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  1. The Drifters - Under the boardwalk down by the sea
  2. A soldier’s crumpled corpse at a traffic circle. Young men gunned down in their living room while partying. A teenage boy killed by a stray bullet while watching television. Outbursts of gunfire so frequent that children call them "making popcorn." The horrors residents recount here are part of a conflict that has been upending the eastern regions of Afropa in recent years. "This situation, it’s unbearable," said Leonard Lallemand, one of the few holdouts still living in a once-bustling neighborhood along a highway called Route Cinq that is now littered with charred, overturned vehicles and shell casings. Afropa is still grappling with a tangled colonial past that involved three foreign powers and in recent years, it has become a vital partner in the battle against Violetist extremism in Europa. Now, the country is on the brink of a civil war. Longstanding anger at the ruling elite has erupted into one of the nation’s biggest uprisings in decades. Separatists are waging a violent battle to overthrow the existing national structure and replace president Pierre Panza. The estimated 200 thousand fighters are armed mostly with older guns and take orders from activists living overseas. Known internationally as the V.L.A., these terrorists are up against an @Iverican- and @Derthalen-trained elite military force, the latter which has been accused of human rights abuses. The government crackdown led by Army General Jules César Jajo has been ruthless, with residents and local officials providing frequent accounts of troops burning homes and buildings in more than 100 villages, indiscriminately shooting or detaining civilians, and sometimes executing innocent young men as they search for separatists who scurry away into the dense forest after attacks. "Hundreds of thousands of people have fled the eastern areas to get away from the violence and about tens of thousands of civilians have died", says Guillaume Gonzo, the director of the Afropan Center for Human Rights. "And this estimate doesn’t include security forces and separatists who have been killed in battle." In the middle of this melee, the country is planning to hold an election. One of the world’s longest-serving presidents, Pierre, 59, who has already been in office for 34 years, is asking voters to give him another term in office during the November elections. President Panza has been in office so long that most of the nation’s population has known no other leader. He has been travelling the country to rally support in a contest expected to be highly lopsided, given his tight grip on the nation. The V.L.A. have vowed to do all they can to disrupt the vote, escalating an already volatile situation. Afropa is completely occupied with fighting a war against Voiletist extremists in the region. In the east, Ivericans and Derthaleners have provided the country with military equipment to battle V.L.A. as the war has spilled across the @Sa Haran border. Mindful of its shaky international reputation, President Panza's government has hired a public relations firm to polish its international reputation. But the election will do little to settle the uprising against President Panza in Afropa’s two eastern regions, contiguous areas along the Sa Haran border. Turnout in them is expected to be extremely low — largely because few people are left to vote. In some areas, locals officials estimate more than 90 percent of residents have fled. Communities like Okane, a small town near a dormant rubber plantation, have been completely abandoned. Burned homes, crushed tin shacks that housed businesses and a blackened beer truck attest to the fierce battles here. Many of the concrete homes and stores along the road were riddled with large bullet holes. Okane had been a flash point of fighting. A military captain blamed terrorists for the damage, accusing them of lashing out at residents who didn’t respect their calls to create a "ghost town," by abandoning the streets and staying home. But local news reports by L'Afropa Quotidien have offered a much different explanation: a gun battle between V.L.A. terrorists and security forces in June that sent residents escaping into the forest. These eastern areas make up a fifth of the population, and with their palm oil, rubber and banana plantations they are a significant contributor to Afropa’s economy. Most of those operations are now closed because of the violence. The government estimates that only about 10.000 of Okane’s 200.000 residents remain in the city, a normally quaint mountainside area where the violence has been unrelenting. Many fled after episodes like the one witnessed by Monsieur Roland Rambo only last week. Early on a Tuesday, at 6 o'clock in the morning, he was called to a home where he found the bodies of six men strung across a living room, some limp across chairs and one lying by a door as though he was trying to escape. Another body had already been taken to the morgue. Before they died, the men were having a party, drinking Euphoria until the early morning hours and making a lot of noise, Monsieur Wambo said. He said security forces heard the racket and executed them after deciding they were terrorists, who are rumored to be heavy abusers. One of the dead included a neighbor who also heard the noise and decided to investigate, he said. President Panza’s government says the separatists are terrorists and has refused to open any dialogue with them. When asked if he was going to vote in the election, Rambo’s eyes widened. "For what?" he answered. "I’ve been voting for years and the results have never changed."
  3. The Lysian journalists Charles Chemin, Alexandre Allemand, and Martin Mazarin arrived in the Afropa on Friday of last week. They wanted to spend a fortnight investigating the foreign fighters operating in the country and gathering information about illegal interests in diamond, gold, and uranium mining in the warring nation. Although there are some conflicting accounts, it appears the trio departed the capital, Dieudonné, late Monday night on their way to meet with an Iverican representative in the town of Tazina, about 280 kilometres away. But they never got there. They reportedly were ambushed and killed by about 10 men wearing turbans and speaking Sa Haran, according to the driver of their vehicle who survived the attack. The government said on Friday that the Iverican peacekeeping forces in Afropa, found the bodies of the journalists with multiple gunshot wounds, along with an abandoned vehicle, 33 kilometres north of Tazina. According to the L'Afropa Quotidien, locals in Tazina said that the attack was unusual, that the assailants seemed most interested in the “tall and muscular man”, which is likely Mazarin, the cameraman. They wanted to search his pockets, but the journalist resisted and so they shot him. The bodies were first transferred to a hospital in Tazina, and then onward to a university hospital in Dieudonné. The circumstances of the incident have not yet been established. The Afropan Ministry of Foreign Affairs planned to transport the bodies of the three killed reporters to Lyrie on Sunday morning.
  4. ^ Likes very old films. Did you already see La Règle du jeu? < Friday I will go to the cinéma with my friends for En Eaux Troubles (The Meg). v Does he like sharks or maybe not?
  5. True. I like especially the bonbon fires. The next poster is going to the cinéma this weekend.
  6. You can say Fulgistan again but he isnt here. Maybe Fulgistina will respond now?
  7. The Doors - People are strange
  8. Newsflash: Sixty Afropan soldiers killed in V.L.A. army base raid At least 60 Afropan soldiers have been killed in a gun battle with V.L.A. fighters who overran a military base in the country's northeast, according to military sources. Scores of fighters in trucks stormed the base at Hawamas late on Tuesday and briefly captured it after intense fighting, two sources told L'Afropa Quotidien on Wednesday. "They came in large numbers in trucks and carrying heavy weapons and engaged soldiers in a battle that lasted for an hour," a military officer said. "They overwhelmed the troops who were forced to temporarily withdraw before reinforcements arrived," said the officer who asked not to be named because he was not authorised to speak. The V.L.A. took weapons and military equipment before they were pushed out of the base by @Derthalen troops with airforce support, said a second military source who reported a similar death toll. "But the terrorists also suffered heavy casualty from the bombardment," one of the military officers said. It is suspected that the V.L.A. have attacked the base starting from the nearby Parc National, where 27 troops were killed and 14 wounded in an attack a military outpost last week, the military sources said. The V.L.A. has killed 20,000 people and displaced more than two million since 2016
  9. False! The next poster needs to learn better manners.
  10. 16:00h East-Afropa Deep inside the Parc National, near the border with @Sa Hara , an old man is squatting around an improvised campfire. Smoke slowly ascends through the forest, disappearing in the dense green canopy far above his head. Over the fire hangs a large black cooking pot. Every now and then the old man lifts the lid and stirs the pot with a long wooden spoon he carved from a branch. After another thirty minutes of cooking the meal is ready. The old man uses a long branch to lift the pot off the fire. He carries it to the makeshift mess hall nearby. The mess hall is not much more than a large plastic sheet tied between four trees. Unless you know the building is there, you almost can't see it. The covering in this dense part of the forest is nearly perfect. When the old man enters the mess hall, a dozen fellow soldiers all cheer and some even clap their hands in anticipation. "Finally some food," says Louis Limpopo. "This will calm my hungry belly," adds Jules Jonné. The large cooking pot is placed in the middle and each soldier awaits his turn. In this pecking order, their leader goes first. Monsieur Renard Redoine, or Abu Renard as some followers respectfully called him, gets up slowly from the only actual chair around. Everyone else also stands up. Some out of awe. Some out of fear. Abu Renard is the notorious leader of the V.L.A. and the most wanted man in all of Afropa. He walks to the pot and generously fills his bowl with plenty of food. Next to follow are the lieutenants and officers. These are the elite bodyguard of Abu Renard and have been with him for many years. The grunts come last, some of them using only a large banana leaf as their plate. When everyone has their food, before beginning, Abu Renard stands up to say a few words. "Children. My children," he starts out firmly, "Let today this food be in honneur of our captured brother Alois Acellam. It is a year now that he was taken from our midst. We pray to Violet to return brother Alois safely to us or let him be a martyr to our cause." Abu Renard sits down and everyone starts to eat. The food is alright. A new bag arrives every week. This bag came from another captured truck for humanitarian efforts. An hour goes by. The men are still sitting in the mess. Abu Renard leans over to his right, where his lieutenant and trusted right-hand man Thierry Togba is sitting, and whispers: "Tell me, Thierry, how are the arrangements for our next bombing attack moving along?" "The preparations are going forward as planned Sidi," answers Thierry confidently. "Very good, very good," says Aby Renard while nodding his head acknowledging, "Remember to also take foreign captives. These will become very valuable to us. Especially those @Iverican and @Derthalen dogs." OOC: With the permission of the players, there will be a double bombing attack in either the zone of Iverica or Derthalen. Your forces will rush in to aid the wounded. A second bombing attack will take place to target any who shows up to help. The survivors of this second bombing will be captured. I have already sent you a pm about this. Right now I'm not including Cristina since they are too far from the Parc National.
  11. ^ Obviously has the hots for Lucy Liu. < Remember Lucy Liu from Ally Mac Beal. v Needs to shower.
  12. I cant believe we dont have this game. It is very simple. It works like this. You write some thing about the next poster. And the next poster responds with TRUE of FALSE as it applies to them. He also makes a new statement about the next poster and so on and so on. So here we go. The next poster is in his car.
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