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    Secretary General Ivanoff extended an invitation to President Duval to come to St. Peterburi for a Summit between the United States and the Socialist Federation. The invitation was sent to Duval via email to come to the Gustov Palace: "I will be in St. Peterburi for a few days to have a Summit with Geroge Duval, if anything needs my attention please send it via telegram to the Gustov Palace." "Aye sir will do." Ivanof grabbed his cover and walked out of his office towards the main chamber to make the drive to the Palace where he would be staying the next few days. Ace his Secretary would be coming with him since she is his most trusted advisor in the Government. He walked out the front door which Ace was waiting for him and came to his side and walked to the car. They got in the black sadan and begun the travel. "Ace, what are the odds that Duval will not be as tolerable as I am hoping?" "Well considering the last reply from Duval I'm not sure what except sir he is a man of mystery to us." "Hmm I guess we will find out when he gets here then Ace." Greggor opened his brief case and started writing and Ace looked over a few documents. The Sadan hit the freeway and with the police escort they started for St. Peterburi at high speed. They arrived to Gustov Palace and they got out of the Sadan and headed into the Palace. Ivanoff went to his office sat down at his desk and called the Minister of Defense on the Hotline. After finishing the conversation with the Minister Ivanoff started to prep the Office for Duval's Visit. After finishing the Office he set off to inspect the Palace for the visit. Everything had to be top notch for this visit. Ivanoff wasn't to be made a fool this time. He run up the Regional Airport to inform them of a Diplomatic Visit and a Diplomatic Plane will be landing at the Airport and that it is to be locked down until the plane leaves. He told the Military Musicians the order of Music which is the Anthem of the United States then followed by the Presidential Salute of Prymont followed by the Ahranaian Anthem and The March of the Secretary General. Now all that was left was to wait for President Duval. @Prymont
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    Some details, partially OOC: As calculated using Europa's Google Earth, shipping from the Southern route will take 10.5 days at 24 knots (Manille-Avulens). The faster, ideal northern Argic route (if it is open) would take roughly 8 days at the same speed. Taking into account that ships passing the northern route will have to slow down for caution in icey waters, the southern route looks safer and at a minimal addition of time. @Astriedan, Batch 1 Departure: April 4-5, 2018 (Manille) Arrival: April 15-16, 2018 (Avulens) Contents: 25 units, UC-42 E1 20 units, UC-30 E1 3 Units, UC-33 A-E1 Batch 2 Departure: April 24-25, 2018 (Manille) Arrival: May 6-7, 2018 (Avulens) Contents: 25 units, UC-42 E1 18 units, UC-30 E1 OOC 2: I know I know, business letters are aligned justified, not like this. This editor I used for the letter doesn't have justify for some reason.
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    To: His Majesty, Heinrich III, Sovereign of @Derthalen and the Government of Derthalen; the world From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion Your majesty, The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion condemns your government's recent announcement against the people of the Most Serene Republic of @Mauridiviah in the stongest of terms. The actions that your nation has stated that it will undertake against individuals of Mauridiviah are nothing short of barbaric and cruel. They have no place in the theatre of modern diplomacy and do nothing other than undermine the general desire for peace and prosperity. At first, the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion was keen to stay out of the backlash against your nation's occupation of new territory. Do not take that to have been Tagmatine support of the way you carried out your occupation – that is not the case. It was, however, viewed as an internal Derthaler matter, even if the methods that you and your government pursued were viewed as extreme. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion did not support the measures taken against your nation by the governments of @Fleur de Lys, @Orioni or even our ally, @Adaptus. At that stage, it was seen as a minor local matter, perhaps better left to the nations of Argis than those in Europa. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that this goes beyond the annexation of territory near your nation, whether illegal or otherwise. That you treat your own citizens in the manner that you are accustomed to is one thing – you are a barbaros and your nation is viewed as such. But your government then insists upon inflicting its anachronistic and backwards punishments on those from a foreign nation and that is beyond conscionable. It is recognised that the actions of Mauridiviah could be construed as rash and perhaps extreme, especially no longer recognising Derthalen as a nation. The encouraging of dissent is also an imprudent tactic, as it could only spread hardship within your nation. However, it does appear that many of the values of your government are contrary to normal behaviour, especially the barbaric and extreme punishments that are planned to be meted out against Mauridiviahian citizens. And that your government considers this a viable tactic to be used is a reflection upon your majesty and your nation. On top of that, the language that your government has used is nothing but inflammatory. The “thought of the day” that accompanies the message from your government demonstrates Derthalen's rejection of diplomatic norms and general decency. It shows that your nation is not acting with anything other than hostility in mind and that you govern a nation that can only be termed as a “rogue state”. Whilst the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion cannot agree with the Most Serene Republic's stance that Derthalen is a mere terrorist organisation rather than a state, your nation's statements and proposed actions do go some way towards confirming what has been laid at your door. As such, the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion can see no other way than to enact economic sanctions against your nation and yourself. This will come into place as soon as this message has been sent. The growing international condemnation of your actions and the widening group of nations placing economic measures against your nation will, God be willing, enable you to see sense. The path that you are sending your nation down will not end well for the people of Derthalen. These measures will be raised once you and your nation is acting in a manner that is conducive towards peace, rather than disruptive towards it. The sanctions that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will put into place are as follows: The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will expel any non-essential diplomatic personnel that the Nation of Derthalen has within the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion. The Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion will cease trading in any way with the nation and government of Derthalen; it will send no products to Derthalen, nor will it accept any items of any sort made in Derthalen or by companies owned by Derthalers, whether in part or wholly. Any Derthaler-owned property and assets, financial or otherwise within the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion will be seized. This will include assets and properties owned by either individuals working for the Government of Derthalen or Derthalen-based entities and organisations. It will then be disposed of, kept or sold in a manner that best benefits the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion. Derthaler-owned or flagged vessels will be turned away from Tagmatine waters, as defined by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. However, Dethaler-owned or flagged vessels will not be turned away if there is a danger to the lives of those on board or those on other vessels. Any Derthaler-owned or flagged vessels within Tagmatine waters, as defined by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, or ports will be escorted from them along the shortest possible route, so long as that does not pose any danger to any vessel involved. Aircraft based in Derthalen will no longer be able to land or use airfields in the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion, nor pass through Tagmatine airspace. An exception to this would be if there are emergency circumstances, which will be defined at the discretion of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. Any Dethaler-owned aircraft currently within Tagmatine airspace will be escorted from it via the shortest route, so long as that does not pose any danger to said aircraft or others, whether on the ground or also in the air. A travel ban will be set against members of the Derthaler government and those suspected of being members of said government. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion reserves the right to place further travel bans against Derthaler nationals it is suspected that are working in the interests of their government, rather than as private individuals. Any Derthalers attempting to gain entry to the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion will be turned away from its borders before entry. Derthaler nationals, if it is suspected that they are working for their government or in the interests of their government, in an espionage capacity or otherwise, will be escorted to the borders of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion and expelled. It will be an offence, with a penalty of up to ten years in prison and/or an unlimited fine, for a citizen of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion to trade with a Derthaler-owned, whether partly or wholly, company or individual Derthaler nationals. These sanctions will remain in place until the time your nation ceases to pursue such actions against the citizens of Mauridiviah. The Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion will also join those that are demanding the withdrawal of their forces from the lands now occupied and return to pre-invasion boundaries. The Nation of Derthalen then must come to the negotiating table in order to draw a conclusion to these events. If your majesty continues to direct that your nation continue these paths, then the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion may consider what further moves need to be carried out for you to see sense. Similarly, if any Tagmatine citizens are injured or even killed by Derthalers, or by the action of Derthalers, during these illegal searches for Mauridiviahian citizens, then the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will respond as it sees fit. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion sternly warns those nations that are still trading and maintaining normal relations with Derthalen – this nation has demonstrated that it has no respect for human rights, whether its own people or those from other nations. Derthalen, and the regime of his majesty, Heinrich III, in particular, is barbaric and base. It threatens unbelievable cruelties against individuals for slights against itself, such as hunting for sport, burning at the stake and drowning. It goes beyond what is deemed to be normal and, indeed, rational, actions and indulges in actions that the government of Derthalen itself recognises to be nothing other than inspired by “cold hearted hatred”. The actions by the Most Serene Republic, whilst perhaps initially a step too far, are shown to have grounding in fact by the reaction of the Government of Derthalen, a nation that the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion will hereby class as a “rogue state”. Because of the barbaric policies of Derthalen, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion calls upon the community of nations to enact similar sanctions against Dethalen. This may be the only way for this savage, antagonistic and ultimately short-sighted nation to learn that it cannot act in such a manner. To turn a blind eye towards courses of action such as this is to encourage them and, as yet, it appears that the government of Heinrich III is bent upon this situation spiralling further. It is recommended by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that those nations with treaties or pacts with Derthalen review them with regards to the action and activities of that nation. May Christ see that his majesty, Heinrich III of Derthalen, sees the error of his ways.
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    INVITATION TO ARRAKEEN It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Reverned Mother Hannah McKey. The Reverned Mother is the head of the Bene Gesserit faith, the person responsible for guiding our Sisterhood, its followers and mankind towards the goal of preparing for the next great cataclysm to face humanity. Additionally the Reverned Mother is the Head of State of the Theocracy of Kaitaine and thus holds responsibility for our nations path in the world. Over the next four days our membership will undertake ancient rituals to determine the new Reverned Mother who shall inherit the responsibility of continuing Reverned Mother McKey's good work. Never in the history of our faith and nation have foreign dignatries been invited to witness the ceremony annointing the next Reverned Mother, but as our scholars known as the Missionara Protectiva have ruled it is now important that our faith, our nation and our minds explore the wider world. While this is a sad day it is also a day for celebration, a new Reverned Mother presents new oppurtunities, new guidance and it is hoped on this occassion new friends. We therefore hope that you will accept our inviation to attend this ceremony and begin a friendship with the new Reverned Mother. May you Travel with Shai Halud. Chief Scholar Abigail Hallam Arrakeen, Day of the Ceremony The city of Arrakeen clung to the coast of Kiatiane like a limpet perched between the light blue ocean and the mountains beyond, the city was blessed with a natural river delta, one of the few in Kaitaine that brought a greenery found in few places throughout the arid nation. It was a strange twist of faith that almost 1600 years ago had brought the Bene Gesserit faithful to this barren land lead by their own Reverned Mother who believed the desert had called to her. Since then they had carved out a history for themselves here, built civilisations and seen them flourish under the Four Holy Families guidance. The faith may not have spread in the way those original Celtic refugees had hoped but its roots here were unshakable and deep. The nation had spent the last four days in mourning, both men and women coming from afar to the school that marked the centre of the faith, the legendary Chapterhouse. There at the gate sat a giant stone arch made in the symbol of the Bene Gesserit faiths emblemn, each of the pilgrims placed a single flower at the foot, these being cleared daily by the Sisterhoods military guard known as the Truthsayers, four of the women wearing their black dress uniform stood rigidly on guard next to the statue. It was easy enough to spot the women who had through their life attended the school, some had arrived dressed in their old uniform, some now rather ill fitting 3o years after the Sister had graduated. Each of them waited patiently in line, some talking with former classmates before they reached the arch, there they reached to their belt and removed a smooth white knife, the Crystknife, a symbol of the Sisterhoods membership. Legend had it that it was what contained the spirit of a Bene Gesserit Sister, the holder making it out of a single piece of bone during her final year at the school. Each woman knicked their thumb or finger and touched it to the arch, giving their own blessing to the outgoing Reverned Mother. Within the walls of the school building the large hall was filling up with those members of the Sisterhood who had been invited, 1000 or so women from the past, present and future of the faith, 250 from each of the four branches, the Mother's their long black flowing robes and smooth shaved heads, the Missionara Protectiva in their blue tunics gold buttons glinting as brightly as the heads of the Mothers, next in line where the Truthsayers, their black jackets and ceremonial rifles making them stand out as the faiths paramilitary, the final group where the red uniformed Honored Matres, those given the role of concubines to the Bene Gesserit nobility and the care of those attending the school. They sat in blocks of their group cross legged on the floor, each muttering prayers over and over. Outside there was a giant green lawn, a large number of chairs had been placed at, sitting there would be a nightmare when the sun reached its epoch but that was not where the dignitaries were sat, the wall of the school, designed to mimic an old castle battlement, had seen seating erected with canopies to shield them from the intense sun that was sure to come. The centre of the lawn so a platform surrounded by rope on three sides, four chairs sat there, one higher and more elaborate than the rest. One of the biggest issues was who to send to the airport, with the nation being governed on a day to day basis by a council of four nobles drawn from what the Sisterhood called the Four Holy Houses competition to meet and greet the foreign guests was fierce. Eventually a compromise had been reached, Niklaus Corrino, the Duke of Seitch had been selected, he was considered by the Bene Gesserit the most Holy of the Four Houses and the Corrino's had long tried to maintain a neutrality between the others. He was joined however by Krystina Garner, the daughter-in-law of Duke Richard Harkonnen, while connected to the 2nd Most Holy House she was also a Major in the Truthsayers and so stood in the capacity of being the faiths representative at the airport. A phalanx of 100 Truthsayers stood either side of a black carpent edged in gold that marked where they hoped the aircraft would arrive. Beyond them was a pipe band made up of men and women from the Regular Armies units their bagpipes occasionally screeching as they kept their bags ever ready to greet a new arrival with some fitting music.
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    Nation in Europa: Selayar Flag: https://i.imgur.com/QFyKjiG.png Capital name: Ratnapura Capital location: Northwest coast Factbook link: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=selayar/detail=factbook/id=main Newsroom link: Culture: Southeast Asia with elements of Arabic and European culture Climate: Tropical savanna (As) Location: https://i.imgur.com/bsxhs3Z.png If it is allowed, could i ask some additional little islands near the location? Something like this https://i.imgur.com/OaRQ94j.png History: Selayar was comprised of many warring and savage tribes before the arrival of Andalla in the 1700s. It soon transformed into a successful and profitable colony. Andalla left in 1918, leaving a democratic republic. The Coup in 1938, immediately after the discovery of huge oil deposits, led the country into its unique Socialist kingdom. Civil War ravaged the country for almost 50 years, starting in 1967 and ended in a peace treaty in 2014. Since then Selayar has been recovering politically, socially and economically with the help of its huge oil and gas deposits.
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    Welcome to this special overlength edition of SSI News where we take a look at the past two months of news in the Sunset Sea Islands and summarize the most important, most shocking and most interesting stories from February and March 2018. We will focus on both the internal and external developments our nation is dealing with as well as how the Sunset Sea Islandian economy is evolving with new foreign business deals and proposals. Without further ado, let us begin this news marathon with internal matters. INTERNAL Pro-technocratic demonstrations Following the so-called Technocratic Internationale, a massive online political discussion carried out via the virtual reality social network „ConVRsation“, the organizers behind the event published a position paper outlining the political and ideological ideas of the Technocratic Internationale. „Technocracy“, or called „the little yellow book“ by some, has been published both physically and digitally and distributed for free by members of the organization. The paper gained noticeable popularity during the past few weeks as it spreads through the population. However, the „little yellow book“ is not only popular with tech-savvy youngsters, but also with established politicians, amongst others also members of the Party of Radiance. Citizens have taken to the streets to demonstrate for more technocratic ideas in the government and as it turns out their voices have met some interest in the government. At a press conference following the largest pro-technocratic demonstration so far, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed said the following: „First of all, I must applaud the demonstrators and congratulate them for earning my honest respect. These, mostly young, people have not only voiced their well-prepared political opinions in a highly civilized way, without any violent escalations or even noteworthy malicious mischief, but they have also independently organized their own political debate, done research, discussed, informed themselves, gained knowledge and practiced the art of politics to collectively formulate a fact-based political stance. Truly all of you are highly politically mature and part of a youth any nation could and should be proud of. Your voices are the voices of the future, both metaphorically and realistically speaking. You are the future of our nation and your ideas might become the way our nation takes in the future. Furthermore, you have not only gained my respect, but also my interest. Naturally I, and many other members of the government have read the primary result of the Technocratic Internationale, the technocratic position paper. Although your ideas certainly need refinement they show promise and potential. Furthermore, I have seen records and reports from the Internationale itself as well as spoken with several acquaintances and co-workers of mine who have participated in the event personally. What I have seen and read has deeply impressed me and many of my colleagues. Therefore, I want to get in touch with the organizers and members of the Internationale. I will personally organize a meet-up and debate with your founders and best speakers or contributors to discuss your ideas, your thoughts, hopes and dreams to see how compatible they are with established politics and whether or not they can be implemented into the government of the Sunset Sea Islands. I look forward to working with you.“ The debate planned to happen during the next few weeks when members of the Technocratic Internationale have finished deciding on who to dispatch to the discussion with Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed. Some political analysts are already speaking of a „revolution of the youth“, calling the Technocratic Internationale the beginning of a new age in Sunset Sea Islandian politics. Critics argue that @Synturia tries to meddle with the Sunset Sea Islandian government to spread their government model. Members of the Internationale openly show solidarity and friendship to Synturia and their system. Synturians made up the second largest part of the Internationale‘s demographics. Vertical farms The pilot project to test a system which distributes free ingredients and foodstuffs to citizens of the capital for free has recently ended with a highly positive feedback alongside some aspects that need to be worked on. Thousands of citizens participated in the pilot project enjoying fresh and free ingredients from locally established distribution centres. The demographic data of the participants revealed that the service was used almost daily or daily by lesser fortunate families, but also by middle-class households. Making the project free for all is only possible because of the prospering Sunset Sea Islandian economy and the budget surplus the nation generates every year. However, there are some factors that have to be improved before expanding the project to a nation-spanning service. One challenge that needs to be overcome is the lack of arable land the nation faces as a result of the tightest natural protection laws worldwide. To relieve the agrarian industry the construction of so-called vertical farms has begun in the greater Sunset City metropolitan area and Tenma, the latter of which we will cover more in-depth later. Vertical farms are a technology used to grow vast amounts of vegetables as fast as possible in an area as small as possible. The farms will be constructed in specially-built high rise buildings and will be operated mostly by an autonomous system controlling the irrigation and lights with growth-supporting frequencies with little human interference necessary. The megacorporation Elegy has already signed contracts and begun constructing vertical farms and repurposing unused buildings for the technology. Both the completion of the buildings and the continuation of the service are expected for later this year. The goal of the project is not only to help families on tight budgets but also to improve the diet of the average Sunset Sea Islandian citizen. Tenma progress report Substantial progress has been made on the construction of Tenma, the first city on the previously only sparsely inhabited Solitude Island, the northeastern of the SSI‘s major landmasses. During the past two months, thousands of construction workers have restlessly worked to build a city for millions in the barren wastelands of Solitude Island. The first completed residential buildings are being inhabited by the workers and their families. Elegy corporation, one of the major financial, material and workforce contributors is still looking for people who want to contribute to the future of our nation by constructing a metropole for the next generations of Sunset Sea Islandians. The company offers attractive incentives to move to Tenma and to work in construction there, for example, reduced rents in the new residential buildings as well as wage benefits. The high rise buildings continue to grow like mushrooms during the monsoon and showcase Sunset Sea Islandian engineering and architecture to the world. Tenma will not only be a residential city to compensate for the nation‘s exploding population coupled with the lack of habitable land not under environmental protection, but it will also be a centre of commercial, industrial and scientific activity, for example, the ISTC‘s space program working towards a new moon landing. The city‘s proximity to both the mining complex in the southwest of the island and the space exploration centre on the island‘s northeastern tip will benefit both the economic and the scientific plans of the nation. Furthermore, following negotiations with the Syndicate State of @Synturia and the foundation of TESE, the bilateral Treaty for Economical and Scientific Exchange, several of Synturia‘s top corporations have agreed to construct an economical park close to the city. We will cover recent diplomatic developments with Synturia and especially TESE later in this show. Elegy Megacorporation is using super concrete produced locally from recently discovered material deposits. Using locally sourced materials reduced the stain on the environment usually created by heavy transports. Solitude Island has been only sparsely populated by the staff of the mines and, during the past decades, the space exploration centre for centuries because of the mostly barren and inhospitable landscape of the island. EXTERNAL Treaty for Economical and Scientific Exchange The friendship between the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands and the Syndicate State of @Synturia continues to deepen as the two nations not only slowly align politically but also economically and technologically. Following long but cordial negotiations the leaders of both nations signed the Treaty for Economical and Scientific Exchange, granting mutual access to scientific advances and technological breakthroughs. As cooperation between Synturian and Sunset Sea Islandian scientists and companies increases the need for regulations and laws arose to make this process of mutual benefit easier and more prosperous. TESE does not only include the promise of sharing economical and scientific advances but also makes travelling between the two nations easier for all of their citizens. As more and more businesspeople from both nations regularly travel to the respective other both governments agreed that these improvements would increase the productivity of bilateral projects and further the friendship between the two nations. Another aspect of TESE was the construction of industrial parks in both nations showcasing the technological marvels of the partner state. Synturias industrial park is currently under construction in the city of Tenma. This location was not only chosen because the city is basically one large construction site right now but also because of the proximity to the spaceport and the hope to inspire generations of Sunset Sea Islandians with Synturian inventions to further deepen the friendship and cooperation between the two nations. Demographic minorities of Synturians in the Sunset Sea Islands and Sunset Sea Islandians in Synturia grow and the number of mixed marriages is steadily increasing. Manamana canal progress report The largest project @Synturia and the SSI engage in currently is the construction of the Manamana canal, a waterway to connect the Oriental and the Adlantic Oceans to cut travel and transport times between the two nations. The main challenge of the project is to construct the massive ship lift stairs that will help the transport vessels to pass the small mountain range dividing the two oceans. Countless workers from both nations have been dispatched to the construction site on the sliver of land connecting the continents of Alharu and Aurelia to work on the canal. Recently the nation of @Little Flau has begun sending workers to the site as well in accordance with both Synturia and the SSI. Little Flau, a nation composed of several smaller islands is situated close to the route ships will take from one ocean to another once the canal is constructed. As the new trade routes promise economic growth to the small nation it has decided to join the effort to gain additional benefits once the construction is finished. Both Synturia and the SSI appreciate Little Flau‘s initiative and welcome the workers with open hands. The citizens of Little Flau have been met with warmth and friendship by the workers and integrated into the growing settlement flawlessly. Meanwhile, the mentioned settlement is continuing to grow. Its population is skyrocketing and is expected to continue doing so, especially with the new influx of workers. The population of Manamana City, the name got established in the meantime, is made up of equal parts of citizens of the SSI and Synturia with the new addition of the minority from Little Flau. The international friendship between the city‘s inhabitants is blossoming and the common kindergartens, schools and services established for all workers without regard for their nationalities are contributing largely to these developments. With the growing population and establishment of basic services, the question arises whether or not the settlement will really be of temporary nature like initially planned. With families forming and children growing up in the city as well as countless secondary businesses being founded for the workers, for example, restaurants and other leisure time facilities, many argue that what is now a real city is here to stay. This, in turn, causes the question whether or not Manamana City should be under the sovereignty of one of the nations, both of them or operate autonomously. According to a recently conducted survey, the majority of the city‘s population argues that a joint authority and administration of the city would be the preferable choice, further showcasing how well the international cooperation works by now. The governments of Synturia and the SSI debate whether or not they should appeal to the international community to claim joint sovereignty over the city and the area surrounding the future canal. Furthermore, the Manamana project may be the sprout of a new organisation. Some voices say that the dawn of a „Manamana League“ is near, consisting of @Andalla, @Asgeirria , Little Flau, the SSI and Synturia, the nations said to profit the most from the canal. TRIDENT Exercise near @Andalla Andallan news channels have reported a growing feeling of uneasiness regarding the growing popularity of technocracy in the Sunset Sea Islands and the ongoing alignment with the Syndicate State of @Synturia . The government of the Sunset Sea Islands was deeply saddened by these news, however, „a feeling of uneasiness“ was not the only Andallan action that caused dismay in the Sunset Sea Islands. The Commonwealth of Andalla did not only join a military alliance, the Tricontinental Defensive Treaty, TRIDENT, but also conducted a military exercise within the Sunset Sea Islandian sphere of influence. Sunset Sea Islandian authorities were shocked by the lack of pacifism displayed by their Andallan partners and other members of the recently founded ATARA, alleged allies. The embassies of both nations, Andalla and the SSI, are trying to smooth out the wrinkles in the bilateral relations as many MPs criticize Andalla’s actions as uncivilized and some of the radical voices in the government declare this an act of provocation. Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed said on social media that there will have to be consequences that could have been avoided. One of them could be the recently passed „Act of National Integrity“ which barely passed in parliament following the incident. Political analysts say that without the exercise the bill would not have been passed. We will further elaborate on the act later in this show. Leader of @Kaitaine dead Governments all around the world reacted with sadness to the news of the death of Hannah McKay, the popular leader of Kaitaine. Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed expressed her grief for the loss of a respected leader. A sea of flowers has appeared overnight in front of the embassy of Kaitaine. Theresa Tumbleweed accepted the invitation to the ceremonies following the death of Hannah McKay and the election and inauguration of the next leader of the nation. Both the Sunset Sea Islandian government and the public hope that the friendship between the two nations will remain intact whatever the future may bring. BUSINESS Controversial weapons deal following ANI Following the military exercise conducted in @Andallan waters the „Act of National Integrity“ has been passed in parliament to expand the competencies of the Self-Defense Force. One of the key aspects of that act is to create a defensive wall around the nation consisting of towers and bases on land and ships on sea carrying long-range weapons. These structures and vessels are supposed to form a ring around the nation defending it from potential invaders on course for the islands. Previously the proposal for the bill was given only a small chance of actually being passed through parliament because of the deeply-rooted pacifist nature of the Sunset Sea Islands, however, after the Andallan incident, the necessary majority for the bill was reached. Now the government is searching for ship and weapon manufacturers bot in the SSI and abroad. Many supporters of the Act of National Integrity hope for @Asgeirria to approach the Sunset Sea Islandian government with an offer to arm the vessels and structures with state-of-the-art technologies and defensive weaponry. Naturally, many Sunset Sea Islandians condemn the act and argue that the nation is straying from the path of non-violence. Nevertheless, almost the same percentage of the population agree that the times have gotten more dangerous and require preventive measures like MPs voting for the Act of National Integrity. Talks with Asgeirria regarding the manufacturing and import of the required weapons are hoped to begin soon. Thorium reactors in @Iverica and @Prymont Experts from the Republic of Iverica and the United States of Prymont have made remarkable breakthroughs in a new type of nuclear fission reactors utilizing Thorium. Thorium reactors are cheaper, more efficient and cleaner than conventional reactors using Uranium. As the Sunset Sea Islands are a major supplier of Uranium to the international community this development might be a danger to the economic status of the nation. Both Prymont and Iverica are close allies, although the TRIDENT exercise incident currently still overshadows the relations, Sunset Sea Islandian authorities ask both nations to permit nuclear energy experts from the SSI to participate in the project to both evaluate whether sources of Thorium, which naturally occurs in proximity to Uranium, could be of use to the reactors and to broaden the expertise of the international researchers. Although the Sunset Sea Islands pursue a path of mostly renewable sources of energy it can never hurt to help allies, especially when this help can also support the technological development. Furthermore, the old mines in the desolate wasteland of Solitude Island could be a potential final storage area for depleted nuclear materials. Storing foreign nuclear waste in exchange for financial compensation could balance out the losses generated by the partial departure from Uranium-based nuclear fission generators. Should Iverica and Prymont accept the offer, not only would all parties benefit from the mutual knowledge but it would also help to reduce the diplomatic complications caused by the TRIDENT exercise. Arson in @Ailythe - Synapse export imminent? Another business proposal goes out to the United Land of Ailythe. The nation has recently been plagued by a group of radical supranaturalists who are under suspicion for several crimes linked to the organisation, one of them being arson in a national art gallery which caused the loss of several priceless works of art. To fight these and any other crimes the SSI reach out to the United Land to suggest the export of the Synapse System to Ailythe which has been proven to suppress crime rates both in the SSI as well as cities in the United States of @Prymont and the Syndicate State of @Synturia. Should the United Land of Ailythe accept this proposal the system could be installed in the city known as the breeding grounds of the radical supranaturalists and suppress any kind of illegal activities thanks to the combination of tight video surveillance and the AI-backed analysis of all data generated by the system. As it was with Prymont and Synturia, the only condition for the export of the Synapse System is the agreement that all data generated by the System will be sent to and analysed and stored in the Sunset Sea Islands. @Andallan naval logistics Although the slight tensions between the Commonwealth of Andalla and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands were under a little bit of stress recently, trade relations between the two nations are brimming as ever. This is shown in statistics from all major ports in the Sunset Sea Islands, most notably the port of Porto Libertad. These numbers show that two thirds of all trade ships trafficking the Sunset Sea Islands have been built in the Andallan Commonwealth. It has been an established fact for decades that Andalla undoubtedly (yes, I know, I misspelt that on the image) reigns supreme when it comes to transport ships but their nautical ingenuity continues to amaze the world of sea logistics. Many workers and companies dependent on trade with Andalla hope that the diplomatic dispute caused by the TRIDENT exercise will be resolved quickly to preserve the economic growth the fruitful relations have brought to both of the nations. Saving the @Asgeirrian Mammoth from extinction News has reached us from Asgeirria that a rare species unique to the nation teeters on the brink of extinction: the Black Asgeirrian Mammoth. The relatively small but nevertheless closest descendant of the long-extinct prehistorical creatures are under special protection as their numbers continue to decline. To further improve the relations with Asgeirria, develop existing technology to new heights and to save an endangered species to maintain the planets biodiversity biologists from the Sunset Sea Islands propose to dispatch a team of experts to the nation to try to grow the species’ population by artificial insemination and to do a trial run of cloning these animals. In the past only small critters like sheep have been cloned, cloning a Mammoth would certainly be a challenge. Nevertheless, the researchers are up for the job and say that trying can only end in a benefit, either they manage to save a species or the data gained through the project will help to develop this technology further. “If we cannot save the Mammoth that would certainly be sad, but maybe our work will be able to help others save other species in the future”, the words of a biologist from one of the SSI’s leading biological research facilities. Truly the past two months have been full of developments that had the viewers of SSI news glued to their screens. These are turbulent times we live in and we, SSI news, are proud that you, dear viewer, choose us as your source to tell you what these times bring. We look forward to you tuning in again to the next broadcast of SSI news.
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    29 March 2018 Ratnapura, West Selayar Fate of oil and gas blocks to be decided next week Development plans for the two blocks near Liaknia Kabare - Plans to develop the Lorhanga and Puhiara blocks have been on the talks since the two blocks are two of the most promising blocks in Selayar. Located offshore of Liaknia, the blocks have oil reservoirs amounting to 15 billion barrels according to the Ministry of Energy and Resources. The Ministry of Energy and Resources, with the approval of the Advisors Council and Head of Cabinet, had approved the development of the blocks by the Selayari National Oil and Gas Corporation. This is the second wave of the country's commitment to propelled its economy forward with the help of oil and gas. Selayari National Oil and Gas Corporation, Pahuasan Lenga yen Gas Besang, shortly after the statement released by the Ministry of Energy and Resources, announced its ambitious plan to develop the blocks. They stated that "it will bring new prosperity to our glorious nation and further united us in the name of socialism". In line with the announcement, the corporation also announced that they would be open to negotiation with its allies and neighbouring countries for cooperation in developing the oil blocks. For the King, for the country, for the people!
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    @Gallambria's GAE Systems invests in Aamotech's Nålestråle project NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - Gallambria's leading defence and security conglomerate, GAE Systems, will invest an undisclosed amount into Aamotech Technologies' delayed Nålestråle supersonic jet. Fleming, a subsidiary of GAE that focuses on aerospace development, will purchase rights to 50% of the Nålestråle, securing its financial future and guaranteeing a release before summer. The ambitious commercial airliner, first publicly announced in 2014, began test flights in August 2017. A release date of December 2017 was further cemented by Prymontian flag carrier Montair purchasing international rights to fly the plane; however, many critics believed that development of the plane was rushed. Their suspicions were confirmed when the plane was delayed in December, and then again in the new year. Aamotech have struggled to finish construction of the planes due to government funding cuts and a lack of skilled workers, both of which are problems Fleming will resolve. Profits will be split evenly between the two companies, and Montair are believed to be sharing their international rights with Gallambria's flagship airline. Leaked spy image of a Nålestråle unit being constructed in Aamotech's compound. Locomotive tragedy in Whitevale - Northern Prymont freight train derailed, two dead AGRICOLA, WHITEVALE - A Northern Prymont freight train has derailed in a freak accident while travelling towards the Ostportese coast. The train's driver and conductor were fatally injured in the incident, which saw several hundred tonnes leave the tracks at forty miles per hour. The Agricola Freight Line, notorious for its narrow passage through the Paranoff Mountains, has claimed thousands of lives over the past century. Safety measures were unable to be implemented along the line due to its dangerous nature and high traffic volume, preventing workers from adding safety barriers as it would delay the delivery of time-restricted global cargo. The Transport Office, headed by David Pacheco, has launched an investigation into the crash. Currently, it is believed that icy tracks coupled with high speeds caused the derailment. The Northern Prymont Railway Company are yet to comment on whether lower speed limits were in force to prevent derailments, but existing track records lead investigators to believe that no restricted limits were in place. The NPRC, infamous for preventing its employees from joining trade unions, are also yet to confirm whether they'll be immediately taking blame for the accident, and are expected to go straight to court if found guilty. The aftermath of the incident, which saw the train plummet several hundred metres into a frozen lake. Energy Office confirms collaboration with @Iverica on thorium power plants CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - Scott Foster, Business & Energy Minister, has announced that the United States will be working with Iverica to develop and introduce thorium power plants to both countries. Iverica's Léon Power Solutions recently declared that their future was with thorium reactors, stating cheaper mining costs, higher thermal efficiency, wider use of byproducts and safer practices as advantages over uranium reactors. In July 2017, Vannskog and Ostport were hit with strict energy regulations, forcing the states to start moving away from uranium power and encouraging them towards solar and wind solutions. The Linkeep State Nuclear Plant of Vannskog has already been earmarked for closure, with the future of Vannskog's second plant, the Valley Nuclear Plant, also believed to be in question. The National Grid, a government company that owns the entirety of Prymont's energy solutions, will work with Léon Power Solutions to reduce research and development costs, share knowledge, and build designs together, sharing labour and manufacturing costs. Major Aelmount mining companies PAMKL and Rockford Mining will bid on contractual rights to supply the plants with thorium, which will be collected from within the Paranoff Mountain Range. The Linkeep State Nuclear Plant; the closure of which will pave the way for future thorium plants. 'Happyville' cult town in northwest Ostport raises suspicion over questionable culture HAPPYVILLE, OSTPORT - A recent documentary detailing the lives of His Favourite Children cultists in unrecognised village Happyville has opened the eyes of the general public to a polarising culture. The film, which aired yesterday on The Natural World, documented a week in the lives of His Favourite Children. HFC members reside in the private, unrecognised village of Happyville, surrounded by large wooden walls and cut off from contact with the outside world. The filmmakers are the first to make public contact with the cultists, who have previously declined contact. The show followed the lives of young boys and girls in the cult, and detailed the contrasting attitudes towards each gender. Females are educated by their mothers behind closed doors, while the males are sent into the Ostportese wilderness on missions sent by Him, a holy higher being that is worshipped by the group. Upon the coming of age, eleven year old girls undergo a spiritual ceremony in the village's secret church, observed only by elderly males. During the ceremony, they are married to an Elder, and their lives are then dedicated to serving Him and providing Him with children. Little is known about the cult leader John One, who told that when boys turn sixteen, they are sent on a final mission through the dangerous Ostport forests to find themselves and devote themselves to Him. These boys never return. Members of the public took to social media to voice their outrage at the practices overseen by His Favourite Children, calling for the police to arrest John One, liberate the girls, and launch a rescue mission to save any stranded boys. The sexual age of consent is sixteen in the United States, thus leading many to believe that HFC Elders are breaking the law and raping minors. President Duval posted the following on his social accounts: Appalling behaviour displayed in the His Favourite Children film. I will ensure an investigation takes place in Happyville, which will guarantee that the rights of every Prymontian citizen are being respected, and that laws are being obeyed. We cannot allow questionable practices like these to take place on our shores. A young girl in Happyville, performing for the His Favourite Children Elders.
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    Doubts, those are more deadly than a spear in your stomach, more taking then falling in love, more hesitating then taking a second dessert, more… And more. Mécra may in his situation only be full of them. He certainly was, the most powerful man in Fleur de Lys, but for how long? And achieving what? He participated after all to create the situation the Republic was in, all its traditions were on the fire and questioned. The foundations of the institutions were concerned by the sustainability and how much they may hold the pression. Bad decisions, added with poor engagement resulted in such, but not only. If coming back to the roots of such failure, it would come that the Republic was tiny, isolated and unrelated to its neighbours, even after sharing that many centuries of common History, war, peace, culture, love, hate and now, a total indifference. One may certainly put in question the way of working, however, this wasn’t how most were hearing this, the Republic needed space, exchanges and interactions, this was how most nations, Empires, prospered before Humanity. Not remaining in the shade of olive trees, more powerful then a single man, a Constitution was the only path to ensure a continuity in time. All this exciting epic ended 73 years ago for Fleur de Lys, losing a war, losing its vast interactions and connexions, this was it, the Republic was doomed 73 years ago, this year 1945, which say the defeat of the Union Pan-Républicaine, a long-standing Union which gets its origins back from the Eternal Empire of Hémus, which itself had its long-standing traditions and origins from the beginning of time, embodying the start of civilisation the legend would say, something little present-day Lysians believe in. But the fact remains, traditions were the key to keep the community survive, and when the Union after VIII centuries of existence stopped, the structure and culture of autonomy and self-governance which regimented the region stopped working. Naturally, the region hasn’t balkanised itself, the however pretty serious crisis happened in the core ex-Sister Republics, and this was the time of Fleur de Lys to, at its turn, know another one. This time, however, Mécra would count on the others core Republics, which can be counted on one of your hand, a total of 5, including Fleur de Lys, those were to be, from West to East, Bellefaye, Neaumanin, Danebourg and Mauvin. Many more Republics were included in the Union before, however, separatism and the wish to distinguish itself from what have been previously done pushed those former Sisters to drastically change. « A good Constitution is infinitely better then the best despot », if this has been the maxime of the Union for that long, it had proved itself possible to survive to time and History, at the only condition to know how to amend itself, and quickly enough to the facing situation. Something which clearly lacks 75 years ago, as the Union signed its dismiss by its weak and poor decisions. Past cannot be changed, however, future may be impacted if decided, starting with the present. This was nothing more then what Mécra intended to do. In Concorde, there was the Palais des Invalides, standing alone in the greatest park of Concorde, consisting in fact of little aisles of flowers, more lawn along militarily aligned trees, which had for most a few centuries. They were, depending on the lines, oaks for most. The place was occupied by young people, moving there in order to take leisure time, or simply during school-days, picnic, as the military Academies and Schools were nearby. The vast plain allowed a soft wind to strive on the grids of the Palais, having each bar finishing with a Fleur de Lys. Behind those grids, another large area split in two, with a little bridge between those as they were separated by a pit. On the second part of the area, which was slabbed, batteries of canons were shiny in line, those were 24 livres Gribeauval canons. The Entry of the Palais was large, large enough to let a full regiment enter easily in the internal court, where other batteries of canons were aligned, letting a large chunk to walk before entering in the main part of the building, moving towards the Church and the Dôme right after. In the Church, most Maréchaux laid down on either side of the gallery, with undergrounds concealing sarcophagus of the most imminent military or braves of the braves soldiers. You would need to lift your head, to see lines of foreign regiments flags, those were the flags of the defeated, which have seen since 1945 some flags lacking, being re-took by the victorious. Now was the most interesting part of the Palais to come, the Dôme, a magnificent and high Dôme which culminated at 107 meters and had in its center the sarcophagus of Louis Dieudonné Germain which have been by far the one creating the modern Union as it has been known, he was the one to introduce the new practices which are still in use today, and was the architect, or if not directly, the mécéne of the Palais des Invalides, a hospital for the injured soldiers, where, once inside, he did not need his guard in, as he felt himself home, the same as the soldiers which served the Republic. Encountering his sarcophagus, plenty of others were there, making this place most probably the most symbolic in the Republic, having nothing more but the deaths of the victorious, resting there. Mécra was standing in there, on the floor, which was giving an upper view of the sarcophagus of Louis Dieudonné Germain which was throwing in the middle of the Dôme. He had his heavy coat, and gloves, remaining silent with his deep thoughts, which he may not calm down as they were activating themselves and making the most impertinent comments about his situation. Clearly tormented, he had ordered to have the Palais for himself, the hospitals in the wings having been turned into museums, this was easy. Inside the grids of the Palais, there was only one man. However he had authorised for 4 people to join him in, respectfully the 4 Presidents of the nations, previous Sister-Republics of Fleur de Lys. All had accepted the invitation, which was the most disturbing one, effectively as Mécra had not prepared any great ceremony, nor organised or planned a press conference, not a single banquet or great tablée. The grids were closed, and hold secured by the Premier Régiment de la Garde Républicaine which was following him now in all his displacements, as Dictateur. In a total simplicity, a car would stop by, having passed the security controls, and from it, would move out Président du Conseil Crolly -another comment before continuing further, yes, the former Sister-Republics have the same political systems, which they inherited from the Union-. With his glasses, he was the stereotype of the perfect Neaumanien, productive, efficient, direct and certainly not getting emotional. Symbolic was nothing more than a formality for him, and this was with his curiosity that he came there, agreeing to lose his time for seeking the reason for this meeting, which Mécra had called. Impatient, but none the less, prudent, he would close his light coat and make a few steps away the car, admiring from as far as he was, the Dôme, the architecture of the overall Palais, along the pieces of artillery, which weren’t certainly in a strategic manner, but more in the strictest line possible. This is with those thoughts and his unmissable curiosity that he would enter, getting the Guards salute his by showing their sabres and open the grid. Grids would close behind him, and he would walk, on the cobbles, which were slippery because of the recent rain which came down a few dozen of minutes earlier. He wasn’t particularly smiling, in fact, he wasn’t at all, you may discern wrinkles due to his lack of sleep, having a bit dark eyelids, something which he wasn’t compensating with make-up. Having enough looked from the exterior the aspect of the Palais, he would rush, not in a hurry, but with an accelerate cadence, making his way until the great door of the Church in just a matter of minutes. There he would put, with hardness, the door, this would be tougher than he first thought. He decided to let the door slightly open, letting future guests having an easier time than himself, as he knew he was the first one. Having learnt as all proper person would, History in classes, he may only remain a few seconds in the Church, enjoying the view he was getting, lowering his cadence, and taking the time to breathe. May think because of his advanced age, which was true, but most importantly because of the heavy History which the building he was in, was carrying, giving work on his shoulders, and making him progress through a certain nostalgia it seems, of something he hadn’t even tasted, happening before even his birth. Marking a break wouldn’t be denied, making him having his left hand grab a bar of one of the many shoals which were in the Church. Far from being a religious person, as most of the Neaumanien, and overall, ex-Sister Republics’ citizens, he may only start a little though in his mind, which was expanding seconds after seconds. Before finally getting stopped by his most rational aspect, taking a look at his watch, and wondering if he found this place beautiful because his education and culture made him believe so, or if this was truly beautiful. On this question which he will be left free from an answer, he started back his way with the same cadence then at the start, moving towards the Dôme. As he would pass another door, which this time was slightly easier, he would see a shadow, advancing a bit further, he would see Mécra from behind. “Mécra” exclaimed Crolly. No answer from the Dictateur, making Crolly wonder and advance quietly. Until arriving side by side with Mécra, to the limit of the floor, which was given after to the sarcophagus. He there understood that Mécra would silently remain, thinking, until the arrival of the other guests, not addressing a word or even a simple bonjour. This would naturally make Crolly thinking thousands of adjectives to describe Mécra’s unfaithful attitude towards him, not really respecting usual diplomatic protocols, and leaving no other choice for Crolly but to wait like his colleague. Again in front of the grids, another Président du Conseil would show up, this time it would be Marine Rostelsa, from Danebourg, the most important economically of the 5. Grids would open, but she would remain a few seconds in front of the entry, not being fully sure what to think of all this mystery Mécra seems to put behind such meeting. Again like Crolly, it seems her curiosity had given her enough motivation to come here, along with the natural diplomatic tact she knew how to use. The Président du Conseil of Mauvin would at her turn arrive, Ariane Maréchal. There the two would greet one another, exchanging formalities as usual, but more importantly be asking one another about the « how » of this meeting. It wouldn’t be long until the last of the 5, Président du Conseil Amadeurt of Bellefaye would arrive at his turn, pushing the talk to pursue as the three would enter and leave their understanding of the why of the meeting behind them. The three counter-parts of Mécra would enter, one after another, as Crolly would turn back in order to face them. Mécra was standing there, coldly, still looking at the sarcophagus, with his right hand on the border of the great deep. « Mécra, I do believe we deserve some explanations » affirmed Crolly with his sceptical eyes, firmly believing that Mécra’s arrogance been too far this time. Rostelsa advanced, « If that is an economical help, along with trade deals you wish, you shall obtain it in name of History. But not more » she added, having her curiosity crush in Mécra’s inaction, believing now that she was to lose time here, in Concorde. « History? » said with a small laugh Mécra, turning his back and finally addressing a smile to his guests. « What do you know about History? » he asked, clearly not waiting for an answer. « I see a bunch of cowards, poltrons, dishonoured men and women, letting their country go as globalisation and globalisation goes on, clearing their culture, erasing their honour, expunging their traditions, defacing their love ». « That is enough Mécra » launched with a heavy tone Crolly, as he was to face him, eyes in the eyes, « We have come to help you, move out Fleur de Lys from this bad path, not to remain there, standing, as you insult us » he described. « Truth be told Monsieur le Président du Conseil of Neaumanin, as it seems to be the title you deserve » started Mécra, as he made a few steps towards the tiny group of the 4 guests watching Mécra since a few minutes now, not knowing what to think about such irrespectful attitude, full of dogmatism it seems. Mécra arrived close to Crolly, he put his right hand on Crolly’s right shoulder, as he still had his gloves, giving a mixed feeling to Crolly. « The Republic certainly have a debt surpassing 100% of its GDP by now » Mécra commented, letting his hand fall from Crolly’s shoulder, and passing behind him now, passing behind the group as they were still looking towards the great area, the border where the sarcophagus was. « Truth being I orchestrated the current crisis, well most of the sub-crisis shall we say » he started with a ceremonial tone, giving resonance within the room, as it was full of statues and impressive monuments, giving echo to 107 meters above their head. « Do not try to play them, I planned everything guy, a bad guy, in fact, to get Dictateur. You’re only Dictateur for 5 months, and we can make your tiny mandate a nightmare » said as she was more than annoyed by how Mécra started his statement Rostelsa. « If Mauvin and Bellefaye are lacking speech, it isn’t because of their lesser economic importance, more likely they cannot comment such stupidities » joked Crolly. « They can speak for themselves » dryly spoke Maréchal, finally making Mauvin hear its voice. There was only Bellefaye having not spoken up, with Amadeurt, making most wonder why, or simply what? « You can still respect my speech Madame » replied to Maréchal, Crolly. « It is Madame » said even more angrily Maréchal, having more than enough with this old man believe to teach lessons to “younger” generations, as it remained true, Maréchal was the youngest in this meeting even if she was a mother herself, but full of fire and ready to act. « And Amadeurt? » asked Rostelsa, moving her body towards the most senior person in the improvised meeting with no real agenda item. « I wait » he simply commented, breaking finally the silence. « Waiting for what? » asked Crolly, not understanding what he meant. « Mécra’s proposal obviously » he impertinently dropped. « Believe it or not, I am going to make a proposal, and Mademoiselle, Madame and Messieurs, you are going to move out and agree to it » concluded Mécra having appeared back in front of his guests, as he had moved there silently during the little disputes of his guests, or gentle word exchanges shall we say. « I first thought you were insulting, you seem to be also grotesque » commented Crolly, turning his back on Mécra and moving towards the great open door, in order to leave back to the Church and definitely leave the Palais. « Believe me, leaving isn’t part of the options you have at your scope » added Mécra, hoping to make his guest stop his inevitable walk towards the outside of the room, leaving definitely the meeting and ending this talk there, breaking what Mécra had hoped. Rostelsa would look at Crolly, and go to follow him. « Terreur durant la guerre, sang pour le temps de paix » launched ultimately Mécra, giving the sentence wrote on his bâton de Dictateur. « Fleur de Lys may only be the 4th economically of the ex-core Sister Republics, but I may remember you that this is where originated not only the Union, but also the spearhead » he commented with emotion, walking a few steps towards the two leaving. Crolly would have stopped his advances making also Rostelsa behind her doubt. « Is that a threat? » actually asked seriously Crolly. « A little refreshment to your mind, Fleur de Lys nickname in the Union as the Spearhead wasn’t for nothing » commented Mécra. The guests looked at one another, confused. « Our forces combined are overall more powerful, plus its madness » commented Maréchal. « And for what purpose » added Crolly. « I suggest we let son Excellence talk » quietly said Amadeurt. « Allow me a question before vos Excellences » he started, having now everybody listening to him carefully, while still not understanding his moves around and discreet threats made. « What feelings had you, advancing through this great building, able to host an entire army, passing the great door, marching alongside the immense walls of the Church with the flags of the defeated? » he asked, as he started moving away from the group and starting to follow the border and turning around the great place where the sarcophagus was standing. « You are genially mad » exclaimed Crolly once more, and he had pretty obvious reasons too. « A certain emotion, the desire of rehashing the past » responded Maréchal, playing Mécra’s little game. « Dogmatism for my part » said with a little chortle Amadeurt, with his old age being the only one in the room having known the Union as a child. « You wish the Union back? » infer Rostelsa. « Yes. Be sure the Republic is in better shape then what I let imply. Falsifying a few documents and statements, with Montsang as Ministre des Affaires Intérieures et Économiques, along most of the high-ranking officials being in my Party, it was rather simple » added Mécra, getting immediately a reaction from Crolly, « You are going to get to jail for this lie! ». « I doubt that effectively my lie would have gone public, but for the end of the year. And if you are to accept my proposal, which effectively consists of re-founding the Union, we may say a simple saving plan saved the day » he finished, with a hypocritical smile on his face. « We could have done this before » commented Maréchal, giving a little deduction, and wondering why the Union never been reformed before. « Allies Forces submitted the Union at the time and ordered its dismantlement. The reputation of the Union as a powerful and great military-industrial complex gave a bad view when coming to the public opinion, and even globally. The public opinion wouldn’t have supported such thing a year ago, the same as the international community in 1945. However, it’s been 73 years, and now that a former Sister-Republic is in danger, it might be our duty to help it. I believe this is the perfect opportunity, allowing a greater Europan-central market » observed and reflected Amadeurt, which got the idea, and as he thought more about it, was enjoying the facts presented by Mécra. « Madness » would further comment Crolly, as it seems Mécra had Mauvin and Bellefaye joining his idea, but Crolly leading Neaumanin, the second largest economies out of the five, wouldn’t let himself intimidated, « Your respective Assemblies won’t let this pass » he concluded, waiting also the answer of Rostelsa, in which he saw an ally in. Rostelsa would go beyond little arguments Mécra advanced, and think more globally on the Europan market, seeing a small unprestigious decline, as the 5 nations present in the room had lacked any real or strong economic ties since the last 73 years. Fleur de Lys would seek South, Mauvin in the deep East, Bellefaye beyond the seas while depending on its maritime neighbours, Neaumanin in the North and South, and Danebourg hopefully was exploiting all those paths, but at what cost? An open market like in the Union 73 years ago would give oxygen to the suffocating Danebourgeois economy, along with cheaper labour most likely, particularly in Mauvin. It would be difficult for Rostelsa to say that she wasn’t to be sensitive to those arguments she just thought of, with this occasion being the perfect opportunity, and more likely not getting it a second time at least during her mandate. She would have to size it, or not… She would size it… She will sign it. This Mécra would get it, as he saw her thinking, creating him a smile on his face. « Well Crolly, you wouldn’t let Neaumanin alone, out of this Union? » asked Mécra, knowing that the pressure was to be enough. As effectively, everybody had interests in forming back this once glorious Union. The Spearhead, the Oxygen, the Iron Forgery, the Trident and the Market, the fives uniting again would promise great economic prosperity for those beneficiaries along their trade partners, something Mécra knew, he only had to create the necessary conditions for tensions and crisis to appear, and make something of the past “avant-garde” again! « And this is where you’re all fools… » started Mécra with the most serious tone, before falling in laugh, « Sorry, it was just too good », « Seriously though I’d threaten you of war? » he added, letting the pressure be put down. What was to think about such man? Was he mad? Or was he serious after all and just switched his position after seeing that he didn’t need that, could you trust somebody like this, I mean, did he had mental irregularities? Or what? Or was just considering this meeting as a game and playing with us? « I have no words to describe your attitude Monsieur Mécra… » said with a desperate air Crolly, as he already took Mécra for somebody foolish, but he now had the confirmation. Only with a sigh would follow Rostelsa. « Naturally… Sorry for that, but those last few days have been terribly serious and tern for me. I needed little distraction, however, be sure you’re not the distraction. I am » he commented, as he moved near a statue, which had on it a few tons of paper. He walks towards it, with his shoes making most resonance in the room as he pursues his path, stopped and took the documents, which were in 5 copies each. « Idea of the Union isn’t only to have an economic advantage but to stand and unit against growing threats. You have the EOS, the TRIDENT appearing in the New World, Derthalen, in addition to this globalisation which is killing our culture, starting with you Danebourg and your many fast-foods. An insult to the History of our people. Understand me, I am not there, throwing threats or even just proposing an all-mighty Union which shall apply Welt Politik principles, only there to ensure the survival of our History, culture and Honour, which is threatened by this, Modern World, which we truly are part of, but remaining with our roots » concluded Mécra, this time, and for the first time since the start of this meeting, saying something with his heart and guts. He gave them the documents which were consisting of dozens of pages, with Annexes. « I am only asking to you, Mesdames et Messieurs, to take a look at those, and return to me, by this evening. The whole place is yours » he explained, giving the Présidents du Conseil full autonomy to move around the Palais, and think about his proposal, which he has been turning around for dozen of minutes now. This was it. « 07:10:00, rendez-vous here » he confirmed with a smile. Mécra would move away, and enter back in the Church as he would have to occupy himself all this time, as his guests would have a difficult task of deciding the future and the fate of their Republic. Little groups would form, notably Crolly going with Rostelsa, while the dear and beautiful Maréchal would move with the most eldest Amadeurt. This was showing that even if Mauvin and Bellefaye were far away from one another geographically, in fact, totally opposed, not only in cultural terms but also economic ones, that the Union had a certain common aspect, a deep unity, which 73 years of divorce haven’t broken. « I suppose it’s an explicit yes from you? » asked Crolly to Marine Rostelsa as they both were heading towards the statue in the great and open area Mécra let them. Rostelsa knew well what her position was to be, and as the economic powerhouse of the former Union, and still being today, a Union without Danebourg would be destructive for her Republic. « Yes » she admitted, « See the positives points. Economically this would bring the region a sentiment of safety and stability, which it deserves after years of uncertainty » she put forward as an argument, which clearly didn’t convince Crolly. « I suppose you’ll find a better company with the Bellefayien and the Mauvine » he would state, making a little angry grimace appear over his face, as he seems to be the only one willing to stand against Mécra in this matter. « You can’t left your nation out of this, you know it Crolly. In addition, this would allow better services for the citizens, those who which we shall serve, do you remember? » she said, almost in a mother’s air and tone, giving comfort to this man which was in front of a destructive decision for his Republic. « I doubt the International Community would let this happen anyway… » he seeks more arguments against, but Rostelsa would add, « Following the current economic situation, I do not see how it may be otherwise? In addition, it remains an internal affair, which regards only the citizens of our respective Republics » she claimed. « Do you have no doubts? » frankly asked Crolly, as he started thinking that Rostelsa was completely on Mécra’s side this time. « I naturally have doubts your Excellency » she started answering, as she would take support on one of the statue, in order to get rid of her heels which she no longer support after such long moment being there, walking around, and standing up, not even talking about the pavement which she had to face for entering in there. « Well? » asked again Crolly, as he would face her and take at his turn support on the base of the statue. « It feels good » she said, after having finally removed her second shoe. « Lucky for you, you don’t know the pain, men » she commented, « That still does not answer the question I addressed you your Excellency » exerted again Crolly. « I have doubts… » she re-took again, « But who am I to decide about the fate of my country? If the Assemblée Nationale wish it? If younger generations, which are to be living in this country, this future Union, wish it? Who am I, from my old age to decide for them? » she clarified, making Crolly’s face deteriorate, as he was at his turn, full of doubts, or if he shall take a decision, a decisive action to crush Mécra’s arrogance, which may be after all, was the good thing for the future of their Republic? Just like old time, a Union? « Your Excellency is wiser than me… » said with a dark tone Crolly, as he would turn his back on her, and leave, moving in the Palais, and visiting as his thoughts weren’t managing his mind. Alone, Rostelsa would put aside her shoes, the documents she had, and would slowly but surely sit down at the foot of this statue she had chosen to rest, taking support on it and enjoying its gesture as she would lift the eyes towards the sky, and appreciate the great architecture this room was unveiling her, slowly, but surely, closing her eyes in a total silence, for resting. At this time, Maréchal and Amadeurt would have get to enter into the right wing of the Palais, enjoying the many expositions that were standing there, along the view they may get if they looked through the windows, lines of batteries perfectly aligned, which were asking just one thing, to be put on the wheel again and fire their all-powerful thunder on the upcoming enemy. « Why would such old Gentleman like yours choose me to discuss and exchange while he already made up his mind? » questioned Maréchal, as she was flirting the windows while advancing in the corridors of the Palais. « I must admit the company of young Ladies is rare for me now » he started, getting Maréchal to turn back and face him, « I see your reputation have foundations… » she said with a disgusted air, « Depends how your Excellency is interpreting it » he clarified, seeing how Maréchal had taken it. « Be sure if I was missing something sexually, I’d just have to call for some prostitute back in Bellefaye. I suppose you know that crimes levels are particularly high there. Which is why, your pity interpretation, you may put it away from my Lady » he counter-attacked, not appreciating how Maréchal had taken his statement. Amadeurt would see a chair, and sit down on it, as his old age would no longer allow him to pursue further before having re-took his breath. « If you wish to know everything, you more likely remember my daughter. Brave girl » he said with a dogmatic air. « Sorry, your Excellency… But you know how men can be sometimes » she tried to catch herself back. « Naturally, naturally… And how many have you defeated in a duel? » he asked as he showed a smile, « 32 » she replied back, with a smile too, as she would take a chair and sit close to Amadeurt. « Good thing, I hope they retain the lesson you dispensed them » concluded Amadeurt. « Surely have. I even touched one once his… Well, private parts. But he totally deserved it. Was actually the father of my daughter... I have one too you know » she gave this funny anecdote, having souvenirs coming at her. A short silence started, which would be broke by Amadeurt, « I heard that your daughter has started her political career, following your steps », « Ah… Indeed » commented Maréchal, as she wasn’t fully sharing the ideas of her daughter. « She’s now Deputée you know. Of the defunct, well, almost defunct, Parti Radical » she gets herself back into her nation’s political context. « But well, that’s her path, and it’s probably right for her » would add Maréchal. « Children… Ah, you know I even had my first great-grandchildren a few months ago? The difficulty of letting go… This is why I strongly believe in Mécra’s move, even if he’s just a joke, an arrogant prick and far from having even understood the single mean of the word “Plaisir” » he said with his rebus air. « But we’ll figure that out… » he meant, letting behind his lips understand a back-taste of something, something which he had yet unveiled. « Figure what? » asked impertinently Crolly, which had just found the two Présidents du Conseil, talking and exchanging about their respective lives. « I believe, of what is none of your affairs Monsieur Crolly » marked Amadeurt. « Well, you two certainly plot something. How can you be with Mécra that easily? » responded Crolly, as he wondered something wasn’t right, and he took a chair and sat with Amadeurt and Maréchal. « Not with Mécra, but with the citizens. Not every politician's act in their own and personal interest » strikes back Maréchal at Crolly. « You’d be ready to see Mécra as Protecteur? » asked with a serious tone Crolly, planning what would follow after they would all say yes at 07:10:00 back under the great dôme. « That is something, Monsieur, that can be changed » commented Amadeurt, as he was looking a point on the other side of the room, fixed, not giving a look to the two other Présidents du Conseil which were encountering him. « He’s the most popular, not only with the population but also within the various Assemblées Nationales, the Congrès des Assemblées would most likely give him the shot » added Maréchal, knowing well of what Crolly was talking about, even if not perfectly following Amadeurt’s words. « Or prove us wrong Amadeurt, in which case I listen… » she would finalise, leaving a blank in the talk… A few hours would pass, as Mécra would find himself talking with Rostelsa which was still sit on the base of that statue, under the great dôme as the three Présidents du Conseil came back towards Mécra at the right time an hour. « Here they are » exclaimed Mécra as he surprised the 3 to pass the great door giving to the dôme. Rostelsa would manage to quickly put back her shoes, and get offered Mécra’s hand for getting back fully on her two feet. « I hope the place has inspired you, your Excellencies » he had to say with his great charming smile, which he generally reserved for the press. « Very much » answered Crolly, as he was the leading of the three, « And a yes for Neaumanin, I shall bring down the proposal in the Assemblée Nationale. Bellefaye and Mauvin, have too » he concluded, while keeping his defying regard towards Mécra, which would normally have been happy about such decision, but was, however, questioning what this watch from Crolly was meaning. « Good » Mécra would reply, as he was to advance his hand and make a handshake. Crolly would pull Mécra hand towards him, and say as he approached his mouth to his ears, « You may have been appointed Dictateur, but your rise stop there » said with bitterness Crolly. Mécra would keep his smile on, as he would put on the disposal of the border towards the sarcophagus, 5 copies of the Charter, to get signed by the respective Présidents du Conseil. In the evening, the respective Présidents du Conseil would reach home, and depose on the floor the Charter proposed by Mécra, which naturally was strongly influenced by the previous ones. One of the advantage as Président du Conseil, is that if you’re appointed to such proposal, it is most likely that you have the majority in your Assemblée Nationale, therefore making such bill as it was pushed by the Président du Conseil, generally quickly enough accepted even if sometimes, divisions may appear. To the general surprise, a rather long and common consensus would appear, with the conservatives parties, from the Parti Société Ouverte, Parti Radical, Parti Républicain and much smaller ones, having in their DNA the idea of an Union Pan-Républicaine, which was awaited since 73 years, since the Allies forces had defeated it, and had reduced to dust its History and heritage. This necessity to pass through the various Assemblée Nationales of each respective future to be, fortunately, or not, Sister-Republics, was to create a surprise and no let a resistance appear, this naturally was Mécra’s plan. The news was easily welcomed and passed in Bellefaye, Mauvin and Fleur de Lys, seeing this as an opportunity to bring economic stability and further trade deals. Neaumanin would fall to the project also in a matter of hours of debates in the Assemblée, however, the worst would be Danebourg, with 3 days of uncertain debates, with the socialists making great movements and calling for the international community to object, and even after the ratification of the Charter by the Assemblée Nationale of Danebourg, a great call for resistance would be done in the country, organising strikes and parades throughout the country, not ensuring victory in the future elections for Rostelsa, which are to be held in a year and a half… Even if the respective Assemblées Nationales had ratified the said Charter, which has been manned swiftly and softly, a ceremony for the re-foundation of the Union Pan-Républicaine was to be held in the Châteauneuf de Germain, a castle built in the XVII century at the border of Neaumanin, Fleur de Lys and Danebourg on the Lac Lyrie and which hold many diplomatic negotiations along the Congrès des Assemblées from 1856 to 1942. It was referred more familiarly as Châteauneuf, and was to host the 5 Présidents du Conseils, the 5 Présidents, the 625 Députés of the respective Sister-Republics. The Château had plenty of space for those, having undergrounds fully organised for such occasion, which were daily at the time of the Union, before having to be evacuated in 1942 because of how the war turned out. The Châteauneuf, as it was geographically between the three nations, would have Guards from the three. The hemicycle, where the Congrès des Assemblées would be hosted, was gigantic, able to host 2 500 Députés and had systems for the time, rather sophisticated for allowing exchanges and communication. The entire complex was linked to the various Capitals of the former Républiques Sœurs through the train and owned its private airport. However, with time, those installations were put aside and remained rather cultural and touristic attractions. The tribune which was advising itself in front of the 650 Députés, would see a desk be left empty with the 6 copies of the Charter and a different configuration allowing the 5 Presidents du Conseils to sign respectively the 6 copies, one at a time as they would pass. The Présidents would then follow, adding their signature. The mess would end as everything good or bad would, with applause. This was the easy part, now the most serious and interesting thing was to finally start. Mécra would find, like the other Présidents du Conseil, his place as Député, after having made his little show by passing with the honours and applause, after he signed 6 copies of a document he made in front of an orchestrated mess, signing his will to rise more than ever and be among the great names of History, finding pages and books dedicated to his person, what he had accomplished, and what he was soon to do, he would now like the hundreds of Députés, stand up, and applause as the flag of the Union Pan-Républicaine is invested as a great banner on the central wall in the hemicycle. Something which hasn’t been done since 1945. The Congrès would fall in applauses and greets, during a dozen of seconds, as the anthem would start, giving a great silence in the room in respect of the anthem, which also not been listened as such since 73 years. « Présidents, Présidents du Conseils, Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles et Messieurs les Députés, Madame la Présidente du Congrès des Assemblées » would mark a Huissier in a microphone, being hear throughout the entire room, as Madame Sassant, yes, the Lysian Présidente de l’Assemblée Nationale, has been chosen to preside this first session of the Congrès des Assemblées, provisionally naturally. « Présidents, Présidents du Conseil, Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles et Messieurs les Députés, salutations. My most sincere pleasure to preside this first session of the Congrès des Assemblée. As you are aware, our first agenda remains heavy, which is why I shall start by showing you the various points and their defined priorities. In this order, the Appointment of a Protecteur, the Fishing Dispute in the Eebay, Aérospatiale Financial Situation along Mauvin oil prospection fields regulations » she stated, knowing well that many more subjects were there, however not all were to be answered in such little time after all. « Candidates for the position of Protecteur are to be called » commented Sassant, having on her list, surprisingly only two names. « Monsieur le Député de la Première Circonscription de la République Sœur de Fleur de Lys, Mécra » she called, in order to start treating the first point of the agenda. Under thunderous applauses, Mécra would get to appear on the desk, and start, « I am sincerely delighted by the presence of so many of our colleagues, and I must say that I have believed in this ideal, in this Union, since the first day I entered in politics, seeing in this, the natural way of life, not only for the future of our citizens but also the future of Europa. This Union does not only provoke a wave of hope for the younger generations, but also comfort for the eldest ones, which have enough suffered from this disparity, this untold story of our Républiques Sœurs, we are to be strong again, and show together our strength, not only in managing our forces, but more and before everything else, in making sure our citizens have the most pleasant way of living, as after all, is that not the goal of a Government? Is this not the upper interest of this Union? I am sure, from my experience and knowledge, along with my humility, to be the Protecteur needed to make our Union stable and unified as one country. Merci » he would quickly end, not willing to eternise himself, as he knew that this would most likely be a formality. However, with his ratification of the Charter, he had dismissed his powers as Dictateur in order to get the ratification pass democratically through the Assemblée Nationale of Fleur de Lys, making him having bet everything in this situation, which he was sure to gain, as his popularity hasn’t stopped growing in the other Républiques Sœurs, even with Crolly’s previous threat, chances are for his opponents to get crush. His opponents? More likely his opponent, singular. Mécra, getting back to his seat, was curious as he heard Sassant stating that there was only one candidate left after Mécra himself. Nobody had the guts to oppose me he thought, but well, was still good to at least have one opponent, this would make things look legitimate and more democratic he thought to himself, having impatience and not the will to wait any longer, to have Sassant call the other candidate, the other candidate making a misery speech, and Mécra being elected, it was that simple. Mécra for waiting would start playing with his fountain pen, getting to hear among other Députés some whispers, which he didn’t catch, and wasn’t sure of what they were talking about. « Mademoiselle la Députée de la Troisième Circonscription de la République Sœur de Mauvin, Maréchal » would call Sassant. Ariane Maréchal? The Présidente du Conseil of Mauvin? Was she trying to oppose me? How gentle deducted Mécra. However it’s not Ariane which Mécra shall see getting on the desk, from as far as he was, he was clearly seeing someone much younger. The innocent and clear voice of the Mademoiselle would start hearing throughout the hemicycle, « Merci Madame la Présidente. I’d like first of all to thanks, Monsieur Mécra’s efforts for this instance, as without him, clearly this wouldn’t had to happen » she started, getting Mécra touched, and he was thinking that this Mademoiselle had many things to learn. « Effectively, without Mécra’s ambition, ambition without borders nor limits, passing from a banker, serving his client’s interests, to Député, Président du Conseil and during a time Dictateur, serving his private’s interests, Monsieur Mécra is the archetype of the man of the XXth Century, keeping traditions in line, finding his pleasure in hypocrisy, which he gave me an example right there, in this desk, a few minutes ago » she pursued, and at that last comment, getting a wave of laughs in the room, « I must admit that I do not even to quote him, as you seem to see what I mean » joked Maréchal, before coming back on a serious tone, « I would certainly not dare or pretend to be any better than Monsieur Mécra either, I am just younger, and less experienced, making my abilities to make thickets less remarkable », getting again to make laugh some. Was this a one-man show thought Mécra? Those sentences started make Mécra doubt of himself, but he knew well that they wouldn’t put their trust, or even the Union’s trust in the hand of such indelicate woman which clearly just had finished her studies, or what? Unfortunately for his ego, Mécra would have to stand there and listen with pity this Demoiselle, as she was pursuing her talk. « Our values, I share them with you, and you with me. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, those have been shared by my mother in my sweet childhood, not a certain dogmatism of the Union, or even the will to gain control, or power over the people » Raphaëlle Maréchal would pursue, looking at her mother, Ariane, which was listening, and was silently condemning what she had done. « In politic follow the right path, you are sure to meet nobody. And so did I in Mauvin, I do not wish to pursue a term as Députée, alone, if I may not change deeply things within this Union, which even if some people wish to give it hundreds of years old, is in reality very young, and have chance, and hope to not be like its predecessor and this chance, I wish to give it, giving it not for the sake of our History, or Honour, which I naturally defend, but for our citizens, for the livings » she commented with emotions, « Merci… » she ends, getting a great silence in the hemicycle, without a single applause. This was to satisfy Mécra, comforting him in his position, of a supreme candidate, and soon to be Protector. « Merci Mademoiselle. Those were the only indexed candidates. We shall proceed to the vote » stated Sassant, and not willing to lose time with ancient tactics as there were 650 Députés in the room, a tablet was given to each to vote on, something which would be done in an instant. Rules were pretty simples for the appointment of the Protecteur, he basically had the powers of a Président du Conseil on the Union’s scale, and was to be elected at the majority of 50%, in two turns generally, but as there were only two candidates, there would clearly be no need, except if blanks votes get a vast majority, which would be a première. « Votes are open » state Sassant, with a cold tone. « Votes are closed » she would say only 20 seconds later. Mécra couldn’t potentially wait, what result would appear to be fair and just for all the efforts he has put months in this, this project, his coronation as Protecteur, his supreme rise to power and distinctions in the heaven. « This is a draw. 325 votes for Mécra, 325 votes for Maréchal » would exclaim Sassant, having a hard time to believe that herself. What has been wrong with those stupid Députés questioned himself Mécra, why so many rallied towards that stupid and young girl? This was to deserve an answer, Mécra in parallel of the Union’s plan, passed months of lobbying, paying people full time for that, and they changed their mind for a newcomer like this, appearing like a flower and changing his plans? Weren’t the persons elected Députés normally disposed to be healthy and when have plans, to respect them? Not fall for a girl which was giving a little sweet speech! Such situation was exceptional and would need to react quickly. Mécra would stand up, and move towards Députés as he would call for his colleagues, which were allied with him, to do so and start convincing among the ranks. « Stop » would convict with an Iron rule Sassant. « There is, however, one vote which has yet to be dispatched » she commented at the general surprise. « I object Madame, the voting is close » would launch a Député, « And your Excellency is right, however, this is my privilege as Présidente du Congrès des Assemblées, to dispatch a vote after the results if so is my will. Remember the 1789 amendments Monsieur » she would dryly reply back. Now my career was given to Sassant, this woman which I made Présidente of the Assemblée National in Fleur de Lys, surely she’ll give me back the elevator. Or what if she doesn’t? I’d have to crush her, she can’t possibly, no. « I vote for Maréchal » she comments simply, giving a great call for applauses and attacks from the opponents, and giving a great smile on Crolly's face which may never been more then satisfied, also giving the Union its first female Protecteur along youngest one. « Therefore, Raphaëlle Maréchal is appointed Protecteur of the Union Pan-Républicaine » she ended, as she gave heavy hits with her hammer like she perfectly knew how to do. Mécra would scream, « As provisionary Présidente, you have no right! », and many of his allies would follow, however, this was too late, given the television a great spectacle, and attributing a face on the new leader of this young and charming Union, which have a great future in front of it.
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    The NationStates League is an international association football competition, to be contested by the national teams of UENA (Union des Associations Nationales de Football). The first tournament is due to commence in June 2018, and the winner will be decided in July 2018. The bidding process to select a location for the cup will start in April 2018. Calendar March: Foundation April: hosting bids May: tournament planning June: tournament start July: tournament finish Tournament Depends on the number of teams we have. If we have 8 teams, it will be an easy bracket of 8 to 4 to 2 teams With 12 teams, we can hold a group phase of 3 teams each, of which the top 2 advance. With 16 teams, the group phase can include 4 teams. OOC In 2004 we held our very first football league: the Inter-Europa Football League. Two years later, in 2006, this was continued by the Euro Cup. And now, 12 years later, I want to reboot the idea with a Nations League. We will use the tools and generators already available. To help get this started you can add your team and players. We will also be needing a global headquarters.
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    Lo and behold, the fruits of Project Canamo! Others have been granted expansion either before or during the writing process, and as I've spent three months so far on Project Canamo, I think it's fair to put mine forwards. As they're smaller, I'd like to claim the top two islands fairly soon as dedicated Prymontian territory. One of my upcoming posts on PC will be about the larger of the two islands, so it will be adequately roleplayed. The objective for them is hidden weapons storage, testing, and development. As for The Hellenic Rus, I'll be roleplaying Prymontian-backed elections throughout the year, and therefore I don't need to claim it immediately. The plan is to make it a protectorate, as Andalla has done with Giokto, under the name 'Prymontian Rus'. This is to allow the future possibility of The Hellenic Rus actually returning and wanting his nation back - in that scenario, I'd write that HR are being granted full independence once again. In the likely case that he doesn't return, it'll remain as a Prymontian protectorate state and won't be part of the Prymont flag. Instead, Prymont will just oversee the happenings within the country and butt in here and there. I've spoken to @Ahrana on Discord who has approved of this. However, I'm open to further input.
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    One evening earlier this week, @Adaptus and I had a chat conversation on Discord. During this conversation, we shared ideas on how to move forward with the new stories that are being created, while also building on what was already written before. Adaptus made a passionate case for preserving the old stories. I cannot deny that I also have deep-running memories to our earlier incarnations. Which led us to a point of conflict that needs to be resolved. What is canon? Within all that's been shared before, since 2004 onwards, we never really decided on what is part of our canon or not. By 'canon' we mean: canon ˈkanən noun 1. a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged. "the appointment violated the canons of fair play and equal opportunity" synonyms: principle, rule, law, tenet, precept, formula; More 2. a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine. "the biblical canon" Objective Without deciding this for ourselves, old-timers like ourselves cannot expect new members to know in advance what to follow or ignore. Knowing full well the herculean task of combing through decade-old topics, Adaptus and I talked about enlisting the help of @Tagmatium Rules as well. Combined, the three of us should be able to review most older RP posts and form a coherent backstory we can all agree upon. At the same time, this helps everyone get a better understanding of the previous character arcs and were this community might be headed. Getting started We'll have to work out some finer practical details, but those seem like a low hurdle to take. Scope: Our 'Hall of Fame' is an easy place to start with. http://www.europans.com/forum/36-hall-of-fame/ Topics in the RP department. http://www.europans.com/forum/151-role-play-department/ Format: Either we work with our Wiki, or via a shared web document. Present stories in chronological order. End result: The end result could look like a timeline, listing major accepted events, defining the characters involved and impact these actions had. This is brief outline should be the start of a more in-depth discussion we hope to have with all of you in the following weeks and months.
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    ISLE OF LAREN TO BECOME WILDLIFE SANCTUARY The Isle of Laren which lies off the Southern coast of Morheim is set to become a massive wildlife sanctuary. The island which is considered sacred to members of the Elementium faith is to ban hunting, fishing and capturing of wild animals. It is hoped that the protection will help Morheim fish stocks as well as create tourism on the island which is home to 1000 people. Legend tells that the island was the first land created when the Four Gods came together and that all living creatures originated either on its land or in it's seas. The move has been pushed for by the islanders for the last five years and Queen Julia, as head of the Elementium faith, has agreed. There can now be no fishing within 1 mile of the island, something experts say will help replenish fish stocks in the area as the islands rocky shores will provide a safe haven for young fish to grow up. The island is also home to a massive Deer population, some of which have been traditionally hunted for their meat. This practice too will stop on the island, except for once a year when vetenery experts will assess the island herd and cull any numbers above that which can be supported, something one expert said is "highly unlikely". The Island is due to be visited by the Queen in the coming days as she inspects the repair to the Island's Temple which had its roof damaged in a storm around 6 months ago. The 700 year old Temple is the oldest still in use in the nation.
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    It wouldn't take long to prepare the flight to @Ahrana. Having received the diplomatic messages in the early hours of the morning, Duval was able to clear the day before any further appointments arose. Due to Ahrana's proximity, there was always the possibility of taking a KAP K6, but the Presidential plane would allow for a greater entourage and ultimately, a faster arrival. Before he departed, a brief meeting was held with the Defence Minister, who was almost wholly to blame for the mess. He was the one that'd ordered the F-E Robin to fly over Xara airspace for aerial reconnaissance, and while the Defence Minister wasn't theoretically in any position of power to authorise such an act, Hunter S Grey had a rich history in the military, and still had lots of powerful connections. As such, a discussion was required to lay everything on the table and make sure the two were on the same page. Grey had little to say, but was assertive in what he did offer - do not back down. The flight would not take long, and President Duval quickly found himself touching down in Ahrana before midday. With him, he'd brought a handful of Prymont's best secret service agents, who surrounded the President from all sides as he disembarked to the sound of the Prymontian national anthem. Of course, his personal assistant and advisor were in attendance too, although Duval doubted that there'd be anyone else during the meeting other than himself and the Secretary General. Regardless, security and safety was paramount. Little birds had told him that growing ties between Ahrana and @Asgeirria had come about partially because of Prymont's surge of power in the Canamo region. Asgeirria were a loose cannon, and Duval couldn't risk anything. The ride to the Gustov Palace was short, silent, and tense. Duval had briefing notes to review, and busied himself in that with frequent sips of his coffee. The anxiety of the trip had gotten to him, further fuelling his already unhealthy caffeine addiction. Little attention was paid to the surroundings as the car whisked him to the destination; even if he did look, he wouldn't be able to appreciate what he saw. However, a brief moment of calm overwhelmed him upon the convoy's arrival at the Gustov Palace. Ahranaian architecture was considerably different to that found in the United States, and the change in scenery was always refreshing. Duval had personally always admired Ahrana, but that was before he was elected as President of one of their closest neighbours. Typically, the relationship between the two nations had been strong, but it wasn't without its blips. Hopefully, this was just another small hiccup, although George knew he was hoping for something farfetched. The situation had long since passed being settled by one single summit. As he walked the corridor to Ivanoff's office, repeating the briefing notes in his head, the President felt confident. Prymont held the upper hand already, by renegotiating the summit away from Asgeirria and closer to home. While Ahrana weren't exactly a pushover, they had the ideology of 'peace before war'. That was an advantage. With a firm smile and a firmer handshake, he finally met Greggor Ivanoff. "Secretary General. It is a pleasure to meet you at last."
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    « Monsieur l’Ambassadeur » would launch Mathieu Roseille’s personal secretary, as she was handing him a file while he was walking towards the exit of the Lysian Embassy in @Morheim. « Ah, merci » he thanked, looking disturbed. « May I ask where your Excellency is going? » questioned the secretary, being curious as it seems the Ambassador was leaving the Ambassade, and as she knew his schedule, she had some doubts. « The UPR my dear! » he exclaimed, as he turned his back on her, making a few steps down the stairs inside the great hall in the embassy. « They’re calling me back, as the diplomatic relations shall not be held by the Républiques Sœurs separately. I am travelling to Lyrie, having a meeting with other representatives to define a diplomatic plan, specifically for Morheim. As naturally, great expectations are on us, the possibility of ensuring good relations with them along what strategy, to keep @Derthalen in line » he clarified. « This certainly wasn’t on your schedule your Excellency » she said with a little upset. « This is now. But well, as you’re here, do you follow me to the airport? » he commented, as this may well be his last mission as Ambassadeur for Fleur de Lys. The secretary would follow him, leaving the embassy, as an SUV was waiting in front of the embassy, they would both jump in. « What do you expect to arrive to do? » asked the secretary, wondering about the future of her job, and the one of the Embassy’s building. « Don’t be afraid, you’ll probably keep your work here in Morheim » commented Mathieu as he would look at through the windows, enjoying the view of the city for the last time before long he knew. « This UPR, will cost billions, just for the transition, imagine all the services impacted. I read somewhere a cost of 50 billion on two years. And they wish to make us believe this shall make us economies… All of this is Mécra’s fault » he grumbled. His secretary wouldn’t react, not knowing what to do in such situation… It would take only a couple minutes to reach the airport, where a Magne was awaiting them, and around a few other SUV, carrying other Ambassadors from the other Républiques Sœurs. Their SUV would stop near the other ones, as the others Ambassadors were transiting towards the plane. Mathieu would move out, taking the luggage which a guard would give him after having moved it out of the chest of the car. « This is where our paths end… For now at least » commented with a smile Mathieu, as he would look at his secretary. « Bon voyage » she’d say, with eyes full of emotions, regretting the end of an area. « It’s for the best, I’m sure » Mathieu would exclaim as he would turn his back and at his turn enter in the plane. « Ladies and Gentlemen » would comment Mathieu, after entering the aircraft and giving his coat to the hôtesse. He will get as answer smiles and salutations from others which shall be his future colleagues. Champagne shall be served once the plane was in the air, quickly arriving at its cruise speed of Mach 0,9. A caviar de Saumon sur son lit Orangé shall be served as entry course for the flight. Even if the new Protecteur have been giving alarmous statements to the conservatives, that the UPR would sign the end of the “Monarchist Republic”, however, they still had to enjoy the comfort. This is with those words, that a smoked salmon from @Prymont was to be served to them, with delicate blinis directly from an Europan boulangerie and Iverican lemon. « We shall effectively land at 08:25:00 in Lyrie » commented the flight commander to his micro, as he was linked with the central air control of Lyrie, which was coordinating all the planes of the Force de l’Air. The Magne was certainly under diplomatic protection, having no armament and carrying only diplomats, however, its protection was still something the command was suspicious about, diplomatic assets were heavily followed by Lysians, and now the UPR. « Great storm ahead of us » stated in a hurry the second-in-command. « Inform our passengers » would demand the commander. « I see… We shall… Move our itinerary bit North to prevent disturbances, near Derthalen » would clarify the second-in-command. « In international airspace? » questioned the commander. « In international airspace » would affirm the second. « This shall allow us to have the wind behind us, allowing us to gain minutes on the schedule » would comment the second, as he was examining the new itinerary. « Lyrie confirmed me, it’s ok » would state the commander after a short talk with the command center. « Ready to make new records with the Magne » would say with a smile the second, with the storm they would soon catch, allowing them to maybe break an average speed record, for such long-distance to the UPR.
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    From: Senao Della'Serenisima Republia D'Maurdiviah yel Presidente Della'Republia conel apoyo del'Gabinete Della'Republia. To: World; @Derthalen ~The Following is a Joint Statement Released by the Legislative and Executive Branches of Mauridiviah~ Mauridiviah, taking into account the Derthalen's aggressive actions against neutral nations, its lack of recognition of the sovereignty of the nations surrounding it, its failure to recognize the inalienable rights held by every individual, its endorsement of the ownership of other individiuals, and its regressive stance towards social issues hereby states that: Derthalen is no longer recognized as a sovereign nation, but rather a terrorist organization; Sanctions will be placed on Derthalen and we urge all other nations to do the same; Mauridiviah stands with the nations of Fleur de Lys, Adaptus and Orioni and expresses outrage at the nations of the Sunset Sea Islands and Magnaeus for trying to negotiate with Derthalen; Diplomatic relations will soon cease to exist between our two nations; Refugees from Derthalen will be welcome; Mauridiviah encourages a leaflet dropping campaign to expose the repressed and oppressed population of Derthalen to modern ideals; Mauridiviah condemns all of the aforementioned actions by Derthalen; Mauridiviah once again encourages the nations of the world to retaliate against Derthalen's crimes done against other sovereing states and its own population. Truthfully and Sincerely, The Senate of the Republic, The President of the Republic, and the Cabinet of the Republic.
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    Map update: https://i.imgur.com/2PHM1Cd.png Added: There are several applications and expansions being discussed. These will be processed if and when the discussion is over. For @Gallambria : Colonial cities on the islands, and two flags to help indicate these zones. For @Girkmand : cities added where it was possible to add the label. For @Andalla : Giokto has its own flag now. Edited: For @Fleur de Lys : Changed "Bellafaye" to "Bellefaye". Latin phrase. The Latin words in the legend were kindly corrected by @Mauridiviah .
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    MARCH 25, 2018 Hello again, Iverica. This is Joaquin Valero, here with the second story of the afternoon. It has been more than four months since the events of Operation Dingo, the first aggressive action taken by elements of Task Force Ultra-Violet, the Republican Armed Service (RAS) detachment assigned to combat the internationally condemned 'Violetist Liberation Army' (VLA) terrorist organisation in Afropa. Since then, hostilities seem to be at an all-time low, the number of bombings continually decreasing and the number of hostile encounters between coalition and terrorist forces becoming less frequent every passing month." Analysts at Corregidor High Command are optimistic, citing the success of Operation Dingo's supply-denial objectives, clearing and occupying key VLA supply positions. Despite this, IED attacks, however infrequent continue together with withering but still violent firefights and ambushes around the north-eastern bush and savannah regions. Though progress was made towards an efficient neutralisation on the VLA's abilities to continue insurgent operations, many are still sceptical. At the heart of this scepticism are the still unanswered questions-- "Where are the VLA supplies coming from? It most certainly is not Afropan military supply, according to a recent probe by the Naval Intelligence Office." "Is the coalition certain that deception is not in play? Will the VLA not simply hibernate and resurge once the coalition pulls out?" Here to talk about the future of Iverican operations--and hopefully to answer these questions--is Isabel Roces, INBC's war correspondent who has been attached to the Task Force since its transit stages. "To you, Isabel" The screen transitions into a shot of Isabel Roces, wearing a flak jacket and helmet emblazoned with the bold white letters "PRESS". She stands infront of Camp Osmena, the headquarters of the Iverican task force in Afropa. short pause as satellite reception catches up "Thank you Joaquin", she says, standing a bit straighter. "It seems that things have shifted into what many soldiers are calling 'a game of whack-a-mole'. Airevieri and the Republican Marines go outside of the wire here regularly, many times encountering no solid resistance over the course of their long patrols into the bush and savannah land of this rugged countryside. Where once, men of the task force were embroiled in almost daily struggles with heavily armed insurgents, the few and far between incidents of February and March are dull by comparison." The screen shifts, transitioning to show photos of RAS outreach projects in previously destroyed villages and hamlets. "It seems that for now, the task force has shifted into a role of aid in rebuilding outlying villages and towns once labouring under the oppressive yoke of religious extremism." "Operations to maintain the denial of munitions to the enemy continue, the combined efforts of Exersito fast-attack forces like the Airevieri with the flexibility and ferocity of the Republican Marine Corps has proven vital in the continued seizure and destruction of enemy supply networks, growing increasingly cunning in the use of covert methods such as tunnels and jungle river routes. In these cases, the support from @Fleur de Lysian fighter elements and Armada Air Corps units operating from the Carrier VRI República has become invaluable to the quick and efficient destruction of enemy resupply efforts" "The continued presence of these blockade running munition trains has raised increasingly important questions on who the VLA are supplied by. The neighbouring nation of @Sa Hara has been long speculated as the source, owing to its convenient adjacency to the regions infamous for the most intense fighting. This in turn, has brought renewed concerns to the Naval Intelligence Office (NIO), that VLA may theoretically be holding a vast store of munitions in reserve for future action--the motive, target, and objectives predicted by NIO are for now, strictly confidential, if they are even accurate at all." "For now, life in Afropa for the task force is the neverending sequence of outreach visits and uneventful patrol. Soldiers from every unit are hoping to be rotated or replaced by soon, a speculation which may quickly turn into a reality as day by day, Exersito forces continue to fly in, filling gaps in the ranks of those caught ill by malaria, dengue, cholera, or by enemy fire." "With the noose tightening and time running short for the VLA, there is hope that the Operation will have achieved the crippling of the VLA before the end-year monsoons. Despite this optimism, some maintain a quiet and serious disposition, wary that their foe is a cunning one, and may seek to use this lull against the task force--but for now, all anyone can do here in the badlands of Afropa, is sweat, wait, and keep one eye out." Screen transitions back to Isabel. "I'm Isabel Roces--for INBC, corresponding from direct from Afropa." ---
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    Good afternoon Iverica, for today's noon headlines--in response to the highly anticipated "Atgeir" exercise, Corregidor has announced the participation of the Armada's 2nd Amphibious Strike Group, led by the VRI Bonifacio. Later, we bring you updates straight from our sons and daughters in Afropa, currently fighting for a safer tomorrow. To conclude the noontime headlines, we discuss Thorium--and the potential this little black metal has for Iverica's future energy needs. -For INBC's Iverica One, this is Joaquin Valero MARCH 25, 2018 "Joining us over the line this afternoon is Corregidor Maritime Command's press relations officer, Contra-Almirante Eusevio Cruss. Good Afternoon seniore Almirante". brief static "Good afternoon Joaquin, thank you for having me." "The pleasure is ours seniore Almirante. Now to get right down to it, we have some questions for you regarding the CMC's recent announcement. In the announcement, your department confirmed the exercise, speaking briefly about the details shared by our @Andallan counterparts, and also identified the strike group "Bonifacio" as, and I quote; "Iverica's proud ambassadors and participants to this historical moment in the tricontinental area" -- end quote. I myself, and the civios watching are quite curious in two regards--firstly, what sort of operations and exercises can we expect our marineros and marines to be doing for Atgeir? And secondly, why not our nation's pride, the aircraft carrier VRI Deiargon?" "Well Joaquin, those are both good questions. Unfortunately, our brief public memorandum was but a brief notice. We'll be following up with a much more comprehensive manifesto, available on the relevant public channels and websites. Now, to answer your two questions--let's begin with the second. Why not the Deiargon? Naturally, we did expect some surprise at this one, the Deiargon is, after all, our proud namesake bearer of a founding father and one of our largest and most advanced warships--the second of only two in its class. The answer to this one is a matter of national security. While Corregidor would have preferred to contribute the honour and power that lies in the República class carrier, we find the circumstance unfavourable for this. Our Expeditionary Flagship, the República is, as I'm sure most of you are aware, currently dedicated to promoting civilian safety and martial relations abroad with both forces from @Afropa and @Fleur de Lys. The Deiargon herself is likewise dedicated to the safety of the Iverican Home Territories. Without her sister to reinforce an absence, it would be imprudent and weakening of our defensive posture, most especially given the recent rise of insurgency and piracy in Argic waters. "Now, Almirante, as you mentioned the importance of Atgeir to our own national security and interests in your memorandum--what would you say makes the Bonifacio and her group suitable to take the place of a vaunted vessel like the Deiargon?" "Well, Joaquin, the Amphibious Strike Group Bonifacio as some may know, is a considerable force in itself. The flagship and commanding element is a small carrier, with a naval air wing, rotor wing, and Marine Assault Battalion. It is escorted by ships capable of anti-mining, aerial security, disaster relief, and recovery operations as well--lending a high degree of versatility to any fleet the group is attached to. Given the importance of TRIDENT to the Armada Iverica, it is important to note also that the Bonifacio, like other strike groups, is crewed by the finest and most talented officers, marines, and airmen we have. I would say it is more than worthy of representing our fine Republic." "Well, Almirante, I'll hold you to that one". chuckles lightly. "No need, Joaquin, if anything goes awry, this is the first network we're blacklisting." "Too funny, Almirante. Now what about our first question? What can our proud forces be expecting to do and achieve in Atgeir?". "To answer that one fully right now would be a little premature. Much of the plans for this operation are dependent on a lot of factors like weather, the geopolitical situation, and the amenability of our honoured partners in TRIDENT. Not to mention, the restrictions of formality, like OPSEC--that's operational security to the layperson. What I can give you though is that the exercises will likely be manoeuvres in small task element or large fleet mobility--that means having our joint forces learn how to move around the Thalassan waters with speed and efficiency. There's much we can learn from the expertise of the Andallan naval forces, they know every current and depth there is in their home pond. Additionally, we can expect to see some amphibious drills, firing exercises, and the like--our different navies and marine personnel will have to learn to get used to respective hardware and tactical approach before we can even think about developing a good strategy for the security of the tricontinental--the whole point of TRIDENT's naval purpose. "Sounds exciting, Almirante. As much as I'd like to go over some clips of the new Lansamar cruise missile firing and shoot the proverbial ship with you seniore--I'm afraid that's all the time we have. It was an honour having you sir, thank you for your time and insight." "Again, the pleasure is all mine Joaquin." "There you have it civios, some interesting chatter and clarification on Atgeir. What did you think? Should we have grilled the poor Almirante some more? Let us know on our Wittier feed @Iverica1 or @INBCWorld. Stay tuned for more, after the following messages INBC reports on the latest from the front--Afropa and Operation Ultra-Violet. For Iverica One, this has been Joaquin Valero, good noon. ---
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    Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring news from around the world to the Citizens of the Socialist Federation. Today we have a statement from the Secretary Generals Office on Relations with some Nations outside of Ahrana, the Minister for Defense/War in @Asgeirria and much more here on 'Ahrana Today'. We now go live to the Middle Chamber of the People's Palace for the Statement from the Secretary Generals Office: Citizens of the Federation, Citizens of the World, it is with great displeasure that the Socialist Government of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana must make the following statement. Starting at 0700 AT, on 25 March 2018, the Socialist Federation of Ahrana will begin ending ties with The Commonwealth of The Crowns of @Poland-Lithuania due to the following reasoning's: 1) We have received notices of Human Rights Violations in their handling of the so called "Terrorists" that have plagued their lands 2) The Governments continued stance of using force where it is not needed 3) The Governments assortment of Power being used towards the people and being plagued with corruption The Socialist Government of Ahrana prides itself in being a guardian of the Rights of Humanity and of the Rights of the People, with the Government of Poland-Lithuania being filled with corruption it is not possible for the Socialist Government to have continued connections with the Government of the Commonwealth. So on 25 March 2018 the ties with the Commonwealth will begin to diminish starting with the closure of the Ahranaian Embassy in the Commonwealth and a travel warning to all Citizens of the Socialist Federation if they travel to the Commonwealth. Thank you and please have good day. The Confederation of Independent of Socialists has also stated that the Commonwealth of the Crowns of @Poland-Lithuania will no longer be part of the Confederation as voted on by the members of the Executive Council. The Minister of Defense/War, Minister Nagy is in @Asgeirria on a tour of the Nations Facilities and on a mission to see about a trade deal being possible with the Republic and the Socialist Federation. Before leaving for the Republic Minister Nagy was very hopeful on the possibility of a new Friendship being started between the two nations even going as far to say that the Socialist Federation would be living in shame if the friendship was not established between the two nations.
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    Going to have to jump in here. Mod hat on again. 1.1 million strong army alone, and AI controlled, vehicles? For such a small and new nation? Even if you could equipped all those troops to any form of effective degree, then how could you justify having the resources to develop AI, and then implement it efficiently? Just to put that into perspective. The US has around 1.3 million total active service personnel. Including the army, navy and air force. And still doesn't have AI integrated vehicles. AI just isn't that efficient.
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    OOC: IVERICA ONE is still alive and still Iverica's main news agency. I just wanted to try something that would be fun and easy to write, while at the same time focusing on day-to-day things and culture more than the political backdrop on INBC's i1. Funny thing is, I see myself updating this more regularly because it's so much more enjoyable to write.
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    From : Benjamin Delasse, Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales To : World, Derthalen Dear World, This letter is addressed to the international community, the same as the terrorist nation of Derthalen. Earlier this day, at 05:01:34, the plane FA-T-C-M14-091 342 of the Union Pan-Républicaine took off with 8 people onboard, including 5 Ambassadors from the Républiques Sœurs along 3 crew personnel. At 05:32:34, the Magne, while in international airspace, would change its course because of a great storm ahead. The itinerary would be slightly changed with the Air Control of Lyrie approving the modification plan. The new plan, which you shall find joint, does not consist in entering in the terrorist nation’s airspace which is named Derthalen in agreement with international treaties on those matters. Nevertheless, at 05:46:02, data come to the Air Control of Lyrie as the plane detected a missile having as target the Magne. Pilots react by limited manoeuvres along counter-measures while calling on the radio help, as the joint pieces may prove you. At this moment, our data clearly indicate the Magne in international airspace, with satellites being immediately turned to it in order to confirm it as distress signal being sent. 05:46:42, the missile touch the Magne which will start a 10 km fall at more then Mach 0,9 towards the ocean with no insurance that the explosion of the missile already killed the passengers and crew. All 5 passengers and 3 crews are reported dead. The missile has been confirmed to be from a terrorist Derthaler fighter. The reports, and first investigation made, reportedly confirmed the presence of the plane, along with its itinerary in the international airspace. The Congrès des Assemblées have within the hours following imposed total sanctions on the terrorist nation of Derthalen and confirmed that the said terrorist organisation occupying the current territory East to Morheim, have disrespect international laws and treaties. Air Control practices have not been respected in addition, with those international codes of civilised nations. The @Derthalen Government shall receive the following ultimatum: Public excuses to the U.P.R. and to the families of the victims for the victims; The transmission of the black-box of the Magne to U.P.R. authorities; Arrestation for the murder of all involved person in the chain of command having ordered the shot down of the plane; Public apologies to the international community for violating international right; Sending the bodies of the victims, at your charges, in the U.P.R.. Refund of 500 millions Francs to the U.P.R. and the families of the victims as repair. The ultimatum is open until the 15 Germinal CCXXVI at 05:00:00 Lyrie time. At such date and hour, the ultimatum shall have been considered as a refusal from your Government, at which, drastic measures shall be taken to prevent another Derthalen escalation. The U.P.R. shall take the necessary measures to prevent this from happening again, or to even allow your nation from lifting a finger out of your aerospace. The U.P.R. also condemn any nation still exchanging trade relations with the terrorist nation of Derthalen, and heavily condemn the spread of false data over the attack the U.P.R. just had on its citizens. With mixed feelings, - Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales Delasse
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    Anatomy of the Mauridivian Flag The flag of Mauridiviah is composed of three distinct parts: the horizontal tricolor, the star, and the Shield of the Republic. The tricolor is composed of three colors, from top to bottom: red, yellow, and blue. The red symbolizes the blood of the people who fought and died to create Mauridiviah and its antecedent states. The yellow represents the wealth of the nation, not just material, but intellectual, cultural, emotional, etc. The blue represents the ocean that has helped Mauridiviah throught its history, and from which the first colonists came from. It can also represent the sky and fair weather of the nation, thought this symbolism is more archaic as it's from the kingdom's flag with the noticeable light and more neutral blue, while this darker blue more resembles the ocean's color than it does the sky's. The order of the colors represents their importance to the nation, with the top being the most important and the bottom being the least. The star represents the unity of the people of Mauridiviah, with 5 tips representing the original four departments that declared indepedence from Iverica plus the new nation that is Mauridiviah. The color white symbolizes the purity of spirit of the nation and its central position represents the central position that the history of Mauridiviah takes to handling national matters of importance. The Shield of the Republic was added to the flag after the Declaration of Republicanism in 1988. The shield itself represents the willingness of every citizen to lay down their lives in preservation of the Republic, however according to the monarchist interpretation it represents the willingess of every citizen to lay down their lives in preservation of Democracy. The equilateral cross is a symbol of equality of every Mauridivian within the republic. The colors transfer over from the tricolor to the shield, except of course for the black which outlines the shield. Its dimensions are meant to be as convenient as possible to use abroad and domestically.
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    MARCH 25, 2018 "Thank you for that update, Isabel" Now to conclude today's headlines we have a short report, this time about the domestic energy grid and a surprising innovation that seeks to change the playing field of Iverican nuclear energy. It has been years since the controversial Léon Nuclear Power Plant (LNPP) was suspended indefinitely. Since it's mothballing over three decades prior, one could say that future of the project looked bleak. Despite employing over 500 construction personnel and over 218 skilled labours and nuclear professionals, the projects eventually fell through, owing to a plethora of reasons involving the danger of a uranium-cycle reactor with the seismic instability of the already ground-broken site--something pushed by Léon Power Solutions Llc., in an attempt to take advantage of the growing demands of the production haven known as the "Léon River Valley". Ultimately the judiciary forced a probe, and in 1982, the project was moth-balled on "indefinite suspension". At the centre of the promised multitude of jobs, and the potential for Iverican growth--was the development of Iverica's first nuclear reactor--a uranium fuel cycle unit that prospectively would have closed down nearly a dozen coal-fired facilities while still meeting the demands of the Léon power grid, a move touted by environmentalists and nuclear-power proponents alike as a "win-win". These days the LNPP has become an entity at the heart of many false promises and election bids, with many leaders over the years proposing to reconsider development and open up Iverica's second largest production facility to a scale to meet global demands. But as always, cooler heads seemed to prevail, lobbying in firm protest to the potential nuclear disaster likely to follow opening a nuclear reactor on a less-than-ideal plot of real estate. But with the forays into what has been dubbed "Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors" (LFTR), a technology proposed in the 1970's but only now making headway into the realm of execution. According to a paper published in the peer-reviewed University of Intreimor Journal, LFTR is a fission reaction based reactor that uses the fission reaction to heat what is essentially a saline liquid to transfer heat to power turbines and to cool the reactor at the same time as it is redirected in the cycle. According to the same researchers, LFTR is safer, especially for the circumstances affecting the LNPP, as it no longer uses pressurised steam to power turbines--which has been ruled by the Ministry of Energy to be the most notable malfunction in the sequence of many nuclear incidents. According to a recent statement made by Mattias Pluton--current CEO of Toledo Heavy Industries (THI), which acquired Léon Power Solutions in 1991, "Company development teams are working closely with professionals at the Léon Technical Institute to produce a viable solution that can effectively and safely revitalise a long-time dream for many Ivericans". INBC News Outro Plays That just about wraps up today's stories, join us again tomorrow for news first, I'm Joaquin Valero for INBC's Iverica One, good day. --- OOC: Props to @Variota for the Thorium idea. So that was an experimental take on my news format, transitioning from article style to news report style following @Andalla 's recommendation. Not sure if I liked this one, seemed to take up too much real estate on the post. We shall see if I'll adopt it again.