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    • Laren Environmental Conference
      The Isle of Laren may have seemed an odd choice for a series of talks on the environment but in Queen Julia's mind it made sense. The purpose of the conference was to discuss and set some targets about how to ensure that the world was protected for generations to come and the fact that at least to her faith it was here on this Isle that all creation began. The isle was off the southern tip of Morheim and despite its rather large size it was home to just 1000 people. The island already had strict controls over what could be done there and the people who had elected to make the island their home, people often referred to be Morheimians as The Caretakers because of the way they tried to live in harmony with the nature present on the island.
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    • Matteo Arlotta and The Aresi Stone
      In the eastern lands of Alenveil, located in a small town of Aresi, the company "Arlotta Archaeology" has set up camp outside of the village. Clinking away at pieces of stone, trying to find anything significant to the land's shrouded past, and brought up absolutely nothing. Mining with spades, pickaxes, trying to find any signs of civilization that could link to the shrouded past of Alenveil.
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    • The Fight for the White Smoke
      Joseph stepped out of his imported modern sedan and closed the door as he stepped onto the church parking lot. The church was located on top of a large hill overlooking St. Paul's, its suburbs and villas sprawling out away from the sea. Palm trees lined the crest of the hill that the parking lot was situated on, with the church a hundred or so feet away. It had rained recently, and the humid air combined with the already warm temperatures of the afternoon made it heated and sweaty, although the partly cloudy skied shielded the asphalt from the direct rays of the sun.
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    • Flight 371
      For the fifth time, young Jans took a glance at the clock. It was eight minutes past one, the morning of November 30th. He turned around and looked out the window to check if the car was still there. The Esé patiently waited; its headlights illuminating the cold, lonely midnight street. Even from inside the house, he could hear the low hum of the Gordo's engine. Nothing made a sound in this corner of Arkhavn; Sønderlev was a peaceful neighborhood. Located only two blocks away from the country's financial center, Sønderlev was a "village for the privileged" as they would say.
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    • Morheim Trade & Industry Zone
      The Morheim Trade and Industry Zone is due to open in early 2019 and will be a new chapter in the trading relations of the nation of Morheim. The Zone will be open to any foreign company which is hoping to find a place to manufacture goods. It is based on the coast of Morheim some 25km from the Eastern border. The Zone is located in the town of Aisfeld which is a former Whaling Port which is currently capable of offloading container ships but will be expanded over the coming year to make it even more efficient and able to rival the port of Thale. Additionally, there are many different units that used to support the whaling industry that could easily be converted to manufacturing use. There will be benefits given to companies who wish to invest.
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    • Aww, thanks. I did intend to make it quite long as I'll be using that one for lots of future references as well. Plus it's always fun to finally set up some aspects of my nation and culture.  Honestly? Go for it. Perhaps do it as a standalone post. Seeing as you're able to write huge amounts of stuff in a short time, a travel guide with this detail wouldn't be too hard.
    • "...this is Borak with today's headline news. The Civilization Ministry announced that it will be spending 107 million Chaks to reconstruct the magnificent vessel of the famed explorer, Leordan. The Serrola holds a special place in the heart of all Rihannsu as it was one of the first ships laid following the formation of the Republic on the orders of the very first Praetor, Pontilus. Leordan is credited with making the first contact with the Asgeirrians and the Kirvinska. The reconstruction is expected to take two years. Upon completion, it will make a 400-year anniversary voyage to Shoren and Mőrhen before returning and remaining docked in the Harbor of Oreta in Dartha..." "...the Aurelian Cup is still weeks away but our skilled players on the national team have been practicing in earnest for the competition in Oyus. Team captain Delon Vekek said that 'he and his fellow players are ready to show their prowess on the pitch. Though odds appear to be in their favor over many of their continental contenders - the Kipanese will be bringing their very best, high from their tremendous victory in the SATAMFC League Cup back in December. Ahead of the matches, a series of friendlies will be held. The first of these will be between Ghanehrefv Rheilhhu Rihana and the Shffahkian Jaguars in Port-Ré el on March 1st..." "...in the city of Rateg, 9,500 children received formal citizenship in the Forum under the watchful gaze of Tellus at his Septum located in the middle of the city in a ceremony conducted annually across the country. Surrounded by their parents, families, and friends, all of them recited the Serona oath, pledging allegiance to the Republic. As a condition of their rights, all of them will proceed to serve in the military for several years starting with 3 months of basic training. A spokesman for the armed force's office of conscription said that these new conscripts, along with others who've taken their oaths this year will not be placed into units currently engaged in Operation Flaming Sword in Enolia..."
    • I'll be in a holding pattern until this starts. I can already think of at least 3-5 posts for this, including a news entry.
    • Again, I'm astounded by @Andalla!
    • Hmmmm... If you want some sort of NBC mitres, you know where to come.
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