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  1. Communist Takeover

    This effectively relaxed Durand-Guigon with the Secretary-General, but he had a back-taste, saying him to fear still maybe something, from behind, he would naturally transmit the pieces of information he had from that meeting with Ivanof, but with them, his doubts and his anxiety. Durand-Guigon would gladly take the glass of vodka, in order to know a bit more Ivanof, Lysian Diplomatic Protocol would recommend taking the drink your host served you, even if it’s poisoned, at least like this, there are no waiting time or suspense, plus you would be deadly avenged. Durand-Guigon would cough on his vodka has he hear well Ivanof state he understands motivations for Lysians to apply International Laws about Asylum, it’s something he didn’t really expected, he seems willing to make a fresh start. “Excellent one” he would start to compliment the vodka he’s been served as he missed his first drink. This might just be fresh bread given to his colleague? “We share embassies, I believe we may maybe, encourage trade deals between our nations”, was maybe too beautiful to be true? Durand-Guigon hesitated, “In order to develop Ahranan Airways or your Air Force, we have many paths to offer. I suppose we may also launch cooperation on nuclear reactors” he added, bit embarrassed, and having only so many possibilities if Ivanof was opening this window.
  2. A Cultural Exchange

    There were far too many ingredients which are natural opponents in a cuisine, to interest our dear Lysians, in addition to the mixed smelling, this was a hard task to not have his nose being confused and distancing himself from such putrid liquid. But well, as diplomacy demand, the two would have to pretend having no troubles, something easy for Richard which was the most far away from the situation, as he wasn’t the one currently engaging the talk, but harder for our dear Autun which had to fight each second, as he hoped Monsieur Valentino to finish his cup quickly, and open his mouth as little as possible. An unstoppable strategy to such offense was to be developed, and the counter-weapon might certainly be that cup of coffee Autun was waving around, and which he proved well to his tongue to be healthy -if we may say that coffee is healthy- coffee, putting it right under his nose, ready to sip it at any time, but enjoying more its elegant and subtile smell which emanated from it, as Autun would put both his hands on the cup, trying to preserve its temperature for as long as he could, even if this harmed a bit his hands, he would still enjoy it very much while the temperature around was more than satisfying, but what Autun would do in order to no longer smell the drink was far beyond imagination. @Asgeirria had effectively some strange manners, being in a way an Empire with an Elected Monarch, “Death penalty and physical acts of violence are effectively sawed as fully harsh” ironies Autun as he listened to his host, “Indeed” he would add, even if maybe not agreeing on the mean John was talking about. When Valentino asked about Lysian System, Autun would try to make as brief as possible, “A Symbolic authority with few powers, elected each 8 years by the people, the Président, me” he would start, having a satiric way to say “me” as it seems to amuse him. “Then 50 Députés, elected directly by the people, it’s the Assemblée Nationale, 5 years mandates, appoint and dismiss then the Président du Conseil, which himself appoints with the Président the Conseil, basically the Ministers. All motions go through the Assemblée Nationale, except very important ones which are subject to a referendum then. And finally we have the Directoire, which serves as archives basically, and is the one defining the line in case of disputes in the Assemblée National between the Président and the Président du Conseil” tried to make as simple as possible Autun, resuming rather well how it worked, “And humble servants playing in this castle” would add on Richard, in order to conclude the explanation, meaning that basically anybody willing, may arrive to any position, if elected naturally.
  3. Crisis in the Assemblée Nationale

    In the hurry of the security, Mécra would jump in the main car with his lover Laloux, accompanying him to the Assemblée Nationale for the speech he was to given, in order to give accounts to the Assembly and the people. This speech was the most awaited and would define the result of the vote following it, which was to define if Mécra would be dismissed or not from his office, giving all the scandals appearing. Snowballs would be throw my manifestants as the escort would move out of the court of the Palais, with Mécra behind the tinted glasses appreciating the situation of what has become a country near the chasm economically, which have been his hope all along, by faking the numbers defined by the Minister Montsang was briefed by Mécra to do so. Only a few minutes drive been extended to at least a dozen minutes drive, because of the incredible snow which in the last couples hours has fallen, making transportations systems on the surface having a few troubles, with even the airports now having delays on many flights. The escort would finally arrive in front of the Palais Bourbon, where the Republican Guard was deployed as always for an entry of the Président du Conseil, even by those difficult conditions. Huissiers would open the path as Mécra was to move out of the car followed by Laloux, and the two walk in the snow, still untouched on the outside main stairs of the Palais Bourbon. Once entering in the great door, the Huissiers would dispose of their coats and gloves, and Laloux would make it quick to join the Assembly, in order to let Mécra enter after. Followed by the Présidente de l’Assemblée Nationale which will make her entry, and would open the seance. “Madame la Présidente” would almost scream a Hussier as Sassant would pass and reach her chair, having her put in place, and the seat pushes behind her by two others Huissiers. She would immediately start by “Mesdames et Messieurs les Députés, Chef de Séance, Monsieur le Président du Conseil, la Séance est ouverte” would order Mrs Sassant. The Chef de Séance would take on, “05:30:00, Speech of the Président du Conseil, 05:35:50 Vote on the Removal of Office of the Current Président du Conseil demanded and approved by the PR, the program afterwards depends of the result of the said vote, and addentums shall be done”. “Merci Monsieur le Chef de Séance. I call to the desk Monsieur le Président du Conseil” confirm Sassant. This is in a total silence that Mécra have been called, he now had, a few chances, to remain, the vote was right after his speech, and if he wished his mandate to date, he would have to carry everything on this single speech, which would be his first and only declaration as Président du Conseil on the many scandals. “Madame la Présidente, Monsieur le Chef de Séance, Mesdames et Messieurs les Députés…” would start in an absolutely terrific and cold atmosphere, “Much may be said about how the media, and even you, Deputies in this enclosure handled the situation. I shall however not comment” he marked a break, “2 years, this is the total of my mandate which it shall be remembered in History, if it is ever, and certainly not negatively” he started ironising, “There’s however a piece missing to this puzzle, which conceals Human ingenuity in such disaster, opportunities in distress, and that Mesdames et Messieurs, I can engage myself, to re-establish the Lysian honour and prestige in the coming 5 months if I am given all powers to resolve the said crisis”, making talks starting among the ranks of the Assembly as the people wouldn’t understand why would Mécra dare ask for trust, as he basically created the situation many estimated. “How dare you, you created this situation” launched Député Jeanseau from the XXXIIIème Circonscription. “Thank you for making the devil Monsieur Jeanseau, as always, no creative argument from your part. The fact being that my Government had absolutely no authority when coming to Aérospatiale finances, and the budget along spending is controlled by this Assembly, putting me, following logic, fully out of the circuit of decision” he slowly re-took each argument and point to literally attack his opponents on his question, the opposition and others parties wouldn’t follow Mécra, that is certain, however he didn’t need them, what he was doing was simply re-conquering his Party, his own members, the one he hired 3 years ago. “I demand right after the vote for Vote on the Removal of Office of the Current Président du Conseil demanded and approved by the PR, at 05:40:00, a vote for Dictatorship. People are asking real reforms, and it is the only way we can achieve them” he said under applause from the centre, while the wings of the Assembly were scandalised, but Mécra needed no more to get back in the ranks of the Assembly, as he got his troops back. The Chef de Séance would note, “Following support for the Motion, a space for Debate about Motion of Dictatorship shall be taken at 05:36:00, and propositions for candidates at 05:50:00 and vote at 05:55:00 for the SC” he would confirm, creating more rage in the Assembly. Couples minutes would follow, “Results are, 15 votes for, 35 against, 0 abstain, Monsieur le Député de la Ière Circonscription Charles André Alexandre Mécra remains Président du Conseil” the Président Sassant would just announce, “Next point of the agenda, debate about the appointment of a Dictatorship. In line of passage, the SC 7 talks, PR 1 talk, PC 1 talk, PS 1 talk and PM 1 talk” would call the Chef de Séance, definitely ending Mécra’s risk of losing his mandate, he was now to gain powers in order to affirm his authority and show his great projects. The little parties would have much time talking, but he knew that during that time, Mécra and his close guard, would just have to move among the Deputés during the various talks, in one to one, and just re-affirm their legitimate position. First to be called, was a Société Ouverte Député, letting Mécra no time to look at him closely, and influence him by his natural authority as the Député was introducing his ideas, “I believe a Dictatorship is fully premature” he would comment, getting Mécra eyes complains, which he would discreetly see, “No Dictatoship have been saw since the Union Pan-Républicaine during the war in 1945” would add the man as he would seems to address to Mécra, to which Mécra would simply answer with a fixed regard, a regard to making your blood freeze as you were acting on the scene, a regard which was to make this Deputé balance and forget his ideas for a moment, and think to the greater ambition that Mécra had in mind… Dictator? This couldn’t be possible, usually, this title is given to an ex-politician or military officer, has made a career, showed his skills, a Dictator like in the Ancient Eternal Empire of Hémus, which have been a tradition kept by Republicans as the Empire has fallen in the depth of History. The usage of a Dictator has been common throughout Lysian History, and even much useful, but it was only to be used in situation of crisis, and people weren’t looking much at how much of a danger there was, and the need of a strong leadership to be, something Mécra would have to push harder on. He would push for a young Deputée to be the next at the desk, Mécra knew how to make her afraid of the current situation and rally to his cause, something he would do as he would swiftly move around the Assembly as the other Deputé still not on Mécra’s side would pursue his talk. “Hello Adeline Guesquont” would greet Mécra, “Monsieur” would reply a bit shyly the Députée, “Shall you agree to pass next?” Proposed Mécra, “With pleasure Monsieur le Président” would naturally reply, surprised, the Députée, “How’s your petit ami?” Ask Mécra, “Very well merci” she would add, being surprised again by Mécra’s sense of details, “I hear he’s a trader… Not a good news than the one about the Lysian’s debt value…” he comments with a regretful tone, “Yes… He’s under heavy stress because of this, and frankly, I fear the situation. I do not know if I shall second your proposition, which is, really foolish Monsieur” she said, finding just afterwards that she might have been a bit too crude, she was to start another sentence in order to apology again, but Mécra would prevent it by firing first, “No need” he would address with a smile, “I have my own doubts on it, but I, however, and unlike the opposition, have a plan… I demand you to trust me Adeline”, to which we reply only by nod positively her head, “Merci” would confirm Mécra, as he gives a fast-look at the rows a bit under, to Laloux, which was doing the same exercise as Mécra, giving a form and cohesion to the group. Finally, Adeline Guesquont was called to the desk, where she would deliver Mécra’s message. Mécra would reach during that time the two Députés of the Parti Radical, which were to pass next, “Hi guys” he would comment as he approached them, “No need to try Charles, it is out of question we support you on that question” would reply one of the two, “Even if it’s me the candidate?” Question Mécra, “Even more. This is insane”. “Too bad, I may have let aside the Parti Républicain just for you in the Government, 3 years to shot, plus additional support in the next elections, giving the Radicaux some fuel back, just fresh lands asking bit more of support” proposed Mécra, with his usual gentle tone, “Out of question we said”, “Wait, let him talk” would finally start talking the other one, “How much contributions for the next elections are we talking about?” He asked, “2 millions Francs, and I know it’s something you haven’t had since 1990” added Mécra, as he was trying to create them mixed fillings, “Plus a place in the Government?”, “Plus a place in the Government” confirmed Mécra, “Good… Even if our support is tiny, I understand you like it better for medias” ironies the other one, making Mécra seal the deal with the Parti Radical. “Three to go” would remind Mécra to himself, certainly not going to the Parti Conservateur which is the one having betrayed him and forced to go down that path. Next person at the desk, as Adeline Guesquont leave it under applauses, was the usual old wolf Jeanseau, he was to make a total minefield for Mécra, this was sure. “Insanity, this is the only word which may describe such proposal made by a man which convinced more then half of this Assembly that he had no importance in the current scandals, are we forgetting the Affaire Saint-Étienne?” Would start the old wolf, getting his usual supporters, but also his detractors screaming at him, as Présidente Sassant would call back for order, making a nice transition for Mécra to discreetly move to the ranks to the other side of the Assembly. “Ah Laloux, how are things?” he commented as he meet his lover within the ranks of the Assembly, “I got the Modérées with us, and, overall, our Party is solid”, “Right.. The Socialists?” Mécra asked, “Nothing can be done” responded Laloux, “I’ll go for the Fascist then” replied Mécra, as he would point to the only Fascist in the hemicycle. Jeanseau, unable to properly continue his critic, as he was getting interrupted often, would deny the speaking time he had in more, making the supportive Moderates now take the hand and giving praises about Mécra’s idea. “Wasted potential” would just observe Mécra as he fall his eyes on the young perfect Lady that was sitting there, listening to the various speech and taking notes, “Wasted ideologies” she would dryly reply, “And no speaking time, too bad for such gentle words coming from a beautiful mouth” would add amused Mécra, “Marion, you know your Party have no future, but however, you’re the missing vote for me, and the key to my success it seems” he add, “Was sure the Communists and Socialists wouldn’t back you, and as for the Conservatives, well, I suspect you didn’t enjoyed that knife in your back?” Observed Marion Maréchal, “What do you want?” he questioned, “Speech time” she immediately responded, “But you’re the only Deputée of your Party, it’s normal that you have that amount of time, and those even are the rules” tried to respond in a comprehensive tone Mécra, “Not if I am Ministre des Affaires Culturelles et Politiques” she at least knew what she wished, “A fascist at…” stopped himself Mécra, “You know well I am not fascist, you’re better then that. Socialists are closer to fascists then I am. It’s that, or you say goodbye to your Dictatorship. Plus you hate her” she made it non-negotiable… In addition to say a true comment about the current Minister which Mécra effectively didn't have in his heart. Having easily bet that Mécra wished to become the Dictator. You may hate her ideas, but you have to admire the woman. “Deal” concluded with regret Mécra, signing for bad times later and pain in each meeting of the Council now. People at the desks would go on, and with the exception of the Socialists, now everybody was on Mécra’s side and idea, from a crisis and treason, Mécra turned the wings back to his direction in sizing not only back his office, but willing to reach the Dictatorship, something few would realise only, and was deadly, as expectations were high, but so were Mécra’s. There was a need for 80% majority, giving the need for 40 votes, something he sealed with his alliances. “The Debate about the Motion for Dictatorship is ended. We are now passing to the candidatures for the Motion for Dictatorship” would publicly announce Madame Sassant, as any name may be said by the Députés, with a total of 4 arriving, including Mécra’s one, multiples times. This was a short period of time, as generally this was much longer in order to define who would size incredible powers for 5 months, but in that case, the opposition was willing to shoot it, and certainly not propose anybody, and as the majority already had somebody in mind fortunately for them… Jeanseau would reach Mécra, and say to him, “You’re failing” he said, pointing at the Député of Mécra’s Party which gave the first speech and had doubts about the Dictatorship, this was to satisfy Jeanseau as the voting had started, and Mécra only had 40 votes, and losing one was to annihilate his hopes… Too late, he passed and had consigned his vote… “Tarente” would exclaim himself Mécra, move in a hurry to reach the side of the Assembly where the man was, something Jeanseau would try to prevent a bit, but was to pass quickly and reach the other wing area where the Conservatives were. “Monsieur le Député de la Xème Circonscription Tarente” would call the Présidente for asking the vote, Mécra would stand there, as Tarente was sit down, clearly giving him an incredible pressure by the regard and his hand gripping the sit, along his jaw do not bother. “Voting for Mécra” would simply exclaim Tarente, ensuring his position still in the Government and releasing an incredible pressure. Tired of this, Mécra would slowly reach back his sit, before hearing the results, “Motion for Dictatorship, results are, D’Herbecourt, 6 votes, Marrinaine, 0 vote, Mécra…” the suspense, of such activity and intense work over the last hour, and months of preparation, “40 votes, Regestron, 0 vote, Wesly, 0 vote, 4 abstains. The Député de la Ième Circonscription Charles André Alexandre Mécra is nominated Dictateur for a mandate of 5 months”.
  4. Crisis in the Assemblée Nationale

    A journalist, standing along a dozen of televisions in front of the Assemblée Nationale, covered by snow, this situation was no exception given the recent announcements made by Charlotte Montsang, “Public services shall work slowly given the recent situations announced by the Ministre des Affaires Intérieures et Économiques Madame Montsang. Effectively, major bankrupt of the Government-owned company Aérospatiale have been announced a few days ago in public session of Madame la Ministre, giving a major fear to foreign investors which fear the collapse of the Lysian economy, from which the aerospace industry is the main export and job-creator in the Republic. The DG of Aérospatiale has re-assured that the company will not be out of its budget and maintain balance for another two years before being out of credits. Question to bring up, however, is, how may this have been possible?”. In front of the Palais Condorre, the residence of the Président du Conseil, a journalist was standing there, with even more cameras and journalists than the Assemblée Nationale, along very turbulent manifests, as it was snowing harder and harder as the minutes' pass. “Président du Conseil Mécra coming back from Morheim is a non-event, given the hard economical context, it seems the Président du Conseil have put the Republic in the last 2 and half years. A deficit of 40 billions has been announced for the year CCXXV, while it previously was of “only” 2 billions for the year CCXXIV. Accounts and explanations are publicly requested for such great deficit for a nation as small as the Republic of Fleur de Lys. The Affaire Saint-Étienne have completely been eclipsed by the new scandal of the Lysian budget. Once the Président du Conseil would have given his accounts to the Assemblée Nationale, which is normally the one deciding of the budget, it is most likely that Président du Conseil Mécra shall be dismissed from his office. For the moment, no official comment has emanated from the office”. All the planned agendas for the next days in the Assemblée Nationale have been pulled aside, as the Assembly is working half-speed, voting and debating only urgent matters, but the rest of the day consisting of long-debates and reports from commissions, and commissions… And investigations reports naturally. Inside the Assembly, the energy has been at a high level since Montsang’s declaration, this was now the time for Jeanseau, the Député de la XXXIII Circonscription, a well-known influencer of the Assembly along a good-speaker, he arrived at the desk, doing his greetings as the protocol demands, “Madame la Présidente, Monsieur le Chef de Séance, Monsieur le Ministre des Affaires Intérieures et Économiques, Mesdames et Messieurs les Députés” he would clear his throat, “I am scandalised like all the honourables Deputé(e)s you are, I think to have nothing to add to all the previous declarations of my colleagues. From the opposition Parties of my beliefs to the Majority holding this Assembly, to the Allies of the Party I am attached to, and to my own Party… We all find this inadmissible and for a good reason. Which is why, I ask to place a vote for the dismissal of the Président du Conseil right after Mécra’s speech tomorrow afternoon Monsieur le Chef de Séance”, creating a massive wave of support in the Assembly, which the Présidente de l’Assemblée Nationale Sassant would shut by expressing her usual will for order. The Chef de Séance, being directly called, would answer positively to Jeanseau’s request given the large support. “Merci Madame la Présidente, Monsieur le Chef de Séance, Monsieur le Ministre des Affaires Intérieures et Économiques, Mesdames et Messieurs les Députés” he finished his short speech, bowing slightly and leaving the desk, working everything out to get the Parti Républicain on track again, and who knows maybe? Getting the Office of the Président du Conseil?
  5. Timezones

    Fleur de Lys shall use only rightfully Metric Time!
  6. ATARA Founding Ceremony

    This was more a parade than anything else, passing in front of cameras and showing-off, this was to be this at Anne-Marie Montcarles’ time, you only had a few serious cameras being around, and journalists respectful, respecting the line you would have with the guests, but such manners have been forgotten, Anne-Marie certainly have lose her abilities to talk to the camera over the years, but still had her determination for representing Fleur de Lys, and considering this mission as her new and most likely, last job, as she was already 71 years old while the retiring age was of 60 in Fleur de Lys, something which showed clearly her passion for what she was doing, along her wish to remain at the service of the Republic. As the delegates would gather in a room, Tomas-Morra would open for what would become the meal of the guests, it was well-known that Iverican Gastronomy was the most passionate in this other World far away from the Europan Continent. This would be only a polite lunch, fortunately for Anne-Marie which, looking high from her many years, could no longer stand those heavy and long meals. The newly appointed and soon Ambassador to the ARATA (or ATARA) was pleased to have next to her Sir Francesco Datena, one of the well-known father of the modern Cristina, which would be the main support of the new Cristina Constitution and its good resolution against Mantella. Side-talks of the event would pursue even further as ISTC is quoted multiples times, with the pleasant Tumbleweed along Prymontian representatives attending the even. Anne-Marie would also notice the Astriedan delegate, which she would gladly salute and exchange a few words with, as the two nations just had a recent contract over the Astriedan Air Security new fighters, a next-generation fighter, the Éclair which shall be from now on the protector of Astriedan skies and light. At 00:48:16, Lysian time, Madame Montcarles would officially take place in the room and made her few steps towards the stage floor. Photographers would take a few shots, as she would pursue her advance. Quietly, being most like, with the notable exception of her two bodyguards, were the only Lysians in the room, as this affair was seen as a faraway matter from the Republic’s perspective, even if sharing heavy interests in having greater ties with Iverica, which was considered as the most reliable nation on this continent, and which the Republic shared its beliefs and values. In the total silence, Madame Montcarles would sit, take out of her jacket her fountain pen and sign the Charter, the various versions of it as it has been translated. This was no engagement of the Republic, as even if the Assemblée Nationale had appointed Madame Montcarles as Ambassador, and she was to sign the ATARA Charter, the Assemblée Nationale would have to confirm through a vote to make the Republic of Fleur de Lys a ratifier of this Charter, making her signature, for now, most symbolic, as after all, and hopefully, the ratification by the Assemblée Nationale, would be most likely a courtesy. Thus Fleur de Lys would join the signatories of the ATARA Charter, without a word spoken.
  7. [HELP] Currency?

    Let's be serious there Gentlemen, shall we? NSE is just garbage when coming to the economy, and just for a simple and fair reason, that it's not linked with our RP at all (in addition to numbers skyrocketing as h*ll). I know that for the Lysian Economy at least, it needs to have a currency exchange under the USD, making the “1 Franc = $1.3260” perfectly abnormal and ruining my RP. Plus most people think it's cool to have strong currencies, while in reality, it's not, and currencies are there to maintain stability in international trade, something China has been cheating on for a while, and that the Members of the Eurozone are taking right in their head (looking right at you Franco-German couple). Now, in RP, the Lysian would prefer to rely on “1 Franc = 1 Croissant” rather then Monarchists Orioni currency. I personally in all my others RP uses the USD as it's a currency many people around the globe know and it's easy to refer to.
  8. Map v4: Applications & Releases

    Honourable Cartographer of Europa Region, This is the Belgian Bureaucracy which forced me to write you down such application, I was hoping in all sincerity that, being in an international context and matter, I shall see lack of this Bureaucracy the French belove and pamper, even if they daily criticise and complain about it, but as Napoléon I said, “It is in the French character to exaggerate, to complain and to disfigure everything as soon as one is dissatisfied”, making Bureaucracy a piece of choice when coming to the production of daily complaint. This is so with regret that my dear surprise shall no longer be a surprise or at least the shadow of what it shall have been. Effectively, observing and admiring since a few months the geopolitical situation of this World, I may find only lack of balance when coming to economy (particularly when coming to aerospace industry), which, with all humility (and lack of power) I shall accept, however unlike my Cousins at Waterloo, difficulties are to be seen as opportunities, and so this is what this questioning that I started a month ago about the future of the nation I am currently RPing, respectively the République de Fleur de Lys, to see a new path, which I never exactly truly experimented, which is why I shall make my second map claim ever, by introducing to your impertinent and villainious eyes, an abonimation of unsuited graphics and sick geography which I hope you will apologise me in the future. Now if you were to question how I am to introduce this to the international community, a man (woman being far too intelligent for such) with a simple mind may legitimately say that those are his natural borders, or again just let appear that this would draw a far better map beyond imagination with those lines following a patterns, I am not, however, which is why I used (and lacked) all my credulity in this roleplay in order to properly insert this one to our dear and fellow friends -and enemies-. Would blood pour? Of that, I cannot put myself in guarantee of the future of my story, what I may do however is ensure of my best will for the introduction of my application to our simulation, and the promise of bringing more complex geopolitics in the game along -and I know you love it- longer French names and demonym which are longer then the sentence I am currently writing and which just definite small enterprises or titles for a few well-paid politicians at the service of themselves (and of Lysians citizens, sometimes). This is my hope that this well-written -even if that is certainly not up to me to judge- text would compliment the Honourable Cartographer and let me access to this new damn map version with the benediction of my beloved neighbours of Magnaeus, Cristina and Mantella. Do not look at the spoiler except if you have the read the text you filthy bastard. Scincerely yours,
  9. A Cultural Exchange

    Autun would comment “Is milk possible? Thanks” he would demand. As the two Lysians would be served coffee, they would see Monsieur Valentino… Experiment? No? Is such thing even possible? As the two Lysians would have in their moved their intention from the tray back to Monsieur Valentino, they would fix him with their eyes as he was making his mixture, being paralysed for a few seconds by looking him putting wine, coffee and what seems to be sugar, and mixing it in a glass. This lets the Lysians without a word, being pulled out of the context as they would see such infamy just done right in front of their eyes, Richard would quickly come back on Earth, but Autun was now away with his thoughts and love to believe that this wine was just vinegar… It surely must be. But we would also become sick just of imaging the taste this may have, making him nauseate and putting aside his cup of coffee from his mouth, but smelling it before in hope they haven’t put anything particularly like Valentino just did. But the smell of the coffee sounded right, which would permit Autun to sip a bite, as it would put him back on track after this passing nauseate. “Oh” let escape from his mouth Richard as he was hearing Valentino comment on executing people… A certainly uncivilised practice which was only pursued in retarded nations, without any judgement naturally. Autun might well see that this coffee-wine mixture had something else in it, as Valentino’s pupils dilated massively, something which, Autun would have to admit, made him question the reliability of such man when coming to drugs, a healthy lifestyle is preferable, at least from Lysian perspective, then a stressed under drug usage lifestyle. “And John, how are those authorities defined? And appointed by whom?” question with perfect curiosity Autun, without any judgement or acclamation, he was curious where the Republic word would appear in this, or if it was only a technocracy in the end.
  10. Trilateral trade proposal

    As usual, the Chef Sommelier would arrive at the table, at the right of “the man”, serving him in a Bourgogne white wine glass, in order to taste, as the custody wish, this was the tradition. A fine and delicate jet was served, making most Lysians around the table waiting for Mécra to test it, and allow it to be served or not, if this would suit the second entry which was to be served, the Langoustines. Mécra will have to admit that he was to enjoy better the nose of the wine rather than the actual taste when coming to the red wines, however, this was a Chassagne Montrachet, coming from the wet regions, having enjoyed the very mineral grounds of the continent. Mécra would try to reach the nose of the wine, however when coming to temperature the white wines were the most awful in this category, the same about humidity, Mécra would then put back on the table the glass, in order to take the glass at the coupe instead of the foot of the glass, in order to warm it a bit, something which normally wasn’t necessary, a little gesture everybody would notice, making clear that the ice buckets would have to stand away from the bottles for a fair moment. He brought again the glass in order to smell it, penetrate its influence, and after a couple seconds couldn’t resist but to taste it. “Parfait” he reassured with a quiet air and tone, “However, maintain it at 13°” he would demand, having a sign of approval from the Chef Sommelier, which will call for serving the guests. Youngest Ladies were the first to be served, following my more aged Ladies, then youngest Gentlemen, more aged Gentlemen and in the end Mécra as the rule demand. The most amusing part of a dinner like this, is to see the various table cutlery changing with a maximum of three on each side, bringing the various ways also of eating a meal in question, for the first entry, the question would be, using the cuillère à poisson? Or more likely the cuillère à caviar? And what about the usage of the fourchette? To each his way, but just by the manner of observing how somebody is to eat, you shall learn more than a thing. But as Mécra would have to make the hard choice of which utensil to use, he would get asked a question most normal when coming to a diplomatic summit, something Mécra seems to have forgotten a bit as he was called back by the Ambassador, Juliette, a few moments ago. “Peace is not comparable to a precious object that belongs to us. It must always be conquered” quoted Mécra, “And this is what I intend to do” he said with a smile, knowing too much that economic ties between nations, would ensure the risk of war to be totally put aside, and considered as madness if ever quoted. Certainly, @Magnaeus , @Cristina and Fleur de Lys have a cordial and even friendly relationship today, but History showed much how degradation can be fast. “Your Majesty is certainly anything but rude” charmed Mécra at Nova’s comment on herself as he looked her, he would turn his eyes back forward him just as he was looking outside the room, “I have placed too, my trust in this conference” he would add, acknowledging the importance of what they were doing. He would turn again back to Nova, “Open borders and suppression of customs taxes are on the agenda of the Lysian delegation” he affirmed, “With the sweet dream of a common currency” he would compliment his last sentence with. Many may criticise the Eternal Empire, as for the fair internal rivalries, but which proper Empire didn’t have some? He wasn’t exactly somebody fond of a re-establishment of an Eternal Empire, but more of an open and active community of state which would share beliefs and their vision of the World, something Fleur de Lys has been acting towards with the ISTC, but was also hoping to develop with its direct neighbours and economically. Mécra didn’t saw all of this for going to internationalisation for internationalisation, but for giving a better chance to a better daily life for the citizens, travelling and discovering other cultures with more eases, ensuring stability of the economy, and not having it blow up at the first hesitation, all those thoughts made Mécra dive deep into his beliefs, rehashing his first words as he, for the first time, acted as a politician. The Langoustines were to be dismissed by the servers, and the 3rd entry, giving more towards the Byzantine Sea was to arrive. “The Queen” would deny to the Chef Sommelier as he would show the etiquette of the bottle, before serving a jet for tasting the wine. It was a Gaja, the best people around the table to comment it certainly was the Cristineses, making Mécra also refuse to taste it as he was starting to see that he may have taken a bit too much place in the choice of the menu and that those were sticking to Lysians lore as we were in an international context. The Chef Sommelier would slightly pass behind Mécra, and arrive at the right of Queen Nova, showing the étiquette, waiting for an approval of the head of Her Majesty, before putting on the table an Italian wine glass and serving a jet in order to get the validation for service from Her Majesty.
  11. A Cultural Exchange

    This looked like one of those romantic paintings, from those artists which were unforgettable and would forever fascinate their environment. Much care was put in the place Autun and Richard were advancing in, forgetting all their issues back home, where a war was currently going on, as Autun would largely focus over his question to know his host’s position and the context of the nation he was in. He would have to admit that John’s answer was poor and totally free to interpretation, but Autun was used enough of those contexts to pull a lesson from that, which would make grow a though in Autun’s mind about how particularly do they deal with corruption, honour, respect for laws, he would look forward to getting more answers but knew he would need to be patient and let the journey driving him where he was needed. Richard was shocked by the term of “lesser nations” used by Monsieur Valentino, as he was following closely the two, and Autun would see such thing as he would take a discreet look backwards in order to see if Richard was catching up. Autun would make, following this, a discreet regard at Richard, along with a sign with his hand of slowing down his speed, letting some privacy install itself between John and François in order to pursue their walk while talking further about John’s means. Richard would focus his attention to the horizon, giving a view from above of a sea, with the numerous boats and cruise ships leaving or arriving at the harbour, as there were many accosted, trying to have his hears listen as little as possible of the talks, or at least, listening to it, but making himself small in the talks. John’s definition of Asgeirrian freedom was to intrigue Autun, “You mean that you have referendums defining the evolutions of laws instead of leaders?” he wondered, lack of intelligence of @Asgeirria not helping in this situation certainly. Or was the meaning quite the opposite in fact? That citizens of Asgeirria didn’t really have their word to say in the political context and future of their nation, in all cases, Autun would have to remain impartial and certainly not a partisan of at-all-cost freedom of expression and political movements. As the three arrived in front of two guards, coming with a tray, this would make Richard remember himself his experience with Volga Nizhny which have been quite disturbing when coming to weapons, but with that, he was cured for life. And when coming to Autun, he had the experience, having served as every proper Lysian in the military, and having been deployed in hot spot as a diplomat. “With pleasure” addressed Autun to the refreshment offer, “Coffee for the Presidency” commented Autun with a touch of humour, “And it shall be coffee for the Ministry of External and Commercial Affairs, merci” added Richard with a smile as he would jump back with the two men, “I know, Lysians have long names. Which is why we prefer the use of initials” ironised Richard with a smile as he would take a cookie, bite a little part in order to taste and pursue his degustation. Autun was more than delighted to see what would the coffee taste here in Asgeirria, being himself a great amateur, and naturally, a consumer.
  12. Ways to Divide Your Nation

  13. Crisis in the Assemblée Nationale

    Charlotte Montsang was very much dedicated to her work, she was in her office since 5 in the morning, she had since a few days issues finding sleep, it was understandable with all the events going on, she was, certainly not one of the few, surprised that Mécra haven’t been destitute yet. Maybe they were waiting for him to come back in Lyrie, in the Assemblée Nationale in order to bring the Motion and give him a public and heavy humiliation, something he would have to do soon or later. As Minister of Interior, Charlotte didn’t know to which side bend to, she was independent politically, the reason why she has been appointed often at offices by multiples parties, she would generally bring consensus when coming to nominate an economic expert, it’s simple, you couldn’t fall in better hands. Her work was to be disturbed by the phone ringing, “Yes?” she asked as she was pressing a button allowing her to heard what her secretary would announce her. “Madame la Ministre, you have Monsieur le Président du Conseil on the line” she announced her, letting Charlotte in a certain silence for a couple seconds, thinking… “Pass me him, on a secure channel” she ordered, as she would click on another button and unhook the phone. “Monsieur le Président du Conseil” she would start, “Madame la Ministre” would salute at his turn Mécra. “It is a pleasure to hear you from the Old Europa” would comment with satisfaction Mécra. Charlotte Montsang was naturally noticing this satisfying tone Mécra had, something she was careful about, and was to begin to think that he had a plan, after all, news of Édouard Laloux having joined him in Morheim were spread on all covers of the newspapers as everybody was wondering Mécra final answer, it made now two days since Richard’s speech and leak of informations. “How is your Excellency?” Questioned Montsang, “On ne peut plus en forme !” responded quickly Mécra with enthusiasm, “How about your Excellency?” he asked to his turn, “I must admit Monsieur, that the situation is starting to be a bit out of the control, particularly the press and the Assembly. The Directoire is waiting your move before acting” she resumed, “Good, good…” may heard Montsang, wondering even more what he had in mind, clearly a night with Laloux made him get strength back it seems, as the journalists had tried to interview him in Morheim yesterday, he looked desesperated. He must have find something much interesting, making Montsang willing to move on Mécra’s side, even if from all the previous crisis like this, the Assemblée Nationale always had the last word and prevailed, however, this man basically owned the Assemblée Nationale, and he would just need to remember to those Deputés from Mécra’s Party, Société Ouverte, to who they own their seat to, yes, Montsang started seeing potential, but would that be enough? “Madame la Ministre, I wish to let you know that I admire your work, as you have lead the Ministère des Affaires Intérieures et Économiques those two and half years under my Presidency, and that, I would perfectly understand if you were to not follow me on that one, as you’re independent, detached from any beliefs, just there, following and catching the best for our Republic” he then marked a pause, leaving Montsang not really knowing what to respond, only after a few seconds thinking a “Merci Monsieur” which she said with a hesitating tone. “I want like you to state in bankruptcy Aérospatiale, and an announced liquidation for 200 billions Francs, including its subsidiaries. You shall also declare a 40 billions Francs deficit for the CCXXV year. Also arrange an incident in the military, that shall crown it all. I do not care how you do this, but you shall have the Alexandrie Services at your disposal. I want all of this done when I return to Fleur de Lys. May I count on you?” asked Mécra, as he knew he just gave charges against him for high-treason to somebody he didn’t knew if she was to follow him. Montsang wasn’t shock as we may imagine, she was starting to understand where Mécra would like to go, and that even if those numbers were faked, the panic it would create… As Minister of Interior she had the perfect position for those three points, “I suppose more tasks to come?” She demanded, “Yes” simply replied Mécra. “At your service Monsieur” she dryly responded. “The day is just starting for your Madame. Bien à vous” he stopped the call. “First wave is launched” commented at the same time Charles Mécra as he put back his phone in his jacket, looking at Édouard, “You’re truly a villain” joked Édouard, “Not as much as you” flirted Charles. “How do I look?” Charles asked as the two were to move in town in order to dinner, Édouard would approach a bit, inclining the head in order to see more details, he would put his hands on Charles’ shoulders, “Marvellous” he would simply comment, leaving the two a few seconds of intimacy. “Shall we talk about the Renseignements Généraux?” retook Édouard as he would turn back and move in order to take his heavy coat. “What about them?” questioned Charles, “Richard betrayed you, that was previsible, which is why it was needed that he had no informations when coming to those Ahranans. The question might just be how he got this information then?” concluded Édouard as he would fit his coat and move out his gloves. “A downpour of the Renseignements Généraux would participate in the panic and general confusion, plus eradicating traitors” he said, as he would pass in front of Charles on our way towards the door, giving him a friendly tap on his arm, this was clearly why Charles loved Édouard, he was like him, splendid in the outside, but if you ever betrayed him, he would use all the means he have to repel and answer properly, and a duel wasn’t enough. Charles was wondering, wondering what to do in order to come back stronger then the crisis he was creating and throwing himself in, as if you are getting down, get as much down as possible, as deep as possible, suffocate while you can, in order to rise more victorious and glorified then ever, this was what Charles Mécra, Président du Conseil would do, in order to pursue his Presidency.
  14. Antargic Adventures at Simon Station

    -03 LT 044012 MT 
Quintidi XXV Nivôse CCXXVI
 Station Alpha, Terre Liberté, Antargis 
-4.8°C Initiative Scientifique Trans-Continentale : Station Alpha 
Informations Nom : Vongirard Prénom : Marlène Sexe : Female Âge : 27 Nationalité : Lysian Profession : Chef Pâtissière Specialité : Soufflé Grand Marnier This was it, a long way across seas and oceans to land there, effectively after having broken up with her boyfriend after a 6 years old relationship, this may happen, a life mistake, from which she was hoping to learn from. She since a few months of the breakup, decided to take a sabbatical year, for now, she has been traveling in Kualoa, Miiros, Orioni, Futanarien and @Sunset Sea Islands , fortunately for her she had enough resources accumulated with her previous years for allowing those expenses, after all, she was the youngest ever named “Premier Pâtissier de Fleur de Lys”, a title lusted by many. She had stopped practicing her art and passion for a few months now, and she doesn’t know how, but the Lysian administration still called her services, as effectively you’re obligated as a Lysian citizen to serve a month each 5 years in the Army, with a 1 year service along classes between 19 and 20, something pushing teenagers to go in the fields they wished and to learn more about active life. 1 month, that’s how long she was supposed to serve, and knowing her historic, the Lysians, naturally aware that international cooperation means a sick stomach, had thought of her in order to lead the most important part in a meal, even more, when it’s -5° outside. Marlène may have declined, after all, she had still 3 years more to do her 1-month service, but being in the optic of travelling and discovering new parts of the World, she couldn’t resist but to accept. Lysians absolutely wished their liaisons to be on site, making a few engineers personnel being stationed in a rather very light airport, from where the supplies would arrive, and where our dear Marlène would land with all the cooking personnel. A woman in the cuisine, this was stereotypical some may think, but in reality -at least in Fleur de Lys- the cuisines were mainly a man-dominated sector, making Marlène the only woman in her group while when coming to Lysians scientists it was a bit the other way around. Those expenses were great for the Lysian Government, even if all of this was part of an international cooperation program, the ISTC, and Lysians couldn’t just consider having their scientists starving in Antargis, the reason of such deployment by Marlène. The first thing we may naturally observe was when she got out of the plane, how cold it naturally was, she had no training in such conditions, as her job would be mainly to remain inside for a month, she may imagine already the wonderful plates she would accomplish, knowing that the Lysians were very careful on budget, but with one little exception, and this one was the cuisine, those had no imposed budget on the contrary of all the other services, making the greatest Chefs enjoy of their military service to, at the expense of the state, test the plate of tomorrow. 5, that’s how many they shall be in the cuisine, a Chef de Cuisine and his Second, Chef de Partie, Boulanger and Pâtissier, this was it, and eventually one of the Member of the Lysian team agreed to play the Chef Sommelier role during the restorations times. Lysians had many things in their bags, as effectively Lysian rules fully authorised the consumption of alcohol, something which wasn’t spread in all entities, at least they knew they may try to convert some Sunset Sea Islandians to such behaviour in order to confort themselves from the unsual cold climate standing right outside the doors of the base. Marlène would enjoy the variety of the people there, coming from 4 different nations, and was rather amused by how the Lysians handled the situation when coming to Simon Station, calling it with a heavy accent Station Alpha, the same when coming to King Tomasso Land being translated as Terre Liberté which Lysians had strict orders to use as only legitimate wording, at least in Lysian but even when speaking English, this was part of Fleur de Lys bad history with Monarchies. In all the activity, she was, with a couple of others, carry the supplies for the cuisines to the base. “One positive point, we won’t need a fridge” ironised one of the crew members. “Citoyen Vongirard ?” Asked a man as he would stop Marlène going back to the plane in order to carry few boxes back, “Yeah?” She wondered as she would look at the man had called her, “Capitaine” she would express as she would discover his rank, “We will in a couple days launch an expedition in order to carry data more deep in the continent, was wondering if you were interested to be part of it?” Asked the man, “Affirmative” re-affirmed Marlène, “Have you been trained to extreme cold conditions terrains?” Questioned the man, “Naturally” she lied, “Good, will come to you later with more pieces of information citizen. Have fun to socialise” he stated, showing with his arm the multiples people moving all around, with @Magnaeus being as always very ordered and thorough in their installations, while @Prymont were the one moving all around with ease, considering this foolish climate to be normal and like home.
  15. Crisis in the Assemblée Nationale

    “Hey” addressed with a charming smile Édouard Laloux, as he would slightly open the door giving to Charles Mécra’s bedroom in the apartment he occupied just for the time being for the conference in Morheim about a cultural exchange treaty. He was seating there, fixing his regard to a painting, sitting on a little bench, a little bend forward, as he had his two hands supporting his face. Édouard just entered and made a few steps from the door giving on Charles’ right, at 4 hours. He steps forward, seeing well Charles was preoccupied, as he was focusing on his thoughts. Édouard would let expire a crotchet rest, as he knew well what Charles was preoccupied about, he looked at him a couple seconds as he was standing just one meter away from him, and then, moved in order to seat right next to him on the little bench. He put his hand on his thigh as a way to give him consolation and energy, “You know, it can happen, as Président du Conseil, it was inevitable” he addressed, trying to help Charles through his thoughts. “No” dryly responded Charles as he still maintained his regard to the painting right in front of him, just wall mounted, up of his bed. Édouard gesticulated a bit, “Face reality Charles, you’ll have to resign, this won’t pass” he commented, willing Charles to do the mourning of his Presidency. Charles forthwith turned his head to Édouard, letting his arm fall from either side of his body, “Gregorion have been Président du Conseil during 32 years, and Dictator during 2 full years” he responded, showing how angry and annoyed by the situation he was with the tone he used with his lover. “This was another time” calmed Édouard, as he would put both his hands on Charles’ right hand, “He was a leader, thanks to him we won the First World War… If only we had somebody similar to him during the Second one…” regretted Charles, as he was rehashing History, “You have made a mistake, and even if you ignore it, and don’t resign, you shall be dismissed” explained again the reality quietly Édouard, a reality Charles was too much aware of, but which he refused to see, to recognise. “This was another time… Yes…” remembered himself Charles at Édouard’s word, when coming to Gregorion’s example. “Are you with me?” Asked Charles as he turned a bit his body towards Édouard’s direction, and took both his hands, “À jamais” smiled Édouard as he would kiss Charles.