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  1. That's really good to hear. I wish you swift recovery.
  2. Since we totally don't know each other, let me welcome you to this place. I wonder how you found it, do tell.
  3. I guess it's kinda weird not being a teenager anymore. Thanks a lot!
  4. @Orioni can you rename @SamNorth?
  5. We've seen eachother on the Discord already, but let me say "welcome" on here as well!
  6. TYPHOON "SAIGAI" TO HIT NORTHERN THALASSA Saigai continues to gain strength as it closes in on northern Thalassa. It is expected to make landfall with sustained speeds of over 150 km/h, making it one of the most dangerous storms in recent history. SSI-run emigration centres are organising emergency transports and the coast guard is working hard to spread the message of the inbound calamity throughout the cities and villages of the archipelago. Everyone is advised to seek shelter, follow emergency service personnel instructions and keep their radios on at all times. Should you be unable to leave your house, if possible, seek shelter on rooftops to make it easy for rescue helicopters to spot you. Once more: Saigai poses imminent danger to you and your loved ones. Seek shelter and follow emergency instructions at all costs. Prepare for evacuation immediately.
  7. "SAIGAI" ESCALATES INTO SEVERE TROPICAL STORM The northbound storm Saigai continues to accelerate. Satellite footage confirms that the storm reached sustained top speeds of over 100 km/h, thereby being reclassified to a severe tropical storm. Coast guard is on high alert, inhabitants of the Dobbarrier reef and the Futari islands are advised to check water and food reserves. When the storm makes landfall, please stay away from windows and doorways to avoid potential shrapnels.
  8. "Elegy, book a flight to @Galahinda on July 14th." "Yes ma'am. An alarm has been set to ensure departure on time." Liên Viênxuân had always been a busy person, one does not become the CEO of Elegy Corporation, the most valuable company of the world's strongest economy by idling around. Her responsibilities had only grown after the introduction of the technocratic constitution. The expert panels controlling the former ministries, which had been replaced by departments, were formed by the individuals thought to be most suitable for the positions. Liên had been appointed a seat on the panel of the Department of Industry, one of the highest positions in the nation. Nevertheless, she still had a company to manage. Thankfully, both the fact that the panel consisted of more than just one person, and the amount of aides Liên had employed, enabled her to dance at two parties at once. Well, make that three. The invitation to Galahinda, a nation strongly influenced by corporations, would certainly be a good potential business partner. Especially now that high-ranking corporate agents were given a voice at tables that decided about national policies. Furthermore, a gala in an influential fashion hotspot could not be overlooked. After all, wasn't the latest ElePhone model just the best accessoire to any outfit? Certainly, this party would pose a great opportunity to advertise her company, tie new corporate ties and to deepen diplomatic relationships. Was there anything better for business than well-disposed friends and peaceful times? This party might be the business opportunity of a lifetime...
  9. You're lucky, even though I shouldn't be as susceptible to heat as a lightweight person, it's so hot in Berlin that leaving the house is pure torture.
  10. TROPICAL DEPRESSION "SAIGAI" RECLASSIFIED TO TROPICAL STORM Saigai, which has formed north-east of Burkini, leaves the region northwards with minimal effects on the surrounding islands. The intensifying phenomenon has been reclassified to a tropical storm reaching sustained wind speeds in the low-to-mid eighties. The UBPSSIF coast guard is alerted. Inhabitants of northern Thalassa and the Dobbarrier reef are advised to keep windows closed when the storm makes landfall.
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