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    • Sarbo Broadcasting Channel - SBC



      The intro sequence of SBC plays across Alenian television sets as it fades into a shot of the newsroom. There were two people sitting in chairs in the center of the newsroom, a man and a woman. The man was wearing a business-casual outfit while the woman was wearing formal attire. "Good morning, and thank you for tuning in. I'm Emilia Sada and today we're with the man who discovered the possible key to our national heritage, Namazio Sinagra. Namazio, I understand you were taking a stroll through the forest when you discovered this...artifact."

      Namazio shifts in his chair slightly as he begins to speak. It's clear in his voice that he's in his 40s. "Yeah, um, I was taking a stroll a little way outside of Verolieri. I went out about, eh...3 miles east, and that's when I found it. This little curved, rectangular block sticking up from the dirt. That's when I ran back and grabbed my shovel and started digging. I kept finding more, and more, and more...and that's when I called the archaeologists."

      Emilia continues as a narrator. "At 5:20, the archaeologists arrived and began their dig. They've already found what appears to be a wall in the Verolieri forests. They haven't hit the floor yet, but they are extremely close. I'm Emilia Sada, thank you for watching."

      And the screen fades out to commercial.



      Pictured: Hundreds of federal policemen were brought to the city in buses, citizens report.

      Since Wednesday, buses of federal police officers have been pouring into Kerlia, as reported by local news organizations and private citizens on social media.

      Exact numbers of deployed police troops have not been made available, but estimates range from 300-600.

      Police presence around the protest increased after a short altercation between uniformed officers and masked protesters who were taken into custody for violating laws regarding face-concealment in public. During this particular incident on Wednesday, a large mob formed around the two policemen carrying out the arrest; video footage shows the crowd shouting at and shoving the policemen while they were conducting the arrest.

      Mayor Vitali Biruy has appealed the federal government for additional manpower in policing the protests amidst social media reports of fighting and thievery in the crowd.

      Rail- and bus routes have been put on an indefinite hold in Kerlia due to the crippling nature of the protests: crowd sizes continue to vary between 4,500-5,000 people, with numbers swelling during the day and decreasing significantly at night.

      -David Fitzgerald

       16 November 2018, Federal Herald

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    • banner_logo_nbk_by_zagush-dckefd7.jpg

      "...the National Assembly today unanimously passed legislation that would replace the Imperial Anthem of the former Emperors with a new national anthem entitled "The Sun Rises Tomorrow" written by Matsu  Yamada, Professor of Music at the Univerisity of Miyako. Yamada stated that his musical piece is supposed to symbolize the new Democracy and the great future that lies ahead. The anthem was played immediately following the vote. According to the new law, the anthem is to play at noon and midnight each night on NBK, along with over 200 different event scenarios."

      "...in other news from the legislature, a bill that would allow gambling across the country, continues to meet challenges within the chamber as traditionalist Rikken members are not consolidating with rest of their party members, forcing Rikken whips to begin finding the votes so the Rikken leadership are not forced to find commitments from the Opposition. Several Yashida Corporation officials were seen entering a dozen traditionalist offices over the last two days. A vote on the bill is expected to occur before the SATAMFC Cup's knockoff rounds begin."

      "...the Sato Corporation's automotive subsidiary has announced that it will be opening up a manufacturing plant in the country of Morheim. This development occurred following the establishment of the 'Morheim Trade and Industry Zone (MTIZ).' The facility will construct some parts of the reinvigorated S-1, along with many parts of the new S-2, 3 and 5's. More than 80% of the workers will be native Morheimers. There are rumors that Sato rival, Samura, is considering such a factory in the zone."

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    • La Nazione

      Lorenzo Orsini Leaves Soreanan National Football Team After Dispute with Coach

      Members of the Soreanan press witnessed a massive shouting match between emergency forward Lorenzo Orsini and Coach Roberto Scozzari following the away game against Seylos where their opponent beat them 1-0. The origins of the fight are still disputed but Orsini's agent claims that Scozzari was blaming him for the team's misfortunes, despite, as the agent stated, the young 23-year-old is responsible for nearly all of the team's goals through the competition-to-date. The debate got so heated that Orsini ripped off a team armband and threw it on the ground and walked off. Scozzari was witnessed shouting expletives at the player. Following the post-game confrontation, Orsini's agent officially notified both the coach, the Soreanan Football Association, and the ANAFA leadership that he would be leaving the national team, effective immediately. An SFA spokesperson said that the association's board has summoned the coach to meet with them in Soreana before their next match. They would not comment on whether he would be stripped of his position following the upcoming meeting. A representative for Scozzari could not be reached for comment.

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    • Sarbo Broadcasting Channel - SBC



      Televisions across the country flicker with static as the broadcasting service lies in wait. A voice begins to transmit through the storm of static as the image on the screen begins to clear. A swirling assortment of colors flutter across the screen as a 3D globe spins. Blue and white bars swirl around the globe and for the letters "S," "B," and "C." A voice speaks as the color begins to fade. 

      "Thank you for tuning in to SBC, I'm Emilia Sada,"

      "And I'm Marco Messore. Stay tuned for the most trusted Alenian news. Politics, interviews, and much more are to come."

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    • Treasurer Nominee Interview Continues


      Sinta Veda took the stand again this morning before MCs

      YULAA, OYUS -- In the two session interview process for the filling of the Treasurer post, MCs questioned the nominee on her views on the recently unveiled plan. It was pretty clear that she would be asked this, as before today's session the Deputy of Revenue said he would not ask them but he was well aware of other colleagues that would. The interview process of this post is perhaps the most thorough any given post has gotten in years. Many blame the previous Treasurer's corruption conviction as the reason why. Farla native and political science professor of the University of Farla Sri Goy told the Spectator that "corruption isn't something that is often seen here. It has led to a more cautious process, understandably so."

      Sinta Veda, an economics professor from the University of Brisore, used to be a junior executive for Hani Motors before deciding that teaching was her life-not the money she could have earned. While Veda herself has not been criticized, Kera Eka Lam has been for not considering a safer choice. Many state that despite the fact that Veda has no obvious ties, there will always be suspicion thrown upon her that she may have ties to Hani Motors and help them in manners not sanctioned by the government. These critics believe that having constant doubts throughout their tenure would only bring them back to another interview process sooner than later. Supporters, though, have said that this is an overreaction to her would be predecessor's conviction, a former banking executive of the New Bank of Yulaa. "It is important to note that the suspicions of being some sort of executive automatically equating to a higher likelihood of corruption can be very misplaced." a fellow professor, who wished to remain anonymous, told us.

      Despite all the noise, though, Kera Eka Lam has remained optimistic and is sure that through all the cautionary process that she made the right choice in Veda. Throughout social media, she has given support to her nominee more noticeably than any past appointees made by her. A spokesperson explained in this morning's briefing from the Kera's Office that never has there been so much scrutiny. The spokesperson further asserted that if doubt were to quickly end the tenure of this prospective treasurer that the National Congress may need to look itself in the mirror. Overall, while some theatrics seemed to be on display, it remains to be seen what will ultimately happen.

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    • Breaking news 


      Hello this is John Harvey and we have an update on one of our strangest stories. A llama involved in a recent exclave (remnant attack) on the eclipse. This llama was arrested and put on trial until yesterday Morning when the llama was officially pardoned. This llama will now live on the grounds of the palace. 

      Queen donalia is currently visiting @Queno-Kona. Discussings have not ended yet but word is that their working on a new trade deal. Soon to visit our great nation is @Morheim who is soon visiting here to discuss trade.

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      1. ANDERSON INDEPENDENCE VOTE, the referendum on Andersonian Independence will be held today after months of hard campaigning from all three sides (Independence, Remain and Vassal) the general public will be allowed to vote on the option they think best. The Governor of Anderson has taken no official position, but he has said that he would be behind any decision made by the Andersonians. We will just have to see what they choose. But either way PMN will be constantly broadcasting!
      2. RCS WITHDRAWL VOTE, Today in a shocking turn of events, Parliament voted to leave the RCS Pact and become an observer state. What is the RCS Pact? Well The RCS Pact is an economic and military alliance of three nations: PyeMcGowan, Alenveil and the Neo Enclave. Sylvet is also a member, but only economically. 
        It was founded following the Ravenrock Treaty of 1975 during the turbulent era of the Cold War. The organisation comprises two bodies, economic and military, The economic body was created first, and its purpose is to benefit trade.
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    • A New Oyusard Economic Plan


      Tri Hata opening the briefing in a different venue from usual.

      YULAA, OYUS -- The Ministry of Foreign Relations' Trade Office walking side by side with the Ministry of Commerce's Global Trade Office have for months now been working on a plan to increase trade for the Oyus Matriarchy. Unlike previous projects, they have been able to keep relatively quiet. They have merely made promises that the trade, regardless of what is imported/exported, will also have trade partners consider Oyus as tourist destination as well. Details had previously not been given. Much like many other projects being conducted by agencies within the national government, only vague details are given leaving experts to speculate plans with nothing concrete. This evening, though, specifics seemed to finally arise when the evening press briefing from the Ministry of Commerce came about.

      Dubbed the New Oyusard Economic Plan, it still was a somewhat vague outline, but now with specifics and explanations on the direction forward for the nation. Moves earlier in the day had garnered questions such as an application from the Hani Motors Group to invest hundreds of millions in Argis, and murmurs of the positive business impact from the recently passed Sports Management Reform. Commerce Ministry Press Secretary Tri Hata introduced representatives from the Global Trade Office, who thoroughly explained the goals in mind: "Oyus is a very modern, unique nation that has always been the never ending project that we take pride in." one representative stated. The plan pushes the strong automobile manufacturer in Hani Motors to become a competitive brand with the idea of it growing domestically. With regard to agriculture, exports to those in need of food like fruits (bananas and citrus) is considered a priority as well. The government expects to offer assistance in the form of more relaxed customs policies, monetary, advisory, or other means, pushing these two industries into other markets.

      Above all though, they made clear that the sports management reform was key portion to this plan, too. With it's passage, it will allow GTO and the Ministry of Foreign Relations work more directly with sports heads than before. As part of the economic plan, they intend to look to host a continental tournament of some sort to increase awareness of Oyus' natural beauty and ideal tourist destination. Some 375M Talas ($250M) is expected to be poured into a renovation project for Yulaa National Colisseum and its sports district, with an additional 150M talas ($100M) being dropped on modernizing and expanding the domestic transportation network. "As an important piece of our country, we can not afford to neglect it, because it will only hurt us in the hopes growth in tourism." they said to justify the over half a billion talas investment.

      The surprising feature of the presentation this evening, though, was perhaps their emphasis of tourism growth with the aforementioned export increase. According to the GTO, in trade talks they look to see that Hani Motors is positioned well to act as an ambassador for Oyus, while the export of quality fruits and agricultural products would paint an ideal picture of Oyus. Some are puzzled considering a sports pitch was a more obvious and flashier play, and answers from the reps still left many there with questions. "It is difficult to explain our strategy when it is not one that really can be, one that only will or will not work. Something that can only be written after the fact."

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    • TSTN

      The Silver Telegram News

      "Welcome to The Silver Telegram! I am your host Ted Long broadcasting from the grand city of Kona! Today the Council had 3 emergency meetings! It is unknown what they talked about but rumor is from our inside source that the topics were on the Commonwealth's stance on Rihan, another on the Commonwealth's stance on socialist nations, and the stance on the Enclave. The government's official stances are unknown but negotiations are ongoing as of the moment with Queen Donalia of the Enclave. Also from our inside source, secret channels apparently have been opened with Bulgenstaz with trade deals seemingly on the horizon! Now to the foreign politics with Tina Ven"

      "Thanks Ted! Today in foreign politics the nation of Rihan is rumored to be working on founding a new alliance! This new alliance has the possibility of dominating world affairs. Meanwhile the communist I mean socialist nations of the world seem to be in social turmoil according to our sources! Also, the Council is working on setting up trade relations with various nations across the world. Back to you Ted!"

      "Thanks Tina! Breaking news! There is currently a food shortage throughout both of the Silver Cities. Food is in high demand, but now due to the food shortage, the fishing industry is booming more than ever. Also, in the works are 5 more destroyers to protect our trade fleet! Also, due to the food shortages, there was the second factory protest of this year. This protest was put down shortly after with the police getting involved. New countries to import food from are needed and The Commonwealth is in an official declaration accepting offers to lower the import cost on food to endorse new industries to go into the food sector! Thank you for joining us tonight at TSTN."


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