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  1. A mission alongside the marvellous Ambassador Delphine Leclaire, may only be a leisure party, that’s at least what our good M.A.D.C., or Foreign Minister to make it short, though. After all, she had served many years as Ambassador locally, and was of the same promotion then Richard himself. Naturally she would had evolved, both in her character and behaviour, potentially having a slight accent in fact given her long time in @Seylos, but well, that might be a political advantage if, when she decides to come back to the Metropol, she is willing to seek a politic office. As always, when a Lysian official travels, the Garde follows. The Faucon 7 used for this smooth travel out of our old Europa continent, would make Richard enjoy a fresh air after having to deal with the failed negotiations with the Sister Republics, which had took him serious time with his counterparts, as they had to figure out a common diplomatic line. Honestly, the obstacles were too many for this to ever work, and fortunately for Richard’s mental health, otherwise he would just have lose his mind and little brain in this affair. For coming back to our dearest Faucon 7, the modern plane of Lysian diplomacy, which were in numbers and travelling throughout Eurth, he shall be welcomed as the protocols calls by the Ambassador Leclaire herself, along with the Ambassador’s escort and the Garde. Timing had been planned, for allowing the cortege to directly move to the coronation ceremony, allowing the time in the car for the Ambassador and the M.A.D.C. to synchronise fortunately. Personal affairs were to be kept aside, focusing on the current political climate Richard had to impregnate himself in, along the various local protocols and traditions, particularly in such conditions given that a new King shall arise from this ceremony. Richard had changed suit in the plane, while Leclaire was perfect, this is a quality you may certainly give to those highly qualified Lysians sent to represent the Republic at each corner of the Glob, to inspire and breath Lysian, at least when asked or recommended. Once inside the very crowned Hall, and the long-calling being done, Richard would just have to turn his head around a bit to see various leaders, certain clients, other strangely luxurious communists, and naturally more then adjectives may qualify. Richard and Leclaire naturally sat next to one another, with the two standing up as it seems to be the tradition, as His Royal Highness passed and entered in the Throne Room. Few exercices, what seems to be rituals were done, and would end up in an anthem to the King being sung in the large space, creating a great sound, all for our two guests’ ears leisure. « That’s already done? » asked surprised Richard, looking towards Leclaire, as most would move on from the hall. Him, which have been expecting the ceremony to go for hours, just like what he would have read in History Books about great coronations ceremonies, singing and praising the new Monarch during hours, with fireworks during days, along dance and musics being played throughout the country for weeks… « I fear… Yes? » replied with an amused tone Leclaire, as she saw Richard’s disappointment a bit, « But be sure, parties and celebrations are to pursue… For long » she addressed to him, with a wink, before trying to move in front of him, « Now excuse me, but I got a drink to take » she said, as she had remarked the Ministre d’État Durand from Faramount being a bit pressed, taking a drink maybe she thought? After all, he had his reputation. « Wait » stopped Richard, « We have to present our best wishes to the New Monarch, and you, as Ambassador, show your duties » he clarified, as Leclaire halted, « Well, feel free » she said, as she pointed out the number of diplomats making the file just to have a single word exchanged with newly King Aidan Redmond. « Believe me, tchi-tchat, and after we’ll talk to our wonderful host » she addressed him with a wink again, « And be sure, I got all prepared, just have to make a call » she finished, as she pointed out to her phone. Always as slow after those years, thought Leclaire about Richard, as she would try to reach Durand from @Faramount she had lose a bit in the crowd. After dozens of seconds looking, finally reaching the bar, she would finally rediscover him. « Is Monsieur le Ministre offering me a drink? » she questioned, as she knew he would have tough times forgetting his proper education, particularly following such traditional ceremony. « How is Son Excellence, Monsieur le Président going? » she interestingly asked to the Ministre. On his side, knowing it would take time before having the chance to address a word to His Majesty, thanks to Leclaire. On his way, he couldn’t stop, but from noticing His Majesty, Augustus III, which certainly had an escort. As Richard approached, he would naturally notice… Let’s say, the muscles of His Majesty, which would make him take a note in his brain to maybe make more physical exercices… Even if he was glad that in Lysian culture, the suit was mandatory, as he would certainly don’t have the same epicness in such dressing then Augustus III. He felt a bit uncomfortable, but would overpass this, as he would try to engage with His Majesty, having made the travel from @Adaptus. « Salutations to your Majesty. It is a pleasure » he first engaged to the Cæsar as he slightly bowed as a sign of respect, knowing that shacking hands would be an offense to His Majesty, as in addition he had an escort, it would be most untimely. Richard certainly would enjoy of the situation, if it was to last, to talk about potentially establishing embassies in both nations, knowing Adaptus very special and rigorous protocols around this matter.
  2. CCXXVI/T/31/06 Today, the Assemblée Nationale was in great shape, following the effective ratification of the Convention de Rochetaillée sur les Relations Diplomatiques et Consulaires which was passed in two parts, MADC-CCXXVI-T-VI-I and MADC-CCXXVI-T-VI-II, for respectively the Diplomatic Relations Convention, and the Consular Relations Convention. Following this, Monsieur Richard, M.A.D.C. have pursued, by calling for subsidies to the Embassies of the nations that could not afford having one with the Republic, in exchange of the respective application of the newly defined Convention when coming to the the relationship of the two nations. MADC-CCXXVI-T-VI-III have been voted following this introduction by the Minister Richard, which have in the hour coming, announced its immediate application already with @St Francoisbourg. The Motion, consist of the Republic granting the logistics for the appointment of an Ambassador to Fleur de Lys, and to pay its salary the same amount as Lysian Ambassadors, while the first-line security and administrative staff salaries shall remain at @St Francoisbourg’s means, even if all Diplomat present in Fleur de Lys have attached to it a serious security service. In exchange, @St Francoisbourg shall apply when coming to Lysian diplomats, the Diplomatic and Consular Relations Convention along naturally allow a Lysian Embassy to be open in @St Francoisbourg. It is Monsieur Richard’s hopes that this shall allows more diplomatic exchanges with nations throughout Eurth, along ensuring the safety of Lysians diplomats abroad, while Fleur de Lys ratified its own Convention ensuring at home, the safety of foreign diplomats.
  3. OOC: IRL, many nations would have issues with how Ahrana handled the Asgeirrian diplomat, by lifting its diplomatic immunity like that. And basically, I made Fleur de Lys protest, however Iverica told me that there were no texts that bounded the various nations around Eurth to respect those rules, so following this, I am writing this thread by using RL Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Consular Relations (thanks Faramount) to sort this out, and just made clear that those ratifying it, would be bound by the same rules as RL, making it way easier to manage diplomatic relations (at least in my opinion), and in fact, those are quite simple, if you have issues understanding it, just watch this wonderful video which explains it shortly. This thread is created for any nation willing to, to join this Convention and engage active diplomatic talks on this basis with the other ratifiers Public Declaration: For the sake of international stability, insurance of fair and equal treatments, along avoiding a maximum of potential crisis, the République de Fleur de Lys invites all legitimate Governments, States and Entities to ratify the following the Convention (made in two parts for optimisation purposes). Convention de Rochetaillée sur les Relations Diplomatiques et Consulaires This Convention have a purpose to further clarify the status of a diplomat within its host country, its diplomatic immunity, the status of Embassies, Consulates along many other variants. The Republic would be more then happy to establish official diplomatic relations with any of the Signatories and Ratifiers of the said Convention. Please fulfil the following application to take part of the Convention: [b]Full Name of Country/Region:[/b] [b]Representative Signing (and date):[/b] [b]Ratification by (and date):[/b] [b]Continent:[/b] [b]First Language(s):[/b] [b]Second Language:[/b] [b]Additional Languages:[/b] The République de Fleur de Lys, submit its own application: Full Name of Country/Region: République de Fleur de Lys Representative Signing (and date): Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales de Fleur de Lys François Richard — 2018/07/24 Ratification by (and date): Assemblée Nationale — 2018/07/24 Continent: Europa First Language(s): Lysian Second Language: - Additional Languages: - Current Signatories and Ratifiers are, in signature and ratification order: La République de Fleur de Lys — S: 2018/07/24 R: 2018/07/24 — Europa — Lysian La République Démocratique de Faramont — S: 2018/07/24 R: 2018/07/24 — Alharu — Lysian, Limonaian
  4. From: Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales de Fleur de Lys François Richard To: Secretary-General Alexsandra Core of the Federation of @Ahrana Salutations dear Secretary-General, The Republic have caught with intention the new geopolitical orientation of the Federation, and maintain its neutrality on such, we do hope this is for the best of your people and wish you the best chances in your success for accomplishing what you wish along ensuring a stable and prosperous nation and people. The Republic however have noticed the violent and out of the usual diplomatic protocol, closing of Asgeirrian Consulates throughout the Federation without a clear and advanced notice, along the unilateral suspension of the Asgeirrian diplomat Miss Hazel without notice nor talks with the Asgeirrian Government following our informations. The diplomatic immunity is an international right, and therefore, the Ahranan Government cannot alone decide the lift of such immunity, it indeed, needs to be agreed by both sides, and if it was to fail, your Government have authority to expel the said diplomat, but in no case can hold it in its custodies in such way. The diplomatic relations with the Federation of Ahrana are of the highest importance for the Republic, and we would be most disappointed to see the Federation violating international rules, as even if following your claims, the Asgeirrian diplomat would have displayed an inappropriate behaviour, it is no way a possible reason to violate international diplomatic rules and protocols. We are sincerely sorry for the Asgeirrian Government, to have been forced, as you held hostage one of their Diplomat, to make those apologies, without further investigation. We do hope the Federation of Ahrana shall give fair explanations of the situation, and give insurances for the many diplomats acting of all origins throughout the Federation to not be feared, along get back to respect the international diplomatic protocols and rules by releasing without conditions the Asgeirrian Diplomat Miss Hazel along expelling her to Asgeirria if that is your will, or negotiate the lift of her diplomatic immunity with the Asgeirrian Government. Regards, - M.A.D.C. Richard
  5. Creating this thread, as I saw none, for allowing people which are going to be inactive or absent to notify the community. I'll start, as I shall not be available from the 12 Thermidor to the 10 Fructidor An CCXXVI... Oops, I mean 30th July to the 27th August 2018.
  6. « Before being a war of weapons, I believe today’s war are more about intelligence, informations, and resources » commented Richard as he lift his cup, as he just got himself re-served that most excellent coffee or whatever it was, which Autun seems to have hard time digesting, at Richard’s discreet smile as he just observed that. « You seems pretty sure and ready about a potential invasion » just added Autun, which had the idea of a war, thousands of kilometres away from his priorities. It is true after all, that Mantella had a certain aggressiveness towards Cristina, but after all, it is just History, but now, in the region, no war was to be ever expected, the economy of all sides would suffer far too much from it. Immediately, as Valentino advanced idea of another party to second Asgeirrian weapon supply, when coming to fighters, Richard basic sense of business, which he had a hard time to actualise compared to the Anglo-Saxons, because of the deep Lysian culture he had, would still awake him. « Well, this clearly can be arranged. I would add, that the production aren’t much of the issue, if you have the trained personnel for such, but more the provision of the diverse resources and equipments such as missiles it needs » stated Richard, as he knew well too much how resources were becoming key in this World, particularly with Rare Materials. « After, it depends naturally what your nation needs… I know Breguet Aviation have developed both the Mirage and the Rafale to be perfect multiroles, with various compositions and variants of the aircraft, but all of this in order to maintain low maintenances costs, the same as spare parts. With the exception naturally being the Éclair, which remains greater in terms of size and power, and is more oriented towards air superiority », as he would give a quick overview of the 3 currently active fighters in the Lysian military, even if a 5th generation fighter was on its way… However, even if rumours were started, the publication of the project would come in time. Lysians were rather direct on that kind of issue, not being good at trying to manipulate or play with the potential buyer, but it had the merit of having a short and rapid answer generally. However if sales there was, Richard may surely unsheathe one of the Champagne bottle that remained in their plane, and if there wasn’t, well, it was always the occasion to establish cordial relations with Asgeirria. « Or one of the other possibility, is to create artificial islands around the main ones, and dispose of strong anti-air batteries and fire-power. I saw it be done somewhere » added Richard as he took a cookie, just putting aside his idea of a sale, but more being interested to know the concrete needs of the Asgeirrian, as after all, wouldn’t be worst it to sell planes to a nation that wouldn’t have this as their main priority, without making interference naturally.
  7. From: Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales de Fleur de Lys François Richard To: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Seylos Sincere Salutations, In the name of the République de Fleur de Lys, its people and its representatives, allow me first to send our warmest congratulations to Crown Prince Redmond along our best wishes to the Seylosian people for the beginning of a new area in your Kingdom. The possibility of a new King offers vast horizons which generally, a new generation bring, as a value to the nation. We may only support this new vision that Crown Prince Redmond may bring to the Kingdom of Seylos, as an achievement towards unconditional peace and prosperity, and shall be more then glad to participate fascinate the future of our World with His Majesty, as know that, the Republic remains more then open to any form of cooperation, if that is naturally a will of your own too. I shall therefore, be thankful for the most generous invitation sent by your Ministry, and reply to it positively in the name of the Assemblée Nationale which have commissioned me to attend the Coronation Ceremony along the Second Celebration. Looking forward to meet His Majesty, Regards, - M.A.D.C. Richard
  8. From: DC de Aérospatiale Rémy Georges Pierre Ferré To: Bureau for Defense of the Worker’s Republic of Fulgistan Salutations, It is in the name of Aérospatiale that I am answering to your demand. Aérospatiale may only propose for now, as an Attack Helicopter category, the HA30-Tigre which entered in service in An CCXVI (or 2003 when converted to the Gregorian Calendar) with multiples variables having been developed and being currently active. Aérospatiale shall be delighted, if you give follow up our offer, to adapt the Helicopter to your particular demands and conditions, along define the contracts for such occasion that shall be followed by a price negotiation depending on the number of units your Bureau shall be willing to acquire, and in alignment with the Worker’s Republic’s needs. Please find the specificities of the proposed Attack Helicopter HA30-Tigre joint, in hope you see the great potential polyvalence that such Helicopter may provide to your armed forces, from a mission to another along enjoy of our advanced Osiris System. I shall be delighted to move forward with the Bureau if that is your wish. At your full disposal, Regards, - DC de Aérospatiale
  9. Note: With permission I wrote this parody of Orioni’s TV show for the region. He’s been using John Oliver, and that’s a character I wanted to make fancy things with this. This is only self-mockery and it have as sole purpose to make laugh. CCXXVI/M/30/27 « Oh bonsoir APL, you’ve just been hacked; no need to thanks me ». « Hello, I’m Jean Olivier, welcome to last 3 months tonight, or, if we were associated with Air France, would be to called, better late than never » [laughs], « Talking about Air France, tonight, we’re going to talk about one of the most loved and hated country in Europa… Fleur de Lys, or as we shall say if we were as annoying as them, Lily Flowers. Oh that’s right, that heavy aircraft, is a little bee going from lily to lily. », referring to the Bee, being Fleur de Lys’ national animal. « Now, Lysian savoir faire and excellence in annoying and hating people is well-known, particulaaarrly, Monarchies. Now the issue remains that there are so many examples that you can’t name one, but let us refresh your memory », the show would pass an extract of a television journalist talking « The I.S.T.C. have finally finished the construction of the Simon Station, a great technological advancement and achievement made, following the ratification of the Antargis Treaty, such thing done thanks to the great investment of the Sunset Sea Islands and certain expertise of Prymontian in such extreme weather conditions, a proof of the great cooperation that the young organisation have showed towards the entire World. The Station have been named Simon Station, in honour to the murdered Heir of the Sunset Sea Islands, another honour have been given to the father of this one, King Tomasso which shall see the land on which the Station have been built, wear its name », the clip would stop, and Oliver take back the screen, « And yes, that is perfectly fine, and honorable, to name such great project after great people which have defended and leaded their nation, but now this happened », the stopped clip would then pursue, « Only issue, the Lysian Translation of those names... Respectively renamed Station Alpha and Terre Liberté » would end up the journalist, as pictures of the Station with the two different names was shown. « OH MY GOD! That is just unbelievable! Names of a murdered Royal, and his father which suicided a week after from sadness, being given to great projects and a promising future, are now being translated as “Alpha” and “Liberté” in Lysian. Now, I got it, you may interpret it as “Oui doze not wiche two have naïme of a mûrdered and suicidal personne on a building oui participated”, but there it’s just about respect… » commented Olivier, as he had tried to do his best Lysian accent. « But okay, I got it, you think. But no, it’s not an isolated case » he said with a desperate tone, as a new clip would start, with a journalist speaking in a microphone in front of a business area, « Non-Lysian companies have serious issues getting in daily Lysian life. Main reason? The Metric System » she would conclude, before passing to a person for interviewing him, « I founded a company, we’re 20 now, and Fleur de Lys is a potential market, but all the regulations when coming to the usage of the metric system is a real pain. I mean, we must even use the Metric Calendar! You’d think that’s the worst, but it’s not, you then have the Metric Time », the clip would stop, getting back on Olivoer directly, « OH YOU MONSTER, YOU MONSTER LILY! » [laughs], « You’d even more agree with me, once you know that there are 10 days in a “Metric Week” and 10 hours in a “Metric Day” » addressed with a wink Olivoer. « Now we get it, Lysians are really terrible, and you may just see this by how magnificently they failed their negotiations with 4 other Republics, in the idea of an Union » [laughs], « But truly, they must be loved by somebody, and even them, they must love somebody… », a new clip, this time showing Mécra would appear. « Talks in Venège are going well, as the Président du Conseil Mécra admitted that himself showed enthusiasm, and greatly enjoyed talks with Président Gerber alongside Queen Nova, which he have complimented as a “splendid” », end of the clip, back to Olivier. « Wow wow wow! Wait a second… You know, President Gerber, I got it, I mean, more or less, even if Mécra probably hate them for claiming raclette as theirs, they’re a Republic, sort of, so he enjoyed the talks, fine. But Cristina, the Monarchy? That’s awfully anti-Lysian » [laughs], « Last Monarch they enjoyed a little, got guillotined and his head on a pike, so I’m seriously questioning it… But on a second though, not much. As effectively, our theme tonight is about weirdos Lily Flower foreign policy, which have been most extravagant, with Président du Conseil Mécra travelling aboard a Concorde for a 100 km flight, or sending 10 fighters to a most pacific nation to make air patrols », the last two points, referring to, respectively, Mécra’s travel to Venège from Lyrie, and Lysian support to little armed at the time SSISDF. « Compared to what we may first believe, all of this isn’t stupid. Except this weird accordion music and this ugly plane. No! You can’t say the most fashionable nation on Earth designed this, NO, I refuse! Only similarity with a Beluga is that it’s obviously overweight » [laughs]. « For instance, Lysian gallantry towards Cristina can just be shown like this » he retook his seriousness, and would go for another clip, this time, what seems to be a boring business show, « So latest statics, coming from the CNSI have affirmed that, 40% of Lysians exports are passing through the Free Port of Cristina », « OUNCH! » would retake Olivier, « 40% of your trade passing through a Monarchy, that must really annoy you cute Lily » he claimed, as he showed a picture of Mécra. « And the issue is, that it can be pretty widely different from a nation to another. For instance, Fleur de Lys was the first to recognise the new Ahranan Federation, which is good. However, their Ambassador there, had multiples meetings with Secretary General Greggor Ivanoff, which isn’t quite known to be a nice guy…” « But no, we also know Lysian gallantry for such situation, particularly when coming to the Lysian President, which even if homosexual, can’t really prevent himself from looking right? » he said, as the picture appeared. « But in fact, the worst is that he’s not the President, because the President is actually her. Except you’d be wrong again to think that, as it’s actually him, but no because the real President, or as they say, Le Président is him » he ended, as all kicked really fast. « But screw it, because all those guys I quoted are in fact some kind of Président, and if you count, there are actually 15 Presidents in Fleur de Lys, you understand better why it’s a critical mess. But for ending on my point, which was wide Lysian foreign policies, it also explains itself by this political instability, which makes it, and this is true, if we count since 1945, there have been on average, a Government change each 10 months. 10 MONTHS! That is crazy, and Mécra there, is in power since 16 months, which is way more than the average, and already had to do some serious compromises on his affairs, such as the failed Union’s initiative which he tried to launch back in March, which not only totally faileeeeed, but also made the 5 Republics pretty piss *ff by one another… And in fact they are so much pissed, that one of the Republic just did this » he pursued, as a clip from television about a journalist would appear, « The Assemblée Nationale of Mauvin just decided to suspend all uranium exports to Fleur de Lys and Danebourg, in answer to the Congrès the three nations took part in, a couple weeks ago, which was supposed to negotiated the construction of foundations, for a stable and strong Union. Plot-twist, it turned badly, with Députés from each sides ending insulting one another », the clip ended, « I really feeeeel terrible for Lily Flower. But you know what’s even more terrible? When 90% of your energy is coming from those uranium exports by Mauvin ». « As you got it, Fleur de Lys, with its high debt, getting at nearly 96% of its GDP, is pretty much in bad shape, mmh have a, a very bureaucratic and slow administration, which in addition is ranked pretty low, give international engagements which it doesn’t know if it may hold on long term, and is pretty dependant when coming to the sustainability of its economy. All of this for saying that there pretty much the need of decent reforms in such country. But now… How do you wish to do reforms with 15 Presidents? Is there hope? I hope for them. With that said, I’m hoping you the best Lily Flower, and a good night to you all, or as we shall say, bonne nuit mes chéris ».
  10. CCXXVI/M/30/24 The 6th Day of the Jours Complémentaires on a leap year Year, Celebration of the Revolution The Jours Complémentaires (or, in English “Complementaries Days”), which shall happen from the 17th to the 21st September when translated into the Gregorian Calendar, have seen their official program be released. For those not remembering the meaning of those 5 special days (6 in leap years) it had as first purpose for the designers of the calendar, to consist of filling the number of lacking days in the year, as effectively, a week (or Décade) is composed of 10 days in the Metric Calendar, with 3 Décade of 10 days each creating a month. Those 5 days, happen at the end of the year and are all holidays days, where the nation party for the totality. Each day have a special theme, on which special activities and games are organised nation-wide. It is the occasion for the entirety of the nation to celebrate the memory of the 1789 Revolution and to celebrate the nation. This year, the Assemblée Nationale have decided to increase the budget of the Jours Complémentaires of 1,09%, to soften fireworks restrictions along push the authorities to more easily accord VISAs to tourists willing to participated to the Jours Complémentaires, as the famous holidays attract more and more. Effectively, it is estimated that during those 5 days, as much as 3 months of “usual alcohol consumption” is drunk, the 5 days compose about 57% of the total fireworks used in a year, and main cities being totally closed for cars, but also accounts for a growth of 1 090% in noise complain along also some crimes happening, with more then 50 rapes registered last years, and 20 cars burnt for last year as an example. The Assemblée Nationale voted, to answer to those, the increasing of police forces among the “merrymakers” along patrols and checks that shall be increased. The Football, Rugby, Tennis, Fencing, Horse Riding, Volley-Ball along many other sports shall see competitions being organised as usual by the state, as much as professionals encounters then non-professionals ones. The Cult of Reason (which promotes Reason, Truth, Rationalism, Liberty and Nature) shall also be celebrated in the most traditional way, with a Concours de Plaidoirie and d'Éloquence (Eloquence and Trial Competitions) along the Députés in the Assemblée Nationale announcing new measures to move towards the Cult. Each day with its own theme (Virtue, Talent, Labour, Convictions, Honours and in leap years the Revolution) will see secondaries activities animated directly by the State. The Panthéon shall also be relatively active, with as usual, being fully opened to the Lysian citizens during this period. As the Jours Complémentaires happen at the end of the year, and therefore right after the examens, it shall be also the occasion for the students to celebrate.
  11. To be clear, this have nothing to do with the expansion/removal, this is just the follow-up of the ISTC OOC Discussions. @Sunset Sea Islands: Your compliments honour me. I agree that when I disagree about something, I can get pretty aggressive, which is why, for prohibiting myself such thing, I left the Discord, as I also put too much energy into debates when coming to the community. I find myself rather good at cooperation, only things that makes me most tedious, is that I have a very strict (and naturally debatable following your point of view) view on realism, and therefore have hard time to RP and cooperate with people I consider (I know that's a judgement) having made something not realistic. I personally have no issue (maybe they have secret issues with me, who knows) with you, Andalla, Orioni, Gallambria, Iverica, Cristina, Magnaeus, Derthalen (even if was pretty hot at the start), Mauridiviah and Variota (at least, I though, seems like I was wrong), and this non-exhaustive list of members. To be honest, only one I got myself really mad with is Prymont, and it is reciprocal following the numerous reactions of “sad” he made to my posts along our public exchanges. However it is true my communication can be raw, which again, is why I left the Discord. Willing me to return on the Discord (which was one of Prymont's demand) would be equal to have me, commenting and criticising everything I find non-realistic, and that is just the way how I work, so I prefer to remain out for now. @Variota: I'd had appreciated to keep such talks for the ISTC OOC Discussions thread, which was more or less, all about this (where you may have expressed your opinion, but well, better to express it then to not express it), and where I clearly opened the possibility of leaving if people wished to (with the exception of Prymont which I already knew the answer naturally), as you quoted “Many members do not want Fleur de Lys to return.”, well, nobody except Prymont replied to my question, not even you (not a critic). I'd had very much enjoyed if you had jumped into the thread, and told so, it would have been a mark of respect, rather then there, after having let me time to get back to my RPs, plan the future along writing a new factbook, but as I said earlier, better now then never. I also enjoy the fact that you differentiate your position of Moderator as simple Member (that's a compliment). I disagree with your judgement “Fleur de Lys does not enjoy the community”, if I really did not enjoyed it, I wouldn't had kept RPing. I do not see also how I am “toxic”, if you may clarify with concrete cases (and yes, I've certainly been angry, just like other people around this table). As Sunset said, I can “throw a tantrum”, but other then that? I have been very crude effectively in the ISTC OOC Discussions, as effectively, I did not appreciated at all the Moderators trying to impose things which weren't explicited within rules (that's my interpretation, sorry if it wasn't the case, but that's how I took it, and it's in no case a disrespect to moderation), which is why I proposed to clarify how Membership worked in Europa in the thread, and note that nobody really took the idea, and laws/rules on that matter are implicit or inexistent, therefore can't be enforced. I'm somebody really good, yes really really good (how arrogant), but when there are clear rules. There weren't clear rules, so yes, I clearly opposed the fact that some stated (so I “opposed the Moderation” as you state) I had been inactive, as there is no clear rule on this (knowing also it was an “absence” without RP post for 40 days). On the point “I do not trust the new moderation staff”, well, I admit it, I'd say most probably when coming to realism questions and to the debates we had in the past and given for instance a RP post I have discussed with some which considered as unrealistic too, but still remains, something I personally never saw happen, as generally Moderators enforce rules by talking with the person to edit the post content, or edit themselves if the person refuse to cooperate (that's just what I saw, and considered as normal). But now, I believe you don't have to care about my opinion as I'm no longer throwing a tantrum (yes, I really like this expression, didn't knew it before) on the regional Discord, so I'd see no issue. I also don't follow you on the “repeatedly used snark and attacks”, when I was actually “defending” my position of having the right to dispose of my own nation. For finishing, yes, not only I did not enjoyed insults thrown by Prymont to my person, but that would pass. However making a so called “joke” about the death of 113 people, yes, that's what I call a lack of respect. You may not enjoy the person's nationality you have in face of you, that is however no reason to make joke of such tragedy. Would be just like if somebody did a joke about 9/11 or Holocaust, totally inappropriate and shall never be tolerated. There so, sorry for my answer, it's not well arranged, but I wrote as things went.
  12. Nation in NS Europa Region: Fleur de Lys Current Name: République de Fleur de Lys Future Name: République Lysienne Current Flag: Future Flag: Current Location: Future Location (expansion in this case): Current Capital Name: Lyrie Future Capital Name: Cœur Current and Future Capitals location are indicated on the map above. Factbook link: Current one. Under construction one, which shall succeed if the expansion is approved, and shall see the changes RPed except for the removal of Bellefaye, Neaumanin, Danebourg and Mauvin (which, just disappear?). Newsroom link: Currently APL. This (the name, stance and status of the APL newspaper) is however open to change or some updates in function of the RP OOC Context: I have decided to kill in the egg the idea of an Union Pan-Républicaine (and de facto the nations added for such RP) for two main purposes: First one, being that I’ve never been good at RPing large nations or military (I mean nations of +25 millions in demographics), this isn’t something in my nature (had experimented couple times, but I do not feel comfortable), Second given the feeling of some people of “unfairness” even if the application have been approved, which I shall understand and prefer therefore to limit this. I, however, given my most active diplomatic network (at least before May) had a bad after-taste, given the lack of demographics to support such active military operations overseas (deployment in Afropa with Iverican means, Operations in Ahrana, supporting ISTC logistics where needed, helicopters active in Adaptus navy patrolling near Derthalen, 2 Fighter Squadrons along Patrol Planes being deployed in Sunset Sea Islands), as I find it weird for a minor nation (in both economic and demographics definitions) to handle that many things, I felt the need to “upgrade” (that’s from where the idea of the Union was born, add to this a launch for “fulfilling the map holes” of the continent of Europa, which seems to no longer be the rule). As you may have seen in my factbook, currently the Lysian population is of about 7 528 709 citizens for a total GDP of 565 338 287 519,00 USD. The expansion would consist of making it pass to 20 372 959 citizens (increasing 2,71 time the population) and a total GDP of 1 179 648 314 441,35 (increasing 2,09 time the GDP) making overall the GDP per capita go down (of 19 000 USD, or at 77,11% of the current one). Given this, if the expansion was to be approved, the République Sœurs would also have to be removed definitely from the map (Bellefaye, Neaumanin, Danebourg and Mauvin) as two of them (Danebourg and Mauvin) would be used to explain and RP the expansion of Fleur de Lys. But most importantly, this shall give me a fair amount of fresh air. Why? Simply as, in RP, one of Mécra’s motivation (and mine) also is to reform the Republic, which as you probably have read in the Crisis in the Assemblée Nationale thread, is pretty bureaucratic and long to RP, something I was enjoying before, but I feel I need more free move and politic action (rather then everything passing through the Assemblée Nationale at a moment or another, which is basically the case today in Fleur de Lys’ working, fun fact, I retook French 3rd Republic working principles, and this may explain why it ended up badly), and much less characters if possible. This shall naturally happen with @Cristina and @Magnaeus approval, as also (I suppose I need approval?) the removal of the 4 Republics. History: How shall it pass? First of all, if Seylos “A Great Europan Collapse” shall not be applied, the scenario shall remain as the following (more or less, details to be adapted after naturally or in function of demands/protests): Following the failed negotiations of the Union, the République of Mauvin, having took the leadership of the provisory Union (with Protectrice Maréchal) would be much displeased, and see the main reasons as this failure Mécra’s (which was the one at the origin of the idea an Union) opposition (which he got, given the fact he haven’t been elected Protecteur, unlike what most had predicted). Violents exchanges also had happened during the Congrès, making in the end, the 5 nations, more separated then before. The République of Mauvin, willing to exercise some pressure on Fleur de Lys, given also a strange aerospace violation by an unknown flying object, which was coming from Fleur de Lys, would impose a suspension of Mauvin uranium exports to Fleur de Lys. Fleur de Lys, having 3 months of reserve, have the time to see how it may go, however given Mécra’s revanchard after-taste, shall make everything to push for sizing the Mauvin uranium mines by the Lysian military, which is exactly what shall happen following a series of rising tensions and events. However, once occupied, the mines shall not only be managed by the Lysians, but to also ensure complete independence from foreign power, the territory they reside in, shall be annexed. Second, south of present-day Danebourg. Given great strikes, which have been introduced by Président du Conseil Crolly, socialism is on the rise, as Rostelsa, which is conservative, refuse to give up, leading to great manifestations against the current Government, and calling for general reelections, along reforms. To stabilise, the Danebourgeois Government, having similar stances then RL Germany when coming to military and little police force (as after all, if you remember correctly, it is also the only of the 5 Républiques to do a budget surplus) call its neighbours to send police officers to maintain order, something which obviously Neaumanin shall deny, while Fleur de Lys do send indeed troops. Following a series of rising tensions once more, leading to a total destabilisation of the Government, the Lysians, in order to secure more the territory the Danebourgeois had given them to secure because of the lack of means they have, shall send the military to enforce law in the region. Given the new situation, of a destabilised Government and Mécra with full powers as Dictateur in Fleur de Lys, shall de facto proclaim the République Lysienne and annex those territories, along reforming the entirety of the administration system. The RP, shall pursue itself mainly in the thread “Crisis in the Assemblée Nationale“ even if references of those changes shall probably be done in other threads (including, newspapers, diplomatic meetings etc.).
  13. What is done in most regions, is that after a certain time of inactivity, you are de facto removed from the map the region's canon, and as this haven't been done (not a critic), we end up with those many nations not active. I do enjoy the idea, and shall however make sure, that the Trinity Org. which shall soon hopefully be created with @Cristina @Magnaeus shall remain neutral and untouched physically (from attacks). I'd be open to RP economic and social consequences however naturally. I wouldn't had removed Miiros and Sahara, as I saw them active last year (I believe? Correct me if I'm wrong), along Mantella which is RPed by Cristina. I had planned a little expansion with Fleur de Lys (tripling its population to 20 millions in total, by taking a bit of actual Mauvin and Danebourg), and so I think it may fusion in fact with your proposal compared to what I had planned (the country shall remain landlocked and tiny, as Danebourgeois density is higher, making the population growth easier), knowing that the Union's negotiations had failed and de facto, I'd had asked the suppression from the map of the 4 Sister-Republics. I also see, in this chaos, the possibility of a RP to animate, which is something I originally planned as a scenario for the Union (a very bad fate, as it basically end up in civil war and genocide, along a meteor destroying the capital), which is VXA, and is a strict alignment with @Sunset Sea Islands and @Synturia Technocratic RPs, except a bit more extreme (totally more extreme, think of it as a kind of Libria in the Equilibrium movie) which would be an inconsistent territory (cities, from there to there, rest empty, and a constant civil war more or less everywhere). Second idea of RP, that may be issued by this, would be having the Lysian's Monarchy exiled Royal Family (which would have an economy similar to French Republic in RL, so a large nation in economic terms), but as a Semi-Absolute Monarchy with a Child Leading it, with great internal rivalries (Les Continentaux vs Les Navaux), politically, socially and militarily (as the army would be in two branches), and the nation would be RPed by 2 different people, each taking one of the Party, it'd be a very interesting and fully RP (and may regulate this, by creating a special forum account which both persons shall share, as we're working like this). Those are all naturally ideas, and brainstorm, but would also help fascinate the region. Naturally my point there, isn't to hold map space, just to find animation for it as it would make a massive powershift on the continent and I wouldn't want, at least for Fleur de Lys, to be huge or take space etc. In all cases, there shall be a nuclear winter I suppose, and shall be delighted to help participate to establish such, with Danebourg being soon removed from the map (the time I manage my stance on this affair), making it a possible Bridge for ensuring forces of the North and South to fight one another as the Trinity shall remain neutral. And given some nations which look like oppressive, we may easily think about some Revolutions, throw this in with internal conflicts regarding politics, along some greedy high ranking militaries that wish to have their own nation, etc. Ideas are certainly far from being exhausted. I salute the idea @Seylos.
  14. « It’d naturally be just a way to govern out nations respective relations, allowing us to make and decide, through the Triumvirat, great projects, such as a common 5th Generation Fighter project, or AVG train network linking our nations » he said happy, with his usual smile, because taking some bread, putting a bit of jam on it, and taking this time some Comté that he couldn’t resist after all. « This, are just the foundations of greater projects. Healthy relations always pass through clear agreements along arrangements on how to process things, and it shall give us the most favourable terrain to have projects going beyond our dreams! » added with enthusiasm Mécra, as he would finally bit that Comté he finished to yield to. By so many compliments given by Her Majesty the Queen Nova, Mécra would seemingly slightly blush, which was really a première, giving Juliette André a surprised face as she observed all of the scene just being played in front of her. Juliette André would move her head, just as she seems to say “Mécra, Mécra, Mécra… Oh my dear…” being exasperated as she made a direct link between Queen Nova leaving the table and Charles Mécra throwing his big treaty paper around. “You have no sense of situations” she though, seeing naturally Mécra disappointed, and sorry to have the Cristinese delegation leaving so early, at least in Lysian standards. It was around 11 PM local time, and the cheese just been finished, however it remained all the dessert part, along the digestives, which were certainly holy in Lysian’s hearts. « Naturally » commented Mécra, at the Queen’s decision to leave, as the two Lysians would remain with the Magnaeusians and Ambassador Rosana. All around the table would stand up, in order to salute the Queen, leaving for the night. Mécra, would as his educated taught him, bow, and kiss the Queen’s hand, saying, « I wish you the most pleasant night » said Mécra, naturally regretting Her Majesty shall not be able to enjoy the dessert with them. However, he’d, as the Cristinese escort turn their back and move out, a finger snap discreetly at the height of his thigh, calling a Maître d’Hôtel to come to see him, which would be done, as one approached close to Mécra’s hear. « The Queen is tired, please make sure that the desserts and digestives are brought to the various Cristineses rooms, to be sure they may enjoy in private if they’re willing to, their dessert and a well-deserved rest » he whispered, and, to those words, the Maître d’Hôtel would go right away to execute the instructions given. As Mécra joined his seat again, he would turn to his host, « Well, I may only propose you a good billiard à la Lysienne following our dinner, I am sure Madame la Présidente isn’t lacking skills in such sport » commented with a smile Mécra, asking to Présidente Gerber, as he would see the Infiniment Citron being served. « Now if you were to talk more about you my dear? » asked Juliette, directing herself towards Ambassador Rosana of @Cristina, as she would, with her little spoon, attack the Infiniment Citron. It was now the 10th service without counting entre-mets, but the cadence was remaining the same, at the Lysians’ demand, knowing too well how such dinner was, and willing to have a longer period for the digestives and billiard together, along probably, knowing well their hosts, a few Iverican cigares, Septimo, which were the most delicious and hard to procure. As the dinner would slowly be finished, a person would be escorted inside the dining room, a familiar face for both Lysians, as it was effectively nobody else the the Lysian Ambassador to @Magnaeus, Henri Carles. « Well my dear Carles » questioned Mécra, with his usual smile, as he stood up, and greeted him, before Carles would bow, and present his apologies, « I am most sorry for not having been able to attend the entirety of the dinner, however important bureaucratic matters, which are our speciality as you know, awaited me, and those were extremely urgent » he stated, being most displeased of the situation he was in. Mécra would give him a friendly tap on his shoulder, « Take a seat please, you’ll enjoy some local liquors with us » invited Mécra, « What have I missed? » discreetly asked Carles to Mécra, « Just the most important face » replied to him Mécra, with a dissatisfied face, which he shall keep only between him and Carles, certainly not willing to have other guests or their hosts suspect anything was bad, as he would continue with his great smile.
  15. « My sweet » commented Charles Mécra, as he was on the couch, having in head on Édouard’s legs, as he was laying there and just resting after a long day. His Amant, Édouard Laloux, would just pass his hand in his hairs, as they remained quiet like this, with the television off. « Charles… » smoothly said Édouard, as he pursued his gesture of passing with his right hand in Mécra’s hairs. « Yep? » said with a smile Charles as he opened quietly his eyes, to see Édouard’s face. « Been told that you had a session yesterday with military officials… » started with a regretful tone Édouard, willing to, as a Député after all, to better understand what was happening, as those were particularly strange moves from an in office Président du Conseil, even if he was currently, in addition Dictateur. « Well what? » asked Charles, as he brutally raised, and get on the couch next to Édouard, as he was opposing him. Clearly, Édouard’s indiscretion haven’t pleased Charles at all, which would make him in a bit exasperated tone engage with Édouard, « I though we had a rule, of not talking politics if one of the two party disagreed? » stated Charles. « Yes, that is true… But why being so agitated about a simple question such as this one? » said with a certain innocence Édouard, understand as time went on, that something was happening, and that as a People’s Representative, he wasn’t aware, even worst, as Charles’ Amant, he wasn’t in the circuit, them that had shared everything, to allow the two to get a position as Député, and be now where they are. Charles would stand up from the couch, and make a couple steps away from Édouard. « You’re hiding things from me now? » inflamed Édouard, not understanding Charles’ reaction. Charles, would turn his back, to face again Édouard, « She have took me everything, EVE-RY-THING » he started to claim, reddish. It won’t be long until Édouard sized that he was referring to this woman from Mauvin which have been elected Protecteur instead of him, Charles Mécra, which was the favourite, and had done so many efforts to get there, an Union, being ruler over 70 millions citizens, reforming an old outdated system at as he desired… But no, he had failed to get elected, only thing he would be successful in, after 4 months of ardor and sleepless nights, he would be part of the coalition to overrule the Protectrice, and get the Union demolished before it would even do a thing, making people reluctant now, for decades at least, to the idea of an Union. Having made this short though in his mind, Édouard would pursue, in trying to give compassion to his Amant, with the “little skills he had acquired” over knowing Charles. « I understand, I was side-by-side with you, during all this time, so it’s not a necessary pretext to just make yourself in such pity state » Édouard started, making Charles go down on his allure, and go for a seat, as he would well install himself comfortably, by passing his hands on his face, all tired he was. « Sorry… » simply said Charles, as his eyes were looking like if he was crying. Édouard couldn’t differentiate if this was really tears of sadness or tears of fatigue, which would be most comprehensible in the second option given the day he probably just had. « As you want to know everything, and that I trust you, even if I was reluctant to say it to you, is to give a good lessons to those Radicaux in Mauvin, by sizing their uranium mines » started Charles, as he got back, standing up, and going for the bar, where he would move out two glasses, « And the embargo they inflicted us, given our… Passional debates back in the Congrès », as yes, passional debates took place, with potentially personal insults and duels being thrown in all this mess, but let’s not divert, « Is the perfect opportunity for such sizing. We have 3 months of provisions, but few know this, in addition, I shall press the production button of our centrals this Summer, and guess who shall get as sole present a no fly zone? A total humiliation! » said, happy about him, Charles, as he versed Bas-Armagnac in both glasses, took the two, advanced towards Édouard, which had remained since there, on the couch, frozen by what he had just heard, and was now being offered a most delicate drink by his Amant, Charles Mécra, Dictateur of Fleur de Lys. Édouard would accept the drink, worried naturally, as any normal human shall be, not only because of what Charles wanted to do, and will do as it seems, but also because this neighbour, was a brother, a Sister-Republic, not any pathetic Absolute Monarchist, or Slave-Owner, but people of the same culture, language and heritage. Édouard was scandalised, even if he understood that this was an option, given the uranium embargo put in place by Mauvin… But no, he won’t understand, there were other options, such as negotiations, with a 3 months delay given the reserves, or getting the uranium elsewhere. Naturally… Naturally… It was all about a personal revenge, and even if Édouard had plenty of rational arguments to throw, this was a battle lose in advance, given Charles rage for this young woman, which just had stole its most important step in its entire career along destiny, as a man which memory would never have been forgotten. Thus, Édouard would remain silent, not saying a word, putting his conscience and moral aside, as he would share a drink with his Amant. « Santé ! » would simply conclude Charles with a deep and grave voice, as he was about to eat a cold plate.
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