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  1. Sunset Sea Islands

    Europa Meme Museum

    Made by @Mauridiviah Made by @North Dniester Made by @Prymont Made by Prymont Made by Prymont Made by Prymont Made by North Dniester Made by North Dniester Made by @Sancti Imperii Catholico Made by North Dniester Made by North Dniester Made by @Sunset Sea Islands
  2. Sunset Sea Islands

    Law of the Sea Convention

    Does somebody want to hold an opening speech?
  3. Sunset Sea Islands

    The Laws of the Sea

    King Tomasso was hopeful. He had spent all day shaking the hands with friend and former enemy alike or at least exchanged some sort of civilised formality with them. Former enemies were only friends that didn't know about their bonds of friendship yet. Whether the faces that Tomasso greeted were smiling or stern and distrusting, one thing was for sure: the world was willing to give his nation a chance. A couple of years ago it would have been impossible to even imagine foreign flags to be on full mast, foreign ships lining the harbours of the capital and foreign anthems being played by the royal orchestra. Yes, this was a chance, and Tomasso would do anything he could to take it and to change his nation for the better. Many merchants, both domestic and from afar, had opened up little booths on the ports, presenting their goods and telling tales of their nations to the interested public. Some even showed Sunset Sea Islandian citizens around on their vessels. Tomasso saw children of all colours running around the ports, playing together in peace and harmony. "Those kids will be the rulers of the future," Tomasso thought. "It might take some time for them to make friends with everybody, but I'm sure, they will." And whilst more and more curious visitors wandered from ship to ship to learn about the wondrous places they came from, King Tomasso headed for the conference centre. The Laws of the Sea were about to be written.
  4. Sunset Sea Islands

    2018 SATAMFC League Cup

    "I know what you guys are thinking right now, >>Oh no, not this bald fat man again!<< I'm sure Y'all were secretly celebrating that the world cup was over so you didn't have to see my face on national television every day anymore, right? But guess what, it never ends! There's always another match to moderate and as long as I don't bite the dust you're stuck with me! And with that, Ladies and Gentlemen, hello and welcome to today's episode of SSI Sports! So far, the SSI BlackSuns have participated in five SATAMFC matches since miraculously winning the world cup in Orioni this summer. Although their results fluctuate more than they did before, I guess we can all let our boys take it easy for a while. Nevertheless, they are doing their best. Out of the five matches, the BlackSuns won three times, achieved a remis and lost once. Our football heroes managed to beat @Pallamara in their first match two to one, @Mauridiviah two nil in their second match and @Rihan two to one in their fifth encounter. The third match against @Asgeirria ended in a two-two remis and @Faramount managed to beat us two to one. Boy, that were too many twos. Not really intwoitive amirite? Hari Omar and Kevin Thu are maintaining their stellar performance from this summer. Kevin, who was our best performing player in the world cup, managed to score one-third of our goals, another third being scored by Omar, who dominates his team-mate-slash-rival Florian Six, who, so far, did not score a single goal. Furthermore, Maximilian Neu and Robert Schweitzberger both managed to score one goal each, after scoring two and one goals in the world cup respectively. So far, the Sunset Sea Islands are third place in the league, behind @Kipan and @Gallambria . Whether or not we manage to hold and/or expand our position, the nation stands behind their sunny heroes! Until the next inevitable episode of SSI Sports, this is Olimar Wilke, signing out."
  5. Sunset Sea Islands

    Naming the Mountains

    The highest elevation in the Sunset Sea Islands is Mount Harē in the middle of Sunset Island, the south-eastern of the four main islands.
  6. Sunset Sea Islands


    First Birthday of the Radiant Republic in Two Weeks One year has passed since the '17 Sorrows, the death of Prince Simon and King Tomasso and the end of monarchy in the Sunset Sea Islands. In two weeks, on November 25th, the reformed Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands celebrates its first birthday. Over the course of the year, the new government has managed to stabilise the nation after its most horrible tragedy and introduced a plentitude of policies that made the life of every single citizen safer by an order of magnitude. Now, as the nation prepares the celebrations to commemorate the beginning of a new era, the government works hard on the next batch of progressive policies. The second year of the Radiant Republic might have even more changes in store for the nation than the first one had. Aside from the trial run for technocracy in the city of Tenma and further developments at the Manamana Canal, further policies to guarantee the safety of the people are planned by the government. Insiders speculate that a social credit system might be introduced over the course of next year to increase the harmony and productivity of our society. With the world becoming more and more unpredictable with every day, the people of the nation excitedly await the new national holiday, the Day of Radiance, to celebrate both their nation and its magnificent feats, both those already accomplished and those of the future. USP and Tagmatium criticise Synapse System The United States of @Prymont and the Empire of @Tagmatium Rules have heavily criticised the pride and joy of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, the Synapse System, which has swept the streets of the nation clear from crime. Prymontian news outlets claim that "Canastotans call for the Synapse System to be removed from their city" and Tagmatine sources label the system as a "monstrous violation of numerous civil liberties". Whilst we can partially understand resentments in the USP resulting from the three murders earlier this year, which happened shortly after the Synapse System was introduced, the criticism from Tagmatium hits hard. In such dangerous times, it is hard to understand how countries could argue against guaranteeing the physical integrity of their citizens. In nations with laxer security standards accidents and terrorist attacks continue to endanger the lives of their population, as recently made evident by bombing attacks in @Rihan , which caused numerous casualties. Meanwhile, other nations strive towards goals similar to our own. The Federal Republic of @Girkmand recently passed the Domestic Security Act, a set of laws greatly increasing the levels of safety for all of our Girk friends and allies. Federation of Ahrana Cracking Down on Drugs Similarly to the laws increasing security in Girkmand, the government of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands applauds the Federation of @Ahrana for introducing laws which crack down on drug trafficking. Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed congratulates the Argic nation on implementing legislation that protect the health of the population. Over the course of the past years, similar laws have been passed in the Sunset Sea Islands to discourage people from purchasing and consuming mind-altering and/or addictive substances. Whilst some individuals claim that these laws limit civil liberties, it cannot be denied that since the price tags on products containing tobacco or alcohol have tripled, fewer and fewer casualties have been attributed to addictive substances. According to government sources, a further set of laws is in the making, dubbed "The Cures", which allegedly also includes the total prohibition of alcohol not intended for cooking purposes. Furthermore, it is speculated to include a ban on non-biodegradable plastic bags, as inspired by @Tallovia . Coast Guard Dispatched to aid Tallovia in Search for Plane Crash Survivors Following an emergency protocol, the coast guard of the Sunset Sea Islands has been mobilised for its first ever mission outside of UBPSSIF territory. A Tallovian aeroplane has crashed within reach of the coast guard vessels, it is currently unknown whether there have been survivors. Whatever the case may be, time is of utmost importance. Should potential survivors not have managed to get a hold of buoyant debris, they might not be able to survive for extended periods of time. Numerous patrol boats now comb the crash site in search for survivors. So far, all passengers of the plane have been labelled as missing, as no deaths have been confirmed so far. Sunset Sea Islands to Fund Renewable Energy in @Llalta Llaltese news outlets have announced that the microscopic island nation is planning on expanding its green power capacities to switch over to renewable energy completely. So far, two wind turbines provide power for roughly 40% of the population. Sunset Sea Islandian companies have reached out to the island state to provide them both with monetary support and lucrative offers for high-quality wind turbines. An enormous off-shore wind park off the south-western shore of Solitude Island provides green energy for thousands upon thousands of inhabitants of the Radiant Republic.
  7. Sunset Sea Islands

    Expansion: Rihan Republic

    With all the service @Rihan is doing for our region, I think it would be fine for him to expand into these areas. I too am sure that he will properly RP his expansions, no doubt about that. Expanding slightly faster than usual might be a fine reward for his excellent work over the past few months.
  8. Sunset Sea Islands

    Hello from Bulgenstaz!

    Welcome, @Bulgenstaz! Your nation truly sounds interesting! You should really consider checking out our regional discord server!
  9. Sunset Sea Islands

    Hello! Bonjour! Hallo! ¡Hola! Ciao!

  10. Sunset Sea Islands

    Request: Sanctum Imperium Catholicum

    Having ties to @Iverica would certainly make sense, since, afaik, Ivy's religion is Tacolicism.
  11. Sunset Sea Islands

    Request: Tallovia

    If you're planning on being a relatively small nation in my neighbourhood, you'd have to prepare for my nation trying to manipulate yours towards adopting a technocratic form of government over time and towards joining a political bloc led by me. Also, you'd probably have been an imperial subject of Mat Troi Lan in the Thalassan War. You could be the Tannu Tuva to my Soviet Union! If you're cool with that, I'd gladly welcome you as a neighbour.
  12. Sunset Sea Islands

    Law of the Sea Convention

    I'll write up a introduction to the talks in the next few hours.
  13. Sunset Sea Islands


    Welcome, @Sienen!
  14. Sunset Sea Islands

    Europan Royal Family Tree WIP

    I suppose my former monarchs could be distant descendants of @Orioni royalty. However, there are not many I have written about: King Gabrielos † L Prince Zenos † L Prince Tomasso † L Prince Simon † L Princess Selena ⚭ Prince Adrian (currently residing in the Beautiful Empre of Orioni)
  15. Sunset Sea Islands

    Hi I'm New Here

    Nice to meet you, @Tallovia!