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    • Coronation Celebration
      The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Kingdom of Seylos would hereby like to extend an invitation to all nations that are in diplomatic contact. Soon, the Crown Prince Aidan Redmond will be given the official crown as King of Seylos at his coronation. While the media and government refer to him as King, since he is the next in succession and the previous King has passed, traditionally the title does not officially pass until coronation though it is used beforehand if the coronation is guaranteed. It is here at this event all diplomatic staff, royalty, nobility, elected leaders, or other government officials are all invited to attend the proceedings beginning in the morning and lasting throughout the day.
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    • From Skies to Safety
      The calendar read 5 July 1948, Monday. It had been a year since the Thalassan War had ended, when the Gioktons had surrendered and the Sunset Sea Islands liberated from its oppressive leadership. It was a bloody war that saw the deaths of millions — military and civilian alike. It was not unusual that the Commonwealth had not yet recovered; yet despite this, the economy was, as a matter of fact, growing.
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    • Letters from Het Huisselant
      World's Greatest Diva and as a leader myself, I would love to congratulate you on your coronation. I remember when I was elected, it was so fun. We had a big victory party, there were drinks and food there, lovely. I think you can watch that particular episode of my reality show for free on my website, you should watch it if you haven't. Fun!
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    • Post in Trilateral trade proposal
      The governments of Cristina, Magnaeus and Fleur de Lys are meeting to negotiate a trade agreement between their nations. The Free City of Cristina is renowned for being a major international transport hub in Europa, serving some of the busiest sea and air trade routes. The Ports of Aline and St. Izabella are some of the busiest in Europa in terms of cargo tonnage. The Magnean Confederation, on the other hand, is landlocked, with limited access to regional and global trade.
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    • 2018 UENA World Cup
      The 2018 UENA World Cup will be the 3rd round of the international football tournament contested by the men's national teams of the member associations of UENA. It is scheduled to take place in Orioni from June to July 2018. This will be the first World Cup held in Orioni. The tournament will involve 16 national teams, which include 15 teams determined through qualifying competitions and the automatically qualified host team. A total of 31 matches will be played at venues located in 14 cities. The opening match will take place on June 14th at the Zuidmax Stadium in Zuidhaven. The final will take place on July 14th at the New National Stadium in O'polis.
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    • "Our private sector manufactures relatively cheap electronics.  So those products would be manufactured here." said Polo, wondering why that question was even asked. "Our government is currently not considering increasing military spending. Although we feel groups like Derthalen are a threat to us, we don't believe in preemptive strikes and do not consider ourselves to be presently in danger. We therefore have to politely decline that offer." said Polo after a short pause. Although he understood Ahrana's need for better military technology, he also knew that Mauridiviah simply didn't have the funds to help provide it. "Any other sections of the economy that Ahrana is looking to improve?" asked Caballeros, trying to take the iniative from the President once more.  
    • Here are the results of the Inalienable Right Survey, which took place in August 2018. This survey did not really take into account the results of the LGBT Rights Survey and did miss Euthanasia, but that'll have its own survey, I promise.   Link to the Google Spreadsheet     Here's some collective graphics provided by Google: Thanks to everyone who took the survey.  
    • "Welcome to Sayf, I hope we can achieve what our nations are looking for in this project, follow me, I'll show you to your accommodation." Nadal led the pair into a large luxury bus which transported them to two large dormitories adjacent to each other. "The one on the right is for the Fulgistanis and the one on the left is for the Limonians." The bus continued into the facility, where the pair were led to a long wooden dining table with a feast laid out upon it.    After a long meal, the researchers were given a tour of the facility, allowing both research teams to familiarize themselves with the facility's equipment.   "As you can see, we have all the necessary equipment to research, design, build, and test the objective of Project Watershed, and of course, we have multiple launchpads available outside the facility. Anyways, you've all had a long flight and I'm sure you're all tired, there are shuttles outside to take you to your dormitories. Work begins tomorrow! " 
    • Hans van Lahlem was happy to finally be on solid ground again. Planes while fun in theory, was not his strong suit, but he had endured for the sake of the task ahead. His appointment as head of the military research department had been controversial, especially because of his status as a former MP for the Reds, but his recent work within the department has solidified his position for now. Controversial as always he was dressed in his favorite pink and black checkered suit, although under current circumstances he rather regretted his choice of clothes. The remaining scientists were dressed more "appropriately" and it was particularly awkward when he saw the Fulgistani scientists. He walked up to Galbei and Nadal as confidently as he could. "I thank you on behalf of Limonaia for the opportunity to partake in this historic collaboration between our three nations."
    • Fair point. I am sure we can add this to the burgeoning international-related topics we have to address.
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