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    Valerio Korvini

    Valerio Korvini, nephew of the doge of Modena Jon Baptista Korvini, is recorded as a member of the Royal Mantellan sloop Gabbiano, which sailed from Saint Chist in 1584. During the course of the voyage, Valerio conspired with some other crew members to attempt a mutiny aboard the ship which, upon doing so, stated their intentions to sail southward as pirates. Aldo Lanini was elected captain and eventually had several ships. Valerio commanded one of these, the brigantine Alta Speranza. During the night of 18 April 1586, Lanini's ships headed for the @Bainbridge Islandsbut Korvini and his crew in the Alta Speranza slipped away in the night and continued to operate in the Konstantinopoli Sea. Between Byzantium Nova and @Miiros, the Alta Speranza plundered two vessels. Aboard one, the Kyria, Valerios's crew committed a cruel murder against a Byzantium Nova's noblewoman passenger. Afterwards they stopped to careen their vessel. A rare depiction of Valerio Korvini (1586). Continuing onward towards Miiros, Valerio Korvini spotted a treasure ship out from Orthen heading towards the Bainbridge Islands, Western Star. After its capture, the ship was outfitted with weapons and placed in the command of ships gunner Juliano Tiro, Valerio opting to retain command of the smaller Alta Speranza. because of her superior handling. The two ships continued to sail and attacking along the southeastern coast of the Miirosi Eisadai island until fighting began to break out among many of the forced crew members, and they decided to petition Miirosi and Mantellan authorities for a pardon, claiming they had been forced into piracy by Valerio and Lanini. Sailing to a small island in the Bainbridge Islands, the crew awaited a reply from the Miirosi and Mantellan governments for nine months until August 1587, when they received news from their courier ship that their pleas had been ignored, and the king Armandi II of Mantella had sent Admiral Tulio Fiati to eradicate the pirates. On their southward course they encountered the Southern Meteorolas, where the Western Star ran aground and, as the survivors were being rescued by the Alta Speranza, the pirates were sighted and pursued by HMS Santorini and HMS Avventura. Valerio Korvini was forced to cut his anchor cable and run, finally making his escape under oars when the fresh wind subsided. Valerio Korvini lost more than forty of his men on Southern Meteorolas, most of these being captured by a landing party from the two Mantellan Navy vessels, under the command of Fiati. Modern day replica of Valerio's ship Alta Esperanza Valerio Korvini and Juliano Tiro (who had been rescued from Southern Meteorolas before Fiati’s interference) now sailed to the Bay of Honolulu and careened on an offshore island, capturing three or four prizes en route and augmenting their depleted crew from their captives. Valerio next sailed through the Azure Sea for @Orioni in early 1588. On the way, he captured a Pirilao’s sloop named Croaker, which he added to his squadron, and then a long ship, which was entrusted to Juliano Tiro. The pirates put in at Orionii port of Vega in April 1588, intending to careen their new vessels, and having just started the task, they were surprised by an Orionii warship that was already hunting the pirates advised by Pirilao's merchants. Valerio Korvini and his men were forced to burn the ship and the sloop and flee along the island's southern coast, but the Orionii overtook and captured them. Valerio escaped again in his swift Alta Speranza, but his crew, discouraged by their losses, murdered him as he slept in his hammock, and took prisoner all who remained loyal. The mutineers then surrendered to Miirosi authorities in Airae o Maesaeloria and taken to Orthen where they received amnesty and their prisoners were hanged. Despite his ruthless cruelty and his cold-blooded nature, Valerio Korvini's life of piracy has been romanticized by several writers through the centuries, primarily as part of Cristinese nationalist movements or as a means of "heroification" of the name Korvini.
  3. Cristina

    Reteua Cristina de Novas - RCN

    Princess Carolina Nominated For Golden Music Awards Best Europan Pop Album Rennd - Cristinese Princess and teen sensation Carolina Korvini (or Carolina IV as she has been called) and her touring entourage are currently rolling round the Europan continent and recently stopped to play some shows in Rennd. The Princess Carolina thus returns to the country where she spent two years of her childhood to play for her fans. Princess Carolina stopped to play some shows in Rennd. She spoke fondly about the place during a press conference, when she was presented with a bouquet of flowers from a life-size version of a cult local character. The 15-year-old singer expressed her excitement over her two Golden Music Awards nominations. In the first she is up against Lysian singer Lorraine for the Best Female Pop Vocalist gong but it's the nomination for Best Europan Pop Album that thrills her the most. Carolina's French-language long-player, which she recorded last year, takes her back to her Lysian ancestry through her grandmother the musician Joanne Rosbeau. She says of its release: "It's really nice to be recognized for my first French album 'Ma Réflexion'. I'm really excited that I was recognized for that this year.” “It's a whole growing and learning experience, to understand my family's background and where many of us came from, and just continue to go further” In the website Rockslide.com there's also your chance to see a clip of the starlet in the video for 'Je Me Souviens de Toi ('I Remember You'), which is set for Cristinese release in mid-February.
  4. Cristina

    Proposed observer status

    To: EOS representative Anna Hackney of Orioni From: Minister of State Adriana Monadic Dearest, The Kingdom of Cristina considers this opportunity to act as Observer Member of the Entente of Eastern States with great positivity. We are convinced that there is much we can offer to EOS, aiming to accelerate economic growth, social progress, and sociocultural evolution of the participant nations, alongside the protection of regional stability and the provision of a mechanism for member countries to resolve differences peacefully. Consequently, our association will bring great benefits to all people worldwide. The participation of the Free Port of Cristina with Observer Status in the EOS also means for us another great step towards the utmost international recognition of our beloved country as a sovereign nation and the reaffirmation of our position among the nations of the planet. We look forward to the official recognition of our membership and will soon send the application form of our proposed delegate to EOS. Finally, we thank you for having extended the hand of friendship. May good health and wealth, peace and prosperity bestow upon you and your family! Sincerely yours, Adriana Galini Monadic
  5. Cristina

    ATARA Founding Ceremony

    9:35 AM - The long journey since Cristina finally comes to an end. Sir Francesco Datena leaves the Cristina Airlines A330 to set foot on Iverican ground for the first time. Followed by his secretary Fabiana Doria and his bodyguards the experienced Cristinese politician looks around and inhales deeply the air of the New World. As he looks ahead he notices the flag of the Kingdom of Cristina fluttering beautiful and brightly among the flags of other sovereign nations. Francesco can hardly hold a great shout of pride. He is an activist patriot, regarded as one of the “fathers” of the Cristinese Constitution and one of the architects of the current Free Port of Cristina, and seeing his country open to the world and recognized by other sovereign nations fills him with satisfaction and all this pride of his people, his Queen, and why not, of himself? He is then received by the Iverican staff and greets them, showing clearly that he is honored to be representing his country in such an important meeting, on such a magnificent land. From there Francesco and his entourage are taken to the car that will take them escorted to the ceremony's venue. 10:30-11:00- On board the K6, the Cristinese representative, himself a proud owner of one of this fabulous car, feels even more comfortable but also thinks he would like to be driving right now. Ms Doria talks on her cell phone with other Foreign Affairs officials and the two security guards remain quiet and alert to everything, but the thoughtful Francesco watches through the car’s window the landscape that pass outside, admired by its beauty. When the K6 enters the urban area the Delegate perceives the beautiful contrast of the new scenario with nature of the rural area he saw before. He observes the various landmarks and high buildings and can not help but think how that city looks like its beautiful and bustling Cristina, filled of large plazas and skyscrapers. The car arrives at its destination at the Tricontinental Hotel soon after the other international delegates and so, like them, Francesco is soon approached by journalists from all over the planet, for whom he gives a quick interview about the importance of the event and what ATARA represents for the Kingdom of Cristina. "All this represent the acceptance of my country in the new international scene, through Cristinese participation in the foundation of this important establishment that is ATARA, where the Free Port will represent itself without breaking its declared neutrality," says the delegate Cristinese in one of his answers. 11:30-1:00- Sir Francesco Datena walks down to the beautiful ballroom where the welcoming ceremony and luncheon will take place. There he takes the seat prepared to him in thr central table between the representatives of Sunset Sea Islands and Fleur de Lys with whom he talks about the last agreements of cooperation between Cristina and those nations and with the ISTC. After the rapid and applauded pronouncement of Ms Desdemona Tomas-Morra, finally the food is served and Francesco prefers light dishes and a smooth Cristinese wine of good harvest, which he recommends to the Leader of the Radiant Republic. 1:00-1:30- After the meal and some more talks on the corridors, the delegates and their entourages move to the decorated Conference Hall and appropriately take their seats. Francesco again gets to take his place besides Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Sunset Sea Islands. 1:30-2:30- Mr. Desdemona Tomas-Morra ceremonially presents the charter of ATARA documents which he reads attentively. At the due time, as a Delegate with Observer Status, Sir Francesco Datena formally walks to the podium and sign the chart with great satisfaction as he is now rendering another service to his country.
  6. Cristina

    Modus Pacis (Mode of Peace).

    The long time waited opportunity to strengthen relations between the Kingdom of Christina and the Federal Kingdom of Adaptus is finally presented. The Cristinese Queen tries to control the euphoria, but the moment is of great importance for the economic and political future of the Free Port. From: Queen Nova Maxima Korvini, Minister of State Adriana Monadic and the Foreign Minister Antonio Livio To: King Augustus III and the people of Adaptus Sincere Salutations, It is with great joy and satisfaction that we receive the confirmation of the Modus Pacis that will enable the establishment, and continued existence of a mutually beneficial relationship between our two nations. Such agreement was much expected by the people of the Kingdom of Cristina, that initiated a global expansion seeking to strengthen relations of friendship, partnerships and to make investments in diverse sectors. In recent years, the Free Port has been identified as an increasingly popular tax haven due to tax exemptions on foreign-based income and capital gains, attracting a large amount of foreign investment mainly as a result of its skilled workforce and advanced infrastructure. Now we initiate a new stage, being more than willing to make large reinvestments in solid foreign economies and politically stable countries like the Kingdom of Adaptus. More important will be the reaffirmation of the friendship between our peoples, which will be translated into the establishment of embassies, a pact of mutual Defense and, of course, the invaluable gains with the increase of the cultural and technological exchanges that will finally be made possible by this Modus Pacis. Finally, we are grateful for the people of the Federal Kingdom of Adaptus friendship and wish a future of peace and prosperity to all Adaptons, under the leadership of the good and wise King Augustus III. Semper Servus, Queen Nova Maxima Korvini Minister of State Adriana Galini Monadic Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Livio
  7. Cristina

    Trilateral trade proposal

    Once again amused by the expressions and grimaces of the Council President of Fleur de Lys, the Cristinese Queen smiles openly and looks at Rosana Giannini. “Nous aimons Venège, monsieur ... la ville est belle et temps est très agréable” - answers ambassador Rosana. The Queen takes Charles Mécra's arm and is escorted by him to the table prepared for the dinner. She takes her seat and looks surprised, albeit pleased, at the political Lysian when he seats next to her. She waits until everyone else takes their seats and turns to Mécra. “Lysian cousine! I have not had such a pleasure in a while” - says the Queen with remarkable satisfaction. The Cristinese ambassadors also agree with the cousine recommendation. Rosana is still talking to Juliette in Cristinese when the cards are given to the guests, Nova entrusts Mécra to takes care of the requests and turns to the Magnean hosts, praising the city and the hotel choice. “Venège is so wonderful, much more than I ever imagined” - says the Queen. “And your people, so polite and hospitable... I have been treated very well since I arrived, thank you”. She then looks around the room, the architectural style and the old decorations that harmoniously blend with modernity. “Ah, the Belle Epoque! This place reminds me of the old and beautiful cháteau of my father's family in the north of Mantella... Magnifique”. When she turns her attention to Mécra again, Nova finds the Lysian still talking to the Chef Sommelier. The Queen exchanges some glances with a few other guests and smiles, amused and at the same time admired with Mécra’s knowledge and concerns on the cousine. Suddenly, after ordering some dishes and wines, Mécra decides to entrust the chef with the rest of the menu. “Mmh, Langoustines bretonnes rafraichies, doré caviar, nage réduite ... and an excellent choice of wine” - finally says the Queen with a satisfied look - “it was a really good decision to leave the menu under your recommendation, Monsieur Mécra”. Nova then looks into Mécra's eyes in more depth. “What do you expect from our summit, Monsieur Mécra?” - asks the Queen. "It is not my intent to be rude or too direct, but I'd like to know if you think it's really possible for us to reach a great agreement as expected?" ‘Many in Cristina, including me, believe that our three nations will be able to create not only the Europa’s largest trade and Industrial hubs, but also a return to our shared roots, a positive return to the great ages of the Eternal Empire, a bond that will always keep us tied in some way” - continues the Queen, secretly mourning Mantella's isolationism.
  8. Cristina

    FIFA Football Match Generator

    I do support the idea. Yay! We will have soccer!
  9. Cristina

    [IDEA] Capital of Culture

    I would like that.
  10. Cristina

    Reteua Cristina de Novas - RCN

    Cristina Maintains Relations With SSI and Ahrana CITY OF CRISTINA - The kingdom of Cristina will maintain its commitments in all economic and diplomatic agreements with Sunset Sea Islands despite recent social and political changes in that country. "Free Port of Cristina will maintain this important partnership and will remain open to the commercial transactions signed with the @Sunset Sea Islands, continuing with all the commitments made with their previous government", said Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications Franco Bilaro. The kingdom of Cristina also looks into the possibility of sending a delegation to the Islands in the coming months to negotiate Cristinese investments in that country. Large private companies like Siena Fleet Systems have also expressed interest in establishing facilities in Sunset Sea Islands. "Cristina has the money, the technology and the know-how, what Cristina does not have is space. The Sunset Sea Islands has been a great investment environment and there is no reason to believe that this will change with the new situation in the country ", remarked Dario Magalini, CEO of the Siena Fleet Systems. Likewise, the Free Port of Cristina will maintain diplomatic relations with the Socialist Federation of @Ahrana. Earlier in the morning, the National Council decided to keep the Cristinese embassy in that country in spite of the great opposite pressure of groups strongly unfavorable to the communist takeover in Ahrana within the Cristinese Government.
  11. Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth To: Queen Julia III of Morheimm Dearest, The government of the Kingdom of Cristina, on behalf of its people, congratulates the Morheim government for its initiative to open up to the world. Today we live in an age of almost complete social, political and economic interdependence between the nations and no longer one can remain in isolation without suffering the consequent negative impacts on its society. In view of this same interdependence, so that it does not become something harmful to the nations, we also understand that the acceptance of the various cultural differences becomes necessary. Now, one can not easily accept or understand something that is not known and here lies the importance of initiatives such as the TCHE suggested by Your Majesty Queen Julia III. The Kingdom of Cristina has always placed great value on the cultural traditions of its people, traditions dating back to the Middle Ages and beyond, through the cultural heritage from the Eternal Empire and Mantella. Traditionally we are a people that respects the various foreign cultures and that have always sought to absorb their essences and intermingle them with our own roots, enriching us and not diluting us. "Protecting the Past, Securing the Future" has always been the Cristinese way. It is not by chance that the Kingdom of Christina is among the most cultured and most technologically advanced nations. Therefore, it is of our extreme interest, and it will be a great honor for me to meet with Your Majesty in Thale to discuss the possibilities of the TCHE and / or similar ideas worldwide. Sincerely yours, Minister of Culture, Community and Youth Romana Francini
  12. Cristina

    Embassies on astriedanian territory

    Dearest, The Kingdom of Cristina formally request for an Embassy in the Empire of Astriedan. It is our hope to establish a strong and mutually beneficial relation between our nations, representing the Kingdom of Cristina in the Empire of Astriedan; protecting in the Empire of Astriedan the interests of the Kingdom of Cristina and of its nationals, within the limits permitted by international law; negotiating with the Government of the Empire of Astriedan; ascertaining by all lawful means conditions and developments in the Empire of Astriedan, and reporting thereon to the Cristinese Government; promoting friendly relations between the Kingdom of Cristina and the Empire of Astriedan and developing their economic, cultural and scientific relations. The requested formularies follows enclosed to this document. Sincerely, Antonio Livio, Foreign Minister -------------------------------------------------------------- EMBASSY REQUEST FORM State name: Kingdom of Cristina (official), Free Port of Cristina Head of state: Queen Nova Maxima Korvini Head of Government: Minister of State Adriana Galini Monadic Government type: Constitutional Monarchy Type of request: Demand Number of civilian embassy personnel: 40 Number of military embassy personnel: 10 Other precisions/demands: none
  13. Cristina

    Reteua Cristina de Novas - RCN

    Queen Nova: Summit in Magnaeus May Lead to the Creation of the Largest Industrial and Commercial Hub In Europa VENÈGE, Magnaeus - Cristinese Queen Nova Maxima Korvini is in Venège for a meeting with the Leaders of @Magnaeus and @Fleur de Lys in which will be discussed trade proposals and the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries and the Kingdom of Cristina. Shortly after her arrival at the Magnean Capital this morning, the Queen visited some famous sights of that beautiful city and played a tennis match open only to her entourage and to the press. Queen Nova faced @Emakeran player Juliano Fado, ranked World's 74th, and lost by 1-2 (5-7, 6-3, 3-4) but was highly praised by Fado for her good performance. "I had never faced such a clever opponent, even in the professional circuit ... Her Majesty really made me sweat my shirt (smiles)", said Juliano Fado. Nova prepares to serve After the game, Nova gave some interviews to international journalists and commented on the summit that will be held tomorrow. "It is an important step towards the economic development of Central Europa and the Byzantine Sea region and may lead to the creation of the largest industrial and commercial hub on the continent", remarked the Queen. Nova Maxima also commented on her recent appointment to the Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni which rewards contributions to the arts and sciences, work with charitable and welfare organizations and public service. “I am greatly honoured to receive this appointment because it comes to crown a whole social and human development project that is being done in and outside of Cristina through various governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions promoted and financed by the Royal Family”, said the Cristinese monarch. Late in the afternoon, Queen Nova visited Lake Venège, where she came to take off her shoes to walk barefoot by the lake's edges and wet her feet. At evening, Her Majesty returned to the Chateau la Colline hotel where she is staying, for a dinner with the Lysian President of the Council Charles Mécra and the Magnean president Sophie Gerber. Christinese Mission Departs for Afropa to Render Humanitarian Aid CITY OF CRISTINA - By order of the Royal Defence Forces Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Giorgio Donateli, the RDF missions will depart tonight and tomorrow for the Cristinese Humanitarian Aid for @Afropa following the dire humanitarian disaster that has been struck the country. The humanitarian mission, led by the Commander of the Joint Logistic Department of The Royal Defence Forces (RDF) Major General Priamo Fontonoria, is comprised of groups of personnel from the Combat Engineers, Infantry and Signals divisions bolstered by Army Intelligence, Army Medical Services and the Army Supply and Transport units. “The mission will depart in Royal Cristina Air Force transport planes and Royal Cristina Navy transport ships equipped with advanced rescue equipments and will coordinate its activities with the Afropan authorities”, said Fontonoria. One of the KC-135s that will be used to transport the RCAF Field Hospital to Afropa In the today's late afternoon hours, the men and women of Cristinese Humanitarian Aid made for Afropa in order to assist the victims of the devastating Afropan War on Violetist Liberation Army that struck the northern areas of that country. The mission, which departed in three RDF transport planes, will be joining the mission which departed earlier this morning in Navy's amphibious transport ships. An additional rescue mission of the Medical Corps, comprised of physicians, medics, and signals operators will depart for Afropa tomorrow morning. Upon its arrival, it will deploy a field hospital that will provide medical services in the most critical areas. “The mission will provide medical care to the injured, and assist the local health services, which are failing in the areas of surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, plastic surgery and intensive care”, Fontonoria said.
  14. Cristina

    Trilateral trade proposal

    After the brief meeting, the appointed Ambassador Cristinese to Magnaeus Carlo Montalto guided Queen Nova Maxima Korvini and her delegation through some of the Venège’s tourist venues to the Tennis Club owned by Nova's uncle, Daniele Alexandre, where she lost a fierce tennis match against a professional Emakeran player. After the game the Queen granted some interviews to local and international news agencies. Later, after a stroll along Lake Lyrie, Nova and her entourage returns to the Chateau la Colline to get some rest and then change for the dinner. Neatly groomed and dressed, the Queen is led along with the Cristinese delegation to the reception hall of the famous hotel. There they are received by more journalists. Patiently and very charming, the Queen answers and replies to all questions and compliments until she notices the entrance of the Président du Conseil de la République de Fleur de Lys Charles André Alexandre Mécra, himself accompanied by a young lady. Nova then apologizes to the journalists and takes a few steps toward the Lysians approaching her. When Mécra introduces himself, the Queen can not help but smile. With a mix of amusement and great admiration, she offers her left hand for him to kiss. She knows everything that she needs to know about the political life of Charles Mécra, or so she thinks. Her mother, a Lysian musician, is a longtime admirer of the Président du Conseil. "There are so many things you can learn from him," Joanne never got tired of repeating this to her daughter. Votre Majesté - says Mécra taking Nova's hand and bowing - A pleasure, and certainly leisure, that I agree too much, to meet you. Bonsoir, Monsieur Mécra. Enchanté de faire votre connaissance. - says the Queen, delighted. The Lysian President of the Council then opens some space to introduce Ms Juliette André. Nova looks at the young woman in the eyes. Che bella donetta - says the Queen to Juliette - I'm sure you're more than capable for the task. You will love Cristina. The Queen smiles at the woman and then introduces the ambassador to Magnaeus Carlo Montalto, and the ambassador to Fleur de Lys Rosana Giannini. The finest of the new Cristinese prodigies in diplomacy and political affairs - Nova concludes with a certain air of pride. The Queen leaves to Ms Giannini the task to introduce other members of the Cristinese delegation what she does in a perfect French. Monsieur Mécra, I have no good knowledge on the Magnean cuisine - says Queen Nova with a smile - Please, what would you suggest?