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    @Sancti Imperii Catholico, @Seylos, @Gallambria, @Girkmand, @Variota, @Andalla, Prymont OOC: In case some are wondering if this will be one of those narrative story-type RPs, I have good news--it WILL NOT BE. We'll discuss things, probably on discord and include anything we want to make IC in a summative bit more formal prose that will be posted here for canon. Questions can be directed to myself or Gallambria on Discord. kkthxbye
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    BRP and LDP refuse coalition in the face of NPC Despite being completely unable to win against the National People's Coalition, the Bateng Rouge Party and the Liberal Democratic party refuse to cooperate. The Bateng Rouge Party, while at an unimpressive approval of 27%, seem reluctant to form a coalition, despite having done so in the past. BRP front-runner Tamar Gregov has stated her plan to "invigorate rural voters." Despite many reforms being passed under the Krusken administration aimed at improving conditions for remote, low-income regions of Bulgenstaz, party approval has actually dropped substantially. New surveys show the number one concern for rural areas is "corruption" at number one, with "jobs" trailing behind. In contrast to its divided opponents, the NPC has made great strides in approval, with an entirely dominant presence in rural areas, and a creeping influence on urban areas. The NPC has made its message clear: "End Corruption, End the Influence of Capitalism." The NPC has claimed that, should they win, they will make efforts to withdraw significant funding from organizations like ICEB, and put the money towards "benefiting the Batengdeian people." Dissatisfaction with the allocation of government funds has increased substantially, and the NPC claims they will "re-prioritize" the nation. The Liberal Democratic Party has seen another substantial growth, however, and seems to be almost capable of contending with the National People's Coalition by itself. Their policies toward religious freedoms, expanding the scope of privatized industry, and promoting trade and international cooperation is surprisingly effective. However, the party seems to be in a bit of controversy after their front-runner, Rakov Lon was discovered to be allocating campaign funds toward their own private business. Many politicians from other parties have expressed their concerns at the seemingly high levels of corruption within the party. Batengdei Passes the Climate Prioritization Act After much debate on the floor of Saphea Wat, the People's Grand Parliament has passed the "Climate Prioritization Act" which is meant to be "enhanced version of the Laren Agreement." Notably, this bill takes into account the already small percentage of Batengdeian fossil fuel usage and sets the date to be "carbon emissions free" by 2050. The bill also allocates 12 billion Khourts to developing cleaner fuel sources, which appear to be primarily focused on ethanol. While the emissions-free deadline of 2050 is a promising sign, questions have been raised as to the purpose of the investment into fuel sources. Batengdei has sizeable agricultural sector of ethanol-viable foods. It is more than likely foods such as corn and sugar beet will see an increase in growth after this harvest. However, some speculate much of this funding may be directed toward alternative fuel sources entirely unrelated to the oil industry, though it is unclear exactly if such research is planned.
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    Tech's Files- Part 3: Operation Islandero VI --- Somewhere in the North Oriental Ocean, LAT: 39°[IIIIIIIIII]"N | LON: 98°[IIIIIIIIII]"W 1201 IST--April 15, 1995 Ship's Recorder | VRI Poco Cico - Armada Deepwater Tug (ID: ATF-7575) "So, umm... This is legal right?", queried Subteniente Roberto "Bobi" Tueres, a young bespectacled officer quite recently weaned of the proverbial teat of the Armada's Sea Support course. He was leaning against a rail inside the wheelhouse of a small tugboat. The only other occupant seemed more focused on the horizon than on giving serious heed to Bobi's words. The man at the helm, Giorgio, snorted. "If you care about legal, you're on the wrong career path Bobi". Teniente Giorgio Sant'tomas was the senior of the two, but only by a year and half of service. He constantly wore a blank, sometimes creased expression that he surmised would make his superiors take him more seriously (it didn't). He was in the role of captaining the tug for this operation and had put up with Bobi's fidgetty nature for the better part of 9 hours since they left the berth in Armada Base Altaria. "I mean, do you not care that this sounds even a teensy-weensy un poco bit like a bad move?", Bobi came again. Giorgio all but roled his eyes and irritably scratched at the thing on his face--a scraggly, pitifully sparse shadow that couldn't quite decide whether it was a beard or something that belonged on very soft fruit. "I neither know nor care about what you're trying to insinuate", Giorgio replied at last. "I mean--as far as parking goes, this has to be illegal somewhere", Bobi exlaimed, reminding himself of the very naughty drivers that parked outside his mother's city flat. The good people of the local constabulary always saw them off with a well brandished yellow parking boot. "Then they'll send a meter-cop or something...", Giorgio snorted again. Bobi wasn't about to let up though and launched into a rebuttal. "Ooooor this could start an international incident and they'll send more than a metre-cop--like a SRBM or something. Want that instead of ticket? You know, parrellel parking this thing on a damn reef--", Bobi began. But Giorgio was caught up in his own joke. "Hah! Can you imagine that? Good luck booting and ticketing old Madre!", Giorgio laughed uproariously at the mental image of a reflector vest clad second rate constable waving a ticket at an aircraft carrier. Yes. An aircraft carrier. Bobi turned from his position on the tug's deck and glanced at the fifty-five thousand metric ton warship they were towing. It loomed behind them passively, the squarish prow casting a wide shadow in the noon-time sun. The aging hulk, plodding behind them like a very big, very old dog, was the once magnificent VRI Sierra Madre. Her best days were over, ending when the venerable old lady suffered an irreparable warp in her central keel--sometime after she narrowly dodged a torpedo salvo during the Second Argic War. Now, after years of sitting as a mothballed training rig, Bobi and Giorgio were putt-putt-ing the groaning semisesquicentennial out to her last voyage--to a final resting place. Bobi sighed. Giorgio was terse and had a laconic sense of social humours, he didn't bother with speculation. Bobi on the other hand, was a little less cocksure. Giorgio interrupted his reverie as if reading his colleague's mind. "Bobi, who could possibly complain? The ooga-booga-barbarios? What will they do? Shit in our general direction? Tell us that our mothers were hamsters and our father's smelt of elderberries? Old Madre is packing quite a surprise, not to mention that they've left her CIWS intact and are dumping a skyscraper's worth of concrete to reinforce her belts and bases. Yeah, good luck fragging her before she calls Armada Air!" Giorgio detracted from his line of speech, perking up slightly. "Ah there it is, look at that, old lady!", Giorgio spoke, addressing the creaking carrier behind them. Giorgio stared abow, at a discoloration of water coming into view. Arrecife dei Travieso, Mischief reef. Bobi could see it too, along with the superstructures of an Armada destroyer and a utility ship waiting for them. "I'll tell the crew to get ready, we should be at the beaching point in less than 40 mikes", said Bobi as he exited the wheelhouse hatch and moved below. --- Like many rusting hulks before her, the VRI Sierra Madre, a venerable Amphibious Assault Ship that served in both Argic Wars, was beached on a reef somewhere in the waters of the far eastern North Oriental Ocean. Equipped with radar, sonar, optical detection, and satellite telemetry equipment, these ships were made into steel and concrete islands for the advertised purpose of WARD early warning and "research" stations. While this was indeed true by all accounts, the stations featured a detatchment of Republican Marine Tercios, a naval fixed and rotor wing complement, and several ANCILE anti-ballistic missile and anti-aircraft modules. Over the course of decades the Almirantasgo, or Admiralty, has brushed aside any and all queries regarding the quanitity and quality of these Sea Stations, directing legal agents to the WARD office in Ostport, Prymont, where they are presumably put to languish in the most uncomfortable waiting rooms (the ones with plastic chairs that make your butt slip off and with snack dispensers that aren't filled--they also smell like cats and only use white fluorescent bulbs) for hours until their frustrated departure. Officially, these stations are considered as vessels in the service of the Republic's most vaunted Armada--albeit static and quite comfortable where they sit, thank you very much. --- Source: my brown countrymen do this. And yes, it is still working.
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    Welcome to Eurth, hope you find your place here and enjoy it as much as I do!
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    Santhope House Tuesday, 2100 Sir Antony Redmond, Prince Andrew's Private Secretary, walks into the Prince's private study, and bows. Sir Antony (AR) - "Your Highness." Prince Andrew (PA) - "What is it Antony?" AR - "I have a message from the King." Sir Antony passes the note to the Prince. It reads... Andrew, Michael admitted to Hospital. Situation dire. Papa. Andrew scrunches up the bit of paper and throws it in the bin and then signals Sir Antony to leave. THE NEXT MORNING Valet (V) - "Good Morning, Your Highness. Breakfast as usual?" PA - "Morning Mr Peters, No, I think I'll come downstairs this morning... Any news on the Duke?" V - "Not that I'm aware of Sir, I can ask his footman if you'd like?" PA - "No need." V - "I'll take my leave now Sir, I'll make sure the ladies downstairs prepare a seat for you." PA - "Thank you Peters. I'll see you downstairs." TEN MINUTES LATER. Prince Andrew walks downstairs to the casual dining room, where the King and Queen, along with the Duchess of Wessex and the Princess Royal are eating breakfast. PA - "Morning Papa, Mama. Morning everyone." The Duchess and Princess Royal both grunt. Prince Andrew walks behind the two, and whispers "b*tches" into their ears. King Albert II (KA2) - "Morning Andrew." PA - "Any news on Michael?" The Duchess and Princess Royal both grunt together, again. Prince Andrew flares up at them. PA - "Right you two, will you both f*cking quit it. He is my brother as much as he is yours, Catherine." Princess Royal (PR) - "f*ck you Andrew - the first thing you worry about at 6am in the morning is whether or not your brother is still alive! and what's worst of all is that Alex and the kids are here, sitting at this table. Albert jumps up out of his chair ... KA2 - "BOTH OF YOU JUST STOP! THIS IS MY SON. MY SUCCESSOR. YOUR FUTURE KING, YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"
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    PRESS STATEMENT The Palace wishes to advise that The Duke of Wessex was admitted to King George III Hospital last night after experiencing symptoms relating to his previous history of Astrocytoma. The staff at King George III as well as Palace medical staff, are currently completing tests to ascertain the nature of the symptoms, and further information will made available, when suitable. His Majesty, King Albert II, along with the Duchess of Wessex ask for privacy during this time. 25th September 2019, Santhope House
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    Winner: Akiya Callestel Three hundred and ninety two days is quite an extraordinary gap between wins for a four-time champion, but that barren run is finally over for Akiya Callestel after he rode his good fortune to grasp victory at Koba Bay, Na'Kem City-state. Pitting first, as the team tried to protect his third place from attack, proved to be the best strategy of them all as the undercut was so powerful, it moved him into a net lead. As he did so often at his home track of Kero Raceway in the city-state of Nal'Chek, once in the lead, he never looked back. A fifth win in Koba Bay is the first time he’s ever won at a single venue five times in his career. And what a time to do it. Loser: Harin Kton It’s not often a driver who has finished second ends up in the losers section of this feature, but it’s a compliment of sorts for Harin Kton as it marks how far he’s come. He was brilliant in qualifying, catching an unruly car at least three times during a dramatic lap to take pole. He then didn’t put a foot wrong in the race, but lost the win thanks to a strategy call which simply didn’t go his way. Understandably he was furious during the race and was vocal on team radio, but he had calmed down by the time he spoke publicly after the race. It was not the result he wanted, but the way he reacted, both in the race and after, shows how drive and maturity – two factors that set him up nicely for the future. Winners: Tyrell fans This has been a tough year to be a Tyrell fan, the Kaido failing to live up to their pre-season favourites tag in the opening half of the campaign. But their fans never turned on their beloved and they were rewarded first with a first victory of the year at Paphos and then in their own backyard at Kos Speedway. Few will have expected a third in Koba Bay – but they’ll take it. It was Tyrell’s first one-two of the season, and the first time a constructor has achieved that feat in the history of the Koba Bay Grand Prix. It was also the first time Tyrell have won three straight races since 2008. Losers: Pantheon Automotive Pantheon Automotive were surprised by the pace Tyrell showed in Koba Bay and certainly didn’t expect Tyrell to not only clinch a one-two but for either of their own vehicles to fail to make the podium for only the second time this season. Winner: Toji Vek Hallas Toji Vek Hallas had a stunning start to the year, with the RVC driver finishing every race before the summer break inside the top five. But Paphos Sea and Kos Speedway weren’t so kind to him, with a first lap retirement followed by eighth from the back. Normal service was resumed at Koba Bay, with a third-place, his first podium since he finished second in Prathen Raceway and his sixth of the season. Loser: Yasrun Elghinn Yasrun Elghinn was on the cusp of snatching a sensational sixth in the drivers’ standings before the summer break, but two retirements, followed by contact on lap one in Koba Bay has left him in eighth place. Winner: Higain Yanko While one HNAS Veraton suffered frustration, the other was rewarded for a mature drive that secured what the team boss described as the “best possible result”. It was his third top-seven finish of the season, with a placement of fourth for Koba Bay. Loser: Garel Dunato A plastic bag added insult to injury for Garel Dunato in what could have potentially been a great race. Dunato ran inside the top 10 for large parts of the race – and that was on merit rather than good fortune – but the Safety Cars didn’t fall well for him and he was then forced into an additional pit stop to remove a plastic bag that got stuck in his front wing.
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    Tech's Files- Part 2: Alicanto & Fénix --- Léon Flats, Prohibited Airspace, Site A-1010 0830 IST--March 29, 2016 Re: Alicanto Project (Inspection, 2016-002) Comandante Hermann Vasques, youngest OF-5 in the Fuersas L'Aire, and Chief Consultant for the Minister of Defence... picked his nose. Digging around, flicked a sizeable piece of snot into the tan dust of the Léon flats. He shivered slightly in his grey winter service uniform. He had a pair of shades on, the long flaps of his fur hat fully extended, and the collar of his officer's greatcoat turned up against the wind. The leather of his boots felt stiff like it was beginning to frost-over and he couldn't quite feel his toes. His finger had begun to wander for another round of nose mining when a sound from behind him broke through the whistling gales. ahem Vasques turned around, an errant strand still peeking from his right nostril. With no apparent shame, he grinned like a tardo behind is Rey-Ban aviadores and appraised the vision of womanhood before him She had iron-lines on her uniform sharp as razors and hip curves as shapely as the Toledo bells. --- As it turned out, Comandante Luisa Sant'Ana was just the officer Vasques was waiting for. She had apparently been waiting for him in the site's pre-fab breakroom, but when Vasques' SUR-17 landed, he had ignored the aide that had been sent to collect him, brushed his escort/bodyguard/secretary off and wandered around the grounds so he could find a secluded place to up-chuck the remnants of last night's alcohol. The site facilities were mostly deserted, the staff were mostly tucked into their units for warmth and the roving patrols huddled behind bivouacs or stayed inside their patrol vehicles for the heater. So there he was, probably the most influential man in airforce procurement and R&D, wandering around, catching the sniffles and picking his nose as he appreciated the miles upon miles of flat horizon around him as far as the eye could see. Until of course Sant'Ana had gotten tired of waiting and stalked off to find him. They had exchanged greetings, spoke some jargon about inspection details, Vasques had made a few none-too-subtle comments on the aesthetics of her figure and she responded by thumbing the safety off of her service pistol. They walked towards the hangars in silence. Sant'Ana led the way, Vasques was happy to follow... and appreciate the view. The hangar was quickly unlocked by the on-site security and the large panel doors squealed open. By now, Vasques' aide had found him and they were joined by a sleepy looking test pilot with an unkempt beard. A small tow vehicle backed out from within the hangar, slowly dragging the subject of this visit into the light. As the figure emerged fully into the outside pavement, Vasques took a moment check his line of sight and appreciate another set of curves before him. There it was. Vasques excitement faltered slightly as he got the full scope of it. "Well--it looks a little... dated", he began. Sant'Ana bristled at that. "The design is 15 years old, but she has a higher service ceiling than any fighter in the inventory, she turns and climbs better than the Aguila, her electronics track more contacts further and her counter-counter electronics clean radar return better than any jammer we know on the market can hide. She's also the only design we have that mounts the latest IRST from Aamotech and can accommodate the directed-infrared countermeasure system." She took a breath. "Her frame is just old. Most of the design came from Aamotech when the idea of a joint-fighter was still a top concern. Its the same one we've had to work with since the 90's. With the RAS-2020 scalebacks, we can't afford a redesign. To refit all the modules we've developed on this platform to a purpose-built stealth airframe that's been proposed will take billions." "Just the airframe?" She hesitated. The bearded pilot, looking just as hungover as Vasques, interrupted. "No, not really", he slurred. "--It's the powerplant, too hot. Blazes on the FLIR scopes, guzzles too much. The Aguila's Saturno 'fans won't fit the redesigned frame... even more so if Defence wants this shitbird to vector. It needs a purpose-built design", he continued... then stiffled a belch. Vasques thought in silence for a moment. "Show me what Suisa sent you." "We forwarded it to your department." "Haven't looked at it. Let me see it on site anyway" --- In the shelter of the prefab, Sant'Ana booted up a widescreen kDesk Pro and linked it to the wall-mounted 40-inch. Vasques whistled. Fénix huh? Not a very imaginative cliché. "They've already built a scale model, though they won't budge until your department writes the cheque", said Sant'Ana. Vasques paused again. "Tell you what", he said. For the first time, remembering he was indoors and removing his shades. "You lot find some investors. Get that new powerplant designed and built, and I will talk to the Minister when he's in a good mood." If anything, overlooking some glaring production and design problems was probably worth the small smile Sant'Ana tried to hide. --- OOC: J-20 was discussed and planned by Prymont, Iverica, and Andalla in 2017. Aamotech (Prymont) has since jointly developed the J-10 with Fulgistan. The Mikoyan Project 1.44 and Chengdu J-20 (only a skin) was agreed upon by Prymont and Iverica and has since been continually developed slowly.
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    The King's Private Apartment Later that afternoon Sir Jock Spurgeon-Price, the King's Private Secretary, walks up to the King's Private Office, and knocks on the door... KA2 - "ENTER!" Sir Jock enters, bows. JSP - "Afternoon, Your Majesty. Have you got a few moments?" KA2 - "Yes Jock, what is it?" JSP - "Sir, My office has just received a phone call from a Ms. Penelope Buckmaster from The Gallambrian, saying she knows about the Duke's condition and is threatening to release an article for tomorrow's paper, if the Palace doesn't release a press statement." KA2 - "Oh Jesus. What exactly did she say she knows?" JSP - "All she said was that she knew that the Duke was in the Bexley Wing at King George III Hospital, and that he was admitted to the Oncology Ward." KA2 - "Oh for f*cks sake. What are our options?" JSP - "Well I've talked to the staff at the hospital and also the medical staff here at the Palace, and they all say they haven't talked to anyone in the media. My suggestion would be to consult with the Duchess as well as the staff at the hospital and ascertain the full story as to what the Duke's condition is and if the Duchess is comfortable with the Palace releasing a statement, then we release a statement." KA2 - "Let's do that. Call the Palace Physician and have her here in 10 minutes." King Albert picks up the phone and dials through to the Duchess' private suite. KA2 - "Alex, it's Albert, can you come up to my apartment please?" Alex - "Sure, I'm just getting Harry down for a nap, I'll up soon." King Albert hangs up the phone. A few moments later. The Duchess of Wessex and Lady Peta Henley, the Palace's Chief Physician, are standing at the door ready to knock on the door, when all of a sudden, Sir Jock opens the door. JSP - "Come in, don't worry about formalities." Both women walk in, acknowledge the King. KA2 - "Thank you for coming. Now Sir Jock has just informed me that a Ms Buckmaster from The Gallambrian has contacted his office, informing him that unless we release a press statement she will release the information she has about Michael in tomorrow's edition. Peta, do we know what the full extent of Michael's condition is?" PH - "Sir, yes we do - I talked to the oncology team at KGIII this afternoon, the team are currently reviewing the latest rounds of MRI's and this afternoon's biopsy, however they initially believe it to be Glioblastoma Multiforme." After hearing the diagnosis, Alex dropped to the floor, breaking out in tears. ALEX - "WHAT IS THAT? WHY?" PH - "Your Highness, unfortunately, Glioblastoma is a form of brain tumour that, in Michael's case, can originate from previous instances of Astrocytomas." ALEX - "How long does he have?" PH - "That, we do not know. We won't know till we have the results back from the tumour resection." Alex gets up from the floor, and storms out of the King's study and returns to her room. JSP - "Peta, are you happy for us to release a statement, saying something along the lines of the Duke currently undergoing tests in relation to his previous history of tumours?" PH - "Yes." KA2 - "Alright, Thank you Peta. Jock, can you write something up and get it out before 10pm?" JSP - "Yes Sir, Do you want me to forward it to you for approval or just send it out?" KA2 - "Just send it out." Lady Henley and Lord Jock leave the King's apartment, then carry on to Jock's office to write the press statement.
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