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Hello I'm Flusseland,Land of rivers and Woods

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Hi I'm New in Europa and a Bit new in Rp so I may thank all your Advices and Tips

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If you have any questions, please ask!

And it looks like you've got lots ideas about your own nation already thought out. That's a good start.

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Hello there @Flusseland and welcome to our little corner of the internet. How are you finding the place? We're glad to help you settle.

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    • By Flusseland
      Flusseland is a Landlocked land with many rivers furrowing the Fertile soil of the Country.
      The Biomes of Flusseland:
      The dominant Landscape of Flusseland is for sure the Enormous woods and their Beatiful Hills,The national animal The Flusselandian Eagle lives there,Squirrels,Wild Pigs,Roe Deers, The Flusselandian Cow and Wild Horses Too,Making the Woods Plenty of Biodiversity. The Biggest wood is called Herzog Wald and the Tallest Hill with over 1.234 Mt is called Duke Berg.
      The Weather of Flusseland
      Because Flusseland is a Landlocked Territory,the weather is Mild, with temperatures of 20ºC in the warm Seasons,with enough Rainfall and in the colder ones can reach the -5ºC and snow 
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    • I think that's a wonderful idea and I am glad to see that you went ahead with the river delta options.
    • HA. Not as much briefed as in me spending a considerable amount of time going through the various areas of the forum and soaking up as much information as possible. Plus, I did read the friendly roleplaying guidelines lol. We'll connect over Discord in short order.
    • Thank you @Adaptus. I will give this another 48 hours for comments before moving ahead with the reorganisation. This task has been on my list for far too long, and I want to finally cross it off.
    • Astriedan's News Agency The ANA jingle plays as the ANA logo fades out to a presentator in front of images of various diplomats and salesmen shaking hands. "-Good morning, in the news today the recent announcements made by His Majesty the Emperor Syra Aïl III concerning the recent deal between @Sunset Sea Islands and @Astriedan to install the high tech surveillance system "Synapse" in our country. This continue His Majesty's work to make our country safer trough surveillance. While some human rights organizations have called the Synapse system an "obvious violation of privacy" and "a useless system", the legislator of the Imperial Internal Security Bureau said he was "very happy about this new system", claiming that it will "not leave a bit of privacy to any potential dangerous person. Crowd movement and movement patterns, medical and criminal databases about every astriedanian, and more, this new system will definitely change astriedanian surveillance. The Emperor did not, however, gave the price at which he bought the Synapse system.   In other news, the Imperial Army and the Imperial Guard has announced the deployment of the vehicles bought from @Iverica a few months ago. The price of the transaction was still not declared to the public but the Imperial Army Public Relations Office declared that "a modernization of the equipment was necessary".   Finally, the Noble Houses Eennso and Atria have announced that great change was to come. We still don't know what this change will be about but our best political analysts are currently trying to make predictions.   More infos on all these subjects this evening at 20pm. May your day be as joyous as Symis and glory to Astriedan." The ANA jingle plays again as the ANA logo appears again.