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    • "...the treasonous General Morror Kassus continues his march towards the capital. Soldiers of the Fourth Legion engaged his forces on the outskirts of Peldred and have since made a tactical manuver north to the seaport city of Mirek. Praetor Darok stated that the loyalist soldiers fought valiantly and would soon be joined by three additional legions who will place overwhelming force upon the oppositional forces of Kassus. He assured the Senate that Kassus would be arrested soon and brought before the Senate to speak of his crime, and ultimately executed. Several senators of the Jaridan coalition criticized the Praetor for the loss; in particular, Senator Enellis Vellon, saying that "the Praetor, according to information provided to the body on the intended course of action sounded well-thoughtout, only for it to come to pieces because he has no attention span except for when a matter concerns his personal body or possessions." Vellon was joined by Jaridan Consul Alidar Jarok who urged the Praetor to get his military affairs in order and fast, less he lose the support of his coalition."

      "...in other news, notable vinter and aristocrat Galan Charvanek was found dead at his estate outside the city of Calanistra this morning. He was found dead in his wine cellar by one the family's attendants, Sinda. She notified emergency responders who rushed to the scene and formally pronounced him dead upon arrival. His wife, Liviana, was notified and issued a brief statement saying that "she is deeply sadden by the loss of her longtime partner. She will be greaving for days and will take this time to remember all the good times they had as a couple before arrange proper last rites at the Septum in the center of Calanistra. As Galan's widow, Charvanek will assume total ownership of their joint estate. Praetor Darok, upon hearing the news of Galan's passing, said that "he and the people of the Republic stand with the Charvanek family in this most saddening of times and will ensure that all of Galan's deeds are remembered for all time..."

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      "Samura Heavy Industries today broke ground on a new 2.4 million square foot manufacturing complex outside the town of Kikonai. Hideki Samura, the tenth-generation owner of the company, said that the facility will require over 4,300 full-time employees. The products to be manufacturered in the vast campus include electronics, appliances, and a range of chemicals used in metalworks. Kikonai residents have decried Samura for ignoring their demands of relocating the chemical operations elsewhere. A Samura spokesperson said that the company had every right to place its efforts in the town and had gotten the uanimous support of local officials. He additionally stated that the people of Kikonai and surrounding communities would come around as many will have first right to employment when it opens next year."

      "...a milestone has been reached in the ongoing reconstruction and revitalization efforts of the Shintoko district of Miyako. Ashi, the joint Sato-Elergy consortium, that was awarded the 32 billion Ken tender for the project have begun the construction of the first fifth of new towers that will dominate the surrounding area. Shintoko Station is slated to be closed on January 1st, 2020 but will begin to slowly close two months prior with the beginning of rail diversions to Miyako's two other railway stations. Though Ashi is responsible for most development efforts in the district, the Sato Corporation will build their new 102-story headquarters tower in the heart of the area. Asami Sato, CEO of the company that bears her family's name, is set to break ground on September 1st."

      "...the militant Takeru Party, which only possesses eight seats in the National Assembly, will be holding a rally in the town of Setana next weekend. The purpose of the rally is to urge the Kipanese people to move away from their 'peaceful' path and undertake a massive rebuilding of its military, in the name of national security - and to reimpose the nation's influence on the colonial holdings it once possessed, only to lose them at the end of the Thalassan War in 1947 as a condition of Kipan's surrender. President Yamazaki has denounced the Takeru Party for their hostile messaging and urged the other oppositional parties to join his Rikken Party in isolating the warmonging party. Though most Rikken supporters find the Takeru unsavory, there are some high-ranking officials and donors who do share some views held by the militant faction..."

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      Radio Free Eurth - Radio Free Sunset Sea Islands

      On Visiting the Sunset Sea Islands

      If there was one word to describe the recent history of the Sunset Sea Islands, it would have to be "change". With the staggering amount of upheaval the nation has gone through, sometimes it is hard to realise that what feels like decades has been two years at best. Every day, the Sunset Sea Islands slide down a dystopian rabbithole a little bit more. If we look back just two years, we see a thriving tourist paradise, world-famous for its beautiful beaches and welcoming nature. In stark contrast to every other aspect of life in the SSI, the tourism sector has probably changed the least. The government knows exactly how vital tourism is to the national economy, which is why new incentives to boost this branch of the industry are continuously conceived. New methodes of cost-prevention lower the price of holidays in the equatorial archipelago and the visitor numbers to the world's most popular tourist destination continue to climb. Even the lovechild of the regime, the Synapse System, has been scaled back significantly in tourist destinations and resort cities.

      Nevertheless, no matter how much the government tries to butter tourists up, you have to remember one crucial thing: holidays in the Sunset Sea Islands mean holidays in a surveillance state.

      Quietly and without much media attention, the Radiant "Republic" has expanded security checks on people entering the nation, might they be tourists or businesspeople. Whilst the process has been streamlined to make immigration as frictionless as possible, security checks now do not only concern your physical baggage, but your digital one as well.

      Like every other tourist destination, the Sunset Sea Islands want as many tourists as possible to leave as much money as possible in the nation, therefore, the tourism industry is not afraid to invest into state-of-the-art 21st century technology. Everything is designed to be as convenient as possible: by scanning a QR code or holding your smartphone against a NFC sensor you can pay virtually everywhere. In restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, souvenir shops, the list goes on and on. However, there is a catch to this: to do so, you need a tourist ValID account.

      To those of you who might have forgotten, ValID is a government identification system that has been introduced before the technocratic revolution. It links every passport to a digital profile which makes it easy to create accounts for online services, to pay for services and to register at various institutions. What seems like the ultimate convenience in the digital world of the 21st century is nothing more than another tool of mass surveillance.

      Naturally, most tourists gladly install the application on their phones. It is widely advertised and nothing is stopping you from deinstalling the programme once you leave the nation. However, as you might have guessed, providing tourist information, navigation and payment services are not the only thing the app does.

      Without granting the application access to all the authorities over your device it desires, the app doesn't work. And what does it do once it gets them? It starts scanning. It reads out your messages, your calendar entries, your phone logs and address books, all in search of what the government calls "counterprogressive material" or connections to people the regime might consider dangerous individuals. Whether or not these tourist ValID accounts are temporary or permanent could not be determined so far either.

      In a similarily cloak-and-dagger legislation, airport personnel have been authorised to read out the storage of your electronical devices when passing through security checks, all to prevent individuals from smuggling "counterprogressive materials" into the nation. If the guards find such material, for example information about cyber security or privacy, on your devices, you are faced with three choices: delete the files, leave your device at the airport until your return home, or fly right back home.

      Even though these worrying developments bring tears to the eyes of those who remember the old tourist paradise of the Sunset Sea Islands, we at RFSSI don't expect to see any change in consumer behaviour. The beautiful environment of the archipelago and the ever-expanding tourist industry with its deals and incentives will continue to pull visitors from all around the globe. Most tourists won't even notice how the national government spies on them, and we don't blame them. When was the last time any of us have read the terms and conditions of any app we've installed on our mobile phones? Will this pirate radio broadcast somewhere in the new world have any influence on the situation? We doubt it. Nevertheless, this is another in a long row of steps the Radiant Republic has taken towards a totalitarian surveillance state.

      So the next time you're going for a vacation in the Sunset Sea Islands, it might be worth investing in a NFC-blocking phone case.

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      Tech-savvy seniors generate income by selling online game accounts

      In the past, preinstalled chess and spider games were the only points of contact with the modern digital entertainment industry for many elderly citizens. The tables have turned as retirees begin grinding on online game accounts to sell them at a profit.

      By Rana Sumishī
      21 July 2019

      This 81-year-old citizen has rigged up thirty smartphones to his bike to level-up just as many accounts on a map-based game.

      Mr. Ōku, a retired biologist, announces his arrival with the ring of his bike's bell. He's hard to miss on the streets of Sunset City - few things are as eye-catching as the contraption he has mounted to his vehicle. An array of thirty smartphones in five rows covers almost his entire field of vision, leaving just barely enough space for him to see where he's driving. Pictures taken by surprised passers-by have gone viral and he has agreed to meet with The Implant in the centre of the city.

      I: Good evening, Mr. Ōku. Thank you for agreeing to meet with us. As I understand it, you have just recently celebrated your 81st birthday. We'd like to congratulate you on that.

      O: Thank you very much!

      I: During the past weeks, you have achieved substantial internet fame. Would you mind telling your fans how you're feeling?

      O: I'm feeling better than ever! It's an incredible experience suddenly having millions of people out there who are concerned about my health and well-being. But with all this exercise I'm getting I'm more energetic than I've ever been!

      I: That's great to hear. You've mentioned your new way of staying in shape. Can you tell us a little about that?

      O: Gladly! You see, this game became wildly popular a few years ago. I had never even heard about it before my grandchildren introduced me to it. At first, I was sceptical, but it didn't take long for me to see the benefits: by motivating people to go outside, explore their surroundings and interact with other players in real life, they get a lot of exercise and social interaction! Isn't that great? My grandchildren convinced me to sign up and I started to play from time to time. I never would have imagined earning money one day by doing so!

      I: During the last decade, we've seen several new ways of earning money online, for example, recording or streaming commentary of video games live. How do you generate income from this game?

      O: There are plenty of working folks who would like to play this game more but don't have time because of their jobs. I stumbled on an internet forum where people offered to play on other people's accounts on their old phones simultaneously. The original account owners would pay their substitutes a little. I decided to get into that and soon I realised that I could improve my pension significantly!

      I: Did you have 29 old phones lying around ready to be used for this purpose?

      O: No, no. [laughs] Maybe out of sympathy for my old age, I got more requests than other users of that forum. With the additional income, I successively expanded my setup. Once it became a hassle to carry all these phones in my pocket, I decided to whip up this bike mount. I even added some solar panels to increase battery life!

      I: Don't you think this wall of screens poses a risk for you when you're driving around?

      O: At first I was a little nervous, however, it turns out if people see an old man driving around with thirty bright phones mounted to his bike, people tend to notice you more than usual. I'm feeling safer than ever!

      I: Your unusual past-time activity has attracted lots of sympathy online. How does your family react?

      O: Oh, it's great! My children and grandchildren love the idea and I spend more time with them, as I often go out to play the game with them. It has become a true family hobby! Nevertheless, it took a while for my wife to get used to it though. Now that I drive around during regular working hours, I promised her to spend the evenings with her. We also go on walks completely phone-free to spend time together.

      I: Is there anything else you'd like to tell the readers of The Implant?

      O: I'd like to thank my new sponsor, Elegy, who've hooked me up with all these brand-new ElePhones. They're even paying me as a beta tester for new models. Also, I'd like to clarify some rumours that have been circulating online. Contrary to what some people have been speculating, I do not do this to fight against dementia, as, thankfully, I've been spared from that horrible disease so far. Nevertheless, I appreciate the concern.

      I: Thank you for the interview, Mr. Ōku.

      O: Thank you! Now I have to hurry, I need to get back to my wife!

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      Four-day work cycle reducing CO2 emissions


      The implementation of the reformed work cycle has been a prestige project ever since the roots of the Technocratic revolution in the Tenma test phase. By dividing their workforce into seven groups, each working for four days a week but off-set by a day from each other, businesses and government institutions were able to achieve uninterrupted productivity whilst improving the working conditions of their employees. Whilst the overall work hours were reduced by one fifth as a result of this, the bonus of this continuous cycle unveils more and more advantages over the traditional five-day model.

      According to a recent study by a leading environmentalist think tank, this work cycle may be a major step in reducing carbon emissions and energy usage. By effectively prolonging the weekends of individual citizens, people can not only spend more quality time with their families, loved ones and hobbies, they also tend to pursue activities with smaller carbon footprints.

      This unanticipated advantage contributes to the national efforts of achieving the goals of the Laren Agreement. Whilst the Department of Public Security's Environment subdivision enforces new waste regulations, convenience stores and supermarkets continue to minimise food and plastic waste, for example, by eliminating unnecessary packaging for fruits and vegetables.

      The think tank predicts that gross energy savings resulting from the effective four-day work cycle might even reach as much as 20%. The Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands has pledged to be carbon negative (absorbing more CO2 than it emits) by 2030.

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      Drugs, human trafficking

      Based on activities of the 70th Motor Rifle Regiment, Mzil Velven, and observers from the @Tagmatium Rules Peacekeepers, is the most comprehensive review of organised crime and related illicit activity in the Cussian region in more than five years.

      It said the region's illicit drug business has been growing particularly fast over the past few years, pointing to the "unprecedented" and "dangerous" expansion in production and trafficking of meth.

      Behind meth, heroin is the second most frequently trafficked drug in the northern territories, the report said, citing growing seizures within the region after advancing and later occupational forces began to crack down on Cussian rebels that were still in their zones of operation.

      Separately, the report pointed out that migrant-trafficking networks in the northern territories and beyond are highly advanced and up until recently, have had no law enforcement to stand in their way.

      "Typically warlords, the rebel movement had been using the trafficking and smuggling of people to exploit differences in economic development and demand for cheap labour," the report said from our field unit.

      However in the last month or as our forces advances into the northern territories, this gross violation of human rights, has come to an end, at least in the zones of occupation. 


      On the morning of June 17, 2019, Annad Tadfi rushed over to his brother’s six-story apartment building in Hamaii, Beautancus (Northern Territories), within the suburb district of Taliqe. Annad’s brother, Lattuf, lived on the ground floor with his wife, Samiha, their six children, and his mother, Amina. Other families had fled the city, leaving the building mostly vacant, but Amina was bedridden from diabetes, and medicine was in short supply.

      I had managed to find some insulin for my mother and I rushed over to bring it to her,” Annad told Eighth Circle Legionary and their wards, members of the Arhomaneian Peacekeeping effort, and the Arhomaniki Red Cross. “I was planning to return later that day with my wife and children to wait for the area to be liberated” from the Cussian Insurgency Front, which had made Hamaii the capital of its self-declared caliphate.

      But two hours after Annad left his mother’s side, an artillery strike by the Warlords Coalition, destroyed the apartment building, killing Lattuf’s entire family.

      Annad Tadfi is one of more than four hundred witnesses or survivors interviewed by Eighth Circle Legionary, which, along with the monitoring group Arhomaniki Red Cross, released their most comprehensive report Thursday on the coalition’s artillery campaign during the month or so long offensive against HIL forces in an attempt to retake the city.

      Edited by Haruspex
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      Good evening little girls and boys. This is uncle Bron Urgundy, and tonight we're talking about drugs.

      A MAN FROM @Shffahkia made a marvelously moronic mistake. When you do something which is not legal, you best keep it to yourself instead of notifying the police. That’s what a 26-year-old Edson Leopoldo learned when he called the emergency number to report stolen cocaine. And now he himself will be prosecuted before the court.

      Acting along the guidelines, the dispatcher sent a patrol car to the place of the event in order for the testimony to be recorded. At first the dispatcher was pretty sure it was a joke. But the policemen couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the Edson waiting for them. Reportedly, the man had lost a bundle of approximately 500 grams of white powder. He then started listing the personal information of all his recent visitors and demanded a criminal intervention.

      To the policemen's surprise, Edson then said he was "too shaken by this situation" and needed a smoke. He then grabbed a bag from underneath his kitchen sink where he had stored an estimated 200 grams of marihuana. Mr Leopoldo seemed completely unaware of the fact he was worsening his own situation. He then proceeded to roll a joint... and offered to share it with the policemen writing down his testimony.

      "The whole situation was absolutely astonishing. We've become the laughingstock of our police precinct," says master sergeant Pedro Ferreira. "This case could have turned out easy for Mr Leopoldo because there was no cocaine present. However, the suspect decided to show us his large stash of hashish."

      Edson wrongfully thought that the law de-criminalising drug possession was already introduced instead of the discussion about it just starting. What’s more, the current discussion is aimed at legalising small amounts for personal use. Not the 200 grams found in suspect’s possession.

      The man is scheduled to appear before the court. Depending on the decision regarding the amount found at his house, the local judge will decided an appropriate penalty.

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      Cussian Crisis: nations must not turn a blind eye, Rights groups say

      KARU, @Haruspex -- Human rights groups have called on Eurth's political leaders to rethink their approach to the Cussian refugee crisis that's unfolding in formerly @Beautancus territory under the control of Haruspex.

      The Christian issue, especially their repatriation from Cussia, is expected to be a major topic during the upcoming meeting among leaders of the Entente of Oriental States. Haruspex regards the Christian-majority Cussians as undocumented migrants from the Arhomaneian subcontinent and has confined tens of thousands to camps. Unknown numbers of Cussians have already crossed into Tagmatium, according to NGO observers, after violence and clashes by Haruspex's military security forces.

      Human rights activists say the bloc should not rush to get involved in the Cussian crisis without addressing the root causes of their displacement. "EOS needs to stop turning a blind eye to Haruspex's atrocities against the Cussians, and cease lending legitimacy to the repatriation process," Mrs Anna Hackney, the Orinese representative to EOS, said in a statement. Rights groups have also criticised an earlier EOS report for whitewashing the persecution of the majority-Christian minority by Haruspex. Rights groups say conditions in Cussian Northern Occidental territories are not conducive to the safe return of refugees.

      "EOS seems intent on discussing the future of the Cussians without condemning, or even acknowledging, the Haruspex military's ethnic cleansing campaign against them," said Mr Adam Brand, director of Mercy International. "It's preposterous for EOS leaders to even suggest the repatriation of a traumatised population into the hands of the security forces who killed, raped, and robbed them."

      Haruspex denies widespread wrongdoing and says the military campaign across hundreds of villages in the northern Cussian territory was in response to the attacks by terrorist fighters.

      Last week, reports of serious abuses emerged from the Karu Trainyard Refugee Center, where even refugees including many children are confined against their behind barbed wire without any legal basis or release date. It is unclear whether the young refugees will have access to lawyers, education or social services.

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      Megas Agios Basileia to take in Refugees from Koussoeia

      As the Gharoi invasion of the territories of Koussoeia has gathered pace, the drastic anti-Christian practices and policies that the Sovereign Imperium of Machina @Haruspex pursues have come into full swing. Recently, it was announced on the Gharoi news service that the Christian minority in the Glorious Dominate would be shipped out to Arhomaneia, whilst putting onerous and punitive laws against them.

      Of course, it cannot be doubted that the Arhomaioi will welcome these new arrivals with open arms, as can be expected of a nation that holds Christ dear to their hearts.

      However, questions must be asked about the circumstances of these transportations. As the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has not protested or even questioned the transportations, or even the reason behind them, it can perhaps be assumed that the government supports them, at least tacitly. This is deeply worrying due to the fact that Arhomaneia is effectively party to the ethnic cleansing of a country. If the Gharoi had been willing to just send those who did not wish to live under their oppressive regime to Arhomaneia, then the actions of the Arhomaniki government could be overlooked, or at least understood. However, that does not seem to be the case. The Sovereign Imperium is determined to smash a religious group that has lived within the Glorious Dominate for over one and a half thousand years, after fleeing persecution within the Megas Agios Basileia. And the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has provided them the means to do so.

      If the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had refused to take the refugees in in an organised and orderly manner, then we may well have witnessed even worse scenes than trains and transit camps. The Gharoi are not known for their mercy or pity – the Sovereign Imperium may well have taken a leaf out of @Greater Serbia's book and attempted mass murder rather than transportation. But the removal of an ethnic or religious minority, even if they are not killed intentionally during the process, is still ethnic cleansing, which Arhomaneia has vociferously opposed in the past. If they do so again, then it will look like nothing more than rank hypocrisy.

      On top of that, the refugees will be arriving in a country that has been, historically, hostile to them. Their denomination, Gerenianism, has long been considered heterodox by the Church in Arhomaneia. This will undoubtedly cause friction for the refugees wherever they might be settled within the nation. There are small communities of Gerenians living in Arhomaneia, mostly in the major cities of the east, and they are mainly merchants who have interests in trade between the Glorious Dominate and the Megas Agios Basileia. It is unlikely that there will be attempts made to find and secure housing within these cities for the refugees, as there will likely be considerable push back against such actions.

      Similarly, the refugees themselves will likely not view the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion in a positive light – many will have preferred to resist the Sovereign Imperium's invasion. That may well have been the best course of action for Arhomaneia, too; although the alliance between the two nations is a decade old, it does appear to be fraying in some regards. Without the alliance being in place, the government may have been tempted to come to the aid of Koussoeia, which would have had grave consequences for peace in northern Europa.

      As it is, how events will play out is unknown. A cross-ministerial committee has been working on plans since the beginning of last month in order to facilitate the movement of the refugees through Arhomaneia and it does seem that the Gharoi are determined to pass the responsibility of them over to their neighbour as soon as possible, even without anything being made ready for them. Whilst the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is certainly not showing itself in a good light with the Koussoeioi refugee crisis, it is without a doubt that the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the Sovereign Imperium.


      Environmental Policy Comes Under Fire

      Since the acclamation of Kommodos III as Agios Basileos kai Autokrator, safeguarding the environment and instituting laws and regulations to that end have been a key policy. It is part of the overarching policy referred to as “Strong State, Strong Church”, as well as reflecting the theological idea that God has placed the stewardship of His creation into the hands of Man. It follows, therefore, that ruining it, whether through ignorance, indifference or malice, will displease Him. Such displeasure could then be shown through various trials and tests. A strong state would then be able to protect both the environment and the Church, which would lead to a stronger state, as the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion could count on God's blessing.

      Arhomaneia has been one of the leading nations on Eurth in attempting to reduce climate change. It was one of the key members of the groundbreaking Laren Conference in @Morheim, and rapidly enacted the treaty once it had been signed. Indeed, several other nations that were not present at the conference have since signed it, including the @Sunset Sea Islands and @Soreana. Being in the vanguard of this wave of environmentalism will have helped the standing of the Megas Agios Basileia in the world, especially amongst those who hold the future of the wurld dear. There have been suggestions that the potential trade talks with Salvia (@Sancti Imperii Catholico) may be used to try to influence the southern nation to become a signatory as well.

      The environmental policies have not been without their critics, however. Quotas enforced on those fishing within Arhomaniki waters have been hitting the fishing industry relatively hard, causing an upturn in unemployment in towns reliant upon it. The government has pointed out that it is increasing investment in those areas to try to counteract the impact on the industry and the rising unemployment, although it seems to have been making little headway so far. Officials from the Logothesion ton Agelon, the Ministry of the Environment, have been meeting with fishing industry representatives to set out plans for sustainable fishing, of which the quotas are part. Plans for offshore wind farms as a way to increase investment have been partially shelved for the moment, as there were concerns about how they might effect the current fish stocks.

      Linked into this is the fate of Arhomaneia's nuclear power plants. They have always been controversial, although there has never been a major incident at any of the plants since the start of the civil nuclear programme in the EK7480s (AD1970s). It was rumoured to have been a offshoot of a supposed nuclear weapons programme initiated by the Navarkhokratia, although this has never been confirmed. Despite generating roughly a quarter of the electricity of the Megas Agios Basileia and this proportion set to increase in the coming decade, the public perception of nuclear power has always been on the negative side. If there is a large-scale incident, even if it was abroad, it may turn public opinion against it further.

      Similarly, the re-introduction of large land animals, including predators, has been said to have had a detrimental effect on farming in some of the upland areas. Wolves and leopards have been released in carefully controlled and monitored parts of Arhomaneia, after almost having been wiped out in the wild, as part of attempts to improve farming during the Long War. They are ever-popular with tourists, both from home and abroad, but as their numbers have increased, so have reports of attacks on livestock. The Logothesion ton Agelon has been assuring farmers that such attacks are rare, although documents seen by this paper through Freedom of Information requests has shown that the amount of money paid out by the Logothesion ton Paroikonikou, the Ministry for Agriculture, has increased over the years.

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      A Monarch Chosen By God, or a President Chosen By the People? 

      July 16, 2019 

      Joshua Behr 

      This a transcript from a recent radio program that aired on July 14. 

      As I walked by Alexis Hall, the palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze as I walked through Murphy Square in front of the entrance of the building, a group of protestors caught my attention as I walked past.  I began to hear chanting from the group- a somewhat larger than average gathering of what I perceived to be around a couple thousand protestors.  While it was not a large, city-wide protest, it was certainly a large crowd for an average day in Salvia. 

      As I approached the group, the chanting became decipherable, and the words on the banners and posters that they held were visible.  The police there to maintain order looked rather bored- their presence more of a formality than an actual deterrence.  The protestors were passive, even if their message might seem threatening to another leader elsewhere on Eurth.  Their request?  The complete abolition of both Concilios as well as the presidency and the installation of a Catholic monarch. 

      The historic relationship between the Church, people, and executive has always been muddy and unclear.  All three seem to be supreme- sometimes only 1 or two, other times all of them- in a constant struggle for ultimate power.  The executive- first under the monarchy and now as a presidency- seem to be the ones who yield the power, however answer to the people through the Concilio Populi.  Yet, it seems that the people are usually willing to follow the executive with no resistance.  Factoring in the Church makes it more complicated.   A large portion of the population- 81% according to the 2017 census- are Salvian Catholic, and a majority are traditionalists.  The Church also factors in through the Concilio Clerici, and let’s not forget who the Head of State is- the Salvian pope.  Oh, and the current president and former vice president is also an Archbishop.  Despite this, the pattern is once again repeated, in which the Church rarely sticks its nose too deep into the affairs and running of the nation, so far as they more or less follow the moral code of the Church.  The three powers seem to be in each other’s way and isolated all at the same time, each supreme in their own way. 

      But these protestors want a clear line drawn, and the return of the Murphy dynasty that once ruled Salvia before the People’s War, in which the presidency was established.  They want the return of a Catholic monarch to lead Salvia and the abolotion of any trace of democracy in the nation that has existed since the Imperium’s founding in the 13th century.  As I asked several of the protestors on what they thought, consistent themes emerged.  But one was repeated by every single protestor I asked- they want a Catholic monarch to lead Salvia to salvation. 

      I was able to interview the organizer of the event and a chairman of a pro-monarch organization called Repartus Salvia [Salvia Reborn], John Valle, and ask about their stance and goals. 


      Thanks for meeting with me Mr. Valle.   

      It’s a pleasure to meet with you Joshua.  I really do believe our message needs to be heard by more people in Salvia so more can learn about it and understand us better, and I appreciate that you’ve reached out to me for an interview. 

      I just want to start out with a quick introduction: what is Repartus Salvia, its goals, beliefs, and why? 

      Well, Repartus Salvia is just an organization that supports and campaigns for the return of a Catholic monarch to lead Salvia, and this is also our main goal.  We believe that democracy simply leads to mob rule and is easily subject to the misguidance of a nation. The return of a Catholic monarch, with the support of the Church, would guide Salvia to salvation, especially through the coming of these troubling times.  I mean, you look overseas and see these nations besieged by these liberal ideas and it worries you. 

      Many people see Repartus Salvia as a radical group with extreme ideas.  Some more liberal Concilio members have even labelled you as a threat to democracy.  What do you think about both of these things? 

      I mean, I suppose we are a threat to democracy [chuckles].  But for what we see as a good reason.  A democracy is easy to attack, exploit and misguide a nation.  It’s easy to infiltrate their ranks and it susceptible to indecision and making the wrong decision.  A capable and strong monarch with competent and holy advisors ensures none of these happen.  As to being extremists- if wanting a strong and holy Salvia is extreme, then label me an extremist.  We don’t seek to harm anyone, just save them and Salvia from its potential downfall. 

      Looking back on the history of monarchs in the Medieval period, you can see there was a lot of corruption in both the Church and monarchy.  Do you think it will just repeat itself within a few generations, even if the first few kings or queens are strong and capable? 

      I think nowadays it would be so very hard for something similar to happen.  We have learned from history; we are more educated in general.  Everything is much more open these days as well.  Any corruption would be sniffed out pretty fast.  And the old struggles of power between the sons of the king are long gone.  Incapable leaders or other people in power could be replaced through some process.  You know, we aren’t saying that we should be ruled by tyranny. 

      Speaking on that last note, many people resist the idea of a monarchy due to the fear of a repeat of King Peter the Third and his tyrannous rule, which as you know resulted in the formation of the democracy and presidency we have now.  What do you think about that? 

      Tyrannous rule is certainly something to be avoided.  All people are children of God, and the repression of their rights is violating God’s law in of itself.  But if you look at the history of the Murphy dynasty and line, you can trace almost all of their problems in terms of their faults to either incompetent underlings or anarchists or non-Catholics trying to undermine the Imperium.  I think that an alert public and strong executive can solve these problems.  We aren’t proposing tyranny in the slightest- that's not what monarchy means. 

      My last question: would you be willing to settle for the restoration of a “God-chosen” monarch that could work together with the Concilios? 

      [He paused here, serious contemplating for a few moments, before hesitantly replying,] I suppose I could.  I obviously believe that only the monarchy should be in charge as I’ve explained, but if it meant that a monarch chosen by God could once again come into power, then I’d be willing to work that relationship out. 

      Well, thank you so much for joining me.   

      Thank you Joshua. 

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    • KELhWM4.gif

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports


      Top 10 cities in Orioni revealed

      SIRIUS -- What makes a good city great? Is it security, nightlife, infrastructure? In our annual Quality of Living Index, Roiters looks at everything from functional transport to the number of parks and the price of a good lunch. Continue reading to see which Orinese city ranks on top.

      10. Global talent continues to arrive in Perseus, attracted by abundant nature, charming neighbourhoods and enviable work-life balance, encouraged by various government measures.

      9. Cygnus has seen an economic boost in recent years. And aside from a dropping unemployment rate, the city itself is imbued with new energy. The enviable cultural agenda spans everything from art to music festivals.

      8. Gruis' economy is flourishing. If the city is to retain its identity in the long term, its leaders will need to find creative solutions that balance the need for growth and the preservation of urban spaces.

      7. Wider pavements, communal benches and complimentary phone-charging points in the metro are signalling Meda's efforts to make Orioni's oldest city more accommodating.

      6. Nordhaven offers much more than the architectural beauty that it's praised for. With the deepening of the Uttura river to boost traffic to the port, it looks like the future is bright for this transport hub.

      5. In O'polis, major urban planning and transport projects are ticking along. Yet tradition is writ large here. Centuries-old green parks and vineyards offer respite within city limits. And higher education is still nearly free, reflecting the capital's longstanding focus on intellectual pursuits.

      4. As ever, Andro city boasts a young and vibrant population, attracted by the cities influential design industries, first-rate education facilities such as the Academy of Fine Arts, and a mouthwatering culinary scene. More affordable homes are needed to meet the rising demand.

      3. There are many reasons why Dion is a great place to live in: incomes are high, prices are reasonable, and things work as they should. However, opportunities and spaces for artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs have been somewhat stifled due to the housing bubble.

      2. Eat a bowl of linguini of try some dazzling multi-course spiedini. Shop at CostMart or buy a bespoke suit. Zuidhaven has always been a city for high and low. And the mix is still intoxicating. What surprises most of all though is that, for its size and pace, this is still a metropolis with a heart.

      1. Sirius gives you the feeling that all is right with the Eurth. From its clean-swept streets to punctual transport. On a bright summer's day, you'd be forgiven for thinking you've landed in the Mediargic thanks to lively pavement cafés serving aperitif and people hopping into the lake for a midday swim between meetings.

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    • HOUJkm4.png

      We here at Imperium News Nightly have just become aware of a decision by the Council of Nine and our newly crowned emperor. The Sovereign Imperium has adopted the first part of a new legislation packet to ship religious refugees to Arhomaneia from the added Cussian (Beautancus) territories. 

      Adopted the first part of a new legislation packet to restrict the rights of said refugees in the Greater Imperium, denying them the right to work, sending them to mass deportation sites, and even allowing raids in search of “illegal” remainders, per the rights of individuals who identify as apart of this Christianity religion should they not be counted in the shipment to officials in Arhomaneia, and or Arhomaneian Peacekeepers on hand.

      The Eighth Circle, of which heads the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Applications, has been appointed the overall government agency in charge of this affair, spurned to action via what some would call international intervention into our governing politics by our southern neighbor, Arhomaneia. The implications of this aside, this massive effort has already begun to turn its wheels. With logistics of the entire Eighth Circle being applied to the southern pass railyard, of which at one point linked to the borderlands of the Cussian territories by a few kilometers. This rail line also does the same skirting of Arhomaneian territory, making it initially the most viable option to deport millions of individuals.


      Executed with compassion and the promise of resettlement, it can facilitate shelter, social services and a quick transition.

      Done badly, when anti-refugee sentiment is high, a military base can become prison-like – a place where refugees are confined behind barbed wire, with unknown release dates. The Eighth Circle continues to circulate that any individual identified as a Christian will be housed there, if but temporarily and apart of the mass deportation of this religious minority to Arhomaneian holdings.

      The Eighth Circle's stated policy toward refugees is to deny them asylum and deport them as soon as possible. That includes children. It is unclear whether the young refugees will have access to lawyers, education or social services. Although spoke-persons for the Eighth Circle have mentioned they will operate by international law on the matter, and that international peacekeepers and The Arhomaniki Red Cross will have full access to the facility and any individual residing there.

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    • kBxKh7d.png

      On the 6th of July, the Council of the Nine and Strategic Legion Command, announced the start of airstrikes, supported by rapid reaction force artillery attacks.

      As many as 400 HIAF aircraft have been routed to support in the air campaign that has as of now been authorized. Reporters on the ground have been told that so far, a total of 1,026 bombs have already been dropped on twenty-eight targets located within four zones of operation in and around Hamai. HIAF aircraft struck 97% of their targets, and seriously damaged more than 80% of them. 708 of the bombs dropped were precision-guided munitions. 

      On the 7th of this month, HIAF air attacks on rebel positions around Hamai and near the headquarters at Paliq after the rebels and their warlord commanders failed to comply with Taskforce Hades Army Group and HIL demands to surrender any and all forces in the city. Later in the evening, a missile strike from a MLRS regiment, against a key air defense radio relay tower at Lida, near Hamai Luka, while HIAF fighter-bombers hit the same targets with about a dozen precision-guided bombs commenced to further break the resolve of the warlords and irregular forces within Hamai and surrounding provisional territories, continued unabated following this mistaken response to our honorable forces in the area.

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    • ayalon_observer_header_by_zagush-dcrxvew

      Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion

      President Rivikin Visits Parod Agricultural Fields

      By Riva Demsky 6 July 2019


      In Tikva's Yarden River Valley, the fields are vibrant with an array of crops from wheat and sorghum to citrus fruits and vegetables, even vast grapevines. The agricutural sector has seen double-digit growth over the past five years as have the nation's wine industry. Prior to 1950, most fields were watered by the limited sources from the mountain springs up near Mount Tzon. With the nation's ongoing fight to obtain as much water as possible, crops today are watered by drip irrigation, originating from desalinated water from the sea.

      This past year, agriculture accounted for 21% of all exports, with tomatoes and citrus fruits being the highest products sold abroad. The tomatoes grown in Tikva were bred through a 12-year program using a wild Narvic species to create a sweet snack tomato. In recognition to the sector's growth and to celebrate the anniversary of the success of the program, President Adar Rivikin toured the Parod fields, located outside the town of Eilon. He praised the farmers of Parod, and all others across the State for their hardwork. He additionally remarked that farmers were the cornerstone of Tikva's early days and would continue to form the foundation for the country moving forward. At the conclusion of his remarks, he took a giant bite into a shiny tomato.

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    • La Nazione


      Solsaliente, the nation's beloved theatrical circus troupe led by Luca Pantalone, today announced the launch of a six-month sweap of Aurelian states including Kirvina, Rihan, Shffhakia, and Kipan. The troupe's "Aurora" dramatic performance played briefly during the festivities in Dartha arranged by Morror Kassus. Reviews for the show has been astouding to Pantalone and his colleagues as crowds praise the level of detail and talent brought to the great tent every night. Since the show's launch last year, it has played in a half dozen countries.

      For the Aurelian circuit:

      • Mid-July to mid-August: Morhen, Kirvina
      • Early-September to late-October: Port-Réel, Shffhakia
      • Month of November: Dartha, Rihan, and
      • December through the middle of January 2020, in Kipan. 

      Tickets are now on sale.

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    • NSAS-2019.7.1.pngRanal Vivien Caught After Great Escape

      Following the end of June, the Éleigne Federal Penitentiary experienced a true modern-day prison escape when inmate number 98471 or Ranal Vivien went missing after a conjugal visit with his wife.

      Vivien was sentenced from 12 to 40 years in prison for his part in a prominent Port-de-Lys cocaine ring originally to the Pesciville Penitentiary, however after bad behavior and inappropriate conduct he was moved to the infamous Éleigne Federal Penitentiary. Éleigne FP is colloquially simply known as Monmort coming from Mont Mort (Mount Death) for having the worst inmate death rate in Shffahkia with 42% of all inmates dying in the prison. 

      During his conjugal visit, Ranal Vivien had his wife bring him a wig and women's clothes. After having applied some of his wife's make-up, Vivien simply walked out from the facility. He would later be found by a bus stopped by a police officer and swiftly arrested. 


      This escape isn't the first controversy Éleigne FP has faced. Earlier in 2018, the horrific death of Jaïr Taulle galvanized many to action, yet the facility was kept running. Now even more tension is set on both local and federal politicians alike to close the facility down. 


      NSAS-2019.7.5.pngLarue to Man the Central Aurelian Passage

      Following an administration press release, Senate and Union President Larue declared that the Federative Republic of Shffahkia would man the Central Aurelian Passage in response to rising tensions within the region itself and instability in the surrounding area.Initially Larue was heavily against military occupation, however, in order prevent the rise of local militias and tensions, Larue saw it necessary to bring order to the region. 

      According to the administration, the forces are meant to keep the peace in the area preventing instability from nearby regions from seeping in. Controversially a census will also be held to provide a clear picture of the area so proper plans can be made. 

      Although the occupation was claimed to have been made in good faith towards neighboring Rihan and that the census be made to help in future negotiations, political experts say that by occupying the area militarily and by preforming a census which is an action usually done by local authorities, Shffahkia is setting itself in an advantageous positions when negotiations will be held. 


      A larger criticism is that Shffahkia is undermining the Aurelian League by indirectly conducting military actions against another member. This point is greatly contested by Larue who said "A short-term military occupation is better than a decade-long border conflict..."


      NSAS-2019.7.6.pngAbraham Pignatelli Wins Court Case

      Famous Salvian Televangelist, Abraham Pignatelli won a high-profile court case regarding televangelism in Shffahkia after having his shows taken down and blocked in the country. After finding this out, Pignatelli sued the Shffahkian Department of Media claiming that they had no reason to shut the show down. 

      The Media Department claimed that Pignatelli's show was an attempt at religious conversion which is illegal in Shffahkia. Pignatelli claimed in his case that his show was entertainment and thereby not an attempt of religious conversion. Pignatelli's case was helped by a Temps' poll of Shffahkian donors to Pignatelli which found out that the majority of donations (65%) were given because they found the emission entertaining, while only under 10% of donors did so because of religious reasons.

      The court then ruled in the favor of Pignatelli legalizing religious television. This decision is seen as the second step from the repeal of absolute abolition in reintroducing religion more into Shffahkia despite religion still being outlawed. Pignatelli said "This is a great step towards the right and holy light of the lord with more Shffahkians being able to plant that seed of faith to save their soul in life and death." 

      Edited by Shffahkia
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    • "...breaking news...the Senate today voted to remove Praetor Mathon Terix from office on the grounds of military incompetence and failure to arrest General Morror Kassus for treason against the Republic. Terix and his family have left the Praetorian Palace and returned to their estate in the countryside. To fill the void in leadership, the Senate proceeded to elevate Continuing Committee member, Gathan Darok, to the Praetorship. As his first act of office, he mobilized the Fourth Legion to confront Kassus' approaching army and instituted mandatory resource rationing. The latter action while approved by the Senate received mixed reactions with those of Nej'ahar, of which Darok is affilated with, showing frustration. Darok will give an address to the people tomorrow night..."

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    • Rihan

      Posted (edited)

      "...the forces of the First and Second Legion engaged Morror Kassus' army on the Konram Plains yesterday in an attempt to bring the traitorious general into custody and present him before the Senate for his treason against the Republic. In what was reported as a total slaughter, thousands were killed. The battlefield is runs thick of blood and dead bodies. Praetor Terix received news of the ongoing sitution this morning from the commanders who survived the battle. He ordered for the dissmissal and imprisonment of both generals..."

      "...in a statement transmitted across the Republic, Morror Kassus announced the inclusion of the notable General Ayel Nevet and his men into his ranks. It further said that he would restore true honor to Rihan and bring stability to the land. Minutes afterwards, the provincial governors of Nelvek, Ralathak, Fitzan, and Chetris declared their first loyalty to Morror Kassus. Chetris' capital, Peldred, is the second-largest city in the Republic and puts our glorious capital -- Dartha -- at risk. All loyal Rihannsu are called upon to protect the Republic..."

      "...the Senate has been summoned into emergency session by order of the Praetor...Nej'ahar Consul Chatak Tela and Jaridan Consul Alidar Jarok have called for meetings of their respective coalitions immediately prior to the commencement of the session..."

      Edited by Rihan
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    • Welcome to the newsfeed for POSE

      Serving as Galahinda's main source of news since 1950

      Our Mission Statement:

      Provide the people of The Cascade with relevant, accurate, and reliable news across all ideologies.


      Edited by Galahinda
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    • s2ml0U0.png

      Bomb Threat at Prime Minister's residence

      Early this morning an anonymous call warned Limone Police about a possible bomb in the residence of Prime Minister Guiliano Saleri. The PM was swiftly evacuated and has temporarily been relocated to a secure location, while police search the residence. So far no bomb has been found and police suspect it to be a false threat, and efforts to track down the caller are currently underway.
      This isn't the first time threats have been made on the PM since he entered office last september, but recently problems with security have increased drastically, which has led to an until now unforeseen amount of personnel deployed to protect the PM.

      Police stopped a would be shooter last week as Saleri entered parliament, the man arrested being a member of Lega Sovrana which has sparked an ongoing investigation in the party's leadership which has so far been inconclusive. Lega Sovrana, Limonaia's second largest party after the election in september is currently the leading party in the opposition to the Centre-Left coalition.

      Restoration of D.Smg Impavida

      D.Smg Impavida, a submarine that was recently recovered after being underwater for around seventy years in relatively nice condition will now be restored before being placed in the Sermerio Maritime Museum. If the restoration is successful visitors will be able to walk in the old submarine which will be placed in a dry dock. The Impavida served the Limonaian navy from 1938 to 1948 when it was sunk close to Anaca, and will give visitors a view of the conditions the crew had to go through in that era. The Duchess is personally funding the restoration, which is set to be complete in 2-3 years.

      D.Smg Impavida in 1941

      Edited by Limonaia
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    • KELhWM4.gif

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports


      Sunset Sea surveillance state

      ASIMOV, Sunset Sea Islands -- One of the crucial stories in the last few decades has been the @Sunset Sea Islands's extraordinary surge to catch up with the rest of the world in manufacturing, technology and economic and cultural power. One of the stories of the last few years has been the erosion of privacy in the online era. On that front SSI is pulling a distance ahead.

      SSI is in the process of assembling an immense and pervasive apparatus of surveillance which will monitor and punish and reward the most everyday of behaviours and interactions of more than a fifth of the world's people.

      For prophets of doom of the pre-computer age, imagine that any such system would have to be imposed by a dictatorship. Even Jorge Georwell did not envisage that the population of Skyband One would voluntarily surrender personal information to the state.

      "SSI was always quite authoritarian. It always had a surveillance apparatus," explains Dr Pol Jensen, an independent technology expert from Asimov. "But what Theresa Tumbleweed and the Radiance party have done is re-invent a dictatorship with 21st Century information technology, with artificial intelligence, and with big data. Basically, we're gong to see something developing there that the world have never seen before."

      The 'Radiance' party of SSI is assuredly a dictatorship. But has it also understood that a great many people believe privacy to be overrated? What is the reality of SSI's surveillance state? How might it develop in the future? And is it a case of: today SSI, tomorrow the Eurth?

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    • 2pqj2h2.jpg


      Hello and welcome to another edition of Ahrana Today where we bring the news of the world and of the Federation to you the people of Ahrana. Today we have an announcement from the Presidium, news on the Red Trials and more all here on your most trusted News Station.


      We now go live to the Press Room in the Presidium Palace:

      The Secretary of the Presidium-

      I would like to thank everyone who has come here today on such a short notice, this Press Conference was called at a short notice by the Collective Presidium of the Ahranaian Federation to release a few new Governmental Policies and changes and few Political Affiliation changes. After hours of deliberation between the Liberation Party, People's Party, Populist Party, Liberal Socialist Party, Workers' Party, National Party and the Democratic Party it has been decided that all Parties I just listed out will merge into one Party called the United Liberal Socialist Front headed by the current Federal President, Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring, as the First Secretary of the Party.

      Upon the most recent session of the Presidium the Amendments and rewording of the old Constitution has been established as Law and has the stamp of Approval of the Federal Government, what that means is the version that was passed in the Federal Legislature and the Republican Legislatures and from the People has been approved as the most recent version. The Presidium has also announced that the Policy on the Military will also come into affect at midnight tonight, all Citizens at the age of 18 as of today regardless of sex will have to enlist into the Military as requested by law. The new enlisting or Mandatory Service Law will have all recruits who are enlisted between the dates of 25 June 2019 to 25 June 2021 will be placed under Reserve Units, only a handful will be totally processed into Full Service.

      The Ivanoff Five Year Plan will come to a close as the Federation is no longer on track with that plan as it was for a pure Socialist Country, as Ahrana strives to be a more Democratic and Free Country we cannot hold dear to those Plans Ivanoff had set out to create. Instead, the Presidium has created a new Five Year Plan with only Four areas to focus on for this plan: 1) Increase Government Funding in the Social Welfare and the Health Plans were established by the Core Government, by the end of the Plan the Government expects the Programs to be able to run relatively smooth for the next twenty years without fear of the Programs collapsing like they did in the Ivanoff Administration. 2) Military Funding will increase by 1% to help ready the Federation for any Invasions and help modernize the entire Military specifically the Navy and Air Brigade. 3) Create better Nuclear Power Plants that will be able to power many Cities in the entire Federation and to be able to phase out the Coal Power Plants by Year 2025. 4) Establish a better Space Administration that will further the Federations interests in the area of Space by promoting Spacefaring Co-operation with other Nations to create many things that one only dreams of as a kid. It is with hope that this Five Year Plan brings the Federation further to what Is needed, there are other things on the Five Year Plan that are not major points but will also be implemented to help the Economy and the Working Structure of the Federation as a whole.

      Thank You all for joining me and the Presidium today and if you have any questions please do leave them in the Plastic Box here on my left and the Questions will be answered by myself on a News Interview in less then a week from today. Thank you and have a good day.


      The Red Trials are still going on today and much of the stories from the Trials are coming as a shocker to most people but to some its as if its another day, why is it like this well that's a story for another day and for a Interview with our friendly Professor Mr. George Williamson which will happen tomorrow at noon on Ahrana Today.

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    • Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment 

      New Plans to Further Construction of Salvian-Bulgenstazi Railroad Announced 

      The Transportation Ministry has announced further plans involving the construction of the newly proposed Salvian-@Bulgenstazi Railroad, including possible routes, deadlines, and plans of further negotiations with the Bulgenstazi government over the specifics of the construction of the railroad. 

      The Ministry has also announced that further talks will be held with the @Rihannsu based companies Kovex Heavy Industries and Amosarr Railworks over cost and construction and planning aid. 

      The railroad was first announced in December of last year as the project was approved by both nations’ governments after being proposed back in 2016.  It has gone under several revisions and the leader of the project on the Salvian side, Representative Cory Maggio, has hinted that a lot of work is still needed before construction can even begin. 

      The respective governments are seemingly taking their time as they hammer out specifics over the rail line, as well as facing pressure from environmental and native protection groups.

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    • NSAS-2019.6.19.pngJean Vou Introduces the New New Collectivists' Party

      Following the catastrophic defeat the PNC (Lysian: Parti des Nouveaux Collectivistes) saw in the Chambre elections, party chairman Jean Vou has announced his new changes to the party which have already caused many hardliner Collectivists such as Igor Quint to leave the party. The change in question refers to the complete reshaping of the party from a far left conservative political group into a directly democratic political alliance. 

      "The political parties of old are on the decline and in the future our political groupings will not be defined as left or right but as democratic and clandestine," Jean Vou said during the press release. 

      The term directly democratic political alliance means that the decision making process of the PNC will be completely transparent and democratic with party members debating and voting on issues and how the PNC ought to handle them. The solution with the most votes will be the solution the PNC will seek. Among the first issues to be debated and voted upon is the PNC-LUP coalition in the Chambre of Representatives. 

      Political analysts are calling this Vou's all-or-nothing gamble as the PNC attempts to reform and jump off the political spectrum in a similar fashion to the LUP. 

      www.pnc.sf.pngDespite PNC chairman Vou's old age, he is reforming the PNC into the most tech savvy political party as debate and voting will not only happen in party meetings, instead any registered and confirmed member can use their membership ID at www.pnc.sf to follow live-streamed meetings, debate and vote online on the site. The PNC website will also serve as a storage for all official meetings, chat logs and desicions taken by the broader membership. 

      Will these reforms revolutionize Shffahkian politics with untold transparency and democratic prowess or is this a desperate gamble taken by a party with one foot in the grave? This all remains to be seen. 

      TEMPS-Aidan-Redmond.pngKing Aidan Named Temps' Person of the Year

      The Seylosian Monarch, King Aidan Redmond, has been named Person of the year 2019 by the weekly Port-Réel magazine TEMPS. The prestigious Port-Réel publication chooses each year a person of specific interest or importance be it a politician, celebrity or business person. Often these choices are made as a response to one event of notable salience as decided by the publication with aid from its staff of expert journalists and political experts.

      This year the one to be named was the Absolute Monarch of @Seylos: the seemingly insuperable King Aidan. Many expected the young royal to have been named person of the year in 2018 for his reforms in the country, however the Thalahassan Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed took the nomination for that year. 

      On the cover is a translated quote from King Aidan's 2018 August speech saying "... monarchy cannot be everywhere all the time... " The speech was given to announce the commencement of the organizing of new democratic processes in the country under the authority of the crown. Alongside this, political power traditionally held by nobles has seen a staggering decrease at the beginning of the new king's reign.

      The new king is so popular that the disenfranchised populace of the Duchy of Éire is glad to welcome him as their new monarch after him having inherited the Duchy. Certainly the reign of this Seylosian monarch has been among the most promising on Eurth. 

      The Kingdom of Seylos is a massively influential country in the Dolch See which is an important trade passage. Under King Aidan, Seylos has taken a harsh stance in the Enolian War condemning @Rihan and signed a Seylo-Galllambrian cooperation agreement showing that King Aidan is a serious force in international politics not afraid to stand for the rights of nations and the betterment of scientific research.

      "Despite this immensely promising beginning of King Aidan's reign, the Kingdom of Seylos still remains an absolute monarchy and it still remains to be seen how far King Aidan will take the democratization of Seylos as a country. Historically, Seylosian monarchs have been competent leaders, yet the late King Stuart has proven that this is not the case at all times. Whether King Aidan is willing to part with the absolute power granted by the crown to secure the country from another Stuart and give democracy more of a say in Seylosian matters will be a central point in the young monarch's reign." reads a more critical part of the article.

      NSAS-2019.6.20.pngLimonaian becomes second mandatory language

      As newly graduated High School students give their first university applications in, the Chambre of Representatives passed the Limonaian Baccalauréat Bill with the Collective of Ministers and the Federal Senate. The bill officially changes the structure of the Baccalauréat Général or matriculation exams. 

      Previously, Shffahkian high school students have had to complete matriculation exams in Lysian, a humanistic science and two from the three options of Anglish, Esperanto or Long Maths in order to receive the Diplôme de Baccalauréat Général. For Limonaian speakers, the matriculation exam had compulsory Lysian alongside Anglish with optional Esperanto. In fact Shffahko-Limonaian universities have their own Laurea in place of the Baccalauréat général which is equal to the Baccalauréat Général

      The new changes give Shffahko-Lysian students a fourth choice: Limonaian. Limonaian can now be taken instead of Esperanto or Anglish. Limonaian has been a popular matriculation exam subject as universities value the language.

      Edited by Shffahkia
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    • KELhWM4.gif

      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Orinese election campaign to begin this week

      O'POLIS -- On Thursday the starting gun will fire for the Orinese election campaign. Campaigning for world’s third-largest democratic exercise (after the GHET and SSI general elections) is held over six months across 19 provinces. The national election is often a colourful affair. And this year’s vote is set to be more unusual. Early polling shows that the neo-liberal party PO&N is predicted to win big. And the increasingly nationalist Fronde Verdur, led by Nigela Merabiya,  are also expected to make a return in the eastern provinces.

      High employment rate among young graduates

      O'POLIS -- It’s a good time to be a young Orinese graduate. New government figures show that the employment rate for the latest batch of spring graduates stands at 93 per cent, second only to the previous year’s record high of 94 per cent. As Orioni's population ages, the shortage of workers means that the quantity of jobs on offer now exceeds the number of graduates looking for work. Indeed, the tiny fall in employment this year has been put down to those who opted not to take a job in order to reapply for their first-choice companies. Employment for high-school graduates looks bright too – 97 per cent at the latest count, which is reminiscent of the economic boom of the bubble years. Estimates point to Orioni’s job surplus reaching 6,4 million by 2030. No wonder Chairlady Chandra Pristo proposed the revision to the country’s labour laws only last week.

      Government to ban export of plastic waste

      ZUIDHAVEN -- Orioni may soon end its longstanding practice of shipping plastics that it can’t recycle to other countries. The policy shift, now being debated, could take effect in mid-2020, forcing O'polis to find a way to dispose of 1,4 billion kilograms of plastic rubbish that it has been shipping annually to countries in Europa. Orioni has been slow to change its ways and excessive packaging remains the norm. Weaning itself off single-use plastic straws, bags and umbrella sleeves won’t be easy but it’s a hopeful sign that one of the Eurth’s biggest exporters of plastics waste could finally be cleaning up its act.

      Public transportation expanding in Gruis

      GRUIS -- Gruis is undergoing something of a revival: its food is promoted as the best in Orioni, demand for commercial real estate is up and its economy is doing well. No wonder, then, that city mayor Awidefale Rezovi intends to repair the roof while the sun’s shining. She has set her sights on reforming the city’s ageing public transport system. An order for 300 new buses was placed last year and extensions are ongoing for its light rail and one of its subway lines. But that’s not all. A new proposal unveiled on Monday would see more metro trains added and a new express bus route built. Rezovi may be onto something: a failure to update Gruis' network now may well hinder its ascendancy in the years to come.

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