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    In the Shadows

    Inspecting the Troops: Part 1 Garenah: a vibrant farming community amongst dozens that dotted the Aihai, fertile plains of waving grain and abundant fruit and citrus trees. Though most people here were farmers, it was the headquarters the 10th Legion. At the gates of the vast military base swayed the eagle banners. The sun was shining and a car approached - Morror Kassus decided to inspect the troops. "General Approaching! (Daeus mreiyar!)" echoed throughout the camp. The guards at the gates stood at attention and saluted to their hero as he drove by. Soldiers lined the road that ran the length of the complex. It was double-walled and at the center: Kassus's headquarters, the legion's treasury, and armory. With Morror was Kalenna, the most senior colonel, and the commanding officer of the veteran 1st Regiment. Alongside them was Antor Relek, the senior centurion. Morror commented, "the soldiers seem restless," speaking to the two. "They want to get into the fight," Relek responded. Soldiers both new and old cheered as they passed. "They'll all have their chance, soon enough," Kassus said in kind, Kalenna interjected, "the Praetor is being foolish for not using us in the Enolian campaign, we're the most experienced legion in the entire Army and what are they doing? Sitting around, doing nothing." Morror stopped her. "The 10th will play a part. Do not despair. We'll have an opportunity to remind the People of our valor." He glanced out the car and saw one formation. "Driver, pull over." The car came to a halt and the three got out. In front of them was a ter'val, led by a recently promoted centurion. "What is your name sergeant?" "Omal Takvi sir," he responded. "Centurion Relek spoke highly of you," commented Kassus. "Are you and your men when the call to serve is made?" "Yes sir! Just say the word and my men and those of our company will march to glory." "Good man," Morror said, "Relek, give these men an extra ration tonight," he instructed. Antor nodded and took note to talk with the kitchens. The three get back in the car and continued inwards. After passing several more barracks, they reached the gates of the inner compound, guarded by the 'Guards of the Fort' (Moriari ih'Sæmna), his personal bodyguard, made up of only the most veteran men in the entire army unit. Awaiting them in front of his headquarters was the Weaponsmaster (Rianov) and the other regimental colonels. "How was your drive the capital," asked one of the gathered. "Rather quiet," he responded, "helped me to just enjoy the scenery," getting out of the car, "but enough idle chatter, everyone, please come in," he ordered. Inside the two-story building, of stucco and tiled roof, was Kassus's more spartan home away from his home in Rateg. His quarters were above while the main conference room, communications office, and other offices were on the ground floor. The conference table had been prepared: papers bound, tablets linked. Two pots of Maurdivian coffee were primed. They had been called to discuss internal troop readiness and information obtained by Kassus from General Rendak concerning the Enolian conflict. "We have a great deal to talk about, take your seats..." The meeting would last three hours. "...while we are not 'actively' deployed, I want all units to be at the ready until further notice," instructed Kassus. "All units will maintain a twice-daily training program, and all units will participate in a shooting range exercise every week." The Weaponsmaster began drawing up a schedule. "I want all regiments to have readiness reports daily, any questions?" Colonel Joras Morek of the 4th Regiment spoke up, "the Praetor needs to deploy us now. The 8th Legion is in no position to take Duronom. It's like you said, the conflict will drag on if we cannot take out their supply chain, being fed by dubious Asgeirrians." "The Phi'Tlaru are currently tracking down those individuals and negate that situation. I told Colonel Varak this in the car ride out here, the Legion will have its opportunity. Soon enough." Seeing no further questions, he dismissed the group. He watched each of them leave, stopping Colonel Imos Durak of the 7th Regiment. "Congratulations on your engagement to Dara." Imos thanked him, "most appreciated," he responded. "Getting married next year in sight of Karethvek." Morror cared about his men from the senior staff to the lowest soldier. He knew the power of loyalty and it was that bond that made his legion the best in the entire army. After the other colonels had left, all who remained were in the Weaponsmaster and Colonel Varak. "There are two further pieces of business to discuss, the first involves you Avor," looking at the camp's foremost logistician. "I have forwarded funds to Sukkar Marrus, the CEO of Aishkurænd Rheilhhu Rihana, to procure production rights to a range of weaponry from Adaptus which will give us an edge over our enemies, can you please follow up with Sukkar and get that effort moving as quickly as possible?" Weaponsmaster Nerik nodded in acknowledgment. "I looked at the specs you had gotten from Minister Valdran last time and they are quite nice. It will give us a tremendous advantage over the Enolian Guard. If we can't get the rights, I'll see what we can do about outfitting as many of the men as possible with them." Morror was content and excused him. And then there was Varak, "for the last piece of business, it's not martial - it's political," he said. She nodded. "I have Kaya looking into Senator Charvanek's activities," Kalenna reported. "It is always good to have some friends in the Phi'Tlaru," commented Morror, "Livana will need to be dealt with, eventually." Varak put Morror at ease. "Don't worry. Kaya has never failed you." Kassus smiled. He liked hearing that. "Then I'll leave it to you to get to bottom of, we'll talk more on it when she has some dirt," he remarked. Kalenna proceeded to get up and was almost out of the conference room when she stopped and turned back her superior, who was now getting surrounded by officers feeding him intelligence packets and memos from Central Command. She stared at him, imposed against the massive map in the background. She said to herself, "a true leader."
  3. Youtabonia

    Youtabonian National News

    Capital City Officially Renamed The Mayor of Cinigrad Avery Ray and Vice-President Turner in an combined federal and local broadcast announced that the Federal District of of Cinigrad would unified with the bordering city of Farbanti, a part of the State of November Island, combining into the Federal District of Cinigrad-Farbanti. Effective Immediately, the area of and around Farbanti has been ceded to the Capital District. Farbanti, once one of the most powerful of the Youtabonian city-states, has now been bordered by Cinigrad with little to no dividing lines between them. Talks of annexation began as early the 1980's but had been stalled due to "cultural history" but talks progressed in late 2018 when Cinigradi officials offered to rename the city and district to include both names, and the funding for a Farbanti historical and cultural museum.
  4. Rihan

    Tlaru Aihrifv Rheilhhu

    "...this is Borak with today's headline news. The Health Ministry (Hifvarhdæsn), led by Doctor Lora Jildon, will begin investing 6.5 billion Chaks over 5 years in major hospitals, local clinics, optimized patient flows, new medical technology, and essential research into advanced treatments and medicines. Jildon stated that her Ministry was still developing a more comprehensive budget for the Republic's healthcare service, the Dræd'et, and will present her recommendation to the relevant Senate committee next month..." "...Kovex Heavy Industries (Diadænzohem u'Kovex) has been selected by the Rateg City Council (Ekhiel ih'Sivas Rateg) to construct 100,000 units of proper housing. The area that will be developed has long been considered a slum by the local authorities. Rateg's population is expected to grow over the next decade, like many of the major urban centers of Rihan, and the Council insisted that it needed to get ahead of the curve. This also coincides with the anticipation of the construction of over two dozen factories hiring nearly 75,000 employees over the same time period. Residents have been assured by the authorities that they will be consulted on the project over its lifespan. Local police units were called in to maintain order in the city center..." "...our brave men and woman continue their advance into Enolia, having achieved victory after victory against the cowardly and uncivilized Enolians. Soldiers of the 8th Legion have made good progress along the coast while their colleagues in the 3rd Legion are moving east in the Thalak Hills. Each legion's key objectives have been made confidential at this time but elements of the Navy's expeditionary fleet was seen leaving port early this morning, indicating they will be playing a role in the ongoing conflict. The Defense Ministry has asked all loyal citizens to keep our soldiers in their thoughts and to make donations towards supporting our forces in the field..."
  5. Orioni

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    Name of Company: Grindr Coffee LLC Type of Business: Harvesting, processing, resale of whole-bean coffee; grounded instant coffee; recycling Nation of Origin: Oris province, Asehayi region, Orioni What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? Roasting, grading for the Argic market, storage Number of Workers to be recruited locally: 200 Number of visiting workers to be based there: 50
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  7. Rihan

    The Eagle and the Leopard

    Mathon paid attention to every single word Eugenios had said. "A mission sounds modest but there is nothing saying it couldn't elevate to a proper embassy in due time. I merely propose such a minor step in the name of protecting both my own actions here in Rihan and for the Emperor who I am sure will have to deal with some level of criticism from the Church that doesn't exactly...approve of us. I think the cultural exchange is a good mechanism to test the waters under the auspices of a proper arrangement and if successful, it would warrant much more 'coordinated' deliberations." "I may need the militant Jaridan and the deviously wealthy Nej'ahar to get many of my proposals through but when they consist of men and woman who would rather take a blunt approach to solve a problem - either through the barrel of a rifle or through the sacks of money - it isn't always the right method. Now, as you are aware, I am a military man myself, a long career in the Navy before being appointed the Praetorship, this sounds counter. I may be a political man now, and surely you may not believe what I am about to say but I never 'clawed' for the position. I accepted it because it was my duty to serve. I do not formally pronounce my political alignments in the Senate in the name of safeguarding the Republic - above all. The Suketh may be a small contingent of the Senate membership, they are right. I privately consulted many of them in the early days of my tenure - and this meeting is the product of such discussion and debate." "Rihan may be as far away as the rest of Eurth and it some ways, that is a good thing in the name of maintaining the stability of the Republic, but as you said, no one nation survives on its own. Since my ascention to the position, I've taken far greater steps at continental affairs than many Praetors before me, only concerning themselves with Aurelia overall when there was a situation that was too...complex for our own address. Today, the Rihannsu and Kirvinska are as close as we've ever been. The Phi'Tlaru has been quite useful in probing the wider globe in keeping us abreast of developments abroad. I do respect Arhomaneia cause of keeping Europa at least at some level of stability," another boost few other Praetors would say unless it was meant to get something, "and I am aware of a great many things many governments would not like us to know," he gave a slight chuckle. "In regards to the cultural exchange," he moved towards the first trigger that would reconnect former complements, "the definitive program would probably center around nationally-sponsored trips. I'd like to say we could do an exposition but I have the sense that many in the Church who may want to suppress some of our 'creativity' but I think you can work out the final format with Senator Pranana and the Civilization Minister. Obviously embarking on this type of arrangement would involve some revisions in visa policy between us and the establishment of protocols that our two nations would uphold in the spirit of making this a success." He knew Eugenios would bring up the one difficulty in pulling such an exchange up. "You do not need to apologize for being flippant," he began, "I don't think these exchanges would be quite so 'popular' but perhaps targeting them to particularly 'enlightened' individuals - academics, of culture. Yes, there will be detractors, as will be the case here, but nothing should stop us from making a complete attempt. And I am prepared to spend political capital to make it happen. I am by far a more liberal politician than you may find in the Senate. Yes, the three-hundred men and woman of the chamber will be a challenge. But I've succeeded in getting numerous reforms through in some rather unconventional ways." Terix had noticed at this point that the coffee pot was empty following Eugenios' pouring a final cup. Mathon quickly moved it out of the way to a side table. "It will be hard. But," he paused, leaning back in his chair, templing his hands, making his guest curious about the hand gesture. "Recognition must happen. And it will happen." The clock, placed on the opposite of the room, struck ten. The moon shined brightly in the sky, the crescent fully visible in the cloudless night.
  8. Tagmatium Rules

    Laren Environmental Conference

    The queen seemed to be slightly put out that there were only a handful of delegates attending the conference, more or less one from each continent. It was perhaps disappointing that none of the nations that might be considered major players from either Argis or Alharu had come, although Julia did seem hopeful that there might be a few stragglers. Narses thought that was unlikely, but it would be unfair to dash the Morheimian monarch's hopes by saying something about that. It was a shame, certainly, that none of the bigger players could have sent representatives. The Megas Logothetes hoped that this was more down to prejudice against the Queendom for some unidentified reason, rather than an unwillingness to recognise that climate change was a problem for all of Eurth. Although he definitely suspected that many just didn't care. “Even if there aren't many of us here, your majesty, then I am sure that we will nonetheless be able to set an example that all abide by,” replied Narses, returning the queen's smile, although again it was probably hidden by his beard. “God be willing, of course. And I don't doubt that He will look favourably on this endeavour.” He accepted the offered tea cup and it looked almost like a doll's in his large hand and he took a biscuit in the other. Taking a bite from the biscuit, he sat and listened whilst Queen Julia outlined her vision. It didn't sound too unreasonable – that is, it was similar to policies that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion was already putting into place, or had been in place for some time. The fishing quotas were proving to be the most controversial in Arhomaneia, especially the northern, coastal areas, for obvious reasons. The counterargument that had been put forward for several years was that no other nation was really taking advantage of the fish in the Fillipou Thalassa – the Kosscow Sea – and therefore there were more than enough to go around. What that really meant was that fishing vessels based in Tagmatium were the only ones with an organised navy to back them up. “The main issue, of course, will be getting other nations to agree to whatever it is that we agree here,” said Narses, knowing that he was going to sound unduly pessimistic. The minister-priest really didn't want to. The atmosphere at this conference should be one of hope at a bright future, not one of doom and gloom. Plus Julia was so young and it seemed like kicking a puppy to bring her down. “As Minister Shoshan says, Rihan will be the best bet for getting the rest of Aurelia in line behind whatever we agree here. I cannot, of course, say the same for Europa. I shall get my government to lobby the main nations in Europa to undertake what we agree to here – the Beautiful Empire, the Grand Federate Imperium are but two whose presence would have been useful. It is the smaller nations, the ones that are isolationist, at best, that will prove the most difficult. I can suggest that any future trade agreement between my country and those has the preconditions of agreeing to some aspects of any green policies, but it will possibly end up being seen as a bigger nation bullying smaller ones.” That was something that Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion would have little problem with, Narses knew. Both from the fact that Tagmatium had few qualms about throwing its weight around and it saw itself as the guardian of God's creation. Enforcing unequal treaties wouldn't be above what Tagmatium would do, especially since it could then be justified as being for the good of Eurth. That wasn't really something that he wanted to mention here. It just sounded a bit shitty, really. “I must also echo the statement of Ambassador Anaka with regards to expenses. As you're undoubtedly aware, your majesty, my government has some... significant international commitments right now, and they require a lot of attention.” That sounded mealy mouthed, even to Narses, but he really didn't want to sidetrack anything right now. The Arhomaniki forces in one of Morheim's neighbours could be a sore topic, especially since one of other delegates was from the government of Tikva. “We, that is, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, would be very happy to share ideas and technology. The Megas Agios Basileia has made great headway in recent towards the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels and we are definitely willing to pool resources with other nations in order to bring the rest of Eurth in line with that. I will make sure that capital is freed up when possible to start putting it towards either this 'Green Bank', helping other nations with setting up renewable energy technology or similar.” Narses took another sip of his tea. It sounded likely empty promises, even to him. It wasn't what he wanted to do, but all that the could do right now. War was expensive, after all. And not very good for the environment, either. “And Minister Shoshan is likely correct that the oil-producing nations will take a dim view of any attempts to break from what they sell. Frankly,” he leaned forward in his chair, taking on an almost conspiratorial air, “we'll have to tell them to put it where the sun doesn't shine. Otherwise we won't get anywhere. Worst comes to the worst, we might have to think about trading oil amongst ourselves, if they threaten to pull the plug on us. That does sound counterproductive, I know, but if it is done with all profits being either put into this 'Green Bank' or towards renewable sources, that we could then effectively wean ourselves off of oil, and help show that any and all nations could break away from the dependency on it.” It perhaps wasn't the greatest idea ever, Narses would be the first to concede that. But they were at the stage in this conference where they were sharing ideas and it was about the only thing that he could think of off of the top of his head that could be an alternative to a continued reliance on the oil-producing nations.
  9. Limonaia

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    Limonaian Airlines probably fly to Harel (If Alayon isn't the main airport) and Baghdad
  10. Orioni

    Timos Prize

    2018 Timos prizes Good afternoon. The Timos Foundation Committee has decided to award this year's prize for 2018 to the following people and organisations. These laureates have made a crucial contribution to focussing attention on their respective fields. The work of the 2018 Timos Laureates also included promoting freedom of speech, as well as supporting economic innovation and preserving vulnerable ecozones. Peace Prize: President Diego Polo of @Mauridiviah Timos Prize in Economic Sciences: the @Morheim Trade & Industry Zone Timos Prize in Journalism: the reporters of the @Prymont News Network Timos Prize in Environmental Science: the ISTC mission at Simon Station (OOC: this should have been posted in December after we finished our 2018 RP awards. I overlooked that and making up for it now.)
  11. Orioni

    BS News Channel

    Good evening to all my smart viewers out there. You're watching BS News. I'm Bron Urgundy, coming to you live from San Cristobal. DO YOU READ the Medani Monitor? Well, you should. Because they have the best words. Especially this weekend edition, which features a column by yours truly. We all know 2019 will be an important year for Orioni. With the upcoming elections. It's important to be well informed. Here at Big Story News, we bring you the truth, fair and balanced, so you can make up your own mind.
  12. Orioni

    Medani Monitor

    Government needs to end the monarchy A column by Bron Urgundy. SAN CRISTOBAL, @Mauridiviah -- There is a close relationship between the monarchy and the government. While the Sibiseba makes all important decisions in modern times, the Empress still gives “final approval” and signs off on all of our laws. But Empress Joni shouldn’t get involved in the running of government and we expect her political neutrality. Something you might not know about the Empress and her relationship to the government is that the line of succession is in fact determined by the constitution. This means technically the government could just decide not to have a successor and the monarchy would die with the current monarch. But it wouldn’t be that simple. For centuries we have interwoven the monarchy and government. And so abolishing it would require a change in the constitution, which would be a long and controversial process. There are those like myself that would prefer to see it happen. The republican movement in Orioni announced it would campaign in the 2019 elections to make the case for holding a referendum on the future of the Imperial Household. It was possible in the @Sunset Sea Islands. So why not here? Ripebiliki is a grassroots organisation which has over 10.000 members and 50.000 supporters. The organisation makes the argument that our monarchy is not a “harmless tourist attraction” but instead has a history of abusing public finances and intruding in politics. Hiram Simizi, leader of the Ripebliki, says his organisation will hold a referendum as soon as possible once the people elect his party to the Sibiseba. He believes a period of transition of 12 months will provide enough time to settle all affairs and transform Orioni into a functional and more democratic republic. I support the ideas of Mr Simizi. The concept of monarchy is outdated. The people deserve a new start. At first, it may feel slightly odd, perhaps even jarring for many people. But many people will also support a change in the head of state. Think about it. We’ve got this Empress being elevated above us without debate or even our say into what’s going on. The concept of inheriting a job is ancient and no longer of this time. We’d be doing the Empress a great favour by ridding her of these shackles she was born into. And in fact, for those of you who remember their history, we‘ve done away with the monarchy once before in our history. In the 1000s and 1100s, we abolished the monarchy and exiled the Empress. This was the beginning of the Medan Rehabilitation. Sadly, the Monarchy was restored after 1174 by the renegade and traitor Seymond Adhamed.
  13. Seylos

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    VISA APPLICATION FORM Requirement: No visa required Max. duration: 30 days for vacation/holiday only. Health requirements: Up do date immunization. TOURISM GUIDE Top cities: Selboune, Norfolk, Aberystwyth, Dunblane Sights worth seeing: Seylosian Royal Palace Grounds, Alban High Top Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Cliffs of Swansea Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Cultural events taking place: Great Annual Selbourne Pub Crawl, Getting around: Light Rail (In cities), National Rail System, Local Bus Systems, Selbourne International Airport, Norfolk International Airport Local cuisine: Alban Haggis, Anglian Beers, Anglian Pub Food, Cymru Crempog Sleeping: Selbourne National, Celtis Hotels, Cottage accommodations of Kirkwall
  14. Seylos

    Limonaian Diplomatic Communications

    *Encrypted Communique* From: King Aidan Redmond of the Kingdom of Seylos To: Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Margherita Desiderata I di Cabrena of Limonaia Derthalen has long been a thorn in our side both as a military and economic threat in the form of piracy. For some time the Kingdom of Seylos has been preparing for action of our own. We believe that a cooperation between our two nations in paramount in importance. If Limonaia is ready to begin such action, the Seylosian Armed Forces will join in this endeavor. Our air, naval and army bases are open for the Limonaian military to begin military preparations, for which we believe should begin immediately. Our top defense officials will be contacting your own to facilitate this quantity of military assets in our country.
  15. Kipan

    NBK: National News from Kipan

    "...relations between the Kipanese Islands and Fulgistan have slowly but steadily improved since the transition from Imperial to democratic governance. President Yamazaki has made it a priority, alongside bettering ties with Oriental and Thalassan states, during his tenure. NBK has been informed that an official invitation has been extended by the President to General-Secretary Almas to visit the Islands at the beginning of spring. The Foreign Ministry stated that "the meeting of these two states will result in not only further burgeoning relations but open up new opportunities between the countries that will lead to long-term friendship and cooperation." The Ministry also said, "they believed the state visit would be productive for both parties..." "...in business news, the Sato Corporation announced the concept of a fuel cell electric car, currently denoted as the S6 in reporting documents. The affordable electric car discussed last month will be put on sale this summer at a cost of 34,400 Ken. Due to the short window between the start of production and initialization of sales, the Corporation has been actively working with municipalities [including the Miyako Metropolitan Corporation] on the installation of thousands of charging points throughout the country. When asked when the fuel cell car would ready for testing, a corporate spokeswoman said: "we anticipate testing of this concept by the beginning of 2020." CEO Asami Sato walked into the conference halfway through and shared that she would be directly involved in the development of the S6."
  16. Tikva

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    Saw the tag: I do fly Harel-Limone. I do fly Miyako, Kipan to Tikva but I think Arkhavn is tad far for the fleet I'd roughly have but eh, if Andallan Airlines wants to fly that route, I don't dispute it.
  17. Tikva

    A Change in the Wind

    To: The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: Prime Minister Jakob Lasker and the Government ***CONFIDENTIAL*** The news from Aluxia, and our mission in the capital, Vardin continues to be grim. In light of the information being given to us concerning the conditions in Chukba, I have instructed the Tzahal to expeditiously prepare scenarios that we may be able to execute upon. Over the nine-day period, we were able to transport nearly 30,000 and their limited belongings from Aluxia to Tikva. As I am sure you saw in the Observer, my Government has committed to spending over a billion shekels to ensure their time in the country is as normal as possible. It is our hope that we can secure another, and perhaps longer, window so that we can get more people who wish to do so, out of the country. The Imperial administration has been uncooperative on that front. However, should we ever get that opportunity again, we should discuss identifiers now so that the airlifting operation is not in any way delayed. I have ordered General Boris Malkin, he himself a native Aluxian who emigrated to Tikva in the 1960s, to provide me with around-the-clock information on the Aluxian Civil War and will be on-hand to act as our liaison should we elevate our engagement in the conflict. Presently, he should discuss matters with the Tagmatine military for additional intelligence and recon reports.
  18. Ahrana

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    VISA APPLICATION FORM * Requirement: yes * Max. duration: 90 Days * Health requirements: just in good general health TOURISM GUIDE * Top cities: Moskovo, Peterburi, Vulgus Supra, Strasburg, Thorvis * Sights worth seeing: People's Palace, Old Imperial Palace, Monarchs Palace, Palace of Justice, Palace of the Presidium, Legislative Palace, People's Square, Peterburi Palace and many more. * Cultural events taking place: May Day (1st of May), Revolution Day (5th of August), Founding Fathers Birthday (1st of February), New Year's Celebration 31st December-12 January), Christmas (24th-30th December) * Getting around: Multiple Airlines two International Hubs, Taxis in the big cities * Local cuisine: Try it all * Sleeping: Standard Rate just don't use a Derthland Accent or begin with I'm a foreigner. Most rooms are cheep and very nice.
  19. Tikva

    A Change in the Wind

    Chukba The ground was littered with artillery shells, munition rounds, the rotting corpses of dead Imperial and Democratic forces. The Shai had walked right into a hellish landscape. They had made every attempt to get to the city before the FAA offensive had begun but some less than cooperative Imperial officials had waylaid them along the main road, constantly citing non-existent orders or 'payments' that needed to be transacted for passage. It was clear to the contingent's leader that some members of the Imperial Army had decided to set up their own 'fiefdoms' to run rackets, namely to gather as much money as they could before the end of the civil war, there they'd flee from the country and settle down on some sunny, southern island, far from the chaos that would engulf the entire country at the end. "The smell is horrendous," commented one of the agents. Their leader smacked on the face. "You are a wimp. You've seen far worse in other parts of the world, if not in our own backyard in the Valley," he said. "Get it together." That was the end of the constructive criticism over their location. "How far away are we from Chukba?" "5-6 miles at most, it's on the other side of that ridge," responded the agent entrusted with the map. The location they were presently standing at was supposed to be the meeting point with the FAA contact. "Clearly we aren't meeting here," skimming the battlefield. "We cannot risk using the radios for the time being," said another agent. "I spy an Imperial contingent approaching our position from our rear. It must be from that awful commander we had to deal with this morning. He must be annoyed we didn't pay him enough for passage." "We cannot stay here, we're much safer hiding amongst the people of the city itself. We need to get the Great Sakak of Chukba, now." Raphael snatched the map from his colleague, pointing out a route. Okay, follow me and stay close. This is a live warzone," he commented, pulling out his pistol. "We'll connect with the FAA - not directly, but through Kuzhe Mikel Levitin himself. Let's move out."
  20. Tagmatium Rules

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    You never cease to amaze.
  21. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    TWELVE KERLIAN STATE MINISTERS SENTENCED FOR TREASON Pictured: Former Minister-President of Kerlia, Matvey Konech (right) at his sentencing. After a lengthy legal process, federal courts have sentenced 12 former Kerlian state representatives for various charges, including treason and conspiracy. Former Minister-President Matvey Konech, who was among the twelve accused, has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with a chance for parole. Konech's five-year sentence was the lengthiest issued, which has caused him to file a formal appeal for re-sentencing under his insistence that he played an insignificant role in the dissident movement that authorized the illegal Kerlian independence referendum. Three other co-conspirators received 3-year sentences while the remaining eight were sentenced to 2 years imprisonment, all with a chance for parole. Kerlia's provisional government, still controlled by its judiciary court, has announced that it has scheduled parliamentary- and presidential elections for February and March respectively. The State Executive Emergency Committee will hold one final debriefing before it will be dissolved on the 31st, officially marking the end of the Kerlian crisis. -David Fitzgerald 20 January 2019, Federal Herald  
  22. Andalla

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    I'll break this down leg by leg, but it looks like quite a solid plan. Orioni - SSI: Perfect. This would be an extremely important trans-Oriental route so there wouldn't be any shortage of flights to choose from. SSI - Andalla: Another high-demand route, perhaps one of the most travelled air routes in Thalassa. Andalla - Tikva: Not unlikely, though we haven't really talked. Perhaps we could mutually operate services to each other. Tikva - Limonaia: Tikva's El Al or Air Limone would most likely be the only major airlines serving this route. Limonaia - Sayf: Quite a weird combination, but considering Sayf has all the oil, I'm sure they'd be pretty agressive when it comes to making new routes. Sayf - Fulgistan: I'd imagine this would be a somewhat busy route? Fulgistan - Oyus: Oyus positions himself as a tourist center, so this route is fine. Oyus - Mauridiviah: Same as the above, more or less. Mauridiviah's proximity to Thalassa would make Oyus a less likely destination, perhaps only for the upper class. Mauridiviah - Orioni: Definitely the longest flight on this list, but I think any Aamotech Slankstråle could fly this. It wouldn't be such a high-demand route but I'm sure Oriental Airlines would be operating this. All in all, solid plan. I might just need to ask @Tikva to confirm with the flights. Do take into consideration regional transport hubs, which connect far more destinations than usual. I'm looking at cities like Arkhavn, Canastota, Altaria and Ferrefaaierhafen. But that's up to you, since low-cost airlines tend to instead operate cheap direct routes with small aircraft instead of passing through a big expensive hub. That, or they pass through a smaller hub instead. By the way — got a big school project due soon, plus some other extracurricular projects. But I'm on the last leg of my travel guide, so don't worry!
  23. Orioni

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    Alrighty. 30 days is enough for this first planning. It looks like Mr Simizi can follow a clear route. Here's the travel itinerary he's going to follow. Andalla Tikva Limonaia Sayf Fulgistan Oyus Mauridiviah Sunset Sea Islands @Andalla Do these flying distances make sense? I'm especially interested in (1) the first flight from Orioni via Andalla to Tikva, and (2) the last flight back from Mauridiviah via SSI. See this route.
  24. Orioni

    2nd Antargic Council meeting

    Prologue It had been over 12 months since the Antargic Treaty was signed. A historic moment for all nations and organisation taking part. Individual nations such as @Girkmand and Eurofuhrer. And international organisations such as ISTC and EOS. Notably absent from the discussion were ATARA and the newly formed Aurelian League. The original Antargic Regulation Treaty of Human Activities (ARTHA) established the ground-rules for operating on Antargis. The treaty included a clause of dividing the continent into spheres of influence. But the participants never discussed it where exactly those spheres would begin and end. That would become more clear now. 10:00h EOS Island HQ Mrs Anna Hackney was still the EOS permanent representative from Orioni. Her fourth year on the job, actually. She had presided over the first meeting and would do so again now. That much was sure. Her working relationship with Sir Andrew Pipkin, the councillor of foreign affairs, was still good. And this year‘s elections would be a good moment for her promotion to a higher position. Depending of course on how well this conference would go. All signatories to the Antargic Treaty were invited. Mrs Hackney was glad to see them again. Some still looked tired from their long flight to southeastern Europa. But a good dose of morning coffee would surely reinvigorate their wits. “Ladies and gentlemen,” Anne opened, “Welcome to this second meeting of Antargic Council. The signing of our original Antargic Treaty in 2017 was a major milestone in many ways. Not only did it provide an opportunity for wide-scale international co-operation in physical sciences. Its Antargic activities provided encouragement for an international treaty setting the continent aside for peace and science.” “1st item on the agenda: research report. Since our first conclave, some first actions have already been undertaken. Two Antargic research stations were established. Slavia-1 was established by @The Eurofuhrer. And Simon station was built by the ISTC. We look forward to a scientific report from both stations on their experiments and findings.” "2nd item on the agenda: zone management. I would like to open up article 05 of the Antargic Treaty for discussion. This article includes:" 05 - Zone Management The Antargis Continent shall be defined in 24 zones, each representing one timezone of Earth. Within these zones, a Nation, Organization or international cooperation shall be appointed Responsible for the environmental protection of the said zone and securisation from non-scientific or illegal activities, along with respecting the Venège Convention and basic human laws.
  25. Orioni

    [OOC] Scramble for Antargis

    Right. Since no-one else responded to my multiple calls for another nation to host, I'll step up and just do it myself. All previous participants are automatically invited to the debate. Everyone else, including the Aurelian League, may, of course, complain how their absence from the table is a complete and utter scandal. Our story continues here: Two major topics for this meeting: Share how your stations are doing; Decide the zone management. One minor topic: Location of the next meeting.
  26. Last week
  27. @Alenveil I'm happy for someone to mention archaeologists from Prymont visiting to inspect. If anyone wants to go into a bit more detail, they're more than welcome to message me on Discord to discuss it. Sorry I'm not around to write about it, it seems an interesting RP.
  28. A good 48 hours had passed at this point, and serious analysis of the unknown vessel was starting to be returned. It had been determined that the heavy oxidisation seemed to be stagnant. As in, the oxidisation process had stopped, and not continued beyond a specific point in time. More interestingly, was a carbon dated samples from the ship, seemed to indicate the vessel was many thousands of years old. Investigators had, as such, declared the findings as inconclusive. Similar investigations around the captured prisoner were also yielding interesting results. An increased level of aggression was noted by the captive, as time gone on. Provisions offered to the captive were all ignored, with the exception of water. In which the prisoner seemed to have a fervour for. Eventually, the medical crew on board the Salamis were forced to sedate the captive, due to the highhanded aggression. Faustia sat alone at her desk in her quarters. Only one dim light gave the room a sense of life, that and the muted tones of conversation. "...In summary, the situation seems peculiar. I'd like permission to investigate further. I haven't disclosed the findings to Agamanon yet, I thought best to directly report to the High City." Faustia's voice was heavy with seriousness. An unmistakable tone returned from the dim light. "You were right to inform Aedesia. We've pulled you from Agamanon's operations, and given you cover. He is unaware. I've authorised a contingent of Apostles to rendezvous with you in the next few days. Two agents will arrive. They will be directly under the command of Aedesia, but you have the right to utilise them as you see fit. I'd like you to maintain control of the Seylosians, and Fulgistanis. They know of this, make sure, they keep it quiet. I've ordered the Informationes Officium Bellica to begin off-info operations to limit the spread of this incident. You're the sole responsibility of this operation now Faustia. Because of the nature of this, we're limited in the scope of support we can offer, that being said. You have our full backing. Use the measures you have to hand in anyway possible. We will support you." "Thank you Augustus." The light dissipated. And Faustia was now alone in the lifeless room again. Contemplating the scenario she was in.
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