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  1. Aargh. I hate it when it does these things like this. To me, a fast-reply option seems fairly unrelated to the moving of forums. Moving a couple of forums around shouldn't have consequences for other features, yet if does, because that's the only thing I did. If there was only a button "switch on/off fast reply" I accidentally switched of, it would be rather easy to undo. But now I'll have to check the code.. could take some time to find where to look.
  2. What's the exact problem? Was there a "fast reply" button or something that disappeared? Or are you talking about the shoutbox? Or the visibility of the shoutbox-thread?
  3. I was pretty sure I hadn't touched anything that said "shoutbox" on it when doing a bit of reorganising, but apparantly moving some subforums broke a link.. hence the error message. It should work again now.
  4. Motto Europa 4 ever! Capital Centridge City Official Language English Population 35 million Currency Euro The Democratic Federation of Europa is a massive, socially progressive nation, notable for its complete lack of prisons. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 3.548 billion hold their civil and political rights very dear, although the wealthy and those in business tend to be viewed with suspicion. It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent government stop
  5. Maybe you already noticed, but Nationstates has a new forum: http://forum.nationstates.net/
  6. The admin thingie doesn't recognises the name "The Aristocratic Confederation", because I've just changed it (just check under "The Social Democratic Confederation", Tag). Though it my take a while for it to show up properly everywhere (because of the cookies). I'm doing good, as my exams are almosy over. Only one more to go next week so I thought I'ld pay good ol' Europa a visit in the meanwhile.
  7. Hey there Van. Long time no see.. Welcome back
  8. I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.
  9. He always does. Anyhow, what was the quote you wanted to post/were searching?
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