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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Alert: Prisoner escape in Meda MEDA -- Police in the eastern city of Meda report that prisoner Warner Habitami escaped during transport his to the courthouse this morning. The escapee is on foot and was last seen on Ajonar Avenue while attempting to steal a car to further his getaway. The street was empty after this night's new year's celebrations, our local correspondent reports. Local police have launched an extensive search of the area in a bid to find Habitami. Police are also warning the public to remain vigilant. It is advised to not leave unattended cars unlocked or with the engine running. Warner Habitami is a white male with short hear and beard, wearing a regular prison outfit of pink jeans and shirt. He may still be handcuffed in the front. He speaks with an obvious Rohinese accent. In 2010, Habitami was sentenced to 15 years in prison. During the worst of the financial crisis, according to prosecutors, he had approved the concealment of hundreds of millions in losses in RITZ-scandal. Habitami lied about the value of his bank’s transfer but other bankers behaved far worse. Habitami’s former employer, for one, had revised its past financial statements to account for these losses and more. Surprisingly, he would earn the distinction of being the only financial executive sent to jail for his part in the financial crisis. Police emphasize these clear instructions: DO NOT leave unattended cars running. Area residents and business, BE VIGILANT while this aggressive search is underway. Should you spot him: Call 1-1-3 with your location and DO NOT APPROACH.
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    @Rhodellia It's my pleasure to inform you about your graduation from candidate to full RP member. Congratulations! You now have access to the main RP forums. You can also decide which of your trial RP's you want to keep and expand upon.
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    This is another snapshot into the civilian lives of Rhodellian citizens. This one specifically focuses on five mostly working-class university students studying in Gottesberg, the capital city, in the Rhodellian state of Königsheim. In contrast, the previous one I wrote was about two people from the Rhodellian state of Janbourg visiting Gottesberg to spectate Militärfestival 2018. In this sample RP, the five students are starting their long commute across and out of the capital to reach a popular campsite located in the countryside. Do note that they're not necessarily speaking English. I'm just choosing to translate them like this to better communicate intent and the variety of styles of speech between the urban working classes. Gottesberg, Rhodellia It was the early hours of the morning. The sky was still dark with the sun only starting to peak over the glass and concrete skyline. To the convenience of five university-age students - four boys and one girl - hauling carbines, tactical load bearing vests, and assault packs, most commuters had yet to start their morning rush hour. Most people out on the streets this early were local servicemen and women performing independent morning PT on their own. Besides them were the "early bird" commuters who either dreaded claustrophobia or had to travel to an opposite end of the city for work. And so, the Gottesberg Underground station “Lettow-Vorbeck” was nowhere near as packed as usual; they saw only a couple dozen or so early birds queuing up at the ticket barriers, with about a dozen more lining up at the self-service ticket machines and tills. It didn’t take too long for the group to get their tickets, pass through the ticket barriers, descend a long escalator towards the Fegelein Line, and reach Platform 3 early enough to catch the next Northbound train. The group leader, Edward, glanced towards the electronic platform display. ‘ETA for the 0530 train is four minutes’. His friends moved from close behind. They weaved in between other commuters, and apologised to the odd few they'd accidentally whack with their assault packs. After navigating halfway down the platform, they found an empty row of metal seats. ‘At least this bench is empty. Guys, let's set down our stuff over here while we wait.’ ‘Noice.’ Decker took off his assault pack, tucked his rifle between his knees, and sat back on an end chair. The rest filled up the other spaces. ‘Ay. Jonas, Emil.’ ‘Yeh cuz?’ Jonas nodded up and nudged Emil. ‘I’m bored. Let’s play a game.’ ‘Sure, mate.’ Decker leaned towards them. ‘Listen up: Erika Wittman, Aloysia Kalss, and Emilia Seibold. F*ck, Marry, Kill?’ Jonas rubbed his chin at an advertisement on an opposite platform: it marketed four-eyed “Generation 4” night vision goggles (which looked very similar to the ones worn by the Rhodellian commandos who, only a few days prior, cleared an entire Separatist command bunker to assassinate a high-ranking tribal Separatist leader in Nordwalde). Emil scratched the back of his head. Alice glanced up from her smartphone and gave the others a repulsed look. Jonas spoke up first. ‘Aight, so I’d f*ck Erika, marry Emilia, and kill Aloysia. Erika got that “back” you know what I mean? I’d bang her so hard, yeh, that we’d come up on the Richter scale.’ ‘Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.’ Edward pitched in ‘I still think Aloysia’s an underrated Panzerfahren ace though. I’d personally marry her instead of Emilia.’ Emil shook his head to Jonas, laughing. ‘You do realise that Erika’s 16 and you’re 21, you utter nonce.’ ‘Yeah but she’s still perfectly legal according to both state and national laws, mate!’ ‘There’s still a five-year age difference between you both, so you’re still a flipping nonce.’ ‘You for real bruv? You telling me that if a peng bird like her walked up to you and started chirpsing, you’d pass her up? About time you came outta the closet you massive homo.’ ‘Mate I’m as straight as a ruler!’ ‘A bendy one.’ Edward applauded. ‘Congratulations Emil. You played yourself! Of all the things you could’ve replied with…’ he clapped even harder ‘...you just had to pick the one even secondary schoolers are smart enough to avoid!’ ‘Well done fam.’ Decker chuckled ‘Aight, I reckon we oughta change games now.’ ‘Aw why man?’ Emil asked ‘I was just about to say mine. It's jokes!’ ‘Trust fam I wanna hear it, but look at Alice. She’s well shook.’ he nodded towards Alice, who had somehow gotten up and moved away from the boys to an opposite row of seats (without anyone noticing to boot). Decker laughed ‘You alright there Alice?’ Alice took off an earphone, smiled, and looked up from her smartphone again. ‘You lot are disgusting pigs. Honestly, yeh, I'm having second thoughts going camping with you!’ Edward replied. ‘You’ll be alright Alice. Just sleep with your back to the tent wall!’ ‘F*ck’s sake.’ Alice simply laughed and went back to scrolling on her phone screen. Decker turned back to Emil. ‘Ayo Emil, since you wanna say something so bad… Here’s one for you: Bait out the biggest sket you know. Full name, address, phone number, credit card details, social security number, all that shit ya get me fam?’ ‘Bruh. Bait-out vids have been rinsed for years.’ ‘Innit cuz.’ added Jonas ‘We be living in 2018 now, not 2016 you prehistoric caveman.’ ‘C’mon man just do it. Do it for the bants.’ Decker slapped his hands together, and pleaded. ‘For the bants?’ Emil paused ‘Alright then so… biggest sket I know, yeh? Initials Anton and Richard.’ ‘A.R…’ Decker pondered ‘Ain’t that your ex from college?’ Emil shook his head. ‘Nah mate. This’ a different one.’ ‘Noice! What ‘bout the rest doe?’ ‘Ha ha! Naaaaw, man.’ ‘Why not my man?’ ‘That’s bare deep bruv I can’t bait that out!’ Jonas joined. ‘You’re well dry you know that bruv? Help a mandem out. At least tell us her Insta.’ Emil nodded. ‘Alright I can least show you that.’ ‘We’re just having a laugh my bruddah!’ Decker chuckled ‘So what’s she like?’ Spill the beans!' Emil took a deep breath ‘Aight yeh... so this girl’s a proper sket, like… On the real, she bangs like ten boys a week bareback.’ ‘Bruh that’s grim.’ Decker’s jaw dropped 'She be spreading STIs like it's Plague Inc.!' ‘It’s absolutely flippin’ disgusting, yeh. Back in July, I went skiing with her in Gottesthal. Our entire hotel was proper dyin’ of herpes cos’a her I swear down.’ ‘Then why ain’t you dead cuz?’ ‘Man’s smart and wears protection innit.’ Emil knocked on the plate carrier he wore over his shirt. Jonas leaned in again. ‘Oi. What’s her post code? Ya boy’s getting a medical discharge tonight!’ ‘From spitting bars to spitting blood. Bloody hell Jonas that’d be one hell of a career path.’ ‘To be fair though, with her body count, this Bad B probs knows how to have a banging time. Man don’t care if he gets mega-chlamydia. Allow “Taps”. Play “No Regrets” and sick beats at my funeral!’ ‘Oh my days fam… You’re well thirsty you know that?’ ‘Yeh and?’ ‘Heh, you’re an absolutely disgusting degenerate Jonas.’ Edward chuckled towards the electronic platform display ‘Yeh and?’ Jonas repeated. The rest were still too busy laughing to say anything back (with the sole exception of Alice, who remained silent). ‘That’s what I thought.’ The subway train rolled into the station. The group stood up from their seats, strapped on their assault packs, and picked up their rifles. Edward beckoned the others over to his position. ‘Alright boys let’s cut the meme’ing.’ He watched the lights of the forward-most carriages whizz past. ‘Oh look, they’re pretty empty.’ ‘It’s five in the morning mate of course they’re all empty.’ Emil patted him on the shoulder. A carriage door stopped directly in front of them. ‘Calculated.’ grinned Edward. The glass safety barrier and carriage doors beeped and automatically slid open. The group strolled right on through, followed in by other fellow commuters. There weren’t a lot of others in the carriage. Among the more conspicuous were three builders wearing orange high-vis PPE and white hardhats. Chatting to them were five soldiers wearing full battle dress, kevlars included. The soldiers seemed to be complaining about how their unit's not getting deployed to Nordwalde, and how they didn't get to spend their Christmas season smoking some uppity tribesmen in the face for disrespecting their country. The builders expressed similar sentiments, stressing above all that if only they knew Nordwalde would blow up again so soon they'd have re-enlisted as combat engineers instead of becoming civilian contractors. Elsewhere in the carriage were three secondary school-age kids showing off their rifles, bragging about their shot groupings in school, and whose family members had the coolest MOS. A couple of foreign tourists were also in the same carriage and in some of the others. The tourists appeared to keep to themselves, probably intimidated by the fact that practically every Rhodellian chooses to carry either a gun, knife, or most likely both on their person at all times. Decker unstrapped his assault pack and took his seat, followed by Alice, Jonas, and Emil. Decker looked up at Edward, who was still wearing his assault pack and preferring to stand. ‘Oi Ed, so how 're we getting to the campsite again?’ 'Let me check...’ Edward opened up his smartphone. He managed to connect to the Underground station’s free Wifi and search up his route just as the train was departing into a tunnel ‘So… Going over our route again… We’ve got five stops left on the Underground.’ he pointed up at the Underground map for the Fegelein line ‘We’re changing at Wilhelm II Station. From there, we’re taking Maglev train to Manstein Park station. Using the Guderian Line, that is.’ ‘Guderian Line? I swear if we're going to Manstein Park it’s faster to take the Ludendorff Line.’ ‘About that…’ Alice looked up from her phone again ‘I already said it on the group chat, but umm... there’s basically massive railworks going on there until February.’ Edward nodded. ‘Yeah. But who knows? Maybe if there aren’t any scheduled delays on the Ludendorff Line’s timetable we can take that line instead. Alice, go search up "Ludendorff Maglev Line delays" when you connect to the station Wifi at our next stop’ ‘Sure thing Edward.’ Alice went back to her phone. Decker nodded a few times. ‘Aight that’s safe. What time's our train?’ ‘Yeah, so if we’re still taking the Guderian Line… when we get to Wilhelm II station we’ll need to take the 0600 train on Platform 4.’ ‘0600?’ Decker stretched his legs ‘Mate, we’re legit gonna have to pace it.’ ‘Mhm.’ Edward agreed ‘Good thing we’ve never skipped leg day.’ ‘Yeah it’s chill bruv. We’re all gym lads. Man’s never got a failing PT score in secondary school or college. I ain’t mucking up my record now ya get me?’ ‘I haven't suffered the disgrace of failing PT scores either. So yeah, when we get to Manstein Park we’ll be changing again onto the GNR high-speed train going north…’ Edward paused ‘Hey Alice?’ ‘Yeah?’ Alice looked up ‘Where are we getting off on the high-speed train? Closest stop to Carius National Park. Preferably with a bus station directly going to our campsite’ Decker seconded that. ‘Yeah. Allow having to haul this gear all the way. I already did my Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Duke of Edinburg awards in school. Doing a fifth one would be bare effort.’ ‘Hm…’ Alice recalled her memories ‘I think that would be Macharius station. That’s where my brother and his mates got off when they went camping last November.’ ‘Alright. Macharius station it is. Cheers Alice.' Emil looked up from his seat, seeming a tad concerned. ‘Yo, Ed. You know Carius National Park? Bruh I swear it used to be like, an actual military training ground. My dad was in the 12th Panzer Division, and his unit used to train there a lot. The place must be radioactive as hell with all the depleted uranium lying about.’ Alice looked up from her phone again. ‘Emil. Uranium-238’s got a really long half-life. We're talking billions of years. I remember, like, in secondary school... our teachers taught us that the main risk from depleted uranium munitions comes from alpha particles. Those don’t go through our skin or our clothes. They don’t travel far through air either.’ ‘So... that means we should be good for the most part, right?’ Emil asked. ‘Yeah.’ Alice nodded‘The government’s also done a lot of cleaning up over there before opening it up to the public. The background radiation, for the most part, shouldn’t be much higher than normal. Do you honestly think they’d screw us over like that?’ ‘Well, our government’s actually not retarded, so... that’s fair enough.’ Emil gave a thumbs up. Edward spoke up. ‘Okay, so here’s what we’ll do… Just to be safe, we’ll avoid anything that looks like a crater made by a 120-millimetre tank gun. Also, keep your Geiger counters on around sites where depleted uranium's known to have been used. Use your mobile data to brush up on their locations in the field if you have to. Pay attention to any warning signs of radioactive or chemical contamination. That way, none of us ends up with Leukaemia like those tourists who ignored all of the signs last year.' ‘That’s safe bruv.’ nodded Jonas, who was fiddling around with his rifle’s optics ‘Oi. Do you reckon the campsite has its own KD range? My new ACOG came in yesterday so I gotta zero it.’ ‘It probably does.’ Edward shrugged ‘I mean, every other campsite we’ve been to had its own KD range, and the one we’re going to was a former military training ground. It’d be a damn crime it didn’t have a KD range’ Decker whistled. ‘Ay mandems. Speaking of crimes…’ he gestured towards the group of three kids they spotted earlier. ‘What is that? What the f*ck is that?’ ‘What…?’ Edward squinted at the group of kids ‘I don’t get it. What’s wro-oh… Yeah, now I see it. Damn...’ Nothing about the kids themselves was out of the ordinary: they looked like the kind of kids that went plinking with friends in the day, played street football or basketball in the evening, and online battle royales at night. The problem lay with their straps: they had so many attachments decorating their rifles that the weapons systems looked as if they were 3D-printed straight out of a video game. ‘Bloody hell…’ Emil rubbed his eyes ‘On the real though, do they honestly think they look allie putting 30 pounds of shit on a 9 pound service rifle?’ ‘They must think they’re hardmen.’ Jonas looked up briefly before going back to servicing his own rifle ‘Kids these days think they’re so allie with their “Tacticool” mall ninja gear. I swear down. It’s flipping annoying.’ ‘Like you can talk fam.’ Decker chuckled ‘Let’s not forget, right, how you also went through a “Tacticool” phase back in secondary. Shit was bloody hilarious. I swear, yeh, you woulda slapped a thermal scope onto a bayonet if your mum gave you the pocket money’ Jonas laughed. ‘Man’s a big boy now, innit. I ain’t about that mall ninja shit anymore. Besides though… 50 metres, 100 metres, 200 metres, 300 metres... I scored higher than you in all my Marksmanship exams, and everyone had to use iron sights for those.’ ‘Ah, shut up fam. At least I actually came first in our area’s Schützenfest last year!’ ‘Bruh, that’s cos you bare sweated it that time around. Nearly every day after lectures, yeh, you’d DM me saying “Oi come outside fam let’s go to the range” and I’d be like “Nah mate. Man's got exams to study for innit”. You are a proper tryhard.’ ‘Gotta do my duty to Rhodellia, ya get me mandem? Moment I start National Service, yeh, I be flexin' on the other crows with my rifle game. Big man ting.'
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    Life could take one to some very strange places and lead one on odd paths. Megas Logothetes Presbyteros Paulos Narses could attest to that personally. He was very glad that @Morheim wasn't one of them. He had read the briefing materials that the Logothesion ton Barbaron had provided for him and was pleasantly surprised by what he had read about the country. The Queendom had gained independence from @Derthalen, although hundreds of years ago, and it might be thought that the country would be a bit more... unbalanced, like its parent state. But, other than an odd religion that seemed to be almost entirely confined to Morheim itself and a voting system biased towards those judged to be intelligent, the country seemed like one of the more normal states in that part of Argis, if not Eurth. Especially considering its closest neighbours other than Derthalen were @Greater Serbia, a nation happy to commit genocide, and @Aluxia, an autocratic and isolationist country currently embroiled in a civil war. Morheim could have been forgiven if it had been a lot more militaristic than it apparently was. Certainly, sharing a border with Machina Haruspex had made Arhomaneia a lot more martial than the country that was the heart of civilisation of Eurth ought to have been. Narses had been lobbying for the Megas Agios Basileia to hold a conference on the environment since he had taken up the post of Megas Logothetes ton Agelon, Minister for the Environment, as he felt that there needed to be a more unified approach to the threat of environmental change and global warming than individual nations pursuing their own policies. Morheim had stolen a march on Tagmatium by doing so first. In a way, he was glad that the Queendom had done so – the ostentatious ceremonies and displays that Arhomaneia would have felt necessary to show its superiority to the unwashed barbarians visiting it would have eclipsed and undermined the intent behind the conference. Instead, the unspoilt island to the south of Morheim was a good setting for the conference and would hopefully serve to remind those visiting what was possibly at stake. Nonetheless, Narses was privately disappointed that his government hadn't acted on his advice. However, the environmentalist credentials of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion couldn't be doubted – renewable energy was a prime concern under Kommodos III, as well as re-wilding and generally attempting to reduce the carbon footprint of the Megas Agios Basileia. Towards the end of the last year, the nation had even managed an entire week with its energy generated completely by renewable means and it would not be too long before that might even be on a permanent basis. The policies weren't just underpinned by the strategic concern that it was best for Arhomaneia to become less dependent on foreign powers for its energy, but also based on theological views, too. God had placed the stewardship of His creations into the hands of Man and ruining it, through ignorance, indifference or malice, would likely displease Him. Prince Isaak had seemed pleasant enough when Narses had been chatting to him at Thale International Airport and the Morheimian marines had done a good rendition of the Megas Agios Basileia's national anthem as the Megas Logothetes had stepped off the aeroplane. It may not have surprised the Prince that the conservative Christian nation was at least somewhat familiar with matrilineal monarchies – the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni was one, after all, and gender inequality was something that couldn't be laid at Arhomaneia's door. At Narses' own insistence, the clutch of bodyguards that had accompanied him were left waiting with the plane. A climate conference was not the best place for them and he appreciated that going to a holy island with soldiers might well be considered as very insulting by the Morheimians. Now that he stepped out of the helicopter, smoothed down his black robes and looked around at the holy island and smiled to himself about the incongruity of it all – a priest of Eurth's largest Christian denomination standing in a site sacred to heathen religion. Narses had been a Megas Logothetes in the Logothesion of Overseas Geological Oddities for years, after having decided that life as a professor of geology at the Mouseion was too stressful. Six years ago, he had retired and taken up a life in service to God, becoming a village priest in a rural backwater. However, when the previous head of the Logothetes ton Agelon had stepped down, Narses had found himself personally requested by the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator to take over the ministry. As a servant of God, how could he refuse the man who was God's chosen representative on Eurth? The Megas Logothetes shook Queen Julia's hand and he gave her a smile, which was almost hidden by his large, greying beard. He towered over the queen and his large paw almost entirely eclipsed the queen's hand. He'd been a keen amateur boxer and wrestler in his youth and it still showed in his physique, despite him almost out of his middle age. “It is a pleasure to be here, your majesty,” he said. “It's about time that we had a conference on this. I pray to God that it is productive.” He stood back and allowed himself to be directed by some Morheimian aides towards the royal retreat that was to be the venue of the conference. It was certainly very pretty and not some sprawling edifice that many monarchies might have built. Undoubtedly it was because to do otherwise would have impacted on the island more and the heathen beliefs that the Morheimians held stated that this island was the place life had been created. That was certainly a blasphemy but barbarians ignorant of True Religion couldn't really be blamed for thinking odd things. The minister-priest looked around for a sight of other delegates – Narses had seen aircraft from @Tikva and Tellosanon, @Rihan, as he had descended from his own aircraft. Ideally, the majority of nations of Eurth would send delegates to this conference but that may be too much to hope for.
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    "I am aware of the Tárek, a native people of the Eastern Cape, between the Shffahkians and yourselves, numerous many, many cycles ago and not as much in the present," she responded. She was far more aware of the people who had resided in the lands of Rihan but her elite education at the Phi'lasasam had exposed her more to those people than most Rihannsu were ever taught. "Officially, the Republic has no formal stance on them but," she paused to look at the room for anyone watching her before continuing, "I will say that there are some whispers within the Foreign Ministry about the reparations you speak of. I imagine someone will push the Minister to persuade the Praetor to bring the matter before the Senate but I believe the amount both our peoples have invested in their betterment far outweigh the amount they could individually receive in reparations. They should be seeing us as uplifting, furthering their potential," she then proceeded to take a sip. Her husband was listening to her every word was uncomfortable with her speaking about such unconfirmed rumor. "My love," interrupted, "perhaps we should keep the conversation away from the policy and stay with the intellectual discussion." Livana never liked bringing Galan to these types of functions and this was one further example of why they remained separated most of the time. Darok and Kalevaitis were engaged in their discreet conversation about economics. "Self-advancement is a core element of Rihannsu politics. One needs drive and determination to succeed. Same goes for business over the long-term. One must cultivate and carefully manage their enterprises to maximize their profit and see the best returns on their investments, no?" he questioned. "I am sure you've kept up with the latest news and the rapidly dissolving peace between Enolia and the Republic - war is inevitable and the bullets will fly any day now. Conflict may bring great fortune but to make such opportunities possible, it costs a significant investment upfront. You are right, this war will not be cheap and the Praetor knows that he cannot risk a broad tax increase - even on us. It would be political suicide. But you bring up an interesting point," he paused, taking a glass of wine being presented to him by one of the dozens of porters. "Though I am a single senator, in a political coalition dominated by wealthy landowners and industrialists, I do curry tremendous sway with our consul, Chatak Tela. I think I can come up with a proposal that will finance the war that benefits not just us in the long-term, but also, the Kirvinska." His response showed that he already anticipated this back and forth from once the Duke had begun their interaction. "Between you and me," he leaned in closer for a moment. "You and I can make some deals." He leaned back to his previous position. "On the Trans-Aurelian Railway, this would certainly be a tremendous opportunity to tie the continent through sweat and iron. A physical symbol of our newly-arranged League," Gathan commented. Morror had spent the last twenty minutes sharing with the admirals and generals at the table his heroics at the Battle of T'vant where he had pulled off a daring double-pincher offensive against some determined 'yikas' (foreigners) from Western Aurelia who lived between the Republic's western borders and the Straight of Kipan. T'vant was a narrow valley. He had divided his men in half, a contingent would hold the valley while the others would quietly scale the valley walls from both sides and attack from their rear. The fight was fierce but his veteran soldiers completely routed the foreigners. He got applause from the men at the table. Kassus was familiar with the Praetor's deal concerning a continental naval force from the information that had been shared with the senators. "I am confident that arrangement will help whip our brave Rihannsu sailors into shape. They may go through the same basic training as others as a condition of their conscription, but most don't get the true mentality to properly defend the Republic," he took a sip of his beverage as he listened to General Belitska's opinion on Enolia. He was not wrong in his assessment. "I've been told by General Korel Rendak, Draao'Prod (Marshal of the Army), that the Praetor only intends to deploy four legions, mere eighty-thousand men along with some aerial and naval support. You are right, anything less than two-hundred-thousand is fighting a war on the assumption that it can be won in short order. If the First Enolian War taught us as a nation, we cannot underestimate them. My legion, the 10th, isn't one of the four that have been mobilized but I have quietly begun to mobilize them independent of the Praetor, just in case, under the guise of war games," he said as his second-in-command, Colonel Kalenna Varak joined them at the table. "Rendak and the others at Central Command have been evaluating each nation's ground forces to see what the best approach in structure, logistics, and loadout makes sense for all participants. I am personally curious about what Korel ultimately presents." Mathon knew the Grand Duke had made a slight of Rihan's governance system and despite its mood swings and internal politicking, it had remained intact, more or less, for many centuries. "Everyone's first allegiance is to the Republic but as with Rihannsu politics, a dangerous game, always means the term 'loyalty' depends on the particular headwinds." Feeling assured that Charvanek wasn't going to be a problem for him, but quite possibly for her husband to deal with, he decided he would focus his 'concern' on Darok. Gathan was more in the Praetor's good graces insofar as getting his economic reform through the Senate, at the expense of some of his personal pride and political capital. "I would be curious about what the two gentlemen are conversing about but I will not let that distract me for the time being, after all, we have much to discuss here presently," he finished. He wouldn't bother with Morror who was clearly have a good time with his Kirvinska military counterparts. "I am absolutely in favor of grand transcontinental projects. My Transportation Minister, Arix tr'Danlek, has been hard at work at an accelerated program of railway construction both across the Republic and within Dartha and the Aihai. A Transcontinental railway for Aurelia would be a critical piece for economic growth for all three states, and a project we'd get on board with."
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    Foreign Ministry To Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Radiant Republic of the @Sunset Sea Islands Prime Minister Tumbleweed, Today PyeMcGowan stands at a crossroads, embrace its current semi-isolation, or we can move forward by opening embassies, assigning ambassadors, and improving foreign relations. So this is my proposition, On January 1st the national budget is released and next year will be what the Prime Minister calls the International Blwyddyn, this basically means were cutting some military funding and putting it all towards the Foreign Ministry. We may not be what we were during our golden ages, but next year will be the beginning of a trumendous era for diplomacy. Therefore I would like The Sunset Sea Islands to become one of PyeMcGowans first international partners, by opening an Embassies in Sunset Sea City and Charleston. Further discussions will continue following your reply. Yours sincierly, John Harper, Gregory Puton, Foreign Minister Foreign Minister for Maranesia
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    Alenian Bureau of Diplomatic Affairs To: Senator and Foreign Minister Tevus Pranana of The @Rihan Republic Senator Pranana, I apologize sincerely for not catching up with these diplomatic relations, but I do wish to continue what we'd thought of. Your new designated ambassador, Onesto Guariglia, will greet Mr. Dansus at our Office of Diplomatic Affairs. If required, there is also a possibility of us constructing a new embassy. It will be located in Sarbo, along with Sunset Sea Island's embassy. The number of employment, as well as furniture amounts, will be requested to follow through with the embassy's construction, however. Hopefully, this diplomatic agreement can progress as planned. Sincerely, Foreign Minister Adelasia Zangari
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    BYE BYE PLASTIC BY 2025 Plastic shopping bags are soon to be a thing of the past as it was announced today that Queen Julia The Younger has approved a series of environmental targets for the nation. The targets where put forward by the People's Congress. The targets aim to make Morheim a more environmentally aware nation and cut down pollution of all kinds. It is hoped that no unrecycleable plastic waste is used at all within Morheim by the year 2025 and many leading supermarkets have already announced steps to try and cut down their own waste. One will no longer sell potatoes in plastic bags instead committing to switch to recycleable paper bags by the end of 2019. The move prompted several other outlets to announce measures including some banning plastic bags at checkouts. One spokesman for a leading store said, "We see millions of bags used each year and if you're like me you've a plastic bag full of plastic bags. For the first week of January we will be giving all customers canvas bags as a gift from us. It is hoped they will then bring these with them each time they come and thus not rely on the plastic bags that end up in landfill." The measures were applauded by the 20 year old Queen who said, "The People's Congress have drawn up a comprehensive plan of how to cut down waste in our nation and set some ambitious goals. I'm delighted to have been able to approve them and I aim to go even further. Our planet has a finite amount of resources and as such we need to ensure we look after them and can maintain our way of life. It is my intention therefore to try and get as many nations as possible to also set targets, if not the same as ours at least as ambitious and meaningful." It was confirmed that in the coming days the Queen would invite nations from across the globe to come and discuss ways of protecting the environment and oceans. Among other key targets are to remove diesel vehicles, cut food waste and create new woodlands. AIR FORCE TO GET NEW TRAINER AND LIGHT STRIKE HYBRID With the nations aging trainer fleet reaching 40 years of age this year the Air Force are soon to take delivery of a new aircraft to fulfil both the training role as well as being able to be used as a light ground attack aircraft. The AX-11 is expected to be delivered at the end of February and around 80 are thought to have been ordered. The aircraft features a unique pusher design and is capable of carrying a significant amount of fire power. The aircraft will be built by Terrafe Aviation who traditionally have been more adept at building UAV's. The two seater aircraft is also being made available for export in the coming months.
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    Since this experiment began, it looks like @Rhodellia is the first member to successfully go through the application process. He'll be upgraded from candidate to full member. The theory behind the idea was logical, but it wasn't clear at first how this would work in reality. Our RP mentors all did an excellent job providing behind the scenes feedback. We'll take what we learned here and improve the application process. In particular: For the candidate: what exactly is required, which feedback can you expect, how long does it take? For the community: how to deal with trial topics that don't yet fit the canon.
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    OOC - Interesting choice of story line, but I too, am happy with this. Lays a good foundation for possible further RP with the other members.
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    OOC: Nice writings @Rhodellia. This is different than your previous stories. Less meme, more story. The quality is certainly there. Nice writing.
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    Sitting in a small conference room, the three Shffahkian delegates are looking at a laptop. Playing on the laptop is a video. A video of a 70-year-old man running senselessly around the Senate building. A wide grin can be seen on Rémy's face. Admie is looking on with great concern. Say what you will about this, the old man knows how to run! He's in impeccable shape for his age! Rémy comments. Certainly so... Admie replies as the tape now shows Minister Quint barricading one of the bathroom doors from 3 other men understanding the ramifications of such actions. Larue silently watching the tape with an enraged expression. She knew that leaving Shffahkia to go on diplomatic missions would have consequences. Possibly risky ones. After all, when Kondukanto left Shffahkia, Vigier and his crew always held clandestine meetings to scheme. Seeing this old minister having a mental breakdown, enrages her beyond comparison. I cannot leave for a moment without all hell breaking loose! Larue thinks to herself in frustration. Finally, she decides to break the silence. What was the verdict on M. Quint's mental status? Uh, they say he had a nervous breakdown resulting from too much stress. They also mentioned he could possibly work after some therapy. Admie answers. Sad, he won't be seeing the outside of a mental asylum for the rest of his life. He had a daughter and grandchildren, correct? Larue replies with candour. I believe he has a daughter and two grandchildren, two boys in their early 20s if I'm not mistaken. Admie answers with a concerned voice. Oh yeah, Jean or Jeon Quint I think was one of 'em. Good kid, I went hunting with him once. Rémy reminisces. It's always sad to see such a young family go in an accident. Especially when their grandfather was going through such hardships. Larue claims with malice interrupting Rémy's reminiscing. I do believe you know what needs to be done? Euh, of course, Mme. I'll make the call right away. Rémy says in a somewhat depressed tone. The call can wait. We have more pressing matters to deal with after all. Larue says as her expression becomes more joyful. The three leave the small conference room. They walk a short distance to enter a dining room. Few hours beforehand, Larue, Admie, Leroux, Dutoit and Rémy arrived at the designated meeting point, the presidential building of Paranne. The three Shffahkians got pulled aside by a Shffahkian guard who informed them that they had some business to attend to back home. The three then went to a small conference room where a laptop was awaiting them. Now that the problem had been dealt with, the three Shffakians entered the large dining room.
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    With Matteo Arlotta's company constantly growing, their increased manpower has allowed for them to strike more and more historical goldmines by the day. Already discovering so much in their home country, it could be possible that they might become multi-national as their feats are starting to attract the attention of some larger nations. This thrilled Matteo and he was extremely happy with the way that Arlotta Archaeology panned out, and he hoped his family business, turned large attention-grabbing corporation, would last an eternity. One such project that he'd been working on was the topic of "Kogaanzul," a name found in certain discovered of stone and clay tablets and translated by the Aresi Stone. Sitting in his office, he got another mail tip. Filled with thrill and excitement, he rushed over and tore the envelope open. Reading it aloud to himself, _______________________________ "Dear Mr. Arlotta, We have found another hint of archaeology in the coastal village of Viaserta. Possible links to the Limonaian Merchant Texts are possible. Please respond soon! - Anonymous" ________________________________ With joy, he packed his travel case and sent out a memo to his archaeology team, heading out. Within about a day from their headquarters in Norgamo, they reached the village and were greeted by a short, stout man with a short haircut. "Ah! Mr. Arlotta, welcome!" The thinner and taller Arlotta looked down at him with a smile, "Hello! Thank you for having me, Mr..." he held out the 'r' in "Mr.," as he waited for a response. The shorter man realized what Arlotta was doing and let out a light chuckle, "Liborio Mattaliano, at your service." He held out his hand for a handshake, and Arlotta happily shook it. "Come! Follow me, I'll show you where the spot is." After walking for a few kilometers through light forestation close to the beach, he found a small ruin. It was crumbling apart and could possibly fall over at any minute. Made of stone and covered in moss, cracks, and vines, Arlotta stared at it. "So, you think there could be something beneath these ruins?" He inquired, so focused on the ruins that he didn't even make eye contact with Liborio. Arlotta unpacked his travel case as Liborio talked, unpacking a magnifying glass, a few sampling pieces, and various other devices. "Erm," Liborio began, "precisely. There is a lot of military history here, although no one is completely sure what could have happened here and why. It's why I called you. I mean, you found the Aresi Stone of all things--" Arlotta cut Liborio off. "Now now, Liborio. I did not find the Aresi Stone. My team did, and they were the ones who deciphered it. You'd best clear out of this area, we'll likely begin soon." "Got it, Mr. Arlotta! Good luck!" Arlotta sent Liborio off with a nod and called his archaeology team over. They began first with marking off the areas and sending their various dating equipment and other materials to find out how long ago this could have been. It's obvious it had something to do with Limonaian colonization, but that ended in the 1910s. That could've lasted from the Limonaian Merchant Texts or somewhere even later than that. As his team worked, Arlotta went off to his camper and rested, ready for another day of work, uncovering the past and looking to the future.
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    VISA APPLICATION FORM Requirement: Yes Max. duration: 90 days Health requirements: N/A TOURISM GUIDE Top cities: Limone, Citulo, Tirli, Arnella Sights worth seeing: Celino mountain range, lake Pozzillio, Old Limone, Ducal Palace, Careini Castle, Anacone coast. The Island of Anaca. Cultural events taking place: National Day October 2nd. Getting around: Serviced by most major airlines, and features high speed rail connections between Limone, Celano and Sermerio, with normal railways servicing the majority of other sites in the country, trams and metros exist in the larger cities (Limone, Celano, Sermerio), and road quality is generally good in the eastern parts of the country (Smaller and less maintained roads are common in Celino and parts of Colline as difficult terrain make road construction hard here.) Ferries also connect major coastal cities and Anaca Local cuisine: Largely varied with ingredients from all over the world being included in Limonaian cuisine, so you can mostly get whatever you want, although Limonaian traditional food is highly recommended, as well as the wine. Limonaia features a range of sleeping options at most price points, with small family run hotels in small villages, to hotel resorts with all inclusive deals and whatnot, Sermerio is however a bit notorious for being a very noisy city, which could be a slight annoyance at night Map by Seylos showing the regions and smaller cities of Limonaia (Anaca on the side is scaled up)
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    One of the issues that I have as an RP Mod is that I'm not sure we've seen all that much from you as a nation on the international stage, as yet, to warrant an expansion. I know that you're just angling for a port, not unlike Hong Kong. There does seem to be a bit of a general push at the moment from nations/players to expand their borders relatively early on in their participation in the world. Perhaps try to make your recent independence vote into an actual RP, rather than merely comments in a news post, or more of a separatist crisis across your nation?
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    MIYAKO 2019 SUMMER OLYMPICS BID Kipan is a balance of traditional custom and modernity, held together by the dynamic people who inhabit these islands. They have been inhabited for as long as there has been recorded history first under the long reigns of the former Emperors and now, under the Republic. Since the Udo Transformation during the mid-1850s, Kipan has rapidly evolved becoming one of the most populous and technologically innovative in the world. Under the wise guidance of our first President, Kazuo Yamazaki, alongside the Kipanese Olympic Committee and the various chief executives of the Big Ten corporations, we hereby submit Miyako's bid for the upcoming Olympiad for consideration. Miyako: The Capital Miyako prior to 1854 was nothing more than a humble fishing community on the bay of the same name. Then under Emperor Udo, he proclaimed it the new capital of the then-Empire, and today, the national capital. It is home to over 12.5 million people. Being the most important urban area in the State means that it has an extensive public transportation system (both run by the State and by a range of private operators backed by the major megacorporations). It is dense, the skyline dominated by the tall apartment and commercial towers. The city itself is broken into 40 Prefectures: Shintoko is the central business district and heart of the Kipanese economy. It is currently going through a 32 billion Ken redevelopment, opening up nearly 6 million square feet of office space and over 57,000 units of housing. The city hosts a football stadium for the local club which plays in the premier K-1 league as well as two baseball stadiums - one for the Dragons and the other for the Giants. Given its location on the water, it is more than capable to accommodate many of the designated water sports. The Miyako Metropolitan Corporation has designated plentiful land to the west of Shintoko for required venues including the Olympic Stadium, Aquatic Center, Gymnastics Center, and other premier competitive sports. Miyako will utilize many university facilities to minimize the need to overbuild for the games. The MMC, Kipanese State Railways, and relevant Prefectures (in coordination with the State and Olympic Committee) will ensure the facilities are given sufficient transportation. Vision Our vision for the games are simple: bring people together in the name of sport, unity, and peace. Kipan has gone through a period of rapid transformation, on a scale unseen since the Udo Period. We want to give the nations of the world an opportunity to see the wonders of Kipan, give them a chance to see how far we've come and begin building long-lasting ties with the global community. We may have a stigma that we are homogenous in culture and not as multicultural as our neighbors to the north in the Sunset Sea but we believe we will prove everyone wrong. Not to mention that we will be able to further convey to the international community that we are peaceful and have no delusions of grandiose imperialism, a mindset we've thrown out since the end of the Thalassan War. Game Design Concerning the design of these games, we intend to construct the buildings and provide the general uniform concept with the overarching principles of harmony and balance - two beliefs that stem from our spiritualism from long ago, though practiced still by a small minority today. Our own athletes will be wearing traditional clothing designs of the Mito Period with an ancient Achuran symbol of peace integrated. Logistics As with any major sporting event, flawless operational procedures and logistics are required. For optimal weather, we strongly recommend that the games take place in late June into early July as this segment of the calendar has been very good according to the trends over the last fifteen years. As discussed previously, Miyako has an extensive public transportation system which carries over 7 million a day. Due to the increased crowds, the State Railways will immediately invest over 2.1 billion Ken into additional services to provide more capacity on the busiest lines and more than 1.5 billion Ken on a new branch line to the Olympic District. Miyako is a major business hub and has many hotels for all income levels but like many cities around the world, has a severe housing shortage. To house the athletes, the new district will have 21,000 units of housing - with easy reach of the stadiums and arenas in the district. The Metropolitan Corporation has made it very clear that it would not construct any roads specific to Olympic traffic but will work with the traffic division to ensure that the road network can provide adequate accomodate to such movement within the city while not impacting others too much. An international broadcasting center will be temporarily established within the District through prefabrication. Such methods will also be used in the athlete village. Despite the peaceful transition from Imperial to Republican rule, crime does not simply vanish. It is no secret that Kipan isn't as 'safe' as the Sunset Sea Islands. However, steps are being taken to increase police numbers within the National Police to 100,000 officers ahead of the games. Such numbers would remain constant following the completion of the competition. The District will be provided with utilities as needed from the national grid network. To help with the games, up to 35,000 volunteers will be recruited to participate not just in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies but to provide guidance to attendees and work with relevant work crews in maintaining the grounds and facilities. The Legacy For the Kipanese Islands, these games would mark yet another milestone in our transformation and embrace amongst the myriad nation-states of the world. Through harmony and sport, we can all come together to see the best in each and every one of us. The Kipanese people themselves would see this a chance to show the world the power of purity and balance. That peace is more than important than taking up the sword and attacking their neighbor with it. Regarding its impact upon the city, Miyako has always been a vibrant city and these games will further enhance and broaden the cultural influences throughout the city, giving individuals to see other cultures and learn from one another. The built environment will see further and potentially needed mass transport to be constructed and provided as well as aiding in helping the capital's housing crisis.
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    The Sanctum Imperium Catholicum, Home of the Papacy The largest nation in Marenesia, the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum, or in short-name Salvia, is home to 23 million people. Originating from local tribes who formed an imperium over the millennium, Salvia has developed a rich culture entered around the faith of Catholicism and its founder, Jesus Christ. The population is spread out rather evenly, however are more located in the four larger cities on the coast, preserving much of the natural beauty out west and on inhabitated strips of coast. With a rich history and unique culture, the nation has become a tourist destination for decades. St. Paul’s The third largest city in Salvia, St. Paul’s is located on the small Leolian Island to the south of the mainland. The city is located on the western coast and extends to the smaller Tiglian Island, which is home to the local professional rugby team’s stadium as well as other athletic facilities. Densely populated, the city is also home to a cutting-edge transportation system due to government and private funding, with the city being the hub of the Salvian Stock Exchange and the center of the recent national economic boom. Both islands are fit for the competitions, featuring islands of coasts and many already present athletic facilities that can be used. Besides the competitions, with the nation already fit for tourists, visitors can experience the Salvian way of life, food, art, and experience the rich history and culture of the island nation. St. Paul’s Vision The central focus point of the Olympic Games are those of St. Paul, of which the city bears his name. The emblem represents the three characteristics that are wished to be imparted on the international audience as well as the athletes that are participating. The characters it’s of peace, purity, and courage are essential in today’s world. The white for purity, not just physically but also morally and logically. Courage, for the leaders and the led, to be able to stand up for others and for oneself. And the dove, for peace, to illustrate that peace is required and necessary for the best society. While the athletic games are certainly competitions and feats of impressive value, the main goal of the games is to encourage and promote these three ideals that are sorely absent from our world. Design and Inspiration For All The design for this Olympiad should inspire all three values within the athletes and the audience. As such, much of the graphics are to feature the red and white dove, with athletes wearing their own national uniform with some modifications, chiefly being a large diagonal line separating to sections, one of the national flag and the other of white, accompanied by the emblem of the Olympiad. The national flag to symbolize our differences and the courage needed to defend oneself while the white and emblem will provide a uniform look, with the white representing both peace and purity. Logistics and Dates With Salvia’s location just south of the equator, the tropical climate is best experienced sometime in autumn (March-May) or the winter (June-August). These seasons avoid the extreme temperatures of the summer but are still warm to enjoy the weather and the games. The already adept transportation system is capable to accomadte the many tourists that visit, and with private and government investment on the rise, the public infrastructure can easily keep up with the demand. The benefits of already being a tourist spot don’t stop there, though. St. Paul’s is also home to many hotels and facilities, athletic and public, that are ready for use and able to accomadate the increase in users during the Olympics. Foreign news agencies can be provided further resources upon requests in advance. With an already low crime rate, security for the Olympics would be able to counteract against any threats and will easily ensure the safety of all guests, foreign or domestic. Security would be provided through a combination of the nation’s own National Guard and private companies. The Legacy of the Olympiad The legacy of this Olympiad will span over many people of many generations. For foreign obeservors, it will show them the three characteristics previously described- peace, purity, and courage. For native Salvians, the impact will be felt even more. It will signify Salvia’s advancement to the front stage while also providing inspiration to the international audience to show peace, to be pure, and to be courageous. The Olympiad has a good home in the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum.
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    VISA APPLICATION FORM * Requirement: No * Max. duration: 124 - 186 days * Health requirements: None TOURISM GUIDE * Top cities: Madria, Sitia, Caridad de los Moros, Sant Juan, Maurotopia * Sights worth seeing: Palacio de Miraflores in Madria, Bahía del Fuego north of Sant Juan, Monumento Pan-Iberico de la Guerra de Talassa in Sant Juan, the city of Sitia (a city who's entire economy is based on market socialism), Museo de la Historia Nacional in Maurotopia, Palacio de la Democracia (Legislative Palace) in Maurotopia, Parque Nacional Morrocoy and its beaches near Concerpción, the city of Caridad de los Moros for its unique desert architecture and history, Parque Nacional El Ávila near Caridad de los Moros for mountain entertainment and terrain, Parque Nacional Cueva del Guácharo near La Posada for jungle trekking and bats, Parque Nacional la Gran Sabana near Puerto Ayacucho. * Cultural events taking place: New Year's Day, January 1st; Día de Reyes, January 6th; River Festival, January 16th; Teacher's Day January 20th; Valentine's Day, February 14th; Carnival, February 28th - March 5th; International Women's Day, March 8th; Día de la Juventud, March 12th; Día de la República, April 22nd; International Workers' Day, May 1st; Mother's Day, May 12th; Día de la Maura, June 26th; Children's Day, July 21st; Victory Day, August 25th; National Day of Mourning, September 11th; Día de la Raza, October 12th; Halloween, October 31st; Feria de la Fulginita, November 17th - November 19th; University Students' Day, November 22nd; Día de la Democracia, December 15th; Christmas Eve, December 24th; Christmas Day, December 25th; Nochevieja, December 31st; Along with some Christian holidays like Easter and Holy Week that change on a yearly basis, as well as some others. These are just the major ones. * Getting around: Major airlines do fly to our airports, public transportation and tours are common in big cities, with taxis being common as well. Roads are decently paved. * Local cuisine: Pabellón Criollo, Casabe, Arepas, Cachapas, Caraotas Negras, and Hallacas are all nice foods. Our only unique drink is Chicha de Arroz (non-alchoholic and alchoholic kinds) which is ubiquitous in street cars. Buying from these carts is at one's risk, however, as they're not all well-regulated, and that goes for food carts in the country in general, but it's good enough for the locals. As for dessert, we have appropriated Limonaian culture with stuff like "authentic" Tiramisu. * Sleeping: High class hotels can be found in the cities, along the coast, and near national parks. As the tourism industry is the main force behind the economy, most hotels are pretty nice. P.S. due to poverty, everything is cheaper in the country than in more developed nations. P.S. P.S. drug laws are extremely lax here and gambling is permitted everywhere
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    To Elegy Institute for Statistics and Opinion Research [EISOR] We are delighted to be able to confirm your application is successful and that you have been allocated one of the facilities which was formally part of the whaling industry. This facility should be of suitable size and be easily converted at your leasuire to suit your purpose. We thank you for your investment and wish Menin Industries a long and happy future in Morheim.
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    ZENITH DATA SYSTEMS EXPERIMENT "PARTLY SUCCESSFUL" Following a recent military exercise which saw soldiers using bio-elecrical implants for the first time the Ministry of Defence have called it "partly successful". The exercise saw 30 members of the Royal Lancers volunteer to have a device implanted just beneath the skin which connected with satellite navigation systems and illuminated to help point the direction of travel needed. One of the volunteers was Sergeant Calhana a 15 year veteran of the Lancers. "The implants took some getting used to, for the first two or three days it feels like something burrowing under your skin and that freaks you out, the skin feels tight but soon it feels natural. When you connect it to your units sat nav you see it light up blue and then as you move towards your objective or along the pre-determined route it flashes red in the direction of travel. Its very useful." According to the Sergeant however there are some downsides too, "After a while it became quiet warm, like holding your arm on a radiator, we found the best way to get over the discomfort was to pour water over it but obviously on live operations that could be in short supply. The light was also a lot brighter than I thought it would be and could illuminate yourself rather conveniently for the enemy." During the exercise the units with the new devices found themselves reaching objectives quicker than their no equipped counter-parts something Calhana put down to not having to take map stops. "When you navigate through what could be enemy territory you move to a waypoint, check the map again, then move off, stop again to check for movement, have another look at the map, then go again. We simply programmed the route to start off with and just had to worry about checking for the enemy ahead." The CEO of Zenith Data Systems, the company pioneering the technology said, "This was our first test and the feedback is invaluable, we've removed the sensors from the voulenteers and we're looking at including ways to dim the lights so its only just visible. We're also going to see what we can do about the heating issue, that's something we didn't consider." The Ministry of Defence declared themselves pleased with the results and have approved further tests and have asked ZDS to look at further "Biological Upgrades", something ZDS explained could include cochlea radio receivers, HUD contact lenses and even RHIF chips to control equipment remotely.
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    I might have to build the righteous indignation for a while first.
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    Hel na Bærhiedæsnen From the Office of the Foreign Minister To: Foreign Minister Adelasia Zangari of The Kingdom of Alenveil Greetings and salutations, I am following up with you concerning a correspondence I had through your office some time ago about the establishment of better diplomatic and economic relations between your country and the Republic. The Praetor is still interested in moving this conversation forward. Nevo Dansus, my second-in-command, is ready to travel to Sarbo immediately upon confirmation from your office. I am confident that these deliberations will be productive for both sides. Sincerely, Tevus Pranana Senator and Foreign Minister
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    "...this is Norila, reporting live from Mederen Army Base on the border between the Republic and Enolia. Tens of thousands of soldiers, alongside armored units, tanks, and artillery pieces; and a wave of cargo trucks have steadily made their way to both this facility and a dozen others along the length of the border in anticipation of the outbreak of fighting. It is the first time in several decades that such a force has been mobilized, the last time was against the very same Enolians in a war that resulted in a dishonorable loss for our brave brothers and sisters. Senators from across the spectrum have pledged that such humiliation will not be tolerated a second time. The sentiment was echoed by Defense Minister (Lakhræmdæsnen) Livius Valdran whose brother, Argelian, is a well-respected general who once commanded the 8th Legion." "...the Enolian Government in Canamar continue to deny the accusations that Ambassador Lorehn is responsible for the attacks upon Dinalla but have reacted to Rihannsu deployment with moving some of their forces to the shared frontier. Miral Avelik, the Praetor's advisor and confidant, alongside Senator Tevus Pranana (who serves in the capacity of Foreign Minister) responded saying that the Republic would not hesitate to act if there are signs of Enolian offensives into Rihannsu territory. Tensions have risen dramatically throughout the Eastern Provinces and citizens have been informed they should be prepared to evacuate to more defensible positions when instructed by the military and Senate." "...it has been many years since the two sides fought in a war and even during the fragile peace that has remained over the past three decades, the Enolian military has only grown larger. When asked if the Republican Central Command, and by extension the Phi'Tlaru, was underestimating Enolian capabilities, a spokesman with the authority to speak on behalf of both organizations retorted saying that the Republic is in a much stronger position than it was back then and has the means and capacity to see this war executed properly, with outright victory for the Republic." "...while both sides have not begun to fight each other yet, all signs - according to the military spokesman - point to it being within the next seventy-two hours. A bounty of 1 million Chaks has been placed for the apprehension of the Enolian Ambassador. Stay tuned to the Information Service for up-to-date details from me on the front lines..."
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