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  1. Sunset Sea Islands

    Meanwhile on the Europan Internet...

    Sunset City Synthwave grows popular in @Iverica and @Orioni
  2. Sunset Sea Islands


    SSI win UENA Football World Cup For decades, football did not have the largest fanbase within the Sunset Sea Islands. Sure, there were football bars here and there and the game was popular on beaches or playgrounds, but that was that. One month ago, nobody would have predicted that the SSI Blacksuns would win their very first UENA football world cup. A team of underdogs that qualified rather thanks to a series of fortunate coincidences than actual skill climbed the latter of international competition at light speed and was able to triumph in the end. As our national team's performance increased from game to game, the previously indifferent nation awoke to celebrate every victory of the Blacksuns. Thousands gathered on the beaches for the public viewing of the UENA finals against the Commonwealth of @Variota. The aggressive Variotans scored their first goal in the eighteenth minute, followed by Robert Schweitzberger's equalising shot five minutes later. Clearly, the Variotans were under tremendous pressure to win, as the referee was forced to show the yellow card to Variota eight times, compared to one for the SSI. Both teams tried to outperform each other during the second half, however, no goals were scored until extra time. When Ibrahim Wu scored the second goal for Variota, all hope seemed lost, however, after seventeen tense minutes, Kevin Thu managed to catch up to the formidable opponents in minute 121. After more than two hours of playing, both teams were visibly exhausted. Both goalkeepers did not manage to protect their goals during the penalty shootout until Aron Bahir managed to hold the fifth and final Variotan shot. The SSI Blacksuns won the shootout 5-4. Later that evening, a firework display was executed to celebrate this historic victory. Tens of thousands of fans celebrated this unique victory in the streets and on the beaches of Sunset City. The surprise victory of the SSI underdogs took the hearts of our citizens by storm. With interest in the sport reignited, the people of the Sunset Sea Islands look forward to what the future of football has in store for the SSI Blacksuns. Technocratic Constitution introduced in Tenma The test phase of Technocracy in the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands has officially started. Last night, the inaugural meeting of the Administrative Board of Tenma passed the Constitution of the city. The political system is an adapted form of Technocratic models akin to those found in @Synturia or supported by the Technocratic Internationale. Whilst the structure is far less complex than current national models in Technocratic countries, it is designed specifically for single cities. The system consists of a hierarchy of sections and departments subordinated to the Administrative Board. Individual sections are expert groups debating matters regarding their respective topics, for example, construction, education, recreation or law enforcement. Whenever necessary, additional sections can be created as the need arises. Representatives from all sections meet in one of four departments: Industry, Science, Services and Public Security. The heads of these departments form the Tenma Administrative board, the governing body of the city. The Board directly reports to the Central Government of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, which supervises its activities closely. Depending on the performance of the governing body over the course of the next few months, Technocratic rule could be introduced on a national level following refinement and a democratic referendum. The ideology grew popular with the younger generations following recent national and international developments, for example, the tightening cooperation with the Syndicate State of Synturia. Whilst Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed declared that the Radiant Republic is a democratic nation, she acknowledges the potentials of Technocracy and its growing public support. Real estate investment boom With the Sunset Sea Islands engaging in several large-scale construction projects, for example, the expansion of Tenma on Solitude Island and the Manamana Canal, the real estate industry currently experiences a boom of previously unknown dimensions. Both private investors and companies pour large sums into construction projects or real estate as new residential buildings continue to sprout out of the ground like mushrooms after the monsoon. Investors hope for long-term profits from rent incomes. Especially apartment complexes are becoming increasingly popular with investors. Naturally, Elegy Megacorporation, producers of Synapse System hardware, the ElePhone and inventors of the revolutionary Elegy Superconcrete, got wind of the favourable investment environment. Today, the company unveiled a new corporate subdivision, Elegy Estates. With its growing share in the construction industry, the company now does not only provide its workers with affordable accommodation but expands into leasing self-constructed apartments to everyday citizens as well. As more and more investors jump on the real estate hype train, numbers for construction contracts in both Tenma and Manamana City are on the rise. Analysts predict a noticeable increase in the growth speed of both projects. Real estate taxes in the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands continue to be amongst the highest in the world, as the nation finances large parts of its free welfare and education system through real estate tax. Environmental protection protests reach SSI Following recent protests in the Republic of @Asgeirria, demonstrations protesting the environmental impact of the Manamana Canal project have reached the shores of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands as well. The demonstrators, often supported by the Bastion Party, currently the largest opposition party in the SSI government, criticise the construction efforts in Manamana for endangering the local and global environment through high emissions. Whilst environmental concerns are certainly reasonable, a spokesperson of the Manamana League disagrees: "As the previous bilateral Manamana authority did, the Manamana League is enforcing tight environmental standards on the whole project. We are aware that the construction itself has a strong impact on the adjacent environment, however, we do everything in our power to keep this environmental footprint as small as possible. Leading environmental experts from all member states of the Manamana League work together to protect the local flora and fauna as much as possible. Furthermore, we agree that although naval transport is amongst the most environmentally friendly forms of transport in the world, tighter regulation could and thereby should be introduced. We will forward these concerns to all involved national governments. Lastly, we would like to invite representatives of the protests to Manamana City, to take a look at the construction efforts by themselves and to discuss the project with the League." Post offices register rising numbers in written correspondence A tsunami of letters originating from Manamana City has flooded post offices in the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. With many workers overseas writing to their friends and relatives at home, the national post agency of the Sunset Sea Islands has registered a spike in written correspondence. "These numbers are a direct consequence of the post office in Manamana City opening, there's no doubt about that." a representative explains. "Naturally, we're not complaining. It's been ages since so many written letters have been sent. I'm sure we can all agree that a hand-written letter from a family member working overseas holds much more emotional value than some faceless e-mail." The post offices celebrating rising profits are not the only group of people delighted at these developments. The Association of Sunset Sea Islandian Philatelists, (ASSIP), rejoices as sets of new and unique post stamps from Manamana reach Sunset Sea Islandian mailboxes. "These are great! It's like they're from a new country or something! #Manamana #Stamps" "I bet those will be worth millions in 100 years! #ASSIP #PhilatelistsRule" These were some Weets found by our social media department at SSI News. OMAHA rocket launch imminent During the recent announcement of increased funding for science and education in the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, more money for the multilateral Oriental Meteorological Atmospheric Hydrological Administration (OMAHA) has been promised as well. The administration has expressed their satisfaction, as recent investments in expanding the OMAHA satellite system in orbit has drained the pockets of the organisation significantly. Meanwhile, the carrier rocket built to transport the additional satellite constellation into Eurth orbit has been brought into position on the SSI Space Exploration Centre launch pad in the North of Solitude Island. The payload is secured and ready to launch. Liftoff is scheduled for the upcoming week. The precise date is unknown as of yet, as the SSISEC waits for favourable weather conditions for the launch. OMAHA has provided the greater Oriental Ocean area with detailed weather information, predicting tropical storms and other extreme weather phenomena. The largest contributors to the project are the Commonwealth of @Andalla and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. The SSISEC is located exactly on the equator, thereby creating optimal conditions for rocket launches. Launching on the equator in direction of Eurth's spin reduces fuel consumption. Furthermore, already launching parallel to the equator poses perfect conditions for geostationary satellites, such as the new OMAHA constellation.
  3. Sunset Sea Islands

    Greetings from the Rihan Republic

    @Rihan I have noticed you and @Asgeirria having similar narratives (Praetor, yadda yadda yadda). As you have not yet submitted a map request, at least to my knowledge, why not go for a place near Asgeirria? Something like this:
  4. Sunset Sea Islands

    Request: Faramount

    @Faramount I've come up with a few ideas. Being next to @Mauridiviah is a good idea, although I would suggest settling east of him. Alternatively, going even more east, you could claim the largest river delta in the world. Furthermore, you could settle next to @Shffahkia as well, as it would fit colonial lore as well. However, those lands are either continental or mediterranean climate-wise.
  5. Sunset Sea Islands


    We've spoken on the Discord before, but once more, welcome!
  6. Sunset Sea Islands

    List of RL people used/claimed in our universe

    Laugh about my preferences all you like, but I need to claim Lucy Liu before someone beats me to the chase.
  7. Sunset Sea Islands

    Expansion/Removal: Fleur de Lys

    Based not only on my personal opinion but also on the admin chats, I think it is clear that the effort @Fleur de Lys puts into his RPs cannot be denied. He is a good writer. The proposal itself is good. However, also in agreement with other mods/admins, the problem is not his RPs, but his behaviour. FdL, I believe that you want to be a part of our community. If you wouldn't want to, you wouldn't have bothered to put in as much effort (or anger), as you did. We all know that you're a good writer. However, you have to behave like a part of the community as well. You cannot throw a tantrum whenever you disagree with someone's opinion or vice versa. Being a part of this community is not only about good RPs, but also about good cooperation with other members. The world isn't spinning around you and you desperately need to learn how to deal with productive criticism in an equally productive way. Also, you'll need to learn how to take a joke on your costs. Naturally, although I say this to you right now, there are other members in here as well who need to reevaluate how they interact with others. What I have said to you now should also be a lesson to certain other parties. Please don't take offense, it's nothing personal, but a community-spanning matter. I would be happy to see you return and to read your RP, as I genuinely enjoy your writing, but only under these conditions. If you cannot learn how to be a part of a community, there is no point in trying. I am pinging @Adaptus, @Orioni and @Variota for reference and their feedback. PS: also, I like how the new borders would resemble the RL French ones more.
  8. Sunset Sea Islands

    A Great Europan Collapse

  9. Sunset Sea Islands

    A Great Europan Collapse

    To be honest, I don't know if this is a good idea.
  10. Sunset Sea Islands

    2018 UENA World Cup

    "Okay, are you people seeing this? 'cause I ain't sure I can trust my eyes. The SSI Blacksuns have beaten @Iverica one-nil and are now facing the @Variotan Golden Privateers in the finals of the UENA world cup. I must admit, I'm kinda speechless. But not too speechless to celebrate and with that, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to today's episode of SSI Sports, live from O'Polis!" [Audience starts cheering and applauding, konfetti is falling from the ceiling. Audience starts chanting "Finale oh oh-oh"] (OOC: Sorry guys, only clip I could find of the melody I had in mind.) "Allright, everyone, enough fun for now, time to take a look at thins match. Contrary to the previous games, there's not much to talk about here. Both teams knew that whoever would leave Zuidhaven victoriously at the end of the day would face Variota's finest in the New National Stadium of O'Polis. And who would have thought that it would be us. Well, I certainly didn't. For two hours both teams were attacking the opposing goal without rest. Both goalkeepers stood up to their jobs, keeping the goal free of weird, black and white lumps of artificial leather. Except for one yellow card for the Ivericans in the latter half of the game, the match was entirely uneventful. Our boys kept their promise to face their opponents fair and square. Not a single card was shown to an SSI player that evening. However, uneventfulness does have some drawbacks. At the end of the regular playing time, none of the teams had scored a single goal. Three minutes of extra time were given, the game would go on for ten times that. It was visible to the naked eye that both teams were evidently exhausted after almost two hours of playing. The exhaustion got to the Ivericans first. In the 117th minute, Giulius Hafþór couldn't hold Paul Buttler's shot. The man who scored the SSI's first goal in the World Cup won us our ticket to O'Polis. It was a moment of great happiness for the fans in Zuidhaven and all over the world, the applause, however, was meant for both teams. This game was a game of endureance and both teams showed an excellent level of skill. One of the both was destined to give in, it only just so happened that it was the Ivericans first. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that we have no right to celebrate. So far undefeated, the football beginners from the Sunset Sea Islands managed to reach the final in what can only be described as a perfect UENA debut. Over the course of less than a month, newcomers on the international stage climed the ladder to the final battle. It doesn't matter who wins on Sunday, we have achieved far more than everyone expected us to. As far as we're concerned, we have already won. We cannot hope for a bigger success. Even if we lose on the 15th, the story of our success up to that point cannot be surpassed. Our boys have managed to enchant a nation with the magic of football, that didn't give a damn about this sport for the past few decades. This is a summer dream. We pay our respects to our honorable opponents from Iverica and are ready to look Variota, the final boss, in the eye on Sunday. David versus Goliath, man versus man. Let us remember to face them with the due respect, no matter what comes. And with that there's nothing left for me to say, but this: See you on Sunday, folks."
  11. Sunset Sea Islands

    A Great Europan Collapse

    Although I'm not the hugest fan of war RP (I made my nation pacifistic for a reason) and I dislike total apocalypses, I could align myself with the idea. I have been planning to take over my northern neighbours and a lot of Thalassa before, this could be an opportunity to pursue this goal. I'd like to go for some technocratic greater southeast asian co-prosperity sphere. Since I wouldn't want to do this by force (nor would I be able to with the excuse of an army I call the self-defence force), I'd have to go for a series of fun political intrigues. However, we should keep in mind that this is a truly Eurth-shattering thing we're talking about. When I was new to Europa, I had the idea of a custom solar system, which had been beaten down then because it was considered to be too lorebreaking (hi Voc). I don't know how much of an experienced roleplayer @Seylos is, but I feel like this idea could be a similar rookie idea to mine. One more, thing, @Little Flau is also only "semi-inactive", as he still is a part of the Manamana League and I have recently spoke with him about it.
  12. Sunset Sea Islands

    Photo booth

    For the first time in my life I was so content with my appearance that I wanted to take a selfie. Slightly longer hair and graduation merch hoodie work better than expected. Only ever once worn a hoodie before and that was for a joke. Now I think I could get used to the lifestyle.
  13. Sunset Sea Islands

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Happy Birtday, @Iverica! don't forget to ping me when you start singing on voice chat.
  14. Sunset Sea Islands

    UENA Nations League

    @Magnaeus You've missed EurthVision as well. I guess the next thing coming up is a car race thing by @Prymont.
  15. Sunset Sea Islands

    [OOC] Construction Efforts

    @Orioni I have kicked off both the foundation of the Manamana League and the letter thing, now I am waiting for others to jump in as well. This is a group project. If I'll have to, I can RP all of this by myself, but since so many people were interested in being affliliated with the project, I expect them to put in some work as well. I mean, if they would not, why should they even want in and then want to influence the political future of Manamana, right? Also, congratulations on your 7000th post.