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    • Flight 371
      For the fifth time, young Jans took a glance at the clock. It was eight minutes past one, the morning of November 30th. He turned around and looked out the window to check if the car was still there. The Esé patiently waited; its headlights illuminating the cold, lonely midnight street. Even from inside the house, he could hear the low hum of the Gordo's engine. Nothing made a sound in this corner of Arkhavn; Sønderlev was a peaceful neighborhood. Located only two blocks away from the country's financial center, Sønderlev was a "village for the privileged" as they would say.
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    • Morheim Trade & Industry Zone
      The Morheim Trade and Industry Zone is due to open in early 2019 and will be a new chapter in the trading relations of the nation of Morheim. The Zone will be open to any foreign company which is hoping to find a place to manufacture goods. It is based on the coast of Morheim some 25km from the Eastern border. The Zone is located in the town of Aisfeld which is a former Whaling Port which is currently capable of offloading container ships but will be expanded over the coming year to make it even more efficient and able to rival the port of Thale. Additionally, there are many different units that used to support the whaling industry that could easily be converted to manufacturing use. There will be benefits given to companies who wish to invest.
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    • 2018 ANAFA League Cup
      The Argic and Northern Alharu Football Association's League Cup begins! Eligible teams have been approved by the Authority and the schedule of matches have been locked. The first phase of the Cup will be a round robin competition, where every team will play one another once. The two lowest scoring teams at the conclusion of the phase will be eliminated and the eight remaining teams will move forward to a strict knock-out round. The Quarterfinals occur on 12/4, the semifinals on 12/12 and the final on 12/18. Participating Teams:  Iverica, Variota, Aluxia, Ahrana, Seylos, Limonaia, Fulgistan, Prymont, Derthalen, Soreana. Good luck to all the teams involved!
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    • The Eagle and the Leopard
      Two men were in the control tower of a Ralaarihsein base, one standing with binoculars, the other seated in front of a radar screen. Both had earpieces. The weather outside was warm and wet. Most of the traffic that was picked up by the pair were commercial aircraft flying south from Alharu to Dartha's main international airport which would use it as a refueling point before continuing their flights into the vastness of Thalassa. However, something else came up.
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    • Mystery In the Dolch See (Europa Halloween Special)
      Captain Clive Martin wrenched open the door the bridge, fighting against the wind from outside. He closed the door behind him with another spray or water hitting him in the face just as it closed. He turned around with a sour look on his face and stumbled a little bit against the rocking ship towards his navigator. "Give me an update on the storm."

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    • Feel free to PM me on whatever thoughts you have concerning the storyline. If it is something that can work, I'll see to it that makes sense in the materials I am preparing.
    • Free Aluxian Army* The acronym is far more favorable. I had been pondering a couple of ideas in how to further interact with Change in the Wind and had been meaning to ask you about what your vision is and/or thoughts on something I had in mind. I can't wait to see.
    • Alenian National Tribune - ANT _________________________________________________________ ARCHAEOLOGY - "ARESI STONE" DISCOVERED! After years of absolutely no way of knowing our past history, reading incomprehensible symbols and letters, Arlotta Archaeology has discovered something that could change the history of Alenveil once and for all. A large stone tablet measuring about 1 meter by 0.7 meters by 0.03 meters was discovered recently in the town of Aresi. The "Aresi Stone" is a large message carved with the original symbols found in various archaeological exhibits. However, there is a catch. On the backside of the large stone tablet, there lays a translation written in Old Prymontian and Limonaian. Not only does the discovery of the stone and its contents prove ancient relations with Prymont that have been theorized for years, but this also shows that we possibly have a piece of information that could explain why the language shifted in the first place, a theory that has left historians and linguists scratching their heads for decades. With the translations provided by Limonaian and by the Ancient Prymont texts, translation of the primitive language can begin very soon, with the help of foreign historians from Prymont. Image Shown: The Aresi Stone
    • Thank you for making this OOC thread @Tagmatium Rules - now that things are starting to heat up, we'd need this now before things get too crazy for everyone. As I mentioned to him in a private message a week or so ago, I am going to attempt to put together a war map so people can see where all the pieces are on the board so to speak. It will also be updated as things change. It will take some time to achieve this. I will be posting some OOC material for this thread over the weekend to give people a sense of where I am going with the story and allow participants to see how that melds with their intentions and so forth.
    • If you support the current government, you might get a friendly regime
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