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    “Darling I really can’t talk right now, I have to give the opening speech for the MYNE Gala in thirty minutes, and this corset isn’t going to tighten itself.” Talking into the phone was Yiu Amistacia, newly minted creative director for MYNE and newcomer into Galahindan politics. Yiu paused, listening to the irate voice on the other end before replying through gritted teeth as they fastened the corset, “Yes I know it’s important, but unless it’s your endorsement for chairmanship it can wait.” On the other end Lynne Androni sighed in frustration, her patience with Yiu wearing thin. ”Yiu I need you to pay attention for just one moment, this could make or break your chances at chairmanship. Tonight you are hosting the most important party in The Cascade, in my home might I a-” “I’ve already thanked you several times for your help!” Interrupted Yiu hotly, not wanting her to have that leverage over them, “And I’m designing you a custom wardrobe for the summer!” This was something that Lynne couldn’t deny was important, a custom wardrobe from Galahindas top designer would usually run upwards of her quarterly budget, not to mention keep her name in the public mind for a long time. Yiu took as deep a breath as their corset would allow before continuing, “It’s not like I haven’t hosted parties before, I hosted the New Years celebrations for the Spais last year and they haven’t stopped requesting my services since!” A socialite by trade, Yiu had more experience working a room than almost all of Galahinda, second only to Lynne herself. “While that may be true the Spais couldn’t read the tone if it was spelt out in front of them, they’re not from here.” Replied Lynne, barely able to contain the disdain in her voice at the mention of the Spai family. “We both know they paid their way into Fontaine’s inner circle and that means we have to deal with them until he’s replaced.” Lynne paused, waiting for a response. After several seconds of silence Yiu realized she had stopped talking and was waiting for them to say something, “Sorry darling I was putting on my hair for tonight, it’s very complicated to get right but I think it’ll be a delicious nod to the past. I had a similar idea about your summer collection, how do you feel about 1930’s women’s wear?” At this Lynne hung up, exasperated by the young socialites attitude. Yiu smiled into the mirror, knowing that their outfit was perfect. All that was left was to put on heels. Yiu picked up the phone and took a quick selfie, looking gorgeous as ever, and posted it with the caption “Happy fashion week darlings! Can’t wait to see all of my friends at tonight’s party! XO” Yiu set down the phone, and stepped out into the car waiting to take them to Lynne’s house, telling the driver to take the long way, they wanted to be fashionably late. As always.
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    Announcement by the IEOC The International Eurth Olympics Committee (IEOC) hereby gives notice that the Eurth Summer Olympics 2019, taking place in the Fulgistani capital of Bogd Gioro, shall be taking place between the dates of June 24th and July 9th. The IEOC requests that all nations who plan to send athletes to the Games must register its intention here and that information will be relayed to our partners in Fulgistan as they complete final work on the facilities and logistics in advance of team arrivals on June 20th. The Olympic Committee is excited to get the games underway in the near future and see who wins the medals in over 20+ events.
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    This is the OOC thread for the planning of the Salvian crusade of the Yellow Empire (@Fulgistan) and @Sayf, taking place sometime between the late 15th and 16th centuries. The plan currently is that the Salvian Empire, with possible support from other Christian nations, would attempt crusades against the pagan/Muslim nations. These would most likely fail, being comparable if not faring worse than the IRL crusades. Maybe the expansion of the respective empires would be stunted or a few crusader kingdoms would be established, but they would be short-lived victories.
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    To: Trade Minister Leo J. Conway of the @Sancti Imperii Catholico From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion To his Eminence Archbishop Salius, through Leo J. Conway, Trade Minister of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Your Eminence, Salvia and Ahromaneia come from the same stock, although we have drifted apart over the intervening years. Perhaps too far apart, as both the Salvian and Arhomaniki people still share much with each other. Both of our great nations hold Christ's teachings above all and, although perhaps it could be considered that there may be some variations in how these are espoused by our nations, it is the love of God that shines through. Not only do we share faith in Christ, but our two nations also have a common heritage – it was, after all, Arhomaneia where Liosous set sail from in order to spread the word of God to foreign shores. And truly he did, as Salvia has stood strong ever since. In an ideal world, these ties alone would be strong enough in the face of adversity. However, the current mood of Eurth appears to be a darkening one. Nations that tread the path of righteousness such as ours need to cooperate, in order to strengthen the ties between Christian nations, as well as to make sure that our ancient civilisation can weather any storm that does wash against us. A first step would be to consider our nations' economic ties. Easing trade between our nations will undoubtedly work towards strengthening both of our nations, as well as helping our citizens understand each other better. Even at the moment, our nations do undertake a considerable amount of trade with each other, but this could undoubtedly be improved, to the benefit of both of our people. For example, passion fruit from Salvia are regularly found on the shelves in supermarkets in the Megas Agios Basileia, and mobile phones manufactured in your nation are commonly used by Arhomaioi. Wine is often bought and drunk by the people in Deopolis or Minotia and textiles from Arhomaneia are sold in Salvia. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion feels that our nations ought to consider easing the tariffs that are regularly levelled against the imports from foreign countries, as well as viewing any trade restrictions that might be put against the produce of our respective nations. It may also be considered by the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou, the Ministry for Trade, that to show that the Megas Agios Basileia is willing to open our arms to our friends in Salvia that the fees charged on Salvian-flagged ships passing through the canal between the Raga Sea and the Krankes Thalassa, the Ranke Seas, will be reduced, in order to facilitate trade between our nations. This, however, be subject to the agreements that we are able to make, and what might be reciprocated by the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum. We will have much to discuss in any talks between myself, my government and representatives from your nation. Similarly, at a future date, it may be for the worth of our nations to look at visa restrictions between our nations. May God's light shine upon your nation and your people, Takitos Khalkeos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
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    From the Government of Tikva To: @Iverican Ministry of Foreign Affairs RE: Upcoming Deliberations in Ayalon On behalf of Prime Minister Lasker and the entirety of the Cabinet, we are excited for the upcoming deliberations between our two countries on May 30th. We have a shared experience and for the many hundreds of thousands of Juddish people who either hail from the Iverican area of Argis or from the country itself, they are eagerly awaiting our discussions and what may be the outcomes. Based on the exchange of communications between the two Ministries, we are slated to discuss cultural and economic cooperation. A formal agenda has already be sent along prior to this message for your review. Please respond with an RSVP to affirm the acknowledgment and standing commitment to the meeting later this week.
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    (Note: This short story is written as though Mētztlitlalio is a country on Earth, not Eurth/Europans, as this is a non-canon story. Also the ending’s quality is not as good as the beginning quality because I've been working on this single post on and off for literal weeks and I just lost the passion to work on it, y’know? So I'd rather just be declined and work on a new submission then be unhappy continuously with this submission.) There was a faint whisper coming from the family sitting at the table besides us. We knew they were murmuring about us in their hushed tone. So was every other Metztli at the restaurant. Our guide, who simply went by Soa, attempted to put us to ease stating that we are most likely the first foreigners to these hermit mountains they had ever seen. “The closest to a foreigner had seen is a Tapelt, and they do not count much” Soa told us in his broken English. “It is best to be polite and ignore bad comments.”. We all saw the beads of sweat that had trickled from the man’s forehead, screwing up this close to a contract agreement would most certainly loose him his job. Nonetheless the whispers and quiet tones stung harder and for far longer then any nasty comment could ever achieve. Besides the hushed voices of the Metztlikatl around us, I heard the chattering and laughter of those outside the restaurant, children, adults, any age, with a backtrack of the nearby market place, barterers and sellers in their informal attire of cyan and magenta-red clothing, offering to sell their smoked popoatli to any who heeded their shouting, the pale green colour desecrated by dark greys and light browns from the smoking process. Crimson colour skinned sweet potatoes sold in large mesh nets along with blood brown ceramic bowls of pickled fruits and vegetables ordained by Crescent Bird feathers and talons. Those same Crescent Birds wander the streets outside, most but not all accompanied by their owner, with large similar mesh nets storing recently purchased food in one, and greyish silver coins in another. My attention was brought back to the restaurant by my boss, who gestured with her hands over the food that had been brought to us. I do not remember ordering anything at that time and was about to interject before Soa spoke once more: “it is good beginning food, before you order!” The man stated, a gleeful smile had formed across his face, a similar one imitated back on my own face. “Thank you.” I responded, to both Soa and the waitress, who stuck around and spoke with Soa, both appeared casual, as if friends. It was only until after the visit did Soa tell us she was his sister, to which I should’ve noticed, if it was not for the colourful display in front of us. A basket large enough to fit a head inside filled to the top with flat maize bread, with three brown ceramic bowls the size of the palm of my hand each filled with a different, unique topping. The first bowl was filled with a pale white sauce with grated ripe popoatli, the dark pinkish slices’ colour bled over onto the sauce, making it slightly pinkish around each cut and slice. The texture was that of cream and the taste reminded me of blue cheese, albeit sweeter due to the popoatli. The second bowl was topped with what I could only describe as a generic salsa that vaguely reminded me of Spain, or Mexico. However as I had spread some onto the bread and took a bite, I immediately had regrets, as it was sickly sweet and yet had the coughing spice of black pepper. As I had reflexively pulled the bread away from my mouth, I saw Soa in the corner of my eye subtly smile. After the ordeal of flavour, he spoke to me again “Small amounts.” He stated, still with a faint smile. The third bowl was simple thin slices of ripe and smoked popoatli, which the texture reminded me of raisins. The taste also reminding me of raisins. The rest of the meal went fairly the same as any other foreign restaurant. I had ordered a mixed dish and so had my co-workers so we could experience more for less. Just as colourful and rich tasting as the pre-starter. And despite being a many course meal, the price was only a handful of Iztaks for each person. We thanked the chefs along with Soa’s sister, and left the smoke-smelling restaurant, with Soa continuing to tag us along as our guide and to continue to convince our boss for his own manager. As they two spoke, one of my co-workers pointed towards a specific building within the market place. It was built out of light greyish wood and basalt rock, initially I had thought that it might have been a fanciful market stool, but upon closer inspected, once they had dragged me closer to the building, I had realised it was a small temple. I attempted to stop them from bursting in, but it was all in futile as they had dashed through the door. Looking back to my boss and Soa, my mind blared to me this was a stupid idea, but nonetheless I ventured inside after my co-worker.
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    I've already posted one of these almost a year ago, then life hit me hard with my senior year of high school and i just got back into nationstates. I'm ready to actually be a consistent and productive member of the community.
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    Hello there! My names Linus, but in-game/irp i prefer Naari. I love politics and roleplaying has been a hidden interest so i decided to try it out with my very own nation i created based on my liking with its own big inside problems, but also its structure and how it maybe will change. will it be because of internal pressure, pressure from neighbouring countries, or economial reasons? i don't know yet, however what i do know is that i wanna grow and become more experienced with political rp and would love to chat or rp with anyone who's interested. Thank for your time! ^^
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    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda Government type of nation: bicameral technocracy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: broadly French/Italian Give us a short description of your nation: An island nation obsessed with beauty, wealth, and status. With the means to back those claims up. Do you have an IIWiki page?: not yet ™ WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? I played an RP game called Space Station 13 for two years, and have participated in 3 D&D campaigns. How would you describe yourself? I’m a huge fashion nerd with a soft spot for cyberpunk media. I’m going into university in the fall and I’ve never seen a raccoon in real life. RP/Writing samples (if available already): https://www.nationstates.net/nation=galahinda/detail=factbook/id=876236 I wrote this back towards the inception of galahinda and it has remained a core tenant of my ideas for the nation. Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? That’d be lovely. NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region?: I originally wanted to join because someone from the aforementioned space station 13 was a member and then after they left I stayed. Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: not that I can recall Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. I have been playing the game for a while (at least 3 years) on and off since I would occasionally have to leave it to do school things but I’m back and able to stay. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates World Assembly? I was before I got caught up in school work and I will probably rejoin at some point soon. Anything else?: I’m excited to be here and ready to become a member of the RP community! Providing any falsified or deliberately misleading information will result in your application being rejected and your access to the forum revoked. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you agree to abide by the community and RP rules of this community. Any breach thereof may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to revoking of forum posting rights, banning from the forum, removal of regional citizenship, and ejection from the region.
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    Welcome back as well!
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    Ovgorad, Nyeminsk "With all these shitty Fulgistani cigs coming in, you'd think the Libs would be a touch more interested in closing off trade lines. At least, certain trade lines." Hoja Korig chuckled richly before politely puffing on his cigar, continuing: "The polls are coming for party support on BLNN, and I think we know where it's going." "What are you implying?" Across Korig's polished mahogany desk, Boyar Askosow looked confused. "I still don't understand the purpose of your invitation: are you here to gloat? The Kozak's aren't shifting their support and, frankly, I had no intention of winning the parliament anyway. All I need is my interests - the Kozaki interests - to keep being served, and our current government does a fine job at that. Have you seen the legislation? We barely even have to care about your national government at this rate and we are quite capable of running ourselves." Korig drew again from his cigar and let out a slow cloud. "This isn't about bragging. I may be the most influential man in this whole damn country, but that doesn't change the situation of the Sovereigns." "The Sovereigns? Oh yes, they're winning alright: winning until the BRP and the LDP form a coalition. You know full well no amount of your patronage could get the Sovereign's out of that hole." Korig chuckled again. "Boyar, you humor me - puff - but listen, I want a change in management. Krusken has made all this and that, yes? But he has been doing me a disservice, one which has put me at odds with the current government. You understand! The market reforms, the shipping! It's trampling all my hard work! Look at these!" Hoja Korig took a handful of Fulgistanti cigarettes from a crate by his desk. He frantically unraveled one and presented it to Dmitrov Askosow. "The damn things! I took one trip to Khenkhourt earlier this month, and the damn place had more of this than the national! It's a f*cking disgrace is what it is! If we keep letting the Bulgen Rouge and the f*cking Libs trade around, we'll go under!" "I think you mean you'll go under. Your National Agricultural Company is going to be affected, sure, but I can't imagine Kozakstal will suddenly implode if the Bulgen Rouge wins again." Askosow looked bemused at the visible distress on Korig's face but still wondered what the purpose of the meeting was. There was obviously more to this conversation than Korig complaining about Bulgenstazi trade. Hoja Korig dropped the cigarettes back in their crate and started again: "The problem for you, Boyar, is your people. Do you think the new legislation exempts you from the National Agricultural Company? It doesn't, and even if it did, any attempt at a nationalized industry would flounder in the face of our own. Kozakstal doesn't have a port, there's no benefitting from trade, either! But wait, there's more to this than just industry: your precious Kozak culture. Do you think those foreigners in Fulgistan care about the Kozak? Because I can tell you right now, the most they could care about is if the Kozaki purchase their goods over mine. The foreigners, you see, will crush your culture if it means they can squeeze another drop of trade. What we need is protectionism, and I don't see it coming from the Rouge or the Liberals. Protectionism will protect my money, your money, and your culture." Boyar Askosow's smugness quickly dissolved. Hoja Korig was right, there wasn't much keeping Kozakstal from being overtaken by foreign goods, and the Okrug wouldn't see any of the profit from trade goods, unlike national goods. Perhaps the Boyar had been blinded by success to where he forgot the economic fragility of his Okrug; no independence could save the Kozaki from an economic crisis. Still, what did Korig want? Hoja Korig could sense victory in by Askosow's change in demeanor. "Boyar, what I would like you to do is pursue a coalition with the National Sovereign Party. It certainly wouldn't be hard, they want as much support as they can get, and your party is just what they need. Besides, there may be more perks to this coalition than just having your party in the majority in Zalensk..." Hoja Korig reached into his desk and drew a stack of papers. Askosow read: Kozakstal Oil Reappropriation Act "You couldn't! The National Oil Company -" "The National Oil Company bows to the government! This would be entirely possible, given enough support. I'm sure if you and your little party jumped through the National Sovereign Party's hoops, they would be happy to lend you their support on such legislation..." Boyar Askosow rose from his chair smiling. "Excellent chat, Mister Korig. I'm hoping I can convince my associates to work with your party - erm - the National Sovereign Party, yes. You may not hear it from me first, but I will update you if we were to form such a coalition. Thank you for inviting me, and my apologies if I was to have come off strong at first. I look forward to future ventures with you." Hoja Korig smiled to himself, yes, this would be how the National Sovereign Party, Hoja's National Sovereign Party, would finally get their Prime Minister. OOC: Hey! This is the precursor to the future Bulgenstazi 2019 elections! It seems tensions are mounting as the country approaches July 16, election day! I will try to post semi-regularly with some exciting political intrigue! How will Hoja Korig, controller of the National Agricultural Company, secure the victory of the National Sovereign Party? How will the Bulgen Rouge Party and the Liberal Democratic Party react? This thread is currently a closed RP, but if there are groups which seek to meaningfully impact one side or another, please, let me know and I can make a full OOC Post. Thank you!
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    Khenkhourt Adrik Koróv stared out the large window gloomily. An unexpected storm had rolled into the bay at the Khenkhourt harbor, blocking the view of the shipping docks. The unexpected storm sinks the shipper, his father had always told him. Adrik was currently ashore, so he doubted the phrase held any weight to him. The television had only described the coalition hours ago. However, hours were days to Korów as he watched the droplets through the large glass wall. They crashed hopelessly into the glass and yet it remained: strong, unyielding. There was a certain sympathy Adrik had to the droplets, he too felt hopelessly crashed against a wall. Why would the Kozaks give in to the nationals? Adrik was still very new to his office. Only a year prior, his father, John, had commanded the docks from the very office Adrik was currently in. Admittedly, the place felt more homey when John was minister, not when Adrik had taken up his father’s mantle. His father's name hadn’t always been John, but it changed as business changed. Vladyslav Koróv was baptized at a Salvian church where he took his new name, John. It was distinct. It was foreign. Adrik had been baptized too, though he kept his name. He had grown up in a bureaucrat's family: the only son of a Minister, nonetheless. He learned from a fine ‘Gorod School: his life plans decided by his father and the State. For a while afterward he had learned of the duties of a minister, before inheriting his father’s position. That had been a little over a year ago, and yet the ministry and the staff felt foreign to Koróv. His office was inherited with many notes and references to alien concepts; were they old charters or convenient notes, Adrik was too proud to ask. In truth, the bureaucracy was intensely boring to him, but the status, it was worth the tediums of his job. Until now, Adrik had made a point to never ask for advice from his father. His health had begun failing him at 52, and it had meant a change in management far sooner than anticipated. Even through his sickness, the man had been harsh to his only son in his later years, and Adrik resented him for it. Still, he had not seen his father since he gave up his position. Since then John had retired to a seaside manor to live the rest of his days in relative comfort. Better he stays there, he thought, he would have made this even worse than it already is. Still, Adrik wondered if the coalition would have happened had his father been in office, if the National Sovereigns would have grown the way they had. Certainly father could not have known this would have happened to me. There was a sudden knock at the door. Adrik glanced to his phone, which indicated no missed calls. Curious. “Damn secretary probably forgot to warn me,” Adrik muttered. The arrival was yet unexplained. Could this be John? Adrik had asked him to come at seven, but the time was three and surely the sudden storm had kept his father at home. Regardless, Adrik gave a courteous “come in” to the surprise visitor. The door opened and a gaunt figure marched dutifully forward. He was dripping with storm water and clad in a large cloak which covered the entire figure, obscuring his face. Adrik rose from his desk, “Whoever you are, I’m sure the staff had a very good reason to let you in. Please, identify yourself before the Minister of Trade.” A wizened hand doffed the hood from the robe. At first the man at Adrik’s desk was unrecognizable, but suddenly he saw his dad. Or rather his ghost. The proud man, who had been in great health only years earlier, had suddenly contracted leukemia. Adrik was under the impression the disease would have largely passed, his father was a strong and willful man. It seemed strength had been little help against the sickness. His hair and mustache were completely gone, no doubt from chemotherapy, and his size and strength had all but left his body. Where he had once looked strong and youthful, John Koróv now looked pallid and aged. “My god, father! You… I… “ Suddenly Adrik felt a wave of crushing sadness; by avoiding his father, he had been entirely unaware of the rate of his decaying health. John spoke, gravelly and weakened, but with much of the remnants of his father, “I heard the news of your neglect. I had thought you would have been better than this. Leaving your father to rot in his house while you steered my party to the ground!” “Father… I…” “Enough… I am not here to lecture you on how you treat your old man as he dies from this confounded blood disease. What did you need me for? I really should not be making these trips, even the summers are cold for me now.” “You are not actually dying though, father, are you?” “The doctors say there is hope for my condition to improve, you may not believe me if I told you I had been in worse condition some few months ago. Perhaps if you had visited me then you would never had made this meeting in the first place.” “If this is too much for you this does not need to continue-” “If this was too much then I would not have agreed to come here. Now, what is it you want my counsel on? You had been so reluctant years ago…” If John had been harsh in the past, neglect had also made him blunt. Adrik had nearly lost his train of thought when his father revealed himself to him, but Koróv ships steer true, as they always have, so he remembered: “It’s the politics, we… I… I didn’t see the national sovereigns playing the elections until it’s too late. I-I I don’t know what to do. Father, please, I need your help.” Surprisingly, the apparition of his father formed a grin. A pained, strenuous smile, but a smile nonetheless. “I knew you’d ask me eventually. I’ve been waiting a long time. I knew you would ask me how to do my job.” Adrik was taken aback by the sudden change in demeanor. “Yes, I have been keeping a close eye on what you have been doing. Arrogant and foolhardy of you to try doing this all on your own. But my people. Our people. They have been telling me about what you’ve been doing, yes. And I think I can safely say this was the smartest decision you’ve made since you took my office. Now, here's what we must do...”
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    "...breaking news...the Senate today voted to remove Praetor Mathon Terix from office on the grounds of military incompetence and failure to arrest General Morror Kassus for treason against the Republic. Terix and his family have left the Praetorian Palace and returned to their estate in the countryside. To fill the void in leadership, the Senate proceeded to elevate Continuing Committee member, Gathan Darok, to the Praetorship. As his first act of office, he mobilized the Fourth Legion to confront Kassus' approaching army and instituted mandatory resource rationing. The latter action while approved by the Senate received mixed reactions with those of Nej'ahar, of which Darok is affilated with, showing frustration. Darok will give an address to the people tomorrow night..."
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    Michael Cancio peered out the window of his airplane as it quickly descended towards the runway. The brother of the Vice President, Leo, he had been appointed as Minister of Finances and Trade due to his intelligence surrounding the matter, but now, like his brother, he was becoming increasingly unpopular with the worsening economic situation. He had wholeheartedly agreed to coming to @Kipan upon hearing the offer from his brother, anxious to do something- anything- to get the public to shut up. As the craft landed and began to brake, Michael could see the delegation from @Orioni greet the Kipanese welcome party. It seemed he was one of the first people here, interesting considering the fact Salvia was probably the farthest nation away from Kipan. The plane trip had taken many pit stops going across the Atlantic, first stopping in the overseas @Gallambrian territories, then @Oyus, and making a final pit stop in @Asgeirria before reaching Kipan. Michael was reminded further of the fuel crisis at each stop, with him overhearing the grumbling of maintenance workers about the oil prices whenever he walked by. Michael snapped out of his daydreaming and exited the craft, waving to the welcoming crowd while he descended the stairs towards the Kipanese Economics and Foreign Minister. He smiled upon reaching them and extended his hand out to shake theirs. The Kipanese exchanged a warm welcome, and Michael returned the greeting, "His Holiness Vincent II extends his warmest greetings and gratitude for your invitation. We hope these talks bear much fruit." Michael hoped the last part would come true. High oil prices and rising prices on foreign goods and commodities was beginning to bite into the average middle class Salvian, and the government was feeling the pressure. The proceedings were pretty brief- around 10 minutes- before one of the ministers gestured towards a limo with a small Kipanese flag accompanied with a small Salvian flag on the hood. He saw the limo carrying the Orionese delegation depart from the tarmac, and figured his would follow suit. He walked over to the limo, where a chauffeur opened the door for him. Michael climbed into the comfortable and impressive limo and they departed from the airport.
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    "...the forces of the First and Second Legion engaged Morror Kassus' army on the Konram Plains yesterday in an attempt to bring the traitorious general into custody and present him before the Senate for his treason against the Republic. In what was reported as a total slaughter, thousands were killed. The battlefield is runs thick of blood and dead bodies. Praetor Terix received news of the ongoing sitution this morning from the commanders who survived the battle. He ordered for the dissmissal and imprisonment of both generals..." "...in a statement transmitted across the Republic, Morror Kassus announced the inclusion of the notable General Ayel Nevet and his men into his ranks. It further said that he would restore true honor to Rihan and bring stability to the land. Minutes afterwards, the provincial governors of Nelvek, Ralathak, Fitzan, and Chetris declared their first loyalty to Morror Kassus. Chetris' capital, Peldred, is the second-largest city in the Republic and puts our glorious capital -- Dartha -- at risk. All loyal Rihannsu are called upon to protect the Republic..." "...the Senate has been summoned into emergency session by order of the Praetor...Nej'ahar Consul Chatak Tela and Jaridan Consul Alidar Jarok have called for meetings of their respective coalitions immediately prior to the commencement of the session..."
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    So, about a year since I joined, and now that things are somewhat sorted out, and I feel able to write again, I'd like to do my first expansion for Limonaia. In my history Limonaia both overseas, but also on the home front were much larger than the current Duchy. Most of these states that seceded would have done so following the civil war in 1902 and thus have been independent since then. The basis for my RP will likely take form as economic trouble in one (possibly two) of these states. This will be possible because of the long time that's passed and the slow decrease of the Limonaian monarch's power (even if it isn't the smoothest right now). I'll go more into depth later, but here's the plan: Blue: This island of Nicolia, which, even under the Limonaian Kingdom was semi-independent retains a bunch of old traditions and a somewhat unique political system. Blue is the primary target of the expansion. Red: A bonus if it works, mostly to clean up future borders in later expansions on the mainland. An isolated mountain duchy, which I'll develop a bit more in the future.
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    Supporting an autocratic dictatorship that only claims to a be a proletarian state? Dude, you already know I'm available.
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    Welcome back!
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    OOC: [Year and a day, baybee. We out here playin' 12D chess.] "Ikaika, come back to bed." With a start, the man looked up from trying his shoes, seeing the figure of his wife silhouetted against the moonlit window. "I didn't mean to wake you. I've just got to help my cousin tie up down at the beach; they've been doing some ayu fishing." "So late in the season? Come on, I'm not stupid." "I promise, Keke. I'll be back in half an hour, I swear." Kekealani shifted, sighed, turned over. Her husband stood up, walking over to their bed and putting a hand on her shoulder. "It's important, darling. I'll be back in bed before you know I'm gone. Promise." His wife said nothing. Ikaika turned and left the one-room shack the couple called home, his "borrowed" bicycle sitting just outside the front door. There was plenty of moonlight to help his brief pedal down through the pot-holed jungle road to the beach. The waves lapped softly at the white sands, the whole shore silent except for the sound of Ikaika's footsteps. The north side of the bay, he thought, by the five-peaked rock... It didn't take long; he'd been walking these beaches since he could walk at all, and he soon found himself standing next to a tall spire of volcanic rock, gazing out at the hazy horizon. This is a trap. This is a trap and we're all going to be killed. His heart pounding in his chest, it took him some time to notice the muffled whine of an outboard motor, which soon cut out. Pressing himself behind the rock, he was able to make out the outline of a small inflatable boat, which had...two, no, three passengers. Black wetsuits, nothing to identify them. As the trio paddled their little craft up onto the shore, Ikaika resisted the urge to run. Against all his better judgement, he stepped out from behind the rock into the moonlight. "He ākea ka wai." The three men looked startled. Closer now, he could make out their features. One was dark, an older man. The other two were tanned, with the distinctive eyes and features of the Huang. If there was any doubt these were the men he was to meet, it was now dispelled. The two Huang men had been dragging a long wooden crate along the sand, leaving a furrow in the otherwise pristine ground. The dark one stepped forward, looking him up and down. Cautiously, he spoke the passphrase in halting speech. "E hiki mai ana ka wanaʻao." Ikaika dropped into his (poor) Madrian; Best to be safe. The foreigners seem to know little. "The box; for me?" "Yes, comrade, for you and the Poor People's Association." "Show it." The man held out his hand, and one of his companions provided a crowbar. Deftly, he pried the lid off the box, revealing its contents, dull under the cosmoline. He picked up a Brownie, and began wiping away the preservative grease. "Do you know how to use this?" Ikaika mimed firing full auto from the hip, something he'd seen in innumerable movies. The dark-skinned man laughed. "Come here, let me show you. Teach this to your comrades; I think they could use the training." And so the moon shone silently on a desolate beach, one man with a rifle in hand, and three careful instructors to show him how to kill with it.
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    Bomb Threat at Prime Minister's residence Early this morning an anonymous call warned Limone Police about a possible bomb in the residence of Prime Minister Guiliano Saleri. The PM was swiftly evacuated and has temporarily been relocated to a secure location, while police search the residence. So far no bomb has been found and police suspect it to be a false threat, and efforts to track down the caller are currently underway. This isn't the first time threats have been made on the PM since he entered office last september, but recently problems with security have increased drastically, which has led to an until now unforeseen amount of personnel deployed to protect the PM. Police stopped a would be shooter last week as Saleri entered parliament, the man arrested being a member of Lega Sovrana which has sparked an ongoing investigation in the party's leadership which has so far been inconclusive. Lega Sovrana, Limonaia's second largest party after the election in september is currently the leading party in the opposition to the Centre-Left coalition. Restoration of D.Smg Impavida D.Smg Impavida, a submarine that was recently recovered after being underwater for around seventy years in relatively nice condition will now be restored before being placed in the Sermerio Maritime Museum. If the restoration is successful visitors will be able to walk in the old submarine which will be placed in a dry dock. The Impavida served the Limonaian navy from 1938 to 1948 when it was sunk close to Anaca, and will give visitors a view of the conditions the crew had to go through in that era. The Duchess is personally funding the restoration, which is set to be complete in 2-3 years. D.Smg Impavida in 1941
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    Fun fact: First time I've actually ever written fiction in first person outside of school work.
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    Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment New Plans to Further Construction of Salvian-Bulgenstazi Railroad Announced The Transportation Ministry has announced further plans involving the construction of the newly proposed Salvian-@Bulgenstazi Railroad, including possible routes, deadlines, and plans of further negotiations with the Bulgenstazi government over the specifics of the construction of the railroad. The Ministry has also announced that further talks will be held with the @Rihannsu based companies Kovex Heavy Industries and Amosarr Railworks over cost and construction and planning aid. The railroad was first announced in December of last year as the project was approved by both nations’ governments after being proposed back in 2016. It has gone under several revisions and the leader of the project on the Salvian side, Representative Cory Maggio, has hinted that a lot of work is still needed before construction can even begin. The respective governments are seemingly taking their time as they hammer out specifics over the rail line, as well as facing pressure from environmental and native protection groups.
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    Thursday, 3 January, Year of Our Lord 2019 St. Murphy’s Cathedral, Deopolis Inner Chambers of the Palace Agrilo found what he was looking for outside the office of some clerk. A raised, closed wooden box with an open slit and a little plaque above it that read “Letters.” Agrilo slid the letter into the box and then turned away, smiling. ________________ The pile of letters was dropped off onto Cardinal D’Angelo’s desk. Sitting down, he took a letter opener and picked up the first letter on his desk. He read the envelope, and seeing it was from a fellow cardinal, opened it quickly. Several papers were in the envelope one of which had the words “Read first” written on it. He unfolded it and read, Dearest brothers of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium, It has come to my most troubling attention as Adminstrator Curiae that a recently appointed bishop under the name of Kevin Rogers, who was accepted by the most holy Assembly, has committed egregious & terrible acts against God and his Church. His sins (of which the appropriate documents are accompanying this letter) include those of fornication, sodomy, and treason against the Church. He has sought to undermine the authority of the Comitium as well as other senior members of the clergy. Make no mistake, he is a great enemy of God and the Church. He is a Satanist and seeks the destruction of the flock... D’Angelo read no more. It was a long letter, but the cardinal had read all that he needed. He took a long look at the several documents that accompanied the letter. It contained an assortment of “evidence” against Rogers. The first document contained what seemed to be a report of some sorts of an organization called the Ordo Sacra Gloriosa. It contained pictures and information on many of its members, including apparent proof of collaboration between the group and Rogers- hacked emails, stolen mail, and cell phone conversations. D’Angelo pondered how Agrilo had gotten this information. As the Administrator Curiae, he certainly had a lot of outreach. He shook off the thought, deeming it unimportant. What was important was to get this information to the Comitium. * * * “We’ll just have to ignore him- move on with the elections.” “We can’t do that, he knows too much now. He’ll snitch- if not to whoever hired him, certainly to someone in authority in the Church.” Matt pondered this last statement. Kevin was correct, he knew that. But what could they do? There were no security cameras in the house- the neighborhood was safe enough to the point that Elijah felt comfortable without a security service, Matt figured. Suddenly, an idea came to him. Matt rushed downstairs without a word, a slightly puzzled Rogers following. Matt walked over to the cage, and bending over the lock examined it. He smiled and chuckled to himself. He turned over his shoulder to Rogers. “No signs of tampering. Someone from the inside did this.” He turned back around and shook his head, still chuckling. * * * Monday, 7 January, Year of Our Lord 2019 Pacar Office Building, St. Paul’s Front Desk Father Leo pushed open the glass doors and walked to the front desk that stood in front of him. He had driven some half an hour to the place where Joseph worked, where, from his research, he had concluded he was part of the upper echelon of the regional hierachy. The secretary at the front desk looked up from her computer to look at Leo before smiling politely and looking back down. Brushing the hair out of her face she finished what she was typing and focused on Leo. “Good afternoon, how may I help you?” Leo approached the desk, leaning on the raised counter and saying “You wouldn’t happen to know where uh,” he glanced down at his other hand, “Joseph Reed is?” The secretary politely smiled once more before replying, “He’s vacationing in Trinity right now. Would you like me to let him know you asked for him?” Leo furrowed his eyebrows before shaking his head. “No, thank you.” He turned around and walked out the door. The secretary was confused for a moment before forgetting about the matter and returning to her work.
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Orinese election campaign to begin this week O'POLIS -- On Thursday the starting gun will fire for the Orinese election campaign. Campaigning for world’s third-largest democratic exercise (after the GHET and SSI general elections) is held over six months across 19 provinces. The national election is often a colourful affair. And this year’s vote is set to be more unusual. Early polling shows that the neo-liberal party PO&N is predicted to win big. And the increasingly nationalist Fronde Verdur, led by Nigela Merabiya, are also expected to make a return in the eastern provinces. High employment rate among young graduates O'POLIS -- It’s a good time to be a young Orinese graduate. New government figures show that the employment rate for the latest batch of spring graduates stands at 93 per cent, second only to the previous year’s record high of 94 per cent. As Orioni's population ages, the shortage of workers means that the quantity of jobs on offer now exceeds the number of graduates looking for work. Indeed, the tiny fall in employment this year has been put down to those who opted not to take a job in order to reapply for their first-choice companies. Employment for high-school graduates looks bright too – 97 per cent at the latest count, which is reminiscent of the economic boom of the bubble years. Estimates point to Orioni’s job surplus reaching 6,4 million by 2030. No wonder Chairlady Chandra Pristo proposed the revision to the country’s labour laws only last week. Government to ban export of plastic waste ZUIDHAVEN -- Orioni may soon end its longstanding practice of shipping plastics that it can’t recycle to other countries. The policy shift, now being debated, could take effect in mid-2020, forcing O'polis to find a way to dispose of 1,4 billion kilograms of plastic rubbish that it has been shipping annually to countries in Europa. Orioni has been slow to change its ways and excessive packaging remains the norm. Weaning itself off single-use plastic straws, bags and umbrella sleeves won’t be easy but it’s a hopeful sign that one of the Eurth’s biggest exporters of plastics waste could finally be cleaning up its act. Public transportation expanding in Gruis GRUIS -- Gruis is undergoing something of a revival: its food is promoted as the best in Orioni, demand for commercial real estate is up and its economy is doing well. No wonder, then, that city mayor Awidefale Rezovi intends to repair the roof while the sun’s shining. She has set her sights on reforming the city’s ageing public transport system. An order for 300 new buses was placed last year and extensions are ongoing for its light rail and one of its subway lines. But that’s not all. A new proposal unveiled on Monday would see more metro trains added and a new express bus route built. Rezovi may be onto something: a failure to update Gruis' network now may well hinder its ascendancy in the years to come.
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    Gangsta Granny 16th June 2019 - Article by Constance Risatta We all know grandmothers as the lovable - yet largely boring and old fashioned people in our lives. As much as we love them, we can't call them exciting. However, a new viral sensation is flourishing and gaining subscribers and views each passing day. And her name is Moore. Mable Moore. And she is at the ripe old age of 101. The 101-year old internet superstar now has over 800,000 subscribers and counting, fairly impressive especially considering her YouTube channel starting just over 3 months ago. Her most popular videos include: "My Morning Routine", "SNEAKED ONTO A SHIP FOR 24 HOURS (NOT CLICKBAIT!!!)" and her most famous with over 8 million views, "the time I almost accidently assassinated some king". Her funny and often somehow relatable content is released once a fortnight, with her dry and pretty ridiculous humour making her diverse range of videos a blast to watch. She is currently the most subscribed to Llaltese youtuber being first out of three youtubers, second place with a respectable 12 subscribers, and is currently the most followed Llaltese on twitter, beating out even the premier Eve Gallaghan herself. Despite all the fame that comes with youtube fame, her life has stayed the same in her small cottage that sits on the outskirts of St. Christopher. She lives on her own after her husband (Tue Moore) passed away a couple years ago but lives near to her daughter and grandchildren. Her youtube videos sometimes include stories of her family, home life, and past events involving her husband. Each topic no matter how dark, she always manages bring a light hearted yet funnily dry, witty and pessimistic funniness to it. Her daughter, Beryl Rivermore, said this, "You know, youtubing, or whatever you call it, is not the sort of career choice I'd expect any 100 and something or other to take. Especially mine. No matter, she really enjoys and it she seems to positively affect others lives, so why not?" The grand high mother herself was also asked to make a statement. She said, "I'm retired and a widow. So it's a pretty funky hobby in my opinion. I enjoy it and I hope my audience do."
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    On the Ground Prime Minister Lasker was standing beside the President, Adar Rivikin. In many nations, the President was actually the true head of government but that was not the case here in Tikva -- he or she was merely a ceremonial position with very, very limited powers when it came to the day-to-day governance of the country. Not to mention that said individual could only have a single 9-year term. It was Rivkin's 8th year in office and over the course of his tenure, he had seen no less than 4 prime ministers come and ago. With the ongoing political instability in the Knesset, in his mind, he believed he'd have one more before he left the Presidential complex and retired to his lovely home by the sea. Jacob's mind was racing. His own governing coalition was barely holding together and the chairman of the Lev Party, the Finance Minister, was just about ready to jump ship. He had managed to keep him onboard at least for a few more weeks as to enable the impending meeting between himself and Desdemona Tomas-Morra to happen. Lasker was confident that if he could work out some form of initial structure around a long-lasting relationship between Tikva and Iverica that his sudo-rival would heel and remain onboard. But he wasn't going to risk it. He told his closest confidants to begin preparations for a potential early election towards the end of the summer. The politics at home would have to wait. Their agenda to some would have appeared light but both had sigificance to each nation: Lasker's greatest strength was his ability to open new markets and the discussion on lowering tariffs on a range of products would be seen as a positive outcome. Additionally, both Tikva and Iverica had many cultural and heritage sites and based on everything he had been told by the Iverican officials who had visited his Foreign Ministry in the weeks leading up to both the public invitation and the formal announcement, said it was something the Primo was very much interested in. Jacob's aide, Aaron, approached him. "I apologize for interrupting your train of thought sir but the Iverican aircraft is about the land." "Thank you," he responded and turned to the President. "We should welcome the Vice-Executive," he said. The assembled honor guard of soldiers from the Tzhal (Defense Force) got into position along the hastly rolled out red carpet leading from the staircase. The plane moved into its predetermined spot, the staircase was brought up alongside and within seconds, the door to the Iverican aircraft opened.
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    Hey guys. So as you guys may have noticed, I've been spending far less time here than I have in the past. So yeah, I'm taking leaving. No, I don't think (wholeheartedly) I am leaving for good. This summer has (already) been one of a lot of change in priority and mentality for me, and right now I think I need to take some time off to discover myself. I don't know how long I will be gone, a week, a month, a year, but know this: you all are awesome; I've thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent plotting with you all, and just expressing stuff through these posts. Who would have thought there would be so much fun making up policy for an imaginary country. Thank you all, and until we meet again, Bulgenstaz, signing out! See you all whenever! :^) ( P.S. I'm just going to move my country's elections to whenever I feel like it (yes, as god-emperor of Bulgenstaz I can do that), and all my RP is on temporary space-time-hold, sorry! I have always had ideas, and I will certainly do stuff with it upon my return. )
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    To: Government of the Federation of @Ahrana From: Dniester State Ministry of Foreign Affairs Due to recent events surrounding the trials of these so-called "War Criminals" in these fake "Red Trials", the Government of Dniester has been forced to issue an open letter to the Federation of Ahrana, of which decries these set-up and rigged trials of which have committed no crime except for acting in the best interests of Ahrana under the rule of Greggor Ivanoff, Secretary General of the Socialist Federation, President of the Confederate of Independent Socialists and Field Marshal of the Armed Forces. General Ivanoff was a great man who led Ahrana to glory, and these fake trials only serve to further push the agenda of the corrupt and illegitimate Government of Ahrana. The men presented in this kangaroo court deserve nothing less than to be recognized for their heroic actions serving the government of General Ivanoff. Signed, Vladimir Zieminski, President of Dniester Enver Hoxha, General Secretary of the Dniesterian Communist Party Ioseb Jughashvili, Dniester Minister of Foreign Affairs
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    "...millions upon millions of people have been lining up to account for themselves, their relatives, and their property in front of censors, officials under the auspices of the Praetorate. Reports were filed at hundreds of locations across the Republic from the shores of the Apnex Sea to the heights of the D'Kalla and jungles of Goreb. This activity traditionally occurs every five years and was not suppose to occur until 2020. The Senate moved up the census in light of the recent annexation of Ralatak and Nelvek Provinces and the need to determine the true population of those territories...attention, we are now taking you live to the steps of the Hall of State in Dartha where Perærdæsnen Evran Lovald, the Administrator of the Census (also the chief censor), will announce the new population of our glorious republic..." "...according to population estimates generated by the Census Directorate at the beginning of Zat, Rihan had a population of 23,197,316. The census undertaken between Tasmeen (June) 4th-10th has been completed with all 452 reporting stations across the Provinces of the Republic have delivered their counts by the respective sworn censors of each constituent province. Rihan, with the inclusion of Ralatak and Nelvek, hereby have an official population of 33,442,681. Of this total, 68% are free, 22% are protected peoples and 10% are slaves. In my capacity as Chief Censor, I submit this census to the Senate for its acceptance." "...coinciding with the declaration of the census, Tomus Karpan and Irec Ranor, the respective Governors of the Ralatak and Nelvek Provinces, proclaimed the major cities of their territories: Mereka shall be the chief city of Nelvek alongside the newly-established cities of Tom'reth and Kor'Ren. Penvar will be the capital of Ralatak (formerly the capital of Enolia) while Leras'nev shall replace Duronom." "...Praetor Terix has ordered the mobilization of the 1st and 2nd Legions eastward towards the New Provinces. He said this was being done in part to provide 'further stabilization' in the region and to ensure that 'all procedures are being adhered to.' The Praetor stressed that these coming weeks will be trying times for the Republic as it begins to throughly integrate Ralatak and Nelvek into the larger nation. For added security in and around Brel'Kar, the Praetor has instructed elements of the Praetorian Guard to increase their patrols in both the capital (in coordination with the City Guard) and through the Aihai."
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    Aidan turned around to grab his rifle that he had laid down when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around sharply to see Parker looking at him. "Your Majesty, I need you to stay out of harm's way. I've kept you alive most of today, I don't intend on letting you get hurt now. I'll take care of this." Parker took his hand off of Aidan's shoulder looking directly into his eyes. Aidan reluctantly nodded, he had always been more of a man of action but in this situation running gun ho into a fight felt ridiculous even to him. "Your Majesty, Lord Garth is waiting for you. I would suggest you be with him. There's a lot of scared people who need someone like you right now." Aidan stared at him for a moment, then blinked. He resisted the urge to shake his head while clearing his mind and gave a simple nod. Parker nodded back in return grabbing one of the Seylosian guards and ordering him to escort the king back to the main group. Aidan watched as he ran back towards to the growing group of palace guards and Seylosians to take the fight to the rebels that has stormed the palace. For awhile everything seemed slightly in a blur. He walked past what felt like more than a dozen people rushing past him towards the fight. A fight he felt such an urge to get back to. Eventually though, they made their way over to the main entrance again, the sound of sporadic echoing gunshots behind them. Nobody registered their arrival, mostly wrapped up in their own terror, but almost as soon as he entered the room he heard a familiar voice call out to him, "Aidan! Oh god Aidan are you alright?" Dustin ran up and nearly tackled him, "Oh god I had no idea what was going on. Are you alright?" Aidan embraced him back and took a second taking a look around. He grabbed Dustin holding him tightly and guiding him towards some door close to the main entrance. There was a Seylosian bodyguard nearby who approached him, seeming to warn him off but in his hurry he just waved at him. He heard Dustin speak briefly but he threw the door open and dragged Dustin in. Inside was a some sort of closet, not terribly small but enough to fit all sorts of janitorial supplies. Aidan turned to look at Dustin but didn't make a sound just staring at him. "Aidan, are you alright?" Dustin asked in concern. He could see something was incredibly wrong with the king. Aidan just stood there silently staring at him. Dustin felt Aidan's hand hold his arm hard in a vice grip. He couldn't control his breathing anymore at that point, Aidan started heaving in and out and looked around in a panic, and was grasping onto Dustin for what felt like dear life. He couldn't focus and all he could do was grasp onto his partner, the only thing here that made him feel safe. Dustin at this point was almost panicking himself, but almost immediately understood what was happening. He just grabbed Aidan holding him in his arms. ----------------------- Parker was looking back and forth between the old blueprints that had been found in the room and straight ahead. Him, the bodyguards, and several palace guards were advancing down what felt like an endless series of tunnels under the palace complex. But Parker knew what they were looking for, and the dire consequences if they couldn't secure it before these terrorists could. After awhile of moving forward they could hear voices up ahead, he silently motioned to his group to get ready for the upcoming confrontation. Approaching a corner in the corridor, Parker peaked around and saw a door only a few feet away wide open. Inside several men were hurriedly trying to move large metal crates. He quickly looked back and gave the signal to move, at this point no amount of strategy was going to beat their element of surprise through that open door. Parker and his group of guard rounded the corner, opening fire almost immediately. The closest enemy to the door was cut down quickly while the other scrambled to rally, throwing down their crated and hurriedly trying to get to their weapons. By this point though it was too late, Parker and his guards had already breached the opening laying down fire through the whole room. What terrorists were left were returning fire while trying to retreat. However Parker could see something wrong, even though most of the enemy had decided to return to engage them there was a bright light flickering around the corner where the other exit was. By the time the battle was over, several of his guards were injured and most of the enemy was dead save a few that had been captured. But he had already known what was going to happen. He ran up to the heavy steel door on the other of the room and saw the welding marks. They had sealed it from the other side, and he knew the couldn't pursue them through the hurricane.
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Pension no longer obligatory at 65+ O'POLIS -- Orioni is doddering towards a crisis with its ageing population. By 2025 one in three people are expected to be 65 or older – and legally eligible for retirement. Added to this, a diminishing workforce and an underfunded public-pensions programme don’t bode well for the nation’s economy. But Orioni’s Chairlady Chandra Pristo might have a solution. This week she announced a proposed revision to the country’s labour laws, meaning: that businesses will have a “moral obligation” to help people stay in work after they turn 65 if they want to. Measures include offering aged workers freelance work, supporting their efforts if they want to start their own businesses, or providing funding so that they can work for non-profit organisations. There might be one flaw – Pristo hasn’t drawn up any incentives for businesses themselves. Costly troop transfer to Miiros BALAS, Miiros -- The small island of Balas, in the southernmost reach of the Miirosi archipelago, is bearing a large burden: some 15.000 Orinese military personnel are temporarily staying there. The noise from jets taking off and landing, as well as the contingent of brawny marines, is turning into a source of frustration for residents and local government. But a solution might be on the horizon: Orioni announced this week that 5.000 marines will soon be shipping out from Balas to an undisclosed location. For many Miirosi, though, their departure can’t come quickly enough. Orinese to stay "Cool for the summer" O'POLIS -- The Orioni environment department is ramping up its annual “Cool Breeze” campaign in anticipation of another fiercely hot summer. The initiative by Environment Cllr. Constantine Vogels is designed to cut emissions by tempering the use of air conditioning in offices when temperatures rise. Dress codes are relaxed so that workers can wear lighter clothes, rather than broiling under suits and ties. This year the initiative is moving into department stores with 200 shopping locations joining in. The ministry has also advocated the use of 'green curtains': plants grown on the side of buildings that deflect the sun’s rays. With heatwaves occurring with increasing frequency, keeping citizens cool appears to be a mounting challenge.
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    On a video screen, the figure of General Ti'Ran shown from his most recently constructed forward command point. The light from said screen helped to further illuminate an otherwise already lit area. A long square table, filled with other ranking officers, consul and the current monarch of the Sovereign Imperium. Aides had already handed out the missive from the Arhomaneia, an office of authority attached that fell into the foreign affairs ministry equivalency and more as much as the Imperium saw them. Ji'Mar had already read it, as had those gathered, the Imperium's top leaders, The Council of Nine. On his right, Lesser Prince Ajax Hur Elemmiire, head of The First Circle (Ministry of Foreign Trade Affairs), on the immediate left, newly promoted Fleet Lord Kaorin Renor Elemmiire head of The Second Circle (Military Command and Control). Further down, across from one another Vicelord Garen Thadias Orn of The Seventh Circle (ECC - Imperium Security Services), Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry), Grand Admiral Tihun Xun of The Fifth Circle (Naval Command and Control), Aria Hallas Zun, Vicelord of House Tagnik Zun and Fourth Circle (Medical Technology Services Ministry) Consul, Baroness Beira Vek Elemmiire of House Vek Elemmiire head of The Fifth Circle (Social, Health and Population Services Ministry), Duke Yasa Elemmiire Orn II, of House Olath Orn, head of The Sixth Circle (Industrial Oversight and Environmental Services Ministry), and last but not least, Thei'de Kantra Velven, head of The Eighth Circle (Ministry of Religious Affairs and Applications). Ji'Mar began..My Lords and Ladies of the Council, we are on the precipice it would seem with our most honored ally. Things have been, let us say, less than stellar following the naval exercise in what we know as the Ranke Sea. Perhaps we should have smoothed things over, but that is in hindsight to their protest. He continued after a momentary pause. I believe that we must show the world that our Cussian brothers and sisters, will not be harmed under our occupation and then annexation. Beyond those already fighting of course. Now, you as the council, must offer consul as it were to the state of things, lets us begin. I have invited General Ti'Ran to this meeting, because he is our forward lead of the battlefield. My Lord Emperor.. A gravelly voice broke through first. Grand Admiral Tihun Xun became the first to share his opinion on the matter at hand. It would be wise to agree to some of these terms, although the religious request does seem like they are fishing. I would, if I were them, be worried over the river borne economy, and I say this to you my liege, that whatever we do in the north, not affect the trade. If they were to close river access, I think even my friend ..He put it tersely at that, towards that of Prince Hur Elemmiire. Would also share these sentiments that we not do this. It might adversely affect our southern neighbor a touch, but it would jeopardize the Imperium's trade significantly. He drew up both hands, and held them just under his chin. I would say, the first and the third articles of this letter, be the ones that we agree to. I concur my Emperor. Came the voice of the mostly artificial seeming Kantra, High Cleric as well of the most dominant religion within that of the Imperium. Our wise neighbor to the south, knows that we have little tolerance for those that pursue this Christianity ideology. He raise a right index finger adorned in a metal talon of some sort. If we offer humanitarian aid and transport to those who wish to be resettled within the lands of Arhomaneia, then that would be the best course of action. The Arhomaniki Red Cross is known to those of us in the Eighth Circle, if we were to allow them access to the refugee routes, deployment and delivering, it would better ease this period of transition. Furthermore, to ensure that it appeals to you my Liege, the Eighth Circle will consider this a moment of Holy Endeavor and cover the needs to do so. At the Eighth Circles command is social workers, templar, and transportation abilities. The word only need be given. Ji'Mar nodded a bit, and glanced towards the screen. And you General, what say you on the matter? Ti'Ran appeared to be in thought, agreeing to the cleric and the others before he spoke. My Emperor, assorted and gathered consul, this decision is heavy. So long as they are not peacekeepers, observers only, my command will allow them access, unfettered to the currently occupied areas. If they wish to ride into the combat zones, then so be it, perhaps the rebels will not shoot at an Arhomaneian observer vehicle. Those of you who have not spoken up, this means you've agreed to this? The now Emperor turned his attentions to the several house lords and others. A voice spoke up, belonging to Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth of The Third Circle (Social Services and Population Ministry). My Emperor, I am the acting voice for those that have not put their words to play, they abide by the agreements and so forth put so by their counterparts and shall abide by any ruling that you so deem to make from it. Ji'Mar offered a rueful shake of head, slow to crack the neck as he leaned backward into the simple chair that he had claimed. A slight pinch of fingers against the luxurious suit worn, as if to see if the silk really was such before he spoke.Very well, my decision is thus. We shall allow for the observers, the resettlement of these Christians to Arhomaneia, and at the Grand Admirals advice, we shall not threaten nor build up of anything past the normal in the main river thoroughbout. I expect river patrols to be maintained, keeping smuggling and piracy to our standard levels of near non-existence. Military deployment options will avoid our river link with Arhomaneia, and we shall take all measures to avoid this. He raised his right hand towards the screen. General, if they accept these terms, you will be notified of observers being deployed. Since they will more then likely have to come through the Imperium or via the sea, have you secured an Northern port? The General nodded somewhat. My Emperor, the forces of the 283rd Legionnaires 'Mzil Velven' Motor Rifle Regiment, 15th Legionnaires 'Renor Xukuth' Motor Rifle Regiment, and the 97th Sargtlin Armored Corps has seized the rail and commercial port of Ulusk near our border with the Cussian territories. Under the command of General Riksha Valk Sargtlin, the port has been occupied nearly from the start. The rail line is under protection, and leads towards our current deployment area. If the Arhomaneian observers wish to come via there, they may do so. A nod from the seated Emperor. Thank you General Ti'Ran, may your troops earn glory. The monitor faded as did the man, until the picture became black. Wordlessly, he looked over a small reply to be sent back. To: The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: The offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry), via Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth, on behalf of the Emperor of the Sovereign Imperium On behalf of the Emperor, The Council of the Nine and Military Officers in the field, the following has been authorized, Notice via the commanding officer of the Northern Occupation, General Ti'Ran of the Army Group Hades Taskforce. The rules of war are being applied. Enemy combatants as dictated by this law is being adhered to. Those who surrender, shall be redirected to holding facilities until such a time they can be dealt with. All prisoners and conditions will be available to observers and members of the Arhomaniki Red Cross Organization. The Sovereign Imperium will allow the following; Observers from Arhomaneia to both occupied and combat zones within the northern Cussian territory. The resettlement of Christian persons to Arhomaneia, and the usage of Arhomaniki Red Cross to offer any medical care that is not covered under the authority of the The Eighth Circle (Ministry of Religious Affairs and Applications)
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    Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I'm Bron Urgundy. And you're watching BS News. IN TAGMATIUM TODAY, Haris Tamieftíra (31) stole a bus with nuns in it. He ordered them to sing and drink alcohol. National media are reporting on a man who stole a bus from a parking lot, with passengers in it. The passengers turned out to be nuns returning to their monastery from a trip to the port city of Dyrrakion in northern @Tagmatium Rules. The man likely was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The incident took place on one of the parking lots in the city centre of Dyrrakion. While the bus driver left the bus for a moment in order to pack the bags of the passengers. At the same time, taking advantage of the situation, Haris Tamieftíra, got on the bus and drove away. The bus driver immediately reported to the authorities. The nuns reported that the thief completely ignored their repeated requests to stop the vehicle. After realising the bus was full of nuns, Haris demanded the sisters to sing songs for Jesus. He also forced the passengers to drink alcohol, threatening to crash the bus if they didn't comply. Reportedly, Haris believed he was sent down to GHET by God himself because He saw their torment and wanted them to have some fun. "He said he will take us either to the disco or male striptease," says sister Maria Agathea. She and her holy sisters managed to escape when the abductor stopped by a fast food chain and sent them for "wings and booze." As soon as he realised the women were running away, he proceeded to chase them shouting that they will burn in hell. A few hundred meters further down the road he crashed the bus into the telephone pole and was captured by pedestrians during an attempt to run away. Fortunately, nobody was injured during the accident. After the man was handed over to the police, he was officially charged and arrested. A preliminary examination showed his blood alcohol level was 0.35. Drug tests also produced a positive result. The man will now face the court for his actions. He's facing up to five years in prison for stealing a vehicle with passengers in it. The prosecutor considers adding further charges.
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    The Kronografia had hit closer to the mark of the feelings of the Agios Basilikon Vestiarion, the Imperial Cabinet, than perhaps many had realised. Of course, it had to have been expected that the new monarch of the Haru would attempt to throw his weight around and show to the rest of the barbaroi that he was their overlord, the naval exercise in the Krankes Thalassa had done much to damage relations between the Sovereign Imperium and the Megas Agios Basileia. Arhomaneia had even put forward an official complaint about the exercise and the disruption that it had caused to trade and the military operations in the area, albeit briefly. It hadn't been acknowledged by their ally. That had ruffled feathers even more. And now the invasion of the territory of Beautancus. There had been little reason for Tagmatium to intervene directly in the Glorious Dominate as it sunk into the state of decay. It mirrored the situation that had come to pass across northern Europa in recent years. It was, after all, separated from Arhomaneia by both @Adaptus and Machina @Haruspex – if anything serious brewed there, then either of those nations would be forced to deal with it first. Piracy from the failing nation wasn't feared by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, as the naval patrols operating from Glevokastron would likely stop any raiders before they made it into the Krankes Thalassa. Some trade between Arhomaneia and Beautancus had taken place, but that had tailed off as the situation there worsened. The protectorate of Defnascir was far closer than mainland Arhomaneia but businesses and shipping firms there started to turn their attention to the islands to the east as central control in the Glorious Dominate broke down. Short-sightedly, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion cared little. Because of the canal to the south and the fact that the Grand Federal Imperium allowed Arhomaniki military shipping to use its island bases in the Adlantic, the slowly-collapsing north-western part of the Occident was felt to be of little immediate concern. The members Logethesion ton Barbaron and the intelligence services voiced worries that this was allowing anarchy to spread amongst an ally, but those voices were ignored. Again, if trouble did arise, then it would likely be pointed at the two nations nearest. And so the current self-righteous anger that the certain portions of the Arhomaniki population were working themselves up into was hypocritical. They were, however, the same ones that had always been against positive relations with the Gharoi to begin with. But that did not obscure the fact that opportunities to give support to Arhomaneia's ally and prop up its crumbling regime had been ignored, almost purposefully, by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. The feeling in the meeting of the cabinet was perhaps almost resigned, thought Honorios Kontarian. As usual, the precise mood of the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator couldn't exactly be gauged, but certain members were certainly stewing about the actions of the Gharoi. It had been quite some time since a crisis had arisen in this part of Eurth, right on the doorstep of Arhomaneia. There was not much nostalgia for it, however. It was better if crises played out in the New Wurld. The room chosen for this meeting bore none of the ostentation that usually marked out the surroundings of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, bar the fact that the floor was decorated with a geometric pattern of purple marble and gold tesserae. The walls were white and the windows repeated Christian symbols in stained glass – lambs, fish and crucifixes, but no scenes of ancient glories. The Megas Logothetes was wondering whether someone picked rooms out of a hat for the meetings before he was drawn from his thoughts. “There is, fundamentally, little that we can do to stop any attempt by the Sovereign Imperium to annex territory, if that is their eventual aim. Diplomatic pressure has rarely worked on them in recent years. As we have seen.” Goulielmos rested his hands on the table in front of him and stared down at the map on the screen that was between them. “They're likely to just dismiss what we've got to say, or ignore us. They could have undertaken this in a political capacity but like the naval exercise, this is an attempt to show the rest of the wurld their teeth.” And of course conquest was the end goal – the Glorious Dominate had always been an enemy to the Haru. That had been a reason that the two Aroman nations to the south, and before that, the “true” Aroman empire (although Tagmatium maintained that it was a continuation, not a successor state), had always attempted to maintain good relations with Beautancus. It had kept the Haru in check. “Bar throwing caution to the wind and attempting an invasion from the west, of course,” suggested Honorios Kontarian, the Megas Logothetes ton Stratiotikou. It was a flippant comment and everyone knew it. It earned the aristocrat a reproving look from his monarch. “And how unviable would that be?” asked the Mesazon Traiektonos, the Prime Minister. There was silence in the room for a moment. The potential fallout from such a move pretty obvious. And it could be even literal – the Haru had weapons of mass destruction, after all. Kontarian tried to resist meeting the eyes of the Megas Logothetes ton Barbaron but failed. Both of them managed to keep their faces straight, however. Outright laughing at the man would have been a gross breach of protocol. Traiektonos' face darkened. He had noticed the shared glance between the two Megas Logothetai. The man knew that he was often held to be quite stupid by most of the rest of the Agios Basilikon Vestiarion. Sadly, it was an opinion that had basis in fact. “Hear me out, for once,” Gregorios Traiektonos continued, his flare of anger obvious to all of the officials around the table. It seemed to be directed mainly at Kontarian, who had succeeded Traiektonos as head of the Logothesion ton Stratiotikou. However, even Kommodos raised his eyebrow at the outburst but he seemed to be content to let the Mesazon carry on with what he was saying. “The Gharoi are indeed our allies, but this is a situation that has rarely been the case in the past. They stand to more or less double the size of their nation, if they do manage to seize the entirety of Koussoeia, as well as possibly being able to control our access into the Kataigides Thalassa. A show of force on their eastern border might make them move enough forces to there that they bog down in Beautancus. We could even threaten to close the Iaehos river to them if they start to protest too much, or ignore anything that we have to say. I'm not suggesting for a moment that we actually invade them.” It certainly wasn't the worst idea that Traiektonos had come up with, although the downsides were pretty obvious. It would likely do significant damage to the two countries' relations, although the attitude of the Haru seemed to be doing that anyway. “Thank you, Mesazon,” said Kommodos. He managed to keep any condescension out of his voice whilst he was speaking to Traiektonos, which Honorios thought was impressive. “Whilst I do not believe that it is an option that we should carry out straight away, I will leave it on the table if the Gharoi do not respond favourably to any of our other overtures. I suggest that the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou investigate how such a closure might affect Arhomaioi before that plan is advanced more. The head of the trade ministry nodded and scribbled a note on a piece of paper for himself. Any action to block the river to traffic from upstream would have a knock-on effect on anything downstream. Especially if the Haru tried to force the river, which might be pretty foolhardy. It was a main arterial route for both Adaptus and Tagmatium, after all. “The fate of the Christians in Koussoeia will also need to be addressed,” continued Kommodos. “As Arhomaneia is the heart of Christianity on Eurth, we owe it to them, even if they have strayed from orthodox thought.” Most of Beautancus followed a dualistic religion, one which underpinned their monarchy and society. It had once spread its influence across large parts of the Occident and there were even still a sizeable minority of followers within Arhomaneia. However, a heretical strand of Christianity had fled to Beautancus, after persecution from the more orthodox Aroman church over a millennium and a half ago. “It could be worth suggesting an intervention, as as collaborative effort between us and the Gharoi, in order to secure the rights of the Christian minority.” Goulielmos leafed through some paper files in front of him as he was speaking and failed to find what he wanted. From behind him, there was a similar rustling of paper and an aide stepped forward and offered another sheaf of paper on a golden plate. The Megas Logothetes took them and shuffled through them rapidly, trying to located the information needed to make his point. “As of the 2008 census, which is the last one that was carried out that we have access to, around eleven percent of the population followed Christianity, mainly heretical. It will be difficult to determine how that number will have shifted over the last decade, but it will still likely number in the millions, if not the tens of millions. Working together might help smooth over any cracks that have appeared recently and help mollify our own more conservative elements.” “Of course, the reply from the Gharoi will likely be that we didn't care for them then, so why should we do so now?” said Kommodos, leaning his elbows on the table and steepling his fingers together in his habitual manner. “Our counterpoint will be that they may well have been living in an almost-anarchy, but they weren't being shot, shelled, or bombed by an invasion force.” “Perhaps we could also speak up for the other religions in the Glorious Dominate?” asked a black robed and mitred minister. It may have been surprising that an archbishop was speaking out for non-Christians, but then this particular priest was the Tagmatine government's minister for propaganda, more politely known as minister for information. “Most of Eurth will expect us to try to stand up for the Christians. Being on the side of religion as a whole will place Arhomaneia in a better light.” The Agios Basileos gave a curt nod. That certainly made sense, but it could become even more of a sticking point. It depended on whether the Sovereign Imperium had planned to do with the inhabitants of the Cussian lands. If they planned on indulging in the same sort of ethnic cleansing as Greater Serbia had, then they would likely face a similar backlash. How the Megas Agios Basileia responded to that could make life either difficult or easy for the Gharoi. Their nascent trade deal with the @Sunset Sea Islands could be scuppered. “Extending the use of listening stations in Defnascir and attaching one or two more Prognostikatores to the convoys to Aluxia would help with monitoring their activities,”said Honorios. The electronic and cyberwarfare vessels were the most advanced in the Basilikoploimon “Passive methods would mean that they would be less likely to be detected.” “There are still Arhomaniki fishing vessels operating in the waters off of Beautancus,” rasped the pallid spymaster. “They have been doing so in order to avoid the quotas that have been put in place in our own waters. It would not be too much effort to put some of the AND's 'special vessels' in amongst them to keep a closer eye on the Gharoi.” The Autokrator frowned slightly. A keen environmentalist, the fact that citizens of Arhomaneia had been dodging around targets that had been put in place to safeguard the numbers of fish was something that he was going to have to look into after the meeting was over. The occasionally heavy-handed methods of the monarch of Arhomaneia could well come into play. “Well then, Endoxotatoi, I believe we have everything covered. I expect everyone to start work as soon as possible.” The Agios Basileos sat straight up in his chair. “We must not provoke the Gharoi and it must be clear that they are still our friends. However, they must also remember that they are not the only power in the Occident, and that we have God upon our side.” “Amen.” Every other member of the cabinet intoned the word. The ruler of Tagmatium stood to his feet and all the others in the room did so. As the Agios Basileos swept out of the room, accompanied by his train of bodyguards and functionaries, Honorios gathered up his papers and frowned slightly to himself. Just where would all of this end? To: The Foreign Ministry of the Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Honoured friends, It has not escaped the notice of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that the forces of the Sovereign Imperium have advanced into into the lands of the Glorious Dominate of Beautancus. Whilst the long history between Machina Haruspex and Beautancus is widely known, the citizens of that country have surely not faced darker times than they have recently. It has seemed for some time that anarchy has overtaken the recognised and lawful government of our once-noble ally, with whom Arhomaneia has shared tribulations with in the past. It may be said that the Sovereign Imperium is acting out of basic decency, taking upon itself to restore law and order to the poor people of Beautancus. That this will be a motivation behind the actions cannot be doubted. After all, there is always the risk that the trouble will spill over the border into your lands and put your own people at risk. Perhaps Arhomaneia would act in a similar manner, if one of our neighbours was undergoing such turmoil. That the Sovereign Imperium has stepped up to shoulder the burden of demonstrates the selfless and noble nature of the Haru. Arhomaneia nonetheless has several amicable requests, if the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is to reconcile with the idea of the Glorious Dominate now falling under the rule of the Sovereign Imperium in some capacity. The first is that the expansion into the former Koussoeia should be undertaken with regards to the widely accepted laws of war – the murder of prisoners and wounded, for example, is something that will undoubtedly be found unconscionable by many nations of Eurth. After all, the entire wurld is looking at the Sovereign Imperium. If the government, and his Majesty Ji'Mar, is willing, then Arhomaneia happy to supply observers. Alternatively, those of a more international nature could be sought out, if that is more agreeable than the presence of your southern neighbours. The second is that the religion of those who fall under the rule of the Gharoi should be respected. This ought to include allowing those buildings and hierarchies of worship to remain in place and unmolested. After all, appeasing the population in this manner would undoubtedly mean that any future integration with the Sovereign Imperium is markedly easier – there will be no hostile population adverse to the rule of Ji'Mar and his descendents. Thirdly, if the above is not something that the Sovereign Imperium is unable to consider, then the Agios Megas Basileia is more than willing to open its arms to those who find their beliefs incompatible with rule by Machina Haruspex. There are communities of the religion of Beautancus living within Arhomaneia, as well as those of the widespread Christian minority. Our governments could come to some agreement with regards to who will shoulder the cost of relocation of these refugees. I have also been asked by the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator to pass on a request by his All Holiness, the Oikoumenikos Patriarkhos Kosmas I. Namely, the Arhomaniki Red Cross is willing to provide refugee relief in the areas of the Glorious Dominate that are the worst hit by the reigning anarchy. I must stress that this is an organisation that is not affiliated with the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and I can assure you that their mission is entirely humanitarian in nature. The Light of Christ will shine through even these dark times, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Barbaron of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
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    The SCUL Wins Almost Every State, The LUP Left Picking Up the Scraps Following the Chambre of Representatives Elections on May 31st, the SCUL has achieved a decisive victory winning almost every state while the LUP consistently came second with the PNC winning only one seat. Jeanés Féyeau called the occasion "... a triumph of the many in a corrupt system of the few..." The SCUL was able to achieve never-before-seen success due to two main campaigning points, most political analysts say. The first one is the open criticism of the current administration and especially of the decision to leave almost half of all Shffahkians without a voice in these elections. The PNC had made an agreement with the LUP not to criticize the current administration in exchange for retaining some of their sears in the Chambre. However, this led to them losing almost all traditionally Collectivist seats. "Shffahkians are laying Collectivism to rest in favour of the Communitarian dream." said one enthusiastic representative. Second, is the SCUL's plans to make Shffahkia a unitary state. Recent NSAS polling revealed that a surprising number of Shffahkians would prefer a unitary state model instead of the current federal model. This is due to the fact that the term "States' Rights" has become seen as a cop-out to avoid issues instead of a valid argument in the public's eye. Of the total 43 seats up for elections, the SCUL (orange) took a whopping 28 or some 65%, the LUP (blue) took 14 (33%) adding to their total of 31 or 38% of the Chambre and the PNC (red) managed to score only one seat leaving them with a total of 22 or 27% of all seats in the Chambre. With the SCUL's victory, the worst-case scenario for both the PNC and LUP has come to fruition. It is clear that the parties need to adjust their policies and party lines. Doing this could lead to the early fall of the coalition between these two parties. The PNC Chairman, Jean Vou, made a statement saying "We have heard the people's voice and it is evident that the party must undergo a substantial change, this I promise to see through..." LUP Chairperson and Union President, Larue, has yet to make a statement. With this tremendous victory, Féyeau has successfully shown that the Communitarians are a political force to be reckoned with splitting the Chambre into almost even slices of three and putting the LUP and the PNC under immense strain as a consequence. It remains to be seen if this success will be repeated in the future or if this will become a fluke. Oyus and Shffahkia lead in Enolian Refugee Aid Following the end of the Enolian War, over 70 000 Enolians are estimated to have fled from the war into neighbouring nations. The sudden outflow of refugees has put the immigration systems of many Aurelian nations to the test. From this crisis, the nations of Shffahkia and @Oyus have risen to international acclaim as a result of their actions in dealing with the outflow of refugees. According to conservative estimates, Shffahkia will bear the brunt of the crisis as it has committed to accepting over 47 000 of the estimated 70 000 refugees with Oyus accepting 5 000 and other Shffahko-states such as Dasdaine and Élénore Verte committing to accepting some 10 000 refugees each without taking into account the number of Enolians repatriating into Enolia. The brunt of the relief efforts for the refugees have been taken on by Shffahkia, yet Oyus has provided both crucial funding and logistical support. The committee for Enolian refugee relief said in a statement that "... The support provided by our Oyusard comrades has been invaluable in the handling of this Crisis...Were it not for them, our efforts would've been for nought..." Despite Oyusard aid, the Enolian refugees have started a potential border crisis of sorts between @Rihan and Shffahkia in the area called the Central Aurelian Passage. Historically the Central Aurelian Passage has been a point of contention between the two republics with both sides claiming the area. The trouble in the area began in the late 1800s when the Shffahkian Empire under Eustache I began encouraging settlement in the area leading to three wars being fought over sparsely populated jungle. As Enolia and Paranne became independent respectively the question about who owns the area was not solved leading to Paranne and Enolia employing various tactics of gaining influence in the area from building roads to hiring local militias and gangs to destroy said roads. When Enolia was entangled in a war with Rihan, Parannais Lyso-Unionists, most prominent of which was the former president of Paranne Émeric Dutoit, pressured Larue and her administration to increase influence in the region and to even send in the army. Union President Larue, for her part, refused to send soldiers into the area opting to send civil servants to aid refugees thereby increasing the Shffahkian grip on the area. It is crucial for the future of the Aurelian League that Rihan and Shffahkia find common ground. Larue Calls For LUP Openness Following the results of the election and the end of the Enolian war, Union President and LUP Chairperson Laure took to social media to announce her plans to "... open a constructive and free dialogue between the LUP and its supporters..." The goal of this new open dialogue is to redefine the LUP as a Collectivist Party that is not situated on the left or the right. "The Lyso-Unionist Party is not on the left or right, it is ahead." Larue said during her televised and live-streamed speech. According to professional political analyst, André Azaïs, Larue is branding the LUP as a Neo-Collectivist party. Neo-Collectivism refers to the political ideology that advocates for the greater collective good as opposed to individual freedom or anarchy regardless of political affiliation. "The solution that works best for most people is the solution the LUP will advocate." Larue claimed in her speech. Whether the rebranding of the LUP as post left and right will work or not will remain to be seen but for many party members and politically engaged Shffahkians, this has proven an opportune moment to put their ideas into the party's thinktank. Critics say that Neo-Collectivism is an undefined ideology on par with Technocracy for its emptiness and vagueness. Despite this initial criticism, Larue's speech received mostly positive attention as it called for a more open exchange of ideas inside her party even encouraging her own peers to openly criticize the administration. Étherale Cryptocurrency Experiences Boom Following the so-called Crypto Crash that happened with Dawcoin from @PyeMcGowan, the Dasdaine Cryptocurrency Étherale or simply Etherale is experiencing a crypto boom. After an initial loss in value totalling 150 International Dollars, Etherale bounced back relatively quickly and now has doubled its value. at the moment one Etherale coin is worth over I$500 making it the second most valuable cryptocurrency. It is unsure where such a boost in crypto confidence came from but the Dasdaine based Cryptocurrency is riding high as a result. Étherale is popularly used to make everyday purchases in its home country of Dasdaine and in recent years is becoming ever more popular in Shffahkia aswell especially in online shopping despite the government warning about the instability of cryptocurrencies. Just as the Shffahkian government was about to get its textbook case of Crypto failure, Etherale exploded in value. Étherale creator Joséph Dubois said that "Etherale, it'll change the world, mes doudes, it's the new technology of tomorrow today as well as the super extra luxury cryptocurrency. All these economists and government officials can say what they want but at the end of the day you cannot defeat the pure power of lux Etherale has."
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    To: Masayasu Shibahara, Minister of Foreign Relations of the Radiant Republic of the @Sunset Sea Islands From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Dear Minister, May I first congratulate you and your great nation on the referendum that was carried out, and the fresh new start that it represents. It is a bold and striking path that the Radiant Republic has set out upon, and I do not doubt that God will smile upon your endeavours, so long as you hold Him within your hearts. It has undoubtedly not escaped your attention that in recent months, the relations between our two great nations have suffered somewhat. There are numerous reasons for this, but it is felt by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that first and foremost is the cultural differences between the Megas Agios Basileia and the Radiant Republic. After all, our nations are thousands of miles apart and rarely had much in the way of even a chance of contact until modern times. This has caused an rift between our nations, and this has fuelled – and been fuelled by – the fact that Arhomaneia and the Sunset Sea Islands have been on differing sides of international incidents. I fear that your people's perception of the Arhomaioi is one of overly pious, perhaps fundamentalist God-botherers, too concerned with the Hereafter to live properly on Eurth. Similarly, at times it may seem that the average Arhomaios views the Sunset Sea Islanders as obsessed with technology and the temporal wurld, willing to play God and neglect their spiritual needs. Therefore, I have been charged by the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator to put before you a possible solution. Essentially, it is suggested that we undertake a cultural exchange, so that our people can see the best of what our nations can offer – it could be as simple as a loan of artwork or historical artefacts in order to set up an exhibition, or perhaps a national tour from an orchestra. It can be demonstrated by Arhomaneia that it isn't just a country of white-washed churches and burning candles, but the heir of thousands of years of art, learning and philosophy. Similarly, the Radiant Republic will be able to show that the Sunset Sea Islands are truly the flower of the ocean. I appreciate that, in the aftermath of your nation's recent referendum, that your government will be very busy with the transition period that is ahead of you. Nonetheless, I, my government and my monarch await your reply with keen interest. The Light of God will always shine through, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Barbaron of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
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    Ninson had few issues with the proposed language set out in the documents that been distributed as Savio concluded his remarks. Though the representative of the Praetor, and by extension, the Senate, he was not about to contradict the Praetor's intercessors who had worked with the legal teams in constructing most of the proposals. There was one area in which the Republic would have trouble in relation to the rest of those assembled: that of the slave trade. The maritime transportation of slaves was not nearly as extensive as it had been three hundred years prior during the height of the Republic's early growth phase. However, there were still some enslaved people being brought in by ship. The other members in the room were aware of this and it would certainly cause an issue. He had skimmed that particular proposal and realized that it was optional. He had half a mind to sign it, and then, like many international agreements Rihan had joined in the previous ten years, largely ignore them. Rihannsu interests in relation to economic exclusive zones had been fulfilled in the language but he knew that fisherman would probably ignore such rules but the fact that the 200-mile zone had been incorporated was enough for him. There was a situation that would have to be resolved at some point: the Asgeirrian zones meshed and were iffy in the straight between them. That would have to be addressed outside the session in the Sunset Sea Islands. He'd wait to see who was the first to speak before sharing his (or rather, the Praetor's) opinion.
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    1000hrs 30th of May, 2019 Tikvan Airspace "Secundo" or Vice-Executive of the Republic, Desdemona Tomas-Morra, awoke in the spacious leather seat of the ExecMin S-1011 Trestrell. Around her, the cabin lights were dimmed as the state aircraft neared its destination, Ayalon. The spotlight rays of morning light that streamed through the windows illuminated the figures of her staff seated around her. Already, a low hush of conversation buzzed around the cabin, the brunch of jamón and poached eggs set before them forgotten in the midst of the chatter. The former Foreign Minister, who now found herself the appointed "Second Citizen" of the Republic turned to her aide beside her. "Are there any updates from the Palá?", it was the first thing she always asked for. The tensions among the Ibero-sphere diaspora nations had died down some, yet the potential for relapse into last year's state of disarray was ever present. As with every member of the ExecMin, the federalisation to unite the Iberic bloc meant all hands on deck for Morra's office, which already had its hands over-full with ATARA along with its domestic responsibilities. These talks with Lasker's government had her schedule stretched as far as it could go. But the Primo insisted and would have gone himself if not for the necessity of his meetings with the other Iberic heads of state. "Nothing, apart from the updated data file they've included for your citation, should you need it, madame", said the aide, scrolling through the state issued slate. It was a sign--either the ministry was too busy to micro-manage her speaking points or that they trusted her experience to carry the day. Morra only hoped the recent sleep deprivation left her wits intact. "How delightful", she hummed. "Would you like me to go over the talk agenda, madame?" "I am quite familiar with the broad strokes. What does the Palá say about our limitations--how far can we promise on the tariffs and heritage items?" "According to the Palá consultants, we can promise them the mun (moon) on lowering textile tariffs--so long as we get a Praesidium aye to set it in stone before the 2020 elections put everything Primeal on hold." "Yes, quite. Tariffs set by this office would be open to reconsideration by any new Primo--if there is one. 2020 is as good as won for Franso if the weathervanes are right. Still, we can't make promises if there's a shred of uncertainty, I know", Morra said. Indeed, she had been Deputy Trade Minister for some time before her appointment as Foreign Minister, so tariff nuance was nothing new. Therefore, she surmised, any tariff deals she promised would have to be ratified within the fiscal year, and before the next annual budget was approved in order to be upheld. "As for Heritage recognition, it poses no limitations, madame--constitutional or otherwise. We'll only need to secure an allowance from Treasury in the next quarter." Morra nodded. "Remind me what we have on Lasker", she said. She had watched several interviews in the weeks before and had gone over all his recent mentions on the news. "Only what we have on open source intel madame. He seems to be the type to juggle his right-leaning government with some moderate centrism--he's faced criticism from that Shapiro character in that regard. Religious--he keeps a menorah on open view at his foyer table--though I'm told this is common among the devout majority. Lastly, he's been quite open to foreign cooperation as I'm sure you've already read, madame." Right. Under Lasker's government, Tikva entered the Laren Agreement--something Iverican Parliament was leery at doing itself. Those were not at all bad portents. Morra was a conservative herself--hailing originally from the pro-Church Partes Morales and knowing all too well the struggles the label had with an increasingly vitriolic opposition left. There might be common ground between their political experience at least. "Workable, I am sure." The fasten seatbelt tone resonated across the cabin. The chattering died down as the aircraft lined up its final approach. "How do I look?" "The picture of elegance, madame" "If my eye-bags are on the cover of next month's tabloids, it will be the sack for you." "Very good, madame." The adjacent staffers smirked at the dry jest. There was a slight jostle as the landing gear hit the runway. They had arrived.
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    Fire from the sky, It hunts us, Fell is their laughter, As our bodies burn, and our bones become black by their touch. Excerpt, Refugee's of Jethnea'la 73 Hours into the Assault of Hamai Prata-Khan De'Raz settled himself within the interior of the MCA-7H Main Battle Tank, that was a foreign design. Only veteran units utilized the MCA-7H which was working quite well in the Liberation of the Cussian Northern Occidental territories. At times he would spot an enemy tank, but such were rare. Most of the times it was that of an infantry fighting vehicle or some sort of armored personnel carrier of the insurgency forces. A rumbling thunder issued forth, and from beyond the earthen and concrete works of the defensive border of the commercial area around that of Haakon Bridge and the outskirts of the actual city of Hamai, into the outskirts and old townships that had sprung up after the walled city had filled up, came the armored fist of their Emperor. Treaded beasts lumbered as a spreading black wave, crushing vehicle and wall alike. The sensation of rise and fall was felt first in his stomach and then the rest of him as the tank drove over the smoldering wreckage of an AT-70 armored personnel carrier, falling about half way and pretty much halving it at that point. The metal flattening with a screeching sound, compacted into the pavement by the weight of their steel and chobham armored beast. The sound of anti-infantry weapon's barely registered within the cockpit of the beast, the roar of the main cannon firing a tremor easily forgotten about as buildings were knocked asunder. The futile anti-tank rocketry flicked aside as if but childrens toys. Hardly a scuff mark shown on their home and protector, numbered one-twelve on right and left turret sides. Deftness of it's operators shown as the vehicle spun about upon whirring treads, blazing a path through the occupied areas, death was theirs to deliver and deliver they did. Overhead, whirling rotor blades brought forth the gunships that tracked and dispensed the Emperor's justice where the panzers did not succeed. Running figures slain in mere seconds, gouging the earth in explosions of brown and grey while fire blossomed about. Swooshing sounds filled the air atop this deathly chorus, followed by the crumping sounds of exploding concrete, mortar, metal, glass, and so on. As panzer and gunship methodically cleared block by block, armored carrier dispensed the faceless hazmat suited shock-troops, the Imperial Templar Purifiers. They who could not be swayed, bought, or pleaded with. The foul, fell, language that carried the true Haru forth echoed forth as cleansing the land of resistance. Bullet surgeons, ceasing the last defiant pleas of the rebels before them. It is here that Khan Graer would emerge into the soot covered day. Templar squad spread out, cautiously moving forward into the urban jungle of the breached foreign city's urban and industrial sprawl. CBAR-01's positioned, flick of three fingers from upraised left arm sent a few of his unit forward. Providing cover fire from their underslung forty millimeter grenade launchers, phosphorus and high explosive rounds were lobbed with ka-thunk sounds echoing into a suspected spot. A wet crumping sound, bodies of soft clothed defenders sent twirling outwards, ragdolls to the whims of gravity. Screaming figures trying to shed their clothing as the phosphorus rounds had impacted amidst them, burning them alive only to die in withering hail of bullets. Each body given an additional round, just to be safe. Maybe just over two hundred meters away from where Graer was cautiously edging out into the urban sprawl, Pra'Non, First Ji of the Second Regiment of the 15th Legion Mzil Velven, had advanced with a contingent of Templars further into former Cussian territory, and was now hiding behind a low and often crumbling retaining wall that had protected a garden once. CBAR-01 clutched and a slight peek around the corner, allowing the display of the vision piece worn over left eye to gather findings. A hail of bullets from small arms and other weapons tore shrapnel from the wall and once pristine street. He gave the hand gestures to the rest of his squad, no more then ten to load the 40mm grenade rounds. Shouting towards the machine-gun nest setup during their distraction. As the rebel forces scrambled towards a better position while soldiers who had been advancing were caught in the bursting of that weapon, explosions of entrails and organs splashing against the streets and what once were the walls of buildings, Pra'Non and his men rose up and the " Thunk " sound echoed loudly. Grenades arced from their position into the now exposed lead element of the insurgency forces caught out in the open. The result terrible in its beauty. Limbs ripped free of their home, bodies tossed about like rag dolls and now retribution came. Pra'Non found the first survivor as they advanced, a rebel soldier of some sort missing portion of leg below the right knee. With eyes wide, withdrew the ceremonial blade, a weapon long associated with brutality as it was double edged and serrated wickedly. Raising it above his head with both hands, grip forming, the swift strike down rewarded with a splash of his enemy's blood across the bottom half of chin. A slow rise, looking at the corpse as his men did what was necessary. Bayonet thrusts to the living, while doing such. He hadnt seen the armor approaching, the jury rigged tanks that led ancient armored personnel carriers and so forth. Not until the rumble and that sort of look one takes when in a dream. Blade in hand, his rifle upon back there was nothing to be had but death, raising the blade, he screamed at the tank. The shout made the others turn or look up from sending their foes to the next plane of existence, where the next war would be fought between the souls of the ages past. The first of many shells struck home, knocking many backwards, cartwheeling into rubble when explosive might did not kill them outright. It only took a few seconds of massed firing, the first of many units of Templar to be annihilated by rebel armored cavalry breaking through, pushing their lines ever further into territory they once held earlier. Fists of the Emperor 1st Black August Royal Tank Legion House Olath Orn Sponsored Haakon Bridge Commercial Area An armor piercing high explosive round crumpled a section of the nearest building structure. Since the building was probably already weakened by artillery strikes, and not meant to be a hardened structure, it was easy prey for the S-94A Jelduno Main Battle Tank that crashed through another building. Mortar blocks, cement dust, and other debris trailed down the beast's form as gunfire rattled from the beast, cutting a red swath through the rebel forces that it encountered and or just laid down suppressive fire for good measure. Gout's into the flesh of the earth were made by the roars of the armored column, throwing plumes of smoke and a spray of dirt in the form of fine mist and clods. Augustinian Caedalus, Sengar d'isto of the 1st Black August Royal Tank Regiment, waited, guarding a position that held a canal and had been a defended position before his arrival. The rebels and the sympathizers of the area would be sure to send troops this way, and he was to defend against such. The rebels in the area were taking quite a beating, supposedly he might just find his own death, or so his commander had said. Promises, promises. Nestled within the cupola of the great beast, the S-94a, he watched the one sided battle of a rebel unit being picked off. A rakish grin formed as he saw an insurgent of some kind with a light machine gun get his head split open like a watermelon and an M80 firecracker going off. The concrete dust and shrapnel littered the area as the support gunner keeled over and twitched a bit from still active nerves. Yes, this was going smoothly. As long as they kept the spread out rebel infantry units from aiding their brethren, the purge of the enemy forces could be done in a methodical and precise fashion, allowing them to refocus their attention upon the advancing their forces northward to aid the forces advancing from the Haakon bridge position. A hand gesture to his junior ranked officers and the regiments engines rumbled to life. The horizon was an orange and red mix, it was dark in this morning, and yet the sky was beautiful in it's most horrific of ways. The light, that mixture that burned the heavens was from the war. The constant barrages, rockets, airstrikes, that were pounding the city of Hamai and it's surrounding areas made for a sort of surreal experience in his eyes. Hammers of the Emperor 107th Independent Air Defence Regiment Not to be outdone, the HAF sent it's aerocraft screaming forth from the firebases that were either already available or being constructed, jet streams carved swathes through the blue sky, followed at times by crumpled metal spinning out of control spouting flames and dark smoke towards the ground in ear shattering explosions from the impact. Advancing, Siet-Khan Ke'Bar was playing a deadly game of hide and seek with the insurgency ground forces and their deadly mobile anti-aircraft vehicles and so forth. Quickly pushed against the pedal with right foot while hand gripped the stick. Left hand against throttle control while Kenyet Altro adjusted the tracking and guidance system as the Mil-24E Hind thundered along, barely twenty meters above the ground. The 20mm Gatling cannon blazing spats of hate towards the enemy lines, assumed positions and like the tank regiment below, adding suppressive fire to the mix. Of course either side was trying to outflank the other. Ke'Bar's orders were clear though, drive the enemy soldiers to keep their heads down while the Army Group Hades forces advanced. Altro broke him from his daydreaming however with a panicked scream, he blinked and looked at the tracker. A solid pinging sound of a beep echoed throughout the cockpit. He had only moments to close his eyelids before the gunship exploded outwards. The victim of a ground based R4 SAM, that had been fired from the courtyard of an abandoned apartment building.
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    Ministry of Defence blocked Centre Alliance minister, Roger Josephson's request on cabinet confidentiality grounds The MoD wrongly kept the Army chiefs diary secret from a minister who was investigating the handling of a multi-billion pound arms contract. The handling of a £3.6bn contract to build Gallambria's next generation Main Battle Tank met with criticism last year, after local defence contractor GAe Systems said its significantly cheaper proposal was shunned by the government in favour of a @Iverican Firm, ARX Arms. The government later attempted to involve GAe Systems in the work, but negotiations broke down. In an attempt to uncover who top defence figures had met in the lead-up to the controversy, the Centre Alliance minister, Roger Josephson requested the diaries of the army chief and the head of defence's capability acquisition and sustainment group for May 2018, under freedom of information laws. But the Ministry of Defence hid behind cabinet confidentiality grounds to block Josephson's requests. Documents that reveal the decisions or deliberations of cabinet are fully exempt from FOI. Defence argued the diaries would reveal the dates of cabinet meetings, and so were exempt. But Josephson appealed the case to the information watchdog, arguing the dates of cabinet meetings in no way revealed decisions or discussions. He told The Gallambrian, the Ministry's behaviour was an example of "secrecy creep". "I support the need for cabinet confidence ... but this is secrecy creep," Josephson said. "If you give an inch, they'll take a mile." The minister told the information commissioner the Ministry's claims were "as erroneous as claims that revealing the location of cabinet meetings ... or the catering requirements of a cabinet meeting ... somehow breach 'cabinet confidentiality'". The Information Commissioner, Agnes Faulkner, agreed. "The information merely records the appointments that have been scheduled for a particular day and do not contain any further information as to what was considered or discussed in those meetings," Faulkner found. "Accordingly, I am not persuaded that disclosure of the information contained in the documents would reveal a cabinet deliberation or decision." Defence confirmed it would comply with the judgment and release the diaries to Josephson.
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    To: Foreign Ministry of the State of Tikva Re: Upcoming Deliberations in Ayalon The Executive Ministry is glad to commit a delegation to the bilateral Deliberations in Ayalon. Speaking on behalf of the Primo's Ministry and his Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to thank the Tikvan government for hosting and accommodating these upcoming proceedings. As Primo Franso Deitorr is currently attending to internal matters of the Association of Iberic Nations, we are pleased to announce that Secundo Desdemona Tomas-Morra will be representing the Republic in the upcoming proceedings. An itinerary outlining our arrival, travel arrangements, and departure has already been forwarded.
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    Qee'lak Luth'ol HG-02/A Heavy Gunship Northern Border Deployment Zone The aerocraft that carried General Ti'Ran, and his personal bodyguard of Tagnik Zun, was none other then the fast support rotorless helio " Qee'lak Luth'ol ". A heavily armed gunship slash transport carrier used by every legion of the Haru military machine. Painted an off-white, it skimmed across mountain and flat ground alike, with it's navigator pinging out radar imagery so that the already deployed and crossing the border forces of Army Group Hades would see them on approach. It's crew of three saw the world in the deep green of the enhanced helmet vision cam. Scouring the way ahead, to the sides, and the rear for any sign of the out of the ordinary. Ti'Ran sat in the center of the aircraft while the rubber hazmat suited Tagnik Zun legionnaires, complete with HAIAR-1's clutched firmly, stood in a defensive formation. There were ten of these legionnaires, and that was more than enough for this. A pair of Wyrven all weather aerofighters had accompanied the transport up until the border would be in range. Giving their neighbor to the south pause, they would then move during the distraction and move to the Hamai provisional territories, having begun the siege of them already. The main goal would be to sever Hamai from the rest of the unified warlords though. Bombing around it would prevent the rebels and their supports/sympathizers from being able to flee. How best to do that though? Such would weigh heavily upon the tactical mind of Ti'Ran. There was much to loose as well as to gain. Fortune does favor the bold, but only if the bold can hold on. The lead pilot made a twirling motion with index finger and that was the signal for landing given to Ti'Ran. He offered a nod of head, even as eyes of light green kept a neutral front and lacked a certain amount of empathy. Ti'Ran kept an appearance that was simple, the attire a jet black pair of jackboots, leather belt and strap. Gloves covered hands and an officers cap rested atop head. Underneath was a silver shade of hair, cut down to the stubble. A tilt of head to the head of his security detachment, and a nod to accompany as the craft bounced softly upon landing. The Tagnik Zun formed up at the helio's rear and sides, facing outwards and without further words. With his security head at side, he was the first to disembark, the specialist troops following behind as he approached a saluting senior officer, Sengar d'isto Di'Ko of the AGH. General, we have at your orders, set up a forward command base near the outlying areas of the Hamai province just twenty minutes from here by vehicle. Awaiting your order of advancement is the 89th Light Armor Regiment, who at your order will proceed towards the Haakon bridge that extends into the light industrial area of Hamaii City. Following them will be the 211st Independent Engineer Battalion and the 283rd Legionnaires 'Mzil Velven' Motor Rifle Regiment. Our aerial reconnaissance shows it to be lightly defended by the rebels of the area, who have chosen to fortify further inwards more heavily. Di'Ko spoke as now walking beside General Ti'Ran, leading the way to an armored transport vehicle, mindful of the anti-aircraft fire that might spring up should a low flying transport get to close to the still held rebel areas. Ti'Ran looked wistfully at the border leading to the Haru lands before speaking towards Di'Ko. Issue the order to advance. 55 Hours into Cussian Border Deployment Northern Border-Haakon Bridge, Hamai City Siet Khan (roughly translated means something similar to 2nd Lt) Dabin climbed up the rungs of the AT-110 Infantry Fighting Vehicle towards it's cupola hatch. The command vehicle for the 89th Light Armor Regiment, serving the House Sargtlin and that of the Army Group Hades legionary task-force deployed to the former Cussian border. The vehicle was already loaded with a small complement of troops and crew as he slid into position behind the sloped gun shield. He was lanky in build, wisps of blonde hair cropped short against the scalp. Like most Haru he wore a rebreather, but not the goggles so many were accustomed to seeing them in. His uniform was specifically for this sort of environment, being a semi-tropical terrain, highly urbanised area. Red, black and light orange splashed together. Throat mic in place covered a rather wicked scar, a badge of honor from close combat nearly a year ago in the Occidental badlands. Just over the age of twenty-one, he was of the Vek Sargtlin, a commoner-military line that served the greater House Sargtlin. A slight turn about, as wearing the headset that was passed up to him and he raised his right arm. Behind the command IFV, and in front of it, were several dozen Rhidan LMV's, a popular lightly armored recon vehicle that could survive IED's and so forth. Essentially a Haru Humvee in spirit if not appearance and ability. Accompanying were another half dozen AT-110's, about the same S-12 Halftrack armored personnel carriers, and the hardest hitting of his entourage were a pair of Cbetan Light Tanks. Behind this, was the 8th Detachment of Heavy Armor. This consisted of ten S-94a Jelduno main battle tanks and four S-17 APALV'S. His orders were to provide offensive and defensive cover for the 211st Independent Engineer Battalion and the 283rd Legionnaires 'Mzil Velven' Motor Rifle Regiment in assessing and repairing the Haakon bridge as necessary, so as to ease crossing of forces into Hamai City for occupation. He waved his right arm and the engines came to life, reverberations in the air, followed by diesel fumes. Turning to forward, he lanced his arm out and the lead vehicles being the Rhidan LMV's motored forth, leaving the relative safety of the northern borderlands for the urban jungle ahead. 63 Hours into Assault Northern Border-Haakon Bridge, Hamai City The first sign of trouble came from a garbled and rushed communique from the lead element of the convoy. The explosion was seen soon after as the Rhidan came racing around a corner, only to be caught by the explosion that appeared to come from the ground up. Dabin ordered the convoy to spread apart as it was apparent that rebel artillery was in fact, in the area. As his herd of lightly armored vehicles began to spread out, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine-gun fire from concealed positions in the houses, low buildings and even wreckage began to take its toll. The close quarters provided his enemy with plenty of cover and freedom of movement while he was not afforded such. His command vehicle was retreating from the main road to an alleyway, attempting to flank when he saw a following S-12 engulfed by flame. The men were screaming, falling out of the vehicle like burning match sticks and then the transport shattered apart as a secondary hit split it's sides. As he ducked inside of the cupola, the gunner of his command vehicle was already hammering the house with the thirty-millimeter cannon, incendiary rounds visible as the cannon thundered. Concrete and mortar splintered aside, and then it was impacting something else. Fifteen rounds or so in, and the enemy position shattered, it's concealment boiling with fire, smoke and charred remains of the enemy combatants within. Rebels spilled out of the positions nearby as the buildings became fire traps, and he was grimly aware of his satisfaction at eliminating them with the twelve point seven millimeter heavy machine-gun. The rounds stitched across the inhuman forms that twitched or spazzed across the road and grassy areas. For every kill the rebels might have earned, they were mercilessly being routed. The enemy as he relayed his report live and without consideration of say, profanities, that the enemy was poorly trained though determined. He reported that ten minutes into the combat,the enemy force already lost a sizable portion of their defensive positions and what makeshift technicals and or other 'armor' possessed, he was in the process of removing with ruthless and disciplined fire. An explosion echoed his report as dirt clumps, mortar, and rocks spanged off the side of the command vehicle. The thirty millimeter was barking more now, streaming deadly tungsten tipped rounds towards the enemy. An enemy infantry fighting vehicle new twenty years ago or so, died a glorious death, buckling and then exploding outwards, catching wayward rebels with hot pieces of shrapnel that carved through their flesh like a hot knife through butter. The remainder of the rebel forces fought, valiantly but ultimately without hope. One by one vehicles were destroyed, until the last, the lone rebel vehicle, a decades old tank sporting numerous jury rigged patches and 'reactive armor' already hit a few times, but still alive was bouncing it's way through a variety of buildings and positions. Treads clanking, it's maingun spewing fire as it's anti-personnel weaponry rattled time and time again. It's death was however quite spectacular, if more then overkill. While roving about, it was presenting a hard target for the HIL artillery and due to it's close nature to friendly infantry positions, said artillery was sporadic. Having closed the distance, the rebel tank had effectively crossed the gap between enemy fire suppression, but had found itself in the throes of the 89th's light armor and infantry units. As it trudged past a small two story building, an explosion rang out followed by the sound of metal flapping against metal and earth. A thermobaric rocket propelled grenade gone off and displaced the tracks on the old rebel tank. As the turret began to turn towards logical placement of the enemy, no less than a three more of the same type of rocket-propelled grenades struck the body of the tank from two different directions. It vanished in a hail of fire, the turret completely blown from the main body, landing some twenty feet away. The body itself cracked and split apart, throwing metal and fire in a three hundred sixty degree area.
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    Thursday, 3 January, Year of Our Lord 2019 St. Murphy’s Cathedral, Deopolis Inner Chambers of the Palace Cardinal Patrick Agrilo walked through the connection of rooms that was the Inner Chambers. These rooms, separated from the public eye, served as the private cogs of the machine that was the Salvian Catholic Church. All doctrines, bulls, traditions, and everything else originated or passed through these sections of rooms and offices. The rooms, while certainly large by conventional standards, were not nearly as large as those inside the Cathedral. Separated by the St. Benelian Courtyard, the Papal Palace connected to the more famous Leotine Chapel through two long hallways, wrapping around the courtyard and forming a bell-shape. The hallways and rooms of the structure, emulating that of the Cathedral itself displayed the opulence of the Church. Decorated with Renaissance era frescos and paintings, the ornate design of the building took breaths away. The colorful and intricate illustrations and images breathed an air of life into the building. Exiting his office, he quickened to a brisk pace as he sought for what he was looking for. Agrilo was the Administrator Curiae of Deopolis, meaning that he was the overseer and conductor of almost all of the administrative duties in the whole Church. In his 50s, he was rather young to be a cardinal, but through clever plays by the Ordo he had successfully be instituted by the previous pope. Soon after, that pope conveniently retired amid even more convenient scandal, opening up the papacy once more. In this office of power, Agrilo was able to stall and delay elections, as the Ordo worked more young men to the upper echelons of the clergy through him. He loved the power and concluded that he would be the one chosen to be the new pope by the Ordo. But his dreams were rudely interrupted by a lowly priest from St. Paul’s. While Kevin was never a serious (or at least favored) candidate for the papacy among the Ordo, his ideas were valued by the group. Patrick furrowed his brows at the thought. Rogers was the one who moved the focus away from Agrilo and towards an older cardinal, John Roberts, an older man, more entrenched in the Church’s power structure. But he of course was not at the top just yet. And without a pope, the men at the top were part of the Supreme Cardinal Assembly, the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium. Those were the only people Agrilo needed to move the light back onto him. * * * Rogers walked down the stairs into the unfinished basement. Peering into a corner, he saw Tony lying in the makeshift cell, dehydrated, beaten, and only half-conscious. He walked over to him, keys jangling in his hand. Reaching the cell door, he unlocked it, picking Tony up over his shoulders. Tony only grunted softly. Rogers walked back up the stairs quietly and out the front door, the humid air blanketing Rogers in the soft night. He lay Tony in the back seat of his car before getting in the front and then driving off. Matt lay asleep upstairs in his bedroom, none the wiser. Later that morning... Matt started when he heard a very loud knock on his front door, accidentally cutting himself with his razor in the process. Cursing, he quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and hurried downstairs. Peering through the peephole, he saw Rogers standing in front of his door, arms crossed and foot tapping. Matt opened the door hurriedly. “Come on in, Kevin.” Kevin nodded in affirmation before walking in and turning towards Matt. “I need to speak to Tony.” Matt closed the door and looked back at Kevin. “Alright, go ahead. I’ll be down in a sec.” Kevin walked downstairs while Matt hurried up, quickly finishing his shave and changing into some clothes. He left his bedroom and came to the top of the stairs, seeing Kevin at the bottom with a furious look on his face. Matt got an unsettling feeling in his gut. “What’s up?” he inquired. Kevin, lips pursed, motioned his head towards the basement stairwell. “Tony’s gone.” Matt’s eyes widened, hurrying past Kevin as he ran down both flights of stairs. Reaching the basement, he saw the empty cell and screamed in rage. * * * Friday, 4 January, Year of Our Lord 2019 St. Paul’s, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Parish Parish Rectory Father Leo had all forgotten about the note, until he saw another one in the mail in a stack the other priest had gotten from the mailbox. He was becoming worried at this point. Adam saved a lamb Millions more remain in danger Seek Judas. The Biblical references made it, if more cryptic, even more annoying. He was about to trash the note and disregard the entire matter before seeing a manila folder, with the word Judas scribbled on it in black pen. Leo opened the folder and took its contents out of the folder. On it were profiles of several men he didn’t know. Their names, occupations, and IDs were all on it. None of them looked familiar, except one. Joseph. He used to be a regular attender, that he knew. Was he supposed to go for him first? What was he even supposed to do? He had no clue. Did God?
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Logistics at Vega Naval base, next to Universal Exports shipping containers. IODF positioning troops in South-Miiros BALAS, Miiros -- The Imperial Orioni Defence Force (IODF) is moving some 15.000 military personnel to Balas, a small island in the south of @Miiros. "The planned transfer of personnel from Vega to Balas has been underway for several weeks now," a spokesperson has said. The planned transfer is related to EOS members sharing of their military infrastructure. The IODF will continue to send hundreds of vehicles and a dozen attack helicopters to Balas in the coming weeks. Also included are manned and unmanned surveillance aircraft, and a number of military engineers. This expansion of a troop presence just next door to the Bainbridge archipelago will put added pressure on the pirate leaders to forsake their criminal enterprise and come to the negotiating table. Tensions with Bainbridge had been rising for several years. The Pristo-administration deployed its anti-piracy operation Ocean Guard in July 2017, with mixed results. Sanctions have greatly weakened the Bainbridge economy. But boat refugees are ending up on Europan and Orinese shores. And the pirate actions have only slightly declined. The office of Admiral Ramius told Roiters reporters that the Navy possessed "very convincing evidence" that pirates in Bainbridge Islands were responsible for failed attacks on four more tankers. He added that: "This pirate menace has also tried to use upgraded speedboats that could launch missiles."
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    Economics Minister Taro Nakada and Foreign Minister Matsu Takashima had been spent the previous month hastily putting the meeting together. There was one moment in time where they honestly thought they wouldn't have been able to pull it off. They didn't have a choice: the Emperor had given them a direct order to make sure it happened and without a hitch. The Orinese minister was first to arrive and both gentlemen spoke with him for about ten minutes before he was whisked away to his accommodations at the site of the gathering: Hotel Otemachi, which was also one of the tallest buildings in the city of Nakazami. Takashima's staff had set up the conference room located on the 53rd floor of the building for the GIN sessions. As this was the third from the top floor, the viewing deck on the top floor had been converted into an elaborate dining room where the delegates would eat their meals with the view of the increasingly sprawly urbanity of Nakazami stretched out like octopus arms in all directions. This 'suburbanization' had been made possible by the high-speed railways the Kipanese Railways had opened, by proclamation of the Emperor, a decade before. One of the days of the meeting would involve the delegation taking the fast train out of the city and enjoy the sight of Mount Makapu. Back on the tarmac, a soldier of the Kipanese Defense Forces, held a radio that had been speaking in frantic Kipanese for several minutes. He proceeded to share that a half dozen aircraft were all on descent trajectories and would be landing over the next forty-five minutes. Takashima then shouted everyone to straight up and get in position for the next arrival.
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    So as I have pondered more about Oyus, I realize I have gone to great lengths to show how it is all around pretty good and very much like a utopia. This is despite the fact it is a government that is not exactly everyone's favorite for the people kind. It is perfection, and there is no better place to be (although I'm sure Mundus Liber would argue otherwise). At least, on the surface. Lately, I have been wanting to get into the life in Oyus under all the layers of perfection. I have been considering a string of short stories looking at different aspects of life in Oyus. Specifically: organized crime, terrorist organizations, separatist organizations, stories of this nature. Even in the most perfect countries, there is trouble in paradise whether everyone knows about it or not. My personal intention is to write mostly stories that would not really be reported on in the media as it is hidden, underworld (not because there is state run media) sort of secrecy. I potentially see attempts by foreign entities to influence Oyus. I would enjoy suggestions of how you might be involved (if you would be, even on a very low key note) or suggestions on what sort of things I could write about. I imagine membership numbers may be made up of foreigners due to lax visa policies. I would like to write about pretty much every group here in some respect. I have to admit this is pretty ambitious for me as a project and fingers crossed I hope it can go somewhere. Designated Terrorist/Separatist Organizations https://iiwiki.us/wiki/List_of_separatist_movements_and_terrorist_organizations_on_Eurth The Dread Clan - Organized crime syndicate known for acts of arson, bombing, and assassinations. The Adisi Nationalist Front (ANF) - Radical supremacist organization that seeks to unify the territories of the Adisi Ocean under one banner and cull any foreigners and non-native peoples. The Southern Oyus Commune - A relatively ignored and small incapable band of separatists, they are advocates for an authoritarian communist regime. The only objective of the SOC is to see that the southern isle of Oyus is independent under a communist regime. Supporters are those who feel that the National Congress doesn't go far enough. It is estimated there are about 200 Oyusards who pledge themselves to the cause. Organized Crime Groups https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Criminal_enterprises,_gangs_and_syndicates_of_Eurth#Oyuard_Organized_Crime The Ceta Brigade - Typical organized crime group that is relatively violent with a known protection racket. The Sisterhood of Nix - Vigilante group intent on curbing the efforts of the Dread Clan and the Ceta Brigade. The Dread Clan - See above. Inspiration credit to @Andalla
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    Landmark Agreement with Gallambria, Seylos Looking to the Stars Yesterday the King signed an agreement brought to him from the ambassador to @Gallambria in a landmark moment to try and move Seylos directly into the Space Age. The Royal Navy and Air Forces have come together with the government to help form a new civilian agency, the Seylosian Space and Aeronautics Administration (SSAA). Under this agreement the SSA has been committed to work directly with the Gallambrian Space Agency to further both nations interests in borth aeronautics and space exploration. For decades Seylos has lacked any sort of major aeronautics industry after the collapse of the country's largest aircraft manufacturer, Vertical Enterprises, in the mid 1970s. The government hopes with this initiative that an entire new industry will blossom, giving the country a decisive edge against others on the world economic stage. In fact the latest aircraft to be designed and Seylos, though build in Prymont, is the Harrier III variants which has pushed the Seylosian air technology into the modern era. In fact the Harrier program has already brought benefits to those that were involved, many of whom have reportedly already been recruited by the SSAA both military and civilian alike. On top of this, the creation of the SSAA has also spurred an enormous amount of excitement in the field of academics, with both the University of Selbourne and University of Norfolk both confirming they have been approached for consultation regarding the agency. The city of Kirkwall has already been chosen as the main headquarters for the SSAA not only due to large available amounts of desirable land for the agency, but also the most favorable weather patterns for potential launches that could occur in Seylos. The mayor of the city has already released in statement that he is "absolutely thrilled by the announcement and the future benefits it could bring to the city of Kirkwall". The government has said that more information will be released in the coming days to the SBC, but until then this seems to be an enormous step forward for Seylos towards the stars.
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Bluepeace condemns Kipan, Rihan for renewed whaling ZUIDHAVEN -- Bluepeace condemns the Kipanese and Rihansu Governments' formal announcements to officially restart their commercial whale hunting activities in its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Previous media reports did not indicate that the nations were considering this action, but the recent announcement formalises these nations' intention to resume the so-called "tradition" yet highly industrialised activity. NBK World: the [Kipanese] National Assembly has passed legislation that would allow the recommencement of commercial hunting of whales (April 7, 2019) Tlaru Aihrifv Rheilhhu: the [Rihansu] Senate in a close vote of 151-149 lifted the 1982 ban on commercial whaling (April 27, 2019) Mrs Asmanta Yelenase, Executive Director at Bluepeace (www.bluepeace.org) spoke with Roiters: "As a result of innovative whaling-fleet technology, overfishing in both the Aurelian coastal waters and on the high seas areas has led to the depletion of many whale species. Most whale populations have not yet recovered from this, including larger whale species such as blue whales and other baleen whales." "It’s evident that the governments are trying to sneak in this decision through while the spotlight of international media is focused elsewhere," she continued saying. "But the whole Eurth will this for what it is. These decisions are a clear step in the wrong direction, away from the international stewardship, widening the gap of protection for our oceans and these majestic animals. The governments of @Kipan and @Rihanmust urgently act to conserve marine ecosystems, rather than resume commercial whaling." While the whale population has seen a remarkable rebound after the 1980's moratorium on hunting, the numbers are not nearly what they used to be. The Laren Environmental Treaty recently signed in @Morheim shows more nations were willing to take the necessary measures to reduce much environmental abuse, not nations agree on this direction.
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    As said in the RP mentoring channel, I've had the idea to organize a sort of speed dating idea to switch things up a bit and establish ties between nations. In part, the concept is based on things I've seen in different regions that had 'news cycles' and such. Basic idea: Sign up Easy enough. Each time the subject changes, I'll make a sign up thread for people to sign up in. This allows people to decide their participation based on whether they'll have time and, also important, whether the subject interests them. (We could change this up to have the subject randomly chosen at the same time as the couples, in order to keep numbers from falling in the case of less-liked subjects.) Assigning people People will be assigned at random, through random.org's number generator. Names on a list, each name a number, easy enough. I'll release the list both on the OOC thread and the OP of the IC thread. Subject Each thread will have a subject. It could be something quite precise or something as vague as cuisine, which means the people teamed up could elaborate about fusion cooking (ex. Variotan-Fulgistani cuisine), a chef that holds fame in both or one of the nations, a famous restaurant, a well-known cook book, whatever. The goal here would be to promote connections between the two nations in an as large or as small a way as both participants can agree on. People can propose subjects, which I'll keep in a list together with whatever I think up and use random.org (because I like it and it gives all subjects a fair chance to get selected) to select the next thread's subject. How The how will be kept as open as possible. For example, both participants could come together to write a short story such as a critic's review of the famous restaurant I mentioned in 'Subject'. Or a travel guide bit, news articles, a wiki page, etc. Obviously, it'd be great if this leads to something both nations could use in their RPs, although that's not always possible of course. The goal is a bit of nice worldbuilding in ways some/most wouldn't have thought about with people they might not have thought about. Duration I'd imagine a sign up time of a week being good enough, as it would be as simple as 'I want to join in this round'. For the duration of the IC thread, I feel two weeks should be good for discussing things and writing them out especially as this is meant as a way to set up the connect, start it up. Theoretically, we could do the sign ups for the next thread once everyone has put in their bit, which might done sooner than the full two weeks, or during the last week of the IC thread in case things work out and it doesn't feel too rushed. It's all up for tweaking while we do it, of course. Learn and adapt and all that. I'll keep this in the moderation forum for 24 hours or so, in case there are any glaring issues we as the moderation team see, before moving it into the normal public forums.
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    Yes! NationDates is back again. And this time it comes with writing prompts. I've been snooping around on other worldbuilding communities and their Discord servers. A nice one is Worldbuilding Magazine. They have a "Worldbuilding Wednesday". It includes a weekly writing prompt. Here is a selection: When somebody has money to blow and a desire to travel in style, how do they do this in your world? Have you got a fancy car, prized steeds, or perhaps sleek ships that do the trick? Why was a town named the way it was? Why is the border strange-looking? What happened in the past to cause these things? Every world has that piece which people forget about. Tell us about what makes your forgettable corner of the world or region unique. Everyone likes to play a game, be it for gambling, simple chance, or education. In your world, what sort of games do your folk enjoy? Let's discuss medicine. What is your worlds most advanced medical salve, operation, or other treatment? What medical practices are being used despite the fact they are outdated? Do they know of germs, or have they discovered that germs aren't real and it's something else which causes ailments? What roles in your world/culture are affected by gender? An example would be how women in the music industry in America are much more likely to be solo performers, while men are seen more often in bands. What are some of the most prominent, influential, and/or divisive corporations in your world? What do they do that causes such a response? What do they do which most don't know about? What's their logo look like? These selected writing prompts I shared are focussed mainly on a single person writing. If the aim is to establish ties between two people, there needs to be a twist that brings them together. Let's use the opportunity here to collect some of those ideas. https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/ https://www.writersdigest.com/prompts http://writingprompts.com/ (funny)
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