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  1. I have no idea how to finish this RP, or shall I say, I hesitate between those 4 options (the 5th one being considered as blank).
  2. Fleur de Lys

    Protecting the Past, Securing the Future

    Va-nu-pied, this was in a word, the sole considerations Mécra had for this most unfortunate Derthalen delegate, which was dressed like the ancient Académiens following a party at 5 AM in the morning, or in other words, stinky and not inspiring trust but just ancient relics. With Ambassadeur Renard behind him, still advising with his pertinent demands and remarks about the Morheim representatives, Mécra was trustful about the important task he was doing. At Queen Julia's invitation, the various representatives would stand up, moving out of the current meeting room as an agreement have been found, with the following notes on the treaty referring to months, Mécra estimated this would be in accordance with the Gregorian Calendar, not seeing the necessity to further question the agreement. “Traité d'Échanges Culturels et Historiques, the TECH... What do you think of this?” asked with the most amused tone Mécra, as Renard and him were moving towards the signing room, full of media. This let appear a smile on Renard's most serious face, as he would look behind him and get a friendly tap from Mécra. “Monsieur le Président du Conseil” remarked Renard, putting his hand in front of Mécra, as the two were side by side walking in the corridor. “If you permit me” asked Renard, as he was to put himself in front of Mécra, “Mais faites mon Cher” amused confirmed positively Mécra, as Renard would perfection Mécra's tie, tighten it a bit more, along passing his hands on his shoulders in order to remove the possible particles of a Derthalen representative on Mécra's costume. “I believe we're good to go” finally commented Renard, as Mécra would address him a smile, and by-pass him, making his great entry in the room, showing his usual great smile he knew too well to do. In the shadow, behind, where everybody can see him, but nobody would actually remark him, just like most escorts of the representatives, was Renard, which was to stand next to the Lysian flag, and assist to Mécra's signatures, as Mécra would have sat down and would take part in the various signatures needed to confirm and seal the foundations of this new organisation. Renard, with both hands on his back, may only address his firm resentment about such treaty which he sponsored being signed... Making Fleur de Lys officially a signatory of this TECH, now Mécra would have to get back into this political mess which he actively participated to create, in order to apply his plan, a Summit, in Concorde, along hopefully getting this TECH ratified by the Assemblée Nationale. The same Ambassadeur Renard would take, a few weeks later, a plane from Morheim to Lyrie, which shall know a tragic story.
  3. Fleur de Lys

    Crisis in the Assemblée Nationale

    On the television, a male journalist was standing in front of the Châteauneuf de Germain, following the late announcement of what the Protectrice Raphaëlle Maréchal called the Plan Cinq. Many cameras were in front of this large and great building, which was now permanently hosting the Congrès des Assemblées. « Attacks. This is effectively what the Parti Traditionnaliste have been calling the Plan Cinq of the young Protectrice Maréchal. Silocain, the head of the Traditionnaliste majority in the Danebourgeois Assemblée Nationale have shown clear opposition to this plan. The Plan Cinq is what, would supposedly strengthen the Union, as effectively a Charter has been signed and agreed on a month ago by the various Présidents du Conseil of the République Sœur, but much of the work was far from being done. Transport, infrastructure, healthcare, education, the organisation of the Union itself, along even the military, matters which haven’t been clarified for now and are still set apart from one to another République Sœur. Concretely, in the daily life, nothing has changed in the life of those citizens » would claim the journalist, making the television pass to interview of people passing by in the street. « I mean, it’s cool, I’m all for it, but… Like, I don’t know what it does change, except maybe no war in central Europa? I don’t know… » would state a man in the street, as another person would appear to be interviewed, « As long as this allows me to pay fewer taxes, which is basically what I’m thinking about this whole Union-thing. Increased centralisations, so fewer expenses, I think it’s really good, and I’d even opt out of a single real nation, as we’re all of the same cultures. Except with the Mauvin, I don’t like the Mauvins ». « It’s taking out our sovereignty » would scream another. This would lead to the person, which was watching the television, to shut it down. « Not what you hoped? » commented Marion Maréchal. « No… » would respond Raphaëlle Maréchal, talking to her mother. Larms would start to appear on Raphaëlle’s face. « It’s like this Raph… What you’ve done as Députée is already impressive. However your Plan won’t pass the Congrès, they want to negotiate it, you’re taking too much from the Républiques » would further clarify Marion, « I don’t want to talk to the Présidente du Conseil of Mauvin, but to my mother » said with a sad tone Raphaëlle, making Marion open her arms, trying to get her daughter comfortable, as Raph would get in her arms. They’d remain like this, couple minutes, with her mother starting like for a waltz to move her feet and balance a bit, singing with a small tone, « Mon amour je t'ai vu au beau milieu d'un rêve »… « Mon amour un aussi doux rêve est un présage d’amour… Refusons tout doux que nos lendemains soient mornes et gris » she sung, making Raph even more close to her physically, as she would tighten in her arms more, having tears destroying her little makeup. « Nous attendons l'heure de notre bonheur, Toi ma destinée je saurais t'aimer j'en ai rêvé » would pursue the song Marion, they would both start dancing while remaining close together, making a long hug. « Lalalalalalalala » would continue Marion, with her comforting mother tone, and finishing with « Nous attendons l'heure de notre bonheur toi ma destinée », with both her hands redressing Raph in order to see how she was, ending the hug. « Pursue your dream » would simply state in the deep silence after her sung Marion. Making Raph erase her tears at the end of her left sleeve, and letting, after all, a small smile appear, as she would kiss on the cheek her mother and leave the room instantly. « Your little protégée had a severe kick in this debate » was talking Eric Jeanseau of the Parti Conservateur to Luc Crolly, the Président du Conseil of Neaumanin which also had a seat in the Congrès. He was one the one which managed to ensure Mécra never get the Protecteur office… At one vote. « She’s an utopist » added Jeanseau, as the two men were moving out of the hemicycle, where the debate have been tough. « And that’s what we need » answered simply Crolly. « I can’t imagine a Mécra with the full powers there… He’d had satisfied everybody, and get more things into his pocket, just look at Fleur de Lys, how it’s going, no, we can’t tolerate that » stated Crolly, clarifying the recent moves made by the Parti Traditionnaliste to join the Parti Radical and Parti Société Ouverte (which was in open rebellion against his founder Mécra) to overthrow the newly elected Protectrice. This was one of the strong and weak point of the République’s system, and this time at the Union’s scale, with government changes being more then easy, ensuring stability in case of “men/women of power” or not… « Have you read her Plan Cinq? » asked Crolly to Jeanseau. Jeanseau would move down his head a bit, as the two would pursue their walk. « Not personally, just the résumé » he finally replied. « Mmh… » seems to disapprove Crolly, having the sense of the details, « Not for it then? » demanded Crolly, in order to know if he may count on his support. « Listen, you’re Socialiste, I’m Conservateur, it is already extraordinary that we’re having this conversation, so don’t ask me to vote for lost causes » stated with a bit agitated tone Jeanseau. « You had pressures? » asked Crolly, « No! » exclaimed Jeanseau, making Crolly laugh, « They blackmailed you or what haha? », making Jeanseau even more upset. Jeanseau would take Crolly by his arm, and move him between two pillars in order to have a more discreet talk. « What your protégée is suggesting is madness, it goes far beyond the Union of 1945. Have you seen how many nationalisation she proposed? The stock exchange is going mad, for the only Danebourg it went down by 9% in a DAY! CROLLY, DAMNED! Be realistic on this issue. You’re a fool to obstinate, it won’t pass, nobody wants this, and not even the citizens cares about it! », Jeanseau was moving out of his usual tone, meaning Crolly have been perfectly annoying with him lately, and that surely, that man had pressure, something Crolly would deduct easily enough. « You want war? » stated with the most serious tone Crolly, « Like back in 33? » he asked, not really waiting for an answer, but more addressing a threat. « What haha? You think that you may be able to threaten me like this? You’re nothing. Neaumanin, and with your Parti Socialiste, which count only a few allies in the various Républiques Sœurs is nothing. Now, I gave you an advise as a friend, but if you pursue, it’ll hurt you… Blow you even. So get down now » answered Jeanseau, as he would leave from a few meters Crolly. « What have they proposed you? » asked Crolly, « Stop losing your illusions, you know well that the Parti Société Ouverte holds the majority in Fleur de Lys, with the Parti Traditionaliste holding the majority in Danebourg, add to this the fact that the Parti Traditionaliste in Bellefaye owns at 1/3 the Assemblée, you’re doomed. There’s only the Parti Radical in Mauvin and you, in Neaumanin, but you don’t have the number of Députés against Danebourg because of their demographics. Come back to Europa forsake… » contained himself Jeanseau, as he would move around, and start getting people to have the intention for him. Now, more and more people would stop watching the spectacle, having a particular envy to understand what was happening between two men which had a long-term personal friendship even if generally political opponents just with their ideas. « Now listen to me balai à chiottes (literally “toilet broom”) » started Crolly, getting a greater and greater intention the vast hall of the Palais. « You have to be a branquignole (no real translation) to believe such things. The power in those institutions resides by the only will of the people! » screamed Crolly, getting Jeanseau to start realising the situation and that they were giving themselves in spectacle, as he would try to shut things down by making appeasements signs. However, it won’t work, « As a chiure de pigeon (pigeon chiure), you don’t deserve your uniform and office. Let us set this through duel » would pursue Crolly, with Jeanseau not understanding why was Crolly pursuing like this as there were no big damage done after all. People throughout corridors would call for a duel, making a Maître d’Arme arriving after a couple minutes, with the needed equipment. Everything went very fast, the two Députés would went into the garden, where space wasn’t lacking, and would be given each a Fleuret. A paper would be signed by both parties, agreed on the terms of the duel, along being at the premier sang. Duels certainly were fast to be organised, even more when you had a crowd of fond duel fanatics behind. The Congrès in order to honour naturally the Laws about duels had the material for such, and I can ensure you this duel that have been provoked by Crolly wasn’t the first of the week. The two were in place, ready to start the battle at the Maître d’Armes, with the crowd of Députés being ready to see such awaited confrontation. Jeanseau was still fronting Crolly with a disapproval air, seeing nothing more than a smile on his face, getting Jeanseau in total chaos. « Engagez » would state the Maître d’Armes. « STOP! » a young and affirmed voice would order. Moving out of the crowd which amassed itself around the two duelists, would move out nobody else than the Protectrice Raphaëlle. « Allons Messieurs… Si vous avez si peu d’honneur ou d’estime pour la pelouse si basse, rangez vos fleurets dignes de faire mal à une pâquerette… » commented with a reasonable tone Raphaëlle, making the two Députés lower their fleuret, not fully understanding Raph’s intervention. « Now that is what the greatest elected Députés are doing of their day. Throwing insults at one another, talking… And not acting? Have I missed anything Crolly? » she asked, trying to give the lesson to the Députés like if they were a child. The temperature would drastically fall, the excitement of a duel lowering totally, being under 0. Raph would address a wink at Crolly, as this one would just bow, being glad this little arrangement she had made with him, by provoking indecently Jeanseau have been filmed, making a good reason for Crolly, to take things on another level, this time, at the Union’s level, for making this Plan Cinq pass…
  4. Fleur de Lys

    Opération Peres

    « A storm is rising in the East… » commented Rémy, as he was looking through the window of the Galerie. Next to him was nobody else than the Protectrice herself. « I do believe that as DG of Aérospatiale, you have few ideas of what this means? » she asked, pertinently knowing the meaning behind this. « Profits? » exclaimed Rémy, as he would turn towards his host, the young and charming Raphaëlle Maréchal. « No. Pure Politique d’Intérêts » she would quietly and firmly answer, giving a sip to the champagne glass she was holding in her left hand. « You must be quite used to enter discreetly in any country? » she would pursue, making this question seems innocent at first, but clearly unveiling something. « Be sure, nothing we are talking about is on record » she further clarified with a smile. « Well… On a few occasions… » he commented. « Great. You’re going tomorrow to Ahrana. Capitaine Ferdinand is going to brief you » stated Maréchal, as she would give her flûte of champagne to Rémy. He was little distraught, being given an order immediately as such by the Protectrice, as she was to send him a smile and turn her back on him, going to other affairs. This was to be the signal for an Officer, a familiar officer which we already had the chance, or the misfortune, to cross… Most particularly in Ahrana, back in those time of troubles. A surprised Rémy would be caught by the Capitaine, walking in a directive march towards our DG. « Monsieur Ferré » affirmed the Capitaine, as he was close to him now, looking him with a military air. But Rémy remained focus seeing the Protectrice walking through the Galerie as she was to have checked an affair in just a couple minutes with Rémy, like this… Without asking consent. « Oui… » would reply finally Rémy to the Capitaine, keeping his champagne glass in his hand, with a certain regret. « Please follow me » asked gently the military officer. Rémy was led through a series of corridors, with doors getting open by Huissiers or Gardes depending on the time, ending finally in a proper meeting room. Larges windows on one side, with great mirrors on the other, a superb chandelier going down from the ceiling, with two secondaries escorting it. Heavily decorated walls, leading all to push to look at the ceiling, which was composed of a great painting, showing the writers of the Encyclopédie, served as triumphant and victorious men and women from the shadows of ignorance. « As you may be aware, tensions are growing over Ahrana Monsieur Ferré. Whatever happens, it is a necessity to have a balance of forces in the region. Currently, the balance is totally at the disadvantage of the Ahranan, with Prymont showing itself aggressive towards their good old friend, if we may say » started Capitaine Ferdinand, as he would put on the table, next to where was seat Rémy, a file. « Your purpose is to sell the necessary defense armament to the Ahranan State, with a system of bearing following the tensions » commented the Capitaine, as he would slip his finger into his pocket, and move out of it a case. He would open it, and moving out a cigarette from it, he handed over the case to Rémy, as for asking if he wished one. « No thanks » answers Rémy, making the Capitaine get back his case in his pocket, and light on his cigarette. « Is it not prohibited? » questioned Rémy, being pretty sure that, in fact, it was. « What is prohibited? » asked innocently the Capitaine, « Well, you, smoking that » pointed Rémy, as he had taken the files and started reading them, but diverted his look to the Capitaine. « This and me, aren’t here » clarified the Capitaine, « In fact, you’re talking alone » he would add, making Rémy understand the secrecy of such meeting and affair, as the Capitaine was taking another inspiration with his cigarette, and expiring strongly to get smoke on Rémy. Capitaine Ferdinand would start moving away from Rémy, like for leaving, but would stop, taking something in his jacket, a package, put it on the table, and leave the room. It wasn’t the first mission that Rémy had like this, incognito, with a more or less legally acceptable passport, along having to negotiate an armament deal. Air France maintained its connexions to Moskovo, thanks to the good relations the République Sœur of Fleur de Lys kept with @Ahrana, which had let this Republic lead the charge when coming to support Ahrana in the crisis. Most states were having an isolationist stance in the affairs, particularly Danebourg and Mauvin, which were, at least their majority, against intervention policy, which has been the daily drink of Fleur de Lys, with operations in Ahrana, Afropa, with Iverica, Sunset Sea Islands and near Derthalen. However, having the financial advantage to be rather independent when coming to Aérospatiale, has it’s not been fully nationalised and re-took by one of the Union’s Ministry just like some other companies such as Air France, Fleur de Lys was allowed to make its way for trading directly with the Ahranan about potential support, however a strict and limited one, the Panacans being more diplomat then some nations. Rémy had to burn the files he got in the last instruction in the document the Capitaine transmitted him, making him only fly full of things bought at the airport, including the wallet, his not-very-legal passport and a one-way-ticket to Moskovo. This is how he shall board, and make a one way towards Ahrana without any certitude about what’s going to happen, all he had as contacts before the Revolution were now dead, exiled or missing. Just a name, that’s what was in the document, the name of a person which was to make contact with him, and engage the conversation about a few missiles maybe…
  5. Fleur de Lys


    CCXXVI/G/XX/XVIII Earlier this morning the Protectrice Maréchal have given a statement about her plans for ensuring a proper unification of the Ministers and cohesion in the Union. The name of the program have been entitled “Plan Cinq”, in reference to the 5 Républiques Sœurs, but also because of this Program to 5 main sectors, which are the following the Protectrice’s statement: Education, Healthcare, Defense, Diplomacy and Infrastructure. The transition of the current and various administrations is expected to cost about 60 billions changes for this program to happens in 5 years, just to ensure the stability of the Union. This includes also many economies in the future, estimated 30 billion annual economies, with major fields enjoying putting in common means and also centralising. The Protectrice Raphaëlle Maréchal have been giving a Statement, in which the totality of the Plan Cinq, which she had worked out, with her team over a week since her election by the Congrès des Assemblées. Following this statement, a private Q&A have been organised with the Protectrice. For the first part, you’ve stated that mainstream lines of the education’s program shall be defined and applied throughout the Union, does this mean that the respective Républiques Sœurs shall have no more right to say their word? RM : As a matter of fact, it is my firm belief that the Union shall have the full authority to define the objectives of each school ship years. We do not wish to limit homeschool or alternative-educations schools, but to, however, have stricter regulations, which are mostly targeting religious schools which are an insult to our institutions. You’re targeting directly a certain group, is this not discriminatory? RM : In accordance with the future Union’s legislation planned in this Plan, we will just be able to give stricter criteria for maintaining open a school or not. The purpose behind this is to prevent any manipulations to the children, which is pretty common in what we may see today, inculcate the false belief in a god. The respective Républiques Sœurs are atheist, not laïc. It is then the duty of the Union to enforce strong legislation on any possible manipulation of this kind. What about subsidies? RM : All previous funds given to subsidies other schools shall be redirected towards public school. Private schools in every sense of the term shall naturally pursue their existence, the same as homeschool, however, no special funds are to be expected, even if for the case of homeschool, inspections are very much maintained. And the future of Education? RM : The new Ministère des Affaires Éducatives et Scientifiques shall have in permanence new ongoing project, in order to seek new methods of education, with the child being at the centre. This can truly be a fear, to see a full public education, with nobody challenging its system, which is why an Institute shall be created for this purpose, the Institut de Recherche Pédago-Méthodique. Right. What about healthcare? RM : Our will is to, at the same time cure, which is what most of the organism in the Républiques Sœurs have been doing from now, but also prevent, with for example the enforcement of 10 vaccines mandatory for new-born, the same as a law, planning in case of pressure crisis, the enforcement of a vaccine. Is this not against an individual’s rights? RM : “Ma liberté s'arrête où commence celle d’autrui”. This Maxime des Lumières is your sole defense? RM : This is not a defense, but an enforcement of the Déclaration des Droits de l’Homme, de la Femme et du Citoyen. You often use the term enforcement. RM : It is because of the great delay our respective Républiques have been taking, in all sectors if you look well. Let us just take the Lysian speciality, aerospace. The sole civilian program, out of the Diamant-Launcher program which is run by the military, is in the hands of the ISCT; a 5th generation fighter isn’t even released yet, and the Concorde NGAM have found only 4 customers for a total of 15 sales. We may surely turn the situation at our advantage, however, enforcement of those reforms is needed, and that’s what the Plan Cinq is all about. Talking about Fighters, what about the Defense? RM : Major fusion is going, which shall be bringing us vast areas of economies, which I am sure our budget shall appreciate. This will allow the overall manpower of the Républiques Sœurs given to the military to be slow down, and enjoying of this measure to have the military service suspended in all the Républiques Sœurs, as a matter of fact, only Mauvin and Fleur de Lys, which are the only two to have kept it. You intend to stop the military services? RM : Yes, this is something of the past. No one shall ever have to carry a gun if he or she doesn’t wish to. Have you made your military service in Mauvin? RM : Naturally, as the République asked me. Understand me, it’s not against the military, but the military service is counter-productive, it costs a lot, get citizens to take time in this -even if they don’t like it-. I see only negative factors, and with the Union having a single military command, I see threats to be less major then before when each Républiques was “playing” alone. This Plan Cinq include also the prohibition of duels, why? RM : Duel is only banned in Danebourg, and it's actively practised in Bellefaye and Mauvin. I firmly believe, we can today settle issues better through a court than through swords. Our Union, if it wishes to be a modern nation, needs to end those traditions, and look at the future. And what about nuclear weapons? RM : Following the dissolution of Union in 1945, the nuclear research program for achieving weapons, the Allies have successfully dissolved the all the possibilities of pursuing it, mostly after having used it once… Add to this the split of the Union in Républiques, making it impossible to pursue the achievement such thing. And I do not intend to go any further, nuclear weapons are against Laws of Civilised. However, we intend to pursue with the RP-III. Talking about the RP-III, the planned cost of one reactor was of 3 billions Francs, it went up to 10,3 billions, the Plan Cinq plan to pursue the development of those, and even have their number at a total of 35. Why? RM : We need to ensure the electrical consumption of the Union, and have it be stable. Renewable energies are something we invest in, surely, but it’s not enough to ensure the future of our Union. Those 10,3 billions Francs per reactor you’re quoting, are only for the first 3 reactors, as they include heavy research costs. On the middle-term, it will be way more profitable than any other form of energy production. We also keep research budget to works towards the achievement of nuclear fusion technology, which would revolutionise not only our energy production, but also the space exploration. Are you planning any variants of our armed forces? RM : The Military shall remain with an Europan Strategy in mind, no need for projecting our forces overseas. Even if the threat of Derthalen is still very lively in our hearts, it is a distant threat, and we can take measures with our current military to counter if necessary, or even just our economy to break the neck of those trading with the terrorist Nation of Derthalen, sanctions shall be taken towards those. This will surely influence the Union’s diplomacy? RM : We expect yes. We wish to remain very active diplomatically and send our missions wherever it is possible. However, we do not wish to support any kind of organisation which is promotion directly or indirectly the restriction of liberties or any attack against the Venège Convention or the Déclaration des Droits de l’Homme, de la Femme et du Citoyen. And infrastructure, this seems to be the key element of your Plan Cinq. You have planned to nationalise the railways? RM : Railways are going to be nationalised, and be entirely changed. One unique society will manage all of this, Inouïe. An investment of 30 billions is planned on 3 years, with an additional 15 for the 2 years after. This has as purpose to development new connexions within the Union, along introducing the AVG in service. Those upgrades shall also concern regional and departmental connexions. At the end of this reform period, 49% of the shares of the company shall be sold on the public market, while 51% will remain at the Union’s name. What about air companies? RM : Nationalised too. Air France mainly, the Lysian air company, which is the leading one in the Union currently, shall take the place. The same as Inouïe, it shall sell 49% of its share after the 6 years transition period. Thank you for those promising statements, we need to see the actions after the words, however. RM : Merci for this interview. Be sure, those words shall not remain orphans.
  6. Fleur de Lys

    Operations: CSG República

    The exercises been done since months. The @Iverica carrier strike group was afforded to remain far from home that long thanks to short supplies lines coming from friendly nations. The Lysians were tense, as their only missions consisted of escorting civilian planes out of the conflicted region, patrols missions, surveillance ones, or even sometimes escorting Iverican fighters to the Afropan airspace where they’d carry strikes. This had become a boring situation for the pilots which had interest in having actual action. However, due to great disorder, the Afropan administration had not yet given an answer from the Lysian Letter, demanding access to aerospace to help them with the rebels, and this was a line which Lysian were to keep, refusing to violate the international right. Capitaine de Bouviet had seen her attributions changed, because of the great re-organisation in the heart of the Lysian military as this one was fusionning with the others to form the UPR military, she had now passed Captaine of the Escadrille 151 Lafayette and Escadrille 152 Longueville of the Escadron 001L of the Escadre 07 Lorrain, a rather pompous reference, but as the army was getting larger because of those fusions with the other Républiques Sœurs, she’d had to adapt. De Bouviet was working on her fighter, with some other Iverican crew helping her, as they were making fun of Lysians for not having actually engaged in action, yet. « Captain de Bouviet » would ask a shiny operator, with no dust or sweat on him, with his Iverican accent. « Yup » would comment de Bouviet, remaining on her Rafale M has she had rather dirty fingers. « There is a new operator for the maintenance of your jets which is now onboard, sent to replace Jerémy, and it seems your chiefs wish you to confirm his attribution or not to your crew » he properly said, in of formal manners, far from the heavy discussions maintenance people were having with one another. « And where is that rookie? » she asked, no raising her eyes and still working on her machinery. « In a meeting room, waiting for you » would reply the Iverican, saluting, and turning his back, leaving, hoping for the Capitaine to follow him to the said meeting room. This may be made a few months de Bouviet was there, the ship was still large enough to lose yourself, and which meeting room was it? De Bouviet would take a rag and try clean her hands quickly, before throwing it on one of the boxes and catch the Iverican back, in order to follow him to the meeting room. The Iverican would make a sign for de Bouviet to enter, and close the door behind her. There, de Bouviet wouldn’t say a single word. « Not pleased to see me again? » would say the new Lysian operator. « Hubert, what are you doing here? » she exclaimed, as the two were alone in the room. « I’m glad you’re happy to see me again… » comment with disarray Hubert. « It’s not that but… Aren’t you supposed to work with the RGs? » she asked, as she got more nearby. « Yes, indeed… Just don’t come too close with your sweaty hands » would start replying Hubert. « But you know, after my operation in Ahrana, and those Ahranan spies in Fleur de Lys, things have changed, and even more with the restructuration of all the branches and services. 32 intelligence services, that’s the number combined with the intelligence services of the Républiques Sœurs. Do you believe it? So they do some cleaning, and I end up there but don’t ask me to tell you more » he commented, as he took a seat, with de Bouviet following him in seating down too. « I got a mission for you, and you’d have to be partnered with me » Hubert would finally start with the most serious tone. This got de Bouviet heavy intention, knowing that this wasn’t official at all, and the most shadow moves were needed. « You’re going to launch a strike with two fighters on the Derthaler forces in Afropa » he commented. « Intelligence services have brought us the data of their base, it’ll be a night attack. The Escadrille 153, will have painted in dark two of its Rafale M, they shall transit towards Afropa, and in a deserted field at equidistance from the UPR and the aéronaval group. The evening patrol your escadrille is doing will put discreetly its 2 patrol Rafale M out of the radar screen, and land at the rendez-vous point. They’d be exchanging with the two black Rafale M, which will have special equipment for the mission and shall land during the early night on the carrier, making a refuel. Instead of the usual night patrol taking off, the two dark units will and move out of the radar screen again to launch an attack on a Derthaler position, using material which was specially branded for the mission. You get back to the carrier, get refuel, then get back to the rendez-vous point and your two normal fighters, just in time to land the 3rd night patrol as the sun rises in the sky. Like this, on deck, nobody may see the difference with the other fighters. The two dark Rafale M won’t need the fuel reserves, making you able to carry even more munitions, Ivericans won’t see a damn thing with an empty deck in the night, and every shall correspond to the planned patrols » concluded Hubert, as the plan was rather clear. De Bouviet wondered a bit, and after what those Derthaler bastards had done, she didn’t hesitate much, in addition this was an order, but this time, an order she had a great pleasure in. De Bouviet would just make a sign of understanding with her head. « Good, you’ll have all the plans on the Rafale M of the 153, along with further instructions » he commented, before standing up, « Shall you introduce to me to the team, as the new operator? » Hubert commented, re-taking his role now, as discretion was key. De Bouviet, without saying a word would go, having her instinct careful about tonight. As the Sun was still lightening the surface of the globe, you may distinctly see colours forming, a beautiful orange for starting, with a bloody red. Hubert would get a helmet and wear it immediately, to not get recognised, as he would reach one of the Rafale M, equipped as usual for a patrol, just as it’s been for the last months. De Bouviet would reach her own, and she would open the way as she was to take off from the carrier. Closely, would follow Hubert, they would give regular check with the control towards, before getting to private communication with one another. « So what’s your rank now? » asked de Bouviet, as she didn’t know how to refer to Hubert now. « I passed from a rookie operator to pilot, not a bad progression, what do you think Capitaine? » amused himself Hubert. « As always, you don’t answer questions you’re asked » would again observe from her many interactions with Hubert, de Bouviet. « Passing under radar signal » would comment de Bouviet, getting back to serious matters. « Following you 151-1 » would comment Hubert, as he would align his plane, and get under the radar horizon. At this moment, a fishing boat, full with intelligence services from the UPR, would deploy its antenna to try to create the fake signature of two Rafale M in the air, while re-transmitting indirect the potential contacts of the Iverican carrier to the two Rafale M, which were to be its escort. This mission would see the violation of several nation’s airspaces, which would most likely not let the thing pass as such. However, fake plane schedules moving to Lyrie have been planned, with the two Rafale M combining their radar signature, making believes of a small airliner to the radar stations. They would pursue as such until finally reaching the deserted airfield, where Lysian intelligence services have brought to disposal fuel and landed a few hours ago the two Rafale M for the mission. The night was particularly dark this night, with no full moon planned, to Lysian’s advantage. De Bouviet and Hubert would land as the sky was purple with an intense grey. They approach, with limited lights on the ground because of the secret aspect of the mission and bring to the ground their fighter. « Good, now you need to reach quickly the aéronaval group. Hubert, you’ll take the Rafale M, 153-1, renamed Nyx 1 for this mission, and Capitaine de Bouviet, Rafale M 153-2, renamed Nyx 2 for this mission. La liberté ou la mort » would quickly brief an agent, having no time to lose in order to get back to schedule on the carrier. It’s without any troubles that Nyx 1 and 2 will land on the carrier. In the dark night, there was little number of persons on the deck, and de Bouviet pushed for having every Lysians on deck, replacing if necessary Ivericans charges and functions on the place where the aircrafts were to be refuelled, to maintain the existence of such plane, which didn’t have the same configurations as the normal ones sent, secret. 20 minutes later, it would be it, the second Lysian patrol was to take off. Nyx 1 and 2 were ready and would take off from the carrier, in this hard darkness, heading towards locations stated by the flight course. The intelligence boat would take the suite for the radar. The configuration of each Rafale M was of a large air-launched anti-runway cruise missile, along with several second-hand missiles. The first and only strike would be devastating, giving a fruitful revenge for the Panacans (demonym for the UPR citizens or else) without the World know, at least officially. The equipment was fully foreign-production, ensuring that in case of study of the impacts, no link may be done with any UPR manufacturer or the Force de l’Air. « Nyx 1, approaching the target » would comment Hubert, giving notice to de Bouviet, as they were fully on their own, with no support, no communication of any kind. Just the two of them, with enough explosives to make a memorable funeral for the 8 Panacans and bring a clear message to those Derthaler. « Base at 140 km. In range. Launch » would coldly comment Hubert, as they have been placing their plane in a first position from the centre of Afropa to give absolutely no clue of the plane’s origin. The missiles were expected to appear on the radar, but they were launch from a pretty low altitude. In 6 minutes, the two missiles would reach and make blow up different targets. Thanks to Derthalen being on the other side of the globe, and the nature of the war, the probabilities of such missiles being intercepted was very little… Enjoying of the time, and the fact that the two planes were at Mach 1,9, the two would separate from one another and take different paths in order to make a more close and deadly strike with their secondary weapons on the base. The two cruise missiles would crush on respective @Derthalen positions, directed by satellites. This was the green signal for the two Nyx to launch and deploy their secondary armament, as it was now the general mess in the Derthaler camp. Shots fired, fires, men on the ground screaming… A mess which would end up in a deep silence after only two minutes of “fighting”. The two Rafale M had liquidated their armament, and now were trying to get as fast as possible back to the carrier. A few minutes later, the Iverican tower control would call, « Escort 4 and 5, where are you? » questioned the Operator, as it seems the ship technic to fake the radar signature was having little issues. « East of your position » reply de Bouviet. « There have been few issues in Afropa it seems. Stay on alert » would reply the command control. This made things harder, most probably the deck would be with full activity, something Panacans would have to try to be discreet about. Effectively, as they arrived it was messy, confused, but the darkness of the night would allow for an effective and quick refuel without being discovered. The two Nyx would land, and remain on deck, and in the confusion replace the two planned patrol planes of two other Rafale M, moving to the deserted airfield and getting back their plane, while acting if everything was normal… With no consequences, for the dead Derthalers, the violations of airspace of sovereign nations? Only time will tell us.
  7. Fleur de Lys

    Illegal Occupation by Derthalen

    From : Benjamin Delasse, Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales To : World, Derthalen Dear World, This letter is addressed to the international community, the same as the terrorist nation of Derthalen. Earlier this day, at 05:01:34, the plane FA-T-C-M14-091 342 of the Union Pan-Républicaine took off with 8 people onboard, including 5 Ambassadors from the Républiques Sœurs along 3 crew personnel. At 05:32:34, the Magne, while in international airspace, would change its course because of a great storm ahead. The itinerary would be slightly changed with the Air Control of Lyrie approving the modification plan. The new plan, which you shall find joint, does not consist in entering in the terrorist nation’s airspace which is named Derthalen in agreement with international treaties on those matters. Nevertheless, at 05:46:02, data come to the Air Control of Lyrie as the plane detected a missile having as target the Magne. Pilots react by limited manoeuvres along counter-measures while calling on the radio help, as the joint pieces may prove you. At this moment, our data clearly indicate the Magne in international airspace, with satellites being immediately turned to it in order to confirm it as distress signal being sent. 05:46:42, the missile touch the Magne which will start a 10 km fall at more then Mach 0,9 towards the ocean with no insurance that the explosion of the missile already killed the passengers and crew. All 5 passengers and 3 crews are reported dead. The missile has been confirmed to be from a terrorist Derthaler fighter. The reports, and first investigation made, reportedly confirmed the presence of the plane, along with its itinerary in the international airspace. The Congrès des Assemblées have within the hours following imposed total sanctions on the terrorist nation of Derthalen and confirmed that the said terrorist organisation occupying the current territory East to Morheim, have disrespect international laws and treaties. Air Control practices have not been respected in addition, with those international codes of civilised nations. The @Derthalen Government shall receive the following ultimatum: Public excuses to the U.P.R. and to the families of the victims for the victims; The transmission of the black-box of the Magne to U.P.R. authorities; Arrestation for the murder of all involved person in the chain of command having ordered the shot down of the plane; Public apologies to the international community for violating international right; Sending the bodies of the victims, at your charges, in the U.P.R.. Refund of 500 millions Francs to the U.P.R. and the families of the victims as repair. The ultimatum is open until the 15 Germinal CCXXVI at 05:00:00 Lyrie time. At such date and hour, the ultimatum shall have been considered as a refusal from your Government, at which, drastic measures shall be taken to prevent another Derthalen escalation. The U.P.R. shall take the necessary measures to prevent this from happening again, or to even allow your nation from lifting a finger out of your aerospace. The U.P.R. also condemn any nation still exchanging trade relations with the terrorist nation of Derthalen, and heavily condemn the spread of false data over the attack the U.P.R. just had on its citizens. With mixed feelings, - Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales Delasse
  8. Fleur de Lys

    A New Mother

    From : Benjamin Delasse, Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales To : Chief Scholar Abigail Hallam of @Kaitaine My sincere salutations and condolences to the Theocracy of Kaitaine, It is with a deep heart that I am full of gratitude for the long reign of the former Reverned Mother Hannah McKey, and give my most sincere regards to your nation and the Bene Gesserit faith. We are honoured by the invitation to such exclusive, and important ceremony for your nation, to allow us to observe and discover most deeply your faith is an engagement of trust, that we shall respect. I shall, therefore, attend the ceremony, with a deep gratitude. Our hopes of establishing further relations with a better understanding of your culture shall prove to bear fruits. I will also attend with the new UPR Ambassador, which shall have the task of ensuring safe and truthful communication between our respective nations in the future, introducing the new Ambassador will be my pleasure. Again, my condolences, Cordially and sincerely yours, - Monsieur le Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales Delasse Much was said about the far away Arrakeen, a myth. Even if tourism was allowed, it was far from being the first destination of UPR citizens. Such worship of personality, after the death of one person, was intriguing the public opinion, and even more knowing the very particular Republican ways of the UPR, which were everything except religious. If it was a Mécra at the head, respond to such invitation would have been clear, however, the young Protectrice had rather informal manners, and strategies certainly far from being explicit to the opposition Parties, which were mourning their defeat. Given the great inspiration of the Republican and Open society which was the UPR, Raphaëlle Maréchal certainly couldn’t prevent herself from sending somebody to this ceremony, who better than the new Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales, Delasse. This man, of an already advanced age, had seen many countries and shapes of structures, and he clearly was the man Maréchal needed to reform the UPR diplomatic influence abroad, that never been the same since 1945. Promoting culture and trade, this was and remained to this day the core of the Diplomacy, at least for the UPR, and through culture, the culture of a Republicanism foolproof, equal relations and friendly ones may be started. To prove Maréchal’s intentions to show how important this first international meeting, which was under the form of a ceremony, she didn’t hesitate to commission the Concorde to carry Minister Delasse for representing the UPR abroad. This plane from the 70’s had seen many figures passing on its board, and even more countries and this mission may be one of its ultimate ones as the plane was to soon be replaced by the Concorde NGAM. As the Concorde was landing on the tarmac, an impressive welcome committee would unveil itself through the porthole with Delasse’s eyes. This was the Morheim plane before them, Delasse, having a little experiment in air traffic, recognised the numeration system. The schedule was perfectly timed, as the Concorde effectively waited a few minutes in the air, and now the place was free as it seems the Morheim plane would move on, letting the place for the Concorde. Modulable stairs would be advanced to the Concorde, letting the heavy door open and giving a formidable view on the parade? That wouldn’t be an appropriated word, however, this truly seems like one. It was an important episode of this nation, and respectful manners were the guideline. In those times, traditions were generally the strongest point, and the point the most enforced. Delasse would move out of the plane, but putting before him the new Ambassadrice, Ambassadrice Marginet, Claudine Marginet, as he was the one to be the link between both countries. The two would move on, the red carpet, as the new singular anthem of the Union Pan-Républicaine would be heard. The new guests of the Theocracy would walk, towards their host. Ambassadrice Marginet would extend his hand, « Duke of Seitch » would he first say, as he bowed, and would be followed by Minister Delasse, as Ambassadrice Marginet would also shake hands with Krystina Garner, and Minister Delasse would follow next, taking her hands, and bowing as much as just like if he was to kiss her hand. « Your Excellencies, thank you for receiving us » would start Minister Delasse, being grateful, « I am sorry to meet you in such circumstances » he marked a break, before retaking, « Let me introduce you to Ambassadrice Marginet, which shall represent the UPR here, and is at your entire disposal » he commented, putting his hand on his shoulder, as a reassuring gesture. « I know this may be considered as inappropriate, however back in where I am from, we have a custody, to take a box of the best wine of the year of the death of an important person to us, and to drink only those bottles a few decades later, to the health of this one, and to not forget her » he said, with a certain humility and emotion. « I allowed myself to transmit you a box of Château Pétrus. Please preserve it for long, and drink it while remembering with a strand of dogmatism the person, and thinking of everything she has made to give a better future. I believe this applies better than in many cases with Her Holiness the Reverned Mother Hannah McKey » he ended with a sincere tone, giving lots of compassion.
  9. Fleur de Lys

    Illegal Occupation by Derthalen

    « Monsieur l’Ambassadeur » would launch Mathieu Roseille’s personal secretary, as she was handing him a file while he was walking towards the exit of the Lysian Embassy in @Morheim. « Ah, merci » he thanked, looking disturbed. « May I ask where your Excellency is going? » questioned the secretary, being curious as it seems the Ambassador was leaving the Ambassade, and as she knew his schedule, she had some doubts. « The UPR my dear! » he exclaimed, as he turned his back on her, making a few steps down the stairs inside the great hall in the embassy. « They’re calling me back, as the diplomatic relations shall not be held by the Républiques Sœurs separately. I am travelling to Lyrie, having a meeting with other representatives to define a diplomatic plan, specifically for Morheim. As naturally, great expectations are on us, the possibility of ensuring good relations with them along what strategy, to keep @Derthalen in line » he clarified. « This certainly wasn’t on your schedule your Excellency » she said with a little upset. « This is now. But well, as you’re here, do you follow me to the airport? » he commented, as this may well be his last mission as Ambassadeur for Fleur de Lys. The secretary would follow him, leaving the embassy, as an SUV was waiting in front of the embassy, they would both jump in. « What do you expect to arrive to do? » asked the secretary, wondering about the future of her job, and the one of the Embassy’s building. « Don’t be afraid, you’ll probably keep your work here in Morheim » commented Mathieu as he would look at through the windows, enjoying the view of the city for the last time before long he knew. « This UPR, will cost billions, just for the transition, imagine all the services impacted. I read somewhere a cost of 50 billion on two years. And they wish to make us believe this shall make us economies… All of this is Mécra’s fault » he grumbled. His secretary wouldn’t react, not knowing what to do in such situation… It would take only a couple minutes to reach the airport, where a Magne was awaiting them, and around a few other SUV, carrying other Ambassadors from the other Républiques Sœurs. Their SUV would stop near the other ones, as the others Ambassadors were transiting towards the plane. Mathieu would move out, taking the luggage which a guard would give him after having moved it out of the chest of the car. « This is where our paths end… For now at least » commented with a smile Mathieu, as he would look at his secretary. « Bon voyage » she’d say, with eyes full of emotions, regretting the end of an area. « It’s for the best, I’m sure » Mathieu would exclaim as he would turn his back and at his turn enter in the plane. « Ladies and Gentlemen » would comment Mathieu, after entering the aircraft and giving his coat to the hôtesse. He will get as answer smiles and salutations from others which shall be his future colleagues. Champagne shall be served once the plane was in the air, quickly arriving at its cruise speed of Mach 0,9. A caviar de Saumon sur son lit Orangé shall be served as entry course for the flight. Even if the new Protecteur have been giving alarmous statements to the conservatives, that the UPR would sign the end of the “Monarchist Republic”, however, they still had to enjoy the comfort. This is with those words, that a smoked salmon from @Prymont was to be served to them, with delicate blinis directly from an Europan boulangerie and Iverican lemon. « We shall effectively land at 08:25:00 in Lyrie » commented the flight commander to his micro, as he was linked with the central air control of Lyrie, which was coordinating all the planes of the Force de l’Air. The Magne was certainly under diplomatic protection, having no armament and carrying only diplomats, however, its protection was still something the command was suspicious about, diplomatic assets were heavily followed by Lysians, and now the UPR. « Great storm ahead of us » stated in a hurry the second-in-command. « Inform our passengers » would demand the commander. « I see… We shall… Move our itinerary bit North to prevent disturbances, near Derthalen » would clarify the second-in-command. « In international airspace? » questioned the commander. « In international airspace » would affirm the second. « This shall allow us to have the wind behind us, allowing us to gain minutes on the schedule » would comment the second, as he was examining the new itinerary. « Lyrie confirmed me, it’s ok » would state the commander after a short talk with the command center. « Ready to make new records with the Magne » would say with a smile the second, with the storm they would soon catch, allowing them to maybe break an average speed record, for such long-distance to the UPR.
  10. Fleur de Lys

    A Cultural Exchange

    « As your Excellency said, we have different approaches, slightly opposites » commented Richard, as he couldn’t and certainly wouldn’t prevent himself from taking a cookie which was on the table, a similar to the one which Valentino just took. « We do not have the permanent fear of war, and decide to redirect most of our resources towards more important matters » he added, as he bit the cookie. « Preventing civilian casualties » added Autun, as he came out of his silence, even if all citizens had to make regular military service and to be called to defend the Republic in difficult times, they may not reach the Army in case of a thunder attack, plus children were to be fully protected. « Plus it might not be very peaceful to see permanent guns on the roof of your building » he added, seeing those described defenses as useless by modern standards, even more, if they rely on fortifications which have more then 50 years old. This was seen as an overreaction on Richard’s part, giving no real advantages but other to ensure that civilians were to be killed in a potential operation. « We don’t » would start replying Autun, as Valentino asked many questions at a time. « A deficit planned at 1,60% for the 2017 Gregorian Year I do believe? » asked Autun, waiting to get confirmed by Richard as Member of the Government, even if he perfectly knew his statement was right. « Indeed » would add Richard to make what Autun awaited from him. « As for fuel, it comes mainly from southern countries, such as Sahara » he would clarify, not wishing to mention potential oil they may have found in Mauvin, which was a neighbouring country, or potential one in the sea, South of Cristina, but those weren’t confirmed. « We wish to prevent any civilian casualties, plus any healthy mind would tell you that you cannot stand those days a fortification in such flat terrain, knowing that most of our territory is actually plains. Defenses are built to keep rivers and mountains totally protected, and ensure as you have seen, a total independence of the Lysian Government, having nobody to count on, at least for now » clarified Richard, as effectively Fleur de Lys was member of the EOS, but only as an observer, far from being a Member, and the ISTC was only an Initiative, built to promote environment and overall Scientific Research. « But so your Excellency, what is the future of your defense, which you estimate to fully care of? » asked Richard, curious about the supplier of the Asgeirrian military.
  11. Fleur de Lys

    Crisis in the Assemblée Nationale

    Doubts, those are more deadly than a spear in your stomach, more taking then falling in love, more hesitating then taking a second dessert, more… And more. Mécra may in his situation only be full of them. He certainly was, the most powerful man in Fleur de Lys, but for how long? And achieving what? He participated after all to create the situation the Republic was in, all its traditions were on the fire and questioned. The foundations of the institutions were concerned by the sustainability and how much they may hold the pression. Bad decisions, added with poor engagement resulted in such, but not only. If coming back to the roots of such failure, it would come that the Republic was tiny, isolated and unrelated to its neighbours, even after sharing that many centuries of common History, war, peace, culture, love, hate and now, a total indifference. One may certainly put in question the way of working, however, this wasn’t how most were hearing this, the Republic needed space, exchanges and interactions, this was how most nations, Empires, prospered before Humanity. Not remaining in the shade of olive trees, more powerful then a single man, a Constitution was the only path to ensure a continuity in time. All this exciting epic ended 73 years ago for Fleur de Lys, losing a war, losing its vast interactions and connexions, this was it, the Republic was doomed 73 years ago, this year 1945, which say the defeat of the Union Pan-Républicaine, a long-standing Union which gets its origins back from the Eternal Empire of Hémus, which itself had its long-standing traditions and origins from the beginning of time, embodying the start of civilisation the legend would say, something little present-day Lysians believe in. But the fact remains, traditions were the key to keep the community survive, and when the Union after VIII centuries of existence stopped, the structure and culture of autonomy and self-governance which regimented the region stopped working. Naturally, the region hasn’t balkanised itself, the however pretty serious crisis happened in the core ex-Sister Republics, and this was the time of Fleur de Lys to, at its turn, know another one. This time, however, Mécra would count on the others core Republics, which can be counted on one of your hand, a total of 5, including Fleur de Lys, those were to be, from West to East, Bellefaye, Neaumanin, Danebourg and Mauvin. Many more Republics were included in the Union before, however, separatism and the wish to distinguish itself from what have been previously done pushed those former Sisters to drastically change. « A good Constitution is infinitely better then the best despot », if this has been the maxime of the Union for that long, it had proved itself possible to survive to time and History, at the only condition to know how to amend itself, and quickly enough to the facing situation. Something which clearly lacks 75 years ago, as the Union signed its dismiss by its weak and poor decisions. Past cannot be changed, however, future may be impacted if decided, starting with the present. This was nothing more then what Mécra intended to do. In Concorde, there was the Palais des Invalides, standing alone in the greatest park of Concorde, consisting in fact of little aisles of flowers, more lawn along militarily aligned trees, which had for most a few centuries. They were, depending on the lines, oaks for most. The place was occupied by young people, moving there in order to take leisure time, or simply during school-days, picnic, as the military Academies and Schools were nearby. The vast plain allowed a soft wind to strive on the grids of the Palais, having each bar finishing with a Fleur de Lys. Behind those grids, another large area split in two, with a little bridge between those as they were separated by a pit. On the second part of the area, which was slabbed, batteries of canons were shiny in line, those were 24 livres Gribeauval canons. The Entry of the Palais was large, large enough to let a full regiment enter easily in the internal court, where other batteries of canons were aligned, letting a large chunk to walk before entering in the main part of the building, moving towards the Church and the Dôme right after. In the Church, most Maréchaux laid down on either side of the gallery, with undergrounds concealing sarcophagus of the most imminent military or braves of the braves soldiers. You would need to lift your head, to see lines of foreign regiments flags, those were the flags of the defeated, which have seen since 1945 some flags lacking, being re-took by the victorious. Now was the most interesting part of the Palais to come, the Dôme, a magnificent and high Dôme which culminated at 107 meters and had in its center the sarcophagus of Louis Dieudonné Germain which have been by far the one creating the modern Union as it has been known, he was the one to introduce the new practices which are still in use today, and was the architect, or if not directly, the mécéne of the Palais des Invalides, a hospital for the injured soldiers, where, once inside, he did not need his guard in, as he felt himself home, the same as the soldiers which served the Republic. Encountering his sarcophagus, plenty of others were there, making this place most probably the most symbolic in the Republic, having nothing more but the deaths of the victorious, resting there. Mécra was standing in there, on the floor, which was giving an upper view of the sarcophagus of Louis Dieudonné Germain which was throwing in the middle of the Dôme. He had his heavy coat, and gloves, remaining silent with his deep thoughts, which he may not calm down as they were activating themselves and making the most impertinent comments about his situation. Clearly tormented, he had ordered to have the Palais for himself, the hospitals in the wings having been turned into museums, this was easy. Inside the grids of the Palais, there was only one man. However he had authorised for 4 people to join him in, respectfully the 4 Presidents of the nations, previous Sister-Republics of Fleur de Lys. All had accepted the invitation, which was the most disturbing one, effectively as Mécra had not prepared any great ceremony, nor organised or planned a press conference, not a single banquet or great tablée. The grids were closed, and hold secured by the Premier Régiment de la Garde Républicaine which was following him now in all his displacements, as Dictateur. In a total simplicity, a car would stop by, having passed the security controls, and from it, would move out Président du Conseil Crolly -another comment before continuing further, yes, the former Sister-Republics have the same political systems, which they inherited from the Union-. With his glasses, he was the stereotype of the perfect Neaumanien, productive, efficient, direct and certainly not getting emotional. Symbolic was nothing more than a formality for him, and this was with his curiosity that he came there, agreeing to lose his time for seeking the reason for this meeting, which Mécra had called. Impatient, but none the less, prudent, he would close his light coat and make a few steps away the car, admiring from as far as he was, the Dôme, the architecture of the overall Palais, along the pieces of artillery, which weren’t certainly in a strategic manner, but more in the strictest line possible. This is with those thoughts and his unmissable curiosity that he would enter, getting the Guards salute his by showing their sabres and open the grid. Grids would close behind him, and he would walk, on the cobbles, which were slippery because of the recent rain which came down a few dozen of minutes earlier. He wasn’t particularly smiling, in fact, he wasn’t at all, you may discern wrinkles due to his lack of sleep, having a bit dark eyelids, something which he wasn’t compensating with make-up. Having enough looked from the exterior the aspect of the Palais, he would rush, not in a hurry, but with an accelerate cadence, making his way until the great door of the Church in just a matter of minutes. There he would put, with hardness, the door, this would be tougher than he first thought. He decided to let the door slightly open, letting future guests having an easier time than himself, as he knew he was the first one. Having learnt as all proper person would, History in classes, he may only remain a few seconds in the Church, enjoying the view he was getting, lowering his cadence, and taking the time to breathe. May think because of his advanced age, which was true, but most importantly because of the heavy History which the building he was in, was carrying, giving work on his shoulders, and making him progress through a certain nostalgia it seems, of something he hadn’t even tasted, happening before even his birth. Marking a break wouldn’t be denied, making him having his left hand grab a bar of one of the many shoals which were in the Church. Far from being a religious person, as most of the Neaumanien, and overall, ex-Sister Republics’ citizens, he may only start a little though in his mind, which was expanding seconds after seconds. Before finally getting stopped by his most rational aspect, taking a look at his watch, and wondering if he found this place beautiful because his education and culture made him believe so, or if this was truly beautiful. On this question which he will be left free from an answer, he started back his way with the same cadence then at the start, moving towards the Dôme. As he would pass another door, which this time was slightly easier, he would see a shadow, advancing a bit further, he would see Mécra from behind. “Mécra” exclaimed Crolly. No answer from the Dictateur, making Crolly wonder and advance quietly. Until arriving side by side with Mécra, to the limit of the floor, which was given after to the sarcophagus. He there understood that Mécra would silently remain, thinking, until the arrival of the other guests, not addressing a word or even a simple bonjour. This would naturally make Crolly thinking thousands of adjectives to describe Mécra’s unfaithful attitude towards him, not really respecting usual diplomatic protocols, and leaving no other choice for Crolly but to wait like his colleague. Again in front of the grids, another Président du Conseil would show up, this time it would be Marine Rostelsa, from Danebourg, the most important economically of the 5. Grids would open, but she would remain a few seconds in front of the entry, not being fully sure what to think of all this mystery Mécra seems to put behind such meeting. Again like Crolly, it seems her curiosity had given her enough motivation to come here, along with the natural diplomatic tact she knew how to use. The Président du Conseil of Mauvin would at her turn arrive, Ariane Maréchal. There the two would greet one another, exchanging formalities as usual, but more importantly be asking one another about the « how » of this meeting. It wouldn’t be long until the last of the 5, Président du Conseil Amadeurt of Bellefaye would arrive at his turn, pushing the talk to pursue as the three would enter and leave their understanding of the why of the meeting behind them. The three counter-parts of Mécra would enter, one after another, as Crolly would turn back in order to face them. Mécra was standing there, coldly, still looking at the sarcophagus, with his right hand on the border of the great deep. « Mécra, I do believe we deserve some explanations » affirmed Crolly with his sceptical eyes, firmly believing that Mécra’s arrogance been too far this time. Rostelsa advanced, « If that is an economical help, along with trade deals you wish, you shall obtain it in name of History. But not more » she added, having her curiosity crush in Mécra’s inaction, believing now that she was to lose time here, in Concorde. « History? » said with a small laugh Mécra, turning his back and finally addressing a smile to his guests. « What do you know about History? » he asked, clearly not waiting for an answer. « I see a bunch of cowards, poltrons, dishonoured men and women, letting their country go as globalisation and globalisation goes on, clearing their culture, erasing their honour, expunging their traditions, defacing their love ». « That is enough Mécra » launched with a heavy tone Crolly, as he was to face him, eyes in the eyes, « We have come to help you, move out Fleur de Lys from this bad path, not to remain there, standing, as you insult us » he described. « Truth be told Monsieur le Président du Conseil of Neaumanin, as it seems to be the title you deserve » started Mécra, as he made a few steps towards the tiny group of the 4 guests watching Mécra since a few minutes now, not knowing what to think about such irrespectful attitude, full of dogmatism it seems. Mécra arrived close to Crolly, he put his right hand on Crolly’s right shoulder, as he still had his gloves, giving a mixed feeling to Crolly. « The Republic certainly have a debt surpassing 100% of its GDP by now » Mécra commented, letting his hand fall from Crolly’s shoulder, and passing behind him now, passing behind the group as they were still looking towards the great area, the border where the sarcophagus was. « Truth being I orchestrated the current crisis, well most of the sub-crisis shall we say » he started with a ceremonial tone, giving resonance within the room, as it was full of statues and impressive monuments, giving echo to 107 meters above their head. « Do not try to play them, I planned everything guy, a bad guy, in fact, to get Dictateur. You’re only Dictateur for 5 months, and we can make your tiny mandate a nightmare » said as she was more than annoyed by how Mécra started his statement Rostelsa. « If Mauvin and Bellefaye are lacking speech, it isn’t because of their lesser economic importance, more likely they cannot comment such stupidities » joked Crolly. « They can speak for themselves » dryly spoke Maréchal, finally making Mauvin hear its voice. There was only Bellefaye having not spoken up, with Amadeurt, making most wonder why, or simply what? « You can still respect my speech Madame » replied to Maréchal, Crolly. « It is Madame » said even more angrily Maréchal, having more than enough with this old man believe to teach lessons to “younger” generations, as it remained true, Maréchal was the youngest in this meeting even if she was a mother herself, but full of fire and ready to act. « And Amadeurt? » asked Rostelsa, moving her body towards the most senior person in the improvised meeting with no real agenda item. « I wait » he simply commented, breaking finally the silence. « Waiting for what? » asked Crolly, not understanding what he meant. « Mécra’s proposal obviously » he impertinently dropped. « Believe it or not, I am going to make a proposal, and Mademoiselle, Madame and Messieurs, you are going to move out and agree to it » concluded Mécra having appeared back in front of his guests, as he had moved there silently during the little disputes of his guests, or gentle word exchanges shall we say. « I first thought you were insulting, you seem to be also grotesque » commented Crolly, turning his back on Mécra and moving towards the great open door, in order to leave back to the Church and definitely leave the Palais. « Believe me, leaving isn’t part of the options you have at your scope » added Mécra, hoping to make his guest stop his inevitable walk towards the outside of the room, leaving definitely the meeting and ending this talk there, breaking what Mécra had hoped. Rostelsa would look at Crolly, and go to follow him. « Terreur durant la guerre, sang pour le temps de paix » launched ultimately Mécra, giving the sentence wrote on his bâton de Dictateur. « Fleur de Lys may only be the 4th economically of the ex-core Sister Republics, but I may remember you that this is where originated not only the Union, but also the spearhead » he commented with emotion, walking a few steps towards the two leaving. Crolly would have stopped his advances making also Rostelsa behind her doubt. « Is that a threat? » actually asked seriously Crolly. « A little refreshment to your mind, Fleur de Lys nickname in the Union as the Spearhead wasn’t for nothing » commented Mécra. The guests looked at one another, confused. « Our forces combined are overall more powerful, plus its madness » commented Maréchal. « And for what purpose » added Crolly. « I suggest we let son Excellence talk » quietly said Amadeurt. « Allow me a question before vos Excellences » he started, having now everybody listening to him carefully, while still not understanding his moves around and discreet threats made. « What feelings had you, advancing through this great building, able to host an entire army, passing the great door, marching alongside the immense walls of the Church with the flags of the defeated? » he asked, as he started moving away from the group and starting to follow the border and turning around the great place where the sarcophagus was standing. « You are genially mad » exclaimed Crolly once more, and he had pretty obvious reasons too. « A certain emotion, the desire of rehashing the past » responded Maréchal, playing Mécra’s little game. « Dogmatism for my part » said with a little chortle Amadeurt, with his old age being the only one in the room having known the Union as a child. « You wish the Union back? » infer Rostelsa. « Yes. Be sure the Republic is in better shape then what I let imply. Falsifying a few documents and statements, with Montsang as Ministre des Affaires Intérieures et Économiques, along most of the high-ranking officials being in my Party, it was rather simple » added Mécra, getting immediately a reaction from Crolly, « You are going to get to jail for this lie! ». « I doubt that effectively my lie would have gone public, but for the end of the year. And if you are to accept my proposal, which effectively consists of re-founding the Union, we may say a simple saving plan saved the day » he finished, with a hypocritical smile on his face. « We could have done this before » commented Maréchal, giving a little deduction, and wondering why the Union never been reformed before. « Allies Forces submitted the Union at the time and ordered its dismantlement. The reputation of the Union as a powerful and great military-industrial complex gave a bad view when coming to the public opinion, and even globally. The public opinion wouldn’t have supported such thing a year ago, the same as the international community in 1945. However, it’s been 73 years, and now that a former Sister-Republic is in danger, it might be our duty to help it. I believe this is the perfect opportunity, allowing a greater Europan-central market » observed and reflected Amadeurt, which got the idea, and as he thought more about it, was enjoying the facts presented by Mécra. « Madness » would further comment Crolly, as it seems Mécra had Mauvin and Bellefaye joining his idea, but Crolly leading Neaumanin, the second largest economies out of the five, wouldn’t let himself intimidated, « Your respective Assemblies won’t let this pass » he concluded, waiting also the answer of Rostelsa, in which he saw an ally in. Rostelsa would go beyond little arguments Mécra advanced, and think more globally on the Europan market, seeing a small unprestigious decline, as the 5 nations present in the room had lacked any real or strong economic ties since the last 73 years. Fleur de Lys would seek South, Mauvin in the deep East, Bellefaye beyond the seas while depending on its maritime neighbours, Neaumanin in the North and South, and Danebourg hopefully was exploiting all those paths, but at what cost? An open market like in the Union 73 years ago would give oxygen to the suffocating Danebourgeois economy, along with cheaper labour most likely, particularly in Mauvin. It would be difficult for Rostelsa to say that she wasn’t to be sensitive to those arguments she just thought of, with this occasion being the perfect opportunity, and more likely not getting it a second time at least during her mandate. She would have to size it, or not… She would size it… She will sign it. This Mécra would get it, as he saw her thinking, creating him a smile on his face. « Well Crolly, you wouldn’t let Neaumanin alone, out of this Union? » asked Mécra, knowing that the pressure was to be enough. As effectively, everybody had interests in forming back this once glorious Union. The Spearhead, the Oxygen, the Iron Forgery, the Trident and the Market, the fives uniting again would promise great economic prosperity for those beneficiaries along their trade partners, something Mécra knew, he only had to create the necessary conditions for tensions and crisis to appear, and make something of the past “avant-garde” again! « And this is where you’re all fools… » started Mécra with the most serious tone, before falling in laugh, « Sorry, it was just too good », « Seriously though I’d threaten you of war? » he added, letting the pressure be put down. What was to think about such man? Was he mad? Or was he serious after all and just switched his position after seeing that he didn’t need that, could you trust somebody like this, I mean, did he had mental irregularities? Or what? Or was just considering this meeting as a game and playing with us? « I have no words to describe your attitude Monsieur Mécra… » said with a desperate air Crolly, as he already took Mécra for somebody foolish, but he now had the confirmation. Only with a sigh would follow Rostelsa. « Naturally… Sorry for that, but those last few days have been terribly serious and tern for me. I needed little distraction, however, be sure you’re not the distraction. I am » he commented, as he moved near a statue, which had on it a few tons of paper. He walks towards it, with his shoes making most resonance in the room as he pursues his path, stopped and took the documents, which were in 5 copies each. « Idea of the Union isn’t only to have an economic advantage but to stand and unit against growing threats. You have the EOS, the TRIDENT appearing in the New World, Derthalen, in addition to this globalisation which is killing our culture, starting with you Danebourg and your many fast-foods. An insult to the History of our people. Understand me, I am not there, throwing threats or even just proposing an all-mighty Union which shall apply Welt Politik principles, only there to ensure the survival of our History, culture and Honour, which is threatened by this, Modern World, which we truly are part of, but remaining with our roots » concluded Mécra, this time, and for the first time since the start of this meeting, saying something with his heart and guts. He gave them the documents which were consisting of dozens of pages, with Annexes. « I am only asking to you, Mesdames et Messieurs, to take a look at those, and return to me, by this evening. The whole place is yours » he explained, giving the Présidents du Conseil full autonomy to move around the Palais, and think about his proposal, which he has been turning around for dozen of minutes now. This was it. « 07:10:00, rendez-vous here » he confirmed with a smile. Mécra would move away, and enter back in the Church as he would have to occupy himself all this time, as his guests would have a difficult task of deciding the future and the fate of their Republic. Little groups would form, notably Crolly going with Rostelsa, while the dear and beautiful Maréchal would move with the most eldest Amadeurt. This was showing that even if Mauvin and Bellefaye were far away from one another geographically, in fact, totally opposed, not only in cultural terms but also economic ones, that the Union had a certain common aspect, a deep unity, which 73 years of divorce haven’t broken. « I suppose it’s an explicit yes from you? » asked Crolly to Marine Rostelsa as they both were heading towards the statue in the great and open area Mécra let them. Rostelsa knew well what her position was to be, and as the economic powerhouse of the former Union, and still being today, a Union without Danebourg would be destructive for her Republic. « Yes » she admitted, « See the positives points. Economically this would bring the region a sentiment of safety and stability, which it deserves after years of uncertainty » she put forward as an argument, which clearly didn’t convince Crolly. « I suppose you’ll find a better company with the Bellefayien and the Mauvine » he would state, making a little angry grimace appear over his face, as he seems to be the only one willing to stand against Mécra in this matter. « You can’t left your nation out of this, you know it Crolly. In addition, this would allow better services for the citizens, those who which we shall serve, do you remember? » she said, almost in a mother’s air and tone, giving comfort to this man which was in front of a destructive decision for his Republic. « I doubt the International Community would let this happen anyway… » he seeks more arguments against, but Rostelsa would add, « Following the current economic situation, I do not see how it may be otherwise? In addition, it remains an internal affair, which regards only the citizens of our respective Republics » she claimed. « Do you have no doubts? » frankly asked Crolly, as he started thinking that Rostelsa was completely on Mécra’s side this time. « I naturally have doubts your Excellency » she started answering, as she would take support on one of the statue, in order to get rid of her heels which she no longer support after such long moment being there, walking around, and standing up, not even talking about the pavement which she had to face for entering in there. « Well? » asked again Crolly, as he would face her and take at his turn support on the base of the statue. « It feels good » she said, after having finally removed her second shoe. « Lucky for you, you don’t know the pain, men » she commented, « That still does not answer the question I addressed you your Excellency » exerted again Crolly. « I have doubts… » she re-took again, « But who am I to decide about the fate of my country? If the Assemblée Nationale wish it? If younger generations, which are to be living in this country, this future Union, wish it? Who am I, from my old age to decide for them? » she clarified, making Crolly’s face deteriorate, as he was at his turn, full of doubts, or if he shall take a decision, a decisive action to crush Mécra’s arrogance, which may be after all, was the good thing for the future of their Republic? Just like old time, a Union? « Your Excellency is wiser than me… » said with a dark tone Crolly, as he would turn his back on her, and leave, moving in the Palais, and visiting as his thoughts weren’t managing his mind. Alone, Rostelsa would put aside her shoes, the documents she had, and would slowly but surely sit down at the foot of this statue she had chosen to rest, taking support on it and enjoying its gesture as she would lift the eyes towards the sky, and appreciate the great architecture this room was unveiling her, slowly, but surely, closing her eyes in a total silence, for resting. At this time, Maréchal and Amadeurt would have get to enter into the right wing of the Palais, enjoying the many expositions that were standing there, along the view they may get if they looked through the windows, lines of batteries perfectly aligned, which were asking just one thing, to be put on the wheel again and fire their all-powerful thunder on the upcoming enemy. « Why would such old Gentleman like yours choose me to discuss and exchange while he already made up his mind? » questioned Maréchal, as she was flirting the windows while advancing in the corridors of the Palais. « I must admit the company of young Ladies is rare for me now » he started, getting Maréchal to turn back and face him, « I see your reputation have foundations… » she said with a disgusted air, « Depends how your Excellency is interpreting it » he clarified, seeing how Maréchal had taken it. « Be sure if I was missing something sexually, I’d just have to call for some prostitute back in Bellefaye. I suppose you know that crimes levels are particularly high there. Which is why, your pity interpretation, you may put it away from my Lady » he counter-attacked, not appreciating how Maréchal had taken his statement. Amadeurt would see a chair, and sit down on it, as his old age would no longer allow him to pursue further before having re-took his breath. « If you wish to know everything, you more likely remember my daughter. Brave girl » he said with a dogmatic air. « Sorry, your Excellency… But you know how men can be sometimes » she tried to catch herself back. « Naturally, naturally… And how many have you defeated in a duel? » he asked as he showed a smile, « 32 » she replied back, with a smile too, as she would take a chair and sit close to Amadeurt. « Good thing, I hope they retain the lesson you dispensed them » concluded Amadeurt. « Surely have. I even touched one once his… Well, private parts. But he totally deserved it. Was actually the father of my daughter... I have one too you know » she gave this funny anecdote, having souvenirs coming at her. A short silence started, which would be broke by Amadeurt, « I heard that your daughter has started her political career, following your steps », « Ah… Indeed » commented Maréchal, as she wasn’t fully sharing the ideas of her daughter. « She’s now Deputée you know. Of the defunct, well, almost defunct, Parti Radical » she gets herself back into her nation’s political context. « But well, that’s her path, and it’s probably right for her » would add Maréchal. « Children… Ah, you know I even had my first great-grandchildren a few months ago? The difficulty of letting go… This is why I strongly believe in Mécra’s move, even if he’s just a joke, an arrogant prick and far from having even understood the single mean of the word “Plaisir” » he said with his rebus air. « But we’ll figure that out… » he meant, letting behind his lips understand a back-taste of something, something which he had yet unveiled. « Figure what? » asked impertinently Crolly, which had just found the two Présidents du Conseil, talking and exchanging about their respective lives. « I believe, of what is none of your affairs Monsieur Crolly » marked Amadeurt. « Well, you two certainly plot something. How can you be with Mécra that easily? » responded Crolly, as he wondered something wasn’t right, and he took a chair and sat with Amadeurt and Maréchal. « Not with Mécra, but with the citizens. Not every politician's act in their own and personal interest » strikes back Maréchal at Crolly. « You’d be ready to see Mécra as Protecteur? » asked with a serious tone Crolly, planning what would follow after they would all say yes at 07:10:00 back under the great dôme. « That is something, Monsieur, that can be changed » commented Amadeurt, as he was looking a point on the other side of the room, fixed, not giving a look to the two other Présidents du Conseil which were encountering him. « He’s the most popular, not only with the population but also within the various Assemblées Nationales, the Congrès des Assemblées would most likely give him the shot » added Maréchal, knowing well of what Crolly was talking about, even if not perfectly following Amadeurt’s words. « Or prove us wrong Amadeurt, in which case I listen… » she would finalise, leaving a blank in the talk… A few hours would pass, as Mécra would find himself talking with Rostelsa which was still sit on the base of that statue, under the great dôme as the three Présidents du Conseil came back towards Mécra at the right time an hour. « Here they are » exclaimed Mécra as he surprised the 3 to pass the great door giving to the dôme. Rostelsa would manage to quickly put back her shoes, and get offered Mécra’s hand for getting back fully on her two feet. « I hope the place has inspired you, your Excellencies » he had to say with his great charming smile, which he generally reserved for the press. « Very much » answered Crolly, as he was the leading of the three, « And a yes for Neaumanin, I shall bring down the proposal in the Assemblée Nationale. Bellefaye and Mauvin, have too » he concluded, while keeping his defying regard towards Mécra, which would normally have been happy about such decision, but was, however, questioning what this watch from Crolly was meaning. « Good » Mécra would reply, as he was to advance his hand and make a handshake. Crolly would pull Mécra hand towards him, and say as he approached his mouth to his ears, « You may have been appointed Dictateur, but your rise stop there » said with bitterness Crolly. Mécra would keep his smile on, as he would put on the disposal of the border towards the sarcophagus, 5 copies of the Charter, to get signed by the respective Présidents du Conseil. In the evening, the respective Présidents du Conseil would reach home, and depose on the floor the Charter proposed by Mécra, which naturally was strongly influenced by the previous ones. One of the advantage as Président du Conseil, is that if you’re appointed to such proposal, it is most likely that you have the majority in your Assemblée Nationale, therefore making such bill as it was pushed by the Président du Conseil, generally quickly enough accepted even if sometimes, divisions may appear. To the general surprise, a rather long and common consensus would appear, with the conservatives parties, from the Parti Société Ouverte, Parti Radical, Parti Républicain and much smaller ones, having in their DNA the idea of an Union Pan-Républicaine, which was awaited since 73 years, since the Allies forces had defeated it, and had reduced to dust its History and heritage. This necessity to pass through the various Assemblée Nationales of each respective future to be, fortunately, or not, Sister-Republics, was to create a surprise and no let a resistance appear, this naturally was Mécra’s plan. The news was easily welcomed and passed in Bellefaye, Mauvin and Fleur de Lys, seeing this as an opportunity to bring economic stability and further trade deals. Neaumanin would fall to the project also in a matter of hours of debates in the Assemblée, however, the worst would be Danebourg, with 3 days of uncertain debates, with the socialists making great movements and calling for the international community to object, and even after the ratification of the Charter by the Assemblée Nationale of Danebourg, a great call for resistance would be done in the country, organising strikes and parades throughout the country, not ensuring victory in the future elections for Rostelsa, which are to be held in a year and a half… Even if the respective Assemblées Nationales had ratified the said Charter, which has been manned swiftly and softly, a ceremony for the re-foundation of the Union Pan-Républicaine was to be held in the Châteauneuf de Germain, a castle built in the XVII century at the border of Neaumanin, Fleur de Lys and Danebourg on the Lac Lyrie and which hold many diplomatic negotiations along the Congrès des Assemblées from 1856 to 1942. It was referred more familiarly as Châteauneuf, and was to host the 5 Présidents du Conseils, the 5 Présidents, the 625 Députés of the respective Sister-Republics. The Château had plenty of space for those, having undergrounds fully organised for such occasion, which were daily at the time of the Union, before having to be evacuated in 1942 because of how the war turned out. The Châteauneuf, as it was geographically between the three nations, would have Guards from the three. The hemicycle, where the Congrès des Assemblées would be hosted, was gigantic, able to host 2 500 Députés and had systems for the time, rather sophisticated for allowing exchanges and communication. The entire complex was linked to the various Capitals of the former Républiques Sœurs through the train and owned its private airport. However, with time, those installations were put aside and remained rather cultural and touristic attractions. The tribune which was advising itself in front of the 650 Députés, would see a desk be left empty with the 6 copies of the Charter and a different configuration allowing the 5 Presidents du Conseils to sign respectively the 6 copies, one at a time as they would pass. The Présidents would then follow, adding their signature. The mess would end as everything good or bad would, with applause. This was the easy part, now the most serious and interesting thing was to finally start. Mécra would find, like the other Présidents du Conseil, his place as Député, after having made his little show by passing with the honours and applause, after he signed 6 copies of a document he made in front of an orchestrated mess, signing his will to rise more than ever and be among the great names of History, finding pages and books dedicated to his person, what he had accomplished, and what he was soon to do, he would now like the hundreds of Députés, stand up, and applause as the flag of the Union Pan-Républicaine is invested as a great banner on the central wall in the hemicycle. Something which hasn’t been done since 1945. The Congrès would fall in applauses and greets, during a dozen of seconds, as the anthem would start, giving a great silence in the room in respect of the anthem, which also not been listened as such since 73 years. « Présidents, Présidents du Conseils, Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles et Messieurs les Députés, Madame la Présidente du Congrès des Assemblées » would mark a Huissier in a microphone, being hear throughout the entire room, as Madame Sassant, yes, the Lysian Présidente de l’Assemblée Nationale, has been chosen to preside this first session of the Congrès des Assemblées, provisionally naturally. « Présidents, Présidents du Conseil, Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles et Messieurs les Députés, salutations. My most sincere pleasure to preside this first session of the Congrès des Assemblée. As you are aware, our first agenda remains heavy, which is why I shall start by showing you the various points and their defined priorities. In this order, the Appointment of a Protecteur, the Fishing Dispute in the Eebay, Aérospatiale Financial Situation along Mauvin oil prospection fields regulations » she stated, knowing well that many more subjects were there, however not all were to be answered in such little time after all. « Candidates for the position of Protecteur are to be called » commented Sassant, having on her list, surprisingly only two names. « Monsieur le Député de la Première Circonscription de la République Sœur de Fleur de Lys, Mécra » she called, in order to start treating the first point of the agenda. Under thunderous applauses, Mécra would get to appear on the desk, and start, « I am sincerely delighted by the presence of so many of our colleagues, and I must say that I have believed in this ideal, in this Union, since the first day I entered in politics, seeing in this, the natural way of life, not only for the future of our citizens but also the future of Europa. This Union does not only provoke a wave of hope for the younger generations, but also comfort for the eldest ones, which have enough suffered from this disparity, this untold story of our Républiques Sœurs, we are to be strong again, and show together our strength, not only in managing our forces, but more and before everything else, in making sure our citizens have the most pleasant way of living, as after all, is that not the goal of a Government? Is this not the upper interest of this Union? I am sure, from my experience and knowledge, along with my humility, to be the Protecteur needed to make our Union stable and unified as one country. Merci » he would quickly end, not willing to eternise himself, as he knew that this would most likely be a formality. However, with his ratification of the Charter, he had dismissed his powers as Dictateur in order to get the ratification pass democratically through the Assemblée Nationale of Fleur de Lys, making him having bet everything in this situation, which he was sure to gain, as his popularity hasn’t stopped growing in the other Républiques Sœurs, even with Crolly’s previous threat, chances are for his opponents to get crush. His opponents? More likely his opponent, singular. Mécra, getting back to his seat, was curious as he heard Sassant stating that there was only one candidate left after Mécra himself. Nobody had the guts to oppose me he thought, but well, was still good to at least have one opponent, this would make things look legitimate and more democratic he thought to himself, having impatience and not the will to wait any longer, to have Sassant call the other candidate, the other candidate making a misery speech, and Mécra being elected, it was that simple. Mécra for waiting would start playing with his fountain pen, getting to hear among other Députés some whispers, which he didn’t catch, and wasn’t sure of what they were talking about. « Mademoiselle la Députée de la Troisième Circonscription de la République Sœur de Mauvin, Maréchal » would call Sassant. Ariane Maréchal? The Présidente du Conseil of Mauvin? Was she trying to oppose me? How gentle deducted Mécra. However it’s not Ariane which Mécra shall see getting on the desk, from as far as he was, he was clearly seeing someone much younger. The innocent and clear voice of the Mademoiselle would start hearing throughout the hemicycle, « Merci Madame la Présidente. I’d like first of all to thanks, Monsieur Mécra’s efforts for this instance, as without him, clearly this wouldn’t had to happen » she started, getting Mécra touched, and he was thinking that this Mademoiselle had many things to learn. « Effectively, without Mécra’s ambition, ambition without borders nor limits, passing from a banker, serving his client’s interests, to Député, Président du Conseil and during a time Dictateur, serving his private’s interests, Monsieur Mécra is the archetype of the man of the XXth Century, keeping traditions in line, finding his pleasure in hypocrisy, which he gave me an example right there, in this desk, a few minutes ago » she pursued, and at that last comment, getting a wave of laughs in the room, « I must admit that I do not even to quote him, as you seem to see what I mean » joked Maréchal, before coming back on a serious tone, « I would certainly not dare or pretend to be any better than Monsieur Mécra either, I am just younger, and less experienced, making my abilities to make thickets less remarkable », getting again to make laugh some. Was this a one-man show thought Mécra? Those sentences started make Mécra doubt of himself, but he knew well that they wouldn’t put their trust, or even the Union’s trust in the hand of such indelicate woman which clearly just had finished her studies, or what? Unfortunately for his ego, Mécra would have to stand there and listen with pity this Demoiselle, as she was pursuing her talk. « Our values, I share them with you, and you with me. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, those have been shared by my mother in my sweet childhood, not a certain dogmatism of the Union, or even the will to gain control, or power over the people » Raphaëlle Maréchal would pursue, looking at her mother, Ariane, which was listening, and was silently condemning what she had done. « In politic follow the right path, you are sure to meet nobody. And so did I in Mauvin, I do not wish to pursue a term as Députée, alone, if I may not change deeply things within this Union, which even if some people wish to give it hundreds of years old, is in reality very young, and have chance, and hope to not be like its predecessor and this chance, I wish to give it, giving it not for the sake of our History, or Honour, which I naturally defend, but for our citizens, for the livings » she commented with emotions, « Merci… » she ends, getting a great silence in the hemicycle, without a single applause. This was to satisfy Mécra, comforting him in his position, of a supreme candidate, and soon to be Protector. « Merci Mademoiselle. Those were the only indexed candidates. We shall proceed to the vote » stated Sassant, and not willing to lose time with ancient tactics as there were 650 Députés in the room, a tablet was given to each to vote on, something which would be done in an instant. Rules were pretty simples for the appointment of the Protecteur, he basically had the powers of a Président du Conseil on the Union’s scale, and was to be elected at the majority of 50%, in two turns generally, but as there were only two candidates, there would clearly be no need, except if blanks votes get a vast majority, which would be a première. « Votes are open » state Sassant, with a cold tone. « Votes are closed » she would say only 20 seconds later. Mécra couldn’t potentially wait, what result would appear to be fair and just for all the efforts he has put months in this, this project, his coronation as Protecteur, his supreme rise to power and distinctions in the heaven. « This is a draw. 325 votes for Mécra, 325 votes for Maréchal » would exclaim Sassant, having a hard time to believe that herself. What has been wrong with those stupid Députés questioned himself Mécra, why so many rallied towards that stupid and young girl? This was to deserve an answer, Mécra in parallel of the Union’s plan, passed months of lobbying, paying people full time for that, and they changed their mind for a newcomer like this, appearing like a flower and changing his plans? Weren’t the persons elected Députés normally disposed to be healthy and when have plans, to respect them? Not fall for a girl which was giving a little sweet speech! Such situation was exceptional and would need to react quickly. Mécra would stand up, and move towards Députés as he would call for his colleagues, which were allied with him, to do so and start convincing among the ranks. « Stop » would convict with an Iron rule Sassant. « There is, however, one vote which has yet to be dispatched » she commented at the general surprise. « I object Madame, the voting is close » would launch a Député, « And your Excellency is right, however, this is my privilege as Présidente du Congrès des Assemblées, to dispatch a vote after the results if so is my will. Remember the 1789 amendments Monsieur » she would dryly reply back. Now my career was given to Sassant, this woman which I made Présidente of the Assemblée National in Fleur de Lys, surely she’ll give me back the elevator. Or what if she doesn’t? I’d have to crush her, she can’t possibly, no. « I vote for Maréchal » she comments simply, giving a great call for applauses and attacks from the opponents, and giving a great smile on Crolly's face which may never been more then satisfied, also giving the Union its first female Protecteur along youngest one. « Therefore, Raphaëlle Maréchal is appointed Protecteur of the Union Pan-Républicaine » she ended, as she gave heavy hits with her hammer like she perfectly knew how to do. Mécra would scream, « As provisionary Présidente, you have no right! », and many of his allies would follow, however, this was too late, given the television a great spectacle, and attributing a face on the new leader of this young and charming Union, which have a great future in front of it.
  12. Fleur de Lys


    CCXXVI/V/XVIII/VI This message is a Statement of Son Excellence le Dictateur Mécra, which is in alignment with #MACP-XI-B-XXII-I, in no case this statement reflect in any way the APL redaction position, nor does caution such tribune, it is because of the #C-XIII-F-XXIV-I that the APL redaction as a Lysian media is enforced to diffuse this Statement. Today, the Assemblée Nationale confederated me the Dictateur Authority, something not saw since 1945 and the dissolution of the Union Pan-Républicaine. I am truly aware of the honour which is mine, no one may express words describing the emotion I am currently feeling. The task which has become mine, is now with certitude, being categorised as impossible to be solved by our only Republic while remaining with our current set of rules and means. The help of our neighbour, of @Cristina and @Magnaeus , with which we have currently ongoing negotiations about further an open economic association, is more than fully under consideration. But our Republic cannot wait, and there are other options at our disposal, which I affirm you that we shall use them all, making me call for a meeting with the 4 other ex-core Sister Republics in order to manage a common answer to the crisis currently touching our dear Republic. Diplomatic telegrams have been sent to Bellefaye, Neaumanin, Danebourg and Mauvin, inviting them to Concorde in hope of finding a resolution for the sake of our Republic. Extrait télévisé :
  13. Fleur de Lys

    Crisis in the Assemblée Nationale

    Here, here… The orchestra would play, allowing Président du Conseil Mécra to enters in the great corridor of the Palais Saint-Michel which had previously hosted the Assemblée Nationale in some years before the Palais Bourbon. This have been only an three hours ago since the vote, and his appointment as Dictateur for a first mandate of 5 months. For the occasion he wear the special tenue attributed to the Dictateur which was generally only wear by the Président on ceremonial occasions. He would enters there in a great hall, worthy of the greatest buildings, this was the Galerie des Batailles in Concorde, the ceremonial places in which the decoration of the title of Dictateur have been made since 1698. The Galerie was full, with all Deputés having been called in their ceremonial tenue, the same as high-ranking officials along military instances, all of this in three hours. The Premier Régiment de la Garde Républicaine was the one holding the security inside the building, with their shiny helmets allowing them to be locatable easily in the vast number of people, but outside of the complex and within the gardens, the Premier Régiment de Concorde have been deployed for the ceremony. Mécra would pursue his advance in the Galerie, having from either sides various people observing his entry in silence, with Guards all the way, until the end of the Galerie, where a bâton was awaiting him, similar to the ones of the Maréchaux. The inscription on it, in addition to the usual 7 Fleur de Lys, was for the bâton des Maréchaux “Terreur durant la guerre, ornement pour le temps de paix”, meaning “terror in war, ornament in peace”, while for the bâton des Dictateurs was a total of 8 Fleur de Lys with the quote “Terreur durant la guerre, sang pour le temps de paix”, this time translating as “terror in war, blood in peace”, because the appointment of a Dictateur wasn’t certainly for peaceful means, even in peace times, but because difficulties were there, and ahead, and the Dictateur was to solve them, and this was what most people awaited Mécra to do now. Walking, walking in as the great orchestra was pursuing his Marche de Nomination, he would see his lover Laloux, remaining silent, giving him a little wink as he was passing by. After many meters, Mécra stopped by, there was a simple table, guarded by two Huissiers, with the Président Autun behind the table. The Présidente de l’Assemblée, Sassant, would be on the side, and move towards the table as Mécra bowed in front of the table. There he would kneel as the Chivalry Code still demanded, and have Sassant take the bâton, representing the Assemblée Nationale, and hand it to him, as Mécra would lift his head, and make his hand take the bâton as Sassant still hold it. “The Assemblée Nationale transfer you its operational and executive authority for a provision of 5 months, as your quality of Dictateur within this period, you shall have no right to offend the Republic’s Constitution or threat one of its representative or neglect one of its citizen or interests. Your manners shall consist of the only Code of Chivalry and the Laws of our Institutions in alignment with your Honour, that you shall serve after the Republic’s one” would state Sassant. “I obligate” said with a ceremonial manner Mécra, having Sassant take off her hand from the bâton, giving it fully to Mécra, which would stand up, and give an accolade to the Présidente Sassant, making him officially the Dictateur. Such act may be seen as symbolic, however this showed well that this was the Assemblée Nationale giving the bâton, and re-taking it, certainly not giving away anything in those periods of doubts and crisis. The international press would most likely see this as an heresy of democracy, this wasn’t however Lysian’s thoughts, having a pretty much different definition of a Dictateur as you may have observed. Mécra now had the free hands to solve all the issues of the Republic.
  14. Fleur de Lys

    Antargic Adventures at Simon Station

    The overall climate was getting warmer, finally breaking the ice of this community, issued of 4 different countries, getting in one same base, for one same mission and task. “Vongirard” exclaimed a manly voice, as Marlène was preparing the pastry, from which she got only positive feedback from Monsieur Hopeman. There, she was making wonderful Éclairs, hoping this time to diversify, with the usual chocolate one, but also with a strawberry, vanilla and pistache one, something she used to do when she made her first internship in a boulangerie, this was remembering her good souvenirs. “It is her” Marlène spoke up, as she was still focusing on what she was doing, and certainly not turning around in order to look who was calling her. “I know pâtisseries are important, but reassure me by saying I have more rights then them” said funnily enough the Capitaine which had interrupted her a week earlier in order to have her engage in a little mission, in extreme cold. He was to come back to her with more informations, and this seems to be what he was doing. Marlène would remain silence, not being fully confortable talking with the upper Officer, as she was pursuing her thing. “Would Citoyen Vongirard be ready to depart tomorrow? 3 days” he quietly asked, taking support on the table on which Marlène was preparing her pâtisseries, getting his head more close to hers. “Is everything okay?” asked coldly the Capitaine, “Yes Capitaine Sabardier” she answered, still focusing. “Good to know I may count on you” he added, giving a friendly tap on her right shoulder and walking in order to leave the place, “01:15:00 tomorrow” he commented, giving the timing on which they would leave. Capitaine Sabardier was on his way to leave the cuisine, before getting stop by the Chef de Cuisine, which would enter it, “So, we’re disturbing Ladies?” started loudly the Chef de Cuisine, “A Lady” rectified Sabardier, “And you enter in my cuisine in this dressing? For who are you taking yourself for?” dryly asked while not really awaiting an answer the Chef, “A Capitaine” Sabardier smiled, “As Capitaine you have no authority in the cuisine. Remember to re-read the Code next time, or you’ll serve as food for the dogs. Get out” finished the Chef, moving aside in order to let Sabardier pass, while giving him a major tap on his back in order to push him out of the cuisines. The Chef didn’t liked anybody out of his team entering the cuisine like this, even if this wasn’t a major cuisine like few he leaded in his career, but he felt like this was important to respect rules, knowing also that this Sabardier entered without the proper clothing and with his arrogances in. “I’m curious to know why you haven’t turned him into boudin” commented the Chef, as he was getting back preparing his meals. “I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning, in a mission with him” she simply commented. “Well, good luck with that. You know at least what meat to give to the dogs if you run out of it” he reacted not really liking the Capitaine Sabardier. Marlène would had finished her Éclairs for the dinner, and before having to serve it, would move outside, with this tough cold, still remaining around. She would move a bit around the installations, enjoying to look at the professionals, which knew at least do something which was specifically good for the continent they were on. With the winds continually attacking her face, she decided to take off one of her glove, and reach inside her heavy coat a cigarette and a lighter, lightening her cigarette, putting back the lighter, while holding with her mouth the cigarette, and not being a proper Prymonthian, she would put her glove back. She would see passing Dr Neumayer, as she was enjoying her little tour. He would naturally spot her smoking, making her react by asking, “Wish one?”, not knowing if our Doctor smoked.
  15. Fleur de Lys

    A Cultural Exchange

    This amused Richard, as Valentino seems surprised about the 5 months mandate. “Well, or the crisis is ended, or another election is brought on the table” commented simply Richard, “Last time a Dictateur been appointed was in 1945” he added, “This remains very exceptional. Even if some are questioning following the great crisis we’re knowing home, about the necessity of such position, to be held” he pursued, as he saw this created most likely more confusion for their host, “And many Dictateur resigned before their terms ended, just following the necessity”. “With time, the vocabulary and its mean have changed, which is why our association with that title is much different then the rest of the World have” commented Autun, hoping to give more clarity on the matter, as for example the Dictateur couldn’t still surpass the Assemblée Nationale in terms of power, just exceptional operational powers and laws enforced during the mandate but none which may amend or modify the Lysian Constitution. “Military forces?” exclaimed Richard, surprised about the question, “I think our host is asking about our defense protocols” clarified Autun. “It’s classified” laughed Richard, “Tarente would know much more details then you actually, as MAMS” commented Autun, basically quoting the Minister of Defense. “Indeed, however what I may say to you, remaining of public knowledge” would finally start Richard after Autun’s addentum, “You know our very dear geographical position, making us easily weak, as most of our country is based on the plains along a few rivers. Most of our security resides in our Force de l’Air, having in permanence 10% of its effectives in the air, and 25% ready to fly at any moment. Pourcentages being much higher in case of crisis, and as for our overall military, it is holding much of its defense in our mountains, which represent a tiny pourcentage of our population and land, but is however well defended. And finally, to add the strawberry on the top of our dear defensive cake, all male and female make 1 month of military service each 5 years, and can be called at any time, in addition of their 1 year of military service from the age of 19 to 20” he clarified, giving the 7 millions population of the Republic a higher pourcentage of active combat personal in need, something which have been installed since 1945 because of the lack of Lysian natural defense possibilities. “What about yours? I suppose your superiority resides in the possibility of controlling the seas and oceans?” turned to Valentino Autun, after Richard’s speech.