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    (OOC discussion here ) Week 1: Outbreak Aislun Manus was struggling to keep everything in her hands sorted as she rushed through the halls of her law firm. The past several days had been hectic, especially since the attack on the ducal palace not that long ago, and while in general terrorism in the country had fallen to a new low there always came more. In her hands were the papers for a new case her firm had been working for a fairly wealthy family in the city who had the unfortunate luck of having their oldest son get caught up in the worst the terrorists could offer. She threw the doors of the conference room wide open while rushing in. A stern older looking man gazed behind him checking his watch and then looking at Aislun, "Ah Mrs. Manus, just in time I see. Please, bring me the case files." Seated in front of him was a younger man, who looked quite tired and worn. His eyes locked with hers briefly before she averted her gaze, setting down the pile of papers in front of the older man, "Here Mr. Flanagan, and I also included some of the new bail paperwork that came from the court this morning." Flanagan nodded without looking up at her as he began to flip through the papers that had been presented to him. From across the table came a harsher voice, "Miss do you have a moment" She looked up to see the young man talking to her, he produced a small business card holding it up to her, "This is just some updated contact information... if you'll be needing it." Aislun hesitated for a second then lightly plucked the card from the man's hand, moving to put it in with the other papers when Flanagan waved his hand, "I won't be needing that right now Mrs. Manus, file it for yourself later. That will be all." She nodded and turned to walk out, opening the door and stealing a glance behind her still seeing the young man smiling at her as she left. When Aislun got home all she could do was toss her bags on the couch and collapse on it, staring at the ceiling. "Long day?" She groaned and turned her head towards her husband Theodore who had sat down opposite to her in a chair. It took her a second to realize her house was quite empty. "You could say that. Where are the kids?" she said sitting up a little bit in the couch before deciding against and allowing herself to relax again. Theodore chuckled, "They're all out, I figure you needed some time to relax. Travis is at a friends house and Finley and Lexi are with some friends at a birthday party." Aislun couldn't help but give a sigh a relief, "I think I need a vacation. Do you have any time coming up? "Unfortunately no... Turns out taking care of kids sucks up all that paid time off" "Great," Aislun groaned, "That'll only take months to build up." Theodore shrugged, "Why not just go yourself? Your sister in Fairfax was asking to catch up with us, she'd be happy to see you again." "All the way in Seylos? I don't know that's a long trip. Plus with all these troubles around here recently I can't just go. I'd be worried sick about you and the kids." "Don't worry, they seemed to have the decency to phone ahead before they blow anything up," Theodore said, which was met by the steely gaze of his wife who clearly was not happy with the joke. He coughed a little and straightened up, "Look nothing is going to change here whether or not you decide to go on that trip but you need this, and you've got the time. Just go." "Yeah, I suppose..." Aislun mumbled, groaning as she stood up taking off her heavy formal wear for work. "I'm going to take a shower, I'll think about it alright? Hey, and can you open some of the windows up? It's getting hot in here."
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    (OOC topic: Group of Island Nations.) Prologue Most island nations weren't directly involved with the Second Argic War (1968-1974). As islands, their relative geographic isolation was one advantage. Shielded by a natural 'wall of water', any military action would require transport across the sea. And a large-scale maritime invasion was never in the books. But none of the islands nations could escape the consequences of the Argic conflict. They felt its impact in all kinds of ways. This wall of water was also a curse. Any island nation, whether they be small like @Llalta and @Oyus or large like the @Seylos or @Gallambria, dependend on maritime shipping for imports of raw materials and finished products. They had made efforts in the 1960s to diversify the sources of supply. But the degree of their vulnerability had never been registered with such intensity as during this 2nd Argic War. By the summer of 1972, the dependence on foreign imports was becoming critical. Especially the energy supply faced two serious problems: uncertain supply and high cost. Events in Argis led to another round of crude oil price increases. The warring parties were willing to pay steep prices to keep their military machines running. If needed they'd take out massive loans. Whatever energy output remained, it had to be shared among non-combatant nations. And island nations were the last in line. Motorists and truck drivers faced long lines at gas stations beginning in summer 1972 and again in 1973. Fishers were protesting because their trips were becoming uneconomical. Criminals were buying up whatever they could get their hands on, to resell these same goods at exorbitant prices. People were unhappy. And by 1974 this displeasure was showing. ∴ March 1974 Imperial summer palace Orioni Marble floors. Large windows. A high ceiling. Tropical potted plants in the corner. The Empress' audience chamber looked impressive as ever. It was only March, but the temperatures in southern Orioni were already quite warm for this time of the year. The ageing empress never liked to stay in the busy city of O'polis. At age 66, Empress Owa Nabérrie (1908-1989) preferred the summer palace by the sea. It had a much better view. And there was plenty of fresh air. Salty, perhaps, but that's just how she liked it. "Our people are complaining," grumbled Empress Owa Nabérrie at the Chairlady during the weekly audience. "And you don't seem to be doing anything about it, Berhanu." Owa remained comfortably seated. Perhaps if she'd been 20 years younger, she would have gotten in Berhanu's face about it. But that was then. It wasn't the first time Chairlady Berhanu Talagi had received a scolding from the ageing monarch. And for good reason. Berhanu remembered her promises during the general election. How she'd create more jobs and promote Orinese exports. So she apologised profusely. "Your Highness, I'm as concerned about the situation as you are. The people are sick of these high energy prices. It's the war in Argis. It's been really hurting our economy. The conflict is making it very difficult for us. We have to juggle the competing interests of food imports, electricity production and gasoline." "Yes, Berhanu. I know that. Any college-level student knows that. You don't have to lecture me about policy," answered the Empress calmly. Berhanu’s explanation didn’t convince her. Blaming others wasn't reason enough to explain the government's inaction. She had expected an answer like that. With a small smile, she replied: "Surely our nation is not the only experiencing these problems? Just look at how that young king Tomasso is using nuclear technology over at the @Sunset Sea Islands. Where are our nuclear power plants?" Berhanu felt lost for words. Yes, she'd known of the early successes of this new technology. "Your Highness, this is true. But there are also the Gallambrians and Kipanese, who face similar issues as we do. Energy prices won't come down as long as this Argic War rages on." Owa wasn't buying it. Another deflection, she thought. Politicians are always putting the blame on others. "Nonsense. I'm sure there's a way forward. I suggest you send a telegram to the leaders of these other nations. There's a lot we can learn from one another. I expect to see some results, Chairlady, and I expect them soon." Owa extended her hand, signalling that this audience had ended. "Yes, your Highness, I will get on it right away," answered Berhanu. She wouldn't send a telegram. Telegrams were old technology, from the Empress youth. Much easier would be to use the telephone or telex. Those had become more and more reliable for international communication. (OOC: please review these comments.)
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    Ministry of Trade Bromwich 1974 "Minister, a telex from @Orioni." "Thank you, William," the Minister said warmly to his Private Ministerial Secretary. "Well this looks interesting," he mumbled under his breath. Reading through the telex, he sat back in his chair and contemplated what had happened to Gallambria over the last eight years. With a war that steered the Argic region into a path of unclear certainty, coming to end, Gallambria was still coming to grips with the economic effects of the war. With issues from rising fuel prices, to a refugee crisis, to illegal fishing, the polls were showing that the people were displeased with how the government had been handling the economic impacts of the War. Prime Minister Peter Walker had been working in a concerted effort with the opposition to develop a strong economic recovery plan. This, however, had some economists trying to tell the government that, because our nation relied heavily on international trade, not only with nations on the continents, but island nations as well, there needed to be a joint effort by all island nations to develop a feasible working plan to ensure our economic survival. Having a group of island nations working together to ensure economic stability and security, will surely ensure that our nation will develop into an economic powerhouse, that only other nations would dream of. The Minister buzzes his PMS, "William, send a telex to the Orionii, please. Chairlady Talagi, we are more than happy to meet with our island nation friends. Regards, Peter Walker."
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    Khenkhourt, 1974 The Second Argic War was a trial for the many countries of Eurth, this much had been known from the beginning of the conflict. What little trade Bulgenstaz had begun before the war had been all but crippled, and the fledgeling nation had found itself somehow even more removed from the world than ever before. Or at least it was, until 1973. Former Prime Minister Jan Lim entered Bulgenstaz into the global scene; thrust the developing nation into global politics with the beginnings of the ICEB. It had been a time of turmoil for the nation, to be sure, but it seemed Bulgenstaz was taking a great stride forward in the realm of global diplomacy. Prime Minister Kacper Nhek Lviv had only just been elected when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had received a telex, an invitation of sorts. Taking his new position into full stride, Nhek Lviv had quickly requested a copy sent to his office, where he had been waiting for it. It was as he began to pace around his new office in Zalensk when the runner arrived: "Prime Minister, sir, the letter has arrived. I believe it is an invitation of sorts, and it has nothing to do with the Fulgistani, Dniesterian, or any of the ICEB, for that matter." "Curious, allow me to see it, if you will." The runner handed the copy to Kacper, bowed ceremoniously, and promptly evacuated the office. The new Prime Minister surveyed the letter, a seal of the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni gave away the invitee. At this, Kacper's heart skipped a beat: Orioni? What would the historic monarchy want with the small island state? It was halfway across the world from Bulgenstaz, and it seemed unusual for a Europan nation to take an interest in Bulgenstaz. Then again, perhaps this is more common for the Prime Minister than Kacper had thought. Rather than sit and continue to mull over the possibilities, the Prime Minister began reading. A "Group of Island Nations"? GIN? This proposal was curious, to be sure. Once Kacper had read the entirety of the letter, he rushed out to the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; this group of island nations seemed almost too good to be true.
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    Sunset City, 1974 Times were a-changin’ in the Sunset Sea Islands. Even though it had only been a few decades since the end of the Thalassan War, for most inhabitants of the equatorial archipelago, it felt like they were living in a different world. Twenty years had passed since the occupation ended and the last foreign soldier left the nation. However, there was a specific group of people who didn't leave: businessmen. The strategically valuable geographic position of the islands made it an important commercial centre and transfer site. Native companies processing raw materials from overseas into, for example, textiles, prospered alongside joint ventures initiated by foreigners who scented favourable conditions for business. The manufacturing industry was picking up the pace and its quality was increasing by the day with corporations reverse-engineering and improving foreign products and machines or finding solutions for problems people overseas didn't even knew they had. However, the geographical position that gave the nation the potential to turn into an economic powerhouse in the future, also made it dependent on certain goods, for example, crude oil. Although the national electric grid was well-maintained and expanding rapidly, not everything could be powered using energy from the few nuclear power plants constructed in the previous decade. One such thing were intercontinental freighters. Naturally, the government had heard from similar problems from overseas. The tremendous efforts to modernise the nation which had begun almost directly after the end of the war had somewhat safeguarded the nation against economic crises, however, if ships from overseas couldn't come because of the lack of fuel, the economy was bound to suffer. Therefore, King Tomasso, whose reign was now in its third decade, was pleasantly surprised when he received a communique from the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni.
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    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Sabbat Restrictions Reform Bill Fails in Knesset By Arlan Levi, 2 March 2019 The Knesset was in an uproar yesterday morning after an Avoda and Opposition-backed bill that would reduce the number of prohibited activities during the Sabbat failed to secure a majority. Liora Kagan, the leader of the Opposition lashed back at the Conservative Gahal-dominated Government and their allies, the Chief Zokuk Authority, on imposing their will upon Tikva's secular and reform populations which constitute 72.6% of the nation's Juddish population. In her remarks following the vote, she said that the Juddish faith is important but should not be dictating the day-to-day business and social affairs of the State. Kagan, who represents a constituency comprising of many parts of the largest city, Harel, said Zokuk Law was a detriment to the economy and life of the people who reside there. She said that if Avoda were brought to Government, she would make the first bill she'd file would be to strip the Central Zokuk Authority of much of its power. The Authority has jurisdiction over marriage, divorce, mutrut, sabbat, conversion, adoption, and the adjudication of Zokuk religious law. In response, Prime Minister Lasker said he recognized the valid points she made but his Government comprises several far-right parties including ultra-conservative religious adherents and that it was imperative that he and his coalition worked to find consensus and that requires accepting positions others may not agree with entirely in the name of stability -- a concept that is hard to maintain in Tikva's crazy politics. Lasker said that the matter will not be taken up again. Kagan interrupted him as he was finishing calling him a 'coward, kowtowing to a minuscule minority whose only intention is to keep Tikva back.' As Kagan left the Knesset session, she let reporters know that she will be speaking with other the opposition and like-minded parties about next steps, both for the cause and for the Juddish people overall.
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    This one is long overdue.
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    Shffahkian Supreme Court to Overrule "Absolute Abolition" Ruling The Shffahkian Supreme Court officially called "The Supreme Court of the Collectivities of the Federative Republic of Shffahkia" (Lycian: La Cour Suprême des Collectivités da République Fédérative da Sfakie) overruled the Absolute Abolition ruling. Officially called the Absolute Abolition of Religion in Shffahkia ruling, it was the ruling given by the CSCRFS in 1947 on various laws banning religious organisations, religious clothing and religious practices. The ruling defined that all and any religious symbolism, cultural, artistic or otherwise, are banned from public spaces and government-operated organisations. Laws against religion were already put in place since the 1910s. However, religious symbols and imagery were allowed in special circumstances for cultural and artistic reasons. Following the efforts of Duncan Delacroix, Premier-Dirigeant of the Collectivist Republic of Shffahkia (1912-1958), the Shffahkian Supreme Court extended the interpretation of already-existing legislation to include an absolute ban of all forms of religion in the Collectivist Republic which became referred to as Absolut Abolition or Abolition Absolute. The ruling required the removing or remodelling of an estimated 439 711 religious symbols in the state of Piranhahasse alone. The Absolute Abolition also affected states or Collectivities which meant several state symbols and even the flags of Piranhahasse and the Silver Coast had to be changed to no longer bear any religious symbols leading to the modern day flags of the two states. The Silver cross and the red background symbolizing the Shffahkian Empire were replaced with the Aurelian Lily and a dark blue background symbolizing the Collectivist Republic of Shffahkia. Surprisingly the Limonaian tricolour was allowed to remain in the flag to reflect its history as a Limonaian colony. The Flag of Piranhahasse had its cross turned to a gold-red ray pattern. The flag changes saw minor protests mostly in Piranhahasse as the cross flag was a beloved symbol of the state. The Future of Religion in Shffahkia? Despite the repeal of Absolute Abolishment, Religion as well as practising any religion in Shffahkia that is not endorsed by the state through any organisation not approved by the government of Shffahkia remains a crime. It is estimated that some 26% of Shffahkians still practice some form of religious worship but only an estimated one-third of religious ceremonies and happenings are done through the appropriate channels making the majority of religious worship in the country illegal. Unfortunately, the current model of limited religious acceptance is a compromise that pleases no one. Anti-religion groups aim to stop the reintegration of religion into Shffahkian culture claiming that despite there being a legal way to practice religion, the majority of religious worshipers choose to break the law showing extreme disregard to the rules and foundations of the Shffahkian state. At the same time, religious organisations and cultural revivalist movements claim that church and state should be separated and all religious worship be allowed in Shffahkia instead of making churches subservient to civil servants in the government. Over 107 Years of Religious Oppression, Why Now? The open public disdain has slowly been replaced by a general sense of apathy. Religion is commonly viewed with apathy by the majority of Shffahkians as many different polls show. Contributing to the hate of religion is the openly discriminatory policies of the government against many religious practitioners and propaganda aimed towards them. Although you cannot be trialled on the basis of your beliefs in Shffahkia as stated in the Shffahkian constitution, religious worshipers on average receive sentences one-fourth longer than non-religious worshippers. Political analysists trace the decision to repeal Absolut Abolition to two points: the ORCEPS and the upcoming elections. ORCEPS (Lycian: Organisation pour la Rennaisance Culturelle des Espace Publique en Sfakie, Limonaian: Organizzazione per la Rinascite Culturale di Spazi Publici in Sfachia) is a cultural revivalist movement based in Port-de-Paix, Côte d'Argent that aims to reintroduce many cultural symbols banned as a result of similar legislation. The latest addition to the Supreme Court, Ouilla Barbetta is a member of ORCEPS and the main voice behind the decision to overrule Absolute Abolition. There are many similar organizations and movements so why did ORCEPS become chosen in particular to have its voice heard? Political analyst, André Azaïs gave the following comment: "ORCEPS is a very safe choice as they don't advocate for religion itself. Instead, they advocate for the return of historic Shffahkian symbols. In essence, it's the continuation of the current compromise and most likely an attempt to draw in more support from that 26% but at the same time not upset the more revolutionist parts of the LUP. President Larue, despite having expressed great disdain towards religion in her old party days, has had a revalitvely lax policy on religion. For example, no churches have been demolished during her administration."
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    One hundred... Fifty... Forty... Thirty... Twenty... Ten... The two massive jet engines abruptly ground to a halt as First Officer Kristof Jensen instinctively pulled down on the thrust levers, reducing the engines to idle power as the aircraft's beastly roar suddenly vanished. His right hand was still firmly positioned on the yoke, making final adjustments to the aircraft's course before the landing gears would come into contact with the cold, hard runway. By a stroke of luck, his SK-6 was already perfectly aligned with the runway centerline, so all he had left to correct was the low pitch. Jensen pulled down on the yoke, prompting the aircraft's nose to pitch up slightly higher. All of a sudden, the jet appeared to be suspended in mid-air. For a moment, the 300,000-pound aircraft hovered at barely ten feet above the ground. All within a second, the jet transitioned from descending to hovering and back to descending again – the legendary flare. Now, the aircraft was descending once more, zipping five feet past the ground at nearly 300 kilometers per hour. The flare marked the point of no return, the final action in the landing process – a complex maneuver requiring immense concentration, all executed within a matter of ten seconds. Failure would result in disaster, even death. Luckily, every pilot was thoroughly trained in this intricate procedure. With over 5,000 flight hours on the SK-6, Jensen himself was very much accustomed to the landing process – it was just another day in a pilot's life. Captain Hans Borup sat next to Jensen, eyes glued to the altitude meter on the PFD (Primary Flight Display). Though as Captain he was superior to First Officer Jensen, today he was the pilot monitoring: his job was to assist the pilot flying by relaying useful data from the computers, as well as communicating with ATC. On the PFD, Borup quietly watched the altitude meter as the aircraft inched closer and closer to the ground. Finally, he felt a strong bump as he jerked forward in his seat. Everything began to rattle. "Spoilers up," he called out. Without waiting, First Officer Jensen had already pulled up the lever activating the aircraft's spoilers. A series of thin flaps extended up from the wing, further increasing the rattling as the wings began to shake violently. The aircraft was slowing down. "Eighty knots." Here's a nice video to accompany the landing... From his window at seat 22K, passenger Antony Wong watched as the delicate spoilers extended. The whole world rushed past, with brilliant orange tones of the Rihannsu sunrise shining in the backdrop. He shook up and down in his seat as the cabin roared and shook, vibrating loudly before finally calming to a soothing high-pitched whir. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to welcome you to the Dartha Cliperian International Airport. Local time is 7:07 in the morning, temperature is at 24 degrees Celsius. The @Rihan Republic is three hours ahead of Andalla." Typical of any Andallan flight, one could already hear the inevitable chorus of seat belts being unbuckled, even before the flight attendant had the chance to proceed. "For your safety, please remain seated with your seat belts properly fastened until the aircraft has arrived at the gate. Please wait for the seat belt sign to be switched off before standing up to get your bags or using the lavatory." "Please refrain from using cellular phones until the seat belt sign is switched off, or the aircraft has come to a complete stop. Before standing, please check your seat for any personal belongings that may have been left behind. Use caution in opening the overhead bins as heavy articles may have shifted around during the flight." "If you require any assistance, please remain in your seat until all passengers have disembarked, and our flight attendants will be happy to assist you. On behalf of the captain and crew aboard this Royal Air Andalla flight, 8U 522, we would like to wish you a pleasant stay in Dartha. Thank you for choosing Royal Air Andalla as your preferred carrier and we hope to see you again." Back at the flight deck, it was all business. As the aircraft finally came to a stop and passengers began reaching for the overhead compartments, the two pilots sat at the controls reviewing the last of the aircraft's checklists before leaving. The SOPs, or standard operating procedures, were in effect — all they had left to do was to read through the final two checklists, all diligently listed along with the other checklists, on a piece of laminated paper inside the cockpit. With the advent of SOPs, any two pilots qualified on the same aircraft could work seamlessly together — complete strangers, led only by a set of strict guidelines, effortlessly working together without error from startup to shutdown. With that small yet authoritative document in hand, Captain Borup began to read through the shutdown checklist. "Shutdown checklist. — Parking brake." "Set." "Flaps." "Flaps zero, set." "Taxi lights." "Off." "Nav lights." "Off." "Beacon." "Off." "Seat belt signs." "Off." "Anti-ice." "Off." "Fuel pumps." "Off." "Pitot heat." "Off." "Transponder." "Standby." "Weather radar." "Off." "Flight director." "Off." "Avionics." "Off." "Alright. Panel lights?" Jensen reached for a small button on the overhead panel, and with one little click all the lights inside the cockpit vanished. "Panel lights off." "BATT master switch." Again Jensen reached for the button, this time a small red switch between the two pilot seats. One flick of the master switch and all life would cease within the aircraft's systems. "Off." "Shutdown checklist complete." Both pilots could easily attest to the fact that they had already memorized each of the aircraft's 14 checklists by heart — the papers were only there to ensure 100% accuracy; after all, the SOPs were created only to guarantee everybody's safety and comfort while aboard the aircraft. For a moment, First Officer Jensen sat there musing about his overnight stay at a nearby five-star hotel. As a long-haul pilot, only one flight a day was enough to meet the mandated daily restriction for working hours. It was actually more efficient to have the flight crew stay overnight at Dartha and wait for the next day's morning flight to arrive, so they could relieve the operating crew and fly back to Arkhavn at noon. And just recently, a regional consortium of hotels had made a small agreement to accommodate Royal Air Andalla flight crew at lower prices. They were living the long-haul pilots' dream — short-haul pilots usually flew back and forth twice, thrice, even four times daily just to meet their quota, and still ended up back at their home base. Long-haul pilots had the chance to truly see the world, taking long breaks after each flight — that was the law. Only this time, Jensen wasn't exactly flying a long-haul route per se — Arkhavn to Dartha could easily fall under the medium-haul category, but airlines instead classified it as long-haul just to avoid such a bulky term. Anyway, now that Rihan was receiving more and more exposure on the international stage, Dartha was slowly becoming a powerhouse for tourism in the region. Change was coming to Aurelia — only recently, Jensen had been reading about Rihannsu history. And it would be such a pleasant surprise to anyone knowledgeable about Rihan to know that a nation as terrible and as dystopian as this one could transform itself into one embodied by the towering skyscrapers of Dartha. His thought was only short-lived as he suddenly remembered something that had completely escaped his mind — the secure checklist. Seemingly as though reading his mind and waiting for the right moment, Captain Borup began to enumerate the items on the final checklist. "Secure checklist. — Parking brake verify." "Uh... parking break set, check." "Throttle verify." "Throttle idle, check." "All switches verify." "All switches off, check." "Secure checklist complete. Good flight," said the Captain, extending his hand to offer a congratulatory shake. Jensen took the handshake and gave Borup a friendly pat on the shoulder in return. "Here's to you too — great flight. I was a bit hard on the landing though." "No, no, no, no, it was the wind," said Captain Borup as he stood up to fix his pilot's bag."At least the flare was on-point." Rule number one in a usual Andallan conversation was to counter any self-criticism with denial, followed by an unrelated compliment. As though still disoriented after forgetting the secure checklist, Jensen was at a loss for words. Glancing out the cockpit window he could see a small Rihannsu flag, and subsequently a single word popped into his mind to respond to Borup's flattering: "Heh." (Joke intended.) The last thing left on the list was a quick, informal debriefing regarding the flight and what the two pilots could improve. The landing was satisfactory, after all it was hard to achieve a bad landing on the SK-6; as the old pilots' saying went, landing a six is easier done than said. Immediately after debriefing, the aircraft was handed over to the ground crew as the pilots left. The flight crew still had to clean up the aircraft, so they would follow later on. Once outside the two pilots whizzed through immigration, passing through the special lane reserved for pilots and flight crew. Within minutes of leaving the cockpit, they were now at the airport concourse. This was a benefit each and every commercial pilot enjoyed, not only long-haul pilots. And all along, the very passengers they had flew just stood there waiting impatiently in line as their turn was delayed by the passengers of the previous Havrær flight. "I'll be back. Meet you at the shuttle?" Asked First Officer Jensen, who was indirectly excusing himself for a restroom break. "Sure. We're both connected to airport WiFi, so just call me on Yibber*," replied Captain Borup. *May or may not be the Andallan equivalent of Viber. The restrooms in Cliperian were surprisingly clean for a Rihannsu airport, or any Aurelian airport for that matter. Back in Andalla, airport restrooms were rather messy and smelly — only recently did complaints about Andallan airport toilets rise exponentially. The advent of low-cost flying went both ways — if more people could fly, then more unhygienic people could fly as well. It was all but a cultural thing, really — Andallans didn't really care for the meticulous little details of life as much as Argics or Europans did. By definition, Andalla was developed; yet by culture, Andalla was more like one big, happy rural Thalassan town. On the way out, Jensen bumped into a seemingly distressed man, causing him to stumble and nearly lose balance. "Whoa— uh, is everything alright, sir?" Jensen asked, concerned. The man was of average height, maybe in his early 20's. Jensen could tell he was a Rihannsu returning from abroad, most likely as a student; there were quite a number of such Rihannsu foreign exchange students back in Andalla. "Ah, uhhh, heh... Oh, yes, ahhh, fine sir," the man replied in a somewhat Rihannsu accent. His voice was slightly hoarse, and he was wheezing and panting — it even seemed as if he had some sort of sickness, but Jensen didn't mind. Suddenly, the man bent down, grasped his stomach, and let out a loud, raspy cough. He immediately regained composure and apologized. "Oh, ahhh— I'm so sorry. I better get going," he said. "Poor guy", Jensen thought. "Perhaps all he needs is a break. I should be going too." "Ahh— uh, no problem. You take care." "Alright thanks." With that the man stumbled into the restroom as Jensen dragged his trolley out into the concourse. He checked his smart watch — 7:42 AM, March 4th, Monday. The shuttle left at eight, so there was enough time to grab a snack at some Rihannsu convenience store. He noticed a droplet on his arm right next to the watch. Seeing as it was very small, he just wiped it on his chest. Only then did he realize that it was phlegm from when the man coughed. "Great. Looks like I'll be coughing tomorrow," he jokingly told himself. He had 52 hours to enjoy roaming around Dartha, and he wouldn't ever let a small cough ruin his stay...
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    Bells were ringing throughout the capital -- in any other city, this would be synonymous with calling people to prayers at a church. Since the Republic was a declared atheist state, the bells were tolling in a joyous tone as the streets of Dartha were about to be packed with people watching a parade in honor of Morror's victory. Soldiers of the Praetorian Guards would make up the majority of the soldiers marching down the winding roads while the City Guard would take the responsibility of keeping the crowds under control. Kassus had emerged from his accommodations and mounted a horse, in front and behind him, Praetorians marched -- but not in their regular kit, but rather, their ceremonial dress and weapons. The decibel level of the crowds was high as everyone wanted an opportunity to see their honored general and senator on the second-to-last day of the celebrations. The parade route would take him throughout the Old City to the Senate and onwards to Cor'Lavet Park where he would take in a poetry reading by Japell. Kassus' popularity with the people had risen dramatically over the last few days and it was certainly not only aiding him but also clearly vexing his rivals. Charvanek had already attempted to disrupt his glory -- and failed. He was aware the Praetor, who he had never had a working relationship with, was growing uneasy with him. But he was unsure about Darok's motives but was fully in the knowledge that the man was corrupt to the core. Gathan Darok was still in good spirits from Liviana's embarrassment at the Orventis Arena earlier in the week. However, he wanted to take a swipe at Kassus. Prior to the former's arrival in the capital, Gathan had bribed several street gangs who held a rather firm grip over the poor district of Pirek on the outskirts to cause general chaos and if possible, attack his rival. He had paid a rather hefty sum for these cutthroats who held no honor but he could care less, he merely wanted to see what would happen. Morror was moving along the streets. Amongst the groups were his personal 'tent' guards, wearing ceremonial armor and though armed with historical larpa spears and shield (like many of the Praetorians), they did have their small pistols concealed on their persons, just in case. At first, everything was normal, the crowds cheering, Morror waving from his horse. But then, chaos. The thugs charged into the crowd and began beating up people, opening a pathway straight towards the parade line itself. As the cries of people could be heard, the City Guard immediately sprung into action and retaliated but because they were spread out along the entire route of the parade, they were getting overwhelmed. The Praetorian Prefect, getting word from one of the Guards, sprang into a protective formation and began to counter the thugs who were rushing them (having crossed the barriers). Kassus' personal guards broke their own positions and swarmed to their leader, dropping their larpas and taking out their pistols. Morror would deal with the outcry from his senatorial colleagues later over his men's 'violation' of the armaments ban in the capital, but he far more interested in surviving this horrendous dishonor placed upon him. "Take them down, all of them," he instructed. He got off his own horse and got into the melee himself. He wasn't going to be intimidated by a bunch of criminals. Whilst the general discord was growing, the Phi'Tlaru, the intelligence service swooped in and put a stop to the brawls. They arrested ten men while another twelve were dead in the street. Kassus shouted into the crowd. "Cowards," he said of the criminals. "You dishonor yourselves and the People!" he continued, pointing to the people who had been terrorized and if anything, seeing their general take control only emboldened him. Darok had been informed of the scuffle and that Morror had survived it. From the beginning, he didn't particularly care about the outcome, nor the men he had paid off to do the deed. He never believed they would actually succeed but the effect they had caused was the objective: chaos. Meanwhile, Kassus' parade continued, leaving behind dead bodies to be cleaned up. He got back on his horse and continued the parade. The Phi'Tlaru would spend the next four hours interviewing the live thugs -- while nine refused to cooperate, one did and would only say that a wealthy man paid them to do it. A general statement in a such a country. All of them would remain locked up in Var'Theldun for an indeterminate amount of time. The sun was setting over Dartha and both the Praetor and Kassus were having a heated conversation in one of the colonnades of the Hall of State: "...this is your fault Praetor! You allowed the celebrations to be interrupted by a bunch of hooligans. You are responsible for maintaining law and order and it was clear that you were not in control of it today...the fact that my own men, and yes, they may violated the law over weapons within the city; and the Phi'Tlaru, were the ones to ultimately administer such activities that you said was all settled before I arrived - was clearly a lie." Mathon shot back. "Do not dare blame me for this. A quarter of the entire City Guard was allocated to guard the parade, let alone other events this week and you know what -- I didn't even ask you to pay for it..." he was cut off by Kassus, in most circumstances a grave error but given the level of popularity Kassus had with the people as of late, he decided to let it occur. "I warn you, Praetor, this war is only going to make things worse. I hope for your sake that today is an isolated incident or our beloved capital may befall to far worse and you won't be able to do anything to stop it." Morror decided he had enough of the Praetor for one night. He lowered his tone and said: "...enough about this for tonight. I am going to retire for the night and I will join you for the honoring of the dead in the morning..." He then walked away. Terix's patience had ended. He did not care about Kassus' opinion. He was going to make him pay for it. He proceeded into the Hall of State and down the corridors to his office. Sitting down in his chair, he typed a quick set of orders to the Central Command - to be carried out once Kassus had returned to the front lines in Enolia. The top order was that no new soldiers would be transferred to Morror's legion and he would have to fight with just the men he had under his command. Terix wanted to win the war, even if it meant severely handicapping the most capable military unit that could deliver on that promise. His vexation and willingness to upend the momentum in the war would lead to consequences down the road.
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    The Orventis Arena, the second-largest public space in the entire Republic other than the wide Forum of Caliax, was filled with nearly 100,000 spectators. Horns were blaring, announcing the arrival of the Praetor and General Kassus. The crowd cheered and applauded. Both men took their seats in the viewing box. Joining them were Senators Mavet and Chirok who sat next to Morror. Once comfortable, the horns sounded and carts upon carts filled with bread, the sweet Vix Virax -- the attendants who brought it in began throwing it into the crowd. This would continue to several minutes before other servers began to go up and down the roads offering loaves to any or all who wanted one. With the people given their fill, the sword matches were to begin earnest. Over the course of the next three hours, two dozen fights would play out - some one-on-one, others in small teams, and one involving the added 'entertainment' of thrusting some of Rihan's most dangerous animals into the mix. The commoners were enjoying the matches. The three-on-three with two ter'aks did have one killed by a ter'ak that had gotten loose. The matches were also being televised across the Republic, extending Morror's festivities to every corner of the state. Mavet and Kassus were conversing between each other over the sounds of the mob. Likewise, the Praetor was talking with Jarok. In a box several sections over to the right of the Praetor's box, some members of the Senate sat. Amongst them was Gathan Darok. He had paid for his own festivities to celebrate the people but it was abundantly clear that despite his generosity, Morror's games were being better received by the populace. This irked him. He felt at ease in competing with Charvanek as his ego told him she was only getting by due to her charm, beauty, and the power of her family's name. Darok considered him the superior one: a self-made man, not to mention to have been one of the very few to have his family be elevated to the Senate within the last twenty years. But Morror was different: he was a proper soldier. He shared the same martial family values as the Charvaneks but unlike most senators who did their service and then took up the mantle of debating their fellow aristocrats and nobles in the chamber at the behest of their family leadership: Morror did not do this. He stayed in the army and rose through a combination of tactical brilliance, dedication, and cunning that was on par with his. And that bothered him too. Whilst he wanted to dispatch Liviana, he knew his true fight was with Morror. Liviana Charvanek was seated in another box to Terix's left. She didn't usually attend such 'raw' fighting and even these she felt were not 'honorable.' Prior to coming to the arena (which she was doing merely to make sure she was recognized in the space by others), she had convinced one of her most veteran bodyguards of fifteen years and who had been in the army for ten years before that, to challenge Morror in a one-on-one fight in the arena with everyone inside to watch. To the basic adherent to politics, this would have sounded like a great idea except that in hindsight, it was a poor decision. Her bodyguard, Nikus, entered and faced the Praetor's box. Morror had noticed that he was alone down there. "Do you not have a competitor?" he inquired. He responded, "I do. You." The arena turned silent. Morror chuckled. "You challenge me?" Nikus nodded. He laughed again, and noticed the house emblem on his attire, "you are making a terrible mistake, but if you insist..." Kassus walked up to a set of microphones. "Nikus, challenges me...and I accept." He looked at Terix and then began to proceed downstairs. The announcer, stunned at this turn of events, quickly cleared his throat. "Ladies and gentlemen of the Republic, you are about to witness a remarkable duel between this brave challenger and General Morror Kassus..." Morror, with a Vrelnec given to him on the way in, entered the heart of the arena. The crowd was ecstatic: what would probably be the height of their lives, until the next political firestorm erupted. He unshelved his sword. The design of the modern Vrelnecs could find similarities from scimitars and sabers wield by the Rihannsu on the Central Europan Steppe in the past. Another vrelnec was handed to Nikus. Terix was not pleased with this turn of events. Though he would want to see the person who was supposed to be honoring knocked down a peg, he knew if Kassus won, it would only gain him further praise and admiration from the crowd. He had noticed Charvanek's emblem as Morror was exchanging words with this man and darted her a look of frustration. Between Charvanek and Darok, he had less issue with Liviana (she hadn't tried to seduce him -- and he was aware of her activities but decided it wasn't time to play his hand). Her desire to take on Morror through a proxy was going to backfire horribly. He shook his head and sat back down and watched what was about to unfold. The announcer asked if both of them were ready. "Fæhor?" (Ready?) "Ie." (Yes.) "Rhaæ." (Begin.) A gong sounds. The clangs of metal swords strike, the roar of the crowd accelerates at clip speed as the heat of the battle increases. Nikus decided to take the fight straight to Morror ramped up his pace, Kassus fought back, with measured counters. A man of his age, let alone military genius, knew one does not expend all their energy in the first round. His vrelnec blocking the blows his competitor attempted. The sword had protected its owner for decades including his closest encounter with potential death on the fields of Karnas. Charvanek was watching from her box and slowly was realizing the tremendous error she had caused to herself. Nikus had been in the army but fifteen years was a long time. He was slow to react and his brashness, spurned on by his own charge, was a major weakness. After five minutes, there were signs of him tiring out. Kassus smiled and took advantage of the situation. He introduced some fleeting footwork and even stronger strikes, taking elements from his martial arts training. Then, an opening. Nikus had moved out of position, his sword on his wrong side. Morror pushed his sword into the man's leg but not too deep but enough to destabilize him and force him to fall to the ground. Blood was slowly trickling out of his leg. Vrelnecs, unlike others swords, were not for 'hacking and slashing' like what the bodyguard had attempted to do, but it was for smooth, if not precise, strikes. He got up, barely and attempted to keep fighting but then Morror stabbed him in the abdomen and he fell down, for a second and final time. The crowd was chanting Morror's name. Charvanek and Terix's eyes met for a moment and she showed a frown and looked down at her bodyguard, slowly dying. Many of the commoners were demanding the man's death. At first, Morror angled the sword over Nikus' neck and then, shelved his sword. "He fought honorably. A true Rihannsu," he said into a microphone that had been given to him. "Honor has been served. He shall live to fight another day," handing back the microphone began reacting to the crowd's cheers. Terix, above, took mental note of his 'compassion' but he suspected he would have gutted him if he were on the battlefield. After all, this was in the name of the people and the Republic. Medics rushed out to the arena ground and immediately took Nikus to the nearest hospital. He would live but his days of protecting people were probably at an end. Liviana had been completely embarrassed by the event. It would certainly circulate across the entire city by nightfall and her husband would likely be angered by the fact that she'd had done this stunt. For Darok, though he could not touch Morror, yet, Charvanek's humbling at this moment in time was more than sufficient. As for Mathon, his utter disgust for Kassus was only growing. He was restrained him reacting by both Mirel, his confidant and Alidar, one of his closest allies, telling him -- the people are watching and they want to know their Praetor supports their man. He would get back at him one day. Below, on the arena ground, Kassus was basking in the praise. He was already preparing for the right place, and the right time, to remove Charvanek entirely from the political equation. For now, he would convert the love of the pople into influence with the Senator. He was eventually escorted out of the center and into the interior. Inside, three senators: Sullan, D'varo, and Vorken, awaited him and wanted to speak with him. More allies in his camp. They spoke briefly before a Praetorian captain interrupted him. "The Praetor send his congratulations in your battle and wanted me to inform you that he will meet you after dinner tonight for the Solsaliente performance at the Palace." He nodded. "We will pick you up around 7pm from your accommodations." He got cleaned up, Alina, his aide, had brought his official senatorial robes down from his seat in the Praetor's box and handed it to him. Morror handed his vrelnec to an attendant and began to leave the arena. Praetorian Guards had swarmed the area around the stadium and opened a path to his car. The crowds had built up in a similar fashion to his departure from the forum the previous day. He waved and smiled. In two days, not only had he shown the people his generosity, but now he had shown his temperament and compassion. Back at the Praetorian Palace, Terix was enraged. He knew he was losing the people. He would have to rectify this.
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    It was the first day of the festivities commemorating Morror Kassus' victory at Duronom. He had spent the night before at his legion's base at Garenah. The sun was bright, not a cloud in the sky and the temperature warm but not overbearing. He had been escorted to Dartha by his personal 'tent' guards, his most loyal soldiers. People came out of their homes to applaud the victorious general, he waved back in response. Kassus fully intended to bank as much popular support as he could over the next week. When he and his party arrived at the city limits between the larger Deridex Province and the capital, he was met with a cohort of the Praetorian Guard. As per longstanding law, no formal military units except for those of the Praetor or that of the official City Guard were permitted within Dartha, the reasoning being to keep the capital free from the armed machinations of political rivals. The Praetorian Prefect himself was leading the cohort and handed him the official dispensation from the Praetor, for both their protection of him and for him to leave his soldiers behind. A few of their colleagues stayed behind with their weapons (unknown to the Praetorians, Kassus' own soldiers were able to hide small pistols, for use just in case something were to happen). The old law adhered to, the group made their way into the capital. Tens of thousands flooded the streets of Dartha, all cheering on the general. Cries of "hei-ya-hai! hei-ya-hai!" echoed through the urban canyons of buildings. The sound was so loud that they could be heard all the way towards the center of the city. Praetor Terix was just getting his official state robes on when the cheers could faintly be heard from within the Praetorian Palace. He grumbled and confided in Avelik, his personal confidant, "I do everything I can to make sure Kassus is able to win, but barely, and after all of that, he still wins..." Avelik was handing him the state medallion, "Foremost, the people still love you for what you have done in the Hall of State but as you know, we have always been a martial people and when a great victory is achieved, at whatever odds, they cheer the victor's success." "If Tellus were still alive, he'd say that the people should be cheering," he stressed, "for the Republic and not the success of one man. He himself said focusing on one person or religious power is tyrannical." Mirel simply nodded. "The war may be going well now and it could turn for the worse, it is wise to faint support for Senator Kassus even if you personally have deep reservations for him." He grumbled once more and then sighed. "But of course, you are right. Now, I suppose I shouldn't keep him waiting, certainly, the commoners want to see their hero..." Sometime later, Morror Kassus and his Praetorian escort enter the Forum which had been set up for the first day's feast. Many had arrived at dawn to grab a seat at this, one of the most important functions of the entire festival, to witness the general get his moment of recognition and to, potentially, get a chance to meet Morror in person. Kassus' group went through the forum and stopped at one of the staircases that led up to the Hall of State. The Praetor, Proconsul, Vice-Proconsuls, and Consuls, along with General Rendak, were standing on the Praetor's Balcony that overlooked the crowded forum. Minutes later, horns began to blare as Morror Kassus steps out onto the balcony and the Praetor began to speak to the assembled spectators. "...brothers and sisters of the Republic, we have experienced great tragedy in Dinalla, and while we still grieve for the loss of the hundreds who lost their lives in those senseless attacks, today is a day for their deaths to vindicated. The Enolian cowards and terrorists who committed this horrendous slaughter have been dealt a major blow. The Republic is fighting a war to regain the honor which was slighted. Duronom is now in Republican control -- the Enolian Guard now on the run. Victory is closer and those responsible will be punished when the Final Day comes. We owe that to the outstanding efforts and strategy of Morror Kassus, a loyal and dedicated citizen of the Republic. Today is a day of celebration to him and his soldiers," he turned to the general, both of whom didn't like each other but fulfilled their 'respectable' actions as politicians by faint thanking each other. Morror is given an olvia wreth crown to wear and a gold medallion signifying his victory. He was then invited to speak himself. Kassus cleared his throat. "To my brothers and sisters, this victory is not mine, it is ours. The Republic won this great victory." He scanned the crowd, "The Enolians have only just seen the power we can bring to bear in this war and we", looking at Rendak briefly, "will do whatever it takes, with whatever resources required, to end Enolian terrorism once and for all. Duronom was a tremendous moment in this conflict and we are on the road to total victory but," he paused, "we cannot forget all the lives lost in the battle and all those who have died in other legions involved in this campaign, their lives will be avenged -- alongside those innocent lives taken in Dinalla. I ask that we all take a moment of silence in their honor." The Forum went silent for five seconds."But," he began again, "today, this week, is a celebration of our remarkable retribution and in the name of swift victory. So I ask you all to do one thing," he paused, looking at a group of friendly senators and then commoners to the left and right, "to enjoy this moment. Eat, drink, be entertained. May we use this opportunity to take in this moment and then, win the war. Victory will come." He ends his statement with the phrase that had been uttered at the end of every Senate meeting for weeks: "Enolia mnæri seiyya." The crowd erupts into applause and cheers. Kassus' name is shouted by the tens of thousands in the forum and amplifies to be heard across much of Dartha. Morror stood there and waved, and beside him, the Praetor was seething with anger but concealed it for political reasons. Another series of horns blared. Kassus spoke up, "ah that is the call for the start of the feast. Bring on the food!" Hundreds of servants begin bringing out platters of food from Checca Stew and whole Hlai roasts to piles of fruits and sweets. The group on the Praetor's Balcony reentered the Hall of State and went down to join the other feast attendees in the forum. They and members of the Senate would eat amongst the crowd but at tables close to a raised table where the Senate leadership, the Praetor, and their honored general, who eat. The Praetorian Guard had been in the forum from the beginning of the event to keep order. Morror's personal bodyguard had managed to get a series of tables close to the senators so they could be near their charge. Everyone was eating and enjoying the food that their honored general had spent lavishly on. Few knew how much it was costing him, let alone where he was getting the funds to pay for it. The commoners didn't care but there were many senators who were concerned. He was pulling off a very similar thing that Gathan Darok had done in terms of the Festival of the Republic, celebrating the State, the previous fall. Though between the events of the day and more recently, it was becoming a regular 'obligation' for those who wanted to acquire more influence and power with the commoners to further their own agenda. As Morror ate, a group of senators approached him -- the same men he had dined with earlier in the week: Chevet, Mavet, Retam, Karpan, Branak, Chirok, Tharnek, Voldat, and Perreus. These men formed the foundation of his 'camp' within the Senate. Although they were all members of the predominant Jaridian coalition, it was becoming clear that the members within were splitting more and more and were conflicting with their consul on a more regular basis. A perfect opportunity for Kassus to capitalize on. He shook each of their hands, "thank you, thank you," he said, "I invite you all to watch the battle reenactment of Karnas on the 4th day. It will be quite a spectacle to be sure. I am told more than a thousand individuals will be involved," each smile and thank him for the invitation, accepting it." Morror extended the invitation for them to bring along other senators they felt would want to join him. It was a clear poll to see what leverage he had in the Senate chamber. Mathon was listening to Morror's words with the senators. He made a mental note to keep an eye on them and quietly remarked this to Alidar Jarok, the Jaridan consul and close ally, who concurred. Once Kassus had finished his conversation with the last senator, Mavet, Terix spoke to him, "if you are done, I believe you and I have a boxing match to watch..." Kassus sat back, "indeed we do. A rematch of Toldak and Sildelo." Praetor Terix waved to the Praetorian prefect to assemble the men for their departure. When Terix wasn't looking, Kassus nodded to inform his guards to move out and follow them. Terix, Kassus, and the leadership start leaving the forum for the Orventis Arena. The Praetorians clear a path for them to go. The crowd still wanted an opportunity to meet their rising hero. Cheering returns and many attempt to shake hands with Morror. He shakes some, waves to others. He is smiling all the way to the match. From afar, on different sides of the senatorial section of the feast tables, Darok and Charvanek watch Morror. They've noticed they have gained a new rival beside each other.
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    Happy to share that approximately 90% of our content on the old wiki site is now on the new wiki site. The only items that remain are @Orioni's pages and media more or less. Over the weekend, I'll do a sweep and make sure everything is over there (I know @Gallambria is handling his own material). The iiWiki administrators wanted me to convey that people should NOT make any further edits or additions to the old wiki site. That website, in due time, will be sunsetting and with it, all content will no longer exist there.
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    January 22, 2018: "Shadow" Founding: April 9, 2018: The Verde Blockade The Verde Blockade was a joint operation to blockade the Verde Sea from penetration by Ahranaian Naval forces. The operation was justified under the international protest against the expansion of Ahranaian military forces in the connected Mediargic Sea, specifically in the region of Xara, which had been annexed by Ahranaian forces much to the protest of Ahrana's northern neighbour, the United States of Prymont. When protests and warnings from TRIDENT member states were ignored, the blockade was executed by a TRIDENT task force and forced the Ahranaians to halt their fleet and enlist the aid of the now rouge state of Asgeirria in what some deemed to be a false flag operation. This issue was resolved later by the Xara Accord, to the satisfaction of TRIDENT and Ahranaian parties. March 25-April 10, 2018: Joint Exercise- "Atgeir" The joint aero-naval exercise dubbed "Atgeir" was conducted in Andallan waters of the Tiauhai Sea. Wargames between the assembled strength of some 4 Carrier Strike Groups and several lighter flotillas were carried out exercising ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore, air defence & SEAD, naval air strike, anti-submarine, anti-ballistic missile, convoy security, shallow water manoeuvers, boarding & counter-boarding, marine reconnaissance, and oceanographic survey operations were simulated by an OPFOR consisting of Iverican military and PMC units. The exercise was supposedly successful in gauging TRIDENT's ability to work together in aero-naval operations and in fostering an organisation-wide cultural exchange. June 3, 2018: Establishment of a Personnel Exchange Program Plans to foster cooperation and cohesion among personnel of different TRIDENT states included the establishment of an institution to oversee regular batches of exchange personnel being sent to different member states. June 12, 2018: The Xara Accords TRIDENT officials from Iverica & Gallambria co-authored the Xara Accords, a treaty to resolve the heated situation of Ahranaian naval expansion (see: Verde Blockade). The Accords presented a sustainable solution by proposing a balance of strength in the Mediargic Sea and specifying the conduct necessary for forces to maintain the peaceful posture between both parties.
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    The folks who run iiWiki have sent out an all-call ping on their Discord channel saying that the new site is ready for use. I will coordinate with @Orioni on the migration process. I will notify people of when that work is completed here. Thank you for your attention.
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    War Department, Sayfi Military Headquarters, Baghdad, Sayf - 14:50 A Sayfi man smoking a cigar and wearing a trenchcoat and suit from an expensive Liomonian designer brand Certovino walks into the room, in the room, there is a long conference table with a few men of varying ages wearing decorated Sayfi service uniforms, all now staring at the man that just walked into the room before he says anything, he pulls off his coat and throws it across the room, where it lands atop a coat hanger. He plops himself down onto an opulent leather office chair across from the most decorated man in the room and stubs out his cigar on to one of ten ashtrays laid out across the table before pulling out another cigar from his shirt pocket, dragging it along his nose, sniffing it deeply before placing it in his mouth, cutting it with a silver cigar cutter, and toasting it with a lighter to light it and begin smoking it. "Fancy seeing you here, Fahri." says the man sitting across from him at the other end of the table. "Yes, it is a fancy seeing me, isn't it Abu-Hajaar?" Abu-Hajaar takes a deep puff from his hookah before responding with "To what do we owe the pleasure?" Fahri kicks his legs up onto the mahogany conference table and takes a quick puff from his from his cigar before responding "Put all the Aluxia shit on the backburner for now, we've got bigger fish to fry boys. Derthalen-" Abu-Hajaar interrupts "We've been keeping a keen eye on the situation in Derthalen. We recently flew our spy planes to locate primary military targets and resources. We have a fleet ready for action in the Dolch See, we've been coordinating with our allies and-" Fahri groans loudly before saying "Don't care- my job is usually schmoozing with foreign dignitaries and getting free five-star accommodation, and telling you guys what shit to f*ck up. Seylos, Limonia, and Fulgistan are ready to go to war with Derthalen and so are we, get your planes n' shit in Seylos and prepare your men for whatever war scenario you got in those filing cabinets and get this over with. I have a flight to catch to somewhere nice so I'm out of here. Smells like washed up soldiers and tobacco in here." Fahri grabs his coat and throws the door open and proceed to walk out of the room, as he exits, Abu-Hajaar shouts "Gawad!" Abu-Hajaar sighs and takes another deep puff from his hookah before speaking "Execute phase one of scenario A-SE1 also known as 'Operation Defuedalization', get our planes and men in Seylos and continue our current operations in the Dolch See." All the men quickly fumble with their papers, pulling out their phones and shouting orders. Defueadilization is a go. Sayfi soldiers in Basra marching into their designated ships to departure towards Seylos.
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    Hey everyone! The RP is now open so here are some things I want to write up for you as we go forward. Create character you want to kill! Or at least get very sick. We want to see the people that have to go through this disease as it spreads through the world. When you get to it, explain what ramifications this has on your country. It would be great if some of your characters were on the airplane from Eire to Selbourne and taking connecting flights to their home nations to help along the infection narrative. This can be very stressful for a nation of course, so you can participate as much as you like. Have the disease be just a footnote in your history, be a massive plague on your people, use it for political machinations, your choice. As of now the the disease in it's lower lethal state has originated from Eire (part of Seylos, basically Ireland) and moved to Selbourne the capital city of Seylos. From there, the people on board the airliner have come in contact with Aislun, patient zero and spreading it from there. Right now the list of people who have offered to participate is as stands: Fulgistan Llalta Orioni Oyus PyeMcGowan Rihan Sancti Imperii Catholico Seylos Shffahkia The first week of this plague will focus on character building and establishing the spread of the disease, the following week will begin all our government's realizations of this crisis and their response. From there, I'll have some more guidance on how we move forward!
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    3 men face 45 drugs, weapons charges in Tamworth cocaine investigation Gallambria plans referendum on Marenai recognition 3 men face 45 drugs, weapons charges in Tamworth cocaine investigation Three Tamworth men were charged after a 12-week investigation into the cocaine trade in the city. In December, last year, police established Operation Hedgerow - an initiative to combat the trafficking of cocaine. The investigative team found that large quantities of cocaine were being distributed in the city, according to police. The investigation led police in identifying two suspects. Police continued their investigation for several weeks and on March 5th, six search warrants were executed. Among the items seized were about two kilograms of cocaine with a street value of approximately £260,000, two cars valued at £150,000, £750,000 in cash, firearms and prohibited weapons. Sean Kingsley, 31, Angus McDonald, 29, and Connor Pell, 25, are all in custody facing a total of more than 50 charges, including possession for the purpose of trafficking, weapons offences, and possession of proceeds of crime. They face Tamworth Supreme Court next Tuesday. Gallambria plans referendum on Marenai recognition Prime Minister Nadia Burnett says Gallambria must acknowledge that 'The first people of our nation have a unique and special place' Gallambria's government plans to hold a referendum within the next 18 months on whether to amend its constitution to acknowledge Gallambria's Marenai people as the first Gallambrians, the prime minister said today. Nadia Burnett said the time was right to amend the constitution to acknowledge that "the first people of our nation have a unique and special place" because such a referendum had braod support in parliament. The Gallambrian parliament needs to endorse proposals to hold referendums. One of the first acts undertaken by the Liberal government after its 2018 leadership spill was to formally apologise to the First People for injustices during the more than 100 years since colonists arrived. An expert panel including members of the First People will soon be appointed and report to the government later this year on the wording of the referendum. The vote will take place before or during the next general election later next years, the prime minister said. "Widespread support across the parliament means we have a once-in-50-years opportunity for our country," Burnett told reporters. Gallambrians are reluctant to change their constitution and only eight of the 44 referendums that have been voted on since 1901 have succeeded. A referendum was defeated in 1999 that would have added a preamble to the constitution honouring Marenai's as "the nation's first people for their deep kinship with their lands and for their ancient and continuing cultures which enrich the life of our country'.
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    Top Secret Secretary Ismail Tian-Han, Seylosian intelligence forces have been working around the clock to establish motives for these recent rash of incidents. However the seizure of a Limonaian ocean liner so close to our waters gives us the distinct impression of hostile intent towards not only the Kingdom of Seylos, but any power that would seek movement in this area of the world. Seylos much ensure the continued safety and security of people and goods around our seas, which of course extends far beyond Seylosian craft. Our country is grateful of this proactive offer of help, especially given our past of mutual cooperation in the face of difficult circumstances. If the nation of Derthalen is not stopped now, whether by force or diplomacy, they will only grow more bold in their attempts, with even the security of the Seylosian mainland potentially put at risk. By now though, we believe diplomacy is not an option, with any attempt to do so fruitless. It is the opinion of this government that force will be required to end this threat, and with the assistance of invaluable allies such as yourselves we believe victory is attainable. Seylos and Limonaia have come to a private agreement to facilitate the movement of troops and equipment to the Seylosian mainland in preparation for such an eventuality. In the spirit of this agreement would extent the same offer to Fulgistani and Sayfi military forces. Best of luck to us all, King Aidan Redmond, King of Seylos, Eire, Pleinmont, and Sark
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    Beginning later this year, a new commodity will be planted in fields and open areas across Sayf that likely will change the landscape. These "farmers" are government-subsidized energy companies that have begun manufacturing solar panels and building solar power plants as a part of a government directive to remove the Sayfi economy's dependency on oil as a response to the eventual lack of need for oil on Eurth. As projects are approved and ramp up, arrays of tightly bunched panels tilted south are expected to replace what had been crops or open land, with some projects encompassing up to 20 acres. The government has been making serious strides to remove Sayf's dependency on oil, such as acquiring the largest solar company in Sayf, Al-Taqat Shmas Incorporated, and investing 13.3 billion dinars to ramp up solar panel manufacturing. "We believe that if Sayf begins producing the means for renewable energy, we can recoup income lost from oil," says Mohammed ibn Farshad, head of the Sayfi National Committee for Renewable Energy. This is not the only effort Sayf is making towards decreasing emissions and supporting the replacement of oil in exchange for renewable energy, local auto manufacturers such as Al-Naiem, Tawahad, and Wiladat are making efforts to put electric, zero-emission vehicles on the road. Overall, this will lead to an improvement in air quality, a decrease in the cost of energy, and spark economic development.
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    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Knesset Passed International Environmental Treaty By Arlan Levi, 23 March 2019 Tikva has made a major step in combating climate change that is affecting the Eurth by formally accepting the terms spelled out in the Laren Environmental Treaty established in the Queendom of Morheim. A representative for the Prime Minister said he was best and absolutely falls within the framework of the Setgvek. While Lasker was able to get it passed, it was not due to full support from his governing coalition. The Hetz Party which focuses its agenda on economic development complained that by passing the treaty that the requirements would harm the nation's economy for many years before it was anywhere close to being able to fulfill the goals. They also argued two other points: that it would be unfair for Tikva to be taking on such an effort without additional large nations onboard first; and secondly, the nation is able to obtain its oil from within the interior of Alharu, unlike other nations which have to import their supplies over the seas. This left Lasker 10 members of his and thus, required votes from the Opposition to pass the treaty. Liora Kagan, the Leader of the Opposition voiced her support for the treaty and decided to take the opportunity to taunt the Government saying that 'it is clear that the entire agenda, not to mention the list of agreements concerning policies is not solid unlike those of the Opposition,' she also said, 'one of these days it will be an issue of significance and it will bring national.' Kagan also pointed to the Hetz members that they are hurting the Highest Being and the world he gave to the Juddish people. The Prime Minister, prior to the vote being taken, announced that not only would the State follow the terms and conditions laid out in the treaty but his Government would up to 400 million Shekels to develop and construct several solar generators in the Ayalon Hills, to reduce the nation's reliance on oil. Kagan interrupted his announcement and said that while she approves of it, it was a suggestion that Shinui, one of her partner parties, suggested two years ago. Lasker would not acknowledge whether this idea was his own or not. Following the passing of the treaty, Kagan was spotted arguing with Hetz's leader Abner Jacobsen -- it is clear that if there were to be an election today, it is very unlikely this pro-business group would be willing to join a government led by Avoda. In a press conference, both we and our colleagues asked about what Kagan's political future looks like (the Governing Herut Party and its coalition has seen its support gone down since the Sabbat debacle earlier this month). She responded, "we'll see. Anything is possible."
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    Aislun got out of the car, her joints stiff after the long bus ride. She felt incredibly ill but she had been determined to see her family in Fairfax. Her sister rushed over and grabbed her bag from her, "Aislun why did you come all the way over while you were sick? You could have come at another time, we're always happy to have you." Aislun waved her hand, "Oh no no, it's fine just a cold. It would be nice to get some medicine though." Aislun's sister scowled and rolled her eyes but went into the house, presumably to find something for her sister to feel better. Aislun smiled as her sister's husband came up and took her other bag from her, "Seriously Aislun are you sure you're alright, you don't look good at all." "Seriously I'm fi-" Just as Aislun was about to finish she felt a blinding pain in her stomach and faltered to her knees. It was so intense she cried out for a second, her eyes were watering and the next thing she knew she was vomiting in the grass in front of the house. She fell down on her back, shaking uncontrollably trying to speak. She could barely see through watery eyes as someone rushed up to her calling her name. Another figure came out of the house screeching. "Oh god, Robert call the paramedics. Aislun what's happening!" ~~ Aislun was in a panic as paramedics held her down, she was trying to understand what was happening but everything was so blurry. She felt so hot. Everything kept going in and out of and she couldn't keep her eyes open. Far in the distance she heard the paramedics talking to her, trying to her ask her something but nothing got through. ------------------- Doctor Kaitlyn Robinson was sitting at her desk reviewing patient files when her video chat on her computer began to ring. She was a bit surprised, but she smiled when she saw it was her colleague out in Fairfax. It had been awhile since she had talked to him, when she needed to help on another case. She clicked the answer button and smiled when she saw him appear, but her smile dimmed a little when she saw the hazmat gear and the isolation room he was in. "James, what's going on?" She said, her eyes furrowed in worry. "I'm sorry to drop in on you so out of the blue, but something is going on here that I desperately need help with." James said, his arms crossed but Kaitlyn couldn't see his face well behind the suit. "I'm going to guess it has something to do with your patient there?" James nodded stiffly in his suit. He stepped out of the way revealing the patient. A woman, who looked to be about middle aged drenched in sweat laying on the bed. "She came in about ten hours ago, as far as any of us can tell she was exhibiting symptoms of the common cold. By the time the paramedics arrived she had suddenly developed a forty six degree fever and had a seizure on her way to the hospital. She has multiple rashes across her body and her white blood cell count is dangerously low. According to her sister, up until a few days ago the patient was healthy." "Christ," Kaitlyn said, "This could be caused by a variety of viruses and bacteria, why is this so special?" James shook his head, "The circumstances around this don't make sense. The cold doesn't hit with this severity almost immediately and the icing on the cake is that none of her family members have contracted this disease yet. No symptoms have been observed in her sister or her sister's husband. And our colleagues back in Eire haven't noticed anything from the family either. What's more interesting is her sister is only her half sister. It's possible that she and her family may have some sort of natural immunity as well." Another nurse walked in and spoke just outside of the microphones range, and Kaitlyn could see James hang his head on the screen, "James what's wrong?" "James what's wrong?" "We've got several patients who have come in the past hour experiencing some of the symptoms we've noticed with this patient. None as bad yet, but Kaitlyn this could get out of hand. You still do some work with the National Disease Center correct?" Kaitlyn nodded, leaning back in her chair thinking about what to do. "Get in contact with them immediately. This woman has been to a lot of places and a lot of people could have been exposed. We have to catch this early."
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    Greater Serbia Announces Plans for Negotiations An end to the crisis in sight? In surprising development, the state-owned news outlet of @Greater Serbia, Zvezda News, announced that the Chancellor of Greater Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, was planning on starting negotiations to end the economic blockade of his nation. The Central Argic nation has been under embargoes and blockades from various foreign powers, including our own Arhomaneia, since reports came out about its treatment of a portion of its own populace, a minority that follows Islam. At first, many in our great country were sceptical about how a Christian nation could treat anyone in the manner that was being suggested – accusations that were being put forward by mainly non-Christian nations, or at least nations that did not follow Orthodox Christianity. The fact that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion did not raise its hand to defend Greater Serbia came as a shock, as it seemed that the rumours put about were nothing more than baseless lies. However, and this paper would be amongst the first to admit it, it rapidly became clear that these rumours certainly had a grounding in truth. The Arab Republic of @Sayf released evidence that not only was the maltreatment of the Muslim minority severe but it also bordered upon genocide. Although this evidence was made public by a nation that could have been perceived as biased towards the Bosniaks, as they share their faith, the Arhomaniki Noimosyni Dykton demonstrated that this evidence was correct. Therefore, the Megas Agios Basileos was correct in placing an economic embargo against Greater Serbia, although the Heart of Christendom did not go as far as other, more warmongering nations and attempt to blockade the landlocked nation. This undoubtedly would have caused much more suffering in the Muslim Bosniaks and so was an astute decision by the Arhomaniki government. It does seem that the embargo has been having a significant impact upon the lives of the population of Greater Serbia, as recent news released by the state media, after a long period of silence, appears to suggest that oil and fuel reserves are running low. The nation seems to be in the process of attempting to convert its motor vehicles to the use of ethanol or natural gas, which perhaps suggests the inventiveness of the people of Greater Serbia in the face of world-wide adversity. When the the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion was asked by this paper for its opinion on the announcement by the state media of Greater Serbia, the following statement was given in reply: “Until such a time as Greater Serbia produces evidence that it is no longer pursuing its genocidal policies, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will maintain the embargo against that nation. Whilst military action is not something that the Megas Agios Basileia is moving towards at the moment, it is cannot be discounted until Chancellor Milosevic decides to move his country to a path that is pleasing to God and does more than give vague suggestions.” Sources from within the Logothesion ton Stratiotikou, the Ministry of War, have hinted at plans having been drawn up to divert one of the two carrier groups from the south-eastern coast of Aluxia, or the diversion of the carrier BP Dyrrakion to support Sayf, but they have not gone further than that. The BP Dyrrakion is currently performing Freedom of Navigation duties between the Raga and Amnalos Thalasses, the Raga and Amnalos Seas, off of the coast of @Suverina. Previously, the Church had come out in support of Greater Serbia, especially in the north of Arhomaneia. His Holiness, Nikolaos IX, Patriarkhos of Trapezon, had apparently considered the extreme step of excommunication of those who supported the embargo, although the evidence of massacres had made it plain that it was not God's work that was being enacted. Since then, the Patriarkhos has declined to comment on the embargo but has thrown his support behind the @Aluxian Benevolent Fund and the Arhomaniki Red Cross, who have begun to distribute aid to the beleaguered people of Aluxia. Plans to extend this mission to help the Bosniaks have so far been mooted, for fear that problem elements may divert any assistance away from the intended targets. In the end, it can be but hoped that the statement released to the world via Zvezda News mark a turning point in the Greater Serbia Blockade Crisis and that God has finally shown the way forward to Chancellor Milosevic. Peace is truly what pleases God, and this could well be the start of the normalisation of relations between the Christ-loving nations of Eurth. Chaos in the Auraid Bay Travel warning issued by the Logothesion ton Barbaron The situation in the Auraid Bay continues to worsen after a spate of terrible terrorist attacks rocked the Kingdom of @PyeMcGowan over the preceding weeks. These attacks have purportedly been carried out by an organisation known as “AA”, which is recognised by the neighbouring country of @Theodoria as a civil rights organisation. It appears that these attacks have had no other reason than to destabilise PyeMcGowan, as there have been no known statements or manifestos released by AA, which is rare for a terrorist group. In response to the attacks, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion issued a statement of support to the King and people of PyeMcGowan, as did PyeMcGowan's other neighbour, the Kingdom of @Alenveil. However, although Arhomaneia undoubtedly stands beside the shaken kingdom, it is the duty of the Megas Agios Basileia to stand by its citizens, and so a warning was released by the Logothesion ton Barbaron, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, advising against travelling to PyeMcGowan. This may not cause much of an impact, as it isn't thought that there are many Arhomaioi within the kingdom, but it demonstrates to the world that the situation within the Auraid Bay area is reaching a crisis point. It is thought that there is likely to be open warfare between Theodoria and PyeMcGowan within a matter of months. The government of the Kingdom has repeatedly blamed its western neighbour for the rising tensions within the area, as well as sponsoring the AA terrorist group. PyeMcGowian aircraft have also struck supposed AA training camps within Theodorian territory. This is a gross breach of sovereignty, although it was precipitated by Theodorian actions, such as the arrest of numerous PyeGowian diplomats. This tit-for-tat nature of events is unlikely to go on for much longer in the manner that it has been. Unless attempts to find a diplomatic solution are found, and soon, war will likely come to the Auraid Bay. This will have a definite knock-on affect on the rest of Argis. In recent months, it has seemed that the central part of the continent has been descending into chaos, with the political crisis in @Girkmand, the Greater Serbian blockade, the civil war in Aluxia and the actions of @Derthalen all adding to the sense of anarchy – even greater than that which is shaking Europa. With eastern Argis sinking in the same manner, it seems that it is only the west that has any semblance of normality. The root cause of this is likely that most of the nations on the continent have turned away from the light of Christ. Whilst certainly Aluxia follows true religion, most of the other countries are either schismatics, heretics or worse. Thus, it could be said with no little certainty that many of them are beginning to reap what they have sown by turning away from God's love. It may be that the only way that the downward spiral of Argis can be rectified is if more of the population of the continent turn back towards righteousness, and the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion could help in this by encouraging missionary work by the Church in these sadly forsaken lands. But, of course, the governments of these many nations must also do their own part – they must make sure that their people are aware of what imperils them and are so able to be steered back from the precipice that is bringing this misfortune upon them.
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports 200 million people celebrate Āhuni O'POLIS -- The Orinese New Year is just around the corner. The first day of spring, or the spring equinox, falls on Wednesday this year in the Northern Hemisphere. But you don't have to be Orinese to celebrate. More than 200 million people worldwide, in Orioni and the diaspora, celebrate the day. For millions of people across the Eurth, Āhuni is no small celebration. Think Christmas, New Year's and a national holiday combined. Add to it family gatherings, festivities, delicious fish, rice and spices. Āhuni is Oharic for New Year. It means "new day." It's not a religious holiday but rather a universal celebration of new beginnings. Welcoming the future while shedding away the past. That's why families use this time to spring clean their homes and closets and buy new clothes. Āhuni promotes values of peace and solidarity between generations and within families. It's a time of reconciliation. The Tacolic festival of Easter also falls in spring. Themes such as the Resurrection of the Tacolic saviour, and symbols like The Easter egg, are also associated with rejuvenation and renewal.
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    Morror Kassus Honorable Noble of Rihan (Khlinæ'eri emotæ mnea Rihana) General of the 10th Legion (Dæus ih'Khellrea Nudhar) and Senator of the Republic (Deihu mnea Rheilhhu) does hereby announce: a week of feasting, arena games, and boundless entertainment lasting from Brax (March) 15-20 in the name of our brave men and women who won a glorious victory at Duronom Free and open to the public, all provided at the personal expense of Morror Kassus OOC: As you will see concerning the date, this will take place following events yet to be played out in the "In the Shadows" plot line but I wanted to set it up now for when the time comes. Also, if people have ideas or designs for a personal seal for Morror Kassus going forward that I can use, let me know.
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    The Ide Jiman Broadcasting Corporation: ‘The Voice of Serekan’ Growing Concern at the Situation in the Southern Approaches! Following an increasing volume of reports concerning terrorist activity in the Azure Sea and the Northern Meteorolas, the Central Military Directorate has released a public statement, several days after an emergency meeting of Military Affairs Committee of the Directorate was convened. Speaking exclusively to IJBC staff this morning, General Nae Sincho, General of the Paratroopers for the Northern Region and nominated spokesman for the Central Directorate delivered the following statement: “As you are all no doubt aware, recent months have seen an upsurge in piracy in the Southern Approaches. The southern ports of our nation are reliant on the shipping lanes that pass through these waters… The repeated attacks on the very ships that represent the livelihood of so many Ide Jiman people are an act of war, and nothing less. Following personal consultation with his excellence Emperor Artakai I, it is fully apparent that the time for action is upon us! The Second Battlegroup of the Southern Fleet, previously on routine patrol in international waters off the 30th parallel has been re-directed to the Azure Sea in order to protect shipping in that region. In addition a second task force is being readied for action in Kharyagat as I speak, with a view to maintaining a sustained and meaningful offensive against the enemies of Ide Jima… Furthermore, the Emperor has made expressly clear to me his hope that imperial forces will work in full conjunction with other regional powers to crush this threat.” When approached shortly after the conference Marine General Sobong-Chol, an attaché to the central directorate commented that Sincho’s remarks may only indicate the ‘tip of the iceberg’ insofar as the proposed course of action was concerned, adding that the Emperor was ‘not at all pleased’ with the situation, but declined to comment further. The End of an Era: It is with regret that IJBC must report the passing of Baron Hae Chon’Rok of Wonchaek. Baron Chon’Rok, widely considered a hero in the eyes of the Ide Jiman people, passed away peacefully at the age of 96. The last surviving uncle of his excellence, Emperor Artakai I, the Baron represented the final vestige of the pre-communist royalty. During the closing stages the Long War, the Baron directed the successful evacuation of the surviving members of the royal family from Serekan, repulsing repeated assaults by communist forces with only a limited number of troops. Following this, it is reported that he left the city on the last vessel after the evacuation of most of his army, despite heavy shelling from the enemy. Following a period in exile, the Baron maintained a low profile in public affairs, but was known to act as a close adviser to the emperor following his accession. The Emperor has spoken previously of Hae Chon’Rok’s influence in his efforts to abandon isolationist policies, and has declared a fortnight of commemoration in both Serekan and Wonchaek in his honor. The Baron is survived by his son and three daughters. The Realization of a Dream: Following a ceremony on Tuesday Evening attended by her excellence Empress Cirina, the high speed rail link between Serekan and Altanserleg was declared open. The opening of the direct high speed route to both passenger and freight traffic represents a drastic improvement on previous journey times, decreasing journey times between the two cities by up to four hours. Previous journeys between the two cities required a lengthy and circuitous route trailing the coast. The project remains underway as the Dalshir-Altanserleg line, which traverses some of the most inhospitable terrain on Eurth, is currently undergoing a major upgrade. In addition, Empress Cirina confirmed at the ceremony that a further upgrade connecting the high speed network to Darhan and Taigal has now received the approval of both the Emperor and the Central Directorate, and works are expected to commence shortly.
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    Morror had left Kalenna in charge of his forces in Duronom and prepare them for their next move. He had returned to the capital to celebrate his stunning victory over the Enolian Guard. Alina, his senatorial aide, was waiting for him at this Dartha villa as his car pulled up. "Shaoi ben Deihu! (Greetings Senator - inferior to superior)" she said as he opened the door and got out of the car. "Welcome home," he nodded in acknowledgment and proceeded to enter the building, Alina followed behind. "I have taken the liberty of making the initial arrangements as you requested over the network this morning, the staff at the Orventis Arena have confirmed the four days of games," they kept moving through the house and up to the second story until Kassus entered his study. A litany of documents was awaiting his review, taking a seat, he began to peruse them. Alina was quiet, watching him read. A few moments pass by, "I can do more than one thing at a time, proceed," he instructed. She cleared her throat and continued with her prepared notes, "the arena will host a knockout boxing tournament on the first day, and a series of sword duels on the second. The third and fourth days will be reenactments of your greatest battles: T'vant and Karnas," she paused. He looked up, giving a smile. "I cannot wait to see the trap I had set in T'vant once more," he chuckled. As with any arena match, it was important to feed the spectators. She beat him to his question, "the bakeries are already gearing up to have enough Vix Virax to distribute each day for the entire stadium." He picked up another document. "What about the feasts?" "We have two, with enough food, wine, and ale for 50,000 on both the first and third days. The Forum will be set up to seat all of them. A platform will be set up for your table for you, the Praetor, and the Continuing Committee," he put down one of the papers discussing population figures for Chetis Province. He nodded with approval. "As you requested, I have procured the rare Fessenor caviar," she remarked. Knowing that the food was under control, he turned to the live entertainment. "Besides the arena games, we have a wide assortment of musicians, dancers, epics, and dramas." "Acrobats?" She checked her notes, "I haven't arranged any." He frowned. "Alina," he began, "we need acrobats...actually, I heard one of such group from one of the majors who was traveling in the months before the war broke out. He ended up in Soreana -- I don't know why, but he had the opportunity to see Solsaliente, a theatrical circus troupe perform. The major said they were spectacular. I want them here." Alina took note of this, "I'll get in contact with them this afternoon," she responded. "It is important for you that you will enter the capital flanked by the Praetorian Guards," he never felt comfortable with them. Perhaps this was just due to the fact that none of them were his own men. He took a mental note that he'd have to deal with that upon his own appointment to the Praetorship. "You will be brought before the people and recognized by the Republic in the Forum." He fainted satisfaction with the entry arrangements but he wasn't about to get into a dispute with the Senate and alert the Praetor of any 'disagreements.' He lifted his papers off the desk and into his hand and began to shuffle them neatly. "Very well, who am I to disagree with his Foremost," he commented. She knew he was lying. Alina was keenly aware of his quarrel with the Praetor and knew he wanted the position badly. "Is there anything else?" he questioned. "There is one more thing," she said, "the matter of the cost..." He sighed. Morror was going to pay for the entire thing. He wanted to stick it to Gathan Darok and his disreputable allies in the Senate. "I know the Senate does not like the practice. I am not doing it for them, I'm doing it for the people." It was a common excuse. "The Praetor was eyeing Senator Darok's actions around this last time, are you sure it is wise for you to do this?" Kassus paused for a moment, finished shuffling the papers in his hand and put the stack squarely on his desk before responding. "Let the Praetor see my actions. He is just as much a political animal as I am and he knows the people will love it, and therefore, he will love it." T'Sil nodded. "You realize this is going to cost a great many Chaks," she inflected. "It is not going to be cheap." He chuckled, "I know it won't be cheap. If it was going to be cheap, it wouldn't be nearly as...notable. Do not worry about the cost. I have more than enough to cover it and if not, there are plenty of avenues to find the required sum." She nodded. "Very well Senator," she closed his notebook. "Is there anything else you require of me at this time?" He handed her the papers that had been on his desk. "Yes, take these papers to the Proconsul and," pausing for a moment as he got back in his chair, "can you please invite Senators Chevet, Mavet, Retam, Karpan, Branak, Chirok, Tharnek, Voldat, and Perreus over for dinner tonight?" "Yes sir," she said, "thank you," he said and she took her leave of him. Kassus was alone in his study. He got up from his desk and walked out onto the patio. In the distance, he could make out the Orventis Arena to one side, and in front, the Hall of State. He smiled an devious smile.
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    Seylos Condemns @Rihan's Conquests in Enolia For many weeks now the Rihan Republic has been engaged with its neighbor, Enolia, over what was assumed to be a terrorist attack. The SBC has just obtained breaking news that the Enolian capital of Duronom has been captured by the Rihan Republic in what can only be described as a bafflingly amazing military victory. However upon hearing the news, His Majesty's government has an extraordinarily negative reaction. "We are incredibly disappointed that Rihan has continued to engage in such an aggressive war with its neighbor. While we understand that a terrorist attack is behind the motivations for invasion we are not satisfied with how Rihan has conducted itself through these military operations. Instead of diplomacy, Rihan has taken the route of total conquest, to keep the people of Enolia under their rule. We can only imagine how much more suffering will come of this and how many slaves could result from this. Seylos wants Rihan that we are watching." This statement came from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Tatum who has come out hard in the past against states such as Rihan and Derthalen over their use of slaves. Parliamentary Commission Concerned Over @Llalta The Parliamentary Commission on Voting has expressed concerns over Llata's decision to include 16 year olds in voting rights. The High Commissioner had this to say, "While we respect Llalta's sovereign right to make rules in accordance to its own values, we cannot accept that 16 year olds have to ability to vote in Parliamentary elections. What they do on the local level is up to their own governing council of course, but in regards to 16 year olds voting in Seylosian Parliamentary Elections it simply will not occur. " While Llalta is a sovereign crown dependency, it does get some parliamentary seats which could possibly result in a legal battle to determine the rights of 16 and 17 year olds in Llalta when it comes to voting.
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    That's all very possible. For starters, though, let's start out as a talking shop in the 1970s. Low-key collaboration on specific issues that al island nations deal with. Skipping forward in time we can let it evolve into an assembly (or not). Compare it to have plenty of RL organisations evolved. The initial setup would still be similar to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_Islands_Forum @ Everyone who wanted to participate: the prologue is ready. It outlines the economic problems we face and share. Some notes before we go forward: Host city. I'm looking for a partner to host this first informal meeting. People. This'll be just a regular chat. It can involve your 1974 head of state, foreign affairs or economy ministers. Just don't recycle the same people. This event is taking place 45 years ago. None of your existing characters will have been around. Invitation. You've already confirmed your participation, so... We'll just say that everyone else is allowed to show up. Someone will have told someone else and the invitation was passed along. Outcome. Formation of GIN. This includes appointing a secretary-general.
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    Assault on Duornom: Part 1 The streets of Duronom were deserted as the local population had been confined to their personal homes, of those that remained standing. Most were crammed in the underground shelters of buildings or the tramway tunnels that ran below the city center. Above, the Enolian Guard continued to hold their ground. The 10th Legion had continued their artillery strikes well into the darkness. Soldiers of the 9th Regiment had taken up positions on the left and right flanks of the city and had begun their maneuver. It was a brilliant move by Kassus as the Guard had only set up on the assumption he'd make a frontal assault. They had to weaken their center to address the attacks on both ends of the city, but that didn't completely remove the defenses blocking the main southerly road into the center of the port. Kassus stood on the top of the hill where his command tent was located and watched the battle unfold. He was sacrificing good men to open a hole for the 2nd Regiment to make their way in. But he was confident the losses he'd incur wouldn't be as nearly as substantial than if he had committed three whole regiments to the front. The 1st Regiment, the most veteran 500 men in the entire legion were ready, alongside their officers and their colonel, Kalenna. They were given an important objective: they had constructed rafts from trees from down the bay. They would row as quietly as possible into the harbor and take control of the Guard's key command post. As they made their way, Kaya, one of Morror's collaborators within the Phi'Tlaru would infiltrate and kill the Enolian General, Lor. Kassus turned to Kalenna, "go," he instructed. She nodded to Antor and a pair of lesser sergeants. "Let's move out," she said. Meanwhile, the RNS Belak was still holding the line outside the port but with each passing hour, the Enolian Navy was moving up the coast. Military intelligence had updated Izaka that they would be within the range of Duronom's signals by early afternoon. The Admiral had inspected the communique and got in contact with Kassus. "We have 12 hours to capture Duronom before their friends arrive and then I cannot guarantee coverage of the harbor." Back on the hill, "I am not worried about them. You need to give me your marine detachment to join the 1st Regiment on their port landings," he responded over their secure link. Izaka hesitated but he relented, "alright, I can give you five squadrons. Make them count. For the Republic," he said. Kassus was in a much better position. The Second Regiment was taking a beating but due to the distractions by the 9th Regiment, they had only lost ten men in the initial charge. They had overwhelmed the Guard who actually had less than a fifth of the strength that had been on those lines for the past week. The Guard, though good at defense, were not nearly as flexible in strategy as Morror Kassus and many started to run away, only to be gunned down by the soldiers. On the east and west sides of town, the 9th Regiment was gaining ground. Momentum was on their side. Duronom was ablaze, many of the fires were still engulfing buildings since the first day of the Rihan siege. The First Regiment was rowing, quietly in Duronom Bay, to strike from the rear of the Enolian Guard. "Shut up you morons," said Varak. "Don't say a word, keep rowing," she ordered. Kalenna's regiment would be the hammer that struck the anvil and their offense was key to bringing the city into Republican control. Kaya had navigated her way under the cover of the Second Regiment's assault and snuck into the sewers. Some Enolian soldiers had been posted down there to prevent Rihannsu use but none of them would see the light of day as she would kill any she came across with a well-placed throwing dagger, the slice of a sword or if need be, a bullet. She was not fond of guns for her line of work. Not nearly as 'honorable.' She would rely upon her intelligence, skill, and the information given to her in her mission briefing to lead her to the Enolian Guard's command post. Lor would not see the sunrise. Duronom would fall. Enoliae delenda est. Enolia mnæri seiyya. Enolia must be destroyed.
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    "That place sure was dead." Said Mathis to his partner, Antoinette. "I thought it was rather charming, the peacefulness." She replies holding her young two-year-old son, Édvrard. Antoinette de Lihigahasse is a Shffahkian artist. She got bored painting the same tropical backdrop of West Catherine. Wanting a break from it, she told Mathis that she needed a vacation. It was then that she found out that Mathis has never been outside of Shffahkia instead of having been concentrated on his career in the construction industry. It was a stroke of luck as she found out that Mathis had accumulated enough travel points to take the entire family of three to an all-expenses-paid vacation all the way to Europa. The family travelled in Magnaeus even dropping a visit to Cristina. Feeling reinvigorated and having gained her inspiration back, it was time for them to return home. The plane trip from Europa to Seylos was excruciating for the young Édvrard and he didn't shy away from expressing it every minute of every hour of the plane trip. "The pros of travelling to Magnés? The flag is a plus." Mathis said holding Édvrard in his hands. "Shouldn't you save the dad jokes for when they can actually understand them?" Antoinette says giving a begrudging smile. "It's never too early to accustom a child to paternal humour. One of us has to do it. Where to next? Did our connecting flight go through Oyus or Rihan?" Mathis asks smiling. "Well, first of all, we need to get to Fulgistan and from there we'll figure where to go." "I guess the plan can't go wrong if there isn't one." "The plan will go wrong if we can't navigate this maze and get to our flight. I'll see if there's anyone who can help us." Making her way through the masses of people, she stops a lady and asks for advice. The stranger gives her advice her native accent making Antoinette feeling very self-conscious about her own Anglish skills. Quickly thanking her with a fast handshake she makes her way back to her family exhausted from sprinting through what seemed like half the airport. She takes Édvrard to her hands leaving the luggage to Mathis' hands. "To gate B 39... or was it 39B? Ughs we're gonna be late at this rate!" Finally entering the aeroplane headed to Fulgistan, Antoinette sees as the chatter and smiles of the passengers turns to silence and worried expressions seeing the young Édvrard entering. Antoinette gives off a nervous smile hoping things will be different from the previous flight. "He doesn't like the change in air pressure." He says to a couple sitting in front of them on the plane. At the beginning even as the plane is being filled Édvrard beings to cry his lungs out. Antoinette sees as passengers turn back to see the source of the unbearable noise. However, as if an answer from fate, he stops. Antoinette and Mathis breathe a collective sigh of relief. Finally, Édvrard's sleeping like a baby and on a plain nonetheless. This calls for a celebration! Mathis proclaims attempting ordering an alcoholic beverage in Anglish.
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    Charge and Regroup The Siege of Duronom had become a stalemate. Morror's artillery had caused considerable damage to the city's buildings, roads, and infrastructure, but yet, the Enolian Guard held out. They themselves had attempted to repulse the Rihannsu legion by staging a daring counter-attack upon Kassus' perimeter but faltered when his experienced soldiers of the 2nd Regiment that had been tasked with holding the core of the infantry line had mowed them down. Despite his success of bleeding his enemy, his opponents were not giving up. He was a skilled general but he was an ambitious politician and that demanded immediate results. He had made a request that the best contingents of the 8th Legion be linked to his command and used to make a full assault upon the port. His request was outright denied by the Praetor. Yet he pressed on, determined to show the Praetor he was a child and could care less about the soldier's plight on the battlefield. The siege was starting to take a toll on his soldiers. His medics gave daily briefings on the number of injured and killed. At first, it was one or two in a day, but over time the numbers were growing to ten to fifteen - the size of a squadron of men. Kassus could not afford to lose his veterans. He would need them for the more challenging target: Canamar and what came afterward. The naval flotilla was doing its job: preventing Enolian ships from escaping into the Bay and out to sea, and vice versa. There had been no sign of the Enolian Navy, which was actually anchored much further to the southeast. However, they would be making their appearance in a few days time. The commanding officer of the naval flotilla, Admiral (Enriov) Izaka, had heard from an informant he had paid off in a southern Enolian fishing port that they were en route to remove the Rihannsu blockade of Duronom. Sensing that the Navy that was incoming was much larger than those anchored presently, immediately conveyed to Central Command to deploy more at once. Seven more ships of the 2nd Fleet had been dispatched but would be 2 days away from assisting. Izaka hoped this would be enough time. He was asked by Kassus several times to use his marines to create an opening for him to stage an assault from the north, but he would reject him every single time. Between the insistence of the Praetor and his naval counterpart, he was growing infuriated. He summoned Kalenna, Antor, Avor, and Kaya to meet with him in his command tent. "...we have to break the Enolians. I give them begrudging respect for their resolve but we must bring swift victory," Morror said, as he took his seat. Antor conveyed to the group that the men were still determined to win but morale was slowly sapping. His assessment was confirmed by Kalenna who had heard similarly from the other colonels and their majors. The Weaponsmaster, Avor, at least comforted everyone with the fact they had more enough firepower and munitions and spare equipment to continue encircling Duronom for two more months if they wanted to. Morror wanted Duronom to fall by the end of the week. He turned to Kaya who had been silent during the entire meeting. It then dawned on the general that there was a maneuver he had been overlooking the entire time. His subordinates continue talking amongst themselves for a moment or two before he interrupted him. "Dissolve the artillery emplacements on the far right and left flanks and reinforce them with additional squadrons from the 9th Regiment. We are going to apply flanking pressures from both ends of the city. As they advance, the central artillery batteries will fire and give cover for a forward advance by the 2nd Regiment." The four listened to his off-the-cuff strategy. "What about the naval support?" Kalenna asked. "We are going to have to assume they will maintain their blockade of the harbor until our men and woman are deep enough inside the city." Varak responded, "Admiral Izaka says the Enolian Navy is en route." Kassus retorted, "then we don't have time to waste. We need the offensive to be fully tilted in our favor by the time they arrive. Kalenna," he paused, "relay the repositioning orders to the respective units, and Antor, I want to personally meet every sergeant of the 1st Regiment tonight in the training square." The senior sergeant nodded. He turned to Kaya, "I need the use of your special skills." She knew what he needed her to do: take out the Enolian commander, by whatever means. She would attempt to sneak into the city under the cover of darkness. A shadow. Duronom would fall. Enoliae delenda est. Enolia mnæri seiyya. Enolia must be destroyed.
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    Good evening everyone. I'm Bron Urgundy. And that means you're watching Big Story News. A REGULAR POWER cut was mistaken for a war blackout in @Ahrana. War benefits no one. This famous saying is not true if you are working in the electricity department of Ahrana. The Argic nations is always on the brink of one war or the next. Which is why the population is used to experiencing blackouts every night. But is another looming war really the only factor behind these blackouts? We found out the reality of these so-called blackouts in Moskovo and Vulgus Supra. Shocking revelations came up in conversation with the Energy Minister: "Ahrana has a regular lack of electricity supply and everyone is aware of it. But thanks to ongoing tensions, we can now cut the power supply in the name of blackouts and people wouldn’t blame us at all. Because we have others to put the blame on!" But not everything is completely off the rails. Thieves enjoy a stable income. And unmarried couples are having a great time thanks to such blackouts. Our correspondent spoke to a young man in Vulgus Supra who is quite pleased with the lack of electricity: "I am really happy because of these blackouts. Now I can meet my sister-slash-girlfriend more often at night as there is darkness everywhere. We can spend quality time together with no one noticing us at all. All thanks to those rebels and terrorists!" Everyone seems to be happy due to these blackouts. Let’s wait and see for how many more days Ahrana will continue to undergo it.
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    Aislun ran up to the boarding desk at the Loughrea International Airport hoping she hadn't missed her flight. As she rushed up she could see the attendant picking up the microphone to announce the end of boarding but the attendant simply sighed, gave a weak smile and waved her on board. "Oh thank you, thank you!" Aislun yelped as she tried to manage her bagged shuffling past the attendant into the boarding platform. She made her way to the plane doors, which were about be closed and squeezed by apologizing profusely to everyone she saw and she made her way to her seat. Eventually, after much effort, she stopped to take a breath in front of her aisle, slowly packing her belongings in the overhead bins. She noticed some of the other passengers eyeing her annoyed at her late arrival, but lucking the general social awkwardness best associated to anyone Seylosian or Eireann prevented them from saying anything. She sat down with a thud in her seat, sighing in relief that she had barely made it on time, making sure to check her phone last time and text her husband she had made it on board. "So where are you off to?" Aislun said, a giddy smile on her face looking at the passenger seated next to her. He looked surprised anyone was talking to him but gave a slight smile, "I'm off to Norfolk, just decided to take a bit of a solo holiday out here. Yourself?" Aislun shifted in her seat, appearing far too excited for just a simple plane trip, "I'm off to see my sister in Fairfax, nice little town in between the two coasts. Of course, I'm from here, well Loughrea you know." The man gave a slight nod, "That sounds fun I hope you enjoy it." "Oh It will be great, I'm hoping that my sister and I will have time to come back to Selbourne later, you see..." "Passengers, welcome to Air Loughrea and we are excited to welcome you on board. We will soon begin taxing for takeoff, please take note of the safety demonstration to the front of the aircraft." "Oh well, best pay attention shouldn't me?" Aislun said, again seeing the awkward nod from her neighbour. "We all hope you have had a pleasant flight, please remember if you are a foreign citizen you must make sure to enter the embarkation queue located to the right when exiting the aircraft. We hope you all have a wonderful stay in Selbourne, and welcome to Seylos." Aislun jumped up from her seat. In retrospect it may have been a bad idea, considering her leg cramps. But she was ready to get off the flight. She hurriedly got her bags out of the overhead bins. She wheeled them out of the plane, trying her best to keep up with the rest of the passengers. Ever since she had boarded the flight she had felt a bit strange. But getting something like a cold on a trip wasn't the worst thing. She exited the plane and turned left. One of at least some benefits of becoming part of Seylos. She spent some time in a queue but before long she exited it, pitying the foreigners who had to wait to present any of their documentation. Soon she was out in the main concourse and made her way through the throngs of people to the front. She saw a few people holding up signs for the bus to Fairfax. Excited, she ran forward, hoping she could be there soon. (Hello everyone, this topic now officially open to replies from everyone and I will have more instruction in the OOC thread.)
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    "...this is Norlina reporting live from the offensive parameter surrounding the port of Duronom where soldiers of the 10th Legion under the command of General Morror Kassus are currently taking the fight to the Enolian Guard. They are joined by fifteen vessels of the Second Fleet to provide support from positions within Duronom Bay. Artillery shells have been firing night and day here in an effort to soften up the Enolian defenses but the Guard is determined to drag out the battle to the very end. General Kassus said that it is only a matter of time before the Enolians attempt their own counter-offensive upon our men on the field. His second-in-command, Colonel Kalenna Varak stressed that Operation Flaming Sword is proceeding according to plan and the brave men and woman of the 10th Legion will not only secure their current objective but see to the dissolution of the Enolian threat once and for all. The overall commander of the warzone, General Ayel Nevet has consolidated elements of the 3rd and 6th Legions and has begun a northeast offensive into the heart of the country. The Central Command continues to stress the importance of all citizens doing their part in the war effort..." "...Sebon tr'Riog, the spokesman for the Aurelian League today announced that the League will be entering into negotiations with the Entente of Oriental States concerning the Antargis Treaty and Antargic zone management respective to the areas that fall within the general influence of the Aurelian states. This development comes following the League's initial declaration that it would not acknowledge any management zones set within the Treaty unless the League members were invited to participate. One of the League's members, the State of Kipan, was instrumental in laying the foundations for the impending deliberations. Representatives for both organizations are set to meet later in the spring (urhik)..." "...in further international diplomacy, the Republic has been a major stakeholder in the discussions surrounding a global environmental accord in Morheim that would set aggressive targets to curtail the use of fossil fuels and convert energy production from alternative sources, reduce carbon emissions, and a host of conservation and stewardship responsibilities. Jovis tr'Anaka reports that substantive progress has been made and an agreement has been set. He has endorsed the terms in principle and intends to deliver the final proposal to the Senate for their formal approval. The Senate is highly suspected to give its approval as it coincides with recent action taken by protecting the nation's environment through targeted investment in public lands and parks. Cælis'cæri, the national electricity company, issued a statement saying that they are bringing upwards of 2000 megawatts of solar energy production online over the next four years. If and when the treaty is accepted, the company said it would reevaluate its current plans and see if how quickly it could accelerate and expand upon the current scope of work..."
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Wide field for chamber elections in Variota FERREFAAIERHAFEN, Variota -- The Chamber of the People in @Variota is holding elections this year. A wide field of opposing parties is vying for political power. Electoral participation in Het Huisselant is at a high level with over 26,4 million citizens registered as members of one of the twenty-two parties with at least one seat in the Chamber of the People. People are legally allowed to be a member of multiple political parties, so long as only one of the parties operates within the Chamber of the People. One of the reasons for the relatively high amount is that there are no legal age requirements to become part of a party; as such, many parents enrol their children into the party. >> Continue reading the questions and answers
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    Map: https://i.imgur.com/cbRIrsa.png Added: @Rhodellia in South-Aurelia Edited: Added sea names Added peaks & mountains Added rivers for @Iverica Added cities for @Ide Jima Turned the 'UBPSSIF Protected Marine Preserve' into an islands chain as agreed with @Sunset Sea Islands and @Andalla Removed: Asgeirria islands outside their main island from Aurelia Derthalen expansion reservation from East-Argis Imperial States of Europe (ISE) from South-Marenesia Tallovia from South-Thalassa Poland-Lithuania from central Argis UBPSSIF islands from North-Thalassa, as explained above
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    Northern Europan Development Fund Announced The collapse of central authority across many northern Europan nations over the last decade, often called the “Great Europan Collapse” has become one of the longest periods of turmoil that the continent has seen in a long time. Whilst this has meant that Arhomaneia and @Adaptus have become the largest economies within northern Europa, surpassing the other large nations across the Fillipou Thalassa, it has been something of a double-edged sword. It has posed some immediate and on-going problems for the more stable governments, including the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, not least of which is an increase in the number of refugees that are moving across the Fillipou Thalassa (the Kosscow Sea). The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has used this local instability to its advantage, cynically conducting economic treaties to its own advantage, rather than encouraging a mutually beneficial relationship with the smaller nations and islands that surround it. This has given the Arhomaniki economy something of a short-term boost but it cannot go on. If nothing else, the unfair economic conditions that are being fostered by this practice have helped to fuel the burgeoning refugee crisis that starting to brew. This, in turn has increased the unstable situation in northern Europa, one which will only become more of a problem as time goes on. In order to try to reverse this degrading situation, there had been several conferences between the Logothesion ton Barbaron (Ministry for Foreign Affairs), the Logothesion ton Kommerkiariou (Ministry for Trade) and numerous economists and heads of industry in order to try to redress the situation. On the face of it, a reduction in wages and standards of living in parts of northern Europa has proved tempting to some businesses, who have sought to move their manufacturing plants abroad, the fact that instability has occasionally flared into strife has meant that there is an unwillingness to invest outside of Arhomaneia. The Logothesia have therefore come up with a plan to found a “Northern Europan Development Fund” to try to encourage the growth of the economies of the more stable states around the Fillipou Thalassa. It is hoped that this will mean that the states themselves slow the downward trend that has been manifesting as instability across the region. The fund itself will provide relatively low interest loans and investment in key industries, as well as dispatching advisors to help guide those states back into normality. There will be strict oversight of how any loans are spent, as the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion does not wish to see any of the money funnelled off into vanity projects or used to free up money to expand these states' militaries. The proposed fund has been opposed by several groups, however. Keeping investment within Arhomaneia has been seen to be a good thing within some parts of the population. However, the fragmenting economies of other Europan nations means that the market for goods produced within our glorious nation has fluctuated significantly, except further abroad. The cost of transport to other continents often means that Arhomaniki goods are seen as too expensive when compared to local products, apart from luxury products such as mosaics. Similarly, the collapse of local economies could mean that the inhabitants of those countries could turn to less legitimate means of income – southern Europa faces a similar situation to that in the north and has seen a dramatic increase in piracy. It has been such an increase that the Entente of Oriental States, led the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni, has been undertaking anti-piracy operations for the last two years. Whilst the situation in northern Europa has not devolved to the point that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion needs to consider military action, it is hoped that encouraging the economies will forestall any need to intervene in other nations. Critics, however, have pointed out that it appears to be an economic form of imperialism, rather than the outright military action that has been almost a hallmark of the reign of Kommodos III, may God guide him. As such, it may well end up making the current crisis worse before it gets better. Greater Serbian Embargo Continues The blockade against @Greater Serbia – enforced against them by Adaptus, the Kingdom of @Seylos and the Arab Democratic Republic of @Sayf, amongst others – has been going on since late Summer of last year and was put into place as an international response to the trafficking of the Bosniak ethnic minority as slaves. This was part of Greater Serbia's overall policy of repression against the Muslim minority, which is thought to have seen tens of thousands killed over the past six or seven months. This itself is an utter tragedy and a black stain against Greater Serbia, as no truly civilised nation could carry out a campaign of genocide against its own people. This blockade, somewhat hampered by the lack of sea ports to target, was strengthened by an embargo placed against Greater Serbia by the Unified @Variotan State and the Megas Agios Basileia. The involvement of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion was at first criticised by portions of the more conservative parts of the Arhomaioi, as Greater Serbia is a nominally Chrisitian nation and many of the blockading nations were secular, heretical or even Communist. However, once the full extent of Greater Serbia's crimes became known, as well as genuine evidence was released, any support for that nation within Arhomaneia quickly evaporated, apart from a hardcore that was adamant that any such evidence was entirely fabricated. What had weakened the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion's stance against the government of Greater Serbia was that, whilst maintaining the embargo, they were willing to try to intercede on their behalf with the nations that were ranged against Greater Serbia. Apparently, this had been done to attempt to defuse the situation before it spiralled into outright warfare, although sources within the Logothesion ton Barbaron had not expected Slobodan Milosevic, the Chancellor of Greater Serbia, to genuinely take up the offer. It seemed that Chancellor Milosevic was determined to carry out his genocidal policies even in the face of threatened military action. Recent news stories from Greater Serbia have demonstrated that the combination of blockade and embargo are indeed having an effect. The latest report, released by Zvezda News, shows that there is an increasing reliance on ethanol-fuelled vehicles and away from the use of fossil fuels. This is due to the Greater Serbia having to likely rely entirely upon its national stockpiles for fossil fuels, rather than being able to import them from the outside world. This demonstrates that the continued embargo and blockade are having a significant impact on how their government is enacting its policies. This may well be the start of the Greater Serbian government coming to its senses and realising that it cannot act in a manner that is against the sensibilities of a civilised nation and, more importantly, against the will of God. In response to the question of the continued embargo of Greater Serbia, the Logothesion ton Barbaron had this to say: “There is at the moment no question that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will weaken or cease the embargo placed upon that nation. We have not seen any evidence that they have stopped pursuing their monstrous policies, or even any contrition over the impact that their policies have caused. Instead, it appears to have hardened their hearts. We pray that God will show them the light, and soon.” The reduction in the use of fossil fuels could also be considered to be a small victory for environmental reasons, too. However, this may be balanced out by the fact that that more land will need to be dedicated to the growth of crops for the creation of ethanol, which could see an expansion of arable land at the expense of the natural environment, a heavier use of fertilisers and pesticides, all of which will have an impact on the flora and fauna of Greater Serbia.
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    The recent spate of terrorist attacks against the Kingdom of @PyeMcGowan have gained the attention of the world, as they have seemingly been a campaign designed to disrupt life and business in the Argic kingdom, and have little goal beyond that noisome achievement. It does not need to be said that the Kingdom has the sympathy and prayers of the Arhomaioi, as well as the offer of humanitarian aid, if the PyeMcGowian government chooses to accept the offer. The images that have been broadcast across the world could not have failed to stir even the hardest heart, especially since that it seems that no one, not even children attending school, have been shielded from the harm caused by these atrocities. However, perhaps what is even worse is that these terrorist actions appear to be intensifying. The past week has seen an increasing number of attacks in PyeMcGowan, with the casualties yet to be fully known – there have been attacks in the cities of Charleston, Dawson and Southerland. These have not just been attacks against what might be considered “legitimate” targets in the Kingdom – if such a phrase could be so callously used to describe such monstrous acts – such as civil or military infrastructure, but cultural landmarks, like the Southerland City Museum. Undoubtedly, this will have been a blow to the cultural heritage of not just PyeMcGowan, but Eurth as a whole. It has been suggested by the Kingdom that these terrorist attacks have been committed by a group known as “AA”, and that the PyeMcGowian government has intelligence that directly implicates the government of its close neighbour, Theodoria. If this is indeed the case, the government of Theodoria has blood on its hands and must explain its actions, if it wants to avoid not just censure but also retribution for its actions. Of course, it must be proved beyond doubt that these accusations are true before any action is taken – the charges are most certainly extremely severe and will have sweeping ramifications for all of the parties involved. Sadly, it does appear that the sponsoring of terrorist actions by one government against another is turning into a common and deplorable state of affairs on Eurth. If the accusations laid at the door of the Theodorian government by that of PyeMcGowan are true, then it is but another example. The recent atrocity in Dinalla, in the Republic of @Rihan, appears to have almost certainly been carried out by agents of their neighbour, Enolia, with the aim of causing chaos and panic ahead of a military attack against the Rihannsu. However, it has provoked a strong response from the Tellosanoi, although only time may tell whether it was the correct one. It could also be suggested that the destruction of the City Hall in the city of Narlis was also in a similar vein, as the Free Aluxian Army that now plagues the Empire of Aluxia is being funded and armed by powers beyond the Empire's borders. Thus, it seems that waging an undeclared war against ones neighbours via terrorist proxies has become preferable to open warfare, likely in the hope that a series of attacks will prove to be destabilising enough that when overt warfare happens, it will be significantly easier than a conventional campaign. It does not appear that there even needs to be a consideration of even a pretence of a casus belli or a just reason for a conflict, if there are such things. Any warfare, with the loss of innocent life, is an affront to God, of course, but purposefully striking at civilians in such a manner is especially abominable. As an act, it goes far beyond what might be considered to be a reasonable one in wartime but into the territory of a war crime, or a crime against humanity. To allow those who perpetrate such crimes to go unpunished would just encourage them to continue, and more to follow in their stead. This cannot be so. Because of this, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is willing to coordinate with the Kingdom of PyeMcGowan, if the Kingdom is able to provide evidence of who precisely carried out these actions to the satisfaction of the Agios Basileos ton Autokrator. The people of PyeMcGowan must know that they do not stand alone. The King of @Alenveil, his majesty Damocle La Pollo, has stated that he and his nation are with them. And now the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion affirms that Arhomaneia, the Heart of Civilisation, stands with the people and Kingdom of PyeMcGowan also. May God see to it that those who have worked these heinous acts are brought to justice, and that peace one more reigns in the Auraid Bay.
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    The following morning... Lolor's flight had taken much longer than expected as they had to go around a nasty storm that was brewing over Faramount. His Haveaer aircraft would touch down at Dartha's Cliperian International Airport as the sun rose over Rihan. "...welcome to the Rihan Republic, the time is 07:03 in the morning...we will be taxing for a few minutes. If this is your final destination, please follow the yellow signs marked Arrivals (Oali) for Passport Inspection (Luishdahyan), Baggage Reclaim, and Customs (Drola)...if you are connecting to an onward flight, please follow the blue signs marked Departures (Taera) and pass through the security (Dheno) checkpoint...we thank you for joining us onboard and hope to see you again soon. Be welcome to Rihan (Aefvadh ni Rihana)." Tahn was not feeling well, he was burning up. He disembarked from the aircraft and slowly trudged down the arrivals corridor to the passport control. He stood in line and eventually made it up to the red line with the bold words STOP (KHOI), telling him to wait to be called for. "Onre!" shouted the Border Force officer. Lolor approached the counter. "Lushida," ordered the officer. He handed him his passport. The gentlemen inspected it for a few moments and swiped it through the computer system. "Gænoh (okay)," he responded. He stamped it and waved him to the reclaim hall for him to pick up his luggage. He felt nauseous and couldn't wait any longer. He rushed to the mens (draes) bathroom and puked in the toilet. Once he had regained his composure, he returned to the hall and grabbed his bag. Unfortunately, his condition was only getting worse. Tahn approached the customs declaration lanes - there were two of them: the red lane (for declarations) and the green lane entitled Iliu (none). He stumbled through the green lane, having brought back nothing that would arouse suspicion by the Border Force but this was far as he would get. Not more than five paces after emerging outside the secure side and into the arrivals hall, he collapsed to the ground. Three Border Force agents rushed to him. One of them got on their radio: "Mnean hna u mænek hrrafv na nætrh temhilai! Stev! (We need a doctor here right now!)"
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    Uros Motors Debuts its New Sport Sedan, the 'Mamba' Uros Motors have recently aired advertisements with the Wheelhorse sedan, with a new sport model. Before, consumers only could buy the Touring trim, with a 4.6 litre, 4 valve, 320 horsepower engine. The new Mamba trim has a supercharged, 5.8 litre, 662 horsepower heart. Colors are only available in jet black, a few limited red, metallic blue, or white. New to the 21-year old generation of sedans, specifically for the new Mamba, is an aggressive bumper, and a low-profile spoiler. The suspension features thicker roll bars, vented brakes, and a full conversion of the rear live axle to coilovers. The frame for the body has also been seam welded, no longer allowing for easy body work if it's needed to be removed for repairs, though this modification will increase rigidity for the better. Uros Motors, on their website, lists the MSRP at $45,000. Meanwhile, the current MSRP of a base model Wheelhorse is $28,000. With the purchase of a new Mamba, comes a certificate, a leather jacket, and a sterling silver key ornament. Uros Motors stated in a press release that the Wheelhorse line of sedans will be halted in production after 3 model years of the Mamba trim have been produced. Production is estimated, by the end of its production, to be in the ballpark of 50,000. Sales have declined since 2011 to the point where the generation of these full-size sedans are no longer profitable enough to justify a completely new generation, and shrinking gasoline reserves in Greater Serbia cannot justify a sedan of this size and fuel economy at the pumps. Additionally, the Wheelhorse have had a marginal rating for the side-impact crash tests for a few years, because of updated crash requirements. The Wheelhorse still passes the front and rear collision tests, however. This new trim of the Wheelhorse makes a melancholy farewell to the stalwart, reliable, comfortable, and long-lived production of Greater Serbia's favorite family car, police car, and fleet vehicle.
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    Replying from Big O reaching out on Discord ~ I wouldn't mind hosting the first informal meeting, though I feel it would make more sense that a larger island country or likely more significant one at this point in history to hold it. I do not take issue hosting, however. I am not one to shy away from hosting an event, heh.
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    I'm happy to host the first informal meeting. Since Kipan is under the Emperors at the time, he'll appoint someone to represent his interest - most likely his economic advisor.
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    Since the Republic's reemergence onto the global stage, more and more Rihannsu had taken advantage of the opportunity to see the wider world. Lolor Tahn was one such individual. He was a student returning home from Eire after a week's long break between terms. He was eighteen, two years away from being granted formal citizenship not to mention his own service to the State in the form of military service. But neither of these big obligations were on his mind at the moment. He was merely focused on thinking about the experience he had and the charming Eire girl he had met during his time abroad. His parents would never approve of him being with anyone other than another Rihannsu - an ingrained cultural mores that was never going to disappear from his nation's psyche. "She was absolutely gorgeous," he told himself. Onboard the flight from the Isle of Eire to Seylos, things relatively normal. The snacks given to him were bland, and the entertainment was nothing but historical battles which was actually good for him but irritated the other passengers who wanted something funnier. However, he was seated in a center row, three seats across. He was unfortunately in the middle seat. Although he was a from a well-off family, he did not want to spend excessive Chaks on getting an upgrade for the shortest leg of his journey - he was already paying the Rihannsu national carrier 4,500 Chaks for the premium economy seat all the way south. It would become a mistake in due time. His neighbors did not appear well two-thirds into the flight. One was complaining about the temperature, another was feeling as if he had a reaction to something. Tahn thought it must have been the food (after all, it was rather horrible) but then he started to feel something was wrong. By the time he was experiencing something off, the plane was already descending into Selbourne. He told himself that it must have been something onboard and that it would go away by the time he got onto his connecting flight. The aircraft touched down and the passengers disembarked. Tahn was walking up the jetway and began at a fast pace to get through connections to make his onward flight. As he walked, he took out his cellphone and called his mother, Sala. "...I am in Shelbourne now. The flight to Dartha leaves in three hours...hang on, I'm being yelled at by a Seylosian security officer telling me no phones in this area. I'll call you in a little while..." Unbeknownst to him, he had contracted a virus of grave severity while onboard the flight. But all he could think about was that beautiful Eire girl.
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    “Yeah, I’m in the queue to go on the plane now...no it’s fine I’m in business class, food is free I think... ok...just tell them I’ll be back soon...I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t know it’d be that early...alright bye” said James to his boss on the phone. He had been a representative of his company for years now, so travelling to international partners and clients wasn’t unusual. What was unusual in fact was that he had found a good bar with some old friends the night before his original flight to Selbourne, which lead to him having to find the next flight, with a business class of course. “Can all passengers seated in Business Class please make your way to the gate” He was quick to stand and walk up to the gate, but there was still a fair am “Can I see your boarding pass mr...” “Eton, James Eton” “Well, Ok Mr Eton you are in seat 4B, I don’t think there is anyone sitting next to you, you’re the last in business class” “I did a little jog and everything to be one of the first” he joked. “Ok, enjoy the flight” And with that, he stowed his little suitcase, and got out his laptop, before sitting comfortably in the seat. After a short, he thanked God as the safety precautions were presented. He never really paid much attention as he had heard it in pretty much every language, on pretty much every airplane. As the plane took off he started chewing as the cabin pressure always made his ears hurt, despite having flown as much as he does, so he’d always bring some from the small village outside of Charleston where he lived. Finally, at their cruising altitude, he ordered some pasta and a small glass of champagne this time. As the food he’d ordered was being prepared, one of the passengers on the other side of the aisle commented on his chewing. “Do your ears hurt too?” “Yeah, every time! And I fly a lot!” “Me too, Well that’s because I was flying the plane, I was the number one pilot for Principalities, I got the 2000 PyeMcGowian Air Award” “Oh, you’re PyeMcGowian?” “Theodorian originally, but my parents fled when I was two” “Oh, quite an exciting life it seems, what do you do now?” “Well I got an eye infection in my left, it’s still blurry, and so they put me in a corporate position, I was studying economics at Charleston U until I dropped out to get my pilots license, right now I’m trying to negotiate a deal for some runway time, that’s the life for me now, what about you?” “Right now I am on my way to Seylos for a few days, my uncle lived there and he died recently, so as I work for the Estate Management division for UBS I thought I should give it a shot and sort out his possessions. I’m James by the way, James Eton, what about you?” “Thomas Gowan, sorry about your uncle by the way” “It’s fine, I’ve only ever seen him a dozen times, and I’m thirty-four. Shame he and his wife never had any children, she died a few years ago.” As he finished speaking the two received their food, and eat it quickly. For the rest of the flight the two exchanged very lightly between movies and half a season of a short television show. as the plane landed the two said goodbye to each other and left the plane. James then dialled his friend, who was at the funeral in Selbourne. “Ok, I’ve landed, has it started yet?” “No, you’ve got two hours yet” “How many are going to be there?” “I don’t know one to two hundred, he was a popular man it seems” “Yeah, he knew the King of PyeMcGowan for god sakes” “Be quick though, traffics gonna pile up soon” Finally, he got into his pre-booked taxi and left for the church.
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    Sweet 16 9th March 2019 - Article by Ewan Seamore For the past 100 years, 18 was the age one could finally drink, partake in sexual intercourse and most importantly vote in the Llaltese elections and referendums. And though many attempts by past premiers were made to lower the age, the traditional view of many islanders meant that these attempts were shot down and never passed. Many 16-17 year olds felt untrusted by the older people of Llalta and powerless, arguing that they weren't kids anymore. Yet, nothing was ever changed. The last attempt to change this was back in 1982, which after a landslide referendum of 78% saying NO and only 21% saying YES. However, from this day onwards, the age of consent, drinking and voting has been lowered to 16, giving those affected more freedom than ever. While not the first time Eve Gallaghan has spoken about the issue, this is the first time she's acted upon it. The idea was originally one of Eve Gallaghan's most important aspects on her manifesto, and after she got into power the idea was brought multiple times by students who were sick of being treated like kids. And finally, after a couple debates over the past week, eventually a referendum was called to decide upon the final outcome of the issue. Unlike the previous referendum on the topic, the vote came out with a huge landslide victory for YES as shown below: YES: 94% (3,009 votes) NO: 2% (61 votes) Eve Gallaghan said in an interview today that, "I really empathise with these teenagers, as I'm sure many others will, that we were once in their shoes, trying to gain more freedoms. Many people I know have experienced this feeling of those in power treating us like kids. Almost as if they didn't trust us. And I want to give them respect and I trust them, the trust and respect I wanted when I was 16/17."
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    PRESIDENT WEBB SIGNS SACHSENIAN FEDERAL CONSTITUTION Pictured: The private signing took place inside of the Sachsenian parliament building The Sachsenian constitutional convention has concluded following President Webb's joint signing of the country's newly adapted federal constitution. The finalized draft was processed and accepted in late February by the constitutional board; it is currently comprised of eleven articles detailing the government's future administration, powers, duties and rights. It is primarily modeled after preexisting Girkmandian state constitutions in accordance with Sachsen's already present legislature. Lawmakers described the convention as a 'relatively painless' procedure for both sides, owing much to the foundations already present. Sachsenian President, Walter Fischer, and President Webb will conduct a formal, publicized ratification of the constitution later this week. The ceremony will be held in the capital city of Saxonia on the 8th of March, after which Sachsen will be officially admitted into the federation. -David Fitzgerald 6 March 2019, Federal Herald
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    "...today marks the near-open borders between the Kipanese Islands and the wider Aurelian League with the elimination of most border controls between the bloc nations. It is the first of many integration steps Kipan will be taking over the next few months as the State's connection to the League solidifies. President Yamazaki spoke to the National Assembly saying that their involvement in the preeminent southern organization would bring untold prosperity and strengthen Kipan's role as a diplomatic player...stocks went up 10% upon the Government's announcement. Samura Heavy Industries and Sato Corporation saw the highest gains." "...five members of the Kaizoku were arrested last night after National Police officers busted an illegal pornography operation in the seedier Gozu District. Though not nearly as an expansive as the Hogosha or as violent as the Onikanabo, the Kaizoku have been increasing their presence in the capital. The events of last night have only further reinforced National Police urging the Assembly to increase their resources to clamp down on organized crime. Their budget requests have been rejected on more than one occasion and even when the Emperors were in power, rarely gave more than was needed to maintain general law and order. Additional police units have been allocated from elsewhere in the capital to reinforce units based in Gozu. The Kaizoku, besides illegal porn, have gotten involved in bookmaking and match-fixing (of which ten people have been arrested and locked up for violating the country's new gambling laws), and prostitution."
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    When other children had wanted to grow up to become firemen, polo players or even soldiers to defend God's chosen nation on Eurth, Andronikos Keftedes had wanted to become a monk. It was considered a virtuous aim amongst many Arhomaniki families but life often steered one in directions that one did not expect. One of the main distractions from the holy life, given to the worship of Christ, that he had planned for himself were the Iakoumos Georgios novels and films. They were escapist fantasy, of course, but they made the young Andronikos see that there might be other ways to serve God and Arhomaneia than a life devoted to prayer. The dashing secret agent foiling Communist, barbarian and heretical plots (often all three at the same time) and getting the girl, if in a manner suitable for good Christian people, was eye-opening. Although many of his peers laughed at the scrawny, pale youth wanting to be a secret agent, Keftedes found that he had an aptitude for cryptography, foreign languages and organisation. After university, Andronikos applied to join what was then the Magistrianoi, the internal intelligence agency of the Megas Agios Basileia. Now, Andronikos headed what was likely one of the most powerful organisations in Arhomaneia. The armed forces and the Logothesia for Internal and Foreign Affairs had their own intelligence branches, but only the AND, the Arhomaniki Noimosyni Dykton, could claim an almost universal reach. In part, that was due to his close support of Kommodos. The aftermath of the 2005 Civil War had seen a purge that had been long overdue after the Navarkhokratia, but Theodosios VI had been unwilling to carry it out, despite warnings from certain parts of the intelligence community. Kommodos had learned from his predecessor's mistakes and the intelligence service was not the only thing that was purged. In days past, the room would have been smoke-filled and ill-lit – it seemed to be an almost-universal trait. The Kefale had no idea whether it was fiction that had mimicked real life or the other way around. Dark wood would have predominated and the chairs would likely have been dark green or red leather. Now, since it was in the main office of the AND, the room was brightly lit and light colours were favoured. There was no point hiding in the dark, not when it was God's work that they were doing. Each setting on the table had a screen in front of it, so that all who were there would be able to see any files that were needed. Arhomaneia might seem backward to some, but it was keen to embrace any new technology. Against usual Tagmatine convention, only a couple of those in the room were dressed in austere suits – some were even dressed quite casually. The spymaster didn't see the need to enforce a dress code on his people, even though he was one of those who favoured suits. Keftedes led those assembled in a brief prayer before the meeting started, asking for God's guidance in their mission to safeguard His realm and to defeat the enemies that might stand against His people. It didn't need to be long, as safeguarding Tagmatium was the same as defending Christendom. “Friends, Arhomaioi, countrymen, lend me your ears,” the Kefale's voice rasped out again after the silence that followed the prayer. All the others in the room were already leaning forwards in their chairs so that they could hear the quiet voice of the spymaster. “We have four main objectives for our work in @Aluxia; God's work that it is. The first and foremost is identifying the main support for the Free Aluxian Army. The second is to infiltrate the ranks of the FAA. The third is to identify this Premier Dmitri Solov. Finally, to influence foreign perception of the FAA.” “For the first, we are working closely with the Basilikoploimon in the area, making use of the information picked up from the Prognostikatores as well as two foreign-flagged vessels that are monitoring the activity in the seas east of Derthalen and south of Sayf.” There was a slight noise as Demetrios Sonimiros rustled the papers in front of him. Sonimiros was the the Hypokefale, the Under-Head, for Foreign Assets of the Aggeliaforoi, the foreign intelligence service, and he caught the eye of Andronikos. “Three vessels, Kappa. Another ship has been despatched and is in the area under the cover of a deep-sea prospecting survey.” “Three vessels, then.” Keftedes shuffled the papers in front of him for a moment, caught slightly off-guard by the correction. It was a sign of the informal working relationship in the upper echelons of the Tagmatine intelligence service that Kappa or “K” was used. It was a contraction of the title of Kefale and, coincidentally, the first letter of Andronikos' surname. “All information will be forwarded on to the Logothesion ton Stratiotikou and the Epistrategaion, of course. The Logothesion ton Barbaron, too. It is imperative that those that seek to fund terrorists and destabilise a God-fearing realm are brought to justice.” Which might just end up igniting a foreign war, but he put that thought from his mind. But it was not Keftedes' job to decide what to forward on to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and if information came to light that implicated another nation, he would pass it on. He was a faithful servant, possibly even fanatically so, to the cause of the Megas Agios Basileia. It was doing the work of Christ to keep Arhomaneia safe, after all. He was a strong believer in Kommodos' policy umbrella of Strong State, Strong Church. The spymaster had forged a close affiliation with the Agios Basileos. This had originated from when Kommodos had been merely the Mesazon under Theodosios VI and Keftedes had merely been the head of the internal intelligence service. The Mesazon and the to-be spymaster had worked together to keep the then-emperor's numerous extramarital affairs out of the public eye, as both of them thought that the Leader of the Free World needed to live up to the expectations of his people and his God. The bullet that had made a martyr of Theodosios had solved a good many problems, although that was not a Christian thought, as the man had been God's Representative on Eurth. “As it is, the list of possible backers for the FAA are @Morheim, @Sayf and @Greater Serbia, for the reason that those three are the closest neighbours and would likely benefit from a more 'open' regime in Vardin than the one of Davros XXII.” The room nodded along with Keftedes, as this was not new information to any of them. “The State of @Tikva... They're more of an awkward one. They have encouraged Juddish migration from Aluxia for decades and have no love for the current regime. But, equally, conflict in Aluxia will put those they consider 'their' people under threat and so they must be considered something of an outlier. The other outlier is the Workers' Republic of @Fulgistan.” There was a slight ripple of movement from around the table. Fearing the Communist had gone out of fashion in Arhomaneia in the last decade or so – the Megas Agios Basileia had outlasted the Communist regime in @Ide Jima and defeated the Communist Party of Tagmatium. There was little reason to expect that the same wouldn't happen with the Workers' Republic, although the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion viewed Fulgistan significantly more favourably. It was true that such regimes seemed to last less than a lifetime and there was little reason to think that they could match up to the thousands of years of history of Heart of Christendom. Some of the higher-ups in the AND thought it was because Keftedes had read too many Georgios novels. Others, however, pointed out that there were suspicions of the Fulgistanis meddling in many conflicts in the New World and there were whispers across the intelligence community that the Workers' Republic had its fingers in many pies – including Aluxia. Keftedes did, admittedly, view these rumours with an element of scepticism, although he had not worked his way up to the apex of the Tagmatine intelligence community without a healthy degree of paranoia. “You know as well as I that the Joint Revolutionary Task Force has been confirmed to have been active in @Faramount and we suspect that they've been active elsewhere across the New World. Being at least a sponsor of the FAA should not be surprising. It will be an avenue of possibility that we pursue, but I do not want any conclusions being found before we have any information to back it up. “Now... the infiltration of the FAA.” Those from the foreign intelligence branch sat up in their chairs. This is where they would shine. “We are better set than many countries that may be trying to send agents to Aluxia. We do not have the blessing of the Church to act under their umbrella and we will make sure that what we do does not harm the standing of the faithful within Aluxia.” It galled Keftedes to be denied what could be a perfect cover but he would never do anything that might reflect badly on the Orthodox Church. “Unlike many that seek to infiltrate the Empire, we do have the benefit of a shared cultural background and we can use this to our advantage.” That caused a slight exhale of disappointment from around the table. Many of those present would have liked to use the Church to provide a cover for their actions but they knew that it could well cause a backlash that their chief and, ultimately, their monarch, did not want. In the past, Tagmatium had regularly used members of the Church in other nations as agents, but this had caused a significant amount of religious discrimination. It was no longer standard procedure to do so. “We do already have some agents acting within the territories under imperial control,” said Sonimiros, brushing a hand across the bottom of his beard. He didn't have to look at either the papers or the screen in front of him. It showed that he knew the assets his branch off by hard, which spoke of his professionalism and dedication. “I took the decision to bolster their numbers and send some into the areas that are under the power of the FAA. It was not an opportunity to be missed at the time, although they have yet to make contact with any senior element within the FAA.” “Which leads me on to the third objective.” Keftedes knew his crowd. He didn't need to play to them; he'd worked with them for years. “Solov is a non-entity – almost literally. It almost seems that he did not exist before the FAA's uprising did, or at least he was very low-key and beneath our notice. That he is now leading the FAA is very worrying. On the face of it, that someone who basically did not exist until the uprising can command such loyalty – even though, admittedly, much seems bought – shows that he is a demagogue beyond that of even the most hardcore of his sort. But from what we have all heard and seen, Solov seems to be a relatively mediocre speaker, with ideas that are not all groundbreaking. Even when talking about a despotic autocracy like Aluxia.” Keftedes took a sip of water and then looked around at the rest of the room. Both the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator and Epistrategaion had already been told this information. It did potentially change the nature of the Aluxian conflict. The spymaster was not quite sure how Ahromaneia could draw itself out of the current conflict, even suspecting what they did at this moment. “Another factor is the disappearance of his majesty, Prince Kravos,” continued the spymaster. He went through the next points as if ticking things off a list. “That literally nothing has been heard of him since the start of the uprising is suspicious. If he was dead, then you could have expected that it would have been announced, by either side. His capture by the FAA would be a coup beyond imagining. Similarly, if he was leading parts of the imperial army, we would have heard about it. His schooling away from Aluxia gave him exposure to the world beyond the borders of the Empire. He was known to have had views that coincide with those of the FAA mean it is pretty likely that this so-called Premier Solov and Prince Kravos are one and the same. Therefore, the assassination of Premier Solov is something that puts us in a very awkward position, more so than the usual attempts to stop a revolutionary group by destroying their leader.” He fell silent for a moment and looked around the room, his eyes going from person to person. He knew that some of them, especially from within the Aggeliaforoi, had already heard this theory. It had had been gaining some traction for time within that agency, even if it had started from someone with paranoiac tendencies. “Infiltration of the FAA may come hand-in-hand with this objective, but there are other avenues that we must follow as well,” pointed out another agent and the spymaster looked over at her. The only other person in the room dressed in a suit and her hair drawn up in a severe bun, Viviana Akominata was the newly-appointed officer in charge of the AND's CYBINT division. Keftedes had high hopes of her. “We're going to have to step up our information- and cyber-warfare presences, which will be aided by the Prognostikatores. One of the problems will be that Aluxia was not all that well integrated with the internet, due to backward and stifling nature of the country. Our agents within the Empire will likely have to track down computers linked to the internal networks of the central banks before we can begin properly trace Solov back, to verify whether he exists or not in that regard.” “The other options, Kefale, are drone overflights and trying to put physical eyes on him,” suggested Sonimiros. “But they'd be quite difficult and the latter would run the risk of getting one of our agents caught. We could also try to snatch anyone that we suspect of having met with Solov.” It wasn't like Arhomaneia was operating secretly within Aluxia, after all. There would certainly be difficulties if one of them was apprehended by the FAA. At the very least, it would result in heightened security around Solov and any of those who may have seen or worked with him. Drone flights and internal information were the best avenues that the AND had for the moment. The other two options would be far too risky to do anything more than draw up plans for, at the moment. If the others failed, then they could become the action that the Tagmatine intelligence service had to take. “Drone overflights is an option we will pursue, although the difficulty will be where to launch them from,” mused Keftedes, sitting back in his chair and rubbing at his clean-shaven chin. The way the light fell on him emphasised his skull-like visage. “The Basilikoaeroporia are already using the airfields that the Adaptons have granted to us in Adrotiri and I would imagine that any coming combat against Greater Serbia, or even @Derthalen, will stretch what they can allow us to use. Worst comes to the worst, we shall have to ask the Aluxians to use some of their airfields or the navy if we can launch from their carriers.” There was a pause as the foreign intelligence branch scribbled or typed down notes for themselves. “Finally, our attempts to influence foreign perception of the FAA.” This was one of the more controversial actions that the AND was undertaking. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion on the whole had been leery about the idea but it had been pointed out that this was exactly something that almost every nation was doing anyway. Indeed, it was one of the things Logothesion ton Deeseon, the Ministry for Information, had been set up to handle. Alongside them and the Logothesion ton Barbaron, the AND had set up a working group to begin to use social media to their advantage, although both the ministries were trying to push in their own directions. “How does that go, Hypokefale Akominata?” “It is still in its infancy, Kappa,” Akominata replied. “We have to remain subtle in order to not become a source of ridicule or to make sure that Arhomaneia is not clearly the source of these attempts. On top of that, we need to recruit more people who are fluent in quite a variety of languages, as well as a good working knowledge of popular culture in the countries that we're targeting. You've pointed out the countries that we consider to the main priorities, although other New World powers are being targeted as well – @Seylos, @Variota, @PyeMcGowan, even @Gallambria and @Kipan. At the moment, some of these have as few as a single person attempting to work on several different platforms and manage anywhere upwards of dozens of accounts.” Akominata realised that it sounded like she was whining and she paused for a moment. “That being said, we are seeing at least some results so far. The bombing that started the FAA's uprising has been very useful and the fact that most defectors from the Imperial Army are doing so out of greed has been a goldmine, too.” She winced slightly when she heard her own inadvertent pun. “We've also been sticking to the idea that the Imperial Government is still recognised as the rightful government and that they've not carried out any atrocities, either. Although there has been attempts from both Logothesia to use this working group to move beyond a denigration of the FAA and towards making a more general positive perception of Arhomaneia. I've been able to ring-fence my own assets from that mission, as laudable as it is. They've grumbled but have agreed to set up their own attempts at that, rather than take away resources from our objective.” The Kefale nodded. It was going as well as it could be expected. Tagmatium needed to catch up on its use of social media to influence foreign populations and he was going to have to suggest to Kommodos that the Ministries of Information and Foreign Affairs had to stop trying to take resources away from the AND. “I think that concludes this meeting. May God bless our work.”
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    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Cybersecurity Firm Covertix Purchased by Kishiro for 1.61 billion Shekels By Arlan Levi, 5 February 2019 The major Kipanese keiretsu, Kishiro Technologies (KKT) today announced that it has finalized a deal to purchase the rapidly-growing cybersecurity start-up, Covertix, for 1.61 billion Shekels (2.2 billion Ken). Kishiro CEO Keiji Okuda said in a prepared statement that "Covertix's products in data security will complement many of our recent acquisitions in the space. We are confident that by applying their efforts to our ongoing development program will produce an even stronger application and range of security protocols that will make Kishiro the dominant player in the market." Covertix's Board Chairman, Ovid Shmerkin, said that "it was the right time to sell the company." He further emphasized that he was extremely pleased with the amount of investment both domestic and foreign alike over the past five years that brought the company to this point. Formal control of Covertix by Kishiro will be official from the end of May 2019.
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