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      The governments of Cristina, Magnaeus and Fleur de Lys are meeting to negotiate a trade agreement between their nations. The Free City of Cristina is renowned for being a major international transport hub in Europa, serving some of the busiest sea and air trade routes. The Ports of Aline and St. Izabella are some of the busiest in Europa in terms of cargo tonnage. The Magnean Confederation, on the other hand, is landlocked, with limited access to regional and global trade.
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    • 2018 UENA World Cup
      The 2018 UENA World Cup will be the 3rd round of the international football tournament contested by the men's national teams of the member associations of UENA. It is scheduled to take place in Orioni from June to July 2018. This will be the first World Cup held in Orioni. The tournament will involve 16 national teams, which include 15 teams determined through qualifying competitions and the automatically qualified host team. A total of 31 matches will be played at venues located in 14 cities. The opening match will take place on June 14th at the Zuidmax Stadium in Zuidhaven. The final will take place on July 14th at the New National Stadium in O'polis.
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    • All The Sultan's Men
      The date was July 24th, 1923. Fulgiyan, Land of the Red Banner, toiled under many yokes. That of the spice importers of Derthalen, of the Ostport prospectors of Prymont, and of the Sultan Selim III, by whose ordinance these foreigners were allowed within, to pillage, exploit, enslave, and to build something from the nothing of the savanna. In the summer heat, those natives unfortunate enough to be employed by the colonizers worked ceaselessly in iron mines, rail yards, banana and sugar plantations, and in the fields herding cattle. The twin tools that did the wicked work of the industrialist foreigners rang out in unison, day and night; the hammer and the sickle.
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    • Confederation of Independent Socialists: Founding  Ceremony
      To whom it may concern and to those who wish to see History, The Founding of the Confederation of Independent Socialists or “The Confederation” will be making a public spectacle in the World. This will be one of the firsts for The Confederation. The will be the First time in known History that nations of the Socialist Values and Practices will meet and combine as one on the International Stage as a World Organization. The Confederation will and is made up of many different Nationalities, Socialist Governments and other Form of Governments. Yet the majority are of the Socialist Ideals. To ensure that all Nations involved whether they be Full Member Nations or Observer Nation Status have time to prepare for the Ceremony the set dates for the Founding will be May 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2018 in Moskovo, Socialist Federation of Ahrana. May 1st will become the International Day of Celebration for the Founding of The Confederation and for the Socialist Ideal.
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    • Mundus Liber Freedom Index
      The Mundus Liber Freedom Index, compiled and maintained by the government-backed Mauridivian think tank Mundus Liber Institute, seeks to rank all nations on Eurth on how free they are overall by giving them a number from 100 to 0, with 100 being the most free and 0 being the most oppressive. The number is based on the average rating given to a country on four categories, which are: political freedom, personal/social freedom, economic freedom, and press freedom. This index will be updated periodically to reflect changes in world freedom through time.
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    • OOC: So this is development thread for some stuff I'll be developing here. For now, I'll obviously be omitting my IRL references for security sake and so someone doesn't conveniently have the same idea and rush the development before I even get to issue my new toys ( I'll make the sources public eventualy). Take this as my attempt to actually show details of what is IRL complex and very time-consuming operations. I'll be exploring things like funding, development issues, mistakes, breakthroughs and the like. IC'ly THIS IS NOT PUBLIC as the text below will tell you.  Naturally, everything made here will either exist IRL near-exactly as depicted, or will have slight theoretical alterations that will NOT be vastly improving any quality of a system other than something like reduced cost, slightly greater rate of fire,  etc. etc. Anything more "original" I do will have to do with me integrating different existing and proven systems together to achieve small, but explainable advantages. ---   Introduction   The screen briefly goes bright and then dims again suddenly. A flash of text appears-- Oficina Technicia Militar The following footage is classified--for reference and archive use only. In compliance with State Secrets Act 20-180. Reproduction, replication, or any otherwise means of converting/transcribing the events, persons, procedures or items depicted is punishable by the penalties of high treason--which may include lifetime incarceration or execution. Dialogue or portions of footage in this recording may be manipulated or omitted for protective censorship ONLY. All results and disclosed data are certified and may be utilised for ARIV, FLAIR, or OTM reference citation.   Cut to black.   Then another flash of text--   These series of clips have been extracted from "Palladium Programme" archives for review of sub-project material and data collected from numerous tests of different systems. Including in his series are test footage from the Projects ME-DE, Phaethon, Tevran, Arma, Roc, Alicanto, and Aethon.     --- Tech's Files- Part I   The screen fades into a shaky frame of a ship deck. One the bottom corner of the screen is a date, time and location stamp: Súbic Naval Proving Zone 01-0020
      1030 IST--June 27, 2007
      Rec. No. 031, ME-DE Project (Test 10-0012) "Jesús Manuel, mount that thing--there...there! On the tripod. f*cking--we're hot in like five-mikes". The camera shakes some more and a brief glimpse at a pair of boots and then a face enters the frame. "Did you mount the right telephoto? The Lyka? Nope...no-no you mounted the Mikon. I'm not even angry anymore. You absolute twit." The camera lifts revealing a clear, cloudless sky, bordered in equal part by an expanse of calm coastal waters. The shaking abruptly stops as the cameraman sets it on a tripod mounted towards what looks to be the bow of a vessel. The frame blurs, zooming in far towards the horizon--and then refocuses. In the centre of the shot floats a solitary ship. A gull flies by, briefly blocking the view. The wailing of a siren starts, invading the gentle sound of lapping waters and gull-calls. The siren goes on for a few more seconds and then the earlier speaker's voice is heard speaking to what is presumably a radio out of frame. "Are we set? Okay. On my mark, fire cell 1/70... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-- --Fire. Fire. Fire." The scene cuts to another camera's view on board the distant ship. It shows the forecastle deck, where a large grid of square hatches is mounted. One hisses open robotically. Then a geyser, towering like a white-hot pillar of flame erupts centre-frame. A millisecond later, a large cylindrical shape leaps out of the tube streaking by in a millisecond glimpse, its trailing jet of fire roaring as it floods the frame with smoke. The scene cuts back, far away, to the distant observer's perspective, an arcing trail of smoke, lead by a meteoric ball of fire draws a bow across the sky. The earlier voice comes on again. "Looks good so far. On my marks, fire in sequence, cell 2/70 and 3/70...  5, 4, 3, 2, 1-- --Fire-2... Fire-3" Another eruption from the distant ship, followed in short measure by a third, following the trail left by the first. A short pause. "Great. Remark to for future notes: testing ME-DE 1 with TAD type 98 supersonic booster has proven good result on this fifth test. Consistent data all around, missiles clocking in about Mach 2.8, recommend we test with the type 99S for greater velocity. Vectors are good, rate of climb on average is [|||||||||||||||||||], and average maximal range at [|||||||||||||||||] all with the 180 kg payload... Also note that cell temperature is reading in excess of [|||||] centigrade. Recommend widened uptake and plenum cavities for better venting of exhaust--possibly with assistance of fume extractors and cameral evacuators. End notes" The scene cuts to black. "Alright, we are now testing ME-DE 1 in the selective fire, subsonic sea-skim mode." The wailing siren cuts in again, droning for a few seconds. "FC ready? Swell. Okay, on my mark--fire mode 2, cell 67/70... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-- Fire. Fire. Fire."  Again, a pillar of flame erupts from the bow-- --but it stalls, quickly cutting out. "What's that?--Mér! Flush the t--" A singular tower of fire, easily thrice the length of the first bursts from the bow, propelling a what looks to be most of the missile into the air, before it sputters and falls parabolically. "Did the gas failsafe kick it? Are we clea--" Before the speaker finishes the sentence, several more towers of fire erupt--followed immediately by a sudden, large but strangely silent bloom of smoke about the size of a Good Annum advertising balloon. The monstrous puff of black and incandescent yellow is seen even before a thunderclap of a single ear-shattering explosion followed by the shockwave several objects breaking the sound barrier passes like a forcefield, knocking the camera down and landing sideways on the floor--showing several people crouched or lying belly-down on the deck.  The wave causes the ship the camera is mounted on to bob precariously. "sh*t-sh*t f*ck sh*t", the speaker, now shown to be a man in his early 50's with a pair of sunglasses hanging askew from his face gets up from the ground and dusts himself off. "Saaaaaanté Pater...", he moans, standing with his arms clutching his temples. He stares silently at the scene in the background, the ship in the distance is now suffering a serious list and now sports a merrily crackling inferno on its forecastle. The man turns and sees the fallen camera. Damn it, Manuel! Pick the camera up! You have like one job. One. The explosion better f*cking be on that drive you protozoan flagellate!  The scene cuts to black.
        ---     Picture changes to the earlier speaker, now sitting on a chair centre frame. He wears a plain white long-sleeved shirt, slightly scuffed and is smoking a half-corona. Behind him, a black backdrop sheet flutters from an unseen ventilation source. His hair, a salt and pepper grey, looks to have been blown back by the force of a powerful wind tunnel. He takes a long drag of the cigar before speaking. His eyes are ever so slightly unfocused and not directly zeroed on the camera lens "AAR on Test ME-DE Project 10-0012. Initial results on mode 1 firing were favourable. Refer to previous comments on test footage. Results on firing mode 2...", he trails off, taking another long drag. He exhales a particularly large bloom of smoke before continuing. "Results of firing mode 2, ME-DE 1 in the subsonic sea-skimming mode were catastrophic, to say in the very least. Hot-launch system proved effective for mode 1, and not at all for mode 2. For context, ME-DE is designed as a two-stage selective fire device--mode 1, as seen in successful tests earlier fires the entire device, kill-vehicle and booster, under its own fuel and power out of the T-2000 70-cell Vertical Launch System. Mode 2, on the other hand was designed to fire only the kill-vehicle, leaving the bottom booster behind inside the tube for later re-assembly and re-use, drastically offsetting the cost of eliminating a surface combatant while also ensuring that a swing-purpose inventory of standardised missiles is available for a single vessel without having to compromise combat effectiveness in the stocking different long-range Anti-Air and Anti-Ship--reducing the quantity of munitions for a single given task for the sake of specialisation." "Suffice to say the test ship, the VRI Pinata, an unmanned vessel remotely controlled from our position on the VRI Tostito suffered catastrophic damage." Indistinct muttering. "Fail-safes for mode 2 firing were in place and thought to be sufficient. Secondary venting channels for exhaust were installed. The coupling separating the booster and kill-vehicle was heat shielded. Suffice to say... That those measures will not stop a rocket motor from igniting roughly 500 kilos of solid rocket fuel placed almost directly underneath something that dumps about 2,000 degrees centigrade of heat on top of highly-combustible material." Pause. "Yeah. Well, it worked in earlier tests okay!" Sighing noise. Another drag and exhale of smoke. "Team did not calculate heat build up in plenum and pressure was significantly underestimated. Fractures in cell walls and uptake walls caused test units in tubes 69, 70, and 66 to ignite. Magazine explosion was... Unavoidable. Extra measures were taken to prevent such a scenario, a gas generator was installed in hopes of venting at-risk cells of munitions in such an event--this worked with cell 67, but not the rest as the single generator could not void multiple cells at once." "Recommendation: As project head, I strongly suggest looking into cold-launch or hybrid launch options for the T-2000 VLS systems before testing on ME-DE 1 units can be continued. Missile performance is otherwise expected, and may surpass flight range, maximal velocities, and accuracy given some minor adjustments..." "Alright, Manuel. Cut it." "Is it off?" "Alright. As far as everyone here is concerned, the ship was certainly unmanned and remotely controlled okay? We just stick to our stories and everything. Will. Be. Fine." Mumbling from a speaker off-frame. "What? Oh, just tell them it was a training exercise... Or something. Be creative dammit!" ... "Hey... What's that red light?" End Playback. 
    • Nation in Europa: Sayf Flag:  Capital name: Baghdad Capital location: Inland, along a river in a Mediterranean climate  Factbook link: http://www.europans.com/topic/4952-the-arab-republic-of-sayf/ (needs work) Newsroom link: http://www.europans.com/topic/4953-sayfi-national-news/ (could use some work, and be more detailed.) Culture: Arab culture Climate: Mediterranean Location History: In a Mediterranean/ desert climate preferably on this peninsula if you don't mind:
    • "The Alliance between Ahrana and Asgeirria is a fruitful as it was when the Provisional Government created the Alliance of our nations, Ahrana hasn't turned its back on Asgeirria we value the Asgeirrian-Ahranaian Alliance here in Moskovo in-fact when my Government was coming into Office half of the Ministry was against the idea of keeping such a Alliance alive. I choose to keep the Alliance alive and hoped that asking a Member of the Asgeirrian Government that my good will would've shown my support for the Alliance. Ahrana hasn't stopped viewing Asgeirria as the ultimate Ally we just have to make other outlets for security in Xara with the rest of Central Argis being against the Federation and her wishes. I can see how the Asgeirrian Government sees this as week and feeble minded and unjust form of reasoning for the motives behind the recent events but let me make this clear and evident. The Core Administration, my Government, will not and shall not be ridiculed and pushed around by States that sponsor Terrorists and Murders of a high degree. I will not be lectured or be manipulated into giving into demands that I do not agree with, the agreements that this Government has made with TRIDENT and her members were discussed by those who needed to be involved and I have made sure that Ahrana benefits from the deal. Furthermore, Asgeirria and her Government were not included in the talks with TRIDENT as Asgeirria has or had no reason to be included as Xara is Ahranaian and Xaraian. The Respectful Governments have allowed Asgeirrian Engineer Corps in Xara and Ahrana to help build the Infrastructure but if the Asgeirrian Government feels as it has been neglected or mistreated then I assure you everything can go back to normal before Xara was incorporated into the Federation. The Naval Trainers and Shipbuilders and so forth can also be recalled at a moments notice and the Naval Co-operation we have will cease and all Ahranaian Tech will be destroyed, but I hope it doesn't come to this as like I said I value the Relationship we endure." Core wasn't going to take getting her ass handed to her in her own Country let alone her own Office, if the World was to think she was week and feeble then the world was and is going to be in a shocker state.
    • Breaking News: Today after a long drawn out civil court case spanning five years, large bank "First People's Bank" run by the Azriel Shekelüver Goldstein was shut down by the Sayfi Regulation Office for laundering money of the underground criminal organization known for exporting weapons and drugs illegaly from the country, aswell as giving out loans to terrorist organizations. Goldstein and several other executives of the bank were arrested.
    • Breaking News: Controversial far-right guns activist group has rallied in front of parliament demanding less gun regulation has the parliaments votes on a new bill regarding the regulation of firearms.  
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