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    Bogd Gioro Summer Olympics: One Eurth, One Us The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan is located in eastern Alharu, over 350,000 square kilometers of golden savanna extending from the white-sand beaches of Wulumuqi to the iron-rich hills of Jintakh. For the last 98 years, the nation has been governed by its people, following the revolution of Jian Bozaan. Home to a versimilitude of peoples, fauna and flora, the Worker's Republic balances bustling urban life with breathtaking natural beauty and traditional pastoral and nomadic lifestyles. Fulgistan hereby submits its bid for a summer Olympic celebration in the capital city, Bogd Gioro. Bogd Gioro, the pride of a nation Located in the eastern part of Fulgistan, in Feiguang province, the Bogd Gioro greater metropolitan area is home to nearly 3 million inhabitants, making up a sizable portion of the Fulgistani population. As the capital of the Worker's Republic, Bogd Gioro is home to many historic sites, some dating all the way back in time to the heyday of the Yellow Empire, and others constructed after the revolutionary period. For the Alharun aficionado, Bogd Gioro has a little of everything. Of particular note are the neighborhoods of Old and New Faratown, home to tens of thousands of Faramontese-Fulgistanis, and the mid-19th century hutong alleys, whose traditional tile-roofed houses are a popular choice among the city's Muslim population. Bogd Gioro has always been the hub for athleticism in Fulgistan, and hosts no fewer than ten national sports teams including the iconic Bogd Gioro Thunder baseball team. The city and surrounding area, due to planned housing and abundance of land, boasts ample athletic facilities, both indoor and outdoor, as well as numerous hotels, dormitories and other accommodations. Vision As the world continues to progress, it has only become more and more clear that we, as a human species, ought not to be divided by petty concerns like skin color or nationality; this is a truth that the people of Fulgistan have long held in high regard, and the pluralistic nature of the nation speaks to it. Millions of citizens have ethnic origins outside of the Worker's Republic, and are treated no differently than the native Fulgi and Bozaan peoples. Likewise, Fulgistani citizens are exceptionally welcoming to foreigners, whether as tourists or as friendly athletic rivals; the Worker's Republic is a country open to the world, and its people are more than happy to accommodate their foreign friends. The Bogd Gioro summer games is a profound expression of this national character: a proclamation to all the world that while we must celebrate our traditions and unique cultures, we are all human beings, under the same sky, with the same love in our hearts for each other. Game Design In the spirit of global brotherhood, all athletes and associated personnel are encouraged to wear clothing characteristic of their home countries; not to exaggerate, but to bring to Bogd Gioro a piece of their own home, even as much as the city becomes their temporary home. The Bogd Gioro Olympic Village will feature a myriad of cultural activities, displays, culinary venues, and art exhibits; a tribute to the rich and vibrant culture of Eurth. Logistics Bogd Gioro, as a modern, populous city, is well-prepared to handle the influx of temporary residents brought on by the games. The Bogd Gioro Metropolitan Area Public Transit System, a fully integrated system of metropolitan railway, aboveground rail, light rail, bus, and collectivized taxi companies, serves over one million riders daily in the greater metropolitan area, and transport to Wulumuqi is available via high-speed rail. In addition, Bogd Gioro Liberty International Airport is conveniently located, only 45 minutes from the city center by car or shuttle. Bogd Gioro is a very safe and walkable city; the Bogd Gioro Police, as well as the local People's Workplace Reservist Brigades, are a capable and well-trained force. Legacy After the conclusion of the Olympic Games, the athletic facilities and Olympic Village will require repurposing and redesignation; this will be accounted for in the runup to the games, but will certainly include the opening of athletic facilities to both the general public and to professional/university/commune sports teams, and the possible refurbishing of the Olympic Village as a residential and commercial district. The impact of the games on the world, however, will not be forgotten. The Olympic Stadium, wherein the opening and closing ceremonies will be hosted, will be preserved both as an athletic venue and a museum, with interactive displays and exhibits detailing the notable achievements of the games.
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    After thinking about this some more, I've decided that this story should follow a small group of individuals, rather than large fleets. Furthermore, concerning your space empires: No direct copy/pasting (f.e. Lusotropian Star Empire) This doesn't mean that your empire cannot be based on your current nation. However, since these events are supposed to be millenia in the future, you shouldn't simply say that your national identity carried over long enough for humans to evolve further in the meantime or even for other Eurthborne life to develop sapience. Whatever the humans will be like in the far, far future, they probably won't associate with some prehistoric microscopic nation state on some planet everyone has long forgotten. Your empire should assume that their traits/culture is theirs, not remnants of their ancestors that died tens of thousands of years ago. No current-day homo sapiens sapiens This will be so far in the future, that there will be none of our species left, only post-human forms of life, descendants of the human race, who have adapted to their new surroundings aeons ago. Until they received the gift of FTL technology, your people dwelled on some foreign planet for innumerable centuries, so, naturally, they changed over time. Whether you want your species to resemble humans or be radically different, is up to you. We can explain it the good old "life elsewhere in the universe could be extremely similar to us"-way. That's also why I mentioned all known forms of life to be based on DNA. No circlejerking The relations in size/power should be more or less the same as they currently are. People who joined the community recently or have low activity should not have giant empires spanning thousands of planets and star systems. It wouldn't be too weird if the species of a well-established member like @Fulgistan had 10-20 inhabited planets, but there should be no omnipotent Kualoan Galactic Dynasty that annihilates all its enemies with antimatter bombs sent through wormholes. You don't have to be a classical sci-fi empire, nor have you to be big It's kinda boring if everyone wants to play huge empires, like the classical Star Trek species, f.e. the Klingons and the Romulans. Naturally, you can do that (looking at you, @Rihan), but you don't have to. What's the harm of playing some species with a low population who's happy living on their beautiful laguna world? Doesn't it add flavour if your whole species lives in monasteries spread across their whole home world? Why live on a planet in the first place, if you can have a glorious spaceship-fleet-dwelling species (@Variota), or one living aboard a giant space station? Same goes for government types, everything's possible. Empire, republic, criminal syndicate, theocracy, only to name a few. Whatever you do, be creative. Reposting the discord screenshots from before: @Sancti Imperii Catholico @Girkmand @Kirvina @Adaptus @Oyus
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    Playing God in the Sunset Sea Islands? One of the more intriguing stories to come to light last month was the birth of a pair of twins in the @Sunset Sea Islands (SSI). That in itself is not remarkable but it was claimed by Dr Giang Ngo, described as a “renowned geneticist”, that these twins had been born immune to HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, he also claimed that he had been the one to genetically modify these twins, manipulating their DNA in order to make them so immune. As yet, his claims have not been verified by any independent source, although they have been seized upon by the Prime Minister of the SSI, Theresa Tumbleweed. Prime Minister Tumbleweed suggested that it was an opportunity “to improve the lives of countless generations significantly.” It is easy to dismiss or attempt to whitewash away the claims of Dr Ngo as “playing God”, but, if true, it does indeed represent a milestone in the development of the human race. However, one of the main problems with the work of Dr Ngo – casting aside the idea of the work meddling with God's Creation – is that it has yet to be verified by anyone outside of Dr Ngo and his PR team. Undoubtedly, the government of the SSI will be keen to add this to their image of being at the forefront of scientific discovery and advancement on Eurth, so it may well need another party to add any credence to the claims of either Dr Ngo or Sunset City. Especially after the Synapse system is more or less a dismal failure in all of its applications outside of the Radiant Republic itself. Possibly one of the more disconcerting factors about the work of Dr Ngo is that there appears to have been little in the way of ethical oversight, although perhaps that relates to the secrecy under which it has taken place. This shroud of secrecy could be claimed that this was for the good of the subjects, including their parents, but Dr Ngo and his team appeared to go no further than stating that their work had been successful. It may also speak much of the attitude of the Radiant Republic towards almost unfettered technological advancement, without the concern for the physical and, of course, spiritual well-being of the people it impacts. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion declined to comment on the matter, stating that the veracity of the claims remained to be seen. However, the Oikoumenikos Patriarkhos of Tagmatika, His Most Divine All-Holiness, Kosmas I, did have this to say on the matter: “Whilst any advancement in science can often be a glory to God, for He is the font of all knowledge, each step must be acted on with deep, serious thought as well as scrutiny and aforethought. Without suitable spiritual or theological guidance, it may go entirely astray. The Radiant Republic might be more aware of that than any other.” There have been protests outside of the SSI's embassy in Tagmatika, although the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has been keen to distance itself from these protests – the earliest groups of protesters, bearing banners with religious slogans and lead by what appeared to be several priests and monks, were quickly moved away by Praitorioi, the uniformed police. Further groups of protesters were monitored by both the Praitorioi and the Esoteriki Epitheorisi Pliroforion, the secret police. Likely, this was to demonstrate to the SSI and the rest of Eurth that the government of Arhomaneia has been keen to move away from the image of our great nation being backwards and ignorant. As yet, the protests appear to be peaceful and have not gone beyond the occasional chanting of slogans and prayers for the souls of the inhabitants of the Radiant Republic. Refugees Land on Arhomaniki Shores In recent months, the number of refugees crossing the Fillipou Thalassa (the Kosscow Sea) has increased in numbers and frequency in recent months, although it appears to have died down since winter arrived. As the weather has become more harsh, small boats have been less likely to risk the crossing the seas between the Megas Agios Basileia the the eastern lands of Europa. However, it has meant that those who have risked the journey have often suffered in the often stormy weather, as some of the boats and ships that they use to make the crossing are often inadequate or in poor shape. This leads to both the Basilikoploimon, the Imperial Navy and the Vestiaritai, the Fiscal Guard, having to make rescue operations to make sure that lives aren't lost. As yet, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has not found a satisfactory answer to the flow of refugees from eastern Europa. The steady breakdown in communication between Arhomaneia with the countries to the east points towards most of their governments taking on an isolationist stance. There have been reports of unrest taking place in many of these countries, and occasionally civil strife, which is likely what is causing people to flee their homelands and head towards the Occident, where @Adaptus and Arhomaneia remain the only stable governments in northern Europa. Such is the lack of contact between Tagmatika and the rest of the continent that, reportedly, the Logothesion ton Barbaron has unofficially nicknamed eastern Europa the “dark continent”, from how many other governments have gone “dark” through the lack of communication. In the past, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had taken on a stance of intervention in the affairs of other Europan nations, often aiding a faction that was likely to align with Tagmatika's goals and aims. This, however, is unlikely to be an option this time around. It almost appears that other than Adaptus and Arhomaneia, the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni, the Free Port of @Cristina and the Magnean Confederation (@Magnaeus) are the only functional nations in the entire continent. Any attempt to stabilise the entire continent would likely end only in failure, even with help from all of those nations. Precisely what path the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will take remains to be seen, for the moment. A wait-and-see outlook might not be for the best, as there is no guarantee that the situation to the east will improve any time soon. However, with the peace-keeping operation in Aluxia beginning to come to a head, as well as the ongoing pacification of the former Machina Haruspex, Tagmatika may have little in the way of options to tackle this burgeoning crisis.
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    @PyeMcGowan and @Alenveil Please correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that you are either considering or about to undertake an expansion into what is a player's nation, albeit an ex-player. The RP Mod team does have a few qualms about this. First off, it does need to be RPed properly and not done entirely via news posts. This gives other players the chance to intervene on what appears to be a relatively major war in the offing – after all, Theodoria is not just a blank spot on the map, but that of an old player. They may well not be a push over and some other nations may wish to get involved in some capacity, although that will be for you and anyone who does want to intervene to discuss. Interventions in this manner have a long regional history of happening and they have been very fun in the past. I do expect to see a thread made, rather than this being conducted via news posts only. Secondly, it has been mentioned on Discord by myself and others that we kind of want to see more participation in the wider region before you consider an expansion. There are numerous threads you can get involved in and are open for you to do so. I appreciate that that this can seem a chicken and egg situation, but there are things you can do. Why not start your own thread? It could be as simple as a diplomatic meeting or a trade discussion with another country. Thirdly, and this is aimed at PyeMcGowan, this “Auraid Bay Defence System”. Your own news post infers that it was put into place in September of 2018, although a quick scan of your threads does not seem to mention it before yesterday. Since you were active in the region in September 2018, it is a bit of an egregious inclusion, verging on a Godmod. It seems to be quite a big undertaking for a nation to have to just spring out of thin air – especially one that, you imply, can actively scan your entire border. I think it will need some clarification in an OOC as to precisely what it is and what it does. Even if it is “just” a load of radar stations, they'll still be damn expensive and require a lot of manpower. Similarly, your carrier sprang from nowhere. These are things that kind of need groundwork set out for them, since they are very expensive and resource heavy. They can't just be done retroactively. Thanks in advance, Tag
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    I'm in. I think the outlines above work well. I have a good understand of where Adaptus would be at this point. Or at least, its successor would be. What we do need to establish, is technology. We need to understand the limitations, and paradigms of the technology of this time. Otherwise, we end up with chaos around what is viable and what isn't. This setting is in the realms of things such as Foundations, Dune, and Warhammer 40K in regards of where it sits in terms of "far future". So I'd suggest we can use such works to roughly gauge a viable technological level. Now this isn't to say technology is a constant. It's likely there are varying levels of this. But this absolutely needs to be established before we continue. Secondly, we need a rough plot. At least a starting plot. From what SSI is saying, we're looking at an almost D&D style experience. Small in scale, focusing on a handful of characters, with empires, and nations playing secondary, and scene setting roles. Might be worth discussing this via Discord to establish a goo baseline, and return here would an overview.
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    In light of the recent news from the Federal Republic of @Girkmand, namely that the civil unrest that was taking place in the state of Kerlia has drawn to a close, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is downgrading the travel warning put into place. It was recommended that no citizen of the Megas Agios Basileia travel to Viburk under any circumstances, that any business there needed to be put off indefinitely and that if any citizens did travel there, it was unlikely that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion would be able to help them. It was also stated that the state of Kerlia was best avoided if possible. Now, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion states that it appears that Kerlia itself is almost entirely safe to travel and do business in, as is the capital of the state, Viburk. However, it is recommended that large gatherings should be best avoided, in case there is a flare-up of the troubles, especially since almost the entire state government has been arrested by the Federal Government on the charge of treason, as well as large-scale arrests of those involved in the riots. Similarly, as it appears that the Federal Republic is in the process of attempting to admit the state of Saxonia into union with it, it could be expected that this will cause potential unrest in Kerlia, Saxonia and possibly wider Girkmand. The domestic situation within Girkmand remains restive and it would be best to exercise caution and trust God to look over you when within the Federal Republic, whether on business or on holiday. It is recommended that anyone travelling to Girkmand keeps themselves informed of the situation, in case it changes, as well as any further announcements from the Logothesion ton Barbaron.
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    Welcome to Particle. PyeMcGowan’s Largest Web Browser Suggested Sites IIWiki, All The Information You need in one place https://iiwiki.us/wiki/PyeMcGowan WRS, Wendover Real Estate, Fine houses for the Fine https://sites.google.com/view/wendoverrealestate United Corp, PyeMcGowan's LARGEST company https://sites.google.com/view/unitedpyemcgowan Range Auto, One of PyeMcGowan's signature car maker https://sites.google.com/view/rangeautomotive/
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    Alenian National Tribune - ANT _________________________________________________________ MILITARY ACTIVITY IN AURAID BAY SURGES AFTER AMBASSADOR IS ARRESTED IN THEODORIA Yesterday at about 5:34 PM, a @PyeMcGowan Ambassador was arrested in @Theodoria due to alleged spying to the PRS (PyeMcGowan Regional Security) after 25 Theodorian embassy staff were fired for stealing information and the attempted murder of Kurt Von Dawson, Theodorian refugee-journalist. Speculation of what's to come has begun, and people are starting to worry for the future. "We think that, with what's been going and how different our nations are to one another, possible economic intervention and, at worst, military intervention might occur." Adriana Francis, military theorist states. "Satelite imagery has already shown the Auraid Border Defense System that was implemented in September of last year being flooded with PyeMcGowan soldiers, aircraft, and military vessels. Although King La Pollo is enraged, this is much more personal than Prime Minister Tartaglione would let him get away with. Unless Theodoria threatens Alenveil directly, or war is to actually begin and threaten PyeMcGowan, war is very unlikely. Officials in the Direttore branch have refused to answer our questions, which leaves citizens speculating and imagining outcomes instead. Prime Minister Tartaglione Tartaglione has confirmed, however, "a portion of our military will be stationed at the ABDS alongside PyeMcGowan military to ensure that nothing happens between the two nations. If we have to step in and stop this problem before it starts, even if we have to perform a quick military action, we will. Theodoria will not threaten our country for as long as it survives on Eurth."
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    He had become a sad shell of a man over the years but it didn't stop him from trying to grasp on to the power he held at court. Next to his country Seylos had flourished, building more than the disparate families of Éire had ever been able to accomplish. It was a miracle sometimes that lights were on these days. He groaned and walked slowly to his balcony and looked out across the city. He had imagined in his youth to transform it into a beautiful skyline of glittering lights and opulence, to rival Selbourne. But none of that had ever come to pass. He shrank inside to see the wasted potential in front of him. Loughrea struggled on, becoming poorer and poorer each day and under his watchful gaze. Failed construction projects and empty cranes dotted the skyline from a decades prior when the slightest bit of hope had been present. He had taken the ducal throne after his brother had passed away early. He was young and eager to make his mark on the world and on Éire. He has started slow but years later he had pushed for expansion, rapid and somewhat brutal expansion. Looking back on it he knew what a horrible mistake it had been. An inexperience duke seizing control of the economy pushing for more and more. Stretching the resources of the country to the limits, and the treasury far beyond what it was capable of. At first it was wonderful, the capital took on a new life business boomed, the streets were crowded with workers, and in the best moment of his life he had married the woman of his dreams, Amelia. He watched as his dreams had come true and for the first time ever their neighbor Seylos took notice of their success. His wife soon had three beautiful children: Eleanora, Noah, and Conor. He had never been so happy, but it had all been destined to end at some point. By the time she was twenty Eleanora had attracted the eye of the Prince of Seylos, Stuart. She was the first to leave. Not long after Eleanora had left, what he had dreaded had happened. He knew that the spending couldn't continue forever, but he hadn't just thought ahead. He was the Duke after all, and to admit such things would show incredible weakness to the nobility of Eirie. But regardless of how much he had denied it in his mind it came to pass regardless. The money dried up, and with not a single drop left in the treasuries to fund this golden age it all came crashing down. The markets fell overnight, the companies stopped getting their subsidies, and worst of all Amelia became ill. She had always been such a strong woman, but this time even her strength couldn't save her. When she passed the world became dark, not just inside himself but outside as well. The popular Amelia had managed to keep the people under control with her passion and empathy or a time, but with her gone his greatest diplomat to the people was gone with her. The protests had begun demanding the prosperity they had all once enjoyed. Then the riots. He had spent days holed up in the palace watching Loughrea burn and the skies turn orange with their glow. After the riots came the insurrection. First rocks being thrown at police keep order, then the next thing he knew he awoke one day to find that Noah and Conor were both gone. He saw the pictures of their burning motorcade, and felt rage. Deep rage. Eleanor tried to come to come to him, but the now King Stuart forbade it, he didn't want to risk losing his Queen. She tried to comfort him from afar but it made no difference. He had started his retribution, campaigns against this rebellion. Aggressive and decisive. His rage had driven him to victory he believe, and they were gone. What was left was a husk of a country. Their people feeling nothing but hatred for their leader but too afraid to stop him now. He remembered brief demonstration calling out in futility for Eleanora to come and save them from this wretched duke but he crushed them as he crushed the other. And with that, Eleanora was gone. She refused to speak to him for the crimes he had committed against the people she love. So all he had left was this, his power. He would never give it up. A knock on his door interrupted his gaze on the broken city. One of his advisors emerged from the doorway, "Your Grace, the council has assembled." He nodded and waved the man off. He took his time getting fully dressed, and after he was satisfied he looked regal enough he left his bedroom followed by his guards to the council chambers. When he arrived the guards opened the doors for him, which promptly closed behind him. The chambers were mostly empty with one man in particular that caught his suddenly widening eyes. "Duke Mághnus Mac Aodhagáin, it's been so long." "Henry." Mághnus hissed. Henry rolled his eyes at his uncle's display, "I guess I should've expected that, I'm not exactly popular these days. But neither are you. It's incredible how much they all hate you." "They don't need to like me Henry, they just need to serve me." Mághnus growled back, he turned back to the doors to open them but they were shut tight. He banged on them as hard as he could, "Guards! Guards!" Henry chuckled to himself, "They aren't coming Grandpa Mághnus. It turns out you can't even buy their loyalty anymore. You know what's funny to me when I came here, the people here see my brother as much better alternative to you." Mághnus spun around, "Him? We both know he's a weak fool. His mother spent too long poisoning his mind" Henry nodded slightly, taking the time to take out a pill bottle which he promptly opened taking a pill out and popping it in his mouth, "Oh definitely, but he's a popular weak fool, and coincidentally much better at running a country than you it turns out. As much as I want to be king, I can't say that he's done the worst job. At least better than our father, or you. As it turns out your inability to keep your children alive leaves him next in line to the throne, and I do very much like the idea of Seylos having more territory when I take it back." Mághnus froze, his face showing horror at the realization at his situation, "Why are you here!?" "I'm here for me, for my future kingdom... and for mum," Henry said while producing a pistol, and fired. ------------------- Edit: For new people who are unaware Henry is the brother of King Aidan, the leader of Seylos. He fled after a failed coup and is active in the mercenary space hoping one day to reclaim the crown.
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    Bulgenstaz Prepares for Possibility of Eurth Olympic Games As rumors of a Summer Olympic games begins to circulate around Bulgenstaz, the country has begun a registration campaign encouraging elite Bulgenstazi athletes to join the Bulgenstaz National Team. As of right now, there have been many notable Bulgenstazi athletes who have announced their registration, including: Jar Het Løz: world-class Bulgenstazi male swimmer from Uzekistaz. Leksov Ardow: male national sprint champ from Bayrsaw. Vladimir Le: male soccer star on the Red Sparrows Team, from Khenkhourt. Agata Mestov: female distance runner from Bayrsaw. Lena Lest Het: female hurdler from Nyeminsk. We at BLNN are excited and proud of our brave athletes who plan to participate in the upcoming sporting event. The Bulgen Rouge have plans to finalize the team later this January. We hope all worthy applicants may find a place on the new Bulgenstaz Olympic Committee. Kompung Łorug Kazów Among First Villages Positively Impacted by New "Rural Development and Integration Act" Above: Kompung Łorug Kazów with newly installed electrical utilities Bulgenstazi Officials happily announced the beginnings of "major success" with the RDI Act, which was passed only a little over a month earlier. Over 50 kompungs have been positively affected, with "many more to come" according to the Minister of Internal Development, Alexov Jarvanmów. Many of the affected villages are located closer to the interior of Bulgenstaz, such as Kompung Lviv Bakar in Nyeminsk. Services provided include: improved reliable electricity access, increased/expanded internet service, improved water sources such as pumps and wells, and new sophisticated vehicles to improve agricultural yields. Some kompungs have updated and improved housing. Plans to commence industrial development and advanced infrastructure in rural areas is estimated to begin mid-February, with healthcare expansion by the beginning of March.
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    Message from the International Olympic Committee of Eurth (I.O.C.E.) We thank the cities and countries who've submitted bids for the upcoming Summer 2019 Olympiad. At this time, the I.O.C.E. would like to issue a final notice that any others considering being a host for the games must post their bid no later than January 10th. Since we have more than two bids, there will be two rounds of voting. Formal procedures will be shared with the general public before the voting period begins.
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    In Selbourne it was a lovely day. On the beach near the Royal Palace the waves lapped gently along the shore and Eleanora stared out across the sea sitting in the sand, her arms wrapped around her legs. Grasped in her hand was an official letter from the government of Éire. She had heard the news long before, but it wasn't until the paper was in her hands that the truth had truly struck her. Her father was gone, for good or for ill. At first she hadn't known how to feel when it happened, and even know she still felt some confusion. She remembered growing up and him being the best father she could have ever imagined, but it was everything after the death of her mother that changed everything. "Mum?" A voice called out behind her. She turned her head to see Aidan walking towards her from the palace. He was still dressed casually, like he was most of the time her didn't have some official function. He smiled as he got next to her and sat down in the sand. "Enjoying the view?" She turned her attention back to the ocean and let out a sigh, "Not really Aidan. I suppose right now it's a bit hard for me to enjoy much." "I know, I know you've always had your problems with him but he was still your dad, and my grandad. It's not wrong to be sad he's gone." "It's so hard to think straight about it," She replied looking back at him, "Some days I feel like my father had died a long time ago. After I came here, to Selbourne with your father, he changed so much after my mother passed. Then after my brothers... the things he did, it's like a demon had possessed him. He stopped coming, stopped talking, and those riots." She trailed off at the end. Aidan looked at her concerned, he had grown up hearing some bits and pieces of what had happened in Éire, but Seylosian intelligence at the time had never considered it a priority, and while some truths were known to him now, he knew his mother had held back so much more. "Mum, what did he do?" Eleanora straightened herself up, wiping her eyes a little and tried to regain some of her composure, "He managed to cover a lot of it up very well, and when I was first told I didn't even believe it at first. But those protests in Loughrea... Well he ordered them finished, by any means. When he was done with them, he went after the people who organized it, all over the country. There are three less villages in Éire than there were twenty years ago." "I never really knew..." Aidan replied. He knew he had made a mistake in probing. In fact he was having a hard time figuring out what to say exactly. He had never known the man, and had always grown up with at least a certain amount of disdain for him. "I don't leave for Éire for a few more hours yet. There was supposed to be a late hurricane heading that way, but it seems to have turned away. Hopefully it will be smooth flying." His mother didn't reply, just nodded. Aidan didn't know what else to do but just hold her while he waited. -------------- Aidan came back to the palace an hour later and was greeted by Geoffrey Tatum, his minister of foreign affairs, "Your Majesty, how is your mother?" "She's... coping Minister," he replied, sighing heavily, "How are the preparations for the trip?" "Every is in order Your Majesty, you're scheduled to arrive in Éire in around four hours from now. From there you will be taken to the ducal palace to begin negotiations. I'm still quite surprise myself that they are willing to accept a union with Seylos like this." "They've been suffering for a long time, my grandfather seemed to have made a mess of things before he died. That reminds me the culprits...?" Geoffrey nodded pulling a paper out of a file he had in his hands, "Ah yes, at this point we aren't sure exactly, it appears numerous groups have taken the claim that they had killed the Duke. It appears in Éire that killing him means serious political points in your favor. For the moment the ducal palace has had its security tripled, and some personal guards will be accompanying you. The Hurricane Catherine has taken a turn away and forecasters aren't predicting it to come back. Lord Gareth will be awaiting you at the airport." Aidan nodded, happy that at least everything was going smoothly, "Alright, I'll be heading off in a moment." Geoffrey turned to leave but was stopped before he got too far, "Oh and Minister, Derthalen?" "I will make the announcement myself after you arrive in Éire Your Majesty."
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    PNN POLITICAL STATEMENT BROADCAST LIVE FROM THE PRIME MINISTER’S RESIDENCE “Goodevening, as many of you may know, the relationship between PyeMcGowan and Theodoria has been quite harsh recently, especially with the recent arrest of the PyeMcGowian Ambassador, Andrew Bernardston, and I can assure his family that we are doing everything in our power to help retrieve him. The Theodorian Government has continually broken Agreements and pacts to further their interests, and rest assured we have taken notice. At 5 o’clock this afternoon 12 other staff from our embassy in Constantus and a local consulate have been arrested by Theodorian authorities over charges only brought out of spite for our legitimate actions. I have no reason to believe that Theodoria would like to have a reasonable relationship with our nation along with our ally Alenveil. In September last year, the Auraid Bay Defence System was put into play, scanning our border for any activity. Along with the system we based just under ten thousand military personnel along the border with our fleets not far away. Just before this broadcast began I ordered the 5th Fleet, along with its new PNS Tylluan, to the PyeMcGowian-Theodorian coast, May my words be clear, We will not be afraid of your Army, we shall not give up our freedom, we shall never give in to your ways, Mr Tarkin and Mr Mercie! We are PyeMcGowians and Alenians, we have been here for along time and we shall not let that change! So, before I leave you, I must thank the leaders of @Alenveil for supporting our cause, along with the thousands of service men and women who safeguard our Future. May you have a Happy New Year, PyeMcGowanig am Byth.
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    PMN POLITICS AURAID TENSIONS GROW The Theodorian Government has long been at odds with PyeMcGowan and Alenveil over its authoritarian regime, and discrimination against other Auraid peoples. Additionally many remember at the Auraid Summit In 2015, when Former Prime Minister George London Stated that PyeMcGowan and Alenveil were the two great nations of the bay... as the Theodorian leader was sitting behind him, which later escalated into a walkout of the Theodorian delegation to the Auraid Union Building. And today the PyeMcGowian Ambassador was arrested for alleged spying for the PRS (PyeMcGowian Regional Security) following the expulsions of 25 Theodorian embassy staff for stealing information, and the attempted murder of Kurt Von Dawson, a Theodorian refugee turned journalist. So what could this lead to? Many speculators believe that economic or even military intervention will occur, Government officials have been very quiet over the matter, and the Foreign Ministry has refused to answer our questions. Despite many questioning the beliefs that war may occurr, and most of us believe that it could never happen, the military has deployed 250% more troops, vessels and aircraft along the Theodorian border and the Western Auraid bay. As well as a 2 Billion Auraid Border Defence system implemented in September 2018, which the government said was for immigration purposes, yet still with turret towers and walling.
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