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    UENA Nations League

    I'm in!
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    Good meme. I'm looking forward to being your neighbour. Welcome to Europa! http://www.dw.com/en/jerome-be-our-neighbor-boatengs-german-fans-rally-round/a-19292235
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    Sunset Ad Agency

    What kinda poster do you want? I'd assume some commie stuff, but are there any historical periods in certain nations or something I can use as a basis?
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    4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    I approve! Although I usually am not the hugest fan of emoij, I do find some of them useful, mostly those: 👍 👋
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    The Thalassan War

    The Second Giokto-Andallan War Mat Troi Lan, Royal Palace, Throneroom [ 20 November 1941 - 0800 hrs ] Prince Zenos was known for being a very well calm and polite young man. The fourteen-year-old never spoke up against grown-ups, treated women with respect and cared for his three-year-old little brother Tomasso with all of his heart. Nevertheless, there was one force within him that was so strong that it caused him to break conventions. Whenever his father, King Gabrielos, and his advisors went into the room behind the big, red doors, he just couldn't overcome his curiosity. He knew something was in the air as many dozens of messengers were going in and out of his father's study for a couple of days and when he observed his father and his advisors enter the mysterious room this morning, their facial expressions seemed even more menacing than usual. Zenos was hiding behind a corner. Once he heard the sound of old, heavy wood creaking, he knew the coast was clear. He took off his traditional wooden shoes and slid them into the pockets of his traditional garments and sneaked to the door in his tabi socks which allowed him to move swiftly, but silently. As always Zenos pressed his eye against the microscopic gap between the gigantic door wings. He could see roughly two dozen advisors sitting around a flat table on the floor and his father sitting on his royal throne on the other side of the room. His self-taught lip reading skills were useless thanks to the veils the advisors were wearing to cover their mouths. Zenos wondered whether these veils had exactly that function: preventing information to leak to hidden observers. However, Zenos could still hear the men speak, although their voices were too quiet to be understood clearly. He turned his head around to press an ear against the gap. In the next second, he became aware that he had made a horrible mistake. When he realised that he had shifted too much of his weight onto the door, the wooden colossus started to creak and slowly opened. Simultaneously all advisors turned their heads to the door only to see the heir to the throne of the Sunset Sea Islandian Kingdom fell face down to the ground. His shoes fell out of his pockets and slid about a meter towards the flat table. The first thing he saw when he lifted his head was the furious look in his father's eyes. "What a pity." Zenos heard his father say in a loud, growling voice. "Here I was hoping that I could hang some foolish foreign spy for eavesdropping on the king and the high army command, but it's only my son. Say, should I hang you for treason?!" Zenos was shivering with fear. He couldn't open his mouth. Not once had he made his father this angry in the past. "I see, that's how it is. You are neither child nor man, a curious child wanting to see what goes on behind closed curtains, man enough to risk your father's wrath but not man enough to answer my question. Very well, since you wanted to see so badly, come here and see. I will decide your punishment later today, there are more important things to discuss." Zenos obeyed without a second of hesitation. The fear he felt was stronger than his legs wanting to give in, so he walked up to his father, sweating blood and tears. King Gabrielos moved his hand to tell him to stand to the right of the throne. Zenos bowed and complied. "Now, let us resume!" Gabrielos ordered with his dreadful voice. test Zenos identified the man who raised his voice next to be one of the highest generals of the kingdom. "Yesterday at 0900 hours the @Andallans declared war on Giokto" the general explained. "Their troops launched an assault on the Giokton border fortifications." Using a long staff he moved several blue T-shaped pieces of woods across the table. Zenos saw that the table was covered with a gigantic map of the Sunset Sea Islands and the neighbouring nations. Now, the blue pieces of wood faced green ones on a round island in the north-east of the Sunset Sea Islands. The next one to speak was a creepy, old man, tall and spindly. His voice resembled those his governess used to make when evil wizards were speaking in the fairy tales they used to read when he was a child. "Our spies in the Andallan army are confident that sooner or later the Andallans will win, even though they might face some challenges. Naturally, it is to our benefit when the Gioktons will be broken. However, we cannot allow them to be broken too easily. Our men under cover are well aware that a few unpredictable accidents, random fires in ammunition depots, transport vehicle brakes failing, ship engines malfunctioning and key officers going missing in action is more than beneficial for our plans. Meanwhile, our undercover advisors sent to Giokto are sure to suggest plans that will maximise losses on both sides of the war." The general from earlier finished the thought. "Naturally, we will ensure an Andallan victory. However, that is only our secondary directive. Our main goal is to destabilise both Andalla and Giokto as much as possible." Silently Zenos listened closely as his father and the military advisors worked on their plans. Soon, the feeling of fear in his chest was replaced by pride in his nation and his position as its heir to the throne. He wasn't well-versed enough in military tactics yet but he was sure that what the high command was planning under the wise guidance of his father, the king, would ensure the Sunset Sea Islandian Kingdom rising to new, unimaginable heights.
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    Request: Imperial States of Europe

    @Gallambria sorry if I did something wrong, but I thought that we agreed on this. If it's wrong I can withdraw this proposal, no hard feelings. We can always come up with something else if you're against it.
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    Request: Imperial States of Europe

    Based on what I've seen so far and after talking with some others about this, I have come to the conclusion that this would be a nice place for @Imperial States of Europe : It features the tallest peaks of Marenesia, there's a coastline, another, let's say, irrational nation, @Arstotzka is nearby and @Gallambria was cool with the idea after I proposed it to him, the only potential future active neighbour. Having the two clash occasionally seems like interesting fodder for roleplays and should the military dictatorship try anything weird the glorious Asgeirrian army can step in to save the day. I hope that you, @Orioni take this idea into consideration when you finalise ISE's placement.
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    Hi people. Theres a new Derth in town. And he's worse.

    Hi. o/ I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun avoiding any conflicts with you.
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    [OOC] Illegal Occupation by Derthalen

    Just a little reminder that @Derthalen and I agreed not to fight one another. Not that I could fight anyone, my forces are small and purely defensive. I don't like what he's doing and condemn his actions but I won't interfere in this RP. I'll just munch my popcorn whilst enjoying these great letters. You've outdone yourself, @Tagmatium Rules.
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    Expansion: Prymont

    [insert big red APPROVED stamp here] (unless @Orioni has any comments, but I can't imagine anything that would legitimately deny your request.)
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    Welcome to this special overlength edition of SSI News where we take a look at the past two months of news in the Sunset Sea Islands and summarize the most important, most shocking and most interesting stories from February and March 2018. We will focus on both the internal and external developments our nation is dealing with as well as how the Sunset Sea Islandian economy is evolving with new foreign business deals and proposals. Without further ado, let us begin this news marathon with internal matters. INTERNAL Pro-technocratic demonstrations Following the so-called Technocratic Internationale, a massive online political discussion carried out via the virtual reality social network „ConVRsation“, the organizers behind the event published a position paper outlining the political and ideological ideas of the Technocratic Internationale. „Technocracy“, or called „the little yellow book“ by some, has been published both physically and digitally and distributed for free by members of the organization. The paper gained noticeable popularity during the past few weeks as it spreads through the population. However, the „little yellow book“ is not only popular with tech-savvy youngsters, but also with established politicians, amongst others also members of the Party of Radiance. Citizens have taken to the streets to demonstrate for more technocratic ideas in the government and as it turns out their voices have met some interest in the government. At a press conference following the largest pro-technocratic demonstration so far, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed said the following: „First of all, I must applaud the demonstrators and congratulate them for earning my honest respect. These, mostly young, people have not only voiced their well-prepared political opinions in a highly civilized way, without any violent escalations or even noteworthy malicious mischief, but they have also independently organized their own political debate, done research, discussed, informed themselves, gained knowledge and practiced the art of politics to collectively formulate a fact-based political stance. Truly all of you are highly politically mature and part of a youth any nation could and should be proud of. Your voices are the voices of the future, both metaphorically and realistically speaking. You are the future of our nation and your ideas might become the way our nation takes in the future. Furthermore, you have not only gained my respect, but also my interest. Naturally I, and many other members of the government have read the primary result of the Technocratic Internationale, the technocratic position paper. Although your ideas certainly need refinement they show promise and potential. Furthermore, I have seen records and reports from the Internationale itself as well as spoken with several acquaintances and co-workers of mine who have participated in the event personally. What I have seen and read has deeply impressed me and many of my colleagues. Therefore, I want to get in touch with the organizers and members of the Internationale. I will personally organize a meet-up and debate with your founders and best speakers or contributors to discuss your ideas, your thoughts, hopes and dreams to see how compatible they are with established politics and whether or not they can be implemented into the government of the Sunset Sea Islands. I look forward to working with you.“ The debate planned to happen during the next few weeks when members of the Technocratic Internationale have finished deciding on who to dispatch to the discussion with Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed. Some political analysts are already speaking of a „revolution of the youth“, calling the Technocratic Internationale the beginning of a new age in Sunset Sea Islandian politics. Critics argue that @Synturia tries to meddle with the Sunset Sea Islandian government to spread their government model. Members of the Internationale openly show solidarity and friendship to Synturia and their system. Synturians made up the second largest part of the Internationale‘s demographics. Vertical farms The pilot project to test a system which distributes free ingredients and foodstuffs to citizens of the capital for free has recently ended with a highly positive feedback alongside some aspects that need to be worked on. Thousands of citizens participated in the pilot project enjoying fresh and free ingredients from locally established distribution centres. The demographic data of the participants revealed that the service was used almost daily or daily by lesser fortunate families, but also by middle-class households. Making the project free for all is only possible because of the prospering Sunset Sea Islandian economy and the budget surplus the nation generates every year. However, there are some factors that have to be improved before expanding the project to a nation-spanning service. One challenge that needs to be overcome is the lack of arable land the nation faces as a result of the tightest natural protection laws worldwide. To relieve the agrarian industry the construction of so-called vertical farms has begun in the greater Sunset City metropolitan area and Tenma, the latter of which we will cover more in-depth later. Vertical farms are a technology used to grow vast amounts of vegetables as fast as possible in an area as small as possible. The farms will be constructed in specially-built high rise buildings and will be operated mostly by an autonomous system controlling the irrigation and lights with growth-supporting frequencies with little human interference necessary. The megacorporation Elegy has already signed contracts and begun constructing vertical farms and repurposing unused buildings for the technology. Both the completion of the buildings and the continuation of the service are expected for later this year. The goal of the project is not only to help families on tight budgets but also to improve the diet of the average Sunset Sea Islandian citizen. Tenma progress report Substantial progress has been made on the construction of Tenma, the first city on the previously only sparsely inhabited Solitude Island, the northeastern of the SSI‘s major landmasses. During the past two months, thousands of construction workers have restlessly worked to build a city for millions in the barren wastelands of Solitude Island. The first completed residential buildings are being inhabited by the workers and their families. Elegy corporation, one of the major financial, material and workforce contributors is still looking for people who want to contribute to the future of our nation by constructing a metropole for the next generations of Sunset Sea Islandians. The company offers attractive incentives to move to Tenma and to work in construction there, for example, reduced rents in the new residential buildings as well as wage benefits. The high rise buildings continue to grow like mushrooms during the monsoon and showcase Sunset Sea Islandian engineering and architecture to the world. Tenma will not only be a residential city to compensate for the nation‘s exploding population coupled with the lack of habitable land not under environmental protection, but it will also be a centre of commercial, industrial and scientific activity, for example, the ISTC‘s space program working towards a new moon landing. The city‘s proximity to both the mining complex in the southwest of the island and the space exploration centre on the island‘s northeastern tip will benefit both the economic and the scientific plans of the nation. Furthermore, following negotiations with the Syndicate State of @Synturia and the foundation of TESE, the bilateral Treaty for Economical and Scientific Exchange, several of Synturia‘s top corporations have agreed to construct an economical park close to the city. We will cover recent diplomatic developments with Synturia and especially TESE later in this show. Elegy Megacorporation is using super concrete produced locally from recently discovered material deposits. Using locally sourced materials reduced the stain on the environment usually created by heavy transports. Solitude Island has been only sparsely populated by the staff of the mines and, during the past decades, the space exploration centre for centuries because of the mostly barren and inhospitable landscape of the island. EXTERNAL Treaty for Economical and Scientific Exchange The friendship between the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands and the Syndicate State of @Synturia continues to deepen as the two nations not only slowly align politically but also economically and technologically. Following long but cordial negotiations the leaders of both nations signed the Treaty for Economical and Scientific Exchange, granting mutual access to scientific advances and technological breakthroughs. As cooperation between Synturian and Sunset Sea Islandian scientists and companies increases the need for regulations and laws arose to make this process of mutual benefit easier and more prosperous. TESE does not only include the promise of sharing economical and scientific advances but also makes travelling between the two nations easier for all of their citizens. As more and more businesspeople from both nations regularly travel to the respective other both governments agreed that these improvements would increase the productivity of bilateral projects and further the friendship between the two nations. Another aspect of TESE was the construction of industrial parks in both nations showcasing the technological marvels of the partner state. Synturias industrial park is currently under construction in the city of Tenma. This location was not only chosen because the city is basically one large construction site right now but also because of the proximity to the spaceport and the hope to inspire generations of Sunset Sea Islandians with Synturian inventions to further deepen the friendship and cooperation between the two nations. Demographic minorities of Synturians in the Sunset Sea Islands and Sunset Sea Islandians in Synturia grow and the number of mixed marriages is steadily increasing. Manamana canal progress report The largest project @Synturia and the SSI engage in currently is the construction of the Manamana canal, a waterway to connect the Oriental and the Adlantic Oceans to cut travel and transport times between the two nations. The main challenge of the project is to construct the massive ship lift stairs that will help the transport vessels to pass the small mountain range dividing the two oceans. Countless workers from both nations have been dispatched to the construction site on the sliver of land connecting the continents of Alharu and Aurelia to work on the canal. Recently the nation of @Little Flau has begun sending workers to the site as well in accordance with both Synturia and the SSI. Little Flau, a nation composed of several smaller islands is situated close to the route ships will take from one ocean to another once the canal is constructed. As the new trade routes promise economic growth to the small nation it has decided to join the effort to gain additional benefits once the construction is finished. Both Synturia and the SSI appreciate Little Flau‘s initiative and welcome the workers with open hands. The citizens of Little Flau have been met with warmth and friendship by the workers and integrated into the growing settlement flawlessly. Meanwhile, the mentioned settlement is continuing to grow. Its population is skyrocketing and is expected to continue doing so, especially with the new influx of workers. The population of Manamana City, the name got established in the meantime, is made up of equal parts of citizens of the SSI and Synturia with the new addition of the minority from Little Flau. The international friendship between the city‘s inhabitants is blossoming and the common kindergartens, schools and services established for all workers without regard for their nationalities are contributing largely to these developments. With the growing population and establishment of basic services, the question arises whether or not the settlement will really be of temporary nature like initially planned. With families forming and children growing up in the city as well as countless secondary businesses being founded for the workers, for example, restaurants and other leisure time facilities, many argue that what is now a real city is here to stay. This, in turn, causes the question whether or not Manamana City should be under the sovereignty of one of the nations, both of them or operate autonomously. According to a recently conducted survey, the majority of the city‘s population argues that a joint authority and administration of the city would be the preferable choice, further showcasing how well the international cooperation works by now. The governments of Synturia and the SSI debate whether or not they should appeal to the international community to claim joint sovereignty over the city and the area surrounding the future canal. Furthermore, the Manamana project may be the sprout of a new organisation. Some voices say that the dawn of a „Manamana League“ is near, consisting of @Andalla, @Asgeirria , Little Flau, the SSI and Synturia, the nations said to profit the most from the canal. TRIDENT Exercise near @Andalla Andallan news channels have reported a growing feeling of uneasiness regarding the growing popularity of technocracy in the Sunset Sea Islands and the ongoing alignment with the Syndicate State of @Synturia . The government of the Sunset Sea Islands was deeply saddened by these news, however, „a feeling of uneasiness“ was not the only Andallan action that caused dismay in the Sunset Sea Islands. The Commonwealth of Andalla did not only join a military alliance, the Tricontinental Defensive Treaty, TRIDENT, but also conducted a military exercise within the Sunset Sea Islandian sphere of influence. Sunset Sea Islandian authorities were shocked by the lack of pacifism displayed by their Andallan partners and other members of the recently founded ATARA, alleged allies. The embassies of both nations, Andalla and the SSI, are trying to smooth out the wrinkles in the bilateral relations as many MPs criticize Andalla’s actions as uncivilized and some of the radical voices in the government declare this an act of provocation. Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed said on social media that there will have to be consequences that could have been avoided. One of them could be the recently passed „Act of National Integrity“ which barely passed in parliament following the incident. Political analysts say that without the exercise the bill would not have been passed. We will further elaborate on the act later in this show. Leader of @Kaitaine dead Governments all around the world reacted with sadness to the news of the death of Hannah McKay, the popular leader of Kaitaine. Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed expressed her grief for the loss of a respected leader. A sea of flowers has appeared overnight in front of the embassy of Kaitaine. Theresa Tumbleweed accepted the invitation to the ceremonies following the death of Hannah McKay and the election and inauguration of the next leader of the nation. Both the Sunset Sea Islandian government and the public hope that the friendship between the two nations will remain intact whatever the future may bring. BUSINESS Controversial weapons deal following ANI Following the military exercise conducted in @Andallan waters the „Act of National Integrity“ has been passed in parliament to expand the competencies of the Self-Defense Force. One of the key aspects of that act is to create a defensive wall around the nation consisting of towers and bases on land and ships on sea carrying long-range weapons. These structures and vessels are supposed to form a ring around the nation defending it from potential invaders on course for the islands. Previously the proposal for the bill was given only a small chance of actually being passed through parliament because of the deeply-rooted pacifist nature of the Sunset Sea Islands, however, after the Andallan incident, the necessary majority for the bill was reached. Now the government is searching for ship and weapon manufacturers bot in the SSI and abroad. Many supporters of the Act of National Integrity hope for @Asgeirria to approach the Sunset Sea Islandian government with an offer to arm the vessels and structures with state-of-the-art technologies and defensive weaponry. Naturally, many Sunset Sea Islandians condemn the act and argue that the nation is straying from the path of non-violence. Nevertheless, almost the same percentage of the population agree that the times have gotten more dangerous and require preventive measures like MPs voting for the Act of National Integrity. Talks with Asgeirria regarding the manufacturing and import of the required weapons are hoped to begin soon. Thorium reactors in @Iverica and @Prymont Experts from the Republic of Iverica and the United States of Prymont have made remarkable breakthroughs in a new type of nuclear fission reactors utilizing Thorium. Thorium reactors are cheaper, more efficient and cleaner than conventional reactors using Uranium. As the Sunset Sea Islands are a major supplier of Uranium to the international community this development might be a danger to the economic status of the nation. Both Prymont and Iverica are close allies, although the TRIDENT exercise incident currently still overshadows the relations, Sunset Sea Islandian authorities ask both nations to permit nuclear energy experts from the SSI to participate in the project to both evaluate whether sources of Thorium, which naturally occurs in proximity to Uranium, could be of use to the reactors and to broaden the expertise of the international researchers. Although the Sunset Sea Islands pursue a path of mostly renewable sources of energy it can never hurt to help allies, especially when this help can also support the technological development. Furthermore, the old mines in the desolate wasteland of Solitude Island could be a potential final storage area for depleted nuclear materials. Storing foreign nuclear waste in exchange for financial compensation could balance out the losses generated by the partial departure from Uranium-based nuclear fission generators. Should Iverica and Prymont accept the offer, not only would all parties benefit from the mutual knowledge but it would also help to reduce the diplomatic complications caused by the TRIDENT exercise. Arson in @Ailythe - Synapse export imminent? Another business proposal goes out to the United Land of Ailythe. The nation has recently been plagued by a group of radical supranaturalists who are under suspicion for several crimes linked to the organisation, one of them being arson in a national art gallery which caused the loss of several priceless works of art. To fight these and any other crimes the SSI reach out to the United Land to suggest the export of the Synapse System to Ailythe which has been proven to suppress crime rates both in the SSI as well as cities in the United States of @Prymont and the Syndicate State of @Synturia. Should the United Land of Ailythe accept this proposal the system could be installed in the city known as the breeding grounds of the radical supranaturalists and suppress any kind of illegal activities thanks to the combination of tight video surveillance and the AI-backed analysis of all data generated by the system. As it was with Prymont and Synturia, the only condition for the export of the Synapse System is the agreement that all data generated by the System will be sent to and analysed and stored in the Sunset Sea Islands. @Andallan naval logistics Although the slight tensions between the Commonwealth of Andalla and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands were under a little bit of stress recently, trade relations between the two nations are brimming as ever. This is shown in statistics from all major ports in the Sunset Sea Islands, most notably the port of Porto Libertad. These numbers show that two thirds of all trade ships trafficking the Sunset Sea Islands have been built in the Andallan Commonwealth. It has been an established fact for decades that Andalla undoubtedly (yes, I know, I misspelt that on the image) reigns supreme when it comes to transport ships but their nautical ingenuity continues to amaze the world of sea logistics. Many workers and companies dependent on trade with Andalla hope that the diplomatic dispute caused by the TRIDENT exercise will be resolved quickly to preserve the economic growth the fruitful relations have brought to both of the nations. Saving the @Asgeirrian Mammoth from extinction News has reached us from Asgeirria that a rare species unique to the nation teeters on the brink of extinction: the Black Asgeirrian Mammoth. The relatively small but nevertheless closest descendant of the long-extinct prehistorical creatures are under special protection as their numbers continue to decline. To further improve the relations with Asgeirria, develop existing technology to new heights and to save an endangered species to maintain the planets biodiversity biologists from the Sunset Sea Islands propose to dispatch a team of experts to the nation to try to grow the species’ population by artificial insemination and to do a trial run of cloning these animals. In the past only small critters like sheep have been cloned, cloning a Mammoth would certainly be a challenge. Nevertheless, the researchers are up for the job and say that trying can only end in a benefit, either they manage to save a species or the data gained through the project will help to develop this technology further. “If we cannot save the Mammoth that would certainly be sad, but maybe our work will be able to help others save other species in the future”, the words of a biologist from one of the SSI’s leading biological research facilities. Truly the past two months have been full of developments that had the viewers of SSI news glued to their screens. These are turbulent times we live in and we, SSI news, are proud that you, dear viewer, choose us as your source to tell you what these times bring. We look forward to you tuning in again to the next broadcast of SSI news.
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    Map v4: Applications & Releases

    @Orioni just a small remark, could you add (FDL) signs to @Fleur de Lys's sister republics to indicate them as his playthings, just like how @Cristina is labelled as the owner of Mantella and @Andalla as the owner of Giokto?
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    Anybody Wanna Go to Space? [OOC]

    As an ISTC member, it saddens me that Mag isn't on very often, but we have a mission planned for this year (next few months). @Orioni put together a nice schedule for us somewhere (would you be so kind to post it in here, I can't find it). I would be grateful if you guys would start easy with some satellites and such first whilst we do man missions. If you need a sweet spaceport to ship your stuff into orbit, you know which equatorial surveillance state you have to call!
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    List of RL people used/claimed in our universe

    @Mauridiviah maybe you should include the people you have used in this post here as well for future reference. Also, your factbooks are really cool.
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    Hi and welcome to the region! I'd assume that somewhere close to @Cashar (possibly north of them if you want a coastline) would be a perfect spot for some sweet anarcho-capitalists! Although, to get a spot on the map you first have to fulfil the requirements explained here .