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    Salutations again fellow Europan internauts! or Eurthlings! Since our last dive to the past and present of the Vertibird, the myth, the legend, the Neo-Enclave, much has happened in our own community. With our involuntary move to a new NS region, I thought it'd be a good time to switch the ol' detective hat to a lab coat and introduce Vertiorthinology, the study of the elusive Vertibird or Vertineonithe. As it stands Eurth has two Vertiorthinologists: I and @Orioni who've done some research on this truly interesting, for the lack of a better word, specimen. Last time I and Meeda (Bri) took a deep dive into the past and present of the Neo-Enclave but what we left out was the story of what happened in Europa. The reason why I left it out is that there were some posts we couldn't find as well as we didn't have much insight into the administrative process behind the ban. Surprisingly enough the two regions, Lovus Lodicum and The Radiant, were more transparent in their banning process, whilst much of the banning process and communication with the Neo-Enclave in Europa happened in Discord and off the forums. With all this said, simply know that the admins and mods are the ones privy to the full story whilst I collected this information by going through each of his posts I could find. Every, single, one This time, to bring the knowledge and wisdom of old Europa to new Eurth, your resident vertiornithologist scoured the forums and discords to get the full story of the Neo-Enclave's time in Europa. But nothing is complete which is why I ask for other Vertiorthinologists for aid on this quest to compile all available data on this truly interesting individual; I managed to collect a total of 110 forum posts from his total of 148 posts. There are still posts at large! If you find them, please let me know. At the end of some days, I've added some moments of glamour form discord as segments. These segments are called Meanwhile, in the Discord chats For older community members, enjoy this trip down memory lane For newer members, enjoy this case study on what not to do Get comfy because, without further delay, here are the Vertibirdman's Misadventures in Europa And they are long 22nd of October 2018 - Vertibird Begins A seemingly normal day, nothing out of the ordinary until a nuclear test is announced... TWICE! An explosive introduction to the community to be sure. During the same day, the Neo-enclave attempts to make contact with @Orioni Meanwhile, in the discord chats: Suits, Ships and Vertibirds 23rd of October 2018 - The Bombardment Europa is treated to its first true taste of nuclear Enclavite fallout: The history of the Neo-Enclave is revealed in the Academy. The First batch of Enclave "news" pours out: A 1000m Golden-lipped statue is announced First ever crown commentary from the Neo-Enclave is given News reporter John Harvey makes his debut As a result of the wild and rebellious reporting of John Harvey, @Orioni replies to him in his newsroom bringing the hammer of justice down on him Bargaining is the 3rd stage of grief The day isn't over, yet as the vertibird-loving nation faces its first internal crisis However, It wasn't only Enclavite news that was affected as @PyeMcGowan's Newsroom received one of Neo-Enclaves one-sentence zingers. The 23rd of October was a busy day but it was not yet over as a major diplomatic scuffle began when @Orioni responded to the Enclavites leading to outrage from the queen herself Conlangs 101 Thus ends October 23rd the first surge of activity on the forums Meanwhile, in the discord chats: T I L T R O T O R S and The Surveillance state The Enclave also seems to have been confused as to which stats we use in Europa 24th of October 2018 - The Dark Vertibird On October the 24th, Europa is once more under heavy bombardment starting from Enclavite news Donalia gives a speech Red Alert Enter the Oil Rig In between the news, Enclave announces his ambitions to join Derthalen's Feats of Strength and to host it the next year with the queen herself in attendance No exosuits are allowed though The cheers and aws of exosuit-wearing sportsmen are interrupted by the ongoing civil war as reported by John Hervey Well, that was some fast and effective artillery Linguists are trying to figure out what exactly that last post was trying to say. Enclavite English is known for being the most incoherent Europan language A deal is struck between the Neo-Enclave and @PyeMcGowan for uranium. Almas, take notes! Let's hope none were bitten by a radioactive Vertibird. Lastly, we are treated to a more in-depth look at the Neo-Enclave as he provides his first factbook to the dismay of others Here we learn that the enclave gets its name from the Latin word for crow and that he traces his routs all the way to Ahrome According to Eurth's resident Latin expert, @Mauridiviah, Corvus means raven and not crow Yet another look at the Enclavite language: Veni Vedi Veci which is most likely related to the Latin Veni Vidi Vici Conlangs 101 Meanwhile, in the discord chats: Who is thy Enemy, O Vertibrd? 25th of October 2018 - The Vertibird Rises Never a dull moment in the Enclavite newsroom especially with a civil war, Fascism and assassination attempts The civil war is ended lasting a total of 2 days, record speed Details on how the war was ended you ask? Fear not! Giving us this news is Piper Hellen of Public Occurrences... I mean Enclave News! Whoever said the Enclave News weren't equal opportunity employers was wrong Those Exclave forces subjected these poor citizens to cruelties almost as great as the ones the Enclave will subject the Europan community to. We can sympathise with the Jews, Homosexuals and slaves of the Exclave Having saved the Jews, Homosexuals, slaves and other Exclave victims, the Neo-Enclave sets out to save the souls of his nation at the Council of Deopolis Will Enclavite souls be saved from eternal fallout damnation? Only the pope knows for sure. Thoughts and prayers though Meanwhile, in the discord chats: Scott Enclave vs. The Weurld @Prymont summarizes the situation thus far very well 26th of October 2018 - The Bombardment Dies Down The 26th of October was a day of last strikes. The 4-day forum post bombardment Europa was subjected to dies down with only a single post about the civil war. Given it had several sentences within it. Perhaps the Neo-Enclave used up his sentence limit on this one post instead of rationing them out for several Good thing the monarchy wasn't overed. Julius had a tough child being one of many man children of his father Bob Vladimir What would we do without ol' Harvey bringing us the true stories of people being forced into loyalty? Meanwhile, in the discord chats: The Amazing Taxitilesisisies 27th of October 2018 - The Silence The humming of Vertibirds was nowhere to be heard, no Exclave atrocities were reported The first true wave of the Neo-Enclave was over The only piece of Enclavite info came from @Alenveil's Factbook The RCS pact was an economic alliance between the Neo-Enclave, @Alenveil and @PyeMcGowan but turns out that the Enclave had tricked the two revealing it to also be a military alliance. The two subsequently left leaving only the Neo-Enclave who refused to leave. Thanks to @PyeMcGowan for providing the IIwiki page Yet in the discord chats, it was a different story Meanwhile, in the discord chats: A Pry of Many Names 28th of Spooktober 2018 - The Walking Enclave In the last days of Spooktober, the Enclave is shocked as a zombie apocalypse pops up and the Neo-Enclave attempts to call for a coalition to fight the Necroa virus! Thank God for Vertibirds! At first, people laughed but now with vertibirds above the Enclavite sky, while the Enclavites below turn to zombies, people are still laughing 29th of Spooktober 2018 - Of Vertibirds and Zombies The Neo-Enclave, facing the zombie menace, puts his money where his Vertibirds are The Enclave and his vertibirds also make an appearance in @Alenveil's newsroom 30th of Spooktober 2018 - The New World Blues First, the Neo-Enclave responds to @Alenveil sending in flamethrower mounted Vertibirds, nothing could go wrong Most importantly, this is the day the Neo-Enclave makes the request to officially join Europa on the map The request really isn't anything we haven't seen before. It just quite clearly shows the extent to which his nation is based on Fallout. 31st of Spooktober 2018 - The Ban According to @Orioni, Enclave received his first forum ban on this day. There's a significant period of inactivity on the forums so it is most likely true. 5th of November 2018 - Enclave: Resurrection The question on everyone's minds: What is Enclave going to do as his first actions returning from exile? The answer: prosecute a llama for aiding in a terrorist attack Alongside that, The Neo-Enclave introduced the "E-1 Pheonix" Nothing noteworthy except that a part of the oil comes from PyeMacGowan Meanwhile, in the discord chats: One Flew Over The Vertibird's Nest 6th of November 2018 - The Calm Before The Vertistorm The 6th of November was a calm day; the Neo-Enclave posted only once on the forums as a continuation of his previous "E-1 Pheonix" Meanwhile, in the discord chats: Shame 7th of November 2018 - The First Gusts The day was seemingly a part of the calm before the storm The only updates we received from our friend, Enclave, was him making civilian and luxury Vertibirds What else could have been expecting? Meanwhile, in the discord chats: Taste of Fame 8th of November 2018 - Leave of Absence The Neo-Enclave leaves the discord if only he had stayed away Europa would've been spared its second Vertibird storm 40th of Spooktober 2018 - The Storm Begins This far we hadn't seen that much activity from the Enclave since his debut bombardments Only if we had known that he was preparing to light the forums on fire Enter the Autumn Terror For those uninitiated, the Myster in the Dolch See was a Halloween special Enclave wasn't allowed to participate and thus he made his own The community lit ablaze The reaction to best summarize the situation came from @North Dniester Instead of picking a fight and angering a single person, the Neo-Enclave picked a fight with the entire community What makes the situation even more entertaining is the fact that he brings up non-solutions to solve the problems brought up by others such as the skeletons. Perhaps the closest thing the Neo-Enclave comes to that resembles a proper defence is this The inexperience of the Neo-Enclave is on full showcase here And just as the storm seemed to only worsen, @PyeMcGowan swoops in and saves the day What about the actual Autumn Terror itself? Surprisingly enough it is one of the few glimpses we see the Neo-Enclave RP:ing with someone. It's good to note that the RP (as short as it is) is some 71% Enclave. More on that later. More salient is his writing style. He writes little but erratically giving his stories a fast pace for all the wrong reasons The 40th of Spooktober ends as he uploads the Enclavite national anthem to the forums Thus winds down the Spooktober special, yet the discord chats were privy to its own shenanigans Meanwhile, in the discord chats: I Got 99 Pryblems but a Lack of Hospital Ships Ain't One The Neo-Enclcave completed @Seylos' army survey 10th of November 2018 - The Godmod Incident There was a general sense of malaise in the air. People were wary of what might come next after having seen Enclave's Autumn Terror Who was going to be hit next? The answer was @North Dniester who was having a civil war at the time until the Vertibird nation attacked A quick thanks to @Tagmatium Rules for unintentionally conserving this piece of Enclavite RP for the future generations Tag also replied explaining that he was godmoding and then pointing him to the right alleys 11th of November 2018 - Formula V A silent day in the forums, yet in the discord, Europa's resident mathematician, @Sunset Sea Islands, cracked the formula of the Neo-Enclave Alongside this major mathematical achievement, Europa's two musical talents, @Orioni and @North Dniester showed their contributions The Ster-Spanked Vertibird was named by @Mauridiviah 12th of November 2018 - Open Borders, Open Crime The Neo-Enclave tried to participate once more in the RP prompting @North Dniester to give my favourite response to him thus far And he was being nice! Just think what this lad could've done if he wasn't It was only a matter of time before I was to have my first experience with the Neo-Enclave. In this case, it was an OOC thread about the old Shffahkian royal family It began innocent enough with him offering the most elite one could get However, as @Mauridiviah made their suggestion, the Vertibird tried to strike but @Mauridiviah was no prey Enter the open borders argument with @Mauridiviah and @North Dniester representing common sense Professor @North Dniester gives a small lesson on English spelling What had begun as a post about a royal family had turned into a debate, if you can even call it that, about open borders and border security in the 1840s Later on, the Neo-Enclave had an epiphany The whole debacle ended with @Prymont This is when I had my encounter with the dangerous Vertibird, but I lived to tell the tale 14th of November 2018 - Go Beat Enclave The Neo-Enclave applies for the Eurth Rally Event After applying to the Rally event, Queen Donalia is off to @Queno-Kona for diplomatic talks Also worth mentioning is the tags the Neo-Enclave wrote What might the Queen have in store for this meeting? Besides the normal Vertibird stuff, we also get to see the flawless polite diplomatic skills of Donalia 15th of November 2018 - The Last Harley A busy day in Europa and the second bombardment The 15th of November is the last we ever hear of John Harley I'm sure his disappearance was felt throughout the region that day as Enclavite news would see its last ever post Journalism would never be the same in Europa F But don't be sad, for this post is partly about how a former terrorist who turned their life around and now lives in the palace itself A true from-rags-to-riches tale Yes, I am, of course, talking about the llama Back in the talks with @Queno-Konawe see that the queen is as inquisitive as ever We are introduced to a new character in the Neo-Enclave roster: Jerome Besides this, the rest of the thread is your everyday diplomatic talks where Enclave wants to have @Queno-Kona produce tanks and artillery with Enclavite materials. Next, the Neo-Enclave has a quick visit in the Designing National History thread by @Tikva but ultimately doesn't affect the discussion. Finally, the Neo-Enclave and @Morheim have diplomatic talks This thread is a good example of good RP and "bad" RP colliding 16th of November - Jorge and The Two Georges The day's activity happened as a continuation of the diplomatic talks We are introduced to the Enclavite faith 21th of November - The Last Diplomat The Neo-Enclave's last IC diplomatic interaction 26th of November - Total Enarchy We are introduced to Enclavite political parties And boy does the Neo-Enclave ever have quite the divided political scene A deeper look into what makes the Neo-Enclave tick but perhaps more salient is the flag of the Enclave People's Party with not one, not two but three star elements Everyone's favourite llama-drafting Enclavite terrorist, Gaius Cornelius, makes an appearance in Most Wanted Fugitives 27th of November - The Last Day and O's New Boots The last day the Neo-Enclave uploaded anything to the forums had come One of the last acts of the Neo-Enclave was to suggest an international... except for monarchs Ironically enough the last post the Neo-Enclave would ever make in Europa would be a request for help By then, it was too little too late and the Neo-Enclave would no longer post on the forums F Meanwhile in the discord chats: It's Booting Time The Neo-Enclave had run out of time There was no more prolonging or escaping it; @Orioni had brought the boot Thus the Misadventures of the Vertibirdman in Europa has come to an end. For a month Europa had been the scene of the Neo-Enclave's RP but not anymore Instead of being banned in dishonour, the Neo-Enclave took his own way out Yet as much as he had been a thorn in the side of all Europans, he had also become something greater, an endearing idea and the case study for what not to do Today The Neo-Enclave is immortalized in the IIwiki alongside his favourite form of transport, The Vertibird A quick trip to the Meme Museum reveals that his memory is forever edged in the memes of the community All returned to normal And when the League of Conservative Nations approached Europa with the interregional football cup, what name did the Europans pick to represent excitement, spirit, sisu and determination? To whom did Europa turn to represent all these admirable aspects? I present to you The Valiant Vertibirds Eurth's Champions The End
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    A monthly periodical co-written by volunteer writers from ATARA member states. Know what the Association is up to! Issues online and in print. OOC: CREDITS TO: @Gallambria AND @Variota both excellent writers that made headway into what I think is the first cooperatively written news thread.
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    Statement from the Foreign Ministry The State of Tikva urges all engaged nations to cease all hostilities, for nothing good will come with fighting amongst one another. Tikva largely agrees with the sentiments conveyed in the Rihannsu statement and strongly encourages all parties to resolve the conflict through proper diplomatic channels. The Foreign Ministry stresses that while the conflict may be in Derthalen today, there is always a possibility that it could have a domino effect along the Sea -- and into already war-torn Aluxia. Stop now before there is too much blood staining Argis.
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    Never Quiet on the Southern Front Due to limited resources, it has been determined that the protection of our military assets against aerial attack through the interception of missiles is economically infeasible in the long term. As such, the Imperial Army School of Engineering and volunteers from the Tsalmonsturm Society have devised new countermeasures for us to use to help saturate the country with false targets and also to confuse enemy intelligence forces as to where our troops are. They have put forth a proposal to begin mass production of decoy radio transmitters designed to be easy to set up and left unmanned, which once placed in the field would then continually transmit radar signatures and encrypted recordings of false information. Missiles designed to hone in on radio emissions would naturally be drawn to them, thus keeping our more important assets safe from attack. Because of the nature and sophistication of modern missiles, the transmitters will be required to operate regularly, as otherwise they might fail to capture the attention of the missiles. Power cables will need to be run out to them so as to guarantee a steady supply of electricity and teams will need to assembled to replace them after they are taken out, but otherwise this defence tactic should be far cheaper to maintain and should also cost the enemy a great deal as they will need to saturate entire regions with missiles to have a hope of even hitting our radar installations there. It has also been suggested that groups of portable low frequency radio transmitters be set up in forests, mountains, and other areas so as to give the impression of our forces being present to enemy intelligence elements. This should allow our men to be able to move with greater impunity, as the enemy would be launching attacks in the wrong places and devoting precious resources to chasing phantom units across the map. Suggestions have also been made that we bait enemy aerial resources into waiting traps this way. Small teams of men with portable missile launchers along with the occasional anti-air tank could be kept in ambush and help to further waste away enemy resources and manpower, thus easing the burden else where for our forces. Casualties should remain low, as long as the units do not draw attention to themselves; to help with this, we advise that active guidance not be used by the anti-air tanks themselves to attack aerocraft in these situations, as it would needlessly place the operators at risk of reprisal and also risk valuable hardware which we can ill afford to lose. Should it be possible, guidance should instead be given by local radar installations after launch. To help with this project, the Imperial Army has been authorised by the government to begin seizing civilian helicopters for transport purposes and construction. Any aerocraft damage or destroyed over the course of the war will be replaced at the expense of the government on top of monetary compensation that will be paid out at the successful conclusion of the war. Similarly, any civilian pilots and technicians who have not already been levied are being offered special bounties for their service in the military.
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    Mh'fvillhaih Rheilhhu Rihana From the Praetorate of the Rihan Republic The Rihannsu have been observing the tensions that have grown into a full-on conflict between Derthalen and the nations of Fulgistan, Limonaia, Seylos, and Sayf. We believe the actions being undertaken by the previously listed is highly aggressive and destabilizing in that corner of Argis. The civil war in Aluxia, a conflict that ravages the land, is already causing the loss of thousands of innocent lives and this war will only result in the deaths of tens of thousands more. The shameful and cowardly actions by a bunch of rogues are being placed upon Derthalen when the 'affected' parties should instead eliminate piracy and not partake in a campaign of baseless and illegitimate warmongering. The Senate unanimously condemns this conflict, and those nations attacking the nation of Derthalen and strongly advises that all warring parties cease any or all military movements. We, like the people of Sunset Sea Islands, extend an offer to all participants to the table to discuss a peaceful resolution, in Dartha as soon as possible.
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    Once again, storm clouds gather over the Makhaira Thalassa, the Dolch Sea. In recent months, activity there has become troubling to all of the right-thinking nations of Eurth. It appears that a ship of @Limonaian tourists was hijacked, and the passengers have disappeared. Apparently they have been seized by pirates operating out of Derthaler territory and it seems likely that they were sold into slavery within that nation. This does not appear to be a groundless theory, as shocking and monstrous as it is – several reliable intelligence agencies have drawn this conclusion, and have informed their parent nations. This in turn set wheels in motion, and has led to three nations to declare war against the so-called Holy Empire of Derthalen, who they hold to blame for these actions. This, of course, has been the Kingdom of @Seylos, the Workers' Republic of @Fulgistan and the Grand Ducy of Limonaia against @Derthalen. This is of no surprise to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. It has been maintained by Arhomaneia that that nation is nothing more than a rogue state, one which acts almost entirely in contravention to all sense and decency. Indeed, an embargo has been maintained against Derthalen by several nations, of which Arhomaneia is but one, since the Maurdivian Crisis last year. This embargo was brought against them entirely due to their own actions. Whilst perhaps the government of Derthalen had some justification to what it was taking issue about, the sheer outlandishness and barbarity of the punishment that they sought to levy against any and all Maurdivian citizens went far beyond what might have been considered reasonable. Indeed, the government of Derthalen decided that it had the right to board any vessel suspected of carrying citizens of @Mauridiviah within what they claimed to be their territorial waters, an action likely to cause diplomatic issues at the best of times. However, what was worse was the fate that befell any Maurdivians if found – if on board a ship, they would be weighted down and thrown overboard. If caught on land, they would be hunted down like an animal and then burnt at the stake. These are not the actions of a reasonable nation. Rather, the epitome of barbaroi But, as God loves peace and the people of Arhomaneia are first and foremost servants of God, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion attempted to get the government of Dethalen to turn back from this intemperate path that it had laid before itself. After all, it would be unlikely that the rulers of that nation would be the ones to suffer – no, it would be the ordinary people instead. Such attempts to make the government see reason were rebuffed, and so the embargo was maintained, and is maintained to this day. The government of Derthalen holds that the hijacking of the Limonaian cruise ship was the actions of pirates, nothing more sinister than that. Certainly not a government-sponsored action to keep the number of slaves at a satisfactory level. Although this points to Dethalen being a lawless and unstable country, built around a trade that is a sin in the eyes of God, the Megas Agios Basileia recognises that these actions may be beyond the control of the Derthaler government, if it is taken at its word. Because of the love for peace of the Arhomaioi, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is willing to give Derthalen the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, Arhomaneia encourages the Derthaler government to work in concert with the nations arranged against it, to locate those who have likely been enslaved and to return them to their country of origin, as well as to make sure that the Makhaira Thalassa is no longer the haunt of pirates. Derthalen should also discuss compensation to those who have been taken as slaves, to try to undo some of the harm that has befallen them. If, however, the Derthaler government refuses to do this, then there may well be little that can be done to try to normalise relations with the rest of the world. Once again, what happens to the so-called Holy Empire will have been brought about by nothing other than its own actions. The Megas Agios Basileia also notes that other nations are joining this call for a peaceful end to the conflict brewing around the Makhaira Thalassa. However, it does appear that one of these countries may well have grasped the wrong end of the stick, although their actions are clearly sincere. Instead of leaning upon Derthalen to give up the foreign nationals taken as slaves and held unjustly within its territory and bring the supposed pirates to heel, this nation is taking action against all of those involved. The calls for a peace conference certainly demonstrate that that nation has its heart in the right place, but perhaps too much time is spent snooping on its own citizens for it to see the true state of affairs in eastern Argis. If it could see beyond its own citizens' bedrooms, then it would join calls for the Derhaler government to join the 75th century, not condemning Seylos and the others for attempting to free innocent people from a nightmarish fate. As the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is undertaking operations within eastern Argis, to defend its ally, the Empire of Aluxia, against a terroristic cabal, additional forces will be sent to make sure that these operations are not impacted if the conflict spirals further. These forces will be protecting the convoys that are going in and out of Adrotiri and the Makhaira Thalassa. May God see to it that a peaceful resolution is found, that the slaves held by Derthalen are freed and that the country of Derthalen finally sees reason.
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    [Play me in the background] "...we interrupt this programme for some breaking news. An explosion occurred at 14:34 in northwestern Manamana City. The incident, most likely caused by a defective gas pipe, has torn a hole into the upper half of a residential building, flames are still gushing out. The fire department has already begun fighting the inferno, whose column of smoke can still be seen from anywhere in the city. Thankfully, it appears as if nobody was present in the affected levels of the building when the explosion occurred, as no casualties have been confirmed so far. The remaining inhabitants have been evacuated and are being treated. This is the first event of such magnitude so far in Manamana, why a gas explosion could happen in a relatively new building is currently unknown. The police does not exclude criminal intent, although investigations might prove difficult. This is Radio Manamana, bringing You the freshest news from across the canal..." TWENTY-FOUR HOURS EARLIER The flag of the Manamana League flew in the fair wind of the Shirley. Originally of @Variotan make, the 630-ton vessel had done its job well for the past seventy years, although its purpose had changed in the meantime. The Shirley did not carry cargo anymore, but a fifty-two-meter radio transmitter capable of sending on a range of different frequencies. A storm appeared to be brewing, but the atmosphere on the old freighter had already been tense for the past few days. The Shirley's mission had been a success, as far as her crew could tell. The communication supervision systems of the Radiant Republic had taken their time to detect their pirate broadcast. How many people managed to receive their message was unclear, but at least they were able to get their entire message across before the jammer signal went into full effect. If it hadn't, they would have spoken about how the citizens of the Radiant Republic were so focused on their work that they didn't even notice that they were giving their democratic rights away or about how one-sided the news coverage has been ever since the proclamation of the Radiant Republic. "How curious," Hoang thought, "that a new governing party somehow manages to name an entire nation after itself. How totally not on-the-nose." Whether or not someone had listened to their broadcast by chance, they did what they could to fight the cyberpunk dystopia taking over the once paradisiac archipelago. If only Duc hadn't been dumb enough to address Hoang by his name during the broadcast. A voice recording could already be enough for the damned Beholders to figure out any identity, them knowing his first name as well was making the Shirley's crew an even easier prey than they already were. Being locked with Duc in a tin can for the ten days it took them to reach a spot in international waters from where they could transmit to every place in the SSI and eating the same food every day had been taxing enough, and that was before Duc f*cked up. Hoang's mood had already been foul before they tuned into SSI News and had to listen to Winnifred the Pooh twisting their actions to fit his own agenda on their way back home. Hoang had been silent for most of the time, not only because he was mad at Duc, but because he had to plan their next steps. Even before they embarked on their mission, it had been clear that they'd have to lay low for a while following their return. Now, however, the tides had turned. They didn't have to hide, they had to vanish completely. Sink the Shirley, burn their base down. Better yet, blow it up. And then become ghosts.
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    Potatoes, Onions, Cabbages, and Fatty Pigs From: H.I.M.'s Minister of War, Hans Gruber To: H.I.M.'s Minister of Home Affairs, Frederich von Mäder, H.I.M.'s Minister of State, Karl Helgi Drake, H.I.M.'s Minister of Agriculture, Olof Rudbeck the Younger A soldier requires a very few things to remain comforted and ready for a fight. Warm hearth, clothing, and relief from the elements, even if that relief is but a lean-to on the side of the road. This means a continuous supply of clean clothing and building materials has to be available. For all armies, clothing issue, repair, and reissue will be a large and significant task. Natural materials, which many of our tailors and factories will be forced to work with, break down easily in harsh conditions and our natural climate has never been a very forgiving mistress in regards to what we wear and what we patch our clothes with; the wet and mud will prove inimical to the long term survival of clothing and footwear. As such, a large supply of replacements has to be kept readily available and a significant infrastructure must grow on the lines of communication for both the distribution and salvage of clothing. To ease this process, we will need to begin altering our standard choices for stockpile locations from the fortresses and caches of yore for us to be able to quickly distribute new uniforms to soldiers on the front lines. Furthermore, we will need to standardise uniforms between the armies. Having each factory making a different pattern of uniform for a different army is going to unnecessarily slow down production at best, and at worst it might lead to uniform shortages as we will not be able to simply mix and match our uniforms without risking ill fits and thus exposure to chemical weapons - our chemical weapons. As for the first issue, I would suggest that we keep our supplies in the rail yards and storehouses for now, as they are far easier to access quickly and will allow to rapid movement of supplies from place to place, thus avoiding the hassle of having to transport supplies back to major hubs and the following reloading of the trains constantly as the war progresses. Obviously this is not a fully fleshed-out proposal, however I do feel that I should inform you of it before hand so as to speed up implementation once it is ready. As for the second issue, the solution is both simple and complex at once: we must enforce the Imperial Army's standard uniforms upon all of the armies. This would allow for greater interchangeability of supplies, and it would also simplify the calculation of raw materials needed for clothing a single man. Another added benefit of this, is that once all of the uniforms are standardised, we should be able to solve the issue of not having enough synthetic materials to clothe everyone. We already have patterns for stripped down ersatz uniforms so to speak; ones which would use far fewer plastics by only using a double plastic layer on the outside, removing the middle plastic layer entirely, and only having a single plastic later on the inside. We would make up for this by increasing the thickness of the wool and cotton linings, so as to make up for the reduced insulation the uniforms would have. Obviously, if the plastic layers were to break while the soldiers were in contaminated environments, the uniforms would have to be practically destroyed in order to get rid of the taint, but so long as we maintain a thick exterior layer, we expect that the rate of uniform destruction should not rise higher than the rate of production and thus will allow us to fully equip our armies in proper fashion. This is naturally only intended as a temporary measure, but until we can get plastic production up to speed, we will need to be wary of wasting materials and production time. As for what to do with our current stockpiles of regional uniforms, I suggest burning through them. It should give us some extra time to produce these new uniforms. Food is another necessity which we must not neglect, especially as providing some 6,000 measures of food a day will be a difficult challenge, particularly in combat conditions. Malnourished, starving, dehydrated or frozen soldiers simply cannot be expected to fight effectively except in cases of direst need, such as when all it lost and we must exact our blood toll upon the enemy. When Imperial forces’ lines of communication are severed, a break down of effectiveness will generally follow quickly. The Northern invaders’ retreat from the Meinitzmark defenses during the last war and the surrender and slaughter of the remnants trapped within our borders following the end of the invasion are two excellent examples. These are not, however, examples of the kind of conditions under which armies should be allowed to fight; given a choice, army leadership should always want their soldiers healthy, well nourished and plentifully resupplied with all that they need and desire. As one uncommonly bright Lysian wrote about their meagre forces, ;an army marches upon its belly.' The difficulty in providing rations will be made considerably worse by the fact that the measures of food supplied need to comprise a reasonably balanced diet that will not trigger health issues due to a lack of key nutrients. A lack of certain elements in the diet, such as cabbage, leads to health problems like scurvy, from which Imperial naval forces once suffered before their lines of communication and supply became a focus of effort. In some cases the challenge might be even further enhanced by religious dietary requirements. This is of much concern in our forces, particularly those from the more strictly compliant territories, such as the Ecclessiarchy. The nature of religious holidays and seasons will see to it that even forces which are fully supplied might take to fasting and refusing to eat should the rations we supply them with contain prohibited foodstuffs for those times. Given the sheer size of the armies involved, simply keeping the soldiers on the front lines resupplied with rations on a daily basis will prove a tremendous challenge to the quartermasters of all armies. This is not even accounting for the difficulties we might face if our forces are required to withdraw from food producing regions. Thankfully, food production is one of the few things which we do not need to worry overly much about. As our farm industry is mostly focused on exporting food, we do not expect a great need to arise for mandating that certain food stuffs be held in reserve or be especially grown for us, as the war is promising to cut off trade by all means other than rail. Just in case though, the Imperial Military has compiled a list of agricultural products and the amounts they will need at a minimum to operate at peak efficiency. Should these items start becoming scarce for whatever reason, we do trust that the correct steps will be taken to maintain if not boost their production so as to avoid undue stress upon our supplies and stockpiles. Of note, plans are currently being laid out for a scorched earth policy by which we might deny the enemy succor. The stages by which we will implement it are to be attached with this, along with other documents and notes mentioned. As we will not be needing agricultural production to remain anywhere near as high as it currently is, please also see to the cessation of superfluous production in areas deemed to be at risk of falling. I think we can all agree, that labour would be much better spent in the factories at the moment. For now, this is all that needs to be said immediately. Further letters, reports, and other correspondences will be sent by my staff to you and yours in order to sort out details. Hopefully, we will be able to get everything in order quickly, so that we might actually be able to talk about other things again. Please respond at your earliest convenience with any questions, objections, or proposals. Your long time friend & colleague, Hans.
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    There are around a dozen players who have Christianity or Judaism as a major religion, but we don't to have done a whole lot of world-building within the region regarding the Judeo-Christian tradition. I'd suggest we should change that. I'll page @Cristina, @Limonaia, @Variota, @Tagmatium Rules, @Sancti Imperii Catholico, @Iverica, and @Ahrana, just to start. So here's the big question -- have we decided where Catholicism originated? Could we try to breakdown when and why the major splits occurred?
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    Step-By-Step Walkthrough NEWCOMERS TO BE GIVEN THE PRIMER & HANDBOOK [IGNORE THIS FOR NOW] CREATE A POST BELOW AND GIVE YOUR NATION BACKGROUND- Make a brief outline of your nation's history, culture, politics, etc. This is the first post you should make in registering for inclusion into the RP World. A template is available on FRONT DESK post one copy THERE and one copy on your thread HERE. NEWCOMERS TO SELECT STATS- A document will be sent to you. In it, you will find a sheet for selecting things like population, economic data, and land area. Follow instructions and fill out the enclosed sheet. Once you have selected, edit your post HERE by adding the stats you have correctly chosen. NEWCOMERS CLAIM SOVEREIGN AREA- Follow instructions to create an application in the Map Application Process. Once you have posted a copy THERE, copy & paste that on your master thread HERE. This is the third and final step of registering a new nation. Note: in this proposal, claiming a land area is limited in terms of square kilometres following the above “Selecting Stats Procedure”. FINAL BALANCE: MODIFIERS, NATURAL RESOURCES, & TECHNOLOGY ARE ASSIGNED- Moderators will consider the given stats and desired map placement. From this data, they will assign one or two modifiers appropriate to balance (positive or negative) the new nation. In this step: Await moderator response to your data so far. Moderators will then inform you if there is an opportunity to "buff" or "nerf" your nation with special modifiers. These will vary on a case by case basis. One-to-one discussion with an RP Moderator. Once finalised, any modifiers to your nation must be noted in an edit to your master thread here. WORKING TOWARDS GROWTH [IGNORE THIS FOR NOW] --- TEMPLATE FOR MASTER THREAD Post this below following the order outlined above. I. NATION BACKGROUND [Follow Template in link above] II. CHOSEN STATISTICS POPULATION: [Exact value | HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW] GDP PER CAPITA: [Exact value| HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW] LAND AREA (Square Kilometres): [Exact value| HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW] III. COPY OF MAP APPLICATION FORM [Follow Template in link above] IV. MODIFIERS (IF ANY) [Only if applicable, not all cases may require this]
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    OOC: This RP will be taking place in the past, although I figure it's recent enough for it not to be in the history subforum. This RP will cover the 2019 Prymontian general election, from the revelation of the vote counts on February 2nd 2019 to the declaration of the government on April 26th 2019. Expect news coverage of all important aspects, alongside undercover meetings, violent public protests, political backstabbing, and the rise of a new era of Prymontian politics. 2nd February 2019 | 2153hrs PTV Broadcasting House New Halsham United States of Prymont “- and that’s why the communists have to go, they simply --” “I’m sorry Julian but we’re going to have to cut you off as we have some breaking news. George Duval, the President of the United States from the 2017 elections, has lost his seat. This marks the fatal blow of the National Party’s dreadful 2019 election campaign, as the party leader is beaten in his home constituency by Markus Olsen of the United Prymont Future Party. The Nationals will surely have to elect a new head now. We can go live to the East Bremanger constituency, with our correspondent Anders Randen. Anders?” “Yes Julia, we’re live here in East Bremanger, having just witnessed George Duval losing his seat to Markus Olsen. The National Party ranked fourth overall here, behind the Liberals, the People’s Party, and of course the victorious UPFP. Mr Duval was gracious in his defeat, but we expect that the end is near for the National Party as they deal with losses throughout the country. In a historically National constituency of eight thousand people, Duval lost his overwhelming majority and received only nine hundred votes. “Despite this amazing win for the UPFP, we don’t believe it’ll be enough for them to take the challenge to the People’s Party, who are currently in the lead with 39% of the seats throughout Prymont. There aren’t many constituencies left to reveal their vote counts, meaning that both the UPFP cannot overcome the gap to the People’s Party, and that the People’s Party have not reached the majority threshold to claim the government.” “Thank you Anders. We now go to Rock Island North, where our correspondent Helena Antonsen is with the People’s Party leader Felix Frey.” “That’s right Julia, we’re here with Felix Frey who, if he can find a coalition partner, will likely be the next President of the United States. It’s been a great success for you in your home constituency Felix, but unfortunately for your party, the statistics aren’t in your favour and you most likely won’t have enough for an outright majority. Where do you go from here?” “It has been a great success and I feel very honoured and lucky to have been voted as the representative for Rock Island North. I would like to thank the voters throughout the country who have unwaveringly supported the People’s Party, and want to tell you all that we’re dedicated to bringing you a better Prymont. Your voices will not go unheard. As for where we go now, we will wait until all of the constituencies have been finalised before taking the next step. I understand we won’t have enough for a majority on our own. The US has never been in this position before so as we enter these unchartered waters, we will need to tread carefully and be straightforward with the voters. That’s our utmost priority right now.” “Are there any parties in particular that you’ll be hoping to side with, and any to avoid?” “Like I said, it’s hard to say until we know the full story, and I don’t want to tell you something without being sure of it first. The people of Prymont have been lied to enough over the past year and a half of George Duval and his cronies, and we have every intention of laying out the entire truth to our voters, who naturally deserve nothing less. The People’s Party will work quickly and we will work hard to find a suitable partner that mirrors our views and will ensure that the people’s voices are heard. We have every intention of doing things right and quickly creating a government so we can get to work.” “Some very neutral words there from Mr Frey, which unfortunately doesn’t tell us a great deal. What we have learned tonight though is that Prymontian politics will never be the same again. The People’s Party will be scrambling to find suitable coalition partners before their month is up, by when the country will be sent to the polling stations once more in the hopes of creating a majority government. Be sure to stick with us here on PTV1, as we bring you live updates from constituencies across the United States.”
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    So at first, I thought of doing this on a monthly basis. Just to show the headlines from the past month. But, as it turns out, too many newsworthy events are happening. And it would turn this "summary" into a 3-minute video. So I went and turned this into a weekly thing. And included everything from the past 4 weeks of April. Staff is already posting these headlines on the main NS forums. This usually happens every Monday. https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=368243 I made the clips based on those headlines. Images and videos are coming from free stock sites such as Unsplash and Pexels, because I want to stay away from copyright issues.
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    Ever since the declaration of war the palace had become a mad house, but as Aidan looked out over the city, he began to realize that while it was hectic here life continued moving at the same pace. "Your majesty?" A voice came from behind Aidan. He turned to look atone of his aides that had entered his room, various folders and files in his hands. "What is it?" Aidan replied. "I've been requested to ask you to the war room Your Majesty. Admiral Forrest wants to talk to you." Aidan nodded and left his balcony, following the aide through the winding and busy palace. As usual upon entering the war room most of the people present began to stand and salute their king and of course as usual in response Aidan waved them back down. He thanked the aide and made his way to the back private meeting room where Rear Admiral Todd was waiting for him. He gave a brisk salute before spending some moments on a tablet in his hand bringing up the image of Admiral Forrest . Aidan took a seat quickly, followed by Todd. "Admiral, I hope we have a plan." "Yes sir. We've been pouring over the Tagmatine intelligence reports that have been sent to us. It's obviously not complete, but they've manage to steal a few looks at Derthaler coastal defenses. With your permission sir, we want to move forward with a series of probing attacks along the coast. The allied forces are almost ready to begin an attack in force and we need to know as much about the enemy as possible. I've already readied the First Fleet for action." "What exactly will this attack entail Admiral?" "A series of cruise missile attack on various static emplacements and defenses along the coast. We've chosen targets based on the viability of the landing sites, on top of other decoy targets in order to make sure the don't know exactly what we are up to. Although I believe the fleet will most likely out range the Derthalers I've also decided to push them in slightly within range of Derthaler missiles. We need to see what we are dealing with." Aidan glanced over to Rear Admiral Todd, "Admiral?" Todd nodded in agreement with the plan, "I wholeheartedly concur Your Majesty. We need to test their defenses before committing to an attack." "Well this is the easiest decision I've had all day Admiral, you have a go. And good luck. At least you don't have to deal with international outcry." Aidan said with a slight chuckle. "I don't envy the task sir. Thank you sir."
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    Travel bans issued to @PyeMcGowan and @North Dniester amidst violence and civil unrest CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued travel bans against PyeMcGowan and Dniester. The recent report of fourteen assassinations in the former, with a coup building in the latter, means that the United States no longer feels that it can guarantee the safety of any tourists that visit those countries. Refunds for holidays already booked are being issued, and Prymontian nationals currently holidaying or residing in these nations are being offered free return travel at the earliest opportunity. The Foreign Affairs office has been busy in the handful of days that the government has been active, with Minister of Foreign Affairs Julian Nordeng criticising a recently published "propaganda" piece from Dniester, ranking local and relevant countries by their freedom. The report is heavily financed by Dniesterian organisations and many have accused it of severe bias. Nordeng sent an open letter to President Zieminski yesterday and quickly received an unsavoury response. It is believed that this souring of the already tense relations between Prymont and Dniester contributed to the issuing of the travel ban, but the official statement places full responsibility on the ongoing civil war. A travel ban still exists to Poland-Lithuania, which was implemented over a year ago in March, after violent protests swept the nation. Travel agencies fear that the ban will never be lifted, and have expressed concerns regarding the length of the two new restrictions. Nordeng has assured travellers that the ban will only be lifted "when the country is deemed entirely safe and rid of any risks that could pose a danger to the safety of Prymontians". No planes will be departing the United States for PyeMcGowan or Dniester, as travel bans are issued with immediate effect. Prymontian recycling companies offer to take @Variotan waste BREMANGER, SØRFORT - The CEO of the Prymontian Waste Company (PWC), Kevin Hoem, has extended a deal to Variotan 'trash king' Hennie Mankepoot which, if agreed upon, would see thousands of tonnes of Variotan waste being brought to the United States to be dealt with in an environmentally friendly, efficient manner. Mankepoot made Variotan headlines recently after proposing that the country creates artificial land in the Keelpijppassage by placing cubes of compacted rubbish into the waters. Mankepoot wants to bridge the gap between the Variotan mainland and the Lukinagrad dependency, but Hoem stresses that this could have dire environmental effects. "The idea that such an advanced and intelligent country could even consider this proposal is very worrying. I've been at the forefront of waste management and recycling for two decades with PWC and the benefits are clear for all to see. Less than 1% of waste in Prymont goes to landfills, and that's because companies like PWC are taking in waste to recycle it and dispose of it in a green, environmentally conscious way. Everyday products in the United States can be made from recycled materials that we create from everyday waste, items ranging from pencils and paper to coffee cups and clothing. There's the potential for us to go to Variota and show them how it's done, but they've got to be aware of the damage that careless waste disposal has on the environment, and more importantly, they've got to care enough to change the mindset of the people and be proactive in recycling." The PWC, which is 20% owned by the government, wants to receive Variotan waste to keep their Prymontian factories running. The United States' recycling and waste disposal plants are having to send workers home early as there's simply not enough rubbish to process. While recycled materials can go on to make other products, they can also be used to generate electricity, reducing the need to rely on harmful coal and nuclear power plants. Disclosed reports from senior PWC personnel also shows a desire to expand abroad in the hopes of getting rich from rubbish. PWC employees sort through a batch of waste, sending different materials to be used for different recycling purposes.
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    Hello dear children and adults. This is Uncle Bron. Get ready, because have some really BS News for you. SOME LEADING POLITICIANS in the East-Aurelian nation of @Shffahkia have made a rousing call for solidarity in a deeply divided country. We've been told this includes President Adélaïde Larue, who is quoted as saying: "It's time for this country to heal, join hands, and unify against the other half of the country." A second source claims the politician added: "The only way to end the deep division the nation has faced is to commit ourselves to not even questioning or having a single negative thought about anyone who calls themselves a Parannaian." The #ProtectPoliticians campaign, started by civility champions and sponsored by Radio Free Eurth, asks those who join it to stop asking Shffahkian politicians annoying questions or pointing out when politicians say or do stupid things or commit crimes. The movement has birthed such woke slogans as "Criticism is Treason" and "Questions are for Traitors." A written pledge has been drafted and politicians across the nation have been asked to sign the document to unify with half the country. Those who refuse will be gifted a one-way helicopter tour over the Quanahabe Gulf.
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Govt moving ahead with strategic oil reserves O'POLIS -- Six companies have shown preliminary interest in partnering with Orioni in the development of Phase-II of its Orioni Strategic Petroleum Reserves (OSPR). The nation imports at least 80% of its crude oil supplies. For this reason, the government has fast-tracked efforts to build underground bunkers for oil storage in a strategic bet against future supply disruptions. “We have already received interest from over half-a-dozen companies for the second phase in the past three months. These are mostly construction companies, commodity trading firms or investment banks," the councillor of Energy Elisa Solna told Roiters in an interview. "While most of the companies want to either operate, construct or source the crude, we are looking for a company which can do all the three.” OSPR has been scouting for investors to participate in the construction of Phase-II of Orioni’s strategic petroleum reserves and has held road-shows in Ide Jima, Miiros and Tamurin. Cllr Solna also explained how Phase-II of the project is scheduled to be developed as a public-private partnership. OSPR was created by the energy department with the mandate to construct strategic petroleum reserves across the nation. Under Phase-I, it has already constructed a strategic reserve capacity of 5,3 million tonnes across three locations. These three locations are: 1,3 million tonnes at Nordhaven; 1,5 million tonnes at Meda; and 2,5 million tonnes in Zuidhaven. The Imperial Council approved setting up additional capacity as part of the second phase of the project in which Orioni plans to construct additional facilities at Dion, Oris and Andro for storage of around 6,5 million tonnes of crude. The construction of these three additional storages add reserves that can last for 12 days in addition to 10 days achieved in Phase I. Orioni refiners maintain 65 days of crude storage. Taking that into account, the nation’s petroleum storage capacity is likely to go up to 87 days after finishing Phase II of the project. The Entente of Oriental States (EOS) recommends its member countries to maintain 90 days of crude storage to manage supply disruptions.
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    Flying Watchtowers Due to severely limited time, the manufacture of new aerocraft designs had to be put out of mind in preparation for the war. Instead, retrofits of existing bombers were started and carried out as fast as possible so as to allow the Imperial Army to cover one of its weaknesses. Teams of technicians began work around the clock, working in three shifts to inspect bombers, check the equipment and wiring, and then begin gutting them and altering their frames to accommodate the new sensitive equipment that they would be carrying. Large dishes had to be secured to the hulls of the former bombers, with new reinforcement going into the frames as well so as to ensure they would remain secure. Once done, swarms of men would go over it setting up the new wiring and running tests to ensure that there would not be any burn outs, with redundant fuse boxes being added in as well. Finally, the new equipment would be placed into the hulls and bolted secure once hooked up. The internals were bare and exposed, so new panelling also needed to go in so as to make it somewhat more comfortable for the crews to operate. Finally, the defences went back in. New chaff and flares were put in so as to give the aerocraft some defence from enemy attack, even if they were not meant to be far from support. These features, while not particularly new, were important for giving ease of mind to the crews operating the newly named Horizon Watchers. While it would not have the effect of having visible gunners, it would still give them some sense of protection, other than the immense height that they would be flying at. Once finished, the crews were put into them and given crash courses on their operation. The pilots were mostly bomber pilots who were familiar with the unmodified versions of the Watchers, so training was minimal, besides having them adjust to the new aerodynamics of the aerocraft. The radar crews on the other hand had to become accustomed to the tight quarters and specifics of the machines they were operating with. Many of them were taken from ground crews or ships, and as such had no experience whatsoever with flight previous to this. Acclimatisation would have to take place quickly, and those completely unsuited to this unnatural state of being, were quickly replaced by others. Once in the air, they began flying circuits around the Empire's south, peaking over the horizon and reporting back to ground crews and teams about what they saw. They were going to be the first warning the defenders had. No matter what, they had to keep up in the air as long as possible and ensure that there was never a break in their vigil. On the other hand, response teams had been assembled as soon as war was declared. Flights of fighters were organised and given special orders. For the duration of the war, pilots were expected to remain on their bases or nearby at all times until further orders were given. Whenever a sortie was ordered, they were expected to either overwhelm enemy forces with superior numbers of at least three to one or engage in defence in depth, slowly yielding space and drawing out the engagement as long as possible in order to force the enemy aerocraft to either retreat as their fuel supplies withered farther from home, or stay put long enough for ground forces to begin taking them out with surface to air missiles if they were not able to previously. Superior numbers, overlapping areas of support, quicker response times, and far longer sortie times were the key to victory in the air. Though a comprehensive and mobile network of air defence had been set up, with overwhelming numbers of false targets to draw enemy attention, allowing aerial superiority to be taken was not an option. The navy would likely be the first to suffer, as their ships were nearly impossible to hide or fake. Without them, holes in the coastal defence would open, as enemy landing craft would no longer have to worry about being intercepted, and the effective area of control and retaliation would shrink as only land based assets would be left. Similarly, other larger static installations on land would also be at far greater risk, even with the aerial defence network intact, as enemy fighters could make suicide attacks upon them thus opening holes in the defences yet again. As such, as soon as a report from the Watchers came in, the fighters would sally forth and beat back the invaders.
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    Faramount's longstanding dictator will be dying in the next few weeks, prompting a brief but intense fight to succeed him. His son-in-law will ultimately succeed, but in doing so, will do serious harm the nation's military and security services, thus leading to major gains by communist rebels, ethnic insurgents, and a radical Christian/Truthist militant group. The country will essentially fall into very serious fighting. I've been working over the last few months to give a lot of nations a strong interest in the outcome. @Rihan is exploiting Faramount for petroleum and slaves. Both @Derthalen and @Limonaia are exploiting Faramount for petroleum and coal, have a substantial expatriate presence in Faramount, and have close religious and cultural ties with Faramount. @Seylos's Monarch has a major operation in the nation, which I believe its planning to use as a recruitment base. @Fulgistan is funding and arming the communist rebels, whose government is hosted in Bogd Gioro. I'm also told that @North Dniester might be interested in directly invading to get access to petroleum. So I figured it'd be a pretty good idea to establish a general thread to discuss the extent to which people might be planning to get involved.
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    As said in the RP mentoring channel, I've had the idea to organize a sort of speed dating idea to switch things up a bit and establish ties between nations. In part, the concept is based on things I've seen in different regions that had 'news cycles' and such. Basic idea: Sign up Easy enough. Each time the subject changes, I'll make a sign up thread for people to sign up in. This allows people to decide their participation based on whether they'll have time and, also important, whether the subject interests them. (We could change this up to have the subject randomly chosen at the same time as the couples, in order to keep numbers from falling in the case of less-liked subjects.) Assigning people People will be assigned at random, through random.org's number generator. Names on a list, each name a number, easy enough. I'll release the list both on the OOC thread and the OP of the IC thread. Subject Each thread will have a subject. It could be something quite precise or something as vague as cuisine, which means the people teamed up could elaborate about fusion cooking (ex. Variotan-Fulgistani cuisine), a chef that holds fame in both or one of the nations, a famous restaurant, a well-known cook book, whatever. The goal here would be to promote connections between the two nations in an as large or as small a way as both participants can agree on. People can propose subjects, which I'll keep in a list together with whatever I think up and use random.org (because I like it and it gives all subjects a fair chance to get selected) to select the next thread's subject. How The how will be kept as open as possible. For example, both participants could come together to write a short story such as a critic's review of the famous restaurant I mentioned in 'Subject'. Or a travel guide bit, news articles, a wiki page, etc. Obviously, it'd be great if this leads to something both nations could use in their RPs, although that's not always possible of course. The goal is a bit of nice worldbuilding in ways some/most wouldn't have thought about with people they might not have thought about. Duration I'd imagine a sign up time of a week being good enough, as it would be as simple as 'I want to join in this round'. For the duration of the IC thread, I feel two weeks should be good for discussing things and writing them out especially as this is meant as a way to set up the connect, start it up. Theoretically, we could do the sign ups for the next thread once everyone has put in their bit, which might done sooner than the full two weeks, or during the last week of the IC thread in case things work out and it doesn't feel too rushed. It's all up for tweaking while we do it, of course. Learn and adapt and all that. I'll keep this in the moderation forum for 24 hours or so, in case there are any glaring issues we as the moderation team see, before moving it into the normal public forums.
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    O'polis, 16 March 1974 Nearly a week had gone by since Chairlady Berhanu Talagi extended her informal invitation to the other island nations. Global communication in these exciting 1970s was improving at a rapid pace. Sure, telephones had been around for what seemed like ages. But affairs of state were somewhat lagging behind. It was only a decade ago that the telefax or fax-via-telephone transmission gave a boost to the exchange of documents. Nowadays, you could send out a document and receive the confirmation only 2 days later. Such progress! Slowly but surely the responses trickled in. It wasn't just the Orinese who encountered practical problems as a consequence of the Argic War. The challenges faced by islands nations were quite unique, yet also strikingly similar when compared to others. To the east, in the Oriental Ocean, the rapidly growing economy of the Sunset Sea Islands experienced growing pains. Meanwhile, Kipan emerged from reconstruction after the Thalassan War and looked to expand into emerging markets. At the same time, over to the west in Marenesia, His Holiness Pope Leo XXIV of Salvia experienced at first-hand the unpleasant consequences of the Argic Conflict. To solve similar issues, PM Walker of Gallambria was creating an economic recovery plan. And PM Lviv of nearby Bulgenstaz showed equal interest in an international get together. Chapter 1: the Nakazima Declaration Kipan, 19 May 1974 It was the Wise and Honorable Emperor of Kipan, Toba, who went one step further. His Highness invited everyone to meet in the southern coastal city of Nakazami, on the Kipanese island of Matigu. Chairlady Talagi was happy to report this to her Empress Owa. With so much positive cooperation, the different agendas were put together, and a date was picked. Late May 1974 was chosen as the best time. The weather was not yet too warm. And monsoon season would only start in mid-June. Evidently, her Highness the Empress was in no state to make the journey travel to Kipan herself. At 66, Empress Owa only attended domestic and ceremonial events. This undertaking concerning island nations was more a matter for ambitious and aspiring politicians. And so the arduous and adventurous task of travelling halfway across the Eurth fell to the 46-year-old Councillor of Trade & Transportation, Mr Zakaria Canmore (1928-2000). Zakaria is a kind senior politician. He grew up in an upper-class neighbourhood of Zuidhaven and has a post-graduate degree from Sirius Business School in politics and economics. The aviation network of Oriental Airlines had developed reliable connections with mainland Europa. But crossing the entire ocean in one go was still something above the capabilities of the Oriental Airlines' fleet. Passenger travel across the eastern ocean was very expensive, something only high-paying business people could afford. Some elite aviation companies were investigating the economics of more long-haul aeroplanes. But the high fuel prices prevented the masses from enjoying the luxury of air travel. After departing from O’polis International Airport, the government plane made two stops: first on Burkini island, and a second time in Sunset City. When Canmore stepped off the aeroplane onto the tarmac of Nakazami Uemon International Airport, she was greeted by Economics Minister Taro Nakada and Foreign Minister Matsu Takashima. The Kipanese extended the warmest welcome from Emperor Toba; Mr Canmore shared the same blessings: "Her Majesty the Empress Owa would like to express her sincere gratitude for the Kipanese attention to the relations of island nations, which have gained significant momentum during His Majesty Emperor Toba's years on the imperial throne. I hope that mutually beneficial ties between our countries will continue to strengthen in all areas." Besides extending pleasantries, Mr Canmore was also charged with solving two important questions for Orioni: expensive imports and fishing rights. All those formal pleasantries took about 10 minutes, give or take. Mr Nakada gestured to one of the vehicles. A sleek black town car with little flags on the hood. Mr Canmore was impressed by the apparent quality and style of this pinnacle of Kipanese motor engineering. In the polished black door, he could see the reflection of his own face. "Oh my, I do look tired", Canmore thought to himself, before taking a seat inside. The interior was even more opulent. Soft leather interior with comfortable seating. With a low hum, the convoy departed the airport and drove the delegation to its destination. (OOC @Kipan: I'm slightly improvising here. I presume only ministers are present to receive other ministers. I also presume the talks will be held either (1) downtown at some fancy club which doubles as a hotel, or (2) a secluded, greener park setting in the style of a country club. I leave this up to you as host. More OOC discussion here.)
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    Okay. So I've taken some time to look through the available factbook and wikipedia pages about Christianity, and based on what's been said here, I've got a basic proposal for an overview of the history of Christianity. Obviously, this is just a very early proposal, and I'm sure we'll need to probably completely rewrite it to account for specific national histories. Christianity emerges in the first century as a sect of Judaism, but quickly breaks off into its own religion. The Aroman Empire adopts the religion as its official religion in the fourth century, but when the Aroman Empire subsequently collapses (year TBD), Christianity falls into disarray. There is no Council of Ephesus or Council of Chalcedon. To some extent, this facilitates the spread of the religion, as its beliefs can be significantly changed in order to facilitate new people joining (explaining it suddenly being all over the world). Most of the major modern denominations come into existance as state-established religions in which the head of state is the head of the church (we see this in @Ahrana, @Tagmatium Rules, and @Cristina). These churches come to be referred to as "Orthodox" churches because they tend to seek to revive the practices and rules of the old Aroman Catholic Church. Catholic Churches emerge for a variety of political and religious reasons, probably mostly related to desiring independence from politics (the Ahranian Catholic Church and Tatani Catholic Church come out of Ahranian Orthodoxy, Tag's Catholic Church and @Sancti Imperii Catholico Salvian Catholicism come from Tagmatine Orthodoxy, @Limonaian Catholicism comes out of Cristinese Orthodoxy). Protestantism would probably be more a reaction to the corruption of politically-dominated churches than to the corruption of a central, independent Catholic Church. @Seylos could weigh in here on how he felt Seylosian Protestantism came into being. Bottom line here is that Christianity would be far more fractured, with much larger differences between denominations, compared to real life.
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    The Dniesterian National Index Organization, has, in co-operation with their counterparts in Bulgenstatz, have made a freedom index. LIST FROM MOST FREE TO LEAST FREE Dniester - Dniester is the most free country on Eurth because of its amazing civil rights, devotion to the glorious cause of communism, and its fostering of freedom movements across the Eurth. Dniester also signs many nuclear power deals to keep the Eurth spinning and power to all. There is zero corruption and the military is the most powerful and splendid on Eurth. Dniester also has a program to keep its citizens in as to not cause them to defect from the country due to hostile propaganda poisoning the minds of many. That's why the Dniesterian Secret Poli[REDACTED]many. This is also why Dniester is #1 in EVERY RESPECT. Bulgenstatz - Bulgenstatz is the second most free country because of devotion to communism and its close ties to Dniester. It is lower because it has abandoned some Dniesterian ideals. Fulgistan - Fulgistan is communist but it practices democracy People's Republic of Faramount - The only true Faramount is communist but practices democracy and is lead by foreigners Ahrana - Ahrana is communist but it maintains some good relations to evil imperialists (e.g. Prymont) Iverica - Iverica has made weapons deals with the dniesterian government Adaptus - Adaptus has made weapons deals with the dniesterian government [TBD - INFORMATION REDACTED] Derthalen - at war with allies of Dniester Prymont - evil imperialist [CENSORS NOTE: Prymont has been moved lower for threatening freedom of the press in Dniester.] S.I.C. - religion SPECIAL THANKS FOR DONATIONS FROM 1. Dniesterian South Zagorian Main Administration 2. Dniesterian Presidental Foundation 3. Bulgenstaz-Dniester Friendship Foundation 4. Dniesterian Army 5. Dniesterian Air Force 6. Dniesterian Air Assault Forces 7. Dniesterian Navy 8. Dniesterian Naval Air Corps 9. Dniesterian Secret Po[REDACTED] 10. Dniesterian Redaction Administration ...And many more!
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    Union President Gives Shffahkian Stance in Dolch See Conflict Recently Union President Larue has been under immense pressure from both political friend and foe to announce unanimous support for the Dolch See War as declared by AFMS. The Union President declared that she would not be announcing the Shffahkian stance preferring to stay mute which sparked a wave of protests. Demographically Shffahkia is in almost unanimous support. 30 to 40 million Shffahkians identify as Shffahko-Limonaian. 28 million Shffahko-Éireanns live in Shffahkia which is larger than the number of Éreanns living in Éire proper. Add to all this Shffahkia's membership in ICEB and it is no surprise that Union President Larue has been pressured by the PNC and even her own party alongside many communities to announce Shffahkian support. However, not willing to give way completely under pressure, Larue didn't declare her support for war, but for peace. Shffahkia will officially be joining nations such as @Sunset Sea Islands and @Rihan in support for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Although an unpopular move, the Senate, Cambre, Collective, or the Council are unable to do anything about it as decision-making power on foreign policy lays exclusively in the hands of the Union President. Paranne Reintegration Act Explained As of late Shffahkian news has been by a select few topics at the top of which is the Paranne Reintegration Act of 2019 (Lysian: Acte da Reintégration da République da Paranne à la République Fédérative da Sfakie). It can be very easy to miss out on exactly what the Larue Administration promised in this "deal" to the Parannais government in exchange for unification. NSAS hired renowned political analyst André Azaïs to read through the over 1 000-page document and to pick out the most important parts. 1. Political Changes Beginning with changes to the political structures of Shffahkia, the integration of the Parannais government and elected representatives into the four legislatures of Shffahkia. The Larue Administration has already appointed the majority of already-existing Parannais ministers and representatives into the Shffahkian Council and the Collective of Ministers at the behest of former president Émeric Dutoit, while Parannais representatives to the Senate and Chambre will be elected through elections. 2. Constitutional Changes Second, are the changes to be made to the Shffahkian constitution. In essence, these changes will limit the powers of the role of Union President as defined in the Larue Amendments which quite literally make the Union President stand above the law. In the act, the removal of the Larue Amendment, as well as several changes which will make the constitution resemble more the original constitution of the first Shffahko-Republic are specified to be passed after the Senate and Chambre elections. 3. Economic Changes Paranne and Shffahkia proper were close trading partners as both of them had similar economic structures. But unlike Shffahkia which still carries on a semi-archaic Syndicalist economic policy, Paranne had embraced State Capitalism as its choice. As a result, Paranne saw much in terms of economic growth and improvement reaching yearly growth rates almost as high as Dasdaine's. In the reintegration act, it is specified that Shffahkia will officially adopt a State Capitalist economic policy while still retaining some aspects of its former economy. What this will look like to the everyday Shffahkian, is that more economic freedom and economic chances will arise. This part has been heavily criticized by the PNC. 4. A Touxouloutma Parliament The easiest part to miss in the whole act is that Shffahkia agrees to the formation of a Touxouloutma parliament. The Touxouloutma are the natives in Shffahkia that today number between 14 to 16 million. A Touxouloutma parliament would become the representative body for the people of Touxouloutma heritage. It would act as an institution of cultural autonomy for the indigenous Touxouloutma people officially becoming the fifth legislature in Shffahkia. This is the part which some in Larue's LUP heavily disagree with saying that it promotes separation instead of unification which is the acts original purpose.
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    An aristocratic manor outside Mireya Crown Prince Kravos had been quietly conducting the civil war, through Solov, from his personal retreat. He left the Imperial Palace the night before the FAA came out into the open and declared war upon his father's regime. He had not communicated one word to him -- and as far as his father was aware, the FAA was responsible for his kidnapping or, and probably more desired his death. Kravos and Davros had never liked each other and Kravos was totally content with his assumed death. All the better that his revenge would feel the second he'd be before his own father when the FAA stored Vardin -- of course, that day had to come first. Imperial forces were emboldened following the cargo plane crash. He knew the FAA was not responsible for it as the nearest military unit was not within ten miles of the site, let alone for the fact that the unit did not possess mobile anti-aircraft equipment. All of the FAA's, a mere fifteen obtained through paid military deals with less than loyal military commanders, had all been positioned to protect Endvo. The plane's downing was solely on the Imperial government. Kravos knew his father did not care about casualty rates, whether it was his own or those who were not involved. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't take the personal risk to share this information with the international community or his role with the FAA would be exposed. There was a knock on the door of the study he was sitting in. Chornarov entered. "...the Emperor continues to blame the FAA for the downing of the plane," he said. Kravos nodded. "Not unsurprising. What of the investigation?" "Solov accepted the offer, per your recommendation," he responded. "The Imperials, not wanting to look weak, concurred. We should expect several Tikvan inspectors to arrive in a few days." "Where are the Shai agents?" "They were supposed to meet us in Chukba but our failed offensive has cut us off from them. Why?" "We could use them to get the proof of the movement's innocence out of the country or at least transmitted to the proper channels." "Perhaps," paused Chornarov. "But we have bigger problems at the moment. Endvo is at risk of being attacked by the Imperial 4th Army, Gradin is surrounded, and without Chukba secured, we cannot use the protection of Juddish people to get Tikva completely on-side." "The Tikvans are playing a dangerous game. They are playing both sides of the table." His friend cut him off. "You technically are, except that you are staying in your rather ornate home." The telephone rang. It was Solov. Both men spoke for ten minutes discussing the situation in the Zygarian highlands. "...Poporov is making another contribution to the effort. It's the fourth payment, we only have one more coming in so we have to make some moves before we can no longer pay the military commanders who've offered their services..." Chornarov cut into the conversation. "I have a better idea than using his money. We should stage a daring raid upon the Imperial Treasury." Solov and Kravos were silent. "No, no," said Solov, "we cannot take that risk, not with our stronghold in direct line of attack." Kravos sat quietly and then spoke up. "Solov," he responded, "it may be too risky for most FAA units, but, we do have some favors we could call upon...I wonder if our Fulgistani support would like to help us take a withdrawal. They, of course, can take a cut of the job for compensation..." The Premier was quiet. "I am not sure, but I am happy to have our sole contact ask them if they are interested in the work. "One other thing," said Kravos, but before he could continue his sentence, one of his bodyguards rushed into the room. "I hate to interrupt but our friend in town noticed a few army trucks leaving Mireya and coming up the mountain road in direction. I firmly believe that they're from the Imperial 1st Army." Chornarov turned to the crown prince, "it would appear that your father has figured out that you are alive and either he wants to bring you back to Vardin or outright kill you." "We'll have to finish this conversation later," and slammed the phone onto the floor. "Time to go." "Go where?" asked Chornarov. "We are going to Endvo, with all haste," he responded collecting a few valuables, his service pistol, and his journal. "The fate of Aluxia lies in the contents of these pages, a new Aluxia can only come from what's written within." His bodyguards, in total five, had been preparing for this moment and had packed his car. "No time to waste, we'll take the long way down around the backside of Mireya."
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    Political Campaign on Finishing Line as Referendum Approaches As May 1st draws near, the electoral battle and political rallies are reaching their climax. During his most recent speech in attendance of many representatives of the young Technocrats responsible for many of the early Technocratic movements, Party Chairman Candidate Gao He Ping addressed the youth of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. "It would have been an honour to be the speaker of this nation and its people under any given circumstance, but nothing fills the heart of this sixty-six-year-old man with more pride that leading the political movement initiated by the intelligent, globally aware and politically interested youth of the Radiant Republic. In contrast to other elections in the past, this is not the established generation deciding the fate of the nation it will likely never see themselves, no, this election is a battle fought and won by the youth. A youth that has partaken in political debates in its free time, organised discussions and educated themselves, independently from their scholar education. A youth that has been brave enough to not only march on the streets for the future they believe in but also to reach out to high-ranking government officials. It was Your interest and Your vision for a better tomorrow that has moved our hearts and led us to walk the path less travelled by, and that has made all the difference. This referendum, this monumental decision, is the culmination of the efforts of our vigilant youth. A youth alert to dangers established politicians might not notice anymore. A youth that demands the voice of reason to be the guiding star of national politics. Truly, we are witnessing the dawn of an age in which the youth fights for the progressive policies necessary to lead a nation into the future and safeguards against the influence of conservative, counterprogressive groups from within and -out the nation, that want to keep it stagnant. This golden age is not only approaching our Radiant Republic, but we can also observe the youth waking up around the globe. And wherever they do so, we can plainly see how the nation flourishes with new life. One of the most recent examples would be the Queendom of @Morheim, where a young queen, a member of this golden youth, gathered the leaders of the free world to fight for the future of this planet Eurth. It is the youth who strive for eco-friendly policies, it is You, who see the faults of the previous generations who and aim to pass this world on to Your children in a better state than the one You have received it in. It is not only the voice of the youth of the Radiant Republic, but also that of @Shffahkia, who joined our condemnation of @Kipanese and @Rihannsu whaling, and that of @Soreana, which strives to ratify the Laren Agreement as fast as possible. It is the belief in common values, like protecting the environment, that unites the youth of all nations. This passion for the environment of the world we live in is a strong reason for the popularity and success of Technocracy. For decades, it has been the youth calling out to the government to listen to the scientists warning us of global warming. What, if not listening to the advice of scientists, is the quintessence of Technocracy? Once more, to the youth of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands: it was You who laid the foundations for this battle We are now fighting against the counterprogressive forces that want to keep this tired world stagnant. Youth of all nations, wake up! Youth of the Radiant Republic, this referendum is the decisive battle in the fight for Your future! Whether friends or family, the larger our numbers, the larger our chance for a prosperous future for all of us! Vote >>YES<< on the referendum on May 1st!" Meanwhile, political think tanks and special task forces have begun drafting a nationwide technocratic constitution based on the data generated from the "test run" in Tenma, however, the government is also preparing for the political fallout that could result from the referendum failing. Global Community Split on War in @Derthalen As the news of the war on the Confederated Empire of Derthalen spreads across the globe, more and more nations issue official reactions to the eruption of conflict in Æitiastain, the south-eastern region of Argis. The calls for immediate peace talks on neutral territory by the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands have been endorsed by the Republic @Rihan and the State of @Tikva who have expressed their support through their offices for foreign relations. However, not every nation is as supportive of our notion as the aforementioned ones. The Empire of @Tagmatium Rules has criticised the Radiant Republic for calling for peace talks, argumenting with the uncivilised practices of the Holy Empire which have led to the eruption of the war. In the same declaration, the Tagmatine Empire has furthermore diminished the efforts of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands to eliminate crime and to keep the population safe as "snooping". Disregarding the next in a series of Tagmatine denouncements of the internal politics of the Radiant Republic, the Sunset Sea Islands firmly stand behind their opinion that this conflict should be solved at a conference table and not on the battlefields, where thousands of innocent lives will be lost for the actions of a corrupt few. In other nations, however, the actions of one virtuous and righteous man have prevented more oil to be poured into the flames of this conflict and thereby saving countless lives: The courageous President of the Unified Socialist Republic of @North Dniester, V. Zieminski, vetoed the warmongering notion of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Dniester calling for the total annihilation of Derthalen. The Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands endorses this decision and is relieved to see that there are upright national leaders that will fight for peace even if their opponents are warmongering elements within their own government. Whether this schism between the President of the Unified Socialist Republic and the General Secretary of the Dniestrian Communist Party will have any further consequences remains to be seen. The Grand Duchy of @Limonaia, the Kingdom of @Seylos and the Workers Republic of @Fulgistan have used the attack of Derthaler slavers on a Limonaian cruise ship as a casus belli to declare war on the Holy Empire. The Republic of Rihan, which endorsed the calls for peace talks by the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, is currently at war with the neighbouring Enolia, which is perceived as hypocritical by some.
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    Chambre of Representatives Debate Breaks Record Following the broadcasting of the Chambre of Representatives election, Shffahkian TV stations and streaming services recorded a record number of live viewers to the debates. With over 35,4 million Shffahkians tuning in to watch the live debate, the Chambre of Representatives broke all earlier records topping the previous record held by the Monin-Kondukanto debate in 1968 with a landslide. One major reason its success is the sheer fact that it is the first open political debate in Shffahkia since 1898. For 121 years political debates have either been sidestepped or been heavily scripted and subsequently censored. It is no surprise that when the first truly open political debate was announced that it would draw in a large audience. The second major reason is the heated back and forth which was observed between sitting Union President Larue and SCUL chairman Féyeau. Despite the PNC also being present at the debate, the spotlight was very much centred towards Larue and Féyeau. Not content with only answering questions, Féyeau took to the stage and used the opportunity to criticise and question the sitting Union President which was unprecedented. Here are some notable moments from the debate as picked by the NSAS News Crew. "Union President Larue, one of the major concerns some Shffahkians have with the Paranne Reintegration Act is the further implementations of Capitalist policies it applies. As a consequence, we've seen an increase in the number of companies established in Shffahkia. How far right are you willing to go with your economic policies and will these policies discourage the formation of collectives and co-operatives in the future?" "In order to normalize Shffahkia, some degree of economic freedom and by association right-leaning policies are necessary. I do not have the intention of favouring companies over collectives or co-operatives, for I intend to create an environment where the three can co-exist. The fact is not all economic activity can be done through collectives or co-operatives. With my policies, I will cut down on needless support for collectives and co-operatives and in their place establish state-owned companies which can do the job more efficiently... ... I will reiterate, I simply wish to cut down on needless spending by introducing companies where necessary." ... "SCUL Chairman Féyeau, as it stands Shffahkia has two official languages, Lysian and Esperanto, yet there is a significant amount of Limonaian speakers the number of which some estimates put all the way to 30 million and some 4 million Touxouloutma speakers without representation on the national level. Would you seek to implement Limonaian and/or Touxouloutma as a language on the national level?" "The SCUL has had within its party agenda the inclusion of all groups of society into governance since 1994. This hasn't changed. In Paranne, I promised the SCUL would fight to have Touxouloutma be a recognized language. I intend to keep this promise. Not only that, I extend this promise to the Shffahko-Limonaians. The Fact that over 34 million Shffahkians do not have their native language represented in governance while Esperanto is still paraded as an official language (talk about needless spending) is made even more unacceptable when taking into consideration that these very same people are having their votes suppressed in the current administration's attempt to interfere with democracy." Larue then proceeded to respond to Féyeau before the announcer could start speaking. "Firstly, no one has done more for democracy in this country than I. Before the Reintegration Act, Shffahkia had just recently held elections. The Shffahkian people then made their choice. Having needless elections when the choice is clear is only going to cause instability. Need I remind you of the time when 9 elections were held in only 6 months as a move by the Monin family to disrupt democracy? Secondly, I do not see the implementation of Limonaian or Touxouloutma on the national level as necessary especially when some states have already adopted Limonaian as a state language. The decision to enforce Limonaian or Touxouloutma needs to be left to the states. As for Esperanto, my administration has taken steps to lessen its influence but it is good to note that several universities and communities still use Esperanto as their go-to language." "Democracy doesn't cause instability, it is those who oppose it that do." Féyeau replied. ... "Moving on! Union President Larue, recently the @Sunset Sea Islands' government criticized the Republic of @Rihan and the State of @Kipan over the legalization of commercial whaling. What is your stance on the issue?" "The legalization of commercial whaling is yet another monument to the avarice of nations. I have nothing but the utmost praise towards the SSI for speaking on behalf of environmental concerns. However, the Shffahkian position is different. For the Aurelian project to become a success, I see it salient to focus on encouragement instead of discouragement, to unify instead of separate. But with such actions from the Kipanese and Rihanssu governments, it is ever more salient to observe whether Aurelian unity is used for the betterment of Aurelia or the destruction of its lands and seas and to be on our guard. This also presents a situation where our two nations may find even more common ground such as in the Manamana." ... "Finally, SCUL Chairman Féyeau, tensions in the Dolch See have finally culminated in the declaration of war from AFMS. You've stated earlier that you feel a great sense of worry for the Derthaler people. What do you mean by that?" "Unlike some other crises, this one has been brought on by unimaginable acts of barbarity from, not the every-day Derthaler citizen, but their oppressive 'nobility' that has kept alive the practice of slavery into the 21st century. Good to note that one of the nations building the Aurelian Project is one which does not see its own citizens as equals. But that's beside the point. A war will be fought in the Dolch See, it is most likely that AFMS will be victorious but what will happen then? Will they exact vengeance upon a people for the deeds or their morally corrupt oppressors and divide? Or will they rebuild, civilize, or in the words of the Union President herself, normalize and unite Derthalen? This is why I feel worried about the every-day Dethaler citizen, not their corrupt nobility." ... Sean Noël Wins Qualifiers A third reason why the debate was watched by so many is that it was followed by the Shffahkian Eurthvision Qualifying Finals. Compared to the debate's 35,4 million Shffahkians, the national qualifiers pulled over 48 million live spectators. Accounting for other Shffahko-states such as Dasdaine and Théhasse, the total goes to almost 150 million. Shffahkian musician, Sean Noël, won the national qualifiers and was chosen to represent Shffahkia in the upcoming Eurthvision competition in Variota. Sean Noël's winning ticket was his song "We Didn't Light the Pyre" which light the crowd ablaze. Sean Noël was born in the late 1940s into Delacroix's Collectivist Shffahkia. His musical career would begin in the late 1960s when he went to a concert by the popular Die Käfer band and was inspired to pursue a career in music. Noël wrote his signature song "Clavichord Fellow" which even to this day is the final song in almost all his concerts. Clavichord Fellow was written in 1973 with the Break-Up of Shffahkia looming in the backdrop. The song united an ever-increasingly politically divided Shffahkia with Dasdaine already having declared independence. Songs like Clavichord Fellow formed the so-called Shffahkian music sphere which referred to countries where Shffahko-state artists such as Sean Noël were popular. Now with the passing of the Paranne Reintegration Act, Sean Noël has once more become a Shffahkian citizen after a 40-year middle period
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    There was rarely such thing as an “informal” meeting in the government of Arhomaneia. Almost everything had layers of protocol and ritual dedicated to it, to show all of the parties involved that one was superior to the other, that the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator was higher than them and that Christ was above all. A meeting between the Megas Logothetes ton Stratiotikou, the Minister for War, and the Epistrategaion, the High Command, was no different, even if this one was nominally “informal”. As the representative of the monarch of Tagmatium, Honorios Kontarian was preceded and followed by members of the imperial bodyguards, resplendent in their golden armour and white and red robes. Two priests topped and tailed the procession and they filled the air with wafts of incense. The party stopped at the large, elaborately carved wooden doors that blocked their entrance into the meeting room, but only for a moment. To show that the High Command was entirely in sync with the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, the Imperial Government, the doors were opened so that the party outside were only still for a heartbeat. The room that Kontarian walked into was markedly different to almost all of the meeting rooms within the Imperial Palace Complex – it was semi-circular, light and airy, with pillars supporting a high roof with windows around the circumference of the walls. The floor was a uniform dark marble, with no ostentatious mosaics covering it. There was only a single wooden crucifix at the centre of the wall opposite the door as ornamentation. In the centre of the room, down half a dozen steps in front of the door, was a semi-circular table, mirroring the shape of the room. It was of dark wood, with nine chairs along the outside curve and one chair along the straight side. This part was slightly raised up, which was to demonstrate to the members of the armed forces that the representative of the civilian government was the one who was in control. The nine chairs were already filled, with three from each of the armed forces. The three from the army were in the centre, the three from the navy to their right and the three from the air force to their left. There was a scraping of wood on marble as the occupants rose and bowed towards the Megas Logothetes. They were still bowed as he approached his own chair and it was only when he was stood between it and the table that he gave them a bow of his own and they all straightened up again. The imperial bodyguards fanned out behind Kontarian and the priests stood either side. “Let us pray...” Kontarian led the group in a prayer, one that called for peace on Eurth and an end to warfare. It was the traditional opening to any meeting between the Minister for War and the High Command. He never knew whether it was an ancient irony or a heartfelt desire that had become lost in the mists of time. “Amen,” he finished. “Amen,” echoed the rest of the room. As it was an informal meeting, uniformed soldiers stepped forward and served delicate cups of tea, poured from golden teapots and plates of cucumber sandwiches with their crusts cut off. To show the harmony between the armed forces and the government, the officers and the minister also indulged in small-talk, too. Did the Megas Logothetes know that the Strategos' daughter had joined the army, too? She was very proud. How was the Navarkhos' son doing after he had sprained his ankle playing polo? Very well, thank you. Much recovered. Was the Domestikos' cat well? I had heard the poor thing was ill. That last one fell down flat. It turned out that Domestikos Mesardonites' elderly and much-loved tortoiseshell cat had recently been put down. The man stiffened slightly when Kontarian asked the question and the proud, aquiline aristocrat seemed to almost be holding back a tear. Kontarian had not been told about the cat's death and felt a pit of embarrassment opening beneath his feet as a ripple of silence spread out through the room. Moving on... “As you are all aware, @Derthalen has been up to its usual tricks,” Kontarian said. “Piracy, hijacking ships, selling people into slavery...” The officers were all aware. There was a large minority, not just in the armed forces but across Arhomaneia as a whole, that the Holy Empire had got off lightly last time around. That the issue should have been forced and the “tricks” curtailed before they got out of hand. “And the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is issuing a statement condemning them, Megas Logothetes?” asked Mesardonites. There was a slight sarcastic tone to the officer's voice. The Epistrategaion had all been made aware of the government's plans. This meeting was just to allow them to put some direct questions to the Minister for War. Possibly he was holding the faux pas against Kontarian. “Yes, Domestikos. At this time, I think we all agree that this is our safest option.” It sounded a bit hollow, even to Kontarian. Any statement, no matter how neutrally-worded, might provoke Derthalen into an action that they would soon regret. “Safest for whom, Megas Logothetes?” asked one of the naval officers. He wore the rank insignia of a heminavarkhos, a rear admiral, and the branch markings of a naval airman. “Adrotiri is positioned so that the Derthalers could cut it off with ease, even with risking the wrath of @Adaptus.” It was a risk that the Megas Agios Basileia was willing to take, although the Megas Logothetes was loathe to say it. “At this point, heminavarkhos, it is expected that Derthalen won't be willing to antagonise more nations against it.” That was horseshit and everyone in the room knew it for what it was. In reality, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion wanted to see if Derthalen would be foolish enough to expand the war it had brought upon itself. Tagmatium had made its opinion of the Holy Empire clear numerous times but it would be happier to see other nations test the Derthaler defences first. There were already two Arhomaniki carrier battlegroups to the west, operating off the coast of @Aluxia. The fighting there had seemingly reached something of a lull – it would not take too much to swing them around to strike targets on the west coast of the Holy Empire. “Megas Logothetes, I doubt anyone genuinely expects Derthalen to do anything sensible,” replied the naval airman with a sardonic smile. “Their track record seems to consist of provoking everyone at every turn and then acting with real surprise when it bites them on the arse. At which point they overreact, then they lash out and so on and so on.” It was an adequate summation of how the Derthalers reacted, Kontarian had to agree. “The sensible thing would to have not enslaved another nation's civilians so soon after averting being ground into the dust by an international coalition about a year ago.” Nine heads bobbed up and down in agreement. The woman dressed in the sandy brown of the Klibanoforoi, the heavy armour branch, frowned slightly. A regiment from her branch was deployed in Aluxia. “Doesn't playing chicken with the Derthalers like this risk our operations in Aluxia though, Megas Logothetes?” “The BP Dyrrakion will be re-routed from its Right of Navigation mission in the Raga Thalassa in order to take up a position in the Makhaira Thalassa, guarding the convoys in and out of Adrotiri.” And, as it turned out, its mission in the Raga Thalassa had rather pissed off @Suverina. They took that sea to be their own personal territory and were rather annoyed that Arhomaneia was trying to muscle in on it, as their ambassador informed the Logothesion ton Barbaron, although couched in more diplomatic language. Rather than irritate its southern neighbour when Machina @Haruspex was rearing its head again and more attention was being focussed on eastern Argis, the Megas Agios Basileia had decided to accede to Suverina's wishes, at least for the time being. Kontarian was not going to tell the Epistrategaion that, however. “I imagine a full battlegroup will deter the Derthalers, Strategos. We have yet to determine whether it will need to be accompanied by a Basileos class.” He nodded towards the group from the Basilikoploimon. “This will be something that we discuss later, if the situation changes.” The naval officers nodded back. “So, for the moment, Megas Logothetes, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is willing to play chicken with the Derthalers?” asked Mesardonites. f*cking hell, I'm sorry about your f*cking cat, thought Kontarian, but immediately he felt bad about the thought. He'd met the cat and it was very friendly, even when it was so old. “Domestikos, we all know that the Derthalen government is willing to carry out abominable acts with scant regard to how these are perceived by the international community. The tact that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is taking will, God willing, mean that Derthalen will fall in line with the rest of the world.”
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    Memers are readying for the upcoming war
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    Bogd Gioro, Fulgistan "We must act to address this grave threat that Derthalen poses to the liberty, to the democracy, and to the great society that the Fulgistani and Faramontese people have crafted together. Let there be no confusion: this is a violent cult that incites its members to strike out at the world. They know no mercy. They know no reason. They understand nothing except force. And so it is force that we must use. Deputies, I call upon you today to declare war on Derthalen and to authorize military action against the same. Let us stand by our erstwhile comrades in this war for peace." The auditorium of the Embassy of the People's Republic of Faramount was designed to hold an audience of 150, so as to allow a large number of people to observe the deliberations of the People's Congress. But today, as Prime Minister Sofia Savio called upon the ten-member body to declare war, there were nearly 300 Faramontese Fulgistanis packed into the room. A few blocks away, several thousand more watched on the massive LED scoreboard screen of the Cassiano Santianello International University Soccer Stadium. Even as the men and women standing before her rose to applaud, Savio could through the auditorium's open windows hear those at the stadium cheering. The prime minister nodded in satisfaction at the response, though she remained irked at how long it had taken her government to act. She understood all too well the difficulty of getting together all ten members of the part-time People's Congress. But this was just an embarrassment. The PRF would be declaring war a full two days after the conflict started, despite being literally based in the capital of one of the major belligerants. It did not reflect well upon the government-in-exile. Of course, in reality, the delay meant nothing; the PRF had no assets to offer in the fight against Derthalen. But still; it was a matter of principle. An hour after Savio's speech, following a series of statements in favor by the deputies, the People's Congress on a voice vote declared war on Derthalen. Formally speaking, the coalition against Derthalen had just grown by one.
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    Argic-Alharun Coalition Declares War on @Derthalen The recent abduction of a @Limonaian tourist liner in the northern territorial waters of the Kingdom of @Seylosby pirates hailing from the coasts of the Derthalen, has been used as a casus belli to launch a preemptive strike against the Confederated Empire. The three-way coalition, including the aforementioned Limonaia and Seylos, as well as the Worker's Republic of @Fulgistan, has assembled an enormous force on Seylosian land, constructing the necessary infrastructure for a full-on invasion of Derthalen. All involved parties have passed resolutions proclaiming the state of war. This news has been met with shock and harsh criticism in the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. In a press conference, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed expressed her sorrow over the failure of diplomacy in the Dolch Sea conflict and spoken out against both parties. "Whilst the Radiant Republic has had its own fair share of conflicts with the Confederated Empire of Derthalen, including a breach of our own territorial sovereignty by an official Derthaler naval vessel, we have to note that this war has been declared over the actions of criminals, lacking the proper reasons to justify the escalation of this conflict. Naturally, we are aware and highly critical of the perceived inability of the Derthaler government to enforce its laws and control its citizens, however, it is the three-way coalition which has been known to grasp for every straw that might rekindle the cold conflict with the Holy Empire. For the duration of the armed conflict, the government of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands has declared an embargo on the export of any materials or devices to the belligerent nations, that could be used to wage or sustain a war. Furthermore, the Radiant Republic offers its medical and humanitarian support to any of the five nations involved in the war. These officials will provide their help to any individuals or communities affected by the war, regardless of national, political, religious, racial or sexual affiliation. Lastly, the Radiant Republic implores the belligerents to halt the military advances immediately to prevent the unnecessary loss of human life and the affection of innocent bystanders. We offer to host conferences debating the terms of peace on neutral, Sunset Sea Islandian soil. May the war-mongering tendencies of groups within the involved parties succumb to human reason as fast as possible." EDIT: Removed mentions of @Sayf, since @Tagmatium Rules and Derth came to an agreement to exclude Sayf from the war. Changed "Holy Empire" to "Confederated Empire". Gao He Ping Condemns Seditious Counterprogressives Following an illegal radio broadcast invoking citizens of the Radiant Republic to commit acts of seditious terrorism, Party Chairman Candidate Gao He Ping denounced individuals and organisations trying to hold the wheels of progress. "The only goal of these terrorists is the destabilisation and mindless destruction of our Radiant Republic and the values it represents, as well as to frighten its citizens. It is the fault of counterprogressive forces like these that we have to live in an age where we have to fear for the security of ourselves and our children. Who knows, maybe the group behind the broadcast is the same that has the blood of Prince Simon and almost two thousand more people on their hands? This is exactly why each and every one of You needs to vote >>YES<< on the referendum on May 1st. We can not allow terrorists and scaremongers calling for seditious crimes to endanger the security of You, the law-abiding citizens of the Radiant Republic. Do not listen to the criminals at the so-called >>Radio Free Eurth<<, an illegal pirate radio station know to broadcast anti-government and anarchic propaganda across the globe. In the name of Your future and the future of Your children, I implore You to vote >>YES<<." In an emergency parliament meeting, legislation was passed to criminalise the possession and distribution of recordings of the illegal transmission, which was quickly jammed by a disturbance signal sent on the frequencies of the broadcast. Owning and spreading materials promoting terrorism and criminal or seditious activities have been illegal since the '17 Sorrows. Commercial Whaling legalised in @Kipan and @Rihan Ecological activists and environmentalist politicians across the Sunset Sea Islands have cried out over the news of the State of Kipan and the Rihan Republic officially decriminalising commercial whale hunting. Whilst especially Kipan has been known in the past to mask illegal commercial whaling as scientific operations, the blatant and senseless murder of endangered species for human pleasure in both nations has caused the Radiant Republic to collectively react with shock and disbelief. The resumption of such activities just shortly after the Laren Agreement negotiated in @Morheim drastically shows how the greed and gluttony of depraved individuals can destroy ecosystems and lead to the extinction of entire species. The practice of whaling has been illegal in the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands for decades, including the import, trade, possession and consumption of products of foreign whaling. Nevertheless, it has been observed that decadent individuals would travel to nations in which such barbaric practices are legal to consume meals and other products propagating the extinction of endangered species. Our Star for Ferrrefaaierhafen The thirty-two-year-old singer Bio has won the national finals selecting the artist representing the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands during the EurthVision Song Contest. Bio and her single "I will keep You Safe" will compete against talented artists from across the globe in one of the world's most watched live events, this year held in Ferrefaaierhafen, the capital of the Unified @Variotan State. Bio impressed the national audience and the jury with her impressive performance in which she dances and balances on industrial robots whilst singing a calm and soothing song dressed up as a gynoid. Last year, the contest was held in Canastota, United States of @Prymont. The band representing the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, SYSTEM EURTH, and their song "Synthetic Society", reached the third place behind the tied host nation and the Unified Variotan State. The entirety of the EurthVision Song Contest will be broadcasted live here on SSI NEWS.
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    --- Recipients: All Iverican Embassies Foreign Embassies on Iverican Soil Subject: Memo of Recent Statements Content as follows: The Primeal Spokesperson has announced that the Office of the Primo's intention to engage a representative of the Duchy of @Limonaia in talks concerning regional air defence. Full details have yet to be disclosed, though the Spokesperson expressed his reassurances that "the object of the discussions will be on reactionary air-defence measures and early-warning systems only" and that "the discussion aims to strengthen cooperation between the Republic and the Duchy with real and tangible measures". Primo Franso Deitorr also reached out to the press to convey his optimism stating that his tentative discussions with the Limonaian state offices so far have made him "all the more optimistic about the future of defence cooperation in the Mediargic". In a press conference outside the TRIDENT Iverican Office in Manille, CCO. Ferran Arnau Macharius, interim Secretary-General to the organisation announced the Republic's intention to spearhead one of TRIDENT's initialisation projects "STATAG" or Standardisation of TRIDENT Agreement alongside @Gallambria. The Secretary-General announced that this first step would be both setting a precedent while also tackling a top priority--Anti-Ballistic Missile Defence and general air-space security. Later elaboration announced that Phase 1 will first: consolidate Western Argis Aerospace Defence Command's (WARD) over-the-horizon (OTH) radar network with its Gallambrian equivalent, second: substantially improve WARD's OTH range by the adoption of the Royal Gallambrian Air Force's JOTHRN system, and third: will improve anti-ballistic missile capability over Marenesia by Gallambria's integration of WARD's own ANCILE tiered missile defence system. CCO. Macharius later went on record with a comment, "Given the poor state of order in the Auraid Bay area, and certain unfolding events in Europa, TRIDENT's--and the Republic's renewed focus on air-defence is only too timely. The current state of affairs only justifies our initial commitment to similar projects decades ago and provides us with motivation to renew our interest now." The Ministry of International Commerce & Development has announced that it has begun discussing measures to further incentivise maritime freight through Mediargic area. Minister Franco Sant'Cisco offered this comment, "As we have in the past, we intend to work closely with our peers in Het Huisselant @Variota. Many small businesses lack access to a dedicated international supply chain, making freight easier will only help their growth." End of Content
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    I'm still trying to workout some of the world around Faramount first, but I'm hoping to get it going in the next few weeks. A big part of why I started the whole talk on Christianity is to get a base from which to design what will be an important faction in the civil war. Once I've gotten a better breakdown for Christian Imperialism and the Disciples of Balconi, I'll be in better shape. I'd also like to see a definitive answer on the Derthalen thing, as that could have impacts for me.
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    3rd February 2019 | 0840hrs PTV Broadcasting House New Halsham United States of Prymont Soon-to-be-President Felix Frey hadn’t slept all night. His limbs ached, dark circles clung around his eyes, and copious amounts of coffee couldn’t stop the yawning. It was a credit to PTV’s makeup team that he was so presentable and fresh as he appeared on live morning television, just hours after his party had won the 2019 general election. Despite his amiable appearance, Frey felt like shit. He’d disappointed his party. The celebrations had gone on late into the night at constituencies throughout the country, but one looming question hung above their heads like a thick storm cloud. Who would be their coalition partners? It was a question Frey had considered throughout the night after the election results were confirmed and his party ended with just 42% of the vote. They had a majority, but it wasn’t the one they needed. A cursory media briefing had been sent to all elected party members before sunrise, detailing the coalition shortlist and outlining the official party stance. There were two technical options, but only one made sense. Felix had the honour of declaring that on national TV, sleep deprived and all. His electorate were counting on good news, and he had to give it to them straight. “So Mr Frey, where do we go from here? Last night you were reluctant to tell us anything regarding the future of the Prymontian Parliament. Has any progress been made overnight?” The direct question brought him out of his daze, back into a reality of everlasting media responsibilities. His every move would be scrutinised, every word, every emotion. There would be questions galore, some intrusive, some stupid, but each one had to be handled with respect and tact. He was the figurehead of not only his party but the entire country, and his first impression would be memorable. The onus was on him to make it memorable for the right reasons. “While I’ve not had the chance to sit down with every candidate and thoroughly discuss any potential cooperation, last night was full of discussion and debate within the party of who to side with. As you will know, Prymontian law mandates that a coalition cannot be formed with the opposition, so that leaves just two eligible parties. The Ostport Independents and the Liberals both have the number of seats needed to create the majority, and we will work hard to come to a quick conclusion with one of them.” “So between the Independents and the Liberals, which is sticking out at you the most? Overnight, our correspondents deliberated over every party and predicted that a deal would best be made with the OIPs. Do you agree with that decision?” “I’m reluctant to tell you anything without discussing it with my party with a clear head. Last night was full of overwhelming emotions and we’re yet to come to a conclusive agreement. Both of those parties have their benefits and drawbacks, and over the coming days, I will be carefully deciding between them. Regardless of my choice, negotiations with our preferred coalition partner will begin on Thursday. The goal is to make this a quick, effective transition between governments, so everyone in the party will be working at maximum capacity to deliver a satisfactory result.” It was a response that didn’t particularly reveal anything at all, but what more could he do? Making empty promises that couldn’t be fulfilled just for short-term support was exactly what had lost Duval the Presidency. The last thing Frey had on his mind was losing the support of the people just hours after he’d won it, and if that meant giving vague answers for the time being, then so be it. One thing was for certain. Cross-party meetings would begin on Thursday. Felix and the People’s Party had three precious days to correspond with the OIPs and Liberals, determine their preferred candidate, and organise the first meeting. It would be a media frenzy, and the pressure was on to provide a rapid solution so the country could return to normality and improvements could be made. Frey was willing to cooperate, but the candidates were the ones with the power. They held the key to the majority and to claiming his rightful rule over the country, but any delay in an agreement would fall on him. In the space of a few hours, Frey had gone from child-like elation at winning the Presidency to resenting the responsibility and backlash that naturally came with the job. “One last question, if I may. We asked President Duval this at the beginning of his term, and it’s only fair to ask you the same. What are the three biggest objectives of the People’s Party for the duration of your Presidency?” “This was all discussed in great detail throughout our election campaign, but for you I’ll reiterate. Our primary objective is to right the wrongs of the National Party. We will not make promises that we cannot keep, we will listen to the people, and we will create and maintain a strong, thriving country. So I suppose that’s objective number one. We hope to revive the falling industries of the country or, if that fails, create and support the growth of new ones to create more jobs and strengthen a stagnating economy. There are also intentions to increase the funding and quality of several crucial public sectors, such as health, transport, and emergency services, amongst many others. There are many services in this country that are worth paying for, and it’s our goal to ensure that they have adequate funding to provide those services at a satisfactory standard.”
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    After 5 weeks of pause, I finally got around to kicking the ball forward. The prologue with exposition is over. We fast forward in time. Everyone is in Kipan, at a location in Nakazima as chosen by @Kipan. This chapter 1 will include: shared concerns, possible solutions, figuring out with GIN will do, setup a rotating chairmanship every X years, the signing of a Nakazima Declaration (= goal of chapter 1). Chapter 2 will take place a few years in the future. We fast-forward and explain what's been developed and realized.
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    --- Recipients: All Iverican Embassies Foreign Embassies on Iverican Soil Subject: Memo of Recent Statements Content as follows: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to remind her associated embassies that the Republic of Iverica is still in the process of resolving an internal matter involving the Argic-Alharun Federal Coalition of Iberic Nations. As such, Minister Desdemona Tomas-Morra wishes to convey the sincerest of apologies to any state inconvenienced by the MFA's temporary policy of no-commitment. Minister Morra wishes to assure her foreign counterparts that normal relations will resume once the matter is resolved. The Primeal Spokesperson has confirmed that a bilateral meeting between an Executive Ministry representative and Prime Minister of @Tikva Jacob Lasker is being coordinated and planned. Details are expected to be announced and confirmed in due course. The Primeal Spokesperson also wishes to convey Primo Franso Deitorr's comment on the issue of the conflict in the Dolch See, which has so far involved the belligerent states of @Fulgistan, @Seylos, and @Limonaia resolved to an armed invasion of the Confederate Empire of @Derthalen. The Primeal Office has chosen a neutral stance on the matter but would like to emphasise its lack of confidence in the casus belli so claimed by the belligerent parties. Furthermore, the Primeal Office would also like to acknowledge statements released by both the Radiant Republic of the @Sunset Sea Islands and the @Rihan Republic as these do raise legitimate concerns shared by the Executive Ministry of Iverica. The Executive Ministry has emplaced a travel ban on outgoing flights and maritime vessels bound for the Auraid Bay Area--effective immediately. Transit on non-government purposes is hereby suspended until further notice. This restriction applies to all Iverican-registered commercial aircraft and maritime vessels bound for @Theodoria, @PyeMcGowan, and @Alenveil owing to "the unstable and unpredictable nature of armed conflict and widespread acts of unchecked violence in the region". Similarly, the Home Ministry has enacted a closure of borders to all aircraft and maritime vessels both originating from and in-loading any freight from the aforementioned nations. End of Content
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    Prathen, Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex — Ji'mar Be'la Kyorl, the designated dynastic heir of Sa'Karn " The Wise " Renor Elemmiire, walked alongside the hearse carrying the body of his father, and former emperor, through leaf covered downtown Prathen today, leading a nation wide funeral that provided early glimpses of who will be amongst the new powerbase of the country. Leading the funeral alongside and behind former crown prince, now named emperor, was a familiar mix of royal nobles, house lords, and high ranking military officers. The group included elderly stalwarts from the days of Sa'Karn and his father, the enigmatic, Hakon the Fourth. But younger officials who expanded their influence while playing crucial roles in grooming the son as Sa'Karn's successor were also represented. Most prominent were the two men whose names seldom fail to pop up when Imperium watchers try to dissect the palace intrigues in the capital, Prathen: Garen Thadias Orn, a long time close personal friend and leader of the Seventh Circle, a powerful ministry of information collection and dissemination services and Vicelord Kaorin Renor Elemmiire, who leads the Imperium's national service legionary's general staff. Emperor Ji'mark walked with one hand on the hearse and the other raised in salute. Neat rows of soldiers in ebony uniforms stood, crisply saluting, in front of the Royal mausoleum, where Sa'Karn's body had been lying in state since his death was announced on April 4th. When the funeral motorcade stopped before the soldiers at the start of a twenty-five-kilometer procession through Prathen, they gave a last salute and a military band played the national anthem to liven the spirits of those who came to give their goodbyes to our beloved ruler.
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    MEDIA RELEASE: PYEMCGOWAN TRAVEL ADVISORY ISSUED After a series of recent high profile assassinations in @PyeMcGowan, The Home Office has updated its travel advisory from "Exercise a high degree of caution" (or "Yellow Level") to "Do not travel" (or "Red Level"). This level means that the security situation is extremely dangerous. This may be due to a high threat of terrorist attack, ongoing armed conflict, violent social unrest, or critical levels of violent crime. It is often a combination of these. You should not travel to this location. If you are already in a 'do not travel' area, you should consider leaving. If you choose to travel despite this advice, you should exercise extreme caution and seek independent, professional security advice which may include hiring personal protection. Before you leave Gallambria, make sure you have an up-to-date will, an enduring power of attorney, and designate appropriate insurance beneficiaries. Ensure you have robust mitigation measures in place and a detailed emergency management plan. The Gallambrian government is often unable to provide consular assistance in such extreme locations, nor can the Government provide security assistance or advice. This is your responsibility. In the event of a crisis, departure options may become severely limited. You are responsible for ensuring you are able to depart independently and that your travel documentation remains up-to-date. You should not expect that the Gallambrian government will facilitate your departure. For this level, any travel by Gallambrian officials is subject to high-level approval. It includes rigorous risk assessment and movement planning usually involving the use of armoured vehicles and personal protection. You are likely to require a specialised insurance policy for travel to 'do not travel' destinations. Some travel insurance policies may not cover you for 'do not travel' destinations.
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    *Most secret, for the eyes of King Aidan I only* To: His Majesty, Aidan I, King of @Seylos, Eire, Pleinmont, and Sark From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Your majesty, As you are no doubt aware, Arhomaniki forces are operating out of Adrotiri in order to support our ally, @Aluxia, against a terroristic organisation that is striking against that country's rightful and recognised government. Adrotiri is effectively a naval base inside Derthaler waters, owned by @Adaptus. This means that, as much as my government would like to aid you and your allies against the so-called “Holy Empire” of @Derthalen, to pay them retribution for the awful actions that they have carried out, it would likely be impossible to do so without jeopardising the supply routes to our forces in Aluxia. Indeed, to safeguard these supply lines, a third carrier battle group has been despatched to the Makhaira Thalassa, the Dolche See, to make sure that my nation's interests are not affected by either side in this conflict. Again, I assure you that the Megas Agios Basileia does not threaten your nation's interests in any way. Far from it. It is clear that the Kingdom of Seylos has long stood as a bastion against the loathsome actions of Derthalen, and this is something that ought to be recognised by the nations of eastern Argis. For this, Arhomaneia salutes the steadfast nature of your nation and your people. As I have said, Adrotiri is effectively a naval base within Derthaler waters. Whilst this does put it in a precarious position during these troubling times, it does have certain advantages. Namely, it can act as something of a window into activities within Derthalen. Because of this, and the great respect that the Arhomaioi hold for you and your nation, I have been authorised to offer you any intelligence that my nation's forces might glean about the so-called “Holy Empire” from the base we are using and our movements in and out of the Makhaira Thalassa. This could be ship movements, troop deployments, new defensive works – information that will undoubtedly be of use as to your forces as you chastise the errant Derthalers. I will stress that this intelligence is not being pursued in an active manner – Arhomaniki forces cannot be imperilled in such a manner, in case they provoke Derthalen. Further, I have been allowed by Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, the faithful Agios Basileos kai Aukokrator ton Arhomaioi, to give you authorisation to pass any intelligence on to your allies in your righteous struggle. My nation does not quite have the relations with the Grand Duchy of @Limonaia or the Worker's Republic of @Fulgistan to pass it on directly but they will be grateful for anything that saves the lives of their forces and shortens this war. Furthermore, I must request that you keep your source of information secret – it will likely put Arhomaioi in danger if you do not. May God grant your people and you victory, Honorios Kontarian, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Stratiotikou of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
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    Rule Number One "On your left, gentlemen, you can see Raraniranga Tower. Standing at 354 metres high, it is currently the highest skyscraper in Selayar. The building's name itself literally means the 'Tower of Heaven'. Don't you think it is quite a fitting name for the tallest building on Selayar?" The tourists crowd hummed in approval as Tarana finished his speech. One guy even went as far as writing his explanation words by words, while others are busy capturing selfies with the tower in the background. Nothing unusual, he thought. Not that he wished for unusual things to happen though. Last time it happened, a guy thought it was a good idea to pee on the floor of the Royal Ballroom. It was chaos thereafter, with the Royal Guard immediately tackling the guy to the floor and, well, he got detained for several days. Tourists were barred from visiting the Ballroom for several months following the accident. His fellow tour guides went into a full five-minutes of endless belly laughter after he managed to recount his story. In short, it wasn't a pleasant experience, though a funny one in retrospect. "Ma'am! It is really dangerous to take selfies in the middle of the road!" The sight of two middle-aged women standing in the middle of the road broke his train of thoughts as he ran to guide them back to the sidewalk. Rule number one of being a tour guide, never take your eyes off the tourists. They would do stupid things you never thought a normal functioning human would do. Sighing internally, he proceeded to continue the tour. "We will be heading to ʻAvuna ni Taha soon, or more popularly known as the Royal Garden. Any questions before we go?" A skinny girl with curly black hair raised her hand. "Yes?" "Uhm, I read that during the construction of the tower, there are hundreds of workers who lost their life due to non-standard safety equipment. Is it true that their souls still haunt the tower?" Rule number two, be prepared for any questions tourists might ask, as weird as the questions might be. Tarana almost laughed out loud. How on Eurth do people still believe in this stupid superstitious stuffs in this modern day? He didn't though because he just remembered the rule of respecting the tourists. It was rule number five or six, he couldn't really remember. "Well, I could certainly confirm that the deaths are caused by non-standard safety equipment. There was actually no 'standard' safety equipment back then, in legal terms. No laws regulate the standardisation of safety equipment were present, and it was only after those accidents that the lawmakers decide it was important to have one," he explained. "For the second part of your question, no, unfortunately, I can't answer that. Frankly, I don't believe in ghost and such." The girl's face turned visibly into a disappointment. "Though of course, there are stories here and there about the dead, so much that some people dubbed the tower as Rara ni ʻAnituen, or the Haunted Tower," he continued. As much as he hated these stuff, he needed to please his crowd. It would be funny for him to lose the job just because some irritated tourist reported his disrespect toward their 'belief'. He could see the glee on the girl's smile. "One of the most famous stories revolves around the 'Wahina Venata', literally means the Splattered Woman. You could go look at the story on the web, as this is really a gory one. We don't want some of your friends to lose their appetite right?" He could sense the growing uneasiness of the crowd as he was speaking about the Women. "That won't go well as we're going to have a lavish banquette on the ʻAvuna. Any questions? If there is none, we're going..." His words were cut short with a raised hand. "Yes?" "Are we going to walk to the Hefoona?" the guy asked, butchering the garden's name in the process. "My legs hurt after walking so far from the hotel. Can't we just take a taxi or something?" He sighed yet again and proceeded to call the office for a bus to pick them up.
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    Into the Fire Canamar was in sight, yet so far away. The 10th Legion stood at the ready, but down a quarter of its force. But not for long. Truckload after truckload of Zelvansu men was being transported from the heartlands of the Republic to the front line -- to fight and die for their Rihannsu masters. Morror's subordinates had calculated that in order to bring about the capitulation of the Enolian Guard and surrender of the capital, nearly 30,000 men and equipment were needed. The Zelvansu had come from the fields, mines, and homes of Kassus' allies in the Senate. They were not entirely thrilled with it but knew that they would be well compensated by him after the war that letting upwards of 20,000 of their workforce was only going to be a temporary situation. The Zelvansu were a warrior people, much like their Rihannsu masters, and their strength was an advantage that many nobles had taken an interest in when making some of them their personal bodyguards. Both peoples had engaged in a long, drawn-out war of decades in the far past that resulted in their entire people being enslaved -- the very Republic was built on their backs. Kassus, while just as much a Rihannsu noble, had a begrudging respect for them, not as much for their person but their natural tendencies with a rifle and their bare hands. He emerged from his command tent flanked by Colonel Varak and Senior Sargeant Relek, each on one side. His tent guards stood to attention. Kassus had discussed his intentions of using Zelvansu on the battlefield with Major-General Reldak. At first, he was outright opposed until Morror had convinced that without them that the war would end up being in a vicious cycle for years. Both men had also talked about the Praetor's less than stellar military strategy. After all, Terix was an admiral and had no ground war experience in the slightest. Reldak privately, with assurances from Kassus that his allies in the Senate would support the move, established the first irregular or auxiliary unit of the Draao, the Kepeszuk. Thousands of Zelvansu had been hastily trained by irate soldiers who had been ordered by their superiors to give them at least a rudimentary instruction on military tactics, weapons use, and the signals related to the upcoming assault on the capital. Morror's command team was extremely worried that giving them such information would come back to haunt them but Kassus had nothing to be afraid of -- he was going to offer them something in exchange for their service -- something so massive that it would shake up the entire Republic, and instantly raise his profile around the world. The Republic would be a different place, in time. He began to walk down the center of the camp where Zelvansu were lined up, rifles in hand, combat swords on their belts. The group walked up to one Zelvansu, Obisek. They looked at each other for a moment. "Antor," he said, "your sword." He nodded and handed it to him. The Kepeszuks silently observed. Kassus lunged forward, Obisek blocked. "Good," responded Morror, the Zelvansu retaliated with his own strike, with the general parrying. "Very good," the two would continue their dance of sword blows for three more exchanges until both were stalemated. "Impressive," yielding and handing the sword back to Redek. "What is your name?" he questioned. "Obisek, servant to Senator Tomus Karpan." "Antor, Kalenna," said Kassus. "Obisek is hereby in command of the Kepeszuk. He shall join us for all sessions in the command tent going forward. Is that understood?" Both acknowledged, Morror turned back to Obisek. "Report to my tent in half an hour. We will discuss the assault on Canamar then. In the meantime, set up your command structure and designate your subordinates." The group turned away and returned to the command tent, Kassus' aide had hastily set up the conference table and place down the relevant maps for the command team's review. Half an hour later, everyone had taken their seats, including Obisek. "...Obisek's Kepeszuk will assault the capital from the middle while elements of the 5th and 8th Regiments will attack from the southeast. The remainder of the 3rd and 4th regiments will move in through the city sewers and cause as much of a distraction as possible while the 1st Regiment attacks from the west flank. The pressure the Kepeszuks are putting from the front should enable Varak's forces to get straight to the Enolian Government complex and capture it for the Republic. Once it falls, the Enolians should capitulate." One of the commanding officers spoke up, "will we have artillery support?" Kassus nodded, "from both the north and east. I have a group from the 2nd Regiment who took over a ridge in the night." Obisek had been silent throughout the entire briefing. He may have just become an officer by virtue of luck but that didn't automatically dissolve whatever distrust of his Rihannsu commander. Both his people and theirs had a long, and bloody history -- if not imbalanced relationship. He spoke up. "This plan looks like the Kepeszuk is doing all of the fighting and all of the dying." Morror retorted. "I will put it bluntly, yes, I am putting you all directly into the fire, but if we win the war, it will be all the more rewarding." He grunted, "merely another extension of the Rihannsu oppression of us," he didn't care what he said. He was still a slave, except one with a gun. Morror sat back in his chair. "Trust me, it will be worth it. Besides what would appear to be me giving you and your men a starring role in this offensive, do you have any other issues?" "No," said Obisek. "We will do what we are told. Nothing more, nothing less." "If there is nothing else, everyone is dismissed. Our assault upon Canamar begins at dawn." The assembled began to make their leave. "Obisek, a second if you please?" said the general. "Yes sir," he said bluntly, "we may come from two different cultures, two different peoples -- but we are both tied. It is true that we, Rihannsu and Zelvansu have had an incredibly tense and imbalanced relationship, but I am not a political novice nor am I naive. I know the world is changing far beyond Rihan. We must change, our people's relationship must change. If the Kepeszuk succeeds in helping us here, I believe we can move forward. Even on somethings that are considered quite controversial." Morror wouldn't spell it out but left enough of a hint for Obisek to understand his intentions. "Do we have an agreement?" "Yes. We will go into the Fire. The Zelvansu will herald their demise." He then added: Enoliae delenda est. Enolia mnæri seiyya. Enolia must be destroyed.
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    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Government to Submit for ATARA Observer Status By Riva Demsky 26 April 2019 In an irregular interview with the Observer this morning, Prime Minister Jacob Lasker stated that he had come to a consensus with his governing coalition over involvement in the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association, also known as ATARA. Lasker shared that the Government will be submitting an application for observer status within the organization. The enabling legislation is expected to pass the Knesset with a comfortable majority. The timing of this announcing coincides with the rumored visit between the Prime Minister and the Iverican ambassador early next month. Observer status will permit the State to speak before the body, lobby on matters relevant to Tikva, and provide input on organization efforts. Observers cannot vote on resolutions before the assembly nor can they vote for the organization's chairman. Lasker said that the Government's main interest in getting involved with ATARA is to improve relations with its neighbors and the wider ATARA community through diplomacy and trade. Immediately following the vote, Liora Shapiro, the Leader of the Opposition, said that she was happy that the Government was willing to take this step but had wished that Lasker had done so much sooner. She stressed that given Tikva's position on the Eurth, building relationships are critical. Foreign Minister Dagon Halevi MP responded saying that the leader of the opposition is in no position to call out the Government on its foreign policy, especially as they have opened further relations with a half dozen nations in the past year. Halevi said that the Government will be engaging in a far more expansive effort later this year.
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    This is a proposal to staff members (and fellow members if they wish to read this) for a indigenous flora species that resides in Metztlitlalio. Below are the main facts about the tree and it's fruit Overview & Etymology: Habitat: The Popoatli Fruit:
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    Nation Name: La République Fédérative de la Sfakie - Federacia Respubliko Sfako Official Broadcaster: La Nationale Télévisée Song title: We didn't light the Pyre Artist(s) Name(s): Sean Noël Tune: We didn't start the fire (Instrumental) Lyrics: PyeMcGowan, Dina Diva, Red Ahrana, Harvey Ramston, South Adisi, [Giliano] Saleri, Nadia Burnett Tumbleweed, Bourlington, Icebreakers, Computer's on North Dniester, South Dniester, Adélaïde Larue Mongol-Swedes, A-Bomb, Sugar from the SSI, Mount Makapu Kondukanto, King Albert and I, the Pitcher in the Pie Saale Shower, Varico, Seylos' got a new king Diego Polo, Alenveil, Desiderata goodbye We didn't light the pyre It's been always blazing since Eurth's been turning We didn't light the pyre No, we didn't start it but we're trying to end it Odin Thorvin, Moskovo, Howitzer and Drag'novich Charna Pisto, Mario Corona, ICEB's Bloc King Tomasso, Marco Palo, Arturo Carabobo, Alaghon Mat Troi Lan's long gone, Almas got an almanack Ensten, Jean Olivier, Kipan's got a winning team Space Rocket, Euro-pans, Bogdo Gioro, Argenland Boevendaal, Porto Rosso, Cristina, Krusken Nabérrie, Matteo Terrone, trouble in the Dolch See We didn't light the pyre It's been always blazing since Eurth's been turning We didn't light the pyre No, we didn't start it but we're trying to end it Ravenrock, Ranjekaart, Crist-Mantella, Neuva Vega Vetok, Ide Jima, Intreinor, Canal on the Canamo Ayalon, Rekamgil, Thalahassa Football Ratnapura matricide, Children of Little Flau Tagmatika, Kirvina, Mosignor, Limonaia Mafia Holy Hops, Saipuo, Verde is a go-go PROGRS, Gao He Ping, Theresa and Joni Eurofuhrer, Citulo, Valacians in the Ygros We didn't light the pyre It's been always blazing since Eurth's been turning We didn't light the pyre No, we didn't start it but we're trying to end it Aberdeen, Matana, Whalers in Aurelian Land Aulon, Manille, Motrhal Bay Invasion Al-Karim in Aluxia, Tagmatine Ahromamania New Hill, Jean Vou, Pierre Panza beats Sa Hara Saint Paul's, Mathon Terix, Llaltan Politician Sex Prince Simon, blown away, what else do I have to say? We didn't light the pyre It's been always blazing since Eurth's been turning We didn't light the pyre No, we didn't start it but we're trying to end it Euthanasia, Manamana, Bourlignton back again Slave shock, Verde Block, Albertgate, Skunk Rock Grikmand, Kipan, Palladine, Sayfis in the airline Almas' in Takhar, Enolia's troubles with Rihan Routa Della Fortuna, flight 371, heavy royal suicide Foreign debt, Homeless Sects, coke, crack, Laughing Men Syringes on the sea floor, Derthalen's under feudal law Bull and Bolder Fruit Wars, I can take it no more We didn't light the pyre It's been always blazing since Eurth's been turning We didn't light the pyre Yet when all is gone It'll just blaze on, and on, and on, and on... We didn't light the pyre It's been always blazing since Eurth's been turning We didn't light the pyre No, we didn't start it but we're trying to end it We didn't light the pyre It's been always blazing since Eurth's been turning We didn't light the pyre No, we didn't start it but we're trying to end it ...
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    Gao He Ping Reacts to False Claims in @Fulgistani-@Mauridiviahn Declaration In a press conference earlier today, Party Chairman candidate Gao He Ping reacted to claims made by a joint Fulgistani-Mauridivian statement in which the two nations express their support for the counterprogressive forces responsible for the illegal pirate radio broadcast nine days ago. In the declaration broadcasted by a branch of the "RFE" network officially endorsed by the Mauridivian government, the two nations claim the Radiant Republic to be restricting and endangering the democratic rights of its citizens, furthermore downplaying the danger emanating from activities like broadcasting destabilising messages through pirate radios. "With the Most Serene Republic and the Worker's Republic siding with forces trying to hinder the progress of our nation, the path towards ascension we have chosen ourselves, we have no choice but to assume that these nations want to meddle with our democratic referendum, which they seem to completely overlook when criticising the state of democracy in the Radiant Republic. The citizens of this nation were given the choice to decide. The reason why we are debating technocracy in the first place is that our youth took to the streets to protest for it and because our people expressed their satisfaction with the results of the test run in Tenma. We even decided to use the International Worker's Day on May 1st, which the Worker's Republic should know about, to maximise worker turnout and thereby to strengthen democratic involvement. Speaking for a nation that has worked hard to build up a reputation of diplomats, I cannot comprehend how these two nations cannot see the clear democratic nature of this referendum. Furthermore, one should note that Mauridiviah, a nation that had named the Radiant Republic the 11th most free nation in the world less than a year ago, appears to have changed its opinion really quickly. Such indecisive behaviour should make anyone question the truthfulness of whatever the so-called >>Radio Free Mauridiviah<<. Once more, I want to address the population of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands: a nation that recognises, values and cherishes the sound judgement of its citizens: do not listen to individuals, organisations or even nations we thought to be on our side that want to meddle with our internal affairs and that try to destabilise the democratic process of our nation. Listen to Your children, Your relatives and acquaintances who have made experiences with the technocratic system in Tenma. Vote >>YES<< on the referendum on May 1st." The National Institute for Psephology reports that the general stance on the referendum improves with every passing day, especially with SSI citizens reacting negatively to the attempts of criminal elements and foreign nations trying to influence the outcome.
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    Deopolis, 1974 Alexis Hall Executive Wing Pope Leo XXIV walked towards his office from the building cafeteria, where he had just finished a simple yet delicious dish of shrimp and grilled vegetables. The spices still lingered in his mouth as he left, the meal sitting in his stomach pleasantly. He went through a courtyard in the middle of the building, cutting across the rectangular building through the center. The carefully tended garden had a large fountain spewing water in the center, with brick paths circling around the expansive courtyard. The pope suddenly became troubled as he walked through the garden. He reflected on the previous few years of his papacy. The economic boom he had inherited was wiped with the faraway Argic War. While the homeland was untouched by the war, its effects had strong impacts. The economy took a turn for the worst as fuel prices rose. Tourism dropped sharply as overseas countries faced war. Trade was disrupted, and the three nations of Marenesia Major- Salvia, @Gallambria, and @Bulgenstaz- all faced economic troubles. Once popular, Pope Leo was becoming increasingly unpopular as he sat idly and did nothing about the crisis. His thoughts were interrupted when an assistant approached him, a letter in hand. The assistant bowed and spoke, “Your Holiness, I am very sorry to interrupt, but the Foreign Minister has asked you to look at this.” Pope Leo nodded, opened the letter, and read it. It was an invitation from the nation of @Kipan to several island nations to discuss economic options for the struggling countries. He exhaled sharply at the convenient timing. “Send this back to the Foreign Minister. Tell him that he has my permission to send an ambassador to this meeting and a telegram back to His Highness.”
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    @Tikva I think may be interested who has Juddism
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    Bulgenstaz People's Grand Parliament Declares "Not Our People, Not Our Problem" on the Dolch See In a near unanimous vote, the People's Grand Parliament has declared absolute neutrality in the ongoing Dolch See Conflict. However, they have not taken a stance on warmongering and chose to attempt to simply sell oil and resources to either side. Many were shocked to see that, despite their previous comments, the National Sovereign Party firmly supported this measure. The vocal nationalist party has pushed to sever ties with Derthalen following the "Dolch See Incident" where a Seylosian civilian vessel was raided off the coast of Derthalen. However, it seems they have changed their tune to non-interventionism following the conflict. This may be a tactic to garner larger support, as the NSP has made considerable strides in public opinion, especially across the inner regions of Bulgenstaz. The People's Grand Parliament and the Prime Minister has expressed concerns about the "very real possibility of war being brought to our doorstep." While it seems as though conflict will remain in Argis and Alharu for now, it remains to be seen what the future holds. Bulgenstaz People's Liberation Army Begins Large-Scale Defensive Upgrade Due to "instability Eurth-Wide," the head of the Bulgenstaz People's Liberation Army has announced plans for large-scale upgrades to the defensive infrastructure. In the top priorities is the large-scale SPAAR (Sovereign Protection Anti-Air Rocket) plan. The goal of this endeavor is to diminish the likelihood of foreign aggressors gaining air superiority in an invasion. This system would utilize recently developed SAMs, primarily the Dniesterian M1-2 Buk. Locations for mobile SAM deployment are currently unknown. Interestingly, military officials have brought up the use of the military to bust illegal activities by the Kushnik Láo Bratva in sections of international jungle outside Bulgenstaz. This may be simply saber-rattling by the military to dissuade the crime group from operating outside of Bulgenstazi borders but could be a possible measure taken, given the increase in KLB-related crimes in rural areas. These new military measures are considered one of the largest Bulgenstazi military developments in ten years, but are, according to the Bulgenstazi National Congress, "a necessary measure in modern defense against rival states in these dangerous times."
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    MONDAY, April 29th 2019 'Puzzling', New archaeological throws doubt on the fate of previous inhabitants of Selayar Close-up of the newly-discovered Boreaurelian pottery with its distinctive pattern MATANGA, Terata –Archaeologist today announced a surprising discovery after a period of research and discussion that followed a National Archaeological Expedition on December 2017 to the famous Tanana Archeological Site, 143km southeast of Wanaperaʻa, the nation's capital. Tanana is the oldest dated site of human habitation in Selayar, spanning a time period from the Upper Pleistocene to the late second millenia BCE. Previous findings have yielded strong indications toward a wave of migration around 5000 years ago, that is widely believed to be the ancestors of all human in Selayar. This wave of migration is marked with its distinctive pottery pattern, which is unknown in the preceding time period, along with signs of domesticated cereals and animals remnants. This group of people, dubbed Boreaurelian (North Aurelian), however, is not the first human to inhabit Selayar. The fate of this palaeo-Selayari, the previous inhabitants of Selayar, remains elusive toward archaeologists for a long time. Most accepted theory pointed toward the complete replacement of palaeo-Selayari with the more advanced Boreaurelian people, though initial DNA projects contradict the current theory. Today's announcement throws further doubt to the current widely-accepted theory, with the findings of the Boreaurelian potteries along with human bones associated with a Palaeo-Selayari in an ancient grave. This is a surprising discovery since this is the first time bones associated with Palaeo-Selayari dated after 5000 years ago in Tanana, indicating its survival well beyond after the migration of Boreaurelian. Currently accepted dating of the bones is around 4000 years ago to 2000 years ago, though it might be challenged in the future. It is unknown the implications the discovery for the prehistory of Selayar, and it will certainly be a controversy among archaeologist for some time in the near future, as it is usual following a major archaeological discovery in the past. This will, however, marked a further advance of the archaeology field in Selayar, which has been lacking in the past.
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    Statement from the Government of Tikva Regarding ATARA Observer Status Submission The Government of the State of Tikva, led by Prime Minister Lasker, today received formal Knesset approval for our sovereign nation to seek observer status within the Argic-Thalassan-Alharuan Regional Association. An application has been dispatched to the organization for their review and approval. Upon acceptance, the Prime Minister will appoint a delegate to represent the State. Tikva seeks to improve trade and diplomatic discourse with the wider community at the core of the Government's decision to participate in ATARA. The Government looks forward to productive engagement with the larger Body of the Whole in due time.
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    "And when can you start extraction?" "Hmm. May, June. No sooner." "Listen, Comrade, you must understand; there's a war on now; we need this oil, sooner rather than later." "Comrade Wang, we'll do our best with what we've been given. With the state the terrorists left most of these wells in, you'll be lucky to have 50% extraction within the quarter." The mustached Bulgenstazi's expression did not change as he scrolled through his PDA. On his head was a red hard hat, with the distinctive ring-star symbol of the International Communist Economic Bloc. The team from the Petroleum Committee had been flitting around Takhar Province by helicopter, surveying old oil derricks that had been liberated from the Black Eagles. Overall, the assessment was hopeful; most of the wells had not been destroyed or severely damaged, and it appeared as though the Black Eagles lacked the capacity to extract from them in the decades that they had controlled the area. Reassessment of proven reserves was still ongoing, but, again, projections were optimistic. Wang Guzheng, turning away from the ICEB representative, looked out over the surrounding hills. It was rugged but beautiful country, out here in Takhar; mostly upland scrub and rocks, but a fair few wooded patches too. Thankfully, now these hills were free of the terrorist menace; a few Black Eagle strongholds still dotted the landscape, but it was only a matter of time before they were crushed completely. "Hey, did you hear about the Shffahkian fascist they just nabbed?" "Hm? Oh, yeah, him. Made the news in Khenkourt; I'd sure hate to be that guy right now." "Yeah. At that point, when you're dragging someone out of a hole, I'd almost prefer to just be shot then and there. Now he's gotta go home for a trial and everything, and the result will be the same." "Mmm." Guzheng struck a match on his boot, lighting the kretek that had been dangling from his lips. The sun was setting now, and the breeze picked up, picking its way between the hills through the arid spring evening. Just the two men and the wildlife, as far as the eye could see. "Alright, let's head back. I appreciate you working late." "It's no trouble. From each according to his ability, and all." As the chopper took off, Guzheng reflected on the changes the province had undergone in the past few months. In the winter, you couldn't get a civilian helo within thirty miles of the front lines without having to dodge a rocket; now, he thought, as he looked out over the desolate scrub, this place just might be useful to somebody.
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