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Weird object crashes near coast of Tamurin

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user posted image OOC: Gravedigging, 'cause this was a great RP and I can't remember it ended.. Also, some nations have a space program, so this could become quite interesting too.

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"Target is in place. A reinforced steel slab, 20 metres by 10 metres by 3 metres. Range, 2000 kilometres. Testing long range target acquistion. Power cells are charged and ready, fission reactors at full capacity. Begin firing sequence of the G.O.D. cannon. 10 seconds. Target selected. 8 seconds. Target is locked. 5 seconds. Cesium particles accumuated in magnetic feeder. 2 seconds. G.O.D. cannon firing!"


There was a bright flash at the end of the muzzle conentrator. 2000 kilometres downrange, the impact was clearly seen.


"Sensors on the slab are not returning any data. The energy may have overloaded them. Energy readings before the end of transmission was approximately 2754 terrajoules. Telescopes cannot clearly see the slab, the vapour cloud is blocking the view. Space science vessel Sarragossa is entering the firing range to provide a close up view. ETA 2 minutes."


"This is the Sarragossa, we are moving in at 35 metres per second. Beginning 1.5 G deceleration to 10 metres per second. Range to slab is...1200km and closing. Telescopes still cannot see through the vapour cloud. It is dissipating fairly quickly though. We estimate 30 seconds before seeing the slab and determining what is left. It is conceivable that with the G.O.D. cannon's power output, that the entire slab is the vapour cloud. We will keep you updated Thor station. out."


45 seconds pass.


"Thor station, this is Sarragossa. We have come to a relative stop at a distance of 90 km. The slab is no long there. There are no indications left anywhere. The vapour cloud is the steel slab. Test fring is successful."


"Sarragossa, this is Thor station. We concur. Thank you for confirmation. Standby one...Sarragossa...we have intermittent xeno readings. 40 000km outward, relative to Thor station 55 degrees latitude, 32 longitude. Can you confirm Sarragossa?"


"Wait one Thor station...we are checking. Confirmed. We cannot make them out. It appears to be heading towards Sarragossa at 200 metres per second. 35 000km and closing. It is decelerating. Thor station, this is no random xeno reading, we have a faint RADAR signature. Attempting to get a visual reading but our telescopes are having difficulty keeping up at the speed of the target. We have several new smaller targets just appearing on RADAR. They came out of nowhere, spreading out from the main body. It could be a carrier of some kind. 10 000km and closing Thor Station. The main body has come to a relative stop. The smaller unidentified bodies are still inbound at 100 metres per second."


"Sarragossa, we do not know what it is, we are training the G.O.D. cannon on the main target...in case of possible hostile intent. We suggest you move to within defensive range of Thor station and its defence platforms at best possible speed. We are sending out a universal greetings of greetings and peace. We do not know whether or not they can comprehend our language, or how long it will take for them to interpret Latin."


"Affirmative Thor Station, we are maneuvering to Thor station. In 5 seconds we can accelerate towards defensive range. We will be doing an emergency 7G acceleration. Clear all traffic of our path. They will close in on us long before, I pray they are not hostile xenos."


"Godspeed Sarragossa. The G.O.D. cannon will be charged for another shot in 10 seconds. It cannot acquire such fast moving targets unfortunately, so we are maintaining a lock on the main xeno body, but we can only effectively calibrate to 2 000km with current sensor suites so we cannot guarantee more than 45% chance of target hit."


"Understood, Sarragossa out."


"Sir, astromomers have been able to focus on the main xeno body. The image is grainy and slightly out of focus. You might want to see this.


"Thank you Flight Lieutenant, patch it through to my personal monitor."


user posted image


"Now that's interesting...inform Air Commodore Stanciu at Outreach Space Centre...we have confirmation of a xeno space faring vessel. Likely interplanetary. This is a priority message. Also, contain any information pertaining to this encounter. I do not want it reaching the public until the Emperor and Prime Minister allow it."


"Wing Commander! Sarragossa is within range of defense platforms. However...it is being fired upon! The Sarragossa is not designed to handle any kind of weapons fire!"


"Ready all Rapier II missile banks! Proximety fuse. Fire when ready! Issue a warning to back off or the main vessel will be fired upon!"


"Thor Station! We are evacuating! Sarragossa is automatically decelerating to relative stop. Please send recovery teams! Out."


"Weapons officer! What is the status of the xeno vessels?"


"We have one confirmed kill, 4 appear to have taken damage as they are retreating, the rest are maintaining the attack. Wing commander, permission to fire upon the xeno carrier!"


"Granted... order the G.O.D. crew to fire the G.O.D. cannon."


"Wing commander, we have a possible second kill. Sensors officer confirms Sarragossa has complete decompression and no power left. The fuel tanks have not been punctured yet, so it is still in one piece. I believe there are a total of 20 xeno fighters, they appear to have broken off their attacks. The G.O.D. cannon has missed its target. Astromomers confirm the xeno carrier is still intact and with no apparent damage. Kinetic energy of this magnitude would have done at least superficial damage to any conceivable mass."


"Wing Commander, the xeno carrier is moving back, the fighters are returning to the carrier. Recovery teams have been dispatched, the Sarragossa crew is attempting to reach relative stop for pickup. They report they are...230 km outbound. One of the crews suits has been puntured from debris...he is not responding."


"Understood...I will need time to form a report to Outreach. XO, take over operations and give me updates every 10 minutes." The Wing Commander hopped out of the command module of Thor station and to the space station's communication module.

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"Thank you Wing Commander. Do you have word on the Sarragossa crew?"


"Yes sir, the 5 man crew has been recovered. Flight Lieutenant Andrew Sherovky died due to asphyxiation. Some of the flying debris punctured his suit. We do not believe any damage will be caused to Thor station. Sarragossa itself is not salvagable, there are just too many perforations all along the hull. I have dispatched salvage crews to tow it back to Thor station to salvage anything possible, and then tear it apart to be used for possible construction of a replacement. Maneuvering thrusters are being attached to Sarragossa's hull as we speak."


"Excellent. I offer my condolences to Sarragoss'a crew for their loss, and I will contact his immeadiate relatives and any other family members. Be on the watch out for more xeno carriers. We will designate them Shivans for the time being, due to their unprevoked attack. You are to remain on tactical alert. We have a more advanced sensor suite that Freedom station was preparing to send to you in 3 weeks for extreme range targetting. I will give it full priority to be prepared and we believe it will be ready in one week. It has a theoretical range of 15 000km. Continue with the rest of the trials of the Mark I G.O.D. cannon. It is our first working prototype. I want to see what it is fully capable of. I am tagging all information related to the Shivans at level one security clearance. I am aware you do not have this clearance. Nor does anyone else who has seen what happened. So you know what to do."


"Yes Air Commodore."


"I will expect updates every 12 hours. Outreach out."




Air Commodore Stanciu prepared a full report to the Prime Minister and Emperor of Slavic Byzantium to go over what happened along with the pictures taken of the Shivan carrier. Only visuals from the Sarragossa crew were made of the Shivan fighters. An artist's rendering of the Shivan fighter, designated the Viper: user posted image


The Air Commodore also contacted every space agency in Europa with an identical message.




To all Europa space agencies. We are curious as to whether or not any xeno anomalies have been detected in the past 2 years as we have discovered random xeno energy reading and wish to confirm them so as to see whether or not it is due to a malfunction in our equipment. We await your respective answers.


Air Commodore Flavius Stanciu

Outreach Space Centre

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