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    • Five Years of Peace

      On the anniversary of the peace accords that were made five years ago, we retell the story.

      MORLAVITRA, OYUS -- Five years ago, the most anti-climactic end to what amounted as a decades long exchange of "dicy" skirmishes. The separatist group that claimed the southern isle of Oyus for its own unrecognized state and little actual power over it agreed to end it's campaign against the Matriarchy. It was a monumental moment for those in the south as there were always concerns the group would become more aggressive and be supported by outside governments against the Matriarchy. At last, there was certainty.

      The peace deal was concocted by the then newly assigned Chief of Morlavitra's National Police chapter. According to him, it was clear that with the ouster of their own leader that they recognized that their mission was ineffective and not a sympathetic one among those foreign or domestic. Calling for a ceasefire and offering comfortable beds on his own dime (though later reimbursed by the Kera) to the separatists, he made quick inroads with them. "Forefeiting their small cache of weapons and willingly coming home seemed most sensible. What few people that did become swayed by them were losing faith and felt alone." the Chief stated in a recent interview with us on the subject.

      The terms laid out by the chief were simple: forfeit the physical conflict and reintegrate into society in return for allowing the Commune to reform into the sole party permitted by the Matriarchy: The Communist Party of Oyussa Not only would they be allowed into the National Congress in a decade, but they would also receive a small fund to start up their party. Only one term truly seemed harsh in any way: the imprisonment of their recently ousted leader. It was also one quickly agreed to in what amounted to a peace talk of a no more than a handful of hours. Over the following weeks after amends were made, the National Police announced that the newly founded CPO had complied with every term of the accords.

      While the group made quick efforts to hand over their stockpile and move their small remote village folk to Morlavitra and beyond, the biggest sticking point was what took the announcement so long to make. the ex-Secretary General of the former Southern Commune after his ouster had ventured out into the tropical landscape of the island resulting in a manhunt for two weeks. His ouster was a brutal one. Commune members had grown restless with the lack of momentum and growth in their mission imploring him to revise strategy. Instead, their fearless leader chose to stay the course and was thrown out in due time having served as the leader for three decades. Today, he regrets everything and laments that he should have listened to "my proletariat" and reached out to end the conflict long ago before they came to him.

      It remains to be seen whether the CPO can sway enough Oyusards to their side. To their credit, when revelations came out of the corruption of the previous Treasurer, numbers "soared" from a measly couple hundred to a curious couple thousand, mostly found in Morlavitra. Perhaps they will be a voice for the people in another five years if their leadership remains focused on more feasible and sensible goals as they seem to have done thus far.

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      Ji'Mar Dead

      The Exkousiokrateia Descends into Civil War

      The news that the Exkousiokrator Ji'Mar of Gharon (@Haruspex) has been killed by traitors within his realm comes as a shock but perhaps is not unexpected. He was a heathen and a persecutor of Christians, both of heretic and true Arhomaniki sorts. Therefore, Ji'Mar being struck down is little more than that barbaros getting his just punishment for his actions. The rumour is also that he was put down as if a rabid dog by a member of his erstwhile bodyguard. That is a fitting end to someone who had caused such trouble for the Arhomaioi. The only thing to be truly sad about his passing is that now he cannot see there error of his ways, repent his actions and accept the love of Christ into his heart. Then, he would have been a true friend to civilisation and perhaps draw the Gharoi towards the light as a whole.

      In the former Exkousiokrator's stead, those who put the down the criminal have set up his sister on the throne. Kira'Karn is another child of the Sa'Karn, who was the last monarch of the Exkousiokrateia to actually see sense and deal with its powerful southern neighbour on terms that did not insult the dignity of Arhomaneia. The new monarch has spent the intervening years in territories in the south of Europa that the Gharoi have stolen from the local inhabitants. She is reported to have have the background of an academic and a scholar, more interested in language and culture than the anti-Christian and anti-Arhomaioi policies that seemed to be Ji'Mar's sole motivation.

      It is certainly hoped by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that the Exkousiokratorissa will prove to be better neighbour than her deceased brother. On paper, she seems to be less rigid in mindset than her brother and could well be able to conduct policy on equal terms with Arhomaneia – or, at least, as equal terms as possible as barbaroi can be with the Heart of Civilisation. It is likely that the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator Kommodos III, may Christ forever bless and guide him, is hopeful that Kira'Karn will be more like her father and the alliance that exists between Tagmatika and Prathen will able to repaired and be once again become a force for good in Europa, and across the wider Eurth. At the moment, after repeated transgressions by Ji'Mar, it is little more than words on paper.

      The new Exkousiokratorissa faces three severe problems that she will have to overcome before she can even begin to try to normalise relations with the rest of the wurld. The first, and most obviously pressing, is dealing with the so-called “loyalists” to her deceased brother. They aim to set up a separate regime in the conquered territories of Koussoeia, independent of Prathen. What, precisely, their long term goals are is unknown – whether they hope to gain international recognition as a sovereign country of their own, or use these carved out lands as a springboard to topple Kira'Karn and place another on the Gharoniki throne. Either way, as fighting in the north begins to drag out, it will only go on to weaken Gharon as a whole. That is something that all true Christians can rejoice about.

      The next problem is tied in with the first. The continued subjugation of the Koussoeioi will be major sticking point with other nations. Although Kira'Karn states that those that remain will be offered citizenship and compensation for the horrors inflicted on them by the Gharoi, it is unknown how such paltry gestures will heal the deep wounds inflicted upon them. The two nations were ancient enemies and now that one has conquered the other and ridden roughshod over it, the deep divisions will likely last for many years to come. This will be especially so because of the diaspora of Koussoeioi that happened during and after the Great Europan Collapse still clings to the trappings of the old regime and hold the old enmities in their hearts – as can be seen by the individual who attempted to self-immolate in the Square of Agios Konstantinos.

      The last is possibly the biggest hurdle that Kira'Karn faces. Again, it is linked to the invasion of Koussoeia. It is the explusion on the Gerenian Christian minority and the ethnic cleansing of their lands. It forced many thousands from their homes and forced appalling conditions on them, as well as placing a huge burden on Arhomaneia. This burden was partially taken up by an international coalition, which did not just include nations, but private bodies as well. It soured relations between the Megas Agios Basileia and the Exkousiokrateia further, and with the rest of the wurld. It is likely that all of the nations involved with the coalition will look for repercussions against those responsible for the genocide before Kira'Karn can expect normal relations with any other country.


      Severe Winter causes Chaos across Arhomaneia

      Worst Death toll Due to Winter Storms in Years

      The unusually severe winter that has descended on the northern Occident has been one of the most severe in recent years and is only just beginning to lift. Snow is still on the ground in many parts of north Arhomaneia, even as spring comes to the south of the nation. Many of the smaller villages and towns in the Trapezion, Kalamanion and Ioubaboion themata, or states, are still cut off after recent heavy snows, despite regular efforts to make sure that they are still connected to the outside world. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is making every effort to make sure that life in the northern themata is not too severely disrupted and is working closely with the local governments to make sure that life for the inhabitants is able to go on with as much normality as possible. Both the Logothesion ton Basternon, the Ministry of Transport, and the Logothesion ton Koiaisitoron, the Ministry of Works, are making sure that the road and rail networks remain running as smoothly as possible and that the ports remain ice-free, so that supplies to the areas affected are not too disrupted.

      In places, especially the more mountainous parts of the Trapezion, Resafion and Ioubaboion themata, the weather has been worse and the areas have felt the brunt of the snows and ice. Roads have been blocked by avalanches and landslides, which has meant that some communities have had to deal with emergencies on their own. The Apelatai, the famous mountain infantry and border guards, have regularly been called out to bolster the emergency services within the Ouranodistrision mountain range. Over the winter, the mountain trails were declared closed due to avalanche warnings and the severe storms that hit the mountains. However, as of March, it is thought that over hundred people died whilst hiking or skiing in the mountains, despite the warnings against it. In one tragic incident, a group of Apelatai were killed by an avalanche whilst searching for a party of lost hikers. They were also found dead later.

      As the weather begins to turn and the temperatures rise, the Logothesion ton Agelon, the Ministry for the Environment, has issued flood warnings in areas that lie downstream from the mountains. It has been suggested that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion's tree planting initiatives over the last few years will help to reduce the threat of flooding in low lying areas, as they have improved the retention of water in the catchment areas of the rivers in northern Arhomaneia. However, this does remain to be seen and the next few weeks and months will see this strategy being tested, when compared to previous flood management techniques.

      “We are confident that the precautions that have been put into place will be able to handle any increase in meltwater that might take place, God willing,” said a representative from the Logothesion ton Agelon. “The Logothesion, along with the local governments, have spent billions making sure that Arhomaniki communities are not at risk.”

      Of course, it goes without saying that these defences and precautions do not take the place of faith in God. To imagine that the actions of Man, even the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and the Arhomaioi, will be able to turn aside God's wrath is unutterably foolish. However, if these winter storms and the threatened flooding are not the Almighty taking exception to the action of the Megas Agios Basileia, then it can be hoped that defences will be more than capable of handling the tasks asked of them. His Holiness, Patriarkhos Nikolaos IX of Trapezon, has made personal visits to many of the flood defences in and around the thematon of Trapezion and has lead services blessing them, so that the effectiveness might be increased.

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      Orinese government claims successful first 5G license auction

      5G spectrumO'POLIS -- Orioni's telecoms regulator finished the first phase of its 5G spectrum auctions, with operators snapping up 3 licenses ahead of an expected commercial rollout later this year.

      @Gallambria's top mobile operator, Parau Telecom (PT), emerged as the biggest winner with licenses for the 700 mHz and 21 mHz spectrum bands in the auction. PT, along with its parents company, Galmar Telecommunications Group, has been working with the Gallambrian government over the last 18 months, to deliver 5G network capabilities to both the government and commercial sectors. TC guarantees secure and reliable infrastructure as part of its services for the Gallambrian government.

      On the mid band 1400 mHz spectrum, Elegy Corporation won the license, beating out Parau Telecom. The megacorporation from @Sunset Sea Islands, owned by billionaire Mrs Liên Viênxuân, is an established IT and high-tech giant. Elegy maintains and continuously expands the 5G network connecting all 170 million inhabitants to the internet. Elegy promises "a future-proof network ready for autonomous driving and a tightly-knit internet of things and satisfied users all across Orioni."

      The Council of the Economy said the fifth-generation technology, with data speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G networks, will help drive the country’s digital economy. "Orioni's 5G technology is expected to help drive the economy," said $Name, the new Councillor of the Economy, adding that they expected the value to nearly double in 2021.

      Frequencies in the 3.5GHz and 26GHz bands will be allocated in the second quarter of 2020 (April-June). Mr Yosef Amare, of the Tender Evaluation Section, commented that: "Interested eligible bidders who wish to be included in the auction can send in their bids." The results of the second phase will be officially confirmed in June, Amare said.

      The government declined to comment what the final bids were. In January, when the auction was announced, the government expected to gain Φ25-30 billion from the deal.

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      Ministry of Trade and Finances Confirms Rumors of a Palu Peninsula “Development Deal”


      :pic: Leo Conway talking to the press on Saturday

      The Minister of Trade and Finances, Leo Conway, confirmed in a press conference on Saturday that rumors of a “development deal” was being negotiated with the Palu nations of @Metztlitlalio and @Eulycea. The minister also said that they were discussing opening the agreement with the island nation of @Oyus.  

      “The agreement contains several billion dollars in loans in order to stimulate the growth of the peninsular economies which will in turn benefit Salvian trade in the region,” Conway said, adding on that the deal was “a win-win.”

      The minister also clarified that the Ministry had met with government officials from each country.  “The details are still being finalized and will not be complete for at least another month. The process requires sufficient and in depth planning that takes time and compromise,” Conway added.  The minister also stressed to the Salvian people that this deal will have economic benefit for the Salvian people, stimulating an already roaring economy.  The 2-year economic boom in Salvia has largely erased the economic failures of the last 30 years, which was largely caused by isolationist policies that originated in the late 1970s and an economic crisis in the late 2000’s.

      The announcement drew some criticism from certain activist groups, most arguing that the deal was a form of “modern imperialism” that exploited the governments and people of Palu for Salvia’s economic benefit.  However, most Salvians reacted positively to the news, especially stocks, which opened up 3% higher this morning.


      This story is developing and will receive future updates.

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      In the week since the NTC’s pro-Ji'Mar separatists occupied Aden on March 22nd, they have built an extensive array of defenses around occupied towns and cities of the midlands. The rebel forces of the NTC, retreated from their many original stations around and including Ulusk. They have since burrowed into the civilian infrastructure and, more or less, vowed to use residents as human shields against a feared loyalist invasion.

      "Who lost the Fatherland?" has become the question on the lips of every proponent of the rebel project to establish and expand "Vnaa Myht," the once Haru-conquered lands of the Cussian region. Accusations of betrayal and cowardice leveled against the separatists have been met by counter-accusations that the Council of the Nine egged on a movement that the former emperor did not sufficiently support militarily and was done away with once having served a purpose. But the merry-go-round of recriminations is exposing interesting disclosures and hypotheses for what the Imperial Throne is now playing at in the Northern Territories.

      In the woods outside of Ailivka, a front-line town near Ulusk, a battle-worn unit of Haru legionary has hunkered down for a brief respite in the harsh winter. The troops live and fight sometimes only a few hundred yards across no-man's-land from their enemies, a combined force of pro-NTC separatists and Ji'Mar loyalist regulars.

      Some of the Legionary here have been fighting since the occupation originally started. They belong to the 122nd Mzil Velven Battalion. After nearly a year of constant combat and vigilance, the conflict of the North lands, has become more than a fight against the enemy. It's a daily battle against the deadly cold of the Northern Territories continental winter and a grinding fight to maintain morale as the troops are tested by a conflict with possibly no end in sight.

      "I'm not fighting for the Council," Ale'Xi, a soldier in his mid-30s, says from his front-line redoubt in the woods outside Ailivka. "I'm fighting for the people of Imperium."

      Soldiers' Suffering
      The white overcast sky seems to blend in with the open, snow-covered fields, which divide the loyalist troops from their enemies. It is painfully cold. The continental winter is frigid, with temperatures well below freezing at night. And there is a steady, biting wind, which easily cuts through layers of warm clothing. Uncovered fingers quickly go numb. Even under layers of fleece and down, this correspondent quickly begins to shiver.

      This winter is the third in a row in which Haru legionary and their combined NTC separatist foes are suffering the same brutal conditions that broke the most powerful armies in history past. The Loyalist legionary's forest redoubts offer little respite from the cold. A small prefabricated bunker marks the entrance to one such position in which a handful of troops are holed up. Here, the soldiers make coffee in tin cups over a gas burner. Knees bob up and down—an instinctual tick to keep warm—as the soldiers sit and chat. Food comes mostly from MRE's. 

      The Tides of War
      "I get more nervous when it's quiet," Ale'Xi says. "I prefer when it's shooting. When the shooting stops, that's when things get scary for me."

      Ale'Xi fought at the second battle for the city of Hamaii in the winter of 2018, which was nothing compared to this years. The battle that winter was one of the worst of the occupation, pitting legionary against entrenched Cussian rebel forces in close-quarters battle.

      Now, nearly a year after the February 2019 pacification went into effect, the new war against the separatists has become a static battle fought from trenches and semi-fortified positions. On this day, March 29th, it is relatively calm on the front lines outside Ailivka. The distant rattle of machine gun fire occasionally drifts in through the woods. The staccato, metallic notes are softened by the layer of snow on the ground and the snowflakes lightly falling through the air.

      Yet the war is not over. It is only reduced in intensity by the cease-fire. The fighting picks up each night after international monitors have taken shelter.

      A small village just behind the contact line is reduced to charred and gutted ruins from artillery fire. The wasted structures underscore the intensity of the fighting, which has ebbed and flowed over this land in the last week, like an unending tide of war.

      International observers don't travel in the combat zone at night, which is when the brunt of the fighting takes place along the length of the front lines. The 122nd Battalion troops outside Ailivka claim they've never seen the observers during the day either.

      "There's no warm beds or restaurants here, so why would they bother with this place?" Ale'Xi says.

      The Contact Line
      To get to the loyalist positions outside Ailivka, you travel along a dirt road (barely identifiable under the snow), which precariously weaves through minefields. The soldiers in the vehicle point out a location where two of their comrades died due to a land mine. At the side of the road at the edge of a clearing, four lonely markers offer quiet testimony to the new war's toll.

      At regular intervals, you pass small groups of soldiers hunkered down in the woods. And every so often, you pass an armored fighting vehicle hidden under concealment. At one bend in the road, Ale'Xi, who is driving, presses the gas to accelerate. The ride becomes jarring as the 4x4 cuts over the terrain like a speedboat over choppy whitecaps.

      Ale'Xi apologizes for the acceleration but explains that a sniper was active on this section of the lines the day before and that it's safer to drive through this stretch as fast as possible.

      The loyalist positions are scattered and concealed within a tree line on the edge of a vast clearing. The opposite side is territory controlled by the NTC Ji'Mar regulars and its separatist supporters.

      The 122nd Battalion troops had previously holed up in positions inside of villages and towns along the contact line in this area. But their presence drew artillery fire on areas where Cussian civilians were still living. The troops say they shifted their positions into the woods to spare civilian casualties.

      Reasons to Fight
      Within the bunker, on a day as cold as this, a warm cup of coffee is an essential shot of life. There are several tables inside. At one table are a few younger soldiers. At another, opposite this correspondent, is veteran Olex'Vek.

      "In Hamaii, I learned that it's easy to start a war but hard to finish one," Olex'Vek says, speaking about his combat tour in Beautancus as a legionnaire in the 1990s.

      Today, Olex'Vek is a soldier in the 122nd Battalion. He has been serving since the summer of 2018, after being re-activated, and he has two sons in the imperial army. "I'm fighting for my family," he says. Olex'Vek has a gray handlebar moustache. He is solidly built and speaks energetically.

      "How could I sit here and do nothing when there is a call to arms?" he says. 

      And, unlike in conflicts past, the enemy's humanity in this war is not dimmed by differences in culture, language and religion.

      "It's difficult to make war when the enemy speaks the same language and they have the same religion," Olex'Vek says. "But we have to fight this war. We have no choice. These traitorous dogs attacked our very core of whom we are, and we have to defend our fatherland from this disease before it spreads."

      The Enemy
      In this conflict, as in others throughout history, acceptance of the enemy's humanity has been eroded by the grind of combat and the stratified layers of hate that accumulate among soldiers as the list of friends killed or maimed grows.

      This winter, that fleeting concession to the enemy's shared humanity is a distant memory. On March 23rd, the attack came the night before Sudranc Pmaccehk (Mothers Blessing), a religious harvest holiday in both the Northern Territories and the Imperium. While this correspondent was on the front lines, combined NTC backed separatist forces launched their biggest offensive in so many days, near the township of Svitl. In the greatest single-day loss of life, twenty-two loyalist legionary died and a hundred-sixteen were wounded in the battle.

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      Fighting in the Northern Territories escalated dramatically this month as separatist forces loyal to the now deceased former Emperor Ji'Mar seized the valley city of Aden from forces loyal to the newly crowned Empress.

      On March 23rd, Ji'Mar Loyalists founded the Northern Transitional Council, with the former Aden warlord-governor chosen to preside over the 26-seat council. The body immediately declared its intention to "create a Ji'Mar Loyalist State" - a reference to the former Emperor.

      The NTC wants to have authority over the territories they operate in, said Sama'a al-Hamdani, an independent Cussian analyst and former member of a rebel faction that maintained Aden up until the annexation by Haru military forces. However, while the intentions are rooted originally in non-violent fashions, the military operation in which it has begun could potentially mean its downfall, especially in the current political climate.

      al-Hamdani, who has accepted Haru Citizenry status within Ulusk, during the occupation process of Aden, immediately denounced the STC as legitimate. The wheels for the mid-land independence have already been set in motion, Hol'he Topham from the Ministry for Strategic Studies said.

      The NTC was behaving akin to what Topham called a government-in-waiting in the mid-lands with state-like characteristics and a would-be parliament, the Royalist National Assembly

      Soon after the death of the Emperor became known, the coalition of royalists loyal seized the Mid-land Security Belt to secure territories in the North and to install their government in Aden. There are several smaller cities, Tasu, Ghalen, and Kamra within the mid-lands that have also been seized, and are being fortified while exterior forces are enroute to Ulusk to lay siege.

      At least three-hundred and eight people have been killed in three days of fighting, the majority of these have been Ji'Mar royalists with loyalist forces intercepting hostile forces before reaching Ulusk.

      Sikon Nasser, A lead officer of the Cussian-Haru 3rd regiment that has been formed under express orders of Fleet-Lord Kaorin had this to say. Whoever will control this cross-roads city,[Aden] will have the ability to transform the geopolitics of the entire region.

      Furthermore, the NTC is not the only group to claim the mantle of the mid-land independence cause, he added, referring to other rival separatist groups with ambitions of representation, mostly former warlords and so on.

      According to Nasser, about 25 other separatist groups exist in the eastern reaches and the mid-lands of the North.They are all for independence but have different visions on how to achieve that so in that sense are much more polarised, he said. And while the NTC is at the moment the most powerful of all the separatist groups, it doesn't have a vision for nation-building, he said.

      One significant point was that separatists advocate for secession, Nasser explained. The latter was taught throughout schools in the Imperium as carrying negative connotations akin to treachery and betrayal

      But terminology aside, the struggle for [Northern] independence has gone through so many phases it has lost its purpose, even before the Haru showed up, and it means almost nothing that a royalist faction from the Imperium's own lands is attempting to do so here, Nasser said.

      Edited by Haruspex
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      Escaped convict stopped by meth-fueled village prostitute, Koelwaterbeekje celebrates their 'STD Annie'!

      In a stroke of good luck for law enforcement, convicted fraudster and alleged racist Dr. Pieter 'Variotan Pete' Knallerpijp was caught during his escape towards the Variotan border, a trunk filled with Waarttemun notes accompanying him. He was convicted in 2017 to two years of hard labor in a werklaagher followed by another two years in house arrest in Reierferplattoterp for defrauding a myriad of Thalassan men with his 'patented' penis enlargement pills, developed to 'aid against the well-known affliction of phallus minori that many Thalassan men suffer from'.

      Unsatisfied with the perspective of being stuck at home for another year, Dr. Knallerpijp decided to break his house arrest in order to see if the grass was greener elsewhere. While specifics haven't been released by the provincial police force yet, Knallerpijp managed to remove his ankle monitor and stole the vehicle of his elderly neighbor; this allowed him to keep the police off his trail.

      He made a mistake when he had to stop to refuel the vehicle as even small villages such as Koelwaterbeekje, with a population of only three-hundred, have television. When Anna Lantboer, lovingly called 'STD Annie' by her fellow villagers and cruising around the gas station for her next customer went inside to grab a drink, she saw a news bit by TS Reierfer about the escaped Dr. Knallerpijp and a promise from Het Apparath to get rewarded if one turned him in.

      According to Anna, it made the choice really easy: ''I knew that if I saw that guy, I had two options. They said he had scammed a lot of people and let's face it, you don't try to flee after scamming people if you're broke. So I knew I could probably try and get a little taste of that. But, like, f*ck, Het Apparath can probably get their hands on super meth or something else mind-blowing. Why use money to buy regular drugs when you can get experimental, confidential super drugs?''

      Imagine her luck when she saw the same man on TV standing at one of the two gas pumps the town counts. Anna: ''I looked at the pump, hoping there'd be a chance of a new customer when I really had to rub my eyes and wonder if the hit of meth I'd just taken in the bathroom was too much. I buy it off of some guy in a RV so you never know what's really in there, you know. But no, he was really there. So I thought, f*ck, that guy isn't escaping me. I really wanted to boof another dosis of meth in the bathroom again but I didn't have the time, I had to act right now. That super meth was mine.''

      And while Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten cannot confirm that Anna has indeed been given her, oh so wanted, super meth, Dr. Knallerpijp certainly was hers. When the city slicker doctor fled into the car at the sight of a toothless, meth-fueled and meth-hungry backwater village prostitute, Koelwaterbeekje's own STD Annie held on to the car for over 10 kilometers, eventually managing to kick in the windshield while holding on by the windshield wipers. While windshield wipers aren't known for their weight-holding capabilities, Anna's frequent meth usage and the lack of appetite associated with it meant that her weight wasn't an issue.

      ''By the time I was in the car, he was freaking out. I really wanted to bite him, see how his face tasted... I guess RV guy mixed in some bath salts or something in that batch of meth. But I haven't had teeth since 1998 so that wasn't really an option. Now, my nails though, I get them done at a dog groomer/strip club two villages down... I reached down to his balls and I grabbed them in a way that if I had pushed any harder and I easily could have because of the power the meth gives me, I could have given him a vasectomy right there in the car. Well, that was enough for him to crash into a tree and pass out.''

      Fueled by the warm feeling of righteous justice and sketchy methamphetamine, Anna managed to stay conscious during and after the crash and called out to the provincial police, who managed to arrest Dr. Knallerpijp once again. This time, however, he'll stay in one of the facilities that Het Apparath chooses for him as the attempt to flee the nation means that his case is passed on to them. An Apparath spokesperson, that wished to remain anonymous, was able to tell us this:

      ''Dr. Knallerpijp made the mistake of abusing the trust put in him by our justice system. The public and the many, many Thalassan men that he defrauded can rest assured that Het Apparath will not allow another one of these abuses to happen. While he's under our care, there'll be no trust. Just hard work and the occasional visit by a fellow inmate that most definitely doesn't need the product he was once shilling. As for Anna Lantboer, she'll be getting a visit from us soon. Het Apparath does not forget its friends.''

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      This is the home of FSF, the prime news public broadcasting service for the Republic of Fjallshima. 

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      Happy Ahuni wishes for the Orinese New Year

      Happy Ahuni O'POLIS -- Ahuni is one of the most auspicious days for Orinese as it marks their new year. Ahuni not only marks the Orinese New Year but it is also the first day of the spring season. This year, Ahuni is celebrated on Friday, March 20, 2020. This festival is widely celebrated in Orioni and the Orinese diaspora. 

      Here is how Orinese traditionally celebrate the holiday, and why the rite is still so popular after 3.000 years. The previous day people will have gone to the cemetery to remember those who have passed away, and are no longer among us to celebrate the new year. People put the first flowers on the tombs. The morning of Ahuni people get up early to greet the rising San. They wear their clean, and preferably new clothes. Next, all members of the family gather around the table, divining the future through Sahini's poetry, and wishing one another a happy, prosperous new year. This practice will sometimes stretch well into the next two months, or any time you greet someone for the first time since the new year began.

      In Orioni the new year is called 'Ahuni', which simply means a "new day" in Oharic. To the Orinese, it is baffling that some countries on Eurth celebrate their new year in Winter. Winter is when nature goes to sleep, there is no sense of renewal in it. Perhaps it made more sense that a calendar should start with Spring, just as nature comes to life, trees become heavy with green foliage and tasty fruit, the sky becomes clear with the occasional sprinkles of rain that give the crispy air that wonderful petrichor smell in the morning, and everything feels softer and generally prettier than any other time in the year.

      Orinese New YearAhuni, when Orinese mark the transition from winter to spring, is the equivalent of New Year’s and Salvian Christmas rolled into one. Those who can afford it usually chose this time to travel. Although the holiday is not exclusive to one culture or religion, many use the opportunity to make religious pilgrimages. Ahuni is also celebrated outside of Orioni. Many countries along the Pearl Road, such as Tamurin, Pirilao, KBI and Niederoestereich, celebrate Ahuni. 

      Do you live abroad with some Orinese neighbours right around the corner? Here are a few happy Ahuni wishes that you can send to your family and friends on this day.

      • Hope this Ahuni brings lots of love and warmth for you and your loved ones.
      • May you achieve success in every facet of life, and all your heartfelt wishes come true. Wishing you a Happy New Year of Happiness & Prosperity.
      • May the glory of the Empress spread all over. May She praise us in galore. Let’s pray for happiness and prosperity... May this Erwanin New Year give us happiness.
      • Nights are dark but days are light. Wish your life will always be bright. So don’t fear, for we've been gifted a brand New Year.
      • May the stars shine upon you. May the flowers fill your heart with beauty. May hope forever wipe away your tears. And above all, may this New year be wonderful!
      • May the coming year take you on the path to glory where all your endeavours become glorious and your life becomes a success story.
      • In the harmony of the new and fresh birth of the motherland and nature, we the Orinese wish everyone a Happy Ahuni!
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    • Salvia

      Posted (edited)

      Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports 

      State of Emergency Declared in Trinity as More Violent Protests Take Place Over Church Scandal


      :pic: Protesters started car fires and attacked police as the Provincial Guard was called.


      The mayor of Trinity, Christopher Bergilini, has declared a state of emergency in Trinity as protests gradually turned violent starting last week.  

      "Just 6 weeks ago we were saying how that was the worse violence that we've seen- this is several levels above that," the TPD police chief Gian Sergio told reporters yesterday in a press conference.  "Our officers are doing the best they can in the face of great adversity, but Mayor Bergilini's declaration was necessary to provide us the support we need."

      With the declaration of emergency, extra funding has been allocated to the police force, while the Provincial Guard was also called in to aid the Trinity Police Department.  Police and firefighters also had to stop fires that were caused by the protesters.  In total, 233 were arrested by the end of today, with 45 policemen and 3 Provincial Guardsmen injured.  Rubber bullets, pepper spray, and water cannons were all used against protesters, who threw rocks, toppled barricades, and in some cases attacked police with blunt weapons.

      Last Saturday marked the 4-month mark since the beginning of protests in December 2019.  Since then, several high-ranking progressives, including potential 2021 candidate Representative Emilio Marcus and Minority Speaker of the Concilio Populi Anna Ferrero, have taken up the cause of the protests, advocating for a reduction of the Church's influence in Salvian politics, potentially to the point of completely separating Church and state.  President Patrick Saulius's pro gratia defrocking came as he was pressured by many urban progressives, and there are rumors that those same urban progressives are drafting a new law that would require clergy members to renounce their position in order to take office, a bill that would directly conflict with the establishment of the Concilio Clerici. Only time will tell how the Salvian people react.

      Edited by Salvia
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      It was with sadness that I learned of the death of Former Chairman Hano Ketenya yesterday.

      Former Chairman Ketenya was a great friend and ally of Gallambria. He was also a patriot, serving his
      country with honour and distinction in Office.

      My thoughts and prayers are with Former Chairman Ketenya's family and the Orioni people.



      16th March 2020, Santhope House



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      Home ● Metztli ● World ● Business ● Politics ● Science ● Religion ● Culture ● Arts

      Surprise meeting within the Teocalli of Finance.

      Yesterday morning at around 7am there was a surprise high-level meeting within the Teocalli of Finance Headquarters within Altepetl Tekaken made up of Agricultural-based members of the Temple of the All-High and independent members of the Teocalli of Finance lasting until 2 PM. Several of the subjects debated within the Teocalli of Finance were released this morning, related to recent issues with incompetency in the allocating of commercial farmland to the detriment of subsistent or local commercial farmers. The end meeting votes on further action against the encroachment on rural lifestyles came out inconclusive with no unified yes/no answer of 47/32 (59.5% yes 40.5% no). For a resolution to pass there must be at least 60% or higher of the members involved to vote yes.

      The handling of farmland for international commercial use has been considered a "high-level" issue since the end of the civil war by the Teocalli of Finance, but has only recently made steps towards the safe guarding of local farms and companies. Several members within the Teocalli of the Commoners and the Teocalli of Finance itself have voiced their concerns and criticisms of a lack of a direction in the issues - the most vocal being the ex-priest of administration of the Teocalli of Finance, Xiadani Lin, who vehemently stated that "the lack of coordination within the Teocalli of Finance and the Teocalli of the All-High is a clear example of the modern day bureaucratic failures within the current political system... and must undergo new reforms if Metztlitlalio is to prevent the third encroachment of it's national identity.". Many within the parties of Iritentesēt, Repolleka, and even Xoxilla have also voiced their concerns. A representative of Repolleka scrutinised the same failures of voting as "a clear indication of the faults and delays in the new political system". The same representative also said that the slow movement of the Teocalli of Finance in general as "disgusting". A similar representative from Xoxilla was recorded to have said that "the flaws in the current trend towards globalisation within Metztlitlalio has reared it's ugly head as a threat to make the poor poorer and the rich richer".



      Picture of the Teocalli of Finance in Altepetl Tekaken (2018)


      Another topic discussed within the Teocalli of Finance yesterday was related to Bauxite mining, however not many details were allowed to be released into the public, the only thing known is that it was held amongst the highest standing members of the Temple of the All-High and the Temple of the Highest. It is unknown whether or not the Archpriestess herself was directly involved in the meeting. The end vote was also inconclusive of yes/no of 7/8. Although not much is known about the meeting, several have critiqued that a high-level meeting shouldn't even be possible with such few members accounted for and is near-corrupt in it's performance. Those involved in response released a blacked-out document pertaining to the secluded meeting as a form of transparency - no other comments have been made.

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      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Former Chairman Ketenya dies aged 95

      aTDkp9l.jpgZUIDHAVEN -- The name Ketenua might not be the most recognisable among Orinese chairpersons but his period in office was one of its most consequential. Former Chairman Hano Ketenya (1924-2020), who played a crucial role in ending the 1980s economic downturn, died on Friday at his home in Zuidhaven aged 95.

      "He worked very steadily… and gradually brought results," Marita Gebereseti, a former councillor of social services, told Roiters. "He exploited the collapse of the Volsci very skilfully. The prestige of Orioni was much higher when he left office than when he came in."

      New Chairperson $Name expressed in a statement on Friday their profound regret for Ketenya's death, saying the former leader had "dedicated his entire life to the task of glorifying our country." Sometimes the unexpected course of history can define the success of a leader as much as being a key player in shaping it.

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      President Patrick Saulius's Request for Laicization Granted Amid Church Corruption Scandal

      President Patrick Saulius, who had also held the title of "Archbishop", was defrocked by Pope Gregory XVII "pro gratia"- meaning by the request of President Saulius himself.  The request was submitted last Sunday by Saulius, according to the Church, and was granted last night.  

      The request, which was released in full to the public this morning, showed that Saulius sought the defrocking due to his "ineligibility to be both a member of the clergy and of Salvia's political sphere."  

      The move was lauded by urban progressives, who saw it as "another step towards freeing the state of Church corruption," as minority leader Representative Anna Ferrero put it in an interview this afternoon.  Many progressives, especially since the revelation of the Church scandal, have pushed for a separation of Church and state.  The topic was rarely brought up before the scandal, with most Salvians considering the intertwining of Church and state as necessary for maintaining the morality of the state.  And while many still hold that sentiment, there are a growing number of Salvians who don't.

      The diocese of Minotia and Catholic Aslonia, the diocese that Saulius was archbishop of, now has no ruling archbishop and joins 17 other dioceses that need a bishop appointed.

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      I pledge hereby that I shall act according to the Scripts of Law, and fulfill my responsibility as the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people of the Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex, while always wishing for the happiness of the people and the peace of the Occident, turning my thoughts to the people and standing by them,” she said, underlining the emperor’s role within the country’s supreme law.

      Wearing imperial robes in a warm red hue — a color reserved in times past especially for those who sit upon the throne — Empress Kira'Karn sat on the canopied throne, which is decorated with lacquer and silver falcons and sits atop a square dais.

      Senior Councilor Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos - Advocate of the Emperess, Zero Circle - [HIS - Haru Intelligence Services] offered congratulations in response to the empresses speech, saying, “We, the people, look up to Her Majesty the Empress as the symbol of the Imperium and the unity of its people, and, with a renewed spirit, will put our best efforts into creating an era where new culture will flourish as a peaceful, hopeful and proud, realizing a bright future and the people come together in beautiful harmony.”

      Initially, a parade had been planned for after the ceremony to allow the public to see the new empress, however security concerns and the strong winter conditions that are migrating south from the Northern Territories has made the Council of the Nine and associated government announce that they would reschedule the parade for some time in August, out of consideration for those affected by the overly strong conditions earlier in the month.

      In celebration of the new empresses enthronement, the government also granted pardons to some 550,000 people on Tuesday.

      Most of them are those who were found guilty and fined for minor infractions during the beginning of the Northern occupation. The amnesty is limited to removing a temporary prohibition on violators qualifying for national professional licenses and restoring their civil rights.

      The number of individuals is still considerably smaller than previous occasions when pardons were issued. When Emperor Sa'Karn conducted the Augustian Involvement Act in November 1970, some 2.5 million were pardoned. About 4,300 of those pardoned were those who had received penalties for election violations, leading to criticism that the pardons were political in intent.

      The shrinking number is said to reflect the government’s shift of focus from the rehabilitation of criminals to the consideration of victims.

      In a survey conducted by the Imperial Press news agency in September, some 54.2 percent of respondents were against the tradition of pardoning people, while about 20.5 percent were in favor. Those who weren’t sure amounted to 25.3 percent. The survey was based on interviews with 2,000 individuals, of which 62.3 percent provided valid responses.

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      Synkletos to Reconvene

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has announced the intention to reform and reconvene the Synkletos, the Senate. This comes as something of a surprise announcement, considering that the Agios Basileos Kommodos III, may Christ guide him, had not demonstrated any interest in that ancient institution since his acclamation as monarch in EK7513 (AD2005), in the aftermath of the Civil War. There were many possible reasons for this, with critics of the current government suggesting that it was because of the fact that the Agios Basileos did not want any oversight of his government's actions by a body that he could not directly control. However, this can be challenged by the fact that the monarch had sole power over the appointment of any person to the Synkletos. If the Autokrator wished to stack it in his favour, he could have. It has been suggested that the body itself had become moribund, with little power and costing the weakened economy of Arhomaneia vast amounts of money which it was not able to continue doing after the devastation wrought during the Civil War.

      A committee to investigate the precise form of the reborn Synkletos is to be headed by the Kouropalates Fillipos Kommenos. Kommenos is a long-time ally of Kommodos, even though they ran against each other during the election for the Leopard Throne. He is, however, a scion of one of the most famous aristocratic families himself, a living example of the establishment. It is unknown to what extent he will allow truly representative elected body to be created. The committee itself is to be made up of a wide ranging group, taking in academics from several leading universities, members of various Logothesia, numerous priests, some think tanks and has even been given the brief of interviewing barbaroi on the subject of how democracy functions in foreign nations.

      The announcement has been met with a mix of celebration from most quarters, but a distinct amount of scepticism from others. There has been no word by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion as to just how the Synkletos is going to be organised, whether it will follow the old method of members being appointed to it or inheriting their position, in the old manner. This has led to the suggestion that it will be little more than a rubber-stamp body to give the actions of the government a democratic veneer, and nothing like a proper, representative democracy that is becoming one of the most common methods of government across Eurth.

      The Nea Demokratia movement, led by Isaakios Niketas, has seemingly been taken by surprise by this announcement. Despite Niketas being a leading member of the Synkletos before EK7513 and consistently advocating that the Synkletos be reopened, neither him nor his organisation seem to have been consulted by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. When asked about the announcement by this paper, Niketas himself declined to answer personally, but Nea Demokratia did give an answer. “The campaign run by Nea Demokratia over the last decade and a half is vindicated by the announcement by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. We are glad that the Agios Basileos has seen reason and is going to reintroduce the ancient tradition of democracy back into Arhomaneia.”

      It is very likely that the exclusion of Niketas and Nea Demokratia is a purposeful snub on the part of the government. The former Proedros has never been an ally of Kommodos, even when they were members of the government of Theodosios VI. Their working relationship was reportedly strained, as both men were known as being quite stubborn. However, perhaps it can be hoped that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will relent and allow Nea Demokratia a voice at the meetings that are to decide the future of democracy in Arhomaneia. The often common perceptions of Niketas as either a demagogue purposefully trying to subvert Arhomaneia to his own ends or an entitled aristocrat attempting to regain a cushy sinecure are undoubtedly exaggerated. He and his organisation could be able to offer insights that may escape the committee being run by Kouropalates Kommenos, especially as they have cultivated connections with other pro-democracy groups across Eurth.

      In all, it is unknown as to yet just how the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion's play out. Whether it will offer the Arhomaioi more of a say in how their nation is run, as with many other countries in the wurld, or if it will just be some window-dressing on an otherwise authoritarian regime will only come out with time.


      Preserved Railways Given Exemption from Pollution Legislation

      The numerous preserved and historic railways in Arhomaneia have been living under an uncertain future due to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion's pro-environment agenda and clean air policies. These issues added to the decline in interest with younger visitors and potential volunteers, in part due to the fact that most Arhomaioi these days did not grow up in what has been termed the “age of steam”. It's a hobby that is seen as old fashioned, dirty and polluting in these days of electric trains and green energy. Indeed, this was the angle that the Logothesion ton Angelon, the Ministry for the Environment, had started to take. Much to the dismay of the preserved railways that dot the country and their volunteers, the Logothesion saw no reason to not apply the same legislation that was to reduce and clean up coal burning power stations to the locomotives used by the railways.

      “It was a looking like a complete disaster,” said, Tiberios Kastoriotes, a volunteer at the Byzliteia Historic Railway, which is based at the small town of the same name, just to the west of Resafa. “The legislation would have probably have killed us. We depend on visitors and donations, and visitors want to see the locomotives in action. There's nothing like seeing a steam engine in action – the smells, the sounds, the sights!”

      Many of the preserved railways don't just maintain historic steam engines, but the stations and ancillary buildings, as well. Some of them are examples of unique architecture, and without a stream of visitors to help with upkeep, most of them would struggle with repairs with just the money that comes from the Logothesion tes Trapezes, the Ministry of Culture. Some also receive a stipend from the Logothesion ton Basternon, as some act as transport links for some small rural communities. Neither Logothesia could afford to support the railways in their entirety, although both do insist that they give as much money as they can afford to make sure that ones that are most at risk are able to continue to operate. Or at least keep their buildings and locomotives from decaying further.

      However, a new Megas Logothetes ton Agelon was appointed several years ago by the Agios Basileos who saw the situation in a different light. Presbyteros Paulos Narses saw the situation in a different light. Whilst certainly an upholder of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion's view that it is Mankind's duty to not ruin God's Creation, he also saw that this was perhaps something that the government could be flexible on. Likely with the permission of the Agios Basileos, may Christ forever guide him, himself, Presbyteros Paulos allowed preserved railways an exemption from clean air and pollution laws – although this was given the caveat of “within reason”.

      “It is clear that Arhomaneia would be culturally poorer if we allowed such a blanket and unfeeling ban to erase this part of our history,” said Presbyteros Paulos. “Whilst there are static examples that can be viewed in many museums up and down the Megas Agios Basileia, it doesn't quite match up to seeing them as they should be.”

      The actions of the Megas Logothetes ton Agelon has caused some complaints within the business community, as it has demonstrated a significant amount of favouritism for the heritage industry over any other. Whilst the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has attempted to help every aspect of the Arhomaniki economy through the transition to a green and sustainable system, some parts have certainly felt the brunt of it more than others. Certainly, heavy industry and manufacturing companies have begun to lobby the government in order to get similar exemptions as preserved railways, all of which so far have been refused. Representatives of these industries have pointed out that they are add significantly more to the economy of Arhomaneia than preserved railways, or even the heritage industry as a whole, and therefore exemptions for them would boost the entirety of the nation. So far, the Logothesion ton Agelon has pointed out that this is precisely why they cannot have an exemption, if the nation is going to keep its commitment to the Laren Agreement.

      Nonetheless, volunteers like Tiberios Kastoriotes see this as a stay of execution, if not a complete vindication. “I agree with what Tagmatika is trying to do – preserving God's Eurth is something I wholeheartedly believe in. I just don't see how getting rid of a living, breathing part of Arhomaneia's history will achieve that. But I don't see this exemption lasting as long as I want it to.”

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      New Pontiff of the Salvian Catholic Church Elected


      Cardinal Matteo Selva Lorenzo of Alvernia has been elevated to the Papacy after an election began just two and a half weeks ago, making it the longest election in the last 100 years.  The fourth Marenesian pope to be elected in a row, Lorenzo ascends the Papal throne at the age of 75 as the 266th pope in the Salvian Church's 2,000 year history.  Lorenzo chose the name Gregory, becoming the seventeenth pope sharing the name. 

      The choosing of the name is seen as quite more than a formality to any believer- it can also be an indicator for the pope's goals and mission.  Cardinal Lorenzo, now Pope Gregory XVII,  is well known for his largely conservative theological beliefs- his stance on abortion, gay marriage, and other issues is firmly rooted in traditionalist thinking- but he is also well known for his merciful teachings, emphasizing the compassion of Jesus, and humble lifestyle.  He also cared deeply for the poor while in Alvernia, frequently preaching against the social and ethnic inequality present most notably in the north.

      Cardinal Lorenzo was one of the front-runners for pope, many cardinals say, although he was certainly not the favorite.

      "While some expected him to win, to many he was an underdog- a long shot, almost," Cardinal Laurence Peccatus of @Eulycea would tell Salvian media.  Peccatus was also the one to announce to the expectant crowd of a new pope, proceeding in front of Lorenzo to announce, "Habemus Papam"- "We have a pope."

      Gregory comes to the Papal throne at a time of great crisis in the Church as corruption scandals continue to rock the faithful.  This, combined with infighting among Church cardinals over social teaching and theological practices, is sure to keep the newly elected pope busy.  The crisis, while hanging over the heads of the Church and Salvian state, was absent as crowds of protesters were replaced with earnest and pious pilgrims from all over the wurld.   In fact, protests across Salvia ceased entirely, instead celebrating the election of a new pope who will hopefully solve the crisis.

      Pope Hilarius XIX of the Tacolic Catholic Church, seated in Intreimor, @Iverica, was the one who official elevated Cardinal Lorenzo to the pontificate after the conclave's election, as tradition dictates.  With the elevation of Pope Gregory, the Diarchy is complete for the first time in 3 years, the longest time without a complete pair in Church history.

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      Start of the Calpolli campaign season.

      The time has come again and after two whole months of delays due to investigations into corruption, the Metztlitlalio campaigning season has begun! As the third election season since the reorganisation of the nation in 2009, much has changed in terms of politics and public awareness, but with last months wave of turmoil and the abolishment of the Qopnō Party from this years elections, many thought that the Iritentesēt would dominate this year, but with two months less then usual within the campaigning season most minor political parties have been able to save funds that would've had to be stretched over the 6 month period and now distribute them into higher costing advertisements just within the four months. Whereas larger political parties have already met the caps of outside investors into their parties. This has had the presumed affect of giving the minor parties a larger voice for this years elections to potentially rival the now seemingly uncontested Iritentesēt party. 


      From the ashes of the Qopnō Party, the two largest daughter parties to have emerged are Milchiuhquitl and Cenneneuhqueme. Milchiuhquitl has stated it's goals is to supplant Qopnō as the nation's conservative party, expressing similar virtues to Qopnō such as continuing the current globalisation at it's current rate, heavy support for the priesthood and Crescent Socialism[1]. Many have cited Milchiuhquitl as a potential rival to Iritentesēt due to taking control over the old voter base of Qopnō. On the other hand, others have placed doubt on the validity of the party, with many within Iritentesēt, Xoxilla, and similar political parties regarding Milchiuhquitl as a sly attempt to subvert the Temple of the Warrior and the Temple of the All-High's verdicts. The chairman of the board of Milchiuhquitl, Anci Nocelotl (known for her anti-savery views), has stated within the last month that Milchiuhquitl 'no longer has political involvement with Qopnō.'. Cenneneuhqueme meanwhile poses a more liberal ideology in both globalism and culture, often noted to have a more 'radical' view on the removal of slavery. Whereas the current plans are abolishment of slave purchasing by 2025 and total abolishment by 2030, Cenneneuhqueme's chairman of the board (Huemac Vitale) states they will have the complete destruction of the slave trade by 2023 with the national economy not worse for wear. Most parties in opposition to Cenneneuhqueme and Huemac Vitale have severely pushed back against his plans as 'pipe dreams' and 'nigh-impossible' when lined up against current economic trends. However, Huemac Vitale has repeatidly stated that with help from overseas from allied nations within LAANN and the Dominion of Limonaian States, as well as the abolishment of slavery will further help Metztlitlalio in the world stage to form new alliances and friendships. The Iritentesēt party as not officially released a statement on the abolishment of their largest rival party of Qopnō, but the party's chairman of the board, Citlalmina Tlōmok, has responded to the news in her private life with positivity.


      Last week, a opinion poll was set up from Wednesday to Saturday with 2,000 participants from Altepetl Tekaken on which political party they were going to vote for in the upcoming election. The poll was dominated by two parties, Milchiuhquitl and Iritentesēt, with Cenneneuhqueme and Xoxilla trailing behind. This years election season is surely going to be a spectacle with numerous parties undergoing talks for coalitions.





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      Warning: Website security has been breached by an unknown IP

      Opening Meta Commentary...

      Home ● Metztli ● World ● Business ● Politics ● Science ● Religion ● Culture ● Arts ● Meta

      Metztlitlalio - Election Season (Meta Commentary)

      The time has come and Metztlitlalio is finally having it's election season after 2 months of delays. As expressed in the Eurth discord, nations will have the opportunities to 'aid' certain political parties in the next couple months, offering funding and the like. A separate thread will be created next week (as of time writing) with the relevant data. It should be mentioned that I will be semi-realistic with the elections, so if a nation is caught red-handed by the Metztli government, they will take the appropriate actions against the opposition.

      You might be thinking "why on eurth would I ever risk such an operation?!". Firstly, Metztlitlalio is a third world impoverished nation, it wouldn't be insanely difficult to achieve considering the superpowers of the real world often attempt to sway nations in their elections. Secondly, if you succeed, that is an entire nation under your wing for the next 5 years (unless the Temple of the All-High figures out the ploy in that time, or there is another civil war).

      There are currently 9 political parties that run nation wide: Milchiuhquitl, Cenneneuhqueme, Iritentesēt, Repollēka, Capitalista, Xoxilla. Chrisoyotl. Salaxēka, and Tapetlli. When the thread directly related to elections is created, a short description of each of the party's goals and ambitions will be laid out in the first post. Some parties are obviously more likely then others to win in the elections, which is something that you should keep in mind. Funding one specific party might just split the vote and lead to a party in opposition to take the lead. Also remember opinion polls are often skewed to single locations or demographics 😉.

      Good luck to all who want to take part! If you want specific details now (as of the time of post), simply Direct Message me on Discord, and I can send you a list for each party.


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      The Ahranaian Press Networks Presents the Federal News Agencies of the Federation, all which bring the news to the people of the Federation and those abroad

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      Following several weeks of trials and investigations the enquiry into the corruption within the Temple of Elements has been concluded. In total 27 former members of the Priesthood (13 Female/14 male) were convicted on various charges with 10 (7male/3 female) receiving the death penalty. The remaining 17 faced prison sentences ranging from 5 years to 35 years. A further 18 people (10 Female/8 Male) were found not-guilty yet despite this verdict were ejected from the Priesthood by Queen Julia III who stated "It is my task as Queen and Guardian of the Elements to ensure that our Priesthood is pure and beyond reproach. Even those with the stench of comradeship with the guilty must be prevented from preaching or teaching in our Temples. After all these people must have known of the practices taking place against the faith and they did nothing. In my eyes while they may not be guilty they are not worthy to work for the Gods." 

      Later in the day the Queen attended  Thale Gaol where the first round of 8 executions took place. This was the first time in around 200 years that a member of the royal family has attended an execution. Speaking upon leaving the executions the Queen spoke briefly with the Press stating, "My task as Guardian is to be the enforcer of the Gods among those who would teach their ways. I have a duty as monarch of Morheim to sign the Order of Execution for every single person sentenced to death by the judges of our nation following a fair trial. Satisfied that these individuals had been given exactly that I had no hesitation in signing the orders. As I am the one effectively ending their lives I must have the courage to see through the actions I have begun. It is therefore only fitting that I look the people who have committed crimes against my people in the eye before they are executed." The Queen did not confirm whether she would attend every execution stating only. "The business of purifying the faith is coming to an end and I must therefore return to my duties as Queen ensuring Morheim prospers as best it can. That will be my focus moving forward." 


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      We would like to start off with an apology for the site's inactivity for the past month, as we have been very busy updating our website's look. Some of you more observant readers of our website may have noticed we went offline for the past couple days as we have been tinkering with the website's code! We would also like to dispel rumours about our site being 'hacked'. Our website and all websites linked to the Temple of Finance are 100% secure and always run on the latest AV_TEOKOS system! So don't worry about your data being stolen or any such nonsensical whispers.

      As of today, we are returning full force, with a new comprehensive detailing of multiple events of this week throughout the website. We hope you enjoy this new face of ours, and we apologise for any inconveniences.



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      Corruption Whittling Ends - Democracy must move forward!

      After 3 months of thorough investigations into all major political parties, no other backdoor deals or large-scale bribery scandals have emerged outside of the original Qopnō Party documentation. After such a tiresome month of court cases and rulings, the Qopnō Party has been officially barred from the up and coming elections starting next month, resulting in an exodus of many of the most famous politicians and of Qopnō to flee to join other parties, or form their own bands of politicians. The largest political group to arise from the ashes is Milchiuhquitl, comprising half of the old Temple Convention and most of the party's members of their board. The Chairman of the new board of Milchiuhquitl, Anci Nocelotl, is well known for her more radical views on worker's rights and anti-slavery and who was presumed to be the main force in the past decade on the introduction of LAANN cooperation in the current push for the removal of slavery.

      Chicahua Moretti, the chairman of the board of the current Qopnō Party stated last night that "he was ashamed at the actions of those he once called friends", and that he "strive(s) to improve(ing) Qopnō from it's current terrible position and reputation by this time next elections.".

      With the removal of Qopnō from the political scene for the upcoming elections, many are unsure of who will be the new majority party, as many people who voted for Qopnō in the past did so strategically, and not for their own personal ideologies. Some have speculated that the Archpriestess is taking advantage of the current situation to influence the arrival of a new voting system. However, such new voting system would take at least a year for development, and will have to go through the Temple of the Commoners. The future of Metztlitlalio is open and fresh, everyone has an opportunity now to shape!

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      of Thursday, 20th February 2020



      20 FEBRUARY 2020


      The KING has been graciously pleased to give orders
      for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Order of St George:


      To be an Ordinary Member of the First Class or,
      Knights and Dames Grand Cross, of the said Order (G.C.St.G) :-

      General Sir Sebastian MARTIN-POWELL, G.C., K.C.St.G., C.G., C.S.C. and Bar, M.C. and Bar. Vice Chief of the Defence Staff.


      To be an Honorary Member of the First Class or,
      Knights and Dames Grand Cross, of the said Order (G.C.St.G) :-

      His Majesty, King Aiden REDMOND, King of Seylos, Eire, Plenmont, and Sark

      Archbishop Patrick SAULIUS, President of Salvia


      To be an Ordinary Member of the Second Class or,
      Knights and Dames Commanders, of the said Order (K.C.St.G -or- D.C.St.G) :-

      Lieutenant General Johnathon DOYLE BURNS, C.G., M.C., K.S.M. Commandant-General, Royal Gallambrian Marines.

      Air Vice Marshal Dame Bethany WEBSTER, D.C.G.O., C.G., C.S.C., R.R.C., C.St.J. Air Officer Commanding, Support Command, Royal Gallambrian Air Force


      The KING has been graciously pleased to give orders
      for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Royal Georgian Order:


      To be an Ordinary Member of the First Class or,
      Knights and Dames Grand Cross, of the said Order (G.C.G.O)

      Sir Jock SPURGEON-PRICE, K.C.G.O., K.S.O., C.T.M., P.C., late Private Secretary to the King.


      The KING has been graciously please to give orders
      for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Order of St John:


      To be an Ordinary Member of the First Class or,
      Bailiffs and Dames Grand Cross, of the said Order (G.C.St.J)

      Sir Jock SPURGEON-PRICE, K.C.G.O., K.S.O., C.T.M., P.C., late Private Secretary to the King, Lord Prior-Designate of the Order of St John.






      20 FEBRUARY 2020

      THE KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of
      A BAR to the STAR OF COURAGE to the undermentioned:

      S.C. and Bar

      Warrant Officer Class One Michael Keith PAYNE S.C., M.G., M.M.
      Gallambrian Army, Garrison Sergeant Major, Bromwich Military District

      On the morning of 31 January 2020, WO1 Payne, was travelling with Sergeant MCDONALD, Seylosian Army, along Queen Street, Bromwich, when they noticed gunmen enter the Gallambrian Stock Exchange.

      After Sergeant MCDONALD called for emergency services, the two men started to clear the area of bystanders. WO1 Payne, who had served as a Combat Medical Technician with the 1st Commando Regiment during the Marenesian wars, was able to effectively administer first aid to the victims of the attack. At times, WO1 Payne and Sergeant McDonald were both entering the building, whilst the gunmen were still active, to retrieve victims and bring them to safety.

       By his conspicuous courage in which he placed himself in great peril, Warrant Officer Class 1 Michael Payne saved the lives of countless victims.


      THE KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of
      the STAR OF COURAGE to the undermentioned:


      Sergeant Anthony MCDONALD
      Seylosian Army, Military Attaché Office, Seylosian Embassy

      On the morning of 31 January 2020, Sergeant McDonald, visiting Defence Member of the Seylosian Army, on secondment to the Military Attaché Office, Seylosian Embassy, was travelling with Warrant Officer Class 1 Michael PAYNE, along Queen Street, Bromwich, when he noticed gunmen entering the Gallambrian Stock Exchange. After which, he immediately called for Police and Emergency Services.

      Shortly after, the gunmen began to carry out their attack on employees and visitors. Up till the first emergency services arrived, Sergeant McDonald ensured that the area immediately outside of the building was clear of bystanders and victims, and also was administering first aid to those affected by the attack.

      By his conspicuous courage in which he placed himself in great peril, Sergeant Anthony McDonald saved the lives of countless victims.


      THE KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of
      the EDWARD MEDAL to the undermentioned:


      Amara BURNS, Citizen of Seylos

      Rowan CARR, Citizen of Seylos

      Ben COHEN, Bromwich

      Clayton FOSTER, Citizen of Seylos

      Maly GAIREA, Citizen of Batengdei

      Aaron HAYES, Citizen of Seylos

      Vinh LAOI, Citizen of Batengdei

      Mere LAOI, Citizen of Batengdei

      Cillian MILLS, Bromwich

      Rosie MITCHELL, Citizen of Seylos

      Kone NGUYEN, Citizen of Batengdei

      Declan SPENCER, Citizen of Seylos


      THE KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of
      the KING'S POLICE MEDAL FOR GALLANTRY to the undermentioned:


      Constable ‘C’, Tactical Response Group, Gallambrian Capital Territory Police Force

      Constable ‘J’, Tactical Response Group, Gallambrian Capital Territory Police Force

      Senior Constable ‘S’, Tactical Response Group, Gallambrian Capital Territory Police Force

      Sergeant ‘X’, Tactical Response Group, Gallambrian Capital Territory Police Force


      THE KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of
      the KING'S GALLANTRY MEDAL to the undermentioned:


      Private ‘B’, Gallambrian Army

      Captain ‘F’, Gallambrian Army

      Lance Corporal ‘G’, Gallambrian Army

      Sergeant ‘L’, Gallambrian Army

      Private ‘M’, Gallambrian Army







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      Perya Sea Mining Systems - [BCSC] is set to be the first Haru company to commercially explore the sea floor. The company plans to search for SMS systems, a potential source of high grade copper, gold, zinc and silver.


      BCSC is developing a production system using existing technologies adapted from the offshore oil and gas, dredging and mining industries.

      Its first project, a copper-gold project, Lubban 1, is due to start development offshore the city-state Perya in the second fiscal quarter of K1.

      BCSC has been developing the kit it needs for carrying out this work, including three sea floor production tools (SPTs), a riser and lifting system (RALS), a launch and recovery system (LARS), and a production support vessel (PSV).

      The SPTs, built in northeast Perya by Ocean Soil Machine Dynamics (OSMD), arrived earlier this year and are being put through trials. Work on the production support vessel, including integrating the LARS and ancillary equipment, is ongoing at the Perya City Ship-buildings Number Eight shipyard.

      The SPTs comprise three different vehicles, one each for three separate sea floor tasks. These are an auxiliary cutter to prepare the sea bed for the second tool, a more powerful bulk cutter. This is then followed by the third vehicle, a collecting machine, which then pumps the seawater slurry through a flexible pipe to the PSV via a riser system. Following initial processing, materials would be transferred to a vessel for shipment.

      The cutting drum of the bulk cutter was designed and built by HINRD [Haru Imperial Navy Research and Design]; all the SPTs track sets were designed and built by HHVRL [Haru Heavy Vehicle Research Lab]. Modification to the track set for subsea operation and required cutting duty was completed by OSMD in consultation with HHVRL and HINRD. The dredge pumps for all three SPTs were supplied by Oscathe. The hydraulic equipment for all three SPTs is based on existing VCI [Verlaine Corporate Industries] hydraulic equipment, with adaptations by OSMD.

      The nationalized Imperial Mining & Gas Consortium has been involved in the development of the subsea slurry and lift pump. The riser has been designed by BCSC main contractor, HHVRL, and built by subcontractor Perya Marine Mechanica. An agreement for the charter of a PSV to be first deployed at the Lubban 1 Project was awarded to the city-state Komsomolsk-na-Amure based, Seafarer Marine Assets.

      BCSC is also weighing operations offshore elsewhere in the Ranke Sea.


      Many others are watching. Deep sea mining could offer offshore industry firms a new business, and the Imperium could be at the forefront of this business a representative of BCSC told INN. The deep sea mining chain is practically the same as you have in other extractive industries. Exploration, seismic, production, logistics, processing, distribution and sales, he says.

      Further, the source notes similar technologies are used in the planning and production phases, and says that the support vessel being developed by BCSC for SMS recovery is similar to a drillship design. We are mostly interested in surface vessels, he says. 

      OSMD has also continued its work in this space, teaming up with Komsomolsk-na-Amure based Underwater Mining Services, which already supplies shallow water mining equipment, to offer full scope subsea mining equipment.

      The most developed area of the supply chain is the logistics, i.e. transporting ore from the production vessel to the coast for processing. The least developed part of the chain is the subsea part, our source says. 

      Edited by Haruspex
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      The Prime Minister, Nadia Burnett at a media briefing this morning, outlining
      the terms of reference for the Bloody January Royal Commission. (Source: GAPS)

      BROMWICH: A Royal Commission will be held into whether Gallambrian authorities could have prevented the terror attacks on Tamworth and Bromwich that killed 4,234 people, Prime Minister Nadia Burnett has announced.

      Since the attacks in Tamworth and Bromwich, a few weeks ago, questions have been asked about how the attackers, were not flagged by any of the Gallambrian intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

      While the government last week promised a probe would be held, Burnett today, confirmed it would be a royal commission - the most serious form of investigation possible into failures of government.

      "While Gallambrians and people from around the world are both grieving and showing compassion, they are also quite rightly asking about how these terror attacks were able to happen here," she said in Bromwich this morning.

      Gallambria's two domestic security agencies have both confirmed they were not keeping tabs on the splinter group. They last week welcomed an investigation.

      The Home Secretary, Gabriella Robinson, has denied suggestions authorities had not paid enough attention to the New Cambrian Revolutionary Army (NCRA) and its splinter groups, and said an increased focus had been put on separatist and revolutionary groups over the last year.

      "There will be a focus on whether our intelligence community was concentrating its resources appropriately and whether there were any reports that could, or should, have altered them to these attacks," Barnett said. "It is important that no stone is left unturned to get to the bottom of how these acts of terrorism occured and what, if any, opporunities we had to stop it."

      Five members of the NCRA remain behind bars at a maximum security prison, they face charges, including, commit a terrorist act, plan or prepare for a terrorist act, finance terrorism or a terrorist, and possess things connected with terrorist acts. They face the mandatory maximum penalty of life imprisonment, without parole. They are due to face the Supreme Court in March.



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      Hello and welcome to another edition of Ahrana Today, where we bring news across the Federation and the World to you the viewer. On this edition we have a reorganization of the Intelligence Directorate, The Salvian Catholic Pope Election, Terrorists Under trial in Gallambria, Congressional Deadlock and Possible Congressional Elections for Ahranaian Congress, Ahranaian Government issues its stance on the Cussian Crisis, and so much more here on Ahrana Today.


      The Federal Government issued a statement today detailing a reorganization including the Intelligence Directorate and the Federal Police. The statement is as follows:

      On behald of the Federal Government it gives me great pride to release a statement from the desk of the Ahranaian Federal President, after hours of debate by the Presidium and the Representatives from all Member Republics of the Federation it has been decided that the Federal Police Commissioner and the Director of Intelligence will now fulfil both roles of each Agency. The Security Services of Ahrana which was till last week its own Intelligence Agency has been dissolved and placed inside the ADI to fulfil the role of that agency. The Federal Police of Ahrana will remain as part of the Armed Forces of the Ahranaian Federation but will instead be headed by the Director of Intelligence as the Offices will now be paired as one. All members of the Presidium and Federal Councils have agreed and voted on this change to take effect on the 25 February 2020 at 00:00AT. As well with the Offices being joined together the Directorate of Intelligence no longer answers to the Minister for Intelligence and now answer directly to the Federal President, Presidium and all Federal Councils. The ADI will however keep the Legislative Minister for Intelligence. The Constitutional Court of Ahrana has ruled in favor of the reform stating the see now violation of the Constitution in this change. Thank you all for coming today and thank you all for listening have a great day.

      The new make up of the ADI has raised some eyebrows but no one has received and exact answer for the mix of the ADI and Federal Police and why exactly the Federal Ministry of Intelligence has been dissolved, one can only speculate what is to come.


      There has been several weeks of deadlock in the Congressional Houses of the creation a larger Centralized Government and the future of the Office of Federal President. Many of the Members of Congress are furious with the recent move of the Intelligence Community and the Federal Police, at one point when the Legislative Minister of Intelligence announced the change many Members of Congress grew furious and begun hollering at the Legislative Minister while he was speaking at the podium. Once the Minister was done talking several members of congress some against the change and some for the change got in a brawl in the Chamber of Deputies while the chamber was in session. The President of the Assembly had to call the Congressional Guards and even some Federal Police Officers to break up the disorderly conduct.

      Since the fighting broke out in the Chamber of Deputies both Congressional Houses have been in a deadlock between Pro-Government Supporters and so called "Separatists". The Federal Council has issued a Declaration and ultimatum to the Congressional Houses stating that within a week if the deadlock continues along with the violence the Congressional Houses will be sacked and a Legislative Election will be called up. Since the issue of that statement from the Federal Council the Federal Assembly has begun proceeding foreword with a Inquiry into the Federal President and the entire Executive Level. The Chamber of Deputies however have started to stop the nonsense and has asked the Federal Assembly to stand down. However seeing that now neither chamber is in agreement on what needs to be done it is most likely possible that Ahrana will be seeing an Emergency Legislative Election in a few weeks.


      The Federal Government has also released a statement from the Office of the Federal President on the issue of the Cussian Crisis. The Press Secretary of the Federal President announced this last night:

      The Stance of the Ahranaian Federation on the situation called the Cussian Crisis has been a long debated subject at the Executive Level and finally an agreement between all Executive Parties have been reached. The Ahranaian Federation will uphold the Statute of Peace that has governed these questions for so many years. Ahrana will not be drawn into a global conflict that has nothing to do with Ahrana itself. However, the Government has agreed to send Medical Supplies and Food Supplies for all parties involved. The Ahranaian Federation also asks that the other Nations in the world understand that any form of bloodshed for territorial gains or political are pointless. The Executive Government asks other nations to join with Ahrana and create a peacekeeping force for the crisis to help with the Medical situation and the humanitarian crisis that the region there is facing. Ahrana sees the idea of a Peacekeeping force in that region as a means to keep any form of Genocides and War from happening. Ahrana will not supply any sides with Military Aid only the Peacekeeping force if created would receive such aid. We also, as Ahranaians, ask the world to respect our stance ask that no one violated our neutrality in this situation and only respects our decision to want to help these people. Thank you all for coming....


      Now in Worldly news, the Catholic Church of @Salvia are set to elect a new Pope after the postion being vacant from a lengthy period of time, it is unknown currently to our people on the ground exactly who and when the new Pope will be announced. To many people in Ahrana who are faithful this is an odd practice as in the Church of Ahrana the head of the Imperial House is the Head of both Ahranaian Churches that being the Ahranaian Orthodox Church and the Ahranaian Catholic Church. When the new Salvian Pope has been elected we will update those of the Salvian Diaspora in Ahrana on the Election of the new Pope.

      In other news, inside the Kingdom of @Gallambria a trial of Terrorists is being commenced after several Terrorists were arrested the other day. Several Acts of Terrorism inside Gallambria have shook the country to its core leaving many dead with the total of dead numbering over the thousands. With the recent past of Ahrana many Ahranaians know what many Gallambrians are feeling during these attacks. The Ahranaian Government has issued that the Terrorist Group(s) CRA and the NCRA are on the Watchlist of the Intelligence Directorate and Federal Police, the Government has also issued its condolences for the deaths these attacks have causes. The Government is even preparing a plan and letter for the Gallambrian Government issuing that if any form help is need Ahrana wishes to help in any capacity available and needed.

      The Ahranaian Government is deeply sadden to hear that more people have lost their lives in the Kingdom of Gallambria over Terrorist Attacks across the Country. On behalf of the Government and as Federal President I wish to offer my condolences to all families impacted by these Attacks. I also walk forward to the Government of Gallambria with my Arms wide Open in hopes that if need it be that Ahrana will offer any form of help in any capacity that the Gallambrian Government accepts.

      -Federal President of Ahrana, Sigrid Florence-Goring of Strassburg


      That is all here on Ahrana Today please join us next time for more news from Across the Federation and the World! Thank you and have a good night.

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