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    Hiya all. I'm Fenarr, playing as one of the Soviet Republics based on one of the Soviet Republics from the Cold War Era, but with my own twist on technology and such. I have my own technology currently in development in fact books, and I have been on NS for almost three years now. I hope my time here will be fun and rewarding.
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    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The People's Republic of Fenarr government type of nation: Soviet One Party Republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Southern Germanic with a Russian / Slavic Culture Give us a short description of your nation: A nation recovering from the aftermath of a civil war, Fenarr is struggling to keep itself out of a conflict. Several district leaders, called "Directors," rule their districts as if an absolute monarch, as that has been the system ever since the country was founded in the 1920s. The central government is trying to change that by using force and coercion while trying to keep Fenarr up to par with other nations of the world. Do you have an IIWiki page?: Not as of this moment, but I am planning one in the future. It is one of my bigger projects I am hopefully going to work on. WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? I believe I am proficient, though my development could use a little bit of work. I never plan out what I'm going to write, so that is a big issue as well. How would you describe yourself? I would describe myself as a person who lives details, especially about military systems and technology. RP/Writing samples (if available already): N/A Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? Yes, as I feel like my writing could be improved. I also feel like one would be necessary to support my ability to write out posts that aren't just one or two paragraphs long. NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region?: I want a serious roleplaying region, but one with a great community. I strive to be one of the best and to be the best you have to be among them. Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: None. Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. I have two other nations on Nationstates, Vonein, and Demitor. As I grew to love nationstates, and since you cannot be in multiple regions, I have managed all three of these nations as separate projects. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates World Assembly? I am planning to, I just have never been able to get around to it as other projects such as worldbuilding take my focus. Anything else?: Nothing. Providing any falsified or deliberately misleading information will result in your application being rejected and your access to the forum revoked. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you agree to abide by the community and RP rules of this community. Any breach thereof may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to revoking of forum posting rights, banning from the forum, removal of regional citizenship, and ejection from the region.
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    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Bus Wars: FlexBus Muscles Way into Tikvan Transport Market By Noah Ginsburg 10 April 2019 Egged (Yebru: Union) Bus Cooperative is Tikva's largest intercity and urban bus operator provides 45% of all public transport trips. While the company is largely privatized today due to Herut's deregulation efforts in 2010, the Government does continue to subsidize trips to Samarran settlements and those taken by military veterans, the elderly, and the disabled. In the subsequent 8 years, the Cooperative has raised bus fares 66% and significantly diminished service frequencies outside the Harel and Ayalon metropolitan areas. Though their buses have the highest ridership, their general market share in the bus sector has declined and now faces foreign competition in the form of Variota-based budget bus operator: FlexBus. At first, they announced they would solely operate between Harel Bus Station and the beach towns of Zemer and Elkana. That level of service existed during the last three months of last year. Today, the Variot company decided to make a bold declaration of expanding their services to include many major Harel suburban routes, plus intercity trips between Harel and Katzilya. FlexBus's entry into the commuter market in Tikva's largest city and respectively, its densest urban area, has triggered a response from Egged. The Cooperation's CEO, Bart Zoegell, called on the Government to ban FlexBus from its core business segments. Additionally, they issued a statement prior to their leader's reaction saying that 'Egged is a major institution of Tikvan life and regardless of its business status, it plays a critical role in providing safe, affordable transport across the State.' Since FlexBus' arrival in Tikva, the operator has forced Egged to cease all service to Elkana as they could not compete with the prices the Variot bus company was offering: 12 Shekels to both communities as opposed to 29 Shekels on Egged. A Government spokesperson has stated all inquiries into FlexBus expansion are to be directed towards the Ministry of Transportation.
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    Mētztlitlalio Fact Book Basic Geography of Mētztlitlalio: Basic Demographics of Mētztlitlalio: Basics of Mētztlitlalio Culture: Basics of Mētztlitlalio Government: Economic Basis Proper: A very VERY in-a-nutshell of Metztli History:
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    PMN NEWS AURAID TENSIONS GROW EVEN LARGER RPAF Fighters leave RPAF Edmont in Anderson. Dawson, Anderson As the stand-off at the border ends, more and more Embassy staff are resigning, Theodorians and Andersonian fleeing and Soldiers being deployed are causing more tension between the two Auraid Nations. Yesterday the military deployed futher troops along the border as the Theodorians have been doing for the past few years. The RPAF has launched further patrols along the border, to provide a closer aerial image of the border areas. A few days ago one Theodorian troop broke through a fence and defected to PyeMcGowan. He has since been sent to Refugee Centre B, in Dawson. Protests have begun in Charleston, Newbank, Summergate and Dawson as many are becoming increasingly weary about the threat of conflict. Protests in Constantus have been severely suppressed by the Police Forces, and Dr Malcolm Paramount, a Theodorian Nuclear scientist was killed trying to escape on a yacht from Hamptus in Southern Theodoria. PyeMcGowian Markets, especially in industries within the border areas, have been declining slowly in the past months, but a shine of hope occurred last week as gold markets boomed giving a small but vital boost to the mining industry. In Other News Scientists come close to undoing extinction. Scientists from Hagren University, headed by Professor Ronald Edwards, have stated that they are coming close to cracking the genetic code of long extinct woolly mammoths. The professor said “With a little more time and funding, we could have a living, breathing woolly mammoth by 2030, possibly even earlier” . These discoveries have been commended by scientists across the world. Fire at Crossvalley Academy leaves 4 dead, including MP. A fire at Crossvalley Academy, a Private School in Knopeton, left 4 people dead, including MP Joyce McGreagor. The other 3 people who were killed by the fire include Professor Jim Fergus of Wendover Principality University, Dr Camilla Weymouth, Surgeon General of Wendover and one student. It is thought that the fire was started during a small demonstration by a class of Year 10s.
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    I listen to a wide variety of music while making posts or updating my storefront etc. In the last week its been the following -
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    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Knesset Passed International Environmental Treaty By Arlan Levi, 23 March 2019 Tikva has made a major step in combating climate change that is affecting the Eurth by formally accepting the terms spelled out in the Laren Environmental Treaty established in the Queendom of Morheim. A representative for the Prime Minister said he was best and absolutely falls within the framework of the Setgvek. While Lasker was able to get it passed, it was not due to full support from his governing coalition. The Hetz Party which focuses its agenda on economic development complained that by passing the treaty that the requirements would harm the nation's economy for many years before it was anywhere close to being able to fulfill the goals. They also argued two other points: that it would be unfair for Tikva to be taking on such an effort without additional large nations onboard first; and secondly, the nation is able to obtain its oil from within the interior of Alharu, unlike other nations which have to import their supplies over the seas. This left Lasker 10 members of his and thus, required votes from the Opposition to pass the treaty. Liora Shapiro, the Leader of the Opposition voiced her support for the treaty and decided to take the opportunity to taunt the Government saying that 'it is clear that the entire agenda, not to mention the list of agreements concerning policies is not solid unlike those of the Opposition,' she also said, 'one of these days it will be an issue of significance and it will bring national.' Shapiro also pointed to the Hetz members that they are hurting the Highest Being and the world he gave to the Juddish people. The Prime Minister, prior to the vote being taken, announced that not only would the State follow the terms and conditions laid out in the treaty but his Government would up to 400 million Shekels to develop and construct several solar generators in the Ayalon Hills, to reduce the nation's reliance on oil. Shapiro interrupted his announcement and said that while she approves of it, it was a suggestion that Shinui, one of her partner parties, suggested two years ago. Lasker would not acknowledge whether this idea was his own or not. Following the passing of the treaty, Shapiro was spotted arguing with Hetz's leader Abner Jacobsen -- it is clear that if there were to be an election today, it is very unlikely this pro-business group would be willing to join a government led by Avoda. In a press conference, both we and our colleagues asked about what Shapiro's political future looks like (the Governing Herut Party and its coalition has seen its support gone down since the Sabbat debacle earlier this month). She responded, "we'll see. Anything is possible."
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    APPLICATION FORM FOR OBSERVER STATE STATUS Specify Desired Status: The State wishes to be an observer state of ATARA Sponsor State: To be discussed with potential partners. Nation Name: The State of Tikva Current Government Type: Unitary parliamentary republic Brief Background of Policy: Tikva's foreign policy is currently focused on expanding trade opportunities and opening new markets for its high technology and pharmaceuticals industries. This coincides with the Prime Minister's intention to improve relations with the various states of Argis, Alharu, and Thalassa. Aurelia, a continent not covered by the organization, is also on the Government's radar but is less a priority at this moment at this time. The State recognizes the importance of combating climate change and the Government is on track to formally accept the Laren Treaty on the Environment. Tikva has already invested considerably in renewables and intends to triple its capacity in the near future. The Government sees such efforts to be a good entry point for Tikva to be a valuable member of ATARA by getting others on the path to a more sustainable future. Tikva currently possesses its internationally-recognized territory and maintains provisional control over the Samarran Valley to the south and southwest of the country. This area is a hotbed of challenges between the Juddish people of Tikva and the Palladines, the native residents. Much of the Defense Forces are committed to stablizing this region for all peoples. Given Tikva's location on Eurth, there are few threats to its sovereignty but that does not mean that it is not prepared to protect it with all force if required. Tikva has no vested interest in being part of TRIDENT as it would not serve its strategic goals. Specify Reason(s) for Application: Tikva wishes to improve relations with its neighbors and the wider ATARA community through diplomacy and trade. Cooperative activities within the ATARA is the next logical step in this effort by the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ++++++ APPLICATION FORM FOR DELEGATE Headshot/Passport Photo: Name of Delegate: Zach Shapiro Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Shapiro has Argenazi roots from Derthalen where his family several generations ago were actually tied to the land. They managed to escape from their masters and fled to the lands that became Tikva in the 1950s. He has been a lifelong diplomat, having graduated with both a bachelors and a masters degree in international affairs from Harel University. He has served his country regardless of which political party has held the majority of the Knesset. During each of his assignments, his voice was instrumental in improving Juddish-native relations and fostering better economic ties between the respective countries. Until the end of last year, he was in charge of the Argic Affairs office within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Given his wide breadth of experience in this part of the world, he makes a natural fit for representing the country at ATARA. Previous Tenure: Ambassador to Aluxia, Ambassador to Cavunia, Ambassador to Morheim, Head of Argic Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs HQ)
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