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  2. The official recordkeeper of Pope Gregory VII, Julian of Minot, kept an extremely detailed record of the Pope’s life, but his most detailed one is the Synod of Trinity. The manuscript has been preserved for hundreds of years. Trinity, the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum April 24, Year of Our Lord 1551 Our Lady’s Cathedral The stiff humid air hung over the huge gathering of clergy like a blanket. Cardinals and bishops around the world originating from as far west as Iverica to Tagmatium and beyond, numbering some thousand, were crammed into the expansive Our Lady’s Cathedral. The noise was incredible- thousands of people, including some support staff consisting of nuns and sisters- talking in various tones of confusion, stress, boredom, annoyance, and excitement. A word between two people had to be shouted into the ear, the din combining the heat crushing any who would enter, audible to the guards outside and to anybody who walked within half a mile. All of a sudden, the church bells tolled. First quietly, then growing louder and faster, before becoming a constant clang over the roaring voices of the assembly. The voices died down, listening to the banging of church bells, until as quickly as they came they fell away. The clergy were seated in ascending rows that came down from the sides, as well as up on the second level and in front of the altar. Behind the altar were two ornate and very decorative thrones, one for each patriarch of their respective churches. In between them both, set back, was a large statue of the Virgin Maiden, holding the baby Jesus and looking upwards to the Heavens. The stunning beauty of the thrones and massiveness of the statue was enough to take the breath away of many that visited the cathedral. A stout friar walked in front of the altar, prostrated before it, then rose and bellowed in a loud and strong voice. “All rise.” All present obeyed, a roar echoing out from the action, the creaking of wood accompanying it. The friar paused for a moment before continuing. “In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Esteemed Servants of God, we convene in this holy spot in the Great Synod of Trinity, as ordained by His Most Holiness Pope Gregory VII of the Salvian Church, Vicar of Christ, Successor of the Prince of Peace, Diarchic Pontiff of the Universal Church, Archbishop of Deopolis, jointly with His Most Holiness, Patriarch Hilarius XVI, Bishop of Madrí, Vicar of the Messiah, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Diarchic Pontiff of the Universal Church, Archbishop of Intreimor, Servant of the Servants of God.” The friar paused once more, before beginning to chant, a chorus of nuns and friars joining in. All eyes turned to two different sets of doors on either side of the altar, the chant announcing them like lordly kings, and the many icons and stained-glass windows of saints and other holy people watching with the assembly. The door swung open, a column three across of priests and other holy men began to process out. Many had holy water, sprinkling it on the crowd. Other carried incense, burning it in a spherical chamber closed and attached to a chain, the priests gently swinging it to let the incense burn and waft out into the air. The already hot and stuffed air only worsened as the incense burned and hung over. In the front of both processions came a priest carrying a banner. On both held the Chi-Rho, while each also had another their own sign below it- on the Salvian, a dove, and on the Tacolic, a taco. On both, above the Chi-Rho, had a picture of the Holy Family. Followed behind the banners came the patriarchs, heads bowed and hands clasped in prayer. The banners came in line with the altar before turning towards it, processing to the front of it, and stopping. They hung next to each other, motionless. Some of the processors came to stand in front of some benches in front of the altar- those with incense came to the altar, circled around it while swinging their incense, before finally kissing the altar and standing behind both patriarchs, the smoke continuing to rise into the air. The procession marked the beginning of the synod, a thing that touched any present in the assembly and moved any with just an inkling of faith to devout and pious acts. The Virgin Mary sat quietly, observing the assembly with a caring maternal stare. The patriarchs walked to the front of the altar and prostrated in front of it. The chant finished, and their was total silence. They lay there in prayer for minutes, before finally rising, kissing the altar, and walking behind the altar to their thrones. The assembly sat. Another minute passed before Pope Gregory rose from his throne and walked towards the front of the altar. He was dressed in his full papal garbs, his hat sitting on top of his bald head and the staff loosely gripped. An older man in his 60s, the pope seemed troubled as he cleared his throat, took a large breath, and began to speak. “My dearest brothers in Christ, Shepard of your flock, you come from the many corners of the wurld. From Iverica to Limonaia, south to Aurelia, to Marenesia, north to Europa, and even the far reaches of Thalassa, you slaves of Christ have come to this most dire and important Synod of our holy Church. For while our Church grows in both faith and outreach, the wurld is simultaneously attacked by evil forces. Wickedness and heresy, from the most evil Lucifer, are cultivated in people and nations around the Eurth. I am of course talking about the ever-growing threats of the Yellow Empire [@Fulgistan] and Sultanate of @Sayf. These nations, home to demon-worship, heresy, sodomy, hedonism, and many other wicked evils, are rapidly expanding, pushing out native Christians, slaughtering them, and spreading their wickedness across the New Wurld. As good Christians, we cannot sit by and let Christian land be taken by the forces of Satan.” His speech continued for much longer- a rallying cry for all Catholics to join their Christian brethren on an attack of wicked evils. Men shifted in their seats attentive to every word that left his lips, nodding in agreement, shaking in anger, or yelling their support. “A crusade, needed to beat back the forces of Hell, must be rallied! The only thing stopping the wickedness of Lucifer from taking over the wurld is God’s only Church! Rally your kings, lords, barons into battle, for they shall be rewarded richly in the kingdom of Heaven! Deus Vult!” At this, the assembly erupted in cheers and shouts, clapping and whooping, the loud din from before returning once more as chatter quickly swept through the assembly once more. The stout friar once more returned to bellow at them to remain silent. Many Iverican cardinals stood and began to list their concerns. (Here Julian paraphrases much of the Iverican Tacolic concerns and the counterarguments, summarizing them in a basic sentence. Authors from after Julian’s death have added in the margins, and with historical context in mind, edited it to fit the many problems they faced in as small a space as possible. This is most likely not what they said.) “We face much civil and political troubles in Iverica. A greater tithe will most certainly upset the populace, and the barons and lords will most undoubtedly be divided over whether to send their men to a crusade.” Other cardinals rose to protest and support these concerns, while still other Tacolic cardinals rose and debated with them, arguing it was for Christendom and that civil and political strife were triumphed by the orders of God and the duel papacy. (Here the writings are faded and illiterate. Looking back on the history, it is known that the cardinals of the Tacolic faith, specifically the Ivericans, remianed privately split throughout the crusade, although those who sided with the Salvians and other Tacolics threw their full support behind it and led barons and lords into battle.) (Julian continues) The debate ran for many hours before both sides had been tired out. The dissenting cardinals submitted. Both pontiffs rose from their seats, and with a nod of approval from the Iverican patriarch, Pope Gregory turned towards the assembly, and cried out. “A papal bull, signed by these Vicars of the Most High, Jesus Christ, declare the crusade to retake the Christian lands and put an end to the Yellow Empire and Sayfi Sultanate, shall bless and declare these crusades a quest of God.” A few assistants came up with a sheet of paper with writing on it, ink, quills, and both pontiffs’ seals as the two signed the document and gave it their seal. “Seek glory in God! Deus Vult!” The assembly erupted, louder then ever before, as the great bells rang out in a courageous call. The screams and cries of the cardinals rang out, heard by those even in the outer reaches of the city a mile away and farther. “Deus Vult! Deus Vult! Deus Vult!”
  3. Hello, and welcome to Eurth! That stuff looks great.
  4. Due to his last term being almost over, and the considerable power wielded by the Bulgenstazi Prime Minister, Bavrov Krusken II has himself decided to attend along with some trusted staff.
  5. The bulk of my RP experience actually comes from the old AOL rooms dedicated to Rhy'Din and the various dice councils like UGC and UAC. I later spent time with an AIM variation called Urth's Legacy. They were character-heavy, much like D&D. In NS, the first half of my career was spent designing and drawing in the LineArt and #Draftroom communities. Those forums were anchored by people like Hogsweat/Questers, Lamoni, Automagfreek, and The Maccabees (Haven, Gholgoth, and Greater Dienstad regions. The second half has been spent in TEP, a defunct UCR called the Kingdom of Alexandria, and most recently in TWP. The biggest obstacle in each comes from the heavy gameplay influence that believes it is fundamentally opposed to roleplay. Here's a recent interview I gave for Escade's Gameplay Magazine. https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1232920 The TWP map I drew, albeit a couple months out-of-date: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1154890 One of my old warships that I'm only now realizing is 10 years old... One last regional map that is currently in the works.
  6. Almas time. We're showing up AND showing out. Your days are numbered, bourgeois lice. Ah, we did bring a hostess gift, as well.
  7. @Rihan Would you like us to tell you right here or in Discord DM's?
  8. Due to the Church seeing you as a "hedonistic state" and therefore what you are hosting as an unholy party, the leaders of Salvia will refuse to attend. Sorry
  9. Well this community has plenty of long time veterans (and I used to think I was a veteran of some sort on NS). Welcome to the community! Excited to see what you'll bring to the table. I would imagine in 12 years in a region as large as The West Pacific he would have some semblance of experience.
  10. Screenshot might be a bit misleading. It's actually rather close to @Seylos and not terribly far from Adaptus.
  11. It is an interesting proposition but seems quite isolating.
  12. "...the treasonous General Morror Kassus continues his march towards the capital. Soldiers of the Fourth Legion engaged his forces on the outskirts of Peldred and have since made a tactical manuver north to the seaport city of Mirek. Praetor Darok stated that the loyalist soldiers fought valiantly and would soon be joined by three additional legions who will place overwhelming force upon the oppositional forces of Kassus. He assured the Senate that Kassus would be arrested soon and brought before the Senate to speak of his crime, and ultimately executed. Several senators of the Jaridan coalition criticized the Praetor for the loss; in particular, Senator Enellis Vellon, saying that "the Praetor, according to information provided to the body on the intended course of action sounded well-thoughtout, only for it to come to pieces because he has no attention span except for when a matter concerns his personal body or possessions." Vellon was joined by Jaridan Consul Alidar Jarok who urged the Praetor to get his military affairs in order and fast, less he lose the support of his coalition." "...in other news, notable vinter and aristocrat Galan Charvanek was found dead at his estate outside the city of Calanistra this morning. He was found dead in his wine cellar by one the family's attendants, Sinda. She notified emergency responders who rushed to the scene and formally pronounced him dead upon arrival. His wife, Liviana, was notified and issued a brief statement saying that "she is deeply sadden by the loss of her longtime partner. She will be greaving for days and will take this time to remember all the good times they had as a couple before arrange proper last rites at the Septum in the center of Calanistra. As Galan's widow, Charvanek will assume total ownership of their joint estate. Praetor Darok, upon hearing the news of Galan's passing, said that "he and the people of the Republic stand with the Charvanek family in this most saddening of times and will ensure that all of Galan's deeds are remembered for all time..."
  13. These are all very good points, the island that Sancti is referencing as us liking is this island to the east of Seylos
  14. "Samura Heavy Industries today broke ground on a new 2.4 million square foot manufacturing complex outside the town of Kikonai. Hideki Samura, the tenth-generation owner of the company, said that the facility will require over 4,300 full-time employees. The products to be manufacturered in the vast campus include electronics, appliances, and a range of chemicals used in metalworks. Kikonai residents have decried Samura for ignoring their demands of relocating the chemical operations elsewhere. A Samura spokesperson said that the company had every right to place its efforts in the town and had gotten the uanimous support of local officials. He additionally stated that the people of Kikonai and surrounding communities would come around as many will have first right to employment when it opens next year." "...a milestone has been reached in the ongoing reconstruction and revitalization efforts of the Shintoko district of Miyako. Ashi, the joint Sato-Elergy consortium, that was awarded the 32 billion Ken tender for the project have begun the construction of the first fifth of new towers that will dominate the surrounding area. Shintoko Station is slated to be closed on January 1st, 2020 but will begin to slowly close two months prior with the beginning of rail diversions to Miyako's two other railway stations. Though Ashi is responsible for most development efforts in the district, the Sato Corporation will build their new 102-story headquarters tower in the heart of the area. Asami Sato, CEO of the company that bears her family's name, is set to break ground on September 1st." "...the militant Takeru Party, which only possesses eight seats in the National Assembly, will be holding a rally in the town of Setana next weekend. The purpose of the rally is to urge the Kipanese people to move away from their 'peaceful' path and undertake a massive rebuilding of its military, in the name of national security - and to reimpose the nation's influence on the colonial holdings it once possessed, only to lose them at the end of the Thalassan War in 1947 as a condition of Kipan's surrender. President Yamazaki has denounced the Takeru Party for their hostile messaging and urged the other oppositional parties to join his Rikken Party in isolating the warmonging party. Though most Rikken supporters find the Takeru unsavory, there are some high-ranking officials and donors who do share some views held by the militant faction..."
  15. Yesterday
  16. You mean "closer partnership," perhaps.
  17. Since it's our first proper Olympics, I am open to such a move -- perhaps for specific event categories... And yes Junior teams on football, and generally other 'team' comeptitions like field hockey, basketball, baseball, etc.
  18. @Rihan Sweet, thanks! I've compiled a list of sports I think my people would be good at, naturally, I am more than ready to RP to earn boni, should such mechanics be introduced (the easiest way would be to introduce point multiplicators, for example, in direct correspondence to written words per competition, whilst keeping it within the limit of 100 points). CC to @Kipan and @Gallambria Also, regarding the football competition, I assume that it's for junior teams, right? I don't know much about this, but iirc Germany always lets its sub 19-year-old teams compete.
  19. I am also going to consider bringing along Enellis Vellon. A ally of political convienence, who will become Proconsul to the soon-to-be Praetor Kassus. And like all Rihannsu politicans, he's someone to keep an eye on.
  20. @Sunset Sea Islands, what a wonderful question to ask. At this moment, I am assuming every nation is participating in every event or at least every major competition category. For those sports that involve 'rounds' like Football or Field Hockey for example, I will do a very quick score generation and whip up matches in the same fashion on the UENA. For most events, I have a points generator, 0-100. The highest number gets gold, second, and third, hence silver and bronze. Now, you asked about would RP'ing help one's success. It could -- as some nations may not want to compete in every event (which is only realistic for the largest nations). If there are events that you would like a better 'chance' like I have more 'swimming strength' than 'weightlifting strength,' tell me and we can talk about it. I do hope that most nations are able to come away with a few medals. Though for the Little Flau team I mentioned in the intro, they are only able to win, well, so many given the size of their team.
  21. Do I hear ̶̶h̶̶o̶̶m̶̶o̶̶s̶̶e̶̶x̶̶u̶̶a̶̶l̶̶ ̶̶n̶̶e̶̶o̶̶f̶̶e̶̶u̶̶d̶̶a̶̶l̶̶i̶̶s̶̶t̶̶i̶̶c̶̶ ̶̶a̶̶n̶̶a̶̶r̶̶c̶̶h̶̶o̶̶-̶̶c̶̶a̶̶p̶̶i̶̶t̶̶a̶̶l̶̶i̶̶s̶̶t̶̶ ̶̶m̶̶a̶̶r̶̶r̶̶i̶̶a̶̶g̶̶e̶̶s̶ potential company mergers?
  22. Ah right, the Kidney islands, iirc. Forgot about that, sorry, Fulgers.
  23. Welcome! The Astor family has certainly made a name for itself. Glad to welcome one of them in our community. Do you have any RP experience?
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