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    • The Emperor's New Clothes

      The Emperor has long supported the nudist rights movement in Asgeirria, and has made it a point to promote marches and the acceptance of nudists, including the desegregation of beaches, bathrooms, and restaurants.

      Following several counterprotests, the Keeper of Man appeared famously nude for his televised address of the nation, issuing the following speech:

      "I must confess that over the last few years I have been gravely disappointed with the Asgeirrian moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Nudist's great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the Conservative Asgeirrian or the cold, but the Asgeirrian moderate who is more devoted to 'order' than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says 'I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I can't agree with your methods of direct action;' who paternalistically feels he can set the timetable for another man's freedom; who lives by the myth of time and who constantly advises the Nudist to wait until a 'more convenient season.'

      Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection."

      Regis Celestia has refrained from commenting on the nationally-televised spectacle, though several officials said, on condition of anonomity, that they had some concerns at how the publicity of the Emperor's dingleberries might affect foreign relations.

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      Who is "Better Together"?

      A case will be presented to the Supreme Court of Mauridiviah on April 28th regarding which major Mauridivian corporation owns the slogan "Meor Juntos", or "Better Together".

      It is no mystery that Mauridivian copyright law is very loose and it is common to see companies copy each other in the ways of logos and marketing slogans. However, those days might soon be over.

      Two corporations, Frescolita Inc. and the Cooperative Farmer's Market Alliance, known to Mauridivians as the small supermarket chain Cooperacion, are going to the Supreme Court. The dispute is who owns the advertising slogan "Meor Juntos". Under Mauridivian copyright law, they technically both own the slogan, as Frescolita owns the slogan in its italicized form whilst Cooperacion owns the slogan in the Times New Roman font. Despite the fact that Cooperacion has been selling Frescolita products (such as the popular soft drink Cola de Zorro, or Colazorro) under that slogan for years, they have decided to press their claim for the full ownership of the slogan as they claimed it for marketing purposes all the back in 1946 when the cooperative was first formed.

      That is not the only reason for this case, which was dismissed as illegitimate in both the La Posada District Court and at the Maurotopia Regional Court, however. Companies have tried to get the government to toughen up on the extremely loose copyright rules before, which have more or less been this way since the 1930s, but have failed. As such, blatant intellectual property theft, to the benefit of the Mauridivian consumer, has been rampant for the better part of a century. Through this Supreme Court case the bigger corporations of Mauridiviah hope to finally force the government to tighten copyright laws.

      Government analysts such as Vicente Muros say this is unlikely, despite the corporate media campaign around the issue.

      "The court has been hearing similar court cases, even with similar amounts of publicity, since at least Soledad v. L'Compañia D'Fruta Unida in 1943. Although the law is ambigous enough that it could be interpreted in a different way, with the current court that's unlikely to happen." Muros said.

      Several Supreme Court Justices, including the Speaker of the Court Mario Corona, agree with Muros' analysis.

      "This court was elected by the Senate, the People, and the Men of Law of this nation nearly ten years ago to represent their growing needs and interests. We still believe that this interpretation of the law is the best for the people of Mauridiviah".



      Protesters outside a side entrance of the Supreme Court during the Crisis of 1988. Photograph by Manuel Arrias.


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    • Blue Violets of Spring

      II Armata has arrived off the coast of the Ahranaian province of Xara and offloaded its supplies and the ICE legions, where they will begin work on the infrastructure overhaul of the recently assimilated province. In conjunction with this, several bridge officers and Legate Brandt Muninn have been airlifted to the newly formed III Armata, where they will begin their journey to the Verde Sea to meet up with the returning II Armata to make the long trek home.

      In the new island districts, things are heating up as an insurgent force has presented itself on Charybdis; apparently several militia garrisons disappeared into the jungle with a significant amount of weapons, ammunition, and gold. The 3rd Division has dispatched troops to deal with these upstarts swiftly and decisively.

    • VERDE CRISIS: Navy Recalled, Troop Readiness Lowered to Default


      Pictured: Girkmandian Coastal Jägers

      The Federal Ministry of Defense announced earlier today that it will cease operations in the Verde and that all Girkmandian units would default back to normal readiness as a result of a total recall of TRIDENT troops sent to the blockade.

      The Verde Crisis that officially began on 9 April has now ended after two long weeks in neither triumph nor defeat.

      Federal Minister of Defense Victor Heinz stated that: "Girkmand has demonstrated to the world and Her allies Her determination to defend Herself and others, in order to preserve our security and freedom in a free world." Minister Heinz further elaborated on the reasoning behind Girkmandian involvement, noting that: "We took an oath, and we've fulfilled our duty to help our allies."

      Chief of Defense General James Williamson mentioned that there was a general feeling of relief among the general staff. "It puts into perspective the kind of turbulent times we live in. This has been another reminder that we have to always remain vigilant." General Williamson commended all Army, Navy and Air Force servicemen for their quick actions during the crisis. All Girkmandian brigades have been kept in suspended readiness over the last two weeks, with a select number of coastal units being fully mobilized. Brigade General Feodor Trautmann of the Viburk Brigade shared that: "The last two weeks have been extremely tough for the boys, but I have nothing but good things to say about all of our servicemen. Everybody knew what to do when we were put on the spot, and I am extremely proud of that."

      -Travis Dice

      23 Apr 2018. Federal Herald

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    • Parliament set to regather after spring recess tomorrow.

      Both houses of parliament will regather after their three week recces tomorrow morning. Prime Ministers Questions will be at noon and the annual Spring Budget will take place tomorrow evening at 5 p.m.

      With GBNB I'm Joe Cole

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      APRIL 23, 2018


      Iverica One is live on Wittier! Updates at the drop of a hat 24/7 for News First!


      Catch us on the social media website here:


      Or on your trusted Europa News Network feed:


      Edited by Iverica
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      Naval blockade at Verde Sea called off by President

      PORTO ALTARIA, IVERICA - The controversial naval blockade at the mouth of the Verde Sea has come to an end after orders from President Duval, according to the USP Navy. Called the 'Verde Blockade' by naval and political analysts, the defensive manoeuvre rallied TRIDENT members together with the aim of preventing @Ahranaian ships from moving through the Verde Sea to Xara, where the Socialist Federation holds an internationally unrecognised claim.

      Initiated only two weeks ago, the move saw heavy criticism and support both in and around the United States. Many found fault in how aggressive the United States were being, alongside disapproving of the immense cost of the operation, whereas others applauded Prymont for taking decisive action and preventing Ahrana from carrying out further war crimes in Xara, which are legal under Ahranaian law. The blockade came to a close as Ahrana sent its Xara-bound fleet to @Asgeirria as a military gift to strengthen relations. While considerable aerial units were sent, vessels of the United States never actively participated in the blockade, but did reach the @Iverican coast this evening and will be stationed there on standby until the threat of militarised ships heading towards the Mediargic Sea has passed.

      USPAF Sparrow F-Ds heading towards Iverican shores.


      Fishing industry strikes to pressure government into decision after months of uncertainty

      CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - President George Duval and his National Party cabinet will be feeling the pressure more than ever to relax fishing quotas and revive a dying industry, after tens of thousands of fishermen went on strike throughout the week. A primary objective of the National Party promised during the 2017 elections was to pave the way in global environmentalism and promote a strong sense of national pride. In doing so, President Duval made the risky decision to introduce strict fishing quotas that hope to eliminate the effects of overfishing and allow the at-risk fish populations to reproduce and continue to provide a living for thousands of Prymontians.

      The effects of the quotas were immediately apparent, with usually bustling fish markets empty before midday and employers cutting hundreds of jobs due to dwindling profits. The fall of the fishing industry also risks the fall of one of the government's biggest companies, the nationalised Ostport Shipbuilding Co, who maintain extensive fleets for various trawl companies alongside constructing state-of-the-art ships for new customers. This provides an incentive for the government to step in with decisive action, as one of their largest income generators will be at risk. The President is expected to make a speech regarding the matter upon the opening of next week's parliament on Monday.

      A fish market at Canastota Docks which had been emptied by 11am - usually, the markets are full throughout the day.


      New Halsham stock exchange officially opens; Circle of Death terrorist group blamed for 2017 Courtmarsh bombing

      NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - The New Halsham Stock Exchange has officially opened in the heart of the capital, replacing the site that was once home to the Courtmarsh Stock Exchange. This comes after nine months of uncertainty and silence amongst the suspects of the 2017 CSE terror attack, which saw suicide bombers drive a bomb-laden bus into the historic building. The final death toll numbered 237, with over 300 people hospitalised with severe injuries. The stock exchange will reopen on Monday, providing a new permanent home for Prymont's capitalist interests.

      The New Halsham Police Department has also announced that the Hellenic Russian terror group, the Circle of Death, are to blame for the July attack. It is unknown whether the group are responsible for near identical incidents in @Great Burlington and the @Sunset Sea Islands. Since July, the United States have created a naval blockade to prevent the Circle of Death from receiving new members and equipment by sea, and have sent peacekeeping groups to the Hellenic Rus to quell the group from within. Defence Minister Hunter S Grey has stated that "the United States will stop at nothing to protect her people from the evil of the world, and will continue to pursue the long-awaited end of the Circle of Death terrorist scum."

      The New Halsham Stock Exchange, with a memorial to those innocently killed in the 2017 CSE bombing in the middle.


      The United States lays claim to northern Hellenic Russian islands

      STJØRDALSSTAD - After probings by the Extreme Climate Division, the United States of Prymont have laid official claims to the former Hellenic Russian frozen islands of Stjørdalsstad and Sønderkilde. Since the collapse of the Hellenic Russian government in late 2017 due to rising violence from the Circle of Death, the United States' peacekeeping and humanitarian groups have been investigating the stability of Hellenic Rus' political situation, and evaluating whether or not it is feasible to hold democratic elections by the end of the year.

      Upon further investigation in classified government storage banks, it was discovered that the Hellenic Rus laid claim to two frozen islands in the Argic Ocean. It has since been confirmed that Hellenic Russian scientists were researching and developing nuclear weapons on these islands, an act that was forbidden in the Salonica Treaty after the Argic Missile Crisis of 1997. While these weapons were never used by their owners, the precedent was set that the Hellenic Rus held no respect for the United States. 

      The United States have promised to legally, safely, and ethically dispose of these weapons, and will use the islands for future training purposes for the Extreme Climate Division. 

      The Stjørdalsstad Research Village, now on United States territory.


      @Variotan Arktise Legioen to undergo harsh training regime on Horizon Island

      HORIZON ISLAND - The newly formed Arktise Legioen, or Arctic Legion, a branch of the @Variotan armed forces, will undergo a strict training program in the harsh winter climate of Horizon Island. The northern island at the mouth of the Canamo Sea, which was reactivated as a military base last year, sees much colder weather than the majority of the inhabited mainland. Primarily, the island serves as a naval and air force base for the USP armed forces, but northern sectors have seen the Extreme Climate Division training to enhance their abilities in the unforgiving Argic tundra.

      Variota's Arktise Legioen aims to equip the Variotan armed forces with suitable combat skills in such conditions. Already, one hundred men and women have signed up to the division, which relies on a voluntary application process. Over the coming weeks, these soldiers will be flown in to Horizon Island to train with the ECD, Prymont's hardest and toughest cold climate experts. Military critics believe that this is a clever strategic move by the Alharun nation to form a closer bond with the United States, who historically have a high success rate in northern Argic weathers.

      Soldiers of the ECD training on Horizon Island



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      Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of "Ahrana Today" where we bring news of the World and of the Federation to the People of the Socialist Federation. Today, The Federal Legislature passes a bill, How to navigate the Northern Sea, Nuclear Fusion Research, Update on the Asgeirrian Fleet bringing Civil Engineers to Xara, Sancations on The Empire of @Derthalen ,Space Project Research update and the Founding of The Confederation of Independent Socialists; today all here on "Ahrana Today".



      The Congressional Houses have agreed unanimously to allow Peacekeepers and Humanitarian Aid Workers to leave for The Southern region of Hellenic Rus to help with Stabilizing the area and bringing aid to the people. The first Division of the International Unit for Aid will leave tomorrow at 0600 AT and will be flown in along with their equipment. It is unknown exactly how long the Mission will but it will help the United States of @Prymont and their allies that are involved in the operation.



      At this time of the Year the Northern Sea is not really friendly to Ships without Ice Breakers or anything related to such a thing, since the beginning of modern Ahrana the Naval Fleet has always found ways to navigate the Northern Sea. Socialist Ahrana is no different. Much like our neighbors to the north in The United States of Prymont we too have a Fleet of Icebreakers that make lanes for Naval Ships, International Ships, Cargo Ships and many other ships that wish to navigate the Northern Sea. These ships operate till the thaw of the Northern Sea and sometimes they can operate year round depending on the Weather Currents of that year. The Ahranaian Naval Ships have been made to withstand a small Collison with the smaller Icebergs and are fitted with their own form of a Icebreaker that can break through light Frozen tops.



      The Nuclear Fusion research has been going at a steady pace and the Team on the Research Project has told the public that the hopes for the project are high and are going very well. The idea of having International Help is still on the table and the Team has sent an invitation to the Government of @Fleur de Lys to join in the research for the new type of Power. 



      The Naval Fleet coming from The Republic of @Asgeirria to the City of Vulgus Supra to help build the port up and the City infrastructure to make it ready to host and be the Capital of the Confederation of Independent Socialists. The last Communication from the Fleet was that they were still two weeks away from arriving to the port City. Upon arriving they will not be able to make a Hard Dock they will have to set anchor in the bay and send transports to the Port.

      A few days ago the Socialist Government of Ahrana place sanctions on the Empire of @Derthalen and had disbanded the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Heilig. With the Government  contemplating on how to handle the issue with the Empire they came to the conclusion. This morning a Statement was released by the Press Secretary:
      From the Desk of the Secretary General
      In the recent days the Socialist Government of Ahrana has placed Sanctions on the Empire of Derthalen in light of the recent Incident involving a Foreign Governments Air Craft. It is still unknown whether or not if it was a Civilian Plane or a Military Plane. The Socialist Government placed these sanctions on The Empire in response of being called a Terrorist Supporter of a Terrorist Country by the United States of Prymont President. 
      Within the recent days the Socialist Government had come to the conclusion for the Sanctions, the pervious sanctions will nullified and ratified as void. The following will be made permanent:
      1) The area Known as Heilig will be re-elevated to the Status of Autonomous Provisional Republic within the Socialist Federations Border.
      2) The Provisional Republics Government will be allowed to have President (Born inside Ahrana) and eight Vice Presidents (Four Ahranaian National, Four Derthalen National).
      3) The Provisional Republic will be allotted to have a Republic Legislature but no Republic Constitution
      4) The Empire of Derthalen will no longer be able to draw taxes directly from the Provisional Republic, the Socialist Government will have full oversight on the Taxes they may collect after the Socialist Government has collected their share of the Tax.
      5) The Railroad that was proposed to run through Heilig will be permitted and will remain in the Ownership of the Empire, the railroad may be allowed to run through the heartland of the Federation if need be.
      6) The Ahranaian Princess that was given to the Empire as a Wedding agreement for the Emperor of the Empire may not return to Ahranaian Land for any given reason without the consent and approval of the Socialist Government.
      Thank you all for joining me for this statement and please enjoy your day.


      The Ahranaian Space Agency (ASA) has released information stating that they are developing a rocket to use to send satellites into space for GPS, Television Reception, Telephone Reception and much more. More information will be released when we have more to provide to the People.



      (Flag of the Confederation)

      The Founding of the Confederation of Independent Socialists will have its founding Ceremony will be held on 1st, 2nd, 3rd of May 2018, in the Ahranaian Capital of Moskovo. Delegates from a wide range of nations involved will participate in the Ceremony. The Secretary General of Ahrana, Greggor Ivanoff, has been nominated to be the first President of The Confederation of Independent Socialists.

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      By: Kjetil Ruud | April 21, 2018


      :pic: The SFS Gravfjelle (K 028) underway in the Tiauhai Sea, 1943.

      The SFS Gravfjelle, a heavy cruiser sunk during the Thalassan War, was discovered by a team from the Askeland Maritime Research Institute (AMRI) on Thursday, after 3 years of searching. An @Iverican-made Manille Ulysses 6000 ROV aboard the R/V Sprutfiskar, a research vessel operated by AMRI, was responsible for the discovery. The wreck was found off the coast of the Hrígeyjar Islands, in over 5,800 meters deep of water. The Andallan Commonwealth Navy has requested for wreck's exact location to remain undisclosed, to prevent any illegal plundering of the vessel.

      On the 19th of March 1945, the Gravfjelle was sunk by @Sunset Sea Islandsian cruisers during the Second Naval Battle of Hrígeyjar. Out of her complement of 797 officers and enlisted men, 314 died during the battle and sinking, including her captain Bjørnar Hawken and Vice Admiral Stefan Tastad. A further 146 died in the events directly following the sinking.

      The Gravfjelle, lead ship of the Gravfjelle-class of heavy cruisers, was laid down in October 1931 and commissioned in February 1936. Her main battery consisted of 10 203mm/50C guns arranged in 5 twin turrets, making her the most powerful heavy cruiser in Thalassa at the time of her launch. She was assigned to the 5th Cruiser Division, 3rd Cruiser Squadron, under the 2nd Fleet.

      At the outbreak of the Second Andallan-Giokton War on November 18, 1941, the Gravfjelle, along with the destroyers Ernst Agdestein and Alfred Helgelaand, was in Protiva, @Cashar for a goodwill visit. She returned to Andalla on the 27th of November to serve as an escort for transports. On December 19, the Gravfjelle became the first warship in the Thalassan War to be hit by a torpedo, which came from the Giokton submarine I-31. She returned to Andalla for repairs, then resumed duties on January 29, 1942.

      From May 1942 until her sinking, she served as the flagship of Vice Admiral Stefan Tastad, commander of the 3rd Cruiser Squadron. She would then go on to participate in numerous major naval battles, including the first and second Naval Battles of Hrígeyjar, the Battle of the Tiauhai Sea, the Battle of the East Andallan Sea, the Cashar Campaign, the Battle of Cape Holam, and the Battle of the North Flauton Sea.

      On March 19, 2015, the 36 remaining crew of the SFS Gravfjelle held a gathering on Mt. Gravfjelle to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Gravfjelle's sinking. According to the Andallan Commonwealth Navy Veteran's Association, 31 of the Gravfjelle's crew are still alive today.


      • Amateur hacks into IPIA ATC frequency, directs approaching PeninsulAire flight back to @Iverica
      • SFS Gravfjelle "found on seabed", says AMRI President
      • Protesters demand "right to protest", realize they already had
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      20 April 2018

      Kilau, East Selayar

      Long thought extinct, an endemic Selayari tiger may have been spotted again


      A picture of a suspected Selayari Tiger captured by a wildlife ranger in Central Lunong Natural Reserve

      Kabare - A tiger subspecies thought to be extinct for nearly half a century has possibly been spotted again in Selayar, raising hopes that the animals still exist somewhere on their lush island.

      One of the many subspecies of tiger, the Selayari tiger was once a dominant predator on the tropical island of Selayar. In the end of 19th century, they were so numerous on the island that Andallan colonisers put a bounty on the head of the animals to encourage their killing. Though Selayari locals refrained from killing the creatures unless they did harm, as human populations swelled many big cat encounters resulted in human deaths. The Selayari tiger's numbers dwindled over the next two centuries.

      By the 1960s, hunters reported seeing few if any of them on the island. The remaining Selayari tigers had fled to the mountainous areas and national parks where humans couldn’t easily follow. The Selayari Civil War did nothing other than dwindling their numbers further down. The last positive confirmed sighting of the big cats occurred in Selayar’s Kuterai National Park in 1987. And in 2003, they were declared extinct by the Selayari government.

      Even so, wildlife enthusiasts haven’t given up hope that the Tigers still may be out there. Spurred on by rumours and reported glimpses, people have regularly set camera traps since the 2010s in a bid to capture the reclusive tigers. But they’ve had no luck getting the shot. 

      Last month, however, a wildlife ranger has photographed what may be the first definitive sighting of a Javan tiger in more than 40 years. Workers in East Selayar’s Central Lunong Natural Reserve spotted a big cat that appeared different than any of the species usually seen in the area, and when the pictures were published online, speculation swirled around whether this cat could be the one.

      “This used to be Selayari tiger habitat,” Aditya Matara, the head of conservation at the reserve, told the local news media. “We hope that they’re still there.”

      The Advisors Council has announced the government intends to confirm the sighting of the tiger, and has decreed that the Central Lunong Natural Reserve will be expanded and renamed into "Tigers' Sanctuary".


      For the King, for the country, for the people!

      Edited by Selayar
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