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    • Sarbo Broadcasting Channel - SBC _________________________________________________________ The intro sequence of SBC plays across Alenian television sets as it fades into a shot of the newsroom. There were two people sitting in chairs in the center of the newsroom, a man and a woman. The man was wearing a business-casual outfit while the woman was wearing formal attire. "Good morning, and thank you for tuning in. I'm Emilia Sada and today we're with the man who discovered the possible key to our national heritage, Namazio Sinagra. Namazio, I understand you were taking a stroll through the forest when you discovered this...artifact." Namazio shifts in his chair slightly as he begins to speak. It's clear in his voice that he's in his 40s. "Yeah, um, I was taking a stroll a little way outside of Verolieri. I went out about, eh...3 miles east, and that's when I found it. This little curved, rectangular block sticking up from the dirt. That's when I ran back and grabbed my shovel and started digging. I kept finding more, and more, and more...and that's when I called the archaeologists." Emilia continues as a narrator. "At 5:20, the archaeologists arrived and began their dig. They've already found what appears to be a wall in the Verolieri forests. They haven't hit the floor yet, but they are extremely close. I'm Emilia Sada, thank you for watching." And the screen fades out to commercial.
    • The HMS Argos had continued its patrols in the Dolch See following its original mysterious encounter with the frigate it had been pursuing. Upon hearing the news that the Ardent and two other ships were currently engaged in a difficult battle with a ship matching that same description, Captain Deanne Domnall was beginning to question her original decision to break off pursuit. However her orders were clear for the moment, unless the situation over there becomes critical, the Argos will continue its normal patrols in hopes of stopping something else. "Captain, we just received a brief burst of a mayday from a Limonaian ocean liner traveling through the Dolch." Domnall snapped out of her thoughts upon hearing her communications officer call from the other side of the bridge. She turned her back to the bridge's window and almost jogged her way over to the officer who was still messing with the controls on his equipment. "Are they still transmitting?" The officer shook his head, "No ma'am I lost the signal almost as quickly as it started. They were briefly able to mention that whatever the ship was that was approaching them appeared to be coming from the general direction of Derthalen's coastline." Deanne took a moment to think to herself, this could be another one of the Sentists attacks, as her crew has started to call them. But something felt a bit off about it, attacked an ocean liner of any size would mean some serious commitment to their actions. While she had no doubt in her head the Sentists were a threat in the Dolch, they didn't appear to be some monolithic organization that could just capture and process hundreds of people like that. "Keep sending replies to their mayday, see if you can get them back." She turned around to face navigation, "Navigation, set a course towards the last known location of that ocean liner. Check their filed plans and let's see if we can use that last radio contact to figure out where they may be. Take us there full speed ahead." Something about this particular incident seem to sit wrong in her gut. But until Argos got there, Domnall made sure to try and quash ever growing list of theories.   --------------------------   Lennox breathed a sigh of relief as it had seemed the battle had finally died down. "Captain, both the other ships have confirmed they are beginning boarding operations." Lennox nodded, "Go ahead and send a reply stating we will be holding back, we have possible unexploded munitions on board that could be a hazard to the other ships if we approached." The communications officer nodded and began to relay the messages. Lennox's second officer approached him holding a radio in his hand, "Captain I've got Leftenant Elliot down below decks saying he's got eyes on the shell that hit us." Lennox immediately grabbed the radio out of his hand, "Leftenant, this is the Captain tell me what your seeing." "Aye captain, seems what we've got here is a partial penetration of the shell. By the looks of it I'm thinking it might be a dud but I can't be too certain. I'm taking a closer inspection right now, but it seems to be fairly old." Both Lennox and his second officer exchanged quizzical looks, "What do you mean old?" "Judgin by the intact marking sir, I'd say this shell is probably... over fifty years old. Certainly not Seylosian. The language looks maybe something like Limonaian? I can't imagine they would have produced this in years though. I'd want to be extra careful with this particular piece, many of these older shells have a chemical anti-tampering device which could set it off." "Well I'm fairly certain we haven't been exchanging fire with a Limonaian frigate tonight... leftenant I want you to document everything you can before going through with any sort of defusal. Make sure that section is evacuated of any non critical personnel." "Aye sir, we're on it"
    • It might seem a little odd starting a blog on increasing Invision Community's speed with the word "lazy",  but I'll explain why this is a good word for performance shortly. Earlier this year, Google announced that page speed is a ranking factor. Simply put, if your site is slow, it will be ranked lower in Google's search results. It is always a challenge making a large application like Invision Community as efficient as possible per page load. A single Invision Community page can pull in widgets from multiple applications as well as a lot of user-generated content with attachments, movies and images used heavily.  This is where being lazy helps. Lazy loading is a method by which attachments, embeds and images are not loaded by default. They are only loaded when the viewer scrolls down enough to make them visible. This allows the page to load a good deal faster now it doesn't have to load megabytes of images before the page is shown as completely rendered. I was going to take a fancy video showing it in action, but it's hard to capture as the system loads the media just before you get to it, so it looks fairly seamless, even with sluggish connections. Not the most dynamic image, but this shows the placeholder retains the size of the image We have added this lazy loading to maps and Twitter emoji images. Improving non-image attachments
      Once we had implemented the lazy loading framework, an area we wanted to improve was non-image attachments. We have listened to a lot of the feedback we had on this area, and have now made it very clear when you add an attachment into a post. We've even returned the download count now it's being loaded on demand. Using attachments when posting All the letters
      When we first implemented the letter avatars in 4.3, we discussed whether to use CSS styling or use an image. We decided to go with an image as it was more stable over lots of different devices, including email. We've revisited this in 4.4, and switched the letter avatars to SVG, which are much faster to render now that the browser doesn't have to load the image files. Other performance improvements
      We've taken a pass at most areas with an eye for performance, here is a list of the most significant items we've improved. Several converter background tasks have been improved, so they work on less data Duplicate query for fetching clubs was removed in streams Notifications / follower management has been improved Member searches have been sped up (API, ACP live search, member list in ACP, mentions, etc.). Stream performance has been improved UTF8 conversions have been sped up Elasticsearch has been sped up by using pre-compiled queries and parameterisation, as well as the removal of view filtering (and tracking) HTTP/2 support with prefetch/preload has been added Several PHP-level performance improvements have been made Implemented rel=noopener when links open a new window (which improves browser memory management) Several other performance improvements for conversions were implemented that drastically reduce conversion time IP address lookups now fetch IP address details from us en-masse instead of one request per address Cache/data store management has been streamlined and centralised for efficiency Many background tasks and the profile sync functionality have all been improved for performance Brotli compression is now supported automatically if the server supports it Redis encryption can now be disabled if desired, which improves performance Phew, as you can see, we've spent a while tinkering under the hood too. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Let us know below! This blog is part of our series introducing new features for Invision Community 4.4. View the full article
    • Look forward to see where you go with this placement.
    • @North Dniester No problem with that on my end, now that the civil war isn't going ahead. Makes it easier for me and @Ahrana to whip you into place.
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