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  2. UPDATE After some discussion about the realism of cross-oceanic colonisation, its become clear that the best way to maintain this "classical-era colonisation" scenario in the OP is to settle Creaturae in the far east of Argis. While it is considerably colder, the southern coast is not exactly bad. It still is quite isolated, allowing for that "recluse" outlook. Both Purple and Orange in the far eastern region of Argis seem to be liekly candidates for you. Again, if the climate doesn't matter so much.
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  4. Hi there Creaturae! Since I'm here right now and available, I have the following inputs for you: Points that strike me: Relatively uninvolved, Aroman, Colony, Inland. As a whole your write up makes me think of the following conditions: (1) The closer to Aroman Europa, the better. (2) If "uninvolved", then isolated river valley makes the most sense. However, given the above two I have just mentioned, it might be difficult to accomodate a "Mediterrean/Oceanic" climate. Both conditions above have you best suited for Central Eastern Argis--which is more temperate/taiga/alpine. If this doesn't bother you too much, we can move forward with the following suggestions: All Three are as close to Aroman Europa in the new world as it gets without putting you in a rather frigid region (near Astriedan). It also puts you near other new world Rome-esque cultures. RED: Appears to be the most logical out of the 3. The surrounding mountains make for a lot of "uninvolvement" in historical affairs/make it hard for you to have contact with late Renaissance colonisers. BLUE: Is not bad either, it puts you on what could be an elevated plain flanked by rivers--though this is a much smaller area. YELLOW: Seems the least isolated of the three. Perhaps more like the Scottish highlands and hills. If having a Mediterranean climate is a lot more important than I presumed, I'd suggest letting us know what you'd be willing to compromise. We could put you in the Mediargic region (The four seas between Western Argis and Northern Alharu), but that would entail a likely drop in your "Aroman-ness" or your reclusiveness (it is a pretty big trading area). Let us know what you think!
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  6. Nation in Europa: Creaturae Flag: (Better quality at https://i.imgur.com/HOPxr7M.png) Capital name: Confugerunt Capital location: [Inland with river access] Factbook link:http://www.europans.com/topic/5507-wip-de-legatis-foederationis-creaturae-factbook-megapost/?tab=comments#comment-40014021 Newsroom link:http://www.europans.com/topic/5508-academy-rp-et-quotidie-verbo/?tab=comments#comment-40014027 Culture: Creatum (Aroman mixed with continental native culture) Climate: Mediterranean / Oceanic Location: Anywhere in the "new" world History: Creaturae was originally settled by native tribes-people over three-thousand years ago, inhabiting much of what is modern-day Creaturae. After the arrival of the first Advenae in the year 102 C.E., the natives were either killed off from plagues and illnesses they had no immunity to, relocated to make room for more settlers or integrated into the Creatum society. The latter option became quite popular in the 2nd and 3rd century after the Natives had developed immunity to the Europan diseases, many Advenae welcomed them into their society. The natives' spiritual believes influenced the major Creatum religion, de Cultu Deorum, and those influences can be easily seen when comparing even modern-day purists of the two beliefs. Following the collapse of the Aroman Empire with Creaturae nearly joined them. Many died during the Great Suffering, as lack of imports meant that there wasn't a constant influx of food and other materials required to sustain the start of a colony. Miraculously, the Advenae recovered from the famine and elected the Colonial overseer, the Caesar-appointed colonial manager, as their temporary leader. This would end up becoming a permanent position in the Creatum government. After being cut off from their only trading partner and without the resources or luxury to create their own ships, Creaturae was completely cut off from the sea and, by extension, Europa. Knowledge of Creaturae disappeared completely. It was only in the 15th century, over 13 centuries later, that the Europans rediscovered the old colony, now only vaguely similar to the once-mighty Aromans. Now, in the modern era, Creaturae is relatively uninvolved in international affairs. Their main influence over other nations is their large influx of tourists and immigrants, as well as their significant population and protection of Native-peoples (larger than other Europan colonies).
  7. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Weyeni nominated for 3 Music Awards ZUIDHAVEN -- The Enolian singer Aymi Weyeni has been nominated in the three most prestigious categories for this year's Orinese Music Awards, including for the writing and recording of the single Go Through @Rihan and album of the year Back To Enolia. Unfortunately, she won't be able to attend the ceremony in Zuidhaven on Sunday. The 19-year-old singer is currently being treated in a clinic for PTSD and conflict-related stress. Ms Weyeni's brilliance of her music matched only by the difficulty of her refugee life. The singer wrote the single Go Through Rihan about her struggle to return to occupied Enolia. Despite all that, her debut album, Back to Enolia, sold 2 million copies in Orioni alone last year. "Aymi's is a really great talent," says her manager Nicola Simizi. "She's reached back into the roots of the old music that she loves and created a very original album. What's most remarkable about this young talent is the mix in styles and influences: jazz, blues, soul, even @Shffahkian rhythms. When I first heard Back To Enolia, I was absolutely blown away," she added says. "She's put Enolia back on the map." Like many of the new female singer-songwriters, Aymi Weneyi has become famous thanks to the Internet. Starting out, she posted her songs on Wittier, played her guitar and song about her tortured youth in Enolia. Aymi Weyeni - Go Through Rihan They tried to make me go through Rihan I said, "no, no, no" Yes, I miss Enolia More than just melancholia You know, know, know We still got the fight And if my doctor thinks I'm alright He'll try to make me go through Rihan I won't go, go, go
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    Will you be Myne?

    Ferrefaaierhafen, a shining beacon of prosperity, progress and pleasure situated at the crossroads between the Keelpijppassage, or simply Keelpijp as it was often lovingly called, and the Qingming Sea, or Grootsee as it was known in Variot. It was here where two of the greatest minds on Eurth, some might even say of the universe would meet for their fair share of pleasure, joy, delight and diplomacy, not necessarily in that order. Often, these meetings would take ages to arrange with enough red tape covering the whole deal to tie the Eurth to the Mun in some freaky interplanetary bondage session. One diplomat from one side would have to get permission to send specifics to another diplomat on their side who would have to relay the message on to a lesser clerk who would then move it to the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs or whomever was selected to be part of the government and decide on those things and so on and so on. Here, though, it was simple. Dina Diva has always had the support of Reemy Loopentlant, the minister of Foreign Affairs, since she had started to participate in Variotan politics. Whether that was because she eventually got bored after nursing her hangover in the parliament, genuinely cared or just wanted to bang the constant stream of new interns and hires from the various parties, lobby groups and the parliament's various amenities was something that various internet forums loved to gossip about but never managed to get a consensus in. And, as always in politics, once you have an in, someone you know, things just move faster. Of course, Dina Diva could have just used her own vaguely framed political powers as Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke or her popularity as World's Greatest Diva to push things through but why bother when it's easier and just as fast to have Reemy push it forward to parliament. The voting had gone through to no-one's surprise. After all, the world's a hostile place and any means to gain just a bit more breathing room, another ally, another means to increase the economy of the nation was happily gobbled up by the representatives of Het Huisselant. A stamp here, a stamp there and Dina had received the letter the next day, stating that funds had been made available for an official diplomatic meeting between the Variotans, as represented by Foorste Frauwe Dina Diva, and the Galahindrans, as represented by Chairman Yiu Amistacia. Now, the Galahindrans were actually the Galahindans but the first sounded better in Variot and when you have an intern typing up the letter, they're obviously not going to care enough to flip through a book of demonyms to check if they used the correct one. As such, there was now a chartered Air Vooters flight landing at the Kaptein A.H. Ferrefaaierhafen International Airport, the busiest airport of Het Huisselant and one of the busiest of Alharu. Situated at the small town of Lorrelapperterp, a small distance from Ferrefaaierhafen, the airport was the primary employer for the town and somewhat a source of entertainment for the inhabitants. Teens would laugh at the bumbling tourists that entered the small town, wondering where the hell Ferrefaaierhafen would finally begin as if it would suddenly rise up like a desert mirage. Adults, just looking for a quick one night stand, often ended up in the bars of the airport, picking up travelers that wanted their first or last taste of the famous Variotan eggplant. Whether that was a metaphor for, hopefully enjoyable, coitus or simply the actual agricultural product was something that the same internet forums that debated Dina Diva's motivation would probably go wild for. The planned program for the visit had been pretty simple. After landing, there'd be time for Yiu and Dina to answer questions from the media that had been allowed to be at the landing. A simple affair, a small band to play music as the two met each other, some military forces sprinkled around to show that the HAP knew what it was doing. Then, the pink limousine that would carry Yiu, Dina and whomever Yiu had brought along would travel to Ferrefaaierhafen where the new MYNE store would open - a symbol of the new and improved Variotan-Galahindan cooperation, bigger and better than ever. Bottles would pop, socialites would swarm, the usual. And afterwards, an afterparty worthy of the name. Then the second day, because there was obviously no fun to be had in rushing any meeting, there would be time for the second part of the trip, where the potential for further ties would come to light. As Yiu had said to Dina in her letter, the Galahindans lacked a standing army and were extremely interested in gaining defensive ties. And who could blame them? The world was a hostile one where rogue nations crawled out of the floorboards as if one was in a darkroom and they were horny, hungry bottoms. If there was the option to napalm entire continents, it wouldn't be outrageous to believe atleast some politicians within Het Huisselant would choose to do so. Vice versa, there were various forces in Het Huisselant that were interested in spreading their influences. From the HAP and its supply of willing soldiers, serving and otherwise, Varinco and its subsidiary Varinco Security and the many Folke Milisies. If it was possible to do so and simultaneously gain a training grounds for intense urban warfare situations, there wouldn't be a politician in the parliament that wouldn't stamp the bill to do so.
  9. ROYAL ASSENT GIVEN TO THE DEFENCE AMENDMENTS (CORPS OF ROYAL GALLAMBRIAN MARINES) ACT 2019 His Majesty, King Albert II, has given Royal Assent to the passage of the Defence Amendments (Corps of Royal Gallambrian Marines) Act 2019. This Act gives authority to the current Government to establish and commission a independent amphibious warfare branch under the command of the Royal Gallambrian Navy. The Corps of Royal Gallambrian Marines (Royal Gallambrian Marines), will be initially established with the transfer of amphibious infantry forces from the Gallambrian Army, with independent engineering, artillery and combat support units to be provided by the Gallambrian Army until such times the new service can establish its own combat support and combat service support capability. Three Commando Brigades will be established and will be based at Brighton and Aubers Garrison until such times as individual facilities can be constructed at the relative Fleet Bases. HM The King has approved the appointment of Lt. Gen. Johnathon Doyle Burns, current Vice Chief of the General Staff, as the Commandant General of the Royal Gallambrian Marines. Upon the commencement of Lt Gen Doyle Burn's tenure as Commandant General, he will be replaced by Major General Michael Saunders as Vice Chief of the General Staff which will take effect from 01 OCT 19. /END
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  11. Dear Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Holy Imperial Government of @Rihan. From the Ixeloyanakisi of the Metztlitlalio Foreign Affairs office, Oqixatlitetl Yanakiksitla'tosollo. Said paperwork has been pinned with the letter that I am writing to you. As stated within the side document, the chancery is to be built within the Moyotlanoka Kampan of the city of Altepetl Tekaken within the Tekaken Kalpolli. Several locations have been highlighted on the map provided of the Kampan that have been designated as potential sites for construction of the chancery. It is advised once within Metztlitlalio that, using the provided dictionaries and scripts, the academic party heeds the information provided by signs and messages within the new writing script than the outdated version, whilst within the restricted regions said party may see workers switching out the old script with the new one. It is nothing to be wary of, the nation is currently under a transition from the old pictographic writing system to the new syllabic script, and is expected to be completed by this time of writing next year. We apologise for any inconveniences. -Letter approved indirectly by Archpriestess Tletlaxoxitle the II, via the Tlētlik-Akilanani.
  12. FORMER PRESIDENT NEDERGAARD AWAKE FROM 6-MONTH COMA By: Jørn Tandberg | September 17, 2019 Mr. Nedergaard has been confined in the ICU since 21 April. ARKHAVN - After nearly six months in a coma, former president Lars Nedergaard has regained full consciousness. Mr. Nedergaard, now age 82, was rushed to the St. Mark's Medical Center in Bonskøbing last 21 April after suddenly entering into a coma without any prior signs. At around 6 AM on the morning of September 17, a nurse attending to Mr. Nedergaard noticed him mumbling. Within an hour, the former president was fully awake and conscious. Mr. Nedergaard's recovery has been hailed as a miracle. "As much as we were hoping for the best, coma patients rarely make it after a few months," neurologist Christoffer Aagard told ABN. Doctors were astonished at Mr. Nedergaard's good health. "[Lars] has the strictest diet and health routine in the family," said a relative. "Fruits and vegetables, plus regular physical and mental exercise, since he was in his 40's." In February of 2010, Mr. Nedergaard, 73, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. "Patients usually develop Parkinson's in their 60's," said Dr. Aagard. The onset of Mr. Nedergaard's Parkinson's disease a decade after the usual has been linked to his healthy lifestyle. In recent years, however, Mr. Nedergaard's health has been slowly worsening. "President Nedergaard was never quite the same since he was diagnosed with Parkinson's," former senator Bjørn Breland told ABN. The two have been good friends since the late 1990's. Individuals diagnosed with Parkinson's tend to have severely limited motor skills due to the deteriorating of nerves in the brain, a condition known as neurodegeneration. "Neurodegeneration is one of the leading causes of comas," Dr. Aagard explained. "Patients with diseases involving neurodegeneration are also at a higher risk of entering a permanent vegetative state or PVS, where the coma lasts longer than 4 weeks." If no further issues are found, Mr. Nedergaard will be moved out of the ICU within a week. "Awakening from a months-long coma is a rare and delicate case, especially at 82," said Dr. Aagard. "We will monitor him closely, run a few tests, then we can move to a regular room." President Klaus Johansen, accompanied by his Cabinet, will be visiting Mr. Nedergaard on Thursday, September 19. A civil engineer by profession, Mr. Nedergaard began his political career in 1971, aged 39. He was elected to the presidency in 1984, and held office until 1990. It was during his term that the Andallan economy experienced rapid growth, a period known as the "Golden 80's". Because of this, Mr. Nedergaard has been regarded as one of the most influential Andallan presidents. Of his many accomplishments during this time, Mr. Nedergaard is most-known for the Urban Infrastructure Development Plan (UIDP) of 1986, also known as the BU (Byinfrastruktur Udviklingsplan). Through the UIDP, the government addressed rapidly-worsening infrastructural issues such as traffic and public transportation, as well as undertaking other construction projects around the country in order to lessen concentration in Greater Arkhavn.
  13. Drink all the drinks with tiny umbrellas good sir.
  14. Hel na Bærhiedæsnen From the Office of the Foreign Minister Re: Embassay and Pre-Arranged Research Trip To: Oqixatlitetl Yanakiksitla'tosollo, Ixeloyanakiksitla This notice hereby shall serve as the official statement that the Rihannsu embassy will begin construction next month in your capital. As communicated previously, the role of Ambassador has been given to Kara Sukina, who is on her way as we transmit this message. She will oversee its construction and be responsible for the academics who will be visiting following the completion of the embassy. Please forward us any paperwork they need to fill out so that the processing on both our sides can be done as smoothly as possible. Thank you and we look forward back for everyone.
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    "...theah shanaku nashad...I am Borak with the latest headlines." "...Venar Cherok, the Transportation Minister, and Dartha's Mayor, Uren Bakus, today held a joint press conference in which they announced that the timetable for the H'sarin, the high-capacity metro system being constructed by Fulgistani Jochi Heavy Indutries, would be brought forward by an overall 2 years. The first line is now expected to be operational by Lior (September) 2020 with the three remaining lines in service by Brax (March) 2022. In order to meet the accelerated timeline, the Transportation Ministry has taken on responsibility for designing and engineering the Green, Blue, and Gold lines in conjunction with Kovex. Mayor Bakus stressed the importance in bringing the metro online as soon as possible to reduce automobile traffic, air pollution, and increase mobility for millions across the capital and the Brel'kar Province..." "...the Phi'lasasam is expanding its educational footprint in the coming three years. Presently, the higher educational institution runs four campuses in Dartha, Penvar, Tephren, and Peldred; and a total student body of nearly 300,000 ranging from first-years to those pursuing their doctorates. The institution's President, Levem Teval said that two new campus will be constructed in Rateg, Mereka, and Hlarak. This is to better serve the Republic's projected demand for increased skill training in the rapidly evolving economy. The institution will also be building a state-of-the-art innovation center at its Peldred campus. Spokesmen for the Science and Education Ministries led by Dacas Themon and Aldon Pakel respectively, stated that the facility would be financed jointly out their budgets. It will open Sharveen (August) 2020..." "...Kilar and Lovena Thomes, residents of Rateg, were found dead in the middle of the Via Palun this morning. Their murders mark the seventh to occur within the boundaries of Rihan's third-largest city this year. Rateg Mayor Pabas Samot speculated, but could not confirm, that their deaths were contracted to the Kovok Yitashikæn by an unknown individual. Saying that the numbers of untimely deaths was unacceptable to him and the people of Rateg and the Republic, requested the Governor of Fitzan Province to deploy additional police units to aid local forces. Authorities ask residents to keep an eye on their surroundings, immediately contact officials, and not to make any attempts at taking action on their own. The Kovok Yitashikæn would not comment if they had any involvement in their deaths or any that have occurred in the city."
  16. Hel na Talasagamdæsnen u'na Ekhiel ih'Sivas Dartha From the Office of the Transportation Minister and the City Council of Dartha Re: Construction of the Dartha Metro System To: Jochi Heavy Industries, Bogd Gioro, @Fulgistan At my instruction as Minister, and with the full backing of the Dartha City Council, your firm is hereby requested to accelerate its work in completing the first route, the Purple Line, by no later than Lior (September) 2020. Your firm is additionally requested to get all remaining lines in operation by the beginning of Brax (March) 2022. To aid in achieving this revised timeline, the Ministry will immediately undertake all design and engineering work in conjunction with Kovex and will furnish the final plans to Jochi to construct as soon as Brax (March) 2020 so that construction can begin promptly. To ensure timely delivery based on the dates set above, both the Ministry and the City Council will increase the available budget from 13.12 billion Chaks to 20.9 billion Chaks including rolling stock from Amosarr. We expect to see results. Venar Cherok Transportation Minister
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  18. Eastern Alharun Steppe, the Yellow Empire September 12th,Year of Our Lord 1554 Fort Alcober Flavio walked outside the palisade walls, contemplating. The crusading forces had arrived a couple days ago to their designated point at the foor of the Eastern Alharun Steppe. Even though he had walked a decent distance away, he could see men working on the outside of the fort, the ground without any bumps over a couple feet in height. While he could still see the multitude of soldiers bustling around the fort, he was isolated with his thoughts, alone. The land the fort was on, at least according to legend, was holy ground. The first missionary to the area, John Alcobar, had come to the land some 125 years before. After preaching his message in a nearby town he was carried out and stoned. Flavio paused for a second, contemplating. He was always reserved, often holding his judgement back. He was mistaken as disabled or mute many times throughout his life. But this was the time to burst out. Chosen by God to lead a holy mission, he would liberate these Christians or like Alcobar, spill his blood trying. Gusts of wind blew strongly over the steppe as he walked back to the fort, the sound of the flapping of the flags being carried by the wind. The grass seemed to bow down in his direction. Truly, he was chosen by God. * * * A letter from Lord Bergio Theobald to his wife in Salvia, written on the 31st of October, Year of Our Lord 1554 My dearest wife, I hope all is well at home and trust that both the estate and our children are doing well. Since we landed in Alharu two months ago we have met no resistance in crossing the southern portion of the Yellow Empire. While the number of cities is small, the places we have met on our way have either immediately surrendered after seeing the size of our force or have thrown open their gates in celebration that a liberator has finally marched through their lands... ...the southern force consists of some 30,000 souls and has only grown in number as native auxiliaries have joined our forces to fight back against their oppressors... the northern force consists of some 45,000, although I am totally unaware of the level of resistance they have met on the way... ...I have a feeling that most of the leaders here are fighting for totally secular reasons, which if revealed to the armies would cause soldiers to abandon this most holy endeavor and thus is the only reason that I will not reveal the fact. For I truly believe that this war is just and holy, and to see the leaders of this fight leading for an unholy motive tarnishes the war in the first place... ...I hope all continues to be well at home. Please pray for our souls and mission. Written by my own hand, Your dearest husband, Bergio Theobald
  19. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Stricter controls benefit renters, not landlords O’POLIS -- The capital’s long history of low-cost living looks set to continue with a proposal, approved yesterday by O’polis city council, that will see rents frozen on 700 thousand properties for five years from January 2020. The city’s strong employment market, allied to the lure of green open spaces, have seen housing costs double over the past decade. The SPO, a majority member of Orioni’s coalition government, has pledged to champion rent control nationwide. But others are more cautious. Landlords will need to ask approval from tenants before raise the rent and the stringent regulations might deter developers from investing in the Orinese capital. A balance between business and affordable living is healthy; O’polis is doing a better job of discussing it than other cities on Eurth. SPO hopes to secure election victory with twin-leadership O’POLIS -- Orioni’s Socialist Party (SPO) has taken steps to improve gender equality within the party by adopting a twin-leadership model: one woman and one man will lead the centre-left party together. The Orinese upcoming elections look particularly tough on the SPO so Orioni’s oldest party is keen to refresh its image in an attempt to appeal to voters who sided with the increasingly popular Pink party. But Carla Kebero, political scientist and professor at ESU, has her reservations. “I think the double leadership can only work when it’s not seen as a desperate political move when it’s not seen as pandering,” he says. The idea of a shared role was, in fact, borrowed from the Pink; the SPO is right in taking inspiration but should go beyond just copying their tactics.
  20. In many ways, I sort of have been absent already but I think I need to make it official. I'm not sure if I'll be back tomorrow or if I'll be back 2 months from now. I don't know. In an attempt to cut out distractions for me, I am going to be absent from here and remain away from the server among other things I am going to have to temporarily if not permanently cut out of my life presently.
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  22. A UNION DIVIDED | INTERLUDE III 1530hrs 17th of October, 2018 Porto Verde The Duke had chosen to shelter at the first signs of the gathering storm. Within the warmer confines of his upper study, he took in the blustering view of the northern horizon from the room's commanding perch above the boulevard. Despite the portents of even more severe winds and rougher seas to follow, the Duke Borbon felt reassured that every advantage was on his side. A matter of time and patience would be little bother now that his plans were nearing fruition. The Duke had furnished the Iverican traitor, Shrike with a capable vessel, ample intelligence, and the necessary resources for a safe departure from Vasqqa. With such advantages, Shrike would have little to fear but some freak accident in the storm and so deliver the awaited items with little difficulty. Turning to his desk, he woke it with a gesture. The flat electronic device centred on the mahogany piece chirped and brightened its display, revealing several choice reports. Iverica of course, had shown no signs of changing their play. It was likely that Deitorr and his staff had no clue that their Vasqqan operation had been compromised. Among the latest entries was news of Deitorr's government calling for a unified response, making it clear to Bourbon that Iverica had every intention of using their surreptitiously-orchestrated troubles to call the diaspora together. It was clever no doubt, to have used the two-faced Vasqqan Consul Subiri as a sacrificial lamb to hasten the civil struggle. The pro-fed population had naturally felt under threat after their leader was shot in front of parliament. Thereafter, the mounting tensions had led to sprees of retaliatory pogroms escalating to the insurgent skirmishes blossoming all over the Raqqan marches at this very moment. The fear of repeated history was no doubt scaring the bordering Narva and Galicia quite thoroughly. The situation and building terror had gotten to such a degree that Deitorr now felt safe to make his closing play--to capitalise on the diaspora's anxiety and call for a coalition intervention. Borbon's hope to filibuster the referendum would be overridden by the sheer fear of a repeated Vasqqan civil war. Any hopes the other diaspora states might have had of the situation stabilising itself would be quashed by the evidence of still mounting Vaqqan-Raqqan hostilities. Already, there were reports of mass mobilisation around the Raqqan Cordilleras and the river valley passes. But. But, for Deitorr's success thus far, he was about to fail one crucial objective. If--when Shrike arrived and bore his evidence into Verde's parlour, it would be the intelligence leak and political scandal of the century. The world would known that poor Subiri was martyred--any collusion he had with Borbon's own people would likely be a footnote if at all found out. The entire Ibero-sphere would be so disgusted that the Ivericans had indirectly spurred the pogroms that were at this moment, ravishing Vasqqan country, that any hope of an Iverican hegemony would be dashed for another century yet. Deitorr's government would be ruined and decried for the selfish wolves they were. Not the best outcome, as Borbon thought, but the one necessitated by Deitorr's stubborn wish to play a one-sided game. Borbon had given Deitorr a choice during that fateful meeting in the Ultramares. Deitorr had feigned acceptance when he actually meant treachery. Whereas Borbon desired an unbloody compromise, Deitorr had pushed for a gory dominance. That was his choice, and the repercussions would be on his head alone. The Duke once again turned to the window. Outside sleets of grey and intermittent jolts of lightning marked the horizon. The rains, falling heavy already and the winds, whipping as they were, seemed to only grow in din and fury with every passing moment. --- 1545hrs 17th of October, 2018 Somewhere in the Verde Sea The storm's noon reprieve had not lasted long. For the scant few hours of semi-clouded skies and intermittent rays of pale sunlight had once again given way to the combat between winds from tepid Thalassa and frigid Argis. After that brief calm between the hours of high-noon and mid-afternoon, the grey ceiling of cumuli nimbus had returned and sheets of torrential rain had begun anew, quickly gaining in volume and force. The Verde Sea, the plane of normally calm shimmering emerald was now quickly transforming into the battle ground upon which two eternal and potent forces of nature were to meet once again in repetition of the perduring clash of seasons. Most captains, at the sight of such turbulent skies, had prudently chose withdrawal to safe harbours. Ships small and large alike seeking the chance passage had wisely aborted, leaving but scant few reckless, or so-resolute vessels to tread the whipping waters. Among that few was the ivory form of a leisure yacht, its glossy hull of quality synthetics tossing and swaying in one rather lonely stretch of the sea. Spanning 110 metres from prow to stern and 16 metres at its beam, the vessel was sturdy and of a displacement to weather most squalls. Despite this, the powerful engines and ballast-assisted gyros laboured. Its turbines were not spared--and while most canny sailors would have dropped speed and ridden out the worst hews of the current, the yacht in question attempted its best speed to make some grievously important destination. Aboard her at the high pulpit of the observation deck, stood the lone form of a squat, but sturdily built man. He wore a thick peacoat over what appeared to be a well tailored charcoal suit. The leather dress shoes often accompanying the bespoke garment were abandoned in favour of rubber storm boots. He braced himself at the rail with one hand, but kept the other on a pair of range-finding binoculars. The suited fellow so precariously perched was known by the callsign of Shrike. And at this time, Shrike was wary. Wary for just a moment before, one of the bridge mates had remarked on the sighting of a small fast-craft which bore its course similarly to the white yacht. With a mounting suspicion, Shrike had clambered up to the observation deck. While he had dismissed his fears as improbable, a slight tinge of paranoia had called him to make certain. Certainty was needed, for his goal was within reach. His special cargo was securely lashed and stored below under guard. His destination was scant hours away. If his suspicions were confirmed, the stakes now, would be at their highest. --- Beginning of the end. In this interlude, I did have to exposite quite a bit. Given the amount of time that's passed since the first entry was published, it seems reasonable that some form of overall recap of the "strategic" side of this story would be needed. Re-reading the whole thing makes Borbon's POV in this episode rather redundant as its been narrated before--this is one problem of episodic writing. In effect, the whole story is less cohesive and readers tend to only retain the most recent ideas because of said format. Oh well.
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  24. This Saturday the 14th I'll be taking my first vacation in 13 months. So I'll be largely AFK for 14 days. Going to visit some micronations: Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein.
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  26. Those designs look clean. I'll have to toy around with it first. Because there's no way to do tech support for an app that's out of our control.
  27. From: Yiu Amistacia To: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva, That b*tch, Legend, Icon, prostitute. Regarding: That great idea you had Hey girl, you get paid to write these? Whack. I’m going to kill Quora for not being able to recognize your army of twink spies, this was supposed to be a surprise! I was totally going to buy out one of your department stores downtown and fly out a whole exclusive Variotan catalogue overnight but because someone can’t keep her mouth shut the cats out of the MYNE bag! Sometimes I feel like you’re the only person on eurth who gets what I’m going for. I swear if I have to go to another boring black tie diplomatic meeting where I can’t even get decently buzzed I was going to start a trade war. I love every single part of this idea especially the shots, alcohol and fillers sound great. Send a plane and I’ll get on it. I’m probably going to get yelled at by my security people but like, what do they know about a good time? Speaking of security details I’m sure you know our unique issue of not having a standing army, war isn’t in style for us this year, but your boys look delicious in their uniforms. I’m totally willing to relocate some uglies from one of the poorer areas of the city and give you a brand new urban training ground in exchange for a few of your hottest soldiers to protect us. this is going to be absolutely stunning, Yiu
  28. I'm excited to reveal that we are making Invision Community native apps for iOS and Android! For the past few months, our staff has been using an internal test build right here on our community. Now we are ready to widen testing to a larger pool of customers. Information on how to become a tester is at the end of this post. But first, let's take a look at the app itself. Technology Preview We have a lot of exciting plans for the Invision Community app. We wanted to take full advantage of a clean slate and build a brand new experience that embraces a native app's interfaces. While the app is unmistakably Invision Community, it features new ways of interacting with your content. We want the app to help shape the future of Invision Community, and we're asking for you to help. What we are opening up for testing today is a technology preview. This slim app covers the essentials with a view to much more expansion later. The technology preview is locked to our community. The app we will release will be a 'multi-community' app; a directory of communities users can browse and save. We’ve taken this approach because the app stores have clamped down on ‘template’ apps, and the cost involved in building and maintaining a separate app per-community won’t be an option for many of our customers. A multi-community app is a great approach for most: simple setup, minimal cost, still fully-featured, and a great way for new users to find your community too. What The App Does For the initial phase of this technology preview, discussions are the main focus which is the foundation of every Invision Community. Also available are profiles, streams, search and notifications - including (at last!) push notifications. Any areas that the app does not currently support will open seamlessly in a web view within the app. As we build new functionality into the app over time, users will encounter fewer of these hybrid views. Your feedback will allow us to target the highest priority areas during the technology preview phase. RPReplay_Final1568062287_1.mp4 Pricing Note: The information below outlines our current intentions, but may change as we finalize the app's release to app stores. The good news is we intend for the app to be free to both our customers with active licenses and their end-users. In time, we will offer a premium option to communities. This funding will secure the app's long-term future. The premium option could enhance their listing in the directory, or provide special functionality when users use that community in the app. Availability We intend to release the app alongside the next significant point release of Invision Community, expected to be 4.5. Communities will need to upgrade to this version to allow their users to use the app. Questions? Why not a PWA (progressive web app)? Invision Community 4.4 already supports several PWA features. However, until iOS supports Push Notifications (and other features) in PWAs, we don't feel they are a fully-rounded solution to using communities on a phone. Building native apps allow us to experiment with new interfaces and approaches. As PWA support improves in the years to come, we'll feed what we learn back into the main product for the benefit of all users. Why now? Those with a long memory will recall that we've had a few attempts at providing an app in the past that weren't successful. We are great at building apps with web technologies but creating native apps ourselves wasn't sustainable. Enter React Native. React Native is an open-source technology for building native apps. React Native allows teams to build native apps using web technologies, but crucially, React Native doesn't build hybrid apps. They are compiled into real native apps - not browser wrappers, but native buttons, text, dialogs, animations and more. A year or so ago, we started experimenting with React Native to see if it might be a viable approach for us. And it was. Finally, there was a technology that enabled web engineers to build delightful cross-platform native apps. As we can build native mobile apps using the technology we are familiar with allows us to incorporate mobile app development into our existing processes. Why just forums? Invision Community is a large, fully-featured platform, and building the entire platform in a native app from the get-go didn't seem to be the best approach. Instead, we've focused on the most active area of most communities - forums - with other areas still supported in the app via webviews. Over time, additional features and tools will be built into the app so that it eventually reaches feature-parity with the web version. We'll take feedback from our customers to determine which areas to support next. How will I add my community to the app? The next significant point release of Invision Community (expected to be 4.5) will have app support built-in. Including your app in the directory will be as simple as enabling the feature in your AdminCP and configuring a few options. Is the app ad-supported? There are no ads of any kind in the app right now. We may include ads or allow communities to run their own ads as a premium option in future. Can I get a white-label version for my community? We aim to offer a white-label option in the future. Will my plugins work in the app? Probably not. We're intentionally building the app to work with standard Invision Community features and apps right now. If your plugins add new UI elements or change the functions that users interact with it's likely they will not work with the app. What about themes? Themes won't work in the app because the app doesn't use HTML. However, some branding/customization will be available via the AdminCP, and we may expand upon this in future. Have other questions? Let us know in the comments, and we'll answer them! Sign Up For Testing For the next stage of our testing process, we will be inviting several customers to try the app and provide feedback/bug reports. As part of the sign-up process, we'll ask for some information about your own community. We'll use this to select further testers once we begin testing of the 'multi-community' version of the app later. The answers you provide will not affect your chance of testing the app on our community. Interested in joining the testing group? Click here to sign up. RPReplay_Final1568062287_1.mp4 View the full article
  29. Dear Mr Ismail Tian-Han of the @Fulgistan Bureau of Foreign Diplomacy. From the Ixeloyanakisi of the Metztlitlalio Foreign Affairs office, Oqixatlitetl Yanakiksitla'tosollo. For many centuries, our two great states have been intertwined and interacting with one another, and yet despite this theatre of politics and play, we, the Metztlikua, have never been able to formally address the Huang and their friends which reside in Fulgistan. So this letter is being personally written to you, Mr Tian-Han, to formally and officially request the start of a benevolent relationship with one another. Ever since the arrival of the Faloki to the shores of Metztlitlalio, they have proven themselves to be more then simple slaves wrought here by Limonaia, and that they have Metztlitlalio at their heart and voice yet still able to look up and remember their roots. As such, we wish to send a formal ambassador of Faloki heritage, Xolime Yanakiksitla'soenk, to oversee the construction of a small chancery within Bogd Gioro if such a suitable location exists. As stated above, we have hopes for a good willed foreign relationship with such a great nation as yourself. With further development and trade possible within the future. -Letter approved indirectly by Archpriestess Tletlaxoxitle the II, via the Tlētlik-Akilanani.
  30. To: Chairman Yiu Amistacia of @Galahinda From: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva Regarding: My dearest colleague, let us celebrate our cooperation and friendship. Yo girl, It's Dina. Sending this as an official letter because it gets me paid, you know how it is. #onthegrind, am I right? Anyway, I've had a little birdie whisper in my ear... Actually, it was this totally hot intern from one of the lobby groups, I gave him my number, we're like totally going to bang. So he told me that there's been talk about wanting to strengthening economic ties, businesses operating between us, that sort of stuff. So, being the World's Greatest Diva and great visionary that I am, I've totally thought up something awesome. Let your people send my people some details, do something we can open up quickly over here and I can totally get a whole girls night out package totally paid for. We could maybe get some fillers or botox or whatever, eat out at Vooters, shoot some guns... All fun, am I right? We'll go wild! Openings party for your business with bottles, boys, you name it. I can totally arrange for a plane to pick you up, one of my friends here owns part of an airline. Vooters Air, you know like those restaurants staffed solely by skimpily clad twinks, it's totally fun. I'll, like, totally get my assistant to make sure the bottles are popping for us once you land, girl. You know how I roll! And we'll be doing something good too, strengthening ties through enjoying your stay here. It's my mantra, you know. A relaxed leader is a good leader. And that's what the people deserve. So, we're totally doing something good on multiple levels, like an onion of goodness. Ogres, like onions, have layers. Does that mean that you could make ogre rings if ogres were real, like how onion rings exist? I was sent a couple of bottles of coconut-banana vodka and let's just say, mama likes. See you soon babe, X-O-X-O
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