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    OSTPORT LEGALISES CANNABIS FOR RECREATIONAL USE CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - The state of Ostport has moved to legalise cannabis for recreational use, in a move that is expected to please voters of all ages. It’s one of the first campaign promises that has been met by the government and has been prioritised to immediately satisfy the public while lengthier issues, such as increasing funding for various public sectors and lowering taxes, are processed in Parliament. The legalisation will be trialled in Ostport for three months and, if deemed successful, will be rolled out nationwide. Cannabis has been legalised in the United States for medicinal purposes since 2018 after the benefits were reviewed by the government and legalised to offer an alternative method of pain relief for patients. Campaigners have since pushed for recreational legalisation, and their appeals have now been heard. Parliament voted 130-81 in favour of the law. This marks the first of many instances in which Ostport will be prioritised under the coalition government, a move which was negotiated by the Ostport Independence Party before they joined with the People’s Party to establish a majority. The largest state in the country has historically been favoured, but will also be favoured by law under written agreements between the coalition parties. Recently, Ostport has been the first to remove motorway speed restrictions and lower the voting age from 18 to 17. Cannabis is strictly regulated in the United States and will be taxed to generate further revenue streams for the government, which is promised to eventually play a significant role in tax cuts. Citizens must apply for a cannabis card which will be granted by the state and can only purchase the drug in certified stores. Cardholders must also be of age 17 or above. Anyone found in unlawful possession of cannabis, or to be distributing it without a licence, will be prosecuted under the full force of the law. Customers will be able to identify a legal store by government-issued certification stickers displayed in storefront windows. GOVERNMENT VOTES TO BAN FOSSIL FUEL-POWERED VEHICLES ENTIRELY BY 2035 BREMANGER, SØRFORT - Parliament has voted to ban fossil fuel-powered vehicles throughout the United States by 2035. With the backing of 206 MPs, vehicles powered by means other than electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells will be outlawed within two decades as the country continues to pursue and reinforce its strong environmental stance. A vast majority of the government were in agreement on the issue, which will remove a large contributor of polluting gases from Prymont’s air. The country has already made significant progress in moving towards vehicles powered by renewable energies and is working on establishing the necessary infrastructure and incentivising travellers to ditch internal combustion engines in favour of non-polluting vehicles through tax reductions and lower purchase prices. Electric vehicles already make up 18% of all registered modes of transport in the country, with hybrids and hydrogen-powered cars adding onto that statistic. The Ministries of Energy & the Environment and Transport are working together to create and implement fast charging ports across the country, and are also promoting the installation of hydrogen pumps as well. The country’s leading automotive manufacturer, KAP, is receiving government grants to research and develop faster ways to recharge car batteries and to extend their range. 60% of trains in the United States are powered solely by electricity, and buses across the country are moving towards hybrid and electric power. Currently, owners of electric or hydrogen cars do not pay any purchase tax on their vehicles, which already come at a reduced price as there are no import tariffs. There is no road tax to pay as there are no harmful emissions, and electric car owners will receive free installation of charging ports at their homes. Analysts believe that these freebies will not last for long as more people move to take advantage of the savings, and the government will inevitably start making a loss as fossil fuel-powered cars are phased out. However, for now, commuters are encouraged to purchase these environmentally friendly vehicles while the savings last. Heavy polluting vehicles are already being restricted from the country's roads, with bans being implemented in major cities during peak pollution times. FIVE MONTHS ON FROM THE YETIS’ HISTORIC ANAFA WIN KAP STADIUM, OSTPORT - Back in December, the Prymontian Yetis won the 2018 ANAFA Cup, beating league favourites such as Variota and Iverica to mark their first ever international win. The victory was met with incredible celebrations at home, with December 18th being made a public holiday to eternally remember the occasion. Five months on, and the country has revitalised its love of football. Prior to the ANAFA Cup, football viewing and attendance figures were at an all-time low in the United States. Fans had grown disoriented with the sport as the Yetis faced loss after loss. New management for the team was introduced in Nojus Fauskanger, who selected key veterans to play alongside promising youngsters in the hopes of mixing up the team and improving results. The change worked, as the Yetis went from strength to strength on the world stage. While their World Cup campaign ended prematurely in the group stages, they fought back harder than ever in the intercontinental trophy and demonstrated a fantastic turnaround that saw Fauskanger hailed a national hero. Top goalscorer Ollie Sæther is now regarded as the greatest player in Prymontian football history and looks back on the success with fond memories. “It was a brilliant time for Prymontian football, and I still can’t quite believe that we actually won. It’ll go down as the best campaign the Yetis have ever had and will surely be remembered in sporting history forever. We were the underdogs going into that tournament and managed to beat some of the best teams in the world. I had fun with some of my best mates and we’ve made some everlasting memories. It’s also had a great effect at home with the kids, who are taking up football like never before. They’ve got goals now, they’re keeping fit, and they’re having fun. That’s what matters.” A record amount of youngsters are participating in grassroots football, which is receiving government grants for improved facilities, equipment, and coaching.
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    Forward The Kepeszuks had been assembled for their frontal assault upon the capital. The Zelvorians had been pressed into the service by their Rihannsu masters to fight in a war that did not concern them. Most knew that resisting was futile and the only way was forward. Obisek had been in the same room as Morror Kassus -- he could have used the gun given to him and shot him then and there, and then subsequently didn't. Not because he wanted to avoid being executed on the spot, but because he had said. Obisek's master, Karpan, had always spoken highly of the general and what his vision of the world looked like. It was vastly different than most Rihannsu aristocrats. That both made him oddly at ease, not without some reservation. They were still of different ethnicities: master and slave. Obisek had been made the nominal leader of the Kepeszuks. Such leadership, if not controlled more or less through the Rihannsu major that had been attached to him, still gave him a fire he had never felt before in his life. He would use this opportunity to try something he had never done before: encourage his fellow men to follow him. The Zelvorsu had been oppressed so long that there was no motivation to rally together -- particularly on resisting their masters. He took a deep breath and stepped forward, and then turned to face his brethren. He knew they wouldn't agree with his words at first but then as he began to speak of the future and what it might hold for them by taking this step into the bloody field before them. The words had been hard to put together at first but as he got into the motions, they came flowing like a torrent crashing upon a rock. He spoke of their honor as a warrior people, their strength of resolve despite their place in society, but stressed that this was the day the Zelvorsu would remind their masters who they fought generations before. As he was giving this speech, unknownst to Obisek, General Morror Kassus was watching from afar. He had made the right choice in making Obisek the commanding officer of his native people's unit. Kassus had discussed the use of the Zelvorsu with Major-General Rendak back in Dartha as the condition of his own legion had made assaulting Canamar suicide. Korel had decided that such steps had to be taken and conspired with Morror to make it happen. The presence of Obisek and the other twenty-thousand odd Zelvorsu were completely kept from the Praetor. All Terix was told was that Kassus had found an alternative offensive strategy to take out the capital and that was all. To Morror, this was a critical piece of his plans for becoming Praetor: their loyalty and strength needed to be secured. In exchange for serving under his banner, he would emancipate all Zelvorsu across the entire Republic and give them protected status -- essentially free, with a defined set of obligations to the Republic. From his contacts from within the Phi'Tlaru, he knew this was something that Terix had mulled over on at least one occasion and they also told him through private communique, that Gathan Darok, and his newfound ally, Liviana Charvanek were talking far more regularly than warranted. He needed to be ready. The Zelvorsu would be his ace. He nodded attentively as Obisek finished his speech. It had done the job it needed to for the moment. Kassus proceeded by giving them a short bolster of confidence saying that they were playing a fundamental role in the great history and that the People would remember them but then dropped the same hint he had left for their commander: the end of Enolian terrorism and antagonism would lead to a new future for the Republic. When he had finished his remarks, nodded to Obisek, and was handed a radio by Colonel Varak, "Enæsh enuar! (All Units Forwards)!" The Kepeszuks, in the vanguard, advanced. Enoliae delenda est. Enolia mnæri seiyya. Enolia must be destroyed.
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    Thank you very much! Any nation can accede to the convention once it takes effect. So, essentially, your country would just have to file a notice saying "we accede to this," and you'd join. I imagine once the conference is done, we could setup a thread in diplomacy for the administration of it, and then you could do like a back-dated post acceding to the convention if the RP powers are okay with it.
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    Faramount's longstanding dictator will be dying in the next few weeks, prompting a brief but intense fight to succeed him. His son-in-law will ultimately succeed, but in doing so, will do serious harm the nation's military and security services, thus leading to major gains by communist rebels, ethnic insurgents, and a radical Christian/Truthist militant group. The country will essentially fall into very serious fighting. I've been working over the last few months to give a lot of nations a strong interest in the outcome. @Rihan is exploiting Faramount for petroleum and slaves. Both @Derthalen and @Limonaia are exploiting Faramount for petroleum and coal, have a substantial expatriate presence in Faramount, and have close religious and cultural ties with Faramount. @Seylos's Monarch has a major operation in the nation, which I believe its planning to use as a recruitment base. @Fulgistan is funding and arming the communist rebels, whose government is hosted in Bogd Gioro. I'm also told that @North Dniester might be interested in directly invading to get access to petroleum. So I figured it'd be a pretty good idea to establish a general thread to discuss the extent to which people might be planning to get involved.
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    I'm INVADING. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
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    So apparently Derthalen is gone from discord again and I know a lot of people have responded to, plan on responding to, or at the very least written about a reaction in RP about the Dolch See war. Over the past few months we've had a crazy amount of hiccups. First was the initial negotiations to do it, then Derthalen left the first time, then Rhodellia appeared and threw in a wrench, then Derthalen reappeared, then Adaptus reappeared and threw in a wrench, then new negotiations with Derth started taking a turn away from total war. Then he has left the discord again. I'm not really sure what the future of the RP truly is now. Or that any of it should remain canon. I'd love to hear what anyone has to think about what we should do, I've heard some ideas from people in the past but now with yet another development I wanted to officially bring it up.
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    Good evening all you saints and sinners. I am Bron Urgundy. And you are watching Big Story News. TODAY IN SALVIA, 23-year-old Dominic Deacon dressed as a priest and shrived members of the congregation of a Saint-Marks suburb for 3 whole hours. The man was taken by police and questioned in relation to the incident. After giving his statement he was released. According to the police findings, Mr Deacon entered the church and loudly proclaimed that he would shrive, after which he locked himself up in a confessional. At the time there was no priest present in the central nave of the church. Mr Deacon was exposed by one of the altar boys who had noticed unusual reactions of the faithful and notified the vicar. The vicar then asked the impostor to leave and called the police. At that point, the fake confessor already managed to hear and shrive over 50 penitents. The tasks he ordered for shriving were quite surprising, however, the faithful performed them without protests. Some people were told to tear apart all the money they had in their wallets. Others had to lie down with their hands spread out in front of the altar for an hour. One man had to stand in front of the church and repeat "trolololo" until he could feel the grace of God. An elder lady fainted while trying to complete ten laps around the church running backwards. Some of the penitents also got homework. One woman was ordered to put a blue dye on her hair, a boy was told to stand with the Bible on his head and an old man was ordered to play the main theme from ‘Space Wars’ franchise on a radiator with a spoon. These were only a handful of fake acts of penitence. Most of the people repented right away. The victims explain how Mr Deacon was very convincing. "He spoke like a priest and quoted the Book," says Vincent, a member of the congregation for many years. "He refused to absolve one woman after which we got scared and decided to do everything he asked of us, as good parishioners should." Church authorities in @Sancti Imperii Catholico demanded the suspect be punished in accordance with local law for the profanation of a religious ritual site. However, Mr Deacon strongly protested. He said that there was no profanation since he is a member of the Church too, he loves Jesus Christ more than anything, wants to become a cleric and this was just a way to gain experience. What will happen next is up to the prosecutor’s office.
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    After 5 weeks of pause, I finally got around to kicking the ball forward. The prologue with exposition is over. We fast forward in time. Everyone is in Kipan, at a location in Nakazima as chosen by @Kipan. This chapter 1 will include: shared concerns, possible solutions, figuring out with GIN will do, setup a rotating chairmanship every X years, the signing of a Nakazima Declaration (= goal of chapter 1). Chapter 2 will take place a few years in the future. We fast-forward and explain what's been developed and realized.
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    O'polis, 16 March 1974 Nearly a week had gone by since Chairlady Berhanu Talagi extended her informal invitation to the other island nations. Global communication in these exciting 1970s was improving at a rapid pace. Sure, telephones had been around for what seemed like ages. But affairs of state were somewhat lagging behind. It was only a decade ago that the telefax or fax-via-telephone transmission gave a boost to the exchange of documents. Nowadays, you could send out a document and receive the confirmation only 2 days later. Such progress! Slowly but surely the responses trickled in. It wasn't just the Orinese who encountered practical problems as a consequence of the Argic War. The challenges faced by islands nations were quite unique, yet also strikingly similar when compared to others. To the east, in the Oriental Ocean, the rapidly growing economy of the Sunset Sea Islands experienced growing pains. Meanwhile, Kipan emerged from reconstruction after the Thalassan War and looked to expand into emerging markets. At the same time, over to the west in Marenesia, His Holiness Pope Leo XXIV of Salvia experienced at first-hand the unpleasant consequences of the Argic Conflict. To solve similar issues, PM Walker of Gallambria was creating an economic recovery plan. And PM Lviv of nearby Bulgenstaz showed equal interest in an international get together. Chapter 1: the Nakazima Declaration Kipan, 19 May 1974 It was the Wise and Honorable Emperor of Kipan, Toba, who went one step further. His Highness invited everyone to meet in the southern coastal city of Nakazami, on the Kipanese island of Matigu. Chairlady Talagi was happy to report this to her Empress Owa. With so much positive cooperation, the different agendas were put together, and a date was picked. Late May 1974 was chosen as the best time. The weather was not yet too warm. And monsoon season would only start in mid-June. Evidently, her Highness the Empress was in no state to make the journey travel to Kipan herself. At 66, Empress Owa only attended domestic and ceremonial events. This undertaking concerning island nations was more a matter for ambitious and aspiring politicians. And so the arduous and adventurous task of travelling halfway across the Eurth fell to the 46-year-old Councillor of Trade & Transportation, Mr Zakaria Canmore (1928-2000). Zakaria is a kind senior politician. He grew up in an upper-class neighbourhood of Zuidhaven and has a post-graduate degree from Sirius Business School in politics and economics. The aviation network of Oriental Airlines had developed reliable connections with mainland Europa. But crossing the entire ocean in one go was still something above the capabilities of the Oriental Airlines' fleet. Passenger travel across the eastern ocean was very expensive, something only high-paying business people could afford. Some elite aviation companies were investigating the economics of more long-haul aeroplanes. But the high fuel prices prevented the masses from enjoying the luxury of air travel. After departing from O’polis International Airport, the government plane made two stops: first on Burkini island, and a second time in Sunset City. When Canmore stepped off the aeroplane onto the tarmac of Nakazami Uemon International Airport, she was greeted by Economics Minister Taro Nakada and Foreign Minister Matsu Takashima. The Kipanese extended the warmest welcome from Emperor Toba; Mr Canmore shared the same blessings: "Her Majesty the Empress Owa would like to express her sincere gratitude for the Kipanese attention to the relations of island nations, which have gained significant momentum during His Majesty Emperor Toba's years on the imperial throne. I hope that mutually beneficial ties between our countries will continue to strengthen in all areas." Besides extending pleasantries, Mr Canmore was also charged with solving two important questions for Orioni: expensive imports and fishing rights. All those formal pleasantries took about 10 minutes, give or take. Mr Nakada gestured to one of the vehicles. A sleek black town car with little flags on the hood. Mr Canmore was impressed by the apparent quality and style of this pinnacle of Kipanese motor engineering. In the polished black door, he could see the reflection of his own face. "Oh my, I do look tired", Canmore thought to himself, before taking a seat inside. The interior was even more opulent. Soft leather interior with comfortable seating. With a low hum, the convoy departed the airport and drove the delegation to its destination. (OOC @Kipan: I'm slightly improvising here. I presume only ministers are present to receive other ministers. I also presume the talks will be held either (1) downtown at some fancy club which doubles as a hotel, or (2) a secluded, greener park setting in the style of a country club. I leave this up to you as host. More OOC discussion here.)
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    From the Government of the State of Tikva The State is pleased that both the Free Aluxian Army and the Imperial authorities have indicated to our Mission in Vardin that they accept the offer presented by this Government to act as a neutral arbiter in determining who is responsible for the downing of the aircraft late last month. We have informed Uri Asimov, our representative within Aluxia, to delegate individuals on his staff to serve as investigators in this matter. In the name of clear transparency, we request all military operations within 15 miles of the crash be halted and units that were in the area are held in place. The Government reminds both Aluxian parties that any interference in the investigation or attack our personnel will result in serious consequences. We will get to the bottom of the aircraft downing and those responsible will be brought to justice. This Government will take this opportunity to stress that the killing in this civil war must end and both parties brought to the table to discuss a peaceful resolution. The Tikvan people stand ready to serve as neutral negotiators if needed.
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    Since the SSI have also hosted the Laws of the Sea conference, the first meeting could also happen in the SSI, although I don't want to focus too much attention on myself, especially because of my recent lack of participation. Thematically it would make sense though, wouldn't it? This could also lead to some atomic cooperation. Turns out this was my 1000th post and I didn't even realise.
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    Hi everyone, OPFOR for this RP here. To give everyone an idea of how I will be approaching this, I've decided to highlight some premises I'll be RPing under: Reactionary: apart from the likely few counter-offensives Derthaler forces will attempt to launch, I will mostly be taking my cues from you lot--this means that I'll leave most of the planning for big events in your collective hands. my contribution will mostly be responses to your scenarios in prose form. Expect limited, but still somewhat present strategic manoeuvering on my part. Think AI computer in a video game. Interpreted Derthalen: What has been written on Derthaler Imperial military forces can sometimes be... questionable or a little limited in terms of organisation. Thus, to fill in the blanks of the unwritten pieces and some lapses in realism, I'll be using my interpretation of a logical, balanced, and somewhat up-to-date (Cold War era) force. Limited Posting: Since there are more than a few players posting at the same time frame, it will rather hard to respond to each and every post. Therefore, my posts will mostly be responing to one or two in a set that I think (or that you advise) has the best story potential. Remember: I do not aim to "win" or compete here. I am just here to provide the Derthaler perspective of things and give some reasonable token manouevering. Naturally, all of the above is open to discussion. Ask me on Discord or here if you have any further questions/concerns. I'll leave most of the creative direction to you lot Will be posting my introduction to the IC RTW thread within the next 24 hours or so. Cheers profligates, I hope to see more than a few of you bleeding nicely in Derthaler clay. Good hunting.
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