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  2. N-Day5 is over! And it was an incredibly tight battle this year, with three Factions closing things out within a nuclear whisker of each other. In the end, Augustin Alliance couldn't be stopped from marching to their third N-Day victory, beating out An Alliance of Potatoes and Ba Sing Se. Final Leaderboard In time-honored tradition, last year's winners, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, were everybody's favorite targets, finishing in last place with a world record-breaking amount of radiation (821,369). In fact, I believe that's 4.4 times more radiation than the previous record, which ju
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  4. Yes. The temperature of the land is similar to that of the land surrounding it, but is in the rain shadow of your mountains. This means reduced precipitation (rain) thus reduced crop growth and overall vegetation. (Also answered on Discord but others may have a similar question regarding their own semi-arids)
  5. Great work! Is the northern bit of Tagmatium now a semi-arid desert?
  6. Climate Gang Three: 4 Faster 4 Furiouser Last post, 17th of June. Yikes. Welp, time to get this show on the road. Since the previous post, the main push within the group is to get a complex global Eurth climate map draft completed. And im happy to say, we finally have one! The new climate bands and biomes were built from the ground up using both the warmer and cooler climate maps as references along with an ocean current map, along with a basic atmospheric pressure map. Borders for nations were also added to make discerning your nation's climate clearer. In total, this new draft has
  7. Another Nuke Day is coming up. Is anyone interested in reforming our faction Kim Jong-nuke, or do you prefer joining up with a greater inter-regional faction?
  8. Nuclear conflict: Are there any winners? I mean, yes, there are. We have a leaderboard. But what about the 549 out of 574 Factions who failed to finish last year's N-Day with a positive score? That's a lot of nations who wound up as radioactive dust. I think the lesson here is that for most people, nuclear war is brief and fatal. You can do your best and still wind up flattened because larger forces decided to swat you. Something to ponder. Not here, though! Here on NationStates, your citizens are only temporarily annihilated when some madman decides to extinguish millions of lives. So th
  9. Godless Nation mocks God's own Nation Leader of Galahindeia appears in video attacking religion and culture In a move that was considered surprising, the head of state of Galahindeia, Yiu Amistacia, appeared in a music video that mocked not only our ancient and glorious nation, but our faith as well. At the moment, it appears that the barbaros is refusing to even acknowledge that what they have done is an insult to our nation and our people, but that it was an unprovoked attack as well. So far, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has responded by asking for an explanation for the Proed
  10. Briefer << Ok guys, welcome to the Dalstavian front. I know you participated in the escort of Anatea's regents, and I am sorry for what you have suffered, but we have a war to fight and a revenge to be waged against those bastards. The situation is not the best. The 10th Ruthenian Army has conquered Mirevka and is now quickly approaching San Palia; the battle for the city is imminent. In the area we only have a few precious units belonging to the 1st Mechanized Division and the remnants of the 3rd Anatean Infantry Division. >> Briefer << Sol Squadron,
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  12. Teopac of Culture: Wēcatoc Religion Factbook Note: This factbook is going to be hella wordy and is effectively just me storing all information on Wēcatoc in one place for easy access. I honestly don’t expect anyone to read the whole thing. Overview Wēcatoc is a native pagan religion based primarily within the Dominions of Metztlitlaca. The religion itself is best well known for its reverence to the moon, faux human sacrifices, and a large pantheon of gods of which only two are actually alive. The deity worshipped primarily by the Azlo and other practitioners of Wēcatoc i
  13. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS OF THE EMPIRE - Lotus Sun Network- Revive and Reform Indostan's heart - Jingem Gheo Yesterday
  14. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The United Federation of Novanar Government type of nation: Federal parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Novan (Greco-Roman w/ Germanic elements) Give us a short description of your nation: The United Federation of Novanar is a prosperous nation comprised of kingdoms and clans united under the rule of the Imperial Family and the Archmagus Council. Though relatively peaceful, Novanar boasts a strong navy and a deep-seated military culture. Do you have an IIWiki page?: No. WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe
  15. Lauchlan Ross stepped off the diplomatic jet that touched down at the Cascadia International Airport. He had been sent from Seylos to deal with probably the most frustrating and bizarre international incidents he had ever seen. Lauchlan was one of a few undersecretaries of Foreign Affairs assigned to different regions of Eurth, and while most of the time he delt with mainly older Europan powers, he also had one small country shoehorned in. Galahinda. Of all the countries he had to deal with Galahinda most definitely required the most work, at this point he couldn’t count the amount of invasion
  16. More green spaces in the blue delta ZUIDHAVEN -- A group of Zuidhaven residents has launched a campaign that aims to protect the city’s ever-shrinking number of green spaces and wildlife habitats. Called Biodiversity in the Delta, the movement will bring together urban planners, environmental experts and law students to push policies that safeguard flamingo populations and the city’s parks, forests and mudflats. If successful it will enhance Zuidhaven’s green credentials – and its character. Flamingos wading against a backdrop of the city skyline is a sight that has come to define Or
  17. Welcome brave traveller. Hope to see you in and around Eurth.
  18. Hello, and welcome to Eurth! I hope you enjoy your stay here! I definitely have!
  19. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Kingdom of Arkedonia Government type of nation: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Arkedonian (Similar to in real life Roman-Greek Culture) Give us a short description of your nation: Used to be advanced in sailing during the Middle Ages, explored vast oceans fearless and discovered several uninhibited islands, Arkedonia currently is ruled with caring and loving monarch based on Protestant teaching. Do you have an IIWiki page?: Not yet WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe y
  20. Dear everyone, Howdy. My nation name is Arkedonia and I think the nation would be adopting Roman-Greek culture in real life. I've been returning to be active in NationStates. Used to play like almost a year ago in different region with different nation, but went inactive due to work related issues. Hope could get along well with everyone here. One of my friend plays here, his nation name is Anatea. Warm regards, Arkedonia
  21. Biopic of Council Leaders Series to be started In Depth look at the future leaderscape of the Haru-Dakat civilian government party and councilors that maintain the Imperium as advisory to the Imperial Authority of whomever sits upon the throne. Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos Senior Councilor Advocate of the Empress Member of Zero Circle Fleet Lord of the [HIS - Haru Intelligence Services] Baroness of House Jargo'Vlos Early life Kaorin was born in Sieguren (29 November 1971), near Halis, a vast suburb within the northern most part of the city-state Horus. At the time, Sie
  22. Babucha's Special Confections Category: Food Phone number: +66 3066 377989 Description and product - Babucha’s Special Confections (BSC) is an old teahouse restaurant company that specialises itself in making Esonice’s favourite dessert, Mitsuji sweets, and is oriented around Esonian cultural themes. The company dates as far back as the early 1880s, started by a wholesome old grandmother in Esonice's capital, Maimedo. BSC offers many types of Mitsuji sweets ranging from traditional rectangular sweet fruit pastes, to muf
  23. This is a list of existent Esonian businesses and organisations that are currently in operation, and wish to have ventures into the wider international community and introduce their products to consumers abroad. All companies are put into a category, such as “Category: IT sector”, and are listed with all their important information such as what products they offer and their recognition and popularity among Esonian consumers. Company management phone numbers are also listed for any nation that would wish to contact a company directly and discuss interests and deals, and possible investments int
  24. Esonice


    Esonice’s culinary gem - Mitsuji sweets! Article sponsored by Babucha's Special Confections, Viro Kora teahouse and Tiger Express In collaboration with the Esonice-wide beloved teahouse brand Babucha’s Special Confections. We are glad to help further popularise Esonice’s tasty culinary arts to all the international food lovers out there! Today’s article is about the mouth-watering Mitsuji sweets! A very sought after dessert in any Esonian home that comes in many shapes, sizes, and tastes! But before you go looking, here is some stuff to know about Mitsuji sweets and their rel
  25. Belated happy birthday, @Metztlitlaca!
  26. The Capital Paper "LAANN Survey Team states The Capital is 'Woefully Underprepared' for natural disasters." "City of Takukoraki in protest over recent Wildlife Protection Bill." "Fabiano Acciai to be tried in Metztlican Courts" LAANN Survey Team states The Capital is 'Woefully Underprepared' for natural disasters. Since early 2020, LAANN-based Seismologists and Geologists have partnered up with the Metztlican National Geography Priesthood to study the recent tremor-patterns in Altepetl Tekaken as well as producing a comprehensive list of major population centres and their curre
  27. The rain was drowning the island of Galahinda; the occasional flash of lightning sparsely illuminated the inky blackness of the sky above, accompanied only by the constant artificial sun of the urban core. The core was the single best representation of the island, with its glittering skyscrapers towering over the streets below. The MYNE HQ was one of the newer buildings in the urban core, but what it lacked in history, it made up for in sheer attention-stealing. The slender building started wide and tapered to a triple point at the top, 100 stories above the ground. The building was sheathed i
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