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  3. Landmark Agreement with Gallambria, Seylos Looking to the Stars Yesterday the King signed an agreement brought to him from the ambassador to @Gallambria in a landmark moment to try and move Seylos directly into the Space Age. The Royal Navy and Air Forces have come together with the government to help form a new civilian agency, the Seylosian Space and Aeronautics Administration (SSAA). Under this agreement the SSA has been committed to work directly with the Gallambrian Space Agency to further both nations interests in borth aeronautics and space exploration. For decades Seylos has lacked any sort of major aeronautics industry after the collapse of the country's largest aircraft manufacturer, Vertical Enterprises, in the mid 1970s. The government hopes with this initiative that an entire new industry will blossom, giving the country a decisive edge against others on the world economic stage. In fact the latest aircraft to be designed and Seylos, though build in Prymont, is the Harrier III variants which has pushed the Seylosian air technology into the modern era. In fact the Harrier program has already brought benefits to those that were involved, many of whom have reportedly already been recruited by the SSAA both military and civilian alike. On top of this, the creation of the SSAA has also spurred an enormous amount of excitement in the field of academics, with both the University of Selbourne and University of Norfolk both confirming they have been approached for consultation regarding the agency. The city of Kirkwall has already been chosen as the main headquarters for the SSAA not only due to large available amounts of desirable land for the agency, but also the most favorable weather patterns for potential launches that could occur in Seylos. The mayor of the city has already released in statement that he is "absolutely thrilled by the announcement and the future benefits it could bring to the city of Kirkwall". The government has said that more information will be released in the coming days to the SBC, but until then this seems to be an enormous step forward for Seylos towards the stars.
  4. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Bluepeace condemns Kipan, Rihan for renewed whaling ZUIDHAVEN -- Bluepeace condemns the Kipanese and Rihansu Governments' formal announcements to officially restart their commercial whale hunting activities in its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Previous media reports did not indicate that the nations were considering this action, but the recent announcement formalises these nations' intention to resume the so-called "tradition" yet highly industrialised activity. NBK World: the [Kipanese] National Assembly has passed legislation that would allow the recommencement of commercial hunting of whales (April 7, 2019) Tlaru Aihrifv Rheilhhu: the [Rihansu] Senate in a close vote of 151-149 lifted the 1982 ban on commercial whaling (April 27, 2019) Mrs Asmanta Yelenase, Executive Director at Bluepeace (www.bluepeace.org) spoke with Roiters: "As a result of innovative whaling-fleet technology, overfishing in both the Aurelian coastal waters and on the high seas areas has led to the depletion of many whale species. Most whale populations have not yet recovered from this, including larger whale species such as blue whales and other baleen whales." "It’s evident that the governments are trying to sneak in this decision through while the spotlight of international media is focused elsewhere," she continued saying. "But the whole Eurth will this for what it is. These decisions are a clear step in the wrong direction, away from the international stewardship, widening the gap of protection for our oceans and these majestic animals. The governments of @Kipan and @Rihanmust urgently act to conserve marine ecosystems, rather than resume commercial whaling." While the whale population has seen a remarkable rebound after the 1980's moratorium on hunting, the numbers are not nearly what they used to be. The Laren Environmental Treaty recently signed in @Morheim shows more nations were willing to take the necessary measures to reduce much environmental abuse, not nations agree on this direction.
  5. To: Trade Minister Leo J. Conway of the @Sancti Imperii Catholico From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion To his Eminence Archbishop Salius, through Leo J. Conway, Trade Minister of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Your Eminence, Salvia and Ahromaneia come from the same stock, although we have drifted apart over the intervening years. Perhaps too far apart, as both the Salvian and Arhomaniki people still share much with each other. Both of our great nations hold Christ's teachings above all and, although perhaps it could be considered that there may be some variations in how these are espoused by our nations, it is the love of God that shines through. Not only do we share faith in Christ, but our two nations also have a common heritage – it was, after all, Arhomaneia where Liosous set sail from in order to spread the word of God to foreign shores. And truly he did, as Salvia has stood strong ever since. In an ideal world, these ties alone would be strong enough in the face of adversity. However, the current mood of Eurth appears to be a darkening one. Nations that tread the path of righteousness such as ours need to cooperate, in order to strengthen the ties between Christian nations, as well as to make sure that our ancient civilisation can weather any storm that does wash against us. A first step would be to consider our nations' economic ties. Easing trade between our nations will undoubtedly work towards strengthening both of our nations, as well as helping our citizens understand each other better. Even at the moment, our nations do undertake a considerable amount of trade with each other, but this could undoubtedly be improved, to the benefit of both of our people. For example, passion fruit from Salvia are regularly found on the shelves in supermarkets in the Megas Agios Basileia, and mobile phones manufactured in your nation are commonly used by Arhomaioi. Wine is often bought and drunk by the people in Deopolis or Minotia and textiles from Arhomaneia are sold in Salvia. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion feels that our nations ought to consider easing the tariffs that are regularly levelled against the imports from foreign countries, as well as viewing any trade restrictions that might be put against the produce of our respective nations. It may also be considered by the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou, the Ministry for Trade, that to show that the Megas Agios Basileia is willing to open our arms to our friends in Salvia that the fees charged on Salvian-flagged ships passing through the canal between the Raga Sea and the Krankes Thalassa, the Ranke Seas, will be reduced, in order to facilitate trade between our nations. This, however, be subject to the agreements that we are able to make, and what might be reciprocated by the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum. We will have much to discuss in any talks between myself, my government and representatives from your nation. Similarly, at a future date, it may be for the worth of our nations to look at visa restrictions between our nations. May God's light shine upon your nation and your people, Takitos Khalkeos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion
  6. Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own.
  7. I got scared when I saw “Derthalen” lol. In reality, I would likely not support the group then/ they’re just too different from Catholicism , being not only a branch off of Limonian Catholicism but related to Derthalen Truthism. I’ll probably just join @Sunset Sea Islands and @Oyus in humanitarian aid work and Gospel spreading.
  8. wait never mind that one I forgot they other names besides Ecumenical.
  9. I've listed them more as general ideas, so 'currency', 'wealth', 'immigration', 'entertainment', etc. That way, there's room for two people to come together.
  10. I wouldn't there isn't much to change really, theyre just 1st Ecumenical Councils and so forth unless im missing something here
  11. I presume we'll change the names of the councils?
  12. Moved this into the regular parts of the forum. The writing prompts @Orioni gave are a good beginning of a list, so I'll add them. In case everything goes right, I think we could start the first sign ups at the end of the week/beginning of this weekend.
  13. MEDIA RELEASE The Gallambrian Space Agency (GSA) and the Royal Gallambrian Air Force, along with it's @Seylosian counterparts have signed a Statement of Strategic Intent with Gardner Aerospace, as part of a mission to grow Gallambria's and Seylos' space industry. Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Right Honorable Patrick Morlington MP said the signing with Region's largest aerospace company signified the global ambitions of the Agency. "Gardner's ongoing commitment to support science, technology , engineering and maths education, including developing a skilled and diverse workforce is vital to the growth and progress of Gallambria's economy," Secretary Morlington said. "The statement beings an important partnership with Gardner, and emphasises the value of its ongoing research and development in collaboration with universities and research institutions across Gallambria and Seylos. "Gardner is a major player in both Gallambria's space and wider aerospace industry. Across Gallambria, Gardner employs over 3,500 people and in 2018 invested £124 million in research and development." Head of the Gallambrian Space Agency, Dr Stephen Phillips CG, said that signing of the statement was an example of how collaboration and engagement across countries is an important aspect of the growing space economy, both in Gallambria and Seylos, as well as internationally. The Government is aiming to triple the size of the Gallambrian space sector to £24 billion and increase employment to 15,000 by 2030, as part of our plan to create more jobs and growth in emerging sectors in the economy.
  14. So would the Councils be like the real life Councils or different?
  15. A perfect opportunity for the relationships between our nations to grow. SSI humanitarian workers will gladly do their job alongside their Oyusard sisters and brothers.
  16. So there's an ongoing push for people to move towards more independent and creative denominations, as opposed to existing real-life denominations. Once we've seen how most people have established themselves, we can try to develop denominational groups. But we can keep working on some general thoughts in the meantime. Our current timeline has the Aroman Empire collapsing sometime in the fifth century, and the church fragmenting following the collapse of the empire. So my thought is that the First Council of Nicaea occurred in 325 IG as IRL and the First Council of Constantinople occurred in 381 IG as IRL, but that all subsequent ecumenical councils would've been piecemeal (some churches participating, some not). There'd be no definitive schisms here as such -- it's just whether or not the Ahranan Church or Cristenese Church or whatever attended/accepted a council. We could even do a chart indicating which churches accept which basic Christian beliefs. _________ Not to be confused with Variotan Christianity. For more information, see Christianity. Christianity is an Abrahamic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, as described in the New Testament. Christianity itself is divided into a number of denominations, whose adherents have differing practices while still believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and savior of all people, whose coming as the Messiah was prophesied in the Old Testament. Christianity developed during the 1st century CE as a Jewish Christian sect of Second Temple Judaism. It soon also attracted Gentile God-fearers, which lead to a departure from Jewish customs, and the establishment of Christianity as an independent religion. It spread through the Aroman Empire and surrounding areas during the 1st and 2nd centuries, becoming a dominant cultural force. The Aroman Empire legalized Christianity in the early 3rd century and then adopted Christianity as the state religion in the mid 3rd century. The Empire oversaw two major ecumenical councils in the fourth century, helping to propagate a unified Christian creed. The collapse of the Aroman Empire in the fifth century prompted a large-scale fragmentation of Christianity. A number of groups of churches reorganized themselves independently now that the imperial structure had disappeared, creating independent denominations such as the Salvian Catholic Church and Iverican Catholic Church. More commonly, newly rising states claimed control of the Christian churches within their borders, creating state-run denominations such as the Ahranan Orthodox Church, Tagmatine Orthodox Church, Cristense Orthodox Church, the Burlingtonian Orthodox Church, and the Dniestrian Orthodox Church. Over time, new denominations split off from old ones over various theological and political differences, creating the Limonaian Catholic Church, Seylosian Protestant Church, Christian Imperialist Church, and others. Christianity is amongst the most popular religions on Eurth with over a billion followers. Many of the world's most influential nations are majority Christian including Iverica, Seylos, Tagmatium, Cristina, and Limonaia. Christianity and Christian ethics have played a prominent role in the development of Western civilization, particularly in Europa and Argis during late antiquity and the Middle Ages.
  17. Either works, I'd say. It's up to you.
  18. On a bit of a holiday, be back next Monday.

  19. Worker's Day on May 1st is celebrated in many countries, inculding me, @Fulgistan and probably a bunch of other (post)socialist nations. Also, Christmas is popular in the SSI as well, however, it is not a holiday. I'll send you new national holidays at the beginning of next month. Other abrahamitic holidays, such as Easter/Passover should be discussed with @Tagmatium Rules, @Sancti Imperii Catholico, @Tikva and the whole "origin of Christianity" gang.
  20. --- Recipients: All Iverican Embassies Foreign Embassies on Iverican Soil Subject: Memo of Recent Statements Content as follows: The Primeal Spokesperson has announced that the Office of the Primo's intention to engage a representative of the Duchy of @Limonaia in talks concerning regional air defence. Full details have yet to be disclosed, though the Spokesperson expressed his reassurances that "the object of the discussions will be on reactionary air-defence measures and early-warning systems only" and that "the discussion aims to strengthen cooperation between the Republic and the Duchy with real and tangible measures". Primo Franso Deitorr also reached out to the press to convey his optimism stating that his tentative discussions with the Limonaian state offices so far have made him "all the more optimistic about the future of defence cooperation in the Mediargic". In a press conference outside the TRIDENT Iverican Office in Manille, CCO. Ferran Arnau Macharius, interim Secretary-General to the organisation announced the Republic's intention to spearhead one of TRIDENT's initialisation projects "STATAG" or Standardisation of TRIDENT Agreement alongside @Gallambria. The Secretary-General announced that this first step would be both setting a precedent while also tackling a top priority--Anti-Ballistic Missile Defence and general air-space security. Later elaboration announced that Phase 1 will first: consolidate Western Argis Aerospace Defence Command's (WARD) over-the-horizon (OTH) radar network with its Gallambrian equivalent, second: substantially improve WARD's OTH range by the adoption of the Royal Gallambrian Air Force's JOTHRN system, and third: will improve anti-ballistic missile capability over Marenesia by Gallambria's integration of WARD's own ANCILE tiered missile defence system. CCO. Macharius later went on record with a comment, "Given the poor state of order in the Auraid Bay area, and certain unfolding events in Europa, TRIDENT's--and the Republic's renewed focus on air-defence is only too timely. The current state of affairs only justifies our initial commitment to similar projects decades ago and provides us with motivation to renew our interest now." The Ministry of International Commerce & Development has announced that it has begun discussing measures to further incentivise maritime freight through Mediargic area. Minister Franco Sant'Cisco offered this comment, "As we have in the past, we intend to work closely with our peers in Het Huisselant @Variota. Many small businesses lack access to a dedicated international supply chain, making freight easier will only help their growth." End of Content
  21. Nation in Europa: Holy Empire of Balvics Flag: Capital name: City of Wellshire Capital location: Alharu Factbook link: None. Newsroom link: None. Culture: Italian. Climate: Hot. Location History: Currently do not have any "Location History",
  22. All good -- I'll just be bringing Enolia to heel in the meantime. I should be done by the time you are ready to begin this.
  23. I'm still trying to workout some of the world around Faramount first, but I'm hoping to get it going in the next few weeks. A big part of why I started the whole talk on Christianity is to get a base from which to design what will be an important faction in the civil war. Once I've gotten a better breakdown for Christian Imperialism and the Disciples of Balconi, I'll be in better shape. I'd also like to see a definitive answer on the Derthalen thing, as that could have impacts for me.
  24. Yes! NationDates is back again. And this time it comes with writing prompts. I've been snooping around on other worldbuilding communities and their Discord servers. A nice one is Worldbuilding Magazine. They have a "Worldbuilding Wednesday". It includes a weekly writing prompt. Here is a selection: When somebody has money to blow and a desire to travel in style, how do they do this in your world? Have you got a fancy car, prized steeds, or perhaps sleek ships that do the trick? Why was a town named the way it was? Why is the border strange-looking? What happened in the past to cause these things? Every world has that piece which people forget about. Tell us about what makes your forgettable corner of the world or region unique. Everyone likes to play a game, be it for gambling, simple chance, or education. In your world, what sort of games do your folk enjoy? Let's discuss medicine. What is your worlds most advanced medical salve, operation, or other treatment? What medical practices are being used despite the fact they are outdated? Do they know of germs, or have they discovered that germs aren't real and it's something else which causes ailments? What roles in your world/culture are affected by gender? An example would be how women in the music industry in America are much more likely to be solo performers, while men are seen more often in bands. What are some of the most prominent, influential, and/or divisive corporations in your world? What do they do that causes such a response? What do they do which most don't know about? What's their logo look like? These selected writing prompts I shared are focussed mainly on a single person writing. If the aim is to establish ties between two people, there needs to be a twist that brings them together. Let's use the opportunity here to collect some of those ideas. https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/ https://www.writersdigest.com/prompts http://writingprompts.com/ (funny)
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