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    Ok so a quick update. I've chatted with @Variota and a few things are now more clear to me. I'm also looking into perhaps arranging an arms deal. But we'll have to figure out how that could work. I already wrote about the new police forces that will need to be reorganised to work in this larger nation. Of course any arms deals depend on getting some form of international recognition. I'm also looking at @Derthalen for a helping hand here. Also: Sa Hara is now no longer landlocked. That means we can start shipping more oil. I know @Miiros wanted to make a deal there. No scruples that guy. In an international context I keep following what is going on in @Afropa . We agreed that I'd be the bad guy and sponsor the VLA to destabilise his nation. With an international coalition arriving from @Iverica and @Cristina it's not clear to me how those additional soldiers will influence my plans. Edit: Variota suggested I could send 'advisers' to support the VLA. I like this idea. If these are unofficial volunteers I have strong deniability of government involvement.
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    OOC: @Orioni (re-confirming) and @Sunset Sea Islands have allowed me to conduct funeral duties, e.g. honorably discharge Kualoa (who has left us) by supertyphoon. Time travel, as usual. Refer to the SUMATRA thread. EVACUATION PROCEDURES PROGRESSING 10/28/17: Since the typhoon warning was announced on October 26, the government and several humanitarian organizations have begun evacuation of the entire Kualoan nation. Disaster management authorities have already been working nonstop to construct more shelters, while the police and military have been deployed to ensure peace and order. Nearly all major roads leading to higher ground are already clogged with terrible traffic. The government is taking no action as of now because it is handling too many problems already. Port and airport authorities all across Kualoa have halted all operations to prepare for the emergency docking of ships and grounding of aircraft. In many major airports, aircraft are being brought into maintenance areas to make space for more aircraft. Emergency berths have been built around most Kualoan ports already. As Typhoon Hapai nears the nation, the entire Kualoan people stand side by side with arms linked, ready to work together and fight against a common enemy!
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    TOLEDO GROUP OF COMPANIES The Toledo group is a group of united Iverican companies in a variety of industries. Its total revenue is about 5.2% of Iverica's GDP. While much of what will be covered in this description is TGC's military industry, its main focus and source of revenue is the export of mechanical and electronic components and devices, civil maritime and terrestrial vehicles, etc. It is historically descended from the Toledo Steelworker's Guild and grew to eventually include Arx Arms Mfg., Suisa Defense Aeronautics, and Fortis Electric. It is a unified company which has existed since the year 1870, founded by Guillermo Valles Spano. The five main companies in the group are The Bank of Toledo-Intreimor (the largest bank in Iverica), Toledo Corporation (a general trading company), Fortis Electric (electronic devices and appliances), Toledo Heavy Industries (a diversified manufacturing company), and Arx Arms MFG (Iverica's largest arms manufacturer). Significant contributors and partners include Manille Consolidated Maritime (MCM), and Suisa Defense Aeronautics (SDA). Contents: -TOLEDO HEAVY INDUSTRIES (THI) +Heavy Vehicles, Foreign Supply, Mechanical and Electronics components [VIEW] -FORTIS ELECTRONICS (FOREL) +Smartphones, Electronic Devices [VIEW] -ARX ARMS MFG (ARX) +Small Arms, Heavy Weapons, Military Vehicles Munitions [VIEW] -SUISA DEFENSE AERONAUTICS (SDA) +Formerly: Military Aircraft (no longer in production) [VIEW] -MANILLE CONSOLIDATED MARITIME (MCM) +Maritime Vessels, Military Vessels [VIEW] TOLEDO HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Ltd. Catalogue Available (See Above Link) Toledo Heavy Industries, Ltd. is an Iverican multinational engineering, electrical equipment, and electronics company headquartered in Toledo, Iverica. THI's products include avionics components, air conditioners, automotive components, heavy construction vehicles, hydraulic equipment, machine tools, power generation equipment, and military vehicles. Included are also, various electrical components including semi-conductors and chipsets. THI is one of the core companies of the Toledo Group, producing the vast majority of hardware for Toledo Group subsidiaries and other Iverican corporations. As of 2017, THI produces 70% of exported machinery and mechanical components in Iverica. It also contributes to 80% of the Exersitos' ground vehicles and 65% of Iverican ship-building industry in the form of shipboard electronics systems, generators, and engines. ARX ARMS MFG. Catalogue Available (See Above Link) Arx Arms (AAM, or ARX) is the largest producer and designer of Iverican small arms and heavy weapons. It is a partner of the Toledo Group and utilises equipment and facilities shared by other partners. It maintains its headquarters and chief operating facilities in Corregidor, Iverica. Originally founded in 1700 as a small gun-smithing company out of Corregidor by Arno Suisa, ARX now produces over 80% of Republican Armed Service ballistic weaponry and 90% of RAS protective gear. It developed and currently produces systems such as the AGP (General-Purpose) Rifle, 12.8 cm ARX MBTSG (Main Battle Tank Smoothbore Gun), and Mk-VI Armadura "Arma" plate and plate carrier system. Arx Arms cooperates with THI at a near permanent basis to contribute to the instalment and maintenance of weaponry on military vehicles. ARX is also licensed by the Iverican Commerce Ministry for operations and distribution abroad. FORTIS ELECTRONICS, Llc. Fortis Electric or Fortis Electronics, Llc., is the leading producer of commercial electronic devices in Iverica. It operates a mobile device division, an appliance division, a software division and a telecommunications division. It maintains its head office in Intreimor and several main offices in Manille. Production is relegated to Toledo Heavy Industries' electronics division. KeyPhone, currently Fortis Electric's leading brand, designs and distributes several smartphones, tablet and peripheral devices. Fortis Software is responsible for the development and maintenance of kOS, and several other operating systems for Keystone devices and other devices produced by the Toledo Group. Fortis Electric was originally founded in 1901, as a designer and manufacturer of radio sets. It transitioned to include appliances in 1910 and then included software in 1961. Fortis electrical components can be found in nearly every device produced by the Toledo Group. SUISA DEFENSE AERONAUTICS Catalogue Available (See Above Link) Started in the 1950's from the fracturing of Spano-Suisa Automotive, Suisa Defense Aeronautics (SDA), grew to become Iverica's largest designer and manufacturer of military aircraft. Rising to prominence in the 1970's and 1980's, SDA incurred a string of debt, mismanagement, and accidents which led to its eventual acquisition and dissolution by the Toledo Group. SDA now lives on as a placeholder within the Toledo Aeronautics Division, a producer of retrofit kits, munitions, replacement parts, and avionics. During its brief success, SDA was a pioneering company which contributed greatly to Vector Thrust development with its daring experiments. It produced over 280 patents, over 40 working aircraft designs, 32 of which were military, and 18 which were eventually purchased and adopted by the Iverican Air Force in its 40 years of existence. MANILLE CONSOLIDATED MARITIME NAVAL DIVISION- Catalogue Available (See Above Link) CIVIL DIVISION- TBA Manille Consolidated Maritime (MCM), is Iverica's largest manufacturer of civil and military maritime vessels. It is headquartered in Manille, Nou Stille with several main offices and facilities in Porto Altaria, Intreimor, and Porto del Norte. Founded in 1750 by Francisco Da Costa, MCM began as Da Costa Shipwrights & Supply, rebranding and merging with other shipbuilding and outfitting companies over its long history. In 1930, MCM partnered with the Toledo Group, cementing its position as one of the region's largest and most productive shipbuilding companies. Apart from assembling and outfitting vessels, MCM also produces specialised equipment for both civil and military use. Its most popular systems include the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defence System, SONAR, RADAR, Ship-board communications systems, and navigation systems.
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    National Weapon and Machining Works National Weapon and Machining Works (NWMW) is a weapons manufacturing conglomerate located in Kimberly, Girkmand. Founded in 1910 the company's main focuses are firearms and military equipment, but it also consists of divisions based on metal manufacturing, plastics, civil construction and automation systems. Origins Originally a farming equipment manufacturer under a different name, the company was bought out and transferred under state ownership in 1910 as part of a broader plan to refit the army's poor equipment reserves. The universal male conscription law enacted in 1899 brought in a large surge of new conscripts who the Republican Army were in a hurry to arm amidst fears of a communist counter-revolution. The company mainly produced ammunition, equipment, artillery and licensed firearms before becoming financially independent and privatized in 1930. NWMW produced its very first original rifle design in 1936, the M/36 bolt action rifle. The weapon was adopted by the Republican Army as its standard issue rifle for its outstanding quality; this helped broker future contracts between the company and the military. During the 1960's, the Federal Army contracted NWMW to develop the very first domestically designed assault rifle. This lead to the FAR-60 and its subsequent variants. In order to tap into the international market, the company created a subsidiary, International Weapon and Machining Works Incorporated in 1980. On top of providing military grade hardware abroad, it works to develop civilian versions of the FAR-series for avid firearm enthusiasts. The company celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 1990 by re-launching production of the M/36 rifle for a limited period of time. Products 1. Rifles 2. Launchers 3. Artillery
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    For all who have written about it, I have plugged in Theresa Tumbleweed as the new leader of my nation because Mauve resigned. I hope to post about the new constitution and the post-monarchist SSI this weekend. Damn, exams and other appointments take a lot of time.
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    OOC: Time travel again: Late night of October 28. "HAPAI" CONTINUES TO INTENSIFY, EVACUATION WELL UNDERWAY As expected, Typhoon Hapai continues to intensify with 10-minute sustained winds of 161 km/h. Kuala government reports state that evacuation is "well underway", with significant portions of the population in shelters or high ground. Basic needs and equipment have been distributed to a majority of the population. The last aircraft in the area, Air Kualoa Flight KU 184 landed at 12:08 AM on October 28, and the no-fly zone was implemented. A large number of ships at sea have docked at Kuala ports, however some are still far out.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Canastotan geography students trapped in avalanche AGRICOLA, WHITEVALE - Shocking news has emerged today, as the Paranoff Search & Rescue Squadron of the USP Ground Force confirmed that fifteen citizens have been trapped by a recent avalanche on Lafayette Mountain. Twelve geography students from the University of Canastota, alongside their professor, a teaching assistant, and a hiking guide, were trapped by an avalanche believed to have been caused by fresh snowfall disrupting settled snow from the night before. The group were studying environmental change in the Paranoff Mountain Range, which has seen a reduction of snowfall in recent years due to global warming. Their findings would eventually be reported to the Initiative Scientifique Trans-Continentale, which aims to combat climate change and reverse the effects to protect the environment for future generations. A distress signal was sent by automatic sensors carried by the guide, which is a new technology currently developed by the university. The search and rescue team are continuing their operation. It is currently unknown if there are any survivors. One of the many avalanches captured in the Paranoff Mountain Range during the colder months of the year. President Duval congratulates @Sunset Sea Islands on formation of new government NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - President George Duval has congratulated the new Prime Minister of the Sunset Sea Islands, Theresa Tumbleweed, on her successful election campaign. The USP have enjoyed a healthy political relationship with the SSI under their past leader, Dr Lydia Mauve, and President Duval hopes to continue these good relations with the ruling Radiance Party. Elected after the traumatic events of the past few weeks, in which a terror attack caused the deaths of almost two thousand, alongside that of heir to the throne Prince Simon, Ms Tumbleweed has the tremendous task ahead of her of reforming the country's legislation. The suicide of King Tomasso I, on the day of his 84th birthday, alongside the resignation of Princess Selena from the throne, means that a whole new constitution will have to be formed for the tourist paradise. President Duval said the following in a press release: "Everyone in the United States of Prymont stands with the Sunset Sea Islands after the dreadful events of the final week of October. Losing so many innocent lives, alongside the beloved heir and monarch, is an event we wouldn't wish upon our worst enemies. Prymont will continue to assist the Sunset Sea Islands in the recovery and relief operation currently underway. We fully support the government of the Radiance Party and Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed, and will work closely with her to strengthen the ties between our two great nations." King Tomasso I, the last ever monarch of the Sunset Sea Islands. Government needs to do more to help fishing industry - InterFish CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - The CEO of one of Prymont's largest employers, InterFish, has claimed that the government needs to do more in helping the workers suffering from harsh fishing quotas. The National Party, which has spearheaded many pro-environment legislation changes, is not doing enough to help "the people of their own country who are suffering from their short-sighted changes", says Loren Upham. InterFish, which rivals the Common Fishermen Company as the largest fishing business in the United States, has seen a large decline in revenue due to these strict quotas. Stock prices have since plummeted and the company is now struggling financially. Hundreds of workers have already been laid off, with thousands more job losses predicted in the near future. The new laws were introduced in an attempt to stop the overfishing of popular Prymontian fish, such as haddock and tuna, and to boost their reproduction levels to healthier amounts. Before the legislation was introduced, haddock and salmon were endangered in the Canamo Sea, while tuna was on the brink of endangerment. "It's appalling that the government are trying to kill one of their biggest industries just like that," Upham told us in an exclusive interview. "This is people's entire livelihoods we're talking about. Fishing is a generational job. I have employees that have had fishing in their families for over one hundred years, and yet the government is just trying to stop us. Our industry contributes more than anyone will ever know to the economy, and it's been that way for over two centuries. They're only cutting us down to appeal to tree-huggers." One of the many fishing trawlers in the InterFish fleet. Fayford could be the next nature state, according to Prymont Environment Agency COMFREY, FAYFORD - In collaboration with Environment Minister Kip Schmidt, the Prymont Environment Agency has revealed that Fayford could be the next nature state, joining Whitevale and Wildenesse as a natural paradise that allows nature to take its course and thrive. This news comes after harsh weather conditions were reported in the state, in which heavy hailstone caused severe damage to property. Fayford's future was then discussed in Parliament, with Mr Schmidt proposing that Fayford's 200,000 population be rehoused in Linkeep and Ostport to prevent further disruption. Coincidentally, the Prymontian National Grid is looking to build large wind turbine farms in Linkeep, the so-called 'Energy State', and desperately needs more employees to construct and maintain the turbines. Fayford, which is lagging behind in all industrial manners, is a low contributor to the national economy and is apparently not favoured by the heavy hitters of the political world. Reducing the state to a wildlife reserve would strengthen the economies of Linkeep and Ostport, which have been historically strong states. This news has been negatively received in Fayford, with residents claiming that "nothing can make [them] move", and that "more opportunities to thrive should be provided". Residents are encouraged to contact their local authorities to present their views on the situation, which will then be reported to the government in New Halsham to decide the next steps. A naturally beautiful valley, located twenty miles north of Comfrey.
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    @LusotropiaAll right, I'll see what I can do. Tomorrow. As we have discussed before, it is the middle of the night in the old world.
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