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  1. Sunset Sea Islands

    Law of the Sea Convention

    I'm not a fan of mandatory time limits tbh. I don't see why "new arrivals" who might potentially hop onto the wagon after we've taken the next step couldn't be able to write a paragraph about their arrival before cutting to the negotiations.
  2. Sunset Sea Islands

    Greetings from the Fatherland

    Guten Tag, @Pressel! If you need any help with things regarding Germany, feel free to ask me!
  3. Sunset Sea Islands

    Law of the Sea Convention

    A'ight, someone want to write about how the conference goes?
  4. Sunset Sea Islands

    Flag Change: Andalla

    Idk why but the design hasn't quite grown on me yet. Also, why is the sun at such a strange angle? If it was tilted to the left a bit it would be nice and symmetrical.
  5. Sunset Sea Islands

    Europa Meme Museum

    made by Sunset Sea Islands
  6. Sunset Sea Islands

    Law of the Sea Convention

    Did I do something wrong?
  7. Sunset Sea Islands

    List of RL people used/claimed in our universe

    A new person I use is Liên Viênxuân, the new CEO of Elegy Corporation, impersonated by Jing Tian.
  8. Sunset Sea Islands

    Law of the Sea Convention

  9. Sunset Sea Islands

    The Laws of the Sea

    The Laws of the Sea Sunset City, 1959 The spirit of new beginnings had enveloped the Kingdom of the Sunset Sea Islands ever since the oppressive regime of Mat Troi Lan had been overthrown and the Thalassan War came to a definitive end. The young monarch, King Tomasso, was not one to idle around either. He knew that without hard work, the nation would always be known as an empire of brutes whose only goal was to enslave the whole continent for their own economic benefit. Naturally, the U-turn the nation performed both in its internal and external policy was quite a shock for the population, as many had known nothing but serving the Emperor and hate for other nations and cultures who supposedly prevented the nation from gaining valuable resources overseas. Now, the people of the Sunset Sea Islands were governed by a young King aided by foreign governors, taught to be xenophile and pacifistic people in reeducation centres and instead of declaring one war after another, their home nation worked hard to reconcile with its former enemies. Naturally, they noticed that since the youngest son of their former Emperor had claimed the throne as King, things started to turn for the better. Suddenly, their economy was prospering and their bowls were full of rice. Truly, this was the spirit of new beginnings. This day, however, would be a new milestone on the road of the young Sunset Sea Islands to international reconciliation and approval. Sunset City had been chosen to be the place for an international conference for the first time. International representatives from all over the world traveled to the tropical island city to debate international sea law. This was an important step, not only for the international community, but for the Sunset Sea Islands as well. Maybe if the representatives saw the hard work the people of the nation did to join ranks with them as equals on a global stage, relations with more and more nations would improve and new ones developed. On the harbour, a red carpet was rolled out for the foreign diplomats. At its end stood the young King Tomasso. Mind, he was not standing on the carpet, only at its end. The small gesture was proposed by the King himself to show how much he, and with him the entire nation, welcomed the foreign emissaries and valued the newly founded international relations. A new conference centre had been constructed in Sunset City to host the conference. Truly, this was not only a new beginning for the nation, but a historical event that would influence the way nations would interact from this point onwards. King Tomasso was sure that future generations would learn about these days in their history books.
  10. Sunset Sea Islands

    Organisation of Spacefaring Nations

    The Organisation of Spacefaring Nations aims to support and coordinate efforts of furthering humanity's presence in space. The goal of the OSFN is to create a platform for individual nations or even international organisations to find new partners to make projects possible, that would not be achievable by one nation alone. Over the course of the last years, more and more nations have expressed their desire to launch satellites into orbit or to spearhead complex operation beyond the atmosphere of our home planet. However, as such projects face two main obstacles, mainly the lack of funding and the lack of expertise, such difficult projects are often impossible for a single nation to execute. For example, facilities capable of launching spacecraft into orbit are definitely to expensive for most nations to operate by themselves, should they not possess extraordinary economical capabilities. Therefore, the only solution is cooperation. However, until this point, it has been hard to find partners to work together towards a greater goal. The Organisation of Spacefaring Nations will bring together those in need of support and those able to provide said support. We urge all nations who wish to work together in pursuit of new heights to apply for OSFN membership. Together we are stronger. Together we can achieve more. TL;DR: If you're a new nation or a nation with an economy not capable of supporting space flight, look for allies here. All nations with an interest in space should post here so that finding allies for space operations becomes easier.
  11. Sunset Sea Islands

    Civil War Raging!

    To whom it may concern, as with all cases of armed warfare, the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands condemns all forms of violent conflict. Therefore, neither the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands nor its citizens will participate in any kind of armed conflicts. Nevertheless, the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands is willing to provide dispatch humanitarian aid workers provide unbiased medical aid regardless of national allegiance offer temporal asylum to potential refugees provide neutral meeting grounds for peaceful talks and negotiation May this conflict end in the most peaceful way possible.
  12. Sunset Sea Islands

    Sato Corporation

    TO: Asami Sato, CEO of Sato Corporation Greetings Mrs Sato, first off, let me express my gratitude to finally get to know you, Mrs Sato. As You might have read on the news, I was only recently appointed as CEO of Elegy Corporation, after the unfortunate death of my predecessor. I must confess that You have been an inspiration for me for a very long time. Therefore, I am delighted to have received this message from You. You are correct, Elegy Corporation has taken notice of the favourable legislations present in the State of @Kipan that create extraordinary conditions for foreign companies to do business within and with the nation. As Elegy Megacorporation recently expanded into the construction business, placing a bid for such a prestigious project as the construction of a new Shintoko Station was an attractive idea, as, I am sure, You and Your company also concluded. Although some things may change, now, that Elegy Corporation is under my supervision, some vital elements of Elegy's policy and the general ideology of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands may never change: how much we value international cooperation. We are utmost delighted, as Your proposal is beneficial from whatever angle one might observe it. The friendship between our nations will prosper as much as our companies will, once we turn this master stroke of a plan into reality. Attatched in this mail You will find my private contact data. Please contact me as soon as Your time table might allow it. With utmost respect for You and Your accomplishments,
  13. Sunset Sea Islands


    Elegy CEO Stephen Tasks dead at 56 Today, Elegy Megacorporation announced the death of the company CEO, Stephen Tasks. Unbeknownst to the public, the beloved technology guru has been fighting cancer for several years until finally succumbing to the disease in the early morning hours. Millions of tech heads worldwide mourn the loss of the visionary who some even called a leading genius of our time. Many speculate that Tasks was in terminal condition for the past several months, however, he still wanted to oversee the launch of Elegy Megacorporation's most popular product to date, the ElePhone, in June. In his last will, Stephen Tasks announced Liên Viênxuân as his choice for the next Chief Executive Officer of Elegy Megacorporation. The young and extremely talented shooting star of the tech world has profiled herself within the company as a strong and ambitious woman, although some criticise her for being less idealistic and more strict than her predecessor. The Elegy Megacorporation website has been changed to only show the face of Stephen Tasks in greyscale, as well as a digital condolence book in which everyone can express their mourning for the late visionary and corporate mastermind. Doubts about security and stability of @Girkmand Following a terrorist attack in the Federal Republic of Girkmand claiming the life of ten innocent civilians, individuals within the government of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands and Elegy Megacorporation have expressed doubts about the security situation in Girkmand. "You're always wiser after the fact. Why wouldn't you want to be wise before the fact? #PressFForGirkmand" asks a Wittier user online. As the Sunset Sea Islandian crime prevention system known as the Synapse System has been exported to several nations all over the world, the same is now being proposed for the Federal Republic of Girkmand. The nation of Girkmand has experienced internal instability after unifying with the neighbouring Sachsen. This has caused tremendous conflicts, often resulting in violence. The Synapse System creates crime forecasts and heatmaps for areas with elevatet criminal potential by learning to recognise patterns in the data generated by the citizens of the Radiant Republic. Applying the system, or an altered form of it, in Girkmand could help to stabilise the nation after the turbulent unification. @Synturian School for Technology, Economics and Mathematics opens Today is the grand opening of the SYnturian School for Technology, Economics and Mathematics (SYSTEM). The foundation of the college is the result of tightening relations between the Syndicate State of Synturia and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. Both nations want to cooperate more on the field of education. The dispatchment of Synturian teachers to the Sunset Sea Islands has been a next step in a series of stundent exchange programs and exchange of academic and pedagogic expertise. A Sunset Sea Islandian educational facility is planned to open within the Syndicate State as well, mostly focussing on diplomacy and social subjects. Following the recent inauguration of a technocratic constitution in the newly constructed city of Tenma, approval ratings of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands in the Syndicate State of Synturia have noticeably risen. Both nations continue to improve their relationship as economic, cultural and ideological cooperation grows. Friendly football match against State of @Kipan coming up A while after the end of the 2018 UENA world championships, the next season of UENA matches is about to begin for the SATAMFC, the Southern Alharu, Thalassa, Aurelia & Marenesia Football Confederation. The Shukuro, the national football team of the State of Kipan, will be the first to meet the winners of the world cup after the championships. For the last few months, relations between the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands and the State of Kipan have improved significantly. Several thousand Kipanese football fans are expected to travel to Sunset City to watch the friendly match in the Elegy Arena of our beautiful capital. Hotels in the tourist districts of Sunset City are preparing for their potential Kipanese guests, for example by looking for cooks who specialise in the delightful Kipanese cuisine. As in all tourist districts, levels of surveillance are dramatically lower than in other parts of major towns. Nevertheless, there is no need to be worried, as the Kipanese people are known far and wide for their extraordinary discipline and sense of justice. Kipanese football fans are known for their extravagant costumes they wear to cheer on their team.
  14. Sunset Sea Islands

    Dniester Civil War

    The SSI are neutral as always, we'd be willing to trade and have peaceful relations with both nations.
  15. Sunset Sea Islands

    Request: PyeMcGowan

    My suggestion would be something in northeastern Argis.