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    --- Recipients: All Iverican Embassies Foreign Embassies on Iverican Soil Subject: Memo of Recent Statements Content as follows: The Primeal Spokesperson has announced that the Office of the Primo's intention to engage a representative of the Duchy of @Limonaia in talks concerning regional air defence. Full details have yet to be disclosed, though the Spokesperson expressed his reassurances that "the object of the discussions will be on reactionary air-defence measures and early-warning systems only" and that "the discussion aims to strengthen cooperation between the Republic and the Duchy with real and tangible measures". Primo Franso Deitorr also reached out to the press to convey his optimism stating that his tentative discussions with the Limonaian state offices so far have made him "all the more optimistic about the future of defence cooperation in the Mediargic". In a press conference outside the TRIDENT Iverican Office in Manille, CCO. Ferran Arnau Macharius, interim Secretary-General to the organisation announced the Republic's intention to spearhead one of TRIDENT's initialisation projects "STATAG" or Standardisation of TRIDENT Agreement alongside @Gallambria. The Secretary-General announced that this first step would be both setting a precedent while also tackling a top priority--Anti-Ballistic Missile Defence and general air-space security. Later elaboration announced that Phase 1 will first: consolidate Western Argis Aerospace Defence Command's (WARD) over-the-horizon (OTH) radar network with its Gallambrian equivalent, second: substantially improve WARD's OTH range by the adoption of the Royal Gallambrian Air Force's JOTHRN system, and third: will improve anti-ballistic missile capability over Marenesia by Gallambria's integration of WARD's own ANCILE tiered missile defence system. CCO. Macharius later went on record with a comment, "Given the poor state of order in the Auraid Bay area, and certain unfolding events in Europa, TRIDENT's--and the Republic's renewed focus on air-defence is only too timely. The current state of affairs only justifies our initial commitment to similar projects decades ago and provides us with motivation to renew our interest now." The Ministry of International Commerce & Development has announced that it has begun discussing measures to further incentivise maritime freight through Mediargic area. Minister Franco Sant'Cisco offered this comment, "As we have in the past, we intend to work closely with our peers in Het Huisselant @Variota. Many small businesses lack access to a dedicated international supply chain, making freight easier will only help their growth." End of Content
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    I'm still trying to workout some of the world around Faramount first, but I'm hoping to get it going in the next few weeks. A big part of why I started the whole talk on Christianity is to get a base from which to design what will be an important faction in the civil war. Once I've gotten a better breakdown for Christian Imperialism and the Disciples of Balconi, I'll be in better shape. I'd also like to see a definitive answer on the Derthalen thing, as that could have impacts for me.
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    I've listed them more as general ideas, so 'currency', 'wealth', 'immigration', 'entertainment', etc. That way, there's room for two people to come together.
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    Worker's Day on May 1st is celebrated in many countries, inculding me, @Fulgistan and probably a bunch of other (post)socialist nations. Also, Christmas is popular in the SSI as well, however, it is not a holiday. I'll send you new national holidays at the beginning of next month. Other abrahamitic holidays, such as Easter/Passover should be discussed with @Tagmatium Rules, @Sancti Imperii Catholico, @Tikva and the whole "origin of Christianity" gang.
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    As said in the RP mentoring channel, I've had the idea to organize a sort of speed dating idea to switch things up a bit and establish ties between nations. In part, the concept is based on things I've seen in different regions that had 'news cycles' and such. Basic idea: Sign up Easy enough. Each time the subject changes, I'll make a sign up thread for people to sign up in. This allows people to decide their participation based on whether they'll have time and, also important, whether the subject interests them. (We could change this up to have the subject randomly chosen at the same time as the couples, in order to keep numbers from falling in the case of less-liked subjects.) Assigning people People will be assigned at random, through random.org's number generator. Names on a list, each name a number, easy enough. I'll release the list both on the OOC thread and the OP of the IC thread. Subject Each thread will have a subject. It could be something quite precise or something as vague as cuisine, which means the people teamed up could elaborate about fusion cooking (ex. Variotan-Fulgistani cuisine), a chef that holds fame in both or one of the nations, a famous restaurant, a well-known cook book, whatever. The goal here would be to promote connections between the two nations in an as large or as small a way as both participants can agree on. People can propose subjects, which I'll keep in a list together with whatever I think up and use random.org (because I like it and it gives all subjects a fair chance to get selected) to select the next thread's subject. How The how will be kept as open as possible. For example, both participants could come together to write a short story such as a critic's review of the famous restaurant I mentioned in 'Subject'. Or a travel guide bit, news articles, a wiki page, etc. Obviously, it'd be great if this leads to something both nations could use in their RPs, although that's not always possible of course. The goal is a bit of nice worldbuilding in ways some/most wouldn't have thought about with people they might not have thought about. Duration I'd imagine a sign up time of a week being good enough, as it would be as simple as 'I want to join in this round'. For the duration of the IC thread, I feel two weeks should be good for discussing things and writing them out especially as this is meant as a way to set up the connect, start it up. Theoretically, we could do the sign ups for the next thread once everyone has put in their bit, which might done sooner than the full two weeks, or during the last week of the IC thread in case things work out and it doesn't feel too rushed. It's all up for tweaking while we do it, of course. Learn and adapt and all that. I'll keep this in the moderation forum for 24 hours or so, in case there are any glaring issues we as the moderation team see, before moving it into the normal public forums.
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    Moved this into the regular parts of the forum. The writing prompts @Orioni gave are a good beginning of a list, so I'll add them. In case everything goes right, I think we could start the first sign ups at the end of the week/beginning of this weekend.
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    A perfect opportunity for the relationships between our nations to grow. SSI humanitarian workers will gladly do their job alongside their Oyusard sisters and brothers.
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    Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own.
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    So there's an ongoing push for people to move towards more independent and creative denominations, as opposed to existing real-life denominations. Once we've seen how most people have established themselves, we can try to develop denominational groups. But we can keep working on some general thoughts in the meantime. Our current timeline has the Aroman Empire collapsing sometime in the fifth century, and the church fragmenting following the collapse of the empire. So my thought is that the First Council of Nicaea occurred in 325 IG as IRL and the First Council of Constantinople occurred in 381 IG as IRL, but that all subsequent ecumenical councils would've been piecemeal (some churches participating, some not). There'd be no definitive schisms here as such -- it's just whether or not the Ahranan Church or Cristenese Church or whatever attended/accepted a council. We could even do a chart indicating which churches accept which basic Christian beliefs. _________ Not to be confused with Variotan Christianity. For more information, see Christianity. Christianity is an Abrahamic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, as described in the New Testament. Christianity itself is divided into a number of denominations, whose adherents have differing practices while still believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and savior of all people, whose coming as the Messiah was prophesied in the Old Testament. Christianity developed during the 1st century CE as a Jewish Christian sect of Second Temple Judaism. It soon also attracted Gentile God-fearers, which lead to a departure from Jewish customs, and the establishment of Christianity as an independent religion. It spread through the Aroman Empire and surrounding areas during the 1st and 2nd centuries, becoming a dominant cultural force. The Aroman Empire legalized Christianity in the early 3rd century and then adopted Christianity as the state religion in the mid 3rd century. The Empire oversaw two major ecumenical councils in the fourth century, helping to propagate a unified Christian creed. The collapse of the Aroman Empire in the fifth century prompted a large-scale fragmentation of Christianity. A number of groups of churches reorganized themselves independently now that the imperial structure had disappeared, creating independent denominations such as the Salvian Catholic Church and Iverican Catholic Church. More commonly, newly rising states claimed control of the Christian churches within their borders, creating state-run denominations such as the Ahranan Orthodox Church, Tagmatine Orthodox Church, Cristense Orthodox Church, the Burlingtonian Orthodox Church, and the Dniestrian Orthodox Church. Over time, new denominations split off from old ones over various theological and political differences, creating the Limonaian Catholic Church, Seylosian Protestant Church, Christian Imperialist Church, and others. Christianity is amongst the most popular religions on Eurth with over a billion followers. Many of the world's most influential nations are majority Christian including Iverica, Seylos, Tagmatium, Cristina, and Limonaia. Christianity and Christian ethics have played a prominent role in the development of Western civilization, particularly in Europa and Argis during late antiquity and the Middle Ages.
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    Either works, I'd say. It's up to you.
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    All good -- I'll just be bringing Enolia to heel in the meantime. I should be done by the time you are ready to begin this.
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    Yes! NationDates is back again. And this time it comes with writing prompts. I've been snooping around on other worldbuilding communities and their Discord servers. A nice one is Worldbuilding Magazine. They have a "Worldbuilding Wednesday". It includes a weekly writing prompt. Here is a selection: When somebody has money to blow and a desire to travel in style, how do they do this in your world? Have you got a fancy car, prized steeds, or perhaps sleek ships that do the trick? Why was a town named the way it was? Why is the border strange-looking? What happened in the past to cause these things? Every world has that piece which people forget about. Tell us about what makes your forgettable corner of the world or region unique. Everyone likes to play a game, be it for gambling, simple chance, or education. In your world, what sort of games do your folk enjoy? Let's discuss medicine. What is your worlds most advanced medical salve, operation, or other treatment? What medical practices are being used despite the fact they are outdated? Do they know of germs, or have they discovered that germs aren't real and it's something else which causes ailments? What roles in your world/culture are affected by gender? An example would be how women in the music industry in America are much more likely to be solo performers, while men are seen more often in bands. What are some of the most prominent, influential, and/or divisive corporations in your world? What do they do that causes such a response? What do they do which most don't know about? What's their logo look like? These selected writing prompts I shared are focussed mainly on a single person writing. If the aim is to establish ties between two people, there needs to be a twist that brings them together. Let's use the opportunity here to collect some of those ideas. https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/ https://www.writersdigest.com/prompts http://writingprompts.com/ (funny)
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    Faramount's longstanding dictator will be dying in the next few weeks, prompting a brief but intense fight to succeed him. His son-in-law will ultimately succeed, but in doing so, will do serious harm the nation's military and security services, thus leading to major gains by communist rebels, ethnic insurgents, and a radical Christian/Truthist militant group. The country will essentially fall into very serious fighting. I've been working over the last few months to give a lot of nations a strong interest in the outcome. @Rihan is exploiting Faramount for petroleum and slaves. Both @Derthalen and @Limonaia are exploiting Faramount for petroleum and coal, have a substantial expatriate presence in Faramount, and have close religious and cultural ties with Faramount. @Seylos's Monarch has a major operation in the nation, which I believe its planning to use as a recruitment base. @Fulgistan is funding and arming the communist rebels, whose government is hosted in Bogd Gioro. I'm also told that @North Dniester might be interested in directly invading to get access to petroleum. So I figured it'd be a pretty good idea to establish a general thread to discuss the extent to which people might be planning to get involved.
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    I got scared when I saw “Derthalen” lol. In reality, I would likely not support the group then/ they’re just too different from Catholicism , being not only a branch off of Limonian Catholicism but related to Derthalen Truthism. I’ll probably just join @Sunset Sea Islands and @Oyus in humanitarian aid work and Gospel spreading.
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    Nation in Europa: Holy Empire of Balvics Flag: Capital name: City of Wellshire Capital location: Alharu Factbook link: None. Newsroom link: None. Culture: Italian. Climate: Hot. Location History: Currently do not have any "Location History",
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    imma send a letter protesting this 'capitalist organization of musical debauchery' and denounce all nations involved, is that alright?
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    Giordano Savio applauded respectfully after Seto's address, and again after Ninson speech. Once the two had finished, and no one else had indicated any desire to speak, he signaled to be recognized. "I join with my esteemed colleagues in hoping that today, we can establish a baseline for peace and prosperity in the world's oceans and waterways. Over the last few months, legal experts from a number of nations have come together, developing the proposal that I will now detail. During this process, my delegation has become somewhat of a neutral broker, due to our lack of direct interest here. With this in mind, I think I am the perfect person to present the proposal." "The International Maritime Convention grants wide powers to coastal states, significantly expanding on what has historically been allowed. A coastal state will of course have complete control over its inland waters, but it will now also have near-complete sovereignty over a period extending twelve nautical miles from its coastline. What's more, a coastal state will have control of all natural resource exploitation occurring within 200 nautical miles of its coastline -- or, if there is an extensive continental shelf, to the end of that continental shelf or to 350 nautical miles from its coastline, whichever is shorter. Certain special provisions have been made to ensure the power of archipelagoes states over their internal waters as well." "Yet the convention also grants significant privileges to the maritime powers, specifically in the form of the right to innocent passage. This right will allow any ship -- merchant, warship, or submarine -- to travel through any nation's territorial waters, subject only to safety and environmental regulates that a coastal state must apply equally to foreign and domestic vessels. Now, there will be limitations on what innocently passing ships can do. A submarine must be surfaced; a warship cannot engage in any military activity; and generally, a ship must pass as expeditiously as reasonably possible. And a ship can prohibit certain types of vessels from traveling through its waters including nuclear-powered vessels. But by and large, we will have created a substantial right for merchants to go anywhere in the world." "We've also created some general international rules to promote the universal good. Piracy and unauthorized broadcasting are banned, and states are authorized to enforce those bans. We have also included optional protocols banning the slave trade and narcotics trade, for those nations who wish to allow their ships to be policed on these bases. There is also a mandate that any ship help another ship in distress. And there are a number of environmental regulations, aimed at ensuring that no party to the treaty severely pollutes the environment." "We've finally proposed a framework for further development of international maritime law and the law of the sea. An International Maritime Organization is formed, which can propose model maritime regulations, propose new maritime treaties, or amend this treaty. And an International Maritime Court is created to adjudicate disputes regarding the convention. These two bodies should foster substantial cooperation in these areas." "With the proposal laid out, I do believe now would be the time to begin substantive negotiations." As Savio spoke, his aides distributed the initial proposals of the International Maritime Convention, Optional Protocol Banning the Slave Trade, Optional Protocol Banning the Narcotics Trade, Statute of the International Maritime Organization, and Statute of the International Maritime Court.
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    Aidan stood up suddenly and made a glance at the closed door, then back at the wall of tapes and records. "Help me, find anything on a weapon." Parker took a look back at the terrified ambassadors. Each of them held a look of fear and total confusion on their faces. Undoubtedly they were wondering why they were pausing for this while being chased by some rogue group, a thought that Parker himself was having. "Your Majesty, with all due respect... we are being hunted right now. I understand the gravity of this, but we can't take the time to look through all of this. I have to escort you safely out of here." "Your king has issued you an order, " Aidan looked briefly behind him, and Parker could see the anger in his eyes. "If you want to go faster get them to help." Almost involuntarily, Parker brought himself mostly to attention before forcing himself to relax and turn towards the two ambassadors. Collins was already up rifling through the records on the wall. Seeing the confused look on Parker's face he simply shrugged, "I want to get out of here as quickly as possible, but I won't lie I'd love to hold one over those damn Eirreans." "I'll just um... watch the door," mumbled Walkton, sheepishly facing towards the door away from the rest of them. Parker rolled his eyes grabbing the ambassador by the should and gently pushing him towards the wall full of records. "I think it's better I keep watch, just keep it down." Parker said, making sure to keep an eye on Aidan. He had never seen the king be so focused on a task. But he supposed this was far into his own family's business. He couldn't imagine having a family line of people who endlessly disappointed him. First his own father, then his brother, and now apparently a killer grandfather. After a few minutes of rifling around Collins triumphantly held up an open file whispering loudly, "What about this? I think this might be what you are looking for!?" Aidan stopped what he was doing immediately and much to Collins' surprise grabbed the file out of his hand gently. The file, marked 'S42' was thick with papers, and other materials taped inside of it. Aidan took a minute to go through the contents before outside they could here the sounds of commotion outside of the door. The commotion quickly turned fro muffled shouts to heavy gunfire. Parker immediately ran behind one of the old heavy metal desks in the room and threw his weight underneath it, flipping it over on its side. He aggressively gestured at the group pointing down behind the table. Both ambassadors virtually dived behind the table, and Aidan quickly grabbed his rifle off a nearby countertop before joining the rest, both him and Parker aiming at the door. The gunshots continued but the voices, at least to Parker sounded almost familiar. Almost on a leap of faith he threw up his hand hoping Aidan would notice. The door screeched open, and with it the sounds of gunfire louder than ever, though less frequent than before. In burst a man in a suit, handgun raised ready to fire before he recognized his king. "My god Your Majesty, Parker. We've been sweeping the grounds for you. Is the king alright?" The man said, pointing his pistol down. Parker had noticed his command had been just in time, as Aidan was only just lowering his rifle, a look of relief on his face. "We're alright Abner. What's going on?" Abner breathed a sigh of relief, "We've got the enemy on the run sir. We managed to rally the palace guard, it seems like whoever is behind this clearly didn't have their support. It's been hard tracking them through the storm..." Aidan quickly hopped over the table almost shoving a paper from the file in Abner's face, "I need this area secured immediately." Abner gave a quick worried glance over to Parker, who shook his head. "Your Majesty, we've got the enemy on the run, we can't just let them escape." Aidan shoved the paper into Abern's chest, "I'm well aware, but it doesn't matter. This is the only thing that matters now do you understand?" Abner took the paper in his hand, holding it up into the light and nodded in understand, "Yes Your Majesty, of course."
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    He had become a sad shell of a man over the years but it didn't stop him from trying to grasp on to the power he held at court. Next to his country Seylos had flourished, building more than the disparate families of Éire had ever been able to accomplish. It was a miracle sometimes that lights were on these days. He groaned and walked slowly to his balcony and looked out across the city. He had imagined in his youth to transform it into a beautiful skyline of glittering lights and opulence, to rival Selbourne. But none of that had ever come to pass. He shrank inside to see the wasted potential in front of him. Loughrea struggled on, becoming poorer and poorer each day and under his watchful gaze. Failed construction projects and empty cranes dotted the skyline from a decades prior when the slightest bit of hope had been present. He had taken the ducal throne after his brother had passed away early. He was young and eager to make his mark on the world and on Éire. He has started slow but years later he had pushed for expansion, rapid and somewhat brutal expansion. Looking back on it he knew what a horrible mistake it had been. An inexperience duke seizing control of the economy pushing for more and more. Stretching the resources of the country to the limits, and the treasury far beyond what it was capable of. At first it was wonderful, the capital took on a new life business boomed, the streets were crowded with workers, and in the best moment of his life he had married the woman of his dreams, Amelia. He watched as his dreams had come true and for the first time ever their neighbor Seylos took notice of their success. His wife soon had three beautiful children: Eleanora, Noah, and Conor. He had never been so happy, but it had all been destined to end at some point. By the time she was twenty Eleanora had attracted the eye of the Prince of Seylos, Stuart. She was the first to leave. Not long after Eleanora had left, what he had dreaded had happened. He knew that the spending couldn't continue forever, but he hadn't just thought ahead. He was the Duke after all, and to admit such things would show incredible weakness to the nobility of Eirie. But regardless of how much he had denied it in his mind it came to pass regardless. The money dried up, and with not a single drop left in the treasuries to fund this golden age it all came crashing down. The markets fell overnight, the companies stopped getting their subsidies, and worst of all Amelia became ill. She had always been such a strong woman, but this time even her strength couldn't save her. When she passed the world became dark, not just inside himself but outside as well. The popular Amelia had managed to keep the people under control with her passion and empathy or a time, but with her gone his greatest diplomat to the people was gone with her. The protests had begun demanding the prosperity they had all once enjoyed. Then the riots. He had spent days holed up in the palace watching Loughrea burn and the skies turn orange with their glow. After the riots came the insurrection. First rocks being thrown at police keep order, then the next thing he knew he awoke one day to find that Noah and Conor were both gone. He saw the pictures of their burning motorcade, and felt rage. Deep rage. Eleanor tried to come to come to him, but the now King Stuart forbade it, he didn't want to risk losing his Queen. She tried to comfort him from afar but it made no difference. He had started his retribution, campaigns against this rebellion. Aggressive and decisive. His rage had driven him to victory he believe, and they were gone. What was left was a husk of a country. Their people feeling nothing but hatred for their leader but too afraid to stop him now. He remembered brief demonstration calling out in futility for Eleanora to come and save them from this wretched duke but he crushed them as he crushed the other. And with that, Eleanora was gone. She refused to speak to him for the crimes he had committed against the people she love. So all he had left was this, his power. He would never give it up. A knock on his door interrupted his gaze on the broken city. One of his advisors emerged from the doorway, "Your Grace, the council has assembled." He nodded and waved the man off. He took his time getting fully dressed, and after he was satisfied he looked regal enough he left his bedroom followed by his guards to the council chambers. When he arrived the guards opened the doors for him, which promptly closed behind him. The chambers were mostly empty with one man in particular that caught his suddenly widening eyes. "Duke Mághnus Mac Aodhagáin, it's been so long." "Henry." Mághnus hissed. Henry rolled his eyes at his uncle's display, "I guess I should've expected that, I'm not exactly popular these days. But neither are you. It's incredible how much they all hate you." "They don't need to like me Henry, they just need to serve me." Mághnus growled back, he turned back to the doors to open them but they were shut tight. He banged on them as hard as he could, "Guards! Guards!" Henry chuckled to himself, "They aren't coming Grandpa Mághnus. It turns out you can't even buy their loyalty anymore. You know what's funny to me when I came here, the people here see my brother as much better alternative to you." Mághnus spun around, "Him? We both know he's a weak fool. His mother spent too long poisoning his mind" Henry nodded slightly, taking the time to take out a pill bottle which he promptly opened taking a pill out and popping it in his mouth, "Oh definitely, but he's a popular weak fool, and coincidentally much better at running a country than you it turns out. As much as I want to be king, I can't say that he's done the worst job. At least better than our father, or you. As it turns out your inability to keep your children alive leaves him next in line to the throne, and I do very much like the idea of Seylos having more territory when I take it back." Mághnus froze, his face showing horror at the realization at his situation, "Why are you here!?" "I'm here for me, for my future kingdom... and for mum," Henry said while producing a pistol, and fired. ------------------- Edit: For new people who are unaware Henry is the brother of King Aidan, the leader of Seylos. He fled after a failed coup and is active in the mercenary space hoping one day to reclaim the crown.
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    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Lev Threatens to Leave Governing Coalition over Tax Increase By Riva Demsky 12 May 2019 Relations between the parties of the Governing coalition reached a new low today when Lev Party Chairman and current Finance Minister, Daniel Wolf, stormed out of the weekly cabinet meeting. As he exited the room, he approached members of the Press saying that he had been informed that the Prime Minister was considering a potential 9% increase in general taxation levels to pay for programs and priorities urged by his coalition's far-right parties. Wolf has always been a deficit hawk and has urged the two coalition governments, both under Lasker, to not expand the nation's debt beyond 3% of the nation's GDP. He added to those gathered that Lasker's coalition partners have called for a sharp increase in funding for programs centered on Dati-dominated communities including religious education, healthcare, and settlement construction in the Samarran Valley. This comes as the Knesset is preparing to approve the annual budget next month. Wolf said that he could not be part of the Government if Lasker capitulates and decides to ram through the increase. He said he would be evaluating the situation and act once he sees a final draft of the proposed budget. Liora Shapiro, the Leader of the Opposition, issued a statement an hour later saying that the Herut Party was not governing, instead, it was allowing the far-right coalition partners that are holding up Lasker's government, to actually lead the nation -- at the expense of everyone including the 72.6% of Juddish people who do not identify as Masorti (traditional) or Dati (strict) Juddism. She said that the Government should be leading for all Tikvans and not a very small minority. Wolf was asked if he were to leave the Government, could he potentially support a Government led by Liora Shapiro, he did not comment. A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office would not comment on the remarks made by the Finance Minister regarding a possible tax increase other than to say that the Government was currently developing its budget and that it would be releasing it to members of the Knesset and the Public at the end of May.
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    From the Government of the State of Tikva RE: Ahranaian Space Agency Collaboration On behalf of the Government, I have been instructed by the Prime Minister to relay a message that states that the State of Tikva is interested in working closely in critical research and development activities surrounding the efforts of your national agency. Although we have some of the tools to do this type of work independently, most Prime Ministers in the past have recognized that it is outside of Tikva's means to have its own space agency, but that collaboration with others would be tenable to long-range efforts in space by our nation -- while passing along major developments onto those nations who provide partnership opportunities. If this is of interest to the Federation, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet would be intrigued to discuss it further. Sincerely, Rona Bettman Science and Technology Minister
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    To: Artur Domiani, Minister of State, Democratic Republic of Faramount From: The Office of Foreign Minister of the State of Tikva, Dagon Halevi MK The State of Tikva hereby appoints Jon Itzik to represent our interests within the Democratic Republic. I look forward to building a closer relationship between our two nations.
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    To: Secretary-General of the Federation of Ahrana, Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring From: Prime Minister of Tikva, Jacob Lasker I am not against having the former monarch be appointed as ambassador from Ahrana to the great land of Tikva but I am not sure why this is an issue. I would recommend that your Government consult a map of Eurth and look as to where we are located. We do not reside on the continent of Argis, we live in the lands of Alharu. I can understand your worries if the said individual was to be assigned to responsibilities in the warzone that is Aluxia at this time. I will reiterate that I am looking forward to building a closer relationship between our two countries in the coming days, weeks, months, and years ahead.
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    FINANCE | BUSINESS | STOCK MARKET | COMMODITIES | POLITICS | TECHNOLOGY DAWCOIN DIVES AFTER MEGA LOSS WEEKEND Carlington, Anderson. The Dawcoin crypto currency loses most of its value following a disastrous weekend. The Dawson based crypto-currency became PyeMcGowan’s first and only crypto currency in 2009 when it became public. Until 2016 it was worth at most a few hundred Poggles, but with futher investment prices began to skyrocket making many, who invested in the beginning, multi-millionaires. The currency became so successful that many stores and banks such as Unitons, United Bank, Buckstar and NCBC accept it as it would Poggles, in January Parliament debated recognising it as a foreign Currency, and the Minister for Business proposed that it be considered in a way such as a dominion currency, such as the Leverne Poggle or Nova Marina Dollar. But yesterday the currency took a sharp dive, losing 250 Poggles worth of value in under 10 minutes, and over a thousand throughout the day. Many have lost hundreds of thousands of Poggles in yesterday’s events and ripples from the crash have struck multiple online currencies across Eurth, creating a crypto crash as many financial journalists have been calling it. The ‘Central Bank’ that controls the currency has sent an urgent plea to its millionaire and billionaire backers to help the currency retain its value.So far it is unknown what started the rapid devaluing, but many presume that it is linked with a possible major sell of some Dawcoin, by one of the currency’s millionaire traders. The Head of the currency, Dominic Potrenco has refused to attend Parliamentary Committees multiple times in the past, but with the recent plummeting of the crypto currency’s value and disinterest among investors, Potrenco has accepted an invitation to attend the Digital Banking And Finance Committee, which will be on PMN Parliament 2 on Thursday at midday. The Gladstone Switch, And The Future of PyeMcGowian Energy By Dr Benjamin Riversea Yesterday at a press conference Bill Gladstone, the founder and CEO of Gladstone Energy, one of the largest fossil fuel based energy companies, announced that from the 1st of July all Oil and coal based operations will have been sold or ceased, as they are switching to renewable energy production. This follows the billionaire CEO’s recent trip to multiple remote islands in the South Adlantic And Oriental Oceans where many witnessed how rising tides have caused mass flooding, and making thousands homeless, he said that he was effected by the scenes that he witnessed, which led him to stop his company from emitting any more emissions. Wind Power has Become the second largest power source behind nuclear energy, the Department For Public Infrastructure has released plans for major wind farms in the bay and in the windy plateaus of the mid west. Another project was released for a large Dam on the river Contant, whichas it flows completely through Theodoria, possibly proving a future energy pact, either way, renewable energies are the future, and by 2025, will have made more jobs than the entire Extraction Industry in PyeMcGowan. Flooding has severely effected low islands, forcing many to retreat to higher ground.
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    Previously: When SSO agent "Shrike" offers him a chance to settle an old score with "Kingfisher", now an alleged traitor, Captain Santiago becomes embroiled in a cloak-and-dagger game between the Duchy of Verde and his homeland, the Republic of Iverica. Santiago fails to prevent Kingfisher's assassination of the Vasqqan head of state, Subiri, but manages to confront and defeat Kingfisher in the storm drains of the Vasqqan capital. However, after a watery intervention gives Kingfisher a chance to speak, Santiago quickly learns that his mark, Kingfisher, is no traitor at all, but a double agent still loyal to Iverica. Now, Santiago must confront Shrike, the real traitor who had masterminded the debacle in hopes of recovering the sensitive documents Shrike has gained possession of. A UNION DIVIDED | CHAPTER III, PART 1 1330hrs 17th of October, 2018 Porto Verde They were hopelessly lost. Wandering in the labyrinthian storm drains without a map, Santiago and Kingfisher could only hope to pick path after path of dark, dripping pipeline. This space was a far cry from the cavernous expanse of the main ducts they had battled in just a few hours ago. Between the two, there had been an unspoken agreement of sorts--forged somewhere between the principles of a mutually sought retribution against Shrike and a kind of enemy of my enemy pact. At the moment, the only evidence of trust in their new partnership was the carbine Kingfisher had returned to Santiago's hands. It was clear that the spook did not trust the jaded SOAR officer, but the gesture seemed necessary to cement their partnership--at least until the mission ended with the death of their mutual enemy. Still, the pair had been slogging through the ankle-deep slurry in wary silence of one another, sharing few words but never letting the other out of sight. At least, that was the case until Kingfisher, who had taken the fore, froze and signalled with an upheld fist. "Mér!", he muttered. "What?", Santiago had his carbine raised, sweeping the rear. "Footsteps, still some ways off", whispered Kingfisher in reply. Then they heard the voices. It could only be the SSO kill team, as the Guardia Civil were unlikely to wander the storm drains during a deluge. Kingfisher tensed. Perhaps sensing that the spook was preparing to bolt, Santiago interjected. "Wait--this could be a good thing. If they think you're still my prisoner, we could tag along, use Plover's map, and make a break for it. This place is a maze, we could lose them easily" "Puté, that's bleeding mad", but Kingfisher sounded uncertain. He knew as Santiago did, that all the other options would likely lead to them in Vasqqan cuffs. "It's our best shot", Santiago insisted. --- Not long after, the kill team had found, more like crashed into them at an intersection. There had been a brief exchange of raised rifles and shouting, but once it was clear that it was Santiago--with a freshly zip-tied Kingfisher in tow, the situation settled. Santiago noted the kill team was two members short, casualties of the flood no doubt. Though despite that, they had managed to retain Teresa in their custody, who was now glaring at Santiago through her soaked red locks. "Plover." "Capitan." The greeting was cold, but there was still some relief in Plover's voice--owing more to confirmation of Kingfisher's state of capture than the sight of Santiago's botched face. "Start talking, what's our plan for getting out of this damp hell?", Santiago resumed his usual tone of easy swaggering, masking the tension tightening in his calves. "I've ascertained our position. The airstrip is a no-go, we're too far. SSO has a contact inside the Guardia Maritima boat pool, we should be able to secure a skiff back to friendly waters." Santiago's mind raced. It was almost too perfect. He knew Shrike would be taking a ship, he said as much. If Kingfisher's new intel was true, he'd be making for Verde instead of Manille. There was only a matter of cutting Plover loose somehow. "Perfect. Lead the way." Plover turned to take point, consulting his plastic-sleeved map. Kingfisher and Santiago exchanged glances. Teresa, watching all the while, did not miss their gestures. --- The group marched along. In between the minutes of the march, Santiago and Kingfisher held a hurried conversation of hand signalled messages. They were bringing up the rear of the formation, so no one had caught on to their plotting. No one, except for Teresa, who cast furtive glances back at the pair, frowning all the while. Kingfisher caught her eye and nodded to her. If anything, Teresa's frown deepened even more. Plover had shared landmarks and map information with Santiago earlier, who in turn, signed the information to Kingfisher. It was decided that they would make a break for it at one of the cisterns they would pass--a tower-sized silo used to hold excess water in case the tubes were overwhelmed. The plan was simple--on the mark, Santiago would cause a distraction and they would bolt down the planned route to the boat pool, using the floodgate marked on the map to cut off the rest of the bewildered team. The opening to the cistern was coming into view, ahead its cylindrical base lay illuminated by the red glow of service lamps. Kingfisher looked to Santiago, who returned a minute nod and flipped his safety off. As the group emerged from one of the capillary tubes into the hollow tower that was the cistern, Kingfisher quickly scanned the interior. He found his mark. The floodgate. His calves tensed and he took a deep breath. The signal came when Santiago shouted, calling out phantom contacts behind them while firing his carbine at the dark nothingness of the tube they had just emerged from. The alarm was enough to distract the kill team, all of whom wheeled around and opened fire down the tube as well. Santiago began edging backwards, letting the kill team form a firing line in front of him. He slipped a flash grenade and a smoke grenade from his rig. At the first sign of the team's distraction, Kingfisher began his wild sprint, dashing towards the sluice gate. There was a shout of alarm, and one of the men turned his weapon towards the darting Kingfisher. The flash grenade that Santiago primed went off, blinding everyone else. Kingfisher hadn't been careful enough as he ran with his forearm across his eyes. He slipped on the muck and went sprawling into the ankle-deep dregs. Then, Santiago's smoke grenade went off, smoke billowing around the enclosed space. There was shouting now, the kill team was verily confused, coughing and milling about. Just as Kingfisher regained his footing he felt his collar yanked upwards. He turned to face his assailant, meeting the descending carbine stock face-first. The weapon butt slammed into the bridge of his nose. Plover had somehow caught up to him. The young agent now stood triumphantly over him, his weapon's muzzle aimed squarely at Kingfisher's forehead The carbine let loose two rounds. No kaleidoscope of memories came. There was only pure, naked shock as the muzzle flash enveloped his vision. A moment passed before he realised he wasn't dead. Coming out of the wince he was holding, he realised that Plover was convulsing at an odd angle, bent backwards, head tipped backed with the carbine pointing wayside. Teresa was behind Plover, her zip ties constricting his windpipe as he tried to shake her off like a wounded tiger would if it had a monkey around its neck. Not wasting another moment, Kingfisher cocked his right leg back and sent it lashing out. The boot heel connected with Plover's crotch, ending his struggle and allowing Teresa to gain control. There was a crack, audible through the shouting and shooting. Plover fell, his head lolling at an odd angle. Teresa scooped up the carbine and kicked Kingfisher in the ribs. "Move it!", she shrieked at him. Kingfisher didn't need to be told twice, he scrambled to his feet and half-staggered, half-sprinted for the flood gate. --- Santiago had already been waiting at the gate entrance, firing at the scattered kill team returning wildly inaccurate fire. The smoke had flooded the constricted space, with no formation and muzzle flashes lighting up all around, the operators' resistance was of little effect. Only as Kingfisher and Teresa slid into the tube did they finally respond in good order. Though it was too late, for Santiago had already flipped the gate's manual trigger, sending the heavy 3-ton slab of steel into a whining descent. As the gate squealed shut, the noise of firing and shouting was abruptly muffled, punctuated only by the dull tolling of rounds thrumming off the thick metal. Santiago was panting heavily. As was Kingfisher, blood streaming through his nose. And as was Teresa who had Plover's carbine levelled at the both of them. --- Your granny a tranny.
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    You're certainly welcome to! But I'd note that this isn't just a Christian group, but rather, a Christian/Truther group. Specifically, the Disciples are a radical Christian Imperialist group.
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    Monday, 20 December, Year of Our Lord 2018 The squad of black-suited individuals walked through the same lobby in the same building as Rogers had done not even two weeks before. They each gave a curt nod as they walked pass the receptionist to the elevator before piling in. One hit the button marked “3,” and the elevator doors closed as the elevator began to ascend. The doors opened and the squad walked out, nonchalantly walking down the hallway as if they were only just walking back to their apartment. They stopped at a door marked “305”- the same number on the business card. One of them dropped a duffel bag, rummaging through it and passing out gear- masks, weapons and tactical grenades. None of this would be used if everything went according to plan. But plans rarely work out. When they had finished putting their masks on and prepping their weapons, the apparent captain of the squad nodded to each one of them, then suddenly kicked the door down. Two split left to clear the kitchen while the other three walked down the hallway towards the living room, which was dark save for the TV which was on. The three slowly walked down, the two doors set in the hallway closed and locked. They reached the living room, one clearing left and one clearing right. The third walked over to the couch, where he found Tony lying on the couch, sleeping and with an empty beer can in his hand. On a coffee table in front of the couch were documents, sprawled out in an unorganized fashion. The group leader, Thomas, took off his mask, and the rest of the squad did the same as the two men from the kitchen walked into the living room. As the two drugged Tony and bounded him, Thomas looked at the documents. Many of them seemed like printed out emails, letters, or other documents, although some were profiles on some members of the Ordo. Thomas frowned at how much info seemed to be leaked. “Grab those documents, we’ll burn them later.” The other two men nodded, and the squad began packing up. The gear was stowed back to where it was before, with the documents stashed with them. Tony was stuffed into a large suitcase that they had brought in with them. They left 5 minutes later out of the backdoor. ____________ Saturday, The Day of the Birth of Our Messiah, Jesus Christ, Year of Our Lord 2018 Tony woke up from his unconscious stupor, his body aching and in pain. He had lost count how many days he’s been in the basement. His face was bloodied, bruised, and bloodied from the beatings. “Come on, Tony. Do just tell.” The pain at first was unbearable, but he had gotten used to it. He was sure that they’d broken a good number of bones in his body. he knew it was bad when thoughts became hard to muster. “Toooony.” The woman seemed to croon. “Tell and you won’t be in trouble.” It sounded like his mother. Why was that? Something stopped him from telling. Not the excruciating pain or brain damage. He despised Kevin. What was his business going around telling people what to do or not do when he’s got his own problems, his own hellish “sins?” He was part of this plot in the first place. The woman made an exaggerated pouting face. “Oh, come on Tony, you know you want to tell me your secret. Who told you those naughty things? You don’t want to get in trouble, do you?” Tony struggled to lift his head up. His mother was asking a simple question, all he had to do was answer the truth. No punishment. But something stopped him. He didn’t know what. They always hated each other. Or... did they? Tony, his eyes empty and blank, grunted in response. The woman frowned. “Well, no cookie for you.” Then it went black. _______ “Stop.” The tattooed woman stopped beating Tony. The bat was stained red. Matthew was standing in the dark corner, examining Tony from a distance like he was examining a corpse at a crime scene. The woman walked over to him and shrugging her shoulders. Matthew looked to the man standing next to him. “We found him with documents about us. Profiles on us even, including one on you.” Kevin looked away from Tony and stared at Matt. He held back his emotions screaming at him to do something. “Why do you tell me this?” he asked, nonchalantly. Matt shrugged. “Just to let you know.” Kevin simply nodded in affirmation and replied briefly. “I think we can begin our moves for the smoke.” Matt was surprised. He cocked one eyebrow, “You sure? Saulius is popular. We do not have a guaranteed majority.” Kevin simply nodded. “Cardinal John is also popular, especially with the more liberal cardinals overseas in Europa. Others we have bought off.” He looked away from Matt and back at Tony. “Others could simply miss the vote.” _______ The morning after. Father Leo walked out to his mailbox to collect the daily mail. As the new pastor, he was incredibly busy, but with it being the day after Christmas church offices were closed and there was only one daily mass, which the other priest offered to preside over. He was left to enjoy his Sunday, something rarely enjoyed by the clergy in Salvia. He walked down the asphalt driveway and opened the mailbox. He rifled through it, and seeing the usual package almost stopped. But a small, handwritten note taped to the corner of a magazine caught his eye. He ripped it off the magazine and read it. He frowned confusingly. Judas seeks the lambs. He wears a red flower. His wolves wear white. Seek them.
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    Salvia would probably support the Christian group, possibly with arms and/or advisors. Would this be a problem?
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    OSTPORT LEGALISES CANNABIS FOR RECREATIONAL USE CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - The state of Ostport has moved to legalise cannabis for recreational use, in a move that is expected to please voters of all ages. It’s one of the first campaign promises that has been met by the government and has been prioritised to immediately satisfy the public while lengthier issues, such as increasing funding for various public sectors and lowering taxes, are processed in Parliament. The legalisation will be trialled in Ostport for three months and, if deemed successful, will be rolled out nationwide. Cannabis has been legalised in the United States for medicinal purposes since 2018 after the benefits were reviewed by the government and legalised to offer an alternative method of pain relief for patients. Campaigners have since pushed for recreational legalisation, and their appeals have now been heard. Parliament voted 130-81 in favour of the law. This marks the first of many instances in which Ostport will be prioritised under the coalition government, a move which was negotiated by the Ostport Independence Party before they joined with the People’s Party to establish a majority. The largest state in the country has historically been favoured, but will also be favoured by law under written agreements between the coalition parties. Recently, Ostport has been the first to remove motorway speed restrictions and lower the voting age from 18 to 17. Cannabis is strictly regulated in the United States and will be taxed to generate further revenue streams for the government, which is promised to eventually play a significant role in tax cuts. Citizens must apply for a cannabis card which will be granted by the state and can only purchase the drug in certified stores. Cardholders must also be of age 17 or above. Anyone found in unlawful possession of cannabis, or to be distributing it without a licence, will be prosecuted under the full force of the law. Customers will be able to identify a legal store by government-issued certification stickers displayed in storefront windows. GOVERNMENT VOTES TO BAN FOSSIL FUEL-POWERED VEHICLES ENTIRELY BY 2035 BREMANGER, SØRFORT - Parliament has voted to ban fossil fuel-powered vehicles throughout the United States by 2035. With the backing of 206 MPs, vehicles powered by means other than electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells will be outlawed within two decades as the country continues to pursue and reinforce its strong environmental stance. A vast majority of the government were in agreement on the issue, which will remove a large contributor of polluting gases from Prymont’s air. The country has already made significant progress in moving towards vehicles powered by renewable energies and is working on establishing the necessary infrastructure and incentivising travellers to ditch internal combustion engines in favour of non-polluting vehicles through tax reductions and lower purchase prices. Electric vehicles already make up 18% of all registered modes of transport in the country, with hybrids and hydrogen-powered cars adding onto that statistic. The Ministries of Energy & the Environment and Transport are working together to create and implement fast charging ports across the country, and are also promoting the installation of hydrogen pumps as well. The country’s leading automotive manufacturer, KAP, is receiving government grants to research and develop faster ways to recharge car batteries and to extend their range. 60% of trains in the United States are powered solely by electricity, and buses across the country are moving towards hybrid and electric power. Currently, owners of electric or hydrogen cars do not pay any purchase tax on their vehicles, which already come at a reduced price as there are no import tariffs. There is no road tax to pay as there are no harmful emissions, and electric car owners will receive free installation of charging ports at their homes. Analysts believe that these freebies will not last for long as more people move to take advantage of the savings, and the government will inevitably start making a loss as fossil fuel-powered cars are phased out. However, for now, commuters are encouraged to purchase these environmentally friendly vehicles while the savings last. Heavy polluting vehicles are already being restricted from the country's roads, with bans being implemented in major cities during peak pollution times. FIVE MONTHS ON FROM THE YETIS’ HISTORIC ANAFA WIN KAP STADIUM, OSTPORT - Back in December, the Prymontian Yetis won the 2018 ANAFA Cup, beating league favourites such as Variota and Iverica to mark their first ever international win. The victory was met with incredible celebrations at home, with December 18th being made a public holiday to eternally remember the occasion. Five months on, and the country has revitalised its love of football. Prior to the ANAFA Cup, football viewing and attendance figures were at an all-time low in the United States. Fans had grown disoriented with the sport as the Yetis faced loss after loss. New management for the team was introduced in Nojus Fauskanger, who selected key veterans to play alongside promising youngsters in the hopes of mixing up the team and improving results. The change worked, as the Yetis went from strength to strength on the world stage. While their World Cup campaign ended prematurely in the group stages, they fought back harder than ever in the intercontinental trophy and demonstrated a fantastic turnaround that saw Fauskanger hailed a national hero. Top goalscorer Ollie Sæther is now regarded as the greatest player in Prymontian football history and looks back on the success with fond memories. “It was a brilliant time for Prymontian football, and I still can’t quite believe that we actually won. It’ll go down as the best campaign the Yetis have ever had and will surely be remembered in sporting history forever. We were the underdogs going into that tournament and managed to beat some of the best teams in the world. I had fun with some of my best mates and we’ve made some everlasting memories. It’s also had a great effect at home with the kids, who are taking up football like never before. They’ve got goals now, they’re keeping fit, and they’re having fun. That’s what matters.” A record amount of youngsters are participating in grassroots football, which is receiving government grants for improved facilities, equipment, and coaching.
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    3rd February 2019 | 0840hrs PTV Broadcasting House New Halsham United States of Prymont Soon-to-be-President Felix Frey hadn’t slept all night. His limbs ached, dark circles clung around his eyes, and copious amounts of coffee couldn’t stop the yawning. It was a credit to PTV’s makeup team that he was so presentable and fresh as he appeared on live morning television, just hours after his party had won the 2019 general election. Despite his amiable appearance, Frey felt like shit. He’d disappointed his party. The celebrations had gone on late into the night at constituencies throughout the country, but one looming question hung above their heads like a thick storm cloud. Who would be their coalition partners? It was a question Frey had considered throughout the night after the election results were confirmed and his party ended with just 42% of the vote. They had a majority, but it wasn’t the one they needed. A cursory media briefing had been sent to all elected party members before sunrise, detailing the coalition shortlist and outlining the official party stance. There were two technical options, but only one made sense. Felix had the honour of declaring that on national TV, sleep deprived and all. His electorate were counting on good news, and he had to give it to them straight. “So Mr Frey, where do we go from here? Last night you were reluctant to tell us anything regarding the future of the Prymontian Parliament. Has any progress been made overnight?” The direct question brought him out of his daze, back into a reality of everlasting media responsibilities. His every move would be scrutinised, every word, every emotion. There would be questions galore, some intrusive, some stupid, but each one had to be handled with respect and tact. He was the figurehead of not only his party but the entire country, and his first impression would be memorable. The onus was on him to make it memorable for the right reasons. “While I’ve not had the chance to sit down with every candidate and thoroughly discuss any potential cooperation, last night was full of discussion and debate within the party of who to side with. As you will know, Prymontian law mandates that a coalition cannot be formed with the opposition, so that leaves just two eligible parties. The Ostport Independents and the Liberals both have the number of seats needed to create the majority, and we will work hard to come to a quick conclusion with one of them.” “So between the Independents and the Liberals, which is sticking out at you the most? Overnight, our correspondents deliberated over every party and predicted that a deal would best be made with the OIPs. Do you agree with that decision?” “I’m reluctant to tell you anything without discussing it with my party with a clear head. Last night was full of overwhelming emotions and we’re yet to come to a conclusive agreement. Both of those parties have their benefits and drawbacks, and over the coming days, I will be carefully deciding between them. Regardless of my choice, negotiations with our preferred coalition partner will begin on Thursday. The goal is to make this a quick, effective transition between governments, so everyone in the party will be working at maximum capacity to deliver a satisfactory result.” It was a response that didn’t particularly reveal anything at all, but what more could he do? Making empty promises that couldn’t be fulfilled just for short-term support was exactly what had lost Duval the Presidency. The last thing Frey had on his mind was losing the support of the people just hours after he’d won it, and if that meant giving vague answers for the time being, then so be it. One thing was for certain. Cross-party meetings would begin on Thursday. Felix and the People’s Party had three precious days to correspond with the OIPs and Liberals, determine their preferred candidate, and organise the first meeting. It would be a media frenzy, and the pressure was on to provide a rapid solution so the country could return to normality and improvements could be made. Frey was willing to cooperate, but the candidates were the ones with the power. They held the key to the majority and to claiming his rightful rule over the country, but any delay in an agreement would fall on him. In the space of a few hours, Frey had gone from child-like elation at winning the Presidency to resenting the responsibility and backlash that naturally came with the job. “One last question, if I may. We asked President Duval this at the beginning of his term, and it’s only fair to ask you the same. What are the three biggest objectives of the People’s Party for the duration of your Presidency?” “This was all discussed in great detail throughout our election campaign, but for you I’ll reiterate. Our primary objective is to right the wrongs of the National Party. We will not make promises that we cannot keep, we will listen to the people, and we will create and maintain a strong, thriving country. So I suppose that’s objective number one. We hope to revive the falling industries of the country or, if that fails, create and support the growth of new ones to create more jobs and strengthen a stagnating economy. There are also intentions to increase the funding and quality of several crucial public sectors, such as health, transport, and emergency services, amongst many others. There are many services in this country that are worth paying for, and it’s our goal to ensure that they have adequate funding to provide those services at a satisfactory standard.”
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    Yes, the area can be marked as reserved. No, switching is not possible, unfortunately. Expanding into the area is the normal path to follow, same as for everyone else. In April I shared a possible inspiration storyline from RL Indonesia. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-48093431 In short: keep the island as a highly developed but also overpopulated area, move the capital to the mainland because it has more space to grow. RL inspiration: Brasil (1960) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitals_of_Brazil South Korea (2012) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-18670195 Indonesia (future) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-48093431 Here are some basic ideas you could include in the story: explain the problem of overpopulation and/or environmental impact lead-up to the decision political parties opposed to the move maybe a referendum? architectural contest (can involve others) city layout (since you're quite good with maps) budget problems etc.
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    Good evening all you saints and sinners. I am Bron Urgundy. And you are watching Big Story News. TODAY IN SALVIA, 23-year-old Dominic Deacon dressed as a priest and shrived members of the congregation of a Saint-Marks suburb for 3 whole hours. The man was taken by police and questioned in relation to the incident. After giving his statement he was released. According to the police findings, Mr Deacon entered the church and loudly proclaimed that he would shrive, after which he locked himself up in a confessional. At the time there was no priest present in the central nave of the church. Mr Deacon was exposed by one of the altar boys who had noticed unusual reactions of the faithful and notified the vicar. The vicar then asked the impostor to leave and called the police. At that point, the fake confessor already managed to hear and shrive over 50 penitents. The tasks he ordered for shriving were quite surprising, however, the faithful performed them without protests. Some people were told to tear apart all the money they had in their wallets. Others had to lie down with their hands spread out in front of the altar for an hour. One man had to stand in front of the church and repeat "trolololo" until he could feel the grace of God. An elder lady fainted while trying to complete ten laps around the church running backwards. Some of the penitents also got homework. One woman was ordered to put a blue dye on her hair, a boy was told to stand with the Bible on his head and an old man was ordered to play the main theme from ‘Space Wars’ franchise on a radiator with a spoon. These were only a handful of fake acts of penitence. Most of the people repented right away. The victims explain how Mr Deacon was very convincing. "He spoke like a priest and quoted the Book," says Vincent, a member of the congregation for many years. "He refused to absolve one woman after which we got scared and decided to do everything he asked of us, as good parishioners should." Church authorities in @Sancti Imperii Catholico demanded the suspect be punished in accordance with local law for the profanation of a religious ritual site. However, Mr Deacon strongly protested. He said that there was no profanation since he is a member of the Church too, he loves Jesus Christ more than anything, wants to become a cleric and this was just a way to gain experience. What will happen next is up to the prosecutor’s office.
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    So it took far longer than expected, but I've finally finished with what I think are good base documents. I'd run into the problem that the real life law of the sea relied heavily upon the UN, IMO, and existing maritime law. So in addition to trying to simplify things, I also had to try to create a framework in which the convention could operate. I'll be putting up an IC post in the next few days kicking off the substantive talks. But I wanted to summarize OOCly exactly what each document does. The International Maritime Convention: Uses a simplified system of establishing coastal baselines. (Article I) These baselines generally are just lines marking the coast. But our system of baselines is really in favor of the coastal state (unlike IRL, where there's a balance) to simplify things. Divides the waters of the world into five categories: Internal Waters. (Article II) Located on landwards side of baseline. State has total sovereignty, but is bound by environmental rules. Territorial Waters. (Article II) 0-12 nautical miles out from baseline. State has total sovereignty, but is bound by environmental rules and innocent passage rules. Contiguous Waters. (Article II) 12-24 nautical miles out from baseline. Technically part of international waters. State can exercise the powers necessary to prevent/punish violations in its territorial/internal waters of its customs, fiscal, immigration, environmental, or sanitary laws and regulations within its territory and territorial waters. Economic Waters (Article IV) 12-200 nautical miles from baseline (except that it can extend out to 350 nautical miles if continental shelf extends so far). Technically part of international waters. State has exclusive rights over fishing, mining, and other uses of sea resources. State can enforce some safety and environmental regulations. International Waters (Article V) Everything 12+ nautical miles beyond baseline. Except to the extent that it is also contiguous/economic waters, no nation can exercise authority here. Authorizes innocent passage through territorial waters. (Article III). Any ship can innocently pass, except that a state can prohibit the innocent passage of tankers, nuclear-powered vessels, and/or vessels carrying nuclear weapons and other environmentally hazardous cargos. Warships can innocently pass, but must surface (if submersible) and not engage in weapons activities. States can impose some general safety/environmental regulations on innocent passage, but innocently passing ships must otherwise be unmolested. Generally, the law of the flag state applies onboard an innocently passing ship, though there are exceptions. Creates some basic regulations for international waters (Article V). States must require their ships to obey certain safety/environmental regulations. Creates a duty of ships to render aid to distressed ships. Prohibits piracy and unauthorized broadcasting (Article VI). Authorizes any state to enforce these prohibitions in international waters. Authorizes visitation of ships to enforce, and hot pursuit through waters of other states. Requires states to adopt certain environmental laws/regulations (Article VII). Generally, states are supposed to preventing their peoples from polluting the marine environment. This is mostly toothless, but could create a legal claim by one state against another for pollution causing damage to the other. Grants the International Maritime Court jurisdiction of disputes over the convention (Article 63). The First Optional Protocol bans the maritime slave trade. The Second Optional Protocol bans the maritime drug trade. The Statute of the International Maritime Organization: Creates the IMO, comprised of an assembly and a secretariat. Every nation has one vote in the assembly, which has the principle job of developing international maritime law, but also sets the budget and policies of the organization. The assembly appoints the Secretary General, who employs the other members of the Secretariat. The statute does designate the first secretary general (we'll need to decide that). The Statute of the International Maritime Court: Creates the IMC, which has jurisdiction of maritime disputes between nations. To hear a case, either a treaty must provide for it (as the international maritime convention does) or all of the parties to the dispute must agree to it. A state can grant the IMC compulsory jurisdiction over maritime disputes, meaning that the court could force the state to resolve the case before the court. This grant is revocable. The court decides disputes based on treaties, customary international law, general principles of international law, and other relevant materials. The Organization oversees the administration of the IMC and appoints its judges.
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    O'polis, 16 March 1974 Nearly a week had gone by since Chairlady Berhanu Talagi extended her informal invitation to the other island nations. Global communication in these exciting 1970s was improving at a rapid pace. Sure, telephones had been around for what seemed like ages. But affairs of state were somewhat lagging behind. It was only a decade ago that the telefax or fax-via-telephone transmission gave a boost to the exchange of documents. Nowadays, you could send out a document and receive the confirmation only 2 days later. Such progress! Slowly but surely the responses trickled in. It wasn't just the Orinese who encountered practical problems as a consequence of the Argic War. The challenges faced by islands nations were quite unique, yet also strikingly similar when compared to others. To the east, in the Oriental Ocean, the rapidly growing economy of the Sunset Sea Islands experienced growing pains. Meanwhile, Kipan emerged from reconstruction after the Thalassan War and looked to expand into emerging markets. At the same time, over to the west in Marenesia, His Holiness Pope Leo XXIV of Salvia experienced at first-hand the unpleasant consequences of the Argic Conflict. To solve similar issues, PM Walker of Gallambria was creating an economic recovery plan. And PM Lviv of nearby Bulgenstaz showed equal interest in an international get together. Chapter 1: the Nakazima Declaration Kipan, 19 May 1974 It was the Wise and Honorable Emperor of Kipan, Toba, who went one step further. His Highness invited everyone to meet in the southern coastal city of Nakazami, on the Kipanese island of Matigu. Chairlady Talagi was happy to report this to her Empress Owa. With so much positive cooperation, the different agendas were put together, and a date was picked. Late May 1974 was chosen as the best time. The weather was not yet too warm. And monsoon season would only start in mid-June. Evidently, her Highness the Empress was in no state to make the journey travel to Kipan herself. At 66, Empress Owa only attended domestic and ceremonial events. This undertaking concerning island nations was more a matter for ambitious and aspiring politicians. And so the arduous and adventurous task of travelling halfway across the Eurth fell to the 46-year-old Councillor of Trade & Transportation, Mr Zakaria Canmore (1928-2000). Zakaria is a kind senior politician. He grew up in an upper-class neighbourhood of Zuidhaven and has a post-graduate degree from Sirius Business School in politics and economics. The aviation network of Oriental Airlines had developed reliable connections with mainland Europa. But crossing the entire ocean in one go was still something above the capabilities of the Oriental Airlines' fleet. Passenger travel across the eastern ocean was very expensive, something only high-paying business people could afford. Some elite aviation companies were investigating the economics of more long-haul aeroplanes. But the high fuel prices prevented the masses from enjoying the luxury of air travel. After departing from O’polis International Airport, the government plane made two stops: first on Burkini island, and a second time in Sunset City. When Canmore stepped off the aeroplane onto the tarmac of Nakazami Uemon International Airport, she was greeted by Economics Minister Taro Nakada and Foreign Minister Matsu Takashima. The Kipanese extended the warmest welcome from Emperor Toba; Mr Canmore shared the same blessings: "Her Majesty the Empress Owa would like to express her sincere gratitude for the Kipanese attention to the relations of island nations, which have gained significant momentum during His Majesty Emperor Toba's years on the imperial throne. I hope that mutually beneficial ties between our countries will continue to strengthen in all areas." Besides extending pleasantries, Mr Canmore was also charged with solving two important questions for Orioni: expensive imports and fishing rights. All those formal pleasantries took about 10 minutes, give or take. Mr Nakada gestured to one of the vehicles. A sleek black town car with little flags on the hood. Mr Canmore was impressed by the apparent quality and style of this pinnacle of Kipanese motor engineering. In the polished black door, he could see the reflection of his own face. "Oh my, I do look tired", Canmore thought to himself, before taking a seat inside. The interior was even more opulent. Soft leather interior with comfortable seating. With a low hum, the convoy departed the airport and drove the delegation to its destination. (OOC @Kipan: I'm slightly improvising here. I presume only ministers are present to receive other ministers. I also presume the talks will be held either (1) downtown at some fancy club which doubles as a hotel, or (2) a secluded, greener park setting in the style of a country club. I leave this up to you as host. More OOC discussion here.)
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    I would imagine due to proximity we might be very active in tracking the conflict. I am not sure how, as this is just an initial post and me flagging this to ponder how we would react, but I feel like we would want to do something about it. My first thoughts would probably be heavy humanitarian aid efforts, diplomatic actions such as condemnations (as if that actually means much though haha), and welcoming asylum seekers/refugees. I think conceivably Oyus would open itself up to hosting another country's military for the right reasons - nothing we would be neutral about, unlike how we are with Aluxia. Of course these are all initial thoughts on possibilities and nothing is final, per the intentions of having this thread.
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    Nah fam, think I'm gonna sit this one out. Sike, you already know I'm in baby.
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    The general idea was to move away from the real-life designations to avoid confusion between our alternate universe and the real world. So even though "Orthodox" could theoretically work for some countries independently of the RL Orthodox Church, we'd look to leave that behind so there's no confusion between the two. But if your church actually is exactly the same as Roman Catholicism, I suppose there wouldn't really be any confusion.
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    In an effort to keep the storyline moving, I am contemplating having Kravos make an announcement over the airwaves listing his father's horrible activities and why he is not standing by his father but rather the FAA. He won't say if he's leading it (he essentially is while using Solov as the proxy premier). Thoughts? I recommend this in a means of getting this story towards some level of conclusion.
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    To: Secretary-General of the Federation of Ahrana, Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring From: Prime Minister of Tikva, Jacob Lasker On the behalf of the Juddish people of Tikva, I am happy to receive your response concerning my previous offer of setting up diplomatic relations between our two countries. One of the foreign policy objectives I have set during the course of my third term is to improve ties with the nations of Argis, particularly those in the area where Argenazi Juddish people once lived upon their arrival on these continents in the mid-1700s to early 1800s. I will be appointing Leah Rothstein as Ambassador to the Ahranian Federation. She will work with your Ministry of Foreign Affairs and my minister will likewise do so with your own to-be appointed emissary. I look forward to meeting him in Ayalon in the near future. May our friendship be long lasting and beneficial to both sides.
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    "...Milon tr'Sabok has been confirmed by the Senate to act as the ambassador to Orioni. Rihannsu and Orionese officials have been speaking on and off for months on furthering cultural, diplomatic, and economic ties both in Dartha and the island of Orioni. Sabok is expected to present his credentials to the Queen herself upon arrival in the presence of the Grand Council. In a brief statement, Sabok said that he was optimistic that with his assignment that relations between Orioni and the Rihan Republic will be the closest it has ever been and the fruits of the ongoing deliberations would show positive outcomes in due time..." "...Senator Cimor Letant has resigned from the ten-member Continuing Committee citing family reasons. The committee is similar to an 'executive cabinet' as seen in many other countries on Eurth. They have the power to elevate individuals to roles of tremendous power, members are responsible for appointing the Praetor and have the sole authority to expel senators. Thus, a seat at this table is one of the most important in the Republic. Per tradition, the committee has always been completely filled, never a vacancy. Praetor Terix called for a new individual to take up the vacancy at once. Senator Gathan Darok was appointed to the Committee by unanimous consent of the Senate. With the committee back to full membership, the ongoing assault upon the Enolian capital of Canamar is at the top of the agenda..."
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    To: Trade Minister Leo J. Conway of the @Sancti Imperii Catholico From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion To his Eminence Archbishop Salius, through Leo J. Conway, Trade Minister of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Your Eminence, Salvia and Ahromaneia come from the same stock, although we have drifted apart over the intervening years. Perhaps too far apart, as both the Salvian and Arhomaniki people still share much with each other. Both of our great nations hold Christ's teachings above all and, although perhaps it could be considered that there may be some variations in how these are espoused by our nations, it is the love of God that shines through. Not only do we share faith in Christ, but our two nations also have a common heritage – it was, after all, Arhomaneia where Liosous set sail from in order to spread the word of God to foreign shores. And truly he did, as Salvia has stood strong ever since. In an ideal world, these ties alone would be strong enough in the face of adversity. However, the current mood of Eurth appears to be a darkening one. Nations that tread the path of righteousness such as ours need to cooperate, in order to strengthen the ties between Christian nations, as well as to make sure that our ancient civilisation can weather any storm that does wash against us. A first step would be to consider our nations' economic ties. Easing trade between our nations will undoubtedly work towards strengthening both of our nations, as well as helping our citizens understand each other better. Even at the moment, our nations do undertake a considerable amount of trade with each other, but this could undoubtedly be improved, to the benefit of both of our people. For example, passion fruit from Salvia are regularly found on the shelves in supermarkets in the Megas Agios Basileia, and mobile phones manufactured in your nation are commonly used by Arhomaioi. Wine is often bought and drunk by the people in Deopolis or Minotia and textiles from Arhomaneia are sold in Salvia. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion feels that our nations ought to consider easing the tariffs that are regularly levelled against the imports from foreign countries, as well as viewing any trade restrictions that might be put against the produce of our respective nations. It may also be considered by the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou, the Ministry for Trade, that to show that the Megas Agios Basileia is willing to open our arms to our friends in Salvia that the fees charged on Salvian-flagged ships passing through the canal between the Raga Sea and the Krankes Thalassa, the Ranke Seas, will be reduced, in order to facilitate trade between our nations. This, however, be subject to the agreements that we are able to make, and what might be reciprocated by the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum. We will have much to discuss in any talks between myself, my government and representatives from your nation. Similarly, at a future date, it may be for the worth of our nations to look at visa restrictions between our nations. May God's light shine upon your nation and your people, Takitos Khalkeos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
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    MEDIA RELEASE The Gallambrian Space Agency (GSA) and the Royal Gallambrian Air Force, along with it's @Seylosian counterparts have signed a Statement of Strategic Intent with Gardner Aerospace, as part of a mission to grow Gallambria's and Seylos' space industry. Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Right Honorable Patrick Morlington MP said the signing with Region's largest aerospace company signified the global ambitions of the Agency. "Gardner's ongoing commitment to support science, technology , engineering and maths education, including developing a skilled and diverse workforce is vital to the growth and progress of Gallambria's economy," Secretary Morlington said. "The statement beings an important partnership with Gardner, and emphasises the value of its ongoing research and development in collaboration with universities and research institutions across Gallambria and Seylos. "Gardner is a major player in both Gallambria's space and wider aerospace industry. Across Gallambria, Gardner employs over 3,500 people and in 2018 invested £124 million in research and development." Head of the Gallambrian Space Agency, Dr Stephen Phillips CG, said that signing of the statement was an example of how collaboration and engagement across countries is an important aspect of the growing space economy, both in Gallambria and Seylos, as well as internationally. The Government is aiming to triple the size of the Gallambrian space sector to £24 billion and increase employment to 15,000 by 2030, as part of our plan to create more jobs and growth in emerging sectors in the economy.
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    Thanks! It's been a bit tainted by the fact I'm getting over the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had (hence my lack of recent activity - sorry!)
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    Army Group Hades (AGH) legionary, backed by regulars of the Haru Imperial Legionary, have begun launching missiles strikes against a position of Cussian rebels and militiamen loyal to the enclave of warlords that operate more or less with impunity out of the Kalupsis province. A military source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Hades legionary began the attack in the Jaribat area of the border township of Hamaii, after they had carried out aerial reconnaissance by an unmanned aerial vehicle. Later in the day, AGH Legionary fired a domestically-designed and –manufactured Zelzal-1 (Earthquake-1) ballistic missile at the outskirts of Hamaii after witnessing local forces in the area massing in the former Janus military base near the southwestern border nearest the AGH staging and eventual deployment grounds. There were no immediate reports about possible casualties or the extent of damage caused.Separately, Haru Aeroforce Wing fighter jets carried out three airstrikes against an area within the interior of Hamaii, near its once extensive railyards and transportation hubs.
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