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      Welcome to Europa. This site is part of the region of Europa in the online game NationStates. The region of Europa is a diverse community of nations, with a wide range of political and ideological values, working together through various institutions and alliances - at least when they're not threatening to go to war with each other. Whether you want to play it safe with a liberal democracy, set up a communist regime, or rule your citizens with an iron fist and the threat of turning them into dog food, Europa is a great region to play in. As one of the oldest regions in the game, everybody who's anybody wants to try their hand at ruling their own country right here in Europa. Just head on over to the Forum and have a read through the sticky threads. If you're curious about how all of this work, we've included some helpful links to get you started. A good place to start is our Hitchhickers Guide to Europa. Roleplayers will be glad to see our honest and fair RP rules. Check out our map versions and discover how to apply. Experiencing problem with this website? Our helpdesk is always open. Have fun! -- The Europans Team
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    • Restoration begins in Eastern Lithuania

      Earlier today, the King ordered for the massive project of rebuilding the destroyed section of Eastern Lithuania to officially begin. Hundreds of trucks have begun to be sent to the region, each carrying boxes upon boxes of supplies. In addition to this, all new buildings built in blizzard-prone regions will be forced to use wind-resistant materials, hopefully stopping much of the future damage done by snowstorms.

      Check back tomorrow for more updates from the Commonwealth Times, your local, and probably only, news network.

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    • OOC: Lanskan = Chinese. That's right, Lanskanby = Chinatown.


      By: Johan Ang | February 16, 2018


      :pic: A typical draken dance taking place along Angpin Street amidst the huge crowd of people.

      HUNDRUP - Yet another colorful parade of drakens and other festivities awaited the Lanskan New Year this 2018. Thousands of people flocked to Hundrup's Lanskanby, the original settlement of the Lanska people in Andalla, to witness the event. Meanwhile, similar celebrations took place in other large Lanskanbys, such as those in Arkhavn and Brumundvik.

      The Year of the Trout, 11th in the Lanskan zodiac, is said to be a year of prosperity. According to Fongsui Master Ejnar Tan, a unique characteristic of the 2018 Year of the Trout that will not be seen for another 108 years is that the number of insects and pests will decrease within the houses of families with 7 children.

      "It's a beautiful aspect of Lanskan culture," says Hundrup Mayor Anders Hovland. "The Lanskans have been practicing this tradition for over 3 centuries, and it continues up to this day. It gives us Andallans something to be proud of."

      Local hospital Metropolitan Medical Institute has reported 38 firecracker-related injuries, with the number constantly growing despite government attempts to decrease the use of firecrackers during Lanskan New Year. "It's just too engraved into our culture," says Sven Sy, chief physician of Metropolitan Medical Institute.


      • Water in sewage pipes "too clean", says Holtrup study
      • Amphibious car "runs aground" on beach, 4 injured
      • Video of airplane suspended in mid-air goes viral
      • Massive pike populations discovered off the coast of @Girkmand
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    • Blizzard passes, many dead revealed

      Earlier today, after the blizzard had moved on, many of the towns in it's snow-covered path were heavily damaged. According to the estimates from the N.W.A., the storm had reached a top wind speed of almost 80 miles per hour, leading many to call it a "snow hurricane". Already, over 400 crushed or frozen corpses have been found in the region, and the government has been forced to send in small divisions of the military to both locate survivors and keep robbers from looting the various half-ruins. The Lithuanian regional government has declared a state of emergency, and the shipping of donations from the other nations in the Commonwealth has begun in full force.

      Check back tomorrow for more updates from the Commonwealth Times, your local, and probably only, news network.

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      A Proclamation
      By His Majesty, King Albert the Second, by the Grace of God, King of Gallambria.

      Whereas, we have taken into our Royal Consideration, the extensive and valuable acquisitions in the Adlantic Ocean, secured to Our Crown by the Royal Gallambrian Navy; and being desirous that all Our loving Subjects, as well of Our Kingdom, may avail themselves with all convenient speed, of the great benefits and advantages which must accrue therefrom of their commerce, manufactures, and navigation.

      We have thought fit, with the advice of Our Said Privy Council, to issue this Our Royal Proclamation, hereby to publish and declare to all our loving Subjects, that we have, with the advice of Our Said Privy Council, granted Our Letters Patent, under our Great Seal of Gallambria, to erect, within the islands and territories ceded and confirmed to us by this Proclamation of Territorial Claim, two distinct and separate governments, styled and called by the names of the Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territory, and Ashford and Tarago, limited and bound as follows.

      First – The Government of the Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territory shall govern the lands and seas consisting of the lands of Blackwell Island, Huon Island, Tashkar Island, and Kentley Island, and the sea for two hundred nautical miles from their sea coast.

      The Island to be known as “Blackwell Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Eight Degrees, Seventeen Minutes, Twenty-Three Seconds North, and One Degree, Twenty-Six Minutes, Fifty-Four Seconds East.

      The Island to be known as “Huon Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Five Degrees, Thirty-Two Minutes, Thirty-Five Seconds North, and Twelve Degrees, Eight Minutes, Twenty-Two Seconds East.

      The Island to be known as “Tashkar Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Seven Degrees, Fifty-Two Minutes, Twenty-Three Seconds North, and Two Degrees, Thirteen Minutes, Ten Seconds East.

      The Island to be known as “Kently Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Two Degrees, Five Minutes, Fifteen Seconds North, and Nine Degrees, Fifty-One Minutes, Forty-One Seconds East.

      The Island to be known as “Fortuna Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Five Degrees, Eleven Minutes, Forty-Seven Seconds South, and Three Degrees, Twenty-One Minutes, Twenty-Two Seconds West.

      The Island to be known as “Balfry Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Five Degrees, Three Minutes, Ten Seconds South, and Six Degrees, Eleven Minutes, Fourteen Seconds West.

      The Island to be known as “Alfred Cay” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Five Degrees, Forty-One Minutes, Thirty-One Seconds South, and Seven Degrees, Eighteen Minutes, Forty-Four Seconds West.

      The Island to be known as “Mary Cay” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Four Degrees, Twenty-Two Minutes, Six Seconds South, and Seven Degrees, Twenty-Seven Minutes, Five Seconds West.

      Secondly – The Government of Ashford and Tarago shall govern the lands and seas consisting of the lands of Ashford Island and Tarago Island, and the seas for two hundred nautical miles from their sea

      The Island to be known as “Ashford Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Seven Degrees, Forty-Five Minutes, Twenty Seconds South, and Five Degrees, Fifty-Seven Minutes, Twelve Seconds East.

      The Island to be known as “Tarago Island” – on which a Royal Survey Mark has been placed, lays at the position of Nine Degrees, Thirty-Nine Minutes, Fifty-One Seconds South, and Seven Degrees, Forty-Two Minutes, Two Seconds East.

      We have thought fit to publish and declare, by this Our Proclamation, that We have, in the Letters Patent under our Great Seal of Gallambria, by which the said Governments are constituted, given express power and direction to our Governors of our said territories respectively, that so soon as the state and circumstances of the said territories will admit thereof, they shall, with the advice and consent of the Members of Our Council, summon and call General Assemblies within the said Governments respectively, in such manner and form as in use and directed in those territories which are under our immediate Government.

      We have also given power to the said Governors, with the consent of our Said Council, and the Representatives of the People so to be summoned as aforesaid, to make, constitute, and ordain laws, statutes, and ordinances for the public peace, welfare, and good government of our said territories, and of the people and inhabitants thereof, as near as may be agreeable to the Laws of Gallambria, and under such regulation and restrictions as are used in other territories, and in the meantime, and until such assemblies can be called as aforesaid, all Persons inhabiting in or resorting to our said territories may confide in our Royal Protection for the Enjoyment and Benefit of the Laws of our Realm of Gallambria.

      Given at Our Court at Santhope House, on the 16th Day of February 2018, in the fifth year of our Reign.



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    • Blizzard alert in Lithuania

      The National Weather Association has warned cities in Eastern Lithuania about a large blizzard entering the Commonwealth from that direction. All cities in the area have been ordered to invoke a temporary curfew, to prevent night-time robberies, and supplies have been sent to the smaller towns, to help them ride out the storm more easily. This is the strongest storm in nearly 60 years to hit the Commonwealth, and from what the N.W.A. is forecasting, it certainly won't be the last. Any flights to and from the area have also been canceled.

      The King hopes that minimal casualties occur, and that all supplies in the region are used wisely.

      Check back tomorrow for more updates from the Commonwealth Times, your local, and probably only, news network.

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    • Advanced robotics research under way

      Realizing the need for an updated military, the Minister of Defense has ordered for research on advanced robotic software to commence. Various items planned for development include better prosthetic arms, GPS helmets, self-driving armored vehicles, and more accurate artillery. In addition to this, versions of many of the items developed will also enter the hands of civilians, helping them with their day-to-day lives.

      Also in the works is a massive program to increase the security of the many stores around the Commonwealth. Better surveillance systems, shatterproof glass, and reinforced doors will all be installed. Hopefully, this will reduce the chance of another incident like the one that occurred yesterday from happening.

      Check back tomorrow for more updates from the Commonwealth Times, your local, and probably only, news network.

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    • Large-scale robbery in Krakow

      Earlier today, a large-scale robbery happened in downtown Krakow, just a few blocks away from government buildings. Maddened with a recent water shortage around the Capital, caused by a recent drought, a group of nine armed civilians, both men and women, attacked a small convenience store, breaking the main windows, the front door, killing the janitor, and seriously harming both the store clerk and the shop's owner. A group of police were called to the scene, quickly capturing the criminals with minimal injuries, and taking them away to a maximum-security prison.

      The mayor of Krakow has both condemned the attack and talked with the Chancellor about toughening up on terrorism and it's supporters.

      Check back tomorrow for more updates from the Commonwealth Times, your local, and probably only, news network.

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      Heavy blizzards cut off Linkeep, Fayford, and north Ostport

      OAKFIELD, LINKEEP - The most severe blizzards in over thirty years have cut off access the majority of towns in Linkeep, Fayford, and northern areas of Ostport. Overnight, harsh northern Argic Ocean winds blew in from the icy Paranoff Mountain Range in Whitevale, bringing twenty feet of snow in the worst cases. The government has contacted state and capital authorities to establish a list of the worst hit towns, with contact in the far northern areas unavailable. The USP Ground Forces are currently working with search and rescue groups to save those who have been trapped in their own homes, provide relief, and clear motorways and railways for humanitarian access.

      Gale force winds were able to knock out power across Fayford and Linkeep, forcing them to rely on power reserves from the south. Thousands of homes are still without power, and anybody that is reading is advised to stay inside, stay warm, and ration their food supplies sensibly until help arrives. Many northern homes were issued with wind-up radios in the early 2000s to enable them to receive updates and news in the case of entrapment, although it is unknown if these are still in use. 

      This harsh weather is a result of global warming, of which the ISTC aims to combat in the coming years. The effects of this were particularly noticeable in 2012 and 2013, when there was minimal snowfall in historically at-risk areas. The rising temperature of the globe produces unpredictable weather changes, with atmospheric satellites only noticing this sudden change at the last moment. Researchers at the University of Canastota are currently investigating these changes, and will hope to be able to prepare citizens better in the future. 

      Volunteers in Fayford working to clear the snowfall from vital access roads.


      USP Navy finally brings Canamo naval blockade to an end

      HORIZON ISLAND - The naval blockade, enacted by the USP Navy at the mouth of the Canamo Sea, has finally been fully called off. The blockade was first enforced on November 20th, to prevent Circle of Death terrorist group members from entering the region and causing further chaos and disruption. Now, USP Ground Force specialists carrying out humanitarian aid missions within The Hellenic Rus have declared that the CoD fears are no longer substantial enough to continue enforcing the blockade.

      The ships that have now returned to Prymontian shores will continue safeguarding Prymont's coastlines. @Ahranaian inbound ships will be allowed free passage once again into the Canamo Sea, bringing to an end almost three months of strict checks and patrols. Since the enforcement of the blockade, the Circle of Death has been neutered within The Hellenic Rus, reducing their incoming numbers significantly and blocking weaponry that they have illegally imported by sea. Defence Minister General Hunter S Grey has confirmed that, if fears arise once more of the Circle of Death or any other terrorist group, the USP Navy will not hesitate to react accordingly. 

      Prymontian officials displaying illegal weaponry seized from ships headed to The Hellenic Rus, likely to supply the Circle of Death.


      A1 motorway improvement project completed

      NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - The β30bn upgrade project for the A1 motorway has been completed ahead of schedule. The scheme, which started mid-2017, focused on upgrading the majority of the motorway to six lanes either side, with a minimum of four throughout. Lengthy delays were expected, with road users taking advantage of a variety of diversions which worked to ease the excess traffic through different routes. Most of the work was carried out overnight, meaning that the reduced traffic weren't affected as severely and officials could work faster. President Duval has praised the work of the companies involved, calling the project "a great success and a large step in the right direction for Prymont's roads."

      The system also implemented the @Sunset Sea Islands' Synapse system to create 'smart' motorways, which forewarn drivers about upcoming dangers such as incidents, roadworks and weather changes, alongside easing congestion and observing speeds. It is hoped that, if this method is successful, Synapse will be used across Prymont's motorways to replace speed cameras and hand out speeding tickets more efficiently. 

      'Smart' motorway overhead signage, informing drivers to slow down to prevent queues due to incidents ahead.


      KAP to return to Argic Touring Car Championship with K2

      CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - KAP Limited will make its return to the Argic Touring Car Championship with a modified K2. KAP last appeared on the ATCC grid in 2007 with a works team, which was deemed too unsuccessful to continue into 2008 and beyond. Before that, the team won titles in 1983, 1994 and 1995, with the latter two being in dominant fashion with the Coral. This year, the car will be run independently by Grateson Motorsport, but will have factory support.

      Grateson Motorsport have only ordered one car, which will be driven by Harvey Grateson, son of team owner Harold Grateson. While KAP Limited won't officially sponsor the car, the Kaldestad Aamot Group are encouraging KAP dealerships across Prymont to get involved with the project. KAP and Grateson are setting their expectations low, with the hopes of making progress this year and next before evaluating whether or not to continue.

      Harvey Grateson testing the K2 before the start of the 2018 ATCC season.

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    • Extreme winter weather throughout the nation.

      Most parts of the country are expecting 6-12 inches of snow over the coming two days. This comes just one week after the extreme blizzard which caused the death of four sailors in the Adlantic. 

      The G.B weather service is saying that most major high ways are expected to be closed as well as many speed rail lines. 

      For further details please check in to GBNB. I'm James Addington

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      February 12, 2018- 1230 IST

      -Iverican registered cruise ship boarded by Circle of Death cell-- 2,500 passengers at risk


      Sakspati Cape, International Waters- Early this morning, local maritime authorities were shocked to receive a distress call from a cruise ship passing the Sakspati Cape. Coming from the civilian cruise ship, Dona Parass, the call stated that the vessel was being boarded from multiple fast-moving skiffs.

      The details are as of now, unclear. But according to the distress call, it can be ascertained that the pirates are armed with automatic weaponry and have every intention of taking hostages and plunder.

      According to a source in Corregidor Maritime Command, the Armada has scrambled its closest task unit to investigate, and hopefully, resolve the issue without loss of life.

      As of now, INBC will be monitoring the appropriate channels regularly for any updates. I'm Anita Gamboa, for Iverica One.

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