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      Weyeni nominated for 3 Music Awards

      ZUIDHAVEN -- The Enolian singer Aymi Weyeni has been nominated in the three most prestigious categories for this year's Orinese Music Awards, including for the writing and recording of the single Go Through @Rihan and album of the year Back To Enolia.

      Unfortunately, she won't be able to attend the ceremony in Zuidhaven on Sunday. The 19-year-old singer is currently being treated in a clinic for PTSD and conflict-related stress. Ms Weyeni's brilliance of her music matched only by the difficulty of her refugee life. The singer wrote the single Go Through Rihan about her struggle to return to occupied Enolia. Despite all that, her debut album, Back to Enolia, sold 2 million copies in Orioni alone last year.

      "Aymi's is a really great talent," says her manager Nicola Simizi. "She's reached back into the roots of the old music that she loves and created a very original album. What's most remarkable about this young talent is the mix in styles and influences: jazz, blues, soul, even @Shffahkian rhythms. When I first heard Back To Enolia, I was absolutely blown away," she added says. "She's put Enolia back on the map."

      Like many of the new female singer-songwriters, Aymi Weneyi has become famous thanks to the Internet. Starting out, she posted her songs on Wittier, played her guitar and song about her tortured youth in Enolia.

      Aymi Weyeni - Go Through Rihan

      They tried to make me go through Rihan
      I said, "no, no, no"
      Yes, I miss Enolia
      More than just melancholia
      You know, know, know

      We still got the fight
      And if my doctor thinks I'm alright
      He'll try to make me go through Rihan
      I won't go, go, go

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    • rlRVqaO.png



      His Majesty, King Albert II, has given Royal Assent to the passage of the Defence Amendments (Corps of Royal Gallambrian Marines) Act 2019.

      This Act gives authority to the current Government to establish and commission a independent amphibious warfare branch under the command of the Royal Gallambrian Navy.

      The Corps of Royal Gallambrian Marines (Royal Gallambrian Marines), will be initially established with the transfer of amphibious infantry forces from the Gallambrian Army, with independent engineering, artillery and combat support units to be provided by the Gallambrian Army until such times the new service can establish its own combat support and combat service support capability.

      Three Commando Brigades will be established and will be based at Brighton and Aubers Garrison until such times as individual facilities can be constructed at the relative Fleet Bases.

      HM The King has approved the appointment of Lt. Gen. Johnathon Doyle Burns, current Vice Chief of the General Staff, as the Commandant General of the Royal Gallambrian Marines. Upon the commencement of Lt Gen Doyle Burn's tenure as Commandant General, he will be replaced by Major General Michael Saunders as Vice Chief of the General Staff which will take effect from 01 OCT 19. 


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      By: Jørn Tandberg | September 17, 2019


      :pic: Mr. Nedergaard has been confined in the ICU since 21 April.

      ARKHAVN - After nearly six months in a coma, former president Lars Nedergaard has regained full consciousness.

      Mr. Nedergaard, now age 82, was rushed to the St. Mark's Medical Center in Bonskøbing last 21 April after suddenly entering into a coma without any prior signs.

      At around 6 AM on the morning of September 17, a nurse attending to Mr. Nedergaard noticed him mumbling. Within an hour, the former president was fully awake and conscious.

      Mr. Nedergaard's recovery has been hailed as a miracle. "As much as we were hoping for the best, coma patients rarely make it after a few months," neurologist Christoffer Aagard told ABN.

      Doctors were astonished at Mr. Nedergaard's good health. "[Lars] has the strictest diet and health routine in the family," said a relative. "Fruits and vegetables, plus regular physical and mental exercise, since he was in his 40's."

      In February of 2010, Mr. Nedergaard, 73, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. "Patients usually develop Parkinson's in their 60's," said Dr. Aagard.

      The onset of Mr. Nedergaard's Parkinson's disease a decade after the usual has been linked to his healthy lifestyle. In recent years, however, Mr. Nedergaard's health has been slowly worsening.

      "President Nedergaard was never quite the same since he was diagnosed with Parkinson's," former senator Bjørn Breland told ABN. The two have been good friends since the late 1990's.

      Individuals diagnosed with Parkinson's tend to have severely limited motor skills due to the deteriorating of nerves in the brain, a condition known as neurodegeneration.

      "Neurodegeneration is one of the leading causes of comas," Dr. Aagard explained. "Patients with diseases involving neurodegeneration are also at a higher risk of entering a permanent vegetative state or PVS, where the coma lasts longer than 4 weeks."

      If no further issues are found, Mr. Nedergaard will be moved out of the ICU within a week. "Awakening from a months-long coma is a rare and delicate case, especially at 82," said Dr. Aagard. "We will monitor him closely, run a few tests, then we can move to a regular room."

      President Klaus Johansen, accompanied by his Cabinet, will be visiting Mr. Nedergaard on Thursday, September 19.

      A civil engineer by profession, Mr. Nedergaard began his political career in 1971, aged 39. He was elected to the presidency in 1984, and held office until 1990.

      It was during his term that the Andallan economy experienced rapid growth, a period known as the "Golden 80's". Because of this, Mr. Nedergaard has been regarded as one of the most influential Andallan presidents.

      Of his many accomplishments during this time, Mr. Nedergaard is most-known for the Urban Infrastructure Development Plan (UIDP) of 1986, also known as the BU (Byinfrastruktur Udviklingsplan). Through the UIDP, the government addressed rapidly-worsening infrastructural issues such as traffic and public transportation, as well as undertaking other construction projects around the country  in order to lessen concentration in Greater Arkhavn.

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    • "...theah shanaku nashad...I am Borak with the latest headlines."

      "...Venar Cherok, the Transportation Minister, and Dartha's Mayor, Uren Bakus, today held a joint press conference in which they announced that the timetable for the H'sarin, the high-capacity metro system being constructed by Fulgistani Jochi Heavy Indutries, would be brought forward by an overall 2 years. The first line is now expected to be operational by Lior (September) 2020 with the three remaining lines in service by Brax (March) 2022. In order to meet the accelerated timeline, the Transportation Ministry has taken on responsibility for designing and engineering the Green, Blue, and Gold lines in conjunction with Kovex. Mayor Bakus stressed the importance in bringing the metro online as soon as possible to reduce automobile traffic, air pollution, and increase mobility for millions across the capital and the Brel'kar Province..."

       "...the Phi'lasasam is expanding its educational footprint in the coming three years. Presently, the higher educational institution runs four campuses in Dartha, Penvar, Tephren, and Peldred; and a total student body of nearly 300,000 ranging from first-years to those pursuing their doctorates. The institution's President, Levem Teval said that two new campus will be constructed in Rateg, Mereka, and Hlarak. This is to better serve the Republic's projected demand for increased skill training in the rapidly evolving economy. The institution will also be building a state-of-the-art innovation center at its Peldred campus. Spokesmen for the Science and Education Ministries led by Dacas Themon and Aldon Pakel respectively, stated that the facility would be financed jointly out their budgets. It will open Sharveen (August) 2020..."

      "...Kilar and Lovena Thomes, residents of Rateg, were found dead in the middle of the Via Palun this morning. Their murders mark the seventh to occur within the boundaries of Rihan's third-largest city this year. Rateg Mayor Pabas Samot speculated, but could not confirm, that their deaths were contracted to the Kovok Yitashikæn by an unknown individual. Saying that the numbers of untimely deaths was unacceptable to him and the people of Rateg and the Republic, requested the Governor of Fitzan Province to deploy additional police units to aid local forces. Authorities ask residents to keep an eye on their surroundings, immediately contact officials, and not to make any attempts at taking action on their own. The Kovok Yitashikæn would not comment if they had any involvement in their deaths or any that have occurred in the city."

      Edited by Rihan
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      Stricter controls benefit renters, not landlords

      O’POLIS -- The capital’s long history of low-cost living looks set to continue with a proposal, approved yesterday by O’polis city council, that will see rents frozen on 700 thousand properties for five years from January 2020. The city’s strong employment market, allied to the lure of green open spaces, have seen housing costs double over the past decade. The SPO, a majority member of Orioni’s coalition government, has pledged to champion rent control nationwide. But others are more cautious. Landlords will need to ask approval from tenants before raise the rent and the stringent regulations might deter developers from investing in the Orinese capital. A balance between business and affordable living is healthy; O’polis is doing a better job of discussing it than other cities on Eurth.

      SPO hopes to secure election victory with twin-leadership 

      O’POLIS -- Orioni’s Socialist Party (SPO) has taken steps to improve gender equality within the party by adopting a twin-leadership model: one woman and one man will lead the centre-left party together. The Orinese upcoming elections look particularly tough on the SPO so Orioni’s oldest party is keen to refresh its image in an attempt to appeal to voters who sided with the increasingly popular Pink party. But Carla Kebero,  political scientist and professor at ESU, has her reservations. “I think the double leadership can only work when it’s not seen as a desperate political move when it’s not seen as pandering,” he says. The idea of a shared role was, in fact, borrowed from the Pink; the SPO is right in taking inspiration but should go beyond just copying their tactics.

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       Shapiro Unifies the Left, Establishes Democratic Party

      By Noah Ginsburg 8 September 2019


      The political system in Tikva was shaken up today by a last-minute press conference by Liora Shapiro, flanked on both sides by the leaders of five other left-leaning parties, stating that the entire left-wing would merge into a new unified force: the Democratic Party (מפלגה דמוקרטית). The new party is formed on the principles of Katzism, social liberalism and democracy, environmentalism, and acheving peace with the Palladinians in the Samarran Valley. 

      In her announcement to the gathered press corps, she said that after four days of extensive deliberations, the assembled leaders concurred that the only way to prevent another right-wing government was to come together as one. She listing ongoing challenges in the country: rising housing prices, a detoriating healthcare system, unequal distribution of government resources towards the religious right, a lack of proper transparency in government, the erosion of unions, an increase in religious influences in government, a starved social safety net. Shapiro stressed that the Democrats are determined to fix the wrongs and destroy the fatalism of the right. "The Tikvan people, especially the young, are calling out for change. We need to reboot our country. Together, we have the power to make real change for all."

      The Observer issued a snap poll immediately following the announcement and found that if the election were held today, the Democratic Party would receive at least 32 seats.

      Edited by Tikva
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       Tikvan Prime Minister Condemns Anti-Juddish Attack in Salvia

      By Noah Ginsburg 3 September 2019


      Prime Minister Lasker and his now-caretaker Government Ministers condemend the henious slaughter that occurred in Salvia overnight. 14 individuals were killed by a gunman who opened fire while they were taking part in the weekly Sabbat service at their local Sakak in Matera. A further 27 were reported to have been injured during the attack. The Eurth Anti-Defamation League (EADL) has found that the number of anti-Juddish attacks around the world have increased 10% from last year. The total incidents so far this year totals 24. Members of Lasker's coalition on the far-right: Degel, Shas, Ahi, and Tkuma, have all called on the Prime Minister to demand the gunman's extradition to face a Tikvan court for his crime. A spokesman would not comment other than to say that 'the Government, regardless of its current political status, will still do everything it can to protect Juddish people worldwide -- whether they are in Salvia or as far away as Aluxia.'

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    • Government announces bill to improve "hundreds" of the nation's aging bridges. 

      As Parliament regathers this week the government has introduced legislation to improve hundreds of the nation's bridges. 

      This comes after Saint Elmo's bridge in Brighton partially collapsed this summer causing 2 deaths, aswell as weeks of traffic jams.

      Officials say that 45% precent of the nation's bridges are in need of repairs.

      With GBNB I'm Joe Cole. 


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    • Our First Steps Into the Unknown

      (On Television)

      A news anchor appears, a large grin on his face.

      "Today we have an incredible live event for all of Seylos. The first public broadcasting of our attempts to reach space. The SSAA is launchingits first rocket set to breach the seventy five kilometer barrier today. And for context to our viewers, scientists put the edge of the Eurth's atmosphere at one hundred kilometers making this the closest any nation in the new world has attempted to achieve in space flight. We take you live now to the launch pad at Kirkwall"

      The image changes to a launch pad near the ocean. A smaller rocket it seen on the launch pad, steam erupting from where its engines are located.

      (Controller) "T-minus ninety seconds. Main engine launch sequence had begun"

      (Launch Control Staff) "Roger that, onboard computers have assumed control. Launch area has been cleared."

      (Control Room Staff) "Main booster go, navigational guidance go, pad separation go, fuel mixture go. Rocket has been transferred to internal power."

      (Controller) "T-minus thirty second. Engine startup in progress"

      The camera focuses in on the bottom of the rocket, sparks shooting from the bottom of the vessel. Soon the engines light up, intially bright orange then shorter and blue in color.

      (Launch Control Staff) "Airspace continues clear, go for launch"

      (Control Room Staff) "Auto sequence is confirmed, starting now)

      (News Anchor) "An incredible sight we are seeing as Seylos' first serious space attempt is underway"

      Massive column of smoke erupts from the bottom of the rocket. The rocket begins to shake and slowly move upwards.

      (Controller) "And launch of SAP-05 to seventy five kilometers)

      (Control Room Staff) "Fuel mixture reads nominal. Temperature readings nominal. Five is on course"

      The rocket erupts from the pad, heading straight towards the sky at a slight angle taking it towards the sea. Behind the rocket, ships can be seen as small dots in the background.

      (Controller) "SAP-05 at one kilometer and continuing"

      The camera focuses in on the rocket forcing itself upwards.

      (Controller) "Five has made it to ten kilometers, speed increasing."

      (Launch Control Staff) "Fuel mixture nominal. Engine output exceeding recommended levels."

      The camera focuses is on the rocket, its plume of fire growing more intense.

      (Controller) "Five has reached thirty five kilometers and still rising."

      (Launch Control Staff) "Fuel mixture is showing significant deviation, engine output showing significant deviation. Request abort."

      (Control Room Staff) "Significant course deviation, request abort."

      Camera is still following the rocket which has noticeably tilted in a northernly direction.

      (Controller) "Control has requested an abort, which has been approved. Five is at forty seven kilometers."

      Suddenly a bright light flashes on the camera followed by a massive smoke plume as fiery debris spreads out.

      (Control Room Staff) "Abort successful"

      Camera cuts to control room staff who are smiling and shaking hands.

      (News Anchor) "Well this certainly turned to be exciting. And by the look of the control room staff, even after losing their rocket they are incredibly excited. We are told the goal was seventy five kilometers but to the peopl in that control room even twenty eight short seems like a success. An incredible step for Seylos, as we try and head for the stars. We'll be bringing on experts to try and analyze what's happened here today. Stay tuned."


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      • Teenager pleads guilty to carrying explosive device onto Tamworth bus.
      • Police seize record breaking £27 million worth of heroin.
      • Firefighters battle blazes across South East Kingsland.


      A teenager has admitted carrying a pipe bomb onto an Tamworth bus and will be sentenced in an adult court.

      The 17-year-old appeared in the Youth Court today to plead guilty to possessing an explosive device in a public place in March this year. He had earlier admitted to three other charges, including taking steps to manufacture an explosive device.

      Following Wednesday's plea, prosecutors agreed to withdraw all remaining charges, including one of endangering life. The teen was arrested after a report to police and has spent more than six months in custody.

      Police say their investigation uncovered CCTV vision, and statements revealed he had explosives on the southern suburbs route bus. Magistrate Peter Thompson remanded him in custody to face the KLD District Court for sentencing hearing in November. He faces a potential sentence of 15 years imprisonment.


      An international investigation has resulted in the largest ever seizure of heroin in Gallambria, denying vast sums of money to organised crime groups.

      Nearly 1.3 tonnes of the class A drug were recovered from a container ship, the MV Endeavour, after it docked at Port Hedland on 28 August. The Federal Police and Customs had ascertained that the heroin would be on the vessel when it docked in Gallambria en route to Norfolk (Seylos). The record haul would be worth around £27 million to organised criminals, and in excess of £120 million at street level.


      Fire crews have contained a fast-moving blaze that flared up west of Calbar on Kingsland's Scenic Rim, as well as battling busfires on multiple fronts near Kurunga in the East Coast hinterland.

      The Kingsland Fire and Emergency Service (KFES) downgraded its warning to advice at 5:40pm for a fire burning at Fraiser Point, west of Calbar.

      KFES said crews had contained the bushfire burning in the vicinity of Vicars Ridge Road and Coran Road where aerial water bombers had joined firefighters to help contain the fast-moving blaze.

      KFES said crews will monitor the area into the evening and that there were no properties under threat. It said people in the area would be affected by smoke, which reduced visibility and air quality.

      Earlier today, KFES advised Fraiser Point residents to evacuate in an easterly direction towards Calbar. 

      Because of the drought conditions and a lack of water in private dams, heavy machinery is being used to bulldoze the fire front.

      Advisories had been issued for other blazes in the region - at Midford, Maryvale, and Tambor Hill.

      Meanwhile, in the East Coast hinterland, a bushfire is spreading through rugged country near Kurunga, with firefighters concerned conditions are gradually getting worse amid unusually hot temperatures and low humidity.

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    • Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports 

      14 Confirmed Dead in Synagogue Shooting in Minotian Province 

      Joshua Behr


      Police say the gunman was motivated by extremist Catholic groups online.

      14 people have been confirmed dead and a further 27 injured when a gunman opened fire in a Juddish synagogue last Friday during the evening prayer service.  The attack happened in the small town of Matera, 30 miles north northwest of Minotia.

      The gunman, a white man in his early 30's, reportedly began firing at 7:09 PM local time, minutes after posting anti-Juddish messages and images on social media.  9 were killed at the synagogue, while 5 later died of their injuries at the hospital.

      Witnesses say the attacker entered the Matera Synagogue before interrupting the service, yelling at the congregation and opening fire shortly after.  While most evacuated, some members of the congregation charged at the shooter and overpowered him, taking away his firearm as they began beating him. The shooter's injuries from the beating would prove fatal.

      The attack brings the total number of anti-Juddish attacks in Salvia to 17 since 2010.  This is the second most deadly attack since 2010, the first being the Olbia Synagogue shooting in 2013, where 36 Juddish worshippers were killed.  Olbia is also located in the Minotian province.

      Police have linked the shooter's motive to anti-Juddihs, Catholic extremist groups online.  The attacker followed many Catholic extremist groups on social media, where radical anti-Juddish conspiracies were posted.  Police believe that the shooter was radicalized by these groups.  The respective accounts have since been taken down.

      The head of the  Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium of the Salvian Catholic Church, Cardinal Mark D'Angelo, tweeted on the news, stating that the Church did not support these acts of terrorism.

      Unknown.33.pngThe Minotian Provincial Attorney General, Marco Ruiz said he was horrified to see "another senseless act of anti-Juddish terrorism."

      "The thought that a person would execute anyone for their religious belief is sickening and disturbing.  Action must be taken to ensure something like this never happens again.  I urge the Saulius administration to take action."

      Vice President Seámus Finley said he will discuss their course of action with the President Archbishop Saulius and work with Concilio members to "stop anything like this happening ever again."



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      By Noah Ginsburg 2 September 2019


      It was around 2am AST when Prime Minister Lasker received a phone call from Lev Party Chairman and current Finance Minister, Daniel Wolf, who said that his party would be pulling out of the governing coalition. Relations between the Prime Minister and Wolf has been deteriorating for weeks and reached absolute rock-bottom following last night's cabinet meeting where the long discussed 9% tax increase was formally endorsed by the majority of the cabinet for incorporation into the budget that was set to be presented to the full Knesset this week.

      Lasker met with President Rivikin at 8am following an emergency conference of the now-minority government. Without Lev's 5 members, the coalition does not have a clear majority. The Prime Minister formally conveyed to them that the Government and Knesset would be dissolved, with early elections to be called for early October. Prime Minister Lasker said to those gathered that the President accepted his request.

      Liora Shapiro, leader of the Opposition and party leader of the center-left Avoda Party, called a press conference immediately following Lasker's public declaration and said that she has been waiting for this day for months and had already begun to make electoral preparations once the initial cracks between Lev and Herut came public. Shapiro is expected to meet with the leaders of the Meretz, Shinui, and Dor parties this afternoon. She would not comment as to whether she'd meet with the United Palladine Front or not.

      Palladine Chairman Rami Salah issued a brief statement from the de facto Palladine capital of Zaba stating: "the Palladinians are happy to see the demise of Lasker's government. He and his allies have done nothing but destroy the lands and rights of those who live in Palladine which have no choice but comply with the abusive Tikvan laws dictated by the military. We only wish to live in harmony with our Tikvan neighbors. We hope the next government will make it a priority to come to a fair and equitable resolution over the lands of Palladine."

      Over 35 political parties are expected to compete for the 120-seat Knesset. 61 seats constitutes a majority. Since 1968, no party has been able to rule Tikva without a coalition. Elections will occur on 2 October.

      Edited by Tikva
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    • "...theah shanaku nashad...I am Borak with the latest headlines."

      "...Praetor Kassus today met with the victorious athletes who competed in the Summer 2019 Olympics in Boro Gioro, Fulgistan on the behalf of the Republic. He presented each individual with an official citation issued by the Senate and a wreath of honor. Telesa Pumis (Female Heptathlon) and Votar Sibo (Male Fencing) were given a standing ovation by attendees as they are the first Rihannsu to win their respective sports. Sibo bested his Kirvinska rival at the games and both will be fighting each other with swords at the Orventis Arena during the Harvest Festival in November...Olmon Derot, President of the Rihannsu Olympic Committee (Recenbrishemæra Rihanha), said that he would speak with the Praetor about the possibility of the Republic placing in a bid for the next summer olympics..."

      "...the Senate will be taking up one of Praetor Kassus's major legislative priorities at its next regular session: the forgiveness of debts incurred by the People. Proconsul Vellon introduced the bill on the floor which would remove up to 25,000 Chaks in debt owed by each individual. He said that by freeing the People of such burdens that it would enable growth in the economy by way of new innovative businesses opening up and increased day-to-day consumer spending. Prior to its formal introduction on the floor, the policy was discussed amongst the membership of the Continuing Committee where it received majority support. Nej'ahar Consul Chatak Tela said he and his coalition would opposed the motion as it would have unintended consequences on the economy. The legislation is expected to pass with a solid majority..."

      "...Venar Cherok, the new Transportation Minister, has spent the last two weeks touring both the construction sites of the Dartha-Peldred high-speed railway and the Dartha Metro. Though both have been moving along, the Minister stated that he was disapponted with the near-glacial pace both have been going at. The Ministry will be committing 25.31 billion Chaks to accelerate both projects so that they may be completed by mid-year 2020. Cherok has ordered his staff to immediately begin planning four more high-speed lines and metro systems in Peldred, Rateg, and Penvar..."

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    • A Sharp Rebuke of Rihan

      Shock and outrage have followed since the official word from @Rihan following not only the annexation of Enolia but the coup that led to their current Praetor, Krassus Morror. Seylosians have waited for an official government response and today we finally have one. King Aidan appeared with several leading members of parliament to hold a press conference and speech regarding these events today. What follows is a piece of the speech spoken by the King about the situation.

      "What we have seen in the past few weeks is amongst the greatest causes of concern not only for Seylos and her allies, but potentially around the world. Rihan has created a direct threat to the peace and stability of the nations of Aurelia while violently moving forward with it's insatiable need for territorial conquest. Not long ago, Enolia, a sovereign nation on Rihan's eastern borders capitulated under a direct invasion from Rihan. The conflict was local, but the message is clear. Those willing to stand in the way of Rihan's ambitions were to be met with force.

      Even more concerning is not only in the successful conquest of a sovereign state, but in its aftermath. Even after a heavy campaign, now Praetor Kassus Morror led his own forces in a violent coup against the former government leading to the deaths of thousands and the brutal killing of their former leader in an archaic and barbaric duel. Typically we hear the word 'barbaric' thrown around as a generic word used by Aroman successor states as a way to look down upon other cultures, but today I believe the word barbaric can truly apply to the action taken by these people. To bolster his armies, Praetor Morror promised freedom to slaves, of course forcing them to fight in his armies regardless of the offer. Let us not forget that many of those thousands they forced against their will to fight for this brutal empire. Those who had no choice in their lives for the sake of conquest. Never before has the modern day world seen slave armies marching in support of a coup. We have dealt with the likes of Derthalen for years, and the threat they pose with their slaving. But in this moment we have never seen a nation truly militarize their slave population, a true evil that must be destroyed.

      And yet while Rihan drives its lowest towards death and endless war, we seek to expand our horizons to create a better world without threatening our neighbors and promising more for those in most need their most basic rights in support of conquest. Seylos reaches out it's hand in peace and cooperation towards many of our fellow nations on this planet such as Shffakia, Fulgistan, Gallambria, and Tagmatium. Many nations who hold many values are willing to come to the table and discuss our mutual interests in the hopes of moving the entire Eurth forward, all without the need of brutal conquest. Such labors have already brought Seylos well into the space age, with Gallambria and Seylos preparing to take that step together.

      We implore Rihan to take a different path, lest the rest of the nations of Eurth decide to change your path for you."


      The speech ended with several other ministers and members of parliament making short statement regarding the situation ranging from economic to military concerns. This story is still developing and the SBC will be monitoring it for any reaction from involved parties.

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      Safety first in e-scooter spat

      GRUIS -- Following two recent rider deaths, Gruis mayor Awidefale Rezovi has banned issuing permits to e-scooter companies. Ridership in Gruis is at an all-time high. The new legislation won’t extend to current permit holders but it will limit the number of e-scooters and electric bikes to less than 5.000. Advocates for alternative mobility rail against the city’s reliance on cars; they say that the deaths could have been avoided if the city had dedicated lanes for e-scooters.

      But the mayor's critics believe that the problem lies not with the vehicles but with the people riding them. From regularly discarding e-scooters to whizzing recklessly down the interstate highway, this bad behaviour extends from Ferrefaaierhafen to Tagmatika. Rezovis' ban, then, is a smart move to curb dangerous riding and a step towards safer scooting.

      Grindr Coffee workers treated inhumanely

      AISFELD, @Morheim -- Grindr Coffee workers have made numerous claims alleging poor working conditions in the Morheim Trade and Industry Zone (MTIZ). The accusations surfaced following a report by ex-employees who requested to remain anonymous.  Roiters spoke to 12 employees of Grindr Coffee working at the MTIZ in Aisfeld. Complaints include supervisors' alleged withholding of pay for illness or yearly vacation, working outside of agreed hours and the retention of customer tips. 

      A Grinder Coffee spokesperson said an objective examination would be started. Meanwhile, Grindr CEO Joe Khamsai spoke out on Wittier, saying: "Given these serious allegations, I have notified our partners that we will launch an independent audit into these internal HR matters."

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    • 0HAWlr4.png


      Gallambria to join International Maritime Security Mission in
      the Azure Sea

      The Burnett Government is reaffirming its commitment to freedom of navigation and safe passage of the seas by announcing it will support an international maritime security mission.

      This mission will see His Majesty's Armed Forces work alongside its international partners to assure the security of merchant vessels in piracy hot spots around the world.

      Gallambria's contribution will include the deployment of:

      • A P-1A Neputune Maritime Surveillance Aircraft to Orioni for 6 months from the beginning of September;
      • A Gallambrian naval task group to be deployed to the Azure Sea from November;

      The Government has been concerned with incidents involving shipping within the region over the past year. This destabilising behaviour is a threat to Gallambrian interests in the region.

      We have been working closely with our allies and partners, particularly Orioni, on this issue, which impacts global security and stability.

      It is in Gallambria's interest to work with international partners to ensure that vessel's are able to navigate the seas, without fear of attack and impedence.

      This will be an enhancement of our existing and longstanding contribution to counter-piracy and counter-terrorism missions in the region, and Gallambrian forces will always conduct themselves in accordance with their international legal obligations.

      Working with partners, we will play our part in shaping a better future for Gallambria and Gallambrians, as well as our region and the world.



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    • 1RIn1Dt.png

      • Michael Ross: Rosewood MP arrested in fraud probe
      • Counter-Terror Chief says policing alone cannot beat extremism
      • Finestra halts unclear marketplace strategy

      Michael Ross: Rosewood MP arrested in fraud probe

      MP Michael Ross has been arrested on suspicion of fraud, according to multiple sources.

      The independent MP for Rosewood was arrested at the same time as his chief of staff Sharon McDonnell, the Gallambrian found.

      Electronic equipment was confiscated in the Federal Police inquiry, the Gallambrian also understands.

      Mr Ross did not respond to requests for comment whil Ms McDonnell said she had "no comment".

      Both have been released under investigation.

      The Federal Police would not confirm details of either person's arrest.

      The Independent Parliament Standards Agency said it was a "matter for the police".

      Mr Ross said he was "taking time out for mental health treatment, and to spend time with family" in July and promised to resign at the end of summer recess after allegations of sexual misconduct towards staff.

      Consitutents have complained that case work has not been dealt with in the MP's absence, allegations Ms McDonnell denies.

      Responding to the latest news, Kathleen Parkinson, a member of the Rosewood Constituents Consultation group, told the Gallambrian: "We are pleased that an investigation is underway but we are still a constituency unrepresented and action needs to be taken to correct that."

      During its investigation, the Gallambrian uncovered staff running the MP's officer without the proper security clearances required by Parliamentary authorities.

      After the investigation was published, the constituency office was closed and staff formally given four weeks' notice.

      The Treasury confirmed Mr Ross had, in recent weeks, given formal notice of his intent to resign in September.

      Counter-Terror Chief says policing alone cannot beat extremism

      Gallambria's most senior counter-terrorism officer has said the police and security services are no longer enough to win the fight against violent extremism, and Gallambrian must instead improve community cohesion, social mobility and education.

      In his first major interview since taking up his post last year, Federal Police assistant commissioner Neil Prakesh told the Gallambrian that up to 80% of those who wanted to attack Gallambria were British-born or raised, which strongly indicated domestic social issues were among the root causes.

      Grievances held by people who were "malleable" to terrorist recruitment were highly dangerous, he said, calling for sociologists and criminologists to take a leading role in helping police tackle the problem.

      Prakesh, who is highly regarded in Bromwich, is seen as a potential next head of the Federal Police. His comments are a significant break in tone, if not strategy, about how to combat terrorism and prevent it from becoming a multigenerational struggle that damages Gallambria's social fabric.

      Finestra halts unclear marketplace strategy

      Finestra is halting its so-called marketplace strategy to refocus on banking and insurance, admitting its former chief executive's plan had confused customers.

      Announcing an 83.5 per cent fall in full-year profit, Finestra acting CEO Stephanie Anders said the company had been too ambitious and failed to explain what it had been trying to achieve.

      "Clearly there are areas where we haven't got it 100 per cent right or we haven't clearly explained our intent," Ms Anders said on Wednesday.

      "The more aspirational elements  of the marketplace component of our strategy and the associated third-party revenues what were assumed to flow from those activities were too ambitious relative to where our business is at and the funds that we have available to invest."

      Customer marketplace boss Pip Harlon will quit at the end of August, with 15-year company veteran Lisa Stevenson leading a new customer and digital unit.

      Finestra will align its Gallambrian contact centres, stores and intermediary distribution teams with its banking and insurance operations.

      Finestra recorded an £494.5 million loss on the sale of its life insurance business to GMP limited, a one-off hit entirely responsible for the big fall in profit.

      Stripping out one-off items, full-year cash profit rose 1.1 per cent to £632.5 million, with revenue from continuing operations rising 9.65 per cent to £8.6 billion.

      The company confirmed it would hand another £278 million back to shareholders from the sale of its life insurance unit.

      Finestra, which has already distributed £57 million from the sale in the form of an 4.4 pence special dividend, announced an addition 21 pence per share capital return for October 24 and a related share consolidation.

      The total returns to share holders from the sale of the Gallambrian Life Insurance business will come to £335.5 million.

      Finestra shares closed on Friday, at 4.8 per cent hight at £7.27.

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      Gruis growth grinds to a halt?

      N0Gd6dt.jpgGRUIS -- A struggle is underway for the future of transport in Gruis. In 2018, voters approved a +5% sales tax to expand the length of the city’s light-rail lines, which carry 30.000 passengers a day.

      But a new bill called Proposition 404 threatens to halt further expansion plans and put money towards building more roads instead. The movement’s supporters fear that light-rail construction will impact business development; others disagree.

      "Light-rail has allowed our city us to grow vertically rather than outwards," says Mayor Awidefale Rezovi. "It’s brought more investment and has attracted a more creative workforce to Gruis."

      Voting on the measure has been underway since August 1st. We expect campaigners on both sides to be active during this weekend, ahead of the citywide ballot on Tuesday.

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      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports

      Orinese worry about fake news on Wittier

      Wittier duckO'POLIS -- A new study revealed that in Orioni circa 75% of internet users are worried about what is real and fake news online. The research is based on a study by Roiters in all 19 provinces from January through June, enquiring online into the online opinions of circa 2.000 people per province. Results were aggregated using representative quotas by gender, age, and education.

      The study highlights an "atmosphere of polarisation" in this important electoral year. In Orioni, 67% of internet users use Wittier as their primary network for discussion and sharing of news. The social media company has been in hot water recently. In previous weeks it had to removed over 100.000 fake accounts.

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      Posted (edited)

      "...this news service is now being rebranded as Shanaku per directive of the Communications Ministry..."

      Edited by Rihan
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    • Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  

      DM Vernon McCoy: Salvia is ‘very interested’ in joining TRIDENT  

      Joshua Behr


      Defense Minister Vernon McCoy has stated that the Saulius Administration wants to pursue TRIDENT membership

      In a statement yesterday afternoon, Defense Minister Vernon McCoy stated that the Saulius administration has been seeking to join the multinational TRIDENT alliance for ‘a few months now.’ 

      “Salvia wants to maintain the safety of its citizens and its interests at home and abroad.  We already have ties to key members of TRIDENT in @Iverica and @Gallambria.  It’s time we move forward and put Salvia on the international stage.”   

      He continued, “We’ve been very interested in joining TRIDENT for a while, a few months now.  The Saulius Administration believes it’s the best move for Salvia to take right now, I think TRIDENT could use another naval-focused nation in the alliance. 

      TRIDENT, or the Tricontinental Defense Treaty, is a joint military alliance between Gallambria, @Variota@Girkmand@Andalla@Prymont, and Iverica.  Their most notable operations have been mainly internal besides the Verde Sea Blockade in which TRIDENT forces were mobilized to blockade the Verde Sea due to Ahranian aggression.  Salvia already holds close ties to Iverica due to religious ties, Andalla due to recent negotations and deals, and Gallambria due to their proximity on the continent of Marenesia. 

      None of the participating members of TRIDENT have commented on McCoy's statement at time of writing. 

      Edited by Sancti Imperii Catholico
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    • "...breaking news...Morror Kassus has been formally appointed Praetor of our illustrious Republic by acclimation of the Senate..."

      "...this development follows a shocking discovery that Gathan Darok has been responsible for countless dishonorable and horrendous crimes against the Republic: murder, war profiterring, bribery, blackmail. He denied his crimes and when prompted to prove his innocence through honorable combat, he accepted. Darok died in the duel...despite his crimes, he received traditional final rites by virtue of his status..."

      "...upon confirmation by the Senate, the Praetor stood before the full Chamber and laid down his vision for the country: strength, stability, and prosperity..."

      "...as for his first act as Praetor, Kassus said that he would immediately reform the Continuing Committee. Going forward, the membership will consist of the Praetor, Proconsul, Vice-Proconsul, the Consuls of each political coalition, the Chairman of the Phi'Tlaru, and three representatives of the military. The committee will take on an executive function to determine policy. The Praetor has reformed the body to foster compromise and agreement and allows each branch to state their concerns..."

      "...the Senate elected Enellis Vellon Proconsul and Clavius Romdar Vice-Proconsul..."

      "...Praetor Kassus will be speaking before the People in the Forum a few minutes from now..."

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    • KlbIcJa.jpg

      Good evening to all flora and fauna of the Eurth. This is Uncle Bron. And tonight I have an exciting nature story for you.

      IN THE DEEP dark jungle forests of Alharu, Jilders Imperial Counsellor Daksari Sanatana, 9th Prince of Markenland, will be testing his mettle against the forces of nature, accompanied by the world-famous former GSAS trooper Bert Frills, on the latter’s show Human vs. Nature.

      Shot in the @Metztlitlalio Kalpolli National Park, the adventure is an effort to boost awareness of both animal conservation and environmental causes like climate change. A short 45-second trailer was released to promote the show. I would personally describe it as a “lighthearted yet irresponsible coming-of-age story."

      gLaJd2r.jpgIn the clip, the Jilders government leader embraces his wilderness setting, rowing a boat and crafting an improvised spear. Sanatana stares at his hand-made weapon and whispers: “I will keep this with me for you.” And then Mr Frills replies gleefully: “You are the second most important man in @Jilderen, and my job is to keep you alive. Even if it means sharing some of my precious fluids with you.”

      Mr Frills said he was “truly honoured” to accompany Mr Sanatana through the Metztli wilderness, but he is no stranger to high-profile guests, having previously hosted the adventurous King Aiden of @Seylos on the show. 

      Wittier users were ecstatic in their praise for Sanatana’s adventurous spirit upon the hearing news, and described his participation as “awesomeballs!” and saying the leader is “the coolest on this planet”. Our news channel will, of course, broadcast the show's episode, together with 42 other countries.

      (OOC: Yes, another completely fake and unsolicited news story from Bron. He tries to be all meta and poke fun at whichever player is featured nation of the month. And so this month it's Metzli. I also remembered Jilderen using Modi as one of his characters.)

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    • HBbYVXr.png

      HIA,  — TRDD, a division of the Haruspex International Armaments Corporation, announced today the international debut of its Dedyh (Titan)™ unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) technology, which is available to support militaries globally and will be demonstrated at IDEX (International Defense Exhibition and Conference) 2019, of which will also be held in Prathen later this year.

      The Dedyh (Titan)™ UGV technology provides a solution to two primary needs of today’s military customers worldwide. It helps reduce the threat to Warfighters from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on today’s battlefields by increasing a driver’s situational awareness or removing a driver from the vehicle entirely. It also serves as a force multiplier by allowing one operator to supervise three to five UGVs from a safe distance. All this at a time when militaries are facing force reductions.

      Crew protection is a crucial priority for militaries as they modernize their vehicle fleets, said Serge Valk Zun, general manager of International Programs for HIA's Technology Research and Defense Division. Our Dedyh (Titan)™ technology gives forces the option to complete missions in dangerous situations with fewer troops. Our UGV technology has been extensively tested and refined, using input from troops and leveraging our more than 90 years of experience mobilizing military forces worldwide.

      Designed as a scalable kit that can be used on any fielded tactical wheeled vehicle, the Dedyh (Titan)™ UGV technology enables vehicles to complete planned missions in full autonomous mode or by “shadowing” a leader vehicle. HIA will demonstrate at IDEX the Dedyh (Titan)™ UGV technology’s Operator Control Unit (OCU), a user-friendly control interface that provides the usability and functionality capabilities that troops need for operations in the field.

      The Dedyh (Titan)™ UGV technology is highly sophisticated but was developed with the user in mind and for ease of control. Troops can be trained to operate vehicles remotely or in full autonomous mode in only a few days. Vehicles equipped with the Dedyh (Titan)™ UGV technology retain their original payload and performance capabilities and can operate for extended periods of time – day or night, through dust and adverse weather – without enduring the fatigue that can afflict human operators.

      HIA also is transitioning technologies from the Dedyh (Titan)™ UGV system to provide active-safety features for the manned operation of vehicle fleets, including electronic stability control, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control and electric power-assist steering.

      Furthermore, with recent developments in scanning and facial recognition software, the Dedyh (Titan)™ has also been equipped with a security feature based on the recently designed and showcased, S.C.A.O.S.D.(system for collection and analysis of open source data), alongst with ideas and concerns as of direct work with that of the @Sunset Sea IslandsElegy Corporation. This system allows the Dedyh (Titan)™ UGV to collect target visuals and run them through a database. Be they insurgents or simple pedestrians passing by, the Dedyh (Titan)™ will be able to collect information on the subjects and determine if a hostile threat.

      HIL legionnaires have had Radio Frequence Identity Markers (RFIM) implanted beneath the skin, and these show up on a tactical display to the Dedyh (Titan)™ UGV as friendly units. An RFIB armband was trialed, but found to be both lacking in security and endurance of material to everyday legionnaire life in the field. 

      Edited by Haruspex
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      Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports


      Orinese to meet with Ide Jimans

      SEREKAN, Ide Jima -- Foreign councillor Pipkin is due to meet with a raft of Ide Jiman ministers in Serekan this week, intending to strengthen ties between the two countries. General Nae Sincho’s obsequious approach to the Pristo administration appears to be generating a degree of cordiality – for now. Pipkin told Orinese officials yesterday that Ide Jima, having joined the EOS, can expect a free-trade agreement between the two countries. It’s a coup for Sincho and his Pristo-toadying strategy but such a lifeline would come with conditions. A big one in the short term would likely be for @Ide Jima to take a more accommodating stance regarding the Oriental Ocean territories.

      OSIS putting more ears to the ground

      O'POLIS -- Orioni has been quietly deploying more spooks. According to a briefing from the Orioni Security Intelligence Service (OSIS) to a sibiseban ("parliamentary") committee in 2019, additional spies have been dispatched to foreign countries in recent months. The briefing, obtained by Roiters, doesn’t detail how many operatives are at large (that’s classified) but the move is part of the OSIS’s strategy to enhance its intelligence gathering. Unlike secret services in other nations, Orioni’s spies have in the past focused mostly on threats to domestic security, with less attention paid to gathering foreign information, putting O'polis at a disadvantage. With foreign meddling expected in November’s federal election, Orinese should be glad of a few extra operatives assigned to protect its interests.


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