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  2. Noted and thank you for the corrections. Jingem as stated was with his family, i should of made that clearer, my apologies. The Emperor does have a name which i am to reveal in the next post (non news rp) and i can add more depth if it would help. -Kabir
  3. OOC. Some early feedback. I'm sure the other mentors may have more to add. News. I merged your three separate news stories into one topic. That'll create more continuity. Spelling. The first two posts contained some typos. I edited those. Your browser should be able to highlight any spelling mistakes, making it easier for you to fix them. (And I myself should do this more often as well.) Characters. Three characters seem to be recurring: host Rajev Li, weatherman Jingem (later replace with Nina -- what happened to poor Jingem?), and "the Emperor" who remains nameless. You can add some more depth, for example by elaborating more on their lives off-screen, or by describing who the emperor is Emperor. See §4 on character development. Location. Plenty of locations are mentions: Hasheiv, Aurum, Dàha. Perhaps for your next non-news story you could write a travel story describing a person or a family who visits these places. How do they get there. What's to do. Any specific food. How about the reaction of other people. The 'Cultural Iceberg Model' can serve as a guide, with tourists only seeing the part that's above water.
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  5. “Half.” Makarios shifted slightly in his chair. It was a well padded green leather armchair and so made little noise as the Arhomaios moved about in it. The man sat opposite seemed to notice the slight movement and what seemed to be a smile crept up under his walrus-like moustache. He was as well padded as the chairs the pair of them were sitting on and wore a similar suit to the Protologothetes. Despite Makarios' perception of Ceris as a poor backwater, the nobles of Secyrae didn't seem to stint on the finer things in life. The delicate cups of Mauridivian coffee that sat on a mahogany table between them spoke of that. “Your excellency, due to the skilled nature of the work that is to be carried out, it would be better if at least two thirds of those involved in it were Arhomaioi, rather than half locals and half Arhomaioi.” Makarios gestured towards the sheafs of paper on the table. It was the treaty that had been outlined by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion and handed over to the government of Secyrae a week before by Makarios himself. He had thought them overawed by the magnificence and power of a visiting official from the heart of civilisation. But, it seemed the stereotype of the greedy ignorant barbarian was true. The damned Cerisers didn't know a good thing when they got it. The fat man, the head of the council of nobles that ran this benighted nation, the Erzkanzler, babbled something in the guttural tongue of the natives. The young, skinny man standing behind his chair listened and then repeated it in a truly civilised language. “Your excellency, that may be so.” The young man speaking remained impassive and neutral but there was a gleeful twinkle in the eyes of the Erzkanzler. It had become quite quickly clear that the fat man knew the language of Arhomaneia and the translator was some strange affectation, probably an attempt to keep the balance of power on the side of the Cerisers. “However, it is necessary that the people of our fine country familiarise themselves with what you will be building here. And you have emphasised that we are equal partners, no? It would look poorly if the start of your great nation's involvement in Ceris seemed to be nothing than an unequal treaty.” And it would look poorly for Makarios if he allowed himself to be manipulated by a bunch of backward yokels. He looked out of the window towards the sea. Somewhere out there, the BPK Nystras patrolled the waters off of Secyrae. When they were about to start the negotiations, the Protologothetes had turned down the suggestion of Navarkhos Ethelred to have the aircraft carrier closer to shore, as a visible reminder of the power of the greatest nation on Eurth. However, the foreign minister had turned it down – he was sure that his dignity and ability alone would turn the discussion in his favour and Makarios didn't want it to look like the nobles had signed any treaty at the barrel of a gun. And he would never have had the fat f*ck smirking at him if he had done that. “I feel two thirds would be a more reasonable number,” said Makarios. “After all, it will be the Arhomaioi who will start off doing the bulk of the work, as your countrymen would need to learn the ropes, so to speak, before they can handle the same sort of technical tasks.” The walrus murmured again and the translator leaned closer. Although the room had a high ceiling and was furnished in a tasteful, fashionable manner that spoke of the expense of it, Makarios found it suddenly quite cramped. “Half, your excellency. Although we do accept that it would also be reasonable for a larger number of Arhomaioi remain in supervisory and management roles as the projects progress.” Makarios nodded. That did not seem entirely unreasonable and would allow better oversight of the way any project went. And especially where any funds were going. Undoubtedly, the nobles were used to creaming off any and all business that was going on in Secyrae. It was probably one of the reasons that the country was in such a poor state to begin with, as most attempts to repair the degrading infrastructure withered up as corruption took its toll. “The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion does not find that unreasonable, your excellency.” The Erzkanzler gargled again and the young translator leaned in over his shoulder. When the noises had stopped, he stood up again. “Your excellency, it is also the view of the Republic that any of our citizens that work alongside the Arhomaioi ought to get the same pay. After all, it is the Republic that will be footing the bill for the work. How could we justify it to our citizens if all the money was to flow out of Secyrae?” Makarios' eyes darted down towards the papers again. He wondered if he should have even bothered getting them printed out in the first place. Just sending it as an email would have been more suitable since the buggers were just tearing it to pieces anyway. And the idea that those living in this hellhole warranted the same amount of money as an Arhomaniki worker was verging upon the ridiculous. “In return for that money, you are going to get the infrastructure that the rest of Ceris could be dream of,” replied the Protologothetes, an element of scorn creeping into his voice. “After all, there is no one on this side of the Adlantic with my nation's expertise in roads, sewers and the rest. Your republic would prosper and your people would find their lives immeasurably improved. Arhomaneia is taking all of the risk on this venture.” More grunts and gurgles. “This proposed venture, your excellency.” The Protologothetes sat up in his chair with an intake of breath. He narrowed his eyes at the Erzkanzler but kept his voice level and even. “Your excellency, my government is offering yours generous loans with much better interest rates than you would get from any other nation or bank. We are offering to carry out infrastructure work at the same cost as we would in our own country. I cannot see where else you might get similar terms.” The walrus narrowed his own eyes but Makarios continued. “Seylos is the most likely prospect. But they are a young, keen people and led by a young, keen monarch. They would be much more interested in making sure the money ended up wear it was supposed to. Arhomaneia is an ancient nation and much more aware of the ways of the world than to monitor where all the money goes.” It was obvious what the Arhomaios was hinting at and that the fat man didn't bat an eyelid meant that he was right on the mark. The buggers were going to cream off as much as they could and the best anyone else could do was to make sure it remained at manageable levels. “The Seylosians would also take a much more pressing involvement within your government's affairs as well. You may end up with them trying to exert the same manner of influence as they do on the countries in the east. And although you may think me some ignorant outsider, it is clear to the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that they will end up just like Eire, sooner or later. Swallowed up by the rising power of eastern Argis.” Now it was time for the Erzkanzler to shift in his chair. Clearly he was also aware of the influence that the Seylosians had on the countries in Ceris that were across the strait from the Kingdom. And he also guessed that Seylos intended to draw them even closer into its orbit. “Instead, I offer the guidance of a power that is much further away and much less likely to meddle in your affairs,” carried on the Protologothetes, spreading his hands in what he imagined to be a gesture invoking the generosity of Arhomaneia. “And one that will also keep out the interference of any more foreign nations on top of that. You know that the increasing piracy in the Makhaira Thalassa is turning the eyes of the wurld towards Ceris. Some nations, especially those of a more... radical slant, might even see your Republic as a good target for their wild ideologies, with their ideas of wealth redistribution and classless societies.” The foreign minister leant forward in his seat and picked up the fragile coffee cup and took a sip. It was bitter and stale, likely from having been stored for far too long. As much as the Republic and its nobles wanted go demonstrate their wealth, they were still not in the same league as the great Old Wurld power Makarios represented. He masked his distaste with what he felt was a benign smile. “In fact, perhaps any Arhomaniki-backed projects could help with that. It would give your population a chance to better themselves and see their country stride into the 21st century. They would be less willing to listen to demagogues once they see the benefits that our two countries working together can bring them. After all, work now is more likely to put food on their plates or their children through school than any promises of bloody struggle in the future.” He sat back in his chair and watched the occupant of its counterpart. The great moustache slowly shook from side to side, as if the Erzkanzler was literally chewing over what Makarios had said. The nobility of Secryae had likely spent generations leeching off of the masses of their country. They would be keenly aware that it might not take much for such dangerous ideas to take root amongst the working classes. Whilst trying to wring what they could from the development projects would definitely be something they were aiming to do, the fact that it could even reduce the chance of the nobles being overthrown was going to be a key selling point. “I can also, if you so wish, discuss with my government the possibility of training the armed forces of the Republic, bringing them in line with the famous military of Arhomaneia. And perhaps offering military equipment, at a reduced cost.” The walrus' eyes flicked from a point out of one of the room's windows and back onto Makarios. The movement of the moustache stopped. The translator leaned in again but a pudgy hand came up and stopped him. “Your excellency,” said the Erzkanzler. His voice was surprisingly high pitched but otherwise spoke the tongue of Arhomaneia perfectly, with no hint of an accent. “I, and the Republic of Secyrae, are willing to accept your terms. I would like you to discuss the potential for military training with your government.” The Protologothetes nodded, feeling smug with himself. He lifted the small cup to his lips and took a sip of the coffee again. “Secyrae is certainly glad that the Megas Agios Basileia was able to agree to half the workforce and equal pay.” The walrus stood up to shake Makarios' hand and the Protologothetes realised he had been played quite well. F*ck. To: the Government the Arab Democratic Republic of Sayf; His Majesty, King Aidan I of the Kingdom of Seylos, Eire, Pleinmont, and Sark From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion Honoured friends, It has come to the attention of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that it is not just the the Royal Navy of Seylos and the Basilikoploimon that are operating in the Makhaira Thalassa, the Dolch See, and attempting to combat the scourge of piracy that has arisen within those waters. The navy of the Arab Democratic Republic has also been sighted within the Makhaira Thalassa and has been observed to have been attacking suspected pirate vessels. This is certainly laudable and will certainly help to reduce the threat to shipping and the lives of civilians that are under threat because of the actions of these vile predators. However, that there are three naval forces operating within the Makhaira Thalassa poses certain problems. At the moment, the Basilikoploimon and the Royal Navy are closely cooperating in the efforts against the pirates and defending civilian shipping regardless of nation. The presence of a third force that is not working with the other two could very well mean that accidents might happen, and this would be a needless, tragic waste of life. To this end, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion suggests that our governments act in concert against the piratic threat. This will mean that the Makhaira Thalassa is swept clean of pirates all the sooner and no unfortunate incidents happen between our various naval forces. United, God will surely grant us victory, Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion of Foreign Affairs of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
  6. ARRESTS MADE FOR RELIGIOUS CORRUPTION Following the new High Oracle requesting that Queen Julia The Younger begin investigations into corruption throughout the Elementium faith there have today been a series of arrests across the nation. In total 16 people have been arrested in raids carried out by members of the 1st Light Scouts under the supervision of the Royal Military Police. The elite military unit normally operate as commando's on special forces operations as well as providing security for the Royal family, they have however been tasked with supporting the Royal Military Police with their work into this corruption. The first arrest was reported at around 6am when a team of Scouts entered the estate of former High Priest of Water Herminio Armando . The 72 year old who retired from the Priesthood in 2017 was later brought out in a police vehicle. An announcement came soon after from the Royal Military Police stating, "We have solid intelligence that a sum of around $500,000 from the Temple of the Elements has passed through the accounts of Mr.Armando in a manner inconsistent with normal practice. The payment comes at a time when he had both the opportunity and the means to transfer these funds." The next few hours saw several other arrests, mainly of local Temple Priests who are accused of taking funds from their congregation and using it for their own ends. Queen Julia The Younger took time to visit the Light Scouts following the various arrests and said, "Today we have begun the process of once more purifying our faith. The new High Oracle deserves a strong foundation on which to build her time as our religious guide. All measures will be taken to ensure that those we have placed in positions of trust because of their seemingly strong knowledge of scripture and ritual are worthy of that trust. Those who go against that trust may as well strike me in my heart with a dagger. Those willing to become fat on the generosity of the faithful deserve every punishment the courts determine they deserve." The Queen has ordered that the nations judges fast-track the court cases relating to this matter as much as possible. "We need this to move quickly, we need this to be draw a line under the last 12 months of chaos and suspicion in the faith." The new High Oracle today visited the Temple of the Elements where it is believed she meet several key members of the faith's administrative staff. Following the meeting High Oracle Miriam Busto stated "The Elementium faith has faced many more dangerous challenges throughout our history. We face great challenges ahead. Now is a time for us to prepare to take back control of our souls from the corruption of the past. Once Her Majesty has carried out her duties as the Guardian of the Faith I will begin to look at celebrating our faith and returning it to a central thought in everyday life. Morheim once had a vibrant religious life. The Isle of Laren is our sacred birthplace and Queen Julia The Younger placed it squarly on the global stage by hosting the Laren Environmental Conference there. That was a chance to show the youth of Morheim that the faith and their home is still as relevant today as it was at the beginning of creation. We have a long road before us, but it is one I hope we can walk together with a smile on our faces."
  7. News of the Empire R: Welcome to 'News of the Empire', Happy Week of the Dragon, i'm Rajev and here is the news. R: The Week of the Dragon has arrived for another year, all of today shops have closed early with their owners joining in the enormous festivals through out the nation. People having been gifting strangers and friends with the traditional red and gold cards and joining their relatives at their homes or in the cities to snuggle up, watch the movie marathons and see the fireworks be launched. The Emperor's annual broadcast hit a record high as many people have recently expressed their undying loyalty and love for the Emperor as well as, for the first time in almost 3 decades, an emperor of Indo-Stan joining the public celebration in Aurum including lighting the first firework of the afternoon. Fireworks seen in Aurum R: The week also means the start of the Dragon holiday with children rejoicing their break from school, just like we all did when we were young *laughs a little*, the students attended the last pledge of allegiance for the week at their schools and many prepare for the day of youth and mischief where, as every year, shall sing patriotic songs in the capital's center before playing pranks on one another and reviving gifts from their elders. We would usually have the weather forecast be hosted by Jingem but sue to it being the holidays now, he is with his family. we will have it quickly ran down by Nina before we play the song of the dragon and say farewell for the week. Nina. N: Well as Rajev said I will quickly go through the forecast. N: Well not much has changed since the last forecast, we are still expecting a slight chilly breeze, clear skies and the last bits of the storm to disappear but one thing that has changed is there is now a higher chance of that chilly breeze going sooner than expected. Other than that, have a good day and an amazing 'Week of the Dragon'. Rajev. R: That is all from us, have an amazing 'Week of the Dragon'. *Song of the Dragon begins to play*
  8. Operation Deliverance November 30th, 2019 The choppy waves of the Adlantic hit the hull of the flagship, the SNS Theobald, with rhythmic thuds. They had made port at Norfolk just a week earlier and after waiting for the second half of the fleet to dock and resupply had left just 6 hours before. The Salvian fleet was an amalgamation of civilian and military vessels scrounge up by the Church and state. Spearheaded by Task Force ‘Charlie’ of the 3rd Fleet, the rescue fleet comprised of some 62 civilian ships by the time they were on their way to Cussia- a few dozen smaller civilian ships had decided to return back to Salvia. Of the 62, 39 were large cargo ships or small merchant ships that volunteered to either carry supplies or pick up refugees, the rest of the civilian fleet being made up of 3 large private yachts, 9 Papal ships, and, probably the most interesting one to note, an 1800s replica wooden ship that was owned and commandeered by an eccentric multimillionaire who, even after being asked to leave, chose to stay “For the adventure.” The leading commodore of Task Force ‘Charlie’ chose to oblige as the man had also committed several million to the operation. Plus, his ship was pretty cool. Task Force ‘Charlie’ itself was comprised of 3 frigates, 2 missile cruisers, a destroyer, 5 submarines, and a hospital ship. Another two of Salvia’s three other hospital ships were put under the command of Charlie’s commander, Commodore Angelo Sodelo. The task force would eventually split up into two, with a frigate, a missile cruiser, 2 submarines, one of the hospital ships, and some 30 civilian ships to head to the friendly waters of the Raga Sea to pick up refugees from Tagmatium. The remainder of the ships would head to the port of Glevokastran, Tagmatium, north of Haru and await for the other Coalition fleets to arrive. The successful deliverance of Christian refugees to Salvia was critical: an operational mishap or botch up would have huge consequences for both Church and state, especially with the increasing political division and Church crisis. The public of Salvia waited expectantly for a successful operation, and if one was not forthcoming, the Church and the government would feel their unhappiness. _______ OOC: Hopefully a little something that will help this get back on track
  9. Ferrefaaierhafen, the true capital of Het Huisselant if you were to ask its inhabitants. The place where the Holy Wilm of Amalberga led the first settlers into the fray, into a new way of life. The first place where the blood of the Aloorian clans but mostly the natives fed the ground and gave local powers like the Yellow Empire a reason to fear these newcomers in their weird ships. In those days, justice was simple and easy. Natives found themselves on the end of a rope, dangling their feet in the air as if they were the human equivalent of a wind chime. Taking prisoners was a luxury and the settlers couldn't afford to give out luxuries. And those from the clans themselves were often given two choices, either try to survive a keelhauling or survive an exile, hopefully joining other exiles somewhere. Of course, those exiles would later come back to bite the nation in its ass a bit, as they had managed to band together in their own clan of misfits, criminals and adventurers. This type of frontier justice and the fact that Ferrefaaierhafen had been the place where newcomers would end up meant that the place had always remained rougher than other cities. Not worse, simply rougher, less sophisticated. Ferrefaaierhafen had remained a place where a larger share of the inhabitants remained lower class, a place where everyone knew an aspiring Leeffessang singer. In Grootwaterflakte, cafe culture meant drinking an overpriced coffee in a slick coffee shop where the barista would brag about being cultured because he banged people from a dozen different nations, in Ferrefaaier cafe culture meant visiting your Aunt/Uncle/Mother/Father/Grandpa/Grandma, not that they were usually your family but that's just how you'd call them. The beer's fresh from the tap, the furniture probably hasn't changed in a hundred years, the release of a new Leeffessang single or album probably happens twice a week and if you ask for coffee, there's only three options, with or without milk, with or without sugar and with or without something stronger in it. Ask any Grootwaterflakte inhabitant what they think of Ferrefaaierhafen and they're probably going to call them something lovely like unsophisticated, uncultured people stuck in the past. And if you'd do the same the other way around, they'd probably call Grootwaterflakte snobbish, stuck up, pretending to be something they're not, fake. Part of the reason why both cities are maintained as the capital of Het Huisselant was this mentality, if the Parliament was to decide in favor of one city, the other one would stir up issues. The epitome of Ferrefaaierhafen culture was its Provincial Police Chief, Rikkert Boofenheufel. A man with a tan that'd make you wonder if he lives in the tanning salon, teeth as white as the purest Variotan cocaine, a hairdo that had remained the same since the 80's and strapped with more firepower than a Grootfegtfoertuig. This was his city, protected by his men. Following the laws of the nation, sure. But within the Ferrefaaierhafen city limits, even Het Apparath did their best to keep Boofenheufel informed, unless they wanted his 'flying squad' of armored, machine-gun armed Altvarna's to crash their party. And now, a new filth had infested his city. Not a regular filth like some confused tourist going on a cocaine fueled binge or a foreign diplomat needing some friendly taps to remind him that diplomatic immunity didn't matter if no one knew where he was and that he really did need to pay that hardworking prostitute that had dressed up to look like his mother. Those situations resolved themselves quickly and easily enough. No, this filth had traveled from Grootwaterflakte where it had already taken multiple lives. Five girls, all intending to just make a living. Five lives, cut down in their prime, and dumped into the water. Their families left with nothing to say goodbye to, the brutal stab wounds and bloating from the water ensuring a closed coffin. Maybe that'd fly in Grootwaterflakte but not here, not where Boofenheufel could make the difference. Not since his own little girl had been murdered when he was a simple officer. They'd never caught the culprit, the Provincial Police Force had been useless. Or the one that did it was just that good as not even Het Apparath knew and that was the first avenue Boofenheufel drew upon when he was made Chief. He'd ensure this piece of filth would be caught and put in a nice, cold, backbreaking werklaagher. He'd make it stop, no matter the cost. No one would suffer like he had, evenings filled with sadness, cheap drink and Varinco's latest weapon, alternating about dreaming about shooting the person that did it and committing suicide, covering the wall behind him with a lovely splatter of his brains. He never really did it, of course, otherwise this story had probably ended differently. But at his lowest point, he'd been close to it. Sitting on the docks, on a dark bench, he'd been looking towards the sea. His left hand wrapped around a cheap bottle of Vlammesant brandy, his right wrapped around his service pistol. One tap, that'd be all. Just drag his arm up to his mouth, suck on the barrel as if it was his bottle and, tap. Would He see it as acceptable? Would He allow them to be together again, his family? Would he see his wife and daughter, would they look upon him with pride, their husband and father? Or would they see him as a failure, as a broken man unable to live on? His rescue had been the Saint of the Docks. Some people just feel when they're needed, as if a unseen force is pulling them to a certain place for a reason. For Moeke Maria (Mother Maria), the docks had always been that place ever since she had joined the Sisters of the Holy Flame. Like its namesake, she wandered around the docks and made sure that working girls and guys, sailors and anyone in between that was lost or too drunk safely made their way back. It was becoming slowly more difficult, her old age making her move more slowly but with old age also came a reputation, she was the saint of the docks, the one that one could talk to without judgment, the one that accepted anyone that was on the fringes, even within the ultra-liberal Variotan society. No pimp or drug dealer, how malicious or not, would try to lift a finger against her or they'd face not only His fury but also the docks' wrath. That was a lesson that had been taught quite well after Fulgistani Pete, a pimp known for selling his product before it aging enough, tried to smack her down as she attempted to rescue his girls. He managed to smack her once, her piercing, pained sound alerting 'Lange' Jan Feelhuisse, back then one of the most feared dock pimps himself. Moeke had a special place in Lange Jan's heart, the only one he had ever confessed his darkest secret to, namely that he wanted to be a woman, something that wouldn't have been accepted for someone in his position. Not that Moeke cared, she only cared for him or rather, her, as a person. Lange Jan was a lot but he was good to his girls and for Moeke, that counted. His girls were fairly paid, did it voluntarily and were protected. That made him a good person and a good person could be anything, a good person would be accepted by Him no matter what they did or wanted to be. While Moeke nor any of the girls would ever reveal what had happened, the Provincial Police had received Fulgistani Pete the next morning, tied up and missing his testicles, tongue and middle fingers. Similarly, when Lange Jan, by then Lange Jeanette, retired and founded the Kaat Kaapers in 1991, a Folke Milisie that primarily patrolled the docks at night, they unanimously chose Moeke Maria as their mascot and her likeness still stands on the flags and armbands that they wear, portraying the virtues and role they seek to fulfill. Even though she was wheelchair bound and deadly ill by then, that decision still made her tear up, the knowledge that her work would continue on. And in a way, the Kaat Kaapers stood for everything the docks and Ferrefaaierhafen was. A violent ex-pimp flanked by a lawman, as Boofenheufel had been one of the first to join the Kaat Kaapers, old and young, rich and poor united in one purpose. The statue of Moeke Maria, placed on the square in front of the Sisters of the Holy Flame outpost near the docks after she died in 1993, reminded everyone towards her goal. The bronze, lifelike and life-sized statue featured her standing, ready to give you the hug that you deserved. The unconditional love that this woman showed everyone that opened up their hearts to her. A plaque on the ground reminded everyone of her eventful life and the Kaat Kaapers, her unofficial successors. It tells everyone that her soul still remains in that place and that her energy still roams around, giving the statue special powers. It says that if you truly need help, all you need to whisper is 'help me, Moeke' while in her embrace and help will come. While that sounds like superstition, that part was true. Over the years, the technology had been refined and the statue featured microphones and an alarm system that alarmed each member of the Kaat Kaapers if those words were uttered. In those years, they had rescued many abused spouses, working girls and men, tourists being harassed or worse... Even in the afterlife, she kept serving the people. Which, really, was all she had ever hoped for. To provide solace from the hard world and it's dark touch. To come close to His Holy Flame and act like a beacon. Boofenheufel and his deputy sat in their Altvarna, keeping their eye on the cameras that they had put in place to keep an eye on the area of the operation. This is how the Waterweg Moort'naar (Waterway Killer) would get caught. He had a type and Boofenheufel had a deal with the pimps of the docks, you leave those girls at home and we remain friends. Instead, the only prostitute that'd fulfill the killer's need would be right here and it'd be a cross-dressed officer of the Grootwaterflakte Provincial Police. Sure, Boofenheufel felt bad for the intern that had been sent along with the files in order to serve as a link between the two forces. But this would be for a good cause. ''Ricky, are you ready?'' ''Yes, Chief Boofenheufel. I'll only have to stand around, right? You guys catch him before he can do anything, right?'' ''Right, Ricky. You'll be fine. I hope.'' ''You ho...'' ''Let's keep this channel free.'' Bianca Boom-Boom is what she had called herself on the train ride from Rooibesfelt to here. Her real name, Patries Lanthouwer, wasn't flashy enough as far as she could tell and even if it was, she didn't want to have any chance that her parents would find out what she was doing here. Let them think that their little girl was simply working a high-paying customer service job, not that she was selling her body down by the docks of the big city. Mom and dad didn't deserve that, nor had they deserved the bank raising the interest on their farm loan after dad got kicked by one of the stallions and couldn't move his lower body any more. But it was what it is. No need to cry over what was. One year. One year was all she'd need. One year to grab enough money to pay off the loan, make sure her little brother could go to whatever school he wanted to and maybe even have enough left to put down a down payment on a small home for herself. Normally, she wouldn't have been able to rake in enough to do that but who really needed a pimp? Who needed an asosjiasie? Who needed a hand that simply grabbed a large share and offered whatever they called safety. It was probably all a hoax anyway, this was Variota and if her own small town was anything to go off off, the docks would be as safe as anything. Her naive character would soon be slashed out of her. You see, Bianca Boom-Boom was the type the Waterweg Moort'naar liked. And maybe, just maybe, if she hadn't been there, he would have gone for Boofenheufel's trap. After all, a serial killer looking to strike and finding only one target is like a drunk cannibal in an orgy, hungry and willing to overlook certain red flags. Such as the target being a cross-dressing intern fidgeting more than a tweaker with withdrawal symptoms. ''Alright Ricky, the first hour is done. You doing fine over there? Need anything?'' ''I'm fine, Chief. I have a bottle of water in my bag.'' ''Pff, water. I'm downing double Vodka's here, boy.'' ''Eh, good for you Chief?'' ''You can say that again.'' Have you ever thought about the last thing you'd ever hear being 'Baby, I'm going to enjoy gutting you like a fish'? Neither had Bianca. Yet, that and a loud, swooshing slash slash sound would have been her last memory if not for her thick jacket, one her father had made for her from their own leather. Those seconds went so slow for her that it seemed unreal, fight or flight. She couldn't fight this secret assailant, she couldn't fight at all. And run? To where? She had just arrived today, she knew nothing here. She could run towards the edge of the docks but then he could just as easily throw her in. Either way, he was blocking that way. It'd be an easier death, just run into the knife. But she wasn't ready to go, she wouldn't go. As she moved backwards, she managed to kick her assailant in the groin and buy herself enough to run away. And she was reminded by something her mother had told her about her grandmother. Her grandmother had once joined the Sisters of the Holy Flame, a religious order that had outposts on docks and aided sailors and such, for a summer back in the 70s. They used to serve as nurses, doctors, a place to stay, a place to eat. A safe haven. Sure, they had been in decline since the 00's but a large city like this would still need to have a working outpost, right? And that's when she saw it, as if Moeke herself had directed the San to return its rays for a short moment in this dark night. The statue, the outpost, her salvation. She'd be saved, they'd let her in right? Coming closer, something seemed off about the outpost. There were no lights? Why were there no lights? They'd still be busy, they'd have to be. Why were there only lights aimed at that blasted statue? The outpost hadn't been used during the nights since 2002, serving as a museum after the last Sister of the Holy Flame of the outpost had died. Maybe she could hide in the statue, the statue featured Moeke wearing a long robe. Maybe it would hide her enough. She tried her best to stay quiet but she couldn't do it, she just couldn't keep up. Why did this happen to her? All she could do was cry and fall to her knees, cry and sob ugly tears, her stupid but last-chance plan failing her now too. And that's when the killer found her. Grabbing her feet, he tried to drag her out, something she only managed to stop by grabbing hold of the statue's feet. 'Call out help me, Moeke for help. There's always an option, you're never alone.' said the plaque. Should she try it or would it just be another trick this city had in store for her? The outpost wouldn't help her, why would this? No. Don't cry over what was, try anything. It couldn't end like this. As her hands slowly slipped, only one thing floated in her head: Help me, Moeke. Boofenheufel was refilling his hip flask with the bottle of vodka he kept in the glove compartment when his phone went off. The Kaat Kaapers alarms. Someone was in danger. And at that moment, he knew he had probably f*cked up, bad. Another girl would be hurt, an independent girl. Why hadn't he thought about it? There aren't many independents, most are not suicidal enough and those that are, are usually addicts. Not the killer's type but one could always slip through. Not again, not another murder. Not in his town, his f*cking town. ''Ricky! We've been wrong, he's at the outpost! Call all units, I'm driving this f*cker there right now!'' Take a right here, a left there. Hope other Kaat Kaapers are in the neighborhood. Why wouldn't this Altvarna drive faster? Come on, move out of the way. 30 seconds and he'd be there. Would it be enough? Slap, slap, smack, crunch ''You're a feisty one, I like that. I'm going to make you suffer.'' ''Please don't, stop, ple...'' Crunch That were her teeth. That'd save him some of that stupid whining, she deserved everything he gave her. She'd be cleansed, cleansed by the water and the slashes. He'd make her bleed empty, make sure she'd be filled with His water. He'd give her a way into heaven instead of the hell where every other prostitute went, where his mother went. They'd all be cleansed. One final stab, one in her heart and she'd be ready. Ready. Now. Do it. Do it now. Stab, stab, stab. Cleanse, cleanse. Cleanse her now. His hands rose with the knife in between them. In his craze, he never even heard the squeaking tires of Boofenheuvel's vehicle. click, brraaap brraap ''The next dozen bullets will be through you if you don't drop the knife.'' ''f*ck you, I'm going to cleanse her. Cleanse them all.'' The last thing Bianca would see before she passed out and woke up in hospital was Boofenheuvel, using the machine gun on his vehicle to shoot off the hands of her would-be killer. Whether her injuries or the sight of most of a man's hands being shredded ended up passing her out was the question. She ended up getting the help she needed, however, both medical and otherwise. When Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten brought out her story, albeit cleaned up to protect her and her parents, the farm was bought for her, her brother got a scholarship for whatever school he wanted and she got enough starting capital to start her own business. The Waterweg Moort'naar got a lovely lifelong sentence to the Piet Reierfer Werklaagher, the worst one in Het Huisselant. Why a man without hands would be sentenced to a mining camp was a good question but not one that would be answered for him, any attempts to try and find out simply led to another round of fellow inmates beating him. But even that was better than the 'gift' Boofenheuvel had given him before he was finally convicted and sent to work, namely sharing a cell with one of Ferrefaaierhafen's most notorious and violent sex offenders, Nasty Francesco. And let's just say fighting off a guy named Nasty Francesco is a lot harder without hands.
  10. We have come a long way since the late 90s when someone had the genius idea of using a small yellow smiling face image instead of the more common colon-bracket representation of a smiling face. In Invision Community, there are various places that photography can be used to create visual interest. From uploads in topics, to cover photos for blogs and members. The humble upload field has served these areas well, but sourcing images to use can be a pain; especially when you have to walk the minefield that is copyright and attribution. Fortunately, there are a few "CC0" online stock photo libraries that offer quality photography that requires no attribution and are not hampered by copyrights. One such library is the ever-popular Pixabay, which was established in 2012 and features a very powerful API. Pixabay has over a million images ready to use from llamas to sausages and everything in-between. Invision Community 4.5 now includes support for Pixabay which brings those images to your fingertips (or mouse pointer if you're on a desktop.) This video shows the feature in use. As you can see, not only can you upload into posts from the stock photo library, but you can also use it to add a cover image to your profile and blog entries. Finding quality photography has never been so easy! For those that love technical details, the stock photo picker is a programmatic option on the upload form field type making it very easy to add to your own code and apps. How will you use this new feature? Let me know! View the full article
  11. Last week
  12. DECLERATION OF THE SANDS Following a meeting between the Reverned Mother of the Bene Gesserit faith and the Four Heads of the Holy Houses the nation of the Theocracy of Kaitaine wish to make our nations stance of armed neutrality clear to the world. We further hope that this decleration will encourage those nations around the world to begin positive relationships with our nation based on increasing economic, academic and spiritual prosperity for all. The Theocracy of Kaitaine hereby declares itself to a sovereign nation that will remain neutral in all external conflicts. We hereby request nations and multi-national alliances to recognise the Theocracy as such. While remaining neutral through times of conflict we would welcome diplomatic and economic friendships with all nations of the world, however we will not enter into Treaties taking away any aspect of our neutrality. We hereby declare that during conflicts our military will take no side and will only fulfil duties as Peacekeepers or on Humanitarian grounds. We would like to remind nations of our Rights as a neutral nation during international conflicts ,while also showing acceptance of our responsibilities. Rights and Responsibilities of a neutral nation 1. Belligerents may not enter neutral territory for any reason. 2. Attempts to stop a belligerent entering our territory does not compromise our statement of neutrality. 3. Belligerent troops reaching neutral territory will be humanly interned for the duration of the conflict. This does not apply to escaped Prisoners of War 4. Belligerent Armies may not recruit/conscript neutral citizens. 5. Neutral nation citizens however may travel abroad to enlist. 6. Belligerent armies' personnel and material may not be transported across neutral territory 7. Wounded troops may be permitted transit through neutral territory provided the means of transport is unarmed. 8. A neutral power may supply communication facilities to belligerents. 9. A neutral power may not supply war materials to belligerents. 10. Belligerent naval vessels may use neutral ports for a maximum of 24 hours. The exception to this is for repairs which must be completed as soon as possible. 11. Should a belligerent nations vessel already be in port and the other belligerent vessel docks the one arriving last must stay in dock for 24 hours after the departure of the first. 12. Any ship captured by a belligerent in the territorial waters of a neutral power must be surrendered by the belligerent to the neutral, which must intern its crew. The Theocracy hope and expect the world to honour our stance on neutrality. As we have declared ourselves neutral we would, as always, be willing to act as intermediaries in any conflict. We further wish the following to be known. 1. Any nation is permited to establish an embassy in Arrakeen so long as reciprication is permitted. 2. Students from any nation may enroll on University courses visa free so long as they can a) fund their couse and stay without working b) have no criminal record Our nations doors are open should any nation wish to discuss these matters or broaden their relationship with our nation. Signed by Reverned Mother Erin Atwald Duke Oswald Atreides Duke Richard Harkonnen Duchess Anna Fremen Duke Niklaus Corrino
  13. KAITAINE DEFENCE FORCE The KDF is affectionatly known in Kaitaine as the Pangolins. The force was formed in 1814 following the merging of several militia's from the Four Holy Families. The force today is the official ground force of the nation however in many ways they defer to the Truthsayers. They currently field approximately 106,496 members. EQUIPMENT 400 x Chain-Rider Battle Tank 750 x Scorpion-Rider Armoured Vehicle 800 x Flame-Rider Armoured Vehicle 350 x Mini-Chain Rider Tank 720 x Cat-Rider Protected Mobility Vehicle 350 x Shield APC 400 x Bandit Mobility Vehicle 100 x Battlerider Mobility Vehicle 120 x Scale-Rider IFV 400 x Dunerider Strike Vehicle 70 x Bone Arrow Self Propelled Rocket Artillery 100 x Spearpoint Self Propelled Howitzer 100 x Fire-Rider Towed Howitzer 50 x Javelin Towed Howitzer 40 x Pangolin System Mobile Air Defence 20 x Skyrider Helicopter 40 x Storm Arrow Attack Helicopter 20 x Twin Arrow Aerial Vehicle
  14. Salvia

    Doom of Ceris

    Cardinal Sean McKinley had rarely visited the Papal Palace and had to be guided to the office of the man he was looking for. The winding corridors, brightly lit even in the evening hours, were filled with Baroque art and their floors covered by ornate rugs. A couple thousand housekeepers took care of the expansive palace that resembled more of an imperial palace than the home of the administration of the Church. The place was spotless; McKinley could not spot a speck of dust on even the oldest of tapestries and pieces of art as the nun guided him. Weaving through the palace, they made it to the office of the head of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium, Cardinal Mark D’Angelo. Here the nun stopped at a large and decorative wooden door. A small golden plaque that hung left to the door at head height read ‘D’Angelo Cardinalis’- they had reached their destination. The nun knocked on the door and bowed towards McKinley before walking away the way they had come. The cardinal heard a tired, soft voice replying wearily, “Per favore entra*.” McKinley opened the door gently as he peered in. D’Angelo sat behind a large desk that was covered with papers and letters, his glasses at the bridge of his nose and his face buried in a letter. His zucchetto was on top of a pile on the corner of his desk, revealing his mostly bald, spotted head. D’Angelo looked up from his letter and smiled wearily as he stood up. “Salve, frater**.” D’Angelo walked around his desk to embrace the cardinal before inviting McKinley to take a seat and went back to his seat. “I appreciate your graciousness in hosting me, brother.” D’Angelo just continued smiling as he waved his hand and started in Anglish, “The pleasure is mine. Anything to distract me from this crisis.” His smile disappeared from his face as he said the last sentence and looked at all his papers on his desk. He shook his head gently before looking back up at McKinley, pushed up his glasses, and inquired, “So, what can I help you with, frater? Could I help you to some tea?” McKinley at first had trouble deciphering D’Angelo’s heavy Salvian accent but was soon able to understand him. “Yes, that would be nice.” D’Angelo rang a small bell that was placed on his desk. Maybe ten seconds had passed before a nun entered the room and bowed. “Maria, potresti portarci del tè? Grazi.” The nun nodded and left. D’Angelo waved his hand towards McKinley, indicating to him to speak. “Well, I come to you from my post, Occidentalis Cerisae. You’ve no doubt heard the crisis unfolding on my island?” D’Angelo nodded, “Yes, I have. The Concilio Clerici was in fact the driving force behind the state’s commitment to aid.” McKinley nodded and continued, “Yes, and the Church has also committed aid, the funds and supplies have helped my priests in their mission.” D’Angelo nodded back, “So what are you to ask of me?" “Well, brother, it is seen by both me and the other bishop on the island, Bishop James Flynn, that more aid must be committed to Ceris. The forces opposing our ministry only grow stronger as the days passed and I fear the Church on the island only grows weaker. The scourge of communism threatens my dioceses and we do not have the resources necessary to both deal with them and continue our ministry. D’Angelo sighed wearily while rubbing his eyes under his glasses. “I was hoping for good news, but yes, the situation is most certainly dire.” McKinley looked at D’Angelo intently, waiting for him to continue. “You must understand, frater, our resources are spread thin since our involvement in Cussia and the investigations. And now with Ceris… we are taking on too much. I’ll tell you this: you will be given more. As to the time it is delivered, only God knows, but I will try to get it to you speedily.” A knock on the door interrupted the conversation as the nun entered with two cups of tea. Handing one to each of them, she bowed before hurrying out once again. “Brother, I am afraid that money might not be the way to solve this issue, especially any that shows up months too late. Is there nothing your Concilio can do? Money will mean nothing to the communists when they take power- men are needed.” D’Angelo answered incredulously, “My Concilio? Absolutely not- no, it’s not possible. With the investigations? The Salvian people- devout as they are- would not even buy that at this time. If funds are not good enough for this cause, I can’t do anything else for you. Armed force or intervention of any kind wouldn’t be allowed by any sane politician and to even suggest anything like that to the public sphere would draw instant criticism.” “Please, brother, do you not understand the direness of the situation? Ceris is not stable, we’ve been attacked countless time over these years. And now communism! What will happen?” “God’s will.” D’Angelo said nothing for a moment. He took a sip from his tea before replying, calmly, “I will do all that I can. But I tell you this: Salvia will not get involved in a sphere of influence it does not belong to or have any interest in. We’ll see if the situation of the Church gets any worse- more drastic action might be taken then. At this time, however, I will give you 100 members of the Papal Guard to protect yourself and any church that is under attack. I will finalize the details in the coming days with the Guard.” McKinley sat there, silent and unhappy, but nodded. D’Angelo breathed deeply before ringing the bell once more. He stood up when the nun entered. “It is getting late, frater. Maria will show you to your room. I will see you tomorrow at breakfast.” McKinley stood up as D’Angelo walked around the desk to embrace the other cardinal. McKinley walked towards the door that the nun held open and exited, himself now tired and worried. __________ *: “Come in please” **: “Hello, brother”
  15. PRIESTESS OF AIR NAMED NEW ORACLE Following only 17 hours of deliberations the Temple of the Elements have named a 55 year old Priestess of Air as the new High Oracle. Miriam Busto was formerly the Priestess of Air at the Northern mountain town of Deusto and was at one time the spiritual adviser to Queen Julia The Elder. At just after sunrise this morning the ceremonial horn connected to the Temple of the Elements was blown and echoed across the city of Thale waking many of the cities inhabitants who hurried to the streets to find out who would now be responsible for the spiritual well being of the nation. Roughly 30 minutes later Queen Julia The Younger was seen being escorted through the city streets by her personnel guard en route to be the first to be told the name of the new High Oracle. Upon arriving at the Temple the doors slowly opened and the Queen was the only person who entered before reappearing ten minutes later. It became clear very quickly that none of the clergy from Temples in Thale had been appointed as upon returning to the Royal Palace the Queen immediately departed on the hour long journey North via helicopter. Local news channels in Deusto soon began informing the world that the Queen had landed in their town and by the time she had made her way to the residence of Priestess Miriam Busto crowds had begun to gather at the various residences of the clergy in the city hopeful that their particular favourite would be named as the High Oracle. The Queen was photographed entering Priestess Miriam's residence before appearing just after midday with the newly appointed High Oracle on Busto's balcony. Queen Julia The Younger was first to address the crowd saying. "The High Preists and Priestesses of the elements have recieved guidance and have in their widsom determined that Priestess of Air Miram Busto shall be our nations guide. As the Guardian of the Elements I pledge myself to protecting her as she seeks to bring us ever closer to the Gods." Then the new High Oracle appeared on the balcony to huge cheers.High Oracle Busto was dressed in her ceremonial attire of white and gold dress however had the High Oracle's crown on her head as she addressed the crowd for the first time in her new role. "I am honoured to have been selected to serve as High Oracle. Our faith has faced a testing time after the corruption that High Oracle Itziar Gebara permitted to seep into our faiths upper hierachy. This shall be my first task, to ensure that all those who serve the Gods do so with respect and honour be they a mere member of a youth choir or the High Priests themselves. As such I have already enacted my first action as High Oracle and that is requesting a Royal Commission into the actions of Itziar Gerbara, following that I have asked Her Majesty, as Guardian of the Elements to conduct a series of investigations into key members of the faith that have been surrounded by accusations. Her Majesty has given me her full assurance that she will leave no stone unturned in rooting out and then punishing anyone corrupt." Later in the day upon returning to the Royal Palace in Thale Queen Julia the Younger released a statement saying. "Our nation has always been ruled by a monarch who has held the power of making and enforcing laws for the nation. They have also held the responsibility of following and protecting the faith, be that against physical harm or doctrinal harm. In this case I have been asked to ensure that those who misuse our religion do not get away with it. I am proud to be entrusted with this task and have assigned to special duties a team of 50 members of the Military Police along with 20 members of my 1st Light Scouts to weed out anyone who has been misusing their position of power. Old and ancient laws exist in this regard and have served us well." It is thought the Queen is referring to the "Religious Corruption Act of 1504" which permitted any member of the Priesthood or anyone granted privilege or responsibility by them to be severely punished. The maximum penalty under the act is reserved for someone who has used the "materials or locations of the faith to spread the knowledge or word of other faiths" and the penalty for doing so was "death by strangulation" whether the Queen is willing to execute those found guilty of corruption is still being discussed by many with those who know her well suggesting that the Queen may use the Act for prosecuting those who have misused the faith however that she will not utilise the death penalty, something that has not been used in Morheim since 1986. High Oracle Busto will be officially blessed on Wednesday at a major ceremony. NAVY TO INVESTIGATE NEW ADDITION Thale Royal Dockyards have today announced that they are undertaking a review of a older concept that the Admiralty have shown new interest in. "The Workhorse Class" ship was first suggested in the early 2000's but was passed over however today it seems the plans are likely to be given a new chance of becoming reality. A spokesman for the company which has produced the vast majority of Morheim naval vessels for the past 100 years said, "The aim of the vessel is to merge new technologies seemlessly with older ones and form them into a handy package capable of undertaking a vast array of mission types." The recently released design image seems to be a cross between some kind of Destroyer style fore with a carrier style aft, the concept was explained further by the Dockyards saying, "The ship will primarily utilise afleet of airborne drones, these will be kept below deck and largely can be in kit form. Additionally hangar space for helicopters will be avaliable allowing them to carry out anti-submarine roles. We have also futureproofed the concept by making it a ship capable of utilising VSTOL fighter aircraft. The ship also will contain a small dock allowing it to put ashore a small detachment of Marines or allow them to engage in ship to ship activities such as drug searches. The front of the ship will be about firepower with it maintaining a 155 mm cannon, a 20 cell VLS launcher as well as a variety of torpedo launches and missile canisters. We do not envisage the ship operating for long periods alone but do believe that it will provide a highly flexible and versatile asset to the Navy." The ship would be the first new acquistition for the Navy since 2009.
  16. News of the Empire R: Welcome to News of the Empire, i'm Rajev and here is the news for today. R: Futher development into yesterday's truck investigation has found a foreign business by the name of 'Aloe drink' has been secretly funding the Narku cultist. The company has been put under quarantine until further notice and the CEO will appear in high court but in the mean time he is currently being interrogated by the police force with his house and belongings being repossesed. R: In other news, a new mosque has been constructed in central Aurum as part of the 'embrace all' project which the government started last year. The Emperor attended the Mosque's first prayer early today along with the many muslims citizens, with the Adhan being heard for the first time in Aurum with people present stating "it sounded glorious" and "Allah is most definitely proud of this country". The Emperor himself gave a speech after prayer expressing his love of islamic history in Indo-Stan and went on to say that not only does this event show the embracement and development of the nation but him praying shows that God comes in many forms and the Dragon is, to him, simply another name for Allah. Indeed we do have a most wise and great leader. R: Coming up, the streets of Aurum are becoming more alive by the day as we approach 'Week of the Dragon', mountainous plateaus in the valley of Dàha has recently revealed a small cave entrance after a rockslide occured, and Prime Minister Jin Tzu makes visits to 5 A Level schools to talk to students about the future of politics. But first Jingem with the weather, Jingem. J: Thank you Rajev. J:Well we are seeing the certain change of seasons earlier than expected, small amounts of Cherry blossom have been seen already budding in the Southern regions despite there still being a coldish breeze passing through, whilst in the North however *chuckles* is a very different story, snow still lingers around the higher regions whilst the ice is seen in many villages and the country side which has caused some roads to close whilst local assisters rid of the ice but this has not stopped people from preparing for the 'Week of the Dragon'. J: we're expecting the slow incline to warmer weather over the entire country especially with the final traces of the storm now disapparating, in places such as Aurum the temperature is going to be a cool 4 degrees whilst further South in places such as Hān'é city it will mostly be 7 degrees. This is meant to continue through out the week with some showers on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon but an overall chilly start. Rajev. R: After the break we shall continue with the topics, so stay tuned.
  17. @Orioni ahh, Ok cool. i was worried i had made a mistake somewhere which meant i couldn't post.
  18. Hello @Indo-Stan. All RP candidates start out in this area. Graduating will unlock the main RP forums for you.
  19. hi, so basically i can't post anything in any sub-forums except for this one and the general ones i.e. hello my name is, community board and academy. is this something to do with first being on the actual map or is it something else?
  20. REQUEST FOR TENDER - NATIONAL RAILWAY MODERNISATION PROGRAM ATM ID: ITRD/2020/001 AGENCY: National Railway Corporation CATEGORY: 25121504 - Electric Passenger Locomotives 95121607 - Railway Depot CLOSE DATE 28 FEB 2019 1200HRS (BMT) | STATUS: OPEN PUBLISH DATE: 18 JAN 2020 LOCATION: BROMWICH, GALLAMBRIA ATM TYPE: REQUEST FOR TENDER DESCRIPTION: The Department for Infrastructure, Transport & Regional Development (DITRD) along with the National Railway Corporation, invites suitable companies to tender their bid for the National Railway Modernisation Program. This project is to replace the Corporation's aging fleet of its 125 Series High Speed Regional Trains, and also provide state of the art stabling, maintenance and training facilities. This tender calls for the manufacturing and supply of 140 8-car sets and 20 10-car sets meeting the following specifications. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Platform Height 550 to 760mm (21.7 - 29.9 in) ARL Maximum Speed 8 Car: 230 kph (145 mph) 10 Car: 250 kph (155 mph) Power Output 8 Car: 4,950 kW (6,640 hp) 10 Car: 8,250 kw (11,060 hp) Gauge Standard Gauge 1,435mm (4ft 8 1/2in) Electrical System(s) 15 kV, 16.7 Hz Overhead line Collection Method Pantograph Safety System(s) STCS; SCSS 8-CAR COMPOSITION SPECIFICATIONS Car 1 Car 2 Car 3 Car 4 Car 5 Car 6 Car 7 Car 8 Notes Axle Arrangement Bo'Bo' 2'2' Bo'Bo' 2'2' 2'2' Bo'Bo' 2'2' Bo'Bo' Refer to UIC Locomotive Axle Classifications for further information Car Type Bpmzf Bpmz Bpmz BRmz ABvmz ABvmz Avmz Apmzf Refer to UIC Railway Coach Classifications for further information 10-CAR COMPOSITION SPECIFICATIONS Car 1 Car 2 Car 3 Car 4 Car 5 Car 6 Car 7 Car 8 Car 9 Car 10 Notes Axle Arrangement Bo'Bo' 2'2' Bo'Bo' 2'2' Bo'Bo' 2'2' 2'2' Bo'Bo' 2'2' Bo'Bo' Refer to UIC Locomotive Axle Classifications for further information Car Type Bpmzf Bpmz Bpmz Bpmz Bpmbz BRmz ABvmz ABvmz Avmz Apmzf Refer to UIC Railway Coach Classifications for further information
  21. I will be waiting on further reactionary posts before making any blood and honey as well as news reports concerning this.
  22. TEMPLE OF THE ELEMENTS TO NAME NEW HIGH ORACLE The Queendom of Morheim's religious establishment, the Temple of the Elements, will begin the process of naming a new High Oracle this week. The position of High Oracle has been vacant for close to 12 months following the abdication of High Oracle Itziar Gebara following allegations of financial embezzlement. The Temple of the Elements have spent the last 12 months ensuring that a full investigation into Gebara's actions have been carried out and that all accounts are in order before beginning the process of naming his successor. The process will see the High Priests of Water and Earth convene with the High Priestesses of Air and Fire to determine who from within the ranks of the clergy. The four leaders of the individual elements will remain within the underground Temple of the Elements until they reach a decision. Today they will gather inside where Her Majesty Queen Julia III, Guardian of the Elements, will formally task them with the selection before the Queen leaves and the four are sealed inside. Once they reach their decision they shall blow the ceremonial horn contained within the Temple which attracts the attention of the Four Gods. At that point Queen Julia will be the first to be told the name of the new High Oracle and will then travel to inform the new High Oracle of their appointment. The lack of a religious leader has drawn criticism from those across the nation as it has been the first time in history the faith has lacked a leader. One such critic was Air Chief Marshall Albert Größel who commands the nation's Air Force, "Our people have lacked religious guidance for far to long. Our Queen requires their input to ensure she protects the Holy Land for the Elementium faith in the correct manner and she has been left to her own devices. While I respect Her Majesties devotion to the faith she is just 22 years of age and not a scholar of the faith like a Priest or Priestess is." It is expected that as soon as the new High Oracle is in place their induction to the role will take place within a week with a large celebration.
  23. Indo-Stan

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Svāni Samrágūo Indirìhya (Heavenly Empire of Indo-Stan) Government type of nation: Hereditary Monarchy + One party elected semi dictatorship. This is a new government type called Zìlatm Nirbhēng or Zìrbheng for short. Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Svāni (Indirìani / Indo-Stani)- 85%, the remaining 15% is a mix of other ethnic groups. Indirìani is a mix of Chinese, Indian and Thai Give us a short description of your nation: Indo-Stan is vast, enviromentaly mixed nation with high elevated colder mountainous lands in the North and lower more warmer river filled lands in the South. The lands of the north are rich in the ancient history of the former empires and civilisations that once settled the lands, with the Temple of the Balance being the highest built structure in the entire country and also one of the oldest. Rice, soy bean, corn, wheat, tea and sugar cane are the common found type of farms across the northern area whilst the southern area sees more rubber, coffee, potatoes, tomato, coconuts, peanuts and chillis. History is seen everywhere in Indo-Stan due to how long people have lived there, but as mentioned, the North is richer in it but so is the central part. To Indo-Stanian knowledge the oldest city found is the 'Great City of Indrì' which started at the mouth of the river Indrì and slowly made it's way to the base and turned into what is now the capital of Aurum. The nation is ruled by Emperor Kabir Mughal Khan and has been ruled by his family for the last 526 years, their royal household name is 'Khalinzí'. Do you have an IIWiki page?: not yet. But i am working on having a firm basic idea of the nation before starting it. WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? Well my first experince of "roleplaying" i suppose was on Club Penguin. In all seriousness i have done roleplaying activities for maybe the past 5 or so years, it has been very fun stuff. How would you describe yourself? A little bit egotistical but other than that valiant, some-what intelligent, logical and welcoming RP/Writing samples (if available already): That News post i made is an example i suppose and you can count the role playing character of Kabir Mughal Khan as one, i'm not too sure. Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? That would be nice. NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region?: i heard about it from a friend who described it as a perfect place for my fusion nation of Ancient India and China so i wanted to experience it Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: none at all Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. I have not, Indo-Stan is my first. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates World Assembly? I am a current member Anything else?: I just hope my nation's faith or people don't annoy people too much. Again on a serious note, i like this idea of nation roleplaying because it does allow us to be that leader we all want to be. Providing any falsified or deliberately misleading information will result in your application being rejected and your access to the forum revoked. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you agree to abide by the community and RP rules of this community. Any breach thereof may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to revoking of forum posting rights, banning from the forum, removal of regional citizenship, and ejection from the region.
  24. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Orioni to auction off its 5G frequencies O'POLIS -- Today marked the start of the consultation of the auction for mobile high-speed frequencies. The government of Orioni is expected to generate several billions when auctioning off all frequencies relevant for 5G communication technology. Economy Cllr Hiram Hiramson explained that: "Orinese consumers are using more and more mobile data. [...] The government is taking steps to make sure society's significant needs for fast and reliable mobile communication are taken care of." Mr Hiramson presented his proposal to the Assembly earlier today. Notable is the auction being open to international candidates. This generating criticism from the opposition leader Mr Edric Kageni who complained Hiramson is not doing enough to support native tech companies. The councillor countered this by explaining the possibilities of a win-win in a joint-venture between local and foreign partners. Significant attention was also paid to the security implications of working with foreign companies. On several occasions the opposition highlighted potential security risks. Cllr Hiramson spent more than half of his podium time replying to these concerns, ultimately referring to the requirement details in his tender. Under the proposed terms of the auction, the frequencies will be dived in a multi-round auction. The auction is set to be private with no information on the number of participants or their names. However, once completed the winning companies will be announced and the Councillor will make the bidding process public. Launched January 16th, the auction will run for two months with the decision set to be announced before 31 March 2020. Following this, a second auction of the 3.5GHz and 26GHz frequency bands will begin mid-April.
  25. Summary: Orioni government launches auction for high-speed mobile communication. In 2020 the Orinese government will auction 5G frequencies. This technology is necessary to support increasing mobile data use. Good, fast and secure internet is essential for the economy of and business in Orioni. The government wants to improve the technological state of the nation, specifically in connection with the rollout of 5G. Today, the Councillor for the Economy Mr Hiram Hiramson explained to the Sibiseba his recommended plan of action to build a secure and performant 5G network. "Every day, Orinese consumers are using more and more mobile data," says Mr Hiramson. "Whether it's for digital payments, online videos, robots, or drones in the agricultural and healthcare sectors. They’re becoming a part of our daily lives. That’s why the government is taking steps to make sure society's significant needs for fast and reliable mobile communication are taken care of. We’re doing this through our proposal for the auction of the necessary frequency space." OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL CANDIDATES International cooperation is essential for the construction and management of this 5G network. Therefore, the government supports a joint venture. This could include international legislation, coalition formation or the development of international norms and standards. A structural process will be set up in cooperation with the telecom providers, which will take into account the business economic aspects to the maximum extent possible, as long as this doesn't affect national security. SECURITY REQUIREMENTS Telecom providers will be required to take additional security measures to increase resilience to the threat from other countries. One of these measures is to impose strict requirements on suppliers of services and products in the critical parts of the telecom network. This will help further diminish the vulnerability to hacking and abuse. Untrustworthy suppliers can be excluded if they have close ties to unfriendly foreign authorities or suspected involvement in espionage. FREQUENCIES The Council will auction the 700MHz, 1400MHZ and 2100MHz frequencies in the first quarter of 2020 (January-March). Frequencies in the 3.5GHz and 26GHz bands will be allocated in the second quarter of 2020 (April-June). AUCTION This auction will remain open for 2 months after this publication. The highest bidders are allowed to use the frequencies in question, for example, to provide mobile internet. In 2018 there were an estimated 69,8 million internet users (48,35%) in Orioni. PROCEDURE Interested eligible bidders who wish to be included in the auction should contact the address below. Tender Evaluation Section Council of the Economy Weigh House Plaza O'polis 4WH Orioni Email: tender@economy.gov.io (OOC: the government is hoping to raise between Φ25-30 billion in total, with high-frequency bands being the most lucrative and expensive.)
  26. Batengdei

    Doom of Ceris

    Phou and his company had traversed Rusheau for a twelve days now. If he did not have Ankwer writing daily journal entries, he knew he would have lost track of which day it was. It was a Monday. A few days prior the transport had imploded on itself, in typical Batengdeian fashion. Fortunately Meido was useful for more than the occasional quip, and took to repairing it. That had left them stuck for a day, and not in friendly territory. As to be expected, the military presence was low, but not unsubstantial, especially for the jingoistic regime that was the Holy Empire of Rusheau. There was not a city to be passed without some few armored vehicles and troops in it. Though the quality of these patrols were shoddy, it was a testament to the fanatical militancy of Rusheau. It was no wonder the Fulgistani were having issues with direct military involvement. There was a sudden shout, "There it is! The bunker, just saw it!" Phou looked over. It was Pyough, eagle-eyed as ever. They had finally made it to their comrades in Rusheau. The bunker itself was no easy find; had they not been given the coordinates by the Rusheauan People's Liberation Front, they would almost certainly have missed it. It was set within a hill which looked as though people hadn't been in it for fifty years. There was no real signs of human habitation, bar a few rusted-out cars which looked at least fifty years old from the design. In the bunker itself was a small grate, it looked almost like a manhole. Apparently it was an old bombing shelter from some old Rusheauan war. Banlea Chea strode forward into the booth, up to the circular entrance to the bunker. Everyone else, including Phou, came after her. They had put their weapons away, but there was still a level of tension: this whole operation could easily have been a Rusheauan trap for Batengdei, but it seemed unlikely that the country would ever encourage espionage of any kind, even to stage an ambush. Chea took the butt of her rifle, and pounded out a series of knocks to emulate the theme of the Rusheauan march. Chea backed away hesitantly, but there was no response. As Chea approached the hole again, however, there suddenly came a sound from the bunker. A sort of muffled cry which echoed awkwardly out from the grate. A few moments later, the grate was pushed open and a grinning man appeared. His beard looked scruffy and unkempt, and there was a maddened look in his eyes, but he shouted out in some poor attempt at Khaymer: "Hello comrades! We am so happiness to be seeing us!" It was a good effort, but fortunately Chea began in Ceriser, "Thank you comrade, but do not worry, we all speak your tongue. We have equipment for you, and fuel as you requested, but not as much as we originally indicated. I hope you do not mind..." "Pah! My proletarian friend, when you are an 'enemy to the public' you learn to make do with what you can get. Please come inside quickly." And at that they slowly climbed down into the lower bunker. The climb itself was very tense, what little natural light came through was mostly obscured by whoever had decided to go in after Phou, and the person after them. "f*ck!" came a cry from below them. It was in Khaymer and sounded like Meido. Everyone stopped momentarily before he shouted, this time in Ceriser, "Be careful there's a rung down here which is not very secure in the wall!" After some fifteen minutes of intense climbing, everyone was down in the bunker. The industrial lights on the walls illuminated cold concrete walls. Some of those lights were damaged or missing, which created a terrible inconsistency in the lighting of the passageway ahead of them. Various pipes led to and fro from the ceiling and walls, like a tangle of vines, with no real direction. "Down this hall here, we will take a right at the third door." came the Ceriser in the front. Finally, they entered a cramped little room. The walls were draped with banners of the Rusheauan flag, converted into a simple red-and-yellow socialistic banner. The centerpiece of the room was a large table which had a large map of Rusheau, illuminated by floodlights so as to ensure legibility. In the center was a woman wearing Rusheauan military fatigues enhanced with various stitchings of roses and traces of red. "Welcome to our humble home, comrades." said the woman, "I am comrade Gabriela Stein, but you may call me just Gabriela, if you like." She continued, "We of the Rusheauan People's Liberation Front seek to end the terrible state of Rusheau's long shadow of tyranny. You said you will help us, yes? You have brought the supplies we need to begin our war, but the battle is not yet won. We need your help and guidance in our battle to liberate the proletariat of this country." Chea strode over to the table, and looked at the map before smiling at the woman, "We can help you, Gabriela. Our motives are one and the same. Tell me, how do you intend to incite a revolution?" For a moment, Gabriela Stein looked ready to burst with joy, but she quickly composed herself and responded, "We have eyes across the nation; it's maybe the only benefit of living in a country everyone hates. We have some, ah, friends, who are currently stationed in Karkamann, a Rusheauan military supply depot. Recently there have been reports of them diverting a great many troops from there to the front lines to wage war against our Fulgistani friends. We can't get in with the forces we have, we only have thirty people with weaponry we managed to take from the Rusheauan military. You all, however, can coordinate and plan out strategy much better than us, not to mention you can all shoot straight. Can you help get the means of revolution to the people of Rusheau?" "I believe so, yes. I have means of contacting comrades in the Fulgistani Army, and I am sure they would be willing to coordinate with our cause. While we do that, I will have Pyough working at a raid strategy with Phou. We will all be there for fire support, too. I assure you we have this quite under control." Gabriela Stein grinned, "Let's liberate Rusheau."
  27. News of the Empire (Translated into basic) R: It is 6am on this fine morning, i'm Rajev Li and heres the news for the morning. R: A truck was found abandoned by the side of D23 road leading to Hasheiv yesterday with it's content being predominantly illegal alcoholic substances, the known cultist group Narku Aùla have been linked to this failed smuggling and 5 people have already been arrested in suspicion of collaborating with the cult. R: This morning our great Emperor oversaw the military training of the new 'Dūr iĺim' troops, who have been under secret training for the last 3 years but only now been relieved to the public. Our glorious Emperor has assured the public that "this was done in the nation's best interest as with these new troops, not only will the public be far more protected but the imperial family as-well meaning the unity of the country will continue on for thousands of years more" R: Now with the weather Jingem Gheo, Jingem. J: Thank you Rajev. Well as the winter ends over Indo-Stan, so does that unusually strange cold weather that has been bothering the southern part of the country, we're expecting as it moves into the spring the temperature will steadily increase, that being said, over the course of the day the temperature should rise slowly to 12 degrees around 1pm with the high chances of it remaining partially clouded, before it begins to decline at around 6pm to a chilly 5 degrees by 11pm. J: Through the night and into the early morning of tomorrow, there are small chances of rain with the exit of storm Fejino but once that clears up it is expected to be a clear day with temperatures ranging from 8-15 degrees. Rajev. R: Sounds like a lovely time to go to park, wouldn't you say Jingem? J: Indeed it does Rajev. R: Anyhow that was the morning News of the Empire, stay tuned for the economic news but other than that, have a good day.
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