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      The Queendom of Morheim's religious establishment, the Temple of the Elements, will begin the process of naming a new High Oracle this week. The position of High Oracle has been vacant for close to 12 months following the abdication of High Oracle Itziar Gebara following allegations of financial embezzlement. The Temple of the Elements have spent the last 12 months ensuring that a full investigation into Gebara's actions have been carried out and that all accounts are in order before beginning the process of naming his successor. The process will see the High Priests of Fire and Earth convene with the High Priestesses of Air and Water to determine who from within the ranks of the clergy. The four leaders of the individual elements will remain within the underground Temple of the Elements until they reach a decision. Today they will gather inside where Her Majesty Queen Julia III, Guardian of the Elements, will formally task them with the selection before the Queen leaves and the four are sealed inside. Once they reach their decision they shall blow the ceremonial horn contained within the Temple which attracts the attention of the Four Gods. At that point Queen Julia will be the first to be told the name of the new High Oracle and will then travel to inform the new High Oracle of their appointment.

      The lack of a religious leader has drawn criticism from those across the nation as it has been the first time in history the faith has lacked a leader. One such critic was Air Chief Marshall Albert Größel who commands the nation's Air Force, "Our people have lacked religious guidance for far to long. Our Queen requires their input to ensure she protects the Holy Land for the Elementium faith in the correct manner and she has been left to her own devices. While I respect Her Majesties devotion to the faith she is just 22 years of age and not a scholar of the faith like a Priest or Priestess is." It is expected that as soon as the new High Oracle is in place their induction to the role will take place within a week with a large celebration. 


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      Orioni to auction off its 5G frequencies

      Orioni to auction off its 5G frequenciesO'POLIS -- Today marked the start of the consultation of the auction for mobile high-speed frequencies. The government of Orioni is expected to generate several billions when auctioning off all frequencies relevant for 5G communication technology. Economy Cllr Hiram Hiramson explained that: "Orinese consumers are using more and more mobile data. [...] The government is taking steps to make sure society's significant needs for fast and reliable mobile communication are taken care of."

      Mr Hiramson presented his proposal to the Assembly earlier today. Notable is the auction being open to international candidates. This generating criticism from the opposition leader Mr Edric Kageni  who complained Hiramson is not doing enough to support native tech companies. The councillor countered this by explaining the possibilities of a win-win in a joint-venture between local and foreign partners.

      Significant attention was also paid to the security implications of working with foreign companies. On several occasions the opposition highlighted potential security risks. Cllr Hiramson spent more than half of his podium time replying to these concerns, ultimately referring to the requirement details in his tender.

      Under the proposed terms of the auction, the frequencies will be dived in a multi-round auction. The auction is set to be private with no information on the number of participants or their names. However, once completed the winning companies will be announced and the Councillor will make the bidding process public. Launched January 16th, the auction will run for two months with the decision set to be announced before 31 March 2020. Following this, a second auction of the 3.5GHz and 26GHz frequency bands will begin mid-April.

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      Lead Reporter: Holly Winäna


      A representative from Kedi Logistics has responded to the workers of Var mine, who ceased working because of the dwindling safety conditions, with a short speech outlining how the company will take "suitable precautions". The striking miners have since asserted their desire for more of Kedi Logistics' budget to be assigned towards upholding health and safety standards, citing the consequences of the potential failure of a health and safety inspection which it may face. No violence has erupted from this strike, but some members have gone as far as to graffiti vulgar language on Kedi Logistics-owned vehicles. Var Mine is one of the many larger mines to feel the crunch of Mica Odron's Coal Law passed through the CNTA a few weeks prior, leading to the widespread cutting back of services like the worker's canteen and safety equipment across all KL-owned facilities. Kedi Logistics make high amounts of revenue from their coal mines dotted around Borria and western Portamia, areas with the largest concentrations of coal in the Federation. Whether or not KL will comply with these terms is unknown.

      The Mica Coal Law was put in place as a method of lessening the Federation's impact on the environment, setting a maximum amount of coal that can be excavated from each mine owned by a company in a month. Many predict that this will lead to a rise in coal prices domestically and will lead to the Federation becoming increasingly reliant on coal exports, An increase in coal prices may also lead to a rise in KL's profits by selling the coal directly to local power plants, though at a reduced amount due to the new caps.

      Whilst Portamia is not known for its coal industry, usually only unearthing just under 3,000,000 tonnes annually, it still creates a decent stream of revenue for the Federation. Coal mined in Borria is the most commonly exported, whilst Western Portamian coal and imported coal tend to go towards one of the five coal power plants that dot the country. Rural communities are increasingly becoming reliant on wind power and locally-sourced peat for heat, decreasing the need for the extraction of coal, whilst cities like Tiskin and Ronaker utilise most of the power that these facilities offer to keep up with their steady rise in population.

      Coal mining operations have been a source of controversy for a long time within the Federation. Large coal companies like KL have historically pushed small Borric communities out of their villages to make space for mines, lodgings and garages. The most notable example of this is Kedi Logistics' expulsion of 273 Borric citizens from the small community of Unllär to make room for an open-pit mine in the area. A minority of Unllär's citizens openly spoke out against the actions of KL, but were reportedly mocked and berated by some of the future mine's staff. Bulgan Raa, the elected Yrl of Borria at the time, did not grant permission for the establishment of the mine as KL had recently received a series of complaints in regard to the legitimacy of some of its key member's credentials and falsified mine experience and did not feel that the province would benefit from more potential controversy and mismanagement of Borria's natural resources. Calls for the nationalisation of coal mining in order to stop KL's gradual takeover of the Federation's mining industry faced a quick spike in popularity due to the media explosion that followed from this, but those calls have since decreased. Those critical of the nationalisation calls cite the current CNTA cabinet's majority negative position on fossil fuels as "potentially industry-sinking" and "short-sighted".

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      Eulycean Monarch to be Beatified After Papal Investigation of a Reported Miracle


      The announcement was made at a mass held in Trinity with the Bishop of Brisa and several cardinals present.


      A @Eulycean monarch that orchestrated the end of the Eulycean Schism was announced to be beatified last Sunday, with a mass to be held in his honor on Sunday, January 19th.  While the beatification of a venerated individual requires the approval of both popes of the Diarchy, the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium waived the requirement, making the Tacolic pontiff Pope Hilarius XIX the sole approver of the beatification.

      The decision was made after a papal investigation concluded that the healing of 58-year old Leo Armiger's incurable brain illness had no logical medical explanation, and so in fact was a miracle.  The family had said that they prayed to the venerated king since the man's father, who had passed away recently, was named after the king.  "I always saw him as a role model- he was one of the greatest leaders Eulycea has ever seen" Mr. Armiger said about the king.

      Blessed King August, as he is now officially known, was first declared "venerated" all the way back in 1985 after a request by Eulycean bishops and the king of Eulycea at the time, Charles III.  The case was then analyzed by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, a committee spearheaded by 15 cardinals that analyze the worthiness of such requests and pass them on to the Diarchy.  This same committee also investigates the reported miracle, which if approved, they send to the popes for approval.


      Blessed King August of Eulycea was the longest reigning monarch in the history of the Kingdom of Eulycea, reigning from 1770-1828; a reign of 58 years.  He is widely regarded as one of the best and most respected monarchs of Eulycea and is also highly regarded by Salvians.  In 1790, he orchestrated the end of the Eulycean Catholic Schism that originated from the refusal to crown King Peter III king of Eulycea and Salvia by Pope Gregory VII after the conclusion of the Salvian People's War.  King August was crowned by Pope Leo XIX in 1791 as King of Eulycea, and given the title "The Peacemaker."






      Blessed King August of Eulycea, The Peacemaker, pray for us.

      Edited by Salvia
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      The Capital Paper (Matlatekáken)


      Metztlitlalio Welcomes a New Year.

      From all members of the Capital Paper, we welcomed the new Háb year of 6132 last night! At the stroke of the twentieth K'me fireworks were launched across the nation. Whilst most of the world celebrated 2020 AD (Which means Anno Domini for Yatotlans!) a week ago, many cities across Metztlitlalio were stocking up on fireworks and beginning the sacrificial killing of animals for their meat to be used for the Twenty day long holiday of the Celebration of the Mun. Below we've compiled some pictures of beauty from across the country.



      Fireworks explode over the city of Matasaqê, the capital of the Kalpollê of Tepatokasla, last night.


      Matasaqê is on the headlines today as the Kalpollê of Tepatokasla unbanned the use of fireworks within it's capital (with the permission of a licence needed of course), and celebrated with their own fireworks across the city at the start of 6132. This picture captures a truly fantastical shot of multiple fireworks going off at once, with the mountain cap snow in the background. A wonderful display.



      Tlalanex, Xoloa, red smoke spreads across the sky.


      The Xoloan town of Tlalanex near one of the many Khékhê Mines goes all out as the fireworks release a red powder at the end of the firework display, coating the area in a fine red mist (which thankfully does not sting the eyes!). A looming silhouette of Roberto Russo-Romano on his famous trusty horse, Rossi.



      Altepetl Tekaken's duel firework display.


      Two separate firework displays take place on different sides of the dividing river of the city. This year was also a mark of an end of a long-standing tradition since 1977 with one side of the river use blue and yellow fireworks and the other green and red. At the end both sides would release white fireworks in one massive flurry as to represent the end of colonial rule. This traditional was ended more-so because it was reported there wasn't enough Red fireworks due to low amounts of Strontium.


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      Lead Reporter: Holly Winäna

      Var Mine has commonly been cited as an example of why the miners of Portamia should unionize.

      The Kedi Logistics mine located in the small village of Var has reached a standstill as Borric miners are demanding better equipment to those descending into its depths. They claim that the outdated headlamps and harnesses led to the death of Uutyar Nätii, a Borric worker who fell after his harness broke mid-descent. The 87 miners partaking in the strike cite that the contract that was signed on their employment guaranteed "cutting-edge equipment to ensure workplace safety", which they feel has not been honoured. Claims that there is also a "lack of supervision from management for less experienced staff"  is also a large contributor to workplace injuries in the Var mine. This marks the third accidental death associated with Kedi Logistics.

      Var, a village with a population of only 873, is very much dependent on the mine for employment, which has faced financial strain lately after the recent 'Mica Coal Law' passed through the CNTA which severely limits the maximum number of coal that can be excavated from the mine in a month as a method of slowing down climate change. This is the first mine in the Federation to have suffered a blow from this law, primarily due to the lack of infrastructure in Borria and the ongoing safety concerns.

      Kedi Logistics have yet to provide the Constituent Press with a comment on the issue. Prime Minister and head of the centre-left United People's Party Mihkkal Dil praised the miners for exercising their rights to protest, but feels the issue is "not to be interfered with by the central government", stating that any interference would "violate Portamia's pledges of semi-autonomy to Borria" and left the issue to local authorities if it escalates.

      Nätii's body was recovered shortly after the incident, allowing his family to give him a proper Karspii burial.

      Edited by Portamia
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      Maritime insurance sees +18% growth in 2019

      Maritime insurance

      SIRIUS -- Sustained security concerns will push the annual results of insurance companies to new heights. This is what insurance branch of Sirius Savings forecasts for 2020. Long-term challenge such as the potential for economic slowdown cast a shadow, causing rising interest rates. This also leads to increased premiums where the insurance market makes its margin.

      In the wake of the continued pirate attacks on merchant ships, especially in the Meteorolas, the insurance companies have taken a greater interest in working with the shipping industry. Maritime insurance for boats and cargos is an expensive business. But people pay a premium to arrive safe and sound at their destinations.

      Mrs Kuteba Mudakharat, CEO of Sirius Savings, said in her inaugural speech that "the Meteorolas are one of the most dangerous shipping routes in the world" and a "global piracy hotspot". For many years now the EOS has been carrying out maritime security missions in Azure Sea, with changing success. A group of transport companies, led by UNEX, stresses the need for more funding, cooperation, and infrastructure.

      Piracy is being viewed by insurance companies as a recurring risk to consider. Regular ransom demands are made for the crew, ship and cargo. This allows insurers to make precise calculations of the expected mount of ransom to be paid, should the worst come to pass. The price of insurance varies based on type, size and use of each ship, and the owner’s current insurance history. The total cost of maritime piracy in South-Europa was more than Φ800 million in 2019.

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      Prime Minister Gian Gives a Breath of Fresh Air in Acceptance Speech

      As Batengdei rounded the new year, it had become time for the newly elected Prime Minister Kalama Gian to give an address to the public. The purpose of such speeches are generally to state a mission of the new administration as well as a "thank you" to those who supported them in the election. This year the speech had been delayed a few days, as per the request of Gian, but the delay was certainly worth it.

      The acceptance speech began simply, Gian stated her pride at being chosen by the people to serve them. But, in a surprising twist which has many around the nation electrified, she then stated the goal of her administration which was to purge corruption and crime in Batengdei. While often used as a talking point for other parties, this had not been explicitly mentioned as a goal of the current coalition government of the Batengdeian People's Economic Coalition. This is a welcome phrase to many in Batengdei as voter participation has declined over the last decade with the chief reason being "corruption". However, Gian continued by stating her plans to launch an investigation into the possibility of bribery among the members of the People's Grand Parliament (which is strictly forbidden under the Batengdeian Constitution). While there have been requests for such investigations, they have primarily been centered around voter fraud. This is sure to be a pleasant surprise to rural Batengdei, who maintained their primary issue as "ending corruption."

      Gian's plan to launch a large-scale investigation into corruption has already damaged the BPEC, however. Many members of the Liberal Democratic Party have called out the investigation as "unnecessary" and "an unnecessary use of the Prime Minister's Power." Gian responed on Wittier:

      "All of this fuss over the launch of an investigation only convinces me that this is what our country needs most."

      Gian's decision, however divisive, will commence within the next couple of weeks. There are already reports of the possibility of holding a new election, but given the proximity to the current election and the sudden sharp increase in support for Gian from the National Council of Polling, it's unlikely to bear much fruit.

      Batengdei "Ready to Give Full Support" to Crisis-Torn Regions

      The Batengdeian Ministry of Foreign Endeavors has made a recent public announcement about its ongoing efforts to aid nations in crisis. While many have decried the actions of the Batengdeian foreign aid efforts as being "over-expanded", the announcement has put many concerns to rest. "As it currently stands," claims Dverik He Long, head of the ministry, "we have the funding and planning to be able to carry out our foreign aid to whatever end."

      The current large-scale aid projects include participation in the Cussian humanitarian mission to provide sanctuary to Cussian refugees in Batengdei and a plan to provide food aid to the famine-stricken region of Ceris, a region near Seylos. The stated goal of these missions are purely humanitarian, and have received international praise. It would appear that despite the current domestic issues of our country, our government has made fantastic strides abroad in the socialist, and ultimately humanist, endeavor of increasing the quality of life in Eurth.

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      2019: A Year in Review


      2019 proved to be another prosperous and positive year for Salvia and its people.  Although the year was marked with several tragedies and tribulations that affected the nation, the economy and people of Salvia continued to progress.  Here are a few of some of the top events of the year.


      People’s Address

      The annual People’s Address was given by President Archbishop Patrick Saulius at Alexis Hall early in the new year on February 17th.  Commenting on the recent successes of Salvia as a whole, Saulius also denounced the “forces of communism present in the wurld.” The address would set the tone for the rest of the year as the state continued to battle communist influence, oversee continued economic growth, and the development of new international relations.



      The ASMDA, finalized in September, would lower restrictions on visas 

      @Andallan-Salvian “Mutual Development Agreement” Finalized

      While negotiations began in late 2018, they would only finish in September and will come into effect June 2020.  The Andallan-Salvian Mutual Development Agreement (ASMDA) would see a reduction in tariffs to both nations’ exports, a new cooperative deal between the two nations’ shipbuilding industries, and the easing of visa restrictions for Salvian and Andallan workers of certain industries, shipbuilding being one of them.  These relaxed visa regulations would also apply to Salvian and Andalland citizens for a 2-year trial period to see how tourism between the two nations would be impacted. The agreement would also lead to head of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium Cardinal Mark D’Angelo visiting Andallan Catholics at Arkhavn Cathedral in July.


      Continental Accords Renewed, Beginning of Construction of Salvian-@Batengdeian Railroad

      The Continental Accords, a political, military, and economic agreement between Salvia and Batengdei drafted in the late 80’s was renewed by Salvian and Batengdeian diplomats in Khenkhourt in February.  Relations remain warm between the two allies, with little to no conflict or tension feeling present throughout 2019. This would further be aided- or may actually be a product of good relations- by the announcement of a high-speed railroad that would connect Batengdei and Salvia that had been discussed and planned between the two nations since 2014.  It’s purpose was to further connect Salvia and Batengdei and aid in economic cooperation.


      “Laren Treaty Adaptation” and its Unexpected Failure, Other Events Lead to Political Division

      Introduced in late July and voted on in early August, many people, including members of the Concilio, thought the “Laren Treaty Adaptation” Bill, formally known as the “Climate Defense and Action Bill” (CDAB) would pass.  They would be proved wrong however as several urban progressives flipped sides and voted against the bill. The surprise defeat would shake the progressive base and would also help in causing political division between progressives and conservatives.  Further disagreements over the national budget, gun control, and now the Church crisis has further contributed to political divisions, which is expected to come into play in the 2021 elections.


      Salvian Entrance into TRIDENT

      Following the TRIDENT Marenesian Conference in October, Salvia officially entered the multinational alliance of TRIDENT.   TRIDENT, or the Tricontinental Defense Treaty, is a joint military alliance between @Gallambria, @Variota, @Girkmand, Andalla, @Prymont, and @Iverica.  Its goal is to ensure stability and combat  “insurgency, terrorism, and trans-continental imperialism” in the continents of Argis, Thalassa, and Alharu.



      The Saulius Administration has dispatched numerous hospital and military vessels to deal with the crisis in Cussia

      Salvian Involvement in Cussian and Ceris Humanitarian Crises

      The Saulius Administration, with the support of both Concilios, provided support to both the Cussian and Ceris crises.  In response to allegations of Christian minorities being forced into re-education camps in the Northern Provinces of Beautancus by Imperial forces of the Machina Haruspex, Salvia would join other nations and allies in the creation of the Cussian Humanitarian Coalition in order to evacuate and provide asylum to the oppressed Christians.  Ceris, an island west of @Seylos facing intense instability and disorder, would also receive aid from Salvia, with the Saulius administration planning on “supplying manpower, material, and monetary aid to the island of Ceris” in order to combat the crisis.



      Protests have entered their 4th consecutive week in Trinity

      Ecclesiastical Case, Church Crisis, and Resulting Protests

      A 9 month ecclesiastical case that would end in the sentencing of around 40 people to prison shook Salvia and the Catholic Church to their core.  The resulting crisis would result in an explosion of protests across Salvia as protestors seek to separate the Church from politics and the state while Church officials attempt to root out corruption and prevent anything like this happening again.  This will be especially challenging however, as corruption seems to infect even the most top members of the clergy. With the protests only growing in number and strength and the crisis seemingly only becoming worse with each passing day, this recent development will continue to be the main talking point heading into 2020 and possibly beyond.


      Six Nations Rugby Began

      The annual Six Nations Rugby tournament began in December, this time held in Gallambria, with the Salvian team hoping to improve on their last place finish from last year.  The Doves are now 1-2 and are in a close 5th in the table, however the competition will not end until January 12th.

      Edited by Salvia
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      By: David Thomasen | January 2, 2020 | 11:50 PM AST



      Andallan Airways flies twice a week between Arkhavn and Deopolis.  PHOTO COURTESY OF: Morten Agard


      ARKHAVN — Andallan Airways CEO Richard Gustafsen formally announced yesterday the addition of three flights per week to the @Salvian capital of Deopolis, increasing the frequency of Arkhavn-Deopolis flights to 5 times weekly.

      Andallan Airways currently flies biweekly between the two cities with a 2-hour layover in Feerefaaierhafen, @Variota, departing on Mondays and Fridays under flight number AL 571.

      Beginning 1 July 2020, flight AL 573 from Arkhavn to Deopolis via Feerefaaierhafen will depart every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.


      Visa-free travel

      The move was highly anticipated following the 2-year visa-free trial of the Andallan-Salvian Mutual Development Agreement (ANSAMDA), granting unlimited visa-free visits for citizens traveling between both nations.

      The visa-free program, estimated to generate at least $65 million (₳3.3 billion) in combined tourism revenues for both nations, would take effect starting 1 July 2020 until 31 June 2022.


      Longest connecting flight

      Clocking in at an average of 23 hours, 18 minutes in the air, the 21,000-kilometer Arkhavn-Deopolis service is currently the longest operated by any Andallan airline and among the longest connecting flights in the world.

      The route is usually operated by an SK-8 long-haul twin-jet aircraft, described on the Andallan Airways website as the "ideal aircraft for long-haul, low-capacity flights, boasting unmatched passenger comfort and efficiency in its class."


      Increased seats, cheaper tickets

      Gustafsen announced that AL 571 will be upgraded to a larger Aamotech Slankstrâle-2E aircraft, adding over a hundred new seats to the flight's capacity.

      A total of 1,696 round-trip seats are available weekly, 174 in Business Class and 1,522 in Economy.

      As a result of the higher seat capacity and a projected increase in passenger demand, Gustafson also noted that the cost per one-way or round-trip ticket would be "significantly reduced".

      "We're expecting high demand, especially towards the latter portion of 2020," said Gustafson.


      Shorter flights via Yulaa

      In the same announcement, Gustafson hinted at the possible addition of a shorter connecting flight via Yulaa, @Oyus, which provides a more direct route to Deopolis.

      Assuming a 2-hour layover, an Arkhavn-Yulaa-Deopolis route would cut nearly 2 hours off the total travel time of 25 hours via Feerefaaierhafen.

      Though largely insignificant, the extra 2 hours would grant critical time for business travelers, as well as connecting the two cities in under 24 hours.

      With the bilateral Mutual Development Agreement coming into full force by Q3 2020, an increase in business travelers is highly expected.

      The economic cooperation programs enacted by the two nations specifically target the shipbuilding, seafaring and tourism industries, among others.

      "We're still looking into it, weighing options," Gustafson admitted.

      In recent months, the airline has been looking into expanding its code-sharing network with other Alharun and Aurelian regional carriers.

      Edited by Andalla
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      New Years Celebrations Light the Night Sky

      Arriving late but not last to the new year 2020 is Shffahkia lighting many of its cities with the splendor of the firework to celebrate the new year as well as to look back at previous decades. Alone in Port-Réel, Shffahkians numbering in the millions have gone out to the streets to herald in the new year. As is typical for the event, many Shffahkian hospitals and emergency response units are on high alert as every new year they're flooded with injuries caused by fireworks or related activities. The more environmentally conscious are hoping this will be the last year when fireworks are fired with some calling for the ban of fireworks saying that they are a public nuisance as well as unnecessarily damaging for the environment. Some states such as Minière have already banned fireworks while states such as Piranhahasse allow them to be fired during New Years celebrations with them normally being illegal. 

      On a brighter note, Union President Adélaïde Larue gave her first New Years Address to the nation. Surprisingly she decided to give the speech in Port-Réel as opposed to Shffahkiaville, the official capital. "... 261 years ago in this city Shffahkia declared its independence, 218 years ago in the same city the Shffahkian Empire was announced to the world and in this very city 117 years ago the Collectivist Revolution first took place. Now for the first time in 40 years, Shffahkians and Parannais celebrate the New Year together under one flag once more in this great city. It has been and still is a hard time. For the first time since 1979, Shffahkia can look towards the future with optimism and hope... Our work is not done; there is still much to be done, yet on this one day we can look back at the accomplishments of not only Shffahkia but humanity as a whole. World hunger and poverty is down, more people are getting educated than ever before... However, not all is good news as the climate crisis grips Eurth ever tighter. I believe there is reason for hope, for no task is too monumental for the human race to overcome..." the Union President said during her speech welcoming 2020 with surprising optimism.

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      Hello 2020, Orioni celebrates New Year

      FireworksZUIDHAVEN -- Fireworks lit up the skies over Zuidhaven as Orioni became one of the first countries to welcome the New Year. As the clock struck midnight, spectacularly colourful fireworks burst over the harbour area. The display was accompanied by a complimentary light show on the water.

      A record amount of pyrotechnics, as well as new fireworks effects and colours, lit up the city's skyline for 15 minutes. More than one million people packed the harbour front and parks of the largest Orinese city to watch the show.

      Police said they were taking precautions to prevent any terrorist attack, but assured revellers there was no specific threat. "We put obstacles between those large crowds and vehicles to ensure people can get in and out safely and enjoy their night in safety," police Commissioner Mr Eleama Baltun said.

      The party atmosphere swept across other major cities as the clock ticked past midnight. Fireworks, concerts, spiritual services and political addresses were held across the globe as revellers marked the transition to 2020.

      The Oriental island nation of Rohini was the first in the world to welcome the new year, greeting 2020 with muted celebrations after spending 2019 on the front line of the battle against climate change.

      In her traditional new year's address, Empress Joni issued a bleak New Year’s message that called climate change an existential threat and warned that: "It's time to seize our last best chance." She noted growing intolerance, geopolitical divisions and inequality, resulting in people "questioning a world in which a handful of people hold the same wealth as half of humanity."

      “But there are also reasons for hope,” she added. "As we begin this new year, let’s resolve to confront threats, defend human dignity and build a better future -- together."

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      The Timos Prize Committee should be fired

      A column by Oladois Gufov.

      The Timos Prize Committee has no shame. Days after it announced the recipients of this year's prize, we find out the economics prize is a fake. What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

      The economics prize was to be shared by economists from Seylos and Variota. Their nomination was for their work on transitioning Zaspa from the first nation to the second. But, as we find out this week, such a transition never even took place. When contacted about this, representatives from either governments declined to comment. Neither nations have communicated anything about any sort of deal.

      In fact, the exact opposite seems to be happening. Several reliable sources which prefer to remain anonymous claim the Seylosi navy using its power projection to show its displeasure over this whole 'Zaspa Affair'.

      The decision to award this prize is no mere wrinkle for the time-honoured Timos Prize. No, the problem is much more profound.

      By deciding to present Variot ownership of Zaspa as an accomplished fact, the Committee has shown its political preference. If the economics prize is affected by this, how can we be sure about the other laureates? What hidden agenda is involved in choosing one nomination over another?

      Let's have a look at the peace prize. Was the Cussian coalition snubbed because Chairlady Pristo prefers the Occidental conflict to fester?

      How about the so-called Laren conference. We all know climate change is a hoax. The Eurth's climate has always changed. In fact, plants need carbon dioxide to survive. Renewable energy is just a money-making scheme, which won't work when it's cloudy or not windy. Animals adapt. Studies show polar bear numbers are increasing.

      And don't get my started on the Gallambrian mouthpiece. How convenient to affirm their press reliability. Everyone knows the EOS and Gallambria are conspiring to overthrow the legitimate government in peaceful Bainbridge Islands. Nothing but warmongering.

      I hereby submit the proposal that this matter has to be referred to the Andro police for investigation.

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      2019 Timos prize laureates announced

      1N5va5T.jpgANDRO -- A look at the Eurth's Timos laureates honoured for efforts in peace, journalism, economic and environmental sciences.

      Oyusard Kera Eka Lam has been awarded the 2019 Timos Prize for Peace for keeping @Oyus out of the many conflicts raging across the Eurth. "War always seems to be very cool, and most of the “big” nations try to get in on the act as often as possible – if not outright war, then certainly sabre rattling and posturing."

      The prize in economic sciences is shared by economists from @Seylos and @Variota for their vision of a peaceful transition of Zaspa island from the first nation to the second. The official Wittier account of the Timos Prize shared a video of the moment, which went viral because of the Variot laureates outrageous black outfit.

      The journalism prize may be awarded to individuals or newspapers or newspaper staffs. This year it was awarded to the reporters of the Gallambrian Press Network. This includes reporters from The Gallambrian, The Bromwich Morning Herald, The Gazette and GBC.

      And finally, the Timos Prize in Environmental Science was awarded to @Morheim for the groundbreaking work of the Laren Environmental Conference. The resulting standards were adopted by many nations and will pave the way to a healthier and more sustainable future.

      The Timos Foundation is a private institution established in 1896 based on the will of Amali Timos. The main task is to manage the assets made available through the will, and the intellectual property related to the Timos Prize that has developed over the years.

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    • NSAS-30.png

      Amamihe Wins Heated Senate Presidential Race

      Massimo Amamihe from the Nuova Alternativa party has won the heated Senate presidential race with 21,24% of the vote or 11,52 million votes. Despite the inconvenient timing, a total of 51 886 325 Shffahkians participated in the election which is most likely due to harsh mandatory voting laws in Shffahkia. Many voters, when asked, said they were relieved to have gotten their duty done with so they may continue with their holiday affairs. Some voters expressed disappointment over the timing of the elections as normally national election days are holidays in Shffahkia but because these elections were held so close to Christmas, no extra holiday was given.

      Senate President Amamihe celebrated his victory in Port-Réel, the largest city in Shffahkia where he campaigned successfully beating both the LUP's Dutoit and the Syndicalists' Desfleusses. In his victory speech, Amamihe pledged to "uphold the integrity of the Senate and to protect the Senate from inappropriate outside influence." This was rather bluntly aimed at Union President Larue who has shown little interest in the upkeep of independence between the four legislatures of Shffahkia. He also stressed the importance of political co-operation between parties both new and old. Amamihe also claimed that his party, Nuova Alternativa, has greatly suffered from electoral injustice resulting in a rather disappointing outcome of only getting 67 seats in the Senate. Despite his party's poor performance, Amamihe promises to form a functioning coalition to uphold his electoral promises.


      The heated presidential Senate race resulted in a close call with Amamihe only winning by 1,68 million votes against Dutoit and Desfleusses. In total some 27 million Shffahkians chose to vote for the president of the Senate instead of local candidates. These votes came overwhelmingly from more densely populated urban areas in Shffahkia. Normally the third candidate steps down from the race before election day, but this time going into the elections, it was hard to predict who that ought to have been because polling nation-wide showed the three candidates being neck and neck.

      In the end Dutoit was successfully able to reap considerable support from Paranne states and the south, while Amamihe reigned supreme in the north and did great in the largest state: Pranhahasse pushing the competition away. Desfleusses' campaign became focused in Minière, Catherine and Piranhahasse, three wildly diverse states, and although her Syndicalist economic policy worked well in Miniere, she was unable to break the LUP's stranglehold on the south and lost significantly to Amamihe's inclusive unionism in Piranhahasse leading to her taking third place in the race.

      Both Dutoit and Desfleusses congratulated Amamihe over his victory. Dutoit said that this was a moment of humility and reflection for him and his supporters hinting at certain necessary changes that need to be done within the Lyso-Unionist Party. On the other hand, Desfleusses claimed that her support was a great show of force and counted it as a victory since her party, The Syndicalists ,received almost double the number of votes as the SCUL from which they seceded. "Despite our loss, many doors and windows still remain open for our great party." Desfleusses claimed in her speech.


      Although the LUP lost the presidential race and with it wasted some 10 million votes, Larue's party tied with the Social Communitarian Union League  getting 107 seats from the total of 513. Unfortunately this will not be nearly enough for Larue to pass constitutional reform without the consent of other parties. The SCUL ran a small presidential campaign but backed off when polling showed their candidate to be lagging behind considerably as Féyeau, the party leader and its most known member, is the President of the Chambre of Representatives and thereby could not run to the Senate. Although the two former juggernauts of Shffahkian politics still gained the most seats, their support has waned so much so that support from other parties is increasingly necessary which is something the LUP has been particularly opposed to.

      Considering the results of all other parties, one was able to achieve an incredible result from their voters which was the Kvar Steloj movement. On average the SCUL needed over 50 000 votes to gain one seat in the Senate while Kvar Steloj politicians only needed to gain 39 000 votes. Their performance was so good compared to their total votes that a federal inquiry by the Police Politique was held into the movement over suspected electoral fraud which delayed the publishing of results by five days. The federal inquiry concluded that there was no evidence to support electoral fraud and that it was merely a case of a well-run political campaign that targeted rural areas more effectively than any other party. Joĉjo Rossi, head of Kvar Steloj, claimed that this was proof that Esperantists and Esperanto are still greatly supported in Shffahkia.

      The two 'losing' parties in terms of votes to seats were Nuova Alternativa and The Syndicalists although receiving the most and third most votes respectively. The Syndicalists party can still count itself among the four largest parties. This is mostly due to great rural support especially from the Minière state and Desfleusses great bid for the presidency. The party that got off not so well is Nuova Alternativa that, although received the most votes, finds itself being the fourth smallest party. Winning the Senate president race means that NA and Amamihe have the first chance to form a coalition within the Senate, however because of Nuova Alternativa's low number of seats in the Senate, it will be unlikely that larger parties such as the LUP or Kvar Steloj will agree to join a coalition led by a smaller party. 


      A Party Collectively Divided Released on Christmas

      With the end of the Collectivist Party, many politicians have chosen either to retire or to continue their careers in different parties but one former politician in particular, André Azaïs, has chosen a completely different route. Deciding to end his days in public service, he has turned towards the book industry and has written several books on Shffahkian politics especially between 1970 and 2018 when he was an insider in the Collectivist Party. His latest book: A Party Collectively Divided (Un Parti Divisé Collectivement) looks into why the Collectivist Party fell which in his book was due to a failure in ideological discipline. What marks Azaïs as different from other political writers in Shffahkia is his surprising transparency. Azaïs openly admits in his various works to have participated in corruption thereby offering a never-before-seen look into the inner workings of the Collectivist Party. For many Shffahkians the deep-rooted corruption within the Collectivist Party is a big surprise. Criticisms over Azaïs own political views often pop up whenever his name comes up as he has clearly said to be against democracy and is an unapologetic supporter of more controversial Shffahkian historical figures such as the former union president Nikolao Kondukanto.

      The central thesis of A Party Collectively Divided is that following the death of Duncan Delacroix in the late 1950s, the Monin family dynasty that succeeded him failed to uphold ideological unity within the party which directly led to its end in 2018. "Unlike in many other one-party states such as in Fulgistan, the Collectivist Party in Shffahkia didn't hold up veneer of unity, instead allowing itself to be actively shown as divided and thereby showing its dysfunctionality to the public. This would inevitably lead to the wider democratization of Shffahkia in the 1970s. Which in turn led to the break-up of Shffahkia and, inevitably, led to the end of the Collectivist Party itself. Today Shffahkia finds itself dealing with the consequences of a failed one-party system. Its political institutions and its elections were never meant for a multi-party system and thus many problems and failures in Shffahkia can be traced to the failure of the Collectivist Party." reads the book's short introduction.

      Critics of the book are calling it Collectivist historical revisionism as the book claims that a half-hearted and apathetic push towards democracy was forced upon the Monin family dynasty in Shffahkia because of their failure to uphold ideological discipline within the Collectivist Party. The current historical consensus in Shffahkia is that the democratization of Shffahkia was purposely initiated by the Monin political dynasty as it was in line with their vision for a re-syndicalized Shffahkia. What fewer historians are contesting is Azaïs' claims over just how corrupt the party actually was since the Collectivist Party was quite experienced with hiding its own corruption from the public. One shocking claim in the book is that in 1999 party insiders orchestrated a fire inside a movie theater killing 11 innocent people all to hide the political assassination of Élias Serrari, a political activist. "Political dissent inside the party was tolerated, yet dissent from outside the party threatening its existence was brutally suppressed and expertly hidden. The party was on a clear course towards extinction from within despite its capabilities of eliminating threats from without." Azaïs claims in his book. One mystery surrounding the book also is its release date as releasing the book on Christmas day is most likely not the most profitable move for the writer.

      Edited by Shffahkia
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    • KCDWOIq.png

      This is Thol Draer, 
      Imperium News Nightly,

      Tonight we look at the unsettling Northern Territories, and unsettling because apparently as its come to be known, Army Group Taskforce Hades, stationed in Ttoile, has not been able to establish contact with the Port of Ulusk. In fact, Imperial Army Command is quiet on the affair, including troop positioning and royal court movements.

      Speaking of the royal court, the Emperor has taken a leave of absence, and left the affairs of the nation currently to the Council of the Nine, of which has also while busy, also remained quiet concerning the military issues at hand.

      Attempting to gain information via AGT Hades has been met with silence, however unnamed sources have said that the high command of the AGT Hades has not been able to establish contact with either Fleet-Lord Kaorin, or even that of the Department B regiment that is also headquartered there.

      Furthering the conversation with our source, there have been unidentified military forces within Ulusk and several outposts under the command of Kaorin, the Fleet-Lord assigned command of Ulusk and northern operations of that zone by the Emperor himself. 

      With foreigners present in the area, some think that perhaps the communications blackout is the first act of an invasion, while some theorize that perhaps those under the command of the Fleet-Lord are perhaps instigating a rebel action, and lastly, it could be an innocent response to the rather horrific weather ongoing currently in the Northern region. 

      At this time we have little information and only speculation to go upon.

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    • E6Q9eLB.png


      Call to Boycott businesses that Trade with the Sovereign Imperium

      Campaign to put economic pressure on the Gharoi and those who work with them

      One of the biggest changes to life in the Occident caused by the alliance between the Sovereign Imperium of Machina @Haruspex and the Megas Agios Basileia was the opening of trade between the two nations. Before this, it had been sporadic and occasional – usually, the isolated barbarian nation was content to eke out its own resources, sometimes turning to raiding its neighbours when their ineptitude towards handling their economic affairs caused famine and want amongst their own people. Typically, this was beaten back in short order by the might of Arhomaniki arms. However, the alliance had normalised the economic relations and trade had flourished. At the time, it was hoped by some that closer economic ties between Arhomaneia and our northern neighbour would lead to a level of civilisation filtering through to them, as they were able to see the benefits of what that civilisation could give them. Likely, the frozen hovels of the Gharoi became truly liveable for the first time in thousands of years.

      Now, this can be perceived as only a mistake, as it has undoubtedly given the barbarous Gharoi the strength to subjugate the Glorious Dominate and carry out the ethnic cleansing that they have inflicted on the Gerenians. Whilst it is clear why the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has not acted in a manner that breaks the alliance – although the actions of the Gharoi have stretched it to breaking point – there have been those within Arhomaneia who have taken it upon themselves boycott companies and organisations that trade with the Sovereign Imperium. This is undoubtedly so that the Gharoi suffer some punishment for their heinous actions, even as the coalition of nations that has been formed to help the heretics does not seem to have the stomach to do so. Perhaps the governments of the nations in the coalition will remedy that in time, as both Derthalen and Greater Serbia suffered embargoes at the hands of the rest of the wurld for carrying out actions of a similarly foul nature as those of the Sovereign Imperium.

      A list of offending businesses has been circulated on line recently, and it is of course the duty of every God-fearing Christian to cease doing business with them. Any Arhomaioi who work for those companies should immediately resign and any who knowingly work with the Gharoi should face censure, for they are aiding the enemies of God by doing so. May it be that they quickly come to their senses and repent their sins, and discuss with their episkopos (bishop) a suitable penance for their actions, and how it has affected not just the poor Koussoeioi but the state of their own immortal souls. It should undoubtedly include a donation, above the normal levels of Christian charity, and especially to the Paranbalanoi, who are striving hard to give the poor Gerenians a measure of what has been stripped from them by the actions of the Gharoi.

      It should be noted that the organisers behind this boycott have emphasised that it should not just be Arhomaioi who carry it out and that it should be a wurldwide effort by all of those who profess to be Christians. And even any non-believers who hold decency and civilisation dear to their hearts. Some of the companies on the list are barbarian in origin or are based overseas – of course, the perfidious Elegy Corporation of the @Sunset Sea Islands is the first on the list. That shadowy, rapacious corporation is likely using the misery of the Koussoeioi for its own benefit and to further its insidious goals. No true Christian should ever consider giving money to that sinister company and those that have bought any of its products should immediately dispose of them. The Elegy Corporation isn't headquartered on Eurth, but in the very bowels of hell.

      So far, no one from either the Church or the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has responded to this paper's questions about the boycott. It is likely that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion does not wish to damage the relations with the Sovereign Imperium by acknowledging the boycott officially. There are still Gerenians being moved from the transit camps within the Koussoeia and Gharon, as well as aid workers from the Parabalanoi and observers from the Tagmata still within the Sovereign Imperium and being seen to back up this boycott may endanger them. As it is, Autokrator Ji'Mar has been very fickle when it comes to the status of the observers and aid workers – they have already been expelled once and it is unknown how the infantile ruler of the Gharoi might act if the boycott takes on the nature of an official embargo.


      Arhomaneia to sell Aircraft Carriers

      Weakening the Basilikoploimon or Strengthening Allies?

      Since the acquisition of the Despotes class aircraft carriers from the Great Queendom of @Suverina almost a decade ago, the great vessels have been mothballed in the ports of Dyrrakion and Thenion, becoming little more than landmarks in the facilities of the Basilikoploimon in those cities. The two ships were bought from Suverina for a nominal fee, after Arhomaneia had been kicked out of the joint development programme for nuclear-powered aircraft carriers because of a serious break in relations between the two nations. After being removed from the joint programme, the Megas Agios Basileia had started another joint programme with our close allies, @Adaptus, which led to the creation of the Maximos class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Despite the purchase of the Despotes class – named the Prince Michail II by the Suberinoi – being criticised by many at the time, the Logothesion tou Stratiotikou went through with it, thinking it an opportunity that could not be missed.

      Although two new capital ships certainly strengthened the Basilikoploimon on paper, the criticisms about their purchase revolved around the fact that there was not the funds or the personnel available to make the ships operational. And this very quickly became apparent, as the last time the ships were to move under their own power was from the dockyards in the Great Queendom where they were built to the dockyards that were to become their permanent home in Arhomaneia. It has been said that their sole worth has been to familiarise the Basilikoploimon with the examples of the Prince Michail II class in service with the Suberinoi. As such, they were quickly mothballed with an eye to reactivating them once the money became available. However, other modernisation plans have been carried out since then, from the cyber and electronic warfare programmes to the replacement of the ageing fleet air arm.

      It is, then, perhaps no surprise that the Logothesion tou Stratiotikou is now thinking of divesting itself of the carriers. It comes at a time when the Basilikoploimon was surprised by the navy of the Sovereign Imperium carrying out night-time gun exercises and mock air combat in the waters of the Krankes Thalassa, a key event in the deteriotation of the relations between Arhomaneia and Gharon. The argument against selling the carriers is that it weakens the strength of the Basilikoploimon at a time when it should be strengthen, although it has been suggested that the money raised from the sale of the carriers will likely be invested back into the navy.

      The key question is to which nations the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is selling the carriers. At the moment, the government has remained tight-lipped about who it is doing business with on that front. One suggested purchaser is the Republic of @Iverica, assuming that the carriers are going to be purchased as a pair, as Arhomeneia has had a long history of military cooperation with the Argic country – both militaries share the same calibre and cartridge, the 7mm Nika round. This seems also to add fire to the rumours that the Logothesion tou Stratiotikou will be purchasing several so-called “littoral combat ships” from the Argic republic, and this will be possibly enacted as part of the same deal. It is also clear that the Republic is fast becoming one of the leading powers of Eurth, as it is spearheading the humanitarian effort for the Gerenians, alongside Arhomaneia.

      Another rumoured purchaser is the Kingdom of @Seylos. This is perhaps more sensible than Iverica, as the presence of another carrier, or carriers, will mean that the piracy emergency in the Makhaira Thalassa (the Dolch See) will likely be quashed in short order. It is, however, unknown how the other nations bordering the Makhaira Thalassa might react to it – Derthalen has seemingly once again turned into an isolationist state after the repeated embargoes and blockades that it suffered at the hands of almost every civilised nation on Eurth and the nations of Ceris are almost entirely on the brink of collapse.

      There have been some suggestions, again entirely unconfirmed by the Agios Basilikon Kounistorion, that one of the carriers might be bought by Salvia (@Sancti Imperii Catholico). This is perhaps the most outlandish rumour of them – it is a peaceable nation and it is currently suffering something of an internal crisis, entirely brought about by the heretical structure of its church. It is a key ally of Arhomaneia in Marenesia and a strong local bulwark against the spread of communism.

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      The Capital Paper (Now Matlatekáken!)


      Tenoch Okelotlamachallē ousted for "Backdoor deals" states leaked documents.

      Tenoch Okelotlamachallē's reasons for being ousted from the Qopnō Party have recently been revealed via a leaked document that was published on the internet on Sunday the 15th. The document details the many backdoor corrupt dealings that Okelotlamachallē had undergone in her time as the head of the Qopnō Party, as far back as 1998. Ranging from bribery to loopholes in laws she and the party has attempted to pass. The Document itself also may potentially show connections between Okelotlamachallē and the T'sompanatli Cartel through blind-eye drug smuggling, intentionally allowing the export and import of illegal substances. 

      An investigation has begun to take place on Okelotlamachallē and the entirety of the Qopnō Party for fraud, corruption, and traitorous actions against the state. No information of the investigation has yet to be released to the public nor to The Capital Paper. Rumours have spread that the Qopnō Party may be barred from the 2020 elections if any major negative revelations are uncovered.

      The identity of the person who has leaked the document is unknown, which has casted doubt onto it's credibility, with many citing it as mere scaremonger propaganda from a party of the opposition, which is leading to many to call for investigations to be put onto other political parties, although no such action has taken place.



      New Syllabic Script Finalisation.

      The Temple of the All-High and the Temple of the Highest have unveiled the finished new Alphabet script designed to replace the current outdated Yatotlan Alphabet and is to be implemented nation-wide on the 15th of February, 2020, with teachers already being retrained nation-wide and limited changes to current non-vital signs and logos. The new script contains 19 symbols, 4 less then the current version, as well as uses international standard notations. At the end of this newspaper will be a chart showing the new letters with their old versions. Letters that once represented certain sounds such as q and w but no longer do have been removed in the new Alphabet.

      The Capital Paper strives to stay up-to-date and modern, as such we have already refitted our company's name to the new system via the Temple of Finance. A new logo will be unveiled later this week to commemorate the change as well, designed by Xoxêmekátlapallê herself.

      The plans for changing the Alphabet begun in 2017 when a committee was set up to begin work on constructing a new alphabet for the nation, to promote unity and consistency across the regions, due to many different regions using different Yatotlan-inspired Alphabets. A new syllabary is also in the works, one of the committee advisors revealed, that surpasses the Alphabet in day-to-day use for the nation, with it scheduled to be revealed in early 2020.

      Many are criticising the government's choices, however, both in regards to the decisions made for the Alphabet itself, and for releasing such a major change to the nation so quickly after public release and in the same year as a Kalpollê-Kampan double election. So far the Temple of the All-High and the Temple of the Highest have been quiet about the change, with no official statement released.






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    • Healthcare professionals around the country are in an uproar due to a five-month shortage of the popular broad-spectrum antibiotic dankomycin, despite claims by the drug manufacturer that production levels are currently adequate for healthcare demand. 

      Many in the healthcare profession have made complaints over a five month shortage of a popular antibiotic "Dankomycin."

      Leader of the Liberal Whig party Party Paddy Ashdown has pressured the Government to take action stating in PMQ's "The only option forward is plainly obvious. Force the drug companies who own the patents to manufacture enough medication until this and any future shortages are relieved.” 

      Health secretary May will make a statement Monday on what the Government is going to do in response to the antibiotic shortage. 

      With GBNB I'm Joe Cole 

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    • 5S3bc3U.png

      19 DECEMBER 2019

      Eulycea Rugby Continues Winning Streak, Defeats Seylos 35-11
      In the second week of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament hosted this year in Gallambria, Eulycea's rugby team trounced the Seylosian team with a solid 35-11 victory.

      After 15 minutes of back and forth, #34 Denis Bercator was tackled by a Seylosian player on the first long run of the game for the Eulycean side. The tackle forced him to the ground awkwardly on his right leg and his ankle was injured. Team members helped Bercator off the pitch while on the sidelines the bench booed and jeered at their Seylosian opponents loudly.

      Team captain Louis Pagani shut that down, however, and after a quick team conference, the team went on to start a 21-0 scoring run with a try from Pagani that completely shut down the Seylosian offense and penetrated its defense with ease for the rest of the game.

      Team managers announced Bercator suffered a spiral fracture on his right ankle and was admitted to a local hospital for treatment. He will not return to the pitch for the rest of the tournament.

      Pagani told reporters that "things were heated on the [Eulycean] bench," after the rough tackle the Seylosians gave Bercator without penalty from referees. "But we tapped into that anger for the rest of the game and it fueled us all the way to the end."

      Blaise Albani declares creation of "Democratic League" in EulyceapyTleXt.png
      At a press conference in Brisa today, the President of the Republican Party of Eulycea, Mr. Blaise Albani, announced that his party and the Young People's Party of Eulycea would be co-founding a coalition of parties unrepresented on the parliamentary ballot. Mr. Albani and Mr. Timothy Girardi, leader of the Young People's Party, signed an agreement before the press that they would work together under the auspices of a new "Democratic League of Eulycea."

      Mr. Albani explained that the future aim of this Democratic League is the same as the current long-term goal of his Republican Party: to reduce King Charles to a ceremonial monarch and hand his executive powers over to elected leaders.

      Political experts predict that other unrepresented parties in parliament, such as the Secularist Party and Socialist Party, will soon join Mr. Albani's coalition.

      The Democratic League will hold its first convention in Brisa sometime early next year. With a broader coalition than merely the Republican Party's substantial membership rolls—last seen hovering around 90,000—Mr. Albani hopes that petitions to repeal the exclusionary acts that keep his party and others from Parliament will succeed.

      However, he has already faced some criticism for this move, especially from existing detractors of the Republican Party such as Baron Benedict de Forgia, an MP of the King's Party. Baron de Forgia told The Times that "inviting radicals and extremists and all the riff-raff of the kingdom's politics will only turn His Majesty's Parliament away from [Mr.] Albani's cause."

      Speaking with The Times, Mr. Albani replied that "the people out on the street and the people working for a miser's wage may seem like plain old riff-raff to a baron, but they ought to have as much of a say as any duke, count, or king in how this country is run."

      His Majesty's Press Office could not be reached to comment.

      Edited by Eulycea
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      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports


      :pic: EOS landing force training in Balas, @Miiros

      Pristo hints at troops deployment to KBI

      O'POLIS -- Orinese soldiers may be deployed to @Bainbridge Islands, if the EOS-recognised government-in-exile were to make such a request. Orioni’s Chairlady Chandra Pristo said this in a live televised interview on Sunday evening. "If Bainbridge were to invite EOS peacekeepers, of course we would have the right to go to Bainbridge," Pristo explained. "We are prepared to the legitimate Bainbridge government."

      The speech came in response to another piracy act in the Azure Sea. The attack, which ultimately failed, was against the oil tanker SV Tebenya. "These pirates have shown time and again they do not represent a legitimate partner we can negotiate with," Chairlady Pristo said.

      She stresses that Orioni will follow international law including the EOS charter clause Responsibility to Protect. "What has been done so far is absolutely in compliance with international law," Pristo said. "These pirate terrorists disregard international law and basic human rights," Pristo added, referring to hostages.

      There have been ongoing preparations regarding joint operations in Northern Meteorolas.

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      Organized Demonstrations Begin in Deopolis Following Church Arrests


      Police cordoned off sections for the protestors while the demonstration spilled over into the city


      Organized protests began in the capital city of Deopolis yesterday morning as thousands of protestors gathered outside St. Murphy's Cathedral to protest the use of corporal power in the arrest of 40 people.  The arrests stem from an ecclesiastical case in which a supposed "secret society" developed a conspiracy against the Church and involved as of now several dozen high-ranking Church officials.  The Church had obtained the special right to arrest and sentence the 40 from the Saulius Administration, complying with the steps laid out in the 1709 constitution.

      The demonstrations were peaceful, with only a small handful of arrests being made.  Of the six arrests made, the police reported that all six were released later that day.  While the organizers of the protest planned for the demonstration to occur in St. Murphy's Cathedral Square, the protests would spill over into the city as the cordoned sections became overflowed, shutting down most of the city for the day.  Although this was the first organized protest in the capital since the announcement of the arrests, several other protests began across Salvia, notably in the cities of Trinity, St. Paul's and St. Mark's.

      The protestors demanded a reversal of the decision and a new amendment to strike the clause that gave the Church the ability to ask permission from the executive to arrest and sentence so-called "ecclesiastical convicts."  

      Rural representatives, especially from the Minotian region, called the protests "silly and fantastical," with Representative Chris Calibrini even labeling the protestors as "borderline heretics" for questioning the Church's ruling.  Urban progressives either did not respond or supported the protests, with some, such as Representative Jermey Kilney, coming out to demonstrate with constituents.  The Saulius Executive has remained largely silent and declined to comment when asked by reporters in a press conference yesterday afternoon.

      Edited by Salvia
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    • NSAS-25.png

      Political Division - No End in Sight

      Political division keeps hitting hard as major parties in Shffahkia prove incapable of holding their internal factions within themselves leading to various exoduses of different interest groups. It all began in mid November when the PNC (New Collectivists' Party) experienced severe drain when many of its prominent northern members decided to leave and start Alziamo! (Let's raise!), a political party aiming exclusively for the Northern Cristinophone voters. Alziamo!'s successful secession inspired many varying groups in different parties to secede and create parties of their own. From this debacle a total of five new major parties have risen in popularity enough to challenge the LUP's, the PNC's and the SCUL's perceived triopoly over Shffahkian politics.


      The party that started it all, Alziamo!, born from the hard-line right-wingers of the PNC who were disappointed in the overall direction their party was going. Out of all the parties in Shffahkia, Alziamo! is the only one to support privatization and to fully campaign for the legalization of religion. The party's campaign motto is Libertà Adesso! (Liberty Now!). The party's leadership believes that the values of the very first Shffahkian settlers who were from various religious minorities have long since been forgotten and that the Shffahkian public especially the northern cristinophones need to be reminded of the origins of their country thereby Libertarianism is the name of the party's central ideology. Although originally facing great backlash, Alziamo! found its supporter base in the state of Côte d'Argent.


      Emboldened by the success and partly created as a counter-reaction to Alziamo!, The Syndicalists is a political party primarily based on the re-syndicalisation of Shffahkia. As President Larue has clamped down on national and other major syndicates, many Shffahkian Syndicalists felt that the SCUL was more in favor of creating a Capitalist welfare state rather than a Syndicalist one. This led to the creation of The Syndicalists to protect existing syndicates and to hopefully create new ones by Syndicalist members from the SCUL and PNC. Out of all the newly-emerged parties The Syndicalists has been the most successful rallying the most supporters under its cry of 'Protect Our Workers!' Even the more conservative numbers predict The Syndicalists to overtake the PNC as Shffahkia's third-largest party.


      Ending in second place in terms of popularity of the five new parties is Nuova Alternativa a northern-focused unionist party. Resulting from the LUP's reluctance to adapt its party plan to accommodate the northern demands, Nuova Alternativa is formed from previous cristophone unionist politicians who've begun to feel that the LUP and other major parties are not inclusive enough. Alongside the SCUL,  Alziamo! and The Syndicalists, Nuova Alternativa is the fourth party to support the adaptation of Cristinese as an official language. Nuova Alternativa also supports unification with the state of Éleigne, while most Lyso-Unionists look towards Dasdaine, as well as the full membership of Shffahkia in the Dominion of Limonaian States. The party's rallying cry is its name: A New Alternative for Shffahkia.


      As northern Shffahkians finally seemed to get the representation they've needed, many Esperantists decided that it was high time for them to do the same. And thus the Esperantist Coalition was formed, however disagreements over democracy and the legacy of the Collectivist Party led to the Esperantist Coalition to split in half. The pro-democracy half became the Kvar Steloj (four stars) movement. The four stars in its name and symbol are the four stars of Piranhahasse, Shffahkia's largest state that represent the four largest people groups making up the states population: Lysians, Limonaians, Touxouloutmans and Faramountese. The party's motto is Harm a Man, Harm MankindKvar Steloj seeks to rally people behind itself with its green and inclusive policies all the while supporting Esperanto as the fair Lingua Franca of Shffahkia and the world. 


      If you think democracy seems fickle and unsuitable, then you might choose La Fronto the other party to come out of the fall of the Esperantist Coalition. Staunchly critical of democracy and wishing to re-establish the collectivist party, La Fronto is formed from hardliner Collectivists that were in power during Nikolao Kondukanto's presidency and some fringe members who left The Syndicalists. La Fronto is perhaps the most anti-Larue party out there claiming that Larue has been systematically getting rid of hardliner collectivists by forcing them out of politics via blackmail or violence among other means. Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Democracy, La Fronto's motto is 'Shffahkia is dying and democracy is to blame!' La Fronto seems to be destined to the fringes of Shffahkian politics alongside parties like Alziamo! since few will want to work with them in the Senate or elsewhere.

      As new parties fall and succeed, many doubt if political unity in Shffahkia is even possible with so many different groups and agendas.




      Politicians Decry Senatorial Election Process

      As the Senate elections come ever closer, politicians from all parties have begun to criticize the election process saying it puts too much on the voter. In Shffahkia, unlike in many other countries where elections to their legislatures are done through districts or constituencies, senators are picked to the Senate not in small local elections but in one large national election where all of the some thousand candidates are put in a scramble for votes where the 513 candidates who receive the most people are granted seats while 97 runner-ups are put aside as spare 'senators' who would take/receive the seat if a senator were to die or be kicked out. Alongside this ineffective system of allocating seats is the race for the Senate presidency as Larue will be stepping down from the position since she will not campaign to stay in the Senate.

      The President of the Federal Senate is a senator with special powers over the Senate. These range from minor powers such as deciding on which extra personnel are allowed to the Senate room to the ability to remove any senator from the Senate and pass emergency legislation through the Senate. The very powers President Larue used herself to gain her position as Union President. The Senate president is chosen in the same election as all the other senators. Simply put the senator to gain most votes becomes the senator with the most influence. Because the Senate president is the closest position Shffahkia has to a democratically elected leader, it is considered that the Senate president is the leader with the mandate of the people which is one of the reasons Larue uses to justify her position.

      In every election to the Senate, Shffahkians are forced to decide between voting for their local candidate or their preferred presidential candidate. This leads to a situation where millions of votes are taken up by the very top. In 2013, Larue won the election to the Senate with some 10 million votes, yet she only needed 4 million to secure the presidency. This led to a situation where the president of the Federal Senate was a party outsider while most senators were party insiders with many votes being wasted. The worst of this system was seen in 1984 when the lowest threshold to get to the senate was a meager 98 votes because the top 5 candidates hoarded more than a third of all votes. Parties have to decide, therefore, whether to aim for the presidency or to aim for the maximum amount of seats.

      Shffahkia has some 61 million eligible voters. Of these 52 million are expected to vote. Usually some two-thirds of Shffahkians vote for their local candidates while one-third vote for the presidential candidates. This means that some 17,3 million voters decide who the president is. And these 17,3 million are made of mostly Lyso-Shffahkians because Shffahko-Limonaians, and other minorities are often more concerned with getting representation in the Senate than choosing its president. However, this year one Nuova Alternativa candidate is trying to change this by tapping into the northern vote.



      Massimo Amamihe Surges in Popularity

      Of the eight major parties running in the Senate elections, only three parties have serious candidates that stand an actual chance of gaining enough votes to win. One of these is surprisingly Massimo Amamihe from Nuova Alternativa running on promises of inclusive unity. Parties such as Kvar Steloj have no chance to gain the presidency and don't even pretend they do. Thus they have not put forth candidates and are focusing on getting the maximum amount of seats. Amamihe is a former Minister of the Treasury having served in the Collective of Ministers whose members are not democratically elected. Despite having no senatorial or electoral experience, Amamihe has been able to energize his campaign to target communities which the LUP has seemingly turned their back on. His critics are saying that by targeting these communities, he is weakening the effect they can have in the Senate.

      Amamihe is setting himself up as a true alternative to the LUP's Dutoit even having his campaign motto (Con Te, Per Te, Per La Sfachia) be in Cristinese rather than Lysian which translates to: With You, For You, For Shffahkia. Although Amamihe's main appeal is towards northern Shffahkians and people in Piranhahasse, many Lyso-Shffahkians have also claimed to support him finding him inspirational. Even managing to get Nuova Alternativa to support his campaign was a small miracle as the party was originally reluctant to use resources on a perceived suicide campaign. The risk is paying off as some other major parties like the SCUL and PNC are not putting forth serious candidates.



      The LUP to Chase the Parannais Vote

      The LUP draws its support greatly from the Lysian south, however to win the Senate presidency and to have a secure number of senators, the south isn't nearly enough. For this reason, the LUP has brought out its secret weapon: the former president of the Republic of Paranne, Émeric Dutoit. The LUP has declined significantly in popularity in Paranne with the SCUL controlling most state legislatures there, however Émeric Dutoit remains as popular as ever being the president to oversee great economic and political prosperity for Paranne. The LUP is wishing to use the former president's fame to entice Paranne voters to support the party once more. Even Féyeau from the SCUL that was the party of opposition in the last days of the Republic of Paranne hasn't achieved nearly as much support personally.

      Critics of the LUP's Paranne Plan say that it has the possibility of limiting the amount of seats the party could ultimately gain. President Larue has even campaigned for Dutoit saying in a cmpaign speech: 'Don't forget what you did for me, I ask you to carry Émeric, in this election, this year, reject cynicism and reject fear.' Dutoit's motto for his campaign is 'For a united Shffahkia' (Pour une Sfakie unie). If Dutoit were to win the presidency, the LUP would with no doubt have little resistance when passing constitutional reform. Whether Dutoit's fame in Paranne is enough to gather him the support he needs to get the Senate presidency will remain to be seen.



      Defleusses- The Candidate for Economic Sensibility

      Coming in close third place, is the head of The Syndicalists, Anne Desfleusses, who is the only presidential candidate who is also the head of their party. Before Amamihe's surge in popularity, many thought it was going to be Desfleusses vs Dutoit. As opposed to the LUPThe Syndicalists have made steps to accommodate northern voters by adopting Cristinese as an official party language. Desfleusses is setting herself as the candidate for sensible economic policy who is out there to protect the workers of Shffahkia. She is a staunch supporter of national syndicates and has vowed to do everything in her power to create more of them. This is in stark contrast to President Larue who has reduced national syndicates in favor of smaller local syndicates.

      Desfleusses isn't against Shffahkian reunification, however she does not want the reunification of Shffahkia to happen at the expense of its workers' rights. Desfleusses also intends to extend UBI in Shffahkia to the federal level. Her biggest controversial point is her near-unwavering support for the Shffahkian drug industry. Desfleusses has a history of filibustering any bill attempting to pass reform in the Shffahkian drug industry. The motto of her campaign is the same as her party's: 'Protect our workers!' She is also very keen to point out that she is a different type of Syndicalist ready to take Syndicalism to the 21st century newer and improved. Most polls have the three candidates extremely close especially after Amamihe's  surprising rise meaning that for the time being, it is anyone's game.

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      DECEMBER 8

      Eulycea Defeats Oyus 38-26, Lining Up for Rugby Championship

      Today, the Eulycean national rugby team defeated Oyus 38-26 in a remarkable victory from behind. Both teams met each other with spectacular aggression, making the game a dynamic toss-up in the first twenty-five minutes with the Oyusards in the lead. But soon their fortunes were reversed when the Eulycean team, led by captain and star player Louis Pagani, scored thirty-one points and ended the game with a twelve-point lead.

      "This team is energy," Pagani told reporters after the game. "Our game is frenzy. We're going to go as hard as we can as long as we can, and I think that puts us in great shape to take the cup."

      His Majesty, Charles IV, telephoned the Eulycean team playing in Gallambria and congratulated them after the game.

      The Six Nations Rugby Tournament, hosted at Cobram Park Stadium, will continue until January 13th. It is not an elimination tournament, so the team with the most points (determined by their wins and margins of victory) will take home the championship cup.

      Eulycea wishes her rugby team the best of luck!

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    • ATl10jW.png

      Blizzard conditions continued to hammer the port city of Ulusk and surrounding areas late Thursday and into the early afternoon today, forcing the closure of many roadways to non-residents and shutting down a stretch of the main thoroughfare out of the port, connecting to the nearby firebases and legionary outposts.

      The Imperial National Weather Service reported a storm total of forty-nine centimeters of snow at the port city of Ulusk as of 6 a.m. Friday — with more on the way. Winds have gusted in excess of eighty kilometers per hour, causing some flooding near the shore of the port.

      Elsewhere in the coastal area of the Eastern territories of the Northern-Lands, anywhere from a dusting to several dozen centimeters of snow overnight caused difficult driving conditions on Friday morning. Snow will gradually end Sunday; the Weather Service said another twenty centimeters is possible in and around Ulusk.

      Military officials in Ulusk issued a no-travel advisory to foreign personnel and a caution to the refugees being placed upon rail transport to Chimera GTS. Following the advisement and deployment of cold weather legionary forces, conditions continued to deteriorate through the evening and overnight.

      Just before 9 p.m. Thursday, the military officials of the port city announced that it had “closed access to Imperial Point for non-residents. The Officers of Department B are checking identification before the Aerial Lift Bridge.” The restrictions remained are still in place as of 7:30 a.m. Friday.

      A flood warning is in effect for Ulusk through Sunday afternoon as strong east winds and high water levels are combining to create mammoth waves and a surge of water along the coastal shore and in the Ulusk harbor. The waves caused some street flooding in Canal Park.

      Snow vehicles were out in Ulusk overnight, but the no-travel advisory still remains in effect as of Friday morning. “Please stay home and shelter in place until further notice,” the military officials reported.

      Ttoile Conditions-
      Elsewhere in the Northern-Lands, winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories remain in effect until Sunday. There may be some light freezing rain mixed in with the light snow at times.

      While Ulusk and Hamaii may have seen some of the worst of the storm, there was difficult travel elsewhere in the occupied zones. To the west, the 7th legionary outpost reported Sunday morning that “travel in the vale lands is not advised. Unplowed roads have thirty to forty centimeters of snow. Plowed roads are filling back in quickly due to blowing snow. Stay where you are and give the crews time to clear the roads. If you have an emergency expect a significant delay.”

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