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  1. Right so this to plan and discuss the elections going on in Sayf. There is no main thread, and most updates will come in my news thread. There's going to be a way where other countries can attempt to influence the election, either by attempting to rig or fund a certain party to help them win. Election influence form: https://goo.gl/forms/1Z4DgEKwD10oOKKa2 National Democratic Party - Social Democrat Republican Left of Sayf - neo-liberalism/centrism Conservative Action Party - liberal conservatism Islamic Brotherhood of Sayf - Traditional Islamic Law Say
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  2. SAYF NATIONAL NEWS: ELECTION SPECIAL Rashid: Hello viewers, I'm Rashid- Fatima: I'm Fatima- Fatima and Rashid: and this is SNN: Newshour! Rashid: Today we'll be discussing the upcoming presidential election. Fatima: Yes, it's been 5 years since the last elections in 2014, where our current president Ali Al-Karim was elected for his third term. Rashid: Yes, and unfortunately Ali Al-Karim will not be running again. Fatima: Such a shame, he's currently out longest running president at fifteen years, and such is not a surprise with a 75% approval rate.
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  3. Title says it all. I've been considering the idea for quite a while now, but I've never gotten around to actually doing anything about it. What I imagine is a free-for-all thread where anyone can post short stories pertaining to crime, preferably organized crime. As there won't be any solid storyline, the main purpose of the thread is simply to serve as a depository for such stories. Those who do wish to come up with multiple posts in a storyline could simply add a list of post links at the bottom of each post, or to just create a new thread. Another alternative would be to create a threa
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  4. I was unaware you could change your font... The font box mysteriously disappeared for me and has been missing for a few months now
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  5. I was unaware you could use Comic Sans on here!
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  6. This article was originally featured on Tuesday, February 19 Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech Saulius Speaks Out Against Communism, Other Liberal Ideas in Address As the clock struck 6:00 evening in Deopolis, millions of Salvians tuned in on their televisions and radios to the several channels and stations broadcasting the annual People’s Address, this year made by Archbishop Patrick Saulius. As Saulius exited from the main balcony overlooking Joseph’s Square he was greeted by a cheering crowd, and quickly began his address. And an address it was
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