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  1. Inauguration of the Technocratic Constitution of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands This day, June 1st, 2019 marks the end of an era of chaos for the Sunset Sea Islands. It marks the end of the transformation the nation has undergone since the '17 Sorrows shook it to its core. A waking call that should forevermore make the citizens of the Sunset Sea Islands aware of the world we are living in, the delicate societal and environmental structures that shape the lives of every one of us. Like a phoenix, the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands has risen from the ashes of the kingdom of the past. For the past nineteen months, the phoenix had stretched its wings and shaken off the dust from its feathers, now, however, it takes flight. After a month of intense work, the Constitutional Assembly formed by the Party of Radiance has debated and created a new constitution for the Radiant Republic, which comes into effect with this day. It is the manifestation of both technocratic and democratic ideals, combining the efficient governance and striving for innovation forming the core tenets of technocracy with elements of liquid and direct democracy which shall make the voice of the people heard to the experts in government. The new constitution, however, does not only organise the new organs of the state, but it also sets the rights of the individual in stone. It formulates how freedom of thought and expression can be brought in accordance with protecting the physical integrity of individuals and the integrity of the state itself. It describes the new work cycle, which was designed to improve both production efficiency and worker health and well-being. It overhauls the education system to not only let our children excel in academic studies but also to let them develop into model citizens which strive towards a peaceful and harmonic society. Furthermore, it turns what was agreed to at the Laren Agreements into irrefutable law, dedicating itself to the abolition of fossil fuels and strict environmental protection to prevent our planet from falling into a downward spiral of unstoppable global warming. To celebrate the inauguration of the technocratic constitution of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, First Speaker Gao He Ping held a speech at the central ceremony in Sunset City to the eyes of a live audience of tens of thousands of citizens and tens of millions more at home. "Every one of us has had somebody they look up to. Whether it was a parent, a teacher, or a celebrity, every one of us has had a personal hero. These people, whoever they might be, represent an idea, a vision that resonates deep within us, infusing us with awe and respect for their accomplishments and the potential they turn into actions. Visions are what guides us forwards. Without visions, had men decided to sail the seas in search of new continents? Without visions, had men set foot on the Mun? Without visions, what is the reason to live? This dilemma, however, does not only concern individuals, but it is also of utmost importance to every single nation on the planet. Without a vision the people can unite under, crime and political apathy grow rampant. Without a vision, people quench their thirst for fulfilment with meaningless consumption and material goods, neglecting the greater good of human society and the planet as a whole. Some nations, however, uphold the ideals that guide them and seize the fire that burns within their souls. There are dozens of nations on this planet that chose a form of socialism or communism as their guiding star on their path to ascension. Noble goals such as peace and equality for every human in this world are what motivates their citizens to get up in the morning and what motivates them to fight relentlessly until these noble goals have been achieved. Whilst the path we have chosen might be different, we still share core values. Equality and wealth for every citizen of our nation, a long, prosperous life free of the fear of crime, violence and disease. Our path, the path of technocracy, strives to resolve these problems through education and innovation. By streamlining our political system and dramatically improving working and learning conditions in our nation we induce a perfect environment for minds to prosper. Minds, that can find solutions to problems we cannot imagine in our wildest dreams. Only through the never-resting wheel of innovation can diseases be eradicated, crime stopped, the environment saved and prosperity achieved for everyone. Today, we commit to these goals. May the wish to build a better world through the means of science and technology be our guiding star, our vision that leads the way on our path to ascension, the path we call technocracy. Long live the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands!" Whilst the masses applauded, the national symphonic orchestra performed the national anthem and members of the TEYO, the newly founded Technocratic Youth Organisation, raised the new national flag of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. The boy and the girl were chosen by the earliest members of the TEYO for their long involvement in the formation of the technocratic youth movement that had started the discussion which led to the reconstitution of the nation which is now finally complete. Under the new flag, we celebrate the path we have committed to and the responsibilities that come with it. June 1st has been designated a national holiday, the "Constitution Day of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands". Long live the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands.
  2. A perfect opportunity for the relationships between our nations to grow. SSI humanitarian workers will gladly do their job alongside their Oyusard sisters and brothers.
  3. Either works, I'd say. It's up to you.
  4. Worker's Day on May 1st is celebrated in many countries, inculding me, @Fulgistan and probably a bunch of other (post)socialist nations. Also, Christmas is popular in the SSI as well, however, it is not a holiday. I'll send you new national holidays at the beginning of next month. Other abrahamitic holidays, such as Easter/Passover should be discussed with @Tagmatium Rules, @Sancti Imperii Catholico, @Tikva and the whole "origin of Christianity" gang.
  5. The assembly was unlike anything ever conducted in the Sunset Sea Islands. Even back in the days of the Empire of Mat Troi Lan, the emperor would never openly speak in front of the military and after the empire fell following the crushing defeat in the Thalassan War, there was no military the King could have addressed. Even though the Sovereign Empire of @Haruspex appeared to be modernising and opening itself to the wider world, centuries, maybe millennia of cemented imperial and martial traditions had shaped the nation into something truly exotic for a citizen of the Sunset Sea Islands. This culture shock was amplified even more by the lack of previous contact between the two nations. The delegation of the Radiant Republic found itself to be one of very few international guests. It was very unusual for representatives from the other end of the world to stand on the same stage as Haru and Adapton nobility, the Occidental nations were known to like to keep to themselves when they were not blockading Argic nations for a change of scenery. The new Emperor's speech was certainly portraying him to be a wise and charismatic leader. Although openly admitting to expansionist ideas was something rare in the political landscape of the Sunset Sea Islands, the delegation was involved enough in SSI politics to be aware of the plans of the Radiant Republic to exploit the humanitarian crisis in the neighbouring island nations that didn't manage to recover as well from the war as @Andalla, for example. However, the promise of not rekindling old conflicts and the invitation of Sunset Sea Islandian delegates to this monumental ceremony in the heart of Prathen was a clear sign that the Sovereign Empire was willing to cooperate more with the outside world. Maybe one day the Haru would also consider the Radiant Republic an ally, and, as all of the Sunset Sea Islandian diplomats knew, where there are good relations, there was prosperity for all the parties involved.
  6. Hmmm... sounds difficult to me. Sure, your government could claim that the people on the mainland are Selayari citizens, even though they might not be directly under your current control. The government-in-exile or whatever you have planned could also still claim that the capital remains on the mainland, even though it operates off the island. But RPing as if your expansion is already done and then RPing the expansion itself at some later point in time sounds dodgy to me. Pinging @Iverica and @Orioni for future reference.
  7. Just for future reference, I'd like to repeat that if you want to help @Iverica out by temporarily RPing as a state that's been taken over by Ivy, you're very much free to do so. However, for the time being, swapping nations is a no-go, as that would set a precedent for nations to go "oh yeah I got bored by my nation so now I want a new one" whenever they feel like it. My doctrine regarding that will always be to change your boring nation into one you don't find boring anymore (hey my tourist paradise is boring, let's turn it into a dystopian surveillance state). The emphasis is on temporarily. The time you spend helping Ivy out can be the time the victorious powers need to set up a post-war regime in @Derthalen. Once they're done setting it up (and you're done helping Ivy) you can come back to it and have a fresh start where you don't have to be the one nation the entire world gangs up against. Y'all just have to figure out what you want a post-war Derthaler nation to look like. That is very much acceptable. I'll unhide it if y'all want to take this plan of action, just ping or PM me once y'all have decided. Lastly, I'd like to mention that I am extremely positively impressed by Derth. (I always notice something's different when the inner voice I read posts in changes from the persona I assotiate the creator with.) In contrast to Adaptus (and to his own usual troll-born-150-years-late persona displayed on Discord), Derth has shown maturity and level-headedness in the post above. Enough sweet-talk, just wanted to praise this a little.
  8. First Projections Expected Soon Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It has been an exciting referendum day in the Sunset Sea Islands, with the inner cities abuzz with citizens on their way to the next polling station. It has been mere minutes since the last eligible voters licked their boxes and since the last offices closed their doors. We are expecting the first projections to be published any minute now. ...ah, this must be it. We will now announce the first projections of the results of the nation-wide referendum regarding the implementation of a technocratic government. The results are as follows: 98.8% of the eligible voters have participated in the referendum, which is the highest voter turnout for any election or referendum in the history of the Sunset Sea Islands. Out of these votes, 27.6% voted against the proposed reconstitution of the Sunset Sea Islands as a technocratic nation, whilst 71.2% of the votes have been cast in favour of it. Thereby the citizens of the Radiant Republic have accepted the referendum! It appears that the quote is only slightly higher than the results of the previous referendum regarding the implementation of a technocratic regional government in Tenma as a test phase. We will continue analysing these results later, but first, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed and Party Chairman Candidate Gao He Ping have announced a press conference. We will now go live to the press room in Yuyake 101, the seat of the national government in Sunset City. [The audience cheers as the Prime Minister, Theresa Tumbleweed, and the Party Chairman Candidate, Gao He Ping, enter the room and sit down in front of the auditorium] "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, citizens of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Island, listeners all around the world. As Prime Minister, I want to express my gratitude towards the people of this nation. An astonishing amount of people have followed the call to the voting booths and executed their civic responsibilities. It honours me to be the leader of a nation of politically active and aware individuals. Furthermore, both the future Chairman, Mr Gao He Ping, and I, have recognised and accepted the results of the referendum, which empowers us to change the nation for the better. As previously explained, I hereby announce my retirement as Prime Minister of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. My term will officially end on midnight on June first, 2019. During this month, the nation will enter the final phase of its transition process, finally ending the reformation period following the '17 sorrows which ended the era of the monarchy in the Sunset Sea Islands forevermore. Furthermore, we will hold factional elections to confirm Gao He Ping as the next chairman of the Party of Radiance, and thereby his position as the leader of the reformed, technocratic Sunset Sea Islands, whatever that position will be called. Once more, I would like to thank the people of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands for their ongoing support and their trust. Although my time as Prime Minister is nearing its end, I do not intend on ending my political career. May the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands find peace and prosperity for itself and its people on its path to Ascension. Good evening." [The audience cheers again, as uncountable cameras flash and reporters raise their hands to ask questions. Gao He Ping begins to speak.] "I too, wish to express my gratitude, for the citizens who participated in this referendum and for the people of the Radiant Republic in general, who are brave enough to venture onto this largely unknown path on our way to Ascension. Furthermore, I would like to thank the youth of this nation, which has shown its political maturity and its readiness to march fearlessly into the future. During this month of finalising the new constitution of our nation, I will advocate in favour of granting additional political responsibilities to the youth of our nation, similar to the model just recently introduced in @Llalta. Lastly, I would like to thank Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed for leading our nation through the chaos of the aftermath of an event that truly shook the foundations of this nation. I will do everything in my power to not disappoint her, or the people of this nation as the future leader of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. I would like to ask everyone to rise for the national anthem of the Radiant Republic." [The Prime Minister and the Party Chairman Candidate rise, followed by everyone in the room. A harp player begins to play.] [Everyone applauds, the Prime Minister and the Party Chairman Candidate leave the room as a lightning storm of camera flashes unleashes.]
  9. Referendum Day in the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands It has been twelve hours since the election offices opened in the morning. Since then, tens of millions of eligible citizens across the Radiant Republic have gone to their closest election office to have a say in the most influential public decision in the history of the Sunset Sea Islands. Should the referendum succeed, massive alterations can be made to the national constitution to change the nature of our nation towards a technocratic state. Additional vehicles were dispatched on all public transportation systems to manage the additional traffic. Whilst we wait for the offices to close at 19:00 and the subsequent projections, here is a recapitulation of the events of the past few months that led to the referendum. Over a year ago, discussions on political online forums and chatrooms concerning alternative forms of government gained mainstream attention following a massive debate organised by young Sunset Sea Islandians, alongside their peers from overseas. This movement of young citizens, demanding and demonstrating for higher qualification standards for government positions and the consideration of alternative, potentially more efficient political, economic and social structures, organised a multi-day open discussion with Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed in early April 2018. Meanwhile, the popularity of technocratic ideas spread across the nation and multiplied in places like the multicultural Manamana Canal site or the first completed neighbourhoods of Tenma. Three months later, these thoughts had reached mainstream popularity, both in the general population as well as in government circles, that was large enough to warrant a limited test run. The city of Tenma, built to be a perfect environment to nurture innovations and scientific progress, was chosen as the test subject by a referendum resulting with roughly 70% of votes cast in favour. The test phase began in mid-July. Initial public reactions were positive, especially the working class appreciated the new four-day work week, which attempted to guarantee uninterrupted productivity by companies dividing their workers into seven groups, each offset by one day. During the celebrations of the new year, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed held a speech concerning the future of the nation. The two most important aspects were the announcement of a series of legislative acts and public campaigns to face several problems facing the nation and the evaluation of the technocratic test run in Tenma. The Prime Minister announced this referendum and explained that whether or not the referendum will pass, this day will mark the end of her career as Prime Minister. Two weeks later, Gao He Ping announced his bid for the position of the Chairman of the Party of Radiance, which was founded by Theresa Tumbleweed to stabilise the nation after the '17 Sorrows. As the leader of the governing party will most likely take the Prime Minister's position following her abdication, Gao He Ping will most probably lead the nation after the referendum. In January, the rate of support for the referendum was at roughly 40%, but the number rose since then following a series of attempts made by counterprogressive forces to destabilise the nation from within and out. The list of these forces includes criminal elements, terroristic splinter cells and, unfortunately, also several nation-states in Alharu. During the last few months, several high-ranking members of the Party of Radiance, including Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed and Party Chairman Candidate Gao He Ping, participated in dozens of rallies and electoral campaign events. During the most recent speech, Gao He Ping addressed the youth of the nation, emphasising that this referendum is the result of the political activity of the youth of the Radiant Republic. The electoral offices are closing in under one hour, SSI NEWS will cover the publication of the first projections live.
  10. T H I S OOC planning of this war begun on Noverber 12th of last year. Your complaints about the lack of OOC planning are completely groundless, @Adaptus. You're only taking a dump on the whole project because you're pouting 'cause the mod team doesn't bow down and lick your boots after every complaint you make. This behaviour is unfair to @Derthalen who negotiated the terms of this war. You've had enough time to join the discussion. And for reference, the oh so unactive/uncaring admin/mod/mentor team is debating what to do with your post. Sure, your presence in the area could have proven extremely valuable in this conflict, but you've done jack shit to actively participate in the planning of this RP. You wasted your justification and locical reason for participating by absolutely ignoring the OOC planning you accuse this community of lacking. There was plenty of time to talk with the participants of this RP. Suddenly jumping in and claiming to f*ck everyone over, at least in my opinion, is worse than godmodding. Godmodding's what Enclave-like kids do, your behaviour, as an established and generally respected member of the community, is nothing but embarassing. This is the reason why I hate PvP war RPs. It's the same bullshit every time.
  11. Political Campaign on Finishing Line as Referendum Approaches As May 1st draws near, the electoral battle and political rallies are reaching their climax. During his most recent speech in attendance of many representatives of the young Technocrats responsible for many of the early Technocratic movements, Party Chairman Candidate Gao He Ping addressed the youth of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. "It would have been an honour to be the speaker of this nation and its people under any given circumstance, but nothing fills the heart of this sixty-six-year-old man with more pride that leading the political movement initiated by the intelligent, globally aware and politically interested youth of the Radiant Republic. In contrast to other elections in the past, this is not the established generation deciding the fate of the nation it will likely never see themselves, no, this election is a battle fought and won by the youth. A youth that has partaken in political debates in its free time, organised discussions and educated themselves, independently from their scholar education. A youth that has been brave enough to not only march on the streets for the future they believe in but also to reach out to high-ranking government officials. It was Your interest and Your vision for a better tomorrow that has moved our hearts and led us to walk the path less travelled by, and that has made all the difference. This referendum, this monumental decision, is the culmination of the efforts of our vigilant youth. A youth alert to dangers established politicians might not notice anymore. A youth that demands the voice of reason to be the guiding star of national politics. Truly, we are witnessing the dawn of an age in which the youth fights for the progressive policies necessary to lead a nation into the future and safeguards against the influence of conservative, counterprogressive groups from within and -out the nation, that want to keep it stagnant. This golden age is not only approaching our Radiant Republic, but we can also observe the youth waking up around the globe. And wherever they do so, we can plainly see how the nation flourishes with new life. One of the most recent examples would be the Queendom of @Morheim, where a young queen, a member of this golden youth, gathered the leaders of the free world to fight for the future of this planet Eurth. It is the youth who strive for eco-friendly policies, it is You, who see the faults of the previous generations who and aim to pass this world on to Your children in a better state than the one You have received it in. It is not only the voice of the youth of the Radiant Republic, but also that of @Shffahkia, who joined our condemnation of @Kipanese and @Rihannsu whaling, and that of @Soreana, which strives to ratify the Laren Agreement as fast as possible. It is the belief in common values, like protecting the environment, that unites the youth of all nations. This passion for the environment of the world we live in is a strong reason for the popularity and success of Technocracy. For decades, it has been the youth calling out to the government to listen to the scientists warning us of global warming. What, if not listening to the advice of scientists, is the quintessence of Technocracy? Once more, to the youth of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands: it was You who laid the foundations for this battle We are now fighting against the counterprogressive forces that want to keep this tired world stagnant. Youth of all nations, wake up! Youth of the Radiant Republic, this referendum is the decisive battle in the fight for Your future! Whether friends or family, the larger our numbers, the larger our chance for a prosperous future for all of us! Vote >>YES<< on the referendum on May 1st!" Meanwhile, political think tanks and special task forces have begun drafting a nationwide technocratic constitution based on the data generated from the "test run" in Tenma, however, the government is also preparing for the political fallout that could result from the referendum failing. Global Community Split on War in @Derthalen As the news of the war on the Confederated Empire of Derthalen spreads across the globe, more and more nations issue official reactions to the eruption of conflict in Æitiastain, the south-eastern region of Argis. The calls for immediate peace talks on neutral territory by the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands have been endorsed by the Republic @Rihan and the State of @Tikva who have expressed their support through their offices for foreign relations. However, not every nation is as supportive of our notion as the aforementioned ones. The Empire of @Tagmatium Rules has criticised the Radiant Republic for calling for peace talks, argumenting with the uncivilised practices of the Holy Empire which have led to the eruption of the war. In the same declaration, the Tagmatine Empire has furthermore diminished the efforts of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands to eliminate crime and to keep the population safe as "snooping". Disregarding the next in a series of Tagmatine denouncements of the internal politics of the Radiant Republic, the Sunset Sea Islands firmly stand behind their opinion that this conflict should be solved at a conference table and not on the battlefields, where thousands of innocent lives will be lost for the actions of a corrupt few. In other nations, however, the actions of one virtuous and righteous man have prevented more oil to be poured into the flames of this conflict and thereby saving countless lives: The courageous President of the Unified Socialist Republic of @North Dniester, V. Zieminski, vetoed the warmongering notion of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Dniester calling for the total annihilation of Derthalen. The Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands endorses this decision and is relieved to see that there are upright national leaders that will fight for peace even if their opponents are warmongering elements within their own government. Whether this schism between the President of the Unified Socialist Republic and the General Secretary of the Dniestrian Communist Party will have any further consequences remains to be seen. The Grand Duchy of @Limonaia, the Kingdom of @Seylos and the Workers Republic of @Fulgistan have used the attack of Derthaler slavers on a Limonaian cruise ship as a casus belli to declare war on the Holy Empire. The Republic of Rihan, which endorsed the calls for peace talks by the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, is currently at war with the neighbouring Enolia, which is perceived as hypocritical by some.
  12. Happy birthday, @Sancti Imperii Catholico!
  13. TO: Chief Technology Officer & Director of Special Projects Huran Vek Elemmiire of @Haruspex International Armaments Salutations, my name is Liên Viênxuân, CEO of Elegy Corporation. This appears to be the first instance of our corporations interacting, therefore, let me express my respect for You and the workers of Your company for their decades of continuous industriousness. The reason why I seek to get in touch with You is Your recent advancement into a market which is currently under the monopoly of Elegy Corporation: mass data analysis and crime prevention algorithms. The Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, whose government is a valued customer of my company, is a prime example for the success of such measurements. Ever since the nation-wide implementation of the Synapse System, an AI-optimised system cumulating and evaluating CCTV footage, internet traffic, movement patterns and profiling data, in 2017, the crime rate in the SSI plummeted. Never before, in the entire history of the Sunset Sea Islands, has the risk of terrorism in the nation been lower. The success of our product has sparked international interest, resulting in individual applications of the Synapse System overseas. The newly announced system for Collection and Analysis of Open Source Data produced by Haruspex International Armaments and the Imperium Security Services appears to be in direct competition with our own flagship product. However, Elegy Corporation has always been supportive of disruptive technology. Although we believe that healthy competition is a driving force in the development of new and revolutionary technologies, we prefer to invest our funds into R&D than brand competition campaigns. As a sign of goodwill, Elegy Corporation hereby suggests limited cooperation to exchange know-how between our nations and to improve the quality of our products. The growing tech capital of the Radiant Republic, the city of Tenma, might be an ideal spot for our companies to work together to optimise the technology both of our companies develop for the sake of a safer tomorrow. We hope that You will accept this proposal, for the sake of safety and the future prosperity of our corporations. Respectfully,
  14. Gao He Ping Reacts to False Claims in @Fulgistani-@Mauridiviahn Declaration In a press conference earlier today, Party Chairman candidate Gao He Ping reacted to claims made by a joint Fulgistani-Mauridivian statement in which the two nations express their support for the counterprogressive forces responsible for the illegal pirate radio broadcast nine days ago. In the declaration broadcasted by a branch of the "RFE" network officially endorsed by the Mauridivian government, the two nations claim the Radiant Republic to be restricting and endangering the democratic rights of its citizens, furthermore downplaying the danger emanating from activities like broadcasting destabilising messages through pirate radios. "With the Most Serene Republic and the Worker's Republic siding with forces trying to hinder the progress of our nation, the path towards ascension we have chosen ourselves, we have no choice but to assume that these nations want to meddle with our democratic referendum, which they seem to completely overlook when criticising the state of democracy in the Radiant Republic. The citizens of this nation were given the choice to decide. The reason why we are debating technocracy in the first place is that our youth took to the streets to protest for it and because our people expressed their satisfaction with the results of the test run in Tenma. We even decided to use the International Worker's Day on May 1st, which the Worker's Republic should know about, to maximise worker turnout and thereby to strengthen democratic involvement. Speaking for a nation that has worked hard to build up a reputation of diplomats, I cannot comprehend how these two nations cannot see the clear democratic nature of this referendum. Furthermore, one should note that Mauridiviah, a nation that had named the Radiant Republic the 11th most free nation in the world less than a year ago, appears to have changed its opinion really quickly. Such indecisive behaviour should make anyone question the truthfulness of whatever the so-called >>Radio Free Mauridiviah<<. Once more, I want to address the population of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands: a nation that recognises, values and cherishes the sound judgement of its citizens: do not listen to individuals, organisations or even nations we thought to be on our side that want to meddle with our internal affairs and that try to destabilise the democratic process of our nation. Listen to Your children, Your relatives and acquaintances who have made experiences with the technocratic system in Tenma. Vote >>YES<< on the referendum on May 1st." The National Institute for Psephology reports that the general stance on the referendum improves with every passing day, especially with SSI citizens reacting negatively to the attempts of criminal elements and foreign nations trying to influence the outcome.
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