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  1. This is A-N-N. Today is Thursday, June 8th, 80 AUR The Confederate Senate today announced their intentions to continue to expand the military influence in the region and to begin announcing intentions on an international scale. Typically the Confederacy has enacted a policy of internal and external isolation, refusing and often completely rejecting interaction with the outside world. Recently, however, the government seems to be changing that approach. "A new day is dawning," the Chief of Staff was quoted as saying, "we, as a nation, can no longer exist in isolation and expect ourselves to continue to prosper under such policies and laws that prohibit the expansion of our great nations economic prowess. It may not happen today, or tomorrow, but you can expect soon that we shall announce ourselves to the world at large as a participating member of the international community." Other members of government were not available for further comment. More at Six. This is A-N-N.
  2. Greetings from the Confederate States of Anagonia!
  3. Relevant links: Nation: https://nationstates.net/anagonia Factbook (Nationstates): Factbook
  4. Thank you very much for your welcome! I will eagerly look into it. I have had such little time to assimilate since....what happened that it's been a rush. Yes we did! I am very happy with our discussions. Thank you so much. I am into RP! It's why I'm here! I noted you said "your own world". Now is this world in the same universe as Earth is on NS, I wonder? If so, would I still be able to RP my dual existance as FT/MT and perhaps a rise to FT here? If not I can strictly stick to MT. It's no issue! I would love to join in somehow! So long as I'm giving advanced notice on what I need to do, I would love to contribute somehow! I'm sorry I'm starting off so slow!
  5. Hello to everyone in Europa! Firstly, I'd like to establish how I got here. I have been looking for an RP dedicated region for some time now. I joined The West Pacific not too long ago, but it wasn't as dedicated as I would have liked it to be. We had a few disagreements on policies, but overall it wasn't a bad experience. During this time I had my eye trained on finding other RP dedicated regions. There was a lot out there! Finally, when the time came to depart The West Pacific, I stumbled on your region. I'm very happy I did! It's extremely pleasant and wonderful, and has a very good atmosphere to it. Already I've been assisted with a few issues by some of your members and I greatly extend my thanks once again! I'd like to state in second my limitations. I am a truck driver and I post on a weekly basis; I post once a day per week, or depending if I'm not busy, a few times a week, but overall this is my schedule. I deeply, humbly apologize if this will become a future problem for anyone I highly encourage you to talk with me so we can work anything out. After experiencing the warm welcome I did earlier, I doubt any issues will arise due to lack of communication. You guys seem awesome. Lastly, I'd like to go into detail on why I'm here. The Confederate States of Anagonia revolves around the question of many "what-if's" that I've asked myself over the years. It was a nation, first founded around 2002-2003, that started as a Republic. Over the decade, it evolved as I evolved, and was left to itself many times as I became busy or dealt with life issues. Overall, it has survived pretty well, but recently I've had to go back and troubleshoot a lot of continuity errors. Here's a link to the continuity thread, which also serves as my point of reference for canon threads. As you can tell from that link, I enjoy role playing on the forums. However I've noticed you have a good dedication to role playing on your own forums. I am not against this and will be happy to partake. I eagerly want a place to expand the continuity of Anagonia, to properly fix it, to get it back running and make sense again. That is, ultimately, why I am here. On a side note, I am anticipating going into FT at some point. I will do this in a way that allows me to continue to have a MT counter-part, but it must be done on a delicate scale. I've already started on this process here. I am very aware of what godmodding is, and I give you my word that once this cycle is complete I will not use this canon leap to my advantage in any MT arena. I eagerly look forward to working with anyone that wants to work with me. Your region seems so friendly and welcoming. I am a hardhead at times, and I hope that doesn't become a bother. Thank you for having me. Link to Factbook(Nationstates): Factbook Link to Nation(Nationstates): The Confederate States of Anagonia
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