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      Welcome to Europa. This site is part of the region of Europa in the online game NationStates. The region of Europa is a diverse community of nations, with a wide range of political and ideological values, working together through various institutions and alliances - at least when they're not threatening to go to war with each other. Whether you want to play it safe with a liberal democracy, set up a communist regime, or rule your citizens with an iron fist and the threat of turning them into dog food, Europa is a great region to play in. As one of the oldest regions in the game, everybody who's anybody wants to try their hand at ruling their own country right here in Europa. Just head on over to the Forum and have a read through the sticky threads. If you're curious about how all of this work, we've included some helpful links to get you started. A good place to start is our Hitchhickers Guide to Europa. Roleplayers will be glad to see our honest and fair RP rules. Check out our map versions and discover how to apply. Experiencing problem with this website? Our helpdesk is always open. Have fun! -- The Europans Team

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  1. [HELP] Currency?

    Where does rice grow in Europa? I'd imagine @Ide Jima, but they don't seem to have been around in the last six years.
  2. Naming the Seas

    Very funny ideas, @Synturia ! Anamanam is awesome, I love it!
  3. Lockdown NW Europa

    @Adaptus umm... this is the newly set up OOC thread. Papa O moved the posts.
  4. The Technocratic Internationale

    It was expected that many visitors only entered the discussion board out of interest or because the Technocratic Internationale's server was at the top of the server list as a consequence of the high number of current visitors, however, there were definitely more active participants of the discussions than previously expected. M4R14 was happy when she saw that an international crowd was applauding a Sunset Sea Islandian speaker. The young lady seemed to be a part of a pilot project in Sunset City which was meant to start soon. The project's aim was to give out a certain amount of free food to all citizens in an area. M4R14 was pleased with that development, as technocratic visionaries envisioned a world in which every citizen had the chance to fulfil their potential without worrying whether they had earned enough to feed their families. Although this was only a small step, M4R14 appreciated her home country's attempt at making society a little bit more just. But it would take more than that to start a real revolution. M4R14 ventured through the metallic halls of the virtual world and observed how thousands of individuals discussed many different topics, some less and some more connected to technocracy. Nevertheless, she was confident that once this meeting was over and the analysis was completed, the distilled consensus of all the participants of the Technocratic Internationale would be the perfect material for a manifesto. One discussion that caught M4R14's attention was a medium group of @Cashari, @Synturians and Sunset Sea Islandians debating about how to make work cycles and society as a whole more productive and efficient. With the help of businesspeople from the group, they were drafting a theoretical schedule on a huge monitor on the wall. According to them, a reformed work schedule would be able to create a system of uninterrupted production and increase the efficiency and profitability of resources and transportation without exploiting the workforce. Over time their draft evolved into a tiled "calendar" with seven groups of people. Every member of a group would have to work four hours a day for four days in a row, followed by a three-day break. The groups were all offset by one day to make services operational around the clock and 365 days in a year whilst still granting every worker a set amount of days off and holidays. Four groups of workers were working whilst the other three were having free time. It was equal and without favour for anyone. Technocratic Work Schedule Day of the year 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 Group 1 X X X X X X X X X X Group 2 X X X X X X X X X Group 3 X X X X X X X X Group 4 X X X X X X X X Group 5 X X X X X X X X X Group 6 X X X X X X X X X X Group 7 X X X X X X X X X X M4R14 was pleased with the productivity of the participants of the discussion and observed them for a while before the continued to walk through the halls. She sent K2S04, her @Synturian partner a message, asking what interesting things he had come across so far.
  5. Antargic Adventures at Simon Station

    Cantina, Simon Station, King Tomasso Land, Antargis, January 21st, 2018, 14:07 Andallan Standard Time, -4.3°C Everyone's eyes were pinned on the hole in the wall through which meals were being distributed. Noone spoke, they were all waiting quietly. Then, finally, everyone let out a pleased "Aaaaah" when Marlène, the @Fleur de Lys ian chef appeared in the opening. She carried a steaming metal pot and the smell it emitted filled the whole room and the nostrils of those who were in it. One week had passed since the first mission on Simon Station started and there was a common consensus that this occasion was worth celebrating. Bernhard Hopeman concluded that such social events were a way of keeping the crew in high spirits and of motivating them, as only motivated workers produce worthwhile results. Nevertheless, whether the small celebration was planned with such ideas in mind or not, what was important was the object of everyone's attention: a pot of hot cheese fondue made from cheese produced in the best mountain pastures in @Magnaeus. Marlène placed the pot on the counter and then took her cook hat off to leave the kitchen to participate in the celebration. Bernard Hopeman quickly stood up from his chair to pick the pot up and place it in the middle of the table so that Marlène wouldn't have to carry it. The young and beautiful woman certainly charmed Bernhard, however, he knew that it would be inappropriate to try to get to know her in a closer way. Also, he was almost twenty years older than the others in the room as the median age on Simon Station was surprisingly low. He wondered whether the others thought of him as an old man from the previous generation, but he always gave his best to be as modern as possible to get along with as many people as possible, how old or how young they may be. Bernhard decided that it was sufficiently amusing to watch his young friend, Dr. Brüno Neumayer covertly observing each and every move of Marlène. Oh, the young ones! Bernhard has had a lot of fun during the week, as he did for a job what he loved, science, and as he liked to get to know people from all over the world. So far there had yet to find a thing he disliked. The only thing that made him feel slightly uncomfortable was the way how the Lysians refused to call Simon Station and King Tomasso Land by their real names, as they were set on denying everything that had to do with monarchism. Bernhard thought that such a narrow-minded approach could not be beneficial in the long run, but nevertheless, he tolerated it, since they were not hurting anyone with their behaviour. Bernhard still sighed when he remembered how the whole nation celebrated the birth of Prince Simon and how this station was named after just that prince whose entire lifespan started and ended within Bernard's. If only the Lysians knew how popular the royal family was, maybe they would show them a little bit more respect. Whilst everyone was digging in the conversation quickly centred around the achievements of the first week of work on Simon Station. Bernhard explained how he ventured into the area around the station with help from Magnean and @Prymont ian crew members to install detectors in the everlasting snow of the Antargic continent. He would have to do a checkup routine in the icy cold outside every day to ensure the functionality of the detector grid, but he was excited even for such a tedious task as this, as he loved to experience the frozen landscape as a contrast to the equatorial climate of his home country. When he was done telling the others about his week, he asked Emily Kolle, a young zoologist from Prymont, what the folder on her lap contained. One corner of a piece of paper was sticking out of the side of the folder on which Bernhard thought to recognise a pencil drawing of a penguin's foot.

    First step of Manamana ship lift "stairs" The Manamana Canal will go down in history as one of the most complex structures of our time. Not only is the digging of the new waterway an extremely difficult and work-intensive task, but it is only one of the many parts of the Manamana Canal project. Our correspondents in Manamana transmitted the following footage showing the almost completed "first step" in the stair-like chain of ship lifts that will carry the passing ships up and down the canal. It is hard to imagine that this complex construction will only be the first of many. Truly, this mammoth project is a shining example of human ingenuity, materialised by the combined efforts of workers, scientists and engineers from @Synturia and the Sunset Sea Islands. The numbers of workers and their families are growing in the meantime with additional questions of national authority arising. Representatives of both nations are to meet to discuss the matter. Rumours are rising that the settlements around the Manamana Canal construction site will be put under a common authority by creating a semi-autonomous, transnational city. These rumours have yet to be declined or confirmed. Construction of Tenma progressing smoothly Even though the project Tenma is not as complex or costly as the Manamana Canal, the construction of the first city on Solitude Island, Tenma, is progressing smoothly and impressively. An observer commented that "the residential buildings spring up like mushrooms out of moist forest soil during monsoon". Furthermore, the weather is just perfect for the construction effort. The clear blue skies and temperatures in the upper twenties are improving the working conditions as the super concrete is drying at a fast rate, resulting in shortened construction times. Naturally, the construction sites put a lot of effort in providing the workers with a lot of fresh drinking water to prevent workers from collapsing in the bright, equatorial light of the sun. Even though Tenma will be the northernmost city of the Sunset Sea Island, it will be just barely south of the equator. Walmington-On-Sea: leftover funds donated to @Gallambria for quake-proof buildings With Gallambrian authorities initiating a massive infrastructural initiative to make Walmington-On-Sea the "world's most quake-safe city" following the horrific earthquake which hit the city, the government of the Sunset Sea Islands has decided to donate the leftover funds from the international aid effort to the project. According to the foreign office of the Sunset Sea Islands, the resources are meant to be used to fund research on and construction of earthquake-proof buildings. Elegy Corporation has got wind of a perfect business opportunity to sell their super concrete at reduced prizes but in large quantities to Gallambria to increase the speed of the recovery work and the future construction efforts. We will have to wait and see whether Gallambria accepts the offer or not, but in the name of international friendship and cooperation, we sincerely hope so. Pilot project: high demand for free ingredients Following the initiation of a pilot project last week which gives every citizen of the SSI registered in a test area in Sunset City a free ration of ingredients, mostly vegetables, fruits and spices, the organisers report the first week as a huge success. The demand for the service is way higher than expected which pleases the authorities greatly. According to the head of the project, a necessary milestone has been reached so that the project can be expanded to the central Sunset City districts next month. Although the population of this area will be a multiple of the current test area, the pilot project will be able to fit the needs of this area if the share of people who collect the free rations remains mostly the same, according to the authorities. The organisers of the pilot project hope that the free rations will teach the urban Sunset Sea Islandians how to eat healthily and how to cook, as many people are using heavily processed foods as their primary source of nutrients.
  7. Continent names

    @Derthalen incoming! #Aeitiastain
  8. Sunset Ad Agency

  9. Hello =)

    Welcome to Europa, @Hunnistan ! Our map really is a masterpiece, isn't it? (Good job, Big Daddy @Orioni) To get started in RPs, why don't you set up your own news agency?
  10. Hello everyone!

    Welcome! I'm sure you'll have a bunch of fun here! If you want to, why don't you give us a quick summary of your nation here? By the way, your factbooks look awesome!
  11. Happy Birthday To You!

    Yay, happy birthday, @Tagmatium Rules !
  12. Lockdown NW Europa

    @Orionipls respond to that graveyard matter.
  13. Map v4: Applications & Releases

    @OrioniAs always, great work, just one minor remark to the frame. Having the frame makes importing the imgur link into Google Earth impossible. Therefore I am against the frame, at least on the main map.
  14. List of RL people used/claimed in our universe

    @Miiros She looks super cool. Definitely a respect-inspiring leader. o7
  15. Who Will Post Next?

    Fine, SSI. Y'all can stop tagging me in here, I don't want to boost my post number through these games anymore. Ivy a.k.a. Mr Jawline?