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    • Capital City Officially Renamed

      The Mayor of Cinigrad Avery Ray and Vice-President Turner in an combined federal and local broadcast announced that the Federal District of of Cinigrad would unified with the bordering city of Farbanti, a part of the State of November Island, combining into the Federal District of Cinigrad-Farbanti. Effective Immediately, the area of and around Farbanti has been ceded to the Capital District. Farbanti, once one of the most powerful of the Youtabonian city-states, has now been bordered by Cinigrad with little to no dividing lines between them. Talks of annexation began as early the 1980's but had been stalled due to "cultural history" but talks progressed in late 2018 when Cinigradi officials offered to rename the city and district to include both names, and the funding for a Farbanti historical and cultural museum.

    • "...this is Borak with today's headline news. The Health Ministry (Hifvarhdæsn), led by Doctor Lora Jildon, will begin investing 6.5 billion Chaks over 5 years in major hospitals, local clinics, optimized patient flows, new medical technology, and essential research into advanced treatments and medicines. Jildon stated that her Ministry was still developing a more comprehensive budget for the Republic's healthcare service, the Dræd'et, and will present her recommendation to the relevant Senate committee next month..."

      "...Kovex Heavy Industries (Diadænzohem u'Kovex) has been selected by the Rateg City Council (Ekhiel ih'Sivas Rateg) to construct 100,000 units of proper housing. The area that will be developed has long been considered a slum by the local authorities. Rateg's population is expected to grow over the next decade, like many of the major urban centers of Rihan, and the Council insisted that it needed to get ahead of the curve. This also coincides with the anticipation of the construction of over two dozen factories hiring nearly 75,000 employees over the same time period. Residents have been assured by the authorities that they will be consulted on the project over its lifespan. Local police units were called in to maintain order in the city center..."

      "...our brave men and woman continue their advance into Enolia, having achieved victory after victory against the cowardly and uncivilized Enolians. Soldiers of the 8th Legion have made good progress along the coast while their colleagues in the 3rd Legion are moving east in the Thalak Hills. Each legion's key objectives have been made confidential at this time but elements of the Navy's expeditionary fleet was seen leaving port early this morning, indicating they will be playing a role in the ongoing conflict. The Defense Ministry has asked all loyal citizens to keep our soldiers in their thoughts and to make donations towards supporting our forces in the field..."

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      Good evening to all my smart viewers out there. You're watching BS News. I'm Bron Urgundy, coming to you live from San Cristobal.

      DO YOU READ the Medani Monitor? Well, you should. Because they have the best words. Especially this weekend edition, which features a column by yours truly. We all know 2019 will be an important year for Orioni. With the upcoming elections. It's important to be well informed. Here at Big Story News, we bring you the truth, fair and balanced, so you can make up your own mind.


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      Government needs to end the monarchy

      A column by Bron Urgundy.

      SAN CRISTOBAL, @Mauridiviah -- There is a close relationship between the monarchy and the government. While the Sibiseba makes all important decisions in modern times, the Empress still gives “final approval” and signs off on all of our laws. But Empress Joni shouldn’t get involved in the running of government and we expect her political neutrality.

      Something you might not know about the Empress and her relationship to the government is that the line of succession is in fact determined by the constitution. This means technically the government could just decide not to have a successor and the monarchy would die with the current monarch. But it wouldn’t be that simple. For centuries we have interwoven the monarchy and government. And so abolishing it would require a change in the constitution, which would be a long and controversial process.

      There are those like myself that would prefer to see it happen. The republican movement in Orioni announced it would campaign in the 2019 elections to make the case for holding a referendum on the future of the Imperial Household. It was possible in the @Sunset Sea Islands. So why not here?

      Ripebiliki is a grassroots organisation which has over 10.000 members and 50.000 supporters. The organisation makes the argument that our monarchy is not a “harmless tourist attraction” but instead has a history of abusing public finances and intruding in politics.

      Hiram Simizi, leader of the Ripebliki, says his organisation will hold a referendum as soon as possible once the people elect his party to the Sibiseba. He believes a period of transition of 12 months will provide enough time to settle all affairs and transform Orioni into a functional and more democratic republic. 

      I support the ideas of Mr Simizi. The concept of monarchy is outdated. The people deserve a new start. At first, it may feel slightly odd, perhaps even jarring for many people. But many people will also support a change in the head of state.

      Think about it. We’ve got this Empress being elevated above us without debate or even our say into what’s going on. The concept of inheriting a job is ancient and no longer of this time. We’d be doing the Empress a great favour by ridding her of these shackles she was born into.

      And in fact, for those of you who remember their history, we‘ve done away with the monarchy once before in our history. In the 1000s and 1100s, we abolished the monarchy and exiled the Empress. This was the beginning of the Medan Rehabilitation. Sadly, the Monarchy was restored after 1174 by the renegade and traitor Seymond Adhamed.

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    • banner_logo_nbk_by_zagush-dckefd7.jpg

      "...relations between the Kipanese Islands and Fulgistan have slowly but steadily improved since the transition from Imperial to democratic governance. President Yamazaki has made it a priority, alongside bettering ties with Oriental and Thalassan states, during his tenure. NBK has been informed that an official invitation has been extended by the President to General-Secretary Almas to visit the Islands at the beginning of spring. The Foreign Ministry stated that "the meeting of these two states will result in not only further burgeoning relations but open up new opportunities between the countries that will lead to long-term friendship and cooperation." The Ministry also said, "they believed the state visit would be productive for both parties..."

        "...in business news, the Sato Corporation announced the concept of a fuel cell electric car, currently denoted as the S6 in reporting documents. The affordable electric car discussed last month will be put on sale this summer at a cost of 34,400 Ken. Due to the short window between the start of production and initialization of sales, the Corporation has been actively working with municipalities [including the Miyako Metropolitan Corporation] on the installation of thousands of charging points throughout the country. When asked when the fuel cell car would ready for testing, a corporate spokeswoman said: "we anticipate testing of this concept by the beginning of 2020." CEO Asami Sato walked into the conference halfway through and shared that she would be directly involved in the development of the S6."

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      Pictured: Former Minister-President of Kerlia, Matvey Konech (right) at his sentencing.

      After a lengthy legal process, federal courts have sentenced 12 former Kerlian state representatives for various charges, including treason and conspiracy.

      Former Minister-President Matvey Konech, who was among the twelve accused, has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with a chance for parole. Konech's five-year sentence was the lengthiest issued, which has caused him to file a formal appeal for re-sentencing under his insistence that he played an insignificant role in the dissident movement that authorized the illegal Kerlian independence referendum.

      Three other co-conspirators received 3-year sentences while the remaining eight were sentenced to 2 years imprisonment, all with a chance for parole.

      Kerlia's provisional government, still controlled by its judiciary court, has announced that it has scheduled parliamentary- and presidential elections for February and March respectively. The State Executive Emergency Committee will hold one final debriefing before it will be dissolved on the 31st, officially marking the end of the Kerlian crisis.

      -David Fitzgerald

      20 January 2019, Federal Herald  

      Edited by Girkmand
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      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is sad to announce that the Aluxian port of Gradin has fallen to the rebels and traitors that are plaguing the Empire, attempting to usurp the legitimate government of the nation. The brave defenders of the port attempted to resist the assault of the terrorist rabble of the so-called Free Aluxian Army, but without avail. The port fell after several days of combat between the forces loyal to Emperor Davros XXII and those who are under the sway of foreign paymasters. An attempt was made by the loyalist forces to spoil the port facilities, so that they might not be utilised by the traitors to the Aluxian Empire.

      Whilst this might appear to be a selfish act by the governmental forces, it is in fact an entirely necessary and understandable one. The Empire of Aluxia is fighting for its very existence, against a mob that is certainly paid for by interests from outside of the nation, made up of malcontents and commanded by officers and generals bought by this foreign money. Demonstrably so, in fact – this is not merely conjecture or false accusation. As Arhomaneia must remind those whose sympathies lie with the Free Aluxian Army – the Empire of Aluxia is still recognised as the legitimate government of the country by the international community, and was so by all until the recent troubles.

      Not a word of protest was raised against the government until it looked like it was weakening. This is perhaps the true selfish act – no other government or country attempted to help guide the Empire of Aluxia, if it needed guiding, or raised a word in protest at its actions until terrorists killed dozens of its citizens. Apparently, this was in the name of democracy and freedom, which is seemingly enough to absolve the terrorists of the blood on their hands. A crime against God, if there ever was one. It might be said by those who have little clue, or who bend in whichever way the wind is blowing, that Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is an enemy of democracy, modernity and the will of God. But this is not true – far from it. Arhomaneia is the heart of democracy and considers it amongst the core values of our culture, but the hypocrisy of those who support warmongering insurrectionists is painful to all those who are right-thinking. And obvious, as well.

      However, the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion will not bend in such a manner and side with the hypocrites that clamour against the Empire of Aluxia. There are those who challenge the Arhomaneia's reputation as one of the leading defenders of freedom in the world, on the basis of our support of the legitimate government of Aluxia. This is blatant mistake for several reasons. The most obvious of which is that Arhomaneia has always defended freedom – the stance taken against the slaver-states of Eurth, such as Derthalen and the Imperial States of Europe, and the genocidal activity of Greater Serbia are but the most recent examples of this, as well as the AdSoc War, which cost thousands of Arhomaioi their lives and ended in the AdSoc threat being defeated, democracy and freedom being restored to Adaptus.

      To this end, in order to starve the Free Aluxian Army, a terrorist organisation, of the support that it is getting from foreign powers who have an agenda that is in opposition to the welfare of the Aluxian people, the port of Gradin is being closed by the peacekeeping forces led by the Megas Agios Basileia. Any and all humanitarian aid will be directed towards the ports of Chubka and Narlis, as they remain in the hands of the government of Aluxia. Any ships that attempt to run this blockade will be requested to turn back and head towards the aforementioned ports. If it is considered necessary by the peacekeeping forces, they may well be boarded and searched, to check whether the cargo that they carry is indeed legitimate humanitarian aid. Force will not be used unless in the most dire of circumstances and it will be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

      Similarly, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion recommends that that uninvolved sea traffic keep a safe distance from the naval forces that have been deployed off of the coast of the Empire of Aluxia. Due to the perfidious nature of the Free Aluxian Army, shipping that might get too close to the peacekeeping forces will be challenged, in order to ascertain its intentions. The same will be the case for any air traffic, if not more so – due to the use of anti-aircraft weaponry, the airspace above Aluxia may well be doubly dangerous, and it is recommended that any civilian aircraft steer clear of the areas of conflict, at least for the time being. It might be considered that the airspace of Aluxia is a no-go area for the aircraft of uninvolved nations.

      However, Christ and the Saints will protect the righteous.

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    • PNN


      1. AURAID SUMMIT IN WENDOVER. Throughout the past week officials from PyeMcGowan and @Alenveil have gathered at Wendover for the annual Auraid Summit. The first event was a suspiciously secretive meeting on fishing rights between the Leverne and Chonia Islands. The Prime Minister stated that Tarriffs are to be lowered on foodstuffs, which has angered many farmers in importing regions. The delegations have been spending their breaks at the regional Eisteddfod.
      2. INFORMATION ON AA FUNDING. Following the first days of the Auraid Summit, The Government has released revealing information on how the AA is funded. And confident intelligence states that the @Theodorian Government has directly given money, arms, ammunition and vehicles to the terrorists Organisation, currently occupying small towns and villages in remote areas of Anderson. This has caused mass build ups of military forces along the border, with Theodorian ships firing warning shots towards the vastly superior PyeMcGowian Fleets in the area. The Prime Minister has denounced the Theodorian State for its blatant donations, directly harming the PyeMcGowian Public. The Embassy of Theodoria in Charleston has been taken by Police, arresting any suspicious occupants, leading to a police officer being shot by Theodorian embassy security, He is recovering in hospital currently. It is still unclear of the complete PyeMcGowian response, as emergency meetings of many Governmental agencies as committees, including the Parliamentary Committee for Conflict, the Organisation responsible for deciding on military intervention. Additionally to this, an amber warning as both been set for commercial activities at sea and for residents near the Theodorian border.
      3. JOURNALIST ARRESTED AT AURAID SUMMIT. A Journalist for Theodoria Today has been arrested after allegedly they planted listening devices in many conference rooms. The Police has closed important rooms to search for other devices. It is also unclear whether the Journalist, who is remaining unknown, was working for the news agency or the Theodorian Government.
      4. 121 MILLION AURAID LOTTERY JACKPOT. The Auro Millions Jackpot for Sunday is an estimated 121 Auraids! The Broadcast will be present from 9:25 GMT, on PBC One.
      Edited by PyeMcGowan
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    • Alenian National Tribune - ANT



      Yesterday, President Tartaglione visited PyeMcGowan to discuss Auraid fishing rights. At 7:15, he entered the Blue Merchant's Hall and the press were quickly shushed out of the room before they spoke after beginning pictures were taken. However, our reporter Loki Freymarsson noticed that there were military planners and generals present in a merchant's summit. 

      Freymarsson even spoke to the President himself and he was acting very sheepish and quick to try and get Loki out. "Tariffs on imported foodstuffs are being lowered," he told him with a stutter. So, the question remains, is the government lying to us? If so, what could they be lying about? Is it war? Government conspiracy? ANT will continue to investigate this issue.

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    • MP's to vote on this years budget Thursday

      This Thursday Mp's are set to vote for this year's budget. This will be the first big vote since Parliament rejoined after the Christmas break. 

      Obviously the Tories with the majority in the Commons and Knights the budget is expected to pass easily. 

      We will be covering Budget day tomorrow and will update you with any news. With GBNB I'm Amy Collin's.

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