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      Red Cross starts aid mission to Ceris

      Aid increased to crisis-racked Adlantic island

      For several years now, a series of economic and humanitarian crises has affected the island of Ceris, which lies in the western Adlantic Ocean. This has led to the breakdown in effective government for most of the small states that occupy the island, leading to an ever-worsening situation for the population there. The last thirty years has seen many of the countries suffer coup and counter-coup, as well as outbursts of ethnic violence, which has sometimes even become as bad as ethnic cleansing and genocide, on a par with those that have recently been seen in @Greater Serbia and Machina @Haruspex.

      Coupled with this, a dangerous cult – one that has been branded a terroristic organisation by many governments – is spreading across the west of the island. This has made almost the perfect storm for the inhabitants. Warlordism and ethnic strife is on the rise, and many of the countries are on the brink of total collapse. There is almost little hope for there for any internal chances of peaceful resolution to the crises. The east of the island, however, is much more calm than the west, as it lies opposite the Kingdom of @Seylos. The Seylosian government has managed to be something of a stabilising influence, although this may not last all that long as the rest of the island plunges further into anarchy.

      Due to the Ceris crisis, as well as the deteriorating state of the other countries that lie to the north, across the Makhaira Thalassa (the Dolch See), the area has seen a marked increase of piracy over the last year. Dozens of pirate attacks happen each day, making this part of Eurth one of the most dangerous in the wurld, perhaps almost as dangerous as the Meteorolas. Ceris itself, due to the lack of effective government for the most part, provides a shelter for many different pirate groups. As Ceris lies at the western end of the trade routes between Europa and central Argis and eastern, and the Basilikoploimon is cooperating with the Kingdom of Seylos in order to stamp out this threat to wurld trade. At the moment, a powerful naval taskforce is operating out of the Adapton base of Adrotiri, including the Maximos class nuclear carrier, the BPK Nystras. Both the Basilikoploimon and the Seylosian Royal Navy have reduced the threat of piracy to some extent, although the presence of warships can only go so far.

      To this end, the Arhomaniki Red Cross has started an aid mission to Ceris, in order to try to help with the starvation and unsanitary conditions that are beginning to become prevalent across the island. However, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion issued a warning that the safety of the aid workers cannot be guaranteed, even if the local governments extend their cooperation to them. The local warlords may decide to see the unarmed humanitarian workers as a prime targets. “Aid workers carrying out their Christian duty to help the sick, the hungry and the poor should be sacrosanct,” said a spokesperson from the Logothesion ton Barbaron. “However, the barbaroi that populate Ceris may not have the same views as civilised people. Whilst it is recognised that the people of Ceris do need outside help, Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is not able to recommend that any Arhomaioi travel to the island at this time.”

      The Arhomaniki Red Cross itself has been questioned on whether they are aware of the dangers that their workers may be facing when they arrive in Ceris. “All of our workers are aware of the terrible situation on the island and they are keen to carry out God's work, despite the dangers that they might face. We have a local presence in many of the countries already, as part of our wurldwide network, and we will be working with the local governments in order to provide protection for our workers, should they need it.”

      Undoubtedly, as true Christians following Christ's example, the aid workers will be protected from all harm by the will of God. And, on top of that, it should not be doubted that the locals will be grateful for the aid being given to them by more civilised peoples, which will mean that they are going to be disinclined to harm those who are helping them. The presence of the BPK Nystras may make them think twice, too.


      Mercy International opens Office in Europatorion

      Is the Human Rights Organisation a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

      Mercy International is not an organisation that many had heard about until the humanitarian crisis sparked by the Gharoi invasion of Koussoeia. Few took notice of the non-governmental organisation (NGO) when it set up a temporary headquarters in Tagmatika, or as it began to look around for newer premises somewhere within Arhomaneia. It has purchased a site in Europatorion, the capital of the Megas Agios Basileia for hundreds of years, and the redevelopment of the site is nearing completion. The city is one of the main ports on the Kentriki Thalassa, the Central Sea, and is well-placed for access deeper into the Occident. There was initially local opposition to the site selected, although that was overcome through public consultations and assurances that the new building would respect the architectural styling of the vernacular style of the old capital.

      The NGO became one of the loudest, and first, voices raised against the actions of the Sovereign Imperium as they undertook their campaign of ethnic cleansing. It was a voice that was heard before most governments, including that of the country organisation is based in, Orhioneia (@Orioni). The head of Mercy International, Adam Brand, has used this increase in media presence to go on to criticise the government of the Beautiful Empire and state that it needs to be more proactive in holding the Sovereign Imperium to account for its actions.

      This is undoubtedly a good thing – the actions of the Sovereign Imperium have been little short of an outrage. Although the Gerenians are heretics and therefore have fallen from the true teachings of Christ, as mandated by the Church in Arhomaneia, they do not deserve to suffer what they have been forced to go through by the Gharoi. Despite the Orhionioi – and their alliance, the Entente of Oriental States - often being the first to criticise others for abusing human rights, they have done little other than sit on their hands after the multinational humanitarian coalition to help the Gerenians was formed.

      Whilst actions of Adam Brand and his organisation are to be lauded, their creeping influence may not be. They present themselves as a champion of human rights but they likely have their own agenda. Their own literature states that their investigations into abuses of human rights are “determined by [their] own administration”. In this regard, they no better than the Mundus Liber Institute, a notoriously biased organisation that repeatedly and egregiously misjudges Arhomaneia and attempts to steer other nations towards their own political ideology. Likely this is true of Mercy International as well, as they are little more than a grouping of barbaroi, entirely ignorant of the ancient culture of the Arhomaioi. Their recent appointment of Plakidia Lukapena as head of the organisation within Megas Agios Basileia is telling in this regard. Lukapena was a member of the Nea Demokratia, the so-called pro-democracy movement of Isaakios Niketas, which still seeks to pervert the God-guided political structures of Arhomaneia. Lukapena did admittedly quit the organisation due to the dubious practices of Niketas, the disgraced former Proedros, the head of the Synkletos, the Senate.

      It is not a giant leap, then, to suggest that Mercy International is not just aiming to draw attention to outrages such as the ethnic cleansing of the Gerenians, but also attempting to disrupt the very political fabric of the nations of Eurth. This can be seen by the fact that demagogues are being appointed to high level and likely given sway over the organisation's policies. That the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has not sought to prevent the NGO from worming its way into Arhomaneia or protested the appointment of Lukapena shows how well it can be at pulling the wool over the eyes of otherwise-sensible people. To allow it to continue to be based in our nation, let alone in an ancient capital, is a gross oversight.

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      K1/11/05 (Haru calendar is by era and year, K in this format is for the era Kyorl (2019), 1st year of the Emperors rule, followed by the month and the day. Big to small: year → month → day)
      Reporting from INN HQ within the capitol

      Broadly speaking, challenges to the Emperor's policies fall into three categories: statutory, in which critics claim the Emperor and the Royal Court directives encroach on laws already enacted by the Council of Nine; procedural, citing alleged shortcomings under the Royal Ministry Procedure Act; and constitutional, in which challengers invoke, for instance, the Eighth Accord, due process or even separation of powers doctrine.

      Obviously, the categories often overlap. In the travel ban litigation, for instance, the Supreme Tribunal Court considered the legality of the policy on both statutory and constitutional grounds. Challenges to the imperial government’s rescission of temporary protective status for displaced residents of disaster-struck countries and its overturning of the Sa'Karn era Deferred Action for Foreign Arrivals policy have been cited. So have cases by “sanctuary” jurisdictions seeking to block the Imperial Justice Department from cutting off access to services available.

      The litigation over the Emperors recent ban on Ahromanian @Tagmatium Rules observers and peacekeeper personnel outside of an official port of entry on the Northern border presents a trifecta of statutory, procedural and constitutional questions. The Imperial Diplomacy Affairs Ministry claim the new policy was not only adopted without the notice and comment required by the IDAM, but also in violation of the Immigration Act, implicating constitutional separation of powers concerns. According to its critics, the restrictions are just about as illegal as a policy can be.

      The Imperial Justice Department disagrees, of course. In its brief opposing the temporary restraining order sought by the IDAM, the imperial government argued that the IDAM’s notice-and-comment requirements do not apply when important national security interests are at stake and when a policy is inextricably tied to the Emperor's power over foreign affairs.

      House Lord Tigar Sargtlin of House Sargtlin, and a member of the Council of Nine, had his say on Monday. As you’ve probably heard, the House Lord granted the IDAM’s motion for a temporary restraining order, suspending enforcement of the new restrictions, and calling upon the rest of the Council of Nine to intervene in this moment of crisis.

      Given his array of choices, I was wondering which of the challengers’ rationales Tigar considered most persuasive. He expressed concerns about the imperial government’s dispensation with the IDAM’s notice-and-comment requirements, noting “serious questions” about the administration’s invocation of the good cause and foreign affairs exceptions to rulemaking procedures. “It cannot be the case that simply stating that something will have an effect makes that effect likely or even possible, particularly where there is no apparent logical connection between dispensing with notice and comment and achieving a foreign affairs goal,” the house lord wrote.

      But he ended up basing the text of the Immigration Act, not on the IDAM. The IA specifies that “any alien who is physically present in the Imperial Territories or who arrives in the Imperial Territories (whether or not at a designated port of arrival and including an alien who is brought to, after having been interdicted in international or domestic waters), irrespective of such alien’s status.” According to House Lord Tigar, the Royal Court Council and that of the Nine's intent is not at all ambiguous: “The failure to comply with entry requirements such as arriving at a designated port of entry should bear little, if any, weight in the process, especially as it concerns activities in the North.”

      So the Emperors administration’s rule barring refugees who cross the Northern border outside of ports of entry, the house lord said, cannot be reconciled with the statute itself. IJD contended that the rule doesn’t contradict the statute because the royal council, who has authority over such proceedings, can deem illegal entry an automatic bar. House Lord Tigar said that cannot be. “The argument strains credulity,” he wrote. “To say that one may be approved for something and then to be denied it in one fell swoop simply upon the whim of one individual, there simply is no reasonable way to harmonize the two.”

      The executive branch of the Nine and the Royals, he said, cannot by fiat adopt a policy that nullifies the imperial advisory's words without offending separation of powers principles. 

      The Imperial Justice Department remains unbowed, asserting in a statement that House Lord Tigar misread the law. “As the Supreme Tribunal Court affirmed this summer, the Imperial Advisory of the Royal Court has given the Emperor broad authority to limit or even stop the entry of anyone into this country or associated territories when he so wishes to do so,” the statement said. “Further, discretionary benefit given by the executive branch only when legal conditions are met and a favorable exercise of discretion is warranted. It is lawful and appropriate that this discretionary benefit not be given to those who violate a lawful and tailored proclamation aimed at controlling immigration in the national interest. … We look forward to continuing to defend the executive branch’s legitimate and well-reasoned exercise of its authority to address the crisis at our Northern border.”

      Edited by Haruspex
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      Narrow BPEC Election Victory with Three Recounts

      The election results are in, and despite much controversy, it seems the Batengdeian People's Economic Coalition has just narrowly gained the majority neccesary to secure another five-year term. The race had been extremely contentious and heated, with many threats of action from party members. Despite the hostility, though, it would appear BPEC was able to secure its position as the majority (despite three calls for a recount by the NPC) Interestingly, despite the success of BPEC within the parliament, it has seen astounding losses in many Khett across Batengdei, including Bateng Gioro and Tonle Khlang. These new NPC provinces are almost entirely controlled by the National Sovereign Party. This comes as a great surprise to many as only years before the National Sovereign Party had been largely considered "fringe".

      This election will have interesting results for Batengdei, especially in the long-run. While it could be argued the BPEC is a coalition controlled by the Liberal Democratic Party, it is headed by Gragdom Banla, who is considered one of the most progressive members of the Bateng Rouge. It seems this coalition may be bound for some ideological conflicts, and whether it will be capable of functioning in the long-term is difficult to say.

      In only a few days, Banla will deliver her inaugural address in front of thousands in Khaokhett, where she will state her plans for the future of Batengdei, her own personal ambitions, and other topics pertaining to her appointment as Prime Minister. It will be more than likely she will have to address the PEOP, which has not only sparked significant controversy across the political spectrum, but has largely been unsuccessful at encouraging investment. It seems it has, rather, been a point of criticism for the failure of the Bateng Rouge to maintain their socialist ideology, including from reporters within @Tagmatium Rules, where they described it as "weakening their socialist ideology". While members of the Liberal Democratic Party claim the bill is "necessary for economic development" the NPC has described the bill as "an abominable stain on the face of Batengdei herself." Whether it will be remembered as a failure or a success is largely up to how it is developed, or curbed, from here.

      Troubles Arise in Ceris

      While the political wheels have been turning in Batengdei, the situation of the island of Ceris has seen a recent slide towards collapse. Large-scale protests have risen about food scarcity, and rumors of a dangerous cult have begun circulating. While Batengdei maintains their stance that the rumors of terrorist activity within Ceriser nations are largely false, they have declared there will be efforts made by Batengdei and other members of ICEB to improve the livelihood of all Ceriser nations who would accept it.

      Some have already claimed that such acts of foreign aid are a movement of neo-imperialism designed to increase Ceris's dependency on foreign aid, while others, such as the NPC bloc firmly believes Batengdei should remain out of foreign affairs and concern itself with solving domestic issues such as addressing the rising unemployment rate and solving the growing levels of wealth inequality across the Khetts. For the time being, however, it seems Batengdei is turning their eyes away from domestic projects such as the RDIA, and more towards foreign aid.

      Edited by Bulgenstaz
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      The Capital Paper (Amatluatekaken)


      Tlalōtaxakalli Unveils New Kalpolli Capital

      Last night, the Tlatonitōnatli of the Kalpolli of Tlalōtaxakalli announced that the Temple of the Commoners had granted the Tlatonitōnatli's request to begin construction of a new capital for the Tlalōtaxakalli Kalpolli. The new capital of Tlalōtaxakalli is to be constructed between the rivers of Atlakapetesakatlēxika and it's tributary of Atlamilotl, north-east of the current second largest city Altepetl Tlapallē and the Kampan Council City of Tlalōtaxakalli Otosotla.

      The new capital, officially called Tlalonikolli Yankok, named after the previous capital of Altepetl Tlalotlatoninekolli, was primarily designed by the renowned architect Priest Ixepoxotlo in 2015 to 2017 and sent as a proposal to the Temple of the Commoners in late 2018. Tlalonikolli Yankok is 82.5 square kilometers and house up to 315,000 people. The main goal of construction of the city is to break up the dominant influence of Altepetl Tekaken by encouraging migration into Tlalonikolli Yankok. The plans for construction have been met with resistance in the past from environmentalist groups as well as the Temple of the Capital (Tokallē Tekaken), who themselves have criticised for blocking the proposal as the planned city would decrease the capital's influence.


      (Sorry this article is not very long. Couldn't think of much to write :l)

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    • NSAS-22.pngCalcuotta Breaks Filibuster Record

      SCUL politician, Andro Colcuatta (right), broke the record for the longest filibuster in Shffahkian history after talking for a total of 37 hours when attempting to block the LUP's constitutional reform from passing into law. The collective efforts of both the SCUL and the PNC were successful as the almost three-day-long Chambre of Representatives hearing concluded with the formal withdrawal of the constitutional reform bill and in the announcement of new Senate elections. Following the ending of the hearing, many politicians were seen asleep in their own seats.

      The day was a great victory for the two allied parties when President Larue herself came to the Chambre trying to sway the Chambre towards her cause to no avail. President Larue even gave a speech during the filibuster saying: '... Democracy is not a light switch, you cannot simply turn on democracy without having the proper institutions to support it. Shffahkia has been a One-Party state for over a hundred years, repairing the damage done by the Collectivist Party to Shffahkian democracy needs to take center stage...'


      Larue's speech was considered by many in the Chambre to be passing the blame and condescending. It was also considered extremely inappropriate that a member not elected to the Chambre would try and affect Cahmbre proceedings. 

      The LUP holds around a third of the seats in the Chambre, normally this wouldn't be enough to pass constitutional reform but with unanimous Senate support, the Chambre could only postpone the inevitable. What PNC and SCUL politicians called the 'Darkest Hour of Democracy' ended when mounting pressure in the form of protests forced the Larue administration to give up on postponing the Senate elections.  

      Following her defeat, President Larue said that: '... Shffahkia is ill-prepared for yet another election. There's no doubt that the stubborn decision made by the SCUL and PNC will have grave repercussions on our democracy and political system in the end harming our unity rather than strengthening it.'

      NSAS-23.pngParties Reveal Electoral Platform

      With the announcement of another round of elections to the Senate much to the dismay of the LUP, the parties have revealed their electoral platforms. 

      The LUP (Lyso-Unionist Party) has set out the reunification of all Shffahko-states in Aurelia as its main goal. Economically the LUP is considered center-right in Shffahkia, however, in most other countries the party would be identified as a left-leaning centrist party. The party can count among its successes the Paranne Reintegration Act as well as the relatively deradicalizing reforms made in the country. 

      The SCUL (Social Communitarian Union League) is considered the main opposition party defining many of its policies in defiance of the LUP's anti-democratic actions. Economically the party is firmly left. The SCUL was the party in opposition when the then President Dutoit and President Larue negotiated the Paranne Act but since then has it has regained much of its support in Paranne and was the most successful party in the previous Chambre Elections.


      Chamber-elections.pngThe PNC (Parti des Nouveaux Collectivistes) is the least popular party but has managed to make a surprising turnaround in the Shffahko-Limonaian north. Politically and economically rather undefined, the PNC has found success in the north mostly because out of all the parties, it is considered the most "Limonaian" with over 70% of the party membership being Shffahko-Limonaians. 

      Current polls shows that support for each party can be vaguely defined in geographic and demographic terms with the staunchly Lysian south sporting the LUP with the state of Catherine serving as the party's greatest source of support, the Limonaian north supporting the PNC with the Silver Coast State serving as the party's homeland and former Paranne areas especially West-Catherine serving as the SCUL's strongest point which is especially surprising as the state had previously been strongly held by President Dutoit's Conservative Front prior to 2019. 

      Both the SCUL and PNC plan on challenging the LUP's hold on the south while the LUP under Larue seems to be going on the defensive centering its campaigns in the south. Most notably the LUP isn't planning on challenging the SCUL's hold on West-Catherine while the SCUL is setting itself up to campaign in the south. LUP politicians in the west have criticized "Larue's self-defeatist" electoral platform with some going on private campaigns, yet without broad party support its unlikely they'll find much success. 

      The Larue administration has also agreed to let several international democracy-watch organizations to oversee the Senate elections. The December elections would mark the first time these organizations have been allowed to legally oversee Shffahkian elections. 

      NSAS-24.pngThe Supreme Court Overrules Land Reclamation

      As Larue faced a seemingly monumental defeat in the Chambre, the president has also faced a defeat in the court room as the Shffahkian Supreme Court has ruled any possible land reclamation unconstitutional deciding that the constitution does not grant the federal government the right to grant land from one state to any non-federal political entity without the state's consent.

      This ruling means that the Máako'obméek'tan which is not considered a federal political entity cannot be granted land from one state without the state's say-so. The Máako'obméek'tan protested the decision, however President Larue assured that her administration will work towards another solution hinting towards federal tax intensives as well as federal funds.

      The so-called Carrot Plan was originally proposed by the Collective of Ministers. In the plan, states would receive federal funds and/or tax intensives to establish new Touxouloutman reserves in theory using the carrot instead of the stick.

      Although the federal government is very supportive of land reclamation, state governments are exceptionally opposed to it. The Carrot Plan was originally rejected because it required voluntary action beginning from the state rather than the Touxouloutma themselves. 

      Edited by Shffahkia
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      Can twerking be weaponized? Variotan military strategists say 'Yes!'

      Military strategists from the Huisselikke Aanfals en Proteksiemagt have released a statement, granting us insight into this generation's biggest question; Can twerking be weaponized? And, according to these strategists, the answer is yes. The Propagatie en Morraalmagt, from which the strategists hailed, was quick to state that the science behind weaponized twerking was still very much in its infancy but additionally mentioned that the possibilities are, potentially, endless.

      A spokesperson belonging to Het Fullermagt, a Folke Milisie belonging to the East Variotan Association for Adult Entertainers and Actors, was quick to applaud the out-of-the-box thinking of the Variotan military, stating:

      'I can see how the possibilities for such a skill can be endless. Even just among our own association, we have men and women with buns of steel. If we could harness those buns of steel into literal buns of steel, able to ricochet bullets... Well, I think we can all agree on how great and life saving that would be for our soldiers. With the right training and equipment, who can say what the limit is on twerking away bullets? We could have squads of professional military twerkers that spank away tank rounds. After all, it might come from a tank but it's basically just a massive bullet.

      When people say it's insane, I point them to computers, to antibiotics. Did the people 50, 100 years ago think that those things would ever exist? Of course not. Yet they do and they enrich our life. Twerking is the same, it's here to enrich our lives. And as it turns out, protect our lives too.'

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    • MYNE Catalog Leaked

      November 2nd, 2019, FY33

      In an unprecedented moment of corporate espionage, fashion giant MYNE has experienced a leak of their upcoming line. The leaked images, shown below, seem to have come directly from the pen of MYNE creative director and corporate board chairman Yiu Amistacia. Speculation continues as to the source of these leaked images, as they appear to be watermarked for internal use only. Increased tensions between Spai Computing CEO Richard Spai and Chairman Amistacia have led to public accusations of corporate espionage and a complete hold on all Spai Computing assets until an internal investigation has been completed. When reached out to for comment Spai denied any responsibility, and simply stated that, "Spai Computing maintains it's position on the corporate board and will help determine the source of these leaks as best we can." 


      These leaks, appearing across the internet on Sunday, have been met with widespread excitement. The creative director hasn't publicly released new projects for over two months, citing increased workload and a shift back to modeling since their appointment as chairman. When asked for comment regarding the leaks, Yiu confirmed that these are authentic, but were older concepts that had been revised or left out of past collections. The designs, rendered primarily in black and white, share similarities with last year's spring/summer lines, featuring sheer fabric or clear plastic. 


      The source of the leaks directly contradicts this claim, asserting that the sketches have progressed past the internal prototyping phase, and are in fact slated for release during the upcoming fall/winter fashion week. It is currently unknown whether the source is an outside actor, or acting on behalf of a current corporate board member. All other members have denied claims of responsibility, and have begun an internal investigation on how a secure government server could have been breached without a member of the Galahindan Security Agency knowing.



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      BREAKING: Salvian, Church Leaders Condemn Haru Actions, Concilio Passes Cussian Humanitarian Act


      A unified response to the atrocities occurring in  the Empire of Machina Haruspex has come out from both the Salvian Catholic Church and Salvian government.  


      “These horrors seen in the Haru are so despicable, it warrants the rain of fury from the Lord onto those responsible [...] Unless these men experience the most miraculous conversion in the history of mankind, they will surely burn in hell for all of eternity with no hope of God’s saving grace,” Cardinal D’Angelo, a member of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium wrote in a strongly worded document released last Friday on the situation in Haru.  Many Salvian people, including those in positions of power, feel the same.


      State forces of the Empire of @Haruspex were reported by Haru state media to be carrying out orders from the Haru government to forcefully displace or re-educate the Christian minority in the Northern Provinces of Beautancus.  


      These allegations prompted the states of @Iverica and @Gallambria to threaten sanctions and further pressure if Haru refused to allow for observers to investigate the situation.  The Haru government would end up cooperating with the Gallambrian and Iverican demands, which would end up allowing for the creation of a unified effort to evacuate Christians being persecuted by the Haru government.


      The unified effort, besides the aforementioned nations, involves another TRIDENT member in the form of @Variota, Haru’s neighbor @Tagmatium Rules, and the Kingdom of @Seylos


      Salvian political leaders, from both the executive and legislative, have formed a cooperative effort, despite divisive issues such as the Laren Treaty Adaptation Act, gun control, and other issues dividing the Saulius executive and Concilio Populi.


      The Concilio Populi passed the Cussian Humanitarian Act with unanimous support last Thursday, granting funding among other things to the Saulius executive to support the effort.


      President Archbishop Saulius has authorized the Minister of Defense, Vernon McCoy, to utilize the military in their effort to safely evacuate the persecuted Christians.  Saulius also joined Cardinal D’Angelo in his condemnation of the Haru government, saying, “The acts of the Haru government are totally evil and wicked. The safe evacuation of these Christians from the persecution of the Haru government is now our number one priority.”


      This story is developing and will see further updates to it in the coming weeks.


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    • Snow Storms causes power outages

      This weekend many parts of the country faced snow storms accumulating up to 7 inches in some areas. This has caused 35 to 50 thousand people to face power outages on and off throughout the weekend. 

      Home Secretary Johnson has blamed the high winds which have come with the snow for the high volume of outages. 


      With further developments stay tuned, I'm Joe Cole with GBNB

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    • KELhWM4.gif

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Sibiseba of Orioni

      Sibiseba seeks say in military matters

      O'POLIS -- In most democracies, the parliament carries considerable weight in declarations of war. In Orioni, some believe that the voice of Sibisebali (MPs) in these discussions is quieter than it ought to be. According to the constitution, if the Orinese chairperson wants to use force, all she or he has to do is call the Empress (who, by convention, agrees). This applies to anything from sending OSRU on a covert raid to launching an all-out armed conflict.

      Tomorrow, a panel of Sibisebali will publish a report titled: Sanctioning Military Operations. The report will make the case for Sibiseba having a bigger role in military matters. It recommends a better sharing of information between the executive and legislative branches. It also calls for MPs to brush up on their knowledge of foreign affairs, so they can make informed decisions.

      The judgement of whether to use lethal force is one of the most difficult decisions a leader has to make. So considering more perspectives when making that choice is a sound idea. The report also declares the government should act fast and decisive in emergencies. But Sibiseba’s lack of consensus doesn’t lend itself to fast action. And without the legal framework for a legislative vote, the explanation of “urgent” remains open to interpretation. Particularly from loose cannons who find their way into the top job of the chairperson.

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    • Capital_Paper_Logo_Detailed.png

      The Capital Paper (Amatluatekaken)


      Illegal Loggers Save Environment

      Last Wednesday, 3 AM, a fire broke out 150 kilometers from the Atlakapetesakatlēxika (Western River). The fire is assumed to have been caused by ash gatherers but became too unwieldly. By 5.30 AM the local authorities from the nearby city of Zhēgewan in the north-east corner of the Faloki Autonomous Kalpolli had arrived to the fire. By then the fire had stretched out to over 1,080,000 square meters in size.


      Image taken by the Zhēgewan Local Authorities.
      The Flames tear through an opening meant to be harvested for ash.

      By 5 PM, the Rainforest Protection Services had finally arrived to the location, the fire had spread out to over 25,000,000 square meters in rapid succession. However the Rainforest Protection Services soon began to cut down a perimeter around the fire to prevent further spread. In the process discovered a long strip of recently cut down trees within a protected area south of the fire, which could only be the result of illegal activity. However, the Rainforest Protection Services took full advantage of the cut down, reducing the time to create the perimeter by a third. The long strip also meant the fire could not reach the protected area, leaving it unscathed by the flames.

      By 10PM, the fire had completely burned through it's fuel and died out with an estimate of 27,000,000 square meters of rainforest burned down. Thankfully no major settlements had been destroyed and deaths are minimal.


      Image taken by the Rainforest Protection Services.
      Aftermath of fire at the north-east perimeter.

      The lead officer for the Rainforest Protection Services released a statement regarding the long strip. Stating that although he is grateful for his men, he condemns those who illegally chop down the rainforest, especially within protected areas, and that monitoring within protected areas should be increased.

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      2 NOVEMBER 2019
      Princess Christina denies pregnancy rumors
      DPLDwnK.png?1Earlier this week, Her Highness, Princess Christina, the Duchess of Brisa, appeared live on Eu24 to discuss her new life among the royal family. After marrying last July His Royal Highness, the Duke of Brisa, Charles, the heir apparent to the throne, she has been "enjoying life quite splendidly." The newly-weds spent their nearly month-long honeymoon in the Tapeltans at an undisclosed skiing lodge that belonged to the bride's family, House Bosonona. "Charles and I are both very athletic," Her Highness commented. "We made great sport of racing each other down the mountain on our skis." But for all their athleticism, and all that time spent in serene seclusion, no pregnancy ever came. Neither Her Highness nor her husband made any comment, after returning from their honeymoon, on the lack of a child. But anonymous sources intimate to the royal family make note that rumors began to fly around this time last year that the couple was having difficulty conceiving.

      A historical expert on the royal family, Dr. Augustin Beusas, weighed in. "It's no surprise to me," he said, confirming the information provided by our sources. "The Sybinan family has always demonstrated fertility issues. After all, was it not Queen Rose [1811-1876] who did not have her only son, Charles I, until she was thirty-one? And she, herself, was King Michael's only surviving child? And equally so with the Sybinans today: His Majesty and Her Majesty after thirty-seven years of marriage still only have two children."

      Earlier last month, however, the rumors took an entirely different flavor. Her Highness, Princess Christina, cancelled a gala she was hosting on the 5th, and then a press event on the 7th, due to "unforeseen illness," in the words of the Public Office. It was not described as serious illness, and neither was she admitted to a hospital. Our sources tell us that speculation abounded about it being morning sickness, the first signs of her first child with her husband Charles. Apparently, such rumors became so widespread that she had been approached with many congratulations, gifts, flowers, and letters from well-wishers over the past few weeks, as Her Highness confessed to the hosts of Eu24.

      "I am afraid I must settle the gossip and explain there is no pregnancy yet," Her Highness said politely, with only a hint of sadness in her voice. "Charles and I have been trying for a baby, yes, but nothing has come of it yet," she reiterated.

      "Have you considered fertility treatments?" one host asked. Her Highness confirmed that they were.

      It's the first time the royal family has ever considered such treatment in public," Dr. Beusas noted.

      We here at The Reporter will be wishing her and Charles, nonetheless, the best of luck.

      There's a new kid on campus: HRH Princess Lily Adrienne
      If you study at the University of Brisa, there's a chance you might be rubbing shoulders with royalty. Her Royal Highness, the Princess Lily Adrienne, daughter of Charles IV and younger sister to the Duke of Brisa, is finally taking up studies in the university's international affairs program.

      zquAMzb.png?1Initially, it was unclear what the young Princess, still only eighteen, would be doing after graduating St. Mary's Academy for Girls in Montelupo, her private secondary school of just two years. The Princess, who had been previously tutored her whole life in relative seclusion, remained an enigma then. Some expected that she would be engaged after marriage, with such wild theories as a wedding to the widowed Duke of Usco, though he is nearly fifty years her senior, but no ridiculous thing as that ever came. Instead, the Princess appeared to be taking time off for personal study (though she continued to compete publicly in dressage events).

      Yesterday, the Public Office, in cooperation with the University of Brisa, announced Her Royal Highness would begin attending the institution's international affairs program. The reasons for her delay before entering school were ascribed to security concerns. We spoke with one anonymous student, who showed us they had been removed from a course unexpectedly due to such security concerns—a class, evidently, that the Princess is taking. Indeed, students and faculty have both noticed the intensified presence of suited guards around campus.

      Though no trouble ever came to the Duke of Brisa when he attended the university in 2005 and 2006, it appears that Good King Charles is taking no chances with his precious daughter.

      Edited by Eulycea
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    • Here, curated for the international reader's viewing pleasure, are selected headlines from some of Eulycea's most popular news publications.

      Currently, these publications include:



      Often decried as a "tabloid" and "gossip rag," The Royal Reporter offers current (though often speculative) news on the daily lives of the royalty and nobility in the kingdom.

      2 NOV 2019
      "Princess Christina denies pregnancy rumors"
      "There's a new kid on campus: HRH Princess Lily Adrienne"



      The Enquirer magazine reports on current politics and has a large and active opinions section, almost uniformly from the high-brow perspective of the kingdom's conservatives and traditionalists.



      The Times of Eulycea, founded in 2000, is a modern attempt at more politically-neutral and fact-based reporting in national news.


      Edited by Eulycea
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    • MciuKky.png


      Incident in St Konstantinos' Square

      At 16:00 yesterday evening, Tagmatika time, a protestor attempted to set himself alight in the centre of St Konstantinos' Square, in front of the Imperial Palace Complex. Whilst it isn't uncommon for protests outside of the Imperial Palace Complex, in recent years they have been few and far between, and often moved quickly on by the Esoteriki Epitheorisi Pliroforion or the Praitorioi, the secret police and the uniformed police. Violent demonstrations haven't happened in the heart of Arhomaneia since the fall of the Navarkhokratia.

      The protestor, a young man in his late twenties, stood at the heart of the square and proceeded to give a speech in Selliki, Anglic, Aroman and the language of Koussoeia, before dousing himself in petrol and attempting to set himself on fire. However, due to the length of his speech, members of the Spatharokandidatoi, the Imperial Bodyguard, had approached the individual and were able to tackle him to the ground before he could ignite himself. The man was arrested at the scene and taken to the hospital attached to the Church of St Alexios, where he remains under observation.

      According to eyewitness accounts that have yet to be confirmed by the Praitorioi or the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, the man was wearing elaborate ceremonial dress associated with the royal family of Koussoeia, and claimed to be a grandson of the last recognised Shahanshah, or high king, of the country. His speech accused the nations of Eurth and Arhomaneia in particular of ignoring the plight of his country and standing idly by as it is ravaged by a cruel and degenerate people. The eyewitnesses claimed that he said that as his country is reduced to ashes by the indifference of others, so must he be along with it. However, as yet, the identity of the individual is not known and it cannot be confirmed whether there is any truth to the claims that he made.

      The claims made by the as yet unknown man are fairly damning, due to the fact that it could be argued that they are entirely accurate. Whilst the support for the heretics that are being forcibly exiled by the Gharoi (@Haruspex) is growing and a multinational response – mainly made up of other Christian nations -  has been formed in order to rescue them from their plight, the rest of the people of Koussoeia are being left to their fate. Indeed, the Megas Agios Basileia entirely ignored its old ally, the Glorious Dominate, as it fell into anarchy during the Great Europan Collapse, choosing to look inwards as Koussoeia fragmented. Perhaps it is then of little surprise that the Sovereign Imperium thought that it could strengthen itself at the cost of its old enemy, since the rest of the wurld had turned a blind eye up until that point.

      The Gharoi have not shown any attempts to treat those who live in the territories that they are occupying. Indeed, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion even acknowledged that the people there will likely end up suffering under the regime of Sovereign Imperium – an acknowledgement that is appalling, as it shows that Arhomaneia feels it can do little to influence its ally to ameliorate its actions. But, of course, the Gharoi are desperate to finally win victory over their old foe and to prop up their stuttering economy with the spoils of that victory.

      The small population of Koussoeioi that live in Arhomaneia, mainly in the east around the major sea ports that used to have trading links with the Glorious Dominate, have remained more or less quiet as the situation in the northern Occident turns against their homeland. It is likely that they feel nothing but despair as their ancient country disappears beneath the barbarous onslaught from the east. The Esoteriki Epitheorisi Pliroforion and the intelligence services are reportedly keeping a close eye on these ex-pats and immigrants. If this attempt at self-immolation had gone to plan at the heart of Tagmatika, it might have given a spark to make the sullen resignation into something much more.


      Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion Reportedly Looked into Opening Trade Zone

      After the success of the Morheimian Trade and Industry Zone, many other nations seemed to leap on the idea, including the Marenesian nation of Batgendai (@Bulgenstaz), who recently took the step to weaken the socialist ideology of their own state by doing so. The Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou, the Ministry of Trade, and the Logothesion ton Genikou, the Ministry for Finance, apparently investigated the potential for Arhomaneia to open a similar trade zone within our country. The idea, however, was eventually dropped. This could well have been a missed opportunity for the Megas Agios Basileia, as for the Queendom of @Morheim, it has been nothing but a boon for the country's economy, and undoubtedly the skill pool and investment within it. At times, it can appear that Arhomaneia is somewhat inward facing when it comes to the potential of foreign trade, as the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou is often more preoccupied with trying to dominate the ailing nations of central Europa, rather than reach out to the rest of the wurld.

      However, it does seem that the reasoning behind dropping the idea of the trade zone was a careful deliberation of the choices available. There could have been the temptation to weaken workers' rights and environmental protections in order to make it more attractive to foreign investment, something which would fly in the face of the policies of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, especially as the environment has been one of the key policies of the reign of Kommodos III, may Christ forever guide him. Similarly, the opinions of the Church must be taken into account, as it could be said that this would lead to a mood of commercialism and secularism that Arhomaneia has been able to avoid, despite such woeful influences spreading across Eurth.

      The decision to step back from the idea of free trade zone may well have been what started several other programmes pursued by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, namely the announcement of funded bursaries for foreign students and the Northern Europan Development Fund (NEDF). The  number of foreigners that have taken up the bursaries has yet to be released, although it is clearly hoped that it will attract some of the best and the brightest from across the wurld to study at some of the oldest universities on the planet. The NEDF has apparently made little headway, as many of the other Europan nations are viewing it as little more than an attempt by Arhomaneia to draw them into its sphere of influence.

      Instead of a free trade zone, it seems that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is starting to reach out to individual nations across the wurld to broker trade agreements with them, as seen by the tentative beginnings of talks with Salvia (@Sancti Imperii Catholico). It is likely that similar agreements will be started with other countries that Arhomaneia considers close partners, such as the Kingdom of @Seylos . As yet, it seems that the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou's attention is concentrated on the mid Adlantic. In time, sights may be set upon the New Wurld – after all, Arhomaneia's relations with many of those countries are improving. Diplomatic contact with @Ahranaian Federation has been started again after a break of several years, and the spat between the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and the Republic of the @Sunset Sea Islands seems to have become a thing of the past.

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    • Chancellor presents fall budget statement today.

      Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, presented the fall budget statement in the House of Commons today. He said the country was prosperous, and that the apex of prosperity had not yet been reached. The surplus, he added, amounted to $38,890,000. of which ($18,750,000) had been appropriated for public roads, buildings, and bridges.

      With GBNB I'm Joe Cole.

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    • Capital_Paper_Logo_Detailed.png

      The Capital Paper (Amatluatekaken)


      Pēyotl Farm Bust - Destructive Drug Still Alive?

      A quiet morning in the town of Atlētemoyan within the Kalpolli of Tepatōsōkatlasla, 5am yesterday morning, the sun slowly starting to appear on the horizon. However all of this was about to end as the Temple of the Warrior's Tokallētōnatli of the Dark Eyes division had begun a large-scale raid on the eastern front of the town. Within an hour one of the largest headquarters for the infamous T'sompanatli Cartel had been secured. What should of been a great victory for the nation, as 43 low to mid ranking workers and 6 high ranking members were arrested and subsequently executed, soon turned dark as the Dark Eyes division had uncovered something truly horrific: an entire acre of Pēyotl cactus farms.

      Pēyotl cactus is a dangerous psychoactive drug and was thought to have entirely eradicated from the Palu Peninsula by 1912, one of the few times Yatotlan and Metztlikua worked together, primarily by the Fourth Ometekotli Archpriest and Giorgio the First of Limonaia. The cactus initially was considered a medicinal plant, but when Ometekotli unified the many monarchal states under one empire, he decreed the inherit destructive nature of psychoactive plants such as Pēyotl, and thus had them outlawed in his empire.

      The Pēyotl cactus grows close to the ground and on cliff edges in large colonies, spineless, and bloom with pink and white flowers. The cactus that use to grow in the southern half of the Palu Peninsula has adapted to the hot tropical climate, primarily growing at high elevations, thus Pēyotl shoots have been recorded in historic texts to have reached sizes up to a meter in diameter. However the average Pēyotl shoot only grows 15-20 centimeters in diameter once they have reached maturity.



      Specimen of Pēyotl from the cactus farms before being destroyed.
      Photo permission gained from the Temple of Culture and Religious Life.

      The rediscovery of the Pēyotl cactus has already sent shockwaves through the Temple of Culture and Religious Life, Temple of the Warriors, Temple of Commoners, and the Temple of the All-High. The Temple of the Warriors has already sent a decree to the Temple of the All-High for the reintroduction of the old anti-Pēyotl laws, however due to the lack of information regarding the Pēyotl cactus, and such little time between rediscovery and notifying of the main bureaucracy there has been no official statement from either the Temple of the All-High nor the Archpriestess.


      If you suspect your neighbours of possessing Pēyotl or know someone distributing the cactus, please notify your local community temple or local Warrior Temple.

      Edited by Metztlitlalio
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    • Canvas.jpg

      Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  You're watching BS News. I'm Bron Urgundy, coming to you live from San Cristobal.  And tonight we visit an exotically remote place on Eurth.

      WHAT DO PEOPLE think about @Alenveil? This question is pondered by many Alenians, and it often leads to exaggerations about how many people have actually ever been to the great nation. Perhaps the great travel distance means that the greater cultural difference between the Alenveil and the so-often-described "New World" allowed for a more contrasting perspective.

      It's sad, but some people don't realise how big the Eurth actually is. They don't grasp how much we can learn from other cultures. Me, I've never shied away from exposing myself to foreign ways of life. From drinking tequila in @Mauridiviah to riding the waves in @Andalla. And when I took a trip to Viingahtiid it really broadened my horizons and opened up my mind.

      Most visitors are struck by Alenians positivity about everything. Beyond simply being kind hosts, apparently the Alenians I encountered while visiting couldn't contain their excitement when they heard my accent. Although often in a tongue in cheek condescending fashion, the quick-witted tourists all have something interesting to say about Alenveil, while also showing only little more than a lazy acknowledgement of the nation’s unique differences from its western neighbour @PyeMcGowan.

      Something else that's a little strange about Alenveil was seeing road signs in Limonaian, Anglish, and Andesian. The first time I saw a trilingual sign, I didn't know what was going on. How odd is that? As I soon learned from my trusty Wandering Wurld travel guide, the @Limonaians colonised the sh*it out of East-Argis. That's why you go on journeys: to learn a little bit more about something a lot of other people already knew.

      What also threw me off was that Alenian money looks completely different from ours. The Vaito bills have different colours, and instead of presidents, they have some random strangers on them. I guess if you spend a few years stuck in Mauridiviah, you never really imagine about something like currency. But when you're confronted with a bill that doesn't have Jorge Washington on it, you really start to think about how each country is unique and how that's reflected in the pieces of paper in your pocket.

      When I finally made it back home, I started to see things from a different perspective. I no longer viewed the Eurth as being all the same. Now I see it for what it is: my own place that I really like, and a bunch of other places that are weirdly different.

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    • KELhWM4.gif

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports


      :pic: Mr Adam Brand, director of Mercy International

      Orioni: Hold Haru to account for atrocities

      ZUIDHAVEN -- "The Orinese government should publicly hold @Haruspex to account for atrocities committed against Cussian and other ethnic minorities," Mr Adam Brand, director of Mercy International, said today. He added that: "The government should discourage Orinese investment that would benefit the military or at the expense of minority groups. The Orinese government has been pitifully reluctant to speak out against abuses by Haru's military."

      In May 2019, the Haruspex military began a large-scale operation against the population in northern Cussia, committing crimes against humanity and forcing many to flee into overcrowded refugee camps or become confined to camps and villages without basic needs. Mercy International was one of the first organisations to condemn these atrocities.

      Nonetheless Mr Brand remains hopeful:"The Orinese government should cooperate with international efforts to pursue accountability for the Haruspex military’s crimes against the Cussians. This includes voting in favour of human rights resolutions at the EOS. Orioni's upcoming election should encourage the government to improve its human rights foreign policy, including by calling on Orinese companies not to contribute to rights violations in Cussia."

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    • 500x151, 24, 18


      The Capital Paper (Amatluatekaken)


      The Capital Paper is the number one best selling newspaper of Altepetl Tekaken (The Capital City) as well as the greater Tlalotlatonimetestlē area (Tekaken Kalpolli, Tlalōkōtlakatl Kalpolli, Akollē Kalpolli, Kalaka Kalpolli, and Tepexekōtlasotik Kalpolli) and a major player in the Yatotla Autonomous Kalpolli. It primarily follows the ideology of Qopnō (Main political party of Metztlitlalio, conservative monarchal-socialism), however in the past it was very much Xoxilla (Isolationists and very religious/conservative) in it's writings when the Xoxillasētla political party was dominant.



      The Capital Paper was originally a small private newspaper started up in 1953 and grew to a large corporate force and a bridge between the common Aslo of central and eastern Metztlitlalio with it's colonial masters, as well as branching to create child companies primarily centred around recreational activates, sports, and religion. In 1978, the Temple of Finance attempted to bring The Capital Paper under it's swing, and was the first and only time an indigenous company manage to beat the Temple of Finance and the very government it serves, being totally independent up until 1990, when it was eventually incorporated.



      The Capital Paper has very often been labelled as a yes-man and easily swayed to and by the main political party in power, as well as deeply corrupt due to many of it's high ranking personnel also holding high ranking positions in the Temple of Finance and especially the Temple of Culture and Religious Life. The Capital Paper has also come under criticism by the Makoxotlasētla Political Party and non-Yatotlan/Aslo minority groups for their still isolationistic tendencies within writings, which is something the newspaper has addressed and wishes to improve upon, however no change as of late has occurred towards this.


      Edited by Metztlitlalio
      Spelling Errors
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    • FF2GAwK.jpg

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has been at the forefront of dealing with the burgeoning crisis caused by the invasion of the Glorious Dominate of @Beautancus by the forces of the Sovereign Imperium of Machina @Haruspex for months now. Arhomaneia has been welcoming with open arms the Christian minority forcibly expelled from their homelands by the armed forces of the Gharoi. They have come from transit camps located in Arhomaneia’s northern neighbour in varying states of distress and shock. Many of these people have lost almost everything - the nature of the Gharoi is to have little in the way of pity or compassion, only contempt for those who are different to them. At the moment, these refugees are being housed in temporary camps, set up by the armed forces of the Megas Agios Basileia. This is but a short-term solution and is obviously not ideal, but will have likely saved many from an unjust and cruel fate, if they had tried to stay in the homes where they and their families have lived for decades, if not centuries.

      Because of the temporary nature of this solution, and that the numbers of those forced from their homes will likely end up being in the number of hundreds of thousands, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion welcomes the intervention by other nations in helping to address this crisis. This will perhaps not solve the crisis, in the true meaning of the word - as it is, many of these people will now have to start from scratch in whatever new land that takes them. They have seen their homes taken from them, their communities broken and their culture despoiled. These actions are little more than an attempt of ethnic cleansing, a forced population movement because an invading force finds the Christian population of Beautancus to not match up with their own beliefs and morals, or lack thereof. If the refugees are suffering, then may God have mercy on those that are deemed to be "suitable" enough to be allowed to remain where they are. They may be forced to endure a worse fate.

      The nations that are coming to the aid of the expelled Christians are undoubtedly driven by a sense of mercy and compassion, even if some of them are not Christian themselves. This is of eternal credit to them. In order to facilitate the rescue of the Christians, the Megas Agios Basileia will be opening the canal between the Ragas Thalassa (Raga Sea) and the Nystras Strait to military vessels bearing the flags of the coalition that has been formed. Civilian vessels with flags of those nations will also be allowed to pass through the canal with no charge, so long as they are part of the effort undertaken by the coalition. Similarly, the national waters of Arhomaneia will be opened to the vessels meeting the above criteria. The ports that are to be utilised in this effort will be communicated by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion to the governments and militaries of @Iverica, @Gallambria, @Gallambria, Salvia (@Sancti Imperii Catholico) and @Seylos, as well as those who might join this undertaking at a later date.

      All being said, the government of the Sovereign Imperium has allowed members of the Arhomaniki Red Cross to access the transit camps within the territories concerned. The people are being given aid and care, so that their hopefully brief time within these makeshift camps is not as grim as it might otherwise be. There are also observers from the Arhomaniki armed forces accompanying units of the Sovereign Imperium as they push further into the Glorious Dominate, to make sure that war crimes are not being carried out against the population there. These have besn seconded from the Tagmata units. The situation is certainly not ideal, but the government of the Gharoi has cooperated where necessary. Indeed, they have opened their national waters and ports to the coalition that is coming to the aid of the Christians. The uncharitable might say that this is in order to rid themselves of the hated minority all that more speedily, but the result is all the same.

      May God see this endeavour through to a conclusion that is the least painful for those afflicted, and that all God-fearing nations and peoples aid the refugees in this, their hour of need.

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    • 8sqEIVf.png

      1100 'serious' cyber attacks involving government networks over three years.
      GSD reveals tally of serious "cyber incidents".

      The Gallambrian Signals Directorate (GSD) has revealed that over the last three financial years it responded to 1089 "cyber incidents" affecting both unclassified and classified government networks.

      The GSD said its tally, for FY17, FY18, and FY19, includes those incidents that were "considered serious enough to warrant an operational response".

      The agency reveal the figures in an answer to questions on notice from an inquiry into the government's digital delivery of services. Although the inquiry wrapped up its work last year, issuing a report in June 2019 that castigated the federal government for a series of ICT failures, the GSD submitted its answer to the committee last month.

      Among the cases canvassed by the digital services inquiry was an illicit darkweb service that offered access to GCare card details, which the inquiry's report described as a security breach, security inadequacies at government agencies revealed by scrutiny from the National Audit Office, and the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that led to the Gallambrian Bureau of Statistics pulling the 2017 Census site offline for a period. The GSD was one of the key agencies involved in the investigation of the Census debacle.

      The GSD is not responsible for cyber security at all federal government agencies; however, it provides advice, raises awareness, analyses threats, and leads the operational response to serious threats.

      The GSD said it "does not have visibility of all Gallambrian Government agencies' physical or cyber security postures and does not track information relating to the numbers of physical security intrusion attempts". However, the agency said its "visibility" of the broader government cyber picture is informed by survey instruments, intelligence, communities of interest, monitoring programs, cyber incident reporting and follow up investigations."

      The GSD said its response to an incident is required if it "achieves any degree of success, which can have varying impacts from significant data exfiltration and degradation of the network through to no harm being realised".

      For example, a report published in 2017 by the Gallambrian Cyber Security Cetre (GCSC) - which is part of the GSD - offered details of a serious attack on Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) systems and the GSD response.

      The GCSC's 2017 Threat Report revealed that the GSD in 2016 identified the presence of a strain of Remote Access Tool (RAT) malware that is understood to be popular with state-sponsored cyber adversaries. That RAT was also used to compromise other Gallambrian Government networks.

      The GSD found evidence that of the intruder "searching for and copying an unknown quantity of documents and records from CASA's network." the GSCS report said.

      The GSD said the nature of its response to the 1089 incidents had varied and "ranged from telephone conversations through to deployment of staff resources and tools to assist in mitigating the incident".

      The agency said that its data was not broken down by network classification or impact, and that to provide that level of detail to the committee would "require costly manual review of every incident".

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    • The King Makes a Plea for the People of Cussia

      Today King Aidan pleaded with the Kingdom of @Gallambria to stop a blockade before a humanitarian fleet could usher the oppressed Christians of Haruspex from Cussia.

      "I am pleading with His Majesty King Albert and Prime Minister Burnett to not attempt a military blockade of Haruspex. Seylos and many other nations have secured the ability to evacuate many refugees from the affected areas as possible. We all understand the desire to save those from the horrible circumstances they have been dealt but now is not the time for conflict. Now we have the opportunity to directly save people in the the worst place they can imagine. Please help us in making that goal a reality."

      The SBC was told later that the King had a personal call with people within Gallambria's government however they were not told explicitly who was present.

      Many political commentators are divided on the king's statement. Some believe that while the king's statement comes from a 'good place' it sends a terrible message that societies like those in Haruspex could continue to abuse cultures inside their territories. Other believe that the king in making a smart choice with his attempt to evacuate as many people as possible before a possible military conflict.


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    • sX9OlXP.png


      The King today, announces the conclusion of service of Sir Jock Spurgeon-Price KCGO CG, who will retire from the appointment 
      of Private Secretary to the King effective 25 OCTOBER 2019. The King wishes to convey his utmost gratitude for the honourable tenor in which Sir Spurgeon-Price has
      conducted his appointment, and the royal family take this opportunity to impress their best wishes for Sir Jock and his family.

      Follow Sir Jock's conclusion of service to the King, Air Chief Marshal Sir Harry Beresford GCStG, KCG, DSO, CSC*, DFC**, AdC will take up the position of
      Private Secretary to the King, concluding his service as Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff and 40-years of service with the Royal Gallambrian Air Force in order to take up this
      new appointment.


      21st October 2019,
      Santhope House

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    • 0HAWlr4.png



      The Gallambrian Government, along with the Gallambrian have valued at all times, the inviolable right of the person to exercise the practises and beliefs of their chosen religion. Over the last week the international community has seen reports of continuing discrimination against the christian minority in Haruspex.

      While it is not policy for the Gallambrian Government to meddle in the domestic affairs of other countries, we strongly condemn the current treatment of those currently suffering under the hands of those who wish to force their own system of beliefs on its citizens. Therefore, we call upon the Government of Haruspex to cease it's discriminate treatment of all minorities within its borders. Should the Haruspex Government continue such behaviour, the Gallambrian Government will impose the strongest of sanctions until such time it can guarantee that christian and other minorities are treated with care and dignity, it would afford its majority.

      We call for other nations around the Wurld, to place pressure on the Haruspex Government, to bring them into line with standards expected of a member of the International community.

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    • E6Q9eLB.png


      Bulgenstaz Opens Itself Up to Foreign Trade

      Is socialism crumbling in the Marenesian state?

      Last week, the People's Republic of @Bulgenstaz announced that it was opening itself up to foreign investment, by the way of allowing foreign companies to set up factories and base themselves within the socialist state. Bulgenstaz is by no means the first country within the wurld to do so – the Queendom of @Morheim opened up a trade and industry zone within its borders, in order to similarly encourage foreign investment within the country. For the Queendom, it proved to be a very successful venture – numerous companies quickly signed up to take advantage of the generous tax breaks offered by the Queendom, from as far afield as @Girkmand and Orhioneia (@Orioni).

      Sadly, it also included the perfidious Elegy Corporation, which is perhaps one of the most monstrous organisations on Eurth. Undoubtedly, the Elegy Corporation used its toe-hold in Morheim to spread its influence further and strengthen itself at the expense of the Queendom and its citizens. The nature of this company, and in some ways the country that it hails from, the @Sunset Sea Islands, can be seen as little more than diabolical. It can only be hoped that the government of Morheim is vigilant against any attempts to spread the Synapse System, the notorious automated spy network, further still, and safeguard their citizens from such monstrous breaches of privacy. However, as Morheim is sadly not a Christian nation but a pagan one, it may be difficult for them to realise the true nature of the Elegy Corporation's influence within their nation, as they do not have God watching over them or Christ within their hearts.

      However, the main differences between the Morheimian trade zone and the Bulgenstazi version are painfully manifest. The Morheimian trade zone, despite its tax breaks to encourage companies to set up shop within it, did little to infringe upon either workers' rights or environmental protections. Indeed, Morheim is undoubtedly the current world exemplar when it comes to environmental standards, of which our own Megas Agios Basileia is a close second. It shows that despite being non-believers, God can still guide their actions. Similarly, all businesses within the trade zone had to comply with the existing health and safety regulations of the Morheimian government. That they can uphold their own rights and values whilst encouraging foreign investment in their country is something that the Bulgenstazi equivalent should perhaps taken more stock of before opening up the so-called “Foreign Investment Opportunity”.

      On the other hand, the People's Republic took steps to weaken their regulations, both workers' rights and environmental protections, to try to encourage foreign investment on their shores. This demonstrates that socialism is beginning to creak under its own weight in the Marenesian nation. Of course, this was inevitable, as any ideology that actively rejects God is always going to fail. That it has lasted so long in the southern nation is perhaps surprising, especially since they have a Godly, if somewhat misguided, neighbour in the form of Salvia (@Sancti Imperii Catholico). It can be hoped that their neighbour's influence will continue to weaken their atheistic government.

      The biggest question will be how the people of Bulgenstaz will react to this reduction in their rights and protections, especially since it is apparently being done to benefit not just the state, which might have been considered a worthy sacrifice by the brain-washed masses, but foreign capitalists as well. This completely flies in the face of their misbegotten beliefs and is almost a slap in the face for all those who have starved or been worked to death in the name of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

      It could well be that the “Foreign Investment Opportunity” is the act that is the beginning of the end for the People's Republic. It can only be hoped that the Bulgenstazi people can shake off the chains that have been holding them down for so long and once again find a place for God within their hearts and their nation.


      Arhomaneia to Send Delegation to Ahrana

      Struggling nation celebrates one year strife-free

      In a move that has caused some surprise, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has opted to send a delegation to the celebrations in @Ahrana to mark a year since the inauguration of the current head of state, Federal President Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring of Strasburg. Up until now, the relations between Arhomaneia and Ahrana have been cool at best and hostile at worst. This has been for several reasons. First was the overthrowing of the Unified Imperial Kingdom by a communist uprising which saw the death of the king and a civil war that caused widespread destruction and death. Following that, the supposed architect of the revolution, Gregor Ivanoff, was similarly overthrown and replaced by Alexsandra Misha Lars Core, in circumstances that were widely considered to be suspect. The then-Socialist Federation also supported one of the several slaver-states that was operating at the time, providing it with economic assistance despite significant international condemnation. It can only be through God's intervention that Ahrana was able to avert a worse backlash against itself, as that country remained largely Christian throughout its tumults, even if they did not follow true religion in the form of the Arhomaniki Church.

      Ivanoff was later put on trial and then killed in very dubious circumstances, and many of his minions also faced trial, although commentators noticed that many of the military figures facing justice were of relatively low rank. However, despite its struggles, Ahrana was able to transition to a democracy, getting rid of the communist regime that had ruled it since the revolution. This transition has been hailed by some as one of the most speedy and peaceful changes in recent wurld history, no doubt helped by the face that the communist regime did not hold power for all that long, meaning that their foul atheist plots and schemes were not able to get a good grip upon the hearts and minds of the long-suffering Ahranaians.

      Despite this change for the better, perhaps Ahrana's true revolution, the Megas Agios Basileia has maintained a distance between the two countries, despite the Ahranaian Federation being one of the largest countries in central Argis. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has, unofficially at least, held that the circumstances of Ivanoff's death needed to be investigated further and that the trials under General Secretary Alexsandra Core, Ivanoff's successor, needed to be more extensive and more far reaching. Indeed, Arhomaneia has not named an ambassador to Arhana since the overthrow of the Unified Imperial Kingdom and has not invited that nation to send one to Tagmatika, demonstrating the low ebb of relations since then.

      This is why the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion's acceptance of the invite is surprising. It likely represents the fact that Ahrana has now become stable enough to be a worthwhile member of the international community, in at least the eyes of the Arhomaniki government. The turmoil that regularly shook Arhana has died down and the current head of state has no connection to the one that aided and abetted slaver-states. The delegation from Arhomaneia will be headed by Ioannina Vatatzkhe, who has held the post of Logothetissa for Obscure Barbaroi Nations for five years. Despite the title, it is one of the most important within the Logothetes ton Barbaron.

      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is also sending a Kontoubernion (platoon) of the Ikanatoi, one of the Tagmata guard units, to take part in the military parade that is part of the anniversary celebrations. This will likely cause some surprise, to see one of the wurld's most elite units marching alongside barbaroi rabble. It is without a doubt that they will cause envy amongst the rest of the wurld.

      This anniversary may mark not just a new chapter in the Ahranaian Federation, but a fresh start between the Christian nations of Argis and Europa, one that will strengthen the cause of Godliness across Eurth.

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