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  1. (OOC: College has started back up, so sorry for taking so long to write.) The Minister was sat at a table drinking coffee, patiently waiting for other delegates whilst Dr. Qell and Dr. Press were speaking in the background, discussing the many opportunities that present themselves as a result of this newfound cooperation. "An international body focused on the attainment and preservation of history and knowledge is surely revolutionary, this could lead to a new level of global cooperation and understanding, stated Dr. Press. "Indeed, this organization is new and revolutionary. I just hope that the other delegates here will see it the same way." Dr. Qell said. The man with the eye shaped pin on his collar known as Qalos Red had quickly finished his coffee, then told the Foreign Minister. "If you don't mind Minister, I will head outside and check out some of the stalls. Should be interesting seeing what the youth here have learned of our nation and our faith." Mr. Gennaro responds "Go on ahead, I will wait here to great the other delegates when they arrive." As Qalos Red had walked outside, a new delagatin had arrived shortly afterwards. "Indeed, we are the delegation from Qardania. And from your mention of the siterhood, I am willing to guess your the delegation from kaitaine." "I've heard quite about about your nation, and I see our nations having a great future ahead of us." Mr. Gennaro then gestures to the two men behind him. "Dr. Qell and Dr. Press, this is Kaitaine's Minister of Culture Mr. Braden." The two men then came over to greet the delegate from Kaitaine, shaking his hand.
  2. Foereign Visit To Morheim Good afternoon, and today, we here at QNN shall be reporting on the Foreign Minister's highly anticipated visit to Morheim, alongside some of Qardania's greatest historical and cultural minds in what might be the start of a new path for Qardanian involvement in global affairs. Just a little while ago, the Foreign Minister Amadeus Gennaro arrived in Morheim's capital of Thale where he was greeted by both the Prime Minister and the Queen. With him are 3 individuals representing various institutes of Qardanian history and culture. These include Dr. Dendor Press, a professor and historian at the Wartakk National History Institute (WNHI), Dr. Sandro Qell, a cultural professor at Grazza Provincial University (GPU), and B.Q. Qalos Red, the youngest member of the Council of Clergy which advise the Qardino in matters regarding the Varushi faith. They have gone alongside the Foreign Minister to talk about not only relations with the Queendom, but to also negotiate with various other foreign dignitaries about the proposed Treaty for Cultural and Historical Exchange (TCHE). This proposed Treaty is supposed to build a framework for nations to share cultural and historical information to not only create more mutual and cultural ties, but to also peacefully resolve international matters regarding cultural issues and concerns. The Foreign Minister in an official statement before his departure expressed that this is a "Great opportunity for furthering foreign relations and cultural understanding between nations in the hopes of avoiding hostile or isolating relations.", as well as "Hope for future generations to better understand the world and the role we play in it as a nation." We here at QNN will keep you updated as more details emerge throughout the next few days. Now on to today's weather...
  3. As the plane landed, a man with a black suit and blue tie with black hair combed straight back had started making his way to exit the plane, with his 3 colleagues following closely behind. One was wearing a black and white pin on his suit’s left lapel, seemingly picturing something similar to an eye. Another had short white hair with a thin beard, this time with a red tie. The one furthest back with short black hair was adjusting a pin on his lapel with the letters GPU. As the 4 men exited the plane, the sun was fairly low in the sky, but still gave off a sense of a new dawn. Not just of a new day, but of new opportunities for Qardanian involvement in international matters. As the 4 men lead by the man with the blue tie were exiting the plane and walking towards their motorcade, what appeared to be members of a military band were playing the Qardanian national anthem. Then they were greeted by a man with glasses and balding hair. The 2 men shook hands. “Welcome to Thale Mr. Gennaro, hope your flight was pleasant.” the man greeted. “Thank you Prime Minister, and thanks for hosting us.” responded Amadeus Gennaro, Qardania’s Foreign Minister. The Prime Minister continues, “My Queen is looking forward to meeting you, now if you need anything during your stay just let us know, we would love it if you had a pleasant stay.....as well as a productive one." The Foreign Minister responds, “Thank you again Prime Minister, I do believe that we shall achieve something great during this visit.” The Prime Minister continued to shake the hands of the other 3 men before they followed Mr. Gennaro to their designated motorcade. The city itself was impressive, not just because of the architecture or the sites, but it’s people as well. As their motorcade was driving around the city, many people could be seen waving to their motorcade, while waving the flags of the various nations attending this invitation by the Queen, including various Qardanian flags. “Her majesty sure does know how to greet foreign dignitaries. Inspiring her people to put on such a welcoming display.”, stated Dr. Qell, a cultural professor at Grazza Provincial University (GPU). It wasn’t much longer until their motorcade came upon the palace gate where more children were waving towards their motorcade. As they pulled up to the steps of the palace, the colour guard made their way to properly welcome the dignitaries from Qardania. As the Foreign Minister exited the motorcade along with his 3 colleagues, he had spotted Queen Julia making her way to greet them. “I'm thrilled to meet you" , she said as she extended her hand. “Greetings your majesty.” said the Foreign Minister as he shook the Queens hand. “Queen Julia, welcome to the Palace, I trust you had a pleasant trip?" the Queen enquired. “The city was beautiful your majesty, we had a very pleasant and welcoming trip.” The Foreign Minister answered genuinely. “Excellent!” She responded. “Now I don't know which you'd prefer but we're having a small Cultural Festival here today, what I hope is the first of many for TCHE, we have some time before everyone arrives, if you would like to explore out here that is fine, but I understand you've had a long trip, if you prefer we've some coffee and cake waiting inside. The decision is yours." The Queen was patiently awaiting her guests choice. “If you don’t mind your majesty, I think we will head inside and await the arrival of the other dignitaries. After our long flight, a few of us could enjoy some coffee.”
  4. Might as well throw my hat into the ring. Nation: Qardania Name: Robert Country: US Hobbies: Hiking/Camping, Cross-Country, Nature, History, Politics, Genealogy, TCG Player Picture:
  5. To Her Royal Highness Queen Julia We applaud your actions to open up your nation to the wider world, and we hope to gain mutual knowledge and respect as a result of both diplomatic and cultural exchange. Many scholarly individuals in our nation have expressed positive notions of your decision, and wish to also further open up Qardania to the wider world. Our nation's earlier administrations have been cautious when it comes to opening up to other nations, but my administration is working to change that, as over the past decade many in our nation have expressed their interest in opening up our nation and its culture to the wider global community of nations in order to learn from and cooperate with other nations in solving our shared global concerns and issues. My administration is more than willing to send a delegation to Thale, to discuss relations, and to further discuss the details of this proposed Treaty for Cultural and Historical Exchange (TCHE). This delegation shall consist of various scholars from our esteemed institutions, joined by my Foreign Minister. Qarshiq (Qar Guides) President Vindios Tirr
  6. Political Structure & Political Parties - (WIP) The Qardino & the Council of Clergy The main purpose of the Qardino is to act as the symbolic heads of state, as well as the traditional heads of the Varushi faith. They deal with matters mostly concerning the Varushi faith, and can seek assistance from the Council of Clergy in Wartakk for guidance if need be. This doesn’t mean that the Qardino have no political say. The Qardino does have access to reserve powers that can be enacted in times of national crisis if the President isn’t able to properly perform their duties. These powers are allowed to be revoked by the National Congress if they are deemed to being improperly utilized. The President The President is the Executive Head of Qardania. The president is entitled to all powers granted him/her under Qardanian code and law, the president has the power to veto decisions by the National Congress, unless at least 60% of representatives and Ministers made the decision. The President is the head of the Qardanian armed forces. The President is answerable to the Qardino during times of impeachment or national crisis. The District Governor The District Governor is appointed by the President to play the role as Mayor of Wartakk, as well as to be able to appoint Ministers to the House on behalf of the Capital. The District Governor also acts as a representative for Wartakk in the National Assembly. If the President were to resign, die in office or otherwise be removed from office, the District Governor would become President as well as continue his duties as District Governor for 6 months until an election can be organized, or just until the next election cycle, if it's less than 6 months away. The District Governor can also appoint a temporary replacement in this case if he so desired, and wanted to focus on running the country as President. Provincial Governors A Provincial Governor is the Executive official of a Province, and head of the Provincial government. They are entitled to certain powers given to them under Qardanian code and law. They are elected every 4 years, and have no term limit. The National Congress The National Congress is a bicameral legislative body which currently hosts 213 representatives and Ministers. 30 in the National Assembly. 183 in the House of Ministers. They share the same chambers, but meet at separate times. The only times they both meet is when impeachment is on the table, and for various other emergency actions. The House of Ministers Provincial Governors appoint Ministers to The House of Ministers based on overall population, 1 Minister for every 500,000 people, regardless if they're citizens or Immigrants working to become citizens. To cut down the power of the capital (Wartakk) in political say, the amount of Ministers that are appointed by the District Governor are cut in half (rounded up). The number of representatives used be based on every 250,000 people, but was changed in 1898 due to a rapidly growing population, and the overcrowding of the House. The National Assembly The National Assembly includes 2 appointed representatives for each province, each one appointed by the Provincial Governor, and 2 elected representatives from each province voted on every 3 years. In Wartakk, their power is once again halved, the District Governor becomes the representative for Wartakk in the Assembly, along with another representative elected by the city of Wartakk. Election and Appointment Cycles Presidential Election Cycle Every 6 years. No term limit, unless approval rating falls below 30%, in which the President would not be allowed to run for re-election. Provincial Governor Election Cycle Every 4 years. No term limit. National Assembly Election and appointment cycle Every 3 years. No more than 2 consecutive terms for appointed representatives. However, previously appointed representatives can still run for an elected seat. Elected representatives have no term limit. Political Parties Party Presidents cannot be an appointed official on the National Government level. Party Leaders are the perceived heads of that party in the National Congress Major Parties: Varushi Union Party (VUP) - Party Leader - Vindios Tirr Party President - Qardino Republican Union (QRU) - Party Leader - Andrej Valenta Party President - United Democratic Union (UDU) - Party Leader - Ragnar Qotqa Party President - Minor Parties: Green Future Movement (GFM) - A political party that focuses on the environment and moving Qardania forward in the field of renewable energy and more sustainable societal and ecological practices. Vulqan Party (V) - Despite being a minor Political Party, the Vulqan Party is the second longest lasting party in Qardania, being founded in Qardania after the conversion of Qardania from a Kingdom to a Republic. This parties platform used to fight for more power in the hands of the Qardino, and they still somewhat do. Today however, many politicians join the party as a symbolic gesture of the relationship between the Qardino and the democratic system. Their have been a few Vulqans in possession of elected office, but they mainly take up appointed positions. It’s called the Vulqan party, because the Qardino that first diminished their power in order to give way for a more democratic system was the 3rd Qardino of Vulqan, with the patriarch being Triniaq Vulqan and the matriarch being Marria Vulqan. Qardanian National Front (QNF) - A small, and mostly ignored far right political party that very rarely earns national government positions. Varushi Communist Party (VCP) - A communist party in Qardania that has very little support or recognition
  7. Welcome to Europa! Hope you enjoy your experience here. Can't wait to read more about Morheim in the future!
  8. Wow! I came back to see that posters have been made for Qardania and all these other nations. I kind of feel guilty for becoming inactive now. Hopefully, I can keep it up this time around.
  9. QNN - Your main source of news Azad Attar murdered. Vindios Tirr?s unexpected rise to the presidency QNN - May 11th, 2017 Around midnight last night, the Minister of the Treasury Azad Attar was found dead, with large blows to the skull, and multiple gashes all over his face and chest. A private investigation is to be lead by the department in conjunction with the RDI (The Republic?s Department of Investigation). President Lazar Iddos has not yet released a statement on the events, and government officials are getting frustrated, as he continues to close himself off to the press. Assuming when the President releases his statement, he is expected to bring up details about the investigation and about appointing a new Minister to the department. Public statements had been released earlier this morning by District Governor Vindios Tirr and from the Qardino. The District Governor?s statement talks about the investigation and the initial details of the murder this morning, and extending his condolences to the Attar family. The Qardino?s statement released by the Minister of the Press this morning states that the Qardino and their family will have it?s security increase surveillance and observation of suspicious activity. It also states that the Qardino will attend the Minister?s funeral, and take part in the formal ceremony. QNN - May 11th, 2017 in the afternoon. The government is continuing to get frustrated that the President has not yet released a statement. Breaking News: The President, a suspect! This just in, the Director of the RDI, Kara Wan has just released details that evidence could point to President Iddos being involved with murder of Azad Attar. Evidence is said to be presented to the Qardino tomorrow to decide on whether or not to initialize the impeachment process, until then, the Qardino has access to reserve powers that are subject to criticism from Congress. QNN - May 12th, 2017 The Qardino has had the evidence presented to them, and later this evening, Congress is expected to initialize the impeachment process. The District Governor Vindios Tirr must be prepared to step into the role of President starting tomorrow. The House of Ministers voted 179 to 4 to Impeach President Iddos, and the choice in the National Assembly was unanimous as all 30 representatives voted to impeach the President. President Iddos? termination and arrest is immediate. Tomorrow morning, District Governor Vindios Tirr is expected to act as stand in President, and elections are expected to be scheduled for mid-November.
  10. I would love to be involved in this, as i'm currently fleshing out the political parties in Qardania, both major and minor ones.
  11. NAME: Qardania PLOT: 55 FLAG: Look on NS Wartakk should be placed a little inland of the northern coast somewhere along that mini straight.
  12. Full Nation Name: The United Republic of Qardania Government Type: Constitutional Diarchy Capital City: Wartakk Heads of State: The Second Qardino of Qandri (Liboq Qandri [Patriarch], Yalli Qandri [Matriarch]) Head of Government: President Vindios Tirr Official Language(s): Qardani Official Religion: Varushi Official Currency: Karda (η) Population (Not NS stats): 92 Million If you are interested in learning more about The United Republic of Qardania, you can check out the following factbooks: Note: These factbooks are still a WIP History:https://www.nationstates.net/nation=qardani...tbook/id=820692 Political Structure:https://www.nationstates.net/nation=qardani...tbook/id=820703 Religion:https://www.nationstates.net/nation=qardani...tbook/id=820695 Geography:https://www.nationstates.net/nation=qardani...tbook/id=820697
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