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    Hope you sort what you need to. And perhaps return to us soon MermaidMan
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    Eastern Alharun Steppe, the Yellow Empire September 12th,Year of Our Lord 1554 Fort Alcober Flavio walked outside the palisade walls, contemplating. The crusading forces had arrived a couple days ago to their designated point at the foor of the Eastern Alharun Steppe. Even though he had walked a decent distance away, he could see men working on the outside of the fort, the ground without any bumps over a couple feet in height. While he could still see the multitude of soldiers bustling around the fort, he was isolated with his thoughts, alone. The land the fort was on, at least according to legend, was holy ground. The first missionary to the area, John Alcobar, had come to the land some 125 years before. After preaching his message in a nearby town he was carried out and stoned. Flavio paused for a second. He was always reserved, often holding his judgement back. He was mistaken as disabled or mute many times throughout his life. But this was the time to burst out. Chosen by God to lead a holy mission, he would liberate these Christians or like Alcobar, spill his blood trying. Gusts of wind blew strongly over the steppe as he walked back to the fort, the sound of the flapping of the flags being carried by the wind. The grass seemed to bow down in his direction. Truly, he was chosen by God. * * * A letter from Lord Bergio Theobald to his wife in Salvia, written on the 16th of October, Year of Our Lord 1554 My dearest wife, I hope all is well at home and trust that both the estate and our children are doing well. Since we landed in Alharu two months ago we have met no resistance in crossing the southern portion of the Yellow Empire. While the number of cities is small, the places we have met on our way have either immediately surrendered after seeing the size of our force or have thrown open their gates in celebration that a liberator has finally marched through their lands... ...the southern force consists of some 30,000 souls and has only grown in number as native auxiliaries have joined our forces to fight back against their oppressors... the northern force consists of some 45,000, although I am totally unaware of the level of resistance they have met on the way... ...I have a feeling that most of the leaders here are fighting for totally secular reasons, which if revealed to the armies would cause soldiers to abandon this most holy endeavor and thus is the only reason that I will not reveal the fact. For I truly believe that this war is just and holy, and to see the leaders of this fight leading for an unholy motive tarnishes the war in the first place... ...I hope all continues to be well at home. Please pray for our souls and mission. Written by my own hand, Your dearest husband, Bergio Theobald
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Stricter controls benefit renters, not landlords O’POLIS -- The capital’s long history of low-cost living looks set to continue with a proposal, approved yesterday by O’polis city council, that will see rents frozen on 700 thousand properties for five years from January 2020. The city’s strong employment market, allied to the lure of green open spaces, have seen housing costs double over the past decade. The SPO, a majority member of Orioni’s coalition government, has pledged to champion rent control nationwide. But others are more cautious. Landlords will need to ask approval from tenants before raise the rent and the stringent regulations might deter developers from investing in the Orinese capital. A balance between business and affordable living is healthy; O’polis is doing a better job of discussing it than other cities on Eurth. SPO hopes to secure election victory with twin-leadership O’POLIS -- Orioni’s Socialist Party (SPO) has taken steps to improve gender equality within the party by adopting a twin-leadership model: one woman and one man will lead the centre-left party together. The Orinese upcoming elections look particularly tough on the SPO so Orioni’s oldest party is keen to refresh its image in an attempt to appeal to voters who sided with the increasingly popular Pink party. But Carla Kebero, political scientist and professor at ESU, has her reservations. “I think the double leadership can only work when it’s not seen as a desperate political move when it’s not seen as pandering,” he says. The idea of a shared role was, in fact, borrowed from the Pink; the SPO is right in taking inspiration but should go beyond just copying their tactics.
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Safety first in e-scooter spat GRUIS -- Following two recent rider deaths, Gruis mayor Awidefale Rezovi has banned issuing permits to e-scooter companies. Ridership in Gruis is at an all-time high. The new legislation won’t extend to current permit holders but it will limit the number of e-scooters and electric bikes to less than 5.000. Advocates for alternative mobility rail against the city’s reliance on cars; they say that the deaths could have been avoided if the city had dedicated lanes for e-scooters. But the mayor's critics believe that the problem lies not with the vehicles but with the people riding them. From regularly discarding e-scooters to whizzing recklessly down the interstate highway, this bad behaviour extends from Ferrefaaierhafen to Tagmatika. Rezovis' ban, then, is a smart move to curb dangerous riding and a step towards safer scooting. Grindr Coffee workers treated inhumanely AISFELD, @Morheim -- Grindr Coffee workers have made numerous claims alleging poor working conditions in the Morheim Trade and Industry Zone (MTIZ). The accusations surfaced following a report by ex-employees who requested to remain anonymous. Roiters spoke to 12 employees of Grindr Coffee working at the MTIZ in Aisfeld. Complaints include supervisors' alleged withholding of pay for illness or yearly vacation, working outside of agreed hours and the retention of customer tips. A Grinder Coffee spokesperson said an objective examination would be started. Meanwhile, Grindr CEO Joe Khamsai spoke out on Wittier, saying: "Given these serious allegations, I have notified our partners that we will launch an independent audit into these internal HR matters."
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    New Salvis, the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Overseas Colonies August 22nd, Year of Our Lord 1554 Provincial Palace Flavio Burgellio sat at the head of the War Council, leaning back in his chair with his head rested on his knuckles, reminiscing on the steps that were taken to get . A nobleman’s son, he was brought up in the royal courts of Deopolis as his family vied and played the political game, hoping to replace the current Colombo dynasty. The Burgellions had come close to placing Flavio on the throne, having the support of most of the nobles, but needed the last necessary piece to claim the Salvian throne- the support of the Church. Flavio was thus put in charge of the crusade by the Salvian king and Pope Gregory IX. The eastern sun illuminated the palace board room, reserved usually for the business of the governor. Today however, it was reserved for the final preparations of the First Crusade. It had been just over threeyears since the crusade was called by Pope Gregory IX and his Iverican counterpart. Since the decree, the Church had roused support amongst the people, and while the Salvian king had sent a part of the army to accompany the crusaders, many of the fighters were a massive collection of volunteers, ranging from pious commoners, explorers wishing to see the world, prisoners hoping to earn their freedom, nobles like Flavio seeking political gain, and everything in between. The needed funds were contributed by noble families like Flavio’s, the Church, and other Christian nations- most notable of which were the Ivericans. These funds would pay for supplies, weapons, and the basic training that was sorely needed for the untrained masses that came. Many sold most of their possessions and left their families to embark on the crusade. These supplies, men, and weapons had been ferried across the Adlantic over the last three years, gathering their strength and preparing for the final crossing into enemy territory. A war map was hung on the opposite wall, showing the full extent of the Yellow Empire and its area of influence. While the supplies and men began to gather on the island, the leaders of the crusade- military generals and several nobles- met in the winter of 1551 in New Salvis to begin discussing the strategy. A week before the final landing, the strategy was being reviewed one last time. Flavio snapped back into reality as he sat up in his chair. The leaders of the crusade were ready to begin at Flavio’s command. He cleared his throat and motioned his hand towards the general on his right, who stood up and walked across the room towards the map. As he did so, Flavio addressed the leaders, “Good morning, men. This is our last meeting before we see each other once more in heathen lands. I turn the attention to General Cassius.” The general nodded before continuing, “In a matter of a few days we will cross the strait in into enemy lands, setting up a base camp at the foot of the Eastern Alharun Steppe. Lord Phillip, you will oversee the construction and upkeep of this base to ensure that the supply lines to Salvia and the outside world will be kept open. Generals Marcus, Godwin, and Lords Wade and Theobald, you will lead the men already assigned to you south and sweep through below the Steppe. Theobald and Marcus will eventually split from this group to curve northeasternly towards the Amharan capital, Godwin and Wade will continue the southernly push. The rest of us- Lords Randall, Otto, Leo, and Flavio, will move directly from Phillip’s base and make a push to the Amharan capital, where we will link up will link up with Theobald and Marcus. If necessary, help will be delivered to Godwin and Wade in the south. Most of the territory we are liberating are tributary states, so resistance should be small, especially in the south. Only strongholds that are loyal to the Yellow Empire should provide resistance. If by now the Yellow Empire has not surrendered yet, we will regroup once more on the border of Amhara and Yellow Empire proper, before making our final campaign in towards their capital, Anhuajing.” Cassius finished with a nod towards Flavio, and he nodded back. “Thank you, Cassius.” Cassius moved to his seat and sat down. “The fine details of this campaign are entrusted to you, men. Each and every one of you are capable leaders, and I trust all of you to step up to God’s call and lead these men on a most holy crusade against evil. Prepare not only your plans but your soul as well. Take up your own cross” The lords and generals rose from their seats. A priest carried a large crucifix and stood to the side of the doorway. “You are all dismissed. Deus Vult!” The gathering repeated the phrase after Flavio before heading towards the doorway, kissing the feet of the Savior before exiting. Every one of them knew that the other was not here for religious reasons or out of piety. They all were here for personal gain and they were all beginning to scheme. Flavio knew he needed to be ahead of them if he wished to rise to the throne. _______________________________________________________________________________________ OOC notes because I felt like they didn't fit in this post but I feel should be mentioned: 1) Christians from other nations are (obviously) present, but the majority are Catholics/Tacolics 2) Each lord/general is in charge of their own small army- a mix of their personal armies, the standing Salvian army, and volunteers thrown into battalions and assigned to a lord/general 3) Most funding comes from nobles and lords attempting to gain something from the venture- many of which were promised something by the Burgellio’s if they contributed. The rest is provided by the Salvian Church
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Gruis growth grinds to a halt? GRUIS -- A struggle is underway for the future of transport in Gruis. In 2018, voters approved a +5% sales tax to expand the length of the city’s light-rail lines, which carry 30.000 passengers a day. But a new bill called Proposition 404 threatens to halt further expansion plans and put money towards building more roads instead. The movement’s supporters fear that light-rail construction will impact business development; others disagree. "Light-rail has allowed our city us to grow vertically rather than outwards," says Mayor Awidefale Rezovi. "It’s brought more investment and has attracted a more creative workforce to Gruis." Voting on the measure has been underway since August 1st. We expect campaigners on both sides to be active during this weekend, ahead of the citywide ballot on Tuesday.
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Orinese worry about fake news on Wittier O'POLIS -- A new study revealed that in Orioni circa 75% of internet users are worried about what is real and fake news online. The research is based on a study by Roiters in all 19 provinces from January through June, enquiring online into the online opinions of circa 2.000 people per province. Results were aggregated using representative quotas by gender, age, and education. The study highlights an "atmosphere of polarisation" in this important electoral year. In Orioni, 67% of internet users use Wittier as their primary network for discussion and sharing of news. The social media company has been in hot water recently. In previous weeks it had to removed over 100.000 fake accounts.
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Orinese to meet with Ide Jimans SEREKAN, Ide Jima -- Foreign councillor Pipkin is due to meet with a raft of Ide Jiman ministers in Serekan this week, intending to strengthen ties between the two countries. General Nae Sincho’s obsequious approach to the Pristo administration appears to be generating a degree of cordiality – for now. Pipkin told Orinese officials yesterday that Ide Jima, having joined the EOS, can expect a free-trade agreement between the two countries. It’s a coup for Sincho and his Pristo-toadying strategy but such a lifeline would come with conditions. A big one in the short term would likely be for @Ide Jima to take a more accommodating stance regarding the Oriental Ocean territories. OSIS putting more ears to the ground O'POLIS -- Orioni has been quietly deploying more spooks. According to a briefing from the Orioni Security Intelligence Service (OSIS) to a sibiseban ("parliamentary") committee in 2019, additional spies have been dispatched to foreign countries in recent months. The briefing, obtained by Roiters, doesn’t detail how many operatives are at large (that’s classified) but the move is part of the OSIS’s strategy to enhance its intelligence gathering. Unlike secret services in other nations, Orioni’s spies have in the past focused mostly on threats to domestic security, with less attention paid to gathering foreign information, putting O'polis at a disadvantage. With foreign meddling expected in December’s national election, Orinese should be glad of a few extra operatives assigned to protect its interests.
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    POPE GREGORY IX, Episcopus Servus Servorum Dei, DECREES Vincere Malus To defeat evil, the armies of righteousness are called upon to combat the forces of Satan. Man raises its sword, and with the grace of God beats evil back down into Gomorrah and Sodom, where it shall burn for eternity as their punishment. For while Christ taught peace, when Christendom and its people are threatened, Christ Himself takes up the sword to strike the wicked down. To defeat evil, courageous and pious men are needed to fight- to take up his own cross, walk the path of the Messiah while the wicked spit upon him and seek his ruin, and finally, at the Hill of Redemption, strike down evil in a single stroke. For it is this brave path that men must walk to ensure the protection of Christendom, and therefore, his families and neighbors salvation and wellbeing. To defeat evil, devout and God-fearing women are needed to grow the family- to wipe the face of the man carrying her cross, to bear his children, and to raise them in such a way that the Holy Mother would- with care and tenderness, faith in her husband and God that they will protect them. For the woman is truly the center of civilization, and without holy and gracious women to care and further the family, then there would be no more courageous men or devout women, and so humanity and the hope for salvation itself collapses. To defeat evil, the family of God- His most holy and universal Church- must rise up and fulfill their most righteous duties- to take up the His most holy call. To defeat evil, all of Christendom must put aside their petty squabbles and differences and unite under the Sign of the Cross, to defeat the most wicked forces of Satan and to ensure the salvation and safety of Christians across the wurld. Satan rears his ugly head with many faces, those being the nations of the wurld that exemplify his wickedness, the evils of heresy and hedonism, the denial of Christ and his most holy kingdom, in favor of the promise of Satan. While most people are simply misguided, led astray by the temptations of evil, some continue to ignore the Logos and pursue evil- these are the people that must be stopped at all cost. Especially if these people not only threaten the salvation of other non-believers and their future family, but the salvation of Christian themselves. The Yellow Empire displays these evils, Satan having corrupted this nation long ago. A most holy crusade shall be waged against them for their heinous crimes against God and Christendom as a whole: For the repeated persecution, killing, and raping of Christians living under the Yellow Empire, For the conquest of rightful Christian lands, For the continued repression of the Yellow Empire’s Christian tributary, Amhara, For the forced conversion of Christians to heretical and false beliefs, For the raiding of traders and merchants that hail from Christian lands, For the destruction of holy relics, icons, and other sacred imagery, For the continued threatening of Christian lands and territory, For the continued mistreatment of Christian missionaries, and finally, For the cultivation and encouragement of evil, including demon-worship, sodomy, and heresy in the lands of the Yellow Empire, as well as encouraging these heinous acts amongst the Christian populace within the lands. For these reasons, His Most Holiness Pope Gregory IX of the Salvian Church, Vicar of Christ, Successor of the Prince of Peace, Diarchic Pontiff of the Universal Church, Archbishop of Deopolis, declares a most holy crusade to reclaim these lands and defeat the most unholy and evil Yellow Empire. Issued on the 4 of August, Year of Our Lord 1551, the 13th year of His Holiness’ reign as Vicar of the Most High. Salvia Catholicae Ecclesiae Episcopus,
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    In many ways, I sort of have been absent already but I think I need to make it official. I'm not sure if I'll be back tomorrow or if I'll be back 2 months from now. I don't know. In an attempt to cut out distractions for me, I am going to be absent from here and remain away from the server among other things I am going to have to temporarily if not permanently cut out of my life presently.
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