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    NSAS (Nacia Sciiga Agentejo de Sffahkia)

    President Larue's speech censored On Sunday 23.9.2018, President Larue gave a speech during the second September government discussions. The government discussions are public discussions where members of the national congress, Shffahkia's tetracameral legislature, discuss public of the direction of Shffahkia. The government discussions are usually ended by the Premier-Dirigeant's speech, however, due to recent political changes, the president of the union has been the one to finish these discussions. The president set several goals to the government that differed from the political norm at the top of which would be ending Isolationism, opening Shffahkian society and moving the nation towards a more liberal direction. According to the Shffahkian council (Conseil Sfakien) these points were against the principles of Collectivism, and therefore, had to be censored. Despite receiving applause and praise throughout the country, Larue's speech has been censored an almost all public formats. The reason why Larue's speech was censored despite her holding the final say on almost all matters of state is the Shffahkian Council. The Shffahkian Council is responsible for the overseeing of the implementation of Collectivism in Shffahkia. The council has on multiple occasion shown dissatisfaction towards Larue and her new government and has also rejected many of her administration's attempts on reform. This face-off between the president and the council shows that the two have vastly different views on Collectivism. This difference can be explained by Larue's rapid rise to power which has left many members of the "old guard" unprepared. How ever change might be coming as and agreed-upon date has been set for the next Senate elections. Within the Larue Amendments, the Senate was granted to use the highest power in the country under the president. This means that if President Larue manages to fill the Senate with enough supporters to get a five to six vote passed, she can appoint new members to the Shffahkian Council which would give her control of two of the four chambers. The censorship directed towards Larue's supporters has revealed a divide within Shffahkia. With the absence of Nikolao Kondukanto who didn't allow political disagreement, Shffahkia is divided into those who believe in Larue's liberal interpretation of Collectivism and to those who support conservative Collectivism.
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  4. PyeMcGowan

    PNN: PyeMcGowan News Network

    PNN HISTORY MADE SHORT The History of Transargic Oil (TAO), The First Monopoly in PyeMcGowan Transargic Oil, Standard Amenities as it was called in the beginning, was founded by Ronald Jenkins in 1915 as a gold mining company in the gold rich province of Wendover. Jenkins was a privlidged man as he was born in 1870 into a rich family that owned many gold mines in the Wendover Gold Rush. He worked for his fathers company, Jenkins Mining, as a CFO until 1900 when he became a stock broker in Charleston, there he made upwards of 3 million Poggles, worth 10 Million today. He quit the stock market and married to Martha Jenkins in 1910. After he moved back to Wendover, just down the road from his parents house, he purchased 25 km² of land in Southern Wendover. From there with only half his budget he went on a spending spree hiring any able persons and every digging machine in sight! He spent two years digging, and he did find some gold, but not enough, he decided to dig all across his land and didn’t get very deep in enough time, causing a gigantic loss of over 5 million Poggles( Worth 15 million today)! Eventually, with help from his family, he got on track and dug in the same area before moving on. This was a massive success! He made 10 Million in his first year of digging(30 Million today) but gold and silver was losing its value, but Ronald met an old friend from the stock Exchange, his name was David Georgeson and he was making it big with oil. This inspired Jenkins to sell his depleated land in Wendover and buy oil rich land in the northern provinces. From there in 1915 he founded Transargic Oil, and begun digging for oil. At its peak in 1924 TAO was producing 5 million barrels of oil a week which was too much for PyeMcGowan, so TAO started exporting across the Argic Sea and throughout mainland Argis. Over the years TAO became more powerful and started buying up all of the oil companies in PyeMcGowan, effectively becoming a monopoly. But in 1939 the Bank of PyeMcGowan’s Corporate regulation committee dismantled the organisation into many smaller groups. But Ronald kept shares in them and became very rich in his later years. Jenkins died in 1950, which was also the year that communists took control of PyeMcGowan and started executing all wealthy businessmen. As his family, including his son, George Jenkins and daughter Andrea Jenkins, moved to the Leverne Islands, along with over 2 million residents including the royal family, they took with them a sum of over 14 Billion Poggles! The expanded Family moved back to PyeMcGowan in 1963 after the communist government was overthrown. Now members of the Jenkins Family are in top positions across the world including Board members of United Corp Edward Jenkins and Simon Jenkins. Of course the Jenkins were a charitable bunch as they founded the Jenkins International Foundation, which funds orphanages and refugee housing across the world. Related Photos: The Jenkins Household in Northern Wendover, which is still owned by the Jenkins Family. Ronald Jenkins in 1946 The oil industry is still booming in the northern Provinces
  5. Ahrana

    An Invitation to The Coronation of King George

    (OOC: The Former Queen, Aleksandra will be going to the Coronation of George as a Representative of the Federation of Ahrana. With this her title is strange but will reflect her status in the Federation as a Representative/Ambassador in Diplomatic Situations. As for the Official Seal of her Status it is the Lesser Coat of Arms of the Imperial Kingdom with the Federations Governmental Seal within it.) To: King George of PyeMcGowan From: Aleksandra of Ahrana, Grand Duchess of all Ahrana and Emissary of the Federation of Ahrana Classification: Level 2 Greetings, Your Majesty and most Honerable King George on behalf of the Federal Government and the People of Ahrana I extend my hand in congratulating you on the succession of the Throne and to the Halls of Power of Government. As a former Monarch of a Kingdom I look to you in awe and envy and hope nothing but the reign of a lifetime for you. It is such terrible news that your father has passed and went onto the next life, as leader of the Orthodox and Catholic Faith inside the Federation I say this to you; All Life is given to us for a lifetime that we live, it is up to us to make use of that life till the end. After the Life has been used it is our feats that we accomplished in that life that will be in remembrance till the end of all life as it is what He wills it. It has been decided by the Secretary General and the Federal Government that I, the former Queen of the Imperial Kingdom and Head of the Imperial Household, be the one to represent The Federation at such a prestigious event. The Secretary General has asked me to present you with a personal letter from her and gift from all of Ahrana. I will also present you my own gift, one that is only fit for a King in my own Words that embodies what a Kingdom needs. The Gift from me is a Imperial Order that only I may bestow upon others and very few Foreigners have received but I believe you are just of receiving such an Honor and Award. The Order of Chayka is the Highest Honor in all Imperial Orders and is the oldest of them all, as a Recipient of the Order Second Class you will be given a Grand Star along with a sash and Ribbon for display and usage at your discretion under the rules or Orders of your Nation. I will be traveling with only a Government Aide and a few Honor Guards of the Federation, extra security can be provided by your Government at your wishes only. I will be landing in the Secretary Generals Governmental Plane baring the Federations Flag and my Household Flag of course. I look forward to meeting you King George. With respect, Aleksandra Victoria Elisabeth Mishia Chayka Former Queen of the Imperial Kingdom of Ahrana Grand Duchess of all Ahrana Head of the Imperial Royal Household of Chayka
  6. Mauridiviah

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    Polo extended out his hand for a handshake and reprocated Ms. Colt's sentiment: "It was also an honor to meet you, Secretary-General, and I likewise hope that our nations to continue to collaborate openly. We will be keeping up with the draft of the future trade agreement, and I hope that you win re-election Ms. Colt." In the end, the meeting had been surprisingly productive. Ahrana agreed to open its borders to RFE, it would soon be holding general elections, a trade agreement was discussed, and the Ahranian government seemed on the path towards stability. The Mauridivian government was absolutely thrilled that he regressive and autocratic policies and alliances formed under Ivanoff were now being thrown away; Ahrana had distanced itself from Derthalen, and civil rights were once again being respected to their fullest capacity. Although Ahrana had a severe drug problem that would require careful handling, it would seem that the nation was overall recovering from the last year of turmoil, and Mauridiviah was willing to help Ahrana make the transition possible. There were only a few states in middle Argis that weren't complete backwaters, and Ahrana was one of them. If Ahrana's democracy lasts, it would be a major victory for democracy worldwide. As such, at least to the Mauridivian government, the risk of fostering a close relationship with Ahrana was more than worth it.
  7. update on RL used in Ahrana Sigrid Anastasian Anne Victoria Florence-Goring [Jennifer Lawrence] will announce her postion in Government after 5 October
  8. Ahrana

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    Core looked at Caballeros with a very mixed look as to his rudeness in interrupting the President while he was trying to talk, if one of her Ministers did that they would learn to regret such an action. She then looked at her Staff nodded and begun to pick their belongings up Core looked at Polo and begun talking to him: President Polo it was an honor to meet you and I look forward to the future of our two great nations working together. I will begin preparations for what was talked here today and upon the end of my term if I am not re-elected of course I can assure you that the Ahranaian Government will continue to work with your Government on these things. Please do take care of yourself and I wish for you none other than a great rest of you day. Once again thank you for hosting me and my Delegation and I look forward to meeting you again some day in whatever fashion we meet, hopefully on good terms of course Mr. President.
  9. Mauridiviah

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    "Ma-" began President Polo, before he was cut off. "Mauridiviah would be delighted to loosen specific trade restrictions on Ahranian goods since Ahrana is willing to do the same. I could draft it up with the Ahranian delegation after this meeting is concluded" said Caballeros, interrupting his own own president. "The planned Ahranian visa system is excellent and has our completely approval. If there is nothing else, I believe that this meeting can be swiftly concluded." continued Caballeros.
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  11. Ahrana

    Ahrana Today

    Hello and welcome to Todays edition of "Ahrana Today" where we bring news from around the World and of the Federation to the People of the Federation. Today we have updates on the early indication of the Elections, news from the Federal Government retaining the Law SC. 6918 and much more here on 'Ahrana Today"! The Electoral Commission has been running Electoral Ads on National Television and delegating the Campaign Funds each Political Organization is receiving from outside sources. So far the Commission has stated that no one has violated Campaign Rules so far and that all donations are legally being done at the time being. The release of such a statement has come after the Fascist Party and Communist Party were accused by several other Parties of receiving illegal contributions from the Democratic Socialist Alliance and Corporations, which under current Law big Corporations are not allowed to submit any form of funding to any Political Organization and the funds from the DSA are illegal and are a reasoning of expulsion from the Nomination and Election all together. Naturally both Heads of the Parties called these allegations false and astounded that they would be accused of such things. The Electoral Commission has also take early Poll Readings by random grouping and these findings are showing that the Liberation Party are shown to and are expected to gain a majority of the Populations vote. As a reminder for those who are not sure how the election works in the Federation here is a simplified run down on how it works. The position of Secretary General is given to the Political Organization with the most Votes and Seats in the Congressional Houses of the Federation. Now if no one Party gets a majority of the Votes then a Coalition Government can be formed with the Leading Party in Votes Heading the coalition. A party is not required to form a Coalition if they have a majority of the Votes in the Election. Naturally the Federations Population does elect the Secretary General which regardless of what Party they are in will head that Coalition. The only time this does not happen is if only a Election of the Secretary General is done instead of a General Election. Yes the system is very complicated and confusing but so far it has worked and it will continue to be in place till something else is established. On the 19 of September 2018 the Federal Government released an Official Decree on the former Law SC. 6918 of the Ahranaian Government of 1805-1996. Inside the Decree it states that all of those convicted of Gross Indecency were wrongfully prosecuted by a Very Conservative Government and will be Pardoned under Federal Decree by the statement of the incoming Secretary General. We will await such Pardons when the new Secretary General takes office on the 6th of October 2018. That is all of the News for today, and please remember to Vote in the General Election for the Future of the Federation as a whole. Without the People of this great Land we are nothing. Thank you and have a great evening.
  12. Union Republics, Provinces, and Autonomous Regions Premier Nominations Under Electoral Rules and the Constitutional Provisions relating to the Election of Premiers of Union Republics, Provinces, and Autonomous Regions all nominees must run as an Independent through the General Election. After the election they may pledge their Support to what Political Organization and to the People upon their Oath of Office. Federal Republic of Ahran Erik Johans Joan Clarkson Dimitri Romano Valotov Federal Republic of Moskovo The Premier of the Federal Republic of Moskovo is nominated by the Secretary General after being sworn into office Federal Republic of Lockiee Elisabeth Allison Erica C. M. L. Folksin Federal Republic of Peterburi Vladimir Ivan Rostester Hollie Brooks Claudia Jennings Federal Republic of Tatani Greggor Ivanovich George Carlson Federal Republic of Tata Not up for Election till next Cycle Federal Republic of Xara Not up for Election till next Cycle Autonomous Republican Province of Thralhaven Not up for Election till next Cycle
  13. Ahrana

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    I see no reason why the Ahranaian Federal Government couldn't relax regulations on Goods coming from Mauridiviah to help ensure a influx of goods in both of our Countries Markets. As for the travel restrictions, no formal restrictions exist as the former Administration had not got around to setting such restrictions Officially. The only form of a Restriction I am aware of is the amount of time a VISA from the Government Mauridiviah can last inside the Federation Legally which is three months. I am in the middle of creating and proposing to the Presidium of the Federation new travel requirement for Ahranaians Leaving and Coming back to Ahrana as well as Tourists and others. In this new proposal a VISA from a Foregin Government issued before leaving their mother Country will now last for six months before extension and when extending the VISA depending on the reasoning it can be done between the timeline of two months to two years depending on the reasoning for extension. As for the tourist VISA it will be given upon arrival in the Federation and its good for two years until expiration. It is my hope with such new Travel Requirements the Tourism Industry will increase in Ahrana and that more and more money is spent by the tourists while they are in the country for their length of time. Hopefully this is seen as a satisfaction by you and your Ministers and so forth.
  14. Llalta

    LBN - Llaltese Broadcasting Network

    A Whale of a Time! 24th September 2018 - Article by Johanna Marie Over 2,000 Llaltese have flocked to the rocky shores of Llalta to see the Adlantic Whale's annual migration from Gallambria down in the South to the Argic Ocean, where they will feed until returning back to Gallambria to breed for April - May 2019. Since 1938, people have celebrated and witnessed each migration. This year, 2,300 have travelled to Llalta's beaches, specifically Ashenbourg Beach, to witness the migration of over 1,000 Adlantic Whales. Many people have also brought boats along, to get a closer look at these wonderful yet gentle giants. The event has also made it's way onto 101 Things to See Before You Die. Adlantic Whales can grow up to 20 feet long in length, being one of the largest animals on Eurth. Despite their humongous size, they feed on a diet which mainly consists of plankton and smaller fish, such as Adlantic Salmon and Silverback Tuna. Known for their distinctive teal and grey colouring, Adlantic Whales travel from Gallambria to the Argic Ocean to feed on the numerous species of nutritious fish that plague the sea. They will eventually return to Gallambria in April - May 2019.
  15. Prymont

    Request: PyeMcGowan

    Adding some feedback and suggestions for @PyeMcGowan as I've been mentioned here. The above link is my expansion plans for the next couple of years. As you can see, points 2 and 3 see me taking over the left side of the Canamo Sea, as it's been barren and void of RP since the new world was created. That doesn't leave much room for you around the Canamo, unless you want to slot in between myself and @Ahrana - however, @North Dniester was also interested in that area but he's been a bit inactive as of late, so you may want to discuss that with him. On the right, I've planned a massive expansion that'll take up lots of unused space, that is mostly uninhabitable - quite a large portion of it will be like Siberia. As it stands, a large part of Prymont is already too cold for year-round inhabitation, which is part of the reason why I'm expanding southwards, so slotting in somewhere northeast of my current location doesn't make much sense either. You've also mentioned being a Celtic nation, and the area around central Argis is quite Scandinavian/Slavic/Germanic, so you'd stick out like a sore thumb there. If you want to keep a cold, northern climate, there's lots of space in eastern Argis, around @Theodoria and @Astriedan.
  16. NationStates News

    NationStates: N-Day<sup>3</sup>

    You know the terrifying thing about nuclear war. It can happen without any warning. Nuclear apocalypse begins in: Click/tap here for your local time: @@JGConfig::time_ago(1537995600)@@ That's why we give you a heads-up before a nuclear apocalypse. It's just more friendly. N-Day3 will run for 24 hours, after which time no further nuclear launches will be accepted. Here's a handy primer! @@JGConfig::parse_nscode("https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=874170", 2)@@ As usual, if you don't wish to participate in an unforgiving all-out nuclear exchange, you can simply ignore it. Nations can only be nuked out of existence once they join a Faction (and even then, only for the duration of N-Day). All Factions from previous N-Days will be wiped shortly before the start of N-Day3, so you will need to recreate/rejoin them. You are permitted to use multiple nations, but the more you use, the more annoying the anti-bot checks will become. Good luck! View the full article
  17. Mauridiviah

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    Caballeros looked at Polo triumphantly. Finally, the Ahranian delegation was speaking a language that Mauridiviah could speak: agricultural products and tourism. Unfortunately, during that self-congratulatory stare, Caballeros lost the initative to the President once more. "We would be delighted to provide Ahrana with agricultural goods. Perhaps we could remove restriction on Ahranian fish and Ahrana could remove restrictions on Mauridivian produce," President Polo then took a sip of water before continuing, "As to the tourism subject, Mauridiviah currently allows individuals with an Ahranian passport to enter the country for up to four months with the possibility of an up to two month extension visa-free. If Ahrana could similarly relax travel restrictions on individuals with Mauridivian passports, then we could start talking about mutually beneficial tourism." said Polo, asking himself how he'd sell a joint tourism advertising program to the unions. Caballeros, meanwhile, looked on at his President, feeling robbed of his triumph.
  18. Llalta


    Overview Llalta is a Seylosian crown dependency located in the Adlantic Ocean, consisting of a single island that spans 1,812mi² (4,692km²). Known for it's mountains, covered with rivers and dense forest, Llalta has a population of 3,316, making it the smallest dependency on Eurth. It has a miniscule economy, consisting mainly of fishing and agriculture. Llalta, whilst technically a part of the Kingdom of Seylos, enjoys a high degree of autonomy both internally and internationally. History Government Culture Economy
  19. Welcome to the LBN - Llaltese Broadcasting Network - Llalta's biggest (and only) news provider! Come here for the daily news from all over Llalta and beyond! Info about us! Established in 2002 to bring Llalta onto the world stage, the LBN is Llalta's main broadcaster which provides, news, game shows, soap operas and even branching out to kids television. The chairman of the LBN, Marcus MacMillian (1968 - present), has run the Llaltese broadcaster since it's very creation. Where to find us! For Europans looking for "quality" Llaltese TV, find us on Freeview channel 214.
  20. 🎉 A very happy 34th birthday to you old friend. 🍾

  21. Afropa

    War on Violetist Liberation Army

    The Lysian journalists Charles Chemin, Alexandre Allemand, and Martin Mazarin arrived in the Afropa on Friday of last week. They wanted to spend a fortnight investigating the foreign fighters operating in the country and gathering information about illegal interests in diamond, gold, and uranium mining in the warring nation. Although there are some conflicting accounts, it appears the trio departed the capital, Dieudonné, late Monday night on their way to meet with an Iverican representative in the town of Tazina, about 280 kilometres away. But they never got there. They reportedly were ambushed and killed by about 10 men wearing turbans and speaking Sa Haran, according to the driver of their vehicle who survived the attack. The government said on Friday that the Iverican peacekeeping forces in Afropa, found the bodies of the journalists with multiple gunshot wounds, along with an abandoned vehicle, 33 kilometres north of Tazina. According to the L'Afropa Quotidien, locals in Tazina said that the attack was unusual, that the assailants seemed most interested in the “tall and muscular man”, which is likely Mazarin, the cameraman. They wanted to search his pockets, but the journalist resisted and so they shot him. The bodies were first transferred to a hospital in Tazina, and then onward to a university hospital in Dieudonné. The circumstances of the incident have not yet been established. The Afropan Ministry of Foreign Affairs planned to transport the bodies of the three killed reporters to Lyrie on Sunday morning.
  22. Tagmatium Rules

    Naming the Seas

    Hello. This area used to be called the "Sea of Storms" on the old Europa map. Or that general sort of area. Could it be added again? Alternatively, I suppose, a quick Google translate says "Storms" is "Kataigides", in my horrible pseudo-Greek that I use. So, "Kataigides Sea". But that sounds a bit sh*t. Or "Aroman Sea"? I'm throwing this one open, really.
  23. PyeMcGowan

    Request: PyeMcGowan

    I would prefer to be near the Canamo sea, not far from the large cluster of nations in Mid Argis, but I would also like to be relatively North, possibly near @Prymont . I also added the link to my new Factbook on IIWiki.
  24. PyeMcGowan

    PNN: PyeMcGowan News Network

    PNN NEWS GENERAL ROUNDUP The Governor of Anderson province has announced plans for an independence referendum to take place after a meeting with the Prime Minister. The Province has always had a large independence base, due to the areas distinctly different culture to the rest of the nation. Dawson city remained without power for all of Friday and this morning, when the city’s power grid was hacked into by an unknown group of hackers who call themselves ‘the Tiger’s Roar’. The Provincial Government has announced that the National Cyber Security Taskforce CybOps (Cyber Operations) has taken control of the case. Charleston FC are to play Wendover Blues, The raining national Champion, in the final round of the National League. This follows the Wendover Blues’ manager Cole Chrisman resigning on Monday, so could this give Charleston a chance? Football Commentator Henry Wensfield thinks so! And finally, The Singer Cathy Jenkinsen-Flugensen has visited Camp Fierce in the Argic ice, following many of the scientists having to leave due to a heating malfunction in the Housing, leaving 15 with frostbite. This has given hope to many of the researchers who are conducting vital experiments.
  25. Ahrana

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    President Polo, I am also aware of your Countries strive in producing excellent Produce and Sugar and such and that has me intrigued a bit. In Ahrana we grow our Produce mainly in the late Spring, Summer and early Fall in order for our markets internally to flourish for the half of the year weather permits us to gros Produce. The types of Produce that is grown here in your Country is said to be of perfection that no doubt is due to the soil and the People who manage such Produce, it leads me to believe that your people know what they are doing when it comes to Fruits, Vegtabules and so forth including the Sugar crops. Xara is almost the only place in the Federation that produces any Fruits and Vegetables year round almost. Most of our sugar is imported as some people would have guessed. So what I am asking is would your Country be willing to become a major part of Ahranaian Society in the Produce side and experience a influx in profets and so forth? Plus your Country and the Federation sees its fair share of tourist undoubtedly, what I propose in this area is to create a Program of Tourism Agencies that work together to find the best spots in each country all year round and to encourage people to travel there. Naturally, small Travel Agencies exist in Ahrana but creating a Channel for Travel Agencies in Ahrana and Mauridiviah to push for more travel in both Countries all year long. Core wasn't sure how some of these things would be taken but she could tell this meeting was becoming a stalemate on both sides somehow she had to lighten the mood up.
  26. PyeMcGowan Real world people claims Prince Charles as King George Primcess Camilla as Queen Jane Prince William as Prince Dawson Princess Kate as Princess Eve Prince George as Prince David Princess Charlotte as Princess Ameliana Prince Louis as Unborn Prince David Cameron as PrimeMinister George London Patrick Stewart as Foreign Minister Samuel Ferguson Tom Hanks as Defence Minister John Stanley
  27. Judicial Nominees For Judicial Nominees the number of seats available determines how many are up for election after the Nominations from areas of government are given. Supreme Constitutional Court -Leena Aleksandra Eero -Essi Cait Cailen -Aku Inka Annikki -Sanna Noora Sakari -Noora Tilde Torben -Ansgar Baltasar Ebsjorn Peoples Supreme Court -Kristofer Thorvin Lukas -Astra Brit Asgard -Britta Dagmar Gudrun -Katrine Lise Sigrid
  28. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    Surprising Resurfacing for Archeology, Theology Today in the Zhakrifa region, surveyors confirmed reports of a huge stone structure buried beneath a layer of sediment along the river, first indicated by surveillance satellites analyzing terrain for the expansion of precision farming in Asgeirria. The structure itself seems to be made of a polished limestone, and was once capped with some sort of metal cone or tip, judging by chemical deposits on the upper structure. Large-scale excavation is slated to begin after the end of the flooding season in Zhakrifa, with surveys of additional sites also being in the works as the increase in surveillance from orbit has revealed other possible sites. The original builders of the structure appear to be the Middle Kingdom, judging from the age and quality of the masonry. Perhaps with further study, more can be learned about the enigmatic civilization that fell over 3,000 years ago. In an interview with the Imperator, a very important question was asked: Are non-Asgeirrians ever worthy of the next Dreaming? "I find no evidence, contemporary or historical, that might suggest genetic heritage has anything to do with ascending to the next Dreaming. The notion that Asgeirrians and their descendants will be the only inhabitants of the next dreaming is a misconception that, as misconceptions often do, stems from a kernel of truth, which is that one must be worthy of the next Dreaming in order to ascend, and Asgeirrians are, as a people, supremely worthy." Many conservatives decry the extremely liberal nature of this judgement, especially among the recently reinstated Hattusa. In these turbulent times, the rumblings of change are often drowned out by the chorus of nay-sayers.
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