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  3. For their rights to party? A couple of years ago I wrote this simple anthem.
  4. It definitely is great for a framework, but not writing it for you that's for sure. Definitely will need to do some editing
  5. Well, the faction that represents the First Princess will want to see an orderly and probably more humane approach to ridding the northern territories of the Christian minorities, thus they will be more amicable to evacuation forces then otherwise. At the moment, you've a grudgingly accepted presence, that could turn favorable should the FP faction win the day so to speak.
  6. Over on Reddit someone asked for help to write their own national anthem. While it's always more original to do this yourself, there exists a free and easy National Anthem Lyrics Generator to help you write one. Source: Build Your Own National Anthem (Slate, 6 February 2014)
  7. Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deopolis, the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Recipient: The Federal Republic of Stalgora [@SamNorth], Foreign Minister Jor Hrovson Minister, Our nations have had little contact over the years, no doubt for the great geographical distance between our two states. In these modern times, however, this is inexcusable as modern technology allows our people to be connected no matter the distance- cultural or geographical. The Foreign Ministry and the Saulius executive see it fit that we open our doors to all nations and establish relations with the nations of the wurld that we have failed to connect with for the multitude of reasons evident already. Your people are a proud and determinant one. Tucked away in the rough corners of the Argic, your people have survived for centuries and prospered. It would be a great misdeed to not seek further cooperation with your great nation. The Foreign Ministry deems it necessary that we establish embassies in our respective capitals to begin diplomatic relations and provide the basis of which to foster further cooperation and progress between our nations. Enclosed below are the details of the proposed embassy and the ambassador who would serve your great nation if you would accept this kind offer. Specific accommodations about the location of the embassy, the ambassador himself, or anything else, may be requested to the Foreign Ministry and will be reviewed. May God bless your nation and your people, Minister of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum’s Foreign Affairs, Alvon Russo Through the Trinity, We Flourish
  8. How will this affect the continuing evacuation?
  9. Well if I had a saber rattling next door neighbor slash ally, it would be prudent to known about the royal family, especially if one had left during a time of calamity, concerning the Camberrian crisis that had occured. Also, if some of them started to go missing or conveniently dying off right before the collapse. Furthermore, she carries the last name of the previous Emperor, her right of succession has been denied by the usurper. Now as to why the TIN would care overall, is for any activity that could threaten the current state of said next door neighbor, the Northern territories, and or the Occident on the whole. Also its mostly because Kaorin views the Ahromanians as both a worthwhile ally and a needed presence. There had been a certain level of stability to the Imperium by maintaining cordial relations that have since gone off the rails so to speak. If the TIN are thus notified, and via them, those higher up in power are aware of it, then it will be less of a sudden impact for the effort being undertaken. Shocking the southern powerbase is not a goal the faction that Kaorin represents, desires.
  10. What might it be reasonable for Tagmatine intelligence to know about First Princess Kira'Karn?
  11. There are officers and others within the Imperium that are not enthused with the new direction that Emperor Ji'Mar is taking them. This will be a story concerning such, of which will have repercussions in several ongoing works, such as; The Dragon Takes Flight Cussian Humanitarian Coalition Since one of these stories is not mine, it is fair to offer a notice to its source @Iverica and to my active neighbor and resident of the Occident, @Tagmatium Rules Any sort of discussion or implementation of ideas to Blood & Honey, is best set to task here.
  12. Haruspex

    Blood & Honey

    The Plot to Overthrow an Emperor Prologue; Kaorin had already settled into the remains of a hotel, propped up with prefabricated building materials and so forth to at least look the part of a command center. In what remained of the humidor smoking and bar area, was still a bar of sorts. Imperial legionnaire officers and so forth could often times be found within it. Sometimes even drinking, but really the state of the North meant that even such an activity as that, could hold its own minefield. On this particular day, it was her, newly appointed Fleet-Lord and head of operations within Ulusk. Seated across the way, not more then a meter and a half, was that of the Prata Khan Ki'Mare, a high ranking officer of the HIL and commander of the Mzil Velven 77th Legion, also seated nearby was that of Admiral Kareth, serving the 4th Strike Fleet and at behest of his superior Vice-Lord Atamas Vek. Rounding out the high ranks were also many career legionnaire officers. Most were aware of their emperor's unhappiness with their views on the North, the Wurld in general and the lengths to which they had advised the Council of Nine, not the Royal Court, that a soft touch was needed. They in turn were dissatisfied with their emperor. Some of them called Ji'Mar a mediocre sovereign and complained that he spent too much time playing the people's fears and digging them into needless combative actions against the rest of the Wurld, instead of attending to his duties while the legions vast were being deployed into the Northern Territories. But, exercising humanity's capacity for rationalization, they had maintained their devotion to the emperor as an abstract ideal. So it was odd, that so many had come together to hatch a plot to overthrow the government, arrest and detain the entire cabinet and to move Ji'Mar to resign as Emperor, invoking the right of his sister and elder, who'd been found in Kaldana near the Camberrian coast, a colony of the Haru right before the Great Collapse, and of which only recently they had again, open communications with. The sister, First Princess Kira'Karn Elemmiire was that of a language scholar, intellectual, and an admirer of the anti-industrial ideas, and had become the nation's leading advocate of a strength through unity program and the expansion of the Haru culture. She had been a major proponent for the colonial found in what had been left of Camberria following a rather dirty war comprised of nuclear and biological weaponry. During the effects of the Great Collapse, Kaldana had lost its communications with the Homeland and had to survive on its own, the colony still stood, its people survivors, and Kira'Karn had become the leader of aforementioned colony, putting skills she learned in the Imperial Wards and growing up to good use. When communication had begun, it was kept from the Royals. This was something that the Council of Nine believed was in the best interest for Kira'Karn, Ji'Mar might be emperor now, but he was suspected of arranging the deaths of cousin and kin alike to make that ascent. Kaorin began slowly, after a drag upon her cigarette before allowing an exhale to wind about the space between them. " What I speak of, is grounds for treason to each and all. If they find out, not even our honored service will keep Department B from parading us about, putting us to the wall and pulling the trigger." She looked at those present, seeing a steel resolve forming, a faint splay of hands as a sign of giving up before continuing. " Well then, dont say I didnt warn you." Another drag before words slipped free. " In seven days time, the emperor will come to the North. He is to make a tour of Ttoile, where the resistance is nonexistent and where our forces rule supreme. Before he gets there, he will be crossing the mid-lands, where we do not have the strongest amount of control. He will be in an unmarked armored personnel carrier, with Department B escorts and the 7th Tagnik Zun as support." " What he does not know is that the 7th will bleed away during this, as the emperor has not done as he said he would for the House of Tagnik Zun, their Fleet-Lord Aria'Ki stands with us. As much as we can trust her to anyways." The gravelly smooth voice belonged to Admiral Kareth. He continued. " When this happens, we will ambush the convoy with members elements of the 77th and the 15th Legionnaires 'Renor Xukuth' Motor Rifle Regiment, which has sworn loyalty undying to Fleet-Lord Kaorin." " While my honored legionnaires.." Quipped Prata Khan Ki'Mare, head of the 77th." Secure the emperor, kill the Department B filth and transport him to a secure holding facility as the Admiral transports Kira'Karn to Chel'de Yorn. The Council of Nine upon alert of this, will lock down the royal court in Prathen, and the Houses loyal to the First Princess, newly named Empress of the Imperium, shall strike down the hardliners and royalists loyal to the emperor's faction." Kaorin exhaled some more of that greyish-blue smoke. " So ladies and gentlemen, that is the plan. Seven days to secure the true future of our homeland, and to stop madness from overtaking everything that we have built. Tomorrow, I shall send coded messages to the Ahromanian's @Tagmatium Rules through the TIN network, we are allies, and we must allow them knowledge. For better or for worse, we share this Occident."
  13. I’m not saying the current slow progress is “not wanting to put in the extra time”. I’m saying not entirely getting rid of Rihan and his puppets is. If it’s being used as a testing grounds for a new idea, sure, but at the very least shrink the size of his nation down. Don’t give it the satisfaction of holding a large amount of territory.
  14. The gathering of lords and generals sat silently atop a nearby hill, watching the battle finish below. It was a relatively quick affair, much more time being spent on mustering the men and readying them for battle then the actual combat. As the enemy fled into the city, the crusaders followed them, and soon flames and smoke could be seen rising above the settlement. Flavio called over an aide after a realization. It was September- there would definitely be late-season crops in the fields, if not harvested already. “Yes, m’lord?” “I want you to ensure that the fire does not spread to the field or the storehouses. Sir Fernando from the Iverican company would most likely be your best bet for aid.” The aide saluted, mounted a nearby horse, and rode off. Lord Otto stated out loud to no one in particular, “They’ll almost certainly be able to muster up a force again.” Flavio shrugged. “It won’t matter. We’ll fight them again.” The flames and smoke grew more intense as the din of battle shifted to a din of murderous screams. He continued to face the village, “We’ll need to find a better way to face those horse archers. They’ll prove much more deadly in future conflicts.” Turning to the group, he finished, “We’ll discuss that once dusk settles. You all are dismissed- see to it that your men set up camp.” The assembly of lords and generals walked off while Flavio remained. * * * The rhythmic din of feet marching along a dirt road mingled with the sounds of chatter and metal clanging. Lord Theobald, atop his horse, trotted alongside his men. The crusader army had been traveling southwest along the main highway, with several detachments splitting up and sweeping the coast while the larger army continued its slow march southwest. The forces had now joined up for the crossing of the Tes River. The chatter picked up as the army rounded a bend in the road and summited a large hill. Straight ahead of them, to the southwest, stood a large and fortified settlement, resting elegantly on the Tes River. Theobald halted his horse as sat upright, observing the city and surrounding countryside. This would be his army’s first challenge. And hopefully not its last, he thought.
  15. Unified Republic of Palu / The South Palu Confederation (Konofederasēon Palō Otosotla) March 5th, 1945 – October 8th, 1959 On March 5th, 1945, the nation that will eventually become Metztlitlalio officially and yet temporarily broke off from the Empire of Limonaia with the signing of the Treaty of Altepetl Tlalotlatoninekolli (Often shortened to the Treaty of Ninekolli) between the South Palu Multinationalist Army (Yaqosoqō Palōtosotla Nalēstamatla or Y.P.N.) and the Empire of Limonaia. South Palu Pan-Nationalist Army and U.S.P The South Palu Multinationalist Army was an organised group who wished to establish a secular, socialist nation in place of the old Colony of Metztlitlalio, the YPN was founded on the 3rd of June, 1928 by Yayotlochicā Īkatlapallē. Over the years the separatist group gathered more members and split itself into several divisions across the colony. The largest was the Tekaken Division, founded on the 19th of September 1934, of which Īkatlapallē took direct control of. The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan had funded the YPN with firearms and limited artillery in attempt to weaken Limonaia. From 1945 to 1947 after the Treaty of Ninekolli, the South Palu Multinationalist Army established the Unified Republic of Palu (Rēpollēka Senetlaka Palō) which was a single party socialist nation taking inspiration from the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan at the time with the YPN's leader, Yayotlochicā Īkatlapallē, put at the highest power with the title of "People's Tlatonitōnatli". The Archpriest was subsequently expelled for the first time in history from the Palu peninsula, exiled to the Empire of Limonaia. Tyranny and Murder Īkatlapallē was considered by many once USP had been established to be a tyrant, deliberately pushing secularisation and cultural integration onto minority groups such as the Atinaslo and the Faloki and turning a blind eye to the major ethnic groups. Redistributing land away from the original aristocracy that did not support him to communes that were under the thumb of those loyal to Īkatlapallē, and was generally disliked by those within the party as well as the rest of the nation. Yayotlochicā Īkatlapallē was assassinated on December 30th, 1946, by his own childhood friend, Ēkatlamalin Texoatli, after he had overheard Īkatlapallē's plan for a complete systematic ethnic genocide of the Pekateka people group after a failed uprising in Filnaj. Ēkatlamalin Texoatli's wife was from Agoul, Pekatekan, which most historians agree likely brought him to kill Īkatlapallē to protect his own wife and his children. On the other hand, there have been cases brought up whether Īkatlapallē actually had said those words, or if it was simply Texoatli lying to justify his murder. Whichever truly occurred, by law Ēkatlamalin Texoatli should of been executed, however, many within the party sided with Texoatli which caused a schism up until January 16th 1947, when Texoatli was freed from any charges and only three weeks later became the new People's Tlatonitōnatli. Ēkatlamalin Texoatli brought in reforms to the already fracturing system, reorganising the nation into the South Palu Confederation, also known as K.P.O. South Palu Confederation The South Palu Confederation was a semi-democratic, socialist state with the nation split into 10 republics. 3 Karisaslo dominated republics, 2 Totasaslo republics, 1 Atinaslo republic, 1 Tapelt, 1 Limonaian, 1 Faloki, and 1 Peketeka. Each republic could vote in a representative to the Republican Council (No connection to the American Republican Party). However the People's Tlatonitōnatli was an unelected role and had veto power over any new legislation, and can assume total control in times of war or when voted into doing so. Total control was only used once in 1959 when the Limonaian Republic invaded the nation. Even to this day Ēkatlamalin Texoatli is considered a hero within Metztlitlalio despite his anti-Archpriest views for helping the common people and implementing real change to the working conditions within the nation. On October 7th, 1952, at the age of 47, Ēkatlamalin Texoatli shot himself in his private office as the Republic of Limonaia's army had broken through Altepetl Tekaken's defences. As a socialist and the leader of a breakaway nation he knew that if the fascists of Limonaia got hold of him, he would not have a quick death. Once his body was discovered, it is rumoured that he was buried near the Temple of the Highest (which at this point was in disrepair) in a solid steel coffin. On October 8th, 1952, the South Palu Confederation surrendered to the Republic of Limonaia, and was subsequently annexed directly into the nation with the original Archpriest placed as a puppet to control the region. It would be another 25 years before Metztlitlalio would gain independence in 1977 as the Archpriest Dominion of Metztlitlalio. South Palu Multinationalist Army Tekaken Division Flag (September 19th, 1934 - February 15th, 1960) First National Flag of the Unified Republic of Palu (March 5th, 1945 - March 12th, 1945) Second National Flag of the Unified Republic of Palu (March 12th, 1945 - January 21st, 1947) National Flag of the South Palu Confederation (January 21st, 1947 - October 8th, 1959)
  16. As said before, any puppets of Rihan will be scrubbed from the canon completely. I myself have been busy at removing mentions of Rihan from the wiki, which I'd guesstimate I'm about 30% done with, and while O merely marked his puppets, be assured that they will be removed from the map. The area where Rihan's nation was located will be changed up to accommodate an unrelated NPC, which will serve both as a testbed for a system under development as well as serve as a way for nations to maintain their interactions if they so wish in order to minimize the changes to canon needed. Should the nation not be wanted/needed after being a testbed, we can always see about deleting that too. Don't see a slow progress as 'not wanting to put extra effort' into it. However, everyone has lives too and work and/or studies have to come first. This also isn't the only thing we're working on as a team and it ties into multiple other things we're looking at improving, revising, etc. What I can say right now is that you can expect great strides on all fronts Eurth soon, not just on the removal of Rihan and his multiple personalities.
  17. I’ve mostly renamed silent on this issue, mainly because I won’t be as affected by Rihan and his duplicates being removed. But I will say I strongly agree with Oyus and Shffahkia that Rihan should be entirely scrubbed and to leave as minimal trace of him as possible. Shffahkia put it best. If we let any form of Rihan stay, it will only show outsider’s Eurth is unable to move one from events like that and encourage people to come into the server and bash around the community once in the map. Also the collective territories of Rihan and all his duplicates have a large land area and cover a few ethnic groups. It would be unfair to newer players to have to deal with that because we as a group didn’t want to put the extra effort of wiping his influence from the community.
  18. Prathen, K1/11/05 (Haru calendar is by era and year, K in this format is for the era Kyorl (2019), 1st year of the Emperors rule, followed by the month and the day. Big to small: year → month → day) Reporting from INN HQ within the capitol Broadly speaking, challenges to the Emperor's policies fall into three categories: statutory, in which critics claim the Emperor and the Royal Court directives encroach on laws already enacted by the Council of Nine; procedural, citing alleged shortcomings under the Royal Ministry Procedure Act; and constitutional, in which challengers invoke, for instance, the Eighth Accord, due process or even separation of powers doctrine. Obviously, the categories often overlap. In the travel ban litigation, for instance, the Supreme Tribunal Court considered the legality of the policy on both statutory and constitutional grounds. Challenges to the imperial government’s rescission of temporary protective status for displaced residents of disaster-struck countries and its overturning of the Sa'Karn era Deferred Action for Foreign Arrivals policy have been cited. So have cases by “sanctuary” jurisdictions seeking to block the Imperial Justice Department from cutting off access to services available. The litigation over the Emperors recent ban on Ahromanian @Tagmatium Rules observers and peacekeeper personnel outside of an official port of entry on the Northern border presents a trifecta of statutory, procedural and constitutional questions. The Imperial Diplomacy Affairs Ministry claim the new policy was not only adopted without the notice and comment required by the IDAM, but also in violation of the Immigration Act, implicating constitutional separation of powers concerns. According to its critics, the restrictions are just about as illegal as a policy can be. The Imperial Justice Department disagrees, of course. In its brief opposing the temporary restraining order sought by the IDAM, the imperial government argued that the IDAM’s notice-and-comment requirements do not apply when important national security interests are at stake and when a policy is inextricably tied to the Emperor's power over foreign affairs. House Lord Tigar Sargtlin of House Sargtlin, and a member of the Council of Nine, had his say on Monday. As you’ve probably heard, the House Lord granted the IDAM’s motion for a temporary restraining order, suspending enforcement of the new restrictions, and calling upon the rest of the Council of Nine to intervene in this moment of crisis. Given his array of choices, I was wondering which of the challengers’ rationales Tigar considered most persuasive. He expressed concerns about the imperial government’s dispensation with the IDAM’s notice-and-comment requirements, noting “serious questions” about the administration’s invocation of the good cause and foreign affairs exceptions to rulemaking procedures. “It cannot be the case that simply stating that something will have an effect makes that effect likely or even possible, particularly where there is no apparent logical connection between dispensing with notice and comment and achieving a foreign affairs goal,” the house lord wrote. But he ended up basing the text of the Immigration Act, not on the IDAM. The IA specifies that “any alien who is physically present in the Imperial Territories or who arrives in the Imperial Territories (whether or not at a designated port of arrival and including an alien who is brought to, after having been interdicted in international or domestic waters), irrespective of such alien’s status.” According to House Lord Tigar, the Royal Court Council and that of the Nine's intent is not at all ambiguous: “The failure to comply with entry requirements such as arriving at a designated port of entry should bear little, if any, weight in the process, especially as it concerns activities in the North.” So the Emperors administration’s rule barring refugees who cross the Northern border outside of ports of entry, the house lord said, cannot be reconciled with the statute itself. IJD contended that the rule doesn’t contradict the statute because the royal council, who has authority over such proceedings, can deem illegal entry an automatic bar. House Lord Tigar said that cannot be. “The argument strains credulity,” he wrote. “To say that one may be approved for something and then to be denied it in one fell swoop simply upon the whim of one individual, there simply is no reasonable way to harmonize the two.” The executive branch of the Nine and the Royals, he said, cannot by fiat adopt a policy that nullifies the imperial advisory's words without offending separation of powers principles. The Imperial Justice Department remains unbowed, asserting in a statement that House Lord Tigar misread the law. “As the Supreme Tribunal Court affirmed this summer, the Imperial Advisory of the Royal Court has given the Emperor broad authority to limit or even stop the entry of anyone into this country or associated territories when he so wishes to do so,” the statement said. “Further, discretionary benefit given by the executive branch only when legal conditions are met and a favorable exercise of discretion is warranted. It is lawful and appropriate that this discretionary benefit not be given to those who violate a lawful and tailored proclamation aimed at controlling immigration in the national interest. … We look forward to continuing to defend the executive branch’s legitimate and well-reasoned exercise of its authority to address the crisis at our Northern border.”
  19. Narrow BPEC Election Victory with Three Recounts The election results are in, and despite much controversy, it seems the Batengdeian People's Economic Coalition has just narrowly gained the majority neccesary to secure another five-year term. The race had been extremely contentious and heated, with many threats of action from party members. Despite the hostility, though, it would appear BPEC was able to secure its position as the majority (despite three calls for a recount by the NPC) Interestingly, despite the success of BPEC within the parliament, it has seen astounding losses in many Khett across Batengdei, including Bateng Gioro and Tonle Khlang. These new NPC provinces are almost entirely controlled by the National Sovereign Party. This comes as a great surprise to many as only years before the National Sovereign Party had been largely considered "fringe". This election will have interesting results for Batengdei, especially in the long-run. While it could be argued the BPEC is a coalition controlled by the Liberal Democratic Party, it is headed by Gragdom Banla, who is considered one of the most progressive members of the Bateng Rouge. It seems this coalition may be bound for some ideological conflicts, and whether it will be capable of functioning in the long-term is difficult to say. In only a few days, Banla will deliver her inaugural address in front of thousands in Khaokhett, where she will state her plans for the future of Batengdei, her own personal ambitions, and other topics pertaining to her appointment as Prime Minister. It will be more than likely she will have to address the PEOP, which has not only sparked significant controversy across the political spectrum, but has largely been unsuccessful at encouraging investment. It seems it has, rather, been a point of criticism for the failure of the Bateng Rouge to maintain their socialist ideology, including from reporters within @Tagmatium Rules, where they described it as "weakening their socialist ideology". While members of the Liberal Democratic Party claim the bill is "necessary for economic development" the NPC has described the bill as "an abominable stain on the face of Batengdei herself." Whether it will be remembered as a failure or a success is largely up to how it is developed, or curbed, from here. Troubles Arise in Ceris While the political wheels have been turning in Batengdei, the situation of the island of Ceris has seen a recent slide towards collapse. Large-scale protests have risen about food scarcity, and rumors of a dangerous cult have begun circulating. While Batengdei maintains their stance that the rumors of terrorist activity within Ceriser nations are largely false, they have declared there will be efforts made by Batengdei and other members of ICEB to improve the livelihood of all Ceriser nations who would accept it. Some have already claimed that such acts of foreign aid are a movement of neo-imperialism designed to increase Ceris's dependency on foreign aid, while others, such as the NPC bloc firmly believes Batengdei should remain out of foreign affairs and concern itself with solving domestic issues such as addressing the rising unemployment rate and solving the growing levels of wealth inequality across the Khetts. For the time being, however, it seems Batengdei is turning their eyes away from domestic projects such as the RDIA, and more towards foreign aid.
  20. The Capital Paper (Amatluatekaken) Tlalōtaxakalli Unveils New Kalpolli Capital Last night, the Tlatonitōnatli of the Kalpolli of Tlalōtaxakalli announced that the Temple of the Commoners had granted the Tlatonitōnatli's request to begin construction of a new capital for the Tlalōtaxakalli Kalpolli. The new capital of Tlalōtaxakalli is to be constructed between the rivers of Atlakapetesakatlēxika and it's tributary of Atlamilotl, north-east of the current second largest city Altepetl Tlapallē and the Kampan Council City of Tlalōtaxakalli Otosotla. The new capital, officially called Tlalonikolli Yankok, named after the previous capital of Altepetl Tlalotlatoninekolli, was primarily designed by the renowned architect Priest Ixepoxotlo in 2015 to 2017 and sent as a proposal to the Temple of the Commoners in late 2018. Tlalonikolli Yankok is 82.5 square kilometers and house up to 315,000 people. The main goal of construction of the city is to break up the dominant influence of Altepetl Tekaken by encouraging migration into Tlalonikolli Yankok. The plans for construction have been met with resistance in the past from environmentalist groups as well as the Temple of the Capital (Tokallē Tekaken), who themselves have criticised for blocking the proposal as the planned city would decrease the capital's influence. (Sorry this article is not very long. Couldn't think of much to write :l)
  21. Calcuotta Breaks Filibuster Record SCUL politician, Andro Colcuatta (right), broke the record for the longest filibuster in Shffahkian history after talking for a total of 37 hours when attempting to block the LUP's constitutional reform from passing into law. The collective efforts of both the SCUL and the PNC were successful as the almost three-day-long Chambre of Representatives hearing concluded with the formal withdrawal of the constitutional reform bill and in the announcement of new Senate elections. Following the ending of the hearing, many politicians were seen asleep in their own seats. The day was a great victory for the two allied parties when President Larue herself came to the Chambre trying to sway the Chambre towards her cause to no avail. President Larue even gave a speech during the filibuster saying: '... Democracy is not a light switch, you cannot simply turn on democracy without having the proper institutions to support it. Shffahkia has been a One-Party state for over a hundred years, repairing the damage done by the Collectivist Party to Shffahkian democracy needs to take center stage...' Larue's speech was considered by many in the Chambre to be passing the blame and condescending. It was also considered extremely inappropriate that a member not elected to the Chambre would try and affect Cahmbre proceedings. The LUP holds around a third of the seats in the Chambre, normally this wouldn't be enough to pass constitutional reform but with unanimous Senate support, the Chambre could only postpone the inevitable. What PNC and SCUL politicians called the 'Darkest Hour of Democracy' ended when mounting pressure in the form of protests forced the Larue administration to give up on postponing the Senate elections. Following her defeat, President Larue said that: '... Shffahkia is ill-prepared for yet another election. There's no doubt that the stubborn decision made by the SCUL and PNC will have grave repercussions on our democracy and political system in the end harming our unity rather than strengthening it.' Parties Reveal Electoral Platform With the announcement of another round of elections to the Senate much to the dismay of the LUP, the parties have revealed their electoral platforms. The LUP (Lyso-Unionist Party) has set out the reunification of all Shffahko-states in Aurelia as its main goal. Economically the LUP is considered center-right in Shffahkia, however, in most other countries the party would be identified as a left-leaning centrist party. The party can count among its successes the Paranne Reintegration Act as well as the relatively deradicalizing reforms made in the country. The SCUL (Social Communitarian Union League) is considered the main opposition party defining many of its policies in defiance of the LUP's anti-democratic actions. Economically the party is firmly left. The SCUL was the party in opposition when the then President Dutoit and President Larue negotiated the Paranne Act but since then has it has regained much of its support in Paranne and was the most successful party in the previous Chambre Elections. The PNC (Parti des Nouveaux Collectivistes) is the least popular party but has managed to make a surprising turnaround in the Shffahko-Limonaian north. Politically and economically rather undefined, the PNC has found success in the north mostly because out of all the parties, it is considered the most "Limonaian" with over 70% of the party membership being Shffahko-Limonaians. Current polls shows that support for each party can be vaguely defined in geographic and demographic terms with the staunchly Lysian south sporting the LUP with the state of Catherine serving as the party's greatest source of support, the Limonaian north supporting the PNC with the Silver Coast State serving as the party's homeland and former Paranne areas especially West-Catherine serving as the SCUL's strongest point which is especially surprising as the state had previously been strongly held by President Dutoit's Conservative Front prior to 2019. Both the SCUL and PNC plan on challenging the LUP's hold on the south while the LUP under Larue seems to be going on the defensive centering its campaigns in the south. Most notably the LUP isn't planning on challenging the SCUL's hold on West-Catherine while the SCUL is setting itself up to campaign in the south. LUP politicians in the west have criticized "Larue's self-defeatist" electoral platform with some going on private campaigns, yet without broad party support its unlikely they'll find much success. The Larue administration has also agreed to let several international democracy-watch organizations to oversee the Senate elections. The December elections would mark the first time these organizations have been allowed to legally oversee Shffahkian elections. The Supreme Court Overrules Land Reclamation As Larue faced a seemingly monumental defeat in the Chambre, the president has also faced a defeat in the court room as the Shffahkian Supreme Court has ruled any possible land reclamation unconstitutional deciding that the constitution does not grant the federal government the right to grant land from one state to any non-federal political entity without the state's consent. This ruling means that the Máako'obméek'tan which is not considered a federal political entity cannot be granted land from one state without the state's say-so. The Máako'obméek'tan protested the decision, however President Larue assured that her administration will work towards another solution hinting towards federal tax intensives as well as federal funds. The so-called Carrot Plan was originally proposed by the Collective of Ministers. In the plan, states would receive federal funds and/or tax intensives to establish new Touxouloutman reserves in theory using the carrot instead of the stick. Although the federal government is very supportive of land reclamation, state governments are exceptionally opposed to it. The Carrot Plan was originally rejected because it required voluntary action beginning from the state rather than the Touxouloutma themselves.
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  23. To: The offices of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: The Council of the Nine, on behalf of the Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex Ally and Neighbor, In this emergence from our silence after the great collapse that shook this Eurth, from the death of our beloved Sa'Karn, Hero of the Reunification War, Visionary of the citizenry to look beyond our border, we take it upon the actions and ideals of him, to reconnect with our southern neighbor, The Greater Holy Empire of @Tagmatium Rules. The decree that the observers, both civil and military, has been recalled. We, the Council of Nine have stymied our current Lord's ill advised pursuit of this nature, that it would not do to sully our alliance with another great power of old. While we cannot press our forces to yield in the Northern Territories, perhaps we can better direct those of imperial rank within these lands. We are certain you are aware of the hardliners, so we the council will be taking a 'soft touch' approach into administering our own, more progressive commanders into the North, hopefully this will allow mediation, and an ease in moving so many across hundreds of kilometers in whichever fashion is used to expedite them. You may at your discretion, redirect any observer personnel, including the Red Cross back to the North, where they shall have the full rights as the other nations now involved. For those already there, the point of contact within the Haru Imperial Legions, will be that of Fleet-Lord Kaorin, who now operates out of the Port of Ulusk.
  24. Introduction In the time of the Imperial Government under Gustov, Ahrana had sent funds to three nations outside his Borders in hopes in creating a partnership in the area on the term of Farming and Production of Produce for consumption in Ahrana and the Nations of Sorsk, Spáland, and Dómrgarðr. Each their own entity and each their own peoples, but all related to one common ancestor, the Ahranaians which lied next to them but yet they retained their independence during the Unification Wars and many Wars after that. Was it not for the Statute of Peace and a few minor treaties Ahranaian Kings had made with these three Nations they surely would have been absorbed by the Ahranaian Mainland decades ago. Gustov XVII had created a Economical Partnership with these three Governments in exchange for protection by the Ahranaian Government due to the fact they each had no standing army, Gustov agreed and only asked that the Ahranaian People be granted land inside these nations to use for farming. Farming in Ahrana was difficult enough due to the lengths of winters and the harshness but while it was that way in Ahrana the nations of Sorsk and Spáland had harsh winters but they had more fertile soil compared to Ahrana. In Dómrgarðr the winters were harsh to but not as bad as they were further down from the north closer to the Lower Lake, it also had some of the richest soil in the area. What all three of these lands had in common though was the minerals they had below the soil, minerals that would be useful in Ahrana especially in the future. For years Ahrana had been sending Nationals to these lands to farm there even before the Farming Agreement was signed, the majority of the crops in Ahrana come from these lands and it is starting to get expensive to ship the Produce from these lands as the Governments there are starting to add more and more taxes on all products going to the mainland. Ahrana had started seeing this as a huge problem and a problem that must be fixed. Each day tension had grown between the Citizens of those lands and the Nationals of Ahrana, small petty crime had risen in the areas where the Ahranaian Nationals have been living in these lands. Several Ahranaians had written to the Government asking for help as they can barely live without facing persecution. With the death of Gustov XVII everything changed in these lands, it had seemed that these people sought to end the Ahranaian Grip on these lands which had been controlled by Ahrana for generations. With the death of Gustov it started the killings and genocide of the Ahranaian Nationals, the Ivanoff Government ignored these crimes his entire term and Core was powerless. However, President Sigrid was infuriated and wanted to be sure that the killings stop and stop completely..... 05 October 2019 City of Carlson | Republic of Peterburi | Ahranaian Federation Yes I understand Madam President, yes....I agree completely and it will be done Ma'am. General Luka out. General Luka put the phone back on the hook and looked at his table then to the men and women in the room from which he had received the call in, they were in the battle room where all plans take place. He had just gotten orders to start the invasion of the Three Nations outside Carlson across the border, it was long over due he thought to himself. Finally Ahrana was going to reunite what lands belong to them rightfully and should have been controlled years ago. Right men, the President has given us the go ahead for the invasion. So what is said here will be said here and none else understood..Good lets begin. So the plan is to send in Special Forces ahead of the main Batteries of Troops to gather intel on the areas. In the times of the Imperial Era they had no standing army but since then they have gained a rag tag militia which has been carrying out all Killings and activates in all nations. Our Mission is simple, capture the capitals of all three nations, arrest those responsible for the Genocide and bring them home, and plant the Presidential Standard atop the Capital Domes. We have orders not to kill any Government Official in any nations unless we are fired upon. If any official is killed without due reasoning you will face a Court Marshall. Now After Special Forces have landed we will send in a Air Raid first time is a Low Fly By to scare off any Civilians the second fly by will be a pay load drop. Sir what of the other Civilians if we drop waves of bombs then we have innocent blood on our hands, and I for one would rather not have that happen. Well then I suggest you get the hell out of here and the military, we have to do what we have to do. As soon as the bombs start dropping people will run for cover. From early intelligence reports the areas here do have bomb shelters so most likely after the first fly by they will be heading there. For those who dont make it to them well May God watch over them and forgive us later. We are expecting some heavy fall out from the Community but its nothing we cant deal with understood. Now after the Fly Bys Minister Core has given us two squads of her finest men and women to help us setting up Camps for Wounded and to start placing all people in the area under the Ahranaian National Registry as they will become Nationals automatically. The First Squad will do that and the Second Squad will run Intelligence Reports and gather as much Intelligence they can, if any raids are to happen concerning intel they gather then that Squad will lead all raids. They are trained professionals and retired Military Personnel, they know what they are doing. Minster Core has also sent a Special Squad called SQ-04I which they are like Special Forces but a lot different, unlike the Special Forces we will be sending first this squad will infiltrate the Governments and if they can extract the people we are needing then they will, if they cannot that's when we come in and extract them with force instead of stealth. Now during all of this COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY! we must all communicate with each other If we fail to do so we fail this whole mission. Now lets get to it, Special Forces get ready to roll out, Intelligence Corps gear up and leave as soon as you can the rest of you prepare and await my orders. Aye Sir! The entire Base had came to life in just a matter of seconds, the pilots for the Helicopters begun their preflight check list and the Military Jets begun their final prepping stages and fueling. All the other Men and Women begun getting the equipment on them. Once the first Town had been cleared a HQ would be set up and all essential personnel would be flown over to the location. General Luka unlike the other High Ranking Officials got into his Combat uniform and got his pack ready to go, he was going to b eon the fronts with the men and women during the first seige they were going to face. He looked over at his watch and saw the time, it was 0700 AST and it was time to roll out. He walked over to the Command Center and gave them a look to which they knew to sound the alarm to begin. The alarm rings out for two minutes and within a matter of seconds everyone runs to positions, the Helicopters come to life the Jets are roaring with life. Luka looked over Base Flight Control and with a wave of his hand the light was green. The Flight Directors gave the motion to go and go did the jets. Within a few seconds two jets were up followed by two more then two more and two more. Flight Squadron 62 was up and running with Squadron 63 prepared to back them up when needed. At that point Special Forces left along with the Intelligence Corps, the others were already loaded up and ready to move out. Lukas entire Division was moving out and going to the first town. Carlson Base still held two other Divisions ready for whatever may happen. TO BE CONTINUED
  25. Interesting request! This has me wondering about the ethnicities of this very large peninsula. Just for formalities sake @Eulycea, your stats on the balance sheet have been approved. You can add them to your OP above for the record. Cheers!
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