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    • The Fight for the White Smoke
      Joseph stepped out of his imported modern sedan and closed the door as he stepped onto the church parking lot. The church was located on top of a large hill overlooking St. Paul's, its suburbs and villas sprawling out away from the sea. Palm trees lined the crest of the hill that the parking lot was situated on, with the church a hundred or so feet away. It had rained recently, and the humid air combined with the already warm temperatures of the afternoon made it heated and sweaty, although the partly cloudy skied shielded the asphalt from the direct rays of the sun.
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    • Flight 371
      For the fifth time, young Jans took a glance at the clock. It was eight minutes past one, the morning of November 30th. He turned around and looked out the window to check if the car was still there. The Esé patiently waited; its headlights illuminating the cold, lonely midnight street. Even from inside the house, he could hear the low hum of the Gordo's engine. Nothing made a sound in this corner of Arkhavn; Sønderlev was a peaceful neighborhood. Located only two blocks away from the country's financial center, Sønderlev was a "village for the privileged" as they would say.
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    • Morheim Trade & Industry Zone
      The Morheim Trade and Industry Zone is due to open in early 2019 and will be a new chapter in the trading relations of the nation of Morheim. The Zone will be open to any foreign company which is hoping to find a place to manufacture goods. It is based on the coast of Morheim some 25km from the Eastern border. The Zone is located in the town of Aisfeld which is a former Whaling Port which is currently capable of offloading container ships but will be expanded over the coming year to make it even more efficient and able to rival the port of Thale. Additionally, there are many different units that used to support the whaling industry that could easily be converted to manufacturing use. There will be benefits given to companies who wish to invest.
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    • 2018 ANAFA League Cup
      The Argic and Northern Alharu Football Association's League Cup begins! Eligible teams have been approved by the Authority and the schedule of matches have been locked. The first phase of the Cup will be a round robin competition, where every team will play one another once. The two lowest scoring teams at the conclusion of the phase will be eliminated and the eight remaining teams will move forward to a strict knock-out round. The Quarterfinals occur on 12/4, the semifinals on 12/12 and the final on 12/18. Participating Teams:  Iverica, Variota, Aluxia, Ahrana, Seylos, Limonaia, Fulgistan, Prymont, Derthalen, Soreana. Good luck to all the teams involved!
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    • The Eagle and the Leopard
      Two men were in the control tower of a Ralaarihsein base, one standing with binoculars, the other seated in front of a radar screen. Both had earpieces. The weather outside was warm and wet. Most of the traffic that was picked up by the pair were commercial aircraft flying south from Alharu to Dartha's main international airport which would use it as a refueling point before continuing their flights into the vastness of Thalassa. However, something else came up.
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    • July 2018
      EOS Island HQ Thanks to some last-minute back channelling, Mrs Anna Hackney convinced the Miirosi delegation to lend their support for the proposal. Usually, their voting record was predictable, fuelled by business opportunity and economic self-interest. However, this “responsibility to protect” only indirectly achieved this goal, through pennies saved instead of pennies earned. Only a rough minimum estimate of the financial savings would do. Anna was passionate about convincing them to vote in favour. Regardless of incentives and motivation, she was glad to get their support. “Ladies and gentlemen, I thank the right honourable representative from @Miiros for their support. With their support, we reach a majority quorum. The motion passes. The EOS charter will be amended.” Mrs Hackney looked towards the second row of seats, reserved for nations granted observer status. “We will set aside time to hear from the observer states. Although without voting right, we are most interested in their advice and opinion.” Five countries have observer status that entitles them to express their opinion and give advice but denies them voting rights. Mantella was suspended following the start of the Civil War and the use of military force against civilians of @Cristina.
    • It's Official! 2019 Summer Olympic Host City to be Bogd Gioro Much jubilation has swept the streets of Fulgistan's capital in the wake of a recent announcement by the International Eurth Olympics Committee (IEOC) that Bogd Gioro had been selected as the location for the 2019 Eurth Summer Olmypics, a decision that, while very much welcomed, has surprised many in the Worker's Republic. Comrade Mei Dajin, a textile worker and mother of four, said that "never in [her] life" had she expected Fulgistan to be "selected for such a prestigious honor. Truly, for my part, I'm humbled to have the Olympics taking place in my own backyard.". While no start date has been publicly announced for the Olympic ceremonies, Fulgistani officials and their IEOC counterparts have been in close contact for the past week, and preliminary construction has already begun on several of the required facilities for the games. Speaking in an impromptu address after the announcement, General Secretary Almas congratulated the people of Bogd Gioro on their selection. "Never forget that, although it was the IEOC that made the ultimate decision, they have done so based on what they saw in you, in your city, and in your hearts. Bogd Gioro is a clean, happy, safe city, and it is you, her people, who have made her into the darling of the world come summertime. I know already that those who visit our nation during the Olympics and long after will no doubt also be charmed by the city that beat the odds to rise to the top." Beloved Animation Franchise Celebrates 40 Years The classic 'Stanime series, Star Fighter Jinjian  celebrates 40 years since the airing of its first episode today. The science-fiction show, brainchild of Wulumuqi-based artist collective [GEARS] has been the introduction to the Stanime genre for many foreigners and Fulgistanis alike, with the television series and movies having sold several million copies, alongside thousands of toys, model kits, video games, apparel, and other merchandise on the foreign and domestic market. Often praised for its dynamic art style and pumping soundtrack, Star Fighter Jinjian has held the rapt attention of youngsters for 40 years, and will no doubt continue to be viewed and praised for many years to come.
    • @PyeMcGowan Another ping for your information. If there's an expansion going in, then it should be clearly announced. Otherwise, you're putting in the effort for nought and that would be disappointing. So reach out if you and @Alenveil require assistance with this and I'm sure we can figure it out. For reference: see these rules regarding expansion.  
    • To: Kipanese Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda The General Secretary humbly accepts the invitation of President Yamazaki and the nation of Kipan, and will do all in his power to arrange such a visit in the near future. It is the belief of the Worker's Republic as well that relations between our two great nations ought to be close and mutually beneficial. The General Secretary, though often occupied with matters of state, will be available at your convenience. Sincerely, Ismail Tian-Han, Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan  
    • Foreign Ministry To Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Radiant Republic of the @Sunset Sea Islands Prime Minister Tumbleweed, Today PyeMcGowan no longer stands at a crossroads, thanks to your most welcome response to our letter we have convinced the PyeMcGowian public to embrace the international era, and finally we have kickstarted the PyeMcGowian mission to spread words of peace and friendship to the world*. We hope for nothing but mutual happiness between our two democracies. Yours sincierly, John Harper,           Gregory Puton, Foreign Minister      Foreign Minister for Maranesia (* We do not currently hold diplomatic relations neither do we want to, with Theodoria)  
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