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    • Landmark Agreement with Gallambria, Seylos Looking to the Stars

      Yesterday the King signed an agreement brought to him from the ambassador to @Gallambria in a landmark moment to try and move Seylos directly into the Space Age. The Royal Navy and Air Forces have come together with the government to help form a new civilian agency, the Seylosian Space and Aeronautics Administration (SSAA). Under this agreement the SSA has been committed to work directly with the Gallambrian Space Agency to further both nations interests in borth aeronautics and space exploration.

      For decades Seylos has lacked any sort of major aeronautics industry after the collapse of the country's largest aircraft manufacturer, Vertical Enterprises, in the mid 1970s. The government hopes with this initiative that an entire new industry will blossom, giving the country a decisive edge against others on the world economic stage. In fact the latest aircraft to be designed and Seylos, though build in Prymont, is the Harrier III variants which has pushed the Seylosian air technology into the modern era.

      In fact the Harrier program has already brought benefits to those that were involved, many of whom have reportedly already been recruited by the SSAA both military and civilian alike. On top of this, the creation of the SSAA has also spurred an enormous amount of excitement in the field of academics, with both the University of Selbourne and University of Norfolk both confirming they have been approached for consultation regarding the agency.

      The city of Kirkwall has already been chosen as the main headquarters for the SSAA not only due to large available amounts of desirable land for the agency, but also the most favorable weather patterns for potential launches that could occur in Seylos. The mayor of the city has already released in statement that he is "absolutely thrilled by the announcement and the future benefits it could bring to the city of Kirkwall".

      The government has said that more information will be released in the coming days to the SBC, but until then this seems to be an enormous step forward for Seylos towards the stars.

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      Bluepeace condemns Kipan, Rihan for renewed whaling

      ZUIDHAVEN -- Bluepeace condemns the Kipanese and Rihansu Governments' formal announcements to officially restart their commercial whale hunting activities in its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Previous media reports did not indicate that the nations were considering this action, but the recent announcement formalises these nations' intention to resume the so-called "tradition" yet highly industrialised activity.

      Mrs Asmanta Yelenase, Executive Director at Bluepeace (www.bluepeace.org) spoke with Roiters: "As a result of innovative whaling-fleet technology, overfishing in both the Aurelian coastal waters and on the high seas areas has led to the depletion of many whale species. Most whale populations have not yet recovered from this, including larger whale species such as blue whales and other baleen whales."

      "It’s evident that the governments are trying to sneak in this decision through while the spotlight of international media is focused elsewhere," she continued saying. "But the whole Eurth will this for what it is. These decisions are a clear step in the wrong direction, away from the international stewardship, widening the gap of protection for our oceans and these majestic animals. The governments of @Kipan and @Rihanmust urgently act to conserve marine ecosystems, rather than resume commercial whaling."

      While the whale population has seen a remarkable rebound after the 1980's moratorium on hunting, the numbers are not nearly what they used to be. The Laren Environmental Treaty recently signed in @Morheim shows more nations were willing to take the necessary measures to reduce much environmental abuse, not nations agree on this direction.

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      The Gallambrian Space Agency (GSA) and the Royal Gallambrian Air Force, along with it's @Seylosian counterparts have signed a Statement of Strategic Intent with Gardner Aerospace, as part of a mission to grow Gallambria's and Seylos' space industry.

      Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Right Honorable Patrick Morlington MP said the signing with Region's largest aerospace company signified the global ambitions of the Agency.

      "Gardner's ongoing commitment to support science, technology , engineering and maths education, including developing a skilled and diverse workforce is vital to the growth and progress of Gallambria's economy," Secretary Morlington said.

      "The statement beings an important partnership with Gardner, and emphasises the value of its ongoing research and development in collaboration with universities and research institutions across Gallambria and Seylos.

      "Gardner is a major player in both Gallambria's space and wider aerospace industry. Across Gallambria, Gardner employs over 3,500 people and in 2018 invested £124 million in research and development."

      Head of the Gallambrian Space Agency, Dr Stephen Phillips CG, said that signing of the statement was an example of how collaboration and engagement across countries is an important aspect of the growing space economy, both in Gallambria and Seylos, as well as internationally.

      The Government is aiming to triple the size of the Gallambrian space sector to £24 billion and increase employment to 15,000 by 2030, as part of our plan to create more jobs and growth in emerging sectors in the economy. 

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      Lev Threatens to Leave Governing Coalition over Tax Increase

      By Riva Demsky 12 May 2019


      Relations between the parties of the Governing coalition reached a new low today when Lev Party Chairman and current Finance Minister, Daniel Wolf, stormed out of the weekly cabinet meeting. As he exited the room, he approached members of the Press saying that he had been informed that the Prime Minister was considering a potential 9% increase in general taxation levels to pay for programs and priorities urged by his coalition's far-right parties. Wolf has always been a deficit hawk and has urged the two coalition governments, both under Lasker, to not expand the nation's debt beyond 3% of the nation's GDP.

      He added to those gathered that Lasker's coalition partners have called for a sharp increase in funding for programs centered on Dati-dominated communities including religious education, healthcare, and settlement construction in the Samarran Valley. This comes as the Knesset is preparing to approve the annual budget next month. Wolf said that he could not be part of the Government if Lasker capitulates and decides to ram through the increase. He said he would be evaluating the situation and act once he sees a final draft of the proposed budget.

      Liora Shapiro, the Leader of the Opposition, issued a statement an hour later saying that the Herut Party was not governing, instead, it was allowing the far-right coalition partners that are holding up Lasker's government, to actually lead the nation -- at the expense of everyone including the 72.6% of Juddish people who do not identify as Masorti (traditional) or Dati (strict) Juddism. She said that the Government should be leading for all Tikvans and not a very small minority. Wolf was asked if he were to leave the Government, could he potentially support a Government led by Liora Shapiro, he did not comment.

      A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office would not comment on the remarks made by the Finance Minister regarding a possible tax increase other than to say that the Government was currently developing its budget and that it would be releasing it to members of the Knesset and the Public at the end of May.

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      Carlington, Anderson. The Dawcoin crypto currency loses most of its value following a disastrous weekend. The Dawson based crypto-currency became PyeMcGowan’s first and only crypto currency in 2009 when it became public. Until 2016 it was worth at most a few hundred Poggles, but with futher investment prices began to skyrocket making many, who invested in the beginning, multi-millionaires. The currency became so successful that many stores and banks such as Unitons, United Bank, Buckstar and NCBC accept it as it would Poggles, in January Parliament debated recognising it as a foreign Currency, and the Minister for Business proposed that it be considered in a way such as a dominion currency, such as the Leverne Poggle or Nova Marina Dollar.

      But yesterday the currency took a sharp dive, losing 250 Poggles worth of value in under 10 minutes, and over a thousand throughout the day. Many have lost hundreds of thousands of Poggles in yesterday’s events and ripples from the crash have struck multiple online currencies across Eurth, creating a crypto crash as many financial journalists have been calling it. The ‘Central Bank’ that controls the currency has sent an urgent plea to its millionaire and billionaire backers to help the currency retain its value.So far it is unknown what started the rapid devaluing, but many presume that it is linked with a possible major sell of some Dawcoin, by one of the currency’s millionaire traders.

      The Head of the currency, Dominic Potrenco has refused to attend Parliamentary Committees multiple times in the past, but with the recent plummeting of the crypto currency’s value and disinterest among investors, Potrenco has accepted an invitation to attend the Digital Banking And Finance Committee, which will be on PMN Parliament 2 on Thursday at midday. 

      The Gladstone Switch, And The Future of PyeMcGowian Energy


      By Dr Benjamin Riversea

      Yesterday at a press conference Bill Gladstone, the founder and CEO of Gladstone Energy, one of the largest fossil fuel based energy companies, announced that from the 1st of July all Oil and coal based operations will have been sold or ceased, as they are switching to renewable energy production. This follows the billionaire CEO’s recent trip to multiple remote islands in the South Adlantic And Oriental Oceans where many witnessed how rising tides have caused mass flooding, and making thousands homeless, he said that he was effected by the scenes that he witnessed, which led him to stop his company from emitting any more emissions.

      Wind Power has Become the second largest power source behind nuclear energy, the Department For Public Infrastructure has released plans for major wind farms in the bay and in the windy plateaus of the mid west. Another project was released for a large Dam on the river Contant, whichas it flows completely through Theodoria, possibly proving a future energy pact, either way, renewable energies are the future, and by 2025, will have made more jobs than the entire Extraction Industry in PyeMcGowan.


      Flooding has severely effected low islands, forcing many to retreat to higher ground.


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    • Prymont

      Posted (edited)





      CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - The state of Ostport has moved to legalise cannabis for recreational use, in a move that is expected to please voters of all ages. It’s one of the first campaign promises that has been met by the government and has been prioritised to immediately satisfy the public while lengthier issues, such as increasing funding for various public sectors and lowering taxes, are processed in Parliament. The legalisation will be trialled in Ostport for three months and, if deemed successful, will be rolled out nationwide.

      Cannabis has been legalised in the United States for medicinal purposes since 2018 after the benefits were reviewed by the government and legalised to offer an alternative method of pain relief for patients. Campaigners have since pushed for recreational legalisation, and their appeals have now been heard. Parliament voted 130-81 in favour of the law.

      This marks the first of many instances in which Ostport will be prioritised under the coalition government, a move which was negotiated by the Ostport Independence Party before they joined with the People’s Party to establish a majority. The largest state in the country has historically been favoured, but will also be favoured by law under written agreements between the coalition parties. Recently, Ostport has been the first to remove motorway speed restrictions and lower the voting age from 18 to 17.

      Cannabis is strictly regulated in the United States and will be taxed to generate further revenue streams for the government, which is promised to eventually play a significant role in tax cuts. Citizens must apply for a cannabis card which will be granted by the state and can only purchase the drug in certified stores. Cardholders must also be of age 17 or above. Anyone found in unlawful possession of cannabis, or to be distributing it without a licence, will be prosecuted under the full force of the law.

      Customers will be able to identify a legal store by government-issued certification stickers displayed in storefront windows.



      BREMANGER, SØRFORT - Parliament has voted to ban fossil fuel-powered vehicles throughout the United States by 2035. With the backing of 206 MPs, vehicles powered by means other than electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells will be outlawed within two decades as the country continues to pursue and reinforce its strong environmental stance. A vast majority of the government were in agreement on the issue, which will remove a large contributor of polluting gases from Prymont’s air.

      The country has already made significant progress in moving towards vehicles powered by renewable energies and is working on establishing the necessary infrastructure and incentivising travellers to ditch internal combustion engines in favour of non-polluting vehicles through tax reductions and lower purchase prices. Electric vehicles already make up 18% of all registered modes of transport in the country, with hybrids and hydrogen-powered cars adding onto that statistic.

      The Ministries of Energy & the Environment and Transport are working together to create and implement fast charging ports across the country, and are also promoting the installation of hydrogen pumps as well. The country’s leading automotive manufacturer, KAP, is receiving government grants to research and develop faster ways to recharge car batteries and to extend their range. 60% of trains in the United States are powered solely by electricity, and buses across the country are moving towards hybrid and electric power.

      Currently, owners of electric or hydrogen cars do not pay any purchase tax on their vehicles, which already come at a reduced price as there are no import tariffs. There is no road tax to pay as there are no harmful emissions, and electric car owners will receive free installation of charging ports at their homes. Analysts believe that these freebies will not last for long as more people move to take advantage of the savings, and the government will inevitably start making a loss as fossil fuel-powered cars are phased out. However, for now, commuters are encouraged to purchase these environmentally friendly vehicles while the savings last.

      Heavy polluting vehicles are already being restricted from the country's roads, with bans being implemented in major cities during peak pollution times.



      KAP STADIUM, OSTPORT - Back in December, the Prymontian Yetis won the 2018 ANAFA Cup, beating league favourites such as Variota and Iverica to mark their first ever international win. The victory was met with incredible celebrations at home, with December 18th being made a public holiday to eternally remember the occasion. Five months on, and the country has revitalised its love of football.

      Prior to the ANAFA Cup, football viewing and attendance figures were at an all-time low in the United States. Fans had grown disoriented with the sport as the Yetis faced loss after loss. New management for the team was introduced in Nojus Fauskanger, who selected key veterans to play alongside promising youngsters in the hopes of mixing up the team and improving results.

      The change worked, as the Yetis went from strength to strength on the world stage. While their World Cup campaign ended prematurely in the group stages, they fought back harder than ever in the intercontinental trophy and demonstrated a fantastic turnaround that saw Fauskanger hailed a national hero. Top goalscorer Ollie Sæther is now regarded as the greatest player in Prymontian football history and looks back on the success with fond memories.

      It was a brilliant time for Prymontian football, and I still can’t quite believe that we actually won. It’ll go down as the best campaign the Yetis have ever had and will surely be remembered in sporting history forever. We were the underdogs going into that tournament and managed to beat some of the best teams in the world. I had fun with some of my best mates and we’ve made some everlasting memories. It’s also had a great effect at home with the kids, who are taking up football like never before. They’ve got goals now, they’re keeping fit, and they’re having fun. That’s what matters.”

      A record amount of youngsters are participating in grassroots football, which is receiving government grants for improved facilities, equipment, and coaching.

      Edited by Prymont
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      Good evening all you saints and sinners. I am Bron Urgundy. And you are watching Big Story News.

      TODAY IN SALVIA, 23-year-old Dominic Deacon dressed as a priest and shrived members of the congregation of a Saint-Marks suburb for 3 whole hours. The man was taken by police and questioned in relation to the incident. After giving his statement he was released.

      According to the police findings, Mr Deacon entered the church and loudly proclaimed that he would shrive, after which he locked himself up in a confessional. At the time there was no priest present in the central nave of the church.

      Mr Deacon was exposed by one of the altar boys who had noticed unusual reactions of the faithful and notified the vicar. The vicar then asked the impostor to leave and called the police. At that point, the fake confessor already managed to hear and shrive over 50 penitents.

      The tasks he ordered for shriving were quite surprising, however, the faithful performed them without protests. Some people were told to tear apart all the money they had in their wallets. Others had to lie down with their hands spread out in front of the altar for an hour. One man had to stand in front of the church and repeat "trolololo" until he could feel the grace of God. An elder lady fainted while trying to complete ten laps around the church running backwards.

      Some of the penitents also got homework. One woman was ordered to put a blue dye on her hair, a boy was told to stand with the Bible on his head and an old man was ordered to play the main theme from ‘Space Wars’ franchise on a radiator with a spoon. These were only a handful of fake acts of penitence.

      Most of the people repented right away. The victims explain how Mr Deacon was very convincing. "He spoke like a priest and quoted the Book," says Vincent, a member of the congregation for many years. "He refused to absolve one woman after which we got scared and decided to do everything he asked of us, as good parishioners should."


      Church authorities in @Sancti Imperii Catholico demanded the suspect be punished in accordance with local law for the profanation of a religious ritual site. However, Mr Deacon strongly protested. He said that there was no profanation since he is a member of the Church too, he loves Jesus Christ more than anything, wants to become a cleric and this was just a way to gain experience.

      What will happen next is up to the prosecutor’s office.

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      Army Group Hades (AGH) legionary, backed by regulars of the Haru Imperial Legionary, have begun launching missiles strikes against a position of Cussian rebels and militiamen loyal to the enclave of warlords that operate more or less with impunity out of the Kalupsis province.

      A military source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Hades legionary began the attack in the Jaribat area of the border township of Hamaii, after they had carried out aerial reconnaissance by an unmanned aerial vehicle.


      Later in the day, AGH Legionary fired a domestically-designed and –manufactured Zelzal-1 (Earthquake-1) ballistic missile at the outskirts of Hamaii after witnessing local forces in the area massing in the former Janus military base near the southwestern border nearest the AGH staging and eventual deployment grounds.

      There were no immediate reports about possible casualties or the extent of damage caused.Separately, Haru Aeroforce Wing fighter jets carried out three airstrikes against an area within the interior of Hamaii, near its once extensive railyards and transportation hubs.

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    • Rihan

      Posted (edited)

      "...Milon tr'Sabok has been confirmed by the Senate to act as the ambassador to Orioni. Rihannsu and Orionese officials have been speaking on and off for months on furthering cultural, diplomatic, and economic ties both in Dartha and the island of Orioni. Sabok is expected to present his credentials to the Queen herself upon arrival in the presence of the Grand Council. In a brief statement, Sabok said that he was optimistic that with his assignment that relations between Orioni and the Rihan Republic will be the closest it has ever been and the fruits of the ongoing deliberations would show positive outcomes in due time..."

      "...Senator Cimor Letant has resigned from the ten-member Continuing Committee citing family reasons. The committee is similar to an 'executive cabinet' as seen in many other countries on Eurth. They have the power to elevate individuals to roles of tremendous power, members are responsible for appointing the Praetor and have the sole authority to expel senators. Thus, a seat at this table is one of the most important in the Republic. Per tradition, the committee has always been completely filled, never a vacancy. Praetor Terix called for a new individual to take up the vacancy at once. Senator Gathan Darok was appointed to the Committee by unanimous consent of the Senate. With the committee back to full membership, the ongoing assault upon the Enolian capital of Canamar is at the top of the agenda..."

      Edited by Rihan
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    • Shffahkia

      Posted (edited)

      NSAS-6.5.2019.pngFéyeau's Criticism Backfires

      SCUL chairman Féyeau criticized the LUP harshly after it released its list of people who will be on the Touxoulotma Parliament Committee because only one from the forty or so members of the committee was actually of Touxouloutma heritage and this one person didn't even speak Touxouloutma. However, what is interesting about this is the fact that few people actually seemed to care as no large public outcry came of this unlike with some other issues.

      The reason behind this is the public apathy in Shffahkia towards the Touxouloutma. Due to extensive lysonisation policies in the mid-1800s, many Touxouloutmans were "converted" into either Lyso-Shffahkian or Shffahko-Limonaian culture. A large reason behind this was a large-scale Touxouloutma migration inside Shffahkia where many Touxouloutmans migrated to cities leaving the countryside. 

      Of the 14 or so million Touxouloutmans, only some 5 million primarily identify as Touxouloutman. It is because of this lack of a truly distinct Touxouloutma identity and the general apathy felt towards the Touxouloutma why Paranne was unable to ever form a Touxouloutma parliament itself. Union President and LUP chairperson Larue said that the committee is still in its planning phase and that its membership is still subject to change. Still, an apathetic Shffahkian public has got many worried over the future prospects of a Touxouloutma parliament.


      Chambre of Representatives Elections              What Goes onto the Ballot?

      With the Chambre elections only a week away, it is more important than ever to have a look at what is going on the collectivities' ballots. The Chambre elections are actually two separate elections held on the same day: the election to the Chambre of Representatives and the election to each collectivities' own legislatures. In general, Shffahkians vote for three things: their representatives in the Chambre, their own collectivity legislators who will govern the collectivity, and other issues/concerns that have made it to the ballot such as the Catherine flag change which ignited a small controversy. Although the votes on the issues and controversies aren't binding to legislators, it is required that the matter will be handled by the elected legislators in some manner. These votes are referred to as third-tier votes.

      So what third-tier votes have made their way into collectivities ballots?

      The most popular third-tier vote is the so-called Nature Rights vote that seeks to provide natural phenomena such as rivers and forests legal rights much like how a corporation has legal rights. Already in place in Deux-Rivières and Piranhahsse, this new piece of legislation has proven very effective in terms of environmental protection. It is suspected that natural phenomena will be granted rights on the federal level if enough states adopt such legislation.

      Another prevalent theme seems to be the changing of flags or names. Catherine, West Catherina and Port-de-Lys are all planning on changing their collectivity flags. The reason for this is that each of these states have become larger as a result of the Paranne Reintegration act and thus want more representative flags.

      On the other hand, the collectivities of Mines Générales and the Goodman State (l'État aux Bonshommes) have for a long time wished to change their names as names such as General Mines and Goodman State aren't that descriptive of these states anymore. The Goodman state is looking to change its name to its Touxouloutma name of Quaouaoua, while Mines Générales will be choosing between its Touxouloutma name of Janaab-Pakal and its Éireann name of Dbra Oinn (Pronounced: 'dehvehrah win').

      Yet another issue making its way to many collectivities' ballots is the Touxouloutma Parliament. This vote's intention is to scout out which states would be willing to host the parliament and possibly even willing to adopt Touxouloutma at the state level. Currently, the most likely choice is looking to be the Goodman State that has the largest proportional population of Shffahko-Touxouloutmans although numerically both Mines Générales and West Catherine boast a larger Touxouloutma population. 

      The Goodman State and Eustathe will be looking to decriminalize all drugs if their population shows enough support for it in these elections. At the same time, Port-de-Lys will also be looking to restore the votes of many criminals through its own third-tier vote.

      Finally, Catherinians have begun a trend of church marriages which isn't surprising as Catherine is the state with the most married couples. The vote would make church marriages official. However, the ceremony needs to still be overseen by a judge or some other qualified person as priest-conducted marriages aren't seen as valid in Shffahkia. 

      Edited by Shffahkia
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    • ggX2vcU.png

      More civilians leave former northern rebel enclave of Ttoile as Imperial Army is authorized to be deployed.

      A small group of Cussian-wildland civilians left the rebel-held enclave of the western former capital of Ttoile on Sunday while the area's largest armed rebel group said it would resist the territorial expansion by the Haru.

      Capturing the enclave would mark one of the most significant victories for the forces of our newly crowned Emperor. The western region of the Cussian territory is larger and more populated, with some 400,000 people believed to be living there, trapped under a relentless pressure of the wildland tribal rebel groups that operate in the area of Kalupsis.

      The imperial military advances have apparently also increased the fear and confusion among residents and armed groups inside the territory. Local council member Iyad Asthas told our journalists who've advanced into the area ahead of the imperial army, said residents and local militia authorities are now considering evacuating the Ttoile before Army Group Hades arrives.

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    • PMN


      A Lighter Perspective


      A New Capital for PyeMcGowan?

      Malburg kolaž, Westia. The smal, village in southern Westia is fairly empty and incredibly flat. The area has a small castle, a private school, a country house and a population of 230. Then why would people think that this would make a capital city? A joint venture between the Royal Institute of Architecture, the National Urban Planning Committee And Ministry for Housing an Urban Development, has created a digital mock-up of the proposed city.

      Our reporters got an early look at this digital capital.


      The proposed National Strip, at the end is the proposed Parliament building, with a large arch designed by Paula Newbank behind.

      The digitised 3D model of the city will be released to the public in July, and has been sent to Parliament for debate. The location is fairly central, and is 36 miles from the Westia  capital, Llanbwrgandi, leading to one reason for the capital move, a central location, symbolisinga equally represented nation.


      Malburg House, Owned by the aristocratic Malburg Family, has been for sale since April, and has been chosen as the Prime Minister’s residence in the simulated city. The Residence would face the high court and Library of Parliament.

      Many of the Aspects of the city already exist, such as Malburg House, Malburg Collage (to become the House of Nobles, and Parliamentary living spaces) and Curting Castle, which would become a Museum of PyeMcGowian History under the plan.



      Ideas for privately owned buildings, such as the business district, have already been submitted by prominent companies, who have helped fund the project.

      The Plan has been critisised for its tremendous cost, the project will cost tens of billions if approved, which has been a primary point in the argument against a new capital. Another point is the question, do we need a new capital? Charleston is already a global hub for business, and hosts some of the worlds largest banks and one of the largest Stock Exchanges, so is a new capital worth it for a futher sense of national unity? Tell us in our poll!


      The proposed new foreign Ministry, Department for Foreign Aid And a Statue designed by the sculptor Mark Zoolander.

      Construction Companies from PyeMcGowan and across Eurth have shown intrest in possible multi billion Poggle contracts to construct this new capital, which could have a population of 150,000-900,000, depending on the public reaction to a possible move. Critics have also critisised it as a way for the rich to get richer, and to keep the government close to the wealthy and powerful, especially as the Chief Designer of the project’s family owns a portion of the lands that will be bought by the government and private investors if the project is given the go ahead, which the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister called a possibility.


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    • Press Secretary

      to the PyeMcGowian Government

      Ysgrifennydd y Wasg, i’r llywodraeth PyeMcGowig.








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      Travel bans issued to @PyeMcGowan and @North Dniester amidst violence and civil unrest

      CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued travel bans against PyeMcGowan and Dniester. The recent report of fourteen assassinations in the former, with a coup building in the latter, means that the United States no longer feels that it can guarantee the safety of any tourists that visit those countries. Refunds for holidays already booked are being issued, and Prymontian nationals currently holidaying or residing in these nations are being offered free return travel at the earliest opportunity.

      The Foreign Affairs office has been busy in the handful of days that the government has been active, with Minister of Foreign Affairs Julian Nordeng criticising a recently published "propaganda" piece from Dniester, ranking local and relevant countries by their freedom. The report is heavily financed by Dniesterian organisations and many have accused it of severe bias. Nordeng sent an open letter to President Zieminski yesterday and quickly received an unsavoury response. It is believed that this souring of the already tense relations between Prymont and Dniester contributed to the issuing of the travel ban, but the official statement places full responsibility on the ongoing civil war.

      A travel ban still exists to Poland-Lithuania, which was implemented over a year ago in March, after violent protests swept the nation. Travel agencies fear that the ban will never be lifted, and have expressed concerns regarding the length of the two new restrictions. Nordeng has assured travellers that the ban will only be lifted "when the country is deemed entirely safe and rid of any risks that could pose a danger to the safety of Prymontians". 

      No planes will be departing the United States for PyeMcGowan or Dniester, as travel bans are issued with immediate effect.


      Prymontian recycling companies offer to take @Variotan waste

      BREMANGER, SØRFORT - The CEO of the Prymontian Waste Company (PWC), Kevin Hoem, has extended a deal to Variotan 'trash king' Hennie Mankepoot which, if agreed upon, would see thousands of tonnes of Variotan waste being brought to the United States to be dealt with in an environmentally friendly, efficient manner. Mankepoot made Variotan headlines recently after proposing that the country creates artificial land in the Keelpijppassage by placing cubes of compacted rubbish into the waters. Mankepoot wants to bridge the gap between the Variotan mainland and the Lukinagrad dependency, but Hoem stresses that this could have dire environmental effects.

      "The idea that such an advanced and intelligent country could even consider this proposal is very worrying. I've been at the forefront of waste management and recycling for two decades with PWC and the benefits are clear for all to see. Less than 1% of waste in Prymont goes to landfills, and that's because companies like PWC are taking in waste to recycle it and dispose of it in a green, environmentally conscious way. Everyday products in the United States can be made from recycled materials that we create from everyday waste, items ranging from pencils and paper to coffee cups and clothing. There's the potential for us to go to Variota and show them how it's done, but they've got to be aware of the damage that careless waste disposal has on the environment, and more importantly, they've got to care enough to change the mindset of the people and be proactive in recycling."

      The PWC, which is 20% owned by the government, wants to receive Variotan waste to keep their Prymontian factories running. The United States' recycling and waste disposal plants are having to send workers home early as there's simply not enough rubbish to process. While recycled materials can go on to make other products, they can also be used to generate electricity, reducing the need to rely on harmful coal and nuclear power plants. Disclosed reports from senior PWC personnel also shows a desire to expand abroad in the hopes of getting rich from rubbish.

      PWC employees sort through a batch of waste, sending different materials to be used for different recycling purposes.



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    • kHE5lhg.png

      Dumping trash into the sea the new budget-pleasing way to handle waste disposal?

      Fingerfaaierplaats's self-proclaimed 'trash king' Hennie Mankepoot was sighted by Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten's reporters at the Ministry of Industry's office within the city. When asked about his reasons, the waste disposal entrepreneur and local eccentric figure was quick to respond to the reporters with his innovate solution to waste disposal.

      'So, you know how all those filthy leftist green environmentalist vegan hippie hipster losers like to carry on whining about their sad little climate change myth, their sad little 'boohoo, if we don't suddenly stop pollution or kill off ninety percent of the world's population, Llalta's going to sink in the ocean in the next decade', as if anyone cares about that, that whining about trash floating in the ocean... It gave me an idea.

      We have this lovely long drag, the Keelpijppassage here, right? And it's basically pretty wide and we allow ships to just pass and really, we don't really make anything off of it. Now, those Mamajuana, Mamacita Canal guys are smart, they're making a small path so they can ask exorbitant amounts to leave you alone in peace and let you pass. It's basically the old highwaymen shtick, you know.

      But why can't we do the same but reverse? We narrow down the Keelpijppassage! Narrow it down so much to create new land, create new opportunities and ask exorbitant amounts too! Boom, we absolutely tea bag those guys by taking their idea and improving it. Anyone can dig a ditch but this'll take proper Variotan engineering and ideas. Physically unite Lukinagrad with Het Huisselant, like a boss.

      It takes a lot of land and money to dispose of waste according to laws and regulations. There's already trash in the sea if we have to believe those environmentalist hippies. We might as well dump in some more and profit off of it. Listen, we compact it, make it into densely packed blocks. And then we just dump them in the sea, dump them in shallow parts of the Keelpijppassage. Once it's built up far enough, we just get a little bit of sand and stuff, like enough to cover it on the sides and dump like a meter or two, three on the sides, I don't know. Just enough to build stuff on, that sort of thing. 

      I and my associates are more than willing to offer up the trash, it saves space in Het Huisselant, it builds up our land, everyone wins. Except maybe when a block tears open or whatever and the trash drifts off to other nations or into this hypothetical heap but out of sight, out of mind as far as I care. I got some very good responses here and with the proper funding, this plan will absolutely work.'

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    • Majesty Bay: A Modern Utopia To Come


      BRISORE, OYUS -- Shipping magnate and vocal futurist has revealed plans approved by the National Congress for him to construct the foundations of a new municipality. "Majesty Bay," as dubbed by its financier, is set to be a center of multiculturalism. There are plans to have blocks set aside for various cultures from Eurth, near and far. Citing projections that Oyus will be a hot spot for growth and international investment, the town will be constructed and funded by his fortune in full. "We simply can not squander an opportunity, this will truly draw in the crowd we need." he told the media. Renderings show that this would be Oyus' most ambitious project yet, and thankfully not with government funding if it goes south.

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    • dMYADgB.png

      Prathen, Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex — Ji'mar Be'la Kyorl, the designated dynastic heir of Sa'Karn " The Wise " Renor Elemmiire, walked alongside the hearse carrying the body of his father, and former emperor, through leaf covered downtown Prathen today, leading a nation wide funeral that provided early glimpses of who will be amongst the new powerbase of the country.

      Leading the funeral alongside and behind former crown prince, now named emperor, was a familiar mix of royal nobles, house lords, and high ranking military officers. The group included elderly stalwarts from the days of Sa'Karn and his father, the enigmatic, Hakon the Fourth. But younger officials who expanded their influence while playing crucial roles in grooming the son as Sa'Karn's successor were also represented.

      Most prominent were the two men whose names seldom fail to pop up when Imperium watchers try to dissect the palace intrigues in the capital, Prathen: Garen Thadias Orn, a long time close personal friend and leader of the Seventh Circle, a powerful ministry of information collection and dissemination services and Vicelord Kaorin Renor Elemmiire, who leads the Imperium's national service legionary's general staff.

      Emperor Ji'mark walked with one hand on the hearse and the other raised in salute. Neat rows of soldiers in ebony uniforms stood, crisply saluting, in front of the Royal mausoleum, where Sa'Karn's body had been lying in state since his death was announced on April 4th.

      When the funeral motorcade stopped before the soldiers at the start of a twenty-five-kilometer procession through Prathen, they gave a last salute and a military band played the national anthem to liven the spirits of those who came to give their goodbyes to our beloved ruler. 

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    • dR33P4e.png


      After a series of recent high profile assassinations in @PyeMcGowan, The Home Office has updated its travel advisory from "Exercise a high degree of caution" (or "Yellow Level") to "Do not travel" (or "Red Level").

      This level means that the security situation is extremely dangerous. This may be due to a high threat of terrorist attack, ongoing armed conflict, violent social unrest, or critical levels of violent crime. It is often a combination of these.

      You should not travel to this location. If you are already in a 'do not travel' area, you should consider leaving.

      If you choose to travel despite this advice, you should exercise extreme caution and seek independent, professional security advice which may include hiring personal protection. Before you leave Gallambria, make sure you have an up-to-date will, an enduring power of attorney, and designate appropriate insurance beneficiaries.

      Ensure you have robust mitigation measures in place and a detailed emergency management plan. The Gallambrian government is often unable to provide consular assistance in such extreme locations, nor can the Government provide security assistance or advice. This is your responsibility.

      In the event of a crisis, departure options may become severely limited. You are responsible for ensuring you are able to depart independently and that your travel documentation remains up-to-date. You should not expect that the Gallambrian government will facilitate your departure.

      For this level, any travel by Gallambrian officials is subject to high-level approval. It includes rigorous risk assessment and movement planning usually involving the use of armoured vehicles and personal protection.

      You are likely to require a specialised insurance policy for travel to 'do not travel' destinations. Some travel insurance policies may not cover you for 'do not travel' destinations.


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    • PMN



      Police surround the housing complex.

      14 Defectors from Theodoria were assassinated today as they were leaving a housing facility for defectors in Anderson. These 14 include 8 men, 5 women and one infant. These assassinations were carried out by amateur gunmen, and the Ministry of Defence stated that these could well be PyeMcGowians taking revenge for those who were killed in terrorist attacks, or in raids of Theodorian funded AA cells. Two of the dead have been named as Dr.Ralph Mollen, a Theodorian Scientific Advisor And Markus Fielding, a Banker. 

      Authorities have arrested 3 suspects, and are looking into a nearby hotel, which's currently owned by the leader of a nationalist party, the Independent National Party of PyeMcGowan, which has been cited for being discriminatory against Theodorians, Alenians, Levernians and other ethnic minorities.

      Although the nationalists seem the obvious answer, as they own a tall building overlooking the exit. Many of the defectors provided inside knowledge of Theodorian activities to the PIO and similar organisations, this could mean that this could have been a silencing, perpetrated by a Theodorian operative.

      In Other News

      • Flooding Hits Southerland. Storm Andrea has reached small town Southerland and Parts of Trasethaffen. The coast guard is encouraging people not to swim in the sea and to wrap up warm as cold weather continues to batter parts of the country.
      • JJ’s bought by Unitons. The diner chain JJ’s has been bought by the supermarket giant Unitons, which is owned by Jennifer Unitsen, cousin of Joseph Unitsen. Founded in 1952, the chain is significant in many PyeMcGowians memories, and is famous for its breakfast meals. The chain has failed to expand internationally, but has small business in Argis.


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    • rlRVqaO.png

      MEDIA RELEASE - RGAF'S Jaguar ECR.7 electronic attack aircraft achieves IOC

      The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced that the Royal Gallambrian Air Force's (RGAF) Jaguar ECR.7 electronic attack aircraft has achieved Initial Operating Capability (IOC).

      Built by the Gallambrian Aircraft Corporation (GAC), the Jaguar ECR.7 is currently only in service with the RGAF with views to make the aircraft available to allied air forces.

      RGAF operates a fleet of 36 Jaguars from RGAF Station Prestwick in Mercia. The aircraft is design to disrupt, deceive or deny military electronic systems, including radars and communications.

      According to RGAF Chief of Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mohd Al-Elamin Kahn, the IOC marks a significant achievement in the MoD's efforts to enhance its joint electronic warfare capability.

      Al-Elamin Kahn said: "Over time, this aircraft will work with army and navy platforms to enhance our ability to control the electronic environment, and where necessary, deny or degrade the electronic systems of adversaries.

      "This will provide a capability edge by enhancing tactical options to reduce risks to Gallambrian and partner maritime, land and air forces in more complex and high-tech conflicts of the future."

      The Jaguar is an electronic attack aircraft equipped with purpose-built radio-frequency jamming pods and advance weapons. Based on the Panther GR.6 airframe, the Jaguar features multiple enhancements, including additional avionics, enhanced radio frequency receivers and an improved communications suite.

      The aircraft can offer increased protection to forces while also improving their situational awareness.

      RGAF can use the Jaguars in support of a range of defence tasks, from peacekeeping operations to air superiority denial operations.

      As part of the Air Force's Plan Solomon, the RGAF will receive a further 12 Jaguars from GAC, which will increase the fleet to 48.


      A RGAF Jaguar ECR.7 performing a fly past over
      Battery Hill during the 2018 Gallambria Day celebrations

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    • S5ZqM4m.png

      First Projections Expected Soon


      Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

      It has been an exciting referendum day in the Sunset Sea Islands, with the inner cities abuzz with citizens on their way to the next polling station. It has been mere minutes since the last eligible voters licked their boxes and since the last offices closed their doors. We are expecting the first projections to be published any minute now.

      ...ah, this must be it. We will now announce the first projections of the results of the nation-wide referendum regarding the implementation of a technocratic government. The results are as follows:

      98.8% of the eligible voters have participated in the referendum, which is the highest voter turnout for any election or referendum in the history of the Sunset Sea Islands.

      Out of these votes, 27.6% voted against the proposed reconstitution of the Sunset Sea Islands as a technocratic nation, whilst 71.2% of the votes have been cast in favour of it. Thereby the citizens of the Radiant Republic have accepted the referendum!


      It appears that the quote is only slightly higher than the results of the previous referendum regarding the implementation of a technocratic regional government in Tenma as a test phase. We will continue analysing these results later, but first, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed and Party Chairman Candidate Gao He Ping have announced a press conference. We will now go live to the press room in Yuyake 101, the seat of the national government in Sunset City.


      [The audience cheers as the Prime Minister, Theresa Tumbleweed, and the Party Chairman Candidate, Gao He Ping, enter the room and sit down in front of the auditoriuM]

      "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, citizens of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Island, listeners all around the world. As Prime Minister, I want to express my gratitude towards the people of this nation. An astonishing amount of people have followed the call to the voting booths and executed their civic responsibilities. It honours me to be the leader of a nation of politically active and aware individuals. Furthermore, both the future Chairman, Mr Gao He Ping, and I, have recognised and accepted the results of the referendum, which empowers us to change the nation for the better. As previously explained, I hereby announce my retirement as Prime Minister of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. My term will officially end on midnight on June first, 2019. During this month, the nation will enter the final phase of its transition process, finally ending the reformation period following the '17 sorrows which ended the era of the monarchy in the Sunset Sea Islands forevermore. Furthermore, we will hold factional elections to confirm Gao He Ping as the next chairman of the Party of Radiance, and thereby his position as the leader of the reformed, technocratic Sunset Sea Islands, whatever that position will be called.

      Once more, I would like to thank the people of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands for their ongoing support and their trust. Although my time as Prime Minister is nearing its end, I do not intend on ending my political career.

      May the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands find peace and prosperity for itself and its people on its path to Ascension. Good evening."

      [The audience cheers again, as uncountable cameras flash and reporters raise their hands to ask questions. Gao He Ping begins to speak.]

      "I too, wish to express my gratitude, for the citizens who participated in this referendum and for the people of the Radiant Republic in general, who are brave enough to venture onto this largely unknown path on our way to Ascension. Furthermore, I would like to thank the youth of this nation, which has shown its political maturity and its readiness to march fearlessly into the future. During this month of finalising the new constitution of our nation, I will advocate in favour of granting additional political responsibilities to the youth of our nation, similar to the model just recently introduced in @Llalta.

      Lastly, I would like to thank Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed for leading our nation through the chaos of the aftermath of an event that truly shook the foundations of this nation. I will do everything in my power to not disappoint her, or the people of this nation as the future leader of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands.

      I would like to ask everyone to rise for the national anthem of the Radiant Republic."

      [The Prime Minister and the Party Chairman Candidate rise, followed by everyone in the room. A harp player begins to play.]

      [Everyone applauds, the Prime Minister and the Party Chairman Candidate leave the room as a lightning storm of camera flashes unleashes.]

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    • S5ZqM4m.png

      Referendum Day in the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands


      It has been twelve hours since the election offices opened in the morning. Since then, tens of millions of eligible citizens across the Radiant Republic have gone to their closest election office to have a say in the most influential public decision in the history of the Sunset Sea Islands. Should the referendum succeed, massive alterations can be made to the national constitution to change the nature of our nation towards a technocratic state. Additional vehicles were dispatched on all public transportation systems to manage the additional traffic. Whilst we wait for the offices to close at 19:00 and the subsequent projections, here is a recapitulation of the events of the past few months that led to the referendum.

      Over a year ago, discussions on political online forums and chatrooms concerning alternative forms of government gained mainstream attention following a massive debate organised by young Sunset Sea Islandians, alongside their peers from overseas. This movement of young citizens, demanding and demonstrating for higher qualification standards for government positions and the consideration of alternative, potentially more efficient political, economic and social structures, organised a multi-day open discussion with Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed in early April 2018. Meanwhile, the popularity of technocratic ideas spread across the nation and multiplied in places like the multicultural Manamana Canal site or the first completed neighbourhoods of Tenma.
      Three months later, these thoughts had reached mainstream popularity, both in the general population as well as in government circles, that was large enough to warrant a limited test run. The city of Tenma, built to be a perfect environment to nurture innovations and scientific progress, was chosen as the test subject by a referendum resulting with roughly 70% of votes cast in favour. The test phase began in mid-July. Initial public reactions were positive, especially the working class appreciated the new four-day work week, which attempted to guarantee uninterrupted productivity by companies dividing their workers into seven groups, each offset by one day.

      During the celebrations of the new year, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed held a speech concerning the future of the nation. The two most important aspects were the announcement of a series of legislative acts and public campaigns to face several problems facing the nation and the evaluation of the technocratic test run in Tenma. The Prime Minister announced this referendum and explained that whether or not the referendum will pass, this day will mark the end of her career as Prime Minister.

      Two weeks later, Gao He Ping announced his bid for the position of the Chairman of the Party of Radiance, which was founded by Theresa Tumbleweed to stabilise the nation after the '17 Sorrows. As the leader of the governing party will most likely take the Prime Minister's position following her abdication, Gao He Ping will most probably lead the nation after the referendum. In January, the rate of support for the referendum was at roughly 40%, but the number rose since then following a series of attempts made by counterprogressive forces to destabilise the nation from within and out. The list of these forces includes criminal elements, terroristic splinter cells and, unfortunately, also several nation-states in Alharu.

      During the last few months, several high-ranking members of the Party of Radiance, including Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed and Party Chairman Candidate Gao He Ping, participated in dozens of rallies and electoral campaign events. During the most recent speech, Gao He Ping addressed the youth of the nation, emphasising that this referendum is the result of the political activity of the youth of the Radiant Republic.

      The electoral offices are closing in under one hour, SSI NEWS will cover the publication of the first projections live.

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    • Bulgenstaz People's Grand Parliament Declares "Not Our People, Not Our Problem" on the Dolch See

      In a near unanimous vote, the People's Grand Parliament has declared absolute neutrality in the ongoing Dolch See Conflict. However, they have not taken a stance on warmongering and chose to attempt to simply sell oil and resources to either side. Many were shocked to see that, despite their previous comments, the National Sovereign Party firmly supported this measure.

      The vocal nationalist party has pushed to sever ties with Derthalen following the "Dolch See Incident" where a Seylosian civilian vessel was raided off the coast of Derthalen. However, it seems they have changed their tune to non-interventionism following the conflict. This may be a tactic to garner larger support, as the NSP has made considerable strides in public opinion, especially across the inner regions of Bulgenstaz.

      The People's Grand Parliament and the Prime Minister has expressed concerns about the "very real possibility of war being brought to our doorstep." While it seems as though conflict will remain in Argis and Alharu for now, it remains to be seen what the future holds.

      Bulgenstaz People's Liberation Army Begins Large-Scale Defensive Upgrade

      Due to "instability Eurth-Wide," the head of the Bulgenstaz People's Liberation Army has announced plans for large-scale upgrades to the defensive infrastructure. In the top priorities is the large-scale SPAAR (Sovereign Protection Anti-Air Rocket) plan. The goal of this endeavor is to diminish the likelihood of foreign aggressors gaining air superiority in an invasion. This system would utilize recently developed SAMs, primarily the Dniesterian M1-2 Buk. Locations for mobile SAM deployment are currently unknown.

      Interestingly, military officials have brought up the use of the military to bust illegal activities by the Kushnik Láo Bratva in sections of international jungle outside Bulgenstaz. This may be simply saber-rattling by the military to dissuade the crime group from operating outside of Bulgenstazi borders but could be a possible measure taken, given the increase in KLB-related crimes in rural areas.

      These new military measures are considered one of the largest Bulgenstazi military developments in ten years, but are, according to the Bulgenstazi National Congress, "a necessary measure in modern defense against rival states in these dangerous times."

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    • G7kOBVP.png

      Hello dear children and adults. This is Uncle Bron. Get ready, because have some really BS News for you.

      SOME LEADING POLITICIANS in the East-Aurelian nation of @Shffahkia have made a rousing call for solidarity in a deeply divided country.

      We've been told this includes President Adélaïde Larue, who is quoted as saying: "It's time for this country to heal, join hands, and unify against the other half of the country." A second source claims the politician added: "The only way to end the deep division the nation has faced is to commit ourselves to not even questioning or having a single negative thought about anyone who calls themselves a Parannaian."

      The #ProtectPoliticians campaign, started by civility champions and sponsored by Radio Free Eurth, asks those who join it to stop asking Shffahkian politicians annoying questions or pointing out when politicians say or do stupid things or commit crimes. The movement has birthed such woke slogans as "Criticism is Treason" and "Questions are for Traitors."

      A written pledge has been drafted and politicians across the nation have been asked to sign the document to unify with half the country. Those who refuse will be gifted a one-way helicopter tour over the Quanahabe Gulf.

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    • KELhWM4.gif

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Govt moving ahead with strategic oil reserves

      O'POLIS -- Six companies have shown preliminary interest in partnering with Orioni in the development of Phase-II of its Orioni Strategic Petroleum Reserves (OSPR). The nation imports at least 80% of its crude oil supplies. For this reason, the government has fast-tracked efforts to build underground bunkers for oil storage in a strategic bet against future supply disruptions.

      “We have already received interest from over half-a-dozen companies for the second phase in the past three months. These are mostly construction companies, commodity trading firms or investment banks," the councillor of Energy Elisa Solna told Roiters in an interview. "While most of the companies want to either operate, construct or source the crude, we are looking for a company which can do all the three.”

      OSPR has been scouting for investors to participate in the construction of Phase-II of Orioni’s strategic petroleum reserves and has held road-shows in Ide Jima, Miiros and Tamurin. Cllr Solna also explained how Phase-II of the project is scheduled to be developed as a public-private partnership.

      OSPR was created by the energy department with the mandate to construct strategic petroleum reserves across the nation. Under Phase-I, it has already constructed a strategic reserve capacity of 5,3 million tonnes across three locations. These three locations are: 1,3 million tonnes at Nordhaven; 1,5 million tonnes at Meda; and 2,5 million tonnes in Zuidhaven.

      The Imperial Council approved setting up additional capacity as part of the second phase of the project in which Orioni plans to construct additional facilities at Dion, Oris and Andro for storage of around 6,5 million tonnes of crude. The construction of these three additional storages add reserves that can last for 12 days in addition to 10 days achieved in Phase I.

      Orioni refiners maintain 65 days of crude storage. Taking that into account, the nation’s petroleum storage capacity is likely to go up to 87 days after finishing Phase II of the project. The Entente of Oriental States (EOS) recommends its member countries to maintain 90 days of crude storage to manage supply disruptions.

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