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  2. The Election is over! After four days of stump speeches, tense back-room negotiations, and political deal-making, we have a brand new office-holder: Congratulations to WA Secretary-General @@JGConfig::nice_name("kuriko", 2)@@! This Election saw the introduction of Running Mates, so for the first time we also have a nation ready to step forward should the situation demand it: Vice Secretary-General @@JGConfig::nice_name("the_salaxalans", 2)@@. I have to say, this was an amazingly positive and good-spirited campaign period. Well done to everyone who participated, whether you ran for office, boosted for a candidate, or just tossed in a vote! And thank you to outgoing WA Secretary-General @@JGConfig::nice_name("Caelapes", 2)@@, who, you have to say, didn't put a foot wrong during a fine four years in office. View the full article
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  4. Since @Orioni included Alvernia in the last map update, I’m taking that as approval for Part II to begin and I am writing the beginning of the RP right now. Alvernia is not to be considered part of Salvia until the conclusion of the RP. It is not yet part of Salvia, it is still its own independent state.
  5. To: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva From: Kera Eka Lam of the @Oyus Matriarchy This communique has been encrypted and is considered confidential Dear Dina, We were honestly surprised after receiving your response earlier this week. However, we were warmed by it and the prospect of promoting closer relations between the Matriarchy and Het Huisselant. Very few responses have come back, and even fewer favorable ones. It isn't what we expected from this process at all. The reality is we vastly overestimated how well received our invitation to closer relations would be, and in a rather original format if I may say. After some discussion and deliberation, we have begun to fill out the necessary preliminary forms and paperwork to begin the process of adopting a Variotan. I have personally thumbed through some potential children to become part of the family and I can tell that this will be a very illuminating experience just as it will be an enjoyable one. I can say that it is our hope to move through the early parts of this process as quickly as possible as the sooner I can find myself satisfied with the decision, the sooner a Variotan can find the love and care it deserves in the matriarchy and the sooner I can begin to prepare them for their future. Even with the famed masterwork of Variotan plastic surgeons, one simply does not become younger under the hood. We look forward to visiting Variota soon and shall be in touch when we are completely prepared. Perhaps we can also have talks on other matters including increased and favorable commerce between our countries. Nothing like a little one-stop shopping in addition to the party I expect and hope to enjoy when I do visit. Warm regards, Eka Lam Kera of the Oyus Matriarchy
  6. So effectively little change to the original - basically, Tagmatium is helping your government/people/nation to a more modern/industrialised agricultural sector, partially to help the poor savages but also to try to open up a market for farming machinery, etc and to also benefit from the raw materials of your nation.
  7. I think 'ending slavery' would become more of a hot take phrase used to convince the populous of your nations to get behind funding this random 3rd world tropical nation, the real reasons being more economic in nature as by industrialising Metztli the output of raw low-density metals increases and prices for said metals decrease, making your nation's economic expenses on getting things like Aluminium and Titanium far less, improving the economy. You could also look at it from the prison labour perspective; Metztli has an incentive to get as many people into prisons as it can to use them for forced labour. I didn't touch upon the Prison labour in the first post because I forgot, but it's quite obvious how this can become incredibly exploitative and immoral by the government. Forced labour is still a massive issue just this time it's made to be more realistic, not a black and white issue that can just be hit with a hammer (eg sanctions), which is something the original version should of had happen to it (get sanctions). This new form of slavery is both economically and politically linked, so that economically ruining Metztli will only make the issue worse as more people sell themselves as Tlacotli but also Metztli use more prison labour to compensate for the sanctions. The only real way of removing slavery is by industrialising Metztli and making the current model of Tlacotli unviable and then put the strangle hold on Metztli to reduce/remove Prison labour.
  8. I do like the idea of the CAMs - you mentioned them on Discord and that rattled me down a wikihole I don't think that any other nations have anything similar, so that's pretty good and unique. My question is how this might impact on my government's deal with yours to try to improve your agriculture and/or get rid of slavery within your country? The new model of Tlacotli as opposed to the old model, which was more classical slavery, seems to be a lot less in need of reformation than the "Derth-esque" situation that existed beforehand.
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  10. The only problem with "patching in" threads is that the earlier posts would be placed before newer ones. It would just be easier to make new ones by people using the old text, suitably editted to put in the new names and terminology.
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  12. V's not part of any of the big churches, either, and I don't think he settled that area until the 1400s/1500s. I forgot that everyone's pretty late. The Orthodox/Aroman Church route is likely out - it'd be a bit too much of a culture shift. As an option, there could always be a nation that perhaps was either composed of more Catholic slant of Christianity that perhaps composed a wave of leavers from the Aroman heartlands that went onto found a nation near where Grenesia now is. Their shortlived empire could then have pressured or forced the Grenesian natives to become Christian, but then they themselves either collapsed internally or where crushed by a pseudo-Mongol invasion from deeper into Argis, leaving Grenesia with the religion but no "parent" nation. Messy, certainly, but it's an idea.
  13. Hm. Your distance certainly makes this a pickle. iirc, @Iverica didn’t relocate to the Iberia peninsula (where he is now) until the late 16th century. I don’t know if @Girkmand or @Variota were Christian yet. If they were, great. Problem solved. But if not... then the distance will prove a challenge. I suppose it’s possible for either @Tagmatium Rules or I to convert you (although Tag is Orthodox not Catholic) if nobody in the region is there to.
  14. I suppose the first place to start would be to envision how the conversion process went about? Something along the lines of the IRL Northern Crusades of the Teutonic Order (which apparently left good chunks of the local populations unconverted until the Early Modern Period) or something a bit more top-down, with the local elite converting to the religion after due to consistent pressure from external forces?
  15. Note regarding language and the messy words I'm using: I'm working on a standardised "book" (a giant spreadsheet) of all words I use to maximum consistency.
  16. The Above Average In Size Rose Pink Button (Not as bad as a Big Red Button) I know generally on Eurth doing retcons like these are heavily discouraged, but for the past several months I have been dissatisfied with what I’ve created so far and I think I have found the route problem; past me was shit at worldbuilding. The basis of Metztlitlalio is weak at best and downright missing at worst with nothing properly establishes and conflicting information everywhere, which has made me dispassionate regarding foreign affairs with Metztlitlalio and related newspapers because I’m uncomfortable with what I’ve got behind the scenes. So after some thought I decided the best thing to do would be to entirely wipe all internal mechanisms and parts of Metztlitlalio and begin anew – still based off Mesoamerica and Subsahara Africa of course, but this time with a solid foundation I can work off of. External relationships with other nations will remain the same (unless the other member asks for it to be changed). Name: When Metztlitlalio was originally conceptualized, it was meant to follow history more akin to Japan then a Subsaharan nation, where it was able to push back against colonialism (somewhat) and actually remained mostly independent – leading to the population being almost entirely Aztec/Nahuatl. But of course that's not the Metztlitlalio I sit on now so the name doesn’t make sense. Countries that do host multiple large ethnic groups coming from recent times tend to have names based more of geography or secular names (South Africa, Brazil, Australia-ish, Yugoslavia, Pakistan). Those who have had the large ethnic groups for some time usually have group names (Iran → literally means Aryan). Now calling Metztlitlalio ‘South Alharu’ is a bit… Generic, so I will be going a bit more specific. In Metztlitlalio’s history there is a nation called the South Palu Confederation that existed in the late 1940s. So I might be taking the name. Of course I could remain with a name like Metztlitlalio, but that's an outdated translation and makes me cringe every time I see it now, so I provided a couple alternatives below. Nahua -Metztlitlalio (Land of the Moon, outdated translation) / Metztli -Metztlitlalpan (Land of the Moon, accurate translation) / Metztli -Metztlitlaca (People of the Moon) / Metztli -Cotonquitlalpan (Land of the Waning (Moon) / Land of the Crescent) / Cotonqui -Tualtepenehuac (Our Community/Nation’s Dominion) / Tualte -Tucuauhtictepeh (Our Tall Mountains) / Tucuauh -Cotonquiyotl (Crescent Empire) / Cotonqui Limonaian / Cristinese -Mezzaluna (Crescent Land) -Pericoloia (Land of Danger) -Terra di Mala Aria / Mala Aria (Land of Bad Air) -Terra di Montagne Alta / Monagnaltia (Land of Tall Mountains) -Fiumi d’oro / Fiumidoro (Rivers of gold) -Calanchi (Bad lands) English/Anglish -South Palu (Palu being the peninsula Metztlitlalio is situated on, named after a Limonaian explorer) Latin / Aromani -Uirentinus (Greenery (Jade & Rainforests)) / Uirentina -Etaurinus (The Gold) / Etaurina Internal Mechanisms: The current internal system for Metztlitlalio is… Boring, and makes no sense. I don’t mean “oh it doesn't make sense but it’s kind of funny so I’m keeping it”, I mean “This is dumb and no one would ever agree to this”. Metztlitlalio’s system of governance far back when was meant to be based of the Aztec Empire’s system of governance which is why Metztli has an odd feeling of authoritarianism that’s only half-baked. Metztlitlalio nowadays however is meant to be an ex-colony with large pockets of ethnic groups. No ethnic group within the nation would willingly allow for a theocratic state like Metztli has to loom over them, especially when most of these ethnic groups have their own religions. After some wiki-hopping I found a solution which is a lot more interesting, unique, and plausible. These are the Constituent African Monarchs. A Constituent African Monarch (CAM) reign over a legally recognized territory inside a nation but have little to no power. With some tweaking this can work rather well for Metztli. Metztlitlalio will be split into 7 main administrative divisions called Dominions with state-level powers similar to the United States. Two of the Dominions will possess constitutional unitary monarchies that retain portions of their power as special members of the highest governing bodies within their Dominions. The remaining 5 will be unitary republics and largely secular with their own smaller administrative divisions. Each Dominion will have smaller states used to determine the number of seats in the federal government. Number of states is roughly in relation to population. These states are then further broken down into provinces. Number of provinces may or may not be in relation to population as the federal government does not regulate number of provinces. The two constitutional monarchies will be the Metztlica Dominion and the Acolica Dominion. The Metztlica Dominion has a similar set up as the current Metztlitlalio government with the Temple of the Commoners, Temple of the All-High, and Temple of the Highest, with the Archpriest as an elective role. Acolica will have a more traditional constitutional monarchy who’s power religiously comes from the Archpriest (who has a similar role to a Pope in the Middle Ages) but constitutionally – similar to the Archpriest- comes from the elective of a nobleman or noblewoman. There are more monarchs scattered across the nation that hold little to no power and only possess small portions of land/population (usually one or two sub-ethnic groups), but their roles are recognized by the nation. Provinces also many or may not have proper names. Nation → Dominions (7) → States (195) → Provinces (292) Dominions: Tapelt Dominion (Maya): 141,385 km2 Population Density: 15 per km2 (eSwatini) Population: 2,120,775 States: 20 Provinces: 45 GDP per Capita: $2,300 Total GDP: $4,877,782,500 Pekateka Dominion (Maya*): 1,538 km2 Population Density: 300 per km2 (Belgium) Population: 461,400 States: 5 Provinces: 46 GDP per Capita: $4,100 Total GDP: $1,891,740,000 Metztlica Dominion (Mexica): 222,956 km2 Population Density: 40 per km2 (Colombia) Population: 8,918,240 States: 85 Provinces: 85 GDP per Capita: $3,000 Total GDP: $26,754,720,000 Acolica Dominion (Acolhua): 147,567 km2 Population Density: 8 per km2 (Central African Republic) Population: 1,180,536 States: 10 Provinces: 24 GDP per Capita: $1,650 Total GDP: $1,947,884,400 Faloki Dominion (Tepanec & Huang): 78,624 km2 Population Density: 44 per km2 (Guinea-Bissau) Population: 3,459,456 States: 30 Provinces: 31 GDP per Capita: $2,500 Total GDP: $8,648,640,000 Yatotla Dominion (Limonaia Mixed): (65,411 km2) + (24,747 km2) = 90,158 km2 Population Density: 32 per km2 (Kyrgyzstan) Population: 2,885,056 States: 25 Provinces: 25 GDP per Capita: $4,400 Total GDP: $12,694,246,400 Altepetl Dominion (Mixed): 1,202.6 km2 Population Density: 2000 per km2 (3000 per km2 = Mexico City) Population: 2,405,200 States: 20 Provinces: 36 GDP per Capita: $3,200 Total GDP: $7,696,640,000 Rough map of the Dominions. Economy: I won’t be going into too much detail as I’m keeping the economy mostly the same, but I am expanded the base and made it a hell of a lot more realistic and has reasons for it’s existence. If these changes are permitted I will make a post generalizing the economy and being more specific on how it runs as the biggest issue with current Metztlitlalio economics is that I’m very wishy washy about what kind of economic model Metztlitlalio follows. In the end I’ve settled on a State Capitalist model with the Temple of Finance being the major body in regulations and management of national companies. ToF can only purchase and/or apprehend companies once they reach a certain fluctuating size depending on the economic, social, and health value of the company. This allows for smaller local business to continue functioning with the Temple of Finance and possibly a parent company being able to guide the local businesses without direct interference, whilst the ToF is able to manage the larger companies which would otherwise be able to mass-exploit the populace. Whilst the goals are noble, due to wide-scale corruption within the government (especially around the ToF) the Temple of Finance can often be sluggish or turn a blind eye towards more anti-consumer policies or ideas. Metztlitlalio’s economy will still be heavily based around the primary sector of agriculture and mining, with a good side economy of metal refinery and manufacturing of specific basic goods. Agricultural land within the Metztlica, Acolica, and Tapelt dominions are communally owned (called Calpulli) and often work under an authority figure representing the Temple of Finance. Authority figures are not allowed to use any form of physical or emotional violence to force tenents or Tlacotli (people who have sold themselves into slavery) as both groups are fiercely protected by the law, and are more to act as a guide or messenger to higher-ups within the local governments. Tlacotli are often people who have fallen into hard times and can no longer provide for themselves and their families. Those who are now Tlacotli still have very similar rights to tenants and can pay back their own freedom. Tlacotli are owned by the Calpulli as a whole and not by one individual Issues of Society: There are 4 main modern issues within Metztlitlalio; Continentalism, Dominion Identity, Capitalism, and Slavery. Continentalism is the ideology primarily based around LAANN and current alliances. Continentalism can be seen as a form of isolationism from the rest of the globe as it dictates that Continentalist states (nations in Alharu & Aurelia who are not Europan/Argis in culture) should only rely on one another and not Europa/Argis. This is obviously heavily debated within Metztlitlalio with it being a largely ethnic split between the Yatotla and Salaxa (Limonaian and Salvian colonists) vs the Azlo (Acolica/Metztlica) and the Faloke and Tapelts and Pekatekans. In general Metztlitlalio has been moving away from Continentalism towards Globalism, but many still hotly debate the subject. Dominion Identity was mostly solved within the Agilnaj War for Independence aka the Metztli Civil War when the Tapelt Dominion tried for independence under the Agilnaj Secular Republic. Before the Civil War most were split on either allegiance to the nation or to the dominion they resided in, after the civil war however most began to see themselves as part of the nation as a whole rather then to their Dominion first, nation second. Of course this is still a political issue within Metztli to this day with several separatist groups still existing – especially around the Yatotla and Tapelt. Capitalism is a less discussed but still major topic. Before the Civil War, the Temple of Finance had huge sway and control over the economics (more-so then they currently do) with a clear socialist economic system. After the civil war and the introduction of more globalist leanings, the Temple of Finance has become more state capitalist (similar to China or Leninist Soviet Russia) as well as allow companies from other countries to become involved in the economy. Many see these new companies with skepticism and believe they are a driving force for oppression and Neo-colonialism, whereas others see it more as Metztlitlalio moving towards first world status and a force for good both economically and culturally. Last but certainly not least is Slavery which is divided between Prison Laborers and Tlacotli. This part is still a work in progress but suffice to say it’s a huge sticking point in elections – especially outside of the Dominions that practice Tlacotli. An issue in Metztlitlalio I would also like to tackle is corruption within political parties and the Teocalli of the Commoners, but make it more defined around drug and exotic goods trafficking out of Metztli and into nations who have an affinity for the stuff. What kind of drugs/exotic goods I am unsure, but if anyone has ideas I would be very happy to hear :). Recent History (1977 – 1992): League of Alharu and Aurelia Native Nations is currently being reworked behind the scenes (not just me, don't worry) to be more realistic and more engaging with non-LAANN members (as well as general resurrection), this means Metztlitlalio’s recent history will be significantly changed to adopt these new changes. Sufficed to say this part of Metztli’s history is still WIP with or without history change. Civil War (1992 – 2010): Metztlitlaio’s Civil War / Agilnaj War for Independence lasted 18 years, but the main conflict was from 1999 to 2009. From 1992-1999 the Agilnaj Secular Republic was largely left to it’s own devices as it only occupied a small portion of the Tapelt Dominion and mostly kept to itself. In 1996 there was even an attempt at negotiation for a peace settlement which broke down due to conflicting interests. It was only in 1999 due to pressure and promise of aid from LAANN and Il Dominio as well as potential future issues as other groups seeing how easy it was to break free that Metztlitlalio engaged in conflict with Agilnaj resulting in casualties between 30,000-100,000. Modern History (2009 – 2020): Modern History will simultaneously be completely rewritten but also stay very similar. All current interactions will remain as they are (unless members want to redo it for historical sake). Other then that there’s not much to worry about. Elections will take place in 2022 (every 5 years starting from 1977). Culture & Ethnic Groups: Metztlitlalio is still broken up into the same ethnic and cultural groups as before: Azlo (Aztec), Tapelt (Maya), Faloki (Huang), Yatotla (Limonaian), as well as the smaller ethnic groups of Salaxa (Salvian) and Pekateka (Maya). The indigenous groups will be broken down further into sub-ethnic groups and tribal groups (still a WIP) Religion: Metztlitlalio is split among several religious lines; Protestant Christianity (Introduced by Limonaia and Seylos), Catholic Christianity (Introduced by Salvia), Islam and Buddhism (Introduced by Limonaia through Huang slaves), and the traditional pagan religion of Otitlateotocameh (often shortened to just Tlateotoca). The coastline is primarily dominated by the Abraham Faiths, with Buddhism and Tlateotoca within the interior. Around 51% of the population follows Tlateotoca as a majority in Metztlica, Acolica, and Tapelt Dominions. Christianity is the next largest at around 31%, Islam at 13%, and finally Buddhism at 5%. Tlateotoca is based off the Aztec Religion, however with the battle of Huitzilopotchli and Coyolxāuhqui ending differently and Coyolxāuhqui as the patron deity of the Azlo and Tapelt. Tlateotoca in the 100s CE merged with the Tapelt’s own faiths at the time which turned it from a polytheist religion to a monolatry religion and introduced the concept of the Archpriest (only with other major changes). Stats: Area: 686,550 Square Kilometers Perimeter: 5625 Kilometers Population: 21,430,663 Population Density: 31.22 per km2 (Latvia/Kyrgyzstan) GDP per Capita: $3,010.25 GDP total: $64,511,653,300 I know these states sort of break the starting nations stats that @Variota had shown me, but as far as I am aware I was not told about these when I was first putting Metztlitlalio on the map leading to Metztli being much larger then it reasonably should have been. Now my mind is fuzzy so I might be subconsciously be playing the victim card but I do not recall actually having much of an input when determining the size of Metztli as well as being rather new, so trying to be on my best behavior I sort of just said yes to anything that was brought up my way :P. I will be happy to have Metztlitlalio shrunk down to accommodate the population size, but it will take a couple days to rework everything so it may take time to put into effect. Flag: I’m keeping the flag, f●●k you. I did fix the ratio issue with the first flag, but it's such a tiny thing I won't bother updating any current posts to change the flag because that's overkill - even for me. Other Changes: A couple threads will need to be deleted/hidden/locked, or I go in and edit every single one of them. These threads being; -Temple of Culture and Religious Life (Being replaced by the “Teocalli of Cultures and Religious Lives”) -Temple of Finance (Being replaced the “Teocalli of Finances”) Metztlitlalio Foreign Affairs can potentially be deleted but can be patched up into the “Teocalli of Foreign Affairs”. If anyone has any issues/questions/ideas please say below because I don't want to charge head-first without acknowledging the potential issues related to such a drastic change to a nation - even if it's just internal stuff. Regarding IIwiki I am happy to go in and try fix as many broken links if Metztli's name changes. Speaking of names that is one of the things I would like the most feedback on, as it's probably the thing that will change the most about the wider community due to broken links / outdated newspapers. I don't expect anyone to change their previous work relating to my nation's name because I know how annoying that can be.
  17. Hello. I've been working on my IIWiki page and I don't know what to do with religion. Catholicism would play important role since the late 12th century, and unless it's possible to have it adapted before 1300 I'd have to totally change my early history. I originally planned to have my nation Catholic and have it partly but (preferably) forcefully converted until 1300s. Now I think I would accept @Variotan, @Iverican or @Girkmandian branch of the belief if possible, or maybe a mixture of them. How would I make it work?
  18. I was thinking of picking it up. The book Company was pretty good and I was working in the office of large multinational at the time, so it felt like the same sort of culture. Machine Man was a bit mediocre. Lexicon, however, was f*cking great. What is holding me back is that I don't want to give money to Amazon and buying it seems a bit spurious right now.
  19. People often ask me, "Max, why don't you stop writing novels and just work on NationStates full-time?" And I'm like, "Uh, that's kind of offensive. Writing novels is my passion. It's what I love to do." But by then they've wandered off because they don't really care unless there's a web game. But guess what? This time, there's a web game! It's no NationStates. I'll be honest. But you might find it a fun diversion during these turbulent times. There's also a book. You might have heard of Providence from the ads on this site. It's about four people on a spaceship who are trillions of miles from home and have to fight aliens who spit black holes. “★★★★★ Extremely smart... This is Barry’s masterstroke... page-turning anticipation which pays off beautifully.” —SFX “Brain-bending adventure” —Newsweek “★★★★★ Easily the first, best book to beat this year” —Bradley Horner's Book Reviews “A light-hearted thriller with a superb dark, existential sting in its tail.” —The Sunday Times (UK) OUT NOW Learn More • Buy Now • Reviews If you're looking for a good book, or a way to support authors who make satiric web games in their spare time, give it a look! Thank you. View the full article
  20. To: Eka Lam, Kera of Oyus From: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva Regarding: Wanting to adopt Dear Eka, My congratulations on the decision to decide to adopt, like they say about pets: adopt, don't shop. Or something like that but something that rhymes. And let's face it, a child and a pet share many similarities up to a certain age. So if you ask me, that saying still totally goes. And I totally get wanting to have a Variotan on the throne, no one's ever gone wrong by being ruled over by a Variotan. I know you've, like, sent it to all the governments in the world but let's not kid ourselves, I totally know what you really want a Variotan. If our orphans were a brand, it'd be flaming hot. Like, top of the line, high fashion, straight out of the finest fashion houses of Galahinda. Now, what we're going to do is set you up with a nice profile. A bit like a dating profile but instead of a one night stand, you end up with the final product of one. It's totally cool, one of our ministries ordered it. I'm not entirely sure what ministry orphans fall under but they, like, made a totally cool app. Just like you have your profile, all the kids get made their profile and you both get to swipe left and right on each other. And if you guys match, you get to chat and what not. It's like, totally, like a dating app. Sooooo hot! You'll need a couple of papers and stuff so you'll be contacted later on by the appropriate people. You know how it is, my assistant's assistant will call yours and yadayadayada, boom, you've got a kid. Let me know when you're over in Het Huisselant to visit a kid, we'll have some fun and party together! Do you like to do plastic surgery? We should totally do some botox or lip fillers or something together! I've got my own personal doctor ready whenever and he does great deals if you do duo-deals! You know it's always one-hundred percent lit when you party and go under the knife with the World's Greatest Diva, I only do and get the best, baby. If we call it a diplomatic meeting, we'll probably be able to get some of our money back. I added a signed picture of me, a genuine collector's item for you as a little prezzie! Just don't let me find you selling it on the internet or I'll have to put out a bounty on you like I did to Nordeng, haha. Just kidding babe. -X-O-X-O- Dina Diva
  21. Five Years of Peace On the anniversary of the peace accords that were made five years ago, we retell the story. MORLAVITRA, OYUS -- Five years ago, the most anti-climactic end to what amounted as a decades long exchange of "dicy" skirmishes. The separatist group that claimed the southern isle of Oyus for its own unrecognized state and little actual power over it agreed to end it's campaign against the Matriarchy. It was a monumental moment for those in the south as there were always concerns the group would become more aggressive and be supported by outside governments against the Matriarchy. At last, there was certainty. The peace deal was concocted by the then newly assigned Chief of Morlavitra's National Police chapter. According to him, it was clear that with the ouster of their own leader that they recognized that their mission was ineffective and not a sympathetic one among those foreign or domestic. Calling for a ceasefire and offering comfortable beds on his own dime (though later reimbursed by the Kera) to the separatists, he made quick inroads with them. "Forefeiting their small cache of weapons and willingly coming home seemed most sensible. What few people that did become swayed by them were losing faith and felt alone." the Chief stated in a recent interview with us on the subject. The terms laid out by the chief were simple: forfeit the physical conflict and reintegrate into society in return for allowing the Commune to reform into the sole party permitted by the Matriarchy: The Communist Party of Oyussa Not only would they be allowed into the National Congress in a decade, but they would also receive a small fund to start up their party. Only one term truly seemed harsh in any way: the imprisonment of their recently ousted leader. It was also one quickly agreed to in what amounted to a peace talk of a no more than a handful of hours. Over the following weeks after amends were made, the National Police announced that the newly founded CPO had complied with every term of the accords. While the group made quick efforts to hand over their stockpile and move their small remote village folk to Morlavitra and beyond, the biggest sticking point was what took the announcement so long to make. the ex-Secretary General of the former Southern Commune after his ouster had ventured out into the tropical landscape of the island resulting in a manhunt for two weeks. His ouster was a brutal one. Commune members had grown restless with the lack of momentum and growth in their mission imploring him to revise strategy. Instead, their fearless leader chose to stay the course and was thrown out in due time having served as the leader for three decades. Today, he regrets everything and laments that he should have listened to "my proletariat" and reached out to end the conflict long ago before they came to him. It remains to be seen whether the CPO can sway enough Oyusards to their side. To their credit, when revelations came out of the corruption of the previous Treasurer, numbers "soared" from a measly couple hundred to a curious couple thousand, mostly found in Morlavitra. Perhaps they will be a voice for the people in another five years if their leadership remains focused on more feasible and sensible goals as they seem to have done thus far.
  22. It has been. Kinda makes me miss Edward Rump, and his Restoring the Promise of NationStates. https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=601260
  23. To: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion From: Kera Eka Lam of the @Oyus Matriarchy This communique has been encrypted and is considered confidential Megas Logothetes Eugenios Goulielmos, Your response to our communique is most understandable and we have not ill thoughts about it. Declining in the name of principles and beliefs is most respectable. We would not want to force anyone who came to the benefit of the Matriarchy to do so at their own loss. Especially if it were in a total abandonment of their own principles. That would be most dishonorable and disrespectful in the highest order. It is why I would like to assure you of something should there be a change of heart in this matter. A plurality of our people follow what I feel is our own true faith. However, within that is a core belief of ours to respect the cultural traditions, principles, and beliefs of others. To quote the High Aconite Matriarch Alafotsy II, "Acona and her people forget not the strength of those who do not recognize her, they respect and value it." This is a reason why we search abroad as opposed to within our home. The future of this wonderful nation and her people deserve the perspective and leadership of someone that may see things from another's shoes. Regardless, we hope to strengthen relations through other means with the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion if not through this medium. Cordially, Eka Lam Kera of the Oyus Matriarchy
  24. List of Diplomatic Missions Adaptus Honorary Consulate of Andalla in Novumcastrum Afropa Embassy of Andalla in Dieudonné Ahrana Embassy of Andalla in Moskovo Consulate-General of Andalla in Peterburi Astriedan Honorary Consulate of Andalla in Curia Cashar Embassy of Andalla in Protiva Consulate-General of Andalla in Malmega Cristina Embassy of Andalla in Cristina Fjallshima Embassy of Andalla in Yokoholm Fulgistan Embassy of Andalla in Bogd Gioro Consulate-General of Andalla in Wulumqi Gallambria Embassy of Andalla in Bromwich Giokto Embassy of Andalla in Saipuo Consulate-General of Andalla in Chiongto Consulate-General of Andalla in Kaohen Consulate-General of Andalla in Samto Consulate-General of Andalla in Yasiu Consulate of Andalla in Liangsiu Consulate of Andalla in Tailam Girkmand Embassy of Andalla in Girk Consulate-General of Andalla in Goodwill Iverica Embassy of Andalla in Intreimor Consulate-General of Andalla in Manille Consulate-General of Andalla in Porto Altaria Consulate of Andalla in Subíc Consulate of Andalla in Toledo Limonaia Embassy of Andalla in Limone Little Flau Embassy of Andalla in Aulon Consulate-General of Andalla in Fush Consulate-General of Andalla in Phika Lysian Republic Embassy of Andalla in Lyrie Magnaeus Honorary Consulate of Andalla in Venège Mauridiviah Embassy of Andalla in Maurotopia Orioni Embassy of Andalla in O'polis Consulate-General of Andalla in Meda Consulate-General of Andalla in Nordhaven Consulate-General of Andalla in Zuidhaven Consulate of Andalla in Vega Oyus Embassy of Andalla in Yulaa Prymont Embassy of Andalla in New Halsham Consulate-General of Andalla in Canastota Rohini Consulate-General of Andalla in Vali Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Embassy of Andalla in Deopolis Consulate-General of Andalla in Trinity Selayar Embassy of Andalla in Wanavera'a Consulate-General of Andalla in Mawura Consulate-General of Andalla in Ratnapura Seylos Embassy of Andalla in Selbourne Consulate-General of Andalla in Norfolk Sunset Sea Islands Embassy of Andalla in Sunset City Consulate-General of Andalla in Asimov Consulate-General of Andalla in Esperanza Consulate-General of Andalla in Porto Libertad Tagmatium Embassy of Andalla in Tagmatika Variota Embassy of Andalla in Ferrefaaierhafen Consulate-General of Andalla in Grootwaterflakte Other Diplomatic Missions Permanent Mission of Andalla to ATARA in Porto Altaria The Commonwealth of Andalla Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs 3230 Rohås Boulevard, Eremitås Arkhavn 10050 ☎ Call us (02) 2149 3200 (02) 2198 3200 Fax: (02) 2853 8914
  25. To: Kera Eka Lam of the @Oyus Matriarchy From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion Your Excellency, Our nations are very similar in many regards. Unlike others, we allow room for the spiritual, something which appears to be declining across the wurld. Many nations regard that aspect of life as something that has become outmoded by the advance of science and technology. The people of Arhomaneia and Oyus know differently. We know that faith and spirituality are as much a part of our lives, as pervasive, as wifi and mobile networks. Perhaps more so – it has yet to be demonstrated by theologians that we need network coverage in the way that we need the spiritual aspect of our lives. And despite the clear differences between our nations – mine is a vast, contiguous country whilst yours is a pair of islands in the middle of a great sea – what defines us as different actually shows us as similar. Our countries both have a deep and ancient faith, one that cannot be shaken by the superficiality of modernity, as it has been in so many others. We hold old traditions as dear to our hearts and we are unafraid of being judged by countries and peoples, as we know that they have lost their way when compared to us. For these reasons, the Arhomaioi cannot take part in your search for a successor. It pains myself and the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator Kommodos III, may Christ forever bless and guide him, to drive a wedge between ours nations so. But to do otherwise would be to reject our heartfelt faith and the teachings of Christ and hold a pagan belief above our Lord, the One True God. If you might find your successor from amongst the people of Arhomaneia, then my nation can but officially deny such actions. It would be to suggest that your religious beliefs are superior to those of my own nation. If your excellency does find a successor from amongst the Arhomaioi, then it can only be on a level between private individuals. Then there is no reason for the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion to stand in the way. However, on an official level, this can only be denied and for the reasons stated above. If it was officially acknowledged, it would cause scandal within the Megas Agios Basileia, and there would be questions about the Matriarchy purposefully guiding people away from the Light of Christ and forcing them into apostasy. I do not know how you would be able to balance believing in True Religion and being the successor of the Kera. This is something that my government is willing to attempt to overcome only when it is something that has to be dealt with. I sincerely hope that this does not mark the end of our nations' friendly relations. I know that my monarch feels the same way, and very much values the friendship of the Oyusards, even if at this time it may seem that the Arhomaioi reject that very friendship. I know that a nation as driven by faith as yours, and ruled by a strong, dynamic religion, will sympathise with the reasons that have been stated. It is not through a rejection of your beliefs, but through the strength of our own that this has to be the way that it is. May God provide succour to you in your times of need, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion of Foreign Affairs of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion
  26. Has it been four years already?? Yes! It has! Which means it's an election year! Once again, the coveted position of World Assembly Secretary-General is up for grabs. This is widely regarded as the most sought-after prize in all the world, and comes with unspeakable power, in the sense that no-one has said what it actually is. ★ Your 2020 Election Hub ★ For the last four years, we've labored under WA Secretary-General @@JGConfig::nice_name("caelapes", 2)@@, but has life actually gotten better? I mean, really? I'll leave that to the voters. Election 2020 will run through three Minor Rounds, during which unviable candidates will be weeded out. Then a final General Election will be held to decide between the Top Five. Voting is open to most WA member nations. If you have at least five endorsements, you can toss your hat into the ring and run! And if you help run a region, you can boost for your favored candidate by erecting prominent signange on your region page via Admin → Appearance. Election 2020! Because we have to do this every four years! Democracy says so! View the full article
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