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      Logothesion ton Agelon investigates the Isthmos Kanalos

      Environmental Impact of the Canal Questioned

      The Istmos Kanalos is one of the greatest feats of Arhomaiki engineering ever carried out. Whilst the ancients were able to build the roads that allowed the soldiery of our nation to conquer much of the known wurld and constructed the aqueducts that meant our cities could flourish in a way unimagined by the barbaroi that surround our countries and our lands, it is the great canal that joins the Ragas Thalassa, the Raga Sea, and the Kolpos tes Stratonis, the Bay of Stratonis, that surmounts any of these glorious works of the past. Its completion at the start of the reign of his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Agios Basileos kai Autokrator has been a vast boost to the economy of our nation. Although it has meant that some of the traffic that used to the call at the ports at the north-eastern end of the Ragas Thalassa now bypass them, the long way around the northern coast of the Occident is no longer as economically viable, opening up a huge amount of trade from southern Europa.

      But it has not been without its costs, and not just to the Arhomaiki ports in the south of our nation. From the start, there were worries that a route that joined the Ragas Thalassa and the seas of central Europa would have an adverse environmental impact. At the time, it was suggested that there ought to be locks fitted to the canal, to control the flow of water through it, even though the geography of the isthmus meant that the locks were not necessary for travelling through it. The idea behind these was to prevent the water of the seas mixing and preventing any invasive species from going from one to the other. This, however, was mooted by the order of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. The locks would impede the flow of trade as they impeded the flow of water, and the idea of stopping ships and putting them in dry docks to scrub their hulls clean of any flora and fauna would annihilate any economic and strategic advantage given by the canal.

      In order to counterbalance any damage done to God's Eurth, the Logothesion ton Agelon, the Ministry for the Environment, was ordered to monitor any changes and keep tabs on the progress of invasive species through the canal. At the time, it was rather naively hoped that the constant passage of ships through the canal would entirely disrupt the movement of any animals. As a precautionary measure, it seems almost comical in its woeful under-preparation. However, the new Megas Logothetes ton Agelon, Presbyteros Paulos Narses, has announced that a large-scale survey will take place of both the northern Ragas Thalassa and the Kolpos tes Stratonis in order to check the extent of the movement of invasive species. This will be in conjunction with Panepistímion ton Petrion, the Hekademion and, surprisingly, the University of Canastota in the Enomenes Politeies tes Prymonteias, the United States of @Prymont.

      The Logothesion ton Agelon has defended its inclusion of a barbariki institution because of their expertise in undertaking oceanographic and wildlife survey, and that the knowledge gained and shared here will help with the protection of the environment across Eurth. The Prymontiki are known for their keen awareness of the impact that human activity has on the wurld, especially since any rise in global temperature will affect their country more than many others. Much of the country lies within the Argic Circle.

      “Although we are much separated by both faith and distance, the Prymontiki are motivated by the same drive to preserve the environment as the Arhomaioi,” said a statement released by the Logothesion ton Agelon. “Seeking cooperation and tapping into the expertise that they can provide is not something that we can allow to pass us by.”

      Initial studies have been reportedly carried out to establish the extent of potential contamination between the two bodies of water. The Logothesion ton Agelon has remained tight-lipped about the amount of individual animals and the number of species that been found. There have been unconfirmed reports from fishermen that the Lavrakoi that are usually caught in the Kolpos tes Stratonis are diminishing, being replaced by Koiloi, a fish much more common in the Ragas Thalassa. This, in turn, has forced the beginnings of a change in how the local fishing industry operates. God willing, the survey that will be undertaken will be able to shed more light on the matter.


      Arhoma hosts Conference on Arhoma

      Potentially seditious meeting monitored by the Esoteriki Epitheorisi Pliroforion

      The city of Arhoma is the centre of our nation, the ancient and symbolic capital of our nation, which is the chosen nation of God on Eurth. As everyone knows, the Arhomaiki civilisation is the guiding light of Eurth, both spiritually and politically. All other nations look towards us and what we have achieved. Even now, all barbaroi regard us as the model to base their nations on. This can be seen in such things as the famous Manille Arsenal in Iberikeia (@Iverica) drawing on Arhomaiki architecture, as well as many other political and administrative buildings across wurld.

      It should not be surprising then that there are those Arhomaioi who wish to see a return to the past or move to a future different to the one that God has chosen for us. Last week, a conference was held in our ancient capital to discuss the future of our civilisation and what shape that might take. A range of different speakers attended, including academics, politicians and historians. The conference was not condoned by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and no-one from the government is known to have attended. It was at least partially funded by Isaakios Niketas, the former Proedros and leader of Nea Demokrateia, so the possibility of subversive aims of the conference should not be surprising. This is the reason why the Esoteriki Epitheorisi Pliroforion, the secret police, were carefully monitoring the conference. This was so that if there were any attempts to undermine the holy rule of the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator, they could be nipped in the bud.

      Niketas himself stated that the conference was nothing more than a meeting of like-minded individuals, keen to promote cooperation between the nations of Europa that claim Arhomaiki heritage, as well as to pool ideas on how to promote peace between the nations. Nationals from Adaptos (@Adaptus), Sporseia, Euandreia and Salbeia (@Salvia) are known to have attended and given speeches and seminars, as well as some individuals from the breakaway province of the Hexanesa. It demonstrates the enlightened rule of His Aroman Majesty that the visitors from that province were not arrested as traitors. Agios Basileos Kommodos respected the promise of his predecessor, Theodosios VI, who allowed the Hexanesanoi to visit Arhomaneia without fear of arrest for treason. It is no more than what they so richly deserve, however.

      One of the main speakers of the conference was a past leader of the Hexanesa, Ioannes Hegesinos, an ex-leader of the rogue province, who has advocated Arhomaiki cooperation in the past. Whilst Hegesinos was leading figure in a nest of traitors, he saw that a strong Arome is something that can be a force for good. He supports the intervention by Adaptos and Arhomaneia in the New Wurld, stating that it helps make our planet a safer place. His speech was reportedly on that theme, that Arhomaneia has a duty to help guide the rest of the wurld towards peace, working in cooperation with all other nations.

      Other speakers promoted closer economic cooperation between the five nations, or an expansion of the agreement between Arhomaneia and Adaptos. Trade between our nation and our closest neighbour and ally is frictionless and includes an alignment of standards and regulations. It isn't currently thought by the Logothesion tou Kommerkiarionikou, the Ministry for Trade, that an expansion of the agreement would be economically advantageous for the Megas Agios Basileia, especially since the south-eastern two nations have been through some chaotic times that see no sign of abating. It also remains to be seen whether Salbeia should truly be considered as a descendent of our great civilisation, considering their geographic distance and insistence on heresy.

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is supposedly frustrated with the fact that Praifektos Orbanos, Khristoforos Florentios, allowed the conference to go ahead. It is understood that the Praifektos Orbanos would have been aware of the conference and what it entailed, knowing it was controversial, but still gave it the go ahead. It can only be hoped that he is praying for forgiveness for his actions. Likely, this is part of his misguided plan to seemingly secularise our ancient capital and bring it in line with the capitals of the barbaroi, as if that is something that is laudable. His actions in allowing a fashion show to go ahead was criticised by the Patriarkhes of Tzankheia but was greeted by silence by the Patriarkhes of Arhoma.

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      Pope Gregory XVII: 'Second Inquisition to Take Place' to Root Out Corrupt Officials


      :pic: The pope announced the Church's plans in a speech Tuesday afternoon

      The pope of the Salvian Church, Pope Gregory XVII, announced plans to complete the investigations into corruption started by Cardinal Mark D'Angelo in November of last year.  The pope has dubbed it as the “Second Inquisition” with “widespread efforts and a large amount of resources” required to fulfill his goals.

      The speech, given Tuesday to numerous members of the press and the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium (MCC), intended to lay out the plans of the Church in tackling internal corruption and to make the process “as transparent as possible.”

      Strong-worded in certain areas, the pope took no time in acknowledging the “deep problem” of corruption in the Church, adding that he was “appalled and horrified”  by some of the conduct he had witnessed as a cardinal.  He went on to say that he was “further horrified by the extent this conspiracy had infiltrated the Church and how close it could’ve come to succeeding.”

      The investigations had previously been halted for the papal election that took place in March, but not before disenfranchising some 35 cardinals from voting in the papal election as they were under investigation.  While the corruption investigations resumed in April, further investigation beyond the 35 cardinals were not taken as the MCC intended to “wait for His Holiness’ planning and decisions”, which the pope had been working on since his election.

      Besides the four priests, bishop, and three cardinals previously arrested, the MCC announced that 19 of the 35 cardinals had been fully investigated, with 13 being found guilty and receiving corporal punishment in the form of 15 years in jail.  The 6 found innocent had any positions or duties they had fully restored and each of them fully accepted the papal election, per the Papal Dicastery for Communications.

      Gregory’s Tacolic counterpart, Pope Hilarius XIX, praised the plans put forth and stated publicly that he’d be willing to provide “any and all aid” needed to complete the investigation.  

      Numerous independent groups, from watchdogs to Catholics, have reacted positively to the news, apparently holding on to the hope that Gregory is able to deliver on his promises and eradicate corruption and conspiracy within the Salvian Catholic Church.

      Edited by Salvia
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      Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium Announces Partial Investigation Results


      The Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium has concluded some of its investigations on the 35 cardinals that were disenfranchised for the papal election.  Of the thirty-five, nineteen cases have been concluded, with 13 being guilty of various degrees of corruption and conspiracy against the Church, operating within the bounds of the group originally uncovered as a result of investigations conducted in February 2019.  Those found guilty have been defrocked and, after receiving permission from the Saulius executive, have recieved corporal punishment and are now sentenced to 15 years in prison.

      The 6 found innocent have had all privileges, duties, and positions restored, their names cleared of any misdeed.  All six, despite being wrongfully denied the right to vote in the papal election, have accepted the results.  

      His Holiness Pope Gregory XVII is to announce further plans to combat corruption and conspiracy later today.


      Written on this day, the Seventh of July, Year of Our Lord 2020


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      Oil companies lobby for government to consider boundary review

      POINT KANAMOI - Leading oil companies in the Prymontian Rus have joined forces and written to the government to request that they formally review the northern border. Prime Oil, Husky Energy and SF Energy have been utilising the rich oil and natural gas deposits in Point Kanamoi which borders the Canamo Sea, but are unable to utilise further generous deposits in the northern lands due to the lack of an official territorial claim. The existing Prymontian Russian borders prevent resource exploitation throughout the entirety of the Canamo Bay, and it's understood that executives of the energy companies are keen to interrogate the inland sea just north of the Prymontian Rus as well.

      The letter, written initially to the Commissariat of Energy, has received an official response from the Commissariat of Internal Affairs. Matthew Sergeyev has promised to review the situation in close cooperation with his Energy counterpart Eugene Matveyev, but has made no further comments and declined to elaborate when probed by PNN. Expanding a nation's borders is not as simple as proclaiming sovereignty over a slice of land anymore, and matters are worsened by the fact that the crumbling, twisted Germanic Staat maintains a questionable claim over the area in question.

      Drilling activities in Point Kanamoi have been a driving factor in bringing down fuel and energy prices in the Prymontian Rus and the United States since 2018, and the benefits have also been seen across Argis with cheap energy being sold throughout the Canamo neighbourhood while @Iverica maintains a presence in energy collection. While the United States continues to push renewable solutions such as wind and solar energy and promotes greener lifestyles, the Prymontian Rus continues to rely on traditional methods of power as it regains its place on the wurld stage.

      An off-shore drilling rig, operated by Husky Energy in the Canamo Bay, pictured in January 2020.


      Prymontian Rus Sarov Army opens doors to female soldiers

      CAMP KEDROVY - Women and equality supporters across the country are rejoicing after the government introduced a landmark act allowing females to serve in the Prymontian Rus Sarov Army. The Armed Forces Equality Act was passed by Leopold Evdokimov, the Commissariat of Defence in a bid to increase numbers of the army. Five hundred soldiers have already been deployed to Estaria as part of the coalition PRUSPET project with the United States and a further two thousand have been earmarked for future deployment. With the Canamo Canal still requiring patrols and Circle of Death pockets continuing to pop up in the southern regions, a greater military is required to protect the nation.

      β100 million has already been set aside for the construction of segregated barracks, unique training regimes, and to fast-track proficient soldiers into commanding positions. It's understood that women will be able to serve in the same ranks as men and will be seen as genuine equals by law, although the reality in such a male-dominated sector is yet to be seen. Women will also be free from the compulsory two years of service required by men when they turn 18. It's not sure why this is, but it has caused unrest amongst certain male equality groups who claim that if women are seeking equality, they must adhere to the same set of rules as men.

      While the act only applies to the army, it's understood that similar motions are being forwarded for the navy and air force if there's enough interest to justify such expansions. Equality campaigners have praised the government for implementing the decision directly rather than allowing it to be congested through parliament, and now urge the government to take further steps and ensure equality across the entirety of the Prymontian Rus' armed forces.

      Women have previously served in the Sarov Resistance Army, albeit in an unrecognised capacity.


      New Pokrovsk high-rise housing estate approved

      POKROVSK - The war torn city of Pokrovsk is on the rise, and is set to receive a significant boost from the government after plans were approved to construct a new housing estate consisting of six high-rise apartment blocks. Much of the city's architecture was brought to the ground during the war against the Circle of Death in 2018 - Pokrovsk was the centre of several scuffles between coalition forces and the terrorists and saw tens of thousands of civilian deaths. After his election success in 2018, Premier Iskander Yegerov promised to resurrect Pokrovsk from the ashes, and is now following through on his pledge.

      Plans were revealed earlier in the week to construct a group of six tower blocks, each housing 217 flats. The blocks will soar almost 100 metres into the sky, offering prime views of the revival of Pokrovsk and what is earmarked to be an area of mass development as the Prymontian Rus itself rises from the ashes. The estate will cost an estimated β240 million, with a further β40 million set aside for leisure and retail units. The towers will introduce a more modern standard of living for Pokrovsk residents while also taking up very little land compared to standard terraced housing. Preliminary work has already begun on the site, and the first building is expected to be complete in 2023.

      A model of one of the towers shown to local civic planners, featuring an external elevator and stair shaft.


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      Visit Orioni: top 5 destinations you must experience

      Adventures in OrioniO'POLIS -- From the beaches of Amilaki, to the chaos of Zuidhaven, alongside the history, culture and jungles, there is just so much to see in Orioni. There is no question about it, Orioni is one of our absolute favourite countries to visit. If you’re looking for somewhere tropical, relaxed and has amazing food, you'll find it hard to pick somewhere more idyllic and relaxed. Whether you are staying in a tranquil Oriental beach villa, or a hotel suite in a high-rise Zuidhaven hotel, there are plenty of possibilities for everyone.

      The country is home to a variety of landscapes and climates. You can find crystal clear blue waters and blinding white sand running around the edge like Dimeti and Deseti, just two of its many spectacular islands. If you want something different you can experience the bustling chaos of Zuidhaven, or climb up into the cooler mountains in the northeast. Here you will find peaceful jungles, rich spirituality and picturesque views. Wherever you go, you will find yourself charmed by the ancient and mysterious culture, the delicious food and the welcoming locals.

      If you've been to Orioni a few times, you'll have created a routine for yourself. Fly into O'polis or Zuidhaven and stay for a few days. After that, it is off to a dreamy beach getaway. With so much to offer it can be hard to narrow things down. With that in mind, here are our top five destinations in Orioni that you have to visit.


      Even if your plans for Orioni mainly involve frolicking on a beach and eating as much biryani and spiedini as humanly possible, you'll probably spend at least a day or two in O'polis. There are plenty of things to see and do in the capital, but the Imperial Palace should be at the top of your list. This is the number one sightseeing attraction in the city, and it's staggering in both historical significance and craftsmanship.


      Orioni's bustling 2nd city can be overwhelming at first. It is a hive of activity and its chaos is all part of its charm. The sights, sounds and smells that assault your senses will also inspire your curiosity. Each street will bring something new and alien to try to understand. It makes the perfect introduction to the country and southeast Europa as a whole. For history buffs and photography enthusiasts, a favourite stop is the ruins of Hierapolis. The ruins of this old city still stand proud despite enduring centuries of battle and exposure to the elements.  It offers many lovely photo opportunities.


      Deseti is Orioni's largest island, and also one of its most well-established island resorts. The island is popular with everyone from backpackers and stag parties, to rich and discerning EOS diplomats looking for 5-star luxury. Just like all the other islands in Orioni, it has unreal beaches fringed with swaying palm trees, and these are Deseti's main attraction. You will undoubtedly find it a peaceful place to relax after the commotion of Zuidhaven, but it is certainly no backwater either. There are also opportunities to get to know the local culture on the island, with the Sahini monastery being a great place to start. There are a wide variety of places to stay on the island, and luxury retreats offer some of the best villas in Deseti.


      The name Dimeti refers to a chain of barrier islands, and the largest island in particular. It is a much smaller place than some of Orioni's other beach destinations. If you're not looking for a party, Dimeti is a great option. There are plenty of attractions in the Amilaki region, but the main one is diving along the Weledi Gulf. The waters are teeming with colourful fish, as well as coral reefs and turtles and the landscape is so unique with little islands popping up everywhere.


      If you finally decide you have had enough of the beach, head up to Adansi to see a completely different side of the country. The city is located in the mountainous Kidusi province, and it is the perfect place to base yourself if you want to see what the area has to offer. Mountain walks, mysterious hill tribes and ancient temples are just some of the things to do around Adansi. Elephant rides are a popular activity here, although the practice is sometimes ethically questionable. You'll love visiting the elephant sanctuaries, transplanted from the Kingdom of @Koku, which allow visitors to appreciate these magnificent creatures while providing them with a safe and loving environment at the same time.

      (OOC: I was planning my own summer holiday. But the options in 20202 are rather limit with fluctuating quarantaine rules and travel restrictions. So wondering about fictional travel proved an easy alternative.)

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      Since January this year, 3 ships have met accidents on the lateral Northern Argic Passage; a risky, narrow, but efficient shipping lane that connects the North Oriental Ocean and the Adlantic Ocean. Just last week on the 26th of June, the MV Explorator, a ship registered to a commercial freight company in Mannarsto, Narva, met an accident when it collided with a substantial piece of the summer ice floes just 50 kilometres away from the coast of Nanuvat, an indigenous territory in the northeastern Argic coast that has yet to be recognised by the international community. A breach in her hull left the civilian ship slowly listing for hours until it eventually capsized. It took 9 hours before the nearest fishermen could reach the Explorator's lifeboats, one of which deployed improperly, resulting in the death of 1 crewman. The accident is still under investigation by Mannarsto authorities. This, among some other incidents, has prompted the Armada Iverica to consider old plans proposed in 2005, the deployment of a permanent and peaceful sea-service mission to the polar peripheries in the Argic northeast.


      Prompting has come from the awareness among maritime stakeholders and the general public. In the 25th of April, an illegally operating Nanuvat whaler was sunk when it struck a low berg, about 120 kilometres east from what would be the MV Explorator accident site. The whalers were unable to raise assistance in their boat's radio and all but one perished in the freezing waters. The incident made headlines across Northern Argis and raised a two-fold concern over maritime safety and wildlife protection in the region. The passage has few emergency infrastructures and the ports to seek assistance from are few, far-between, and usually under-equipped. But as the route saves thousands of kilometres worth of fuel and supplies compared to a Mediargic transit, many businesses and priority freight continue to cruise the Northern Argic Passage. Given the staunch determination to maintain the route, the Iverican government is now considering the option of establishing a facility to assist ships, protect wildlife, conduct emergency response, provide a base of operations for vital infrastructure building, and host supply and relief efforts to communities and vessels that may become iced-in during the brutal Polar winters.


      Sidelined for modernisation priorities in 2005, the plan dubbed "The Polar Service Initiative", is currently being re-examined by the Armada Almirantasgo and Executive Ministry Praesidio. Press release from Corregidor sheds some light on the tentative Polar Service's mission:


      "The Armada Polar Service is to provide humanitarian aid by lending skills and emergency assistance to distressed ships and communities. It is to provide safe berthing, fuelling, and victuals to any civilian vessel passing through their area of operation. It is to accomplish this by establishing vital and environmentally considerate facilities in uninhabited territories and with the permissions of regional entities. Such facilities shall be staffed by essential and skilled Armada personnel and shall remain unarmed but for self-defence; they are to be restricted from carrying missiles, large calibre guns, or offensive electronic warfare systems. The facilities will be open for observation and visitation by the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association (ATARA) inspectors. The Armada is to cooperate closely with the government of the United States of @Prymont , which maintains state interest in the region. 


      Though many questions are abound--regarding location, exceptions, and execution, what is known is mainly speculation. There is some statement basis for the Iverican government to cooperate with indigenous authorities and some loopholes in vague and fragmented local maritime laws to situate stations in international waters. Some sites have been speculated as likely choices, the most curious of which is a former Helleno-Russian naval base located in far-northeastern Argis and abandoned since the Second Argic War. Some have also pointed to the Armada's wide inventory of prefabricated modular infrastructure, developed for the Islandero Operations and extensive naval logistics capability to aid in the quick deployment of a polar aid station.


      Should such an undertaking follow-through, the northern ports of the Iberic Federated Commonwealth are likely to see new or expanded opportunities arise in Eastern Argis and Northern Europa.

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      Checking wastewater pollution in Mar province

      39a6a7f661fbfc9ab2d0c6eecae861f4edcae229MAR YAHOSN -- The Weledi Gulf Tourism Cooperative (WGTC) has called for addressing the pollution caused by wastewater in the Weledi Gulf and the Dimeti Barrier Islands. The Cooperative raised the issue of wastewater from tour boats and tourism activities. Pollution caused by discharges from vessels remains a challenge despite many regulatory efforts taken by provincial authorities.

      The Dimeti Barrier Islands in northern Orioni are made up of 67 islands that span 250 square kilometres in length along the northern edge of Mar province in the Amilaki region. The largest island, called Dimeti, has roughly 9.000 inhabitants, with an additional 3.000 people living on floating fishing villages off the coast. The island is the adventure-tourism capital of Orioni, with places to mountain bike, rock climb, hike, and more. In 2019 around 750 tourism boats operated in Weledi Gulf, including over 200 vessels that anchored overnight.

      In April and May, the WGTC invited two international experts to evaluate the sustainable tourism management and environmental protection in the bay. The experts concluded that the gulf wasn't threatened by pollution. Nonetheless, they did express concern over growing tourism numbers and ineffective waste management, concluding it would pose a significant threat. Both experts also hoped the province would soon announce the standards for wastewater systems.

      Mr Gideta Yelemi, the Provincial Director of Environment, said the department has asked the Council of the Environment to set national wastewater treatment standards that could be adopted by 2020. Mr Yelemi added that: "All boat owners understand the impact on the environment of untreated wastewater from cruise ships. They support the initiative to instal treatment systems on vessels."

      During a recent workshop with stakeholders from business circles and the provincial government, the Zuidhaven Institute of Technology (ZIT) presented several technology and management solutions to alleviate wastewater pollution in the area. The solutions are aimed at helping tour boat owners comply with stricter regulations: either having built-in treatment systems or using external treatment services.

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      Rezovi: "EOS cornerstone of neighbourhood security"

      VideoconferenceO'POLIS -- During a private video conference with leaders of the Entente of Oriental States (EOS) on Tuesday, Chairlady Awidefale Rezovi emphasised the importance of partnerships that support the growth of security, stability and prosperity in the Oriental neighbourhood.

      "These past decades we have seen how effective our cooperation is," Rezovi was quoted by spokespeople as saying. "I am humbled by how the EOS countries are helping each other. And more can be done. For example, by developing digital solutions to enable easier communication between our residents," she added.

      The chairlady highlighted the situation in Bainbridge Islands is an important example for both external and internal threats. "Defusing the pirate menace will increase security of the entire region. There can be no stability and prosperity without security," Rezovi said.

      In her statement, the chairlady also emphasised the fight against disinformation. "In recent years, we have seen the impact of disinfo and propaganda become ever more dangerous," Rezovi said. According to her, frozen conflicts, like the rivalry with New Wurld blocs or inter-Europan spats, cannot be forgotten either.

      Rezovi said that there are several opportunities to support the EOS, especially in the field of science and technology. "Our exchange of mutual talent is growing quite fast since the STEM grants were introduced. And we still have a long way to go in integrating our newest partners into the common market," she said.

      The chairlady said that the EOS have made progress in implementing its goals set in recent years. These objectives are divided into areas of economic development and market opportunities, strengthening institutions and good governance, and the environment and climate change. They include the Antargic Strategy, Responsibility to Protect, proposed observer status, and intervention in Bainbridge Islands.

      "These objectives have a positive impact on the daily lives of people in the EOS countries. We will continue to move forward and agree on concrete actions for the coming years," Rezovi said, affirming Orioni's readiness to contribute to improving the standard of living of residents of EOS countries.

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      Efforts to Revitalise Southern Port Begin

      The port city of Dymafos has often been considered the jewel on Ragas Thalassia, the Raga Sea, and one of the cradles of Christianity. It is an ancient city, at the crossroads of the Occident and Amutia, and grown rich on trade. It was long a centre of Arhomaiki power, and before that a capital of the ancient Euandrid Empire, one of the successor states of the Boy-King. The Patriarkhes still guides his flock from his palace that overlooks the harbour and regularly leads services not just in the cathedral, but from even the smallest chapels. His Holiness, Theodorankos IV, has also been keen on building cross-denominational bridges with the Orthodox Church, the Diarchic Church and smaller, New Wurld denominations, all who have small congregations in the ancient centre of our God-given, shared faith – even if perhaps the other churches have strayed somewhat from that light.

      The tourist and pilgrim trade has somewhat dried up in recent years, but the peace and stability that Agios Basileos Kommodos III brought to Europa has meant that it has slowly begun to improve. It has been hoped by the Anthypathoieon tou Dymafou, the mayoral government of the city, that the recent trade deal with the Agios Katholikon Autokrateia (@Salvia) and Demokrateia ton Iberikon (@Iverica) will see an increase in foreign tourists. This has been coupled with similar drives with the nations surrounding Arhomaneia and they slowly seem to bearing fruit. Some of the churches and chapels within the city are ancient, dating to the early days of and contain some of the oldest relics still in existence and have always drawn crowds of barbaroi.

      Dymafos was a major port for thousands of years and it is this aspect that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion wishes to revitalise. The construction of the Isthmos Kanalos, the Isthmus Canal, was almost a deathblow to the port, as shipping started to bypass the port almost entirely. But it had been declining for many years beforehand. It was starting to not be able to keep up with the larger and larger container ships that are being used across Eurth, as underinvestment meant that the facilities were not available for them. This started to become a cyclical situation – as fewer and fewer ships came, it was argued that the decline meant that it wasn't worth expanding the port. Trade had started to be diverted either to our nearest neighbours, Sporseia and Souberina (@Suverina) and from there overland to southern Arhomaneia, or shipping companies found themselves constrained by the port facilities available to them. The other routes, overland via Adaptos (@Adaptus) or around the north of the Occident make significantly less economic sense.

      Now, ever larger container ships are swinging the argument back the other way. Whilst the width of the canal was designed with the Protathlites tou Christou aircraft carriers in mind, the new generation of so-called “mega container ships”, such as the Orhioniki-flagged UNEX Arenigwade approaches that constraint. It might not be a leap of the imagination to suggest that the next generation might even surpass the 60m width of these giants. Making the canal wider to accommodate these vast ships is likely to be, at the very least, exorbitantly expensive and significantly disruptive. Both of these are reasons why the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is unlikely to consider this as an option. Instead, breathing life back into the port of Dymafos and enabling it to take these giant vessels is likely the significantly cheaper route.

      Oddly, the Patriarcheion tou Dymafou is thought to be one of the main lobbyists for the expansion of the port facilities. To an extent, the well-being of the Patriarcheion is linked to the port – the port is one of the largest employers in the city and its workers keep much of the rest of the local economy afloat. His Holiness is known to be very concerned about the happiness of his flock and feels that a revitalisation of the port would lead to more work for the ex-dockers that form a large part of the unemployed in Dymafos. As well as the happiness of the inhabitants, the Patriarcheion is also one of the main providers of welfare within the unemployed, providing food banks to the poor, amongst other services. Although no one from the Patriarcheion would comment on the matter when asked, it can be imagined that these are likely a drain on the resources of the Church and lightening that burden is something that is being aimed for.

      But, of course, a modern port would likely mean automation, a trend that has been sweeping across much of Europa and Eurth – many ports in our own Megas Agios Basileia are even embracing it, although it is argued that they have little choice in the matter. An automated port, in some ways necessary for the quick turnaround expected these days, would mean that less dockworkers would be needed for its smooth running. Which, in turn, would do little to alleviate the the issues of unemployment in the southern city.


      List of Banned Works Scaled Back

      Although Arhomaneia doesn't usually wish to advertise it to the rest of the wurld, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion maintains a list of banned literature. Much of this is heretical writings, often from many centuries ago, and is kept away from the general population to make sure that none of them are led from God's light by long dead heresiarchs. It is known that the Katholikon Patriarcheion in Europatorion keeps a vast library of these forbidden texts to make sure that if any of these heresies rear their head again, the Aroman Church can tackle them and bring any false believers back into Christ's arms. It is closely guarded to make sure the knowledge contained within does not fall into the wrong hands, as the wurld is often fertile ground for wrong-thinking.

      The Logothesion ton Deeseon, the Ministry for Information, also keeps a list of banned material, in order to aid the Church in keeping the souls of the Arhomaioi safe, as is to be expected of a government headed by God's representative on Eurth. Much of it is foreign in origin, as can only be expected. It is usually pornographic or lewd, or is considered to hold ideology or ideas that are damaging to the Megas Agios Basileia, God's chosen nation on Eurth. For example, much of the writings of Mark Karls are banned, due to the fact that it promotes revolution against God-ordained regimes such as that of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. Similarly, the perverted writings of the infamous Lysian, the Marchis de Masan, remain entirely prohibited for an Arhomaios or even barbaroi to possess within Arhomaneia, although it is unknown why anyone of sound mind would do so. It is one of the duties of the Esoteriki Epitheorisi Pliroforion to police this list and make sure that no one is in danger of being led astray.

      That some such books, or even other media, need to be kept out of the hands of some individuals is self-evident. Arhomaneia isn't the only nation to do this on the Occident, or even Eurth. Megas Vourlinton (@Great Burlington), for example, maintains stricter controls on access to the internet than our own nation, something which appears to be at odds with the country's brand of unfettered capitalism.

      However, recently the Logothesion ton Deeseon has deemed it fit to release some of the books and films on the proscribed list. Amongst these was a work of epic fantasy, Arkhontas ton Dakhtylidion, by Ioannes Hermeneutopoulos, an otherwise noted scholar and academic. It was banned during the reign of Theodosios VI after a period of popularity lasting from when it was published in EK7464 (AD1956). At the time, it was proscribed due to its supposed depiction of angels, as well as being about an earlier iteration of the wurld, but it has now been deemed to not go against any teachings of the Church. Similarly, the ever-popular film series, La Guerra de las Galaxias, was banned under the Navarkhokrateia for showing a militaristic regime being overthrown by an armed insurrection – something that the military dictatorship wanted to discourage. Although some suggest that the Logothesion needn't have bothered with unbanning the three prequels.

      It is mainly fictional works that have been de-listed by the Logothesion ton Deeseon, as it is now felt that it is justifiable to say that it is obvious that no one could reasonably assume that these are attempts to subvert correct Christian thought. A full list of unbanned media is available on the website of the Logothesion.

      This move by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is not entirely unprecedented in Arhomaiki history, as the Navarkhokrateia in its early years saw almost a liberalisation of films and media, partially as a way of distracting from the seizure of power from the elected, and therefore chosen by God, Agios Basileos Konstantios V. It could be that this is a move by Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Agios Basileos kai Autokrator to show that his stated attempts to reform the Synkletos is not just an isolated event and that he truly is trying to move Arhomaneia into the new century after many years of treading the same path.

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      World Day to combat Desertification and Drought

      480px-Oman-Oasis.jpgCYGNUS -- The desert is not deserted. Traveling north from O'polis to Cygnus, you quickly hit the Ayawo Gulf, a relatively shallow body of water that separates the Orinese regions of Irisha and Semeni. These coastal lands of Semeni are home to plenty of unique local species, such as the adorably small web-footed sand gecko (Stenodactylus arabicus). Shallow islands on the Gulf coast also support critically endangered nesting sea turtles and vast numbers of breeding seabirds in summer, including greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) and booted warbler (Iduna caligata).

      Species like these are under threat from increased desertification. Increased desertification poses major challenges to the lives of people, plants and animals. The World Desertification and Drought Prevention Day is observed annually on 17 June. Organised by the United Eurth League, the day promotes public awareness of the fight against drought an desertification.

      As Eurth's population continues to climb, becoming wealthier and city-based, ever greater demands are places on land to food and resources. At the same time quality and productivity of existing farmland is declining. Humanity is relentless in its production and consumption. Orioni is committed to protecting the biodiversity of this rich coastline while also preventing further soil degradation.

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      UNEX Arenigwade docks at Port Santa Isabella


      SANTA ISABELLA, Cristina -- On Sunday, 15 June the UNEX Arenigwade, the new flagship of Orinese liner shipping company Universal Exports called at the Port Santa Isabella on her maiden voyage. In @Cristina, she was handled by Port Santa Isabella Co where a total of 12.000 standard containers were discharged and loaded.

      This mega-containership was built by the Orinese shipyard group Talako-Semayi Heavy Industries as the first ship in a new series of six, and recently delivered to UNEX. According to UNEX, the Arenigwade is one of Eurth's newest XXL containership. This mega-containership will be deployed in the Oriental-Europan trade. The Port of Santa Isabella was called during the maiden voyage of the UNEX Arenigwade.

      With a length of 410 metres and a breadth of 60 metres, along with her five sister-ships to follow, the UNEX Arenigwade conforms to the environmental regulations in force since the beginning of this year. All twelve ships are delivered with fitted scrubbers. One of her sister-ships will be named UNEX Santa Isabella.

      “We are delighted that the UNEX Arenigwade has been able to complete her maiden voyage to Cristina with no problems. All those involved in Santa Isabella have contributed to the safe and efficient handling of this unusually large vessel,” said Mr Giovanni Maggiore, CEO of Port Santa Isabella Co.

      Multiple liner services link the ports of Cristina with Orioni. Cristina mostly imports raw commodities (oil, ore meat and grains), mainly intermediated by companies such as Sandrine Trade Co, Agritec, Vital Chimica and others. In 2019 there was a +5% year-on-year increase of containers transported. Cristina currently ranks 9th among the Orioni’s top trading partners for container handling.

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      Grenesian Rails Back On Track

      The Grenesian railways have been run inefficiently for more than thirty years, and it's high time local governments received revitalization projects and considerable funding from state budget.

      pic.png Computer render of the planned railway overpass on the northern end of the city of Carne Góle. The new connector will enable direct rail transit from the city's Main Railway Station to Hodźij and then to Wětošow.

      The total expense on the projects included in the National Railway Program exceeds five billion Grenesian plats. The main goals of these projects are to schedule maintenance of functioning railroads, revitalie old infrastructure, improve the quality of passenger rail transport and to increase train access to remote rural areas.

      One of the largest ventures in Pzhypzhesmytska, and by far the most expensive included, is the Tsieshytse-Skzhypy project which includes modernization 132 kilometres of tracks, renovation 64 railroad crossings and construction of four new stops.

      In Maraska, ten new stops will be built within two years and trains in the Glinsk agglomeration will be able to run more often. The project aims to increase the popularity of rail transit in the region, relieve road traffic and thus make the roadways safer and less congested.

      In Zrembsko-Brunitska, the reconstructed Mloty-Zremb-Debina route will re-enable passenger traffic and streamline freight traffic. All of its passenger platforms at nine stations will be back in use and required with benches, lighting, information boards and ramps for the disabled.

      Also, a large part of the modernization currently being carried out on railway lines includes freight routes. For example, five neglected long-distance freight lines in the southern part of Grenesia are going to be restored to working condition.

      Additionally, Grenesian State Railways are going to open a tender for purchase of eleven new train sets and two used high-speed train compositions. What's more, the Grenesian State Railways will introduce a joint ticket throughout the country and the new tariff will be degressive, which means that the combined route with a shared ticket would pay less than for separate tickets purchased for individual sections.

      While the railway network all over Grenesia is being modernized and undergoing major overhaul, passengers are bound to experience significant delays and many routes will have to be detoured. However, once the main construction works are over, a permanent, uniform timetable is promised to be established.

      Edited by Grenesia
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    • Prymont

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      Coalition task force formed between United States & Prymontian Rus to deliver aid to Estaria

      RETTENMYR - In a press conference in Vanndal House this morning, Foreign Minister Julian Nordeng sat with Prymontian Rus' Commissariat of Foreign Affairs Leonti Degtyarev to announce the formation of a coalition aid organisation that will provide humanitarian support and political stability to the Ceris state of Estaria. The Prymontian Rus - United States of Prymont Estaria Taskforce (PRUSPET) will also include assistance from the Prymontian Defence Office and the Prymontian Rus Commissariat of Defense, who will be providing military protection against the Sentist terrorist group that is currently overwhelming Ceris.

      PRUSPET will promise food, clothing, and construction materials for shelter, as well as political and economic stability to the 17 million inhabitants of Estaria, who are currently undergoing overpopulation and famine crises. With the looming threat of Sentist disruption, PRUSPET has been formed to step in and bring a sense of reassurance and calm to the area. PRUSPET will soon depart for the Prymontian military base in Subic, @Iverica, before making footfall in Estaria. Foreign Affairs Minister Julian Nordeng had the following to say regarding the operation:

      "These are tough times for the people of Ceris, who have been struggling against the ever-growing Sentist threat. With the recent detonation of a bomb in Liechnenfax, it was my moral responsibility to make a move and promise help to Ceris. The state of Estaria is particularly vulnerable, and as the Sentists move westwards, we need to act fast to protect the island from succumbing to these despicable terrorists. With our friends in the Prymontian Rus, PRUSPET will ease the problems of overpopulation and famine in Estaria while providing some much needed protection against the Sentists."

      A super high density tower block in Estaria, built to shoddy safety standards to accommodate the ever-worsening overpopulation crisis.


      Aamotech's Nålestråle grounded indefinitely as safety investigations continue

      RETTENMYR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - Aamotech Aerospace CEO Lucy Aamot has confirmed that Montair's six grounded Nålestråle supersonic jets will remain on the tarmac for the foreseeable future as her company works to investigate and fix the plane's flaws. An April flight from Intreimor to Rettenmyr saw an electronic failure which prevented use of the canards, causing an unstable and precarious landing. The Nålestråle project has been hit with setbacks from the very beginning, and this could be the final nail in the coffin for what has ultimately been an unsuccessful attempt at rivalling Aerospatiale's Concorde.

      Aamotech engineers are reportedly bewildered and have had to call in help from @Gallambria's GAe Systems, which provided engineering and financial support in the final phase of development. Aamot was unable to provide a timeline of when the problem could be fixed and the plane's returned to airworthiness. Prymontian flag carrier Montair is now said to be moving towards legal action to recover lost costs surrounding the grounding of the plane, including ticket refunds and drafting in substitute planes. 

      Prymont's last remaining aircraft manufacturer was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2018 before being saved by a merger with Erik Bruun's KAP Group, forming the formidable Kaldestad Aamot Group which has gone from strength to strength. Bruun has noticed that Aamotech is failing to meet business targets and is threatening to pull the plug on the company altogether if changes are not made. Recent setbacks with the Nålestråle could mean the end for Aamotech, making it essential that a solution to this problem is found sooner rather than later.

      One of the six grounded Nålestråle jets at Rettenmyr International, which may not return to the skies again.


      Review of Prymontian armed forces commissioned to Iverica

      INTREIMOR, IVERICA - PNN has learned that Defence Minister Fabian Thorvaldsen has commissioned the Iverican Ministry of Defence's Office of Strategic Study to carry out an external review of the United States' armed forces. The Office of Strategic Study will be given free reign to poke around the Army, Air Force and Navy to suggest cost-cutting measures in time for the highly anticipated budget review in October. Despite the announcement of PRUSPET which will unexpectedly be a costly manoeuvre, the Defence Ministry is looking at reducing funding for the next budget to streamline the armed forces for efficiency.

      Prymont shares a rich, close military relationship with Iverica. The countries came together in the Argic Wars and the Mediargic Missile Crisis. The Canastota-Intreimor Missile Countermeasure Initiative went on to become WARD, a staple of Western Argic aerospace defence, and have continued their relationship through TRIDENT and most recently the Verde Blockade and the founding of the joint military base in Subic. Defence Minister Thorvaldsen said "when it was decided that we'd be extensively reviewing the military, it made complete sense to me to commission the Ivericans. They've one of the best armed forces of the New Wurld and there's plenty we can learn from them."

      The Office will be closely following the progress of the Prymontian forces in Estaria as they seek to restore order and fight off the Sentists. Notes will also be taken from the Hellenic Rus intervention which saw Iverican forces working closely with the USP Ground Force and the now-disbanded Elite Prymontian Defence Force. It's rumoured that the Prime Minister is seeking to free at least β10bn from the military budget while keeping the United States adequately armed - certainly a formidable task for the Ivericans.

      The Battle of Salonica, 2018, which flared relations between Prymontian and Iverican armed forces.


      "We'd like to hit our targets early", says Transport Minister Jakob Bakketun when questioned about fossil-fueled transport

      VANNDAL HOUSE, RETTENMYR - Transport Minister Jakob Bakketun has told his peers that he'd like to hit Prymont's green transport targets early. The minister was questioned about the progress of Prymont substituting its diesel-powered trains for electric replacements and went on to discuss other modes of transport too. 60% of trains running in Prymont are powered by renewable means, according to the United States Rail Company which manages the country's railroad network, with the remaining 40% being diesel-fuelled internal combustion engines. Bakketun informed his fellow ministers that the USRC were reviewing the benefits of the electric trains and discussing budgeting and replacement plans for the remaining diesel locomotives, but was unable to provide further insight.

      Bakketun then went on to discuss cars, of which 22% are now powered by green means. The Ministry of Transport has been pouring money into widening its electric recharging network across the country, and has been issuing grants to KAP to develop batteries with longer ranges to rival distances capable by traditional means. The previous government promised that the United States would have an entirely green road network by 2035 and Bakketun has informed ministers that this government will keep that promise, and ideally beat it. Currently there are several incentives for purchasing new electric cars, such as zero VAT, zero road tax, and free home charging point installation. However, the Transport Minister acknowledges that more can be done, and has promised that further changes will be made for the 2021-2022 budget which is currently being discussed by the review council.

      The minister said "it's important for us to ensure that Prymont remains at the forefront of environmentalism, renewable energy, and low pollution levels, and that means reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible and ensuring that as many vehicles in the country as possible are powered by pollutant-free means. We're promoting the research and development of not only electric batteries, but hydrogen fuel cells too, and we hope to bring you further developments and good news very shortly. Prymont is already a healthy place to live by air pollution levels and we're dedicated to improving that even further."

      The Transport Minister hopes that such scenes of pollution and smog will be a sign of the past sooner rather than later.

      Edited by Prymont
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      The fate of the Gerenians has certainly been lamentable – forced from their homes at the hands of an invasion force, their culture and history swept aside, before being put into transit camps and sent far away from their homeland. This is something that has been watched by the rest of Eurth.

      Perhaps the invasion of the Endoxi Epikrateia ton Koussoeion by the Exkousiokrateia ton Gharon (@Haruspex) could be construed as justified or, if not justified, then understandable. The pattern of a country collapsing due to internal or external factors and then being invaded by its neighbour, whether for peacekeeping or less altruistic reasons, is a pattern that has been repeated across Europa and even in the New Wurld. Often, the country that has been occupied is then set back on its feet and once again becomes a functional member of the community of nations, or it is annexed and incorporated into the conquering state. At times, it undoubtedly helps the population but others, it results in oppression and repression.

      In the case of the invasion of the Endoxi Epikrateia, a large population of Christians was intentionally displaced by the invading Gharoi, and their long and ancient history intentionally erased. This was on the order of the now-deceased Exkousiokrator, Ji'Mar, son of Sa'Karn, who was long a friend of the Arhomaioi. His son, however, was not and he and his cabal of warmongers have come to a well deserved end. Many of these Christians, of the Gerenian denomination, ended up being shipped to Arhomaneia or held in a miserable stasis in northern Koussoeia. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has attempted to make those who ended up in Arhomaiki lands as comfortable as possible, even though the winter that had passed as been one of the worst in recent years.

      The plight of the Gerenians was not one that went unnoticed by the rest of the wurld, however. Other Christian powers stepped up and came to their aid. The response was truly an international one, with nations from Argis and Marenesia stepping forward to work with the Megas Agios Basileia to help the displaced population. Although all of the nations involved are not just separated by geography, but language, ideology and varying creeds, it shows that the light of Christ shines through all of these differences and when a people in peril need aid, all countries can work together to help those less fortunate.

      Amongst these nations, the Demokrateia ton Iberikon (@Iverica) has set up a protectorate on an island in the North Oriental Ocean, the Voreios Anatolikos Okeanos, known as Monarch Island, Monarchia Nisos. Iberikeia is working to the advantage of the Gerenians and is endeavouring to make the settlement on Monarchia Nisos viable, so that the displaced population now have a land of their own. It is not doubted that the first years of their life on the island might be hard, but the Iberikoi will surely work to make sure that it might become a refuge from the ill-treatment and misery that they have known since the invasion of their homeland. To this end, this protectorate is fully recognised by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and Iberikeia is completely trusted by Arhomaneia, and that nation has shown that even though it adheres to the Diarchic Church, it still holds Christ within its heart.

      Similarly, the Enomenon Regason tou Seilosiou, the United Kindgom of @Seylos (etc), has put into place similar measures, with an island of its disparate lands set aside for refugees from Koussoeia. The government of Seiloseia has yet to release the full details of this move, and if it is of a similar nature to those of the Iberikoi, then the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will equally stand with our friends in the Makhaira Thalassa and recognise the protectorate that they might establish.

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will also offer scholarships to the higher education establishments of Arhomaneia to those displaced Gerenians and Koussoeioi, in order to help them get back on their feet after the awful trials that they have been forced to endure. Whilst this is little recompense for what they have suffered, it will hopefully show them that the wurld has not forgotten them and will not let them suffer in isolation but welcome them with open arms, wherever they might go.

      May God give the Gerenians and the Koussoeioi the peace and security that they so desperately need.

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      Most island nations struggle daily with depleted fish stocks, inadequate waste management, ship pollution, degraded reefs, dwindling freshwater supplies, and poverty. In general, the farther an island nation is from global markets, the poorer it is. Distance makes everything more expensive; oil prices in particular tend to be extremely high owing to transportation costs. The more remote islands also tend to lack communications infrastructure, access to information technology, and adequate numbers of trained professionals, including engineers, doctors, and teachers. 

      Island nations are also uniquely threatened by price shocks from economic globalization. Most island nations depend heavily on tourism, foreign aid, and a limited range of exports like sugar and bananas. 

      Thus, The Imperium in addition to its one year agreement of supplying products and materials to aid the recently displaced refugees build a nation anew, one where their faith can flourish, A preferential trade strategy between the island nation of Gerenians and the Imperium will be presented after a years time, to whomever the island nation elects as a representative. Known as the ICN-T Agreement is to be set in increments by the Imperium for ten years in existence as part of a deliberate effort coordinated by the Imperial government establish a trade route, benefiting both sides, especially since the island nation could impose import tariffs and other taxes.  

      The 30-page strategy lays out a detailed agenda focused on issues such as climate change, sea level rise, natural disasters, waste management, water resources, energy, technology, sustainable development, and tourism.

      The Council of the Nine was forthcoming in its support for the island and its citizens, Gerenians refugees from the former Glorious Dominate, now occupied by the Imperium, and renamed, now as a province of the Greater Imperium territories. Which is critical because the Imperium can provide aid and comprise key markets for island exports.

      But these claims could be met with some resistance, the Gerenians are after all displaced. Forced to leave because of religious differences, and this could be a barrier to the strategy to be offered. However, the Council of the Nine has stated that they shall under the auspices of attempting to repair damage done via the previous leadership, offer concessions to the island protectorate nation.

      Such as access to duty-free export markets and high levels of developmental aid. 

      Kalye Support, a Kaldana based nonprofit company that promotes sustainable development projects within the Imperium, argues that nations need to emphasize sustainable tourism as a cornerstone of development. With this approach, the Gerenians island nation should recognize that resource attractions—for instance, coral reefs—can’t be protected in isolation from their larger ecosystems. Conservation should address large natural areas rather than small pockets with tourist appeal, such as specific beaches, Kalye Support says. Moreover, they add, the island nation should strive for greater community ownership of tourist enterprises to ensure that natural resources are available for future generations. With a greater stake in tourism, Gerenians islanders may do more to prevent coastal pollution and to regenerate the coral reefs that will attract visitors and sustain local ecosystems.

      Other experts point out that economic diversification is also essential for islands that depend heavily on tourism. “The traditional generic island tourism product that readily attracts foreign earnings—sand, sea, coastal hotels, and so forth—are the very amenities that are under threat. The challenge here is the development of a tourism product that is attractive outside of the traditional attractions,” says sources from the Imperial Trade Authority. Economic diversification is essential for those economies that are heavily dependent on tourism. “Otherwise,” he says, “the Gerenians may be setting up themselves for a greater fall—putting all their eggs in a very vulnerable basket.”

      Ultimately, the island protectorate nation could be a world treasure whose health may portend the future of its inhabitants and the millions who come visiting every year have a stake in their survival. As the waters and the pressures rise it remains to be seen whether the Gerenians island nation will sink or swim on its own, a boon if it did so after the year of support initially stops, and if the strategy of support is accepted or not.

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    • Salvia

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      The following news post is related to The Imperium Reunited.

      Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports 

      The Legacy of Gaullis: Salvian Nationalist Book Tops Bestseller Lists Across Salvia


      :pic: The cover of the book proudly features a prominent Salvian nationalist banner, dubbed by such people as the "Banner of Unity" or "Salvia's Glory"


      As protests engulf the Salvian wurld, nationalists advocating for Salvian unity have begun to demand for change louder and louder.  Simultaneously, they have been given more of a voice on the national level, with several Concilio representatives beginning to heed their constituents call for political union with neighboring Salvian states and bringing their cries to Alexix Hall.  In Alvernia, the leader, President Marco Marzeni, has continuously advocated for Salvian unification.  Isolated pockets of protests in Tanemum have also been observed, however all have been peaceful and limited to small demonstrations.

      With the context in mind, it's not much of a surprise to see the book The Legacy of Gaullis top bestseller lists in cities across the Salvian wurld, from the Sicani Islands to Tanemum. 

      The book, written by noted Salvian historian Marcus Samani, analyses the consequences of the rule of the Gaullius dynasty, who were in power from 1261 to 1563.  Becoming rulers of Salvia with the establishment of the Sanctum Salvae Imperium Catholicum by King Joseph I, the following centuries of prosperity and conquest would make Salvia the strongest its ever been, stretching from Tanemum to the Nuabodante Mountain Range on the southern island.  The expansion and subsequent occupation of these areas for centuries would lead to ethnic Salvians becoming the majority in the region as settlers and their families rushed into the new land, replacing the ethnic Marenai's majority.  These regions, now independent states separate from the SIC, find themselves culturally, ethnically, economically, and religiously linked to their sister countries.  

      In the latter half of his book, Samani looks to the present and potentially future ethnic conflicts in Alvernia and northern Salvia and the growing Salvian nationalist movement as evidence that a united Salvia, such as one seen until the People's War, is inevitable and even desirable.  While some historians have criticized the book, it has largely been approved by the historical community, with the novel being previously peer-reviewed dozens of times over.  


      So what's the big deal anyways?

      Correspondent Maria Tanya

      While a majority of ethnic Salvians are not supportive of the nationalist cause, there is a large minority that continues to grow and is the most vocal its ever been. 

      Especially through the use of social media, Salvian nationalists have been rallying support for such a movement since the 80s, and now finally seem to be in a place where they could pose as a legitimate political force if they choose to unite as one.  Yet disagreements, such as which Salvian nation would lead the movement towards unification as well as many more remain unanswered.

      The fact remains, however, that Salvian politicians can not ignore this movement that once only saw consideration in the government of Alvernia and nowhere else.   The movement now sees serious support from Salvians in the SIC, with even some Concilio representatives hopping on.  Despite the many issues within the movement that drive its supporters apart, it may not be long before these issues are solved and a united Salvia can be realized once more.  

      As the popularity of Samani's book illustrates, there are many that are, if at least not supportive of the movement, at least interested in it enough to read this book.

      Edited by Salvia
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      Nueva Vega AP - The BMV Santo Joao was rescued from a Blue Flag Pirate attack by the BMV Mori Cranii captained by Inigo Maretamia on June 8, 2020 at the East Sakspati Sea. north of @Valacia. The Santo Joao sent out a distress signal on the early hours of the day when it spotted the pirate ship Azure Reindeer. The Santo Joao's crew put up a brief fight to deter the attacking pirates before surrendering to the determined crew of the Azure Reindeer. No casualties were reported during the encounter and the cargo stolen furthermore a group of school children were kidnapped by the pirates. The Morti Cranii arrived at the scene of the attack only moments after the Azure Reindeer had fled the scene. It only found the demoralized crew, terrorized passengers and mortified parents of the kidnapped school children. The Mori Cranii then set out to pursue the Azure Reindeer. The pursuit brought the Morti Cranii to the west Mediargic Sea where it finally caught up to the Azure Reindeer. An encounter took place where after a few carefully placed cannon shots from the Morti Cranii disabled the Azure Reindeer's Engines forcing the pirates to capitulate. The Morti Cranii thus recovered the stolen goods and rescued the school children but was unable to capture the Azure Reindeer nor its crew.

      The Morti Cranii returned to the Santo Joao returned most of its cargo and most importantly safely returned the terrified school children to their worried parents.

      Inigo Maretamia the captain of the Morti Cranii was hailed as Protector of the Sakspati Sea by the Belearean Maritime Community upon his return. The captain turned hero came across as a boisterous and aggressive individual. Such characteristics might be a necessity for the treacherous Sakspati Sea where intrepid and opportunistic pirates have been known to attack mariners. As captain of the BMV Mori Cranii, Maretamia has been responding to the call of endangered marine vessels passing the Penensula.

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    • Esonice

      Posted (edited)



      Katara is a popular cultural magazine that focuses around Esonian culture such as cuisine, celebrations, traditions, mythology, etc; and also history of Esonice and the people throughout time, including various other aspects of Esonice and talks about them in detail to readers. Katara was created in 1996 and was partially organised and supported by the Esonian Tourism and Travel agency to help with foreign tourists understand Esonian society and culture, and also encourage them to come visit the Serene Kingdom. In turn, this resulted in Katara becoming the most well known cultural magazine used by casual interested foreigners to learn about Esonice, and even also by Esonians themselves. Katara also shares the same slogan as Esonice's officail tourism slogan. The magazine’s headquarters are based in the Esonian capital of Esonyaveli. 

      Katara has often been praised by historians and critics for trying to be as factually close as possible. Even many schools started using Katara's articles in 2012 as sources for certain topics to gain basic understanding of important historical figures and events. 


      Controversies and Bias


      Katara has fallen under scrutiny on some occasions for reportedly “prettifying” brutal historic events, specifically done by Esonice in an attempt “to hide Esonian wrong doings” in history. Some critical users also reported Katara as being biased in favour of Esonian nationalist agendas. But those controversies are far and few between, and Katara is often cited by experts as being mostly unbiased. 

      Edited by Esonice
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    • New YUUL E-Cigarette Takes Island By Storm

      June 9th, 2020, FY34

      Announced Monday, Androni Commercial Solution's new electronic cigarette, named YUUL, has become an overnight sensation, selling out online a week ahead of it's debut in stores. The YUUL retails for ₿50, and comes with 4 'Pods'. Additional 'Pods' can be purchased in a 4 pack for ₿25. The pods come in eight flavors; mango, mint, citrus, bubblegum, cherry, banana, champagne and salted caramel cheesecake, as well as coming in both nicotine or caffeine variants. An exclusive Variotan version will include a cocaine flavor, and will be available online and in stores on July 31st, 2020, FY34. The products success can be partially attributed to the advertisement campaign, featuring chairman Yiu Amistacia using the product. Approved for sale by Anvie LTD, CEO Fatima Galvan reports that, "The YUUL is great, I've been using it for a while now, and I haven't experienced any negative side affects. My favorite flavor is definitely salted caramel cheesecake, but I did get to try the Variotan cocaine version, and that's good too."


      Edited by Galahinda
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    • Esonya_Weekly_Tales_Logo.png


      Esonya Weekly Tales; or EWT for short is Esonice's number public news broadcaster and number one best selling news source and by far the most trusted and read across all the Serene Kingdom. EWT also owns many TV and public broadcasting channels in Esonice; all of which are only available in Esonice (as of currently). Some examples are - EWT News which is on all TVs that are found within the nation. And Kid Tales or Ikotairu which is an educational kids cartoons channel that regularly shows learning programs and shows, and also cartoons from Esonice’s animation industry which are considered child-friendly by Esonian standards. EWT is also often cited by foreign sources as the primary news talking about Esonian internal and external affairs, and offering different perspectives. 


      EWT gets its funding from the Esonian government so it often gets the latest news relating to Esonian state affairs earlier than the majority of other news sources. EWT also partially gets funded from public donations.


      History of EWT

      EWT was founded on April 29th of 1938 as a newspaper by a group of independent journalists advocating for freedom of the press, freedom of speech, democratic values and institutional and governmental reformation; which during the time were major issues shared by a large percentage of the population. The newspaper was often heavily clamped down on by mainstream Esonian sources, and the Esonian government, for causing public disturbances and spread “Foreign lies” against the civilisation of Esonice. But despite that, EWT pushed ahead and became the leading news source for activists against the government and it managed to go on radio in 1944. After 1950 when Esonice officially was turned into a young democratic state EWT slowly started dying as its core issues had been dealt with, but in 1957 the new Esonian government bought EWT, transitioning it from a private to a public company to help the new government. And in 1960 it received a TV broadcasting license which allowed EWT to once again strike up into popularity and ever since grown to be Esonice’s leading news source. In 1987 during Esonice’s first decade of being recognised as a fully developed modern state EWT started expanding creating many new TV channels such as Ikotairu (Kid Tales) for children the opportunity to learn from things they watch, competing against private Esonian animation businesses. And in 2001 EWT started going onto the internet creating a news website for both Esonians and international readers. 


      Criticism and bias

      Because of being publicly owned, EWT is often criticised as being too pro-current government and often showing bias against groups the mainstream intellectuals dislike. EWT also often gets criticised for being too corporate and its journalism ethics are repeatedly questioned by untrusting readers. 



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      Trade Deal with Salbeia Renewed

      More trade deals on the horizon?

      It is perhaps not a shock that the trade deal with the Agios Katholikon Autokrateia (AKA) has been renewed. The AKA, also known as Salbeia (@Salvia) has been increasing the strength of its ties with Arhomaneia in recent years, starting in 2014, when a trade deal was signed. Since then, the ties have apparently become even stronger, especially during the Gerenian Crisis, in which the AKA has played a significant role in helping with the heretics. The a non-renewal of the treaty would perhaps have been even more of a shock than anything else. That would have demonstrated a profound break between the countries, one that neither of them would particularly want or need. Although Arhomaneia is seeing something of a period of domestic peace, the AKA has been rocked by scandals and riots, both of secular and religious natures. The latter perhaps should not be unexpected, as this would be the natural human instinct when being subject to endemic and systemic heresy, like the people of the AKA are. The Diarchic Church holds a strong sway over the political life of the Marenesian state and it is weakening through the actions of the inhabitants. Hopefully, this will allow true religion a toe hold in the nation.

      The trade deal places an emphasis on agriculture, both products and produce. The Arhomaiki end primarily deals with grain and farming machinery and the Salbeiki side produce such as citrus fruits and olives. Arhomaneia has historically been one of the largest consumers of olives and olive oil, and although our nation does produce much of its own, such a deal with the Marenesian nation means that they will available fresh all year around, along with a range of fruit. Whilst exotic fruits were sourced before, usually from countries in the south of Europa, the reduction in tariffs will mean that they will be much cheaper for the average Arhomaios. This might mean that nations in the south of our continent will find themselves bereft of one of their main markets, most of them are in the pocket of the EOS, so it will be an indirect punishment for handing themselves over to the tentacles of that organisation.

      It also seems that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion (ABK) is on the cusp of renewing the trade deal with the Demokrateia ton Iberikon, the Republic of @Iverica. Again, due to the historic ties with the western Argic nation such as shared military research, it would have been a surprise if the trade deal isn't renewed. The precise details are yet to be released by the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou, but it is known that the ABK is increasing investment in the biofuels sector, as part of its push for more renewable energy and more environmentally friendly fuels. It will be likely that the ABK is pushing for the Iberikoi to reduce the tariffs on biofuels, which will, in turn, boost the industry in Arhomaneia. It isn't known what the Argic nation will be seeking in return but they may well be trying to get the ABK to open up to its electronics industry, as this is an aspect that Iberikon is trying to expand wurldwide. Although the nation shares the same heretical faith as the AKA, it is at least not the perfidious Elegy Corporation.

      It seems that there are several aims that the ABK is pursuing with the renewal of the trade deals with the Salbeioi and the Iberikoi. Both nations are members of TRIDENT and it appears to be part of Arhomaneia's plan to draw closer with that organisation, which appears to be paying off. Iberikon is one of the leading nations in the defensive alliance and is also one of the most powerful nations in western Argis. With the decline in the alliance with the Exkousiokrateia ton Gharon, a counterbalance to that nation is required. With the AKA, there are ancient ties, even if they haven't always been harmonious. It is also the state in Marenesia that most aligns with the Megas Agios Basileia, as the other nations in the archipelago tend to hold themselves to themselves.

      Finally, the increase in Marenesian trade is hoped to revitalise the port of Dymafos. The southern port used to be the main port on the Ragas Thalassa under the opening of the Isthmos Kanalos, the Isthmus Canal. This meant that whilst traffic through the Ragas Thalassa increased, most of it bypassed the southern port. This resulted in much of the port falling out of use and a significant increase in the local unemployment rate. The ABK is working with the local authorities to reduce fees and rates in order to encourage businesses back to the port. Due to its former position as the main Arhomaiki port, it has great road and rail links with the rest of the country.


      Koussoeiki Prince Released from Hospital

      Failed suicide given over to the care of ex-pat community

      Late last year, an incident in the Plateia tou Agios Konstantinou, St Konstantinos' Square, shocked the whole of Arhomaneia. Or, rather, it would have shocked our country in normal circumstances. But the circumstances were not normal – Koussoeia, the old ally of our nation, had been invaded by the Exkousiokrateia (@Haruspex) and was in the process of being conquered, which it still is. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion stood by, not wanted to waste the lives of the Arhomaioi to defend a country that had already collapsed by that point. It was lamentable but Koussoeia had already fallen apart, another victim of the Great Europan Collapse. Although the Megas Agios Basileia perhaps should have moved in and provided aid to the remains of our ally, the ABK had other priorities at the time.

      The shocking incident in the Plateia tou Agios Konstantinou is almost forgettable when compared to what had been happening before and what was to come afterwards. An individual, claiming to be the surviving grandson of Shahanshah Janus IV, doused himself in petrol and gave a speech about how Arhomaneia and the rest of the wurld had failed his nation. The man then attempted to light himself on fire and it was just quick action by the Spatharokandidatoi, Imperial Bodyguards, who wrestled the man to the floor before he could ignite himself. The Spatharokandidatoi had been in front of the Basilikon Synkrotima Palation, getting their lunch whilst off duty, insofar as those who guard God's Representative on Eurth can be considered to be off duty.

      After the failed suicide attempt, the man was taken to a nearby hospital, attached to the Church of Agios Alexios. He was kept there for some weeks as a precaution against any other attempts at carrying out a sin of such magnitude and monitored for any further psychological or spiritual issues, not including the debilitating one of not being of the Christian faith. At first, the man's contact with the outside wurld was purposefully limited, both for his safety and to prevent any foreign powers meddling in the affair. The Arhomaiki Noimosyni Dykton and the Esoteriki Epitheorisi Pliroforion investigated the identity of the individual whilst he was in the hospital. It was eventually confirmed that the he was indeed speaking the truth – he was the surviving grandson of the last Shahanshah, Janus IV.

      In the end, Shahzadeh, or Prince, Arsaka was released into the care of the members of the Koussoeiki expatriate community, who are primarily based in the port of Trapezon and focussed around Hormisdas Haakon, formerly the Axwarbed or Stable Master, a court official of middling rank. As yet, there seems to have been no attempt to crown Arsaka as the new monarch of Koussoeia and the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has made no official comment on its opinion on the matter and it has not been stated whether our government will recognise any future monarch as the true heir to the throne. However, this is likely due to the fact that the relations with the Exkousiokrateia are still fraught and there is a large detachment of the Tagmata and aid workers from the Parabalanoi still working in Gharon.

      It has been stated by the Demokrateia ton Iberikon that they are intending to make a puppet state of Koussoeiki origin on an island far to their west, working alongside a quasi-military organisation called “Monarch Group” – reportedly headed by a member of the Seilosiki (@Seylos) royal family, just to add an even more bizarre twist to this tale – but it is likely that this is going to be more of a Gerenian homeland than a Koussoeiki one. It is likely due more to barbaroiki ignorance than any true understanding of what is happening in the Occident and a justification of a land-grab.

      No more news has come from Kouessoeiki community about how Shahzadeh Arsaka is getting on, other than he is making a slow but increasing recovery from the traumatic events of recent years. Haakon remains the focus of the community, which has grown in recent months through an influx of refugees who managed to escape the talons of the Gharoi. They are, however, being closely monitored by the intelligence services and it does appear that the ABK is attempting to tread a fine line between offering those that wish it sanctuary and not precipitating a further crisis in the Occident. May God find it that this state of affairs continues.

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      Good evening little girls and boys. This is uncle Bron Urgundy, coming to you live from San Cristobal. Today we have a look at the Orioni authoritarian state.

      ORIONI IS PUSHING its influence far out into international waters. The scale of its military aggression is unprecedented. I'm sure glad I got out of there before they turned all authoritarian.

      There have been many instances of how the Orinese regime is using the so-called piracy menace to wage a silent war. Encroachment of Bainbridgian fisheries is still happening with the first instance that was reported in January. An incursion by a Orinese navy vessel near Horse Island. The area is internationally recognised as part of @Bainbridge Islands but Orioni is infamous for violating the sovereignty of others.

      The result is Orinese incursions in Bainbridgian waters haven't stopped. For example, the ramming and sinking of a Bainbridge fishing vessel which happened on May 2nd. A crew of eight on board the boat was captured and detained. Orioni's excuse was the same: threat to its strategic interests in the Azure Sea.

      Then the unwarranted drills in the @Meteorolas. Since December 2019, Orinese military has been conducting drills in the area. The reason was EOS support for the anti-piracy operations. Orioni has deployed troops to this strategic island of Balas in @Miiros. The Northern Meteorolas are a strategic international waterway nobody can lay claim to this area. Orioni also deployed a nuclear exploration vessel to Antargis. In May 2019, Orioni sent a "survey ship" to the Antargic waters.

      There's just one more step before Orioni claims nearly every island in the Meteorolas and starts constructing military outposts, to the detriment of other nations in the region and the Eurth.

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    • PWjIp8B.png


      The times have changed. Once again, the people of the Islas Ultramares, the Federated Commonwealth's smallest autonomous state, are faced with economic uncertainty. For many decades, the Ultramarianos have eked out a living by exporting fish and manning Icebreakers that ploughed the routes between the Canamo and the Narvic Seas. But now, with the sunny prospects of the Canamo Canal melting the future necessity of those Icebreakers, Ultramariano icebreaker holding companies are looking downsize.

      Faced with a future unemployment crisis, the Ultramariano government has encouraged employment at military facilities owned by the Republic of Iverica. There are 4 such facilities on the island and the Iverican government has slowly been making preparations to expand their size and capabilities. Among these facilities are a satellite tracking station, a deepwater port with submarine tenders, an airbase, and a Western Argis Aerospace Defence Command (WARD) site. Since 2019, NGOs have reported that the deepwater naval base has almost doubled its covered docks--likely related to the Armada Iverica's increased submarine presence globally. All of these bases have been slowly accepting more and more workers for general staffing--sanitation, food preparation, supply management, and other jobs. But that isn't enough according to estimates. The Ultramarianos will need to have 1,500 more job positions by 2022 in keeping with its population growth and shrinking fishing and icebreaking industry. 

      After an appeal to the FedCom's Economic Council, some project proposals have been tendered and pitched to private banks; an expanded civilian satellite facility has already secured investors, survey work is underway in search of oil and natural gas deposits, and some potential mining prospects are being considered.
      If all goes well, the Ultramares might finally have a future outside of Tuna and Crabs.

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    • Cristina

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      Cristina is officially presented to the candidates for 2021 election to Minister of State


      By Diana Goggina

      Thursday 4 June 2020

      City of Cristina - The National Council appointed this Thursday morning the three partisan candidates that will run for Minister of State in the General Elections to be held on January 10, 2021. There were no surprises in the nominations, and the nominees were those who have the greatest support in the Council, among their own parties and the public opinion.

      The highly popular Keyla Rossi is the candidate for Union for Cristina (UPC) and will have the formal support of the Libertarian Viewpoint (VL) party. The Afropan-Cristinese exercises her third term as a member of the National Council. She proposes a classic liberal economic agenda and a more liberal position from the government on social issues such as abortion, marijuana legalization and same-sex marriage, as opposed to the dominant social conservative stances established by the governments of the Rally for Cristina (RPC).

      Gianluca Di'Copolla, candidate for the PRC was Minister for Social Affairs from 2013 to 2016. Known for his speeches in favor of increasing the budget for the defense forces and for public security, Di'Copolla defends a tougher confrontation in relation to Mantellan policies towards Cristina and greater participation of the Orthodox Church in the affairs of the state. Di'Copolla is a close friend of current Minister of State Adriana Monadic, who calls him "professor".

      The third candidate is Mario Letti from the New People's Party (NPP). Letti was the party leader from 2015 to 2017, after the death of its founder Leonel Brizzo. The candidate, who will have the formal support of the Socialism and Liberty (SEL) party and the nominal support of the Republican party, defends greater regulation of the internet and national industry, especially in the arms and the health sectors. Letti proposes greater state intervention in labor relations and in the economy "with the aim of protecting the interests of the working class". The NPP also proposes the formation of a committee to organize a referendum on the end of the Monarchy and the establishment of a modern Cristinese Republic.



      Rossi, Di'Copolla, Letti and Datena: who is going to be the people's favorite?


      The three candidates will compete with the candidate officially nominated yesterday by the Queen Nova Maxima Korvini, the Marquis Valdo Datena, as mandated by the Constitution. Datena is a very well known lawyer and political scientist and father of the former Speaker of the National Council and current Cristinese Delegate for ATARA, Francesco Datena. He advocates a more active international policy and the advancement of the talks and peace agreements with Mantella.

      All candidates and their initial platforms have been approved by the Tribunale Elettorale Nazionale (TEN) and from now on they will have six months to officially present their proposals to society. This will be made through the use of radio and TV networks, newspapers and the various online platforms. In-person and virtual interviews in the media vehicles and debates between candidates are expected by the Cristinese electorate in the coming months. 

      After being elected the winner will be subject to the Queen's appointment to the office.


      Edited by Cristina
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      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Medanese wine goes for record price at auction

      photo-1506377247377-2a5b3b417ebb?ixlib=rMARYAMA -- A rare bottle of wine preserved since the end of the 19th century has set a new auction sales price record. The bottle of Gayiyeri dragonfruit wine 1792 fetched Φ132.000 in an online sale. "Only four bottles of this exceedingly rare wine remain to this day," a spokesperson said, "Having been held in the same family for generations with their original labels attached." This was the largest of these remaining bottles. Most bottles from this period are spoiled. But these four were preserved in pristine condition. "This should still be drinkable," commented food influencer Nimas Tarson on Wittier. The wine was bought by an anonymous private collector.

      680-year-old stone tablet discovered in east Orioni

      KEITO NIMA -- A stone tablet dating back to the Taneino period (1318-1500) has been discovered in east Orioni's Tauri Province, local authorities said Friday. Found during a survey of cultural relics outside Keito Nima, the tablet, which was made in 1340 during the reign of Empress Koniharo as shown on the inscriptions, has a history of 680 years, according to the county's archaeological department. The tabled is 104 cm tall, 52 cm wide and 26 cm thick, with inscriptions of 512 characters describing official verdicts and market disputes between two villages from 1339 to 1340. With rich and detailed content, the record on the tablet is thought-provoking and is of great historical value for the study of the political and judicial system, and local customs during the Taneino period, said An Fonigi, head of the Copiae University's cultural preservation institute.

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