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  2. Welcome to Eurth! Excited to see a Spanish speaking nation to join us. Interestingly, we are very short on those and I would love to see more of them.
  3. We really do not have anyone that comes close to being something like a Canada and it will be interesting to see how this pans out. Welcome to Eurth. I hope if things go well with the academy that we can speak about potentially tying our histories together!
  4. Welcome to Eurth! I think Eurth is very different when it comes to RP and it simply cannot be defined solely as an RP region with the amount of worldbuilding going on - it is pretty much at the very least half of what Eurth does. I hope you find Eurth to your liking. It took me some time before finally coming around to it but I am happy it happened.
  5. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Assorted Lands and Territories of Oxwren Government type of nation: Conditional Elected Monarchy (A system in where there are a certain amount of offenses considered impeachable, and if caught doing one of them a new leader will be picked from that same dynasty.) Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Primarily Wrenican, with a recognized minority of Sedekaris in the Southwest. Give us a short description of your nation: A generally peaceful nation a wintry part of the world. A deep love for the arts, philosophy, and nature. Some say the land
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  7. By Dawn's Early Light The Village of Crethia The regiment splayed itself outwards, AFV's the front in a phalanx formation, IFV's the Tagmatine Observers behind them and half-tracks making up the third row. The Renor Elemmiire 32nd Motorized Rifle Regiment conducted itself in a fashion befitting a military order, and as such, once they were engaged with the task at hand, they'd left the Tagmatine to do whatever they wished, so long as they did not cross the frontal line of the AFV's. Sitting in the cupola of the command vehicle, cold weather parka gear upon his frame, beret neatly f
  8. I would add a flag for my PFP, but the file size is to large.
  9. I don’t usually do RP. But I decided that it couldn’t hurt, so here I am on the forums of a role playing region. Believe it or not, this is my first time making a post on a regional forum. My main’s region uses discord for everything. I’m pretty excited to meet you all, and I hope that I’ll enjoy my stay here! Oxwren is a small wintry republic spanning a sizeable amount of land deep in the north. The people of Oxwren are well versed in the ways of Philosophy, Mathematics, Literature, and Art. For the earlier days of Wrenican history, they were a war-loving people, conquering all 15 tribes
  10. Good morning, good evening, goodbye, folks ! Let me introduce my self and my country. I'm Goupil Del Arte, a french guy who like Minecraft, reading and cheese. San Castellino, or the Republic of San Castellino of his full name, is officialy a democratic Republic led by the President of the Republic, who is elected every four years. But, in the reality, the country is a military and nationalist dictatorship led by the general Sullivan Di Foxycionni. The only authorized political party is the National-Capitalist Pact. The government is extremly authoritarian, oppressive and corrupt.
  11. Great thanks! I would like to talk about starting stats and placement.
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  13. Hello there @Delamaria. Welcome to Eurth! We've already chatted on Discord, and I noticed your IIWiki page. How are you doing today?
  14. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Trade and Finance Minister: ‘Salvian Economic League’ Likely After Positive Initial Discussions The minister held a press conference with journalists this morning shortly before noon The Minister of Trade and Finance Leo Conway spoke to the media earlier this morning to disclose a potential deal being discussed by Salvia’s immediate neighbors. He told reporters that he felt “confident” that “some sort of ‘Salvian economic league’” will be formed in the coming year. The
  15. Hey guys I just wanted to post and say I'll probably be mostly away for another two weeks or so with some life/work stuff.
  16. November 16th. Vice President’s Lake Lodge. Crownsland. Surrounding a circular table are some of the most powerful, secretive and richest people in the nation. Attendees: “Welcome, gentlemen, lady.” Van Roose begins. ”We are all here today because we have something to gain from the ending of the Monroe Presidency. William, you’re budget has been cut again and again for years, it’s time that comes to an end. Jacques, you’ve been gunning for Party Chair for years, and Monroe is the reason you haven’t reached there yet. Nathan, your company has lost contract after contr
  17. DBN SPECIAL REPORT In a haste voice the newsreader reads, ”The United Party convention has been postponed due to a bomb plot being foiled, after a DSS investigation found two far-left groups working in unison to assassinate the President” The cameras show armed police dragging those found into black trucks. “THIS WAS MONROE! WE DIDNT DO THIS! FIGHT FOR U-“ The doors swing shut and the trucks drive off to screaming sirens. - One week earlier, November 12th. ”Should we both wear the pins or is that a bit much?” Asks Vice President Van Roose to her Chief of Sta
  18. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Commonwealth of Delamaria Government type of nation: Federal Semi-Presidential Commonwealth Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Primarily English, French and Dutch (Though I think you have your own versions of these) with a native minority in the midlands. Give us a short description of your nation: Delamaria is a relatively large, democratic commonwealth founded as the result of many colonies deciding to band together. Though ethnic tensions exist between, English, French and native Delamarians, the nation has a low crime rate, high hd
  19. Hello all, I am the commonwealth of Delamaria. The result of an amalgamation of colonies, with ethnic tensions, political intrigue and espionage. Basically modern day Canada who stumbled upon a barn full of guns.
  20. Good luck! I hope everything gets better!
  21. Honestly, that sounds fascinating! I was reading about Sikkim yesterday, having stumbled across them whilst Wikiwalking.
  22. Following a tense election, the Red Coalition has gathered a razor-thin majority in the Parliament, thus ensuring the reelection of President Bernard Beaumont. Following some scandals that rocked the nation earlier this year, it seems that the Red Coalition may be losing hold of power in Fravina, losing many seats in Parliament, which the Blue Coalition took for themselves. The 68 year-old president and leader of the Socialist Party has been highly popular throughout most of his presidency. Beaumont has strengthened ties with Fravina's foreign and domestic allies, and unified
  23. Fravina


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