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Welcome to Europa.

This site is part of the region of Europa in the online game NationStates. The region of Europa is a diverse community of nations, with a wide range of political and ideological values, working together through various institutions and alliances - at least when they're not threatening to go to war with each other. Whether you want to play it safe with a liberal democracy, set up a communist regime, or rule your citizens with an iron fist and the threat of turning them into dog food, Europa is a great region to play in.

As one of the oldest regions in the game, everybody who's anybody wants to try their hand at ruling their own country right here in Europa. Just head on over to the Forum and have a read through the sticky threads.

If you're curious about how all of this work, we've included some helpful links to get you started.

  1. A good place to start is our Hitchhickers Guide to Europa.
  2. Roleplayers will be glad to see our honest and fair RP rules.
  3. Check out our map versions and discover how to apply.
  4. Experiencing problems with this website? Our helpdesk is always open.

Have fun!

-- The Europans Team