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    "...good evening, this is Andrew Michaels for EU1, and welcome to the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer 2019 Eurth Olympics here in the Fulgistani capital of Bogd Gioro! Tonight's festivities are being held in the National Stadium at the heart of the Olympic Complex. The entire Eurth has been waiting with anticipation for these games for months. We have reports that over 700,000 people have purchased tickets to watch the competitions over the next two weeks. Nearly 100,000 of whom will be occupying this stadium to watch the various track and field competitions. As to the number of nations participating this year, over 60 have sent teams (or a group of athletes). The IEOC said this was an outstanding result and expect the competitions to be exciting for all." "That's right," continued another announcer, his female counterpart Sarah Johnson, "the international airport has been completely bogged down with the increased number of arrivals, at least five times the regular number. Even the city's tourism bureau has concurred in a statement saying that the Olympics have brought the highest number of individuals to the capital in history at any one time. It would appear the massive infrastructure program General Secretary Almas has led since the nation's successful bid for the games is paying off." "We are just moments away from the official beginning of the opening ceremonies but before we get underway, we would like to remind our viewers that you can either watch the competitions on EU1 (Eurth Universial 1), or on two dozen national broadcasters who are partnering with us to share the stories of these games with the Wurld. Additionally, you can live stream it online and get the latest results from the various events from the IEOC's website. Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting word that we are mere seconds away from the start of the ceremonies, let's tune in..." A little Fulgistani girl is projected on screens surrounding the arena and counts down, on seven, the audience joins in. "10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..." A massive gong is rang across the vast space. And then, General Secretary Almas introduces himself and the country to the world. He is given applause. IEOC Chairman Jügen Wetzel, a Magnean, spends a few minutes discussing the mission and objectives of the Olympic games and their benefit they bring in fostering international collaboration and healthy and peaceful competition between nations. He thanks the General Secretary for his and the Fulgistani peoples ability to get these games organized. Following the opening remarks from both leaders, the Fulgistani and Olympic anthems are played and the respective flags raised. Shortly afterwards, a weird yet motive electronic beat begins to play, with rave lights turning on and off and projecting different colors of light. In the middle of the field is a projected map of the Eurth. Fulgistani men forming moving barriers to direct the teams to their teams then danced to the beat. The various participating nations were called out in triple languages: Anglish, Lysian, and native Fulgistani. Nations range from as near as Variota to as far east as Orioni, Kipan, and the Sunset Sea Islands and south as Rihan and Shffahkia. Team sizes ranged from a single athlete to as large as 213 from Rihan. But no team got as big an applause and cheer as the native Fulgistani team who by far fielded the largest, over 300. The General Secretary had invested billions of Tenge into the games, and his return on investment would not be completely determined by the amount of money spent over the fourteen day period, but the number of gold medals his athletes won. It would take over an hour for all of the teams to be recognized and seated. Finally, the last two athletes entered the stadium, hailing from the islands of Little Flau. The eletronic beat slowed down as they sat down and then fizzled out. Then the lights went dark, only to come back shortly, and on the screens was a prepared video showing the progression of Fulgistani history from its earliest days, the era of the Yellow Empire, to the revolution and the present day. It captivated people on the richness of Fulgistani time. There was then a series of musical and dance performances, even one routine that involved swift Fulgistani horses, including several riders jumping from one horse to another through a form of acrobatics that stunned the crowd. Almas was smiling from his premium seats, chuckling with the IEOC Chairman. With the conclusion of the performances, the IEOC Chairman then stood up once more and recited the Olympic oath and summoned the torch bearers to enter the stadium. For four weeks prior to the opening ceremony, a relay of Fulgistanis had been moving the torch from one town to the next - even climbing it to the top of the highest skyscraper in Bogd Gioro. A squad of five fit men approached. The point man then transferred the flame to the other four and all of them proceeded to run around the first half of the stadium, who then handed it to another group of five. These five ran out the western exit of the stadium and out in front where a massive multi-level calduron awaited them. One by one, each lit their portion. The fire rapidly accelerated and raced to the center where the entire blaze broke out. Gongs rang out and fireworks were launched. The Olympic Games had officially begun. "...Sarah wasn't that simply an amazing performance," commented Andrew. "I am still completely stunned by the horse acrobats," she replied. "Only in Fulgistan," he remarked. "On behalf of the IEOC and everyone here at EU1, thank you for tuning in. While we will be broadcasting live all day long, EU1 will be having special primetime coverage starting at 7:00pm ACT (Alharun Central Time) each night."
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    This RP is a follow-up from the agreement made on the expansion thread. Please refer to the IIwiki article for a more in-depth information. Summary This expansion RP will be quite an unorthodox one, in the sense that it is not your usual 'invade and conquer' RP. The RP will partly narrate the story of the monarcho-communist Selayar (now renamed as Vahila) effort to 'retake' the mainland Selayari territory (the reserved area on the map), as they are stuck in the small islands territory of Vahila (the current island territory of Selayar on the map). Many parties will be involved, and other nations involvement is to be expected. Parties There will be two main parties involved in the war, which are the Purist and the Reformist. The Purist The monarchist government and followers. Simply said, the royalist who would like to keep the status-quo intact, thus the name. Their ideology would mainly be a right-leaning one, though it has a mixture of many ideologies. Led by Queen Varamatamarenga, whose coronation triggered the civil war, it has the advantage of having the support of most the noble houses and a trained army. Its aim is to retain the status-quo in Selayar (and thus the longevity of her dynasty). International supporters/donors: ? The Reformist Basically a group of people who are not satisfied with the rise of Queen Varamatamarenga to the throne of Selayar. Their ideology would mainly be a socialist one, though the monarcho-communist ideology become the most recognisable ideology of the Reformist. Led by the cousin of the previous assassinated Queen of Selayar, the group claimed legitimacy from its royal bloodline and its status as a reformist and socialist. Despite its army nickname as 'the untrained army of the mass', it has notably gained support from many sympathetic leftist group outside Selayar. Its aim is to install a new dynasty to the throne, and provide a much-needed welfare and equality to the people of Selayar. International supporters/donors: @Shffahkia, ? Many independent groups and mercenaries There are notably many separatists groups and mercenaries in Selayari territories who wanted various things, be it independence, autonomy, power, money, or just anarchism. This will play a part in the RP, adding flavour to the war rather than the usual dichotomy of war. You could support some of this groups if you want, just for the fun if you don't like the two parties mentioned above. The RP. The Civil War will be ICly divided into four periods. The First Period, roughly from 1959-mid 1960s, as the name might tells, covers the time when the war broke out until the first armistice. The Reformist were mostly driven out from west and central Selayar, leaving them in their base, east Selayar and Vahila. The Interlude, roughly from mid 1960s-early 1970s is the generally peaceful period since the First Armistice until the Attack on Fort Wanatara, which saw the beginning of the Second Period of War, where the Reformist are trying to regain their territory in west and central Selayar, but this later ended up in failure as the Reformist government was exiled to the islands of Vahila. After the signing of the Second Armistice, the Negotiation period ensued, where both parties are working to find a way out of the mess. This RP will only narrate the Second Period and the Negotiation period, because it will be undoubtedly complex to narrate a 20-years war into one RP. I'll mostly write about the political intrigue of how the Reformist (now called Vahila) tried to regain their territory and support in mainland Selayar, though story of warfare would be undoubtedly appear. (Mostly because i know nothing about warfare, guns, and tanks, so help would be appreciated.) Aftermath This map should provide a clear situation of what's going on in Selayar and its surrounding lands just before the civil war started. The territories of Selayar will ended up as in the expansion thread (the reserved territory on the map), thus completing the expansion thread. The Treaty of ʻArama officially ended the civil war, and both Reformist and Purist parties were unified once again as one Selayar after extensive negotiation, including a promised expansion of the people's welfare (which is another story).
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    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion President Rivikin Visits Parod Agricultural Fields By Riva Demsky 6 July 2019 In Tikva's Yarden River Valley, the fields are vibrant with an array of crops from wheat and sorghum to citrus fruits and vegetables, even vast grapevines. The agricutural sector has seen double-digit growth over the past five years as have the nation's wine industry. Prior to 1950, most fields were watered by the limited sources from the mountain springs up near Mount Tzon. With the nation's ongoing fight to obtain as much water as possible, crops today are watered by drip irrigation, originating from desalinated water from the sea. This past year, agriculture accounted for 21% of all exports, with tomatoes and citrus fruits being the highest products sold abroad. The tomatoes grown in Tikva were bred through a 12-year program using a wild Narvic species to create a sweet snack tomato. In recognition to the sector's growth and to celebrate the anniversary of the success of the program, President Adar Rivikin toured the Parod fields, located outside the town of Eilon. He praised the farmers of Parod, and all others across the State for their hardwork. He additionally remarked that farmers were the cornerstone of Tikva's early days and would continue to form the foundation for the country moving forward. At the conclusion of his remarks, he took a giant bite into a shiny tomato.
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    So, about a year since I joined, and now that things are somewhat sorted out, and I feel able to write again, I'd like to do my first expansion for Limonaia. In my history Limonaia both overseas, but also on the home front were much larger than the current Duchy. Most of these states that seceded would have done so following the civil war in 1902 and thus have been independent since then. The basis for my RP will likely take form as economic trouble in one (possibly two) of these states. This will be possible because of the long time that's passed and the slow decrease of the Limonaian monarch's power (even if it isn't the smoothest right now). I'll go more into depth later, but here's the plan: Blue: This island of Nicolia, which, even under the Limonaian Kingdom was semi-independent retains a bunch of old traditions and a somewhat unique political system. Blue is the primary target of the expansion. Red: A bonus if it works, mostly to clean up future borders in later expansions on the mainland. An isolated mountain duchy, which I'll develop a bit more in the future.
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    Bogd Gioro, House of the Revolution. 24th June, 2019. 7:29 PM. "Comrade Almas, they're ready." "Thank you. I'll be out in a moment." Tomur looked at himself in the mirror one last time; nice red tie, little flag lapel pin, hair done up as befitted the leader of the nation. Time to rustle up the herd, he thought. Now or never. Out in front of the House of the Revolution was the usual press gaggle; the Wulumuqi Morning Post, the Worker's Daily; even the Kishtan Telegraph had sent a correspondent. This was no ordinary press conference; not least because Almas and the Central Committee had been keeping the subject under wraps. This was intentional; they were hoping to prevent the negative press speculation that might otherwise precede this...particular kind of announcement. Nonetheless, the press podium, emblazoned boldly with the national seal, awaited. If one were to rank all the nation's podiums from meanest to greatest, Almas considered, this would surely be the country's most important podium of all. "Good evening, everyone. It's a great honor to speak to you once again as your General Secretary, especially in such proud and prosperous times. Through great effort, unflinching determination, and steadfast, enlightened political consciousness, the Fulgistani people have opened a new chapter in their history. With diligent effort, the brave men and women of the Revolutionary Guard have overturned the stranglehold of warlordism and terror that had held the two provinces of Southwestern Fulgistan firmly in their iron grip. Takhar and Kunduz provinces are now both completely free from the predation of bandits, terrorists, and other armed militant criminals. We are proud to add their territory to the map of our country, and to announce that the election of national representatives and local government officials is already underway. To all those who set their hearts to the task of liberation: I say that you have the gratitude of the whole Red nation, now and forever more." "Moreover, Takhar and Kunduz are not only liberated, but flourishing. The people of these lands have not known such abundance since the days of the revolution, and even now many are watching this speech on the television, a luxury previously unavailable to them. So too, are the people of the Southwest enthusiastically joining the national workforce; one of the largest oil reserves in the whole of Eastern Alharu lies underground in Kunduz province; the forces of the International Proletariat have not been idle, and with the help of the comrades in the International Communist Economic Bloc Petroleum Committee, we can now announce that for the first time in fifty years, Fulgistan is a genuine oil-producing nation, and can begin export of crude oil to the global economy. It is the hope of myself and the Central Committee that this will being a bright future in industry for the people beleaguered by constant war and strife for so long a time." "Now, I hope you will permit me to bring you another piece of good news on this momentous occasion. It is the product of long deliberation and very careful consideration, by all members of the Central Committee. It, too, will serve to turn open a brand new chapter in the chronicle of the Worker's Republic and of the Huang people. Since 2015, Samarkand Province has operated as the Samarkand Special Economic Zone, a test-bed for various economic policies and political reforms for the nation as a whole. Now, I am pleased to announce that the Samarkand Special Economic Zone opens its doors to the world for business. It has been decided by the Central Committee, and, it is hoped dearly, will be upheld by the will of the people, that the province will host foreign businesses, and pursue a limited market economy in the years to come. This new micro-economy, if it is as successful as projections indicate, will serve as a model for other state-designated zones to come. It is hoped, by increasing economic growth in key areas such as Wulumuqi and its surroundings, that the Worker's Republic may continue to advance itself and the members of the International Communist Economic Bloc, to whom it intends the SSEZ to serve as a model as well. To allay any concerns out of the gate, let me be very clear: The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan remains committed to the principles of the communist revolution, to the practice of radical socialism, and to the liberation of the global working class. It is precisely because of the success of socialism in Fulgistan that the government has now chosen to pursue a policy of openness; we as a nation are a shining beacon to the downtrodden of the world, a light of hope in a darkening age. Though despotism and crony capitalism may remain par for the course abroad, they have no place whatsoever in this, the free and beautiful land of our own making. The time has come, o you who refuse to be slaves, to emerge from isolation and closed-mindedness; to emerge as a leader in Alharu, and to serve as a guiding force for the working peoples of the world. Thank you, and goodnight." Almas bowed smoothly, dimly aware of the cameras snapping and flashing all around him. He could barely remember walking back to his office. "How was I, Bayanchur?" "Excellent, sir. Exactly as it ought to have been said." "I hope so." Almas chuckled. "If I said anything wrong, I'm sure I'll have a thousand corrections waiting in the morning papers." "No time to rest, Comrade Tekin. Much to be done; our real work is only just getting started."
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    @Sunset Sea Islands, what a wonderful question to ask. At this moment, I am assuming every nation is participating in every event or at least every major competition category. For those sports that involve 'rounds' like Football or Field Hockey for example, I will do a very quick score generation and whip up matches in the same fashion on the UENA. For most events, I have a points generator, 0-100. The highest number gets gold, second, and third, hence silver and bronze. Now, you asked about would RP'ing help one's success. It could -- as some nations may not want to compete in every event (which is only realistic for the largest nations). If there are events that you would like a better 'chance' like I have more 'swimming strength' than 'weightlifting strength,' tell me and we can talk about it. I do hope that most nations are able to come away with a few medals. Though for the Little Flau team I mentioned in the intro, they are only able to win, well, so many given the size of their team.
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    There was a gush of cold mountainous air that swept through the station. Alba’s hair subtly danced to the breeze with the wind clinging onto his clothes. As fast as the breeze had entered, it had dissipated. A tune blared from the above head speakers, as a voice begun to speak. Even if Alba could speak Nawatl, the reverb and echoing across the drab grey brick walls distorting the voice beyond intelligibility. However he was able to pick up a number: makutlakoli, number 5. The clattering of luggage wheels jumbled over the uneven floor, the checker pattern of black basalt and white marble cracked and torn apart. The luggage wheels’ noise was orchestrated by the many voices surrounding Alba, children laughing and crying, adults murmuring to one another, parents bartering with shop keepers for a treat for their children. The station itself wasn’t what you would call a work of art. It was built in the shape of a semi circle, with dark grey bricks made of hard stone arcing from one wall, over the ceiling, to another. Many pillars in a grid fashion were made of the same dull material, each ordained by a logo in red and white; the Metztli National Railway Company. The same little tune played once more, the same voice blurting out similar information. But the number had changed: nakutlakoli, number 4. Alba glanced to his left, then a moment later, his right. And ever so carefully leaned over the dotted red line, where you’re meant to stand behind, to gaze out the left tunnel. It was dark. A spiderweb of metal tubing stretched over the walls like vines on a wall, and further beyond was a bright blue light. Squinting, Alba vaguely saw the outside mountain, a pure baby blue sky contrasted by the grey and greens of Metztli terrain. He felt his stomach drop slightly, a slight anxiety of the thought of the train snaking it’s way around the mountain side, one wrong turn and… The annoying tune had gone off again, but Alba ignored it, continuing to gaze to the outside world. A ghastly roaring emerged from the opposite side of the tunnel, faint at first, but quickly picked up. At the last second Alba pulled his body backwards and onto his backside, the train’s wheels screeched as the brakes were pulled, and eventually come to a stand still. A hiss of pressure emanated. The train itself was made of at least 12 carriages, 6 cargo, 6 for the public. The public carriages were built like rounded cuboids, or tin cans, with the bottom half grated dark grey, and the top half flat light grey, all made of sheets of metal. The windows were flat and long, with the doorways elongated semicircles. On the centre of the carriages were the same logo as the columns. Meanwhile, the cargo carriages were flat metal boards with rails and belts holding down crates and packages. Almost all of the cargo crates had a different seal slapped on, one of a miner’s axe and shovel. The Metztli National Mining Company. And of those at least 80% were labelled (surprisingly in the Latin alphabet) “Lalomino”, Aluminium. After much gawking at the trains, a second puff of air expelled from the train, and Alba quickly rose back to his feet. He looked down at a piece of paper that he had taken out of his pocket, with instructions on how to get to the centre of Grand Altepatl. The train numbers matched, and thus Alba shuffled into one of the public carriages, slumping down on a slightly mildew smelling crimson red cushioned seat. After several seconds had passed, the doors of the carriage shut, leaving Alba and several Metztlikatl in silence, the only sounds being the rhythm of the clunking of the rails, and whistles of the wind, and the occasional whipping of sound of a passing train. The perfect blue sky was dotted by small white clouds, and in the far distance, a black and grey haze of thunder clouds atop an endless patch of tropical green. Mountains soared like pillars of God into the heavens, their grey rocky bodies standing tall against nature, villages clinging onto the sides and resting on plateaus, and in the far distances ahead, the gleaming city of Grand Altepatl. It was beautiful.
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    Map: https://i.imgur.com/iaPX8Ne.png Added: Flag of Manamana League in the canal area Label for "Agrillian Mts" in Marenesia Label for "Galon Mts" in Alharu Label for "Kendovstrunmahhe Mts" in Argis Label for "Paranne Mts" and "Wananga Mts" in Aurelia Reserved area for @Haruspex Reserved area for @Rihan Reserved area for @Selayar Reserved area for @Shffahkia Backlog: @Miiros island names (awaiting pm reply) @Assurym move (probably to Memopotamia) @Qardania move (undecided to which destination) @Rhodellia removal (awaiting decision) Rivers redraw (use pattern) Europa borders redraw (use pattern) Cultures based on "2008-02-25-regional.png"
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    Hello there, I'm Bran Astor, a Guardian of The West Pacific. I've been a part of NS for nearly 12 years, most of which has been spent making things for others to enjoy. I figured it was time for me to find a place where I can experiment, explore, and have some fun without the responsibility of dragging a region of 6,000 along with me. My nation of Tara and Cambray is inspired by the tales of Tephi Tamar, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and Terra Mariana. This is an impressive community you all have built. I hope I can add something to it.
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    Megas Agios Basileia to take in Refugees from Koussoeia As the Gharoi invasion of the territories of Koussoeia has gathered pace, the drastic anti-Christian practices and policies that the Sovereign Imperium of Machina @Haruspex pursues have come into full swing. Recently, it was announced on the Gharoi news service that the Christian minority in the Glorious Dominate would be shipped out to Arhomaneia, whilst putting onerous and punitive laws against them. Of course, it cannot be doubted that the Arhomaioi will welcome these new arrivals with open arms, as can be expected of a nation that holds Christ dear to their hearts. However, questions must be asked about the circumstances of these transportations. As the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has not protested or even questioned the transportations, or even the reason behind them, it can perhaps be assumed that the government supports them, at least tacitly. This is deeply worrying due to the fact that Arhomaneia is effectively party to the ethnic cleansing of a country. If the Gharoi had been willing to just send those who did not wish to live under their oppressive regime to Arhomaneia, then the actions of the Arhomaniki government could be overlooked, or at least understood. However, that does not seem to be the case. The Sovereign Imperium is determined to smash a religious group that has lived within the Glorious Dominate for over one and a half thousand years, after fleeing persecution within the Megas Agios Basileia. And the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has provided them the means to do so. If the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had refused to take the refugees in in an organised and orderly manner, then we may well have witnessed even worse scenes than trains and transit camps. The Gharoi are not known for their mercy or pity – the Sovereign Imperium may well have taken a leaf out of @Greater Serbia's book and attempted mass murder rather than transportation. But the removal of an ethnic or religious minority, even if they are not killed intentionally during the process, is still ethnic cleansing, which Arhomaneia has vociferously opposed in the past. If they do so again, then it will look like nothing more than rank hypocrisy. On top of that, the refugees will be arriving in a country that has been, historically, hostile to them. Their denomination, Gerenianism, has long been considered heterodox by the Church in Arhomaneia. This will undoubtedly cause friction for the refugees wherever they might be settled within the nation. There are small communities of Gerenians living in Arhomaneia, mostly in the major cities of the east, and they are mainly merchants who have interests in trade between the Glorious Dominate and the Megas Agios Basileia. It is unlikely that there will be attempts made to find and secure housing within these cities for the refugees, as there will likely be considerable push back against such actions. Similarly, the refugees themselves will likely not view the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion in a positive light – many will have preferred to resist the Sovereign Imperium's invasion. That may well have been the best course of action for Arhomaneia, too; although the alliance between the two nations is a decade old, it does appear to be fraying in some regards. Without the alliance being in place, the government may have been tempted to come to the aid of Koussoeia, which would have had grave consequences for peace in northern Europa. As it is, how events will play out is unknown. A cross-ministerial committee has been working on plans since the beginning of last month in order to facilitate the movement of the refugees through Arhomaneia and it does seem that the Gharoi are determined to pass the responsibility of them over to their neighbour as soon as possible, even without anything being made ready for them. Whilst the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is certainly not showing itself in a good light with the Koussoeioi refugee crisis, it is without a doubt that the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the Sovereign Imperium. Environmental Policy Comes Under Fire Since the acclamation of Kommodos III as Agios Basileos kai Autokrator, safeguarding the environment and instituting laws and regulations to that end have been a key policy. It is part of the overarching policy referred to as “Strong State, Strong Church”, as well as reflecting the theological idea that God has placed the stewardship of His creation into the hands of Man. It follows, therefore, that ruining it, whether through ignorance, indifference or malice, will displease Him. Such displeasure could then be shown through various trials and tests. A strong state would then be able to protect both the environment and the Church, which would lead to a stronger state, as the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion could count on God's blessing. Arhomaneia has been one of the leading nations on Eurth in attempting to reduce climate change. It was one of the key members of the groundbreaking Laren Conference in @Morheim, and rapidly enacted the treaty once it had been signed. Indeed, several other nations that were not present at the conference have since signed it, including the @Sunset Sea Islands and @Soreana. Being in the vanguard of this wave of environmentalism will have helped the standing of the Megas Agios Basileia in the world, especially amongst those who hold the future of the wurld dear. There have been suggestions that the potential trade talks with Salvia (@Sancti Imperii Catholico) may be used to try to influence the southern nation to become a signatory as well. The environmental policies have not been without their critics, however. Quotas enforced on those fishing within Arhomaniki waters have been hitting the fishing industry relatively hard, causing an upturn in unemployment in towns reliant upon it. The government has pointed out that it is increasing investment in those areas to try to counteract the impact on the industry and the rising unemployment, although it seems to have been making little headway so far. Officials from the Logothesion ton Agelon, the Ministry of the Environment, have been meeting with fishing industry representatives to set out plans for sustainable fishing, of which the quotas are part. Plans for offshore wind farms as a way to increase investment have been partially shelved for the moment, as there were concerns about how they might effect the current fish stocks. Linked into this is the fate of Arhomaneia's nuclear power plants. They have always been controversial, although there has never been a major incident at any of the plants since the start of the civil nuclear programme in the EK7480s (AD1970s). It was rumoured to have been a offshoot of a supposed nuclear weapons programme initiated by the Navarkhokratia, although this has never been confirmed. Despite generating roughly a quarter of the electricity of the Megas Agios Basileia and this proportion set to increase in the coming decade, the public perception of nuclear power has always been on the negative side. If there is a large-scale incident, even if it was abroad, it may turn public opinion against it further. Similarly, the re-introduction of large land animals, including predators, has been said to have had a detrimental effect on farming in some of the upland areas. Wolves and leopards have been released in carefully controlled and monitored parts of Arhomaneia, after almost having been wiped out in the wild, as part of attempts to improve farming during the Long War. They are ever-popular with tourists, both from home and abroad, but as their numbers have increased, so have reports of attacks on livestock. The Logothesion ton Agelon has been assuring farmers that such attacks are rare, although documents seen by this paper through Freedom of Information requests has shown that the amount of money paid out by the Logothesion ton Paroikonikou, the Ministry for Agriculture, has increased over the years.
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    @Limu Emu and Doug: I have read your posts and for your benefit, I want to impart some advice. We previously had someone who took the approach you had with a nuclear wasteland country and they did not last long here, similarly such things occurred with another who wanted elves. We are a human-based Modern RP world with space exploration that is barely beyond (if that) of known missions to date. One of your previous posts outlines building a nuclear bomb -- we as a region have taken the angle that such weapons should not be easy to obtain and certainly not without certain RP consequences and requsite writing, research, and processing. Can you please message me when you are able to chat about this? In the interim, please read the rules:
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Top 10 cities in Orioni revealed SIRIUS -- What makes a good city great? Is it security, nightlife, infrastructure? In our annual Quality of Living Index, Roiters looks at everything from functional transport to the number of parks and the price of a good lunch. Continue reading to see which Orinese city ranks on top. 10. Global talent continues to arrive in Perseus, attracted by abundant nature, charming neighbourhoods and enviable work-life balance, encouraged by various government measures. 9. Cygnus has seen an economic boost in recent years. And aside from a dropping unemployment rate, the city itself is imbued with new energy. The enviable cultural agenda spans everything from art to music festivals. 8. Gruis' economy is flourishing. If the city is to retain its identity in the long term, its leaders will need to find creative solutions that balance the need for growth and the preservation of urban spaces. 7. Wider pavements, communal benches and complimentary phone-charging points in the metro are signalling Meda's efforts to make Orioni's oldest city more accommodating. 6. Nordhaven offers much more than the architectural beauty that it's praised for. With the deepening of the Uttura river to boost traffic to the port, it looks like the future is bright for this transport hub. 5. In O'polis, major urban planning and transport projects are ticking along. Yet tradition is writ large here. Centuries-old green parks and vineyards offer respite within city limits. And higher education is still nearly free, reflecting the capital's longstanding focus on intellectual pursuits. 4. As ever, Andro city boasts a young and vibrant population, attracted by the cities influential design industries, first-rate education facilities such as the Academy of Fine Arts, and a mouthwatering culinary scene. More affordable homes are needed to meet the rising demand. 3. There are many reasons why Dion is a great place to live in: incomes are high, prices are reasonable, and things work as they should. However, opportunities and spaces for artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs have been somewhat stifled due to the housing bubble. 2. Eat a bowl of linguini of try some dazzling multi-course spiedini. Shop at CostMart or buy a bespoke suit. Zuidhaven has always been a city for high and low. And the mix is still intoxicating. What surprises most of all though is that, for its size and pace, this is still a metropolis with a heart. 1. Sirius gives you the feeling that all is right with the Eurth. From its clean-swept streets to punctual transport. On a bright summer's day, you'd be forgiven for thinking you've landed in the Mediargic thanks to lively pavement cafés serving aperitif and people hopping into the lake for a midday swim between meetings.
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    La Nazione SOLSALIENTE'S "AURORA" TOUR CONTINUES Solsaliente, the nation's beloved theatrical circus troupe led by Luca Pantalone, today announced the launch of a six-month sweap of Aurelian states including Kirvina, Rihan, Shffhakia, and Kipan. The troupe's "Aurora" dramatic performance played briefly during the festivities in Dartha arranged by Morror Kassus. Reviews for the show has been astouding to Pantalone and his colleagues as crowds praise the level of detail and talent brought to the great tent every night. Since the show's launch last year, it has played in a half dozen countries. For the Aurelian circuit: Mid-July to mid-August: Morhen, Kirvina Early-September to late-October: Port-Réel, Shffhakia Month of November: Dartha, Rihan, and December through the middle of January 2020, in Kipan. Tickets are now on sale.
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    A bearded man wearing a Sayfi military uniform bursts through a door labeled 'War Room' and says "Abu Hajaar, the President and Parliament have approved war plans X, C, and D for action against the-" "Shut up Ahmed, we're watching the news." "BREAKING NEWS: COORDINATED TERRORIST ATTACKS ACROSS THE COUNTRY, MANY FATALITIES AND INJURIES, ELECTIONS PUT ON HOLD" Blares across the television screen mounted in the middle of the room, "There has been multiple terrorist attacks across many polling stations across the country, the current amount of fatalities is unknown and 15 suspects have been apprehended by government authorities. As you can see from this cellphone footage given to us, the suspects detonated bombs at the polling stations and began opening fire on the crowds shouting the slogan of "Fedayeen Sayf" a militant organization that started the civil war in the 1970's. Their goal in the civil war was to return the old monarchy that was pushed out of Sayf into power. That old monarchy fled Sayf after the coup in 1906 to the Tahir Sultanate, which was ruled by their relatives. Since the early 1900's the country has been in decline and the monarchy refuses to reform, and it is widely believed that Fedayeen Sayf is funded and backed by the sultanate. These attacks are clearly an attempt by Fedayeen Sayf to destabilize the country in an already unstable time, seeing as our long-time president since 1996 is finally retiring, with his retirement cut short by these attacks as the electons have been put on hold. We can only wonder what action will be taken by the government against Fedayeen Sayf and the Tahir Sultanate." Abu Hajaar shuts the television off using a remote and takes a long draw from his hookah. "Back during the civil war we were no where near as capable to bring Tahir to it's knees, now they but a dying country with a backwards government. Enact plan C, and prepare for an invasion of the Tahir Sultanate, they have been harboring terrorists from within their country for too long, and we are much stronger then we were in 1974. We also have the support of a separatist militia within the country, and likely the support of the people living within it as they've been suffering through their oppression. If there are no questions, enact the plan, and release a press release about our 'intervention' in Tahir." All of the men in the room quickly pull out their mobile devices and begin shouting orders into them. ooc: more posts detailing the actual plan coming soon
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    "...the forces of the First and Second Legion engaged Morror Kassus' army on the Konram Plains yesterday in an attempt to bring the traitorious general into custody and present him before the Senate for his treason against the Republic. In what was reported as a total slaughter, thousands were killed. The battlefield is runs thick of blood and dead bodies. Praetor Terix received news of the ongoing sitution this morning from the commanders who survived the battle. He ordered for the dissmissal and imprisonment of both generals..." "...in a statement transmitted across the Republic, Morror Kassus announced the inclusion of the notable General Ayel Nevet and his men into his ranks. It further said that he would restore true honor to Rihan and bring stability to the land. Minutes afterwards, the provincial governors of Nelvek, Ralathak, Fitzan, and Chetris declared their first loyalty to Morror Kassus. Chetris' capital, Peldred, is the second-largest city in the Republic and puts our glorious capital -- Dartha -- at risk. All loyal Rihannsu are called upon to protect the Republic..." "...the Senate has been summoned into emergency session by order of the Praetor...Nej'ahar Consul Chatak Tela and Jaridan Consul Alidar Jarok have called for meetings of their respective coalitions immediately prior to the commencement of the session..."
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    Battle of Kornam Three days had passed. On the fourth day, upon the rising of the sun, the ten-man scouting party that had been deployed the Vrekess, returned. A horn blared as they were let through the defensive works and escorted at great speed to Morror Kassus' tent. Inside, the general was reviewing the daily muititions and stockpile report while Kalenna was reading it to him. Jeto, their leader, saluted their commander. Varak stopped speaking to let the scout leader talk. "The First and Second Legions are approaching. No more than a day's march. The former from the northwest and the latter from the southwest. Both forming a pincer towards us." Morror put down his papers and got up from his chair. "Point them out on the map over there," he said as he began to make his way across the space. "Here," Jeto pointed to the Kornam Plains opposite the Vrekess, "it would appear they are going to unite here and charge right into us." Kassus chuckled. "Their commanders are morons. They are presenting themselves for a slughter." He skimmed the map of the surrounding region. "Jeto," he asked, "what is this?" It was a river ford to the north of his position. "There is a crossing point, about 10 miles upstream, very narrow span." Morror knew it was going to be a weakness and needed to take stock of the situtation. "There is another ford 15 miles to downstream which is wider." "Do you think the commanders of the approaching legions are aware of either of them?" "I don't think so but I would assume that they will discover it eventually." Kassus turned to Varak. "Please speak with Obisek and divide the Kepeszuks. I need them to hold those crossings." She wrote down his instructions. "They need to move out before sunset. We need to keep the enemy forces in range of the bridge and our artillery mounted on this hill," he pointed to his northeast. Just then Antor entered the tent and Morror paused. "Colonel, Centurion," he began, "sound assembly." "Thank you Jeto, return to your regiment." He saluted once more and took his leave. An hour later, thousands of soldiers were in formation in the wide space in the center of the encampment. Morror Kassus rallied his men. They would fight against the state in the morning. Under the cover of darkness, the bulk of the legion marched across the bridge and formed up within distance of the bridge -- upon the Kornam Plains. In the distance, they could see the unified First and Second legions. The lights of the fires within their encampment lighting the sky. North and south of where battle would occur, the Kepeszuks were at the fords. Obisek, who was with the southern detachment, radioed to Kassus, saying that there was no enemy presence. He was ordered to begin slowly moving his forces across. The same was done with the northern wing. They would charge in and flank them. Morning came, and battle commence. A total slaughter ensued. Kassus' artillery, in a position of security and height, rained down upon the combined legions as they made their advance, knocking out dozens of smaller formations, while scaring the plains beneath them. As the first groups had gotten half way across the battle space, Morror's legionaries opened fire and both man and woman dropped one by one. Though the initial assault was blunted, the much larger force eventually picked up steam and a bevy of fire exchange was shared between the two lines. Casulties were being taken on both sides. Morror was waiting for the right moment to spring his counter-attack. The Kepsezuks had all crossed the river and were moving north and south with all speed. His soldiers would have to hold out until late afternoon. Kassus' men may have had many more years of experience than the ones attacking him now, but the numbers were not on his side -- he was outmanned three to one. But he had been in similar circumstances, if not worse, when he was fighting to take control of Enolia for the Republic just weeks and months earlier. Dead bodies littered the plains. The ground red with blood. A slaughter. Vicious birds began circling above while they kept fighting but the time to launch the second stage of his battle plan would start. The commanders of both the First and Second legion were not expecting any assaults on their flanks and hence, concentrated their entire focus on Kassus' lines. When they were least expecting it, the Zelvorians attacked -- not from one side, not two, but three. Without consulting Kassus, Obisek had separated his contingent in two - with him and the major attacking from the southern flank, with a smaller group distracting the few guards of the unified legions encampment -- and if possible, kill both generals in the process. Horns from the encampment starting blaring as loudly as possible, calling as many to return to defend their supplies and commanding officers. Kassus then ordered his lines to advance. The Kepeszuks arrival in the battle had shifted the battle into a total rout. By nightfall, thousands were dead and Kassus had completely shattered two whole legions. Both generals and their closest bodyguards had run away in the last hour of the battle and raced back to Dartha to face humilation by the Senate, the wrath of the Praetor, and potentially, the sharp blade of an executor for their complete incompetence. Morror's men were cheering as he entered the now-defeated legions encampment. He ordered his men to take all of their suppiles, mutitions, foodstuffs, and material back to their riverbank encampment. The still-alive legionaires were drafted into his army. After everything was cleared out, he torched the camp. That night, Kassus returned to his command tent was smiled. He had shown his enemies in the Senate, and the Praetor, that he was not to be messed with. His thoughts were interrupted by one of his tent guards. "I apologize for the intrusion but General Ayel Nevet is here," he said. "Let him in," he replied. The older man stepped in. "Morror," he said bluntly. "It is always a pleasure to see you general," he replied, offering him a seat across from his desk. Both men sat down. "I got your message and came as quickly as I could. I arrived as the battle unfolded and watched the whole thing from the artillery batteries. Quite the slaughter." "Yes," he said pausing. "The land is red with the deaths of innocent Rihannsu men and women." Nevet sighed, "it is a tragedy." Kassus responded, "the vindictive, incompetent, and cowardly Praetor is responsible for this. It was his weak leadership during the Enolian conflict that resulted in the loss of twelve thousand lives and refusing to commit fully to the conflict. Not to mention the corrupt and the greedy within the Senate. The Republic is sick." Nevet nodded. Kassus sat back in his chair. "You saw my offer. Will you join me?" There was silence in the tent for a few moments. "I swore an oath, like you to protect and serve the Republic, not turn against it." Morror nodded in agreement, "but the Republic is styimed and will continue to do so until stability is brought to Rihan." He sat straight up and picked up a folder. "You should look at this," handing it to Ayel who skims through it for a minute. His face turns from blunt to red. "Where did you get this?" he questioned. Kassus did not divulge the identity of his source. "Several friends of the Phi'Tlaru got word that the Praetor intended to dismiss you, and slander your honor. Perhaps even silence you. After all," he paused, taking the folder back, "without your leadership, thousands more would be dead in the wet and murky Enolian lands." "He would dare kill me," he said, red in the face. "Anything is possible. Terix may have come up in the military but he's nothing more than a puppet of the Senate now. The ones who kept him in power. But I would imagine his support will evaporate once word of my success here reaches Dartha." Morror continued. "I want to bring stability and return true honor to the Republic. I need you at my side." More silence. A small breeze flowed through the room. "Are you with me brother?" he asked. Nevet got up from his chair, as did Morror. Ayel extended his hand, Kassus did likewise. Both shook hands. "My men and I are with you." "When this conflict is over, and I am Praetor, you shall have command of the most veteran legion, of your men and mine -- the new First." Nevet had always been in the military and never had political ambitions of his own. He also was too old to lead and Rihan need a younger face to represent it all across the Eurth. "What is our next move?" "Move southwest, towards Peldred." The following morning, Kassus' men and the twenty-one thousand men of Nevet's legion began their offensive into the homeland. Midday, in Dartha, the two generals arrived at the Praetor's Palace, to report their failure. Terix was pale, knowing what would likely happen once news got out that Morror was on the march. He ordered his aide, Avelik, to summon the Senate into an emergency session. Storm clouds gathered over Dartha.
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    Supporting an autocratic dictatorship that only claims to a be a proletarian state? Dude, you already know I'm available.
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    This will be interesting to watch unfold and develop! I am most curious how this whole monarcho-communism plays out...
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    ~Act 3~ The Bridge "This weather is misrable," said Kassus from the back seat of his armored transport. He and his men had raced across Ralatak and Nelvek to the banks of the Vrekess. It had been raining for two days straight and it was astonishing that his lengthy convoy of men and material had not gotten bogged down in the mud. He would have to thank the Kirvinska for that when he next had the opportunity to visit, and if he was fortunate, as Praetor. His allies within the Phi'Tlaru had been working hard to concel his tracks but eventually the Praetor would find out and by then, it would be too late. Varak, his second-in-command responded, "it sould be subsiding tomorrow morning, then we can march across the Vrekess." "Not so fast, there is no rush." "What do you mean? We were the ones to initiate the offensive against Terix. If we linger too long, he'll surely react." "He already has, two legions are on their way," he said, "they are raw conscripts. They'll turn and flee -- not to mention that they are lead by two incompetent generals who got their ranks because they bribed their own superiors and the senators who backed their promotion. They are not a threat." "Then what do you propose?" "We'll set up camp along the river and wait." "For what?" she questioned though she suspected Kassus, the general she had served for years under, already had a intended sequence of events. "Dovos and Vabon are on their way to deliver messages to Generals Ayel Nevet and Enellis Vellon." "You want them to join us." "Yes," he remarked. "I do not doubt in the abilities of our own men in achieving our goals but I can promise something to both men that Mathon cannot." She remained quiet while he continued, "Ayel is a loyal soldier of the Republic but my contacts in the Phi'Tlaru tell me that the Praetor has grown tired of him, despite the fact that without him we'd still be tangling with the Enolians. I would offer him the leadership of a veteran legion." Kalenna looked him, "do you mean our forces?" "Certainly not," he retorted. "Our men would form the new Praetorian Guard while those currently in the unit along with other veteran would become the new Tenth." "As for Vellon?" she asked. "I am not sure yet. I still have to think about it." The car was coming to a halt when the secure telephone in the back seat went off. It was Tovik, a high-ranking spy within the Phi'Tlaru. "I have picked up a number of weakly encrypted transmissions between senators who are beginning to conspire about ousting Terix. I will keep you posted of developments as events continue to transpire." "Do you know who's leading that effort?" "Not yet but Gathan Darok's name appears frequently." "Thank you," and hung up. Antor, who had been riding in the vehicle behind the general, came up alongside Morror's side. "Tenth Regiment has already begun to set up initial fortfications and the Seventh are lining up artillery on our side of the river." "Antor," instructed Kassus, "can you please instruct a squad to immediately undertake scouting efforts on the western bank. I want an idea of where the two approaching legions are." "Yes sir," he responded and turned around to spotted Jeto." "Take your ten men across the river," he said. Jeto silently responded, putting his hand into a fist and hitting it against his chest. He proceeded to gather his men. Kassus' attendants and support staff had begun setting up his command tent. Both he and Kalenna, flanked by his bodyguard, walked through the rising encampment to a bridge. It was a mundane bridge, but it demarcated the border between Rihan proper and the new Provinces. Though they were quite far from the capital, Kassus remarked, "I can see the dome of the Hall of State from here."
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    Hello all, I am super excited to be part of the RP community proper, and to show my appreciation for all of the people who have helped me by giving feedback, ideas, mentoring, or even just a like on a post, Yiu Amistacia is throwing a party! The party will happen in canon on July fifteenth, 2019, FY 33. Let me know if your country would like to send a representative. I feel like this will be a great way to get a feel for diplomatic ties between the nations and the community as a whole. My idea for how the party would function is that it'd be run D&D style, with myself acting as a host, describing the scene and allowing for natural RP conversations to happen between the guests. Let me know your thoughts or if you'd like to send someone so I can begin drafting the guest list and catering.
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    Nation in Europa: The Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda Flag: Capital name: Cascadia Capital location: Coastal Megacity Factbook link: Culture: Lysian/Limonaian/adaptan Climate: Mediterranean/Caribbean Location: Island nation History: A former colony of Limonaia, first colonized in the late 19th century and gaining its independence January first, 1930. In 1983 the economy crashed leading to a depression, ending after the government defaulted on debt in July of 1985 and was unable to supply the nation with fuel or electricity for 5 days. Afterwards the government was approached by the 20 most profitable companies on the island who proposed to finance the island in exchange for being permanent members of a judiciary committee. The government accepted and Galahinda rapidly transformed into the hedonistic and self absorbed society it is today.
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    OOC: Here is the Offical Schedule and Medal Tracking Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DxN0UHmMCEZBO-9JT3Q-0lKxjgtFsF3jG3s8Ecf9xBE/edit?usp=sharing The medal spreadsheet will be updated daily. I will also provide people with the exact event they won and the number of medals to denote. Good luck everyone!
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    "Elegy, open the blinds," Ken said. The whirring of the tiny motor tilting the lamellae was drowned by the sound of the aircon. The midday sun threw stripes of warm light across the messy room. It was the first week of summer vacation, Kens last one. His last year of high school would begin in a few weeks. Time enough for him to laze around and play computer games all day. Yawning, he rose from his mattress and peeked through the blinds. It took a while for his eyes to adjust to the dazzling light of the meridian sun. A lonely cloud threw some shade onto his room on the 43rd floor of the residential megaplex. Through the labyrinth of similar high-rise buildings erected for the exploding population during the last decades of the previous century, Ken was able to spot a sliver of Sunset City's beach. The only people dumb enough to go outside during these temperatures were foreigners. Throughout his seventeen years of life, Ken could never understand why people would voluntarily spend their vacation boiling on the beaches of the Sunset Sea Islands. Ken preferred the humming of the fans cooling his computer and the howling of the wind outside his window. He picked up an opened can from last night's gaming session, swirled it around, drank the last mouthful of stale, room-temperature energy drink. The plastic bag next to his desk had reached maximum capacity a couple of days ago, but that didn't hinder Ken from jamming the can inside. After opening the windows to dissipate the smell of the instant noodles he had cooked last night, he picked the bag up and left his room. The kitchen-slash-living-room was the centre of the apartment. Across from Ken's room was the entrance to his parents' bedroom. The entrance area shaped the flat into a "T", excluding the bathroom adjacent to Ken's room. He hurled the bag towards the flat door. As it hit the floor, the collection of cans inside made a loud, rattling sound. The stock of instant noodles Ken had stashed below his desk had run dry, so he resorted to scavenging the kitchen drawers. Upon finding the last package in the apartment, he threw the contents into a larger mug and poured boiling water over it. The hourly TV news blabbered out of the tiny receiver his mom had placed in the kitchen, Ken, however, did not bat an eye. Lazily, he shoved the noodles into his mouth and swallowed them without chewing much. Chewing on the mushrooms was fun though. He had always been fascinated by how much the dried fungi from the included bag of herbs would expand once doused. Ken held his chopsticks in place with this thumb as he drank the remaining broth in the mug. Without putting much effort into it, he rinsed the mug in the sink and placed it on the drainer before returning to his room to get dressed. Although he despised the unbearable temperatures outside, Ken did not envy people living further away from the equator for their varying seasons. Constant temperatures year-round meant less effort for him. He always slept in underwear and if he wanted to go somewhere besides school, where uniforms were mandatory, he would just slip into a t-shirt, some cargo shorts and sandals, and he was good to go. Before leaving the apartment, Ken picked up the materials he needed for club activities. His shoulder bag provided enough space for some crumpled tech magazines, the laptop he had been tinkering with, his toolkit and a couple of cables. He emptied the garbage can in his room into another plastic bag and threw some more junk from across his room inside. "Might as well get rid of this," he thought since he had to dispose of the other bag full of cans either way. Even though school was off for the summer, Sunset City High School No. 32's Computer Engineering Club decided to continue meeting up. It's not like it was official, the group of clubmates just decided to meet up and continue their activities. They didn't have anything better to do in the first place. Nothing much would change either way. Instead of a supervising teacher, the only adult present sometimes was Tomohiro, the older brother of Tomoyuki, a clubmate, who allowed the club to use his flat. Also, the flat was closer to the apartments of Ken's clubmates than their high school. After locking the door to the apartment, his parents wouldn't be home for another few hours, Ken went for the elevator. His steps reverberated through the corridor as they hit the nobbed linoleum floor. On his way, he stopped by the rubbish chute and tossed the trash bag down. As it fell, the echoes of the bag's collisions with the chute walls faded into the darkness of the tract. Ken stared into the abyss for a few seconds before he resumed heading for the elevator. The other bag Ken carried into the elevator. At the convenience store on the ground floor, he would be able to trade the few Sols he'd get for the can deposit for new bags of instant noodles. The pubescent teen felt his stomach rising as the elevator descended. A seemingly infinite row of increasingly distorted mirror images of himself blankly stared at the inornate metal door of the cage. There was no reason to look anywhere else, as the information board on the wall adjacent to the automatic door hadn't been updated in years. Just the same old advertisements for driving schools, goldsmiths and nail salons, and a cartoon boy and girl telling the reader not to litter. Surprisingly, nobody had stopped the elevator mid-way today. Nevertheless, as soon as the arrows on the red LED panel stopped scrolling down and the doors to the ground floor opened, Ken was met with the sound of quiet conversations and children running around. The nobbed floor continued all the way to the convenience store. The shop welcomed him with a gust of cool air out of the air conditioner mounted directly above the automatic glass doors. He nodded towards the owner and headed straight for the deposit automats. As always, it sometimes took a few tries until the automat recognised the code printed on every can. Once the machine had swallowed every last can, Ken pressed the big green button and grabbed the freshly-printed coupon. Before entering the actual sales area of the store, he stuffed the compostable plastic bag into a trash can next to the automats. The store was mostly empty, only a few customers were around at this time of the day, most of them were kids heading somewhere, just like himself. Ken had repeated this procedure so many times that he didn't even have to think about going to the correct aisle and picking up his noodles, his brain could execute the routine subconsciously. Usually, he would have headed for the self-checkout terminals, however, since the total sum for the instant noodles was less than the deposit he had traded in, he went to the owner's counter. Neither of them was interested in small talk, they greeted each other and wished the other a good day upon the completion of their transaction. Ken bagged the noodles and left the store, the cool aircon breeze hitting his neck this time. Tomoyuki's flat was a couple of subway stations away. The maze of Sunset City's skyways and underground passages could be extremely confusing to outsiders, however, to kids like Ken, who grew up in the bridges spanning across major traffic roads and tunnels and metro lines sprawling beneath the city like a cardiovascular system, going from A to B was an easy task. Ket couldn't pinpoint the last time he stepped outside of the controlled climate of the Sunset City skyway system. As summers became hotter every year, the constant nineteen degrees Celsius of the bridges and tunnels became a refuge from the elements. When construction began in the 1960s nobody could have fathomed how wide-reaching the system would once be. Whilst storefront businesses were still prospering in the shadows of skyscrapers, the controlled environment of the completely encapsulated roads and paths attracted more and more shops and services. After the elevator ride and the quick stop at the convenience store, Ken's eyes had to adjust to the direct sunlight illuminating the passages again. Even though it was right in-between the rush hours, the passageways were packed with people of all sorts: businesspeople, salesmen, people enjoying their free time in cafés and commuters rushing to their destinations. As Ken walked across a footbridge above a six-lane highway, the colours of the artificial city and the natural world outside blended into a chaotic mess. The pastel reds and mint greens of the skyscraper facades overgrown with vines and connected by the aged white plastic plating of the bridges were interwoven by a network of metal and asphalt streets stretching from the coast way east, where they dug into the lush, tropical vegetation of the mountains. The sight was dazzling as the blinding light of the early afternoon sun overexposed the entire image. Ken felt relief as soon as the circulatory system of the multi-level metropolis swallowed him again. He had to take two sets of escalators to reach the nearest subway station. Ken held his smartphone to a ValID sensor and the gates to the station swung open. Not even a minute had passed until the arrival of a wall of air announced the next train. Although the retro aesthetic of the subway cars made them appear out of date, the noise they made was minimal. Thanks to the time of day and the high frequency of trains coming and going, Ken could sit down next to a window seat. Whilst the line he got on was mostly underground, the monorail tracks sometimes emerged out of the massive structures of the city as the terrain changed. Ken took a pair of bone-conduction headphones out of his bag and put them on. In the beginning, he had to get used to the unusual way of perceiving sound, however, over time, he came to prefer it over conventional methods, as he was more aware of his surroundings with his ears unobstructed. As the beeps and boops of his favourite electronic music playlist resonated in his head, Ken leaned his head against the window and observed the mega-metropolis passing by outside the subway car. Ken didn't know how many kilometres laid between his apartment and the usual meeting spot, nevertheless, the skyway system continued, even though he now was in an entirely different ward. Behind the gates of the stop he got off at, the tunnels and pathways looked a little bit different though. Less bright and open, more rugged and dimly lit. Whilst the lower incomes in this area certainly influenced the look of the infrastructure and the businesses found within, they were still tidy and well-maintained. The well-funded, publicly-owned cleansing service did a good job at keeping even the most far-flung corners of the system clean. Ken passed dozens of hotels, some taking hourly rates, bars and small electronics shops on his way to his friend's house. He often looked at the gear the salesmen were exhibiting in their storefronts, there was always the chance to find some interesting, random component that might be useful for one of the club member's projects. This time, however, his efforts did not yield any results. The apartment Tomoyuki shared with his brother was not located inside an apartment complex. In this part of town, the streets branched out like bronchi, lined with tiny, alveoli-like apartments. To Ken's surprise, the door to the apartment was already open. Even in this part of town, break-ins were virtually pointless, since any such crime was easy to track back through the Synapse System. Did one of the brothers forget to close the door? Ken peeked inside. He didn't notice anything uncommon at first, so he went inside and closed the door. The apartment consisted of a single, tall room with an entresol covering about one-fourth of the total area. Below the platform was the kitchen which covered the wall adjacent to the main door. A square of couches surrounded a table in the middle of the area in-between. Ken walked inwards and looked around. Then, he noticed the intruder. He pulled out his phone and sent a voice message into the club's chatroom: "Guys, there's a girl sleeping in Hiro's apartment. And she's all-white."
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    Julian was desperate; the country was being hit with the worst heatwave in recorded history. With temperatures peaking at 40 degrees in the worst parts of town. The myriad fans, window unit, and cold shower employed were barely making a dent in the omnipresent heat. The rest of the neighborhood was faring no better, being in the Limonaian quarter meant that the buildings had been standing since the country had been colonized by Limonaia some hundred years ago, and didn't have air conditioning. The city was practically at a standstill, nobody wanted to be outside, and those that were had resigned themselves to slow meandering paths punctuated by stops in the shade. The weather stations had promised rain days ago, with none materializing. Julian was on the down and out, the market crash of 1983 had left him jobless, and much like the majority of the population, Julian had yet to recover. The government continually promised new aid programs and bailouts for those worst affected, the radical amongst the body had even suggested a total reset on debt. Nothing had materialized, old rivalries had resurfaced, and after the 1984 election, the house had devolved entirely into political factions who refused to compromise. No reform had passed for over a year, and with the ballooning debt, the government was running out of options. Julian wasn't much for politics; he voted in elections but only for his party candidate. A more politically active person would be driven to revolution by this heat, but so far nobody could bring themselves to go out in the harsh July sun. The sun was beginning to set as Julian found himself spacing off as the radio droned on about proposed tax reforms and increased spending by the government on fuel, and what that meant for people like him. The ceiling fan overhead continued its lazy rotations as the forecast for tomorrow was announced, "Well folks it looks like we're in for another day of this heat, with a high of 41 and a low of 39. There's a 20 percent chance o-" the radio cut off abruptly alongside all of the fans. Julian sighed in annoyance as he waited for the power to resume. Few were surprised at this: the number of air conditioning units running across the nation must have been too much for the grid to handle. Instead of resigning himself to lazily waving the hand fan in front of his face, Julian forced himself to get up and begin planning for the next day. He needed to go to the grocers to pick up more bread and eggs, as well as to ask about his job application, after that he had to walk his elderly neighbor's dog and ask if he could get an advance payment for the next week to cover his bills. His landlord was a stickler for on-time payments but who could blame him? He had a family to support. By now the sun had fully set, and the heat had begun to make Julian sleepy. Reasoning that there was nothing left to do for the night that didn't require electricity, he laid down and drifted into sleep.
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    This is the OOC thread for the planning of the Salvian crusade of the Yellow Empire (@Fulgistan) and @Sayf, taking place sometime between the late 15th and 16th centuries. The plan currently is that the Salvian Empire, with possible support from other Christian nations, would attempt crusades against the pagan/Muslim nations. These would most likely fail, being comparable if not faring worse than the IRL crusades. Maybe the expansion of the respective empires would be stunted or a few crusader kingdoms would be established, but they would be short-lived victories.
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    *The scene is at RZG 2019 Election Night Broadcast* Erwin Heijkamp: "It is only five seconds until Big Pieter strikes 10. We will be revealing the results of the RZG exit poll. Throughout the day, we polled 14,000 people at 68 polling stations in swing constituencies. As usual, please take this poll with a pinch of spice." *Big Pieter strikes 10* *The screen behind them displays a seating chart of the new Parliament with the predicted number of seats listed for each party.* Erwin Heijkamp: "We predict that the Catholic Action Party, despite losing seats, will be the biggest party in parliament once again with 140 seats but will be short of a majority of 10. The Social Democrats lost a few seats, earning 100. The Catholic Action Party's coalition partner, the Free Liberals lost most of their seats, earning 10 seats. The other parties made significant gains with the Greens winning 25, the Socialists winning 15, and the Zeefelder People's Party winning 10 seats. I'll turn over to you, Adriaan." Adriaan Reimann: "Thank you, Erwin. As you said, even though our exit poll is likely to differ a little from the actual results that we'll get in a few hours, it is unlikely the situation will change much. Although the CAP could still form a coalition with the Free Liberals, the Free Liberals have ruled out any consideration of a coalition due to their devastating loss in this election. We should be expecting coalition negotiations to take a while in the aftermath of the results. According to CAP officials I have spoken to, they're considering all options. That can range from a grand coalition with the Social Democrats or a coalition with the Greens." Erwin: "Thank you, Adriaan. We will be broadcasting the results in a few hours. For now, we will be going to our correspondents who are on the grounds at different election night parties for candidates throughout the country." *Few hour later goes by, it is now 12am* *The screen behind them a seating chart of the new Parliament with number of seats listed for each party.* Erwin Heijkamp: Welcome back to RZG 2019 Election Night, we now have the official results of this election. As expected, it did not differ much. The Catholic Action Party will enter Parliament with 139 seats, the Green Party with 26, the Social Democrats with 101, the Socialists winning 16, the Free Liberals with 8, and with the Zeefelder People's Party also with 10. It is likely that the Catholic Action Party will be mulling their options and to reach out to other parties for putting together a coalition. Adriaan, what options are the Catholic Action Party looking at now that the results are in? Adriaan Reimann: Well, first off, several parties already have announced that they will not be considering a coalition at all if they are reached out to. In addition to the Free Liberals, the Socialists and Social Democrats have said that they will not consider such a proposal. However, both the People's Party and Greens said they would be interested in a coalition if parts of their platform were included. Specifically, the People's Party would want a hardline anti-immigration stance and the Greens would want a comprehensive plan regarding climate change. Incumbent Prime Minister of the CAP, Christianne Bauer, has not made any indication at all yet which coalition she prefers. That will likely be up to what caucus in her party will exert the greatest amount of influence on her for which coalition would be preferable. Earlier today, I talked to Markus Klaver and Franz van Es, leaders of the Pragmatic Caucus and Conservative Caucus, respectively. They said the following. *The screen behind them displays a picture of Markus Klaver and his statement.* Markus Klaver: "The Pragmatic Caucus has determined that with our options, it would be preferable to have a coalition with the Greens compared to the People's Party. While the Greens have long been on the other side of the aisle across from us, we recognize the existential threat of climate change. Instead of focusing on unwarranted fears regarding immigration and our culture, it would be beneficial for us to have their expertise in environmental science in our coalition to help us form an even more comprehensive plan to combat climate change." *The screen behind them then displays a picture of Franz van Es and his statement." Franz van Es: "In the face of the devastating loss our coalition partner, the Free Liberals had and also the fact that we lost some seats ourselves, the Conservative Caucus has determined we should form a coalition with the People's Party. We did not lose seats because we were not seen as liberal enough, we lost seats because we did not stick to our principles as a party for advocating conservative ideals. Our culture based in traditional Zeefelder and Catholic principles is weakening every day and the People's Party would help us in a coalition to preserve the Zeefeld that has been held up on a pedestal to the world." Erwin Heijkamp: Well, Prime Minister Christianne Bauer now has her options made clear now. We will be covering coalition negotiations over the next week. Thank you for tuning into RZG Election Night 2019. Goodnight. *Outro theme song of RZG plays and it goes off.*
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    You're at your office as you hear running coming from the hallway. The sound of shoes hitting the ground gets louder and louder when, in through your door, dashes a man in a suit. The suit is sloppily put together and you can see a bottle of Iverica wine in one hand and Mauridivian Tequila in the other. Sir, I'm here to sign the Shffahkian delegation up for the Olympics! He proclaims in a drunken yet excited voice. Afterwards he walks outside the door and you hear a thump. You go and see that the head of the Shffahkian Olympics Committee is passed out before your door.
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    I Galahinda Full Name of Nation: The Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda Government type of nation: Bicameral Corporationalist State Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Broadly Limonaian Give us a short description of your nation: An island nation obsessed with beauty, status, and wealth. An epicenter for fashion across eurth, the megacorporations that make up the government value appearance and shows of power more than they value their constituents. Do you have an IIWiki page?:not yet™ WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? I played an RP game called Space Station 13 for two years, have participated in 3 D&D campaigns, and feel confident in my ability to create interesting and believable content within an RP context. How would you describe yourself? I'm a huge nerd for fashion, drag, and video games. I haven't seen a raccoon in real life. RP/Writing samples (if available already): All of my academy RP posts, and I previously linked a fact-book that I considered to be a core tenant for Galahinda. Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? They've already been super helpful and I'd love to keep getting feedback from them! NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region?: I want to be able to RP and be a part of a community that's grown from a small browser game into a real place with lore and stories. Hopefully I can add my own stories and lore to it as well. Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: Rihan said my stories were "good" but not great so i'm pretty sure they hate me. /s im kidding rihan is an absolute gem and i'd die for them. Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. Just use of the base game and some factbooks but no real RP play. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates World Assembly? I used to be before I was distracted by school for a while and i'm not sure if i'm going to rejoin for a little while. Anything else?: I'm ready to make a place for myself in this region. II For this I'm going to use scenario 2, rags to riches POPULATION: [roughly 7 million | low] GDP PER CAPITA: [43k GDP/capita| HIGH] LAND AREA (Square Kilometers): [30k km^2| HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW] III Nation in Europa: Galahinda Flag: Capital name: Cascadia Capital location: Coastal megacity Factbook link: Newsroom Link: Culture: Limonaian/lysian Climate: Caribbean/Mediterranean Location: Island History: A former colony of Limonaia, first colonized in the late 19th century and gaining its independence January first, 1930. In 1983 the economy crashed leading to a depression, ending after the government defaulted on debt in July of 1985 and was unable to supply the nation with fuel or electricity for 5 days. Afterwards the government was approached by the 20 most profitable companies on the island who proposed to finance the island in exchange for being permanent members of a judiciary committee. The government accepted and Galahinda rapidly transformed into the hedonistic and self absorbed society it is today. IV I don't know if I need modifiers but am open to discussions regarding nerfs towards the nation! The best option I see for a modifier would most likely be scenario 1.
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    Contemplation The Tenth Legion and their Zelvorian auxilaries had undertaken a fast-paced march and were outside Peldred within a single day. Their speed had stunned the military commanders back in Dartha. Senators were already lashing at Gathan, who had never commanded a soldier in his life, to do something. Approaching Kassus' position was the Fourth Legion who had no chance against both Morror and those under Nevet who was coming towards the city from the south. Realizing that there was no need for a fast strike, he ordered that they hold the city and await Nevet. Soldiers under his command were building their encampment while Morror spent much of his time conversing with the Governors of Chetris, Nelvek, Ralathak, and Fitzan alongside his senior staff. Just as the meeting was ending, Vabon entered the tent. "General, message from Enellis Vellon." He nodded and took it from the courier. He paced the room for several minutes. Morror then handed it to Kalenna who was seated still at the table from the previous meeting. She read aloud a portion of the letter: "...in exchange for getting Consul Alidar Jarok on side and the entire coalition to support your appointment, I require compensation. Not financial, but by elevation. To the position of Proconsul." There was silence in the room. Varak spoke up. "A heavy price for the Eagle Chair. Do you trust him?" Kassus responded, "a worthy price to pay but like with all things around Rihannsu politics, as the sayings go, always keep an eye on those below you. You never know when they will turn on you." "Vabon," said Kassus, "please inform Senator Vellon that I accept his condition. He shall be Proconsul. He shall have a role in the selection of his deputy. The Senate must function properly and his ability to lead and manage will be key." The courier takes down the message hastily, seals it with Morror's emblem in wax, and salutes. He then takes his leave and heads off to Dartha. Given the general's popularity with the people, he is added by the commoners into the capital. A day later, Vabon reaches the home of Enellis Vellon who welcomes the messenger into his home. He takes the message and opens it. He cracks a smile. "Thank you, please, have a meal," he offers him. Vabon is taken across the courtyard to the dining room while Enellis walks upstairs to his office and dials Consul Jarok. "Kassus and I have a deal. You can tell Clavius Romdar that he will be Vice-Proconsul." The voice on the other end laughs, "Romdar may have been bribed by Darok, but if there is one thing that he likes more than money, it's a fancy title." "Consul," spoke Vellon, "one more thing. I spoke with Senator Charvanek and she came into the possession of some files of interest. She will show them to you later this evening." "Very good. "In the meantime, I will leverage my relationship with the Praetorian Guard, in case we have to use them." Back at Kassus' encampment, horns blared and lookouts shouted from the watchtowers. "Enemy army approaching. Banners of the Fourth!" Meanwhile, while the Jaridan were behind Kassus now, there was one senator who hated him: Tomek Barel of Lagona. He would be a thorn in Morror's side for years to come.
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    Following the arrival of the Salvian delegation, both Kipanese ministers were informed that the Gallambrians and Bulganstanzi aircraft were on approach for landing. Of all the participating delegations, Minister Takashima was most anxious about was that of the Sunset Sea Islanders. It had been several years since Emperor Toba had dispatched anyone to converse at high-level discussions: and if one was to consider formal engagements, then all the way back to the meetings over the Law of the Seas decades earlier. He just hoped everyone would arrive tonight so they could hear the remarks of their esteemed Emperor who had issued the invitation to the first gathering of what was hopefully become the GIN: the Group of Island Nations. Nakada's aide, who had been sitting in his personal car, got out and rushed over to him. "Honorable Minister, you have a telephone call..." He swatted him away, "not now. Too busy." The aide would not relent. "It is the Venerable Emperor." He growled, "Why didn't you say that the first time..." and walked over to the car.
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    (Note: This short story is written as though Mētztlitlalio is a country on Earth, not Eurth/Europans, as this is a non-canon story. Also the ending’s quality is not as good as the beginning quality because I've been working on this single post on and off for literal weeks and I just lost the passion to work on it, y’know? So I'd rather just be declined and work on a new submission then be unhappy continuously with this submission.) There was a faint whisper coming from the family sitting at the table besides us. We knew they were murmuring about us in their hushed tone. So was every other Metztli at the restaurant. Our guide, who simply went by Soa, attempted to put us to ease stating that we are most likely the first foreigners to these hermit mountains they had ever seen. “The closest to a foreigner had seen is a Tapelt, and they do not count much” Soa told us in his broken English. “It is best to be polite and ignore bad comments.”. We all saw the beads of sweat that had trickled from the man’s forehead, screwing up this close to a contract agreement would most certainly loose him his job. Nonetheless the whispers and quiet tones stung harder and for far longer then any nasty comment could ever achieve. Besides the hushed voices of the Metztlikatl around us, I heard the chattering and laughter of those outside the restaurant, children, adults, any age, with a backtrack of the nearby market place, barterers and sellers in their informal attire of cyan and magenta-red clothing, offering to sell their smoked popoatli to any who heeded their shouting, the pale green colour desecrated by dark greys and light browns from the smoking process. Crimson colour skinned sweet potatoes sold in large mesh nets along with blood brown ceramic bowls of pickled fruits and vegetables ordained by Crescent Bird feathers and talons. Those same Crescent Birds wander the streets outside, most but not all accompanied by their owner, with large similar mesh nets storing recently purchased food in one, and greyish silver coins in another. My attention was brought back to the restaurant by my boss, who gestured with her hands over the food that had been brought to us. I do not remember ordering anything at that time and was about to interject before Soa spoke once more: “it is good beginning food, before you order!” The man stated, a gleeful smile had formed across his face, a similar one imitated back on my own face. “Thank you.” I responded, to both Soa and the waitress, who stuck around and spoke with Soa, both appeared casual, as if friends. It was only until after the visit did Soa tell us she was his sister, to which I should’ve noticed, if it was not for the colourful display in front of us. A basket large enough to fit a head inside filled to the top with flat maize bread, with three brown ceramic bowls the size of the palm of my hand each filled with a different, unique topping. The first bowl was filled with a pale white sauce with grated ripe popoatli, the dark pinkish slices’ colour bled over onto the sauce, making it slightly pinkish around each cut and slice. The texture was that of cream and the taste reminded me of blue cheese, albeit sweeter due to the popoatli. The second bowl was topped with what I could only describe as a generic salsa that vaguely reminded me of Spain, or Mexico. However as I had spread some onto the bread and took a bite, I immediately had regrets, as it was sickly sweet and yet had the coughing spice of black pepper. As I had reflexively pulled the bread away from my mouth, I saw Soa in the corner of my eye subtly smile. After the ordeal of flavour, he spoke to me again “Small amounts.” He stated, still with a faint smile. The third bowl was simple thin slices of ripe and smoked popoatli, which the texture reminded me of raisins. The taste also reminding me of raisins. The rest of the meal went fairly the same as any other foreign restaurant. I had ordered a mixed dish and so had my co-workers so we could experience more for less. Just as colourful and rich tasting as the pre-starter. And despite being a many course meal, the price was only a handful of Iztaks for each person. We thanked the chefs along with Soa’s sister, and left the smoke-smelling restaurant, with Soa continuing to tag us along as our guide and to continue to convince our boss for his own manager. As they two spoke, one of my co-workers pointed towards a specific building within the market place. It was built out of light greyish wood and basalt rock, initially I had thought that it might have been a fanciful market stool, but upon closer inspected, once they had dragged me closer to the building, I had realised it was a small temple. I attempted to stop them from bursting in, but it was all in futile as they had dashed through the door. Looking back to my boss and Soa, my mind blared to me this was a stupid idea, but nonetheless I ventured inside after my co-worker.
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    “Darling I really can’t talk right now, I have to give the opening speech for the MYNE Gala in thirty minutes, and this corset isn’t going to tighten itself.” Talking into the phone was Yiu Amistacia, newly minted creative director for MYNE and newcomer into Galahindan politics. Yiu paused, listening to the irate voice on the other end before replying through gritted teeth as they fastened the corset, “Yes I know it’s important, but unless it’s your endorsement for chairmanship it can wait.” On the other end Lynne Androni sighed in frustration, her patience with Yiu wearing thin. ”Yiu I need you to pay attention for just one moment, this could make or break your chances at chairmanship. Tonight you are hosting the most important party in The Cascade, in my home might I a-” “I’ve already thanked you several times for your help!” Interrupted Yiu hotly, not wanting her to have that leverage over them, “And I’m designing you a custom wardrobe for the summer!” This was something that Lynne couldn’t deny was important, a custom wardrobe from Galahindas top designer would usually run upwards of her quarterly budget, not to mention keep her name in the public mind for a long time. Yiu took as deep a breath as their corset would allow before continuing, “It’s not like I haven’t hosted parties before, I hosted the New Years celebrations for the Spais last year and they haven’t stopped requesting my services since!” A socialite by trade, Yiu had more experience working a room than almost all of Galahinda, second only to Lynne herself. “While that may be true the Spais couldn’t read the tone if it was spelt out in front of them, they’re not from here.” Replied Lynne, barely able to contain the disdain in her voice at the mention of the Spai family. “We both know they paid their way into Fontaine’s inner circle and that means we have to deal with them until he’s replaced.” Lynne paused, waiting for a response. After several seconds of silence Yiu realized she had stopped talking and was waiting for them to say something, “Sorry darling I was putting on my hair for tonight, it’s very complicated to get right but I think it’ll be a delicious nod to the past. I had a similar idea about your summer collection, how do you feel about 1930’s women’s wear?” At this Lynne hung up, exasperated by the young socialites attitude. Yiu smiled into the mirror, knowing that their outfit was perfect. All that was left was to put on heels. Yiu picked up the phone and took a quick selfie, looking gorgeous as ever, and posted it with the caption “Happy fashion week darlings! Can’t wait to see all of my friends at tonight’s party! XO” Yiu set down the phone, and stepped out into the car waiting to take them to Lynne’s house, telling the driver to take the long way, they wanted to be fashionably late. As always.
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    Official Aurelian League Communique ENCRYPTED Date: Zat (January) 5 2019CE From: Sebron tr'Riog To: The Oyusard Foreign MInistry These are troubling times around the world -- there is civil war in Aluxia, piracy on the seas around the Bainbridge Islands in the Far East, and even now, war is brewing here in Rihan by way of Enolian terrorists attacking innocent civilians in the city of Dinalla. It is due to this global insanity, and the increasing gaze of foreign powers seeking to influence Aurelian activities that we: the Rihannsu, Kirvinska, Kipanese, and Shffhakians, came together and formed the Aurelian League. Together we can keep the continent unified in the name of cooperative defense, cultural immersion, economic prosperity, and environmental conservation -- to determine our own course and not by the words and force of others who would seek the beauty and wealth of our lands for their own. Through our strength of arms, and that of our minds, can Aurelia become the greatest of continents and her peoples the most known across Eurth. As the Interim Chief Executive until the Council of Aurelia, the governing body, convenes in formal session, the leaders of the member states has requested that I submit to you a formal invitation for the great island nation of Oyus to join the League, and engage in the wider story of Aurelia's future. If you are interested in entering the organization, please respond to me at your earliest opportunity and I will arrange a one-on-one meeting between our two parties at the League's headquarters in Dartha, Rihan.
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    Grim Tidings "...our regiments have been ordered to move to Peldred," said Colonel Takvi, one of Liviana's closest allies. "If your men fail to stop Kassus' soldiers, then I do not know who can." "He's already pushed aside two entire legions. I won't lie to you -- what you and the Praetor are asking for is a miracle." She wouldn't accept her colleagues negativity. "Your Praetor has ordered you to fight." "And we will. But do not expect a complete victory. At best, we'll be able to sting him considerably, and perhaps slow his advance long enough to bring in the Seventh and Fifteenth Legions." Liviana shook her head. "Where is your sense of honor?" she questioned. "I will only say this to you and not in front of the Praetor: but this fight is not honorable." Takvi had done enough talking and took his leave from the conference room both met in. She remained in the room dispondent. There was a knock on the door. It was her advisor, Eruk Relkin. "My lady, the Praetor wishes to speak with you privately," he reported. "Very well," and began to leave the room, only to stop short. "Eruk," she said. "Yes madam?" he asked. "Take a short message to Phi'Tlaru Chairman Koval." He gulped and stumbled, "but why?" "Nevermind, I'll write it myself, hand a piece of paper and pen..." She quickly scribbled something and sealed it. "Bring it to the Citadel." He had little choice but to comply and rushed off. The message on the inside said: Meet me on Via Colius at 22:00 tonight. Come alone. She took another deep sigh and made her way to the Praetor's office within the Hall of State. Liviana ascended the black marble staircase that led to the upper level of the building and down the elborate hallway lined with the statues of past leaders. Two Praetorian Guards stood watch outside his office. Nodding to her, both push open the heavy wooden doors. Gathan sat at his desk reviewing intelligence documents and other classified material he had finally gotten his hands on. He sensed another person in the room, "Liviana come in," he said. He looked up and put the materials to the side and offered her a seat. "Attendant, wine for both of us," he commanded. He zipped away and returned moments later with a decanter and two glasses, pouring one for each of them. The rationing order had made Gathan dramatically unpopular with the people, and even with some of the aristocracy. "...food riots in Tephren and Hlarak..." he said, "...over 124 arrested, two dozen killed." "You should have known the people wouldn't like such...reductions in their quality of life." "It is for the greater good," he responded. "Fair enough but I am not crazy enough to give my allies two fingers and tell them that they cannot have their chocolate." Some of the Nej'ahar, his coalition, said his 'sudden nationalism' was aborrent and demanded the lifting of the rationing at once." The Praetor responded that everyone would have to suffer to defeat Kassus and his trecherous thugs." She showed no emotion. "I am quite busy Praetor, if we could talk quickly, I do have a meeting tonight," she said. She didn't care how he would take it. She had never liked Darok. He eyed her, "I've been trying to meet with you all day and your advisor keeps telling me you have been busy, busier than usual, I might add. When the Praetor summons you, I expect some promptness." Darok had always been one for ego. It was one of the many things Liviana and most Jaridan hated about him. "Very well," she responded, smiling, "you have my attention now." The two would speak for over an hour before she retired to her villa for an evening meal. Later that night, she and her advisor make their way over to Via Colius to her pre-determined meeting point. A solidary bell rang out ten o'clock. Eruk had taken his place around the corner while she sat at bench underneath a lit streetlight. She looked in both directions and while there was no one to her left, there was to her right: Chairman Koval, alone. He silently took a seat on the bench. Neither spoke for a minute until he broke the silence. "I came as you asked," he started, "and I have something that might interest you." He handed her an encoded file. "Put the drive into your secure terminal at home and answer the questions prompted. It will automatically open the preset files for your review." "Thank you," she responded. Koval cut her off, "I cannot protect you." "I do not need protection." "Your husband is beginning to suspect. He's already made inquiries to several people close to you," he said. She sighed. This was not the best day to talk about her husband. "I will deal with Galan myself." Koval looked down the street. "I believe our business has concluded. Good night Senator," he said and disappeared into the night. Eruk emerged from his hiding place. "From what I can tell, the meeting with the Chairman went well." "We must return to the villa at once," she ordered, showing him the encrypted file. He nodded. They quietly walked through the streets, alone. Back at the villa, she threw off her cloak and walked upstairs to her husband's barely used study, followed by Eruk. She turned on the terminal and slid the file into the drive. After answering the security questions, a folder of documents appeared on the screen. The title of that file said: Praetor Gathan Darok's War Profiteering Activities. She smiles. "Eruk," she said, "please leave me to read this..." He acknowledges and begins to leave, only to be stopped by Charvanek. "One more thing, can you please tell Sinda that I want to speak with her tomorrow morning before I leave for the Senate session, I need her to take care of some business in Calanistra for me."
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    Khenkhourt Adrik Koróv stared out the large window gloomily. An unexpected storm had rolled into the bay at the Khenkhourt harbor, blocking the view of the shipping docks. The unexpected storm sinks the shipper, his father had always told him. Adrik was currently ashore, so he doubted the phrase held any weight to him. The television had only described the coalition hours ago. However, hours were days to Korów as he watched the droplets through the large glass wall. They crashed hopelessly into the glass and yet it remained: strong, unyielding. There was a certain sympathy Adrik had to the droplets, he too felt hopelessly crashed against a wall. Why would the Kozaks give in to the nationals? Adrik was still very new to his office. Only a year prior, his father, John, had commanded the docks from the very office Adrik was currently in. Admittedly, the place felt more homey when John was minister, not when Adrik had taken up his father’s mantle. His father's name hadn’t always been John, but it changed as business changed. Vladyslav Koróv was baptized at a Salvian church where he took his new name, John. It was distinct. It was foreign. Adrik had been baptized too, though he kept his name. He had grown up in a bureaucrat's family: the only son of a Minister, nonetheless. He learned from a fine ‘Gorod School: his life plans decided by his father and the State. For a while afterward he had learned of the duties of a minister, before inheriting his father’s position. That had been a little over a year ago, and yet the ministry and the staff felt foreign to Koróv. His office was inherited with many notes and references to alien concepts; were they old charters or convenient notes, Adrik was too proud to ask. In truth, the bureaucracy was intensely boring to him, but the status, it was worth the tediums of his job. Until now, Adrik had made a point to never ask for advice from his father. His health had begun failing him at 52, and it had meant a change in management far sooner than anticipated. Even through his sickness, the man had been harsh to his only son in his later years, and Adrik resented him for it. Still, he had not seen his father since he gave up his position. Since then John had retired to a seaside manor to live the rest of his days in relative comfort. Better he stays there, he thought, he would have made this even worse than it already is. Still, Adrik wondered if the coalition would have happened had his father been in office, if the National Sovereigns would have grown the way they had. Certainly father could not have known this would have happened to me. There was a sudden knock at the door. Adrik glanced to his phone, which indicated no missed calls. Curious. “Damn secretary probably forgot to warn me,” Adrik muttered. The arrival was yet unexplained. Could this be John? Adrik had asked him to come at seven, but the time was three and surely the sudden storm had kept his father at home. Regardless, Adrik gave a courteous “come in” to the surprise visitor. The door opened and a gaunt figure marched dutifully forward. He was dripping with storm water and clad in a large cloak which covered the entire figure, obscuring his face. Adrik rose from his desk, “Whoever you are, I’m sure the staff had a very good reason to let you in. Please, identify yourself before the Minister of Trade.” A wizened hand doffed the hood from the robe. At first the man at Adrik’s desk was unrecognizable, but suddenly he saw his dad. Or rather his ghost. The proud man, who had been in great health only years earlier, had suddenly contracted leukemia. Adrik was under the impression the disease would have largely passed, his father was a strong and willful man. It seemed strength had been little help against the sickness. His hair and mustache were completely gone, no doubt from chemotherapy, and his size and strength had all but left his body. Where he had once looked strong and youthful, John Koróv now looked pallid and aged. “My god, father! You… I… “ Suddenly Adrik felt a wave of crushing sadness; by avoiding his father, he had been entirely unaware of the rate of his decaying health. John spoke, gravelly and weakened, but with much of the remnants of his father, “I heard the news of your neglect. I had thought you would have been better than this. Leaving your father to rot in his house while you steered my party to the ground!” “Father… I…” “Enough… I am not here to lecture you on how you treat your old man as he dies from this confounded blood disease. What did you need me for? I really should not be making these trips, even the summers are cold for me now.” “You are not actually dying though, father, are you?” “The doctors say there is hope for my condition to improve, you may not believe me if I told you I had been in worse condition some few months ago. Perhaps if you had visited me then you would never had made this meeting in the first place.” “If this is too much for you this does not need to continue-” “If this was too much then I would not have agreed to come here. Now, what is it you want my counsel on? You had been so reluctant years ago…” If John had been harsh in the past, neglect had also made him blunt. Adrik had nearly lost his train of thought when his father revealed himself to him, but Koróv ships steer true, as they always have, so he remembered: “It’s the politics, we… I… I didn’t see the national sovereigns playing the elections until it’s too late. I-I I don’t know what to do. Father, please, I need your help.” Surprisingly, the apparition of his father formed a grin. A pained, strenuous smile, but a smile nonetheless. “I knew you’d ask me eventually. I’ve been waiting a long time. I knew you would ask me how to do my job.” Adrik was taken aback by the sudden change in demeanor. “Yes, I have been keeping a close eye on what you have been doing. Arrogant and foolhardy of you to try doing this all on your own. But my people. Our people. They have been telling me about what you’ve been doing, yes. And I think I can safely say this was the smartest decision you’ve made since you took my office. Now, here's what we must do...”
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    OOC: [Year and a day, baybee. We out here playin' 12D chess.] "Ikaika, come back to bed." With a start, the man looked up from trying his shoes, seeing the figure of his wife silhouetted against the moonlit window. "I didn't mean to wake you. I've just got to help my cousin tie up down at the beach; they've been doing some ayu fishing." "So late in the season? Come on, I'm not stupid." "I promise, Keke. I'll be back in half an hour, I swear." Kekealani shifted, sighed, turned over. Her husband stood up, walking over to their bed and putting a hand on her shoulder. "It's important, darling. I'll be back in bed before you know I'm gone. Promise." His wife said nothing. Ikaika turned and left the one-room shack the couple called home, his "borrowed" bicycle sitting just outside the front door. There was plenty of moonlight to help his brief pedal down through the pot-holed jungle road to the beach. The waves lapped softly at the white sands, the whole shore silent except for the sound of Ikaika's footsteps. The north side of the bay, he thought, by the five-peaked rock... It didn't take long; he'd been walking these beaches since he could walk at all, and he soon found himself standing next to a tall spire of volcanic rock, gazing out at the hazy horizon. This is a trap. This is a trap and we're all going to be killed. His heart pounding in his chest, it took him some time to notice the muffled whine of an outboard motor, which soon cut out. Pressing himself behind the rock, he was able to make out the outline of a small inflatable boat, which had...two, no, three passengers. Black wetsuits, nothing to identify them. As the trio paddled their little craft up onto the shore, Ikaika resisted the urge to run. Against all his better judgement, he stepped out from behind the rock into the moonlight. "He ākea ka wai." The three men looked startled. Closer now, he could make out their features. One was dark, an older man. The other two were tanned, with the distinctive eyes and features of the Huang. If there was any doubt these were the men he was to meet, it was now dispelled. The two Huang men had been dragging a long wooden crate along the sand, leaving a furrow in the otherwise pristine ground. The dark one stepped forward, looking him up and down. Cautiously, he spoke the passphrase in halting speech. "E hiki mai ana ka wanaʻao." Ikaika dropped into his (poor) Madrian; Best to be safe. The foreigners seem to know little. "The box; for me?" "Yes, comrade, for you and the Poor People's Association." "Show it." The man held out his hand, and one of his companions provided a crowbar. Deftly, he pried the lid off the box, revealing its contents, dull under the cosmoline. He picked up a Brownie, and began wiping away the preservative grease. "Do you know how to use this?" Ikaika mimed firing full auto from the hip, something he'd seen in innumerable movies. The dark-skinned man laughed. "Come here, let me show you. Teach this to your comrades; I think they could use the training." And so the moon shone silently on a desolate beach, one man with a rifle in hand, and three careful instructors to show him how to kill with it.
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Sunset Sea surveillance state ASIMOV, Sunset Sea Islands -- One of the crucial stories in the last few decades has been the @Sunset Sea Islands's extraordinary surge to catch up with the rest of the world in manufacturing, technology and economic and cultural power. One of the stories of the last few years has been the erosion of privacy in the online era. On that front SSI is pulling a distance ahead. SSI is in the process of assembling an immense and pervasive apparatus of surveillance which will monitor and punish and reward the most everyday of behaviours and interactions of more than a fifth of the world's people. For prophets of doom of the pre-computer age, imagine that any such system would have to be imposed by a dictatorship. Even Jorge Georwell did not envisage that the population of Skyband One would voluntarily surrender personal information to the state. "SSI was always quite authoritarian. It always had a surveillance apparatus," explains Dr Pol Jensen, an independent technology expert from Asimov. "But what Theresa Tumbleweed and the Radiance party have done is re-invent a dictatorship with 21st Century information technology, with artificial intelligence, and with big data. Basically, we're gong to see something developing there that the world have never seen before." The 'Radiance' party of SSI is assuredly a dictatorship. But has it also understood that a great many people believe privacy to be overrated? What is the reality of SSI's surveillance state? How might it develop in the future? And is it a case of: today SSI, tomorrow the Eurth?
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    Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment New Plans to Further Construction of Salvian-Bulgenstazi Railroad Announced The Transportation Ministry has announced further plans involving the construction of the newly proposed Salvian-@Bulgenstazi Railroad, including possible routes, deadlines, and plans of further negotiations with the Bulgenstazi government over the specifics of the construction of the railroad. The Ministry has also announced that further talks will be held with the @Rihannsu based companies Kovex Heavy Industries and Amosarr Railworks over cost and construction and planning aid. The railroad was first announced in December of last year as the project was approved by both nations’ governments after being proposed back in 2016. It has gone under several revisions and the leader of the project on the Salvian side, Representative Cory Maggio, has hinted that a lot of work is still needed before construction can even begin. The respective governments are seemingly taking their time as they hammer out specifics over the rail line, as well as facing pressure from environmental and native protection groups.
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    @Rihan Sweet, thanks! I've compiled a list of sports I think my people would be good at, naturally, I am more than ready to RP to earn boni, should such mechanics be introduced (the easiest way would be to introduce point multiplicators, for example, in direct correspondence to written words per competition, whilst keeping it within the limit of 100 points). CC to @Kipan and @Gallambria Also, regarding the football competition, I assume that it's for junior teams, right? I don't know much about this, but iirc Germany always lets its sub 19-year-old teams compete.
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    I could foresee Oyus' Kera be in attendance, if not, the Minister of Culture or Foreign Affairs.
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    Good evening little girls and boys. This is uncle Bron Urgundy, and tonight we're talking about drugs. A MAN FROM @Shffahkia made a marvelously moronic mistake. When you do something which is not legal, you best keep it to yourself instead of notifying the police. That’s what a 26-year-old Edson Leopoldo learned when he called the emergency number to report stolen cocaine. And now he himself will be prosecuted before the court. Acting along the guidelines, the dispatcher sent a patrol car to the place of the event in order for the testimony to be recorded. At first the dispatcher was pretty sure it was a joke. But the policemen couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the Edson waiting for them. Reportedly, the man had lost a bundle of approximately 500 grams of white powder. He then started listing the personal information of all his recent visitors and demanded a criminal intervention. To the policemen's surprise, Edson then said he was "too shaken by this situation" and needed a smoke. He then grabbed a bag from underneath his kitchen sink where he had stored an estimated 200 grams of marihuana. Mr Leopoldo seemed completely unaware of the fact he was worsening his own situation. He then proceeded to roll a joint... and offered to share it with the policemen writing down his testimony. "The whole situation was absolutely astonishing. We've become the laughingstock of our police precinct," says master sergeant Pedro Ferreira. "This case could have turned out easy for Mr Leopoldo because there was no cocaine present. However, the suspect decided to show us his large stash of hashish." Edson wrongfully thought that the law de-criminalising drug possession was already introduced instead of the discussion about it just starting. What’s more, the current discussion is aimed at legalising small amounts for personal use. Not the 200 grams found in suspect’s possession. The man is scheduled to appear before the court. Depending on the decision regarding the amount found at his house, the local judge will decided an appropriate penalty.
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    Officially Recognized Holidays: Summer Solstice: June 21st, the nation celebrates the summer solstice by participating in carnivale themed celebrations sponsored by half of the Corporate Board apportioned by the Chairman. In recent years it has become the defacto Pride celebration of the nation. Fashion Weeks: The weeks of August 12th and April 12th are the set dates for national fashion weeks, showcasing the upcoming seasons fashions. Smaller independent fashion exhibitions are common but are not officially recognized. Winter Solstice: December 21st, the nation celebrates the winter solstice by participating in masquerade themed celebrations sponsored by the remaining 10 corporations apportioned by the chairman. New Years day: January 1st Election Day: July 1st. At the beginning of every fiscal year, the nation votes on it's representatives for the House, it is a federal holiday allowing for all citizens to be able to vote. Chairman Selection Day: June 30th. At the end of every fiscal year the Corporate Board meets to vote on the next year's chairman, who serves as the head of state for one calendar year before being up for reappointment. A simple majority is required to confirm the appointment of a chairman. Agglomeration Day: July 24th. July 24th is a bank holiday that marks the end of the blackout of 1985 and subsequent buyout of the Galahindan government by the Corporate Board. Important Cultural Events: MYNE Gala: July 12th, regarded as the Olympics of Galahindan fashion, the event centers around a theme set by the current creative director of MYNE at the end of the MYNE runway on April 19th. Attendance is by invitation only and all attendees are hand picked by the MYNE creative director, with any plus ones also being under their discretion.
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    I'm late with my response, but you have my approval.
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    Greetings and Salutations, As @Rihan and I ignite the Aurelian continent into a blaze of glory as border negotiations go, you know, I thought this ought to be a good time to give a little update on the plan. Firstly, what border? After extensive analysis by a team of top-notch investigators, it was found out that there would be a rather odd blank spot between me and Rihan following our expansions. This area presents a great opportunity to flesh out Rihanssu-Shffahkian history and define the limits of where one ends and the other begins. As such, I made a map for a newspost combining the various pre-existing maps from the two. Now moving onto some more farther off matters we have the North where the situation will change due to @Selayar's expansion and thus I point thee to this map I made a good while ago also for a newspost. In the map I had marked the portion depicting northern Aurelia as Completely Limonaian. I'll leave it to Selayar to decide whether they want the Limonaian treatment or not. But as for the time being it's bye bye Buona Speranza and to the fat camp with Profondità Verdi. Finally the south, I must admit that the southern states really don't have as much thought put into them as the northern ones as they were mostly made to flesh out my history with Kirvina but with the whole two states of southern Aurelia having gone inactive, I am letting 'em go as with Kirvina's activity, disappeared my interest in the south. Goodbye Lunahasse, Soleilhasse and Téhasse plus Liliumnie. I had planned it to be a possible Mexico-ish place with possible Iverican colonies. I even made this Eurth Mexican flag: Boevendaal? What's that? On an even more final note, a dessert would be pretty sweet to have in Aurelia and the area south of Shffahkia and east of the Paranne mountains could be an interesting place to put one down. But that's neither here nor there. Anyway that's the current situation with my expansion plans. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk
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    The State of Kipan will be sending a large delegation of athletes to the Olympics in Fulgistan.
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    Jean Vou Introduces the New New Collectivists' Party Following the catastrophic defeat the PNC (Lysian: Parti des Nouveaux Collectivistes) saw in the Chambre elections, party chairman Jean Vou has announced his new changes to the party which have already caused many hardliner Collectivists such as Igor Quint to leave the party. The change in question refers to the complete reshaping of the party from a far left conservative political group into a directly democratic political alliance. "The political parties of old are on the decline and in the future our political groupings will not be defined as left or right but as democratic and clandestine," Jean Vou said during the press release. The term directly democratic political alliance means that the decision making process of the PNC will be completely transparent and democratic with party members debating and voting on issues and how the PNC ought to handle them. The solution with the most votes will be the solution the PNC will seek. Among the first issues to be debated and voted upon is the PNC-LUP coalition in the Chambre of Representatives. Political analysts are calling this Vou's all-or-nothing gamble as the PNC attempts to reform and jump off the political spectrum in a similar fashion to the LUP. Despite PNC chairman Vou's old age, he is reforming the PNC into the most tech savvy political party as debate and voting will not only happen in party meetings, instead any registered and confirmed member can use their membership ID at www.pnc.sf to follow live-streamed meetings, debate and vote online on the site. The PNC website will also serve as a storage for all official meetings, chat logs and desicions taken by the broader membership. Will these reforms revolutionize Shffahkian politics with untold transparency and democratic prowess or is this a desperate gamble taken by a party with one foot in the grave? This all remains to be seen. King Aidan Named Temps' Person of the Year The Seylosian Monarch, King Aidan Redmond, has been named Person of the year 2019 by the weekly Port-Réel magazine TEMPS. The prestigious Port-Réel publication chooses each year a person of specific interest or importance be it a politician, celebrity or business person. Often these choices are made as a response to one event of notable salience as decided by the publication with aid from its staff of expert journalists and political experts. This year the one to be named was the Absolute Monarch of @Seylos: the seemingly insuperable King Aidan. Many expected the young royal to have been named person of the year in 2018 for his reforms in the country, however the Thalahassan Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed took the nomination for that year. On the cover is a translated quote from King Aidan's 2018 August speech saying "... monarchy cannot be everywhere all the time... " The speech was given to announce the commencement of the organizing of new democratic processes in the country under the authority of the crown. Alongside this, political power traditionally held by nobles has seen a staggering decrease at the beginning of the new king's reign. The new king is so popular that the disenfranchised populace of the Duchy of Éire is glad to welcome him as their new monarch after him having inherited the Duchy. Certainly the reign of this Seylosian monarch has been among the most promising on Eurth. The Kingdom of Seylos is a massively influential country in the Dolch See which is an important trade passage. Under King Aidan, Seylos has taken a harsh stance in the Enolian War condemning @Rihan and signed a Seylo-Galllambrian cooperation agreement showing that King Aidan is a serious force in international politics not afraid to stand for the rights of nations and the betterment of scientific research. "Despite this immensely promising beginning of King Aidan's reign, the Kingdom of Seylos still remains an absolute monarchy and it still remains to be seen how far King Aidan will take the democratization of Seylos as a country. Historically, Seylosian monarchs have been competent leaders, yet the late King Stuart has proven that this is not the case at all times. Whether King Aidan is willing to part with the absolute power granted by the crown to secure the country from another Stuart and give democracy more of a say in Seylosian matters will be a central point in the young monarch's reign." reads a more critical part of the article. Limonaian becomes second mandatory language As newly graduated High School students give their first university applications in, the Chambre of Representatives passed the Limonaian Baccalauréat Bill with the Collective of Ministers and the Federal Senate. The bill officially changes the structure of the Baccalauréat Général or matriculation exams. Previously, Shffahkian high school students have had to complete matriculation exams in Lysian, a humanistic science and two from the three options of Anglish, Esperanto or Long Maths in order to receive the Diplôme de Baccalauréat Général. For Limonaian speakers, the matriculation exam had compulsory Lysian alongside Anglish with optional Esperanto. In fact Shffahko-Limonaian universities have their own Laurea in place of the Baccalauréat général which is equal to the Baccalauréat Général The new changes give Shffahko-Lysian students a fourth choice: Limonaian. Limonaian can now be taken instead of Esperanto or Anglish. Limonaian has been a popular matriculation exam subject as universities value the language.
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    Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Orinese election campaign to begin this week O'POLIS -- On Thursday the starting gun will fire for the Orinese election campaign. Campaigning for world’s third-largest democratic exercise (after the GHET and SSI general elections) is held over six months across 19 provinces. The national election is often a colourful affair. And this year’s vote is set to be more unusual. Early polling shows that the neo-liberal party PO&N is predicted to win big. And the increasingly nationalist Fronde Verdur, led by Nigela Merabiya, are also expected to make a return in the eastern provinces. High employment rate among young graduates O'POLIS -- It’s a good time to be a young Orinese graduate. New government figures show that the employment rate for the latest batch of spring graduates stands at 93 per cent, second only to the previous year’s record high of 94 per cent. As Orioni's population ages, the shortage of workers means that the quantity of jobs on offer now exceeds the number of graduates looking for work. Indeed, the tiny fall in employment this year has been put down to those who opted not to take a job in order to reapply for their first-choice companies. Employment for high-school graduates looks bright too – 97 per cent at the latest count, which is reminiscent of the economic boom of the bubble years. Estimates point to Orioni’s job surplus reaching 6,4 million by 2030. No wonder Chairlady Chandra Pristo proposed the revision to the country’s labour laws only last week. Government to ban export of plastic waste ZUIDHAVEN -- Orioni may soon end its longstanding practice of shipping plastics that it can’t recycle to other countries. The policy shift, now being debated, could take effect in mid-2020, forcing O'polis to find a way to dispose of 1,4 billion kilograms of plastic rubbish that it has been shipping annually to countries in Europa. Orioni has been slow to change its ways and excessive packaging remains the norm. Weaning itself off single-use plastic straws, bags and umbrella sleeves won’t be easy but it’s a hopeful sign that one of the Eurth’s biggest exporters of plastics waste could finally be cleaning up its act. Public transportation expanding in Gruis GRUIS -- Gruis is undergoing something of a revival: its food is promoted as the best in Orioni, demand for commercial real estate is up and its economy is doing well. No wonder, then, that city mayor Awidefale Rezovi intends to repair the roof while the sun’s shining. She has set her sights on reforming the city’s ageing public transport system. An order for 300 new buses was placed last year and extensions are ongoing for its light rail and one of its subway lines. But that’s not all. A new proposal unveiled on Monday would see more metro trains added and a new express bus route built. Rezovi may be onto something: a failure to update Gruis' network now may well hinder its ascendancy in the years to come.
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    "...breaking news...General Morror Kassus and the soldiers of the Tenth Legion, in a scathing declaration delivered and read on the floor of the Senate this evening, states that they are on the warpath against our very Republic! In the message sent from Kassus he claims that the Republic is sick and that the leadership of the Praetor has been nothing but cowardice and incomptence. Following the reading of the message, the Praetor announced that he would instruct the First and Second Legions to arrest the general and dissolve his army, gaining support from many in the chamber. Several senators known to be closer of Senator Kassus were placed under arrest for conspiracy. The disloyal legion's exact position is unknown at this time..."
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