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  1. Sounds interesting. Would be fun to think about (obviously nonexistent) criminal activities in a surveillance state.
  2. @Orioni I think you handeled the situation of low participation (which I know I was a part of) very good. Let's hope I'll have more time/inspiration during the next summit.
  3. My lord, 2019 seems to be the year all the titans from the stories of old awaken! Welcome back!
  4. When focussed on a specific task, Houen would forget the world around him. Sometimes, however, the exact opposite was true. On his way to the museum, Houen was fascinated by almost everything he saw. He documented every architectural marvel he came across and spoke with random citizens to learn about the buildings and monuments around him. The sight that fascinated him the most on his way to meet his old friend was Elisa Pizzini. Houen Tenki wore his heart on his sleeve and when he saw Elisa's hair illuminated by the evening light in a most elegant way, surrounded by the tasteful design of the lobby, he couldn't help but stop in awe and say "Good heavens, you're beautiful." In his mind, she fulfilled every stereotype of a wise priestess greeting travellers in a temple of a long-forgotten deity. Elisa was taken by surprise, as this was the weirdest of weird encounters she had in a relatively short span of time. "You must be Mr. Tenki, am I right? If you may be so kind to follow me?" Elisa was tired, she wanted to go home and enjoy some time alone, but these weird people just didn't stop pouring into the museum. "How did you know my name, fair lady? You must have forseen my coming, I shall follow you whereever you lead me!" Houen enthusiastically replied. Rolling her eyes but still somehow pleased with the compliment, she led Houen to the room where the other guests were waiting. As soon as Houen saw his old friend Mateo Arlotta, he left the bags containing his equipment where he stood and embraced him with joy in his eyes. "It has been ages, my friend, I am so glad to see you! We have so much to catch up about!" When Houen let go of Matteo, his friend's expression reminded him of the real reason why he was here. "Right, but that can wait! First, let's deal with that stone of yours!" Elisa Pizzini used this moment to finally slip away from this group of strange individuals and hoped that the last minutes to the end of her shift would pass quickly and without any more disturbances.
  5. Seventy-two years had passed since the Sunset Sea Islands were liberated from the oppressive regime that once threatened to take over the entire continent, seventy-two years of making up for past wrongs and working hard on building up an international reputation as a nation of peaceful diplomats. This work had, naturally, not gone unnoticed, however, the second item on the agenda of today's general assembly of the Entente of Oriental States was by far the largest form of appreciation for Sunset Sea Islandian efforts of reconciliation yet. The most powerful supranational organisation on Eurth offered the island nation an equal seat at their table, not only a spot in the auditorium. Nguyên Tran had experienced somewhat of a political comeback after the Radiant Dawn. Although he stepped down from the political scene before the end of the monarchy, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed had asked him to re-join the government when she was forming her government. His expertise had been required in those uncertain times and continued to guide the Sunset Sea Islands through the stormy waters of international relations. Therefore, the ageing politician was honoured that he was the one to hold a speech on such an important topic even though his career had ended once before. He was the first of the representatives of the four current EOS observer states who walked up to the podium and addressed the delegates and dignitaries in whose focal point he was standing. "Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the council of the Entente of Oriental States, honourable chairwoman. I have lived a long life, seeing empires fall, republics rise, wars being fought, treaties being signed, lives being lost and children being born. As someone who has experienced the horrors of war first-hand, growing up in an impoverished nation blinded by its ambitions of domination, there is nothing that fills my heart with hope for future generations than seeing nations come together to find common ground. As, I am sure, all of you are aware, the daughters and sons of the Sunset Sea Islands have worked for decades to repay the damages their fathers have caused and they will continue to do so, to guarantee that their children may grow up in better conditions than the previous generations. The first summits and conferences held in the Sunset Sea Islands in the decades following the war were first tokens of appreciation of our work. When we were granted observer status in the Entente of Oriental States, our efforts were not only appreciated but recognised by the titans of global politics that we worked so hard to catch up to. Therefore, there is only one course of action any citizen of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands in my position would take. Nothing would be more detrimental to the goals, ideals and guiding principles of our nation than declining this most gracious offer. Therefore, I am proud that the honour of accepting the invitation to join the Entente of Oriental States in the name of every single citizen of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands falls into my hands. May our bond be a shining star in a dark ocean of war and despair, but overshadowed by the future our children will live in." Tran bowed to the audience before he left the podium.
  6. I'll be using Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as my foreign minister from now on, I assume. Also, I'm dropping my claim on Angela Merkel, so if anyone needs her, feel free to use her.
  7. Sunset City, 1974 Times were a-changin’ in the Sunset Sea Islands. Even though it had only been a few decades since the end of the Thalassan War, for most inhabitants of the equatorial archipelago, it felt like they were living in a different world. Twenty years had passed since the occupation ended and the last foreign soldier left the nation. However, there was a specific group of people who didn't leave: businessmen. The strategically valuable geographic position of the islands made it an important commercial centre and transfer site. Native companies processing raw materials from overseas into, for example, textiles, prospered alongside joint ventures initiated by foreigners who scented favourable conditions for business. The manufacturing industry was picking up the pace and its quality was increasing by the day with corporations reverse-engineering and improving foreign products and machines or finding solutions for problems people overseas didn't even knew they had. However, the geographical position that gave the nation the potential to turn into an economic powerhouse in the future, also made it dependent on certain goods, for example, crude oil. Although the national electric grid was well-maintained and expanding rapidly, not everything could be powered using energy from the few nuclear power plants constructed in the previous decade. One such thing were intercontinental freighters. Naturally, the government had heard from similar problems from overseas. The tremendous efforts to modernise the nation which had begun almost directly after the end of the war had somewhat safeguarded the nation against economic crises, however, if ships from overseas couldn't come because of the lack of fuel, the economy was bound to suffer. Therefore, King Tomasso, whose reign was now in its third decade, was pleasantly surprised when he received a communique from the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni.
  8. Since the SSI have also hosted the Laws of the Sea conference, the first meeting could also happen in the SSI, although I don't want to focus too much attention on myself, especially because of my recent lack of participation. Thematically it would make sense though, wouldn't it? This could also lead to some atomic cooperation.
  9. The old theme is 30 bucks per 6 months, making it five bucks per month. I could buy it, but then we should really tackle setting up a patreon to make this sustainable on a (monthly) donation-based system.
  10. Hit me up, I can do that. Just give me a building you want to host it in.
  11. I'd like to do the Manamana Papers. I should manage to set up a tax haven down there until May, I guess. EurthVision is probably @Variota's responsibility by popular vote.
  12. Sorry to be a dick, but I think both ideas are dumb. Removing inactive nations from the map is dumb, since that would make it even more empty and therefore even more "attractive" for slapping down NPCs everywhere. If players need nations to conquer, they can make them up, since it's their own lore they are writing. I wouldn't want someone else influencing my nation by worldbuilding the people I conquer. If players have problems with inactive nations, they can try to get rid of them IC, just like Alenveil and PyeMcGowan are. So what if Lusotropia is inactive? It's a chance for Iverica to liberate a nation from a Salazar-like regime and to unite a cultural region under one banner, should he ever wish to do so. Furthermore, it would be getting rid of a significant part of the region's history. Also, I support O's efforts to fill the continent of Europa with nations he previously removed from there. If a nation has been on the map in the past, they also gave consent to be present on the map. Note, that the map is also under O's copyright. There's nothing stopping Ide Jima from playing on the continent nor from expanding. Europa should remain locked to new nations, just as it was previously decided.
  13. My opinions on NPC nations: I am against filling the world with random NPC nations NPC nations are created by lorewriting of PC nations NPC nations should only play a role when it comes to expansions (Sachsen, Enolia, etc.) we should stick to the one nation per player policy except civil wars (->Mantella/Cristina) I don't like the idea of recurring players wanting to play a new nation. Sure, this could diminish the fun those people have, but: we shouldn't raze historical nations, their history and achievements we shouldn't let people have more than one nation on the map, clogging it with de-facto NPCs we shouldn't tolerate exceptions as that would create precedents detrimental to our running system
  14. TO: Matteo Arlotta of @Alenveil Dear Matteo, I was very happy when I saw your name on my computer screen this morning. However, not only do I hear back from a friend after a long time, no, he also informs me of a tremendeous archaeological find! I remember your enthusiasm from back in the day, always on the hunt for the next sensation! I'm so glad all your hard work is finally paying off. I shall be getting on a plane presently, I can't wait to lay my eyes upon what you've dug up! Furthermore, I'll be dragging Trai with me, a skilled linguist I met at a symposium in Sunset City. Her algorithms and AIs managed to decode several documents previously thought to be impossible to decipher. You'll love her, I'm sure of it! See you soon, Your friend Houen. ps.: Isn't it great that there have been so many exciting things happening lately? First the incredible geode over in Ibriarium, all the stuff that's been found in Alenveil, now this amazing artifact... What a time to be alive!
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