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      Welcome to Europa. This site is part of the region of Europa in the online game NationStates. The region of Europa is a diverse community of nations, with a wide range of political and ideological values, working together through various institutions and alliances - at least when they're not threatening to go to war with each other. Whether you want to play it safe with a liberal democracy, set up a communist regime, or rule your citizens with an iron fist and the threat of turning them into dog food, Europa is a great region to play in. As one of the oldest regions in the game, everybody who's anybody wants to try their hand at ruling their own country right here in Europa. Just head on over to the Forum and have a read through the sticky threads. If you're curious about how all of this work, we've included some helpful links to get you started. A good place to start is our Hitchhickers Guide to Europa. Roleplayers will be glad to see our honest and fair RP rules. Check out our map versions and discover how to apply. Experiencing problem with this website? Our helpdesk is always open. Have fun! -- The Europans Team


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    Western Infrastructure Put on Backburner DARKHOLME -- President Talbot held a press conference this Friday outside of the Capitol Building. Here is what she had to say. "Hello my fellow Ailytheans, I'm here to shed light on the recent economic crisis our great nation is going through. My predesessor, President Rutherford had grand intentions and high hopes for the improvement of the western states but sadly things did not go as planned. As of right now we do not have the resources to see his dream come to reality and we are already seeing negative effects of this failed endevor, two years ago Noren was forced to close its port indefinetly and the city has suffered drastically because of it, seeing a population decrease of nearly 10%. Now, like I said previously it is currently not possible to see President Rutherford's plan completed but we can bring back the old Noren and stop it from falling into a point of no return. I stand here today for the people of Noren, I will not fail your great city, in the coming weeks I will be meeting with Crownspeaker Ferrison and Mayor Montgomery of Noren to try and come up with a solution that can help the city return to its former self. Ailythe fell once before and it returned stronger and more united than ever. We will recover from this." The crowd erupted in cheers and many of the older Ailytheans are calling Talbot the new President Wolff, for the readers who aren't familiar President Wolff is is regarded as one of the best presidents Ailythe has seen and served four terms, the longest anyone has ever served. The general public is taking Talbot's first major act of president well but one celebrity has a lot to say about her. Host of Sandra Speaks, Sandra Freely, stated late Friday night on her talk show "It took over a year for Talbot to finally do something productive and her first act of business is to give a big middle finger to the entire West." Another who spoke out against Talbot's decision is Erik Prestor, Keyholder of Alishe. Here's what he had to say in an interview he gave to ANN early this morning. "President Josephine Talbot is like every other Easterner they don't care about the states that don't border their precious Gulf. Instead of opting to help her citizens living in one half of her country she decides to focus on Noren." Port of Noren five days after closing two years ago.
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    About time I should finally add a photo to this. I have avoided it long enough. So, here is me from the other day at work. Early in the morning before anyone else arrived.
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    The Leopard Throne. One of the most important symbols of Tagmatium. It stood on a dais of porphyry that was covered with a cloth of gold, under a canopy of the same, at the end of the grand state throne room of the Imperial Palace Complex. The heart of the Greater Holy Empire. It was actually a dual throne – the left hand side was the vacant seat of Christ. The Holy Emperor, the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator Arhomanion, the Holy Emperor and Autocrat of Arome to give the more formal title, was the representative of God in Europa, sitting at His right hand. The throne itself was gold and studded in precious stones, a shining example of Tagmatine craftsmanship and nothing that mere barbaroi could hope to imitate. Its seats were covered in leopard skin upholstery and the sides were in the likeness of snarling big cats, ready to pounce. The teeth of the leopards on the sides were ancient elephant ivory, the red tongues made from coral, their spots picked out in pieces of carved jet and the eyes were crafted from amber. This imagery gave the throne its name. To enter the throne room, two vast gold-plated doors had to be opened. These magnificent works of art were perfectly balanced and swung outwards smoothly and silently. They were kept oiled and were polished regularly by one of the myriad of servants within the Imperial Palace Complex. It was considered a high honour to be selected to carry out the task. Once inside the room, a visitor would be greeted by one of the most striking sights within the entirety of Europa. The walls of the throne room were a shining white, representing the purity and holiness of Tagmatium. The floors were a gilded mosaic, breathtaking in its magnificence. Glass, gold and ceramic tiles displaying proud moments in history, fearsome hunting scenes and the glory that was embodied by the Tagmatine people. Behind the throne was a multicoloured stained glass window of vast size which bathed the room in jewelled light when the sun shone through it. Unlike other, more heterodox Christian nations, there were no recreations of heavenly scenes or the Saviour Himself – depictions of holy figures was considered to be idolatrous by Tagmatium's particular brand of Christianity, the Iconoclastic Orthodox Church. Great pillars held up the high roof. These were alternatively shining white marble or porphyry. Beyond them, the walls were as richly decorated as the mosaic floor and more large windows of stained or clear glass, alternating in the opposite way to the pillars, allowed light to flood into the state throne room. It was designed to overawe any visitor to the throne room, as if being in the presence of the Holy Emperor wasn't enough in itself. The throne itself, on its raised dais, sat under a semi-dome at the apse end of the room with the words “Christ, King of Kings” inscribed across the conch of the apse. It was no mistake that the throne was under the eastern end. The ruler of Tagmatium was appointed to this role by God Himself, manifesting His will in Europa. As a sign of the Holy Emperor's lofty position as the Thirteenth Apostle, those that approached the Leopard Throne's occupant were expected to acknowledge their lowly position. This act, called Proskynesis, signified the subservience of the one doing it and the recognition that the Holy Emperor was their rightful overlord. The act involved throwing themselves to the floor and kissing the Holy Emperor's feet with their arms outstretched. It had, however, become impolitic to expect foreigners to perform it these days. The overly proud Barbaroi found it very offensive, as they often did not recognise the primacy of the Tagmatine ruler over their petty overlords. And as there was one Kingdom in Heaven, there was one Empire in Europa. That Empire had stood for centuries as a bastion of civilisation in a world of barbarism, a beacon of faith and light shining out and inspiring the lands surrounding it. It was a centre of culture, ever changing and evolving, and yet maintaining a link to the glorious past of the Aroman Empire before it, even if that past had yet to find the enlightenment of Christianity. This cultural heritage meant that it was Tagmatium's duty to shepherd the rest of Europa towards that enlightenment and the civilisation that it brought with it. The throne was flanked by guards from each of the four guard regiments of the Tagmata, the Palace Guards unit that inadvertently gave the common name to the Greater Holy Empire. They were kept in a strict rotation to avoid one being favoured over the others. The Exkoubitoi, their name meaning “Sentinels”, currently stood on the right of the throne. Perhaps the most famous of the units from the guard corps, their red robes and black lacquered mix of lamellar and plate mail made them a distinctive sight throughout the capital of the Greater Holy Empire. They regularly accompanied members of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, the Imperial Government, abroad on diplomatic missions. To the left of the throne stood members of the Athanatoi, “Immortals”, in green robes and wearing a similar mix of lamellar and plate, although their armour was coloured blue. Unlike the Exkoubitoi, these soldiers were armed with short-shafted axes as well as swords. Behind the Athanatoi were the Teikhistai, the guardians of the walls of Tagmatika. They were armed with heavy iron maces, dressed in blue robes and steel armour buffed to a mirror shine. Despite such defences being more or less redundant in the modern era, they were still amongst the most impressive sights visitors to the capital would ever see and were famous throughout Europa. Finally, behind the Exkoubitoi were the Ikanatoi, the “the Able Ones”, wearing red armour, cream robes and carrying spears. The bodyguards were all brightly dressed, with horse hair plumes on their sallet helms the colour of their robes, clothes embroidered with golden thread and carrying shields decorated with symbols of Tagmatium. Their appearance might be deceptive - they were drawn from decorated combat veterans from the Tagmatine army. They would die to protect their charges and took their roles extremely seriously. As well as soldiers from the Tagmata, at all times dignitaries and attendants from the Court Aristocracy waited on the throne, even if it was vacant. They were dressed in jewelled robes of ancient, although not out of date in Tagmatine fashion, style. Whilst the positions within the Court Aristocracy were not hereditary, members of it were often granted great estates within Tagmatium. This meant that they would have the time to wait on the Holy Emperor without having to worry about money or the ability to afford the splendour in which they would have to dress. They may not have been as powerful as the Military or Bureaucratic Aristocracies in the reign of Kommodos III, but there was power in proximity to greater power. They were the cup bearers, the concierges and ushers, with their families having been in the service of the Greater Holy Empire for generations, even centuries. Being close to the Holy Emperor for many hours meant that they often had his or her ear and even become valued confidantes. They might be perceived as useless hangers-on by some but that often couldn't be much further than the truth. The Greater Holy Empire would last, and they would have their day again. With the guards around the throne and the attendants surrounding it, completing the groups within the throne room were a choir of monks, chanting praise to Christ. Dressed in black clerical robes that were a sharp contrast to the sumptuous dress of the courtiers and the elaborate uniforms of the bodyguards. Bishops and other prelates were often in the state throne room too, as the Holy Emperor had such an important role within the affairs of the Church. The smell of incense permeated the cavernous room. If the Holy Emperor was present, then the chanting would cease and a respectful silence would dominate the room. Only if the Vice-Gerent of God willed it would that be broken. Court ceremony was entirely designed to emphasise the dignity and prestige of the monarch and to imply the superhuman nature of the one that sat upon the Leopard Throne. Recent years had seen little in the way of activity from the Greater Holy Empire. At first, its attention had been focussed beyond Europa, then Tagmatium turned somewhat quiet. Unlike Adaptus, Tagmatium's closest neighbour and long time ally, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had not become destabilised. It would take more than a period of quietness and relative isolation to shake the ancient nation in such a way. Several programmes to improve Tagmatium's environmental impact had taken precedence over the military actions that had seen the nation's international prestige increase over the years. Sustainable power generation had been stepped up, from wind farms to hydro-electric power stations had been built across the country. There had been some rumblings within the nation's borders, primarily from pro-democracy campaigners, although these had been dealt with peacefully. They did not shatter the tranquillity and prosperity that had been earned after the hard shock of the Civil War in 2005 and the struggle of the nation finding its feet again in the years that followed. Now the attention of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had been dragged from its own introspection and towards the west. Countries that the Greater Holy Empire had never had much contact with had started to rise and Europa was once again becoming a vibrant and active region. Tagmatium could not afford to slip into the background, even if it was self-evident that it was the centre of culture and civilisation. As yet, it remained to be seen how this most ancient and glorious nation would deal with those around it. The leopard's fangs were still sharp, its claws keen and its roar mighty. It would be heard across Europa once again.
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    @Morheim @Sunset Sea Islands @Andalla @Asgeirria @Iverica
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    I very recently joined this region because I started to want more from NS in terms of roleplay and everything about Europa really clicked with me. I've never roleplayed before on NationStates or have been an active member of a region so I am kind of nervous but I am excited to learn and join you all. I'm in the process of making a wikistyle factbook for my country but I'm getting stuck on a lot of things, hopefully I'll be able to finish it soon. If any of you are curious, the way to pronounce Ailythe is EYE-lith.
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    "Really? You know, Astriedan is slowly opening for tourism but we don't have many visitors yet, it's always a good sign to see such comments about our nation... If your planes are as successful as the Emperor heard, it's without doubt that further deals will come in the future. " Even if she was speaking in a more relaxed way than the other Imperial Speaker that Rémy was with in the meeting room, she had the same slow and calm tone, however, unlike the previous imperial speaker, this one wasn't really fluent in english, butchering some words, especially the ones that contained a lot of consonants. "I also hope that you didn't found the imperial speaker you met before me too, hum, rude. Negociations, especially with imperial speakers, are always done in a very impersonnal way here in Astriedan. They walked in the Palace for about 10 minutes, passing from small and almost empty alleys to huge crowded corridors, before finally reaching the exit. "Well, I think it's now time for us to part ways, I hope that you were pleased by the small glance you had at our country, au revoir, monsieur." She said to Rémy while bowing down before leaving him when an officer from the Colegard Army approached Rémy to lead him back to the airport. Simplified report on the genetic and comportemental study of Rémy Georges Pierre Ferré To be kept at the non-public Imperial Archives Lvl. 4 clearance or higher for reading Lvl. 5 courier clearance for carrying Please note that this is the simplified report, full report is disponible for anyone with a Lvl. 4 clearance at the Imperial Archives. This report is only meant to give an overview and not to provide any useful scientific data, please do not refer to this report as a proof but at its non-simplified version. I/Genetic study Observations -Lysian caryotype is the same as the astriedanian one with 23 pairs of chromosomes including a XY pair for males. -Rémy isn't subject to any known hereditary diseases and/or any known handicaps. -As expected, Lysian genes seems to harbour differences with astriedanian genes though we are lacking a sufficient number of examples to be able to determine a tendency or even to confirm that fact. Conclusions -We now have the biological proof that lysians are humans, even though we already were sure that they are, further disproving the theory stating that another sapient race may live on our planet. -A new database needs to and will be created to list and classify genes from other human populations in order to determine what are the genetic tendencies in foreign countries and/or populations/ethnies as this may become useful in time of peace or war. II/Comportemental study Observations -Rémy is expressing himslef with ease. During the discussion some tones and expressions seemed to draw more attention from the astriedanians present in the room, however nothing that we already knew. -Rémy seemed troubled about the imperial speaker. -It seems the Colegard Palace left a good impression on Rémy. Conclusion -Rémy is experienced as selling and knows how to captivate his audience. He knows that lying about the capabilities of his products isn't a good idea. -Imperial speakers may trouble future visitors, it's suggested that we train a few of them to the way negociations seems to go in other countries for better versatility. -End of the report
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    This was more a parade than anything else, passing in front of cameras and showing-off, this was to be this at Anne-Marie Montcarles’ time, you only had a few serious cameras being around, and journalists respectful, respecting the line you would have with the guests, but such manners have been forgotten, Anne-Marie certainly have lose her abilities to talk to the camera over the years, but still had her determination for representing Fleur de Lys, and considering this mission as her new and most likely, last job, as she was already 71 years old while the retiring age was of 60 in Fleur de Lys, something which showed clearly her passion for what she was doing, along her wish to remain at the service of the Republic. As the delegates would gather in a room, Tomas-Morra would open for what would become the meal of the guests, it was well-known that Iverican Gastronomy was the most passionate in this other World far away from the Europan Continent. This would be only a polite lunch, fortunately for Anne-Marie which, looking high from her many years, could no longer stand those heavy and long meals. The newly appointed and soon Ambassador to the ARATA (or ATARA) was pleased to have next to her Sir Francesco Datena, one of the well-known father of the modern Cristina, which would be the main support of the new Cristina Constitution and its good resolution against Mantella. Side-talks of the event would pursue even further as ISTC is quoted multiples times, with the pleasant Tumbleweed along Prymontian representatives attending the even. Anne-Marie would also notice the Astriedan delegate, which she would gladly salute and exchange a few words with, as the two nations just had a recent contract over the Astriedan Air Security new fighters, a next-generation fighter, the Éclair which shall be from now on the protector of Astriedan skies and light. At 00:48:16, Lysian time, Madame Montcarles would officially take place in the room and made her few steps towards the stage floor. Photographers would take a few shots, as she would pursue her advance. Quietly, being most like, with the notable exception of her two bodyguards, were the only Lysians in the room, as this affair was seen as a faraway matter from the Republic’s perspective, even if sharing heavy interests in having greater ties with Iverica, which was considered as the most reliable nation on this continent, and which the Republic shared its beliefs and values. In the total silence, Madame Montcarles would sit, take out of her jacket her fountain pen and sign the Charter, the various versions of it as it has been translated. This was no engagement of the Republic, as even if the Assemblée Nationale had appointed Madame Montcarles as Ambassador, and she was to sign the ATARA Charter, the Assemblée Nationale would have to confirm through a vote to make the Republic of Fleur de Lys a ratifier of this Charter, making her signature, for now, most symbolic, as after all, and hopefully, the ratification by the Assemblée Nationale, would be most likely a courtesy. Thus Fleur de Lys would join the signatories of the ATARA Charter, without a word spoken.
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    9:35 AM - The long journey since Cristina finally comes to an end. Sir Francesco Datena leaves the Cristina Airlines A330 to set foot on Iverican ground for the first time. Followed by his secretary Fabiana Doria and his bodyguards the experienced Cristinese politician looks around and inhales deeply the air of the New World. As he looks ahead he notices the flag of the Kingdom of Cristina fluttering beautiful and brightly among the flags of other sovereign nations. Francesco can hardly hold a great shout of pride. He is an activist patriot, regarded as one of the “fathers” of the Cristinese Constitution and one of the architects of the current Free Port of Cristina, and seeing his country open to the world and recognized by other sovereign nations fills him with satisfaction and all this pride of his people, his Queen, and why not, of himself? He is then received by the Iverican staff and greets them, showing clearly that he is honored to be representing his country in such an important meeting, on such a magnificent land. From there Francesco and his entourage are taken to the car that will take them escorted to the ceremony's venue. 10:30-11:00- On board the K6, the Cristinese representative, himself a proud owner of one of this fabulous car, feels even more comfortable but also thinks he would like to be driving right now. Ms Doria talks on her cell phone with other Foreign Affairs officials and the two security guards remain quiet and alert to everything, but the thoughtful Francesco watches through the car’s window the landscape that pass outside, admired by its beauty. When the K6 enters the urban area the Delegate perceives the beautiful contrast of the new scenario with nature of the rural area he saw before. He observes the various landmarks and high buildings and can not help but think how that city looks like its beautiful and bustling Cristina, filled of large plazas and skyscrapers. The car arrives at its destination at the Tricontinental Hotel soon after the other international delegates and so, like them, Francesco is soon approached by journalists from all over the planet, for whom he gives a quick interview about the importance of the event and what ATARA represents for the Kingdom of Cristina. "All this represent the acceptance of my country in the new international scene, through Cristinese participation in the foundation of this important establishment that is ATARA, where the Free Port will represent itself without breaking its declared neutrality," says the delegate Cristinese in one of his answers. 11:30-1:00- Sir Francesco Datena walks down to the beautiful ballroom where the welcoming ceremony and luncheon will take place. There he takes the seat prepared to him in thr central table between the representatives of Sunset Sea Islands and Fleur de Lys with whom he talks about the last agreements of cooperation between Cristina and those nations and with the ISTC. After the rapid and applauded pronouncement of Ms Desdemona Tomas-Morra, finally the food is served and Francesco prefers light dishes and a smooth Cristinese wine of good harvest, which he recommends to the Leader of the Radiant Republic. 1:00-1:30- After the meal and some more talks on the corridors, the delegates and their entourages move to the decorated Conference Hall and appropriately take their seats. Francesco again gets to take his place besides Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Sunset Sea Islands. 1:30-2:30- Mr. Desdemona Tomas-Morra ceremonially presents the charter of ATARA documents which he reads attentively. At the due time, as a Delegate with Observer Status, Sir Francesco Datena formally walks to the podium and sign the chart with great satisfaction as he is now rendering another service to his country.
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    So there's recently been this trend to make maps with "X ways to divide nation Y" and some people have made such maps for their fictional nations. So I've decided to spend an hour of my free time to make one of those myself. Why don't you do one as well?
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    “Hey” addressed with a charming smile Édouard Laloux, as he would slightly open the door giving to Charles Mécra’s bedroom in the apartment he occupied just for the time being for the conference in Morheim about a cultural exchange treaty. He was seating there, fixing his regard to a painting, sitting on a little bench, a little bend forward, as he had his two hands supporting his face. Édouard just entered and made a few steps from the door giving on Charles’ right, at 4 hours. He steps forward, seeing well Charles was preoccupied, as he was focusing on his thoughts. Édouard would let expire a crotchet rest, as he knew well what Charles was preoccupied about, he looked at him a couple seconds as he was standing just one meter away from him, and then, moved in order to seat right next to him on the little bench. He put his hand on his thigh as a way to give him consolation and energy, “You know, it can happen, as Président du Conseil, it was inevitable” he addressed, trying to help Charles through his thoughts. “No” dryly responded Charles as he still maintained his regard to the painting right in front of him, just wall mounted, up of his bed. Édouard gesticulated a bit, “Face reality Charles, you’ll have to resign, this won’t pass” he commented, willing Charles to do the mourning of his Presidency. Charles forthwith turned his head to Édouard, letting his arm fall from either side of his body, “Gregorion have been Président du Conseil during 32 years, and Dictator during 2 full years” he responded, showing how angry and annoyed by the situation he was with the tone he used with his lover. “This was another time” calmed Édouard, as he would put both his hands on Charles’ right hand, “He was a leader, thanks to him we won the First World War… If only we had somebody similar to him during the Second one…” regretted Charles, as he was rehashing History, “You have made a mistake, and even if you ignore it, and don’t resign, you shall be dismissed” explained again the reality quietly Édouard, a reality Charles was too much aware of, but which he refused to see, to recognise. “This was another time… Yes…” remembered himself Charles at Édouard’s word, when coming to Gregorion’s example. “Are you with me?” Asked Charles as he turned a bit his body towards Édouard’s direction, and took both his hands, “À jamais” smiled Édouard as he would kiss Charles.
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    14:30 Uhr, Simon Station, Antargis, -4.1°C What other would call "summer" had little to no meaning when you're down in the Antargic. "Come on now, this is not the time to doubt your decisions," Brüno quietly said to himself, while closing the outside door behind him. He started shaking the snow off his outer jacket. The coat rack was already quite full with other colorful outfits, in bright orange or red, dripping on the floor. Brüno reached over and added his Magnean-red overcoat to the mix. "Now if I can get these boots to come off, " he grunted, taking a seat on a sturdy plastic bench. Ten minutes later and he was relieved from his outside survival gear. The inside temperature of this conditioned shell in Simon Station was much nicer. Still no summer, but quite pleasant. Like a cosy blockhause in the mountains back home. From his briefing at Venège Uni and the earlier call they had, he already knew Dr. Hopeman from the @Sunset Sea Islands. The friendly old man, a radiation specialist actually, had offered to show Brüno around during his first week at the station. Everyone had shared their personal information, so they knew what to expect. In this small island of civilisation, surrounded by unforgiving nation, they all depended on each other. Transkontinentale Wissenschaftliche Initiative: Station SIMON Personal Information Name: Dr. Brüno Neumayer Gender: Male Age: 27 Nationality: Magnean Profession: Ingenieur Speciality: Renewable Energy Personnel category: Scientist But first, Brüno had an 15:00 appointment with his engineering supervisor. He hoped it would be a nice group. The team from @Prymont he met on the boat was rather nice. Surely the others would be like this as well. Before leaving Magnaeus, plenty of people had warned him about the Lysian superiority complex. But that didn't particularly phase him. At Uni he had dated plenty of Lysian ladies: those girls from @Fleur de Lys can appear quite hard on the outside, but are really very soft on the inside.
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    Nice one, with the black and white. Halfway between Italy and Africa. Scouting castles on Comino or Kemmuna. Turns out that's just a watchtower.
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    COUNCIL OF FOUR RULE OUT EQUAL RIGHTS BILL Following the passage of an Equal Rights Bill by the narrowest of margins within the National Assembly the legislation was struck down by the Council of Four. The Bill was presented by members of the Liberterian party who managed to get the Bill passed by a single vote, 32-31, it called for an end to "gender bias among the Sisterhood, introduction of gender neutral language in all walks of life and the legalisation of same sex marriage." It was left to Duke Niklaus Corrino to explain why the Council had thrown out the Bill; "The nation is the home to our Bene Gesserit faith, the only nation in the world with a significant population of followers too, as such our laws must reflect that, while discrimination in everyday life is wrong, the Bill overstepped its mark, it would radically change the faith to which our nation is bound. Homosexuality is not seen as evil or harmful, and denying someone a job or denying them an oppurtunity based on that would be wrong, but we are talking about a change to the purpose of marriage in our faith, namely to continue successful bloodlines. The nation has laws that grant tax relief and various other benefits enjoyed by hetrosexual couples to same sex couples, I believe that is only right and fair. Furthermore having a Sisterhood, that would contain "Brothers" is against the very basis of the faith." The Duke then revealed that the Bill was defeated 4-0 by the Council. The news was greeted with great joy from members of the Missionara Party, a party made up of former members of the Missionara Protectiva, "This bill was presented at a time when they knew that 10 of our members are involved with issues surrounding the Reverened Mother's medical issues, it was nothing more than a blind side attempt to push a liberal agenda that is not wanted within our nation. A rcent poll by KNN showed that only 20% or so of people here support making the Sisterhood open to men, while only 25% support same sex marriage. To have such a bill supported by members of the Assembly who should know better concerns me." Meanwhile however the Liberterian Party hailed it as a great victory, "This bill was supported by the majority of the Assembly, we will now go away, look at making amendments and then possibly have a 2nd attempt. A day must come when this nation allows all to be treated as equals, regardless of gender, sexuality and ethnicity." It is expected that the party will attempt to hold a protest march in the coming days on the streets of Geidi, the city which hosts the annual Kaitaine LGBT+ Pride Parade.
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    Thank you for joining us here at 'Ahrana Today' for todays broadcast, today on the broadcast we have announcements from the Socialist Government and so much more here on your trust worthy News Agency. Today the People's Palace announced that the Secretary General Office along with other Government Offices would be holding a Press Conference opened to all News reporters based in Ahrana and abroad. They have said the Secretary General would be giving the Press Conference in the Supreme People's Assembly Chamber. Along with reporters being allowed in the Chamber all members of the Congressional Houses, Presidents of the Republics and members of the Communist Party of the Socialist Federation along with other Political Parties are required to be in attendance. No details have been released on what the Big Conference is about but we will find out in less than two hours. In other News, the Flags of the Union Republics have been placed in Union Square and will be renamed 'Gustov Avenue Park' in honor of the late King since all of this is possible only through his vision. The Government will host a public ceremony and all are asked to attend. The founding ceremony will become a National Holiday after this year. The Office of the Secretary General has put his hand out in Friendship and has invited the Ambassador from @Fleur de Lys that currently resides in the Embassy in the Socialist Federation, to officially announce the Embassy of The Republic opened along with creating better ties with the Country after recent events. The Office of the Secretary General has also asked that the other nations that also hold an Embassy in Ahrana to also request a day to Officially Announce the opening of the Respected Countries Embassy. Supreme People's Assembly Chamber Distinguished members of the Congressional Houses of the Socialist Federation, members of the Foreign and Ahranaian Press, Members of the Federal Government, Members of the Union Republics Presidiums, Members of the Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, and the Citizens of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana; I have asked you all here today to bare witness to the First of many Five Year Plans of the Socialist Government that you the People of Ahrana have elected in your name. I have also asked you here to bare witness to my new Oath to Office and to the People. The sole purpose of the Socialist Ideology is to provide a Workers' Paradise where the People control every organ of the Government through Direct Elections. Many leaders of Foreign Countries say this experiment will fail like the others that have came and gone, but we are not those Countries. No, we are Ahranaians united under one goal, one banner and one objective which is a People's Utopia for everyone regardless their Creed, Color, and Birth Nation. Because through Brotherhood and Unity anything can be achieved! Gustov had this dream on how he thought a Socialist Ahrana would look like and I promise you we are on the right track! Before his death he begin outlining the First Five Year Plan that I have added to and guarantee to the People of the Socialist Federation that this will set us on the right track! The First Five Year Plan will focus around nine points that will the be the main focus of the Government till the completion of all nine points. After the each five year plan has been accomplished each Government will begin a new five year plan. Once the ultimate goal of a utopia has been achieved a ten to twenty year plan will be laid before us to better the Socialist Utopia. Within this plan I hope to see the Socialist Federation achieve greater relations with the Nations of the World, no nation should wage espionage or war at one another. Instead, for the sake of the People we should all live in peace and harmony. Along with creating friendships with other nations the Socialist Federation should bolster its Military to better defend its boarders. With bolstering the Military comes a new Conscription Service, at the age of 18 all people whether they are Male or Female will serve a 7 year Service and at the time of their 25 Birthday they may either stay active service or go to the reserve. The Actually age of the New Conscription is 18-30 years of age. The Ahranaian Space Agency will be rebooted and placed with new deadlines, by the end of this year the ASA should have designed a new Rocket and Capsule to carry a man back into space. If they beat the deadline by creating a Capsule and Rocket before the end of the year then a new age of space exploration will be established by the ASA for the future generations. The ultimate goal is for us to be part of Joint Space Operations with other Countries in order to usher in Peace in the World . The Kingdom of Ahrana was part of the ATARA Organization as an observer state, I propose that the Socialist Federation petition to join ATRARA as a full member as the rightful successor state to the Kingdom. Since the World discovered how Nuclear Power the world has either been afraid of the power or in love with the power. Ahrana is one of the few nations that solely relay on Nuclear Energy, and what I propose is and will change the world forever. The Current Nuclear Fission Reactors are coming to the their end date and we will need new reactors, the reactors that will replace the second generation are still the second generation which to me shows the lack of investment that has been given to the Nuclear Energy Program. The Nuclear Energy Sector will get more funding and will be promoted among all sectors to get more personnel into the sector. We need younger and brighter minds in the Nuclear Sector as we wish to change from Fission Power to Fusion Power. It has been told and watched that through Nuclear Fusion we will get higher yields and less waste from the reactors. So by the year 2023 the Nuclear Energy Department should have either advanced further in the Fusion Reactor or created the first Fusion Reactor for Public use. This Socialist Government pursues a full measure of Separation of Church and State in all Governments at all levels. The Socialist Federation has no Official Religion as it prohibits the purpose of the Socialist Ideal. As guaranteed by the Constitution Religious practices are protected and cannot be taken away by anyone. However, if the Church interferes with any part of the Government the reparations will not be so easy on the Church. The Empire of @Derthalen has expressed interests in creating Railway Lines to Ahrana and many more places, we would be a fool not to allow these Railway Lines to be created and connected to ours. For the sack of the people in the Socialist Republic of Heilig it will be done in order to give the Empire a form of connection to the Socialist Republic. The Military need to be able to build ships, planes and more and what by better means than factories. The Socialist Government will be opening more Factories to help create the need equipment for the People's Military Armed Forces. The goal is to have enough equipment if War breaks out or if The Socialist Federation is called on to join in Humanitarian Aid Missions. And the most important thing to me as the Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana is to be able to hold free elections at all levels of the Entire Government by the end of my term as Secretary General. This Government needs and should pave the way for the elections to be held as a Multi-Party Elections and the Communist Party will have to defend its right as the Party of the People as they should do. Now as I stand before you today I take my Oath of Office in front of this Assembly and have you as my witness, so this I swear to you: I will bare truth and Allegiance to the People and to the Motherland. I will protect the Motherland with my own blood if needed be, I will use my powers given to me by the Constitution and I will use them to better our Motherland and hold true to the Socialist Principle that so governs our Federation. This I swear to you the people of the Federation. Thank you all for joining us today and as always, Through Brotherhood and Unity anything is Possible!
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    1030-1101 IST Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed and Delegate Angelina Lernel had already experienced the luxury of Prymontian cars countless times KAP automobiles were both popular in Sunset Sea Islandian and foreign governmental fleets. Both women were sitting next to a window and observing the changing landscape. They didn't want to talk to one another, so all they did was look out of the window, as none of them wanted to appear rude by booting up their electronic devices. What a difference a few latitudes further north made. It was still warm but the absence of tropical storms, monsoons and tsunamis made the Iverican countryside that much more charming. The vintage was exactly like something you would find drawn on the label of an expensive bottle of wine. As the colourful towns were gradually replaced by a jungle of concrete and glass the two women felt more and more at home. Relations with @Iverica had been splendid for the longest time, so the knowledge of visiting a befriended nation they would soon be allied to almost negated the lack of law enforcement infrastructure. Of course, the policemen kept the road clear for the diplomats, but the facts that their operations were not nearly as systematical as the AI-driven system of the Sunset Sea Islands and that this "increased" level of security would sink after the official motorcade had passed, made both women, especially Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed, slightly nervous. Naturally, none of them would show these thoughts to preserve their face in front of the other and to not offend the Ivericans. 1129-1159 IST Both Tumbleweed and Lernel thoroughly enjoyed the first-rate food the Ivericans had prepared for the international guests. They tried diverse dishes from the attendants' nations and were pleased with the way the Iverican cooks mastered the art of Sunset Sea Islandian Sashimi. Theresa Tumbleweed was sitting next to the delegate of @Cristina and enjoyed the discussion about both the foundation of ATARA and the growing cooperation between both the ISTC and Cristina, as well as bilateral economic cooperation between the Free City and the Radiant Republic. Angelina Lernel had no other choice but to talk to the @Lusotropian delegate to her side, as she wanted to avoid disturbing Tumbleweed's conversation or even talking to her. There hadn't been many diplomatical encounters between Lusotropia and the Sunset Sea Islands, but even this minimal bit of small talk could be the beginning of prosperous international relations with the neighbours of Iverica. 1300 IST After the meal, Desdemona Tomas-Morra ceremonially presented the charter of ATARA. The simple, yet beautiful paper would become another brick in the foundation of a peaceful global society. The hearts of the Sunset Sea Islandian delegates were filled with happiness about the ever-tightening relations with international partners and gaining so many new allies on one day felt extremely fulfilling to the two women. Angelina Lernel smiled brightly as the delegates prepared to sing, it was obvious that she would be singing along loudly and clearly. Theresa Tumbleweed maintained her policy of showing as little emotion as necessary. She let a faint smile appear on her lips. The sixty-two-year-old woman had a voice suitable for holding speeches to unite the people, but it wasn't made for singing at all. She would at least move her lips to the words of the anthem. Lernel, the delegate, would sing loud enough for both of them.
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    Wednesday, 14th February 2018 Santhope House The KIng's Equerry - "Your Majesty, The Prime Minister and the Minister for Defence." The two Ministers enter the King's private study. Both Ministers and the Equerry bow to the King. Albert II - "Prime Minister." Sir Anthony - "Your Majesty." Albert II - "Sir Henry." Sir Henry - "Your Majesty" They both bow and shake the King's hand. Albert II - "How can I help you Gentlemen?" Sir Anthony - "Well Your Majesty, as you are well aware, the Navy is undertaking a survey operation in the northwest to map out the waterways through the island groups. The commander of the task group, Captain Peter Blackwell, was in contact with the First Sea Lord and the Chief of the Defence Staff stating that the islands were to the best of his knowledge uninhabited. He sort permission from the Board, to extend the operation to a joint service operation to undertake a land survey of the island groups. Which the Board, after consultation with Sir Henry and the Attorney-General, gave their blessing. Sir Henry - "Sir, If I may. (Rolls out a maritime chart of the area, and points to the four islands). The original operation was to chart the water ways surrounding these four island groups. Part of the job they have is to also to gather information about indigenous maritime traffic, which when Captain Blackwell submitted his report, was non-existent, which lead him to believe that these islands were uninhabited. Albert II - "So Gentlemen, you're both telling me, that we've had these islands within our sphere of influence for the last one hundred and fifty years, and we haven't done anything about it? Sir Henry - "Not necessarily Sir. (He pulls a ring-bound report from his brief case). According to the survey reports along with imagery taken by our Air Forces UAV's, it says that up until at least ten to fifteen years ago, they were to some extent inhabited." Albert II - "Well what happened to them?" Sir Anthony - "Well Sir, we believe they may have migrated further west to either the Alharun or Aurelian continents." Albert II - "Ok, So this obviously doesn't require anything done on my part, so what's the matter then Gentlemen?" Sir Anthony - "Sir, Both sides of the house, the Defence Board, and members of industry have approached the cabinet pushing for us to make claim to the islands. Having said that, the Cabinet is of the opinion as well. According to the Land Survey reports, there are large mineral deposits on the islands, as well as from a defence point of view, they are positioned in a strategically important area, which would allow us to project our forces. So, we've come today Sir, for you to sign an instrument declaring that these island groups are Terra Nullis and they have been claimed by the Gallambrian Monarchy, as external territories." Albert II - "Right then, well thank you Gentlemen, this will need to be discussed with the Privy Council, and Sir Jock will be in touch with you. Thank you." Sirs Anthony & Henry - "Your Majesty." They both bow and exit the study. Sir Anthony whispering to Sir Henry - "That went better than expected."
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    Little Flau's Little Reporter Little Flau Sends Aid to the Construction of the Manama Canal After Little Flau's government unanimously decided the canal would promote trade in the area they met up with the governments of @Sunset Sea Islandsand @Synturia to discuss sending aid in the construction of the canal. After a short meeting, it was decided that Little Flau would send builders and diggers in order to assist in the construction. Furthermore, Little Flau, being close to the canal in question, now acts as a hub for boats bringing material to the site. Ships transporting goods are free of taxes and sailors are cared for whilst they stop by. The Flauton Goverment expects this exciting new development will land them a place on the world scene since as a fairly new nation, they haven't had the chance to prove their worth. Little Flauton experts estimate the canal will be finished later this year, although this estimate has been brought into examination by critics, arguing that the geography of the area will be foreign to Little Flauton workers. This is the entrance of the Manama canal The Manama canal is a artificial waterway under construction that would connect the Oriental and Adlantic Ocean. It is being built by @Synturia and @Sunset Sea Islands; and more recently, Little Flau began construction there as support. The new canal would decrease the amount of time taken to traverse to Thalassa from the world, increasing the trade in the area. Little Flau would be the first nation to be found by accessing the canal so it is expected that it might become an important stop in trading with other more prosperous nations such as @Sunset Sea Islands, @Asgeirria and @Andalla.
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    Walmington-on-Sea will be 'world's most quake-safe city' Prime Minister Sir Anthony Greenwald talks with members of Cambria's Emergency Management Authority. A massive recovery operation in Walmington-on-Sea is aimed at making it the most "earthquake-safe" city in the world, its Mayor Peter Farqhuar says. Prime Minister Anthony Greenwald this morning announced a new stand-alone authority - the Walmington-on-Sea Earthquake Recovery Authority (WERA) - to lead the earthquake recovery in Walmington-on-Sea and Wessex County. The body will have wide-ranging powers to lead and co-ordinate work to rebuild the region. Mr Farqhuar has hailed the announcement, saying it will allow for the right mix of Government, council and resident involvement. It is an important part of the overarching effort to make sure Walmington-on-Sea will never again be devastated by an earthquake, he says. "Given the scale of the tragedy and the multi-billion pound cost involved in repairing and rebuilding our city, it is important that we work on this huge task in partnership with the Government." "Our ultimate goal is to build the most earthquake-safe city in the world." WERA will have a life span of 5 years and its operations will be reviewed annually. Its interim chief executive will be former Chief of the Defence Staff, Sir Alexander Terrell. The Prime Minister says the rebuilding in Walmington-on-Sea will be a long and complex task which will require huge resources. It is vital to move forward with business recovery and getting vital infrastructure running, he says. An Order in Council will have to be made to establish the new body, and that's due to happen next week. Mr Farqhuar says his council will be also working with Government over the next nine months on a plan to rebuild the city. However, he conceded it would be next year before any significant construction could begin. "We need to be upfront and say it is unlikely that the significant rebuild of the central city could start before the end of this year. The time frame of course depends on the Earthquake Commission and the insurance companies completing their work with the property owners.
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    Valerio Korvini, nephew of the doge of Modena Jon Baptista Korvini, is recorded as a member of the Royal Mantellan sloop Gabbiano, which sailed from Saint Chist in 1584. During the course of the voyage, Valerio conspired with some other crew members to attempt a mutiny aboard the ship which, upon doing so, stated their intentions to sail southward as pirates. Aldo Lanini was elected captain and eventually had several ships. Valerio commanded one of these, the brigantine Alta Speranza. During the night of 18 April 1586, Lanini's ships headed for the @Bainbridge Islandsbut Korvini and his crew in the Alta Speranza slipped away in the night and continued to operate in the Konstantinopoli Sea. Between Byzantium Nova and @Miiros, the Alta Speranza plundered two vessels. Aboard one, the Kyria, Valerios's crew committed a cruel murder against a Byzantium Nova's noblewoman passenger. Afterwards they stopped to careen their vessel. A rare depiction of Valerio Korvini (1586). Continuing onward towards Miiros, Valerio Korvini spotted a treasure ship out from Orthen heading towards the Bainbridge Islands, Western Star. After its capture, the ship was outfitted with weapons and placed in the command of ships gunner Juliano Tiro, Valerio opting to retain command of the smaller Alta Speranza. because of her superior handling. The two ships continued to sail and attacking along the southeastern coast of the Miirosi Eisadai island until fighting began to break out among many of the forced crew members, and they decided to petition Miirosi and Mantellan authorities for a pardon, claiming they had been forced into piracy by Valerio and Lanini. Sailing to a small island in the Bainbridge Islands, the crew awaited a reply from the Miirosi and Mantellan governments for nine months until August 1587, when they received news from their courier ship that their pleas had been ignored, and the king Armandi II of Mantella had sent Admiral Tulio Fiati to eradicate the pirates. On their southward course they encountered the Southern Meteorolas, where the Western Star ran aground and, as the survivors were being rescued by the Alta Speranza, the pirates were sighted and pursued by HMS Santorini and HMS Avventura. Valerio Korvini was forced to cut his anchor cable and run, finally making his escape under oars when the fresh wind subsided. Valerio Korvini lost more than forty of his men on Southern Meteorolas, most of these being captured by a landing party from the two Mantellan Navy vessels, under the command of Fiati. Modern day replica of Valerio's ship Alta Esperanza Valerio Korvini and Juliano Tiro (who had been rescued from Southern Meteorolas before Fiati’s interference) now sailed to the Bay of Honolulu and careened on an offshore island, capturing three or four prizes en route and augmenting their depleted crew from their captives. Valerio next sailed through the Azure Sea for @Orioni in early 1588. On the way, he captured a Pirilao’s sloop named Croaker, which he added to his squadron, and then a long ship, which was entrusted to Juliano Tiro. The pirates put in at Orionii port of Vega in April 1588, intending to careen their new vessels, and having just started the task, they were surprised by an Orionii warship that was already hunting the pirates advised by Pirilao's merchants. Valerio Korvini and his men were forced to burn the ship and the sloop and flee along the island's southern coast, but the Orionii overtook and captured them. Valerio escaped again in his swift Alta Speranza, but his crew, discouraged by their losses, murdered him as he slept in his hammock, and took prisoner all who remained loyal. The mutineers then surrendered to Miirosi authorities in Airae o Maesaeloria and taken to Orthen where they received amnesty and their prisoners were hanged. Despite his ruthless cruelty and his cold-blooded nature, Valerio Korvini's life of piracy has been romanticized by several writers through the centuries, primarily as part of Cristinese nationalist movements or as a means of "heroification" of the name Korvini.
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    I have had something similar in mind for my own nation for a long time. First of all, if you read my factbook you will know how I feel about sharing the Raga sea more than I currently do. Hard no. I really like Tag, swell guy, but for roleplay reasons I will violently oppose it. Second, I don't want Suverina to be too bulky, I want a more martime nation style that has stretched out across the shores of the Raga sea. My plan was to suggest a similar expansion of Suverina, which I intend to roleplay. I really want to do a historical roleplay (which people could join should the want to, but I can do it alone as well), which would span over a long period and entail both Suverina's expansion around the Raga sea as well as making expeditions to the new world. This would be a period where Suverina is a strong maritime trading nation, inspired by IRL merchant republics (like Venice and Genoa) and the like. That and some modern day diplomatic roleplay is what I'm planning for my "comeback". And in while claiming less land in the old world I was hoping to carve out a small piece of the new world in the west for myself. edit: I would also roleplay the demise of Van. And about Burlington, I'd like us to one day have a small border.
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    Princess Carolina Nominated For Golden Music Awards Best Europan Pop Album Rennd - Cristinese Princess and teen sensation Carolina Korvini (or Carolina IV as she has been called) and her touring entourage are currently rolling round the Europan continent and recently stopped to play some shows in Rennd. The Princess Carolina thus returns to the country where she spent two years of her childhood to play for her fans. Princess Carolina stopped to play some shows in Rennd. She spoke fondly about the place during a press conference, when she was presented with a bouquet of flowers from a life-size version of a cult local character. The 15-year-old singer expressed her excitement over her two Golden Music Awards nominations. In the first she is up against Lysian singer Lorraine for the Best Female Pop Vocalist gong but it's the nomination for Best Europan Pop Album that thrills her the most. Carolina's French-language long-player, which she recorded last year, takes her back to her Lysian ancestry through her grandmother the musician Joanne Rosbeau. She says of its release: "It's really nice to be recognized for my first French album 'Ma Réflexion'. I'm really excited that I was recognized for that this year.” “It's a whole growing and learning experience, to understand my family's background and where many of us came from, and just continue to go further” In the website Rockslide.com there's also your chance to see a clip of the starlet in the video for 'Je Me Souviens de Toi ('I Remember You'), which is set for Cristinese release in mid-February.
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    AQUILA Program Underway The Aquila Program, (Appareil Qualité pour Utilité, Intervention, Logistique et Attaque”) has begun development. Syntinel, a division of Syndustries, has agreed to cooperative research and development as well as establishing an international industry team with GAE Systems, a defense company from @Gallambria, and Aérospatiale, @Fleur de Lys's premier aerospace company and the initiator of the project. The AQUILA Project will represent the future of unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) drone forces of many armed forces, including the Fleur de Lys' Force de l’Air. The project has outlined its three primary program goals. The first of which is to maintain and develop the skills of the participating nations' aerospace companies' design offices, which will not see any other new fighter programs before 2030. The second being to investigate and validate technologies that will be needed to design next-generation combat aircraft. Finally the third is to validate an innovative cooperation process by establishing a multinational industry team responsible for developing next-generation combat aircraft. It is speculated that Breguet Moteur, a subsidiary of Aérospatiale, will develop the engine, fuselage, fuel systems, flight control system, and overall architectures & design. GAE Systems will develop the air to air missile systems, weapons carriages, weapon firing system, smart integrated weapon bay, and other combat and stealth systems. Syntinel is speculated to develop ground control station, data-link integration, command interface, air data system, static and flight testing, as well as overall design. This could also be the first time super-steel can see its first industrial use for the material used in the project's jet engines, missiles, and fuselages. However, these speculations might change during the course of the projects cycle.
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    Construction of the first city on Solitude Island begins The Ministry of Urban Development has given the starting shot for the first city to ever be constructed on the barren shore of Solitude Island. Tenma will be constructed on the northeastern shore of the smallest of the four main islands of the SSI to serve as a hub for trade ships arriving from and departing for the Manamana Canal and as a site for the more pollutant industries of the nation. Furthermore, the completely pre-designed city will solve several housing problems both on Solitude Island and on Sunset Island. Both the staff of the national mines on Solitude Island and the scientists from the Sunset Sea Islands Space Exploration Centre will be able to find a new, nice home afar from but in reach of their workplaces. Also, thanks to the increased mining activities caused by the ramping up production of Elegy Corporation's super-concrete, additional workers will be resettled to the new city upon completion. This will also ease the shortage of living space in the metropolitan area of Sunset City. In cooperation with the Sunset Sea Islandian government, major domestic corporations, led by Elegy Corporation, will also be funding the construction of the city heavily, as it will be the home of many of their employees. Naturally, Elegy's super-concrete will be the material of choice for the construction of the new city, as the cheap and quickly hardening material will make the construction of the city comparably quick and financially manageable. Furthermore, as the raw materials necessary for the concrete are being mined on the island, a large concrete factory will also be constructed in proximity to the city. As Tenma is supposed to become the SSI's gateway to the direct route to @Synturia , it will also be the home of branch offices of several Synturian corporations, which are focussing on automation. Although the island is mostly barren, environmental regulations will still have to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, the desolate island is a better place for the dirtier industries of the SSI than the other three, lush main islands. Both the Ministry of Urban Development and the Sunset Sea Islandian government are confident, that project Tenma will be a great success. Manamana settlement grows As more and more workers arrive at the construction site of the Manamana Canal, the settlement has been growing at an astonishing rate. About three thousand workers, half of which being @Synturian, the other half being citizens of the SSI, are living around the centre of the operation by now. To maintain the lives of what starts to resemble a small village, both Synturian and Sunset Sea Islandian authorities have opened hospitals and other infrastructural services. Cases have been reported of citizens from both nations moving to the site to open up shops and other services to make the lives of the construction workers more pleasant. The construction of the "stair-like" canal has opened up the possibility to construct a hydroelectric power plant to cover the growing power demand of both the construction site and the expanding settlement. "There is no need to worry about damaging the local environment by constructing the power plant, as the construction of the canal is already doing so. Whether we build the plant or not will not have a large impact on the scale of damage we are already causing. Nevertheless, we are constantly working on minimizing the impact on the local wildlife." a representative of the project told us. Furthermore, as several hundred workers have asked whether their families may move with them to the site, the question arose, whether local schools would have to be constructed in the settlement and whether Synturian and Sunset Sea Islandian children should visit the same schools. A joint Virtual Reality meeting of the boards of educations of both nations has been called in to discuss the situation. Elegy signs contract to construct forts in @Asgeirria Following a business deal with the Republic of Asgeirria, Elegy Corporation has agreed to construct several super-concrete fortifications on Asgeirrian territory. As the nation is currently involved in armed conflict with its smaller neighbours, the nation searched for foreign companies to reinforce the infrastructure in their core provinces. This deal is a direct consequence of Elegy recently opening a commercial embassy in Asgeirria, nevertheless, there have already been several protests against the project in the streets of the Sunset Sea Islands. Several hundreds of political activists have shown their anger on the streets, as the pacifistic population of the Radiant Republic condemns the warlike conflicts Asgeirria is involved in. However, as Elegy is a privately owned company and as there are no laws prohibiting business with nations involved in warfare, the deal is legal. The protesters are demanding sanctions against Asgeirria, however, even if the government would introduce sanctions now, it would be too late to cancel the construction of the forts. Elegy is expecting high profits from the deal with Asgeirria. Pilot project: free food for every SSI citizen An interesting pilot project has been started in the central district of Sunset City. After showing their citizen IDs, every citizen registered in the district has the right to receive a package of healthy and nutrient-rich ingredients once a week free of charge. By doing so the government wants to motivate the citizens to cook at home instead of consuming unhealthy fast food. Furthermore, the pilot project might be a step towards a more just and equal society in which citizens won't have to worry about basic subsistence. Right now the project is only running in one district to see how high the demand for the project is. Depending on the results of the test phase a national implementation of the system is possible.
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    OOC: Major news format change! Special thanks to @Iverica and @Kaitaine for some inspiration which you will see at the bottom of the post. FARTPRUT: "DINA DIVA SHOULD HAVE NOT MENTIONED TREATY NAME" By: Nora Blomstedt | January 26, 2018 "Does that give Dina Diva the authority to disclose the name of the treaty?" Fartprut said to reporters. "Definitely not!" ARKHAVN - Following the @Variotan head of state, Dina Diva, explaining @Iverican Primeal Spokesperson Bernat Villar's statement on a series of ongoing tri-continental conferences regarding TRIDENT, a multilateral defense treaty, Senator Ädulf Fartprut released his own statement against Dina Diva saying she should have "never mentioned the treaty's name". "There is a reason why Mr. Villar's statement on the treaty kept some information confidential," he said in an interview, taking occasional glances at a small paper he was holding. "Did he even mention the name of the treaty? No! Now, when President Johansen talked about it, did he mention its name? No! You see, both Johansen and the Ivericans have never even mentioned the name of the said treaty. That shows the gravity of the situation; it must be kept confidential. Does that give Dina Diva the authority to disclose the name of the treaty? Definitely not!" Fartprut also warned Dina Diva that she had made a "big mistake" and that the signatories to the treaty would "regret her actions on the day they realize the consequences". Public reaction to his statement was quite heated. Many have spoken against Fartprut, saying that his points were "shallow" and "weak", and that the leaking of TRIDENT's name would not cause any major negative effects. Respected anti-corruption blog The Rotten Political joined the debate, remarking "Fartprut's opinion, at the very least, made some sense. However, as many say, the so-called 'leaking' of TRIDENT's name would not do much damage to our national security." Singer Mia Loga commented that it was "just Dina Diva's way of trying to take a step closer to her own people". STAY UPDATED WITH COMMONWEALTH ONLINE // Subscribe Ministry of Health demands answer after Lysian vaccine scandal Life-sized sculpture of Dina Diva on auction Iverican singer Julia Anne San Juan to perform in Andalla Army anti-tank missile allegedly "crashes into test target"
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    -03 LT 044012 MT 
Quintidi XXV Nivôse CCXXVI
 Station Alpha, Terre Liberté, Antargis 
-4.8°C Initiative Scientifique Trans-Continentale : Station Alpha 
Informations Nom : Vongirard Prénom : Marlène Sexe : Female Âge : 27 Nationalité : Lysian Profession : Chef Pâtissière Specialité : Soufflé Grand Marnier This was it, a long way across seas and oceans to land there, effectively after having broken up with her boyfriend after a 6 years old relationship, this may happen, a life mistake, from which she was hoping to learn from. She since a few months of the breakup, decided to take a sabbatical year, for now, she has been traveling in Kualoa, Miiros, Orioni, Futanarien and @Sunset Sea Islands , fortunately for her she had enough resources accumulated with her previous years for allowing those expenses, after all, she was the youngest ever named “Premier Pâtissier de Fleur de Lys”, a title lusted by many. She had stopped practicing her art and passion for a few months now, and she doesn’t know how, but the Lysian administration still called her services, as effectively you’re obligated as a Lysian citizen to serve a month each 5 years in the Army, with a 1 year service along classes between 19 and 20, something pushing teenagers to go in the fields they wished and to learn more about active life. 1 month, that’s how long she was supposed to serve, and knowing her historic, the Lysians, naturally aware that international cooperation means a sick stomach, had thought of her in order to lead the most important part in a meal, even more, when it’s -5° outside. Marlène may have declined, after all, she had still 3 years more to do her 1-month service, but being in the optic of travelling and discovering new parts of the World, she couldn’t resist but to accept. Lysians absolutely wished their liaisons to be on site, making a few engineers personnel being stationed in a rather very light airport, from where the supplies would arrive, and where our dear Marlène would land with all the cooking personnel. A woman in the cuisine, this was stereotypical some may think, but in reality -at least in Fleur de Lys- the cuisines were mainly a man-dominated sector, making Marlène the only woman in her group while when coming to Lysians scientists it was a bit the other way around. Those expenses were great for the Lysian Government, even if all of this was part of an international cooperation program, the ISTC, and Lysians couldn’t just consider having their scientists starving in Antargis, the reason of such deployment by Marlène. The first thing we may naturally observe was when she got out of the plane, how cold it naturally was, she had no training in such conditions, as her job would be mainly to remain inside for a month, she may imagine already the wonderful plates she would accomplish, knowing that the Lysians were very careful on budget, but with one little exception, and this one was the cuisine, those had no imposed budget on the contrary of all the other services, making the greatest Chefs enjoy of their military service to, at the expense of the state, test the plate of tomorrow. 5, that’s how many they shall be in the cuisine, a Chef de Cuisine and his Second, Chef de Partie, Boulanger and Pâtissier, this was it, and eventually one of the Member of the Lysian team agreed to play the Chef Sommelier role during the restorations times. Lysians had many things in their bags, as effectively Lysian rules fully authorised the consumption of alcohol, something which wasn’t spread in all entities, at least they knew they may try to convert some Sunset Sea Islandians to such behaviour in order to confort themselves from the unsual cold climate standing right outside the doors of the base. Marlène would enjoy the variety of the people there, coming from 4 different nations, and was rather amused by how the Lysians handled the situation when coming to Simon Station, calling it with a heavy accent Station Alpha, the same when coming to King Tomasso Land being translated as Terre Liberté which Lysians had strict orders to use as only legitimate wording, at least in Lysian but even when speaking English, this was part of Fleur de Lys bad history with Monarchies. In all the activity, she was, with a couple of others, carry the supplies for the cuisines to the base. “One positive point, we won’t need a fridge” ironised one of the crew members. “Citoyen Vongirard ?” Asked a man as he would stop Marlène going back to the plane in order to carry few boxes back, “Yeah?” She wondered as she would look at the man had called her, “Capitaine” she would express as she would discover his rank, “We will in a couple days launch an expedition in order to carry data more deep in the continent, was wondering if you were interested to be part of it?” Asked the man, “Affirmative” re-affirmed Marlène, “Have you been trained to extreme cold conditions terrains?” Questioned the man, “Naturally” she lied, “Good, will come to you later with more pieces of information citizen. Have fun to socialise” he stated, showing with his arm the multiples people moving all around, with @Magnaeus being as always very ordered and thorough in their installations, while @Prymont were the one moving all around with ease, considering this foolish climate to be normal and like home.
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    Dina Diva explains TRIDENT and why it's important during nightclub outing The world's most fabulous leader, Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke Dina Diva, explained to Het Huisselant and beyond why TRIDENT has become a necessity for a free and peaceful world during her latest nightclub outing. The World's Greatest Diva rocked her outfit, consisting of a full-length chinchilla fur coat under which a form-fitting Variotan flag bodysuit was hidden paired with diamond-studded high heels, unto the dance floor before downing shots with some of her many, many friends and letting the nation know her position on TRIDENT, the upcoming defense pact that is being signed by the last few remaining beacons of freedom within the region. As always, Dina Diva managed to bring the big words and talks held by the government into a deliciously-fluent and magnificently short talk that anyone can understand. Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke and World's Greatest Diva Dina Diva looking great and radiant as always. ''Listen, listen, yeah. You're listening? Good. Okay, so, right. Imagine the world map, yeah. We're on there, lots of nations are on there. And like, I get it. A lot of people find it difficult to see who are the good ones when there are so many different names and places. You're not going to remember whether you like Anja with the bulky eyebrows or Anja with the tanorexia and which one of those was the b*tch who peed in your specially made mountain-cow coffee creamer, the one that's only available for three months of the year and you had to order from the one and only shop that offers it. f*ck you Anja, whichever one did that! You are a basic hoe that can't hold her drink for sh*t!'' Shouts can be heard by people around Dina Diva that confirm that Anja, whichever one, is a basic hoe that cannot handle her alcohol well. ''Anyway, TRIDENT is like, helping us get over that matter. It's like a cool kids club, you know? Well, maybe you don't because you might not have been popular, you know, I don't know that but I've never had that problem to be honest so I can't really get that experience but I'll emphasis with you. Emphatism? Circumcision. Hahaha, am I a fan, am I not? Who knows! Ronnie, pour some more shots man! You're not getting paid to keep me sober! But yeah, it's like a club for the nations where people are still free, you know. Like, there's a lot of bad sh*t going around the region and like, as if someone invited that one crazy lady driving a pink whatever to hawk her cheap make-up door-to-door, yeah. You can scrub all you want to get that concrete paste mixed with pigeon poop she calls a foundation from your face but like, sometimes you just need a friend to get that stuff off before it eats your skin and leaves you like a zombie, yeah. That's TRIDENT. We're all getting together to like, be that person that helps scrape off that disaster before it's too late. There are so many nations where you can just tell that they're basically a zombie-faced shadow of what they could be under proper guidance, such as mine yeah. Long, long talks have gone on before this, right, and it's just gotten to the point where we're all like... Yeah, let's do this, let's help each other out and let's make sure the entire place doesn't come down while our rooms are still pristine. And I mean, let's face it, it's quite normal for us to be a part of that. People want to be like us, people look up to us, people want to work with us. I mean, let's face it, we're awesome. And I'm just glad to be a part of this, you know, be a part of making the world a better place and ensuring Het Huisselant remains in it's place as Alharu's Greatest Nation. It just makes sense because if I sell shirts and you sell skirts and another person has sunglasses and hats and another has shoes, why not begin a boutique together? It's similar to that. And I get that people might think... Oh yeah, will this raise my tax? Mate please, I'm not drinking a shot less over it and neither should you. In fact, I might drink two extra just to celebrate! Anything we pay is given back by the fact that we're gaining closer friendships, more stability and more chances at flings with foreigners! Did someone say a fun night with Andallan, Prymontian, Iverican and Variotan military men? Ooops, haha. But yeah boys, hit your favorite diva up when you're over here and we'll arrange something. Spread the friendship of TRIDENT and all that! Hey, was that Anja with the eyebrows? ANJA! ANJA, get over here! She's running, I'm getting after her!''
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    Observation Room | 1040hrs AST 15th January 2018 Simon Station, King Tomasso Land Antargis -4.8°C Trans-Continental Science Initiative: Simon Station Personnel Information Name: Emily Kolle Gender: Female Age: 21 Nationality: Prymontian Profession: Biology Speciality: Zoology Personnel category: Scientist Emily gently closed the front page of her sketchbook and set it aside, slotting the pencil into the ring spine. She'd perched herself on the window ledge of the observation room to enjoy the views, and had caught sight of a few lost penguins. The past two hours had been spent sketching them in various poses, with her sub-conscience observing their behaviour. Once they'd waddled out of view, far beyond the horizon, she could sketch no more. The young student from the University of Canastota had been selected to accompany her professor in a trip to the ISTC's Simon Station in Antargis. They were part of the group's university research department, which consisted of two other members from the Courtmarsh University too. They'd arrived a few days before, and Emily had spent that time briefing with her professor and the rest of the group. Now that the real work had started, she was free to relax and spend her time as she wished. Of course, there were overhead objectives: penguins were strictly a southern hemisphere feature, and were rarely studied by Prymontians. It would be her duty to collect data on them and to select a handful of subjects to track. That would mean leaving the warmth and comfort of the Simon Station to venture into the cold unknown, but being a northern girl herself, Emily was fine with that. The current morning had been spent watching a handful of penguins and drawing them, with a few notes here and there. Now that they'd disappeared, she pulled her laptop out and began transferring what she'd stored, both mentally and physically, onto her digital files. She shivered slightly and burrowed further into her thick sweater, reaching for the coffee flask that never left her side. Sitting by the window made it hard to ignore the harsh chill of the outside world, despite the best attempts of the heaters inside. As she worked the keyboard, her mind drifted to the variety of characters she'd already met. There were a bunch of charming Magneans who'd offered her very humbling compliments and a selection of chocolates, both of which had made her blush deeply. Then there were the Sunset Sea Islandians, who were also very kind and welcoming. Their warm personalities had helped to keep out the cold, and Emily was able to gain an insight into a life under surveillance. So far, she'd learned that they didn't mind. Finally she'd come across the Lysians, who were equally as charming as their Magnean counterparts but spoke about wine and fine dining, two topics a student on a tight budget didn't understand. All in all, she was happy to be working with different individuals who came from all walks of life, and was keen to join them on expeditions into the wilderness.
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    International News PALÁ ANNOUNCES POTENTIAL MUTUAL DEFENCE TREATY January 24, 2017- 1330 IST -Palá officially announces Tricontinental Treaty, a charter to form a defence alliance among allies in the Argic, Thalassan, and Alharun areas. PALÁ DEI PRIMO, INTREIMOR- An official statement was made today by Primeal Spokesperson Bernat Villar, concerning the following stage in what has become a series of light multilateral conferences by assorted heads of state armed forces from nations around the Tricontinental Region such as the Commonwealth of @Andalla, the Federal Republic of @Girkmand, the United States of @Prymont, and Het Huisselant @Variota The conferences, having been discrete, unannounced affairs were the press was concerned, had been taking place since the third quarter of last year, 2017. When approached for comment, Corregidor High Command simply issued a brief statement in August 29th of 2017, quote: "The nature of the conferences concern mutual national security and do explore the strong possibility of cooperation between our long-time trading partners around the three continents. Since the issues discussed are sensitive and concern on-going matters of security and unfolding situations, it is necessary for the safety of those involved, for the military authorities of Iverica and other stakeholders to maintain a level of information confidentiality for operational security. Should any developments concern the public and the legislatures of the involved governments, the assembled authorities have agreed to make these matters transparent as soon as it is safe and appropriate." Since the release of this initial statement, follow up statements have been made by Iverican and foreign military authorities which have loosely hinted that a plan for greater cooperation of armed forces was on the agenda. Though military cooperation had been expected, speculation as to the full extent of this ranged from standardised arms agreements to joint-exercises--it has still come as a surprise to many that not one, but a great majority of these possibilities summed into one agreement--of which the full details and articles have yet to be released. So far, Corrgeidor High Command has only released an introductory document outlining the substantive nature of the organisation, its legal articles, and some potential projects. What is considered is a mutual-defence treaty with goals of unitary "bloc" responses against acts of aggression, plans for future joint-research and development, as well as projections for fiscal requirements needed by such multi-partite body. The mood in the capital is generally lukewarm and divided. Some half-heartedly site the strain on taxpayers, while proponents more strongly cite the recent rise in terrorist and imperialist threats around the region as reason enough to form a strong response. Where this will go next, is anyone's guess. I'm Sandra Peralta, for Iverica One ---
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    Surely all you need to be qualified in Classical Antiquity is to watch Disney's Hercules.
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    The long time waited opportunity to strengthen relations between the Kingdom of Christina and the Federal Kingdom of Adaptus is finally presented. The Cristinese Queen tries to control the euphoria, but the moment is of great importance for the economic and political future of the Free Port. From: Queen Nova Maxima Korvini, Minister of State Adriana Monadic and the Foreign Minister Antonio Livio To: King Augustus III and the people of Adaptus Sincere Salutations, It is with great joy and satisfaction that we receive the confirmation of the Modus Pacis that will enable the establishment, and continued existence of a mutually beneficial relationship between our two nations. Such agreement was much expected by the people of the Kingdom of Cristina, that initiated a global expansion seeking to strengthen relations of friendship, partnerships and to make investments in diverse sectors. In recent years, the Free Port has been identified as an increasingly popular tax haven due to tax exemptions on foreign-based income and capital gains, attracting a large amount of foreign investment mainly as a result of its skilled workforce and advanced infrastructure. Now we initiate a new stage, being more than willing to make large reinvestments in solid foreign economies and politically stable countries like the Kingdom of Adaptus. More important will be the reaffirmation of the friendship between our peoples, which will be translated into the establishment of embassies, a pact of mutual Defense and, of course, the invaluable gains with the increase of the cultural and technological exchanges that will finally be made possible by this Modus Pacis. Finally, we are grateful for the people of the Federal Kingdom of Adaptus friendship and wish a future of peace and prosperity to all Adaptons, under the leadership of the good and wise King Augustus III. Semper Servus, Queen Nova Maxima Korvini Minister of State Adriana Galini Monadic Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Livio
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    SSI granted observer status in the Entente of Oriental States Sunset Sea Islandian History was written earlier this week when the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands were granted observer status in the Entente of Oriental States (EOS), the most powerful international organisation in the world. Members of EOS include @Orioni and @Miiros . This historic event marks an important milestone on the Sunset Sea Islands' path towards a harmonious global society in which all cultures live in peace, prosperity and mutual friendship. Furthermore, the fact that the most powerful nations of the world are granting the Sunset Sea Islands a chair at their table shows that these superpowers recognise the Sunset Sea Islandian presence in the world, our ideals, goals and motivations and accept them as worthy of their promotion. Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed expressed her satisfaction at a press conference following the Sunset Sea Islands' admission. The government of the Sunset Sea Islands look forward to the next meeting of all EOS member states and observers on EOS Island, the organisation's headquarters, which is located in the sea strait between Orioni and @Tamurin . Twenty million Sols for @Gallambrian earthquake victims As an equatorial nation in the middle of the ocean, the Sunset Sea Islands have had plenty of problems with natural catastrophes such as extreme storms and earthquakes, both regular ones and tsunamis. Therefore, it is only reasonable that we extend our helping hand to a friend in need. The Gallambrian city of Walmington-On-Sea has been hit by a strong earthquake and the wave generated by the sub-sea quake. Losses, casualties, injuries and material losses are still being calculated. To support the Gallambrian authorities the Sunset Sea Islands have dispatched several freighters full of relief goods, including materials for constructing shelters, tents, sleeping bags, care packs, medicine, provisions and bottled drinking water. Furthermore, a relief fund of twenty million Sols has been prepared with additional sums available, should the need arise. Disaster prevention and catastrophe experts are travelling to Gallambria on the freighters to help the Gallambrian authorities with coordinating the emergency operations. The Sunset Sea Islands view it as their duty to help a befriended nation in times of need, especially when lives are at stake. The population of the Sunset Sea Islands feels solidarity to their Gallambrian brothers. Elegy Megacorporation freed of charges After an investigation by the Sunset Sea Islandian Anti-Monopoly Office, the Mergers Commission has declared the fusion of Elegy Corporation, Future Technologies and Asimov Research & Development as legal. The mother company, Elegy, had focussed exclusively on bioengineering, medicine and prosthetics before. By buying companies which specialise in engineering, technology and information technology, they have not absorbed their own prime competitors, which is therefore not violating anti-monopoly laws. After the merger at the beginning of this year, Elegy has become the largest company in the Sunset Sea Islands and definitely an economical global powerhouse. The rise of the stock value of Elegy Corporation doesn't seem to stop, as all employees of the company's commercial embassy in @Asgeirria have arrived at their new workplaces yesterday and new advancements in the field of building materials have been made. @Synturia and the Sunset Sea Islands start digging Manamana Canal Construction has started on what might become one of the world's most incredible architectonical achievements: in a huge joint operation workers from the Syndicate State of Synturia and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands have started to dig out a canal connecting two rivers on the short land bridge between Alharu and Aurelia and by that the Bay of Manamana and the Adisi Ocean. Thanks to this masterpiece of architecture, created by the power of international friendship, great minds and technologic advancements, both economic and personal transport between Synturia and the Sunset Sea Islands will be greatly simplified. Both transport costs and times will be cut dramatically, with the shorter route also protecting the environment by decreasing the amount of exhaust fumes pumped into the atmosphere by freighters. Environmentalists were doubtful that the construction of the canal whether the construction of the canal would damage or even endanger the pristine environment of the virgin lands between Alharu and Aurelia. However, during the planning of this construction several environmentalists, environmental experts and architects specialised in eco-friendly structures have been involved. The canal is to be constructed using an experimental new building material Elegy Corporation has been testing over the past few months. It is certainly possible that settlements will form in close proximity to the Manamana Canal, as the construction workers and employees engaged otherwise will require quarters and infrastructure and the future operators and maintenance workers of the canal will need a place to live far away from both the Sunset Sea Islands and Synturia. Those cities might become a prime example of friendship between the Syndicate State of Synturia and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. Elegy Corporation testing Super Cement According to the press office of Elegy Corporation, the mega-corporation has started to construct test buildings out of a revolutionary type of concrete in the winter of 2017. The material, dubbed "Super Concrete", is cheaper to produce than regular concrete, more robust and dries almost twice as fast. According to the source mentioned before, five buildings in the greater Sunset City metropolitan area have been completed using Super Concrete in record-breaking time. The first tenants have already moved into the fair-faced concrete buildings. This incredible new material might revolutionise construction and architecture in the world forever, as the erection of previously impossible buildings now slips into the realm of possibility. The required materials for Elegy's Super Concrete are being mined in mineshafts on Solitude Island which have previously been closed, as they have been stripped of every useful resource. Now that the stone of Solitude Island itself is becoming a valuable resource, several previously discontinued mines have been reopened on the mostly barren fourth largest island of the Sunset Sea Islands. Super Concrete might not only change the style of architecture and become a valuable export good, it might also solve the problem of lack of living space in the greater Sunset City metropolitan area, as it is almost ideal for constructing large numbers of cheap flats in a short period of time. Apparently, this new type of concrete has been invented by accident by two trainees of Elegy Corporation. The company has offered them a share of the profits they will make from the material and lifetime jobs in the company after they finish their apprenticeship. Internet users have started referring to the duo as the "concrete millionaires". On a side note, Super Concrete offers the possibility to integrate glass fibre cables into them, not only for high-speed data transmission but also as a new means of communication, for example as directions or emergency alerts. Usage of glass fibre cables in concrete to indicate the direction in which a train will be arriving. Free City of @Cristina investing in factories in the SSI The friendship between the Free Port of Cristina and the Radiant Republic has been prospering for a long time and now the time has come for even closer economic cooperation with the city-state. Cristina wishes to construct and operate several factories within the Sunset Sea Islands. Naturally, the Sunset Sea Islandian building supervisory board agreed to the proposition of the friendly nation-state under the condition that the factories meet Sunset Sea Islandian environmental requirements, as those are stricter in the SSI than they are in the Free Port. With this, the friendship between the two nations may prosper in a similar fashion to Cristinese cooperation with the Republic of @Fleur de Lys and the Confederation @Magnaeus, the Trilateral Trade Deal. The city-state of Cristina gained its independence from the isolationistic, oppressive regime of the Eternal Empire of Mantella and escaped its brutal grip. After they managed to break away from Mantella's reign of terror, Cristina quickly opened itself to the global community, got recognised as an independent nation and accepted into the circle of harmonious societies. Several global superpowers and Cristinese allies support Cristinese efforts to protect itself against pressure from Mantella. We hope that people still enslaved by Mantella's regime see the prosperity of Cristina to rise against the dictators that hold them captive.
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    "This can't wait any longer. You've heard the news?" "I have, pressures are mounting straight from the top. The diplomatic situation could get tenuous. The world up and threw the cards in the air, where the aces land is up to what we do in the next hours. Decorum and flowers go out the window." "Terror groups are all around us, I understand this perfectly, but still, shouldn't this be a job for the SSO?" Capo-General of Iverica's Armed Service, Ferran-Arnau Macharius halted suddenly in the deserted gallery, located deep within the bowels of Monttaco Mountain Command. "Minister... with respect. The landscape has already changed. Terror groups? The world wakes, her wings, both right and left are flexing--and the edges are sharp. Go far enough in either direction and what shape do you have? A horseshoe, with both ends about to cross. No, we can't be appeasers here, we must pre-empt the coming front." The ageing, lined face of Iverica's Minister of Defence, Ricardo Ibanes dropped a fraction. "If needs must." "That they do, Minister." January 22, 2018- 0300 Somewhere above the Verde Sea An impromptu message to some of the world's most powerful military leaders was in no way keeping with the niceties of upper-brass standards, but in Macharius' (and no doubt in many other) books, pragmatism superceded formality. Planned in secret for many months, the fruits of cooperation between 5 nations from three continents now sat inside the briefcase at Macharius' feet. He would be representing Primo Deitorr, and the entirety of the Executive Ministry for this meeting, at an undisclosed venue that his Mil-spec'ed S-1011 Trestrell now rocketed towards, escorted by a flight of the 12th Fighter Group's TA-201 Aguila. Having gone over the document dubbed "The Tricontinental Defence Treaty" , just minutes ago, he knew that the leadership of assembled nations would have a long way to go, easing the public into the idea, securing the confidence of Military branch heads, acquiring the necessary funding pledges from each potential member, and most importantly, securing legitimacy in the eyes of the servicepersons that would backbone the alliance. Most of the planning had taken places over secure links and covert meetings, every once in a while highlighted with state visits and drop careful hints to the press so as to ease public familiarity with the idea of a mutual defence pact. The gears had shifted. Emergent nations were coming out of isolation, as Iverica had not too long ago. A few allies that still could be counted on remained, the rest lost to disaster or revolutionary fire. It was important, that with the threat of evergrowing terrorist fringe groups, and wild-card states, that the few capable of a mutual, friendly, and communicable will for co-existence in the New World band together arm-in-arm against the entropy of a tumultuous, suddenly-shifting landscape. Together with the remainder, the Iverican Government had been working on such a machine for that express purpose. Leaders from@Andalla, @Girkmand, @Prymont, and @Variota had been contacted just yesterday for a meeting, this time, in person and all business, no cameras, no red carpet, just a priority meeting in a neutral location. The idea was to sign before signing. A pact to make before public disclosure, so if--nay--when the New Age came coasting through with all its menace and rows of teeth, there waiting--cocked in grip--would be the three sharp points of a Trident. OOC: THE TREATY: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18Fw2I7Aps79jG0srx25xLUFnDeMIctOXWFYsgqSLMS0/edit?usp=sharing OOC 2: A Pike is a fish, btw... Idk, maybe some people don't know what a damn Pike is okay
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    liberal Whig schism, 48 LW MPs create "Democrat party" ALREADY BROADCASTED 48 liberal Whig MPs have separated from their party due to what they claim is a lack of "genuine liberalism within the party's leadership." We know that since the more progressive Paddy Ashdown was elected leader by a small majority there have been internal public conflicts within what is called the "new left" lead by Ashdown, and the "classical liberals" lead by Chamberlain. The 48 mps lead by Joseph Chamberlain have created what they call the "democrat party" who according to him "will provide a genuine opposition to the government and at the next election will stomp out the socialism of the Liberal Whigs." Pm Rees-Mogg when asked his thoughts said "it's a great day for Toryism" With GBNB I'm Jackson Lewis
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    Dona Ellena | 1300hrs 22nd January 2018 Mediargic Sea The call to assemble had come somewhat unexpectedly, but had certainly caught Prymont off guard at that specific moment. Tensions had been rising considerably lately, especially in Argis around the old socialist states; throw in a rogue, isolated nation that still favoured slavery, and another that also liked slavery but was a bit more modern, and you had an international dilemma on your hands. Typically, this would require the utmost urgency from the President, but he was busy back in Prymont with... other matters. The Defence Minister, Hunter S Grey, was also tied up with more important issues, such as getting rid of his President and invading a hopeless country, so he was unable to attend too. That left Peter Lafleur, Vice President of the United States of Prymont. Lafleur's term as Vice President had been very bland so far, the highlight of which was a discussion between several key global players in regards to the progression of artificial intelligence. Usually, his days were spent in his office, working with employees on constituency problems, attending speeches at universities and other political events, doing a bit of paperwork for Duval and twiddling his thumbs. The role of VP wasn't quite what Lafleur had expected or wanted, but he had a nice bank balance each month and he was building up a cushy pension. As far as he was concerned, there was no reason to complain. If being Vice President meant sitting in his office getting fat and talking to a few empowered students now and then, he'd be VP for life. An emergency call came early in the morning, arriving at President Duval's desk alongside his third cup of coffee. With matters in The Hellenic Rus and at home escalating, he was too busy and had to divert his workload. The call was then sent to Lafleur, who eagerly arranged for the presidential Aamotech Fettstråle to prepare for take-off towards @Girkmand. From there, he'd take a leisurely trip to the coast, enjoy the sights a bit, and fly via helicopter the rest of the way until reaching a cruise ship that wasn't really a cruise ship. The morning flew by, and as the Vice President enjoyed his mid-flight lunch, emails were being sent to prepare him as best as they could. During the car journey to the coast, he read said emails, taking in the little information his assistants could gather about the meeting. The request had been brief and simple. There was a larger document, of course, but Lafleur didn't have time to read that - nor did he have the patience or want. Some assistant would probably explain it to him later, which was much easier than digesting it on his own. The helicopter flight was the shortest of all three modes, with his unmarked chopper landing neatly on the helipad of the boat. With his suit and hair blowing wildly in the pressurised wind of the blades, the chubby politician hurried indoors, mumbling greetings to agents and assistants he met along the way. Finally, he met with Ferran-Arnau Macharius, a lovely @Iverican chap who seemed to have organised this whole shebang. A firm handshake was exchanged and Lafleur took a seat, gladly taking the weight off his feet.
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    Astriedan's News Agency special report Emergency broadcast issued at 07:18 am Today at 07:00 am, the communist terrorist group known as Asilo! launched a massive series of attacks across Astriedan. Members of Asilo! assaulted banks, government buildings, weapon depots and even a small base of the Wounto's army. They are equipped with military equipment, for your safety do not try to approach them. His majesty the Emperor Adrian Colegard, in accordance with the powers given to him by the 1st imperial decree, have issued the state of emergency for the whole country. During the whole duration of the state of emergency, the following measures will be applied: The Imperial Forces (IA-IN-IAF) will be fully deployed, reservists may be called for duty if needed. Gatherings (like protests or festivals) are forbidden. Civilians are encouraged to stay home. All exchanges with foreign countries (except communications) will be halted. Any violence against local or Imperial forces will result in immediate execution.
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    Welcome! I'm sure you'll pick up on the art that is roleplaying with gusto. If you ever need help (and can't find someone more qualified than me, haha), feel free to hit me up and I'll do my best to help you out.
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    "I look forward to exploring that future Mr.Gennaro" Minister of Culture, Conor Braden replied as he sat enjoying his coffee. He next turned to their host, after all it was her home and she should be respected as such, "If you were going to visit Kaitaine there are two places you should see above anything else, but be careful the time of year." He placed his cup down on the table, "The first is Chapterhouse School, it is a hub for our nations culture, it promotes learning, tradition and is the centre of our Bene Gesserit faith. From it all our nations desires to learn and grow come. The second is the Red Palace in Seitch, it's an old desert fort belonging to the Corrino family, one of the most Holy in our nations history. The sandstone city of Seitch is a vital centre for our faith harvesting the spice Melange that is part of our ceremonies and rituals, it is even believed by some that a Bene Gesserit Mother talking the Melange is capable of seeing the future. Personally I think it takes a little like cinnamon and is nice in cakes." He reached inside his jacket pocket. "That reminds me" he produced a small black ox carved out of onyx and inlaid with Gold. "The Reverend Mother asked me to present you with this with her compliments." he lifted the lid to reveal a fine red powder enough for maybe a teaspoon full. "A gift of some of Seitch's exquisite craftsmanship and the spice.....who knows maybe you could see how these talks will end and be able to turn events to your advantage" he chuckled as he handed the box over.
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    Noticing the apparent nausea of his guests, he quickly finished his sip and explained. "It is a traditional Asgeirrian drink. The smooth and rich with complex layers of earth, bittersweet chocolate and hints of dark fruit flavor contrast well with a very deep wine, such as this Cabernet Sauvignon with hints of rich black fruit and cranberry." He gestured to the small bottle. "We take it with some crystallized Tupelo honey granulated with trace amounts of mescaline to open up our palates to fully enjoy this unique combination of flavors and aromas." He lightly stirred his drink, taking a sip before answering the question, with a much more gentle manner than before. "Our system is very unique. Before I die or succumb to dementia, the Legates confer among themselves about who the best possible candidate is. Typically Emperors don't step down or die until they are quite old, some well into their 90s, so there is plenty of time to groom the next possible candidates. Typically, they are given the proper education and upbringing to make educated, compassionate decisions for the people. Obviously I have some say on who I think is promising, but when it comes down to when the decision is to be made, I will either be dead or crazy." John turned to admire the sights of the city below, gently sipping his mixture. "I understand that outsiders might be put off by our harsh customs regarding corruption. I do not understand this, as in my studies I have seen that many nations imprison people! Imagine, not rehabilitating someone, but putting them into conditions of slavery for things as trivial as drinking substance before you are a certain age! Just the other day, I was reading about Serbia's treatment of people with the wrong color of skin. My people are a gentle folk, they do not understand such unthinking prejudice based on something outside the realm of reason. Equally, they are not used to the idea of those with more power than them not using that power responsibly, and for the good of those folk, we must treat such evil harshly, without remorse. From this comes a taboo against the mistreatment of those under you, which serves to breed a culture of even-handedness." The Emperor looked back, his pupils already returning to their normal dilation. "I apologize, my pride for my people has me rambling." He smiled, catching himself monologuing. "As far Legates, myself and the other Legates confer together and choose who will be selected as well. And for those below, the process goes down. Of course, I have the authority to appoint anyone to any position I see fit, but it is very rarely done. It is much better to have more perspectives on a person's worth than your own." "How are things done in Lysia, François?" John said, sipping his drink. @Fleur de Lys
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    HMGS Warwickshire departing HMGS Hartlepool to join OP Northern Approach (Source: supplied) HMGS WARWICKSHIRE JOINS OPERATION NORTHERN APPROACH Four days into the Royal Gallambrian Navy's first hydrographic survey mission for 2018, HMGS Warwickshire has joined HMG Ship's Arran and Tiree on their mission to charter the northern approaches to Gallambria. HMGS Warwickshire is one of two Amphibious Transport ships in the RGN's inventory. The Commander of Operation Northern Approach, Captain Peter Blackwell, had asked, Naval headquarters for support following the discovery of a number of uninhabited islands of the north-west coast of Gallambria. HMGS Warwickshire's mission will be to transport Army and Air Force surveyors to the islands for them to determine the suitability of claiming the islands by the Gallambrian Government. WALMINGTON-ON-SEA EARTHQUAKE NOW DEADLIEST NATURAL DISASTER Over the last four days, efforts in Walmington-on-Sea have brought both joy and sadness to those affected by the earthquake that hit the city 10 days ago. With the disaster being declared a National Emergency by the Prime Minister, the death toll has now reached 1849, with it still expected to rise over the coming weeks. Search and rescue efforts are still continuing with teams from around the world working through the day and night to find those missing. The Prime Minister is expected to address the Parliament during its first sitting for the year, and is also expected to make a national address on television tonight.
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    Map update: https://i.imgur.com/xH7nIIa.png Blanco version: https://i.imgur.com/oBY9yy0.png Minimalist version: https://i.imgur.com/DTYCdj9.png Added @Greater Serbia : Inland in Argis, near the Lake. I'd expect there to be energy reserves, like with the Caspian Sea. Manamana Bay, in lieu of the canal project being undertaken by @Synturia and @Sunset Sea Islands. Reservations. For a while now, @Derthalen has talked about this great future empire. So I've cordoned off some lands. And to counterbalance this, I've done the same for @Fleur de Lys. Please please please let's not make this a new trend. Blanco version. Because @Sunset Sea Islands asked for it. Minimalist 'yellow' version. Because @Fleur de Lys asked for it. Edited @Ahrana : It was time to show off his communist flag. Map legend. Previously at the northwest. Now south, over the empty lands of Antargis. This includes extra information on alliances and such. On the southwest corner, you will also see two orthographic projections of the north and south poles. Frame. Trying out something nice. I'm not sure if this will become standard for all maps, or specific thematical ones.
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    Europa races to aid Gallambrian quake rescue Crews from the Kingsland MFB USAR Team searching the ruins of the GAE Systems Building. A major operation swung into action Wednesday with hundres of foreign rescuers, equipped with sniffer dogs and cutting-edge technology, rushing to help Gallambria in its hours of need. Teams from around the world were to join hundreds of local rescuers digging through the rubble in Walmington-on-Sea, where a 6.7 magnitude quake has killed at least 1200 people, last week. @Iverica, one of the country's providing support to the rescue effort, sent 70 rescuers equipped with fibre optic cameras and sound detectors, as well as sniffer dogs trained to enter confied spaces in the ruble. The foreign help reaped dividends when Iverican rescuers freed 6 people early Thursday morning from the twisted wreckage of the sixteen-storey GAE Systems building, where they had spent the week trapped in the buildings basement carpark. "Walmingtonians are deeply humbled by the messages of support and offers of specialist search and rescue help that have flooded in over the past week from other countries," said Walmington-on-Sea Mayor Peter Farqhuar. "Support will be critical over the coming weeks as we reassess the specialist services required to speed up the rescue and recovery operation." Time is of the essence for those trapped, with Gallambria's emergency management chief John Hamilton saying rescuers only have a just a few days left to pull out anyone alive. "We're reasonably pragmatic and understanding from international experience that there's a kind of window of opportunity which may only be open for about a week to effect a real rescue of people who have been trapped," Hamilton said. "But we are also well aware that there are plenty of stories about how long some people do survive in the buildings." Royal Gallambrian Navy to commence Hydrographic Survey HMG Ships Arran and Tiree depart HMGS Thaxted on Operation Northern Approach The Gallambrian Hydrographic Office (GHO) has deployed three vessels to survey the waters to the north of Gallambria as part of the Gallambrian Marine Economies (GME) Programme, the organisation has announced. Following a stakeholder meeting with the Gallambrian Maritime Safety Authority (GMSA) and the Federal Ministry of Transport, earlier this month, priority areas will be surveyed, capturing sonar data of the areas approaches. High frequency mapping sonars are being used, which have no negative impact on the its diverse ecosystems and marine life. The surveying is expected to continue throughout January and February and will focus on the islands to the north-west of Gallambria. Information from the survey will be used to update nautical charts of the region, and to meet Gallambria's international maritime safety obligations. These updated charts will reduce navigational risk and improve the safety of ships, cargo and crew. Data will also support a range of environmental and scientific applications. By supporting safe navigation in the region, it is expected to bring economic benefits to Maranesian nations, by encouraging access for its growing cruise ship sector, and maximising efficiency of trade by enabling ships to confidently increase cargo-carrying capacity.
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    January 22, 2018- 0900 IST SSO GENERAL HEADQUARTERS, INTREIMOR "Ah, Ricardo. Come on, come in." The duty watchman shut the door behind Defence Minister Ricardo Ibanes. The room was lit in an almost chiaroscuro scheme, the light from the window to the side came in narrow white bands streaking diagonally across the room. The lamp of the desk added to the effect, illuminating the surface of the wide antique piece in a narrow and directed beam, all in all creating an almost dizzying effect of contrast that put a confusing array of light and shadow across the man seated at the end of the room. In front of him, behind his immaculately organised mahogany desk, was the figure of a man in his early 50's. Salt and pepper hair, still a full head and groomed in a way that vaguely reminded Ricardo of actor Jorge Clouní. The lined face beneath it was one adorned with a pair of chilly grey eyes, which created an uncomfortable contrast with the wide, dimpled, genial grin that spread across a face which could have been considered welcoming enough in appearance to be paternal. Despite his own seniority, Ricardo felt a certain air which radiated out of the seated man's look, manner, and posture. An almost arrogant familiarity, just polite enough to escape disdain, but forceful enough to suggest a depth behind the facade, one which could swallow a man like the undertow of the Thalassan currents. "Director Bonda", addressed Ricardo, striding over to the seated figure. The man rose, beams of light flitting off his silhouette. He uncoiled himself from his seat in a single smooth motion which conjured images of a krait rising from the grass. A single slat of light came to rest on his eyeline. The face, now sans the grin, was all stare. The two men shook. Ricardo's hand came to meet a surprisingly gentle grip. "I'm here about the memo Jaime", said Ricardo as he sat down. "Of course, Defence Minister", Bonda leaned into his chair and clasped his hands together "The so called "Circle of Death " splinter groups. The cases you sent me... movement in the Argic coasts and the Sakspati Sea. The most concerning of which is that your analysts conclude that they are planning a hijacking? Why hasn't the SSO acted? You've obviously invited me here to talk about this--so please, enlighten me." "Ricardo, I have a killteam at the ready right now. We could just pick up this telephone, give them the green light right this minute, and the skiffs they plan to use for the hijacking will go under the water." Ricardo opened his mouth to interject. "-But...", continued the Director-General of the SSO. "There is one thing I'd like you to consider before we make any move." "Ricardo, you've discussed TRIDENT with me before. I gave you my full support with ExecMin. I've helped it every little way I could", Bonda gestured towards the newspaper on one corner of the desk. The headline read, "Committee Chairman Presumed Dead in House Fire". "Now, I want to help one more time." "Go on." Bonda gestured file on his desk detailing the expected motive of a crime group pinned to a recent case of boat theft and suspected arms smuggling. "TRIDENT needs to be galvanised under a single great threat. A threat real enough to, say, reach out, and become real to the public." "As it happens, the case in front of me is missing some hard links. But a motive is clear. In a matter of days, the cruise liner Dona Parass will be passing that cape. We have reason to believe that the intent is to seize the ship, kidnap, and plunder. Procedure dictates we conduct the investigation further until we get those hard links, then take care of it. By then it could be too late. I am currently playing with a choice, use my director's protocol to order a strike... or to simply--follow procedure. "Defence Minister. Should I follow procedure?"
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    This is the Alemannisch language news service. Special News Bulletin. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Imperial Senate have announced the start of a new tripartite military pact with the nations of @Ahrana and @Greater Serbia. In response to this, the government has announced an official end to limited armament and has begun the process of raising approximately 180,000 men who shall constitute the bulk of a new field army for this alliance. Further more, the Minister of War has announced plans for the immediate construction of eight new joint military bases which shall be garrisoned by allied troops, along with plans to increase the number of men in the reserves by double. Similar bases are expected to be constructed overseas in due time. All regional armies will be expected to give up a third of their veteran reserves for immediate use in the near future; assignment to training facilities will be coming through shortly. Due to the stability seen in the coastal region of @Sa Hara, the military high command and government no longer feel it necessary to maintain our naval presence there any longer. For this reason, all ships currently patrolling the area along with troops attached to said ships will be recalled immediately once they have finished resupplying for their journey home. These forces will be expected to arrive home in approximately four weeks time, and as such preparations are underway for their return. Maintenance and refitting will commence right away. Finally, on top of ongoing restructuring efforts, it has been announced that a further four companies will be placed into rotation for guarding and securing the Emperor's Road. Ongoing skirmishes along the line are expected to become more intense as time goes on, and as such all units will be equipped with heavy weapons teams to further bolster effectiveness. Proper unit cohesion is expected to be achieved within three months of the composition change, any units struggling to adjust will need to be pulled from duty immediately for inspection. This has been the Alemannisch language news service.
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    TO: Nataline Percosset, Minister of External Affairs, Syndicate of @Synturia FROM: Lance Valentino Madam, Your proposal fits our interests quite well! We will make preparations to receive you in Valencia. I look forward to meeting some of the brightest minds in this field. Route any issues you encounter in customs to me, but if we have done our job correctly, no such problems will arise. Yours, Lance Valentino, CEO ValenCorp
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    I was ginger, but now I'm grey. :/
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    Diplomatic Envoy Sent to Derthalen The Assembly has led a motion to vote on the decision to send a diplomatic mission to Derthalen to discuss defense agreements and other subjects related to national defense. The Ministry of Diplomatic Relations hasn't given a statement as to why the envoy has been sent, but it is rather easy to imagine why. The envoy will be spending 8 days in Derthalen, to meet with other Derthaler leaders and politicians. The visit will bring to light how Derthalen can help Greater Serbia and the people. Among the things the mission will work on is military cooperation, and extradition treaties. The vote in the Assembly was unanimous, after a speech was given by the party whip. @Derthalen
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    M4R14 and K2S04 moved simultaneously. Whilst the @Synturian representative commanded the audience's respect through it's tall, resilient and slightly intimidating appearance and the mechanical movements of his avatar, the cold grace and elegance of the Sunset Sea Islandian representative didn't let the audience look away for even a split second. She moved to the front of the podium and her moves were perfectly smooth, almost so perfect that they could not be human. To show her gratitude she did a slight curtsy to the Synturian avatar, who then lowered its arm. Her strict eyes and stainlessly beautiful face were the focal points of the gazes of the audience. Then, once more, her tinny, majestic voice sounded through the halls once more. "Now we should all be standing on common ground. I am greatly thankful to my Synturian partner that they could share their knowledge with all of you, as I am sure that not all of you came here with the same level of information. With this everyone here should be able to participate in the discussion. Whether you will only be asking questions, gathering information or giving your opinion on our ideals, everything you do will contribute to the common cause: a better tomorrow. Please take a look through our halls, there is much to explore. This central room we are currently in is the great discussion forum. Each of you will have the chance to stand where we are standing and hold a speech, no matter whether it will be a short question, an opinion, a statement or a fully-fledged speech. You will be able to talk directly to those around you and spread your ideas. We are logging the conversations to use the resulting data to improve our movement and refine our ideas. If you leave this hall through the main gate, you will find several doors to your sides. In those rooms, you will find a library with access to information that could improve your discussions, several cinema suites to consume media files, the moderator lounge where you can ask members of our team questions to everything related to the Technocratic Internationale and the administration where you can report problems should such arise. If you leave the building you will find a landscape park designed especially to quicken discussions and bring harmony to the soul. If the main hall gets too crowded for you, please, take a walk and explore this world created just for you. K2S04 and I will be walking through this place as well and if you want to talk to us, feel free to ask, we are here to learn from you as well. Lastly, I would like to thank all of you that you found the time to join us today. As all of us come from different places the local time differs from user to user, we are happy that so many came to this gathering regardless of their situation. Thank you for coming here and for sharing your ideas with the like-minded and those who oppose your opinion. Thank you for your civilised behaviour and thank you for your attention. Let the discussion begin. Long live the Technocratic Internationale!" With this M4R14 concluded her speech and stepped back so that she was standing next to K2S04 again. Both avatars bowed synchronously as the invisible cameras and the live images on the levitating screens followed their movements precisely. Then, also synchronously, both representatives teleported down to the discussion forum. The crowd started cheering.
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    Another semi-autonomous Lysian Concorde, another stairway, another hallway full of international flags. Only about six weeks after Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed flew to @Iverica to celebrate the foundation of ATARA she found herself again in a foreign airport being greeted by a Morhemian diplomat, @Morheim's Prime Minister. A Morhemian military orchestra started playing the Sunset Sea Islandian national anthem the moment she left the plane and the music grew louder the moment the two Prime Ministers shook hands. “Welcome to Thale Mrs Tumbleweed, I hope that your flight was pleasant.” the man greeted. “Thank you, Prime Minister. It's a pleasure to meet you” responded Prime Minister Tumbleweed. The Morhemian Prime Minister continued: “My Queen is looking forward to meeting you, now if you need anything during your stay just let us know, we would love it if you had a pleasant stay.....as well as a productive one." "We will take you up on that offer should the need arise." Mrs Tumbleweed replied. She was escorted to an armoured car. The longer Theresa Tumbleweed observed Morheim, the more she was reminded of the way the Sunset Sea Islands were just a few years ago. A population celebrating their royal family, enthusiasm on one hand, crime and uncertainty on the other. The low number of surveillance cameras in the airport and the sheer lack of them throughout the streets of Thale made Theresa uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the ride through Thale was almost nostalgic as the city reminded her of the capital of the Sunset Sea Islands, just with fewer palm trees. The city split between the old royal buildings and the modern skyscrapers by a river was extremely reminiscent of Sunset City, where the royal district was surrounded by towers of glass and concrete reaching far into the skies. Morheim had to catch up on some fronts. The car she was sitting in had a physical chauffeur instead of an autopilot. The facades of the buildings to her sides weren't illuminated by fluorescent advertisements of all imaginable colours. The portable devices the Morhemians used were clunky and outdated. "Years of isolation take their toll." Theresa thought. But if the goals of the TCHE were fulfilled Morheim would certainly benefit from the equalising technological levels of nations worldwide. A golden age was awaiting Morheim, just as the Sunset Sea Islands were thrown into a new age by force not long ago. Even the cold and calculating Prime Minister of the Sunset Sea Islands felt a little touched when she saw children waving Sunset Sea Islandian flags in the streets of Thale. Theresa smirked slightly, that minimal sign of human emotion was surely obstructed from the tinted windows of the car. She was sure that Lydia Mauve would have shown a bright smile and waved to the children, but she represented a different age for the Sunset Sea Islands. Yes, Lydia Mauve would have been a better person to send to Morheim, a nation reminiscent of the old Sunset Sea Islands, just where Mauve belongs. But Theresa was different and so was her nation. Both the colourful flag of the Sunset Sea Islands and the tranquil anthem seemed more like remnants of a dream long forgotten, a dream which Morheim was still dreaming. "May they never wake up to the harsh nature of reality." Theresa thought. When the car stopped and Theresa Tumbleweed left the car, she didn't say goodbye to the driver as she had already forgotten about the lack of an autopilot, she saw Queen Julia the Third come towards her in fast, youthful steps. Once more the strict and probably twice as old leader of the Sunset Sea Islands thought that Lydia Mauve would have probably gotten along with the Morhemian queen better. Maybe the former Prime Minister could be sent to Morheim on a diplomatic mission? She'd be out of sight and out of her nation then. Meanwhile Queen Julia the Third and Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed had walked towards each other close enough to shake hands, which they did. "I'm thrilled to meet you" Julia extended a hand as she approached, "Queen Julia, welcome to the Palace, I trust you had a pleasant trip?" she enquired, "Now I don't know which you'd prefer but we're having a small Cultural Festival here today, what I hope is the first of many for TCHE, we have some time before everyone arrives, if you would like to explore out here that is fine, but I understand you've had a long trip, if you prefer we've some coffee and cake waiting inside." After exchanging greetings and showing the necessary respect to a royal leader of a foreign nation she reluctantly chose to visit the booth Morheimian children set up for the Sunset Sea Islands. Tumbleweed never had children nor did she intend to have some, so she was not used to dealing with children. She pretended to show interest as the children recited facts about her home country every Sunset Sea Islandian citizen knew since birth. Nevertheless, she didn't want to appear cold and mean, she was sure the children were thinking of her as an old, grumpy hag, so she congratulated the children on their booth. Even though she appeared cold, Theresa Tumbleweed could at least appreciate the work and the effort the Morhemian children put into their booth. "This nation really is like the children's dream the Sunset Sea Islands woke up from when the tower collapsed." She made her way into the hall and took up the offer of drinking coffee to her heart's content. She wasn't a cake person but she consumed enough coffee to make up for the declined cake. Nine hours of time difference really did make a difference. She booted up her sleek, elegant Elegy Corporation tablet computer and sat in a big, leather chair and enjoyed the warmth it emitted whilst she sank into the soft piece of furniture and the warm beverage replenishing her energy.