinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCFC). Prosecutors allege he was one of the principal organizers of the diversion of funds. “It is a sophisticated structure that was created by Mr. Pozzi and Mr. Jalecci, to extract public funds from the government and later distribute them to key people, front men and shell companies,” Valacci said. Scientists of the Royal University built a nanomachine out of DNA CITY OF CRISTINA - Nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale may be able to create many new materials and devices with a vast range of applications, such as in nanomedicine, nanoelectronics, biomaterials energy production, and consumer products. “The individual control of molecular composition and placement is often cited as a goal of nanotechnology. To date, many nanotechnology efforts have been content to achieve nanoscale—but not atomic—precision, or to build large quantities of small identical molecules. However, there are some technologies worldwide that are on the verge of achieving the goal”, explained Dr Paolo Salvatore, molecular engineer and physicist of the Royal University of Cristina. Salvatore and coworkers have built a nanomachine out of DNA that can guide the construction of any of several different strands of DNA; the product sequence can be chosen by “programming” the machine with other DNA strands. “This is a demonstration of programmable molecular fabrication. A planned extension to the machine would allow it to build longer and more interesting strands”, said Salvatore in an interview for The Science Channel last sunday. Paolo Salvatore: “The new nanomachine is a demonstration of programmable molecular fabrication” Salvatore also explained that “although this machine does not select from among multiple sites for the reaction, it does select from among multiple potential reactants”, and that “its product has a precise and programmable molecular structure”. The research team developed the ability to transport individual silicon atoms from one place to another in a covalent crystal, and was even able to automate this to make two-dimensional patterns. Several other researchers have also used electricity (fields and/or currents) with scanning probe microscopes to implement reactions at sites chosen with atomic precision. They have removed single selected hydrogen atoms from silicon at room temperature and removed and replaced single silicon atoms with purely mechanical force, but has not yet reported the ability to build multi-atom patterns. “The team’ strategy for easier atomically precise positioning is to separate the possible deposition sites. For example, a self-assembled repetitive grid could be used to create widely separated sites that might even be individually assessed optically for higher throughput. A related strategy is to deposit large molecules into large receptors that are designed not to bond if misaligned”, explained Dr. Savannah Malacchi, Salvatore's chief assistant, to RCN. Researchers around the world have proven that are several possible ways to increase the throughput of molecular manufacturing without requiring it to build its own tools. If the manufacturing operation is done with a scanning probe microscope, then an array of MEMS microscopes could be used. “If it is done with molecular tools similar to that of Salvatore and team, many tools could be created and used in parallel”, said Malacchi. The ability to use molecular manufacturing systems to build additional usable molecular manufacturing systems, making it possible to produce large quantities of product. Minister of Science and Technology Barbie Tartani in a recent debate on whether special regulation of nanotechnology is warranted. On the other hand, nanotechnology raises many of the same issues as any new technology, including concerns about the toxicity and environmental impact of nanomaterials, and their potential effects on global economics, as well as speculation about various doomsday scenarios. “These concerns have led to a debate among advocacy groups and the Cristinese government, leading to initial works towards a special regulation of nanotechnology”, said new Minister of Science and Technology Barbie Tartani.
  12. Cristina

    2018 UENA World Cup

    GAZZETTA SPORTIVA World Cup: Variota break Cristinese hearts, eliminating the Golden Squad on penalties Meda, ORIONI — Variota broke Cristinese hearts by dumping the Golden Squad out of the World Cup, winning a tense quarterfinal on penalties. It looked as though another upset could be on the cards when Adriano Concetto's stunning strike gave Cristina a lead on the second-half. @Variota hit back just twelve minutes later through Jan fan'es Linkefoet. After a tense Extra Time which the goalkeepers were kings, the two teams took the tie to penalties. Concetto's hero status lasted all of 30 minutes as he missed a decisive penalty in the shootout, allowing Koen Dekkerburg to step up and slot home the winner. Variota will now face @Gallambria in the last four for a place in the final. Cristina bows out with pride "Doomed to fail" read the front page of a Cristina national newspaper weeks ago, just days before the start of the World Cup. This Cristina team -- the lowest-ranked side in the tournament in the world rankings -- wasn't supposed to be in the MedPharm Dome in Meda, competing in a quarterfinal against Variota. It wasn't supposed to have made it out of the group D. Such was the pessimism surrounding the national team coming into this World Cup, many thought it would be a humiliation. But this side has captured the imagination. Yet, in Variota, the Golden Squad was facing a team which had created its own history in @Orioni. But the chances were good for Cristina, too. With Cristina's coach Rafaelle Gardeni acting as a conductor for the crowd, his side started the better of the two, brilliantly stifling Variota's talented midfield duo of Franciscus Lantboer and Wilm fan Frau. The match looked set to follow much the same pattern as Cristina's backs-to-the-wall performance against @Prymont, before a moment of stunning individual brilliance gave the Golden Squad a shock lead on 77 minutes. Striker Rocco Albani was diligent in his role as lone striker and brilliant hold-up play saw him lay the ball into Concetto's path. He took one exquisite touch to get the ball out of his feet and evaded two challenges before unleashing an unstoppable, curling strike into the top corner. For all of Cristina’s hard running, it was unable to prevent the equalizer twelve minutes later. Variota forwards powerful run down the left was followed by a deft chip into the box, which the onrushing fan'es Linkefoet diverted past Baldi Grotto. After the break Cristina was content to play on the counter while Variota attacked but both teams would have to play extra time. Good news for Gallambria, if nobody else. Cristina's hopes came to an end as Concetto missed penalty, along with Valerio Marciano's saved effort, proved costly in the shootout. An exhausted Cristinese team had given its all. It wasn't enough, but they bow out with pride restored after the defeat before the @Sunset Sea Islands not as the failures many had predicted they would be.
  13. Cristina

    Trilateral trade proposal

    Nova had just tried a small piece of the Charollais when Charles Mécra passed copies of an essay to her and to president Sophie Gerber of @Magnaeus. Surprised, Nova looks at the Président du Conseil de @Fleur de Lys with an half smile naturally drawn on her lips as she takes the essay passed by the Lysian. A bit curious, she reads on the front page… “Trattato Trilaterale di Cooperazione Europea”. The Queen opens the document and briefly browses it. She then gently passes it to Rosana and look again at Mécra. “Grazie! I am sure the Cristinese is written just fine. Besides, I like the way you think, Signore Mécra”. Rosana Giannini, in her turn, takes a little longer on the words of the document. After reading it she looks at her queen and softly nods. Finishing wuth the delicious cheese, Nova properly rests the cutlery. “Signora Gerber, Signore Mécra and the good people around this table, although I am enjoying the company and the meal, I may call it a night. I am truly satisfied for this night”, she looks at Mécra, thanking him for the presented menu with a soft nod. “But now I am in need of some sleep. It was such a day, isn’t it? Tomorrow will be even better, that I know for sure. For now, if you excuse me, I will leave to my suite”, the Queen says politely, expecting the others to respect her decision to leave. Ambassador Carlo Montalto, who was still savoring a generous slice of the Pouligny-Saint-Pierre suddenly stands up, leaving the cheese on the plate to take Nova's left hand, helping her to stand. She thanks the young men and turns back to the others on the table with her characteristic smile. “Have a good night, signoras and signores. Please, don't let my leaving be the end of this great night for yourselves” Rosana passes the essay to Montalto while Nova shake hands with Charles Mécra and Sophie Herber and their ambassadors. She knows her queen will read those pages with more regard when alone in her room. The other Cristineses politely excuse themselves and stand up, each at his or her own time, leaving the dinner room after some formal last words with their counterparts. Rosana is to stay at the table for final considerations and last talks with Lysians and Magneans. In her suite, Queen Nova dresses a soft and more comfortable silk dress and seats on a chair by a beautiful wooden writing desk and opens again the document passed by Mécra. She reads each line with attention . “Very good. It seems we have a good starting point here”. She sends digital copies of the essay to each members of her delegation and to Minister of State Adriana Monadic back in Cristina, for their consideration. Quickly, a video conference is set up using an official app developed exclusively for the government of Cristina. Some time later, the essay gets the approval of the majority of them, Minister of Public Administration Signore Nico Salano still seeing little gain for the people of Free Port of Cristina in such trilateral agreement, for much of the others consternation.
  14. Cristina

    2018 UENA World Cup

    GAZZETTA SPORTIVA Sunset Sea Island beat Cristina 3-1 in Meda to secure top spot in Group D and end the Golden Squad perfect start to the World Cup. Meda, Orioni - Kevin Thu opened the scoring in the 15th minute with a low free-kick and Valerio Marciano deflected a Hoang Nam shot into his own net (19) before Luigi Sandre was sent off for a second yellow card five minutes before half-time. Cristina had already qualified for the last 8 after comprehensive wins over @Morheim and @Prymont, Cristina will face @Variota here in Meda next Friday after Rafaelle Gardeni’s side held onto second place in their group. The opening goal came when Kevin Thu, on the edge of the area, stroked a low free-kick into the bottom corner beyond the despairing left hand of Baldi Grotto, who had denied Thu six minutes before. Cristina did not have a moment to recompose itself before @Sunset Sea Islands scored a fortunate second. Luca Sabini headed clear a corner to the feet of Hoang Nam on the edge of the area and his shot took a wicked deflection off Marciano, completely wrong-footing Grotto, and nestling in the corner. Cristina went on the attack and got a series of chances given to Andreas Orcini and Rocco Albani, but could not get to score until the second half, mostly denied by Aron Bahir. Savio Ponzio justifying his selection as the midfield anchor. On a sweltering afternoon in Meda, Cristina's hopes diminished further when Sandre was shown a second yellow card in the 40th minute. The full-back, already on a booking for a foul on Thu, recklessly took down the rampaging Nam on the left wing to become the first Cristina player sent off at this World Cup. “What can I say? Sandre knew it, everybody knows it. It’s a shame in a game like this and after a season like this. I really feel for him; he’s a fantastic boy. I think the second mistake is because of the first one. It’s really difficult to get rid of the bad thoughts in your mind”, said forward Albani. Cristina's better start in second-half was crowned when Savio Ponzio left footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom left corner. Assisted by Adriano Concetto with a through ball. But Kevin Thu did add the third goal when Nam's powerful header after a corner forced another sprawling stop from the Cristina goalkeeper and the SSI midfield was alert to prod home. “How couldn’t I feel for the players? There isn’t a lot to say: we started well and played exactly as we wanted to play. The situation with Sandre – that looks really bad, and it was a shock for the team. We lost our positive momentum. Half-time, came in, and then what can I say about the goals. We scored one, they scored three, that’s the result”, said Gardeni In truth, there was not an outstanding performer on Cristina side in a game which had a testimonial feel to it in the second half, but Concetto was effective in midfield. He boasted the best pass completion of any Cristina player and also made the joint-most interceptions (3), to help his team control the game for long spells. His perfect assistance led to the Ponzio own goal which ultimately secured top spot in the group. “Ponzio’s goal was unbelievable. We did what we could, the boys tried everything. It was not the best script for us today. I know [we have a great campaign] but I can’t feel it. You go to a game to win it, and if you don’t you feel like you failed. It was not a good game for us today, we simply didn’t get it. There’s nothing else to say”, said Concetto. Cristina will face Group A winner Variota, in Meda Friday morning, while SSI face the group A runner-up Derthalen (July 7 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius).
  15. Cristina

    EurthVision Song Contest 2018

    Kingdom of Cristina Insanguinata - Vendetta And now it is time for Insanguinata on stage. One would be hard-pressed to find a better show lineup than this night. For many here it will be their first Heavy metal show and your first heavy metal show is important – it makes an impression on what “a great show” means to you. True, some more contemporary groups would be a good idea too, but for a high-level view of what metal’s about, it’s good to start off with the old vanguard, if possible. This was especially evident with Insanguinata frontman Tuio Radani recent health issues. Minutes before Radani said he was expecting this might be the best Insanguinata performance you have ever seen. And it was. Solo guitar player Radani put on a rousing performance, working the crowd like a true showman, and singing within his limits but unafraid to push them when he knew he could hit the notes. Nico Belladonna, Paolo Sadi and Carlo Minardi look as if they’ve barely aged a day. Bass player Paolo Sadi played as expertly as ever, though he did look a little bored at times and was the only member of Insanguinata who didn’t smile the entire time, but maybe there’s some personal reason for that. Had you kept your eyes closed, this performance could have easily taken place in 1995 or 2005, as Radani’s voice held up just fine through his singing parts, and his bandmates Sadi, Belladonna, and Minardi put on their own fantastic performances (the later giving an awesome drum solo). Radani looked to be in good spirits, but he was noticeably thinner than in 2012, and he had a weariness to his voice as he addressed the crowd between songs. Still, there will always be something magical about hearing the legendary man begin and end a set with: “We are Insanguinata, and we play rock n’ roll!” All of this before of the Cristinese flag, displayed in all its glory on the giant background video wall as the lights above and around the stage flashed constantly. This naturally elicited applause from the Cristineses who had traveled all the way to to here to support their band. Insanguinata was incredibly loud. Even with earplugs on you could feel Sadi's bass blow against you like the wind of a hurricane and the crowd immediately went wild as Belladonna strummed that iconic guitar riff to lead them all into chaos. The song stopped rather abruptly; there was no fade-out. The video wall turned black, the flag of Cristina disappeared from the stage floor leaving it clothed in dark blue, and the lights dimmed somewhat amid the cheers. At the end of the show, the members of Insanguinata all came up to the front of the stage to toss out drumsticks and guitar picks and wave “thank you” to the crowd. Oh, quando vedremo la terra dei liberi C'è una guerra non via Ma proprio qui tra noi Un tempo di divisione E l'odio dei fratelli Le vite innocenti che i maestri hanno preso Non sarà abbandonato La giustizia è servita Ci rifiutiamo di dormire Oh, la necessità di venire insieme E combatti per Cristina Questa deve essere la terra dei coraggiosi Non la terra dei deboli Siamo schiavi che rompono le catene Non possiamo più sopportare Quindi, a Dio, preghiamo Che la terra promessa è vicina Corri - corri più veloce che puoi! Corri - prima che la lama tagli la tua mano! Corri - il sangue scarlatto gocciola sul pavimento ... Corri - desiderando di poter avere di più ... Gioco - la giornata inizia tranquillamente con un aereo Gioco: quando scompare, la nazione impazzisce Gioco - cos'è questo il gioco dei maestri? Gioco - dove le persone sono le pedine, tutte uguali Checkmate - si verifica quando gli aerei sono abbattuti Checkmate - lasciare che tutti gli interessati siano annegati Checkmate - quando i maestri affermano di aver vinto Checkmate - un gioco tutto per il paese sembrare forte Libertà!